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Rosie Webster

Rosie Webster is a fictional character from the British television ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. The character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 25 December 1990. Originally portrayed by actress Emma Collinge from her birth until December 1999, the character has since been portrayed by actress Helen Flanagan in episodes airing from 23 January 2000 onwards.

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Helen flannigan who used to play Rosie Webster in corrie came in work today. 3 soap stars in about a week that's been in💁
Sale shopping at the clearance stage in Blacks & M&S..what would Rosie Webster say?
“Wentworth Miller reveals Fox is "definitely" interested in Prison Break's return! PLEASE, make this happen”
What does this prove? Reg Holdsworth is a real person, as is Rosie Webster, as we found out in the jungle a few years ago
Hope we sign Sinclair just to sing this: He's Scotty Sinclair, he's Scotty Sinclair, he shags Rosie Webster and Sally don't care
Scotty Sinclair, Scotty sinclaaaiiirr, he shags Rosie Webster and sally don't care
Pretty stunning news. Jockey Rosie Napravnik announced she is seven weeks pregnant and will retire on Sunday. She won th…
Thanks for making Rosie McGaughs Flagstaff second dog of the day.
Little known fact: Rosie the Riveter loves Relay For Life and is on her way to Webster's Breakfast…
u tell-em Rosie in honor of Noah Webster Bday dude your a "fopdoodle"
She reminds me too much of Rosie Webster from Corrie who also does my *** in so
it's like when rosie Webster went upstairs and came down as a different person!
ah Rosie webster lol you got me at big ***
ICYMI: Rosie Webster: too sexy for TV... but not for Paul Dacre's Daily Mail
Rosie Webster may have left corrie a while ago, but I have only recently realised this, as it was all was talked about on the radio.
Ms.Webster is this the day of Rosie's first Page 3 shoot in '09 that introduced Ms. Jones to the world?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
the only famous people I have ever met are lana del rey 5 seconds of summer and Rosie Webster from Coronation Street who's real name idek
you remind me a bit of Rosie Webster
On this day in 2008:. John Stape kidnaps Rosie Webster...
Throw back to my first Down With Webster concert in 2012! Can't wait to see them again a week from…
Just received this off Scott Sinclair he said Rosie Webster said your the manager of the month
Just seen Scott Sinclair n that Rosie Webster at Nandos next to the Reebok. You're defo getting him!
could Scott Sinclair be on his way back, Rosie Webster spotted yesterday at Starbucks by the liberty!
Remember when Rosie Webster and that guy Craig in Corrie went through a goth phase and use to do devil horns to each other across the street
I only like rosie cause we shared a womb
Rosie Webster is sharing free Umbrella Turntable and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
Clips compilation of teen vixen Rosie Webster (Helen Flanagan) and her affair with her teacher in Corrie.
whats happend to kevs dad ? Last seen in hospital with mollys aunt ? That was b4 rosie webster left ?
Amazing seeing for the first time tonight! New fan here!
I don't like the way Rosie Webster talks!
ohhh *** off Rosie Webster you cobble walking big titted stroppy tart GET!
if only, ha we get Rosie sodding Webster
Helen Flanagan is an English actress Rosie Webster in Coronation Street
How talented Helen Flanagan (AKA ex Corrie's Rosie Webster) must be to have done what seems like her millionth photo shoot in her bra and pants. Put it away love, it's kind of boring now.
You know full well that's not on Thursdays. I stopped watching anyway when that Rosie Webster got the train to London
We will be live from Preston crown court tomorrow from 10-30 am for Coronation Street actor Bill Roache's trial - We will cover the whole trial as it happens and you can follow it on this page Mr Roache, 81, who is currently on leave from his TV role as Ken Barlow, faces a four-week trial over alleged historic sex offences against five girls. Roache, 81, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, pleaded not guilty to two counts of raping a 15-year-old girl in East Lancashire in 1967. He also denied five counts of indecent assault involving four girls in Manchester in the mid to late 1960s. The trial could see colleagues including Anne Kirkbride, who plays his screen wife Deidre Barlow, and Helen Flanagan, who played Rosie Webster, called to the stand.
