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Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler is a fictional character portrayed by Billie Piper in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, and was created by series producer Russell T Davies.

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Every now and then I remember that I want to do a masc variant of Rose Tyler in Tooth and Claw and then promptly fo…
I liked a video The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler Reunited! - Doctor Who
Tyler are you serous about the 2 members of FCC to keep net neutrality??
"That's the Doctor in the TARDIS, with Rose Tyler" 😭😭
people this isn't the 1900's get over it. It's over with he said sorry move on he's a great guy wi…
Dom sweet heart it's fine you didn't mean it as a slur and everyone is blowing this out of the water.…
One of my exes texted me tonight after no communication for over 2 years. Pretty sure it was a mistake, but still took me by surprise
Tb to when The Doctor said goodbye to Rose Tyler on the beach 😪
“The Conference Board said that consumer sentiment was at its highest level in nearly 17 years in November. The Consum…
Take me back to just once, everybody lives! To Madame de Pompodour sitting by her window…
I'm not a huge fan of the women's division (Say what you want so be it) but with Paige coming back and these new wo…
Dairy Queen fries are heavily underrated
Tyler Johnson needs to pull a Derrick rose and leave the team, this guy is a walking turnover
700 mile and 24 hours I have traveled from the Big Bend area of Texas to the Rose Capital in Tyler. . I love our State of Texas.
The heart attacks of Rose Tyler fans when they thought she was going to die
This story completely exceeded my expectations and more! Jackie Tyler is perfect as ever and Ten and Rose just as if they've…
Okay so after scouring the internets for ages I finally found a Rose Tyler funko pop to go with my 11th doctor funk…
My non-market non-fin favourites are: a16z, A History of Ideas by BBC 4, Conversations with Tyler by Tyler…
I still love even with that comment. The word *** does being me dow…
Memphis RB was an honorable mention this week for the The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award National Player…
A picture can tell a thousand words
My favorite flowers in the Tyler Rose Garden
sometimes I wanna say the people who voted for trump deserve him. but then I realize I also live here
Can we please bring back texting. I'm tired of sending pictures of my eyes and forehead on snap
fans can you please tell me if Ashildr/Me or if Rose Tyler was the last human
On this day in 2016, former NBC chairman-CEO Grant Tinker, who founded MTM Enterprises with his wife Mary Tyler Mo…
Shaq, Kobe, KD & D Rose all won 1 MVP. Put their MVP seasons together and you *almost* get Year 15 LeBron
I walked past you before my 8am and said “hey Tyler” and you didn’t even look, that wasn’t very Minnesota nice of you
Jarrett Stidham has been named the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award National Player of the Week. That's a long name.
Nah. David tenant was the GOAT. Him and he chick who played Rose Tyler
The Doctor, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Jack Harkness all in the same episode? I'M LIVING FOR THIS
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Love at first sight with Rose Tyler's Funko Pop that I bought it on a whim.
Daily reminders: I love Rose Tyler and I hope she has happy life with Tentoo 💓
Good morning I love and miss Rose Tyler
At the age of nineteen Rose Tyler travelled the universe and saved lives and I can't even bring myself to get out of bed so…
Pretty sure this is who Rose Tyler tracked down the Doctor.
Here is a quick guide to drawing the Twelfth Doctor, as explained by Rose Tyler-
When you want Rose Tyler but you get Martha Jones instead
The doctor time travels back to 2005 tells Rose Tyler she'll have a great year, dies in her arms, Matt Smith never happens & the series ends
I think Sarah Jane Smith, Ace, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble etc etc already ticked that one off...😒
Rose Tyler & Clara Oswald are legends™ and can BOTH be loved so take your irrelevant hate somewhere else, goodnight xx…
//I would like to try DW crossovers RP w/ (Rose Tyler, The 10th Doc, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones)
No love for any of the Doctor's companions? Let's hear it for Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, A…
What about all the other characters in the show will they get their own day too hmm? Rose Tyler day? Martha Jones d…
I’m just saying Martha Jones wouldn’t consent right now. Neither would Rose Tyler. Or Donna Noble. BILL, DON’T FAIL.
The Graham Norton Show on BBC One: Billie Piper (Guest) appeared as Rose Tyler from 2005-10.
