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Rose Parade

The Tournament of Roses Parade, better known as the Rose Parade, is America's New Year Celebration held in Pasadena, California, a festival of flower-covered floats, marching bands, equestrians and the Rose Bowl college football game on New Year's Day (but moved to Monday if New Year's Day falls on a Sunday), produced by the non-profit Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

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We are looking forward to seeing our Shriners Hospitals for Children Float in the Rose Parade on Jan 2. They will...
2017 Rose Parade ® Float Decorating in Full Bloom at Fiesta Parade Floats - Business Wire (press release):
LA will be taking its bid for the Olympics to the small screen as part of its entry in the Rose Parade
The 128th Rose Parade is just a few weeks away and students are welding the finishing pieces on the Cal Poly float A New Leaf…
So I just found out that the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl are not on New Year's Day but on January 2nd and this is completely weird and wrong.
Should Add the Rose Bowl, game and parade to your bucket list
One of the most eye-catching articles yet! Read about what it takes to make these stunning floral parade floats: https…
Kern County Sheriff's Posse is riding in the Rose Parade, congrats brothers and sisters.
Okay for my hair. Gotta look fresh for the holidays, Disneyland, rose parade, and 2017
Dianne 4/5 T Mod tonight w/ Sleeping in and decorating floats for Rose Parade!
Meet the Members of the 2017 BOA Honor Band in the Rose Parade: Morgan Oliver. Read Blog:
hi Melanie! We will be marching in the Rose Bowl Parade! 🌹
Meet Divya Singh: she plays the piccolo and is an equestrian! Read about her college plans here:
Morgan Oliver is a Trumpet player, who has learned some very valuable lessons from being in band!…
One of the many floats being prepared for the Rose Parade on January 2nd
Reserve your ROSE PARADE VIEWING SEAT at AVANTI ITALIAN BISTRO Mon Jan 2, starting at 9am. Special food and...
Hamilton Collection
"Spirit of Hawaii" Dole's float for Rose Parade. Such a beautiful design of all that makes Hawaii special.…
You know it's almost New Years when you hear the marching bands practicing for the Rose Parade 🌹
5 must-see moments to watch for in the 2017 Rose Parade
Their. Hosting the Rose Parade on HGTV is as strong as their shows.
Want a study break? Go walk your 5 miles for Rose Parade.
And they are a Rose Parade Tradition on HGTV. I would have thought tickets to the parade
City of L.A. Rose Bowl Parade entry to sport past competitors, tout history
Hula dance lessons for Rose Parade Royal Court at Dole Family Day.
New Year's Rose Bowl Parade bleachers prep for January 2nd in Pasadena California…
And now city opposes narrowing w permanent materials "because needs to be wide for rose parade"
Three Olympians will be grand marshals of 128th Rose Parade in Pasadena: Greg Louganis, Janet Evans & Allyson Felix
Bringing Gold to the Rose Parade... See more at
Olympians Greg Louganis, Janet Evans and Allyson Felix to be grand marshals of 128th Rose Parade
Years ago, my father was busy taking photos of the Rose Parade & Rose Bowl game too~ Great memories of Pasadena🌹
Rose Bowl committee names & as Grand Marshalls for 2017 Rose Parade
Long Weekend in Pasadena: . Pasadena may be best known for its Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl, but the city ha...
In my house, the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Game have always been a grand tradition for ri
The little old lady just smiled at me in my white dress and told me i must have all the boys chasing me... I'm listening to black parade...
Donald Duck leading his own little parade back in 1984 at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort
The Pride of BA is thankful for the support of NLB Trucking! Thanks to you we are closer to the Rose Parade!
I've seen, *** Also how is it nearly 10 years since The Black Parade came out? 👵🏻💀
Rushcreek Aubie (Anna Wolfe (- famous for being Julie Suhr's mount for this year's New Year Rose Parade.
Floating like the Rose Parade swear to god a *** seen some flying fishes
The superficiality of the coverage of the is astounding. This isn't a Rose Bowl Parade.
Everyone is going emo again over My Chemical Romance’s return
we were walking away from mayday parade to go to we the kings! And I was going to but people were pushing 😂
We are looking for in at Your dog could be featured on a Rose Bowl Parade Float in Pasadena!
