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Ross Lynch

Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, 1995 in Littleton, Colorado) is an American actor, singer, instrumentalist and dancer.

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Ross Lynch will you be my boy friend
My daughter came home from school and opened a package that was sent to her. It was a R5 (Ross Lynch - my future son-in-law :-) t-shirt. So what she will wear to school tomorrow just became a lot easier :-)
my brother Ross Lynch disappered why me why me
Cause someone's gonna be there when YOU don't :) (c) Ross Lynch :)))
One direction ross lynch and Justin Bieber feud continues again reports saying that nialls brother and Ross's brothers hung up the phone on Justin becuz they were upset with him but wait there's more remember that freind Harry got upset with becuz of innappoted pictures on his phone will that freind knew Justin to but this feud isn't over anytime soon _jake
Whoever it is that has a Ross Lynch fc... I applaud you.
ALL YOU HATERS LAY OFF MY BROTHER Ross Lynch 1. hes real 2. hes the best brother and means the world to me 3.hes sick and tired of being called a fake
ive tried everything :'( idont want my brother Ross Lynch to be sad and die
everyone plz help ross lynch tell Laura Marano to not kill her self and if this girl called tyler is listening to this your a sico because you told ross that hes gonna die and now Laura Marano wants to kill her self so you better watch out or ELSE!
I love you R5 are my life are my heart are my world are my everything are the most incredible people and seen in my life that saven overcome themselves are unique R5 Ross Lynch Riker Lynch Rydel Lynch Ryland Lynch Ellington Ratliff :3
Hii likee and comment i love ross lynch
Oh gosh.. last night I had a very weird dream that involved all of One Direction except for Zane lol sorry Jasmine McClung.. it involved Harry Styles.. Lol I'm just glad I didn't dream about Ross Lynch again lol
I Miss my best friends Laura Marano nd Ross Lynch
Yay my facorite movie is on. Teen Beach Movie. :* (ross lynch:*) tanner *-* seacat :* mack $_$
Chase was trying to read Ross Lynch and read Ross Lunch. Good try
This page talks about Ross Lynch and his band R5.
i miss my brother Ross Lynch im crying :'(
Hello my name is Humaira.s.begum.My friend is Charlotte but my best friend is Laura Marano and Ross Lynch.I have hearing aids.My crush is Ross Lynch plus i am his No.1fan Austin and Ally is my favourite show because its funny,dumb and romantic.Austin is good at dancing,sing and acting.Ally is write song for Austin for gigs and she is good at singing.Trish is the manager she gets fired in every job and Dez is dumb My Secret. I have a crush on Ross lynch i love him he called me cutie
lol Rydel Lynch look Annabella Avery Thorne and Ross Lynch cool.!!! :D
Remember when I didn't type "Ross Lynch" a lot so it autocorrected to "Ross Lunch". Also remember when it had a red dotted line. IT DOESNT!
Put a like if you like Ross Lynch or R5
If you have a crush on Ross Lynch than raise your hand. (I am raising my hand)
But a like if you love Ross Lynch or R5
Álbum de fotos: Ross Lynch at the McKinney concert. [x]
I'm still laughing @ the fact that Chris Rock kept repeating "ITS ROSS LYNCH". when ross won his KCA award
mines a day after Ross lynch and 2 days after Maya's lol
How the people are chosen to host the TCAs? We'd love Ross Lynch and Laura Marano together at TCAs 2014. Is there chance?
There are so many posers and fakes of Ross Lynch
Daily picture of Ross lynch inspired by
One day I will kiss Ross lynch ... One day
I hate when I get aids from ross lynch — same! life's so hard
I mean I'm not going to summer jam but do you think you can have Ross Lynch hit me up ???
Photoset: Ross Lynch at the McKinney concert. [x]
and maybe that ross shoR lynch boy as well.
is this really happening right now OMG Ross Lynch just came on stage during an opening act while the song selfie was on;)
I seen him w/ Ross Lynch!! I wanted to see the movie it just makes me happy he's in it!! 😊
One of my ovaries exploded when Ross lynch stepped out
its no big deal Me: ROSS SHOR LYNCH JR ur in the 10th grade n if u dnt do ur hw then u'll b held back Ross jr: o come on
that Ross Shor Lynch boy sure has a thing for your hair that little dork ;D
At jazmins house tried calling ross lynch and have his number I think we even have Riker Lynch and Santa clause 🎅 lol
Omg my little sister just said that Ross lynch is better that 5Sos *** is wrong with her ew no I'm done
Ross what did I tell you about touching your self My God
ben taylor ashton irwin ROSS lynch your dad
I think Ross Lynch and Laura Marano make a great team and couple. Also,i love how they are a team they look so good together!
you should get a selfie with that ross shor lynch boy at the RDMA's ;D
reminder that Mr. Ross Lynch has an obsession with touching your hair
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I love Ross Lynch's girly screams on Austin and Ally.
More like. " I'm not a photographer but I can picture me and you together" . Ahh Ross...Lynch.
