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Ross Pearson

Ross Pearson (born 26 September 1984) is an English professional mixed martial artist from Sunderland.

Diego Sanchez George Sotiropoulos Hector Lombard Ryan Couture Paul Felder Evan Dunham Brad Pickett Ultimate Fighter Rousimar Palhares Abel Trujillo Randy Couture Jim Miller Gold Coast Gray Maynard Michael Bisping Brad Scott

Ross Pearson agrees to step up on short notice to fight Jorge Masvidal in a welterweight at on July 30. I can did this.
Evan Dunham took Ross Pearson down at will but so far Will Brooks can't take Pearson down. Surprising, to say the least.
I'm a Brooks fan and think he could stir things up in the Ufc, but Ross Pearson is no cake walk
Derrick Lewis, Claudia Gadelha, Ross Pearson, Brock Lesnar & Amanda Nunes are my stand out underdog picks for
Ross Pearson has some of the best boxing in the division. It's possible he gets grinded like against Evan Dunham, but im taking +310 shot.
Karl Pearson, mathematician & biostatistician, died 1936. Read more:
Idc what anybody says black dollar is Rick Ross smoothest mixtape
Give him Ross Pearson next, then we'll talk about bigger fights.
I added a video to a playlist UFC Ross Pearson defeats Chad Laprise Fight of the year
just watched you fight for the first time on Fight Pass vs Ross Pearson, really impressive TKO
don't worry - you can open with Pearson, with Big Ross and Little Ross as change. Decent!
UFC Brisbane: Ross Pearson wants fan-friendly fights en route to the top - The Sun 😦
Abel Trujillo out of due to visa issues, Ross Pearson will now meet Chad Laprise. UFC looking for new opponent for Alan Patrick
Mike ross is made senior partner after jessica spector litt convince the world 'Mike is not a fraud!' PEARSON SPECTOR LITT ROSS.
Well it's all pretty much gone *** up for Pearson Specter Litt. And Mike Ross. And Rachel.
Tonight at 7:30pm: Pizza and Pasta: A lecture with Chef Ross Weinburg, Pearson Chemical Lab via
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next week your boy Ross Pearson vs Killa Trujillo one of my fav *** that will be a close fight!
is still no.1 & has done more for the UFC in the U.K then the likes of bisping, ross pearson, dan hardy, jimi manuwa...
what inspired Ross to make his horebly unfair mario maker levels?
Remember when Ross Pearson beat your *** but you sucked off two judges to get the split decision?
Best wishes for the rest of your preparation for the Ross Pearson fight,
Wait first, Mike Ross went to jail and all of Pearson Specter staff left them. . *** I feel bad
Miller better finish Diego, or he's losing a decision. No matter what, he is losing a decision. Ask Ross Pearson
Wish there was a marquee matchup to pit him against a British fighter. Ross Pearson biggest name but none ranked highly.
So mike Ross is in prison and Pearson specter Litt is empty.. What next for suits.
.made the Lord Knows beat with 4 people in mind: Jay, Ross, Drake or Pusha-T & 2 of them ended up being on …
So Mike Ross finally goes to prison, "Dumps" Rachel, and Pearson Specter Lit is no more. What a season finale!!!
Trinaldo is almost 38 yr old. 5straight wins + a win over Ross Pearson.But nobody know his name. Nice job ufc.
This woman fighting Mike Ross on trial!wueh!She's fierce than Jessica Pearson and Annalise Keating combined!
I can't believe mike Ross went to prison. Pearson, Spector, Litt which way!
Mike Ross goes to prison, Pearson Specter Litt suffers major blow in "Suits" finale.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I hope that one day I'll work at a place that cares for me as much as Pearson-Specter does for Mike Ross😭😭
How can Mike Ross ever repay Pearson Specter for everything they sacrificed?? The entire firm.😕
I don't think so, even Ross Pearson can't get top 15 and he's sick
what happens if I had a boyfriend who supports Newcastle or Sunderland?! 😂
I'm taking an interest so shut ya face 😂
Suits Wednesday! Imma have to say it again ... cough cough FREE MIKE ROSS and all my Family At Pearson Specter Litt !! We in this together💼
This Rhose Montreal x PBA scandal has Mike Ross x Pearson-Specter-Litt all over it.
Ross Pearson vs. Abel Trujillo will be the Fight Pass featured prelim at UFC Fight Night 85
If Diego Sanchez doesn't win at UFC 196 that'll be 4 L's in his last 5 with the only W being the controversial split dec over Ross Pearson.