When I grow up I want to be NOTHING AT ALL get your flag ready for the black parade
. Adventure Rose-Alee got up super early to hit the Calgary Stampede Parade for 7am.
So random that I was craving today & the "Rose Parade" epi on is on as well. Haven't seen this epi before
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Fellow OT's around the world-Let's keep the momentum going, PLEASE. Donate today
I want Alycia on a Rose Bowl Parade float next year
Black Parade, MCRX and My Chemical Romance are all trending!! Congratulations everyone, that's amazing 🙌🏻🎉
I bet it was amazing! I am super excited *immediately goes and listens to The Black Parade*
when everything was cool then MCR changes their layout and posts a video with the Black Parade playing
This is going to be my 3rd time seeing Mayday Parade I'm so happy
Who wants to ride our Gnarly Crankin' K-9 Wave Maker in the 2017 Rose Parade? More info: https:/…
You are now able to dedicate a rose online for the 2017 Donate Life Rose Parade Float!...
The design for the 2017 Donate Life Rose Parade Float was unveiled today at the Donate Life Run/Walk.
Two years ago I shot during our Rose Parade show. So many childhood laughs from his TV shows.
Thank you for your $1,000 donation to celebrating 100 years of OT Profession in Annual Rose P…
Reading about Westboro Baptist reminds me that a lot of us were condemned to *** for chanting Lets Go Hawks before the Rose Bowl Parade.
. Rose parade floats are not allowed to cast votes.
If she was black or Muslim they have parade to Rose Garden and give her $millions
Can we have a love parade for Lady Michelle? Cuz my Auntie is flawless and fabulous.
This chameleon looks like he fell off a float at the Rose Bowl Parade!
Since ramai request nak tengok yang full. Part 2. Welcome to the black parade- MCR cover acapella by Austin Jones
Seriously--re Melania...the CBS commentators described her performance as if she were a float in the Rose Parade.
The "analysts" have affected the same tone as they take with the Rose Bowl Parade.
yup! I was on the U of I drumline when our football team was good enough to be in the Rose Bowl. Have you done the parade?
Our 2017 Rose Parade float has been announced, “A New Leaf.” Completely designed by our & 's students
Did you miss the Rose Parade on Saturday? Pendleton was well represented! You can skip to about 2:40 and see all...
Support and eat at George's TODAY. 20% of your purchase will benefit their Rose Parade trip.
Santa Rosa's Rose Parade comes off smoothly amid Amgen Tour of California
Hear how Pam Wiedenbeck and team won the HUMOR TROPHY at the Rose Parade - Pasadena 5/19
If anyone can help my son, He was selected for the Rose Parade in California next year it is a very expensive...
Watchung Hills' drum major to perform with honor band in 2017 Rose Parade
We are proud to partner with NHS's Eagle Pride for the 2017 Rose Parade. Visit our website at for more details!
Home of the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade, is the day trip city.
Ralph the Rose Parade and Bowl are never held on a Sunday, which this coming year is on Jan 1. Old Pasadena rule not b/c NFL
Not in the season where they do God Bless America at the Rose Parade grand marshal 2.
The piece on Megan Phelps-Roper leaving the Rose Parade grand marshal 2.
video on Rose Parade designer Raul Rodriguez heads to Smithsonian, by
CSULB video about Rose Parade float designer Raul Rodriguez going to the Smithsonian
DON'T FORGET---. Presenting our 2017 Tournament of Roses President Brad Ratliff and the 128th Rose Parade theme,...
Check out this great photo of some of at this year's Rose Parade! Thanks
Elizabeth McGovern was on the Rose Parade and she has a slight British accent in real life. She has lived in the UK for years.
Skywriters have message for Trump at Rose Parade -
Skywriters have message for Trump at Rose Parade.
50 years ago today Walt Disney served as Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade!
By Diana Crandall PASADENA, Calif., Jan 1 (Reuters) - Five planes flew over the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, on Friday
Group honors organ donors in Rose Parade, helps families grieve(Orlando news)
Elizabeth McGovern rode in award-winning Downton Abbey float in the Rose Parade on New Year's Day (1:39) [Video]
Today in Disney History: Walt Disney is Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade, 1966
Elizabeth McGovern aboard the Downton Abbey Float at the 2016 Rose Parade, Pasadena, California, New Years Day 2016
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Skywriting above Rose Parade: 'Trump is disgusting.'