OMG i really love ross lynch and rocky lynch
Did if u write your birth year just like this u get a name � Ross Lynch � Jenny Gomez �
According to reports saying that like celeb vh1 and new York post are saying that the feud between niall and Justin Bieber got started when both boy's dated dated a mondel Barbara palvin cased a feud between the boy's justin through niall stole his then girlfriend Barbara intently feud broke out between the two boys both boy's also dated selena gomez New report says that Justin maybe back with Barbara again since niall and selena gomez went out again the feud really didn't stared fighting over the same girl a month ago a freind close to selena gomez said that they heard Justin Bieber smack talking about both one direction and ross lynch and that's when things started to trun bad between the boy's not only that another report said that Justin Bieber cloud'nt be friends with one direction mostly with zayn and niall because they are friends with Ross lynch and he thinks that they are trying to get niall or ross to date selena to make Justin jealous really but even though I was the first to brea ...
This restaurant is crammed with a whole lot of Ross Lynch( R5) fans!
this Ross Lynch is not fake guys so stop it! he is my brother now leave him alone
You can come to me~ by Ross lynch and Laura Marano Tarra Strand Blaine Strand
Well guys i am leaving now to Disney Land and i hope Ross Lynch them be there
I'll be on later I love u babe Ross Lynch
Maci and I are going to summer jam to meet Ross Lynch from Austin and ally she can't wait!!!
Here is the 1st clip of Ross Lynch on the British morning show Sunday Brunch!
Watch Ross Lynch being interviewed on Live! With Kelly and Michael from Friday, July 19th, 2013 talking about the new Disney Channel Original Movie Teen ...
Lolololol. Someone messages me asking if I'm related to Ross Lynch. Lmao
Our loves the only truth that's when I run to you! I love u bestie thanks for the movie! The muppets were great and Ross Lynch
I got Ross Lynch on "Which R5 Boy and Ryland is Your Match? *With Story*" Wat did u get
Age I was given: 19 Where I lived: Orange City Iowa What I drove: My trek hybrid road bike or trek mountain bike What I did: Owned and operated my own pet care business Who had my heart: My cat Enzo Age Now: 24 Where I live: Orange City Iowa What I drive: Still my bike. Added a new member to the family a full on road bike What I do: A college student studying kinesiology and exercise science and eventually work as a personal trainer. I also still have my pet sitting business and just became a Team Beach Body Coach. Who has my heart: My favorite band R5 and my favorite actor Ross Lynch Like my status and I will give you an age.
I think he's really funny and cuter than Ross Lynch, Riker, and Rocky. He's also cool and talented!
I luv ross lynch so much im going to make a collage
I was listening to Taylor but now I'm listening to Ross lynch billion hits
Ross Lynch fansite! Subscribe for more music from Austin & Ally! Follow me @ Austin Moon...
Troy Alexander Bolton I don't know i was told that but probably because every Austin Moon or Ross Lynch leaves her and is me to her someone she should just report her. Holly Elizabeth Hills told me that.
why wont my brother Ross Lynch talk to me
Hey Guys! I have to go! Bye Ross Lynch Mellissa Lynch Lindsay and Laura Marano - I love u my sweetie *-*
I'm gonna get in trouble but I love Marissa . Marissa has the greatest parents in the world,Ken &Yahaira , kind loving parents who want her to be happy. So they will get tickets to Spac to see Ross Lynch &R5 who Marissa loves in June 7th. Last time I had them get tickets for Big Time Rush which cost a *** of a lot of money but she had a great time. It's rediculous the prices they charge these kids to see their favorites. I saw Charley Pride eight times and the most I paid was $35 ticket for me, my husband & son. I get the ticket but I'm alone and my social security doesn't care to help me buy much. I manage to pay my bills and to take the grand kids out to lunch or a movie. Winter is tough with the gas bill and cable doesn't help either but I can't give up my box.So mom and dad will be good enough to buy them RIGHT.
Inbox - Ross lynch is on the gear he has also been picking up prozzys of Union street and shaggin them behind the social club !
''i think about u every morning when i open my eyes, i think about every evening when i turn out the light, i think about u every moment everyday of my life, ur on my mind all the time its true''-ROSS LYNCH-
~ Do you want a picture with Ross Lynch or someone else? ~SOMEONE?!!~
"MUPPETS MOST WANTED".I have to admit right upfront that I'm a multi-decades long Muppets devotee. I watched when Jm Henson created the lovable characters that populated Sesame Street. I loved their iconic Muppet television show (who didn't?). And I'm a big Muppet film fan. So what is there not to love about "MUPPETS MOST WANTED"? Not much! Put the Muppets up on the big screen and watch me wax sentimental as I smile and laugh all the way through. Such was the case when I settled into the comfy theater seat to take in an hour and 52 minutes of the latest Muppet mayhem. They're like old friends loved dearly, stopping by to visit for a couple of hours. They leave my heart warm and my mind invigorated by their antics. And you know what? If Kermit won't marry Miss Piggy, I will! This film, like any sequel, has difficulty matching up to the special magic that their 2011 Muppet movie captured. I was overwhelmed with sentimental emotion by their big return that year. This year not quite so much. But this is never ...