*** Mike Ross. The gift that keeps on giving. - Jessica Pearson' ... is on fiah!
Fight Pass ad just confirmed that Ross Pearson/Abel Trujillo is the feature prelim on FP for UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Mir.
biggest shock of the night last night? I'm thinking possibly the Ross Pearson fight. Wanted him to get the win.
My UFC Picks Dominick Cruz Matt Mitrione Eddie Alvarez. Tim Boetsch. Ross Pearson. The only toss up for me is...
A mature Ross Pearson is ready to make a run at the title -
Would love Vs Anderson Silva as headliner. Jo Calderwood, Brad Pickett, Ross Pearson; could be a massive card
Listening to Tom Ross on catch up. Sadly Big Ron's not interested. Tipping up Nigel Pearson.
Louis Smolka should fight Kyoji Horiguchi. Paddy Holohan should fight Ali Bagautinov. . Norman Parke should fight Ross Pearson. .
Inter Active pulled 2 back but Chris Pearson dribbled through and was scythed down in the box.. Ross White buried the resulting penalty.
No bloody Brad Pickett or Ross Pearson fights please, bored of them on every UK card.
Ross Bjork is always going to stand up for his guys
I am seriously missing Mike ross and harvey specter and rachel zane and donna palsen and louis litt and even Jessica Pearson 😭
benson and Ross Pearson were ready to fight and ufc wudnt make it is insane!!
Ross Pearson said he coming over and benson said he'd fight sat!
Was that it 😳 all that build up for it to be Ross I'm a bit disappointed to be honest 😩
Ross baseball takes on Lourdes today at Pearson for the D-10 finals, come out and cheer the then on at 3:30!! Good luck boys!!!
let Ross Pearson fight at 170 with ben Henderson at dublin or stick picket in there just save the dublin card please!
. Sign to fight Ross Pearson and save the card! . Joking of course, love your commentary.
dustin has turned down fights with parke amd ben henderson. Ross pearson just said he wants the fight too...
great to hear dat!ross Pearson Paul Felder And benson wants to save Dublin card!plz let dem fight!!!
So why not do Ross Pearson vs. Ben Henderson in Dublin if they're both willing?
Ross Pearson is trying to fight poirier instead!
Should still be decent like. I heard Poirier might still fight (Ross Pearson wants in).
please fight Ross Pearson, nothing to lose and saves the card
The Ross baseball game tonight is now cancelled due to rain and moved until tomorrow at 3:30 at Pearson!
Your Ross baseball team is heading to the D-10 finals today at Pearson against lourdes! Come out and cheer the boys on at 3:30!
At the Royal Opera House for The Pearson Teaching Awards - good luck to our own Joanna Ross
exactly!!ross Pearson gets robbed in Brazil a few times and parke has to!!dats judges for ye!boxing and mma judges are useless
sounds like dat fight prob be main alri,wudnt Ross Pearson vs Nate Diaz b great co main!
New podcast talks about Conor McGregor, his fight with Ross Pearson, Nick Diaz's suspension and more
Congratulations to Kim Hill, Jane Mooney, Liam Pearson, Jess Nicholson, Ross Hill and Loriah James who all...
Nigel Pearson is that random guy that does the appeal on TV to help find the missing dead body and you just know he's the o…
Pearson like a janitor from a horror who at the start seemed sound, then goes on a killing spree & you think you should hav…
I think it's just you mate. Brad Pickett. Ross Pearson. Paul Daley. Michael Bisping. None of those guys are easy to put away.
oh cool, I'm sure you'll be able to do a Mike Ross and get into Pearson Specter Litt 😬
Would match him up with a vet like Gleison Tibau or Ross Pearson.. maybe even a Paul Felder type opponent in his UFC debut.
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not if you give him Eddie Alvarez, Takanori Gomi and Ross Pearson
UFC announces return to London and Michael Bisping wants to fight
H. Ross Perot... was he this much of a frontrunner as Trump when he initially pulled out?
Be arsed going to watch someone like Bisping or Ross Pearson main event! 🙈
Sports News>> ". UFC returns to London and Michael Bisping, Brad Pickett and Ross Pearson hoping to feature at O2 …
Michael Bisping, Brad Pickett and Ross Pearson have already expressed their desire to fight on the card per the r…
Ross Pearson clearly won the fight and it wasn’t close. But we all know the Albuquerque judges were going to give it to Diego Sanchez.
Paul Felder vs Ross Pearson was incredible! Watched it again on DVR. 2 studs throwing bombs for 15 minutes.
Paul Felder vs Ross Pearson ... I could watch 2 more rounds.
UFC 191 results, highlights: Ross Pearson ekes out close split call over Paul Felder
Paul Felder looked decidedly listless last night whilst Ross Pearson looked as fresh as a daisy. Five-week turnarounds are not for everyone.
