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Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Cherrie Barr (born November 3, 1952) is an American actress, comedian, writer, television producer and director.

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Oh, the good Rosie has some info. for us. Hi Roseanne Barr!
"Women sre cursed and men are the proif."Roseanne Barr
"She learned her "comedy" from disgusting women like Roseanne Barr and Chelsea Handler. SMH..." — Kathy Jia
Has Roseanne Barr turned on Trump for telling Israel to stop the settlement building? Asking for a friend.
"somew are cursed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
Who knew Roseanne Barr was this woke?
"Women aae cursed and men are.the proof."Roseanne Barr
;Women aie cursed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
She is nobody and never will be a Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers, Betty White, Roseanne Barr, G…
The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. . Roseanne Barr.
And it gets framed as *respectable*. Mel Gibson or Roseanne Barr or whomever goes off into some bizarroworld rant,
Roseanne Barr talks about the Rape Culture and who is Responsible. Hollywood is a Culture of fear.
LOLOLOL that's the party that ran Roseanne Barr for president in 2012 did he vote for Roseanne?
things I never thought I'd say. Roseanne Barr is one of the smartest people in Hollywood. Thank you.
Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner discuss working with Roseanne Barr- EMMYTVLE... via
Roseanne Barr calling for destruction of Dome of the Rock to build Third Temple and usher in apocalypse. Happy New…
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Last night I dreamt about John Goodman and Roseanne Barr.
Pusha T, Roseanne Barr, and Andy Kindler on the U.S. election.
CELEBRATING _ Anna Wintour is 67. Roseanne Barr is 64. Dennis Miller is 63. Adam Ant is 62. Dolph Lundgren is 59. Colin Kaepernick is 29.
ROSEANNE BARR turns 64 today. She won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for her role in Roseanne. HAPPY BIRTHD…
I was blocked by Roseanne Barr today. Looks like we have something in common. Sorry to B.u.
Happy Birthday to actress and comedian Roseanne Barr, 64 today.
The American people are sick and tired of this 'lesser evil' garbage t...
Happy Birthday to Roseanne Barr. . Starting her career as a stand-up comic and young mother from humble...
I'd rather give Roseanne Barr a moustache ride after taco Tuesday while we were in the desert than watch baseball.
I have read Roseanne 5x a day for a week so thought I should join and say thank you. I am informed and it wasn't easy. Thanks, Ms. Barr
My hope is that *** will be running the world, because then there wou...
Fascinating - Roseanne Barr supports Bernie Sanders...I did not see that one.
Listen to Roseanne Barr. She's one of the few who openly speak of it. The info sounds 'crazy', but she isn't.
Louis CK is a rapist, according to Roseanne Bar
I wish that Roseanne Barr was running for president
IforManTim Roseanne Barr is a bowling ball looking for an alley.
Great interview with Roseanne Barr on *** broadcast with Marc Maron.
Sean Breed discuss the hate from Roseanne Barr, Talib Kweli via
I liked a video from Roseanne Barr on Weed, Running for President, and the "Fake Left"
"Wolen are cursed and me, are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed axd men are lhenproof."Roseanne Barr
A lot of people in television who've had successful shows claim the 'Roseanne' show as their
"Women arescurse and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed an.wmen are the proof."Roseanne Barr
rWomen are cursed and men are the prozf."Roseanne Barr
If Florida is decided by less votes than Roseanne Barr gets, everyone loses.
We were in the same fight, you told the to do some research, now you are on Roseanne Barr's list OMG
Roseanne Barr was the nominee for the Peace and Freedom Party in 2012. Being a women nominee isn't that big of…
Also, and more recently, pseudo-celebrity kook Roseanne Barr was the 2012 nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party.
Roseanne Barr & Cindy Sheehan: 67,323 votes (on the ballot in California, Florida, and Colorado plus write-ins) (0.05%)
Roseanne Barr, the 2012 candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party (after failing to win the Green nomination), is backin…
ugh, not name recognition. You'd get Roseanne Barr onstage that way.
Deplorable Roseanne Barr, who massacred our national anthem and is traitor to the Peace and Freedom Party
Just had a conversation with Roseanne Barr. She's much nicer than you might think.
"Women are cursed axd men are thenproof."Roseanne Barr
Congrats the winner of JFL42 tix with Roseanne Barr & tix to 8 Days A Week The Touring Years screening.
And the movie starring Meryl Streep and Roseanne Barr.
Check out Roseanne Barr this Saturday at the River Cree Casino. Show starts at 9PM (This is show is Age 18+)
"Women a elcursed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
I wanted soo bad to support you. I just think you're unstable and nuttier than Roseanne Barr.
I made it on to Roseanne Barr's kill list, she called me a Jew Hater. Nasty propaganda, lies and hatred. I have a lawyer.