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Are you excited for the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler's new adventures?. Vote in our poll -->…
I spent most of the noughties dressed like Rose Tyler from Doctor Who in the episodes 'Rose' and 'The End Of The Wo…
LIVE: The secret diary of Rose Tyler: the musical, when Billie Piper had a music career on
Why do I still cry anytime I see anything about Rose Tyler? Or Amy Pond and Rory? 😭💔
course that was when Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith were running with him. And that was when he aquired a…
no fight; I loved Rose Tyler, but I loved Martha Jones as much or more
I know, that's not Donna Noble in GIF but it inspired my reply. RIP Sarah Jane Smith😢 the Doctors first love before Rose Tyler
I miss GOOD doctor who, I miss Martha Jones and Amy Pond and Rory Williams and River Song and Donna Noble and Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane Smit
Tenth Doctor || Doctor Who . "And i supposed... If it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler..."
Rose Tyler : ''Donna Noble, you're the most important woman in the whole of creation.''
- Penelope Bunce. - Rose Tyler. - Donna Noble. - GLaDOS. - Minerva McGonagall. that was shockingly easy. I don't feel l…
Tagged by . I'll probably never change it. Clara Oswald. Chloe Sullivan. Rose Tyler. Peggy Carter. Claudia Donovan
I do everything with the intent to make Hermione Granger, Leslie Knope, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and River Song proud
Rose City Comic Con returns with new attractions - Tyler Morning Telegraph: Rose City Comic Con returns with ...
*Rose Tyler would only respond, a soft chuckle emanating from her lips*
Tyler Morning Telegraph - Roller derby and concert set for Rose City ... - Tyler Morning Telegraph
Texas Spine & Joint announces plans to open the Project Rose Research Institute for Sports Medicine with Earl Campbell and…
I love the Doctor too much to stop crying every time when I see a picture of 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler...
ANOTHER ROYAL WEDDING?! See which royal family member is rumored to be engaged: 👑💍
growing up watching wanting to grow up a be Rose Tyler. Now I am grown up I realize I am more Jackie Tyl…
TWINS! baby daughter, Lula, looks JUST like her big brother Sailor in this new photo! Check it out:…
Just heard there's a new app coming out called "Vine." What do you do with it?
Don't get me wrong, I love Liza Koshy, I think she's hilarious and I follow her on almost everything.
The part she played was just not for her.
One thing Blake and I noticed from the Madea movie is that Liza Koshy is not the greatest actor. Maybe bc I know her real personality. Idk
💯 I'd rather have my feelings hurt than waste time.
Tyler parents just got me an iPhone 7 rose gold for my birthday !! I love them so much !!
throwback Thursday to that time the Gillis' made a surprise visit. 😂
. . . Rose Tyler was the . . . Now I HAVE to watch it. What next, John Barrowman as Dr. Pretorious? Please?
Rocky said Tyler better step his flow up and he lowkey rose to the occasion
Public invited to Rose Complex Master Plan open house - November 10 and 11. . Tyler Parks and Recreation has...
Please check this solo-debut from young Joost from my hometown if you're into
Bibeau live in concert at the Rock N Roller Derby inside Tyler Rose City Comic Con Sun, Oct 30th at 6:00 PM at the…
BREAKING: to announce partnership with NFL greats & Gary Baxter…
This is a Beautiful Peace Rose Blooming in My TX Yard. They came from Tyler, TX.
The Eric Moseley Duo has a show on 10/29/2016 at 08:00 AM @ Rose City Farmers... in Tyler, TX
I never really thought it was possible to be with someone who makes you feel like you're dreaming. but it is. so be pat…
With the right person. are willing to go beyond their abilities to please the one for them.
Sometimes have to care less, to see if others start caring more.
I took some Tylenol PM last night to help me sleep but it didn't help because my FREAKING ROOMMATES DECIDED TO BE LOUD & PARTY UNTIL 7:30AM
It started with Rose Tyler and Stephanie Brown, I think.
Rose Tyler no 1 Martha Jones no 2. No discussion needed
It hit me when we were in the sky but I've met Jackie Tyler and Rose Tyler 😭
Debuting my Rose Tyler today for a free comic, rocking my 90's chat look :) Come along if you're a fan of Dr Who...
It's been 10 years since heartbreaking scene of Rose Tyler and The Doctor 😭💔
On 8/7/06, we said goodbye to Rose Tyler. One moves on, one's course unwavering; one's feelings, unresolved.
