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Rose Parade

The Tournament of Roses Parade, better known as the Rose Parade, is America's New Year Celebration held in Pasadena, California, a festival of flower-covered floats, marching bands, equestrians and the Rose Bowl college football game on New Year's Day (but moved to Monday if New Year's Day falls on a Sunday), produced by the non-profit Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

Bob Eubanks Stephanie Edwards New Year Happy New Year Southern California Rose Bowl Parade Hoda Kotb New Years Ken Burns Happy Thanksgiving

24 Broadway actors share what it was really like to perform in
Can I be her when I grow up and then move up on the parade food chain to the Rose Bowl Parade and then retire maybe?
The Rose Bowl Parade makes my grandma sad because there are people in the world who have never received flowers 🌹
F the parade, the dog show is what it's all about
Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for our White Suiters who find adventure suiting up for the Rose Parade!
That's the Rose Bowl Parade. Macy's is about balloons and marching bands and Broadway.
The KTLA rose parade commercials ONLY feature Bob Eubanks and NOT Stephanie Edwards. Once again, she is disrespected.
The name says it all. Pasadena Rose parade does it too but it doesn't feel so in your face.
goal hopefully in the next 2 years: march in the Macy's parade or Rose Bowl
Watching the macys parade and hyperventilating bc rose parade in 36 days HA
You know you're losing it when you mix up the Macy's Day Parade w/ Rose Parade and start freaking out...
Forever jealous of the color guard girls that get to be on the Macys and Rose Bowl Parade
The only exciting thing we have is the Rose Bowl Parade for New Years 😅
GUYS. rose sick, that's why he could not attend the parade.
Why can't the rose parade have cool performances like the Macy's thanksgiving parade?!?!
what really?? I got march the Rose Parade years back.
Little Giant Ladders
I never watch the Macy's parade but I will watch rose parade. Lol it's my favorite
Rose Bowl Parade > Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'll take the craftsmanship of floral floats over balloons any day. Real works of art.
*joins RCC guard just to spin in the Rose Parade*
fact: I hated parades in high school, but I think if I got the chance to spin in the Macy's Day Parade or the Rose Parade, I'd do it.
Trey Songz looking fine at the Rose Parade
or better yet Rose Parade in a few weeks
Thankful for our Mason Band program! Happy Thanksgiving to all! One month until the Rose Parade!
The macy's parade is good, but the Rose parade is even better
I remember going to the 2001 Rose parade. Mom never missed it on TV.Realized halfway through couldnt smell the flowers
so and so NBC is skipping the marching bands. save that for the Rose Parade am I right?!
Why doesn't HGTV cover the NY Thanksgiving parade like they do the Rose parade?
When you realize the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is not even half what the Rose Parade is😬
I don't think the lip syncing at the parade will ever fool anyone but little kids.
I see you Thanksgiving Day Parade, and I’m gonna let you finish, but for my money, the Rose Parade is the best.
it's funny because we did Macy's before you guys 😂 Our director even said rose bowl is the biggest parade you can do so 🐸☕
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if you'll be watching our performance on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
Missed our Periscopes of rehearsals? We have more video!
Read some fun facts about the annual on
T-minus 7 hours and 58 minutes until Get all the details you need:
The Macy's Thanksgiving parade is my all time favorite parade. The Rose Bowl? Psh lame
"Anybody that's coming to this parade today should definitely feel safe." NYPD Chief of Department on
Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and more making an appearance at the The full line up:
Happy Thanksgiving! 7 things you should know about the
It's their first time at the parade! is on NEXT!
I wanna go to the Rose Parade this year 😌
Look at some fun facts about the as you wait!
Made it to New York City for the Might take a few laps and practice my parade wave.
I can't wait for the Rose Parade, it's always the best one
Settle in for the with stamp art from our
For some reason Rose parade just came into my mind.
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very fancy. Since we're in SoCal we took the Rose Parade for granted.
And right after the Macy's parade, we get into dance games and puppies.
Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is always my favorite! But did y'all see represent?!?!
Here are the street closures for tomorrow's parade
Did you know will march in the 2017 Rose Parade?