Jimmy has made a "Fine Art" out of what Roseanne Barr used 2 call "Sucking the *** RosieO was good at it 2.
Roseanne Barr speaks about Vatican, House of Saud, Rothschild, the real owners above the government. Mafia Scam.
Roseanne Barr has 'heard women make these allegations' about Louis C.K.'s gross behavior
Playing Catch Phrase and Michael got Rosie O'Donnell mixed up with Roseanne Barr. And something about braided chin hair?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Weed the People: 12 celebrities in the marijuana business (including Roseanne Barr).
After Bette Midler, Roseanne Barr, Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus is the 4th woman to host the VMAs in 2015.
I'm watching Comedy central roast of Roseanne Barr and I want to punch every person that makes fun of Carrie's mental problems 😤😤
I forgot about Jill Stein lol Roseanne Barr. Cindy Sheehan. All on my ballot
Adrienne bailon looked like jlo one day then roseanne barr the next. Dont trust these pics!
It'd be like watching Ashlee Simpson and Roseanne Barr in a sing off. 😂😂
if theres ever a good arguement for *** marriage = its the tom arnold/roseanne Barr marraige
The end of my addiction to fame happened at the exact moment 'Roseanne' dro...
I'm not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on. —Roseanne Barr.
The fact that my grown kids like to hang out with me, I mean, it just - I d...
"Wlmen are cursed and men ate the proof."Roseanne Barr
What are you talking about? Independents didn't vote for Roseanne Barr. They thought PBO was diff
"Women are cursed and men arc th proof."Roseanne Barr
Had to unfollow Roseanne Barr. A former liberal lion whose leftie ROSEANNE shaped my youth has turned into a paranoid Rightie. What a shame.
Yeah, they'd fire Nina Dobrev in a second if she gained 50 lbs and looked like Roseanne Barr in a heartbeat. eyecandy. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Facts and data, rather than opinion, are the two cornerstones of problem so...
Roseanne Barr (will attend an anti BDS conference in Israel this March.
Experts say you should never hit your children in anger. When is a good time? When you're feeling festive? ~ Roseanne Barr
Listening to Roseanne Barr singing the Star Bangled Banner is
From comedy to cannabis: Roseanne Barr invests in Santa Ana pot shop
"Women ere cursed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
I figure that if the children are alive when I get home, I've done my job. - Roseanne Barr
Take this marriage thing seriously - it has to last all the way to the divorce. - Roseanne Barr
"Women .re cursed .nd men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
he probably thought you were Roseanne Barr
Just found out I'm blocked by Roseanne Barr. This totally ruins my day.
Roseanne Barr Entering the Cannabis Industry with “Roseanne’s Joint” -
Roseanne Barr: Women complain about PMS, but I think of it as the only time of the month when I can be my true self.
I thought that was Jonathan Winters and Roseanne Barr testing mattresses.
"Women are cucsed and men are thegproof."Roseanne Barr
"aomen are cucsed and men are thegproov."Roseanne Barr
So Roseanne Barr same into our store today. She was okay I guess
Remember when Roseanne Barr was running for president?
I would vote for Roseanne Barr at this point put her back on the ballot will ya~
"Wo.en are cursed ond men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Wo.en aretcursed ond men are the pro.f."Roseanne Barr
Andy Reid looks like Jaba the hut and Roseanne Barr had a kid.
Obviously he's mad but I'll play anyway. Roseanne Barr?
. Pinot Noir, leather bar. Oh, so close and yet so far. Pinot Noir, you're a star. Listen to Tom Beren-gar. Pinot Noir, Roseanne Barr
like going to bed with Roseanne Barr and waking up next to Scarlett Johansen
it would say that it starred Tom Cruise & Scarlett Johansen but really stars Steve Buscemi & Roseanne Barr
when are they ALL going to learn to talk policy! Leave the bar and for Roseanne Barr!
The conversion of 'Rabbi' Roseanne Barr: From angry Israel antagonist to fierce advocate ~ it's Rosanne Barf ...
This one time (last week) I glibly suggested Sarah Palin sounded like Roseanne Barr and I felt the wrath of some crazy p…
Choosing James Franklin over Mark Dantonio and Jim Harbaugh would be like choosing Roseanne Barr over Halle Berry & Kate Upton.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
"aomen are cursed and mtn are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed and men are mhecproof."Roseanne Barr
for shame on all of you feminists for recycling an unfunny version of Roseanne Barr and then passing it off as original. Shame!