Rose Tyler, defender of the earth. Amelia Pond, the girl who waited. Clara Oswald, the impossible girl.
Happy birthday Here are your best bits as Rose Tyler
in 2004, the BBC announced that Billie Piper would be playing Rose Tyler in the new series of 💖✨ https:/…
some favs are Rose Tyler, Veronica Mars, Harold Finch, River Tam, and Willow. how about you?
Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness met up at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!.
It's very odd. I am not a fan of the Fifth Doctor, yet I really like Peter Davison. I don't like Rose Tyler (S2+) yet I really respect -
My love for the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler will never end❤️
Here we have the adorable couple of Campbell Bain x Rose Tyler . (.
Doctor Who quotes to live your life by - from The Doctor to Rose Tyler to Amy Pond
David Tennant and on possible ends to "Rose Tyler, I..."
Mickey Smith was Rose Tyler all along according to Noel Clarke at Bournemouth Comic con apparently. I knew it!
And of course I miss Rose Tyler and Amelia Pond
*Rose Tyler was walking around Pete's World and she saw a blue box that seems strangely familiar to her*
Can't wait till tuesday next week to go to cinema and see 😍😍😍
I miss rose tyler and cordelia chase
What if Rose from the titanic is schizophrenic and Jack never existed
I want myself. I have a crush on Rose Tyler, on River Song and on Clara Oswald.
If no Terminators... how about Daleks? Can we get Daleks? I know we don't have a Rose Tyler or Doctor to stop those 'exterminators'.
When we stand together, we win. Thank you, New Hampshire!
"Rose Tyler, if there's one person in the universe who deserves me it's you."
Whenever I'm stuck for new music I go to my music guru
you're really gonna leave Steven Tyler, Axl Rose and Trent reznor off the list?
EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY IM THINKING ABOUT ROSE TYLER - real words that came out of Billie Pipers mouth
Axl Rose or Steven Tyler? Sunday, see live tributes to BOTH their bands at Rock Ballad Ball!
SketchDaily on Reddit Feb 9th: Rose. Of course, a bouquet of roses and Rose Tyler...
Amber Rose look like a slutty 300 Trojan warrior
Still in shock... rip Tyler sacks wow 💔
*Kopf eines Whovians* "Hey there Rose Tyler whats it like in your dimension"
Listening to Rose Tyler's Bad Wolf speech to motivate me to stand up
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eu tbm choro no começo pcausa do "my name is rose tyler, and thats the history of how i died"
I know Earl sorta doesn't count, but I grew up in TX, moved to TN same yr as Oilers, so it's the Tyler Rose all the way!
I've been wearing these type of socks for years and I finally bought some that fit my huge size 13 feet.
Still can't believe Rose Tyler chose being with her scrubber of a mother instead of traveling time& space with David Tennant
I still prefer Martha Jones to Rose Tyler (although Rose's family were far more entertaining characters than Martha's)
What can I say, I love the chavtastic Rose Tyler. Amy Pond wasn't bad either.
David Tennant will always be my favourite Doctor and Rose Tyler will always be my favourite companion. Always.
"He's the doctor, he doesn't go around falling in love with people". Unless your name is Rose Tyler bye
*looks at her* well we could go way back and see it, anything for you my Rose Tyler *smiles at her*
I'll be playing drums for Tyler Hagen (Sounds Like Harmony) and hanging with the MDE crew on tour this spring!
good I love Tyler troye Connor Arden rose will dan Phil and olly 💘💘😇
ah AS is no joke. your korean needs to be top 95% to understand Tyler LOL
dude I cried the most for rose Tyler and the ponds and I didn't really like Clara as his companion, she was great but eh
ugh dude I can't choose, like I love David Tennant and rose Tyler but I also like him with Donna Noble, but then there's
truu, alright I guess he can keep that as his header 😂😂😛
Fun fact: I LOVE fleece. Fleece blankets/stuffed animals/etc. like, if you get me anything made of fleece I will love you 6ever.
Started this half sleeve on Tyler today. Second round tomorrow.
Do you ever get hype because BCCAmerica is having a 12 hour Doctor Who marathon featuring Rose Tyler and Martha Jones episodes?
How much of a difference, & Rose Tyler in Heaven Sent Castle will be just like Turn Left, TV syndication continuity always help to matter.