US: Rose Parade to promote Californian grown cut flowers -
Big Sean to Bruce Springsteen: A handy roundup of the music on TV this Thanksgiving weekend
true, there should be more bands. But I rely upon the Rose Parade for bands!
Ken Burns has been named grand marshal of the 2016 Rose Parade. Will the parade run 20 hours over several days with no commercials?
Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns named grand marshal of 2016 Rose Parade in California
Filmmaker Ken Burns to be Grand Marshall of 2016 Rose Parade. Plus 1st Lakers float.
Rose Parade says it will feature first ever Lakers float; names 2016 grand marshal
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards to exit Rose Parade coverage for KTLA
Rose Parade, Rose Bowl Game 2016: Complete guide to all events
To all Starbuck's Coffee customers and mean manager who did not want me at Starbucks.: See Portland Rose Festival parade on Caffeine video.
Awww I remember seeing him in the Rose Parade!
The Bachelor will have a Rose Parade float. Reading the press release, I got as far as a mention of decorative "crabs" before laughing.
Devon Harrison alum as Garnet with Peridot, Amythest, Rose Quartz for Costume Parade
tillmanskates This is from the original skating rose parade float. @ Fiesta…
i have a theory that all girls that grow up in LA either want to be a Laker girl or the Rose Parade…
How to get your tickets for the Rose Parade on New Year's Day
Speaking of National Cat Day, here is a great from our Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade) pins. 2012 was the...
ABC's THE BACHELOR to Celebrate 20th Season with New Float in 127th Rose Parade... .
Aah...we will miss him in the Rose Parade.
Follow the progress on the Donate Life Rose Parade Float this year Katie Barton is one of the honorees.
Please pick up your Rose Parade Apparel (Jackets, Polos and Long-sleeve Tee-Shirts) TONIGHT from 6:45pm - 8:00pm...
"Style is when they're running you out of town, and you make it look like you're leading the parade." -- W. Battie
"The Bachelor" Rose Parade float. Ben H. is going to sit in the lifeguard chair. The hot tub, apparently, will work.
such sad news! I covered him when he was in the Rose Parade 😔
PHOTO: Lakers unveil adventurous float for Rose Parade. (via )
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Two chosen to perform in Rose Parade:
Me too. I waved at him when he was Grand Marshall in the Rose Parade. Does that count as meeting him? :)
Kicking out of the St. Patrick's Day Parade? It could happen. Watch-
After it was given to us at the end of the Rose Parade, I've been kinda 'meh' on In N Out.
Lakers entering float in Rose parade, here's the concept art
Meet the Rose Queen & Court. Special appearance for charity includes executive buffet Nov 10: in Pasadena
Here is the replica of the Lakers' float in the Rose Parade on New Year's Day
Great to be back in the Rose and Crown, South Parade, Oxford
Lakers Announce Participation in the 127th Rose Parade via
See the LA Lakers live at the. 2016 Rose Parade on New Year's Day!. Reserved seats are available at...
Lakers entering float in Rose Bowl Parade, here's the concept art
The rose parade has always been a part of my life/family tradition so having a float is so exciting😭💜
Southern California folks, questions 4 u:. Do you watch The Rose Parade?. and if so, do you have a preferred local channel for live coverage?
Basketball_Logo: Lakers to design, build float for 127th Rose Parade - USA TODAY -
Bummed to learn that the next Rose Parade will be Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards' last. They were the best. 🌹
This will be the last Rose Parade for Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards
The band gets selected for the 2017 Rose Parade and the football team beats Pasadena 38-7! It was a great...
The "World Famous Buhler Frolic Parade" starts at 11:00! So maybe it's not quite as big as the Rose Parade on New...
1972 Photo~Rose Parade, Sexy girls on City of Commerce float, Pasadena, m66808
1972 Photo~Rose Parade, 5x7, sexy girls riding on float, Pasadena, m66818
1972 Photo~Rose Parade, 5x7, sexy girls on USC float, Pasadena, m66813
From Live today: visited in Pasadena to see how Rose Parade floats are made.
