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Ross Kemp

Ross James Belshaw Kemp (born 21 July 1964) is a BAFTA award-winning English actor, author and journalist, who rose to prominence in the role of Grant Mitchell in the BBC soap opera, EastEnders.

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I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Tesco Metro to meet Eminem
How f___ing annoying is that advert for Ross Kemp with a high pitched whine growing increasing loud.
It's not a film but Ultimate Force ... properly known as Ultimate Ross Kemp, of course.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a driver's awareness course to meet Migos
Mind the wee junkie on that Ross Kemp show kept his toes that had fell off on top a his tele
One day me and my team will communicate solely in gifs, memes and references to Ross Kemp, Top Gun and Das Boot.
Maybe SOC could come back as an extra and when Ross Kemp comes back he can kick the 💩 outta him
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Brew Dog in Edinburgh to meet *** Daniel
Ross kemp extreme world...decent TV 📺
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a deflated bouncy castle to meet Andy McNab
Actual luv watching real life documentaries man sooo interesting , pure wish a was ross kemp
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the Morrison's cheese counter to meet Pablo Escobar
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a fork in the road to meet that ***
Ross kemp is hunting for a group of Israeli drug dealers with a team of angry vigilantes what a mad *** he is man
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Coachella to meet anyone named Catherine
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the Vape Shop to meet Barry Scott
Love Ross Kemp, my Eastenders hero, you're not bad either Eddie X
I've not watched a Ross Kemp in far too long.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Le Bistrot Pierre to meet someone on a BMX
Now we can reveal we have been working with Ross Kemp on his new amazing Extreme World Drugs in the West Bank episode. ht…
What Ern did yeh, was instead of word 'loss' ern useded name 'ross' as in Ross kemp, my main favorite heroic man.
Started watching the new season Ross Kemp's Extreme World...I simply cannot fathom how bad racism is in some parts of this world.
I is comfortable knowing ross kemp remains unbeaterable…
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the 100m finish line to meet an angry dog
Favourite documenter by far, closely followed by Ross Kemp
That flag means LOADS to excellent legend Barry Reneg…
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the most depressing place in Scotland to meet Take That
Ross Kemp is a filthy liar and an Didn'…
I is comfortable knowing ross kemp remains unbea…
You prob give kemp just bout toughest contest he…
Cmon brotherski,us not talk bout ross kemp like…
Barry and your Ross Kemp did arm wrestling one time,1…
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a dog's kennel to meet your Mum
Ross Kemp on Kooks. what d'you reckon?
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Tracey Emin's studio to meet Jeff (or Geoff)
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the back of a United Airlines plane to meet Madonna
Nae even Ross Kemp would want to go there.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a really good bakery to meet Duncan Bannatyne
Ross Kemp investigates the drug epidemic tearing through the West Bank in Available on Catch Up TV:…
Love a bit of Ross kemp taking on the West Bank but surely June brown having a row with the drug cartels of Columba i…
Ross Kemp is critical of the 'agenda' behind BBC revealing star salaries.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the Barburrito in Hammersmith to meet the Bee Gees
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a non-league football match to meet Duncan Bannatyne
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the World's Strongest Man competition to meet the Crips parents
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Glastonbury to meet Sleaford Mods
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a drone race to meet Sting
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a Christmas panto to meet your mate Steve
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Top Gear Live to meet Garth Crooks
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the bit where the bins are to meet Garth Crooks
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Church to meet Lee Mack
Ross Kemp looks like Commander Steve Kelly (the one who spent a year in space). And that actor from The Shield.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the Gardener's Arms to meet Garth Crooks
That's great coz I own Ross Kemp and Barbara Windsor. I'm looking to complete the set so if you ever…
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at a really cool nightclub to meet Barbara Windsor
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Bear Grylls island to meet Barbara Windsor
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Las Iguanas in Peterborough to meet a hologram of Peter Kay
The Kemp brothers played Ronnie and Reggie Kray and everyone know Ross Kemp is the toughest man on TV!