That moment when I realize my grandma's maiden name is basically Rose Tyler... o_O
I can't stand Martha Jones when she is jealous of Rose Tyler! . Rose is Rose! End of story!
I thought Martha Jones was alright, but Rose Tyler's still my favourite.
can't get over how pretty Rose Tyler is
Posted from "Rose Tyler was in 35 episodes Clara was in roughly 38 so far. I still feel nothing…
If I'm ever in a relationship I want us to dress up as Rose Tyler and the Doctor.
Rose hanging up on a panicking Jackie. . This is why I dislike Rose Tyler.
Rose Tyler in the parallel universe .Donna Noble forgot every thing.Martha Jones left.Amy and Rory died.
my new baby. I call her Bad Wolf mainly, but also known as Rose Tyler. '02 Pontiac Sunfire. I adores. 😍😍😍
In the meantime, here are Billie's best moments as Rose Tyler...
Billie Piper's best moments as Doctor Who's Rose Tyler: Ten years on, a look back at Billie's… …
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
She's no Rose Tyler but I think she's been dead and back alive again to be a bit cool. Amusingly posh/'common' cross tho.
I need to get the thing tailored so it fits me a lil better. And I need a trenchcoat. And also Rose Tyler.
Definitely getting the rose gold 6s 😍
Love and for wanting to do the same thing as me and Tyler soo bad lmao 😅😭😈
Rose Tyler is an always will be bae.
Rose Tyler is not dead. She just moved on to another universe. And also FEELS.
Roses are red. The tardis is blue. Rose Tyler I.
I was REALLY not ok with this. IJS. plus when davros said he wanted to see the sun? That's like rose tyler & the dalek!
petition for Ed Sheeran and Tyler Joseph to cover F.U.N. song
You know it's fall when you make the cookies with the little jack-o-lanterns on them. 😍🎃👻
👸 REAL LIFE CINDERELLA you are my fave fellow disney trash and we should talk way more about all things disney/rose tyler tbh
Tyler, The Creator is banned from the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.
Ways to say "I love you" in the BBC universe:. - 'Rose Tyler I'. - 'Sherlock's actually a girl's name'. - 'Exterminate'.
Happy Birthday to my beloved Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler from !!!
Fun fact: That fox playing DS Hathaway on Insp. Lewis is named Laurence Fox. IRL married to Billie Piper who plays Rose Tyler on
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But remember the Doctor who episode with Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Harriet Jones, Sarah Jane and Luke and the torchwood team and Rose Tyler
I hate Rose Tyler, Mickey and Donna Noble. Martha Jones is where it's at
Rose Tyler and Clara Oswald have been the best companions so far tbh
I added a video to a playlist Doctor Who's Rose Tyler, Arthur Darvill and MORE at Gallifrey One with
this isn't in order but. Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Martha Jones, Donna Nobel.
Van gogh and Rose Tyler dont seem to be too happy xx
Billie Piper played Rose Tyler in Dr Who. They're making a joke that Ross Taylor sounds the same in Kiwi accent.
"Rose Tyler. I was gon take you to so many places. Barcelona. Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. You'd love …
The 10th doctor showed a bit of love interest in Rose Tyler, his assistant.
Photo: aye-aye-captain-jack: doctorwho I just finished a drawing of Rose Tyler and I am so proud of it!!!
Am I the only one who misses Rose Tyler so much 😭
Rose Tyler will forever be my favorite companion. ❤❤❤
10th doctor and Rose Tyler couple matching tattoo commission. Scroll will have their anniversary date.
When Billie Piper came back for the 50th special but wasn't Rose Tyler, I was very upset and I am still not over it.
|| I miss Rose Tyler. Billie was excellent in Who.
So Stark is flirting with Rose Tyler, Thor hates the movie, Arthur and Merlin are squabbling and Sherlock is chatting …
New sketch from Indy. Some of the ladies from Dr Who!! Donna Noble, Rose Tyler & Martha Jones!
OK. Just tried again & it gave me the name Rose Tyler. I think we all know what's going on here.
.For STARTERS, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones saved the Doctor's life in their first episodes.
