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Ross Lynch

Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, 1995 in Littleton, Colorado) is an American actor, singer, instrumentalist and dancer.

Laura Marano Riker Lynch Rocky Lynch Austin Moon Ellington Ratliff Rydel Lynch Maia Mitchell Teen Beach Movie Ryland Lynch Debby Ryan Disney Channel Bella Thorne Jake Short Cameron Boyce Big Time Rush Peyton List Austin Mahone

lol, can you bring Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone and Ross Lynch with you??
Ross Lynch is way better than Cody Simpson, he always has a different type of fashion and this makes him sp…
Who had the most positive influence on you? — Selena Gomez, Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Ross Lynch, Demi Lovato, M...
Ross Lynch: Ridiculously adorable actor who plays Austin on Di...
Loud R5 & Ross Lynch crowdsurfing- 18/06/14. 7:59 to see Rocky giving me his pic & 8:20ish for Ross' "crowdsurf"
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two pe... — Ross Lynch and Ellington Ratliff htt…
Ross Lynch, he plays Austin on Disney Channel's 'Austin and Ally' He also played in Teen Beach Movie
Please vote as much as you can today Comedy Actress:Laura Marano. Comedy Actor:Ross Lynch. Comedy TV …
{thinks for a second and takes a deep breath} Well, Jake T. Austin, Jake Short, Ross Lynch. Friends with all of em.
[nods] Yes, I'm assuming you'll need our names, it's Ross Lynch and Austin Monica Moon. [smirks from saying your full name]
Bet you 5 bucks he didn't even know R5 existed he just listened to it bc Ross Lynch
I actually have something to thank Ross Lynch for. It's one of the best things that has ever happened as well and doesn't involve R5/Ryland
"If I Can't Be With You is about when I gave birth to my beautiful baby Steve Buscemi he still doesn't know I'm his real mom" -Ross Lynch
„Cody Simpson vs Ross Lynch: Best Style?? - Fashio…“: i vote for because of his ROCKY style!
Wow.. It seems like only the R5, Austin & Ally, Ross Lynch, and Laura Marano fans are the only fandoms who are 100% determine…
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) and I in an impromptu piano playing gig:
dear pandora,. i got a ross lynch radio station and haven't heard his voice yet on that station. can someone explain? 😑✋. sincerely,. IM ANGRY
If your name is Ross Lynch i love you
I went to go see ross lynch in concert I was the best time of my life thanks so much for making my dreams come true ross lynch
There's this guy who works at the funfair who looks exactly like Ross lynch and it's literally so hilarious
Ross Lynch or Garrett Clayon both starred in Disneys Teen Beach Movie. Comment your vote like and subscribe :) ... Though we all know who it is !
2 years incredible morning the song " heard it on the radio " Ross Lynch met I love that song I hope that you also
So apparently Ross lynch is in puerto rico
Hi so there's rumors going around that you guys gave some fans Ross Lynch's number...? Is that true lol
Did you know that Ross's got a twin ? His name is Rob Lynch 😂😂😂
"Ross Lynch gambling at the club!!!". oh please, he probably had trouble understanding the slot machine
I have like 100 posters on my wall. 17 are of Ross Lynch. he is *** of fine
Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell are media silent filming "Teen Beach Movie 2"
He is cute and he is single I LOVE HIM
btw I dont think you know who Ross Lynch is. Lol. Look him up
R5 says they hate it when it's 'R5 ft Ross Lynch' but the EP cover is basically giant Ross head with the rest of R5 in the b…
Person: OMG. Ross Lynch is so hot. *points to picture of Riker*. Me:
Bad Hair Day based on Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch's life
When you say "Ross Lynch & Laura Marano" out loud, it just rolls off your tongue sounding like an angel.
I'll never meet Ross Lynch. I'll never meet Riker Lynch. I'll never meet Rocky Lynch.
Laura Marano and Ross Lynch. he looks like he's sucking out her soul
"Laura Marano and Ross Lynch. why does ross look like the vampire dad from twilight
"Me and 's obsession with Ross Lynch is not normal" no it is not
I want Ross Lynch and David Schmitt to double team me and Vic can watch because he doesn't know what to do with a boob
""I'm a directioner and I think Laura Marano should date Ross Lynch ok"" the relevance
Cutest auslly moment of all in my opinion. Austin Moon (Ross Lynch) - 'Without You' Acoustic [HD]
Ross lynch is hot in the surf and turf scene in Teen Beach Movie
Whenever I get sad I just look at my icon and remember I had anal with ross lynch and you didn't
Exclusive video interview: Meet Disney star Ross Lynch and his band R5 via
Currently watching Teen Beach Movie in honor of Ross Lynch
I met Ross Lynch Rydel Riker Rocky and ellington ratcliff today :) super cool
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fan of Ross lynch and Laura I just wish to meet them in person !. Anyway F Y W Ross and Laura are my dream person !
nope sorry😂 The Austin Moon played by Ross Lynch is the one I'm talking about
would you rather be trapped on a deserted island with Austin Moon or Ross Lynch
Photoset: Reminder to everyone to please vote for Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, and Austin & Ally.