This beautiful parade float was going fast on Colorado Boulevard at the 127th Rose Parade.…
Political skywriting diverts attention at Rose Parade
Skywriters have message for Trump at Rose Parade
Went to the Rose Parade this morning and found my new dream job! @ Colorado Boulevard
missed you announcing for the Rose Parade again this year! Yours were the best years!
"America is great. Trump is disgusting": skywriters leave messages over 127th Rose Parade
First New Year's in LA without going to Rose Parade. In-n-Out, Fiesta Bowl on TV and Michigan game streaming are a fine alternative
I would give almost ANYTHING to see Fred Willard do Rose Parade commentary as his Buck Laughlin character from 'Best In Show'.
So proud & thrilled to see Elizabeth McGovern on Rose Parade! Julliard trained!
Was Elizabeth McGovern the only DA actor riding on the Rose Parade float?
I liked a video Downton Abbey and Elizabeth McGovern - Rose Parade - PBS float 2016
.and the loving every minute of our first Rose Parade.
Continuing my annual tradition of not watching the Rose Parade.
How could you possibly not show the Marine Corps band? Just how much of the Rose Parade did we miss because of talking heads?
Property Bros doing a great job showing the Rose Parade! Apollo Beach FL
Watching the Rose Parade and remembering the North Dakota High School Centennial Band in the parade in 1989!
The best opening I have seen in a Rose Parade. Great job MER. Eagle Pride!
Loved seeing our MER open the Rose Parade.
Tell the lady broadcaster on Atlanta's ABC coverage of Rose Parade it's Colorado Boulevard, NOT Avenue
Stealth Bomber gliding by on Colorado Boulevard for the 127th Rose Parade in Pasadena on New…
The Allen Eagles drill team were on our plane coming back from Christmas!! They're in the Rose Parade!!!
Watching Allen Eagles band 707 strong marching in Rose Parade. With all the political stuff in the world today a little diversion helps.
When I was little I'd only watch the Rose Parade for the Marine Corps Band. No shame shame
Al Roker & Hoda Kotb, excellent announcers 4 Rose Parade & appear 2b good people as well! Good job.
Congratulations to the Allen Eagles band from Texas!! Matching in the Rose Parade with 700 members!
Junior Rangers and Ken Burns lead the Rose Parade! For ongoing live coverage, you can click here:
Rose Parade in Pasadena. Having breakfast in Pasadena with two friends at the first United Methodist Church right...
Extra security planned for this year's Rose Parade, which begins at 8 a.m.
Jamie Arakawa warms himself by a propane heater at the Rose Parade while his family sleeps.
13-year-old aspiring ballerina with cancer will ride on Swan Lake-themed Rose Parade float.
South Dakota horses make first Rose Parade appearance - Sioux Falls Argus Leader
Virginia Military Institute’s marching band will make an appearance New Year’s Day in Rose Parade in California
I spent one New Years Eve camped out on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena for the Rose Parade. Good wholesome fun. Your people.
What a beautiful visit we've had with our daughter Megan Askew and her beautiful family! Off to the Rose Parade...
12 years before John Muir Tech was built - the KKK was in the Rose Parade
Eager Rose Parade Spectators Set to Line Colorado Boulevard - Two days before the 127th Rose Parade, eager spec...
It's taking one Texas high school marching band $1.2 million to get to the Rose Parade.
A preview of the Marine Corps band practicing for the Rose Parade.
Good luck to the Saratoga High School Marching Band that will march in this year's Rose Parade!
Spending New Years day in the Black Hills? Mount Rushmore National Memorial is hosting a viewing party of the annual Rose Parade on New...
Virginia Military Institute band to march in Rose Parade
Congratulations to at Jefferson Middle School for an awesome virtual Rose Parade float!
Bob Eubanks, Stephanie Edwards reflect on hosting Rose Parade in their final year
Bravo Bravo. Big luv to this team: Rose Parade hosts Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards end their long run
Little Giant Ladders
Elizabeth McGovern to ride on 'Downton Abbey' float in Rose Parade ...
West Virginia floats back into the Rose Parade - Charleston Gazette-Mail…
Rose Parade hosts Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards prepare to banter one last time
Wild, Wonderful West Virginia today announced the names of the black bears--Courage and Pride--featured on the Rose Parade float.
