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Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah , (literally head of the year ), is the Jewish New Year.

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TFW the first talk in a diversity lecture series is scheduled on Rosh Hashanah.
convocation. The Feast of Trumpets or Yom Teruah or Rosh Hashanah is known as the feast day in which no one knows the day or
Tim Tebow would probably take off Easter like Shawn Green for Rosh Hashanah
4. "Shanah Tovah" (Have a good year) is what Jews wish each other on Rosh Hashanah. The Hebrews co-opted it for their holiday.
Rosh Hashanah is coming up! Nava Atlas has a delicious collection of Jewish New Year Recipes Here:
Yom Kippur - Shalom dear friends! The start of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, marks the beginning of the 10...
ZBA MEETING DATE CHANGE . Due to the Rosh Hashanah holiday, the Zoning Board meeting for Oct. has been changed from October 11 to October 18
my brother was playing GTA and got it taken away because he sniped an Orthodox Jew. today is Rosh Hashanah.
Expect little activity in mkt Mon & Tues w/Rosh Hashanah; Also China markets are closed Oct. 3-7th, for the National Da…
I want to wish my Jewish friends in Eastern Washington and throughout the world a sweet and happy New Year
A Rosh Hashanah to forget for the Chiefs.
Happy Rosh Hashanah! Was just in Israel 10 days and reminded how much we owe to Jewish heritage. Let's hope next POTU…
Shanah Tovah to everyone celebrating the New Year! Glad to be a part of Rosh Hashanah with the Solel Congregation
When rabbis speak from the pulpit to the largest audiences of the year, what will they to say about Clinton & Trump?
Rosh Hashanah. Jewish new year. Or as I like to call it: "Eating heavy meals for 2 nights than judging the ppl you ate w/on the ride home"
98% certain you had to Google how to spell "Rosh Hashanah"
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We have Sen at 7:15, the at 8:20 and celebrating Rosh Hashanah at 9:55! Tomorrow on
Oh yeah it's Rosh Hashanah today. All the best to everyone observing it.
Watching spit on the Jews heading into Rosh Hashanah really puts you in the frame of mind. Sobering moment.
REMINDER: In change from previous years, all are OPEN on Monday, 10/3 (Rosh Hashanah)
Happy Rosh Hashanah to all who are celebrating. May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! -Tom
My sister asked me if my college would be canceled because of Rosh Hashanah. She's so precious ...
Shanah Tovah! Wishing a sweet & healthy new year to all of those celebrating https:/…
WND West Bank to be sealed off for Rosh Hashanah
WND Reform Jews to campaign against Israel on Rosh Hashanah
We have a special Rosh Hashanah menu at Carlos and Gabby's!
The best thing for Goyim on Rosh Hashanah in New York is getting the reservations you would have otherwise waited months for.
May you be inscribed a good year. Happy Rosh Hashanah!
T 2397 - Happy Rosh Hashanah for all our friends in Israel .. love peace and happiness ..
As they do every 33 years or so, this year Rosh Hashanah and Islamic New Year overlap. Blessings to all.
What you need to know about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year
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To my Jewish friends in the United States, Israel, and around the world celebrating Rosh Hashanah: Shanah Tovah!
Shana Tova to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur! Happy New Year, a good fast, and a fortunate year!
Ring in a sweet Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah, with this yummy recipe!. Glazed Carrots with Orange and Ginger...
Rosh Hashanah tomorrow is so key, no school for me and my people
Happy Rosh Hashanah! To all our friends celebrating tonight, we wish you a good and sweet new year!
L'Shana Tovah to everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah! May the coming year be filled with sweetness and joy. -H
Celebrating the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah? Why not try making personal & Challas for your...
Melania and I extend our warmest greetings to those observing Rosh Hashanah here in the United States, in Israel, and…
Israelis bewildered by Iranian president's Rosh Hashanah greeting
Rosh Hashanah is the celebration of the Jewish New Year . Holiday traditions can be different depending on where you’re from
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Service Reminders. Services are being held at Central Presbyterian Church, 46 Park...
