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Ross Matthews

Ross Mathews (born September 24, 1979), formerly known as Ross the Intern, is an American television personality who first rose to fame with his role as an intern, and later, a correspondent, for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, for which he was known as Ross the Intern .

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No idea. I think if Matthews is in the running for the Hart, Art Ross this year then maybe they sign…
I think I would have gave Ross another crack at it
Why Auston Matthews could have a real shot at the Hart and Art Ross .
should I drop Jordan Matthews to pick up John Ross in PPR?
The year Auston Matthews wins the Art Ross, I am willing to bet that Frederik Andersen will follow with the Vezina.
.Trump and the Russians are like Denny's. You never plan on going there, but always end up there.
Tbh that'd be my face if Ross Matthews presented me with ice cream too
Rick Ross you need to know this guy ,fire album
editorinleaf​.com >> Auston Matthews Will Contend for the Hart and Art Ross
GOLD for EMALYN'S TREASURE, a well-written and beautiful story; the characters have stayed in my mind for weeks. https:/…
“If we use social media as a tool to spread positivity, it’s a way to counter the bullying.” -Ross Matthews…
I'm still shook that I met Ross Matthews this morning at work😋💕
Trevor Ross. In the front, next to George Armstrong, is a player I went to school with - John Matthews.
"Season 3 of Feud is going to be about me vs my man spanx." ~Ross Matthews at in SF tonight
At the same event as Don Lemon, Ross Matthews, and Willam. 😎
Lol we just saw Ross Matthews at the movies
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Ross needs time to get healthy, get acclimated. Matthews could be security blanket for Tyrod.
John Ross or Jordan Matthews... not this week, for the season. Going to drop one
I thought Matthews was winning Art Ross, Hart and Vezina!!
Ross Matthews who? . My boi rocky rocked his look better
Lashley taking it to Storm as Matthews declares himself as good as JIm Ross , lol he so wishes that .
White dudes whose charismatic appeal to me is both undeniable & inexplicable:. - Bobby Flay. - Ross Matthews
Feel like Ross Matthews has lost too much weight? — yes but i still would
Category was Naughty Nighties and Ross Matthews said "Morning would I!"
Yea, with that draft Mariota would then have Murray, Henry, Walker, Everet…
Wait Ross Matthews isn't on the next episode and Meghan traitor is.
Meghan, Todrick y no Ross Matthews rpdr cancelled
My wish, Davis/Ross start alongside Matthews, Taywan Taylor as the slot, Sharpe the 4th with Weems…
Isn't she that unfunny logface that was on the Ross Matthews show for a while? good riddance!
Johnny Court (right) and Ross Matthews (left) from Raith Rovers supporting KFB with some of our Monday Volunteers
Ross Matthews is turning into the daddy I want to b
Kadri blows up Orpik twice with big hits and the ACC goes crazy. Then Matthews scores a pretty one for his first ever playoff g…
"It didn’t matter how we played!". Raith Rovers star happy to battle out of drop-zone .
65 mins : Sam Matthews' free-kick is spilt by Ross Flitney but Craig McAllister's shot is blocked and it's eventually cleared.
.midfielder Ross Matthews gives his parents the perfect birthday presents ⚽️🎂
"I could not have picked a better day for it!". lands man of the match award...from his dad 🍾.
Why do we all keep pretending that Ross Matthews is funny or deserves to be a judge on Drag Race
Raith Rovers star Ross Matthews reveals why he was destined to shoot down Morton
Ross Matthews face pretty much sums up how every viewer felt at this moment.
You probably shouldn't run your passing game through John Ross & w/ Alshon, Jordan Matthews, and Zach Ertz you don't have to.
Check out: Joy Ross Davis paranormal fiction, ghost stories, love stories,
RuPaul and Ross Matthews. Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. Last podcast on the left is true crime but hilarious.
And my crush on Ross Matthews grows as well especially with him slightly greying.
Matthews can have the Calder Trophy. McDavid will have the Art Ross, Hart and Ted Lindsay Trophies. End of debate.
Ross Matthews jacket on last night. 😍😍😍😍
◼ 59 | Ross Matthews booked for enjoying his goal with the home fans.
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59' GOAL! 2-0 Raith Rovers. Right-back Jason Thomson fires a low ball into the box and Ross Matthews sweeps a first-time shot past Gaston.
