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Rose Parade

The Tournament of Roses Parade, better known as the Rose Parade, is America's New Year Celebration held in Pasadena, California, a festival of flower-covered floats, marching bands, equestrians and the Rose Bowl college football game on New Year's Day (but moved to Monday if New Year's Day falls on a Sunday), produced by the non-profit Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

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Is it just me or is Bob Eubanks messing up the dialogue for the Rose Parade?
Isn't that special Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks finally can make it through a Rose Parade without killing each other. 👏
"Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks have more drama in their Rose Parade partnership than most long-married couples"
Watching the Rose Parade and I have to say Bob Eubanks sounds nearly lucid this year.
Bob Eubanks asked his co-host "Where is the most unusual place you have ever watched the Rose Parade?" She replied, "In the butt."
My voice is gone.I came home to a Project at my house.. *** Steven Anthony Torres and Jonathan all i want to do is watch the Rose Parade.but Mona Soria wants to go for a we r on a mission to find good Menudo and a nice cold Chelada.Here we go.Round Two.☺
My favorite part of the Rose Parade is its hometown charm, which is helped along by the commentary from Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks.
I love to watch the Rose Parade every year since I was growing up in Mexico, however this year is very special for me to seeing my dear friend Yoshio Nakamura being honored for his heroism as part of the Japanese unit that fought in WW II, Thank you Yosh for your friendship, love and kindness that you and Grace have given me. You are such an inspiration to me, and as chairman of ArtFest Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts nothing makes me more proud to have you as one of our featured artist this year along with Armando Baeza. See you soon.
Love watching the Rose Parade just for Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards commentary. It gets more golden every year.
Bob Eubanks trying to pronounce "Jameis" is totally worth watching the Rose Parade replay for.
Throwback Thursday: Me with the co-host of the Rose Parade, one of the original KRLA 11-10 Men, Bob Eubanks.
National anthem at the Winter Classic... WoW! Home give away to war vet at end of Rose Parade! Awesome. First College football playoff ! Epic! What a country! And added one more buddy to our sky dive adventure for next weekend! New Year, peeps!!
I've never watched the Rose Parade until this year😳😂
January 1st, 2015 According to Roman Mythology, January is named after Janus, the god of the doorway. So January is the "door to the year" The first month of the year is a winter month. January has 31 days, Its birthstone is garnet, birth flower is carnation. Some famous people born in January are: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , Betsy Ross, Benjamin Franklin, Jackie Robinson, Sherlock Holmes, Elvis Presley, Boo Boo Bear, Rubber Duckie ( Sesame Street) Uniquetown unofficial holidays are Kitchen Safety Week and Dot-to-Dot Day. . The New Year is represented by Father Time and Baby New Year. Most countries celebrate with fireworks at midnight. In the United States there are fireworks, a Rose Parade and a Bowl Game. Auld Land Syne is a Scottish song published in 1796 and is sung at midnight.
Rose Parade kid comments . Emily - if I had a dog I'd name it Quat. Me - why?. Emily - so I can call it by saying Come Quat : )
Once again enjoyed watching the one, true coverage of the Rose Parade w/ Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks on Hallmark Channel
You would think after all these years Bob Eubanks would know how to pronounce peony & helix during the Rose Parade! Come on KTLA!
I wanna March in the Rose Parade so bad! 😍
Rose Parade blooper? TV host Bob Eubanks on what appears to be increasing ethnic diversity: Does anyone named Smith ever g…
The only way to watch the Rose Parade on with Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards. Looking good on my 50" Vizio!
Loving the Rose Parade on HGTV. Scott brothers, Josh and Nancy doing a great job. Happy New Year.
Would love a shoutout to my three daughters Abbie, Emily, and Maggie. We love HGTV and the Rose Parade!
In 1958 she wasn't allowed to be in the Rose Parade because of her race. Today, Joan Williams rode the lead float. http…
So exciting to see our FSU twirler Emily in the Rose Parade!
Enjoying your coverage of the Rose Parade much better than network TV. Yay for the Scott Bros and Josh!
hanging out on the sofa with my twins Emily and Alex watching the Rose Parade. Our family tradition. Happy New Year!
Watching the Rose Parade.and it's so cold in Connecticut. I need roses to start my New Year!
Having a Great Time .. — feeling happy at Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade)
I dont normally watch the Rose Parade, but since the Bachelors float has on board & awarded for most effecti…
What do they do with all the roses after the Rose Parade? Because the right answer is give them all to me! 🌹
Happy New Year! Are you watching the Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade)? Such beautiful floats, all made of...
To all the QHHS students marching the 2015 Rose Parade in the Tournament of Roses Honor Band, I AM SO PROUD!! And jealous ❤️
Rose Parade? I like roses. I like parades. It's a good day.