Love the Rose Parade? Come hear alumna Karen Sunshine, who plans the parade and Rose Bowl events, Oct. 2
known for the Rose Parade, is a vibrant center of by
Pasadena Startups Bridge Design and Technology Pasadena, known for the Rose Parade and its quaint Old…
Greatwood teen inspires design for Rose Parade float - Your Houston News
These moments are once in a lifetime. Experience all the Rose Parade has to offer see how the floats are built!
Wow, this is amazing... a sister parade to California's Rose Parade but on steroids. All of these floats are...
Kinda like the Rose Parade but in the Netherlands
I kinda miss Pasadena. My parents took me to the Rose Parade once, but I was too young then to remember it now :(
The gorgeous at the parade in August and winning the 2009 Golden Rose !
I can't wait till December to go to disney land & the Rose parade 💘
Wouldn't it be great if there was an Outlander float at the Rose parade at the end of this year in Pasadena, CA?
Did you ever go to the Victorian Weekend as well? That's long gone too, as is the parade, rose queens etc. Sad times.
This one right here, this one.. right here Go! Rose Parade feat. Diego Redd by on
"Ididit"FTD Everyone "Likes" a Parade Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the 2016 Rose Parade and Rose Bowl!
Oddfellows: Oddfellows, if you would like a red rose buttonhole for the parade at Hartington on Satur...
well this puts the Rose Bowl Parade to shame
I'm not a fan of parades, but this would be a must see. highfalutin Rose Bowl Parade
127th Tournament of Roses Parade and Southern California Sightseeing Tour; join the "Petal Pushers" for hands-on...
hi rose thx for yr comment. Mr Gabay's friend said they were out celebrating ahead of parade We never said it was connected
My Grand parade po ako tomorrow with GMA artist sa. Brgy. san nicolas Gapan city. see you there. . .
Book Week parade today; Miss 8 is going dressed as Clementine Rose
You can record a video greeting our event "Death Parade"? Please!
amazing Labor day doing Parade today 4 Hillary then Burlington 4 Labor Day Picnic with
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Pls tell TD he needs to reach the other 'people' soon! Rose Parade? St. Pats, etc.We need to firm up the dates now.
Happy birthday to my sister-cousin lisapmarie ... Wishing we were at Pismo, watching the Rose Parade,…
For example: when my marching band won a spot in the Rose Bowl Parade, the principal and band director bought 250 roses. One for each kid.
after the Rose Parade at nicholasdaugse quentin_music…
hey dirty Hometown Univ. in Albany,Ga has an opportunity for their band to be in the Rose Bowl Parade they could use ur financial help
Parade HQ ... with a lovely rose garden. (@ Tournament of Roses House in Pasadena, CA)
You'd think it was the Rose Parade.
"A Labor Day Rose Parade' Thx Rachel for all your hard work all year
will parade after the 1st race this Sunday as part of
Put your music on shuffle, what are the first 3 songs t… — Black Parade - MCR, La Vie En Rose - Edith Plaf, Brothe…
10% off Rose Bowl and Parade Tours booked before Oct 1st:
well it's my day to parade so... GTFO 😂
Going to audition for the Rose Parade this year 😋🎺
After reading Elizabeth Rose on Parade during book week and getting the kids to find all the hidden…
Bayless can walk behind the parade sweeping up the rose petals
‘Miracle dog’ that survived pound’s gas chamber headed to Rose Parade via
well our band played in the Rose Bowl Parade sooo.
Rose Parade 2011--WISCONSIN GOES via Got nostalgic for my alma mater this week.
when I think of childhood it is all Rose Parade & Griffith Park -- carousels and pony rides.
ICYMI: Mason High School's marching band will be playing in the next Rose Parade
PBS chief talks 2016 end of and a Rose Parade float
I Didn't listen i was floting like the Rose Parade. Swear to god a *** seen some flying fishes. That was the vegas trip. Who the sponsor
"Target audience". Same reason why;years ago,ABC/ESPN wanted to get rid of the Rose Parade to air a bowl game.
Rose Parade rocks! Portland Oregon has Rose festival too
EJSS Trojan Marching Band and their support crew ready to step off at the 2015 Rose Parade!