What to do before, during, and after the Rose Parade in LA.
Names of black bears on WV Rose Parade float announced - CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Wild, Wonderful West Virginia toda...
This is the video from this morning. . Allen HS band headed to Rose Parade
Rose Parade, Pasadena, CA. Every year growing up with my parents and my sis. Great memories.
How new College Football Playoff system might cost the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade - The Pasadena Star-News
Cal Poly needs volunteers to help decorate Rose Parade float in Pasadena
How to volunteer to decorate a Rose Parade float
as in The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena? that Rose Parade?
Why the 2016 Rose Parade theme is 'Find Your Adventure' - The Pasadena Star-News
Are you coming to the Rose Parade in Pasadena (Near You) for New Years? Its worth it!
are you coming to the Rose Parade in Pasadena for New Years?!?! Its totally worth it
How much does it cost to have a float in the Rose Parade?
Here's how the Rose Parade got its start
hey Al! I'm in Pasadena to see a play today - I'm seeing all the Rose Parade signs and it made me think of you!! Merry Christmas!
If you're interested at all in going down to Pasadena with Key Club on the 30th to help decorate floats that'll be in the Rose Parade...
Prepare yourself Pasadena, we aboutta get a huge surge of out of towners who think they know Dena cuz of the Rose Parade & Rose Bowl Lol
Contest offers free tickets to Rose Parade in Pasadena -
Happy Holidays!!! Our Pasadena location will be open on New Year's Day! Have a bite after the Rose Parade and...
Derek and I are 18 days away from our trip to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA. Help us r...
Who fuels the success of Pasadena's Rose Parade volunteer army? Why,…
Thank you Pasadena Now for this great article on the Tournament of Roses - Rose Parade and Dole Packaged Foods...
I'll be cooking at Tournament of Roses - Rose Parade at 'Live on Green'...come by and visit and taste some of the...
The Tournament of Roses - Rose Parade is right around the corner! I'm going to be be cooking at "Live on Green"...
Rose Parade to promote Californian grown cut flowers
the is better than the Rose Parade in Pasadena.!
24 Broadway actors share what it was really like to perform in
Can I be her when I grow up and then move up on the parade food chain to the Rose Bowl Parade and then retire maybe?
The Rose Bowl Parade makes my grandma sad because there are people in the world who have never received flowers 🌹
F the parade, the dog show is what it's all about
Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for our White Suiters who find adventure suiting up for the Rose Parade!
That's the Rose Bowl Parade. Macy's is about balloons and marching bands and Broadway.
The KTLA rose parade commercials ONLY feature Bob Eubanks and NOT Stephanie Edwards. Once again, she is disrespected.
The name says it all. Pasadena Rose parade does it too but it doesn't feel so in your face.
goal hopefully in the next 2 years: march in the Macy's parade or Rose Bowl
Watching the macys parade and hyperventilating bc rose parade in 36 days HA
You know you're losing it when you mix up the Macy's Day Parade w/ Rose Parade and start freaking out...
Forever jealous of the color guard girls that get to be on the Macys and Rose Bowl Parade
The only exciting thing we have is the Rose Bowl Parade for New Years 😅
GUYS. rose sick, that's why he could not attend the parade.
Why can't the rose parade have cool performances like the Macy's thanksgiving parade?!?!
what really?? I got march the Rose Parade years back.
I never watch the Macy's parade but I will watch rose parade. Lol it's my favorite
Rose Bowl Parade > Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'll take the craftsmanship of floral floats over balloons any day. Real works of art.
*joins RCC guard just to spin in the Rose Parade*
fact: I hated parades in high school, but I think if I got the chance to spin in the Macy's Day Parade or the Rose Parade, I'd do it.
Trey Songz looking fine at the Rose Parade
or better yet Rose Parade in a few weeks
Thankful for our Mason Band program! Happy Thanksgiving to all! One month until the Rose Parade!
The macy's parade is good, but the Rose parade is even better
I remember going to the 2001 Rose parade. Mom never missed it on TV.Realized halfway through couldnt smell the flowers
so and so NBC is skipping the marching bands. save that for the Rose Parade am I right?!
Why doesn't HGTV cover the NY Thanksgiving parade like they do the Rose parade?