If I had a float in the Rose Parade, I'd probably just lazily throw some roses across the back of a flatbed trailer & wouldn't win anything.
Why have I never watched the Rose Parade before cool 🌹🌹🌹
Woke up early to "watch" the Rose Parade.. Which means I will be slipping in and out of consciousness for the next several hours..! Nothing puts me in a deeper sleep than the glorious Tournament of Roses parade =]
LOCAL FAMILY HONORED at Tournament of Roses Parade. A Dublin family placed 29 roses on the Donate Life Rose Parade Float in honor of pediatric organ, eye and tissue donors (under the age of 21). The Harringtons are in Pasadena to help decorate the float and honor their daughter, Lindsay, in the Rose Parade. You can watch on NBC4 starting at 11am. Lifeline of Ohio
HNY tweeps! Be sure to watch the Rose Parade n cheer on Princess Emily, Mackenzie & Veronica. Also our TCHS band is marching! Go Rams 💚💛🌹
Klamath National Forest to Participate in -- U.S. Forest Service rangers, firefighters and volunteers will participate in the 126th annual Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1st. This year the Forest Service celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act while highlighting the historic role of packers in supporting wildland firefighters and other backcountry operations, as well as acknowledging the outstanding contributions made by National Forest volunteers. The last time the Forest Service participated in the Rose parade was a decade ago when the agency celebrated its centennial. Six employees from the Klamath National Forest will be participating in support roles for the Forest Service Parade entry. The all mule equestrian entry will include an entourage of Forest Service Rangers and Smokey Bear riding atop an authentic 19th century wagon, anchored by three mule pack strings, a mounted color guard and a fire crew that will walk alongside. Ellen Andrews, Dan Hendrickson and Emily Tornroos from .. ...
Get hand warmers in the camping section from a sporting goods store Southern California if you up for the Rose Parade. It's going to be cold
Members of the original cast of 'The Love Boat' will be participating in the 126th Rose Parade on New Year's Day.
The Love Boat...this year marks the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruise Line. They have a float in the Rose Parade this year. The crew from the Love Boat will be on the float! How awesome is that?!
SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (September 22, 2014) – Princess Cruises will ring in the New Year and its 50th anniversary in an unprecedented way – with its first-ever float in the world-famous Rose Parade on January 1 in Pasadena, Calif. As a special feature the six original cast members of The Love Boat te…
Old Spanish Days in Rose Parade: A subscriber reports that Old Spanish Days Fiesta will participate in the 2015…
NEXT ON MIDDAY: Latest on crash & recovery. Plus, we're live in Santa Barbara with construction & Pasadena for Rose Parade
The Marine band will lead the Rose Parade in a few days... And to think I may be in there marching or the Drum Major. Scary but AWESOME!!
Tomorrow (12/30) the Environmental Protection Agency’s airplane will be flying low over Pasadena in preparation for the Rose Parade.
Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade) set up is under way by our amazing Andy Gump Fence Crew - Only 3 more days until the big show!
Well, my friends, here we are at the end of 2014. Well, at the final Sunday of 2014, anyway. December 28, 2014. We have 4 more days of this year, and then the year is no more. I know each and every one of us have had down moments and up moments in this past year. I hope and pray that 2015 is an up year for all of us. Any plans for New Year? Heading out to the Rose Parade? Anyone going to any football games? Or, are you going to be like me; stay home, stay warm, watch the parade and games. It’s a day for rest for me. Let’s see who is having one of those post-Christmas birthdays… Country music is well represented today, with Joe Diffie, Mike McGuire from Shenandoah, and Marty Roe from Diamond Rio, all celebrating today. My friends C J Dory Austin and Liz Habbib are both celebrating today. If it is your birthday, a very Happy Birthday to you. Make your day special. Here are some others who share your special day… 1164 - Emperor Rokujō of Japan (d. 1176) 1635 - Princess Elizabeth of Engl ...
Tim Estes giving Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards grand tour of Rose Parade floats
Shriners Hospitals for Children. Shriners Hospitals for Children will be participating in the 2015 Rose Parade in...
California should be run the way the Rose Parade is: Joe Mathews
A California Highway Patrol officer killed in the line of duty will be remembered as a hero at the Rose Parade
Float Preparations for the 2015 Rose Parade: On Saturday morning I headed out to F...
