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Rose West

Rosemary Pauline Rose West (née Letts) (born on the 29th of November, 1953, in Barnstaple, Devon) is a British serial killer, now an inmate at HMP Low Newton, Brasside, Durham, after being convicted of 10 murders in 1995. Her husband Fred, who committed suicide in prison while awaiting trial, is believed to have collaborated with her in the torture and murder of at least 10 young women, many at the couple's home in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England.

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I would rather Rose West becoming Prime Minister than spurs being prem champions.
Woody Allen feels sorry for Harvey Weinstein. In other news, Rose West thinks Ian Huntley could do with a hug.
Let's put hot tubs in Ian Huntley and Rose West cell's, how about a course of botox for J…
Take whatever she says with a pinch of salt!! Relationship guru?? Rather get advice from Fred n Rose West!!
Arlene Foster teaming up with Theresa May is the worst double act since Fred and Rose West.
I'd rather have Fred & Rose West as child minders whilst I went down the shops to buy a Rolf Harris painting than vote Corbyn
"Resurrect Harold Shipman, and put Fred and Rose West in charge of ministry of population control"
Its easy to find him.. He's visiting rapists.. Next he will be visiting Rolf Harris and Rose West.
Rose West slams Karen Matthews for being a bad parent! Shocking crime exclusive only in
Satanist Angela Merkel visits the homes of killers like Fred and Rose West. via
Nicky Byrne and Amanda Byram have the chemistry of a young Fred and Rose West
If I could have the perfect documentary it would be Louis Theroux going into the jail and interviewing Rose West
team with Goku, derrick rose, jerry west, Dwight Howard, and jerry west
A Rose in the Twilight Heading West for Vita and Steam: NIS Americe have announced that Rose to Tasogare no Kujou…
Nope. Rose Bowl Stadium was built in '23. The '02 game was the "Tournament East–West Football Game". M's 1st Rose Bowl - '48.
It's been a tough week and I need soul sustenance. Hence Ben and jerrys cookie dough mixed with m&ms and a west coa…
The idea of there being a west end youth gang amuses me profoundly. Hurling avocado's. Tanning bottles of rosé.
"Appropriate Adult" was such a brilliant reconstruction. Insane how alike the actors look to fred & rose west. Creepy!
How I would like to see Spurs lineup against West Ham. . Lloris. Dier-Wimmer-Vertonghen. Walker-Dembélé-Wanyama-Rose. Eriksen-Kane-Son.
I was running towards the sun. I couldn't see. And a eagle swooped out of the glare and flew over me and went towards West. Keep running..
A Rose in the Twilight Game Heads West on PS Vita, PC: Puzzle platformer slated for spring 2017……
A Rose in the Twilight Coming West in Spring 2017 for PSV and PC
Residents attending St Margaret's police meeting at Twick tonight - this is in the West Stand: entry via Rose & Poppy Gates
A Rose in the Twilight Coming West for PS Vita in Spring 2017!
5 year olds over west be having in full weaves and be having on whole RawbQ outfits
The latest podcast... presented and produced by me.
Tumble Tops make their west coast debut at Designer Con with a Rose inspired colorway for the…
A West Virginia nonprofit director was fired after calling Michelle Obama an "ape in heels.". in
We head West! Joe Rose joins us from California with a Dolphins report, we preview the matchup vs. Rams LISTEN- 560AM, 96.5 FM HD2.
West Virginia Mayor that made racist remarks about Michelle Obama resigns from her position
Snag your wifey a Nine West Rose Gold watch for only $30, 25% off:
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The new Walks Around Britain podcast is available now featuring the -
Global Terrorism Index says that terrorism deaths in West rose 650% in 2015
2014 when called Fred and Rose West his parents 😂
I reckon id rather have Rose West as a mother than Katie Hopkins
*** Hunt.scarier proposition than being the 5th guest on come dine with me starring Fred & Rose West, Ian Bra…
Gordon Burn book about Fred & Rose West is brilliant and horrific but might be a bit too much for 16? Still haunts me.