Ross Lynch your the hottest guy I ever seen ecpasilly has Austin Moon
For all you Raura/Auslly shippers, I kinda envisioned a Sailor Moon where Ross Lynch and the girls get a Sailor Senshi role, starting with Ross as Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Kamen. Laura Marano- Usagi/Sailor Moon Maia Mitchell- Ami/Sailor Mercury Raini Rodriguez- Rei/Sailor Mars Vanessa Marano- Makoto/Sailor Jupiter (I based it on her appearance at this years Kids Choice Awards) Rydel Lynch- Minako/Sailor Venus In such case, the idea mixes Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon with All 5 seasons of the anime (As in PGSM-like action and effects combined with the anime season's stories, outfit designs and attacks) and based it off the dream casts' several connections (Ross, Laura and Raini being on Austin and Ally, Vanessa and Rydel being Laura and Ross' older sisters, Maia being Ross' co-star in Teen Beach Movie).
{NEW PHOTO} Ariana Grande and Ross Lynch on stage at the Kids Choice Awards 2014
“There are too many Ross Lynch's in my timeline”. Count me in -ross the BOSS
Favorite tv actor goes to Ross Lynch.
Congrats Ross Lynch for winning favourite tv actor on nickeloden kids choice awards . I love
Ross Shor Lynch was awesomeing on Saturday night at the KCA. Ross Shor Lynch
Debby Ryan ı sevenler beyensin DISNEY'S FRIENDS FOR CHANGE - As part of Disney Friends for Change, Disney Channel stars Debby Ryan ("Jessie"), Bella Thorne and Zendaya ("Shake It Up"), and Ross Lynch and Laura Marano ("Austin & Ally") will serve as Friends for Change Ambassadors to encourage kids and families to make lasting, positive changes by helping people, communities and the planet.(Disney Channel/RICK ROWELL)Debby Ryan © 2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.
I want to write a really sexual fan fiction about Ross and call it "10 inch from the lynch!" 😂
who would you prefer to date JB or RL- Ross Lynch so reply with answer
Ariana well done for wining a award and the host got SLIMED HA HA HA and Ross lynch won a award well done to all of ya KCA's ROCK
So glad Ross lynch, Ariana Grande, Kristin bell, selena gomez won! They are so marvelous and so dedicated.
"Ross Lynch winning at the KCAs surely made a ton of (and fans very happy! IM ROSS
I think me and saw Ross Lynch at the Best Buy in Northridge while picking up my new laptop
and I probably saw ross lynch in northridge I dont even watch his show but he was kinda cute and hella tall
Tennis is only fun when you know how to play!! Lol!! With Ross Lynch~Maia
As I was watching the kids choice award, my daughter informed me that Ross Lynch was the hottest boy ever... Really?! I just dont see it. Must have been what my mom was thinking when I thought the same about vanilla ice:D lmao
I have a tiny crush on Ross Lynch from Austin & Ally. Don't tell anyone.
Movie was a blast!!! I love the Muppets. And yes I love Miss Piggy and Kermit. Michael loved it especially when he saw Ross Lynch in it. That's one of his fav actors. We had a really good laugh. I'm sorry I missed my family Christina Grady. I would have loved to meet up. Silly me didn't pay attention to my phone and it was still on vibrate in my purse. I'm sorry Danielle Grady Alexandra Grady and Jay Grady. Love you guys and I'll see you Tuesday for sure! Hugs & kisses!
The Nickelodeon awards are the best!!...I love Ross Lynch lolol I'm so glad he won!!
Dear World, I have gotten older since the last 9 years of birth ( That's a hint you may figure out the rest) and a lot of things happened since then. You may remember me from the monologue, The Ross Lynch talk, VRE Spirit picture, and more. You might even remember when I joined FB. If you're new, I hope you're as happy as I am. Thank you for all the happy birthdays you have sent me in the present or past hours. When it's your birthday, remember who you were the year before. Or you cold take a whole flashback to when you were a baby. Just sometimes, memories count. Don't forget your memories.
Ross lynch and Laura Marano you are dating ??
I think about you every morning when I open my eyes ~Ross lynch~
Um... It's a little embarrassing that I am enjoying the Kid's Choice Awards as much as I am... Ok, maybe A LOT embarrassing... But the look on my 4 year olds face when Ross Lynch won "favorite actor" was simply priceless... Only 2nd to her screaming "Katy Perry should have won, I love her!"
Mark Wahlberg Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Bring on the slime! The 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards kicked off Saturday in Los Angeles, with Mark Wahlberg hosting the fun-filled bash. And before the show was over, he finally got covered in the green stuff courtesy of Kevin Hart, who enlisted the help of Wahlberg's three kids. "I can't believe my own kids turned on me," Wahlberg yelled, after he was covered in the gloppy goo. Check out more big moments from the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards! NEWS: Check out all the stars who were nominated for Kids' Choice Awards this year! Pharrell Williams Kevin Winter/Getty Images The Slimed: Wahlberg's sliming aside, fans got the chance to vote on whether Austin Mahone or Cody Simpson would be slimed during the show. So, to make it fair, they chose both. Meanwhile, Wahlberg had several tricks up his sleeve to get a few more stars slimed, starting with Pharrell, who rocked a pair of yellow Spongebob Squarepants pajamas (!) and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. Then, magician David Blaine ...