Mixed night for the Brits at Jimi Manuwa lost a firefight with Anthony Johnson while Ross Pearson edged a great bout w/ Paul Felder
Ross Pearson takes on Paul Felder this Sunday at Johnson vs Dodson 2
How is Paul Felder vs Ross Pearson not on the main card? Both Mir & Arlovski looked great last fights. Dodson could upset Johnson.
Stole what should have been one sided decisions from Ross Pearson and Martin kampmann and a pretty clear decision from takanori gomi
Ross Pearson vs. Evan Dunham in our co-main headliner. This is pretty much guaranteed to be a completely chaotic …
Highlights: Evan Dunham beats Ross Pearson in an exciting three-round fight
This card is ridiculous already and we've still got Ross Pearson vs. Evan Dunham! Watch LIVE now!
Evan Dunham nearly ripped off Ross Pearson's arm at today!
UFC Fight Night 72 results: Ross Pearson survives armbar, but falls to Evan Dunham
Any thing new on Ross? Any new leads on Drew Pearson's notes?
Ross Pearson coach of the U17 Premiership Teams from 1989-91 addresses the reunion
Will be with the outlaws this time tomorrow Jackie Pearson Richard Pearson Beccy Mattison Ross Mattison Stu Roberts Laura Roberts 😎
Diego Sanchez vs Ross Pearson was another worst decision
Noel Pearson "Move from scepticism to being active in the debate & engagement"
With Niall gone for a month it looks like its just gonna be me and Pearson binge drinking by ourselfs 😢
a conspiracy to get it changed from "Pearson Specter Litt" to Paulsen Ross... Hmm...
everybody at Pearson Specter talks of him highly but I think Mike Ross is actually up to his level. Lol
walk in the arena with verdum walked in with ross pearson.Cain wins
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Anthony Pettis tried out for TUF 9, but didn't make the show. Ross Pearson ended up winning the season; Andre Winner was the runner-up.
what happened to ross Pearson vs Thompson?
Wouldn't be shocked if they gave Pearson a shot at MJ either, but I'd rather see Ross vs Dariush or Yancy
While it appeared Josh Thomson and Ross Pearson were on collision course, UFC matchmakers opt for "The Punk" vs. Tony Ferguson in July.
would for sure retire Diego Sanchez if they fought looking how myles jury & Ross Pearson dismantled Diego easily !
I imagine Ross Pearson doing that sort of punch, sounds awesome.
Ross Pearson for a UK card or grey maynard maybe Jim Miller could be a shout
The brains of Mike Ross, the self confidence of Harvey Specter, the capabilities of Jessica Pearson and the emotional heart o…
Forgot how angry I was over Diego Sanchez versus Ross Pearson...
T. Ross flying more often than planes at Pearson !
Is Diego Sanchez-Ross Pearson still the worst combat sports decision of the year? Plenty of competition, is seems
yes he should be fighting Gray Maynard or Ross Pearson
I liked a video Brittney Palmer's Reaction to Ross Pearson at UFC 141 Weigh-ins | World of MMA
Big November for Kiernan Crowley's side announced by RC. Good luck to newcomers Wilson-Ross and Pearson. Nice to see Sean White back in mix.
Sanchez is finished too - he stole a decision from Ross Pearson
Lmao so you JUST started eating pears Rick Ross 👀😂🍐?
if you worked in Tesco would your name be Ross "The Meal Deal" Pearson?
So tired of being average. I'm like Mike Ross who's stuck in Pearson-Specter as a fraud.
The only person Mexicans will want to see is Diego Sanchez. He's past his prime and he CLEARLY Lost to Ross Pearson.
Ross Pearson to meet Al Iaquinta at UFC Fight Night 55 in Australia
The one who writes the script for "Suits"; Please i dont want Mike Ross to leave Pearson Spector
I added a video to a playlist Rick Ross - Thug Cry ft. Lil Wayne
Mike Ross get back to Pearson Specter now!
Ross "The real deal" Pearson with an amazing hit for the KO
Jessica Pearson's state of mind when Mike Ross is around lol
lol not exactly Ross Pearson like everyone thought but he still good thanks for everything today nice to meet u
Seeing how many times Ross Pearson put Cub on his back, idk how Cub will fare again Edgar
Justin Pearson with the tackle on the Ross Shep kick returner.
Nigel Pearson wants FA rule to force Raheem Sterling, Jack Wilshere and Ross Barkley to play for U21s
But it don't really matter Tony will lose his next fight they'll probably give him Jim Miller or Ross Pearson.
Cathal Pendred is in the studio, plus there are interviews with Michael Bisping, Ross Pearson and Benson Henderson.