46' Ross Matthews gets the second half started. Morton are shooting towards the away supporters in the McDermid Stand.
TEAM NEWS: Ross Heywood, Jack Pritchard, Scott Baker and Brian Matthews replace Dixon, Bailey, Sephton and Hibbert in the Bears' starting XI
Ross Matthews is my faves, I'm so upset we were robbed of him in the Santino years.
No spoilers, but that was possibly one of the most awkward episodes of Drag Race ever. This year my favourite Queen is by far, Ross Matthews
Am I the Ross Matthews of my friend group?
Like, can we be done with Ross Matthews now??? Like is it over?
cory matthews, JD from scrubs, seth cohen, ross geller - my fictional crushes growing up were just super neurotic/whiny men!!!
It's time to add Wilbur Ross to the list of traitors. He may have been instrumental in helping Russians launder money & vio…
Six on the Mix, Miami morning show with our 2017 Stoli Key West Classic Champion Roger Lords with Ross Matthews,...
The best part of this clip is Ross Matthews awkwardly grinning every time they cut to him.
Does anyone else think Ashley Graham sounds like Ross Matthews?
I can live with . Could NOT live with Mario Lopez, Ryan Seacrest or Ross Matthews! No.
Why do and Ross Matthews have the same eyes 👀
Ross Matthews was on Last Call with Kilburn and Barney Frank
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Hello Again by Susanne Matthews. Can Charlie end an age-old curse?
Maria Doyle Kennedy's Katy Perry watching from across the room with narrowed eyes, barely listening to Ross Matthews' Sam Smith.
We wish would officiate our wedding! via
Michael Matthews wins stage 10 of the . Elsewhere today, Mark Cavendish gave the cameraman a wave:
Dear Man,. Who sat beside me on the bus, and fell asleep, you deserved this. Regards,. Ross
Hey Ross, what about Bruce Matthews for all times? 19 years, same team, and a master at fundamentals. No championship but HOF.
I love that Ross Matthews officiated your ceremony. He just tickles my funny bone. He seems so sweet!
Comedian Sarah Colonna weds Seahawks player Jon Ryan in Mexico -- and Ross Matthews officiates!
End of the 8th week. Ready to head in after I finish "Straight Talk" with Ross Matthews podcast.
Aww...Ross Matthews put the weight back on. 😕
*** Talk about a dude that knows how to take the high road. Mr. Matthews you are quite the role model!
Theres this boy in choir who looks like ross matthews lololol
All I ask is that Ross Matthews be asked to be on Lip Sync Battle
I want in my ears, so I'm holding out for the audiobook! MAN UP!
wow u had iss on ur bday? . That's not trill . It prolly wasn't bad tho coach Ross is a g
Duh, Ross Matthews should host next year's Oscars! No lame sketches, but a lot of fun !!
44' YELLOW: Ross Matthews goes into the referees book for pulling back Jason Holt who was breaking at pace. 1:0
Hopefully Ross Matthews doesn't muck about trying to play football tonight. Just bad challenges until he needs to be subbed for his own good
If the Dolphins let Matthews and Wake walk I'll go fight Stephen Ross myself
Congrats to my buddy Ross Matthews on his first day as Asm at 6356!
Throw back to 3 years ago...E! Live Countdown to the Oscars with Ross Matthews. You might …
E! just cut off Leo and Alejandro's interviews so I can watch Ross Matthews take selfies. I cannot with this.
Can someone please explain Ross Matthews to me?
Joe Biden just told the Secret Service Ross Matthews tried to kill him. Goodbye Ross.
I think "is there anyone I care less about hearing from than Ross Matthews" and BOOM there's Grandma Jenner.
Rancick is a Joke and Annoying Seacrest is a *** I do love Ross Matthews They Need More Ross!
Ryan Seacrest irks me but not as much as Ross Matthews' voice does
Did Ross Matthews really just say, "rocking that preggo belly?"
Is it a death threat if one were to say that one really looks forward to the Red Carpet for Ross Matthews' funeral?
Ross Matthews has informed me that a belly is the best accessory. This is why I tune in to the pre-show. (This is not why).
Ross Matthews is killing me at times with his shrill high pitched voice! It happens when he gets too excited...
If Trump becomes president can Ross Matthews join the list of people who say they will move out of country?
Cc Ross Matthews. Irish names are is not a say it as it is spelt.