Who will be left to photoshop Nigel Farage, Harvey Price, Purple Aki, Rose West & Jimmy Savile into group photos during…
Next series of Eggheads: Peter Sutcliffe, Ian Brady, Rose West and the Cambridge Rapist.
I thought your gang is Ian Brady, Rose West and Peter Sutcliffe.
What people do in their own homes is their own business. Unless it's Fred & Rose West, Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and others
'Curry's too hot' Tough lags at notorious Rose West jail moan about quality of food
-for good things or bad things: Florence Nightingale vs. Rose West? Other colour: Imelda Marcos
Rose West was a mother. Giving birth is not what makes an individual woman great.
New update at This time: Daily Fail, Rose West, TV cliches, Kim Jong Un, Chris Evans and more EU Referendum. Enjoy!
Zoe Lyons. "I went on a girls' night out recently. The invitation said 'dress to kill'. I went as Rose West."
The Wicked West of Cromwell Street: The Lives of Serial Killers Fred and Rose West by Jack Smith
Fred and Rose West's paedophile friends David and Pauline Williams' Devon garden dug up
Fred and Rose West are trending, who would be an improvement on the current Republican candidates.
Apart from Fred and Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe, the moors murderers, Robert Black...
22 years on from her first arrest, read the full crime file of Rose West here:
1972: Fred and Rose West got married. Rose gave birth to their second daughter, Mae, that same year.
the Fred and Rose West of the defending world
I think they're the new Fred and Rose West and should not be trusted.
Keeley Hawes there >. with dark hair - channeling a latter-day Myra Hindley or a glamorous Rose West.
Isn't one of them Myra Hindley? and I'm sure I can see Rose West too.
Father's horror as kids live with paedo son of Fred and Rose West. via
Kanye West and Amber Rose were once engaged but then he clenched up and took the ring back.
There's a confusing twist to the Amber Rose and Kanye West saga -
Israel razes two Palestinian homes in West Bank
:msigh I'm probably going to be sleeping. *shakes fist @ west coast time zone* *shakes other fist @ working early*
I believe Amber Rose. You still find the need to address it. How many fingers does it take to satisfy your *** lol
Kanye West takes on Taylor Swift, Amber Rose and the "disrespect" in the music industry:
Kanye West denies Amber Rose's claims as he debuts new song live
Is Kim Kardashian only staying with Kanye West out of fear?
Kanye West goes on wild rant against Amber Rose: her fingers were never in my butt — watch https…
The West is about to make the same mistake in Libya that it made in Iraq and Syria, argues
Rose City Classic is moving along with Nacogdoches and Sulphur Springs in the fifth inning. Lee and Beaumont West Brook first pitch 7:45.
While cleaning up in the west, we saw this...a desert rose. My community is often called a desert..
Nice to hear the thoughts of General Rose after being wrongly included in Cams sham EU letter
Great recommendations for West Colfax from Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use today! Thanks to & expert panel!
She ropes with the best.. CHEROKEE ROSE by Judy Alter
YOU'RE MISSING IT!. Captain Mike Weinhofer from Compass Rose Charters out of Key West is on stage now at Cudjoe...
The next season of Serial should be about whether or not Amber Rose stuck her fingers in Kanye West's ***
Just seen this! Tough one, but I'd say Rose's Turn (Gypsy), At the Ballet (A Chorus Line) and I'm Changing (Dreamgirls).
lol that video of Kanye West saying his wife got Amber Rose apologizing... They are all lame!
I feel blessed if the sun rose up from the west.Flower bomb perfume All my clothes smell like you cause your favorite shade is navy blue🎶😻
Kanye West addressing what Amber Rose said about sticking fingers up his *** & liking it in LA
Fred and Rose West sexually abused and killed at least 12 girls, including their own daughters, in their own home. http…
Yep, Tony Blair & Fred West: one was a brutal murderer. And the other one married Rose West;)
Even if they are not *** Karla Homolka, Rose West, even Susan Atkins in a way.