*watching Mr and Mrs and it's David Platt from Corrie and his wife* " You go home to find that an actress from Coronation Street has replaced your wife, who would you prefer it to be? -Michelle - Rosie Webster - or Gail. omg, IF HE'D OF SAID GAIL. G A I L.
On the Corrie "Coffee to go" point I would argue that Sally Webster would say it, as she would have observed Rosie saying it in THAT London.
I liked Rosie Webster when she was a goth with Craig Harris
just finished a Runtastic run of 3.24 mi in 31m 00s with iPhone app:
Getting ready for Gareth Edwards and Peter webster's shows, opening tomorrow at Newlyn.
Sallie Webster was prancing about like Rosie's Webster! 🙈
Currently having a wheat bear and a mulled wine with Rosie Webster in at the
It kills me when Sally Webster says the word 'Rosie'
Why can't I be Rosie Webster now lol
just finished a Runtastic run of 2.52 mi in 23m 45s with iPhone app:
have u seen front page of the sun today Tom? Rosie Webster top ***
To see beautiful Fashion click on...actress, 22, who previously played Rosie Webster in Coronation Street, was crowned with the Sexiest Woman Award as she looked more hot in Cute outfits ideas. Her talent and sexy looks made her the FHM’s world’s sexiest woman. The sexy actress has won the British sexiest woman from the lads' mag poll and by her latest sexy photo shoot where she wore a sexy black outfit at the red carpet of FHM Sexiest WomenAwards in London on Wednesday night.
Former Corrie star Graeme Hawley says he still gets abuse in the street over his killer soap character. John Stape famously kidnapped Rosie Webster before stealing ex-colleague Colin Fishwick’s identity and then hiding the teacher’s body when he died. He then went on to accidentally kill Colin’s mother Joy and murder another ex-colleague Charlotte Hoyle and hide her body in the aftermath of the tram crash. Graeme has moved on from the cobbles but admits fans haven’t! He told the Sun: “I do still get recognised because of John. People come up to me in the street and say, ‘Oh, you’re a wrong ’un, although it has died down a bit now but they are never negative - they are always lovely. The weird thing about John as a character is that he was actually quite comical. I know he killed two people but he wasn't a conventional cloak-and-dagger soap villain. He was just a hapless guy who wanted a simple life. Everything that happened to him in Weatherfield bordered on the absurd.”
Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without Helen Flanagan(Rosie Webster in corrie) showing her wonderful assets in tge Sunday people. God bless u Helen your stunning but im to old for u.more a Carole Vauderman man myself. I no u must be gutted at missing out on me but thats life.Big kiss to you. Xx
was down at PNE a few seasons back they beat Swansea ! Think Phil Brown was manager , sat infront of Rosie Webster ! Good day out
Scott Sinclair Scott Sinclair he shags Rosie Webster n Sally don't care lol
Rosie Webster can't be that simple in real life?! There's hope for us all 😳
aw no wonder!! That Helen Flanagan aka Rosie Webster has just wound me right up 😡
Love it when i go for me usual Short, Back & Rosie Webster ont Top :) WogHead ov Yick 2K3!
"I've been in the jungle, with Rosie Webster from Corrie"
"because miss webster knows your a racist" LOL wot
Remember when Rosie Webster was sent off to private school and everyone hated her?
I want Rosie Webster to come back as a goth.
Cries because the bus went over a bump & instead of rosie webster walking down the road she's now walking down the asdfghjlsisjsh
TV character analysis: Rosie Webster, from - by Sun Meilan - Helium
I can't help but think of a younger Rosie Webster when I'm trying to plan it...
Wud rather b watching songs of praise than the golf. ⛳ Id say its probs as painful as David platt n Rosie Webster both on my tv at same time
However Richards to his credit isn't no longer with Rosie Webster so he's had a good escape there..
The amount of people telling me i look like rosie webster last night 😰
If I get called Rosie Webster one more time in my life .
Rosie Webster needs to come back to corrie!