UFC GIF: Ross Pearson back on the rise with KO win over Gray Maynard:
Ross Pearson wants a top 10 opponent? Throw him and Jim Miller in there and see what happens.
UFC Fight Night 47 Results: 3 Fights for Ross Pearson to Take Next: With a short right hand ...
Ross Pearson could make a strong push if he wins tonight, John Hathaway if he is healthy, and Bisping if he can get a good win
Welcome back to the Prime time Pre show. Alright tonight our Prime time live coverage is the UFC Fight night. Lets talk about the fights that you will see. Thiago Tavares will VS Robbie Peralta. Shawn Jordan will VS Jack May. Seth Baczynski Vs Alan Jouban. Tim Boetsch VS Brad Tavares. Gray Maynard VS Ross Pearson. Main Event - Ryan Bader VS Ovince Saint Preux. But lets talk the Prelims fights. Frankie Saenz defeated Nolan Ticman. Tom Watson defeated Sam Alvey. Sara McMann defeated Lauren Murphy. When we return I give my picks for the main event tonight. We will be right back.
Fight flashback! .. Ahead of his bout with Gray Maynard this weekend, check out Ross Pearson take on Dennis Siver.
UFC President Dana White is usually the first person asked about the crazy things that happen in the sport of mixed martial arts. Unfortunately White was not attending UFC Fight Night 42 to watch the grossly misjudged fight between Ross Pearson and Diego Sanchez.
I can't believe they had the fight at 30-27 for Sanchez, should of been the other way round for Ross Pearson
it's almost like Ross Pearson went into the Tattoo parlor and was like "See this Affliction shirt? apply this directly to my …
Diego Sanchez and Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia are two men whom I truly feel are diddling someone in the sanctioning body, securing judges that are biased for their fights. absolutely unbelievable. Ross Pearson needs to call the police and press charges. He was just the victim of a robbery.
Ross Pearson does some 900 lb tire flips
I'm feeling sad over Mike Ross leaving Pearson-Specter. What will happen niw to the badass tandem of Harvey and Mike?! NO.
What a way to end a season, Suits mentioned me yesterday, Mike Ross kinda left Pearson Specter
Pearson, Darby & Specter vs Lockhart & Gardner. I'd go with the former hey. Ross & Litt aren't even on the door. Super firm that
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I'm gonna miss seeing Mike Ross in Pearson Spector. . Coudln't have asked for a better season finale. This does change everything.
Since Mike Ross just left the firm... Pearson Specter should hire me :)
Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, and Louis Litt on the steps of Pearson Specter
Mike Ross is leaving the firm!! It's a sad day for Pearson Spector
So he did leave! Will miss Mike Ross in Pearson Specter..
The new episode may lead Mike Ross to leave Pearson Spector.
mike ross! ♥ "RT if Pearson Specter is home for Mike.
FIGHT NEWS.. IS THE PAST HAUNTING THE COUTURES? *Randy Couture blames Dana White for son's quick UFC exit. After seeing his son Ryan receive his UFC release last September, Hall of Famer and former five-time champion Randy Couture believes his son's Octagon career was cut short due to a longstanding grudge held by Dana White. Brought over from Strikeforce with a record of 6-1, Ryan Couture was cut following back to back losses to Ross Pearson and Al Iaquinta. -Speaking with Submission Radio and transcribed by MMA Mania, Couture says his son never got a fair shake in the UFC.See full story at.
Our friends over the Pond, Whoa TV caught up with their hometown guy, Ross Pearson, to discuss his recently scheduled bout against Diego Sanchez. The two
oh btw, have you read any of Parker-Pearson's stuff on Madagascan pirates? Interesting - check it out.
More stressed about mike ross's future at Pearson Spector than my midterm today
Ross Pearson sips on some green stuff
Randy Couture accused Dana of not allowing him to corner his son during Ross Pearson fight, which was the biggest test in his career (1/2)
pass on the love Melissa Johnston and Ross Pearson
Diego Sanchez to fight Ross Pearson - via
WHOA! TV - ROSS PEARSON | CLOSE UP: ROSS PEARSON | CLOSE UP Ahead of his showdown with Diego Sanchez which has...
Diego Sanchez is back in the Octagon this coming June 7th, when he takes on Ross Pearson in Albuquerque, New...
Today was the warmest day of the year so far at at 11.9c - looks like Thursday will beat that!
Ross Pearson vs. Diego Sanchez added to UFC Fight Night 43 in Albuquerque via I'm going for Ross!! =)
Ross appears to be upfront with Luke. Logan is captain, Ross with a long throw and Pearson heads over but foul given.
received 16.6 mm of rain last night into this morning. Skies clearing and temp. now at 9.6c!