Ross Lynch doing donuts in a fake cop car!
Just watched Ross Lynch do a dounut in a fake cop car lol
Ross Lynch makes me feel feelings that my boyfriend cant even make md feel
Set de fotos: favorite people list → Ross Lynch "People don't get me but I get myself and that's enough."
still more attractive than Ross lynch
I like Austin Moons personality better than ross lynch
“Ross confession: this is literal us bae😋 thanks for shipping Boss Lynch
I just need a 6ft Ross Lynch in my life
On today's show Hope and Sam are going to teach you how not to get STDs from Ross Lynch.
Did u know that Ross Lynch is a crush in the middle grade book ROCK 'N ROLL PRINCESSES WEAR BLACK?
"Austin Moon is so much cuter than Ross Lynch."
PM:Hi I'm here to arrest Ross and Rydel Lynch
my love for Ross Lynch has not died
Since is on a short break for filming, does that mean misses while he's away?
Do you know How well do you think you know him?!
Raise your hand if you want to trade Ross Lynch for Austin Moon
Rick Ross suck his word play to basic I feel like his lyrics should had develop
Is it normal for me to have a crush on ross lynch? OMG he's just one year younger than me... to bad he's not *** or bi.. =P
I sing r5 24/7 and talk about them everyday but yeah my dad pretty much dormant care even tho he knows "Ross lynch?" 😂😂😂😂
Ross Lynch's happy trail is like all over in this A&A EPISODE. Im laughing but haut
Why people say Ross Lynch feat R5?. Please, Ross is a member of R5, and R5 is a band.
My baby sister is 2 and she's in love with Ross Lynch ( or how she knows him as Austin ) Lmao
Having the best conversation on the phone with Mallory Rikard! We talking bout Ross Lynch/R5 like always(: can't wait to hang out with her tmrw! Love yhu sis!!
Ross Lynch (engl. Ross Shor Lynch, December 29, 1995) is an American actor, singer, instrumentalist and dancer. He is best known for his role as Austin Moon in the comedy "Austin and Ali" on the Disney Channel. [1] He also plays rhythm guitar in my family band R5 with his brothers, Riker and Rocky, her sister and their prime Rydell family friend Ellington Ratliff. Some of the hits are Rosovih: Pass Me By, Billion Hits, Double Take, Heartbeat, Not a love song. Ross is known for being in the movie teenage summer (Teen Beach Movie) got the role of Brady.
He should come to nebraska with the rest of them to
Sing your heart out like no one is there-Ross Lynch
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Hi ya'll now here's a competition that every one can join, so all you got to do is send me a photo of Ross Lynch, that I haven't seen. The winner will win Ross Lynch's REAL, FB account, GO!
Saw "Book of Mormon" from a Smith Center Box yesterday...unofficial Laura's Day (she needed it). Sat in a box...fantastic experience in its own right! In the six months since I bought the tickets Laura never looked and the tickets nor did I tell her we were in a BOX. Tall bar chairs, moveable, clear view, great sound! The show is fantastic, although it uses language I would not use (and my students know those words in particular) and could be taken as anti-religion. In the end it really does support the need for and reasons for our faith. Of course it opens with some realistic spoofing (just as the authors die in South Park) of the annamatronic diaramas at the Temple in Salt Lake City, and of Salt Lake City itself, and one very obscene take off of the Lion King theme song.If you can take the language and the shots taken at religion, it is a bright, creative, original and fun musical. I can see why it has run on Broadway for so long at such high ticket prices... Which brings me to the Smith Center...might ...
Who is your celebrity crushes? — Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch (>>>>) I'm gonna go so out he...
Lyrics to Ross Lynch's song - Can You Feel It. Song belongs to Disney.
I want u to be nasty to me .I mean real nasty Ross Lynch Micheal Blake Blake Michaeł Røss Shør Lynch Priv
Umm so boarded ..".why don't u come online Ross Lynch
Look if you think R5 is a *** band or Ross Lynch is a *** person then your stupid and shut up your just jelous how would you feel if you got called that so shut up and be a R5 and love them they didn't derseve your mean comments about them they are the nicest people you will me and the greatest band so i do care what you say about them cause i am apart of the R5 Family so shut up and love R5!! Thank you -MallR5
I am sorry guys but I am sick of all of the chats asking if I am the real Ross Lynch I am and if you dont think I am well I am sorry
No phone or internet guys. We're done for a while- Ross Lynch
One direction ross lynch and 5 seconds of summer have been warned not to be like Justin bieber and mike from the Jersey shore according too reports _jake
Ross Lynch is just soo freakin' beautiful.
