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Ross Lynch

Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, 1995 in Littleton, Colorado) is an American actor, singer, instrumentalist and dancer.

Laura Marano Maia Mitchell Riker Lynch Teen Beach Movie Ross Shor Lynch Teen Beach 2 Grace Phipps Austin Moon Calum Worthy Puerto Rico Evan Peters Dove Cameron Rocky Lynch Jordan Fisher

Oh look Ariana stans are in my mentions. Time to get my Ross flop lynch stanning *** out of here
I wouldn't expect someone who stans Ross Lynch to know anything about successful musical artists. So I'll let it go.
a ross lynch stan coming for ariana's influential power? I've seen it all.
Who thinks that Ross Lynch should cut his hair?
Paxton Lynch his draft stock sky rockets.
I made this drawing because i love you Ross Lynch! 😍. My name is Radija...I hope you like it! 😍. I Love You My Idols ❤ https…
I don't care what anyone says Ross Lynch is hot 😍
Ross Lynch is amazing I love him so so so much I mean just what would I do without him I couldn't survive
I remember being obsessed with them in the summer and I even had a Ross lynch account
May the Gods please bless Ross Lynch to become the guitarist for a popular rock band in the near future
Ross lynch and his gf casually in the background of joes vlog omg
Your mamas so stupid she likes Ross Lynch's mullet in Teen Beach Movie.
I've been wearing my cute Ross baseball shirt for years now from Rocky Lynch army
Ross Lynch. Just in time for baseball season - R5 baseball T's...
I'm sorry but Ross Lynch at coachella looks like a renaissance painter and Johnny Depp had a love child
Alry is single and looking...but I don't know why she's crying in front of me but she loves Ross Lynch he's in love with Bella that's what+
David ,I remember the pure 80's song right back then.I can't believe that Ross Lynch will join the cast of on
See the cute photo diary from Ross Lynch's new film,
at first glance I couldn't tell if that was Ross Lynch or Cody Simpson
Smart idea by Tussauds to invite Cody Simpsons' fans for his figure unveil. It was awkwardly quiet for Ross Lynch.
I'm gonna use the time to tell Ross Lynch how disappointed I was in Teen Beach Movie 2
Breaking news: Ross Lynch is running away to Australia to be with girlfriend Courtney! Ross is going down under!
and for Ross Lynch and Laura Marano to win an Oscar for that movie.;D
Lmao I remember last summer I had a dream Ross Lynch was staring at me and it finally came true yesterday
.watch the Oscars and I imagine when they say "the oscar for best actor/director is for Ross Lynch" ♡
I added a video to a playlist Ross Lynch - A Billion Hits (Lyrics)
This is the best now playing Grace Phipps - Jason Evigan - Ross Lynch - Teen Beach Movie on
Zac Efron, Ross Lynch, Jordan Fisher.. Idk I guess all Disney boys have my heart
please Ross Lynch. I love him so much like you don't even know
📷 karihighman: Friendship and relationship goals. 😍👫 Austin Moon👦🏼and Ally Dawson👩🏻 {aka Ross Lynch and...
Jordan Fisher: Garrett Clayton and Grace Phipps and John DeLuca and Jordan Fisher and Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch:
I love Teen Beach Movie it's a great movie with king of music Ross Lynch and queen of TV Maia Mitchell
Ross Lynch trying to get Maia Mitchell to smile
I liked a video Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell hunt for clues at Hollywood Studios | BEST DAY EVER |
I liked a video Ross Lynch getting pranked by brother Ryland
Ross Lynch? Never heard of him.. well time to google him lol
♪NowPlaying Cruisin' for a Bruisin' by Ross Lynch, Jason Evigan & Grace Phipps
the performance of I Got That Rock and Roll is very hot omg Ross Lynch made a very hot great Austin Moon 😍😍😍
People actually ship Laura Marano and Ross Lynch together??? Wyd man?? He be lookin like splinter from teenage mutant ni…
that kid Dez from Austin and Ally is on this boat. I met him. My goal is to befriend him and then get to Ross Lynch. Wis…
cool Favorite person on Austin and Ally? Mine is Austin Moon AKA Ross Lynch
I am finding every single way to meet Ross Lynch so, I could date him. Joe Jonas and Riker did it! They met their true love.
i want a song that says Laura Marano (ft. Ross Lynch) like how BEAUTIFUL would that be
I ran out of space but list anyone else here are a few more, Bradley Perry, Olivia Stuck, Laura Marano, Ross Lynch
Hannah rocking out to Ross Lynch. This kid kills me.