Eh, Kanye West is way more arrogant than Bowie ever was. Part of me wants to compare him to Axl Rose, but that seems a bit off.
I added a video to a playlist Fred & Rose West | SERIAL KILLER FILES
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are surely the most dangerous double act since Fred and Rose West.
Lily Rose Depp and Vanessa Paradis in jeans out in West Hollywood
Donald Trump &. Sarah Palin - the most dangerous couple Fred and Rose West!! 🙊
Trump and Palin,the Fred and Rose West,the Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee,the *** Dastardly and Muttley of US Politics.
Can we take a sec to realize that Charlie Rose looks like mayor Adam West from Family Guy!
4 Martingale West (Rose Hill Plantation) $139000: Privacy abounds with moss-draped oaks and mature trees on th...
Fire on the 600 block or Rose Street. Traffic blocked headed that way. Caller said Hwy. 16 looks open. Or West Ave.
team with jared west, Dwight Howard, derrick rose, larry bird, and Mario
Get your iPhone insurance today!
mate you're too nice for the Fred and Rose West banter
As Kanye West is going to cover David Bowie, I'd like to announce my plan to cover Kanye West. Specifically, his mouth. Wit…
"Palin backs Trump" - Aaaw what a lovely partnership, however I think I'd rather have Fred and Rose West over for dinner...
Kanye West's cousin is gonna do for Swish what Amber Rose did for MBDTF
.Sigh, Thorin is such a powerful cultural figure. If he said the sun rose in the west and set in the east...
Up next, the sun rose in the east today. What are the chances it sets in the west? Watch us tonight at 11 as we follow this developing story
looking forward to that about as much as I would do a game of strip twister with Rose and Fred West
There's movie magic taking place in Key West - at the end of an alley is where the daily video highlights are...
Red Carpet From the VMA’s 2015 : Kim K, Amber Rose, Kanye West… ff for more
team with Shaq O'Neal, chris bosh, derrick rose, jerry west, and wade carnes
It's quiet on here is everyone at Rose West backgammon club
"If Kim wanted me when I wanted her there'd be no amber rose". -Kanye west
Mt. Rose is hosting a USSA Far West U14 race on Jan 23/24. We need volunteers. Go to NYSEF's FB page for more info.
Number of deer killed in West Virginia last year rose 32 percent compared with 2014:
Found an article showing more of Janet's life prior to Fred West's involvement and how sick Rose truly was.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Raping couples:. Paul and Karla Bernardo. Fred and Rose West. Bill and Camille Cosby. Bill and
Pete Rose's new autograph style. all time hits leader and non HOF'er obviously trying to make a point.
Charity Dog Walk - Join Rose & Crown and Barking Mad to raise funds for West Yorkshire Dog Rescue. .
From our issues page:. Peace Now -- Eisenhower was Right. Dwight David Eisenhower rose from West Point to our...
Tomorrow is the first day of the Rose City Classic Dog Show. It's the largest dog show series on the west coast!...
The sun rose over West Wales this morning and is still in the sky. First day without rain clouds for weeks.
Birmingham crime expert: Becky Watts killers could have been new Fred and Rose West
Keri Hilson x Kanye West - knock you down. Was our morning pick me up with my sisters Thandeka and Rose.
no plans for MOSS ROSE pitch inspection vs 2R replay tonight
Looks like has been reading He's taken 's advice! .
The West Genesee Central School District will be closed today, Tuesday, January 19th, 2016. This includes Holy Family.
team with max burton, derrick rose, jerry west, Russell westbrook, and batman
. Mysterious? That's Rose West innit and she's banged up.
Ethel Rose had the best catering staff! We enjoyed our time in Philadelphia and west Chester…
Johnny Depp's daughter Lily Rose hits the shops with mother Vanessa Paradis in ... - Daily Mail
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Strippers getting invited to places they used to get hired at" - Kanye West . . **side eyes amber rose**
Only one that's not happy to have a rose. . …
Kolkata hit-and-run: Another arrest in IAF corporal's death case.