As w approach Rosh Hashanah, an interesting look at honey in Israel.
Moroccan carrot salad Is a symbol of plenty as Rosh Hashanah approaches via
Jewish baked goods that will be enjoyed around the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday:
The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Sunday, October 2. Christians interested in learning more:
Want to learn about the upcoming holiday?This book tells about Rosh Hashanah & other
will her speech be available to stream unfortunately it's Rosh Hashanah high Jewish holiday
Friday, September 16th, 7:30PM is Rosh Hashanah at the Eastern Gate in Cranford, NJ! NO REGISTRATION FEE!!! Don't miss…
Yaron Wiesenbacher: the decision to close on Rosh Hashanah was a difficult one. But they all came back & wished me Happy NY!
Rosh Hashanah is coming. Happy Jewish New Year to you.
Yes! And I just saw a Rosh Hashanah recipe menu with a honey cake with milk. What is the point?
uh does anyone else's phone autocorrect Rihanna to rosh hashanah
Um, Rosh HaShanah isn't for another four and a-half months...
Learning about the Jewish festival, Rosh Hashanah...a custom is dipping apple in honey for a 'sweet new year '.
.I'm trying to image someone playing the bagpipes at the next Rosh Hashanah service.
We learned about how Jewish people celebrate Rosh Hashanah and the custom of eating apple dipped in honey.
Don't get me wrong, I have respect for all kinds of religions. But you don't see me puttin on a Yamaka n trying to change up Rosh Hashanah
Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, the final 3 feast coming to past. mt zion
We don't need no "Rosh Hashanah postponement rules" and through the whole of Scripture, there are no indications of postponements rules.
If Rosh Hashanah doesn't come up in this Judaism exam then I'm off to southern down cliffs X
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Ppl dnt know about the rosh Hashanah so they be in the same place for a years. A *** of ZIN/SIN. . YOU DIMWITS. A doofus is not righteous
I don't look at dates, I don't mesh with fakes and *** I only recognise rosh Hashanah & the Passover.
oh Bernie spoke at this filthy place on rosh hashanah
can hardly wait to learn of his great love for latkes on Rosh Hashanah
Bet Trump Tower makes great latkes for Rosh Hashanah:
How about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? " The best Bagels are t Trump Tower! I love the Jews!". God help us all!
And what about Rosh Hashanah? (this year it's going to be just 5 weeks before Election Day)
So ... what's Trump going to do for Rosh Hashanah (just weeks before Election Day)? 😧
I just hope Trump Tower Grill makes kugel or it's going to be a very awkward Rosh Hashanah this year.
When you try not to eat all the Apples and Honey at Rosh Hashanah
Jewish calendar days of the year not Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Passover, or Hanukkah.
gobbledygook is the square-builtest Rosh Hashanah this side of the Mississippi
I was looking forward to hearing explain Rosh Hashanah to Orthodox Jews.
best Rosh Hashanah sermon I've ever seen, tbqh
In this ep of Saved By The Bell, Zach pretends to be Jewish in order to skip school on Rosh Hashanah and go to a Dodgers playoff game.
Update your maps at Navteq
Celebrating the Days of Awe: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur among the Sephardim
Another day 1 fave in Discussing calendars & holidays. My take on school hols
Also thankful to Jewish people for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur off from public schools.
he also works on rosh hashanah and you kippur??? And when asked about being a secular Jew, he quoted pope Francis?
No, a misunderstanding of ur graph; Paul's ref of "last trump" in 2 Thes. is speaking of Rosh Hashanah not Rev's 7th trump.
But it's pronounced like Rosh Hashanah! You should have gotten this, Rachel!
Did you miss his Rosh Hashanah message that opened with, "Shalom, Jewbros!"?
The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, will be celebrated soon on Abib 1.
A *** watching the Oscars and skipping the Tony Awards is like a Jew eating Passover and not fasting for Rosh Hashanah.