Who else got a friend request from Ross lynch? Who ever you are idk u
vote R5, Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, and Austin & Ally at Teen Choice Awards. much love.
Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell bc they're perfect together
I want Maia Mitchell & Ross Lynch to host a TCAs show together...seriously
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Hey Swifties, if I get my fandom to vote for Taylor Swift, will you guys vote for A&A, Laura Marano, Ross Lynch, and R5?
Congrats to Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Maia Mitchell, R5, Austin and Ally and The Fosters for your TCA Nominations. Hope you win. Good Luck.
My name is Brooke and I have more pictures of Taylor York and Ross Lynch in my phone than of my own family.
Ross Lynch's voice is so soothing and it's making me emotional.
Ross Lynch Brings R5's 'Louder Tour' to Paris! . Ross Lynch carries his guitar as he arrives on a flight and gets...
Ross Lynch Brings R5's 'Louder Tour' to Paris! arrives in France with
I'm pretty sure I'm straight but if I had the chance to date either ross lynch or shailene woodley I would choose shailene
I don't know why I love Ross Lynch so much, because I don't usually have crushes on blondes. ❤️😳 I love him as Austin.
Ross Lynch is not Austin Moon. R5 is not a Disney band. Stop being ignorant & listen to them. Maybe you'll actually like…
I loved high school musical but Teen Beach Movie has ROSS LYNCH
i've met ross lynch 3 times and all three of those times I have not said one word to him
Shouting at that stupid game on Disney Channel ha 🙈
i just saw a recent picture of ross lynch (havent really kept up with him lately) but roSS CUT YOUR HAIR
Brad and Laura Marano would look cute together but I'll always shipp Laura with Ross Lynch
Man, listening to Superhero by Ross Lynch really makes u wanna watch Captain America
"You got a kick me sign covering the skills that you have". The Way That You Do - Ross Lynch
“Lol Ross Lynch looks like a giant armpit”
Ross Lynch still looks like a baked potatoe
Ross lynch looks like his name should be Bruce
Ross Lynch looks like string cheese pass it on
I googled "good girl and bad boy" and a picture of Zendaya, Bella Thorne and Ross Lynch came up 😂😂
Why did I decide to watch Teen Beach Movie... Please tell me this is a joke. I demand a direct apology from Ross Lynch h…
I'm going to Ross Lynch myself to death
I don't like the way ross lynch dances.his singing isint the best either but I rather listen to him sing than see …
I just saw your who's Ross lynch comment on their picture 😂
Anyone interested in buying a cheap ticket to a new pop/rock band for tomorrow night at the 02 academy islington inbox me. The group is r5 and has Ross lynch (the guy from Austin and ally) Riker Lynch (a warbler from glee) and their family
Justin bieber isn't freinds with one direction and ross lynch feud still on rumors that he's upset both one direction and ross lynch beated him at the much music awards _jake
Happy birthday to my bestest friend in the whole world!! We have been through a lot of things. Bad and good. We always make up in the end. You were my first friend when I moved to Florida. Yes we weren't close but I stilled considered you my friend. But over the summer we got close playing CSP and listening to that same stupid song over and over again. Then I moved in with you and we got extremely close. You told me things that I never wanted to know and I told you things that you did want to know. :D We helped each other with relationships and stuff. We argued all the time. But that's what makes our friendship so special. I remember when we first started watching all those YouTubers. How on CSP I got that "boyfriend" who's name was pewdiepie and we where like who's pewdiepie. Then we started watching him and we where like oh. Then that night we were making fun of you for saying like so much. I thought I was going to pee my pants. All of our conversations in band and how we always got in trouble by Dunn. ...
Hmm I might buy all my school supplies on amazon... BTR here I come! Or maybe Austin Mahone or Ross Lynch or 5Sos so many to choose from!
So people think Ross lynch eating a donut is attractive?? O.O um ok?