Favorite tv actor award goes to Ross Lynch :p
Frozen is the best movie ever. until they come out with a "ross lynch the movie" I would so buy a ticket for it.
Congrats to my babes Ross Lynch and Ariana Grande to win best actress and best actor. Congrats!
Ross lynch and Laura Marano and her sister Vanessa marano at the KCAS
Ok maybe I'm shy but usually I speak my mind but by your side I'm tounge tied sweaty palms I turn red you think I have no confidence but I do just not with you~ Ross lynch stuck on you
Ross Lynch - Winner of KCA 2014 as the Best Actor :)
Congratulations to Ross Lynch for winning "Favorite TV Actor" at the KCA's.
Ross Lynch won on the Kids choice awards on nickelodeon like the best TV actor
It broke my heart ross lynch: laura and not me because i took years of knowing you, and you choose to laura, happened to be you NEVER superfan
Nominees for favorite actor... Jack Griffo, Benjamin F., Jake Short, and Ross Lynch ...the winner is. Ross lynch yay
On the last night apparently Patrick Star won Favorite Animated ANIMAL Sidekick. IN NO WAY EVER IS PATRICK AN ANIMAL. HE'S A That does not count. One Direction won two awards. Favorite Song (Story Of My Life) and Favorite Music Group. I will take that as a victory. They didn't get slimed though. They accepted their awards from London, where they are preparing for tour. Apparently Selena Gomez has the most intimidating fandom. I don't think so. Directioners are way more intimidating than Selenators. Selena herself won Favorite Female Singer. Ariana Grande won Favorite TV Actress. Sam & Cat won Favorite TV Show. Ross Lynch won Favorite TV Actor. To no surprise The Hunger Games: Catching Fire won Favorite Movie. Once again I wasn't surprised that Frozen won Favorite Animated Movie. Everyone who was there looked great. Tyler Oakley was there too! I didn't actually witness even a second of this. I just found it from articles. Article A:B:literally took me like 30 minutes. I hope you're happy. Yo ...
Ross Lynch shirtless, cute, sexy and hot pics!!! PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE :D Check out my video "Ross Lynch Cute & Sexy Moments":
Ik this is way late but mii baby won!! Ross Lynch won a blimp!! I couldn't be more happy!! I'm just excited to see if R5 will be at next year kca. I have a feeling they will cuz ik they'll make it big!! And besides that, they're already awesome enough!!
Selena Gomez , Ariana Grande, Ross Lynch, Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Robert Dhoni Jr, Kristen Bell from frozen, one direction, Sam and cat and Dan Schneider that won Kids Choice Awards 2014 duck dynasty Shaun White Carlos Vania zendaya Cody Simpson Austin Mahone Mart Robert and more celebrity On Kids Choice Awards 2014 best Kids Choice Awards thanks to you guys that presented and the decorations and everything
CONGRATS! Ross Lynch for winning the KCA favorite tv actor
Ariana at the stage of the KCAs with the presenters, the cast of Sam and Cat and Ross Lynch
Oh you know I didn't cry when I saw Ross lynch I just hugged my T.V. and cried
While Christina is gone for the weekend, I am having a Kids Choice Awards watch party with Rachel and Ross Lynch just won for best actor in a tv series. She loves him so you can only imagine the scream when he won! I love making memories with my girls!
Ross lynch is irritating. My boys an I have agreed on this.
Ross lynch looks like he bearly woke up he still deserves it
Today was amazing ! I got my hair done,manicure and pedicure. Had a surprise baby shower AND Ross Lynch won best male tv actor on kids choice awards (: if only Diego was here to celebrate everything :/
So! I missed the KCAs when they first came on today. BUT! I'm watching the re-run right now and I'm so happy that Ross Lynch and Ariana Grande won favorite actor and actress so I just wanted to congratulate them! I'm extremely happy for you guys! Love ya!
8 year old sleepover home made pizzas, facials, nails and Barbies. ..and now the screaming as we watch Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) win Teen Choice Awards... girls! Lol
there are so many young cuties... *** Ross Lynch from that kids tv show is a babe... He's gotta be like 21 or so right?
Ross Lynch looks high af on Kids Choice Awards
Elizabeth Percy lets get Ross lynch to come to Starz Seems popular
Josh Groban, Ross Lynch, Tom Hiddleston, Stanley Tucci, Tina Fey, and Ricky Gervais in one movie!!! The Muppet Movie was so great! Loved it!
I'm actually in love with Austin Moon and not with Ross Lynch
Watch Austin Moon, played by Ross Lynch, sings an acoustic version of 'Upside Down' from Austin & Ally episode 'Presidents & Problems' which aired on ...
Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell meets my little Bella in NYC (07-17-13): via
i want to ask them if they ship Ross Lynch and Laura Marano
She better not be a couple with Ross Lynch, cause 2 bad for her, he's already taken by Laura Marano! She aint perfect for Ross, ONLY Laura is!!!
oooh you should call Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell!!
it's kinda creepy how Dylan Dauzat looks a lot like Ross Lynch ((the guy from Teen Beach Movie))
If you want that Ross Lynch win in the
Ross Lynch, Debby Ryan, and Chris Evans are all going to be presenting awards at the :)
I liked a video from Ross Lynch y Laura Marano hablan sobre "RAURA" - HD
Someone drive me to New Haven after class on Thursday so I can make out with Ross Lynch. You have my permission to make out with Riker.