First ever Rose Parade for me and this little one! @ Lloyd District, Portland, Oregon
The float in 1963 Rose Parade featuring ``Helen of Troy'' Carol Soucek and drama student Larry Brown
Raul R. Rodriguez, designer of Rose Parade floats, dies at 71 Raised.
.I'm still waiting for an Elliott Smith float in the Rose Parade.
Local Lions Club inspires at Rose Parade: More than 20 members of the Del Sol Lions, a group that helps blind ...
One of the groups I follow... I didn't know Bess Myerson did the Rose Parade too!
Congrats to the City of Sierra Madre for their award-winning float in the 2015 Rose Parade -
the Blue a Springs High School Band just marched 5.5 miles in the Rose Parade. And Jim Rome called them dorks? JR is so rude.
The Johnston family from Fort Worth attended the Rose Parade and honored their beautiful son, Dakota Johnston. They said they had an amazing time celebrating Dakota's legacy and his amazing gift.
The Salvation Army celebrates annually its Rose Parade march with brass and timbrels. Join us as we take a closer look at one of the marching band's own Naomi Kuhlman.
Retired Army veteran surprised with new home at end of Rose Parade
This is the 1st time an Armenian Rose Float is participating in the Rose Parade! We're excited to share their community to …
Busy day, but now I get to watch the rose parade! yay! I love this parade!
no. I woke up early for the Rose Parade so I slept the rest of the day 😂
Happy moment: Retired Army veteran gets a free home in Virginia courtesy By
Kiehl's Rose Parade float is all about 'Inspiring a Beautiful Wor
photos from way, way back Like this one from 1920
Here's a cool video from the Rose Parade this morning. Before things kicked off, a Stealth Bomber did a flyby. See the full video here:
Sikhs participate for the first time in the 2015 Rose parade at Pasedena California
Super successful first day of the year: Saw the Rose parade, went to the mall, bought VS, lunch at CPK, bowling, arcade.
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Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts marching. We are here. Rose Parade 2015.
One of the floats in the Rose Parade pays tribute to some of our country's heroes - Japanese-Americans who served during World War II.
Seeing the Kiwanis Float at the Rose Parade and Spurs beating Chelsea at the Lane. What a great start to a New Year 😃
For those of you that missed it, please see attached video of Go For Broke 2015 Rose Parade Float on KTLA 5. Here's to the 100th/442nd/MIS!! Proud to have been part of this unforgettable event.
Watching the Rose Parade and the University of Oregon marching just played Castle Park's alma mater. Tripped out.
Here is a video of the highlights of the 2015 Rose Parade. Watch it and stop it at your favorite parts. I liked the Green Grocer, and of course the Cal Poly Float.
I very much appreciate that the gave long overdue exposure to these
The City of Alhambra is honoring the World War 2 Nisei Veterans in the 2015 Rose Parade with it's float entitled, "Go For Broke." The Carelife Home Care Team...
So I had fun today at the rose parade. Did anyone see me and my lil girl in my tow truck ?🚛
Last Rose Parade we attended with my mother.
1 of 365 days: came home from cali for a very festive day. Pasadena Rose Parade. 1st time was amazingly fun with wifey Yen Nguyen. Long drive but it was worth it with the in laws too! Now, getting ready to crash for day 2 of 365. Late!
With some help from the entire Royal Court, our very own Frank Buckley and Fox 5 San Diego's Kathleen Bade got to work on their royal waves this morning! Watch the Rose Parade and KTLA's "band cam" live here:
I just caught a glimpse, but I think Jack Black had his own Rose Parade float today. He rode with his HS acting teacher? :)
Couldn't watch the Rose Bowl Parade .reminded me of.wwa.
7 arrested during Rose Parade: PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Police in Southern California say seven people have bee...
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didn't get to see the rose parade but I saw one of these the night before so I kind of did...
ROSE PARADE FLOAT MISHAPS:. The illegal alien float was disqualified for too many riders.
ROSE PARADE FLOAT MISHAPS:. Al Sharpton's float refused to follow the street's white centerline.