I’m switching to ABC because I cannot handle Ross Matthews
Dear E! Just let Ross Matthews talk to people on the Red Carpet. Seacrest can't deal with anyone with a personality
I don't know why Ross Matthews saying he has a "girl crush" fills me with such a specific kind of rage.
Best line from so far comes from E! host Ross Matthews on Charlize Theron: "It would be breaking news if she looked ugly"
So far Ross Matthews is the only one who knows anything about fashion (and can pronounce Louis Vuitton). The new are a mess.
I got a like by Ross Matthews. What a hoot!
I'm dead @ my family dragging Ross matthews' voice
Ross Matthews just mentioned live on he's excited to see Henry Cavill on the Red Carpet tonight!
Who is this mental moron with Ross Matthews who just called Henry Cavil Henry CABLE? Seriously. ***
ready and following along! Though I'm behind as I tuned late so I can fast forward every time Ross Matthews is on screen.
They've locked Ross Matthews in a tower while the Seacrest is wrecking havoc on the Red Carpet with the dumbest questions possible?
The gal with Ross Matthews has ZERO to add omg
My father just did a spot on Ross Matthews impersonation. Is it too late to nominate people for an Oscar?
Okay, Ross we're going with "Shersha" as the correct pronunciation of Saoirse? Done.
Can someone please tell me why Ross Matthews is still on tv? I blame Chelsea Handler.
I think Ross Matthews should host the entire E! Live From the Red Carpet. He's hilarious!
"Coming up, more of the dresses, more of the unexpected" LITERALLY NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET ROSS MATTHEWS
Ross Matthews is best dressed of the night so far!!
Someone should tell Ross Matthews the Oscars are on the moon and he needs to get into this rocket ASAP.
re Brie Larson. Ross Matthews: btdubs she gave an incredible performance in room. Zuri Hall: Yeah so much fun.
Ross Matthews is the real trailblazer who was turning it out before there was a million sassy *** on tv.
"Whatever she does becomes a thing," says Ross Matthews, explaining the basic tenets of grammar.
Who needs waterboarding when we have Ross Matthews’ voice?
Ross Matthews debating what Charlotte Rampling is going to wear tonight should be shown to ISIS recruits.
What's going on with ross matthews face??? Is it eyebrows?? Botox??
We are stuck in traffic in Hollywood trying to get back to Lusi's and it was Ross Matthews in a cart holding us up.
Prediction: Charlotte Rampling will look AMAZE, Ross Matthews will squeal in sweaty confusion.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
But why are Ross Matthews and Carson Kressley still hanging around? They shoulda been booted along with whoever changed the Untucked format.
Can E! replace Ross Matthews with Brad Goreski for every awards Red Carpet?
Coach Tomlin says Antwon Blake and Ross Cockrell will have "a chance to rebound" after performance in Seattle.
is it me but doesn't he sounds like Ross Matthews
You can't outrun your past. History repeats itself. Echoes of the Past
He's back. He's angry. And he's reaping his revenge, The White Lily Bk.2 of The Harvester
Tim and Juliette Ross will be on Daystar today at 11am giving an update on Embassy City Church. Tune in!
Steven Ross (Marian Catholic) is very underrated in the State. . . this kid can flat out play and it showed in the CH Class…
He's talking about the exorcisms people will need after watching a stand-up by Ross Matthews
aw thanks :) I'm a fan. (And yes, I have seen those Matthews/Ross books and they look great!)
Matt Lauer saying "the very funny Ross Matthews" is going on Ross Matthews' reel and is never leaving it.
I feel like that time Ross Matthews was super confused about Jasmine Masters cocoon on the runway. That is exactly how I feel at this moment
"Heaven is not clouds. It is a country. It has a King, and that's who we follow." Tim Ross
Ross Matthews is by far the best celebrity on
I want to meet Ross Matthews he is so cool and funny
Nothing like Dave Matthews chill out with the roomies
Okay but I'd love it if the judges for Fashion Police was Ross Matthews, Margaret Cho, Bianca Del Rio, and Alaska as Anna Wintour
How clay Matthews have a Gillette endorsement with a Rick Ross beard?