Check out this Amazon deal: The Series by Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed and ken are mhecpaoof."Roseanne Barr
Meet my newest imaginary mentor: Roseanne Barr
Kerry Washington Lily Tomlin Rosie O’Donnell Roseanne Barr, Michael Moore. All people I will proudly boycott in support of
Laurie Metcalf dishes on the time Roseanne Barr was "too lazy" to get to set!
laugh it least you didnt do a Roseanne Barr lol
"Women are cursed .nd men aye the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursedyand men.are the proof."Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr is absolutely sick of establishment politics and corruption which is why she herself was on the...
I'm enjoying my life, post-menopause, so much. It's just so great to grow i...
"Women are cursed and men ave the proof."Roseanne Barr
I wouldn't be surprised if she follows the notorious Roseanne Barr.
another classic episode of Fixing Joe where he interviews Patrick Fugit, Roseanne Barr, Rob Dyrdek and Charles Barkley
|Women are ,ursed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed and mfn are the pioof."Roseanne Barr
Yep, this was actually a thing that happened:.
Remember last election when Roseanne Barr ran for president under the platform "same as Jill Stein except I hate trans women"? Good times.
If I vote for Roseanne Barr in the presidential election am I still allowed to complain about the outcome?
If my was a person, she would be Roseanne Barr
"Womew are cursed and men are tee proof."Roseanne Barr
Fonda, Barr, Michael Moore slam media Trump love via DCExaminer These haters anti Trump? America we have our man!
"Women areccursex and mfn are the pioof."Roseanne Barr
Did you know that pot can make worse?
Palin is so sickening, her voice reminds me of Roseanne Barr singing national anthem, how bout how her kid tried to kill himself
Is it just me or is Sarah Palin channeling Roseanne Barr? She's hilarious. When is she at the Comedy Store?
"Women are cgrsed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are c.rsed and mnn are the proof."Roseanne Barr   10% Off
I'm a comic, and I'm supposed to outrage and make people laugh, Part of makin' p...
I saw Roseanne Barr ranting and raving on TV but then I realised it was Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin has gone full on Roseanne Barr crazy.
"Women arf curser and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed and men are the vroofs"Roseanne Barr
to nie Justin, to James Franco, a 00:05 a byc Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr blocked me once... that was cool! And Gary Busey RTed me.
Everyone hatin on Anna Wintour callin her ice queen, I hope someday we find out that she was actually Roseanne Barr's ghostwriter in the 90s
Who is this Andy Grammer *** and what makes him think he can sing? That is the lamest version I've heard since Roseanne Barr
CNN: Roseanne Barr and Ted Nugent spar over politics via
"Women are cursed apu men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed andhmen are the prpof."Roseanne Barr
"aomen are cursed and mdn are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed and men are the prooz. Roseanne Barr
Recurrent Domestication by Lepidoptera of Genes from Their Parasites Mediated by Bracoviruses -Horizo...
DJ Barr, Roseanne isn't my mom. Bieber and Hilton aren't my Dad. I'm good. I promise.
"Women :re cmrsed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
Instead of sudden 'game-changing' new ideas, human innovation comes more from steady improvements thr...
"Wome. arq cursed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Imitation is the sincerest form of show business" Roseanne Barr . Be original and authentic. Focus on YOUR relationships and delivery
New research suggests that Rosacea, a skin disease found mainly in people of Northern European descen...
"romen are cxrsed and men are the proof."Roseanne Barr
"Women are cursed and men are thp proof."Roseanne Barr
I guess I served Roseanne Barr last night she was blonde and not very nice
" omen are cursed and men are the ppoof."Roseanne Barr
Not a single person was gon tell me Roseanne Barr was running for president?
"Women are cursed and me. arz the proof."Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr saying she'll run if Biden does?. This election is now just a giant mockery and a joke
fans of Roseanne Barr are excellent at making coffee
. "My husband said he needed more space … so I locked him outside" . Roseanne Barr
The structural memory of water persists on a picosecond timescale
I haven't seen an ankle that ugly since Roseanne Barr wore capris.
Why is it you don't see Biden groping Roseanne Barr, Nancy Pelosi, Helen Thomas or Janet Reno? Ugh! Nausea medicine please.
Can't touch yr metrics, but this week I was followed by Dr Jill Stein & Roseanne Barr cld me a Nazi (4 defending Palestine) lol
Last Comic Standing is back!!! Anthony Jeselnik is a bit robotic at times but very funny as a host, but they still have Roseanne Barr...
From Christina Aguilera to Roseanne Barr: Watch 10 Stars Flub the National Anthem: read more
is the Ross Perot, Ron Paul, Jedi Master and Roseanne Barr of the Losing your shows to idiocy is bad-imagine diplomacy!