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Roosters Piri Piri to meet Reggie Yates
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the Lake District to meet Phill Jupitus
Ross Kemp to campaign for Labour in Wolverhampton via
Ross Kemp is the real MVP.Dare devil that walks into the illlest places on this planet to report other people's stories
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Alton Towers to meet Paul Hollywood
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Gary Neville's hotel to meet David Attenborough
Absolutely staggering that this isn't Ross Kemp as Grant Mitchell.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Gary Lineker's garden to meet the cast of The Full Monty
I met EastEnders star Ross Kemp (Grant Mitchell) and then in Wimbledon saw the new spooky musical the A…
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the Oscars red carpet to meet Patrick Kielty
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Games Workshop to meet Jeremy Vine after a few pints
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Millets to meet Lee Mack
I'm in an East End caff, it has signed photos of Jessie Wallace and Ross Kemp on the wall. It's glorious.
Jeremy Kyle thinks he's the new Ross Kemp on Gangs but looks more like a budget Danny Dyer on international football factories.
Everytime announces a referendum she guarantees work for poor celebs like June Sarpong, Archie Macpherson and Ross Kemp.
Always knew Ross Kemp aka Grant Mitchell was one of those elites. 😂🙄
Do you think that Ross Kemp has been 'publicity seeking'? No. What do you think?
Ross Kemp reveals he had to pretend to understand interviewees in new show
Ross Kemp says he was "quite vain" when on EastEnders: 'I got lulled into a sense of my own self-importance'
EastEnders’ Ross Kemp admits he was ‘vain’ when playing Grant Mitchell and the role ‘lulled him into a sense of se…
If you've never seen it the Ross Kemp version is a real treat with . Warren Mitchell playing Ross Kemp's dad
Can't even watch Ross Kemp anymore because it reminds me of Mike's dad smh
and me are casting 'Gazza: The Musical'. So far got Rupert Grint as Chris Evans, Corden as 5 Bellies and Ross Kemp as Raoul Moat.
Would like to return to the prime days of the Penparc Massive when we dominated u'14 footy n were nearly on Ross Kemp on gangs
Could he do the groundwork for you on the next series of Gangs with Ross Kemp?
I also wanted to be Ross Kemp on gangs but no one would be the gang
looks like Ross Kemp on West Ham gangs
Ross Kemp on Gangs 1 & 2 hands down best book I ever read!
Ross Kemp wouldn't come here JME wont come here the ppl that do slag it off Danny Dyer Jimmy Carr Martin Clunes tnaf
Ross Kemp stars as Grant Mitchell Coronation Street and rectangles have six sides. You learn something new everyday.
Guess the year . >Trevor McDonald and Alex Ferguson become Knights of the realm. >Ross Kemp leaves EastEnders . >Mille…
o! 👌🏼 Just gonna have a shower then catch up on some hairy biker and Ross Kemp with a cuppa xx
Steve McFadden is a brilliant actor. Ross Kemp on the other hand...
Eastenders spoilers: Ross Kemp spills on Grant Mitchell return!...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
EastEnders newbie says Ross Kemp is "epitome of cool" - Grant Mitchell secret son opens up to
Is it me or Ross Kemp just ain't a convincing Grant Mitchell now we all know what he really a sounds like lol
Doesn't Grant Mitchell look a lot like that Ross Kemp guy!.
Everytime I listen to Grant Mitchell on Eastenders, i cant help thinking im watching an episode of 'Ross Kemp on gangs' 😂😂😂
EastEnders favourite Grant Mitchell is back in Albert Square and grieving for his late mother. Grant, played by Ross Kemp, is still coming
I'm a little bit in love with Grant Mitchell. Interviewed Ross Kemp once and may have tried to hug him a bit too long...
Not quite sure what it is about Ross Kemp as Grant Mitchell.but hubba hubba
I still find Ross Kemp as Grant Mitchell sexy! ***
Ross Kemp is a crazy *** reporting in crack dens in favela's in Rio. Rough as f**k! 📺
Remember when Shane Calvert told everyone he was doing a documentary with Ross Kemp? 😂😂
Progress donor Foster is mates with Ross Kemp, Peter Hain & Gavin Millar QC is brother in law of Alistair Campbell. How cosy...
Ben and Jerry's and Ross Kemp being a bad *** in Iraq.