At this very moment my son is meeting his all time favorite actor! Some dude named Ross Lynch from Austin and Alley and Teen Beach Movie!! I wish I was there so I could see how my son reacted to meeting him. He really, really, REALLY likes this dude!!
I ship Maia Mitchell with Ross Lynch but then I ship her with Brandon Lambert OH NO CONFLICT
Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch having lunch together.
Ross and his Uncle Shor were born on the same day, which is why his middle name is Shor. Ross believes guitar is the center of R5's music. Ross says he loves how when the guitar is playing then the bass jumps in and he loves how the bass sounds. PopStar's exclusive 2013, "Ross always dreamed of starting his own band and rocking out with his music". He is in a band called R5, with his siblings and close friend. His family tree in order: Mark Lynch, Stormie Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch (himself), and Ryland Lynch. His favorite A&A songs are Illusion, Na, Na, Na (The Summer Song), Double Take, Not a Love Song and A Billion Hits, revealed in one of Disney's "5 Faves". Ross said when he was younger, he and his family would go down to the basement and dance on a checker board and have fun. RoslynRoss Taking a Fun Pic with Pixie! He had never been to Disney World until 2012. According to sources, his favorite animal is a Siberian Tiger. He really wants to go to Africa and the UK. He i ...
Cruisin' for a Bruisin' by Ross Lynch, Jason Evigan & Grace Phipps (at McDonald's Plaza Cibubur) —
Just took the boys to see " MUPPET'S MOST WANTED".It was a very cute movie.if you a celebrity buff, you will enjoy all the cameos, including.Celine Dion, Lady Gaga , Josh Groban,Ross Lynch, Tony Bennett, Ray Liotta, Selma Hyeck.just to name a few.I counted at least 20.there were some very funny innuendos as well.they were kind of wasted on the boys...still...worth the money.We really enjoyed it!
The 3 people I'm told DAY TO DAY that I look like: (Dylan O' Brian, Ross Lynch, Justin Bieber, Dave Franco) Let me know …
Ross Lynch you date with Laura Marano
I think she is very pretty cause her style is awesome. I like how she expresses herself and tries not to be afraid...I hope Ross Lynch would notice that.
The way Ross Lynch looks at Laura makes me melt.
Ross lynch is the best thing that has come out of Disney. It's fair to say he is skilled...
All Ross lynch or R5 fans must meet this page !. Everyday new stuff and pictures !^~^
The meaning of my life michelle maia, R5 and ross lynch
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Ross Lynch & Laura Marano's new song from the Disney's Holidays Unwrapped album 'I Love Christmas' Disclaimer: I do not own this song all rights go to ...
R5? Serios baru ku tahu band tu wujud.BTW my favourite will be ROSS LYNCH. Cute :)
I love Ross Lynch. And you, what do you think.
Can you please RT? This is a link to my story The Lucky One (Ross Lynch/R5 fanfic) :D
Penny an mfana mfana is her son he talk with ross lynch
See a list of all of the facts in the video here: Thirty facts about Ross Lynch!
Video: ausllylovers37: Stuck on You - Ross Lynch Austin and Ally / “Critics and Confidence” OMG DYING… OF...
Ross Lynch of R5 (and Austin and Ally on Disney Channel) is a cutie and has a Brilliant voice that I love. Hm 😏.
Watch part 2: Visit: Subscribe: We caught up with Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell.
I'm catching up on Austin and Ally (I know I'm such a kid)😂 I love Ross Lynch SOOO much.
4 hour car journey and I've got Ross lynch in the car CD player ;) going to be a good cruise ;)
KTLA morning News with Ross lynch and Laura Marano Austin & Ally Sunday's
He his soo funny,sweet and make his fan like him more each day
“Yes. That's the only thing I missed. -Ross” thisd bugs meh
Yes. That's the only thing I missed. -Ross
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. ROSS Lynch side hello I show on the Disney Channel my tv. Disney Channel 64
One direction and ross lynch are not happy that Justin Bieber and slammed him for grilling selena gomez with money according too reports one direction stars Liam Payne Louis Tomlinson and zayn mailk know you can't do that to a girl and ross lynch thinks you can't do that you have to treat a girl with her hreat not pay her money OUCH now I agree with one direction and ross lynch do you agree with them what do you guy's think _jake
So hey if u love R5 and Ross Lynch the follow me
. I show on the Disney Channel love show Austin and ally. ROSS LYNCH MY MUSIC IS Justin Bieber I AM BIG BIG FANS
wait *** Ross Lynch or whatever is is my tl why?