Sometimes love's a scary place, it's like walking in the dark. ~Ross Lynch (off his song superhero)
Sorry Ross Lynch about the weird conversation but I hope we're still friends
Hater: Ross lynch wears vans? I should stop wearing them. Me: He also breathes maybe you should stop to. WIN ~AllyLuvsYuh♥
R5 TO PERFORM AT HENDERSON PAVILION IN SEPTEMBER Tickets for band’s only show in Las Vegas Valley go on sale tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Henderson, Nev. – Get ready to rock this fall with R5 as the band performs at the Henderson Pavilion, 200 S. Green Valley Pkwy., Friday, September 12 as part of their R5: Live On Tour. The concert, which is the only show currently scheduled in the Las Vegas Valley, begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $40 for orchestra seating, and go on sale to the public Friday, June 13 at 10 a.m. at Originally from Littleton, Colorado, the Los Angeles-based pop rock band is comprised of siblings Riker, Ross, Rocky and Rydel Lynch, and friend Ellington Ratliff. Since releasing their debut album Louder, the “Pass Me By” quintet has rocketed to No. 1 on the iTunes chart in 10 countries; sold out shows in the U.S., Canada, Australia, England and France; and performed “(I Can’t) Forget About You” on The Ellen DeGeneres ...
January-Miley Cyrus February-the Jonas bothers March-Ariana grande April- Iggy azalea May-Justin Beiber June-Demi lovato July-carrie underwood August-one direction September- zac efron October-Miranda lambert November-Channing tatum December-Ross lynch Pick your favorite month and your birthday to see what you got
ONE DIRECTION *** (my opinion)! Stop posting about other groups or people that don't have anything to do with R5, or in this case Ross Lynch. If you like Ross Lynch, stay, if not, get the *** out of the group.
Most of you know Ross Lynch from Austin & Ally but Ross actully has a band called R5
Watching Teen Beach Movie Tomorrow best movie ever made Staring Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell
// changes to destiny: -Demon -Married to Ross Lynch -Has twins and and a teenager - Depression -Anorexia but no one expet EdwardDark AngelRp and Louis InnocentHybrid TomlinsonRp know cause she trusts them a lot - has some tattos - has some piercing -my eyes change colour according to my mood - weird get used to it - when she's down she likes to bake cupcakes and/or go sit in corners - Has black wings - won't hurt anyone unless they hurt her or someone she cares about - believes in spirits , vodoo dolls etc I thin that all for now. Hope ya like it :)
This is what we r doing to our house! Ross Lynch, Ellington Ratliff, Rydel Lynch, Ryland Lynch, Rocky Lync...
I'm exactly the same age today as Liana Liberato + Ross Lynch
Ross Lynch, rikerR5, Ellington Ratliff, Rydel Lynch, Ryland Lynch, and Rocky Lynch I am sending this for u ...
Ross Lynch and Rocky Lynch jammin on the piano.: via
"I was too late." -Ross Lynch on Brad & Laura Marano's now confirmed relationship 2028.
Can we talk about how Ross Lynch is in this Hannah Montana music video
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I liked a video Ross Lynch and Debby Ryan - Face 2 Face (Lyrics)
Easton and I in line for the R5 (Ross Lynch from Disney's Austin and Ally) concert in Columbus Ohio. He is really excited. The line is massive and full of kids 13 and under, this is gonna be interesting. Que the high pitched screams lol.
can you do Riker Lynch or Ross Lynch?
Ross Lynch's nipple i wanna see how far this goes
I am saying this from the bottom of my heart okay Ross Lynch is the most stunningly beautiful person I've ever met
some dumb kid laughed at me yesterday for having Ross Lynch on ny phone 😂
Ross Lynch my little sweet perfect lovely angel
if you would date Ross Lynch, fav if not.
mi sono risata con I think about you di Ross Lynch.
my sister hates ross lynch and I told her I thought he was hot and now she won't talk to me
Face To Face (Ross Lynch ft Debby Ryan): is it me or her voice kinda sounds like Rydel's
Congratulations to Ross Lynch who passed his commercial flight test yesterday ,pictured with IAA Examiner Coleman...
I'm listening to a Ross lynch cover right now
My birthday is on the same date as ross lynch 29 December
I always thought Ross Lynch was super attractive
So he? !! :( Fine :,( Only i tell you this! .. I am Ross Lynch! ..don... — I'm sorry. I dont believe in u anymore..
My first thought was hot.and sweet and romantic and amazing. :-) ;-) :-) :-D :-)
I had a dream about Ross lynch kissing Luke?? Well
why are there fan accs for Ross lynch
EPIC FAIL -- Do any of my music peeps out there have any connections to help a dad get 5 tickets to the sold out Ross Lynch concert at The National next weekend? I thought I still had time :(
ross lynch and harry osborn erMAGHAD
I'm just A LITTLE obsessed with Ross lynch
my little cousin just texted me to tell me Ross Lynch is ugly. . 1. why do I care. 2. why does she have a phone . 3. how did …
Hey!!! Don't mess with destiny because you mess with me . She's my best friend . wish you the best with Ross Lynch x OTP ! Bye bye ((: EdwardDark AngelRp was here ^-^
Lots of cool facts about Ross Lynch. 2 songs. 1st- Can you feel it? 2nd- Christmas soul
How pathetic are you that you go around saying you now famous people and that Cameron Boyce is your boyfriend and ross lynch asked you out ya right thats y no one likes you
for Ross Lynch. Fav for Cameron Boyce know I love both but Ross is e one
//I want to make an rp of Ross Lynch :c
Lol my 3 yr oldis obsessed over Ross lynch aka Austin n ally's Austin Moon she said I love him mom
You wanna *** me off! i dare you to say R6 or R5 Ft Ross Lynch.