Adorable Rosh Hashanah outfit for our sweet little boy today. Shana Tova ❤️
(Purim, Passover, and Rosh Hashanah are top 3 tho)
I liked a video from A Word About Rosh Hashanah & The Rapture
“Words of Torah are poor within their place and are rich in another place.”. - Tamud Yerushalmi, Rosh Hashanah 17a
“Rosh Hashanah at Dreamforce '16 Program” par sur
If you are Jewish and attend Dreamforce, the conference, then fill out this survey for my friend Tal:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Rosh Hashanah at Dreamforce '16 Program" by on
Help us plan better accomodations for RoshHashana & by filling out this form:
Out of curiosity and ignorance what makes a Rosh Hashanah cake so?
. you could have a rattlesnake fight a Chilean gynecologist and a Chinese donkey during Rosh Hashanah.
When people in your class can't figure out how to say rosh hashanah
He gave a speech at Liberty University on Rosh Hashanah. He should not have done that.
Roast chicken with Middle Eastern spices and plums soaking up the juices.
Regret eats at you like a fat chick on Rosh Hashanah
What do Jews & Muslims have that is comparable? Tree of life, rosh hashanah, yes. Devotion cleanliness yes. Keep soul clean & 27/111
They need to save the Shofar for The High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah. Not for their shenanigans !
it's one of the optional days off here, along with President's Day, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Veteran's Day, & Columbus Day
Happy & healthy new year to all! (Image:women praying along the wburg bridge during Rosh Hashanah, 1909)
For the record, the Sun-Times doesn't wish me Ramadan or Eid Mubarak either, or Happy Diwali & Rosh Hashanah, Kwanzaa, etc to others
To all my Goyim friends, happy much belated Rosh Hashanah! May we all do better & love harder in 5776, or 2016, linear time is so passé!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! {For those who don't appreciate the real new year Rosh Hashanah}
"Happy new year to you too and Happy Rosh Hashanah to Elliot"-Tommy😂😂
Hey everyone, be sure to specify Happy GREGORIAN New Year! Wouldn't want to offend those who celebrate Chinese New Year or Rosh Hashanah!
He lives his convictions by not pitching on key Jewish holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur!
Wishing all our Doctors On Call Patients a Happy and Sweet New Year! Happy Rosh Hashanah!
I'm "you wished me 'Happy New Year' on Rosh Hashanah & I said 'Oh is it Jan 1st already?'" Jew-ish.
Hanukkah CAN be a High Holiday: The Jewish high holidays are usually made up of Rosh Hashanah (the ... Jewlicious
Shana Tova to all celebrating Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) tonight and in coming days
Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year - a time to reflect and make resolutions for the new year. L' Shana Tovah!
Rosh hashanah was 2 Sunday's ago and Yom Kippur was last Wednesday. Nothing has happened yet!
Worst Rosh Hashanah ever. The Falcons don't deserve to be in the NFL after employing DOG KILLER Mike Vick. Just disgust…
Funny that right after Rosh Hashanah Jubilee comes the blood super moon Eclipse
Tonight is the last Blood Moon 9:07 occurring on Rosh HaShanah.God is sending signs of something big about 2occur.Look to Israeli
Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Chanukkah, there are about another 11 that they celebrate.
Our thanks to Laura Kruszewski from on River Rd. in for the Rosh Hashanah gift basket for our hardworking staff!
Rosh Hashanah marks start of new Jewish year. Our Tashlich Ceremony: via
Shanah Tovah to all those celebrating Rosh Hashanah. May the coming year bring you happiness, good health and peace 😊✌🏽️
7 rich apple and honey dishes for a sweet Rosh Hashanah
So those rocks did not pelt themselves after all
Video: Happy Rosh Hashanah to all of my Jewish friends.
A0 I made it to Rosh Hashanah evening service, did not go to YK due to migraine, couldn't manage morning services bc length ):
A0 I'm savannah. I had the joy of dealing w/fact that christians never seem to get that Rosh Hashanah &Yom Kippur is important
Q0: Introduce yourself! Say how your Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur went for you, if you like.