I don't want a new girl! I adored Rose Tyler, I loved Martha Jones, and I enjoyed Donna Noble. Stop it. Just stay with one 😭
Ten Years Ago today Father's Day Aired for the first time - Pete Tyler: Who am I, Rose?. Rose Tyler: You're my Daddy. http…
- I absolutely fell in love with Rose Tyler. Did you get to keep the costumes?
As fun as Tyler Breeze is to watch in there’s no way he translates well onto the main roster. His comp right now? Adam Rose
Steel Curtain, Tyler Rose, 8th wonder of the world
The best players for the Bulls so far:. 1. Kelly Olynyk. 2. Derrick Rose. 3. Kelly Olynyk. 4. The Backboard. 5. Kelly Olynyk
Became a fan because of Rose Tyler. I'm from HK and watch DW since jan, love u!! Sc Name: Chentruda add me!
Rose Tyler's in another universe too...
Annie and Tyler literally slay at everything.
Will we see a play this good tonight?
Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor are on TV no I'm not crying
Update your maps at Navteq
Tyler: "let's do that stupid picture every girl wants" . Me: "what picture?" .😂😂
Paul Pierce and Derrick Rose are in the midst of playing an epic game of H-O-R-S-E.
What a weekend in basketball! D.Rose and Pierce Buzzer Beater off backboard!
Photoset: houseofthirteen: badwolfrun: really want to talk about this   rose tyler looks...
Tyler Phillips delivered on hill, Ryan DiMeo at plate for Crusaders. .
Paul Pierce does his best Derrick Rose impression and BANKS IT IN FOR THE WIN!
Atlanta Hawks are fake. Paul pierce tryna be D rose doe
How Derrick Rose took that last shot.
Fezzes are red. The TARDIS is blue. The Ponds are both dead. Rose Tyler...
Can't believe no one asked about a spinoff with Rose Tyler and the mortal Doctor set in Pete's World!
Got this close to Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler from Doctor Who @ Pennsylvania…
Billie Piper ( Rose Tyler of Doctor Who) thinks Emma Stone would be a great female doctor or companion 😍 & then I remember myself two +
.said if she met Rose Tyler they'd be friends. If she met Belle, Belle would just irritate her.
I've never experienced a dry rose ceremony 🌹🎓😿 Congratulations Tyler, proud of you 😽
That's why I have her as my header because I like Rose Tyler and Bad Wolf.
It's impossible to dislike Derrick Rose.. After all he's been through and still playing at a high level.. Mad respect for him
Heard that Rose Tyler's actress thinks would make a great female I agree if she gets Andrew Garfield as her companion
Convinced Tyler thinks he's Derrick Rose, or maybe just best friends with Derrick Rose.
Derrick Rose's game winner last night was greatness. After all he's been through, to hit a shot of that magnitude...
Best last question: request for David to finish the sentence "Rose Tyler, I-"
"Like on a scale of Rose Tyler to Joffrey Baratheon, Ruby's at a solid Tywin Lannister." Prolly the geekiest thing ever said.
Jack was right, Rose Tyler did have an excellent bottom.
I miss Rose Tyler almost as much as I missed Sherlock Holmes after the reichenbach fall
Why do all of my favourite characters die? Rose Tyler. Tina McIntyre. Maya St Germain. Drives me mad.
hey I'm not trying to be mean but why is your profile name Rose Tyler if your profile picture is of Amy …
Does this make Rick the Doctor and the walker Rose Tyler?
Hey I bloody despise the character of Rose Tyler. And she's supposedly the "perfect companion"
And if Any Pond, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones accompany me, I'll be okay with that.
losing Rose Tyler at the Battle of Canary Wharf
This was the best experience. I got to see the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rose Tyler.
.talks about her time as Rose Tyler on including how she prepared to say goodbye to Tennant:
Eleven, Amy Pond, and Rose Tyler on the same stage. How did any Whovian survive this panel?!
I was tagged by Moriarty, Merlin, Rose Tyler, Mickey Milkovich and Thomas Barrow. This was so hard omg
Captain Jack Harkness & Rose Tyler keeping the zombies at bay.
Dan and Phil, the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper, Johnny Cash and June Carter... I'll just stop
Just started 3rd season and even if I like Martha Jones I really miss Rose Tyler
The two best love stories I probably know are The Doctor as Tennant and Rose Tyler, and The Doctor as Matt Smith and Amelia Pond.