Ross Lynch on Raura: "I mean, I do think we'd be cute together, but we're just really good friends. I can see why people …
Thanks to Ross lynch and Laura Marano I decided to write a song hopefully someday I will meet them
Ross lynch omg so cute and his voice
Finally done with my project now time to begin stalking Ross Lynch again hehe jk
Ross Lynch would like you to answer me: you like Laura Marano
//My new addiction music by Ross Lynch, Laura Marano and R5 I think I need help
gn fb i just got done tlking to Cameron Boyce he wnt t i txt me bck yes the one from jessie.i txted Laura Marano and Ross Lynch and Ross Shor Lynch none one of them txt bcked i guess im finna go to sleep gn fb.
I ship Laura Marano and Ross Lynch even though they aren't dating
Mady's furby has been oddly "possessed" and has turned to the dark side! Check out the evil eyes. It also growls at us, will bite us when feeding it, has a deep mean voice, and is downright mean! Have no fear, Dr Dave the exorcist is here!!! We are forcing her to endure Ross Lynch (from Austin and Ally show on Disney Channel) music, in hopes of driving the meanness out of the furby! Mady picked the music, because FFDP/ Korn/ Metallica probably wouldn't work as effectively, which was my choice. Updates to follow, hang in there because the safety of our community depends on my success! Details to follow...
Comment who's your brother and sister. Let's see.. January: Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards February: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift March: Austin Mahone and Katy Perry April: Ross Lynch and Victoria Justice May: Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer June: Justin Bieber and...
"My brother says he wants to look like ross lynch and bleach his hair" - Spencer Geddes
vote for R5 at best music group and Hit the road and vote for Ross Lynch at KCA Favorite Male T.v Actor
It is Ross Lynch the most famous singer ever eh oh and Austin Mahone the second most famous singer ever eh :-D (screaming/cheering)
SALENA GOMEZ FOR EVER .but im still inlove with ross lynch my idol
Every time I hear a R5, or Ross Lynch song, I start to feel bad.
Justin Bieber, Cameron Boyce, Ross Lynch, Tom Welling, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner are the 6 hottest guys on earth AND 1D Boys DEFINITELY not in order
Photoset: Ross Lynch trying not to get his pants dirty
Watch Austin Moon, played by Ross Lynch, sing his song 'Better Than This' from the Season 2 finale of Austin & Ally "Fresh Starts & Farewells" which aired on...
I like Austin Moon's dancing better than Ross Lynch's dancing
Wondering if I like Ross Lynch or Riker Lynch ? Lol . Ross ofcourse . But who's your fav ?
I think her girlfrnd suck. Riker and Laura should date to make Ross Lynch jealous since he chose Maia Mitchell over Laura Marano! hey, no offense!!! First of all, Riker and Laura Marano make a cute couple, or maybe she´s just 2 perfect for the lynch boys!
London school children enjoy a surprise visit from Disney Channel Original Movie star Ross Lynch, ahead of the launch of Teen Beach Movie, which premieres on...
Who do u like better Jaden smith or ross lynch
Is it just me or is Ross lynch so cute cuz I really just love him
Darren Lee, Ross Lynch of 'Austin & Ally.' And that Perky, Beautiful Girl. One Scene, Now They're - All Out - on the - Beach. Outside ...
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And Teen Beach Movie. But I mean, Ross Lynch. Can you really blame me?
I ship Laura Marano and Ross Lynch so bad it hurts
If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would it be? — Ross Lynch
Ross Lynch reminds me so much of someone I used to love and kinda still do :)
Can't get over that it is only 4 days till I see Ross lynch💞
I had a dream that Ariana Grande and ross lynch dated
R5 were so good. Too good. And I might be in love with Ross Lynch :-).
uh ya 😂 come on Lauren me and Nichole saw Ross lynch like 10 times does this really surprise you 😂😂
oh my gosh I tottaly vote ross lynch he is the cutest boy alive I just really wish I can meet him
Ross lynch's hair is so blonde is actually freaks me out
I liked a video Ross Lynch Steal Yor heart Ft Laura Marano
I vote for Always be who you're! Don't matter what the people say or think about you! -Ross Lynch
Mojo's has Mark Riccadonna, Sean Lynch and Ryan Ross in a night of comedy & song at the Funny Farm Comedy Club.
Ross with my mum in restaurant THAT'S CRAZYY
You know Its funny how posers of my girlfriend Đebby Saying she Dating Ross Lynch Where the proof as i mean proof Pictures yeah did not think so at all Its also funny When posers of her also said that she Dating Austin Mahone Where the proof as in pictures in that I am like sick of these posers Already Just cause a male star pose for a pic with a disney single female star do not mean they are a couple in private Like Please Just Stop Okay Since When Is Justin Bieber Dating Debby! Like No not really its so funny im not even laughing Right Now Since When Jason Scott Dolley Is Dating Bridgit Mendler Like No she dating Shane Steven Harper Please just grow up you posers Until i see the proof then your fans will believe your real *cough* Which your Not The real stars Knows who the real couples Are at on here And Jason Is dating Mandy In real So just stop please Should i say more yes i should Since when Rossy Shor Lynch Is Dating Bella thorne Bella is dating a g ...