Kimberly girls shut down Appleton West Appleton Post Crescent Kimberly's defense rose to the occasion…
NEW Fred & Rose: The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House o -
Kanye West throws shade to Amber Rose on new song "No More Parties In LA"
Listen to reference his family, & Amber Rose on his new song with https:…
Myra Hindley and a teenage Rose West, cor blimey
The pair of them a proper creepy,like Fred and Rose West creepy.
literally me too! I remember I got excited thinking Fred&Rose West killed in Cromwell road in was Gloucester 😒
Ima be kissing on her head like Kanye west did Amber rose
maybe there will be something on about Fred and Rose West so you can make a night of it.
Nothing like AFC West rivalry games...especially when they're at Mile High!!!
ugh Matthew west informed me and now I am sad
him & Rose West taking in a tour of old Gloucester haunts as she regales us with anecdotes of the scrapes she & Fred got into
"As after sunset fadeth in the West," - Sonnet 73
I know where it is...Asian too...Iran...South the map is like a cat😁
Also someone's parents who were big fans (Fred & Rose West) and someone's grandad with dementia (Jeremy Corbyn).
Ha ha he's brilliant. He rt'd a pic of Fred and Rose West after a guy told him they'd died in a car crash
📷 Looks like in this Tom is getting closer with Edith’s coworker…seems to be his new love...
📷 What???! No…. Who is that??? No… I guess that Tom during this Christmas Special comes...
Dominic West as a Naboo guard? Actors you forgot were in Star Wars films
team with damian lillard, derrick rose, Shaq O'Neal, david west, and Anthony davis
Dominic West as a Naboo guard and other actors you forget were in Star Wars films
This time next week I'll be walking the beach in Key West 👙🌊
team with derrick rose, Tim duncan, jerry west, Paul george, and dakota thompson
team with blake griffin, jared west, derrick rose, Anthony davis, and Tim duncan
West 5, East 3. Plymouth, Wallace-Rose Hill and Rocky Mount get state championships in the East. Great game by JHR to come close to even.
team with stewie, puss n boots, derrick rose, Paul george, and jerry west
With 2 to go at championships. East 3. West 3. Congrats Rocky Mount, Wallace-Rose Hill, Plymouth
says has failed in Really? Home support rose, forgotten, forced 2 talk https:…
Miranda Kerr reveals off her fantastic pins in rose gown in Tokyo... -
I’ll need to give it another go. Tried before & it was 3 guys reading Wikipedia & swearing for an hour (Fred/Rose West episode).
Mr and Mrs Johnson. This will never happen. Rose West is more likely to win Woman of the Year...
Becky Watts' killers are like Fred and Rose West, professor reveals
Please help fill the bosses office till 2 PM today stop on by with Penn West, 4H Alberta, Wild Rose school...
I hope this bodes well for the Waltham arts scene; the time's right for things to happen. Gotta get active.
Rather have rose west at left back than Danny Rose
Austin Rose Associates is hiring a - Music Clients - Central London, apply now!
Got ball no studs showing ... Yet rose gets slapped in his face and verts pushed done nothing... Now he misses west spam
Area 1st-round playoff games: Malvern at CAC, Arkadelphia at Helena-West Helena, McGehee at Glen Rose ... (cont.)
He said he received an offer to West Point on the Charlie Rose show. In those words. Such a liar.
Carson told Charlie Rose he was "offered full scholarship to West Point" but turned it down. Only way u can be offered is if u were accepted
Ben Carson was on Charlie Rose on Oct 9, & I watched the video & him saying "I was offered a full scholarship 2 West Pt."
If only Fred and Rose West would've been told they were being out of order. It all could've been avoided.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
ha! I'm sure she won't be a 'Second Hand Rose'! Its my absolute favourite show, I've waited years for it to be on the West End
The Rose Art Museum sprouts video gallery in Waltham
If Iowa wins 2 of 3, they are West Champs. If they win 3 of 4 they're likely in the Rose Bowl. If they win the next 4, they're in the CFP.