Millionaires JK Rowling & Ross Kemp: 'Join Labour & vote out Jeremy Corbyn' - who is defending working class people htt…
No idea how Ross Kemp got on a plane to Syria with the size of his balls the absolute nutter
Jeremy Wade from River Monsters would absolutely leather Ross Kemp in a fight
Ross Kemp is brilliant lmao, some bald bloke casually taking on ISIS. What a mad man
Footage of Ross Kemp being shot at by ISIS snipers has been released online...
This is why I'll forever rate Ross Kemp, the guy is an actual madman.
Walked into one of my fav carribean shops and saw man like Ross Kemp ya na lmao
TV hardman Ross Kemp 'to become car salesman after exit'.
Ross Kemp 'Targeted By ISIS Sniper' While Filming New TV Show: Ross Kemp has revealed he was shot at by a Dae...
Ross Kemp got shot at by ISIS during filming for his show via
Ross Kemp shot at by ISIS sniper while filming new documentary series
Ross Kemp: "The Kurds are a beacon of light in a sea of tyranny,"
Ross kemp extreme world is so interesting, every episode is just shock reality about something one way or another ☠
Is EastEnders' Ross Kemp becoming a car salesman? - Move over Deals on Wheels.
Ross Kemp: Fighting Isis - no platitudes, just the reality of a desperate situation - iNews
Trying to link W/Ross Kemp or sky news, maybe... It's a great report from the ground with the Kurdish fighters... At the frontline
No platitudes - just the grim reality of Fighting Isis
That Ross Kemp ISIS documentary looks insane, geezer getting shot at then goes back and films Eastenders😂
EastEnders star Ross Kemp was targeted by ISIS snipers while filming new hard-hitting show
'The Fight Against ISIS' by who got shot at by ISIS sniper while filming
it’s really poor and full of gangs, I think ross kemp did a show there once
Ross Kemp finds 200 illegals for his show coming into England, why can't HMRC ?? Search EVERY truck before allowing entry !!! SIMPLES.
Ross Kemp's Britain is a really good insight to immigration and why people come into the UK.
Looks like Ross Kemp will have material for more documentaries in the coming years then.
here's one I done of me and Ross Kemp lmao
Did Ross kemp appear at Halkyn road this morning?
yeah i remember, i watched a Ross Kemp on gangs in Marseille lol
im well brassed off i thought the real Ross Kemp had been speaking to me for months, it was the fake one 😢 i hope this is. real 😢😢
They should get Ross Kemp over to Marseille as it looks like its about to kick off!
When the examiner looks like Ross kemp😂
It's Grant Mitchell!!! AKA Ross Kemp! Proper buzzing i got to meet him yesterday! Lovely man! Pleasure to meet you!x
never been Marseille, but watched the Ross Kemp on Gangs n trust me it goes down there!
Seasick Steve & Tiny Tempah? F**k off! One of my favourites was Ross Kemp in the boot of a Twingo.
watch kemp Ross Marseille on YouTube , police can't even drive on some estates,drug warsd X
Justin Bieber got involved in a fight last night and stories like this are interesting because Justin Bieber is not Ross Kemp
thank you Ross Kemp on Gangs, no doubt I'll be seeing you loitering around xx
too many uneducated people being given a voice. Couldn't care less what Ross Kemp thinks about it...or Stormzy.
I really hate people who feel their private lives should be paraded, a...
Ross, do your team offer support after filming to these ppl. In particular Ep2 of Ross Kemp Britain?
Remember Ross Kemp doing his gang shows from there 😂😂 soon as you leave the airport it's a dump
Where we up to now with the celeb / experts? Ross Kemp, hucknall, 5ive and now Joey Essex 😒
Jade on Ross Kemp: he looks like Ant & Dec but Bald 🤔
If you search for 'Ross Kemp' on Google Images it's mainly just folded up newspaper photographs of him
Spent my afternoon watching Ross Kemp documentaries. I think I might love him a bit🙈
Ross kemp in Afghanistan boxset bought off eBay for 99p bargain is me
Well don't follow the wrong Ross kemp or that would be silly😀
dont worry im already plotting how to get rid of kemp, norris, ramirez, and more. Maybe ross too. Pomeranz and Myers stay.