Rosie Webster ex Corrie wants more serious acting parts!! scroll down2 see her video, Ladbrokes Jockey Work Out :-)
Former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan has revealed that she is not ruling out a return to the cobbles. The actress told Bang Showbiz that she would like her character Rosie Webster to head back to Weatherfield with a baby in a surprise storyline twist. Flanagan commented: "You can never say never. Who knows what will happen in the future? I love Coronation Street. I was on the show for 12 years and was fortunate enough not to be killed off on the show, so there's always a chance of going back." She continued: "I would like Rosie to come back with a bang. She's been away in London doing modelling so she probably thinks she's a bit above everyone but I'd like to see her back with Jason, or it would be great if she came back with a baby. I'd love that."
I see Rosie Webster's audition for MENSA went well again.
If you're planning a night in tomorrow, The Saturday Night Show has a fun line up of guests, with Crystal Swing & comedian Katherine Lynch providing the musical entertainment. Brendan will be joined by outspoken chef Richard Corrigan, who isn't surprised by the horsemeat scandal and by former Corrie star Helen Flanagan, who played Rosie Webster since childhood. Kettle on, feet up.
Rosie is red & Sophie is sore, Kevin Webster's smashed in thier back doors !
Rosie is red, sophie is sore, it looks like Kevin Webster's smashed in their backdoors.
well we nabbed kirstys baby and then went to find Rosie Webster at kev's car garage and he shouted at us
Scotty Sinclair! Scotty Sinclair! He shags Rosie Webster, and Sally don't care!
Rosie is red, Sophie is sore, I'm Kev Webster ,gonna smash your backdoors :D
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Coronation Streets Kevin Webster said today despite the sex charges he's still feeling Rosie
Scotty Sinclair,Scotty Sinclair. He's shaggin Rosie Webster and Sally don't care
HOLICE share a room with Corrie's Rosie Webster
Kevin Webster has had terrible few days after the latest sex allegations, he said he remains upbeat and is still feeling Rosie
Big night planned with Kev Webster..enjoying his choice of costume as well
My cousin just told me she feels sorry for Rosie and Sophie Webster, cos Kevin's a peado!! Aha
Rosie Webster knew what Kevin Webster was up to years ago!
Rosie is red sophie is sore a think Kevin Webster smashed there back door
Nan thinks I look like Rosie Webster in this ahaa
not watched Eastenders yet babes, got it recorded, watching Kevin Webster fiddle with Rosie first on coro
Sick of been called Rosie Webster Megan fox or chesneys girlfriend off corrie I LOOK LIKE NEITHER OF THEM
Coronation Streets Kevin Webster says despite all the sex charges against him he's still feeling rosie...
Rosie is red, Sophie is sore, Kevin Webster smashed there back doors.
Rosie is red, sophie is sore, looks like Kevin Webster smashed in there back door
Down With Webster for a whole weekend, is that creepy? meet n greets are never long enough.
Rosie Webster's face after she heard about big Kev
Kevin Webster says he will defend himself vigorously against all charges - and will come out of this smelling of Rosie
Kevin Webster says he is innocent and will fight these chargers. He also said he will come out of this smelling of rosie
Running for the bus then realising its late then you're left sweating like Kevin Webster doing the school run
rosie is red sophie is sore looks like Kevin Webster smashed in their back doors lmfao
Despite all the charges put before him Kevin Webster is still feeling Rosie
Hearing Kevin Webster is a peado confirms one thing to me, he was 100 percent having sexual thoughts on set with rosie and sophie
Rosie is red, Sophie is sore. Looks like kev webster, smashed in their back door
I'm surprised Kevin Webster only had 19 charges. With daughters like Rosie and Sophie...I'd have hundreds.
To be fair to Kevin Webster If Rosie was my daughter i'd be facing the same charges
Rosie is red, Sophie is sore, looks like Kev Webster smashed both thier back doors
Coronation Street star Kevin Webster remains upbeat despite the lastest sex allegations. He said he's feeling Rosie at the moment.
Coronation Street's Kevin Webster says despite the sex charges he's not feeling down in fact he's still feeling Rosie!!!