Wishing all of my friends celebrating Rosh Hashanah a good and sweet year! L'Shanah Tova!!!
Brush up on the customs of Rosh HaShanah via
4 "youths arrested for fatal attack against Jews in
4 suspects arrested for deadly Rosh Hashanah rock attack
How did you celebrate Rosh Hashanah? At home? With family and friends? Lauren Ann Davies, the editor for the...
It's Rosh Hashanah! Shanah Tovah! Happy new year to our Jewish friends!
Happy Rosh Hashanah. Many Jewish Americans celebrate Rosh Hashanah (or Rosh Hashanah), which is also known as the Jewish New Year.
Best part about a state school: 2 days off last week for Rosh Hashanah and today off for Yom Kippur.
To all of our friends celebrating Rosh Hashanah tonight, may you have a blessed and wonderful new year ahead!
Now that Rosh Hashanah is over gotta pay homage to one of my music idols . Tupac Amaru Shakur. June 16,…
The of and wish you a blessed Jewish New Year / Rosh Hashanah. 🔯
Hundreds to throw bread crumbs into Detroit River in Rosh Hashanah observance via
Friends coming back online after Rosh Hashanah always reminds me of the time I went to 24 hours after dinner started.
Greetings to Russian Jews:. Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian Jews on Rosh Hashanah. The message of greetings...
Working on the script for my Neil Simon-esque dramedy about working class Jews in Brooklyn on Rosh Hashanah, "Shofar, So Good."
La Shana Tova! Celebrating Rosh Hashanah at home by reading my 2nd book on Hasidic Jews "The Pious…
The Stone Bridge is blue and white again tonite to mark the observance of Rosh Hashanah. Shanah Tovah to all who celebrate!
Rosh Hashanah begins: "Judaism is relevant to us, even in 2015 — no matter what you're going through."
it was Vern Lundquist as Brad was observing Rosh Hashanah last night
Rosh Hashanah celebration marks beginning of Jewish holiday week at CSU
It was to see my friend Dr. Alice Siegel as we celebrated Rosh Hashanah at Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst. Thanks...
Thanks Surrey Police for patrols outside Kingston Liberal Synagogue I attended today which is Rosh Hashanah.
Shabbat shalom and Rosh Hashanah sameach! via
Reminder, there is no school today, Monday, September 14th, in celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year holiday.
Thousands of Hasidic Jews gather in Uman for Rosh Hashanah
Phoenix synagogue celebrates reopening on Rosh Hashanah: For a group in downtown Phoenix, Rosh Hashanah was a…
Shoutout to Mr. E for making an appearance at Beth El for Rosh Hashanah services tonight
Thanks for answering our prayers and extending the number 7 train to CBST's services at the Javits Center on Rosh Hashanah
Thx, Myrtle Avenue Street Festival, for bringing new life to magnetic Spider-Man for Rosh Hashanah
Here’s a presidential message on Rosh Hashanah from Herbert Hoover, 1929:
Harding not alone issuing Rosh Hashanah messages in 1922; he was joined by Herbert Hoover & Mass Gov’r Channing Cox:
Obama: No Apology to Jews on Rosh Hashanah: President Barack Obama stressed atonement ...
“ Wishing all those who. celebrate Rosh Hashanah. a happy, healthy and. sweet new year.”
OPTV would like to wish our Jewish friends a happy and healthy Rosh Hashanah. Happy New Year!
Restaurants celebrating Rosh Hashanah with delicious meals around DC.
Distributing holiday packages in Boro Park in honor of Rosh Hashanah coordinated by of
.Rosh Hashanah à la Brooklyn - Shelsky’s of Brooklyn describes its offerings as “smoked fish marri...
The Preschool at Temple Beth El is ready for Rosh Hashanah. We are painting and discovering how many of us like...
When you take a Jewish American studies class and your prof brings apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah 🔯
What if the Rapture of the Church was this coming Rosh Hashanah? Would you be ready? Would you be raptured? Or, would you face His judgment?