Many strange things happen when you live 2 blocks from the Rose Parade route. Here are the…
"A wear ago I was in California camping out for the rose parade, awww." Year*
We don't always have a float at the Rose Parade, but when we do, we roll in with the Daho Zurna!
20 hours later: personal victory over the Rose Parade, Duck win over FSU at the Rose Bowl, and a spot in contention for the championship
Desfile de las Rosas : "Rose Parade gets off to unusually chilly startv"
On Thursday 1, 'Rose Parade' was Trending Topic in Charlotte for 4 hours:
no comment: California: Rose parade floats in full bloom for annual event
Highlights, crowd favorites and award-winning floats from 126th annual Rose Parade
4 arrested during police protest at Rose Parade
See some of the unforgettable moments of the 2007 Rose Parade Star Wars Spectacular featuring the
The 126th Rose Parade may be over, but the majestic floats will be on display for the public until Saturday. The float displays were set up on Sierra Madre Boulevard between Washington Boulevard an...
One of my favorite parts of a New Year is watching the Rose Parade.
Here's some nostalgia for you: Remember when you could plop in front of the TV on New Year's Day, watch the Rose Parade (or, better yet, the Mummer's Parade), then watch one college football bowl game after another -- for free?! The good old days before ESPN.
A woman who was denied the honor of riding in the Rose Parade in 1958 will finally get her chance in 2015.
was right by the rose parade you bet your *** I didn't go.
A look back at Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade) 2015.
It's and I filling in at 11 tonight on Tune in for the cold forecast and a Rose Parade recap!
For the 55th consecutive year, Farmers Insurance is proud to be participating in the tradition! Click to see some of our past floats and don't miss the 2015 Farmers float in the 126th annual Rose Parade tomorrow at 8 AM PST! Check your local listings for more information.
Our moment brought to you by Begins at 1:37
China Airlines wins another trophy in Rose Parade
People are searching for: rose parade - - January 2nd 2015
Local floats dazzle judges at Rose Parade
Rose Parade warms up chilled crowd in Pasadena.
Pasadena police arrest 7 for allegedly attempting to interfere with Rose Parade
Who's going to the rose parade this year?
When I was a teenager living in CA I used to decorate this float though LLL each year with my youth group from church. It was fun and then we would spend the night on a sidewalk in Pasadena, CA and watch the Rose Parade. It was a fun time. (I wish I had some of that energy today. God's blessings everybody!! Happy New Year.
ROSE PARADE FLOAT MISHAPS:. Al Gore's froze up. Hillary's made no difference. Ferguson's burnt to the ground. BHO's went t… featured in NBC s Science of Love
This can be our last year that we see Rose parade in Pasadena, however, we will continue to watch them and we hope our USC can make it.
here is Princess' float in the Rose Parade
We did New Year's Eve dinner at George's Greek Cafe in Lakewood CA last night. The girls had a 4-course Greek dinner, danced around the cafe with the waite staff, watched some traditional Greek circle dancing by the regular customers, wore goofy Happy New Year hats and tiaras, blew the traditional New Year's paper horn noisemakers (which they discovered made more noise if you take off the horn and just blow the mouthpiece) and made up their own event by releasing a couple of helium-filled balloons into the night sky. The balloons carried our penned wishes for 2015. My wish was the shortest: Make 70!!. - which all the girls found hilarious for some reason?! Guess it would look that way if you're only 15!! The Rose Parade on Jan. 1st was awesome! Contrary to the local scary 'freezing weather" predictions, it was in the 40's and 50's in Pasadena, with gorgeous blue skies. We could see the snow-capped San Gabriel mountains behind the Colorado Ave. parade route. The girls were all so excited to find out ...
Pasadena flaunted its annual floral extravaganza Thursday, as it narrowly missed a record for cold
Couldn't have said it better. Best sign at the rose parade.
Fantastic day firstly spoilt with delicious Gingerbread Waffles while watching the Rose Parade. Headed into Hollywood to see the sights. Was great to spend the day with our friends Lawrence Gelbman and Monica Perez Gelbman along with Sierra and the Stoler girls.