I can't believe both my mom and dad told me that Kevin McKidd is ugly and that singer and actor Ross Lynch is way bette…
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Can y'all please host the official roast of Ross Lynch
I thought Rydel was kissing a Girl but It was Ross Lynch
Niall is listening to Cruisin' For A Bruisin' by Ross Lynch (Teen Beach Movie)
Let's get them to number one yo here's a picture of Ross Lynch
I liked a video from Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade 2012 - Ross Lynch - Christmas
Fred from Scooby Doo or Ross Lynch??? 20 out of 20 would get this wrong.
*sends 2629117 pictures of RIKER to abby*. "is that Ross lynch??"
Why does Ross Lynch look like a lowkey drug addict who gets A1 nudes
Great talking w/ Ross Lynch about his music and role on Austin & Ally
"It goes by so fast... It feels like just yesterday I was working on Austin & Ally. And now it's over." - Ross Lynch. http…
Person: Hey . Me: R5 is an American pop rock and rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2009. The band consists of…
why does Ross Lynch look like he's on crack
Ross Lynch looks like he's on hard drugs and he will overdose by age 21 😕
Ross Lynch looks like a drug addict 😷 He's ugly af and his band is trash! Their songs are for 9 years old 😂😂 Disney Cance…
"Everyone says that Ross Lynch is the only hot guy in R5 but uhm HELLO LOOK AT HIS BROTHER RIKER LIKE HOT ***
Meet Black Singles 300x250
ik ive bagged on Ross Lynch in the past but *** does he have a hot older brother [Riker}
Want to see Britney Spears, Shawn Mendes, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano and MORE live? Get your tickets NOW: http…
can you do like this ones but with this names? . Rocky Lynch . Ellington Ratliff . Riker Lynch . Ross Lynch . Tyler Blackburn
when ur in line to meet Ross Lynch right behind Kellie Rasberry
Which celebrity you would follow on — Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, or Ross Lynch. Idek
Ross Lynch is the knockoff Cody Simpson. Disney Channel tried to replace all their old stars.
also holy christ Ross Lynch thrusting in my general direction I love death
Um... We had no idea Dove Cameron was in a Disney Channel club with only Laura Marano and Ross Lynch...
Ross Lynch just killed it on Kelly & Michael 🎶💗
I just saw Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell at my hotel in Puerto Rico
my for is Gotta be me by Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and the Teen Beach 2 from "Teen Beach 2"
Watching Teen Beach Movie on Netflix because Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell are the loves of my life bYe
ok but Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell would be 😍😍
Zayn Malik, Evan Peters, Robbie Kay, Alfie Deyes and Ross Lynch are needed/requested.
Ross Lynch is falling into this Harry Styles/Matt Healy kinda style...but I kinda dig it😏
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Ross Lynch playing downstairs. Transatlantic playing upstairs. House full of music this morning.
Ross Lynch getting pranked by brother Ryland
"I'm such a Raia shipper now after watching Teen Beach Movie and TBM 2 (Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell)"
Written by Ross Lynch, sang by Ross Lynch, inspiration brought to you by Laura Marano...
But guys Ross Lynch is goals like he's gotten to make out with Laura Marano AND Maia Mitchell and probably Calum Worthy like # life goals
"If I could be anything it would be Laura Marano's tongue, because it got to hang out in Ross Lynch's mouth for awhile." Bio gold here
I can't believe that Dove Cameron,Laura Marano & Ross Lynch are the same age as me & one year older than I am
Do you like Ross Lynch? — of course i do! I think he's awesome, even if i'm laura af, he's one of my faves too!
Julia walks into our room and goes "I have Ross Lynch's water bottle" and places it on the table. like ok..😂
I didn't know Montana was the Ross Lynch type 👀
“I'm in love with Ross Lynch. I thought his hair was too stupid in the first one to fall in love with him. It's better." -
Here our interview with Ross Lynch, starring in new Disney Channel Movie 'Teen Beach 2'
been the best daughter since you hate me so much but I am.. I never asked for this and i miss you. Please talk to me, dad
Here it goes.. your just going to ignore this but at least read it and keep me in mind.. Your my only father. I haven't --
You know I wont leave you alone until you talk to me. DM me. please..
you're welcome cutie. I love you too❤️
Almost forgot!😱 Mcm my incredibly sexy running partner, best friend, and love of my life❤️
We just met Ross Lynch and omg he was SO nice.(Pls excuse the fact i look bald. S/O to the rain for that)
Are you guys packing yet? We leave for Florida on the 5th so Ross and I can renew our vows on the 6th.
Watching Ross Lynch dancing is the reason why I'm still alive
My nominee for is Ross Lynch. He deserves it!