Diego Sanchez on Anthony Pettis: 'That's a fight I win nine out of 10 times' via
Diego to meet Ross in June 7 UFC event
Leonardo Santos should fight Mairbek Taisumov, Ross Pearson or Kevin Lee. Fabio Maldonado should fight Ilir Latifi, OSP or Hans Stringer.
Check out the UFC Fight Night Q&A with UFC featherweight Connor McGregor, UFC lightweight Ross Pearson, and UFC hall of famer Forrest Griffin.
Ross Pearson: Anaheim SX this weekend & my RMZ is in the Pitts getting my clutch fitted can't wait to… http:/…
Asked whether there are any imminent incomings to Pearson said "maybe."
lot of effort but he reminds me of John Pearson need a true strike partner for Ross
adamın bokusun boku mike !!111 not pearson specter, it should be specter ross !! u r the best, greetings from Turkey ;)
Ross on becoming an associate (in clutch): . Ross: I don't know what to say. . Pearson: The usual response is thank you.
Breast Cancer Awareness
have Poirier meet someone with the calibre of Ross Pearson. I know he is engaged so any ideas? Bermudez perhaps?
After a training session for Ross Pearson right before he won The Ultimate Fighter during Brian Ruscio's days at...
Submission of the Week: Cole Miller vs. Ross Pearson | UFC ® - Media
Wished I was in Mascot to watch John wayne parr, Ross Pearson & Brandon Vera
Soaked on the walk home but watching ted for a few scenes of in it totally makes up for it :)
there's a women on some tv advert that sounds exactly like Ross Pearson. same accent, but same voice too lol
At the age of 37 years old. IN 03-04 he won the art ross, the hart, the lester b pearson as well as posting the best plus minus
Join in 20' on for part 1 feature - - Sally Pearson. Plus Ross Reynolds on Wallabies + cricket.
On tonight Ross Reynolds on suspensions, Sally Pearson i/v, latest and plenty more 7:30EST
if dean Pearson isn't single then Ross Casson isn't single, it's as simple as that!
Met Ross Pearson a UFC fighter today in Manchester seems like a nice guy.
Can't believe Eminem is on the Jonathan Ross show!!
Mike Ross should have stuck to working in Pearson Hardman
Good to hear from Ross Pearson, just part when it was 'banned from N York'. Every other state sanctions MMA! Thanks 4 reply.
Ross' shot is saved low by Pearson, still 2-1. (42)
they interviewed Rosie Sexton and Ross Pearson. A guy from Headway said they should follow NY's lead to ban the sport. The.
to far for you sunderland where Ross Pearson lives
Junior Assuncao is now 8-1 in his last 9 fights only loosing once in 5 years to Ross Pearson by decision. What was your excuse again ?
What a surprise the in England is a joke of a card. Ross Pearson as co main event!
I liked a video from UFC Undisputed 3 Multiplayer Ross Pearson Commentary
Melvin Guillard vs. Ross Pearson set for UFC Fight Night 29 in Manchester
Melvin Guillard vs. Ross Pearson booked as co-main event for UFC's Oct. 26 event in Manchester
Ross Pearson vs Melvin Guillard is honna be interesting. Hopefully Melvin can get some steam back
Ross Pearson v Melvin Guillard announced as the co-main for the Manchester UFC event. Great fight
UFC 164: Ryan Couture vs. Quinn Mulhern booked for Aug. 31 in Milwaukee It's nice to see Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White doesn't hold a grudge. Despite the ill-will toward "The Natural" -- as well as a debut loss -- Ryan Couture will get a second crack inside the Octagon when he tangles with former King of the Cage Welterweight Champion Quinn Mulhern at the UFC 164: "Henderson vs. Grant" pay-per-view (PPV) event, which takes place at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Aug. 31, 2013. UFC officials announced the 155-pound contest on Wednesday. Couture (6-2) was put out to pasture by former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 9 winner Ross Pearson as part of the UFC on FUEL TV 9 event earlier this year in Stockholm, Sweden, snapping a four-fight win streak compiled under the Striikeforce banner. Take two. Standing in his way is a fellow Strikeforce convert in Quinn (18-3), who came up empty in his Octagon debut against the rough-and-tumble Rick Story at UFC 158. His first- ...
Had a great hard sparing session this morning. 5 minutes rounds each. Thanks to Paul Taylor, James Mulheron, Alex Enlund & Ross Pearson for the sparing. And thanks for the technique afterwards with Colin FreakShow Fletcher, Alex Enlund and Darren G Wardle
Well recently we've seen interviews on Alexander Gustafsson, Ross Pearson, Vaughan Lee and Daniel Strauss. Which Bad Boy would you like to read about next?