This is the channel 5 KTLA version of the Rotary Float in the Rose Parade. This was 50 sec, I'm the one leading the float on the top with the poncho and hat. Jennifer Smith from our district is also walking in the left of the screen in gold. It was a blast- even though it was a 5 1/2 + mi parade. Loved being part of this!!!
EXCLUSIVE: In case you missed it! Here's a clip of Lee High's marching band performing at the Rose Parade in California! CBS 7's Robert Guaderrama was there and will bring you the highlights tonight at 6 and 10.
My view from the beginning of the Rose Parade
Cypress HS performing in the 2015 Rose Parade - enjoy!
Joan Williams, the 82-year-old Pasadena, Calif., woman who was named “Miss Crown City” in 1957 and didn’t get to ride in the 1958 Rose Parade after word spread of her African-American ancestry, finally had her chance and was on th
Watch KTLA's live coverage of the 126th Rose Parade Presented by Honda. Live Streaming of the 126th Rose Parade on KTLA.COM is presented by:
An estimated 18000 people went out to Pasadena for the 126th Rose Parade and stuck around to get a closer look at the floats.
What a way to start the year. Survived my first ever tortilla tossing New Year's Eve spend the night on the street to get front row seats to see the Rose parade with family and some new friends. Happy 2015 everyone!
I got up early this morning to go to Pasadena watching Rose Parade. These are only a small part of the photos that I took in the parade. It was a very exciting moment for me because after so many years of watching the Rose Parade in Taiwan, now I was able to be on the site finally. (Sorry this computer does not allow me to write in Chinese.)
Rose Parade flows. Too bad can't get close to it. Tickets sold out when get there 😜😜
Chapman University film student to represent Sikh Americans in 2015 Rose Parade
Is it just me or is Bob Eubanks messing up the dialogue for the Rose Parade?
Isn't that special Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks finally can make it through a Rose Parade without killing each other. 👏
"Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks have more drama in their Rose Parade partnership than most long-married couples"
Watching the Rose Parade and I have to say Bob Eubanks sounds nearly lucid this year.
Bob Eubanks asked his co-host "Where is the most unusual place you have ever watched the Rose Parade?" She replied, "In the butt."
My voice is gone.I came home to a Project at my house.. *** Steven Anthony Torres and Jonathan all i want to do is watch the Rose Parade.but Mona Soria wants to go for a we r on a mission to find good Menudo and a nice cold Chelada.Here we go.Round Two.☺
My favorite part of the Rose Parade is its hometown charm, which is helped along by the commentary from Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks.
I love to watch the Rose Parade every year since I was growing up in Mexico, however this year is very special for me to seeing my dear friend Yoshio Nakamura being honored for his heroism as part of the Japanese unit that fought in WW II, Thank you Yosh for your friendship, love and kindness that you and Grace have given me. You are such an inspiration to me, and as chairman of ArtFest Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts nothing makes me more proud to have you as one of our featured artist this year along with Armando Baeza. See you soon.
Love watching the Rose Parade just for Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards commentary. It gets more golden every year.
Bob Eubanks trying to pronounce "Jameis" is totally worth watching the Rose Parade replay for.
Throwback Thursday: Me with the co-host of the Rose Parade, one of the original KRLA 11-10 Men, Bob Eubanks.
National anthem at the Winter Classic... WoW! Home give away to war vet at end of Rose Parade! Awesome. First College football playoff ! Epic! What a country! And added one more buddy to our sky dive adventure for next weekend! New Year, peeps!!
I've never watched the Rose Parade until this year😳😂
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January 1st, 2015 According to Roman Mythology, January is named after Janus, the god of the doorway. So January is the "door to the year" The first month of the year is a winter month. January has 31 days, Its birthstone is garnet, birth flower is carnation. Some famous people born in January are: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , Betsy Ross, Benjamin Franklin, Jackie Robinson, Sherlock Holmes, Elvis Presley, Boo Boo Bear, Rubber Duckie ( Sesame Street) Uniquetown unofficial holidays are Kitchen Safety Week and Dot-to-Dot Day. . The New Year is represented by Father Time and Baby New Year. Most countries celebrate with fireworks at midnight. In the United States there are fireworks, a Rose Parade and a Bowl Game. Auld Land Syne is a Scottish song published in 1796 and is sung at midnight.