Hey, it's a So. Cal tradition Frazer Smith and the Crabbeman will be broadcasting the Rose Parade again this year 6-10a New Years 955 KLOS
A little cultural education. We went to Dubai and it happened to be the 40th anniversary of Independence Day. With ALL the bad press the Arab world gets we were not ready for a COUNTRY WIDE ALL NIGHT street party. Like the New Years street party for the Rose Parade. People spend 5 to 10 thousand dollars decorating their Cadallac 4x4s and Lamborginis special for that day then cruise the main streets till sunup and everybody takes turns trashing these 300,000 dollar cars. Nobody gets mad everybody has fun. An Arab country that REALLY knows how to let their hair down and have good clean fun. best of all foreigners were EXTREMELY welcome to take part in the fun... and trash a Buggati with silly string shaving cream and confetti. We found ourself in the middle of this by accident, no warning! It took a few minutes to finally realize we were were not going to die ( g ). By the way those Arab girls who wear the black robes and cover their faces except for their eyes are UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL when they kick off ...
A look at this morning's Rose Parade float test run.
It's the Rose Parade. It's also in Pasadena, where the Rose Bowl is, but not actually interdependent.
Shriners again this year will be apart of the Rose Parade. The season of bowl games is soon approaching.
For all local Cinti friends who like BBQ, print out the flyer here and take it to the VOA City BBQ today & help support the Lakota West Band raise funds on their rode to the Rose Parade!!! We are stopping by to pick up carry out for dinner!!!
Chinese-American girl selected as Rose Parade princess
News= Chinese-American girl selected as Rose Parade princess
City of Alhambra will honor veterans of WWII 442nd RCT with Rose Parade float
At the Strasburg rose parade with my crew and my princess!
A rose vial signing was held recently at in Dubois for Donate Life float in Rose Parade:
I didn't know Rose parade tryouts were happening rn and it my last year to try out but IDC 😅😅😅😅
Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade
Mayor Pusquelic: Please make Sept. 28 Jenna Rose Day. We could have a parade and you could give her the key to the city.(it's in the bot ...
Hundreds will brave this at today for their chance to be on the
Seriously doe...take me back to the Rose Parade trip 😭🙏
picked flowers for my university's Rose Parade float :P
Today in Pasadena, Singpoli Group unveiled their entry in the 2015 Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade). Titled "A...
We are delighted to be building the 4-time defending Sweepstakes Trophy winner's 2015 Rose Parade Float Entry.
Don't forget folks - We now go out as ROSE PARADE for covers gigs. See for...
The only time I went to the rose bowl was for the rose parade but now I get to go for a concert. This is weird...
Tickets go on Sale for Noor's 4th Annual Rose Parade Champagne Brunch this Tuesday (9-16-14) at 10am!!! Call...
Rain on your parade in Seattle and your mom complain that I'm an ***
I want to go to the Rose Bowl Parade this year
to when we met this Swedish drummer before we marched the Rose Parade! @ Pasadena, CA
You're looking at the only marching band from TX to get invited to the 2015 Rose Parade!
In case you missed it in June ... the great article in Examiner about AARFA!
Legacy High School in Broomfield holds raffle for Rose Bowl Parade trip
Legacy High in Broomfield raffling a Jeep to raise money for band trip to Rose Bowl Parade.
The very first Donate Life Rose Parade Float -- "A Symphony of Life" -- made its debut on New Year's Day 2004.
Please call phone number on application for information. Rose Parade?
Top story: I rose from the ashes but now lending company needs balance in full see more
Torrance City Council may vote to finance city's 2015 Rose Parade float entry if necessary
50 Things Every Rotarian Should Know About Rotary (by Steve Garret, District Governor 1994-1995) 38 - ROTARY FLOAT IN ROSE PARADE The Rotary International float in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade is undoubtedly the largest public relations project of the Rotary clubs of the United States and Canada. Since 1924 a Rotary float has been entered 18 times including every year since 1981. The famous Pasadena, California, parade is seen by an estimated 125 million people via worldwide television. Funds for the construction of the Rotary parade entry are voluntarily given by Rotarians and clubs in the U.S. and Canada. The cost of designing, constructing and flower covering a Rose Parade float begins at about $120,000. A multi-district Rotary committee in Southern California coordinates planning of the Rotary float and provides hundreds of volunteer hours of service. The Rotary float must portray the annual parade theme, usually depicting one of the worldwide service programs of Rotary International. Each Ne ...
Torrance icon Louis Zamperini, the Olympic speedster and World War II hero whose personal story of sacrifice and resilience resonated worldwide, died Wednesday, just months before he was hoping to see the long-awaited film about his life and serve as Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade. He was 97.
Get to get up in 9 hours for the parade 👍😩
Are you going to the 4th of July Rose, White and Blue Parade in the charming Rose Garden tomorrow?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Monte-Carlo 12 p.m Parade of Horses in the Place du Casino,
Louis Zamperini, World War II hero slated to lead Rose Parade, dies at 97
Congratulations to the Marching Panthers! What a great honor to be in the Rose Bowl Parade. We are proud of all...