When you realize the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is not even half what the Rose Parade is😬
I don't think the lip syncing at the parade will ever fool anyone but little kids.
I see you Thanksgiving Day Parade, and I’m gonna let you finish, but for my money, the Rose Parade is the best.
it's funny because we did Macy's before you guys 😂 Our director even said rose bowl is the biggest parade you can do so 🐸☕
if you'll be watching our performance on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
Missed our Periscopes of rehearsals? We have more video!
Read some fun facts about the annual on
T-minus 7 hours and 58 minutes until Get all the details you need:
The Macy's Thanksgiving parade is my all time favorite parade. The Rose Bowl? Psh lame
"Anybody that's coming to this parade today should definitely feel safe." NYPD Chief of Department on
Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and more making an appearance at the The full line up:
Happy Thanksgiving! 7 things you should know about the
It's their first time at the parade! is on NEXT!
I wanna go to the Rose Parade this year 😌
Look at some fun facts about the as you wait!
Made it to New York City for the Might take a few laps and practice my parade wave.
I can't wait for the Rose Parade, it's always the best one
Settle in for the with stamp art from our
For some reason Rose parade just came into my mind.
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very fancy. Since we're in SoCal we took the Rose Parade for granted.
And right after the Macy's parade, we get into dance games and puppies.
Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is always my favorite! But did y'all see represent?!?!
Here are the street closures for tomorrow's parade
Did you know will march in the 2017 Rose Parade?
US: Rose Parade to promote Californian grown cut flowers -
Big Sean to Bruce Springsteen: A handy roundup of the music on TV this Thanksgiving weekend
true, there should be more bands. But I rely upon the Rose Parade for bands!
Ken Burns has been named grand marshal of the 2016 Rose Parade. Will the parade run 20 hours over several days with no commercials?
Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns named grand marshal of 2016 Rose Parade in California
Filmmaker Ken Burns to be Grand Marshall of 2016 Rose Parade. Plus 1st Lakers float.
Rose Parade says it will feature first ever Lakers float; names 2016 grand marshal
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards to exit Rose Parade coverage for KTLA
Rose Parade, Rose Bowl Game 2016: Complete guide to all events
To all Starbuck's Coffee customers and mean manager who did not want me at Starbucks.: See Portland Rose Festival parade on Caffeine video.
Website Builder 728x90
Awww I remember seeing him in the Rose Parade!
The Bachelor will have a Rose Parade float. Reading the press release, I got as far as a mention of decorative "crabs" before laughing.
Devon Harrison alum as Garnet with Peridot, Amythest, Rose Quartz for Costume Parade
tillmanskates This is from the original skating rose parade float. @ Fiesta…
i have a theory that all girls that grow up in LA either want to be a Laker girl or the Rose Parade…
How to get your tickets for the Rose Parade on New Year's Day
Speaking of National Cat Day, here is a great from our Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade) pins. 2012 was the...
ABC's THE BACHELOR to Celebrate 20th Season with New Float in 127th Rose Parade... .
Aah...we will miss him in the Rose Parade.
Follow the progress on the Donate Life Rose Parade Float this year Katie Barton is one of the honorees.
Please pick up your Rose Parade Apparel (Jackets, Polos and Long-sleeve Tee-Shirts) TONIGHT from 6:45pm - 8:00pm...
"Style is when they're running you out of town, and you make it look like you're leading the parade." -- W. Battie
"The Bachelor" Rose Parade float. Ben H. is going to sit in the lifeguard chair. The hot tub, apparently, will work.
such sad news! I covered him when he was in the Rose Parade 😔
PHOTO: Lakers unveil adventurous float for Rose Parade. (via )
Two chosen to perform in Rose Parade:
Me too. I waved at him when he was Grand Marshall in the Rose Parade. Does that count as meeting him? :)
Kicking out of the St. Patrick's Day Parade? It could happen. Watch-
After it was given to us at the end of the Rose Parade, I've been kinda 'meh' on In N Out.
Lakers entering float in Rose parade, here's the concept art
Meet the Rose Queen & Court. Special appearance for charity includes executive buffet Nov 10: in Pasadena
Great to be back in the Rose and Crown, South Parade, Oxford
Lakers Announce Participation in the 127th Rose Parade via
See the LA Lakers live at the. 2016 Rose Parade on New Year's Day!. Reserved seats are available at...