Kevin Webster getting charged with 19 child abuse cases. You know he obvs abused Helen Flanagan when she was Rosie Webster now she a ***
Scotty Sinclair, Scotty Sinclair, he shags Rosie Webster & Sally don't care
"Scotty Sinclair, Scotty Sinclaiiirr, he shags Rosie Webster and Sally don't care"
Originally a 2009 Teach For America Mississippi Delta Corps Member, I am now a fourth-year teacher of low-income and minority students at a public charter high school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. I would not be a teacher today without the support of TFA, and the majority of my incredible colleagues a...
We went to Steak & Shake. They had police directing traffic & I guess, doing crowd control. I guess it really is a big deal. lol We didn't eat. I just came on home. I know there's not that many S&S in TX.
**There will be no Rovers Return for Helen Flanagan after Corrie bosses last night ended hopes of her ever making a comeback to the show.** Soap chiefs did not kill off popular character Rosie Webster when the 22-year-old quit in February last year, leaving the door open for a return in the future. But that has now been slammed shut after Helen suggested the award-winning ITV1 show was to blame for her depression. A Coronation Street source revealed: “There was a lot of disappointment on the set when Helen came out and said what she did, especially as people looked after her on the show. “Her character was very popular and there was a genuine feeling that she could return one day. But that’s not going to happen now.” Speaking this week, the actress, who lives with Man City star Scott Sinclair, 23, insisted that some of Rosie’s storylines left her struggling to cope.
Helen Flanagan will now be called Rosie Webster because I can't differentiate between the two of them.
Helen Flanagan has said that she will never return to Coronation Street - after blaming the soap for causing her to suffer depression. The actress, who played Rosie Webster on the show from the...
Helen flannagan needs to learn to think before she speaks! She actually has become her Rosie Webster character
yeah he's shagging Rosie Webster and Sally's forgotten what he looks like
Watching this Bowie tribute band. "Ronson" looks like Gail Platt raided Rosie Webster's wardrobe but they sound well :)
If only Rosie Webster preferred Stretford Arndale to Stockport Peel Centre we could have had Scott Sinclair instead
oh I was lost but im up to speed..and wat party gurl? Aint a party w/out u!!(:
how were u left out? And thanks. glad I dont have to find a ditch anytime soon
I really always feel left out all the time now. Gonna go die in a ditch. K bye
Julie showing fellow corrie star rosie webster how to rock the cat ears
Rosie Webster is a fictional tv character...not a role model for life.
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Rosie Webster collects 1st award on well done dear xxx
Rosie Webster will eat bugs, for a few £ but won't even so much air kiss the peeps presenting the award!
It's Helen Flanaghan she plays Rosie Webster in Corrie x
Bit awks when Rosie Webster just stood there like a lemon instead of doing the usual double kiss, half hug.
That guy tried to kiss Rosie Webster congrats & she never went near him! where is Ant & Dec?
embarrassed for Rosie Webster there the loser
As if there is only Ashley and Rosie Webster to pick up the I'm A Celeb award! No production team? Ant and Dec? Whaaa
What is Rosie Webster wearing on her head that bellend
did Rosie Webster just get hit in the face
ey remember when Rosie Webster was a goth
I literally despise Rosie 'oh my life is so hard' Webster.
bore off lol what are u Rosie Webster?
the one on the left looks like Rosie Webster after she got peckish and ate Kevin!
when sarah platt dates todd but then he turned out to be *** when he kissed that youth. Ps remember when rosie webster was a goth
Listen up everybody, itsh me, Kevin Webster. I'm not doing it for r Sophie or r Rosie, I'm doing it for r jack!
Sophie Webster is so much more attractive than Rosie Webster hate to say it!
“Looking forward to coming home x” He shags Rosie Webster and Sally don't care.
Scotty Sinclair, he's shagging Rosie Webster and Sally don't care
I might be in love with someone from corrie or eastenders on corrie will be Helen Flanagan who play Rosie Webster or Jacqueline Jossa Lauren Branning
Remember when Rosie Webster used to be a goth though
A young Rosie Webster is in Peter Pan on ITV ...
Rosie Webster: a serious contender for role model of 2012..?