Rosh Hashanah starts the evening of September 13. Find High Holiday services near you!.
Next Sunday at sundown begins the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah with Monday being the holiday. The following Wednesday being Yom Kippur.
Rosh Hashanah begins a week from tonight. Celebrate the holiday with your AU Jewish community! . Hillel offers...
Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is next week. Pray for the Jewish people and bless your Jewish friends. Order...
If your Bubbe was a pit-master, what do you thinks she'd make for Rosh Hashanah? Find out at Percy Street Sept. 14th:
We are stoked to be hangin out w/ all our friends at this Rosh Hashanah. Tix: http…
Interested in staying with us for Rosh Hashanah. Head to our website for more information:...
My book of when I died and came back to life 2 years ago gets released by Harper Collins on Rosh Hashanah. I would be honored
- DeKalb Co. Schools decided to schedule it's standardized testing during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Hi! Fun, educational Rosh Hashanah family game? Yes! Glad to send for review.
I've been thinking of the next prophetic moed, Yom Teruah, Rosh Hashanah, or the Feast of Trumpets.
Someone do tell me when calls to wish happy holidays on Rosh Hashanah or Pesach.
Greeting card for Rosh Hashanah [Jewish New Year], ca. 1900 Translation of the Hebrew: "And You wi
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Sell on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year buy on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement: .
and get the Jews to do the same on Rosh Hashanah. Enough blood has been shed by both sides. Can we please live in peace now??
When the meth head tries to pronounce "Rosh Hashanah" 😂😂🔯
But why did I put Rosh Hashanah with my Islam notes???😅
If your father isn't in your life you just shouldn't celebrate the day just like if your Christian you aren't gonna celebrate Rosh Hashanah.
I like Bryce Harper. He wished us Jews a Happy Rosh Hashanah. Seems like a nice guy. Fun ballplayer too.
it's never been as bad here as in some places where cars driving in on Rosh Hashanah were checked for bombs.
"theres a filter for Ramadan?? like where's the Jew filter for rosh hashanah" -
I expect u will announce when Rosh Hashanah-Yom Kippur starts in Sept.CBC only notice us when it is negative to Jews.
Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah
One of the most moving prayers in the Jewish liturgy is Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father, Our King) sung on the high holy days of Rosh Hashanah,
Did the President make any statement last Easter? Did he make any statement on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur last September?
Hump Day is as important to me as Rosh Hashanah and Bastille Day.
Starz on Broadway is doing a Hip Hop dance to a song about Rosh Hashanah.
Although it seems a bit early to think about Rosh Hashanah, Women of Temple Emanuel is selling jars of honey...
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Frank shall I send you the dates of Rosh Hashanah now so you can get planning?
Dreamforce is also during the week of Rosh Hashanah, which is a problem for some of us! ;-)
I am officially Uman-bound for this coming Rosh Hashanah. The preparation begins.
"But on this particular Rosh Hashanah everything is disarranged"
Man oh man, the reverence! it's like bringing out the Torah on Rosh Hashanah
When you spell Rosh Hashanah correctly on the first attempt
bro I just noticed that shemitah and Rosh Hashanah this year are same period. Rapture you think?
Yo listening to that one girl trynna pronounce Rosh Hashanah is the best moment of OITNB this far
will have OVH certified kosher honey available for Rosh Hashanah. Order now.
Few people indeed study the Israelite Oral Laws and traditions, but the Mishnah Rosh Hashanah covers this and much re: Rapture!
I'll invite you to Rosh Hashanah this year
The Shofar on Rosh Hashanah and the Seventh Trumpet in the
Apples are eaten with honey at the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah to symbolize a sweet new year
reports my is 99% European and .1% Ashkenazi. I think I'll be Celebrating Rosh Hashanah this year.
did he think Rosh Hashanah is coming soon?
A) Nice usage of the word. B) Maybe he's warming up for Rosh Hashanah?