Lakers entering float in Rose Bowl Parade, here's the concept art
The rose parade has always been a part of my life/family tradition so having a float is so exciting😭💜
Southern California folks, questions 4 u:. Do you watch The Rose Parade?. and if so, do you have a preferred local channel for live coverage?
Basketball_Logo: Lakers to design, build float for 127th Rose Parade - USA TODAY -
Bummed to learn that the next Rose Parade will be Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards' last. They were the best. 🌹
This will be the last Rose Parade for Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards
The band gets selected for the 2017 Rose Parade and the football team beats Pasadena 38-7! It was a great...
The "World Famous Buhler Frolic Parade" starts at 11:00! So maybe it's not quite as big as the Rose Parade on New...
1972 Photo~Rose Parade, Sexy girls on City of Commerce float, Pasadena, m66808
1972 Photo~Rose Parade, 5x7, sexy girls riding on float, Pasadena, m66818
1972 Photo~Rose Parade, 5x7, sexy girls on USC float, Pasadena, m66813
From Live today: visited in Pasadena to see how Rose Parade floats are made.
Love the Rose Parade? Come hear alumna Karen Sunshine, who plans the parade and Rose Bowl events, Oct. 2
known for the Rose Parade, is a vibrant center of by
Pasadena Startups Bridge Design and Technology Pasadena, known for the Rose Parade and its quaint Old…
Greatwood teen inspires design for Rose Parade float - Your Houston News
These moments are once in a lifetime. Experience all the Rose Parade has to offer see how the floats are built!
Wow, this is amazing... a sister parade to California's Rose Parade but on steroids. All of these floats are...
Kinda like the Rose Parade but in the Netherlands
I kinda miss Pasadena. My parents took me to the Rose Parade once, but I was too young then to remember it now :(
The gorgeous at the parade in August and winning the 2009 Golden Rose !
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I can't wait till December to go to disney land & the Rose parade 💘
Wouldn't it be great if there was an Outlander float at the Rose parade at the end of this year in Pasadena, CA?
Did you ever go to the Victorian Weekend as well? That's long gone too, as is the parade, rose queens etc. Sad times.
This one right here, this one.. right here Go! Rose Parade feat. Diego Redd by on
"Ididit"FTD Everyone "Likes" a Parade Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the 2016 Rose Parade and Rose Bowl!
Oddfellows: Oddfellows, if you would like a red rose buttonhole for the parade at Hartington on Satur...
well this puts the Rose Bowl Parade to shame
I'm not a fan of parades, but this would be a must see. highfalutin Rose Bowl Parade
127th Tournament of Roses Parade and Southern California Sightseeing Tour; join the "Petal Pushers" for hands-on...
hi rose thx for yr comment. Mr Gabay's friend said they were out celebrating ahead of parade We never said it was connected
My Grand parade po ako tomorrow with GMA artist sa. Brgy. san nicolas Gapan city. see you there. . .
Book Week parade today; Miss 8 is going dressed as Clementine Rose
You can record a video greeting our event "Death Parade"? Please!
amazing Labor day doing Parade today 4 Hillary then Burlington 4 Labor Day Picnic with
Pls tell TD he needs to reach the other 'people' soon! Rose Parade? St. Pats, etc.We need to firm up the dates now.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Happy birthday to my sister-cousin lisapmarie ... Wishing we were at Pismo, watching the Rose Parade,…
For example: when my marching band won a spot in the Rose Bowl Parade, the principal and band director bought 250 roses. One for each kid.
after the Rose Parade at nicholasdaugse quentin_music…
hey dirty Hometown Univ. in Albany,Ga has an opportunity for their band to be in the Rose Bowl Parade they could use ur financial help
Parade HQ ... with a lovely rose garden. (@ Tournament of Roses House in Pasadena, CA)
You'd think it was the Rose Parade.
"A Labor Day Rose Parade' Thx Rachel for all your hard work all year
will parade after the 1st race this Sunday as part of
Put your music on shuffle, what are the first 3 songs t… — Black Parade - MCR, La Vie En Rose - Edith Plaf, Brothe…
10% off Rose Bowl and Parade Tours booked before Oct 1st:
well it's my day to parade so... GTFO 😂
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