I legit miss Ross. I can't wait for him to graduate and come back home.🙌🏼
Matthews scoring at 1.14 PPG in NLA. During the 04-05 lockout:. J. Thornton - 1.38 in NLA (wins Art Ross in 05-06). R. Nash - 1.07 in NLA
Ross Matthews IS literally that guy who interviews everyone in the Hunger Games and that's why I just deleted his podcast
Actually don't think I've ever forget Ross Stewart's celebration against st Matthews, greatest moment of my school years
Join Pastor Ross tomorrow at 7PM in WC-211 for a discussion of One Faith: The Evangelical Consensus.
Pharrell re-used the background vocals from Rick Ross' "Presidential" for the song "Alright" on Kendrick's To Pimp a B…
Ryan Matthews should be our starter. Murray doesnt fit our system. trade him to a team that needs a running back in exchange for an elite WR
I can't remember the last time Jordan Matthews has actually caught a football. Earn your paycheck.
In Ft Bend at Hall Stadium tonight to see A&M targets Ross Blacklock & Luke Matthews take on FB Marshall for
Listening to Ross Matthews on Josh Wolf's new Podcast "Fairly Normal", and missing the Josh and Ross show (from back in the day)... :(
I can literally go from Dave Matthews band to Rick Ross in a second.
Ross talking to S5&6 pupils from St Matthews about creative careers at event
We teamed up with pop-culture expert Ross Matthews to create a unique chocolate bar! Get your's today!
I was down 5 and Ross had Matthews and I picked up philly D this morning. I'm winning
Let's give all the hit the hole runs to Sproles and Matthews when the best hole hitter , Murray, gets the sideline runs. Makes sense.
35' Late challenge on Scott Brown by Ross Matthews but the Celtic skipper is back on his feet.
Favorite moment from last night: when and I had a moment over Ross Matthews.
tell me y miles austin and jordan Matthews blatantly both drop drop ed important passes like tf
Thank you pre-show for bringing Ross Matthews into my home tonight.
Can't wait for Ross Matthews and Christina Milian, in conversation at the 92nd Street Y.
Ross Matthews’ voice is provided by a Disney mouse, right?
Muting the Ross Matthews. Meanwhile did 30 cats puke on his suit?
Just switched from E! to Fox and the whiplash from Ross Matthews to Howie Long was painful.
James Cordon and Ross Matthews would be such a cute *** plus sized couple!
Never understood why Ross Matthews does He is clueless.
Ross Matthews is wearing a suit covered with gallons of old clown ***
You all are missing out on my grandma's stellar Ross Matthews impression rn!
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Hubby pointing out Ross Matthews has a boyfriend & I corrected him "husband "
Ross Matthews has a "boy girl crush" on Sarah Paulson, or what everyone else would call a crush.
But do you remember when Ross Matthews looked like this?
Christina Millian wrote "Play" for J.Lo and now she's on E! with Ross Matthews. Sidekick to the sidekick.
Is it me or does Ross Matthews' jacket looks like it was made from a series of Manischewitz wine logos?
Every time Ross Matthews opens his mouth on TV the ghost of Paul Lynde rolls his eyes.
Love the subtle floral pattern on Ross Matthews tuxedo jacket
OMG I hope Ross Matthews doesn't pass out in that tight suit!
Ross Matthews needs to be in a Disney movie asap
Ross Matthews' voice is still like nails on a chalkboard, even w/him exiled to the skybox. Blech.
Why E!? Why? Why must you force Ross Matthews on me for another year???
Zooming in on Ross Matthews' phone to incorporate a sponsor instead of just PUTTING A PICTURE ON THE SCREEN is a new form of pain.
Ross Matthews. Oy. There's a tragic story back to the man girdle.
The mani cam may be gone, but we still have Ross Matthews to make me feel stabby.
So Ross Matthews skinned an sofa for his suit tonight, yes?
Electronic Device Insurance
Imagine what it must sound like to have sex with Ross Matthews.
I'm glad Ross Matthews can still get work.
What happened to did Ross Matthews eat her? He looking hella thick, E! Without her *** ***
"Someone else who knows all about murder is me...because I'm killing it." - Ross Matthews
Also, where is Ross Matthews this year, or did I miss him while I was folding clothes? I love him.
Liufau dots a ball to Devin Ross for a 24-yard TD pass against pretty good coverage from Trent Matthews. CU 17, CSU 14
Touchdown Devin Ross scores over Trent Matthews. CU takes the 17-14 lead over
So was Chase Matthews our Ross Geller and we didn't even realize it?