If you could ask one person one questions and get a c... — I would ask Ross Lynch to sing with me, and then I'd ...
Ross seriously needs to learn how to hold a microphone properly...every interview he rams it on his face...
Exclusive official Full Version of Got It Too by Ross Lynch. From Austin & Ally series! to Disney activism, advertising, alcohol, alternative-news, ...
People: "Ross Lynch has no talent". Me: "oh really, that's why he's in a band touring the world, has his own tv show, and stars in a movie"
It's sooo hot. I guess Ross Lynch is in town.
I admire Ross Lynch in this crazy time, he still has time to fool around and be himself
Hey who do you have a crush on? — I don't have a crush on anyone. except for Ross Lynch. He's a babe.
It's Ross Lynch not Austin Mahone I know 'cause Ross are one of my biggest crush and idols 😍😍😍👌
"Ross Lynch & Laura Marano hugging Backstage at the babies *-*
Everyone, wanted to let you know that Jennifer Hale Rackoff and I successfully piloted Hopes Bangs ("Word Shuffle" for those unfamiliar with Hope's fabulous bangs) with 10 year old girls and the good news... it works!! Amazing! "Big Time Rush" "iCarly" "Dance" "Ross Lynch" - but no "CELERY!" Miss all of you! xoxo h
Jordan Lynch signed with the as a RB. “I just wanted my shot to be in the NFL.”→…
i've been watching too much Disney Channel lately and I think have a crush on ross lynch
If you were in a movie, would play your on-screen crush? Find out HERE:
Ross Lynch and his family are next to us and he looks at my dad and says "oh hey it's so good to see you" apparently they w…
Ross Lynch :) I LOVE ,thank you so much for you beauty
domain names
Ross lynch being a straight up sex god
He's the most amazing and funny guy in the WORLD!!!
Mcm : my wonderful fiance Ross Lynch x love you boo xx
Now that i can see you Face to Face. ~Ross Lynch & Debby Ryan
Every imagine things about Ross Lynch? Well here is more! Warning some may be dirty. -Corina R5fan4life
I keep having dreams about Ross Lynch for some reason lol
I'm not a girlfriend of Ross Lynch :) 💔 Sorry 💛
Person: that brunette guy that plays guitar in Ross Lynch's band needs a hair cut.
There is no way I can make it without you , do it without you , be here without you . It's no fun when your doing a solo . - Ross Lynch I mean I can't do anything without you two ❤️ You mean the world for me you are my everything , you know everything about me . I love you to the moon and back 💋 Can't imagine my life without you 😀 Your like a sister for me , best friends and true cousins 😊 { FRIENDS BY CHOICE , COUSINS BY BLOOD } Daline Alami Taline Alami
whose fan you are if ROSS LYNCH like if EMINEM comment
Ross Lynch and Laura Marano for lifeee otppp!!!
Face To Face by Debby Ryan and Ross Lynch is such a good song.
Who are your heroes? — 6 awesome people.Named.Rydel Lynch ,Ross Lynch,Rocky Lynch,Riker Lynch,Ellington Ratliff,...
R5 is an American pop rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2009, the band consists of: Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff. In March 2010, they self-released an EP, Ready Set Rock. R5's debut EP Loud was released on February 19, 2013, which featured the lead single and title track "Loud". The band's first full-length album, Louder, was released on September 24, 2013 and the album not only includes the four songs from Loud but also seven new songs. The lead single from Louder, "Pass Me By", was released on iTunes on August 20, 2013. The music video premiered on August 29, 2013 on the band's Vevo channel.
Let the real picture with you and that you want here: Rydel Lynch, Ross Lynch, elinghton Ratliff, Riker Lynch, Lynch roky just choose for example if you want a picture to eg let-em or roky roky-evo picture and your name if you want to tell color . if something is not clear in the comm :P
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Ross Lynch looks like a mix between Aaron Carter and Jesse McCartney except the only difference is that he's not attra…
Comment to be my cover photo Random tags. Any of y freinds can comment. More randon tags. Ross Lynch and Peyton List and Peyton List and Skai Jacksons and Lauryn McClain and Laura Marano and Jordyn Jones.