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Why would we love being covered in sweat? ha
I am not one to rant on here very often, but I feel I need to put this out there. Julianna loves the Disney show - Austin and Ally. Ross Lynch who plays Austin has a band with his real life brothers and sister named R5. Their songs play on Disney all of the time. For Valentine's Day, we got Julianna their CD. We listened to it for the first time today and the very first song has a cuss word in it! At first Drew and I were thinking we were just hearing things, but it sounded like the cuss word each time they sang it. I looked in the CD case and it had the lyrics listed and this word wasn't listed in the lyrics. So we just thought we were imagining things. But I swear it was a bad word. We got through a couple more songs and in another song they are talking about some very explicit situations. We turned it off immediately. I did a little research and sure enough, they are actually singing a bad word and they printed the jackets of the CD with the wrong lyrics and I was not the only parent that wa ...
How many people like Ross Lynch I do how many other people like his music
No parenting book on earth can prepare you for finding out your daughters likes Ross Lynch.
Sunday Brunch celebrates its hundredth edition this week. Tim and Simon are joined by Adam Richman, Ross Lynch, Tim Key, Graham Bell and Pixie Lott. And they'll be cooking mushroom rarebit, crispy red snapper with spiced noodles, beef madras turnover, plus kaiserschmarrn, and Allegra McEvedy is with us, baking good morning muffins. Channel 4, 9:30am, Sunday.
Hey guys i have new posters i have uploaded them to my pic album and they at the bottom but i have Taylor Lautner Ross Lynch Union J Sam Smith Neon Jungle and more
Just met a fake Ross Lynch! Do not add him! scroll down from his wall and see what i said. He couldnt talk anymore!! Garcia Is this your account?
Ross Lynch Priv i meat that i love you're my life my world my everything thank you for existing you're a great person and a great friendly sweet best friend I love you
Who can rewire my heater socket Aaron Griggs Ross Lynch Sam Cook 1 of u must know how too . Cookies and tea r reward to the applicant lol ;-) xx
Ross Lynch and R5 are currently traveling around the world on their Louder tour!
Heard it on radio by ross lynch . Cool song alway listen it
Gyanna just told me that Ross Lynch (Austin from Austin & Ally) told her that all the songs he sings are about I don't even know what to think or how to respond to that Lol!
Ross Lynch mm that's a Bomb white boy 💞👌👏
Music video by Ross Lynch performing Chasin' the Beat of My Heart. (C) 2014 Walt Disney Records
Tags : Ross Lynch Calling apps, Prankers, Fooling, Your Favorite Ross Lynch Calling YOU..!!! Just imagine getting a call from Ross Lynch ! Wonder how your friends will feel if you get a call from Ross Lynch !
Can't Do It Without You is the Austin & Ally Main Title Ross Lynch fansite! Follow me: Lyric...
Austin Moon, played by Ross Lynch, sings and dances to his new song 'Can You Feel It' from Disney Channel's special crossover episode 'Austin & Jessie & Ally...
"Anything you need, that's what I'll be" Laura Marano y Ross Lynch
Stream Surf’s Up by Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell & Teen Beach Movie Cast on Teen Beach Movie (Soundtrack) for free on Grooveshark.
So, this Sunday, Tim and Simon are joined by. (drum roll please) Adam Richman, Tim Key, Ross Lynch and Graham Bell will be chatting, and Pixie Lott will be performing her new single 'Nasty'. That's what it's called, it's not a critique.
Which gossip is there about you? — That I'm "secretly" dating Robbie Kay and Ross Lynch has a crush on me. No...
I only love Jason Derulo, Parrell, Ross Lynch, Austin Mahone,Chris Brown,& my bf😁. If youre not them then i probably hate you. Js👌
Ross Lynch is my number one lol Then Rocky and Riker Lynch. Mm
So Sym & I are playing a game and it turns out that: I am going on a purple jet with Channing Tatum to New York!!! Sym is going on a pink jet with Ross Lynch to Las Vegas!!! Lol
then theres Ross Lynch at the right staring at his butt
hello ross lynch much do you charge to come to Brazil? thicket
I pray to someday get a hug from Ross Lynch.. it would be freaking awesome.
There's a little girl here at the ice rink in Monument, CO wearing a Ross Lynch shirt. family is everywhere!
Ross lynch can I marrie you I am 18...
Teen Beach Movie iz now one of my favourite movies .love ur worklynch
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so my professor was telling us about herself and she said she listens to R5 and thinks Ross Lynch is hot i literally choked
I am friends with ross lynch on Austin and ally from holly
Does anyone even care about ross lynch or cody simpson anymore
"I'm pleading guilty to the way you make me wanna steal your heart" Ross Lynch
Ross Lynch is the best is a man with a big heart and sing the most beautiful I never get tired to hear singing has a wonderful voice and a band very beautiful and have a beautiful family god beware of evil to beware of him and all his beautiful next year comes better health and more good Ross Lynch
Photoset: funny faces with ross lynch
If you ever feel uncomfortable remember I heard Ross lynch from Austin and ally sing "rockin sex in the sheets" once
Hey Laura! I wanted to ask whether in private life go with Ross Lynch? Internet. I'm a big fan of Raury! And of course yours!