Hope you guys can celebrate Easter at a Church with Christians as well, and Rosh Hashanah at Synagogue.
Fewer people keep it then, say Pesach, Chanukah or Rosh Hashanah.
Omg the ugliest thing was when. Rosh hashanah was the Thursday after we started school we went for 2 days then had a 5 day weekend
what they didn’t tell you is that its being held in my Shul during Rosh Hashanah services
I thought Paulie leaving early for Rosh Hashanah was hysterical.
that might be doable -- Rosh Hashanah may have possibilities.
Some make a connection between the Ten Days of Repentance (the time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) and the...
When you thought the Rosh Hashanah prayer book was called Shana Tova...
An est 1mil notes are left each yr & cleaned out before Pesach & Rosh Hashanah.
25. The other service was The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), JewishNewYear or Rosh Hashanah, held on the 1st day of Tishri.
"To all our Jewish friends, have a great Rosh Hashanah! Shana Tova!"
Boarding from YUL to YYZ Not Timmy's looking forward to Rosh Hashanah? Brûlée it was called that
You'd be upset, too, if the Jews destroyed the tunnels you were going to use to murder 1000s of Jews on Rosh Hashanah
First celebration of Rosh Hashanah on West Coast was in on Sept 26, 1849, in a tent
When Drake says "started from the bottom now we're here," I assume he's talking about his mom's Famous Rosh Hashanah Apple Upside-Down Cake
news from my Jewish cousin his Rabbi talked to him and has asked him if he wanted to give a small speech on Rosh Hashanah
Parking in Echo Park during Coachella is better than Fairfax on Rosh Hashanah.
35. i'm jewish so i celebrate jewish holidays and my favorite is Passover / Rosh Hashanah
“I think this may be it: Cake recipe
How to talk occupation at a Jewish holiday dinner and make it out alive [archive] by
All this Passover peeling is quickly filling our compost bin. Maybe some rich quality dirt by Rosh Hashanah?
Beginning on Rosh Hashanah 2008, . 2008 thru 2015 we have 86 Moon Cycles which qualify for . the 70th Week or 7yr cycles=exactly 2550 days
you know what... Now that I think of it, I think the schulman family sent me a Rosh Hashanah card... Love em! *ruth voice*
Ed Farmer's "be safe" comment to Jewish listeners during Rosh Hashanah is one of my favorite things ever.
KidKraft Rosh Hashanah Set is now on sale for $14.74 at Amazon. Product page:
And it ONLY gets better. of Rosh Hashanah
Quiz question last night: what is Rosh Hashanah? We didn't get it.
She's a bit late on Rosh Hashanah, but this is
I'll be in NY during Rosh Hashanah anyone game to receive a fedex package (it's a handgun)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
is now taking care of that better than Rosh Hashanah... Wait, is this thing on?! vieleicht, vieleicht, vieleicht. For
I'm down for some Rosh Hashanah. Sounds like a jolly good time. I don't have a spare ram's horn but I can improvise.
when the Christian holidays are school holidays but my kid being out for Rosh Hashanah is an unexcused absence…
I'm so glad I found this song: Holy Ground by for the blog:
also, rosh hashanah and Yom Kippur are the high holy days for Jews but MLB still plays games on those days.
Christians who reject the Talmud will go to *** and be punished there for all generations.” (Rosh Hashanah 17a) TALMUD
Thanks for today off for Cesar Chavez day. its a shame we need to call Rosh Hashanah "an unassigned day"
being multi cultural society has its benefits i take holidays for every religion Easter Rosh Hashanah Eid Al-Eid
. and yet New York public schools close for Rosh Hashanah, and soon also for Eid. Go figure.
Rosh Hashanah is about here in like put in a casket or a basket don't care. Lol
The teenage is Armenian, the day is Rosh Hashanah, the dish is Saag Paneer.
If Selection Sunday is my Rosh Hashanah then is my Yom Kippur
unfortunately I can't put Rosh Hashanah into a pun but at least I can't bar mitzvah from a pun.
what about the tunnels that were to be used on ROSH Hashanah where they infiltrate Israel to kill?
