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Ross Lynch

Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, 1995 in Littleton, Colorado) is an American actor, singer, instrumentalist and dancer.

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Ross Lynch has a girlfriend now sorry . Also Gravity Falls only gets two seasons
Yesterday someone named Lynch was trending and today someone named Ross is trending. Coincidence? I think not.
AG Lynch: DOJ finds "reasonable cause to believe" Chicago PD engages in pattern or practice of using excessive force violating 4th…
Ross Lynch's costars and love interests throughout different films. .
Ross, Riker, Rocky, and Ryland Lynch have all been requested males.
I am a new website for singer, song writer and actor of Ross Lynch can you follow back please?. 😃
Hi I am a new website for Ross Lynch any chance of a follow back please?😃
Hi there I decided to open a website Ross Lynch as there was nothing out there for him and the fans so can you followback?😃
When u find out a movie is being made about ur fave seriAl kiLLEr anD uR CHILDHOOD CRUSH ( Ross LYNCH) is PLAYIng hIM ?!?
I'm okay w/investigating Comey. Can we add Loretta Lynch into the mix for her election 2016 shenanigans?One but not the…
You enjoy talking about your fantasies as if they're already r... More for Sagittarius
Imagine thinking Ross Lynch is the worst member of R5
"Sometimes I have a million words to say. Other times, I just want to listen" says
well there are a few options as for which one is first but Ross is recording some vocals right now 😱
Here's what the cast of is up to now --->
I just used Shazam to discover 'I Feel The Love' by (feat Ross Lynch)
sicheng went from looking like Ross Lynch to Bill Kaulitz but that's still my man😛
I added a video to a playlist Ross Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch
Satisfaction might be within reach today but you must take the... More for Sagittarius
Ross'll leave you grow long hair as well as Rocky or you going to keep it? I know weird question 😂😂
Ross Lynch is playing Jeffrey Dahmer in a biopic. I'm kinda excited and nervous to see it
American actor, singer, songwriter and musician Ross Lynch is 7600 days old today. Metric
miss thiss Chasin' the Beat of My Heart by Ross Lynch ♫
LMFAO i was sitting in my car getting my book with ross lynch blasting and people where looking at me and i didn't know why
It's always important to stay in contact with the fans, because ultimatel...
Selfie time with kitty ~ awesome Chat Noir baton by our dear ❤
will selling my autograph picture of Ross Lynch pay for a new car lmao
Meet the Disney star who will play Jeffrey Dahmer in new movie
2017 looks to be a great year for New stuff from Alexander Payne, Todd Haynes, Alex Ross Perry, Haneke, Soderbergh,…
The only blonde guy I will ever love (besides Austin Ames and Austin butler and Ross lynch)
I'm gonna dress up as a well promoted successful solo career for Halloween to scare Ross lynch
Electronic Device Insurance
Ross Lynch's perfect example of the first day back at school after the holidays!
.playing killer Jeffrey Dahmer onscreen — here's what we know:
Ross Lynch is doing the teach me know dongle
Ross Lynch is doing teach how to Dougie
jack and jack with Ross e Ryland Lynch
Photoset: au: ross lynch and harry styles are dating (◕‿◕✿) 
moved up on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "1". know Y? Goto & tell “Ross Lynch's fans
Can you tell the difference between Ross Lynch (and Jeffrey Dahmer?
These mosquitoes will i think Ross lynch playing the way decent joke. drink
I love you Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch and you are so sexy
Ross Lynch will play young Jeffrey Dahmer in an upcoming film:
"Why would they cast Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer?" THAT'S why.
Ross Lynch looks nothing like Jeffrey Dahmer though??
Ross Lynch . is going to play Jeffrey Dahmer ?
Ross Lynch playing Jeffrey Dahmer is the stupidest thing, why do they have to use disney "actors" for everything...its so stupid.
📷 psychorpt: Behind the scenes still of Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer in “My Friend Dahmer” .
They're making a movie about Jeffrey Dahmer & Ross Lynch is going to play him omg I can not wait
Teen Beach Movie is so underrated I mean Ross Lynch is a cutie and Maia Mitchell is boss
I love Teen Beach Movie so much.. especially Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell.. they are perfect together 😍💑
Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell kick off the Teen Beach Movie Live Chat1 vía
Maia Mitchell and Laura Marano together—all I can think about is Ross Lynch.
'My Friend Dahmer’ author on film adaptation and why he's psyched it's starring Ross Lynch https:…
Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch is sexy and hot and cute
"Because of the Love you have to fight " Note novel. Starring Laura Marano , Ross Lynch , , Vanessa , James
Ross Lynch will star as young Jeffrey Dahmer in film to be shot in... Via News Break:
with Ross Lynch & Olvia Holt back at east Britannia School Monday/Tuesday (July 18-19)
Ross Lynch skateboards on the set with & Courtney Eaton! NEW PICS https…
Status Update, starring Ross Lynch, is set to start production in Vancouver (sub)
“Some people don’t get me, but I get myself and that’s enough." - Ross Lynch.
When and I found Ross Lynch and then tried to ask him where his brother Riker was.