Here's a concept that I'd like to see happen for the young adult teen audience for the Disney Channel & perhaps Disney XD.Well some of the fans know that the classic 60's series Batman has become more popular than ever because of It's campy style of humor combining adventure & peril with comedy one liners and the long awaited DVD coming this holiday! I hope someday that the Disney Channel writers & creators could someday create a teen superhero show with that kind of format with a young adult teen hero & his young sidekick with gadgets, physical agility & Sherlock Holmes style skills! The villains on the concept should be having a wacky & vain purpose to take over the city! The guest villains should be popular names from other Disney shows like Peyton List, Bradley Steven Perry, Jason Dolley, Laura Marano, Ross Lynch,Bella Thorne, Olivia Holt, Zendaya, Ryan Ochoa, Cameron Boyce among others. The Two main heroes should be someone Like Leo Howard & Jake Short our version of Adam West & Burt Ward. I think it ...
Paul Johansson, Lauren Conrad, Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch all shopping at my store today!
Work hard, be persistent, and remember to be very patient. Nothing happens overnight. - Ross Lynch -
I have a huge Ross Lynch one and two BTR shirts on my wall
Feeling blessed. Thank you God for everything. 🙌🙏
I'm not gonna lie, I have a crush on Ross Lynch
Thx:) tell me a little about urself... i live in Illinois, i'm 14 and i LOVE ROSS LYNCH and R5 and MUSIC!
I have I ever said I love Ross lynch and Jake Short
incase you didn't know my top five guys it goes (in no particular order) :. 1- Niall. 2- Ashton. 3- Keaton. 4- Ross Lynch. 5- Connor Franta
Riker Lynch is just Riker . Ross Lynch is just Ross . Rydel Lynch is just Rydel . Rocky Lynch is just Rocky . Ellington Ratliff is just Ell
I'm sry I don't know who Ross Lynch is OTL
Or could I have Yixing and Ross Lynch fight over who gets to be my Aladdin?
If I wanted to, could I change my love interest to Ross Lynch? . ((just curious ouo)) . ((it's not like i want to))
Literally my mom keeps texting me pictures of Ariana Grande & Ross Lynch because she's interpreting for them right now. Please stop.
I love his laugh . and smile . and hair. but most of all. i love his personality . i love Ross lynch
I love Ross Lynch so much you guys don't even know but not as in a crush or something he just makes my life so much better I love him
ross lynch is so ugly though like I ain't even sorry
To the people out there who say Ross Lynch is not attractive
im sorry but ross lynch from austin and ally or alley idk kinda looks like a big orange egghead LMAO???
Disney Channel star Ross Lynch and his siblings in R5 band signed recording contract, deal with Hollywood Records. Information, dates for West Coast tour.
I'm so done with guys! I'm staying single! Unless your Ross lynch or Riker or any of them. Then don't even try to ask me out even though they wouldn't date me either. But I'm so done with guys all they are. Are heart breaks!😭💔
Ross Lynch will you be my boy friend
My daughter came home from school and opened a package that was sent to her. It was a R5 (Ross Lynch - my future son-in-law :-) t-shirt. So what she will wear to school tomorrow just became a lot easier :-)
my brother Ross Lynch disappered why me why me
Cause someone's gonna be there when YOU don't :) (c) Ross Lynch :)))
One direction ross lynch and Justin bieber feud continues again reports saying that nialls brother and Ross's brothers hung up the phone on Justin becuz they were upset with him but wait there's more remember that freind Harry got upset with becuz of innappoted pictures on his phone will that freind knew Justin to but this feud isn't over anytime soon _jake
Whoever it is that has a Ross Lynch fc... I applaud you.
ALL YOU HATERS LAY OFF MY BROTHER Ross Lynch 1. hes real 2. hes the best brother and means the world to me 3.hes sick and tired of being called a fake
Hamilton Collection
ive tried everything :'( idont want my brother Ross Lynch to be sad and die
everyone plz help ross lynch tell Laura Marano to not kill her self and if this girl called tyler is listening to this your a sico because you told ross that hes gonna die and now Laura Marano wants to kill her self so you better watch out or ELSE!