Rose Parade kid comments . Emily - if I had a dog I'd name it Quat. Me - why?. Emily - so I can call it by saying Come Quat : )
Once again enjoyed watching the one, true coverage of the Rose Parade w/ Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks on Hallmark Channel
You would think after all these years Bob Eubanks would know how to pronounce peony & helix during the Rose Parade! Come on KTLA!
I wanna March in the Rose Parade so bad! 😍
Rose Parade blooper? TV host Bob Eubanks on what appears to be increasing ethnic diversity: Does anyone named Smith ever g…
The only way to watch the Rose Parade on with Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards. Looking good on my 50" Vizio!
Loving the Rose Parade on HGTV. Scott brothers, Josh and Nancy doing a great job. Happy New Year.
Would love a shoutout to my three daughters Abbie, Emily, and Maggie. We love HGTV and the Rose Parade!
In 1958 she wasn't allowed to be in the Rose Parade because of her race. Today, Joan Williams rode the lead float. http…
So exciting to see our FSU twirler Emily in the Rose Parade!
I'm watching Rose Parade on KTLA with Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks - the best!
Enjoying your coverage of the Rose Parade much better than network TV. Yay for the Scott Bros and Josh!
Downside to Vegas, I have to watch the Rose Parade without Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards commentary.
hanging out on the sofa with my twins Emily and Alex watching the Rose Parade. Our family tradition. Happy New Year!
Watching the Rose Parade.and it's so cold in Connecticut. I need roses to start my New Year!
Can't wait to see the Budweiser Clydesdales at the Rose Parade! The wagon should be filled with Bud Ice!
Having a Great Time .. — feeling happy at Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade)
I dont normally watch the Rose Parade, but since the Bachelors float has on board & awarded for most effecti…
What do they do with all the roses after the Rose Parade? Because the right answer is give them all to me! 🌹
Happy New Year! Are you watching the Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade)? Such beautiful floats, all made of...
To all the QHHS students marching the 2015 Rose Parade in the Tournament of Roses Honor Band, I AM SO PROUD!! And jealous ❤️
Rose Parade? I like roses. I like parades. It's a good day.
If I had a float in the Rose Parade, I'd probably just lazily throw some roses across the back of a flatbed trailer & wouldn't win anything.
NBC is really phoning in coverage of the Rose Parade. Al Roker/Hoda Kotb look confused/unprepared.
Why have I never watched the Rose Parade before cool 🌹🌹🌹
Was at Rose Parade when Fred Rogers was grand marshall. Our entire block sang the Mr. Rogers theme song as he passed.
:Great to be watching the Rose Parade with AL Roker and Hoda Kotb
Woke up early to "watch" the Rose Parade.. Which means I will be slipping in and out of consciousness for the next several hours..! Nothing puts me in a deeper sleep than the glorious Tournament of Roses parade =]
Today, welcome the New Year LIVE with Al Roker and Hoda Kotb as they host the 126th Rose Parade, the most popular...
HNY tweeps! Be sure to watch the Rose Parade n cheer on Princess Emily, Mackenzie & Veronica. Also our TCHS band is marching! Go Rams 💚💛🌹
Tulsa organ donor to walk in Rose Parade. (Sent from Tulsa-World) Thanks Mrs Manley!
Tulsa organ donor to walk in Rose Parade - Tulsa World: Local
Klamath National Forest to Participate in -- U.S. Forest Service rangers, firefighters and volunteers will participate in the 126th annual Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1st. This year the Forest Service celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act while highlighting the historic role of packers in supporting wildland firefighters and other backcountry operations, as well as acknowledging the outstanding contributions made by National Forest volunteers. The last time the Forest Service participated in the Rose parade was a decade ago when the agency celebrated its centennial. Six employees from the Klamath National Forest will be participating in support roles for the Forest Service Parade entry. The all mule equestrian entry will include an entourage of Forest Service Rangers and Smokey Bear riding atop an authentic 19th century wagon, anchored by three mule pack strings, a mounted color guard and a fire crew that will walk alongside. Ellen Andrews, Dan Hendrickson and Emily Tornroos from .. ...