Here's how Rose Tyler and Donna Noble Tate snuck into Broadchurch remake
Check out this sweet reference to Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble in
Former David Tennant made reference to Rose Tyler, Donna Noble and Martha Jones in Gracepoint!
Martha Jones throws shade at Rose Tyler and it's wish you were Rose, Martha. .
Which companion is your favorite? I do have a soft spot for Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane Smith. Well, and Clara…
I think they're should b a show about the adventures of Rose Tyler and her doctor. Sarah Jane Smith had her own show. Why not Rose
Rose Tyler as Doctor. the Doctor as John Smith... part human partly TimeLords. Rose defeats the bad saving the good
that is so tempting you don't understand. I've already met John Barrowman, I'm just missing my Rose Tyler.
Moonlight Serenade makes me think of Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness. Even the Deodato version.
Donna Noble, The Doctor, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, and Jack Harkness all in one…
I'm going to miss Martha Jones but not as much as I miss Rose Tyler
Today I did Kimberly Hart and tomorrow I do Rose Tyler.
Bad Wolf used to be my thing. Big ol' Rose Tyler fan. But not for Stiles...something red riding hood like. Little wolf.
"In my dreams she keeps walking away..." -John Smith, . talking about Rose Tyler
The pop star Billie Piper auditioned for the role of Rose Tyler.
Just realized Billie Piper is the only person who knows what the Doctor sounded like when he said ‘I love you’ to Rose Tyler.
I liked a video Billie Piper talks about Rose Tyler. Doctor Who
11 years ago today, the BBC officially announced that Doctor Who would be returning to our screens in 2005. Since the show's return, we have been introduced to five brand-new Doctors - John Hurt as the War Doctor, Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor, David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor (the last in the Doctor's first regeneration cycle) and Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor (the first in the Doctor's new regeneration cycle). 'Classic era' Doctors Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Paul McGann has made return appearances. We have been introduced to nine new companions - Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, Bruno Langley as Adam Mitchell, John Barrowman Official as Captain Jack Harkness, Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. 'Classic era' companions Elisabeth Sladen and John Leeson made return appearances as Sarah Jane Smith and the voic ...
Every time I see the Jack Rose for Mayor signs around Murray I just see Rose Tyler.
|| Don't mention it lovely! You are fantastic like the Ninth Doctor, and as sweet as Rose Tyler. It's been a pleasure -cn-{
Join our Club TOMORROW, 6pm to discuss the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Doctor Who's triumphant...
Rose Tyler is in the final up against Jack Harkness! Come on Billie Piper fans lets make her our Companion Champion! http…
Captain Jack Harkness for the win... He's up against a tought opponent Rose Tyler. He's losing!
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Doctor Who Prompt - promptaholics: Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler go shopping for knickers.  If you fill this...
If u want to make me cry in under 10 seconds just say the name Rose Tyler. I'll lose all my chill
I want a love like Rose Tyler and the Doctor 💞
DW S02 E11 "Fear her". -10th Doctor, Rose Tyler. by Matthew Graham
side of her face, bracing himself. "I love you, Rose Tyler." He couldn't stop saying it.
Tyler-" He knelt down on one knee and pulled out a black, velvet box and opened it. He cleared his throat. "Rose Tyler, -
Rose Tyler, I love you, and I would love to be with you in every way possible. I've waited so long to ask this, but, Rose-
"I've waited a long time to kiss you, Rose Tyler. Of course I'm going to make it good." He laughed, and kissed her again.
He leaned his forehead against Rose's, pulling them close together. "Rose Tyler, I love you." He breathed against her lips.
He grinned again, and wrapped his other arm around her waist. "One more thing, Rose Tyler." He said seriously, a small-
What links The Who's Keith Moon, Doctor Who's main character and his companion Rose Tyler, Dr Chan of WHO, and the man who thinks he's it.
I've met 3 New Who companions in one year too.. Rory Williams, Clara Oswald & Rose Tyler. Omg
{{I adore Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, and all the other new companions. Why do people act though like Rose was the best companion-
Random thought - what would Rose Tyler or Martha Jones have made of the Doctor/River relationship?
Cosplayer: Andrew Swetz and K.T. Characters: Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler . Editing by Trick Treat. Visit the...
The song i love the most is Glenn Millers "Moonlight Serenade" due to the fact Captain Jack and Rose Tyler danced to is on top of his ship.