For too many families, the aftershock of the war in Afghanistan will b...
Lebron has turned into Shawn Kemp on offense
Why does Ross Kemp have such a funny face
Always much happier when Ross kemp is on even if it's a repeat
Ross Kemp needs to come to Darlo for his next Extreme World
I liked a video Ross kemp dangerous gangs extreme world thug life "nobodys killing me"
Lip Sync Battle UK is the worst. Ross Kemp doesn't even know the words 😂
Spending my night watching Ross Kemp: Extreme Worlds and drinking vanilla yazoo. I really know how to live😂
I'm connected to more gangs than Ross Kemp Manchester back down to Kent!!!
I really enjoy travelling around the world. I get to meet some extraor...
Nice to have Ross Kemp photo in our shop 😃
Ross Kemp teases soap comeback with shirtless picture via
OMG! just got us SO excited for Grant's return
When I seen that photo of you in PNG I thought of this by Ross Kemp. Very confronting. Very upseting.
If you offer me a job sitting in a Winnebago with make-up girls and fr...
Don't get how bisexual girls have pure high standards for fellas but then go off and scissors a girl that looks like Ros…
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O.T Genesis looks like Ross Kemp but black..
EastEnders' Ross Kemp and Richard Blackwood are making vests look cool again:.
Ross Kemp and Richard Blackwood pose in hench vests - Sharing the ultimate respect.​
don't agree with that, you have people like Jake Wood, Ross Kemp and Andros Townsend now
Welcome back Grant Mitchell aka Ross Kemp to and what a beautiful photo with Peggy.
I'll be disappointed if it is Ross Kemp. I'm going to have a last try at Greg Wise in contacts.
Danny Dyer vs Ross Kemp in the Vic would be unreal
Danny Dyer + Ross Kemp + Steve McFadden all in one Eastenders scene = the Queen Vic bursting with unbridled masculinity
That must be a scary Street with Danny Dyer and Ross Kemp on it
I think Danny Dyer & Ross Kemp should get their own spin off show. What an explosive duo!
Ross Kemp v Danny Dyer would be a fight
I can't watch Ross Kemp without thinking of Jon Culshaw saying 'I could see it was about to kick off. So I got out of there.'.
Just seen Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer stare each other down on Eastenders. Might start watching it after that
Danny Dyer & Ross Kemp looking at each other across the bar at the Queen Vic. Its like Austin and The Rock face to face at Wrestlemania 17
Never would've thought I'd see Ross Kemp and Danny Carter in a scene together.
Danny Dyer and Ross Kemp. That would make an amazing documentary team
Danny Dyer and Ross Kemp interviewing Walfords hardest men.
Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer eyeballing one another is just about the hot *** sexiest thing ever 😂😍🙈
Danny Dyer giving Ross Kemp the look is what dreams are made of.
Danny Dyer eyeing up Ross Kemp really gives you The Special Feelings doesn't it
so you'd follow David Cameron, meet up with Gillian Anderson and Andy Peters and block Paula Abdul, Ross Kemp and Brian McFadden
Ross Kemp reveals whether he will reprise Grant Mitchell role again after this EastEnders stint
Can we talk about how hench Ross Kemp is?
Ross Kemp looks in huge shape before Eastenders return as Grant Mitchell:
now I'm confused. Which one is really Ross Kemp?
Heseltine is so detached from reality he makes Ken Clarke look like Ross Kemp
Here's the first picture of Ross Kemp returning as Grant Mitchell and on set of
Always thought of him as the natural successor to Ross Kemp.
Steve McFadden and Ross Kemp had attempted to persuade EastEnders writer Tony Jordan to develop a spin-off for their characters
Ross Kemp wants to fight Danny Dyer on The ultimate soap showdown?
Currently watching Ross Kemp's Britain on Sky1, soo shocking
11 soap actors who hated their own storylines, from EastEnders' Ross Kemp to Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell
Ross Kemp arrives in Deeside for three days of filming via
More news from BBC arts. Gok Gomperz has declared David Bowie to be the ’Ross Kemp of fox hunting’. What a time etc. ..