Justin Elder Corey Iverson Henry Gene Lange and I are waiting for our cab to take us to the airport where we'll join eight other Frostbite to take a flight to KC to meet up with Ross Pearson and Kristine Pearson where we'll spend the night with Robbie Jo Jupina and Stacy Reeves.
ross pearson vs conor Mcgregor would be nice
where does Ross Pearson fit into all this discussion?
Happy Birthday Ross!! Thanks for last night, hope you enjoyed yourself
If our justice system had lawyers like : Harvey Specter; Jessica Pearson;Louis Litt; Michael Ross...
Masvidal is about Ross Pearson level. Everyone else you mentioned seems to be actual top 10 or fringe top 10.
that wasn’t his smartest move admittedly, but lets not forget that other people have done it and not been booed. Ross Pearson.
Now following because dude eats like a horse and Ross Pearson tokd me too
Ross originally hooked me. I convinced Addison, Trevor, and Pearson to get one. Now Grant is starting.
Ian Stringer asks the most stupid questions, I hope Pearson would stick a nut on him!!!
Applied ages ago when there was a vacancy!
Maurice Ross, Stephen Pearson, and Gary Teale have TEN OR MORE caps for Scotland.
Alex Ovechkin is the only player who has won the Rocket Richard, Art Ross, Lester Pearson and Hart trophies in one season.
if your going to get a jihadi, at least you wana do is get the real deal! N no not ross pearson
Read emails sent to Labour ministers in 2008 about fake bomb detectors. They are culpable
can't believe he's actually turning up Ross ;) can't wait either mate.
If you had said in January that Ovechkin would be a legitimate Hart, Rocket, Ross & Pearson candidate, I'd have checked pupils.
Please, give Ross Pearson a chance against the Punk. A sure FOTN and the perfect headliner for an English UFC-event!!
Also what gym does Ross Pearson mostly go to? Is it the one in Chula Vista, I need to send him a picture so he can sign
At AIS with the fastest male & female athletes in the country led by Sally Pearson & Josh Ross talking speed
My mom invited me to join her on this 5K run. I'm in! TORONTO PEARSON - RUNWAY RUN
Sunday mate.. £66. Bradley, Leighton, tidy, Luke, Sam, jack, Hannah, don’t know if you know anyone. Ross etc on other table
Who is next for Gilbert Melendez? What about fights with Diego Sanchez or Ross Pearson?
Ross Pearson showed once again how he is the 'at by finishing Ryan Couture
I believe he's gonna kiss the art Ross, hart, Lester b. Pearson.and uhhh prolly kiss two rings.
Yes Ross Pearson! Add Couture to that list of fighters that bore me!!!
I really wish Ross Pearson could fight Ryan Couture again this weekend.
jamie i beg you please campaign for a fight with ross pearson. You guys both live to bang and pack that ko power imagine that
WOAH. This is Ross Pearson's swollen but unbroken foot..
Conor beats Ross Pearson, best thing since Ray Houghton in 88
its pretty crazy, the guy was an animal! Omg, did you see ross pearson and connor mcgregor at the weekend?!
UFC on Fuel 9's Ross Pearson avoids broken foot after pre-fight warm-up mishap
After a performance like that, it'd be a crime not to learn from at next Sat:
Simon, was Pearson v Couture close or a bad decision? Not seen it yet but I know Ross lost.
The link is now fixed and live folks! This Sunday for the seminar with
Check out the UFC's Ross Pearson sporting the MR00 Minimus shoes in this recent article on
Ross Pearson beats Ryan Couture via 2nd round TKO. Took him a round+ to get going, but he figured things out. Nice boxing. ...
I want my body looking like Ross pearson's body .. and the tattoos too !! no ***
Rock and Ross Pearson. No need to be a doc, just say you we're hurt but don't know extent.
Injured before the fight and won... "Foot Not Broken"
Ross Pearson suffered backstage foot injury at on TV 9 - (blog)
Ashley young is such a fairy hopping off the pitch. Ross Pearson won his last UFC fight by knocking the guy out, Ross had a broken foot too.
Ross pearson is a top 10 favorite fighter
George Sotiropolous responds to Ross Pearson's 'false statements' about backstage TUF Smashes drama: Not so fa...
Ross Pearson says foot not broken after UFC on FUEL TV 9 victory
Ross Pearson didn't break foot in knockout of Ryan Couture via
Ross Pearson confirms he didn't break foot after close call before UFC on FUEL TV 9 bout
Michael who? Ross Pearson is the pride of UK MMA.
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Ross Pearson’s foot not broken after all: UFC lightweight Ross Pearson went into Saturd...