“what are your thoughts on this hm”. This is what's making the Raura shippers go nuts.…
Get on the set with Ross Lynch in London with Kermit, Miss Piggy, and all of your favorite Muppets in this sneak peek of Muppets Most Wanted. Muppets Most ...
my mcm is Justin Bieber, Cameron Dallas, Shawn mendess, zac efron, Ross lynch, Louis Tomlinson, jai brooks.I could technically go on forever
''People only like R5 cause of how attractive ross lynch is'' . im sorry what
hi Ross Lynch I am big fan and I like you or Music videos is so cool and I like you or Teen Beach Movie is so cool . you pal …
Ross's cloths looking all whack and Laura looking like she did something. Hm
I added a video to a playlist Ross Lynch - Chasin' the Beat of My Heart (from Austin & Ally: Turn It
All purpose parts banner
We named & the best dressed stars of the day:
lol Ross Lynch is so CUTEE i wish he could come to my b-day its close febuary 19 i want to go to a concert with Ross Lynch.I LOVE ROSS
Visit: Subscribe: We visited Ross Lynch on set of "Austin & Ally" to find out what's in the future for Aus...
All rights go to Ross Lynch for the song, I only made a lyric video out of it. Check out the album 'Turn It Up' if you like this song.
'Austin and Ally' star Ross Lynch spills four surprising secrets about himself at the 'Chimpanzee' premiere in Orlando, FL — only to J-14!
Please make sure no Laura Marano Laura Marano adds this girl please she is just plainly rude to Ross Lynch-Priv Ross Shor Lynch Ross Marano Ross Lynch Itz Ross Lynch Ross Lynch Ross Lynch Ross Lynch
Watch Austin Moon, played by Ross Lynch, perform a reprise of the song 'I Got That Rock'n Roll' from the Austin & Ally episode Moon Week & Mentors.
Bronwen, We just listened to the new Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally) song about "Not remembering last night...waking up with a smile...kissing til it hurts..." How strange is it to go from watching a sweet Disney kid, to thinking how inappropriate the lyrics are, to, "Oh, he's kind of hot"? Is this how it was with the Jonas', Kathy?
And so it begins. Annabelle has Ross Lynch blaring through they house. "He is so cool." At least the kid has a good voice. Annabelle has her jam on.
just some pictures of ross lynch i put together DISCLAMER '' I DONT OWN ANYTHING.
Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell arrive at the 2014 Directors Guild Of America Awards held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Saturday night (January 25) in Century City, Calif. The two Teen Beach Movie stars stepped out in support of director Jeffrey Hornaday. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ma
Ross Lynch makes me heart eye emoji
“Ross Lynch doing an English accent.” He can do a mean queen of England
Yeah. I'd worry that they're going to cast Ross Lynch or some teen idol, but they need a BIG name. Can't imagine who that might be
love Ross lynch Laura so go kiss kiss
Do you think 2014 will be the year Ross Lynch and Laura Marano start dating IRL? We can only hope!
Not even ashamed of how attracted I am to Ross Lynch
Everyone is Ross Lynch family looks alike..
Write a letter to: Ross’ Arms: If you had the chance to write a letter to Ross Lynch‘s perfectly chiseled arms... http…
I liked a video from Muppets Most Wanted - Behind the Scenes with Ross Lynch [HD]
One time I met Ross Lynch and I called him Austin. I still can't live that down.
If you were going to do karaoke tonight, what song would you sing? — "Its not a love song" by ross lynch.
My love for Ross and Riker Lynch is becoming a bit too much at the moment... Oh well they are amazing and I love all if R5!
Is it weird I like Riker Lynch better than Ross Lynch? Personally, I think Riker is better at singing and dancing.and is more attractive. But yenno. Ross is cool too.
ikr like ew Ross Lynch I don't see anything and how can you like Nash when his personality is so ugly idek
ı love you my angel and you R5 group ı love ROSS LYNCH
Ross lynch is really unattractive to me I don't get it
I love Laura Marano and Ross lynch and there awesome programme on TV called Austin and ally
Ross Lynch and Laura Marano made their Relationship offical with this performance
Okay my obsession for Ross lynch is so bad at the moment 😁
I adore this song! I find she(it) that is romantic. Besides it is the Famous lynch Ross !
I ship Ross lynch and Laura Marano they're cute together on screen and off
would you rather get stuck on an elevator with Ross L... — get stuck on an elevator with Ross Lynch? I dont like...
. Where does Ross lynch live or remember I will tall them the boss of New Zealand because he is my dad
Ross Lynch may fit in to play the new Will Horton on days?He look just like Chandler Massey use to be on days.
Ross Lynch: This is gonna be a good one.
Im in love with Riker and Ross Lynch,Cameron Boyce,and Anthony Padilla's hair.I need a life :p
Ross throwing you on the bed Upside Down and then he crawls on you and you start 69ing for an hour ;)
Ross. Lynch. IN. MY COUNTRY :c. i can't see him :((
Ross_R5addicted . ew, ross lynch fake. i totally don't like you or watch Austin and Ally. bye.
The obsession I've got with R5, Teen Beach, Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch 🙈there perfection
Ross Lynch shirtless photo from his photoshoot
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