I love you R5 are my life are my heart are my world are my everything are the most incredible people and seen in my life that saven overcome themselves are unique R5 Ross Lynch Riker Lynch Rydel Lynch Ryland Lynch Ellington Ratliff :3
Hii likee and comment i love ross lynch
Oh gosh.. last night I had a very weird dream that involved all of One Direction except for Zane lol sorry Jasmine McClung.. it involved Harry Styles.. Lol I'm just glad I didn't dream about Ross Lynch again lol
I Miss my best friends Laura Marano nd Ross Lynch
Yay my facorite movie is on. Teen Beach Movie. :* (ross lynch:*) tanner *-* seacat :* mack $_$
Chase was trying to read Ross Lynch and read Ross Lunch. Good try
This page talks about Ross Lynch and his band R5.
i miss my brother Ross Lynch im crying :'(
Hello my name is Humaira.s.begum.My friend is Charlotte but my best friend is Laura Marano and Ross Lynch.I have hearing aids.My crush is Ross Lynch plus i am his No.1fan Austin and Ally is my favourite show because its funny,dumb and romantic.Austin is good at dancing,sing and acting.Ally is write song for Austin for gigs and she is good at singing.Trish is the manager she gets fired in every job and Dez is dumb My Secret. I have a crush on Ross lynch i love him he called me cutie
lol Rydel Lynch look Annabella Avery Thorne and Ross Lynch cool.!!! :D
Remember when I didn't type "Ross Lynch" a lot so it autocorrected to "Ross Lunch". Also remember when it had a red dotted line. IT DOESNT!
Put a like if you like Ross Lynch or R5
If you have a crush on Ross Lynch than raise your hand. (I am raising my hand)
But a like if you love Ross Lynch or R5
Álbum de fotos: Ross Lynch at the McKinney concert. [x]
I'm still laughing @ the fact that Chris Rock kept repeating "ITS ROSS LYNCH". when ross won his KCA award
mines a day after Ross lynch and 2 days after Maya's lol
How the people are chosen to host the TCAs? We'd love Ross Lynch and Laura Marano together at TCAs 2014. Is there chance?
There are so many posers and fakes of Ross Lynch
Daily picture of Ross lynch inspired by
One day I will kiss Ross lynch ... One day
I hate when I get aids from ross lynch — same! life's so hard
I mean I'm not going to summer jam but do you think you can have Ross Lynch hit me up ???
Photoset: Ross Lynch at the McKinney concert. [x]
and maybe that ross shoR lynch boy as well.
is this really happening right now OMG Ross Lynch just came on stage during an opening act while the song selfie was on;)
I seen him w/ Ross Lynch!! I wanted to see the movie it just makes me happy he's in it!! 😊
One of my ovaries exploded when Ross lynch stepped out
its no big deal Me: ROSS SHOR LYNCH JR ur in the 10th grade n if u dnt do ur hw then u'll b held back Ross jr: o come on
that Ross Shor Lynch boy sure has a thing for your hair that little dork ;D
At jazmins house tried calling ross lynch and have his number I think we even have Riker Lynch and Santa clause 🎅 lol
Omg my little sister just said that Ross lynch is better that 5Sos *** is wrong with her ew no I'm done
Ross what did I tell you about touching your self My God
ben taylor ashton irwin ROSS lynch your dad
I think Ross Lynch and Laura Marano make a great team and couple. Also,i love how they are a team they look so good together!
you should get a selfie with that ross shor lynch boy at the RDMA's ;D
reminder that Mr. Ross Lynch has an obsession with touching your hair
I love Ross Lynch's girly screams on Austin and Ally.
More like. " I'm not a photographer but I can picture me and you together" . Ahh Ross...Lynch.
OMG i really love ross lynch and Rocky Lynch
Did if u write your birth year just like this u get a name � Ross Lynch � Jenny Gomez �
According to reports saying that like celeb vh1 and new York post are saying that the feud between niall and Justin bieber got started when both boy's dated dated a mondel Barbara palvin cased a feud between the boy's justin through niall stole his then girlfriend Barbara intently feud broke out between the two boys both boy's also dated selena gomez New report says that Justin maybe back with Barbara again since niall and selena gomez went out again the feud really didn't stared fighting over the same girl a month ago a freind close to selena gomez said that they heard Justin bieber smack talking about both one direction and ross lynch and that's when things started to trun bad between the boy's not only that another report said that Justin bieber cloud'nt be friends with one direction mostly with zayn and niall because they are friends with Ross lynch and he thinks that they are trying to get niall or ross to date selena to make Justin jealous really but even though I was the first to brea ...
This restaurant is crammed with a whole lot of Ross Lynch( R5) fans!
this Ross Lynch is not fake guys so stop it! he is my brother now leave him alone
You can come to me~ by Ross lynch and Laura Marano Tarra Strand Blaine Strand
Well guys i am leaving now to Disney Land and i hope Ross Lynch them be there
I'll be on later I love u babe Ross Lynch
Maci and I are going to summer jam to meet Ross Lynch from Austin and ally she can't wait!!!
Here is the 1st clip of Ross Lynch on the British morning show Sunday Brunch!