Johnson says he Googled 'legal age of consent' during Sunderland team chat about Ross Kemp documentary on gangs having a rough time, earlier she confused Ross Kemp for Chief Keef, and now she's called Better Call Saul 'Where's Wall?'
Ross Kemp: Extreme World in Norn Iron at Twaddell on Pick right now.
How gorgeous is Ross Kemp. Love a grey man 😅
I remember Ross Kemp from "The EastEnders". I used to watch that a lot on PBS.
Ross Kemp will once again play Grant Mitchell as he returns to EastEnders as part of Dame Barbara Windsor's exit storyline.
Russell Brands political commentary is the same faulty logic and delusions of grandeur that Ross Kemp has when he thinks he's hard.
Reggie Yates is the new Ross Kemp. I love his documentaries on BBC3.
BBC News - Ross Kemp returning to EastEnders for Barbara Windsor's exit
Ross Kemp set to return to as Grant comes to Phil's rescue
Alex Neil is the love child of Alan Shearer and Ross Kemp 👀
TIL Ross Kemp's balls are made of tungsten - this is how he reacts to being held at gunpoint in Papa New Guinea.
Ha ha I can see that - being bald I'm subjected to anything from Gregg Wallace, Harry Hill to Ross Kemp
Is Jeremy Wade morphing into Ross Kemp . Have they ever been seen together?
At in Stockton. Class place, they play John Williams and Ross Kemp has pre-paid for a parmo
.spoilers: Ross Kemp ‘to return as Grant Mitchell in early 2016’ https…
. Looks tougher than Ross Kemp's harder brother. You're a menace to the culinary arts.
Ross Kemp &to reprise his purpose as hardman Grant Mitchell in EastEnders&... - https:…
Ross Kemp still thought he was in Eastenders
It's sort of half Jeremy Clarkson, half Ross Kemp. all bloody awful ;-)
It's probably only a matter of time before I see Paul Scholes, Ross Kemp and Terry Christian as invited speakers at populism workshops.
Barbara Windsor: 'Peggy should reunite with her boys' via
The garden at that party was like somewhere Ross Kemp would go
EastEnders star Barbara Windsor would return with Ross Kemp: 'Peggy should reunite with her boys'
MOTD should swap Shearer with Ross Kemp, they look similar but at least one is interesting and it's not Shearer.
If she didnt have long hair she'd look like Ross Kemp.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
this is the video should use as their main focus See The Need | Ross Kemp
the plot thickens, turns out there are a wide array of A5 canvas clocks on offer, including Ross Kemp and Kevin Costner
Rick Ross shouting out all the pears in his interview was one of the
had me chuckling every week. So pleased there will be a 2nd series. Honestly, I'm not Ross Kemp's brother. Really I'm not!
Only just found out Ross Kemp and Martin Kemp are not related...
I'm on the magic bus by myself this is Ross kemp on the magic bus
My fingers are crossed that Ross Kemp is returning so Grant can sort out Gavin and free Phil!
Think I might actually propose to Ross Kemp.
Watching some guy play Alien Isolation through Oculus Rift on twitch and he might as well be Ross Kemp, he's not even flinched once!
Ross Kemp's return to EastEnders 'practically confirmed' by Aunt Babe's Annette Badland
like Ross kemp but with big hairy balls ;) top show
So Gary Kemp is in the Homecoming, Martin Kemp is in Chitty Chitty. Please can we see Ross Kemp play Fiyero?
more chance of Ross Kemp manning the Pepsi max
I need my own travel TV show would be like Ross Kemp x Eddie Huang wrapped into one
Ross Kemp's face folds radius z and thickness a? Just about the Ashes *weeps tiny tiny tears* No one should have put json on the TV OH “That
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also tonight ross kemp was drinking in the same pub as me and i had to squeeze past him and say excuse _ME_ please and what do you even do
actress basically just confirmed that is returning to Albert Square
'Good design is defined by being unnoticed.' - Ross Kemp
Interesting day .Ross Kemp aka Grant Mitchell was at our work today for filming which will air in January then good evening out after work
Ross Kemp can see the need for more support for people with sight loss. Can you?
When you get Martin Kemp in over Danny Dyer or Ross Kemp to solve unsolved crimes.