Rose Parade vials for in honor of our heroes and survivors. Dan Goossen, Angel Santos, Airim Hernandez, Team...
Get hand warmers in the camping section from a sporting goods store Southern California if you up for the Rose Parade. It's going to be cold
The Love Boat...this year marks the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruise Line. They have a float in the Rose Parade this year. The crew from the Love Boat will be on the float! How awesome is that?!
SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (September 22, 2014) – Princess Cruises will ring in the New Year and its 50th anniversary in an unprecedented way – with its first-ever float in the world-famous Rose Parade on January 1 in Pasadena, Calif. As a special feature the six original cast members of The Love Boat te…
Old Spanish Days in Rose Parade: A subscriber reports that Old Spanish Days Fiesta will participate in the 2015…
NEXT ON MIDDAY: Latest on crash & recovery. Plus, we're live in Santa Barbara with construction & Pasadena for Rose Parade
The Marine band will lead the Rose Parade in a few days... And to think I may be in there marching or the Drum Major. Scary but AWESOME!!
Tomorrow (12/30) the Environmental Protection Agency’s airplane will be flying low over Pasadena in preparation for the Rose Parade.
Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade) set up is under way by our amazing Andy Gump Fence Crew - Only 3 more days until the big show!
Well, my friends, here we are at the end of 2014. Well, at the final Sunday of 2014, anyway. December 28, 2014. We have 4 more days of this year, and then the year is no more. I know each and every one of us have had down moments and up moments in this past year. I hope and pray that 2015 is an up year for all of us. Any plans for New Year? Heading out to the Rose Parade? Anyone going to any football games? Or, are you going to be like me; stay home, stay warm, watch the parade and games. It’s a day for rest for me. Let’s see who is having one of those post-Christmas birthdays… Country music is well represented today, with Joe Diffie, Mike McGuire from Shenandoah, and Marty Roe from Diamond Rio, all celebrating today. My friends C J Dory Austin and Liz Habbib are both celebrating today. If it is your birthday, a very Happy Birthday to you. Make your day special. Here are some others who share your special day… 1164 - Emperor Rokujō of Japan (d. 1176) 1635 - Princess Elizabeth of Engl ...
Tim Estes giving Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards grand tour of Rose Parade floats
California should be run the way the Rose Parade is: Joe Mathews
A California Highway Patrol officer killed in the line of duty will be remembered as a hero at the Rose Parade
Float Preparations for the 2015 Rose Parade: On Saturday morning I headed out to F...
Hey, it's a So. Cal tradition Frazer Smith and the Crabbeman will be broadcasting the Rose Parade again this year 6-10a New Years 955 KLOS
A little cultural education. We went to Dubai and it happened to be the 40th anniversary of Independence Day. With ALL the bad press the Arab world gets we were not ready for a COUNTRY WIDE ALL NIGHT street party. Like the New Years street party for the Rose Parade. People spend 5 to 10 thousand dollars decorating their Cadallac 4x4s and Lamborginis special for that day then cruise the main streets till sunup and everybody takes turns trashing these 300,000 dollar cars. Nobody gets mad everybody has fun. An Arab country that REALLY knows how to let their hair down and have good clean fun. best of all foreigners were EXTREMELY welcome to take part in the fun... and trash a Buggati with silly string shaving cream and confetti. We found ourself in the middle of this by accident, no warning! It took a few minutes to finally realize we were were not going to die ( g ). By the way those Arab girls who wear the black robes and cover their faces except for their eyes are UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL when they kick off ...
A look at this morning's Rose Parade float test run.
It's the Rose Parade. It's also in Pasadena, where the Rose Bowl is, but not actually interdependent.
Shriners again this year will be apart of the Rose Parade. The season of bowl games is soon approaching.
For all local Cinti friends who like BBQ, print out the flyer here and take it to the VOA City BBQ today & help support the Lakota West Band raise funds on their rode to the Rose Parade!!! We are stopping by to pick up carry out for dinner!!!
Chinese-American girl selected as Rose Parade princess
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