Watch Ross Lynch being interviewed on Live! With Kelly and Michael from Friday, July 19th, 2013 talking about the new Disney Channel Original Movie Teen ...
Lolololol. Someone messages me asking if I'm related to Ross Lynch. Lmao
Our loves the only truth that's when I run to you! I love u bestie thanks for the movie! The muppets were great and Ross Lynch
I got Ross Lynch on "Which R5 Boy and Ryland is Your Match? *With Story*" Wat did u get
Age I was given: 19 Where I lived: Orange City Iowa What I drove: My trek hybrid road bike or trek mountain bike What I did: Owned and operated my own pet care business Who had my heart: My cat Enzo Age Now: 24 Where I live: Orange City Iowa What I drive: Still my bike. Added a new member to the family a full on road bike What I do: A college student studying kinesiology and exercise science and eventually work as a personal trainer. I also still have my pet sitting business and just became a Team Beach Body Coach. Who has my heart: My favorite band R5 and my favorite actor Ross Lynch Like my status and I will give you an age.
I think he's really funny and cuter than Ross Lynch, Riker, and Rocky. He's also cool and talented!
I luv ross lynch so much im going to make a collage
I was listening to Taylor but now I'm listening to Ross lynch billion hits
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Troy Alexander Bolton I don't know i was told that but probably because every Austin Moon or Ross Lynch leaves her and is me to her someone she should just report her. Holly Elizabeth Hills told me that.
why wont my brother Ross Lynch talk to me
Hey Guys! I have to go! Bye Ross Lynch Mellissa Lynch Lindsay and Laura Marano - I love u my sweetie *-*
I'm gonna get in trouble but I love Marissa . Marissa has the greatest parents in the world,Ken &Yahaira , kind loving parents who want her to be happy. So they will get tickets to Spac to see Ross Lynch &R5 who Marissa loves in June 7th. Last time I had them get tickets for Big Time Rush which cost a *** of a lot of money but she had a great time. It's rediculous the prices they charge these kids to see their favorites. I saw Charley Pride eight times and the most I paid was $35 ticket for me, my husband & son. I get the ticket but I'm alone and my social security doesn't care to help me buy much. I manage to pay my bills and to take the grand kids out to lunch or a movie. Winter is tough with the gas bill and cable doesn't help either but I can't give up my box.So mom and dad will be good enough to buy them RIGHT.
Inbox - Ross lynch is on the gear he has also been picking up prozzys of Union street and shaggin them behind the social club !
''i think about u every morning when i open my eyes, i think about every evening when i turn out the light, i think about u every moment everyday of my life, ur on my mind all the time its true''-ROSS LYNCH-
~ Do you want a picture with Ross Lynch or someone else? ~SOMEONE?!!~
"MUPPETS MOST WANTED".I have to admit right upfront that I'm a multi-decades long Muppets devotee. I watched when Jm Henson created the lovable characters that populated Sesame Street. I loved their iconic Muppet television show (who didn't?). And I'm a big Muppet film fan. So what is there not to love about "MUPPETS MOST WANTED"? Not much! Put the Muppets up on the big screen and watch me wax sentimental as I smile and laugh all the way through. Such was the case when I settled into the comfy theater seat to take in an hour and 52 minutes of the latest Muppet mayhem. They're like old friends loved dearly, stopping by to visit for a couple of hours. They leave my heart warm and my mind invigorated by their antics. And you know what? If Kermit won't marry Miss Piggy, I will! This film, like any sequel, has difficulty matching up to the special magic that their 2011 Muppet movie captured. I was overwhelmed with sentimental emotion by their big return that year. This year not quite so much. But this is never ...
Ross Lynch your the hottest guy I ever seen ecpasilly has Austin Moon
For all you Raura/Auslly shippers, I kinda envisioned a Sailor Moon where Ross Lynch and the girls get a Sailor Senshi role, starting with Ross as Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Kamen. Laura Marano- Usagi/Sailor Moon Maia Mitchell- Ami/Sailor Mercury Raini Rodriguez- Rei/Sailor Mars Vanessa Marano- Makoto/Sailor Jupiter (I based it on her appearance at this years Kids Choice Awards) Rydel Lynch- Minako/Sailor Venus In such case, the idea mixes Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon with All 5 seasons of the anime (As in PGSM-like action and effects combined with the anime season's stories, outfit designs and attacks) and based it off the dream casts' several connections (Ross, Laura and Raini being on Austin and Ally, Vanessa and Rydel being Laura and Ross' older sisters, Maia being Ross' co-star in Teen Beach Movie).
{NEW PHOTO} Ariana Grande and Ross Lynch on stage at the Kids Choice Awards 2014
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