How people can consider that Rosie Webster as beautiful is beyond me :|
Lets file Rosie Webster alongside the Pogues and the check left hook. Why don't u get something to eat? Normally sorts hunger that
Blimey, look at the state of Rosie Webster, is this what young ladies aspire to?
I'm getting sick of seeing Rosie Webster's saggy *** and horse face all over my TL.
But Rosie Webster was stood next to me in the apple shop while my phone was on charge, so it's ok
Dad on Katniss: "She almost looks like Rosie Webster from Corrie." What!?
"Rosie Webster tagged Carla Connor and Liam Connor in a video 14th May 2008. Tony Gordon,Maria Connor and Michelle Connor dislike this." :')
John Stape likes Hider in the house (CBBC show) Rosie Webster dislikes this
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when will u b back on corrie helen?? Was watching tonite and realised I actually reali miss rosie webster :( xx
they're like Rosie Webster's, independent of her face
Christmas Eve. Annually fabled as being the night you check the slag scene on the soaps. Rosie Webster's sister's gone downhill.
Did you hear about this that happened today. This is over by me
I would honestly rather see Rosie O'Donnell covering a wide out than Corey Webster right now. What a joke he has become
Just realised that if Rosie Webster existed she’d be a darts girl
best wishes and Happy Christmas to you and your family.
he eats potato mash off Rosie Webster's gash
scrout Rosie, no place for non Merlin fans
on the flip side we'd get to sing that Rosie Webster song ;)
what is going on with Rosie Webster's constant trout pout she always looks like she's had bad coligan xx
Also some builders shouted 'Rosie Webster' at me, what?
It doesn't count if its Rosie Webster. I'd rather go straight :)
Todays weird date & Rosie Webster on tv. These things are connected.
Do you have a nickname? What is it? — Lozza number 1 and my dad calls me Rosie Webster
Update your maps at Navteq
She was in I'm a Celebrity and starred in Coronation Street as Rosie Webster.
used all my votes up on rosie Webster in I'm a celeb!!! Ha ha!!
The Surfside Running Club at this morning (Sunday 9th of December) Run Barbados events: marathon & 5k. Congratulations to all of you for your tenacity and great spirit of reaching always for the highest you.
I just saw Rosie Webster in audience omg! :-P
Is that Rosie slash Sophie Webster in jahmenes supporter crowd?
Omg in such a nice cocktail bar and just saw Helen from I'm a celeb /Rosie Webster looking flash
Yeah but do you know all the songs? "Eating tater hash out Rosie Webster's gash" and all that back catalogue?
Sophia Grace and Rosie are my faves
Rosie Webster avin it large in selfridges, poutin at clothes the nut job
absolutely no explanation. Just thought it was funny too see Rosie Webster with one of the Milliband clowns!
Oh. I've spelt it wrong. It's Helen Glanagan aka the one who played the annoying cow Rosie Webster in Coronation Street.
What is this where is Sally Webster that woman is not Rosie's mum ok
Rosie Webster was always a wee durtty!
Why did Rosie webster from get physio whereas all I got was a moon boot and arrogance?
I imagine he's done plenty already on Rosie Webster
Just stood next to the teacher that kiddnapped rosie Webster in corri
He's Scotty Sinclair he's Scotty Sinclair he shaggs Rosie Webster and Sally don't care!
here's hoping I look more rosey glow than Rosie Webster! I'm so excited! Hope you are good x
please tell me what it was like in the jungle!!! What's it like with Rosie Webster? Is she nice in person??? :):)
Ladies and gents, I present to you the Webster family Christmas village :)
absolute dross and looked like Corries Rosie Webster in that Nuns Hoodie .
loves herself doesnt she x worst than Rosie Webster in the jungle x
think would try them all if alternative was being stuck in a box with a reptile ... I'd do a Rosie Webster at the thought of it.
Jim, how did a man with your temper manage to be in the company of Rosie Webster so long without doing her in.
Ashley to win! Helen was the ultimate *** bag- she is actually Rosie Webster isn't she?! Gutted the hayemaker's out
your friend looks like Rosie Webster omg
Because her performance as the tortured goth Rosie Webster trumps anything any of us are likely to achieve
I don't understand any of this. I thought Rosie Webster had done all the trials?