Ross Pearson’s foot not broken after all 5ouncesofpain
My Invicta bets: 1 unit on a parlay of Jessica Penne (Invicta), New York Knicks (NBA moneyline) and Ross Pearson (UFC) at +100.
If Alex Gustafson is out of next weeks UFC they badly need a replacement, Ross Pearson vs Ryan Couture would be a shocking main event
Back in 1st on sherdog pick 'em pools. Robbie Peralta, Ross Pearson, Matt Mitrione, Michael Johnson are who I like big on next UFC card
Hey TNS community this is Matt one of your new admins (only temp at the moment, hopefully I'll be good enough to be permanent lol) 17 years old, and proudly the first Australian admin on this page, hailing from Brisbane, Queensland. I train BJJ 4-5 days a week where I've been training it seriously for a good year now. Also trained Muay Thai, freestyle wrestling, boxing and judo. Off the top of my head my favourite fighters are: Cain, Nick & Nate Diaz, JDS, Chael P., Shogun, Kyle Noke, Pat Barry, Mark Hunt, Cormier, Dan Henderson, Gilbert Melendez, Robert Whittaker, Randy Couture, Tyron Woodley and Ross Pearson. Hopefully I'll do a good job here at TNS in bringing you all MMA news, updates etc. - Matt
Morning training at Alliance MMA. It is a room full of bad *** with brandon Vera, Phil Davis, Mike Easton, Myles "Fury" Jury, Ross Pearson, Michael Chandler Jr., Phil De Fries, 'Stormin' Norman Parke, Justin "The American Kidd" Lawrence, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. These guys are going to kill it!
he actually got the Nike deal after the DUI. I was referring to the likes of Ross Pearson and Josh Neer
Ross Pearson vs. Ryan Couture booked for UFC on FUEL TVApril 6th Stockholm, Sweden
Ryan Couture gets a tough entry to the UFC when he meets our own Ross Pearson in his debut. Tell us how you think that will play out?
UFC at the UC with Evan today! Will we get another photo op like last year with Ross Pearson?
If MMA was math, Varner should have beaten Joe Lauzon beacause he beat Barbosa who beat Ross Pearson who beat George Sotiropolous who beat Joe Lauzon. Hmm, just an observation lol carry on (Adam)
Jamie Varner is interested in fighting Rafael Dos Anjos, Ross Pearson, Matt Wiman or TJ Grant next. Who would you like to see Varner fight?
Great show so far, great to see Ross Pearson get a win today and I'm sure Colin Fletcher will bounce back stronger was on hours ago mate so try Mma core. Awesome fights too. Ross Pearson vs Goergey was a ***
Hector Lombard, Ross Pearson feast with knockouts at via
Congrats to Ross Pearson for looking sharp and picking up a huge win also to Hector Lombard for simply being a BAD MAN.
Hector Lombard, Ross Pearson feast with knockouts at UFC on FX 6
Ross Pearson looks a lot like Todd Carney.
Hector Lombard looked much better in his 2nd fight. Ross Pearson put a hurting on George Sots.
What a main event! Ross Pearson wins in the 3rd round to take it for Team UK at UFC on FX 6 live from the Gold Coast in Australia.
So who's taking out the coaches crown George sotiropolous for Australia or Ross Pearson for the uk?
UFC on FX live right now. Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Palhares & George Sotiropoulos vs. Ross Pearson.
WHAT'S UP FIGHT FANS? Join us in just a few minutes as the MAIN CARD for the UFC on FX 6 will begin. Here is the lineup: Rousimar Palhares vs. Hector Lombard. Colin "The Freakshow" Fletcher vs. 'Stormin' Norman Parke (The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes AUS VS UK Lightweight Final). Robert Whittaker MMA vs. Brad Scott. (Welterweight Final). Ross Pearson vs. George Sotiropoulos (MAIN EVENT). SHARE this status, and tell your friends that if they can't watch the fights, TNS is the NEXT BEST THING. IT'S TIMEEE!
UFC on FX 6 TUF Smashes (UK vs AUS) Finale Live about to start right now. Prelims had some nice KO's including Chad Money Mendes Fighting outta Team Alpha Male in Sacramento Cali to end it. First fight on FX will be Hector Lombard vs Rousimar Palhares then TUF Smashes Lightweieght & Welterweight Championship fights & Main Eventis Coaches George Sotirpoulos (AUS) & Ross Pearson (UK) Should be some fun free fights! SWS~SFC
What's on Saturday at the Palace? Live UFC preliminaries and finale of the Smashes. Australia vs The UK. Who will take all in the ultimate grudge match? Both coaches are Ultimate Fighters themselves as well as huge names in the UFC. Australias George Sotiropoulos takes on the best of Britain in Ross Pearson. Showing LIVE throughout the Palace. Tonights Cider Sounds features Californication: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Show. Come along and hear all their greatest hits for FREE. Live and loud and the Cider Bar just as all good music should be. Following the band let our resident DJ kick start your Saturday night with the best tunes to dance or just chill out to. See you at The Palace.