BUT, I listened to Charlie Rose interview Carson and he did say I got a scholarship to West Point. A LIE
Alabama makes a BIG statement by shutting down Leonard Fournette and LSU. Tide now controls SEC West destiny.
This is a parent’s worst NIGHTMARE. Kanye West makes an EMOTIONAL announcement about North… http…
Amber Rose during her Kanye West days is always a strong aesthetic to reference
Maryknoll is present at the Assembly 2015 Encountering Christ. Archdiocese of San Antonio. Yvonne Dilling and... https…
There was nothing on Vandenberg launch calendar. My friend saw the launch she said it rose out of water due west
yeah. When it rose up from the west and was smaller. Looked just like a meteor. Originally thought it was until it exploded.
Jojo, he is surely pathological if not a sociopath. He denied ever saying the crap about West Point. C Charlie Rose
I wonder if north west and amber rose kid gon b friends
Look at C.Rose interview .I thought he had formal offer.Oh no just some West Point guys saying the could get him an appointment.
The story now is it was not Westy but officials from West Point.This is third version.Check out Charlie Rose interview.
all the elite point guards are out west so don't expect many good performances from Rose this year.
Breast Cancer Awareness
How are Fred and Rose West these days? Doylum
They need to step up if they want to be the next Fred and Rose West
After a romantic evening last night watching a Fred + Rose West documentary and I are watching a Harold Shipman doc
Is it just me who spends dreading the appearance of ITVs very own Fred and Rose West, Anna & Bates? Pair of miserable ***
There's a new food craze sweeping the nation and it's called lettuce and eggs. swears by it. So does Rose West.
Just 2 treacles off top of my head. Rose West with Myra Hindley even 🍆
. No for she didn't like the company she was keeping Rose West, Myra, Kate McCann know... 😂😂
Having watched Testament Of Youth last night, Alicia Vikander and Taron Egerton's movie parents played Fred and Rose West also
Yeah, Fred and Rose West were pretty chill.
.Split, split, and split again until WESTMINSTER THE ENEMY is as fine dust as Fred/Rose West's house
Go round and introduce your self as the neighbourhood Fred and Rose West.
That'd make us a worse couple than Fred and Rose West.
Fred West - Rose West - . 3 Wests who've disgraced themselves in the SW of England.
Rose West and Dave Lee Travis on a pikey site?
ENTERTAINMENT - Exclusive interview with Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston who star in new Rom-Com Fred & Rose West - The Wo…
Eva made a show of us screaming in Tesco before. Women were looking at us like we were Fred and Rose West.
Time team but with Fred and Rose West
Back in my call centre days, I served both a Fred and Rose West. You'd change your name!
Re: article in today's paper Emily Watson played Janet Leach and not Rose West in Appropriate Adult!
Spot the mistake - Emily Watson played the Appropriate Adult, not Rose West
you printed today on p13 that Emily Watson played Rose West in ITV's Appropriate Adult. No she didn't, that was Monica Dolan
Choosing between Rangers & Hibs is like choosing between Rose West & Maggie Thatcher.
A cross between Rose West and Bo Selecta from Shameless
Oh well, could have been worse. Her Nan could have been Rose West or Maggie Thatcher
Last time I was in a hospital waiting room I saw a lady who looked like Rose West, this time it's Alice Cooper
LITTLEDICK "they could invite the Yorkshire Ripper to represent the Lib Dems & Rose West could appear for the Greens"
Does simply being male and female guarantee that you will be good parents? Fred and Rose West fit those criteria.
Dot Branning being compared to Rose West...a bit to far don't you think ? 😂
Scratch that. Fred and Rose West. Lethal strike partnership. With Peter Sutcliffe sitting in behind doing bits and bobs.
I'm not saying that you can't criticize Cotton or West.