Watch the Tenth Doctor and his companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Donna Noble do the Time Warp in this parody from The Hillywood Show.
If anyone has any pictures of me as Rose Tyler, Paul Matthew Chittenden as the Tenth Doctor, Scott Herdegen as Captain Jack, Allison Lutz as Amy Pond or Shelby Masar ad Clara Oswald, you should tag us! Also there was a Ninth Doctor and I don't know who they are and they were awesome!
I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE. says the Ninth Doctor as he dons shades and begins to rap at Rose Tyler.
Hello! I was the TARDIS today with the lovely Rose Tyler (Sammi Kunz) and the amazing Tenth Doctor (Paul Matthew Chittenden)! If you got pictures of us today, we would LOVE to see them!!
The sole survivor of the Last Great Time War, scarred by the terrible things he’d seen and done, the Ninth Doctor was an intense and emotional incarnation. Hiding his psychological trauma behind madcap wit and frivolity, he took Rose Tyler to see the end of the world, inspired Charles Dickens and showed that for once, everybody could live. He was still capable of great cruelty and anger though, killing Cassandra and torturing a lone Dalek into submission. After Rose defeated the Daleks using the power of the time vortex, the Doctor saved her by transferring that dangerous power into his own body. The strain destroyed his every cell and as Rose watched, his body exploded with raging energy…
Billie Piper no just no but I miss u Rose Tyler 😭
Really miss Rose Tyler. I dunno about this Martha Jones, I don't think I'll ever get used to her...
By popular demand! An outstanding volume of comic strips collecting the complete adventures of the Ninth Doctor (played on TV by Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Featuring five complete stories from the acclaimed writers of the Doctor Who...
If I all of a sudden start speaking in Modern Cockney, you can thank Rose Tyler and Donna Noble.
Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane Smith. They're just lovely.
The Doctor and Rose Tyler finally ending up together on Bad Wolf Bay..gets me every *** time...
Doctor Who star Billie Piper has revealed that she’d be interested in a spin-off featuring her character Rose Tyler with David Tennant’s Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor. The Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor appeared in Series 4′s finale, ‘Journey’s End’, in 2008. Asked about the possibility of such a spin-off, Pip…
I've been trying to stay away from reviewing shows (since I was ready to lambast The 100 for being a lightweight post apocalyptic Lord of the Flies with teen melodrama - which is exactly why I now enjoy it so much it came second to Hannibal in my "list of bubble shows I want to see renewed" - whilst giving a good review to the pilot of the otherwise terrible and blessedly cancelled Believe), so I'll just say I hope everyone checks out Penny Dreadful, which premiered tonight. Sumptuous production design, relatively scary, uniformly excellent performances, Rose Tyler: it's all the things NBC's Dracula wasn't. Most importantly, it's much better than the similarly themed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. My only complaint: how the frak does Josh Hartnett get "and" status over a former Bond girl and an actual James Bond?
Since romance always plays a part in my stories, and since Canada Post just brought "Rookie Blue: The Complete Fourth Season" to my door (I have to watch it before the fifth season starts later this month), I thought it would be fun to name some of my favourite fictional couples, and for you to tell me yours. Mine are: - Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables) - McNally and Swarek (Rookie Blue) - Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) - Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the Ninth and Tenth Doctors (Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant) I'm biased, but I also really like Grace and Matt in Objects in Mirror, and I might even be a little bit MORE in love with Meg and Jared in Appaloosa Summer - but that could just be because I'm working on the sequel right now. Who are yours? Names please!
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"anon asked: Rose Tyler or Martha Stewart?" what the *** does martha stewart have to do with anything
Happy birthday to the brilliant Russell T Davies (who also gave Rose Tyler this date as her birthday!)
"the eleventh doctor doesn't love Rose Tyler anymore"
-The Doctor smiled- Nice to meet you Rose Tyler. I'm John, John Smith.
I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything on here in a couple of months, but I've been a little busy with stuff to be honest. Anyways, the actress I'm showing you right here is Billie Piper she is most known for being in Doctor Who as Rose Tyler. I love Billie Piper so much! She is so beautiful and in every interview I've seen of her she is always nice to her fans. Oh and well I kind of have a weak spot for hot blondes like her. :)
-gently with his. "I asked if you're looking forward to this season of the show. You know, with Rose Tyler and the Doctor - [
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