(2/2) safety net to help people get back to work: if they were sick, it would help them get back. - Ross Kemp (Actor).
Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden were the original choice to host The Great British Bake Off but they were busy.
Ross Kemp, Matt Le Tissier, .and Michael Gambon team up on prank show. (Honest)
Emma Willis, Fleur de Force, Ron Perlman, Martin Freeman & Ross Kemp are at the Guardian Edinburgh Television Festival this week
Just had Ross Kemp wish me a happy birthday. But I was too ashamed to ask him to do in the voice of Grant Mitchell
When are Tim and Simon back? Although I am enjoying Steve McFadden and Ross Kemp this week.
'get your f***ing eyes tested you dozy c***t' - Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer clean up Britain's trains
My Five Thoughts start with some near-historic achievements by Tyson Ross, plus updates on Kemp, Melvin Upton Jr.:
Just eaten in the same restaurant as Ross Kemp...😂
Ross Kemp: Extreme World investigates the social disintegration of Britain's seaside towns.
Love unreported world. That along with Ross Kemp's extreme world. So interesting. Not everyday watch reality shows sometimes documentaries.
.I like my Batman as serious as Ross Kemp.
Inside the Klu Klux Klan should be interesting. After watching the Mafia one, Trevor McDonald or Ross kemp would be good interviewers
I was expecting some Ross Kemp on Gangs type intel, I could have googled that info.
Ross kemp extreme world is the wee Peter grifference like
That mafia programme he did has gone to his head. He thinks he's Ross Kemp.
Where's Ross Kemp when you need him eh?
this is like Ross Kemp going to Kent to do Ross Kemp on gangs.👀
I'd quite like to see Ross Kemp give them a go... 😂
more like matty Burkey on gangs ft Ross kemp.
omg. I love ross kemp. And I love pirates. Win win 😂
watch Ross Kemp and the pirates instead
I got Virgin media s0 channels different. But can I guess, and is it Ross Kemp in search of pirates?
you're giving us your perspective on activities in Liverpool 😂 Ross kemp on gangs ft. Matty Burkey
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Always good to have Ross Kemp and his big bald potato head on my TV screen
Martin Kemp, played the bass while Ross sang. "Gold!"
I've got a new found obsession with Ross Kemp documentaries here, bloody brilliant. Loves a good Patagonia jacket as well does our Ross.
You kidding ? Nigel Dodds tried to buy Ross Kemp's battle helmet for tonight
Thought you posted 'Monday evening in Calais'.thought this was from Ross Kemp Extreme World, last night!
One of the realest Ross Kemp interviews ever
Celeb spotting... Ross kemp is in wymondham
Surreal moment of the week: Ross Kemp, aka Grant Mitchell from Eastenders, just said hello to me (or more specifically, "Alright?").
I'm watching Ross Kemp at the moment and I was being facetious
you see that doc by Ross Kemp on them?
I loved you in Without Motive with Ross Kemp x
Ross Kemp Prog on refugees . Despite their heart wrenching plight of living in makeshift plastic camps they offered him food
Ross Kemp Prog on refugees at Calais. Felt his terminology of "heres1" when refugees were caught hiding in lorries as inhuman
Eastenders Bosses looking to bring Ross Kemp back to the soap as Grant Mitchell which will see him Re-United with...
Ross kemp needs to do a special on the nightclubs in Taunton
Ross kemp will be doing a series on cross church street at this rate
them for prospects of his choosing. Kennedy, Shields, Cashner, Kemp, Upton, Kimbrel, Ross. That is a nice bit of capital
defeat the Rangers 2-1 and take the series. Kemp with two hits. Ross scoreless over 6+ innings. WP: Ross (6-7), …
Just watched that programme with Reggie Yates about stabbings. Proper eye opener that was and he puts Ross Kemp to shame.
So people have spotted Ross Kemp up the top of Ridge Hill - think I'll have to watch whatever show it is and then decide if I should move o…
Photo: The man himself, Ross Kemp aka Grant Mitchell from Eastenders, working with my young people today to...
“Ross Kemp will return to EastEnders as Grant Mitchell, ‘but only when the story’s right’ yay
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