The final course of an exceptional vegetarian dinner at my new favorite resturant WALLSE in the west…
The feud between rapper Kanye West and his ex, Amber Rose takes a new turn as she has just disclosed one of his...
Technically, that would be rose west. Is this free speech, or just plain old scaremongering Tory guff.
Kimberly Rose Smith this is what I was talking about that we drove past this morning
"“Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian fight 😂 sad cos the other girl is…
The west playoff bracket go be something to watch fr 💯💯
difference is Rose West doesn’t have the power to fwith 55 million English people.
Pretty strong with Rose West still alive & all.
It's like they've never heard of Rose West. Classic scaremongering...
“Kanye West reveals that he and Drake are planning a joint album called "Wolves"
I dunno, I'd still trust her to feed the cat more than Rose West
I'm sure Rose West, Maxine Carr and Beverley Allitt would all disagree with that headline!!!
Dear Daily Mail,. Rose West tortured and killed 10 young women and will spend the rest of her life in jail.
It's like they've never heard of Rose West.
Kanye West can make anybody without talent famous . Exhibit 1: Amber Rose
Update your maps at Navteq
oh *** off Denise. You're about as popular as Rose West. Be quiet and bow down to Queen Hopkin…
Save The West Til Last - ITV2 follow Rose West's bid to be the 4th leg of a Prison 4x100m Relay Team
I'd definitely save a video of Rose West and Myra Hindley scissoring to my hard drive.
> Rose West, Myra Hindley and Maxine Carr. I'm really curious to hear a US perspective.
Rose West defo an anal girl, Leon Brittain's got nowt on her!
Still can't pull off that jack the lad banter schtick. Possibly because I look like a cross between Screech Powers, Dean Gaffney & Rose West
Irvine Welsh on Osborne 'ripping off' Trainspotting: I’d rather have Fred&Rose West quote my characters on childcare' ht…
Mentioning mass murderers Myra Hindley and Rose West and then describing Maxine Carr is "Britain's Most Hated woman" is very strange
'So what we gonny..' 'I don't care what you have to say I'm in my prime, Myra Hindley and Rose West in the same program yasss'
Rose West and Myra Hindley were tattoo free.
Rose West, Fred West, Peter Sutcliffe & Harold Shipman as a back four?
Don't even know why I'm still up when I gotta be at west by 9 😐
Canutillo is the New Pride of the West Side!
Great win tonight Keep bringing the support Wild West !!
West needs to have more Friday night games
I'm really not trying to be at west by 7 tomorrow.
- fun watching the east coast feed with you all! West coast -only 2 1/2 hrs to go! All new episode next Friday!!
Looking forward to the West Coast airing!
We are seeking volunteers to help plant trees on West Campus October 26, learn more:
I am sooo enjoying ALL the LOVE on my TL...can't wait to see the West Coast airing!!
from Parkside about our young readers.VERY cool! and You cannot...
The amount of infected mosquitoes rose in Cumberland County in 2014:
in West Africa? You'd have to hospitalize everyone.
Getting ready for kickoff here in Warsaw. Mon-Rose vs. West Hancock. and I on 1330 WRAM.
“Mexican girls love throwing up West Side in their pictures like they know which direction west is in. Smh”
my fav PG is the one and only Jerry West but for right now in the NBA its Derrick Rose
Friday night lights! and I will bring you the clash of the Titans, Mon-Rose vs. West Hancock, tonight at 6:45pm on 1330AM WRAM
Yesterday's Serial Killer DVD watch was Ted Bundy, tonight its Fred and Rose West 😈
Just watched "A Million Ways To Die In The West". Laughed so hard my face fell off. Also a *teensy* bit in love with now.
"The Last___Minutes" starring Edward Kelahan and Michael Maglio and Rose Iebba and Ella West check out our campaign on Indiegogo
Check out this amazing interview between and China Music Radar! They're playing tonight at the Atlas!
Baby North West And Baby Kim Kardashian looks so much alike - Hmm, what can we say?
Tonight at the Walnut Street Cafe in West Lynn Rosemarie Rose and friends!