Well, Sally Webster has sent Rosie to her room for not being in the final and no packed lunch tomorrow!
- Ooooh, I'm missing it. It's just not the same without our kid, Rosie Webster, though!
On the flip side it saddened me that Helen Flannigan was as much of a *** as Rosie Webster...
it is lately! Rosie webster's just bought one of the big houses by davenhill. Ive heard Dot Cottons bought a bungalow too.
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i am NOT rosie webster. Get and wash filth!
Maybe Scott Sinclair so we can sing the Rosie Webster song and get Helen down the city ground
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Is anyone watching I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here? Helen Flanagan IS Rosie Webster! They're practically the same character.
I know. So tense! Bless them. I haven't watched this in days. Only tuning back in as Dosie Rosie Webster&her boobs have gone
I meant is Rosie Webster still in I'm a celeb not sure maybe about 6ish - so do I lack of whiteness. Ur phone workin? X
Starting to think Ashley was better looking than Rosie Webster.
The part of Helen Flannagan could have been written especially for Rosie Webster
Told today by someone I've know 7yrs that shes worked out who i remind her of.Rosie bloody Webster! 👙
Helen Flanagan is actually rosie webster in real life
It's obvious Helen Flanagan doesn't need to act in corrie... she is the definitive Rosie Webster through and through!!
It's Scotty Sinclair, it's Scotty Sinclaiir, shags Rosie Webster and Sally don't care!!
Tonight's show sees Corrie's Rosie Webster noshing down on a *** . I thought it was Sophie Webster who was the ***
Omg just realised Helen Flanagan is Rosie Webster!! Never wud have know if I didn't goolgle her lmao!!
I've not been watching I'm a celeb as I'm severely lacking on ovaries , but I must say after seeing the pics of it in the paper that Rosie Webster off of Corrie has " Top Knockers " ( add the Sid James cackle or Babara Windsor giggle where appropriate )
Helen is always gonna be Rosie Webster can't get used to her being called Helen
Not struck on that Rosie Webster me,the eyes freak me,she looks like when you cook a trout in tin foil or sumert
It must have been hard for Helen to tone down her personality to play Rosie Webster.
Thought I loved a good pout untill I saw that Rosie Webster lass on I'm a celeb.
Surley efter watch this Scott Sinclair must be hinkin '' the novilty of shaggin rosie webster is done ''
Its boring watching rosie webster do all the challenges now like
Was in love with Rosie Webster when I watched corrie but now I'm a celeb has made me despise her!
Rosie Webster has the creepiest rapiest eyes ever
So Rosie Webster has left the jungle.. And Helen has arrived!
Absolutely no difference at all between Helen Flanagan and Rosie Webster
Definately one sandwich short of a picnic rosie webster is !
Have worked out how Helen done the trial, she sent Rosie webster in in her place.
Helen Flanagan actually is rosie webster .
Never did I think I'd see the day when Rosie Webster and Limahl from Kajagoogoo were best buds.
Rosie Webster defo wouldn't get the D her *** would tho
The only difference between Rosie Webster and Helen Flanagan is the hair colour
Well done Rosie Webster,your da kevins still a fud though.
Why has Rosie Webster got a nose like the Scarecrow from Wizard Of Oz!
Oh well im a celeb now and rosie webster gets a mouthful...prob not the 1st time
Limahls going to go colin fishwick/John Stapes on rosie webster. kidnap n that.
Am I dreaming? Ella left X Factor and Rosie Webster got 12 stars.
Has Rosie Webster finally got some stars too on im a celeb?
Rosie webster are you kidding me go girl
na bro, i said you remind me of Kevin Webster not rosie !
Gotta feel sorry for Rosie Webster in Aussieland. If she suffers from panic attacks then she suffers from panic attacks. Simples.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
perhaps Rosie Webster is a good actress after all ?
lol I've just voted for Rosie Webster to do the live bush tucker trial on I'm a BIATCH!
Hope Kevin Webster lays the smackdown and grounds Rosie Webster for the way shes getting on!!
Well in Rosie Webster You wouldn't catch me doing any of that!!