Jim Goodwin v Ross Matthews should be a great watch
23 - Rovers forced into a change. Iain Davidson replaced by Ross Matthews
If engineers were treated like designers.
You're like Ross Matthews. I mean it as a compliment, always happy and on top of the world. Love your energy.
Murdoch's demands show The Queen respect, after they recently called her a Nazi http…
Mark Matthews became a director at Ross 1973 Limited. More there
. "Hey, after I'm done with this fork, you wanna spoon¿". -Ross Matthews on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
Jordan Matthews was so upset about his dropped pass last night:
ross Bradford went 20/22 in the second half Matthews didn't catch the ball
I listen to Straight Talk With Ross Matthews for giggles. Start from the beginning so the inside jokes make sense.
Four years ago today I was on E! news with Ross Matthews for a television segment. Fun fact of the day.
Just finished the egalley edits for Book 2, of the Harvester series. Have your read Book 1 yet?
there's u, tyler, Chris colfer, Ross Matthews. I have a thing for *** men with high voices
doesn't Ross Matthews remind you of a young Dale Winton?
I highly recommend Ross Matthews' podcast. It's so amazing to listen to while working.
...on deacons' ministry is recommended in Mike Ross' (class on Pastoral Ministry at
Jay Leno Show - Ross the Intern goes to Pit Crew U: some of my favorite things all on one ross Matthews and nascar
love it ross Matthews so funny I love tiffani big fan
can you all replaced julianna with Ross Matthews! She has needed to go for years.
aww, I remember Ross Matthews talking about it on Chelsea lately..feels like yesterday!
Ross Matthews wants to see me do my DI??? The DI I haven't performed in months??? The DI written by HIM? LITERALLY BYE
I want so badly to meet Ross Matthews
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I didn't know Ross Matthews was a writer...
Graham Moore really is like a mashup of Jonathan Groff looks with Ross Matthews voice !!
I thought Ross Matthews was on stage talking.
I have a confession. I love Ross Matthews. Judge me.
I'm only watching the oscars for Ross Matthews so 👌
I have to give up on the E! carpet now. Ross Matthews I can deal with...A Kardashian is a deal breaker.
Does Ross Matthews have nude pictures of an E! Exec with a horse? That's my only explanation for him on here.
Ross Matthews is so annoying! I cannot even enjoy the Red Carpet! Turning the channel.
Ross Matthews looks like he eats a life size chocolate Oscar every Sunday night.
I think Ross Matthews has put some weigh back on. If I shave I wonder if tourists will ask me for my autograph...
Are you vying for Ross Matthews's job?
Every time Ross Matthews comes on screen it jus makes me laugh
Somebody explain to me why anyone should care less about what Ross Matthews thinks about anything related to how it looks.
Eddie Redmayne, Ansel Elgort and Ross Matthews in the same exact tux.
You would think and ross Matthews have never seen rain before. Geez. Relax
Ansel Elgort, Ross Matthews and Eddie Redmayne are all matching tonight and I'm for it.
His name is Ross Matthews apparently. Unwatchable clown. Can someone not get him a menu and some crayons and stick him elsewhere?
When did Ross Matthews blow up like this? He ain't got no neck or nothing JESUS
If I have to listen to Ross Matthews' chipmunk giggle all night I may go mercy deaf.
Ross Matthews's Red Carpet commentary makes me nervous for RPDR season 7.
when i'm lowered into the ground all I will hear is ross matthews' voice
Ross Matthews and Eddie Redmayne are wearing the same thing.
Ross Matthews is giving me Otho from Beetlejuice.
The2 D-bags Kelly Osborne and Ross Matthews are talking ish about Marion Cotillard's dress..ok Kelly has purple hair, and Ross wears 1 suit
Finish this sentence: Kelly Osbourne and Ross Matthews are --
Ross Matthews needs to take Giuliana Rancic out and show her how to eat...or put them both on Radio!
When did E!s Ross Matthews become Ross For More? Maybe a few minutes on a treadmill are in order.
Did Bruce Dern just call Ryan the "ultimate endurance challenge"? That's the way I feel about ROSS Matthews.
Ross Matthews looks like that thumb man.
Joan Rivers didn't die in surgery. Ross Matthews ate her.
Lol I'm watching e! Oscars ted carpet and Ross Matthews has gotten so fat it's ridic
What purpose do Kelly Osborne and Ross Matthews serve?