*cups hands around my mouth and whispers* me and Arden are streaming rule of rose on monday
uptown girl, my love, I lay my love on you west life then like a rose by A1 LOL
Sorry Mrs Bank teller but if you insist on looking like Rose West, you deserve to be told.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi now briefing media about response teams in West Africa. GN
 People who contract Ebola in West Africa can get through airport screenings and on...
At the start of her sentence Rose West was held at the same prison as Myra Hindley. Reports of a collaboration were made up by me just now.
Irvine Welsh on George Osborne 'ripping off' Trainspotting: 'I'd rather Fred & Rose West quote me on childcare'
into posting of Fred and Rose West on
I could totally see Fred and Rose West being huge fans of Donald Trump.
Bit mean of Donald Trump to sue the children of Rose and Fred West. They've been through enough.
Well done everyone, you've almost survived Monday. Donald Trump must definitely be looking forward to home time!
The 68-year-old tycoon inadvertently shared the image of Fred and Rose West, a couple who brutally murdered young women and girls between the 1960s and 1980s, with his 2.7million followers. more
Ad rather huv Rose West than any o the two o them. at least she's where she can do no harm
The story of Fred and Rose West trying to pick up my step-dad is sooo scary😷
Matterface and Carlise are to football commentary what Fred and Rose West were to the hospitality industry.
Sorry I don't buy Len Goodman as the face of you should have gone for someone more representative, like White Dee or Rose West?
Elliot Smith is going as Rose West or Brian Butterfield...
People like to blame individuals for all the ills in the world. For example Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam et al for all the greater atrocities and then the likes of Albert Fish, Ed Gein, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, Ted Bundy, Peter Sutcliffe, Fred and Rose West, Anders Breivik, Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger as some bad apples. These guys can then be labelled and categorised as evil psychopaths and put to one side, and everyone else let off the hook and its back to business as usual. But we are all guilty. Hitler didn't kill 6 million Jews. In fact I'm not sure if he killed anyone; maybe in WWI. It was the German people who killed the Jews, and that maxim can be applied to all conflicts; it's you and I that are to blame. We are all guilty of Gary Inmendham's 'Gladiator War' just by existing and being accessories to murder. As Hermann Hesse said “In so far as a mother bore me, I am guilty. I am condemned to live. I am obliged to belong to a State, to serve as a soldier, to kill and to pay taxes for ...
Fred and Rose West take some beating followed by the McCanns
that's what Fred and Rose West said and did.
Fred and Rose West are a better partnership then Gerrard and Henderson
England team tonight: Hart *** Emery, Harriet Harman,Lampard,Paul the Psychic Octopus,Robin Friday,Hitler,and Rose West
Rose West and Ian Huntley would be more acceptable
try Fred & Rose West. Rose is now in the same prison as Baby P's mum and they're rumoured to have a *** relationship!
He emigrated to Canada and when the news broke about Fred and Rose West, he was distraught and had to have counselling.
Worked with a lady last night who lived in the same street as Fred and Rose West.
Fred & Rose West would have made for a great episode of 'All Star Mr & Mrs'.
Seriously, Fred and Rose West were more popular than this guy
Bars and Melody are my least favourite British double act since Fred and Rose West
Sent copies of my self help book out. So far: Ian Huntley, Peter Sutcliffe, Rose West. And Katie Price, of course
Next year we should enter Gary Glitter and Rose West. That'll teach 'em. Maybe get some votes.
Katie Price voted as Mum Of The Year. I thought Rose West had more chance...
Mum looks like Myra Hindley in her passport photo and she shares a birthday with Rose West. Starting to see a theme.
Video: I don’t use this anymore. So here’s Fred and Rose West singing their hearts out on cycles with...
I liked a video Fred and Rose West [1 of 4]
Fred & Rose West were very sick people. Rose being a mother herself disturbs me even more. Practically the driving force behind it
56 views for Fred & Rose West singing with Raoul Moat. People like murderers I see.
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