Bedtime, 20 mins of rosie webster screaming is too much to handle
Is she just being Rosie Webster all the time now! Has anyone told her she isn't in Corrie anymore? X
'I'm a celebrity' on the other hand-all for it. Anything that tortures Rosie Webster complete with ant & dec commentary is worth a look
ROSIE WEBSTER needs to get off my tele. Most annoying person in the world.
me thinks she was acting all along, playing Rosie Webster until this task. No way she grew a pair overnight x
Rosie webster may be annoying as *** put I'd do anything to get my head in between them ***
We the point you have big boobs Rosie Webster,we get the point.
"I eat Chinese now!!!" Rosie webster winning 12 stars now this?! What the shell is happening?!
I can't believe how much Helen is actually like Rosie Webster lol
I've worked it out! They obviously just got Rosie Webster to do that trial, they look exactly the same!
Must have fallen asleep. Had a weird dream that Ella went out of X Factor, Rylan stayed in and Rosie Webster got all 12 stars
Helen shouldn't be called helen, she should be called rosie webster
ha I don't care who wins. They're all a bit annoying. Nah she's not fake though, she is Rosie Webster, she was never acting!!
People will still vote for Helen to do the trials no one liked Rosie Webster
There something wrong with itv 1 Ella is out and Rosie Webster has got 12 stars!
Think Helen Flanagan has been replaced with Rosie Webster or summit
Rosie Webster should've just said she got none again and wait for the reaction
I'm glad Helen won stars! I'm still amazed she's exactly the same as Rosie Webster
“Janine fully hates Rosie Webster! vs almost as big a rivalry as the vs the
Rosie Webster was locked up in John Stapes attic for a while do this should be a doddle
Well done Rosie Webster babe.. Sophie Webster and Kevin Webster and Sally Webster would be proud!
Rosie webster has been picked more times than Scott Sinclair has
Has succumbed to the Rosie Webster is a *** and am watching I'm a celebrity
Fk me here's the other 1 now let's see what that stupid Rosie Webster does tonight!!!
Hope rosemary goes all kung fu panda on Rosie Webster. **Karate chop to the neck**
Bloody *** it gets worse now I've gotta watch that annoying Rosie Webster pub it is lol
Tranny factor now the Rosie Webster show
Finally the jungle is about to start.. Get to Look at some real paps and not listen to "paps" singing!!! Team Rosie Webster.. Pole your rylan up your pooper
Well my X Factor friends can the night get any madder. wot's that, Rosie Webster wins a meal!
*** is going on with these voting.firstly that "crylan goes thru & then the poor fcukers in the jungle r starving cause Rosie Webster is scared of everything
U people out there who vote week in week out for Rylan and Chris Maloney shame on you from keeping real singers from getting through ...proberly the same people who think its big an clever to vote Rosie Webster to do a trial every night...Grow up
Helen Flanagan is Rosie Webster. No acting needed there then.
Puzzle of the come nobody on Corrie has even noticed that Rosie Webster is on I'm a Celebrity?
what to watch toneet there's darts final on grand prix and im a celebrity with that foxy rosie Webster
Worst and best I'm a Celebrity contestant ever rolled into one in Helen Flannigan/Rosie Webster - must see tv but only because you want to throw things at the screen, I read in a magazine before the show started that she wanted to prove people wrong and surprise them, how's that going Rosie lol!!
I really want to punch that bloody Rosie Webster right in the face.
Can't believe rosie webster she doesn't even attempt to do trials u knew what show was about before u went in daft cow x
One more person calls me rosie webster! Ill go mad!!
Then celeb cause I thought Rosie Webster was thick.shout goes out to all who have made the camp starve
If I see that selfish, useless piece of crap Rosie Webster around I'll smack her pathetic zoolander pouting face. And I blame Sally and Kevin for this!!!
If I'm a celebrity celebrities get really hungry they might just cook Rosie Webster, and maybe the corrie cast and nation are hoping to see that with a bit of luck! A show with in a show I'm a celebrity come dine with me!
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I'm so impressed with Helen Flannigans ability to stay in character (Rosie Webster) during I'm a celebrity. That's real talent!
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