My nominee for is Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez, and Calum Worthy in "Austi…
Me gustó un video de Ross Lynch, Grace Phipps - Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (from "Teen Beach Movie")
"Ross Lynch is my husband, and Rocky Lynch, ohhh and Riker to!" Now it's like " yes Lil sis, Ross and I will be married in👇
Ok imagen your at school wearing your fave Ross Lynch shirt, and then bam you look up and Ross Lynch looking you
so will i, but I'm happy that Ross Lynch found a girl that makes him happy, but really he kisses her WAY to much
Ross Lynch I love you and I like you and my biggest dream would vinira r5 to arica chile
Hey Ross!Ross Lynch,We all going to miss Prince?Ross,At least he RIP.It was sad that Prince passed away at 57.
Nuovo preferito: Austin & Ally: Take It from the Top di Ross Lynch
DYK Ross Lynch's INQUIZIE ranking is 431. Have pix, Q or CMT? goto
do u ur boyfriend from Austin and Ally Ross Lynch
Marshawn Lynch is about that action, spends retirement building homes in Haiti https…
Retired NFL star Marshawn Lynch went to Haiti to help build a school and give out clothes.
Some people might say Ross lynch is perfectly normal (Vine by Shørs edits)
Oh look Ariana stans are in my mentions. Time to get my Ross flop lynch stanning *** out of here
I wouldn't expect someone who stans Ross Lynch to know anything about successful musical artists. So I'll let it go.
Little Giant Ladders
a ross lynch stan coming for ariana's influential power? I've seen it all.
Who thinks that Ross Lynch should cut his hair?
Paxton Lynch his draft stock sky rockets.
I made this drawing because i love you Ross Lynch! 😍. My name is Radija...I hope you like it! 😍. I Love You My Idols ❤ https…
I don't care what anyone says Ross Lynch is hot 😍
Ross Lynch is amazing I love him so so so much I mean just what would I do without him I couldn't survive
I remember being obsessed with them in the summer and I even had a Ross lynch account
May the Gods please bless Ross Lynch to become the guitarist for a popular rock band in the near future
Ross lynch and his gf casually in the background of joes vlog omg
Your mamas so stupid she likes Ross Lynch's mullet in Teen Beach Movie.
I've been wearing my cute Ross baseball shirt for years now from Rocky Lynch army
Ross Lynch. Just in time for baseball season - R5 baseball T's...
I'm sorry but Ross Lynch at coachella looks like a renaissance painter and Johnny Depp had a love child
Alry is single and looking...but I don't know why she's crying in front of me but she loves Ross Lynch he's in love with Bella that's what+
David ,I remember the pure 80's song right back then.I can't believe that Ross Lynch will join the cast of on
See the cute photo diary from Ross Lynch's new film,
at first glance I couldn't tell if that was Ross Lynch or Cody Simpson
Smart idea by Tussauds to invite Cody Simpsons' fans for his figure unveil. It was awkwardly quiet for Ross Lynch.
I'm gonna use the time to tell Ross Lynch how disappointed I was in Teen Beach Movie 2
Breaking news: Ross Lynch is running away to Australia to be with girlfriend Courtney! Ross is going down under!
and for Ross Lynch and Laura Marano to win an Oscar for that movie.;D
Lmao I remember last summer I had a dream Ross Lynch was staring at me and it finally came true yesterday
.watch the Oscars and I imagine when they say "the oscar for best actor/director is for Ross Lynch" ♡
This is the best now playing Grace Phipps - Jason Evigan - Ross Lynch - Teen Beach Movie on
Zac Efron, Ross Lynch, Jordan Fisher.. Idk I guess all Disney boys have my heart
please Ross Lynch. I love him so much like you don't even know
📷 karihighman: Friendship and relationship goals. 😍👫 Austin Moon👦🏼and Ally Dawson👩🏻 {aka Ross Lynch and...
Jordan Fisher: Garrett Clayton and Grace Phipps and John DeLuca and Jordan Fisher and Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch:
I love Teen Beach Movie it's a great movie with king of music Ross Lynch and queen of TV Maia Mitchell
Ross Lynch trying to get Maia Mitchell to smile
All purpose parts banner
I liked a video Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell hunt for clues at Hollywood Studios | BEST DAY EVER |
I liked a video Ross Lynch getting pranked by brother Ryland
Ross Lynch? Never heard of him.. well time to google him lol
♪NowPlaying Cruisin' for a Bruisin' by Ross Lynch, Jason Evigan & Grace Phipps
the performance of I Got That Rock and Roll is very hot omg Ross Lynch made a very hot great Austin Moon 😍😍😍
People actually ship Laura Marano and Ross Lynch together??? Wyd man?? He be lookin like splinter from teenage mutant ni…
that kid Dez from Austin and Ally is on this boat. I met him. My goal is to befriend him and then get to Ross Lynch. Wis…
cool Favorite person on Austin and Ally? Mine is Austin moon AKA Ross Lynch
I am finding every single way to meet Ross Lynch so, I could date him. Joe Jonas and Riker did it! They met their true love.
i want a song that says Laura Marano (ft. Ross Lynch) like how BEAUTIFUL would that be
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