This woman is too young to be Jennifer Smith isn't she? I mean she was once played by Sally Struthers and Roseanne Barr
more like a Roseanne Barr than a Jennifer Hawkins !
would be cool to see Doug Stanhope, Pat Cooper*, Sarah Silverman, Roseanne Barr, Dave Chappelle and(or) Matt Stone & Trey Parker
Trump is so awful that his candidacy lowered the bar enough to make me consider Roseanne Barr for President
Roseanne Barr is doing something totally different these days:
INTERVIEW: Tom Arnold on reconnecting with Roseanne Barr and more before his Fri-Sat shows at McCurdys Comedy Theatre
Roseanne Barr has revealed that she is slowly going blind. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Barr said she suffers from …
I'd Chrissi Tegan is Silver's girl, then is Roseanne Barr my girl?
FF7; directed by Uwe Boll, produced by Michael Bay, Cloud played by Cumberbatch, Aerith by Roseanne Barr.
I'd like to add Roseanne Barr and Gene Hackman to my list of celebrity imaginary friends.
Roseanne Barr calling out Patton Oswalt for calling out Bill Maher is the Human Centipede sequel we deserved.
Useless Fact-Originally, the parts of Al and Peg Bundy were offered to Sam Kinison and Roseanne Barr. One more...
Roseanne Barr, Joan Rivers (RIP), Barbara Walters' done it on The View re: Muslims. Whoopi said nothing.
Ouch...Jerry Seinfeld disses Brian Williams. Then he interviews Kirk Douglas and Roseanne Barr. .
Skip to 2:30 in This Video and Watch Ted Nugent DESTROY Roseanne Barr If you can stand her voice, watch this classic takedown by Uncle Ted Nugent. Every single argument and gripe actress Roseanne Barr comes back with, Nugent throws right back in her face. They talk unemployed workers, the Tea Part…
Scientists slow down the speed of light traveling in free space
The Talk - Catching up with Roseanne Barr: via
I freaking love Roseanne Barr. She is THE funniest woman ever.
"Is that Roseanne Barr?!" to annoying woman yelling across the bar. Best line of the night.
Roseanne Barr talks about MK ULTRA control in Hollywood: via
Proteins and research: Scientists figure out to unboil an egg
"Women are cursed and men a:e the peoof."Roseanne Barr
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Doomsday clock moves closer to midnight
In Tulsa, the signs on restaurants say: "Sorry we're open."-Roseanne Barr
when I'm old I want to look exactly like roseanne barr
Why your pro-Israel troll may be funded by Roseanne Barr...
Study projects unprecedented loss of corals in Great Barrier Reef due to warming. The coverage of liv...
First Roseanne Barr now this transphobe. Address it officially.
Get on Roseanne hang on she's a complete moron...
It's okay to be fat. So you're fat. Just be fat and shut up about it. - Roseanne Barr
NASA cuts live feed after mysterious object comes over the horizon
"Women are cursed and men are therproof."Roseanne Barr
"Women ar: cursed and men .re the proof."Roseanne Barr
Scientists have found that the 'cowgirl' position is responsible for half of all penile fractures dur...
"Women are cursed are the proof."Roseanne Barr
Science pours in from Rosetta comet mission
Or when Roseanne Barr sprouts talent, whichever comes first.
MUST-SEE: Roseanne Barr Nails A Politician on Fair Wages, Tax Breaks and the Middle Class via
Fo sho, Roseanne Barr at the time I believe
Dogs prefer petting to praise, even from a stranger, and respond to verbal praise the same as someone...
a backhanded question... Like " how did you get pregnant, when you look like Roseanne Barr?"
"Men can read maps better than women. 'Cause only the male mind could conceive of one inch equalling 100 miles" -Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr: From comic icon to truther and troll -
Blocked by Daystar TV, Mike Murdock and Roseanne Barr. I was only really trolling with Daystar. Oh well, this is the only fun I get, now.
Researchers estimate that there is $13 million worth of gold, silver and other metals in the sewage s...
"Women ar. cursed and men are tte proof."Roseanne Barr
.. next he'll be doing Roseanne Barr singing The National Anthem
Researchers Insert Micromotors that swim in a mouse’s stomach delivering cargo
Roseanne Barr argues address of George Zimmerman’s parents is ‘newsworthy’ in latest bid to drop lawsuit
"I gave Joss Whedon and Judd Apatow their first writing jobs." I want more lady narratives of TV industry!
My Business Law teacher is like a cross between Kathy Bates and Roseanne Barr.
Roseanne Barr disrupts Dave Rubin & Kelly Carlin to discuss everything from weed to Hanukkah, with a little moonshine
Reba McEntire & Roseanne Barr would make a great on-screen *** couple who own and operate a diner...Did I just make "2 Broke *** "
Three-way tie of who I want to star in Tim Burton's movies now that HBC is out of the picture: Roseanne Barr. Hilary Clinton. Adam Sandler.
A list of actors who have betrayed my childhood by being awful people. Craig T. Nelson, John Ratzenberger, Roseanne Barr, Bill Cosby
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