Ross and Rocky's ponytails have made a comeback . They look better in ponytails than me ***
a woman pretending to be Ross Lynch buying beer lol cause she came to my job. Lol he's not even old enough to buy beer
Harry Styles, Ross Lynch and Evan Peters all could be related
I just published "18. chapter" of my story "My life has changed for the better (Ross Lynch/R5)" on Wattpad.
My nominee for is Can't Do It Without You from Austin&Ally by Ross Lynch&Laura Marano http:…
My nomeene for is Ross Lynch and Laura Marano
ROSS LYNCH IS PERFECT leave me alone his hair is beautiful
Ross Lynch unveils his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Orlando May 21, 2015 via
same euh Courtney is with Ross Lynch ?
No guys. I can't be happy for Ross Lynch. She (his "girlfriend") gives me a bad feeling, I don't believe in her. In nothing.
I want ross lynch to kick me in the face
hello Ross Lynch R5 beautiful love it to Ross Lynch
My nominee for is Ross Lynch, Austin and Ally
hi I'm ross lynch and ur watching chicken channel
the only person I can stand on disney channel nowadays is ross lynch
kian has a picture of Ross Lynch on his wall in his room I'm laughing
Ross Lynch's hands - Have any of you ever held Ross Lynch’s hands? I mean held them, not touched them or...
"i was literally five feet away from Ross Lynch."
Why does Ross lynch look like a wet dog
Have you went on the cruise ship before, that mean on the cruise boat,Ross Lynch?
I wonder if Riker's getting acknowledged at events as the DWTS runner-up kinda like Austin & Ally's Ross Lynch's band R5
My nominee for is Laura Marano and Ross Lynch
I don't care what you say Ross Lynch is hot af (Vine by
what do you MEAN it's embarrassing that Ross lynch used to be in my top 5
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I never knew Ross Lynch was on Disney
if someone can get me a solo Dm with Ross Lynch I will love you forever
i love ross lynch so much and i don't CARE
Ross lynch is boyfriend material tbh
I liked a video Ross Lynch traumatized :(
Big HBD to one of my fav ppl ever Tort!! ILYSM bud and I hope you meet Ross Lynch while your in Disney ;)
If I where to be forced in a threesome, my first pick would be Riker*Ross Lynch... I imagine that be kind of weird for them..BUT WHO CARES!?
that which is not good with Ross Lynch alongside?
I saw more of the back of Ross Lynch this weekend and I must say that his hair in the back is so pretty
"I'm low key in love with ross lynch". -GANSEY
Stars of Austin and Ally Ross Lynch and Laura Marano at Walt Disney World
Raura - a ship name between two best friends (and co-stars): Ross Lynch and Laura Marano that are meant to be together.
I'm obsessed w Ross lynch and I'm not even sorry
R5 ft Ross Lynch. Boy band R5. Riker and his band. When the *** are people gonna announce them just as R5, dear god 😂
There are few things in this world that I love more than Ross Lynch's hair during the Cruisin' for a Bruisin' number in T…
Ross Lynch stop being so hot thank u
"People think I'm sad all the time when really, I'm just deep in thought" ~Ross Lynch
Hi Ross,What's Up!Good early morning to you Ross?Did you like your clone that he look like you,Ross Lynch.
BREAKING NEWS: ross lynch is now dating waxross
Yea, we definitely need a wax figure now - definitely. http…
Garret Clayton talks Teen Beach 2 prank on Maia Mitchell with Ross Lynch
Every time Ross Lynch comes on tv Kyler goes "there's your boyfriend" yes child u kno, u kno
*This time tomorrow*. We have just been informed someone has stolen the wax figure of Ross Lynch . Us: Okay, who did it?
I wonder if Ross has watched the vine if the dude saying "Ross Lynch? More like Ross Lunch... That boy is scrumptious."
some people complain about calling luke daddy but there are girls out there calling ROSS LYNCH DADDY igtg
Ross Lynch looks like what Michael Jackson was trying to look like.
I added a video to a playlist Upside Down-Ross Lynch (Lyrics Video)
"You can't be a winner and be afraid to lose." ~Charles Lynch
Riker's bio should say: lol I'm not Ross Lynch . And. Ross' bio should say: lol I'm not Riker Lynch
R5 is so ugly except for Ross lynch and that brunette guy
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Does anyone have a jake miller or Ross lynch follow 👀😂
You getting his own wax figure!
I'm not a fan but they do have good music. It's pathetic that people don't give them a chance because Ross Lynch …
omfg no lynch as in the surname, Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch & Rydel Lynch... from R5
Ross Lynch has a girlfriend I'm out
Okay Ross Lynch could still get it.