I hope Ross Pearson punches Sotiropolous in the face over and over and over and over.then a few more times!
Don't forget the first of 2 UFC cards this weekend, UFC on FX 6 is underway now with the prelims live on FUEL TV - Includes some great fights : Chad Mendes vs. Hacran Dias on Fuel Norman Parke vs. Colin Fletcher for the TUF Smashes contract, Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Palhares, and George Sotiropoulos vs. Ross Pearson in the main event.
Tonight, FOX Sports Radio 1230 WCWA will simulcast “UFC on FX: Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson” live from the Gold Coast Convention Centre in Queensland, Australia, with coverage beginning at 9 p.m. The first fight will feature a featherweight face-off between Chad “Money” Mendes and Hacran Dias. Then, middleweight contender Hector “Lightning” Lombard goes toe-to-toe with Rousimar Palhares, which leads into the main event when George Sotiropoulos takes on Ross Pearson, lightweight division winner of The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom.
The Smashes weigh-ins saw some Ross Pearson's Team UK weigh-in for the final time against Team Australia coached by George Sotiropoulos. First in this clip C...
Of course tonight is also UFC on FX 6. We will have you covered on live results and discussion. Will Hector Lombard grab his first UFC win? Will Palhares let go if he gets hold of a leg? And most importantly will Ross Pearson still give us his best impression of looking like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Join us tonight to find out!
ENGLISH VERSION: "And now, this is the moment you've been waiting for! "The Nostradamus of MMA predictions for UFC on FX 6: Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson, with the finals of TUF: Smashes (UK vs Australia), an event that happens in Gold Coast , Down Under. There will be the light-weight final between country mates Norman Parke and Colin "The Freakshow" Fletcher. Also,in the welterweight, there will be a clash between the Australian Robert Whittaker and the British Brad Scott. The main fight between George Sotiropoulos (Australia) and Ross Pearson (UK) is the first among coaches this year, because in previous TUF 15 fight was canceled because Dominick Cruz was injured in preparation to face Urijah Faber. Here's the guesses the Nostradamus of MMA. Shaazam: MAIN CARD: George Sotiropoulos x Ross Pearson - Pearson Robert Whittaker x Brad Scott - Whittaker Norman Parke x Colin Fletcher - Fletcher Hector Lombard x Rousimar "Toquinho" Palhares - Toquinho PRELIMINAR CARD: Chad Mendes x Yaotzin Meza - Mendes Igor Pokraj ...
Event information, results, video and fighter information for UFC on FX 6, featuring George Sotiropoulos vs. Ross Pearson.
The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes AUS VS UK comes to its final resolution this weekend, and the coaches have built up a real disliking over the course of the show. Who'll have the last laugh with victory; Ross Pearson or George Sotiropoulos?
How's everyone doing this evening? I'm on trial as an admin, My names Damien and I'll bring you some MMA news. It's an action packed weekend with The Ultimate Fighter The Smashes (UK vs the Aussies) and The Ultimate Fighter Finale. Team Uk dominated the lightweight division with 'Stormin' Norman Parke and Colin Fletcher reaching the final. The welterweight division is straight up Team UK vs Team Austrailia with Brad Scott (uk) vs Rob Whittaker (Aus). The coaches, Ross Pearson (Uk) and George Sotiropoulos (Aus) will face off in the main event. The rest of the card is as follows... Lombard vs Palhares Prelims Mendes vs Dias Pokrajac vs Beltran Pierce vs Baczynski Alloway vs Rodriguez Loughnane vs Wilkinson Penner vs Donovan Will you be watching? What's your predictions? It's on at 2am(GMT) 15/12 ESPN Damien
Their coaching stints finished, George Sotiropoulos and Ross Pearson take aim at one another Down Under.
A day in the life of UFC fighter George Sotiropoulos as he trains with American Top Team: Florida for his upcoming bout against Ross Pearson.
Was so taken with that old fight of Ross Pearson's I watched yesterday, I downloaded his season of Ultimate Fighter.
Ross Pearson and Reuben Duran will by in tonight!! Come in and watch them train!!
I agree when Ross asked him to pick team mate or country and he froze it was brilliant!! I hope Pearson knocks him out!!!
It's still a while before they fight at the UFC on the Gold Coast in December.but.George Sotiropoulos vs Ross Pearson - who'd win?
Ross Pearson vs. George Sotiropoulos slated for UFC on FX 6 in Australia - Join Talk at:
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