If i say Happy Rosh Hashanah to you, as a friend, you should just say it back. Don't say... "I'm not religious"
The lovely Holy Ground by as sung by
I observe EVERYTHING that makes people happy. Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan, Easter, Superbowl rings, etc.
not saying it like that just everytime I ask someone what it's about no one can explain. And Rosh Hashanah is New Years for us
easy now Jewy! Don't see me throwing shade at your people during Rosh Hashanah
Why does my work only offer holiday pay on CHRISTIAN HOLIDAYS? It would be cool to see something for Yom Kippur, rosh hashanah etc
For those counting on a Rosh Hashanah Rapture: If Rosh Hashanah can only be heralded by a sighted New Moon, then...
Finished second seder and sat down in rapt anticipation of the tape of getting our first win. May have to wait till Rosh Hashanah.
What's the next feast day to be fulfilled? Feast of Trumpets. Yom Teruah. Same time as Rosh Hashanah. What's my point?
Blood Moons, Rapture and the Feast of Trumpet (Rosh Hashanah) - Perry Stone. 2015 is a critical year
Jews in New York City observe Rosh Hashanah and the beginning of the year 5694 HD Stock Footage
He sends $100 billion to Israel. It’s like the end of Sneakers but for Christian kids from Atlanta who celebrate Rosh Hashanah.
I added a video to a playlist Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem
Agreed.I've gone to Rosh Hashanah a few times.I was struck by the concept of self forgiveness as a means to achieve spiritual goals.
NBA making a much bigger deal about Chinese New Year than, say, Rosh Hashanah...or Black History Month. I wonder why.
Who fancies joining me on Only morning of Erev Rosh Hashanah but what better way to close 5775!
Hamilton Collection
Loved your GOOP Rosh Hashanah recipes! Loving your site! :) L'Shana Tova!
For Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur I always gave up gossip :)
Ha amet rosh hashanah is approaching...
Ahh yes, forgot! Fixed the issue with Mid-Autumn Holiday in trade for Rosh Hashanah.
nope they scheduled that right in the middle of Rosh Hashanah
I I have this fantasy that Chinese New Year involves Asian families eating pastrami sandwiches at Katz's like some bizarro Rosh Hashanah
You may have found the all time multicultural win: Repurposing old Rosh Hashanah jokes for Chinese New Year.
hello, this would kill at Rosh hashanah time!
Start the High Holidays off Right With a Rosh Hashanah Version of "Get Lucky"
Band-Aid would be putting out their 50th song "Do they Know It's Rosh Hashanah?"
"I gave up soda for Lent. You coming to my Rosh Hashanah party?"
it's alright, I missed Rosh Hashanah last year. Happy new year!
Amy led us in ruach-filled Rosh Hashanah services, and will bring the same feeling back for Feb 6/7 Shabbat services!
The first New Year was celebrated 4,000 years by the ancient Babylonians. The top three places to celebrate New Year’s Eve are Las Vegas, Disney World and of course, New York City. Internationally, one of the biggest celebrations is in Sydney, Australia. More than 80,000 fireworks are set off from Sydney Harbour Bridge. The tradition has continued in Times Square, except for in 1942 and 1943. The ball was not lowered because of wartime restrictions. In Italy, people wear red underwear on New Year’s Day to bring good luck all year long. In Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico, some families stuff a large doll, which is called Mr. Old Year, with memories from the past year. They also dress him in clothes from the outgoing year. At midnight, he is set ablaze, thus burning away the bad memories. Chinese New Year is celebrated the second full moon after the winter solstice. Jewish New Year is called Rosh Hashanah. Apples and honey are traditionally eaten. In ancient Rome the new year began on March 1. Using a ba ...
WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON? Well, here I am again! Not even a month has gone by and I feel the need to pull out the old soapbox once more and take a stand. Let me begin by first saying that we all have our own opinions and, in America, we have an equal right to express our thoughts without fear of compromise. It’s called “Freedom of Speech”. With that being said, I want to wish everyone … Merry Christmas! That’s right! Merry Christmas … not Happy Holidays! December 25th is Christmas Day, not Holiday Day. Since the early to mid-4th century, we have been commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ on this day. The word “Christmas” literally means “Christ’s Mass” which refers to the Lord’s Last Supper, thought to be the most important event in Jesus Christ’s life. Recently, a school board in Maryland adopted a policy to remove all religious references from their calendar beginning next year. This includes not only Christmas and Easter, but Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. I ...
Happy And remember, Sarah Palin is still on hold waiting to speak to Rosh Hashanah.
Bowing to Muslim pressure, Christmas and Easter have been stricken from next year’s school calendar in Montgomery County. So have Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. Pressure Forces Montgomery School Board To Remove References To Christmas And Easter -... Montgomery’s Board of Education voted 7 to 1 Tuesday to eliminate references to all religious holidays on the published calendar for 2015-2016, a decision that...
Rosh Hashanah sermon Rabbi Shalom Lewis, Atlanta, Georgia-Ehr Daw 2014 - Given on Rosh Hashanah, 5775 I thought that maybe I'd start with a rendition of Paul McCartney's plaintive masterpiece "Yesterday"... "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay, oh I believe in yesterday" - but then I thought, too romantic. And then I thought, how about the favorite classic we all learned as children - "Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques, Dormez-vous, Dormez-vous, Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines, Ding Daing Dong, ding daing dong. Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother John, Brother John" but then I said to myself...too French Perhaps the story of Chicken Little - "The sky is falling. The sky is falling" and I thought, getting closer but too childish. What about Santayana's "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Maybe, but too philosophical. And then I remembered Joseph Conrad's sadly, cynical observation - - "The belief in a supernatural ...
Rosh Hashanah' is the new year's day of which communities?. A. Jews B. Muslims. C. Hindus D. Shinto
Between January 1st, back to school, and Rosh Hashanah, I feel like I am constantly starting a new year. Lotta fresh starts f…
Abuja - Ever wondered why you throw salt over your shoulder or why you should never eat the last piece of cake? Superstitions are as old as the human race, and many of them revolve around food. Many of these beliefs make little sense and are born out of a fear for the unknown and a belief in magic and chance. Here's a look at 13 food superstitions: 1) Garlic Garlic is not just great to spice up your food and ward off colds - it also wards off bad spirits. If you want to prevent someone from giving you the Evil Eye and bestowing bad luck on you, you should always carry some garlic in your pockets. Garlic is also a powerful deterrent for demons, werewolves and vampires. To protect yourself from vampires, wear bulbs of garlic around your neck, hang it in windows, rub it on chimneys and keyholes or place wreaths of garlic over your doors. To protect your newborn baby from evil spirits, hang some garlic in the room. 2) Salt Spilling salt is considered very unlucky. This is probably due to the fact that it was ...
Thanks My precious child, I want to wish you a Shana Tova, a sweet new year, and share with you a few things that I think you need you to know. When I look at you I see something very different than what you see when you look in the mirror. You see yourself as you are now. But when I look at you I see who you can become. My primary goal is to help you grow from where you are now to where I know you can be. Sometimes you are already challenging yourself and pushing yourself to become that person that I created you to become. So I just watch, with great nachas, and gently guide you in that direction. I orchestrate the events and experiences of your day-to-day life to ensure the maximum possibility of your achievement of that goal. Other times, I have to present you with challenges and hurdles in order to convert your potential greatness into actualized excellence. I know that those moments are sometime painful, but if I don’t challenge you then you will never actualize your potential. Please reme ...
Two recipes to add a twist to traditional Rosh Hashanah dinner
BB Gunman Fires at Jews in Baltimore on Rosh HaShanah -
Rabbi Josh Stanton alluded to as something that can permeate our and our in... http:/…
I added a video to a playlist What Makes Rosh Hashanah Beautiful
Rosh Hashanah was a disaster this year, by the way.
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