Remembering when I met Ross Matthews and he had so much makeup on
Loving on Ross Matthews on the other hand is ANNOYING
My 12 yr old saw Ross Matthews on the Red Carpet and said, "Wow...Kelly Osbourne got butch."
Have a hard time not rolling my eyes when ROSS MATTHEWS refers to something as a "jaw-dropping moment."
if Ross Matthews and Shoshanna from Girls had a conversation the world would explode
Ross Matthews is my favorite person ever 💕
Ross Matthews: Super fun or super annoying? Also, Kelly Osborne's hair continues to be purple...
E!...where Ross Matthews gets prime Red Carpet real estate for the biggest awards show of the year
The next time I see Ross Matthews on my TV I want it to be in the in memorian reel at the Worthless 🚮 Awards.
where do I sign up to become Ross Matthews
Kelly Osbourne and Ross Matthews are the epitome of friendship
Lisa say Ross Matthews was destined to be *** wid dat voice 😂
To fix the view keep Nicole n Rosie P, add Ross Matthews or Mario, add Natasha Leggero, Leeza as the moderator.
He is like the british Ross Matthews LOL
I want Ross Matthews to be my best friend.
In my imaginary world, Ross Matthews and Khloe Kardashian are my best friends.
He hasa name apparently, Ross Matthews, the house *** on E channel, his voice gives me herpes, so vacuous annoying
omg omg omg. Kevin just thought Ross Matthews was Chaz Bono. Im dying.
did Ross Matthews just transition from Iggy Azalea to Nicki Minaj??? 💀
We need to go back to Ross Matthews and let him talk more because I love him
I would trade Ross Matthews. Not for much. Just for Kevin Spacey to come out
I'm so mad Ross matthews gained all that weight back
Smith has a crush in Ross Matthews.
Thought I just heard Ross Matthews say "nobody does it faster than Affleck" and I thought this awards show was going to take a dramatic turn
Ross Matthews looks like he ate Sam Smith for lunch
Ross Matthews' neck is SCREAMING for him to unbutton that top button
Ross Matthews is probably my favorite person ever.
"Madonna look like a whole lot of bull!" - Ross Matthews I ❤ him!
Brad isn't chubby. It's Ross Matthews Brad goereski Idk his name but that chubby dude ...
Ross Matthews' voice irks my soul to the core
Every girl reporter on the Red Carpet has a more manly voice than Ross Matthews...yeah I'm watching Red Carpet get over it
There is no one in this world I hate more than Ross Matthews.
Please, enough is enough with Ross Matthews.
How Ross Matthews has been able to sustain a career in entertainment/fashion news is one of the great world wonders.
Note to self: I still hate Ross Matthews.
We don't think that Ross Matthews would mind us saying that he's almost…
'In person too we get to see them' someone sack Ross Matthews please
Ross gaining all that weight back ..Ross Matthews, not Rick lol
Watchin the Grammys and wondering when that presenter Ross Matthews' balls are gonna drop- haven't heard a higher voice since Anderson Silva
If this is 3 hours of just Ross Matthews doing quizzes, I AM OUT.
Ross Matthews put every single pound back on.
nice to see Ross Matthews again. He is always nice to look at and fun to watch keep it coming
Ross Matthews is my absolute favorite 😊
yeah the third one "Types & Grammar" hits shelves this week i think. finally!
Ross matthews is a fat version of lohanthony both are salty ***
nice one will have a look, got the first two (I like having the books for my commute) I look forward to the next installment!
moving back a few years, came across this the other day. Most expensive players in Champ Man 97/98 - http:/…
and Ross Matthews are awesome together
Brian Haigler / Ross-Haigler Group is looking for a buyer on 2001 Spring Rose Lane
GD was Ross Matthews funny. You two had great timing together. BTW thought he was a chick for the first 10 minutes.
you need to set up a conversation with Nick and Ross Matthews. 2 of the highest pitched voices around
Try-scorers for Gen Blue are Lance, Tilse, Kellaway, Clunies-Ross, Horwitz, Stewart for Australian Barbarians - Tom Matthews
Ross Matthews should be your permanent side kick! He was way more entertaining the the other co hosts you have tried out!
Say hi to Dave Ross if he's in the Sidney Pressbox. He's a true and loyal fan of pro wrestling. Ask him about Bobo Brazil
Nene teaches Ross Matthews how to Read via
Ross is the worst character to ever hit Grey's Anatomy
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