OMG Ross Lynch just waved to the camera that was really cute
ROSS LYNCH admire you love you know
what if on the sln tour instead of the signs saying 'r5 ft Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally' they say 'r5 ft Riker Lynch from DWTS'
I am I admire you so much I want to know and please tell your brother Ross Lynch to send message tell him I want to
I watch Austin and Ally all for the beauty that is Ross Lynch
people who dont stan r5 wouldnt even know that I know ross lynch because my icon, header, user, name is mostly ellington(&rydel) related lol
Ross is getting a wax figure of him done at Madame Tassauds in Orlando!
Did Laura Marano and Ross Lynch have the most iconic kiss of all time?
Rydel: Uh, Ross Lynch, we can't hear the questions. Stop playing your guitar.
Breast Cancer Awareness
being a ross lynch stan is the worst decision i could ever make FIRST i have to deal with his band and now i have to deal wi…
I love r5 and Ross Lynch so much xoxoxoxo
I could go on and on about everything I love about you but I had to cut it short😩 just know you're perfect babe💛
Getting to spend time with makes everything perfect💛
I've got a Ross Lynch hater for a friend
Drake reading Glitter Magazine with Ross Lynch on the cover 😱
okay but what is that awful Ross lynch bleached sadness that is his hair
if you don't think Ross Lynch is cute I don't like you
Ross Lynch telling story abt driving down a freeway in Puerto Rico - a car pulled up next to him, rolled down his window,g…
Brohug happening right now between Ross Lynch and Calum Worthy! Aw!
Ross Lynch: Laura and I have both done a hit show on - we both wrote songs for the show. I had fun doing al…
Ross Lynch says the cast has great opportunities now. He's going on tour now, has a record coming out.
Ross Lynch hopes the next show is as fun as was.
Ross Lynch on why he loves acting: loves stepping into another world and creating characters
Ross Lynch: It felt like everyone had your back on
Ok so I'm not saying all the fans in Houston are like this but it seems like tons of them are Rossians or only like Ross Lynch
So the real Ross lynch just just wanna say that I really love u and last night we had a party at your house and u kissed me it was awesome:)
Okay . Ross Lynch Song stuck in my head
Sheldon wants to meet Ross Lynch, his favorite celebrity! LET'S HELP HIM! http…
I was going to follow Ross Lynch's future wife's IG account, but it says 'Edit My Profile'. 😂😂👍💕
I really do hope Sheldon gets to meet Ross Lynch one day because he loves him so much.I don't think you understand unles…
Watch them say "Special performance from the cast of Teen Beach 2, including our own popstar Riker's brother, Ross Lynch up next!"
just want to make sure I didn't miss it but do u have Ross lynch
Ross Lynch. Aka Lynch me because he is so *** delicious.
where do i buy the i AM ross lynch shirt it is a LOOK!👏🏻
Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton holding hands and i…:
guise I want pizza with a side of ross lynch
Now you know his pain when people would say "Is that Ross Lynch!?"
I Can't wait to see ross lynch and the cast of Teen Beach Movie 2 on Dancing with the Stars season 20
How to be Ross. Fly a plane cause you don't want people to think you're a dumb blonde
Tells Torey I severely need to watch DWTS tonight. Reason? Ross will be on it. So he throws candy at my Ross Lynch poster...🙈💞
If you are dating Ross Lynch you must be very special.
I can't again make fun of my kid's crush on Ross Lynch. Thx for keeping the (irrational) magic alive for us big girls 😍 xo
i want a man who will buy me r5 merch and watch r5tv with me all day long. Or i could just marry a Lynch. (hint: ross or Riker!)
Idk about you guys, but I'm here for R5 not for Ross Lynch ft Courtney Eaton
On tonight's get a special performance from including Riker's brother Ross Lynch!
I know!! But Ross Shor Lynch is pretty great too!! :o)
Ross Lynch SET OF 4 BUTTONS or MAGNETS or MIRRORS Teen Beach Movie pins
what do you like the most on Ross Lynch? ♥♥
I preffer the real Ross Shor Lynch than Brady, Austin or Ross Lynch
HOW do people not think Ross Lynch is hot... How ¿
I may have a slight obsession with Ross Lynch.😁
*** I wouldn't be suprised if all these magazines, DWTS, Disney, and Nick all have matching "Property of Ross Lynch ❤" tramp stamps
I just watched Ross Lynch teach Allison Holker a dance move from Teen Beach & asked if she got it.. Lol who you think you are/she is 😂
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