Mentioned to on that WWII hero was to be Grand Marshall of 2015 Rose Parade
Louis Zamperini, war hero, dies at 97 Incredible story. Just got the book. Looking forward to the movie in Dec.
exemplified perseverance and overcoming the odds. My condolences to his family
RIP Louis Zamperini, the greatest USC Trojan of them all. If you haven't read Unbroken, do it.
Photos: Louis Zamperini, Olympic runner, war hero, dies at 97. This was a full life:
Tournament of Rose officials plan to honor war hero Louis Zamperini, who died Wednesday, at 2015 Rose Parade
This is my last year in the 4th of July parade😕
Honored to share hometown w/ him. His spirit & legacy shall live on forever. "Louis Zamperini, war hero, dies at 97"
went to the chinese olympics, the inaugural parade for obama, and the rose bowl, etc. One of the main reasons I didn't do it.
Blue Saints win top musical entry in the Welland Rose Festival parade.
Did you know Parade is 2nd largest in North America after Rose Bowl Parade! via
The Parade is the 2nd largest in North America after the Rose Bowl Parade!
crazy to hear subject of book passed today RIP Louis -
Louis Zamperini was a great American and even a better man. RIP
War hero and track and field legend Louis Zamperini has passed away at 97:
American hero Louis Zamperini, the subject of “Unbroken” has died at 97. A remarkable life.
Louis Zamperini, war hero chosen to lead 2015 Rose Parade, dies at 97
Louis Zamperini, tortured WWII war hero, Olympian, POW, Christian dies at 97 RIP! honored to see you speak in 2012.
Timeline: The life of Louis Zamperini, war hero, Olympian, 2015 Rose Parade Grand Marshal
War hero, American distance runner and author Louis Zamperini has died at the age of 97
A Zamperini oral history I edited is part of an exhibit at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.
Farewell to Louis Zamperini, Olympic runner and an "Unbroken" War survivor, who has left us at the age of 97
Louis Zamperini -- the O lympic athlete turned World War II hero who was named Grand Marshal for the 2015 Rose Parade -- has died. He was 97.
Louis Zamperini - Olympian, WWII hero and Grand Marshall of the 2015 Rose Parade - dies at 97.
Very proud of my sorority Delta Sigma Theta with the beauty float for the Rose Parade! Oo-op!
Our LATalkRadio 6/11-Naomi Rose-Reality star model-look who we have this week! Join us on "State of the Oceans" live radio with Captain Paul Watson Wed 11amPac with celebrity guest Reality Star~ Simone Reyes is a long time vegan animal rights activist. She splits her time between acting as Mogul Russell Simmons' right hand woman and fighting on the front lines for total animal liberation for all sentient beings. Simone has a sanctuary named after her in India called Simone's Place and she was arrested in 2014 in a PETA protest against a Sea World during the Rose hands on and in every animal campaign from being a SEX KITTEN in our Stray Cat Alliance TNR campaign to flying all the way to Japan to be a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian. Katie Cleary~ Model/Actress turned Philanthropist/Filmmaker. Katie got her first break in entertainment from the hit show "America`s Next Top Model" & as one of the beauties on NBC’s hit show “Deal or no Deal.” Katie founded the animal welfare organization “Peace 4 ...
After the Rose Parade head over to Green Zebra Grocery to sample some Red Duck Ketchup, Po'Shines Cafe De La Soul rubs, and Los Roast chiles!
It's strange to see early bird Rose Parade campers arrayed next to Burnside's chronically homeless. I imagine turf wars breaking out between suburban grandmothers and tattooed stringy dudes so tan it looks like they've been cured, then reconciling over a couple of Steel Reserves and wine coolers and a box of Voodoo Doughnuts.
Footage of Los Altos's appearance in the 1978 Rose Parade has recently been obtained. This includes video clips from three networks for a full three minutes of coverage of the Conquerors stepping off on Orange Grove, negotiating the turn at Colorado Boulevard and the media march in front of the Norton Simon Museum. The 1977 Marching Season DVD released last Christmas has been edited to include this previously unseen footage. To obtain a copy of the DVD, send your name and address with a check for $20 made out to the Los Altos Band Boosters to me at 3471 Belle River Drive, Hacienda Heights CA, 91745. For those who purchased the 1977 Marching Season DVD, send me your name and mailing address and I will send you a replacement. Meanwhile, here are the Conquerors making their 2nd Rose Parade Appearance in this photo just recently obtained from the Tournament of Roses Association in Pasadena.
Morning parade in afternoon picnic at Brookdale Park in outdoor dinner at Shannon Rose in
Was that Axl Rose or was that a Macys Day parade ballon? Man it sure sounded like him tho this guy was on time!
They also know Rose Parade insider stuff, so that’s handy for this coming Jan 1. For the first time, I’m excited to go to LA.
Mini-vacations are the best! The beautiful rotating carousel behind me entirely made of fresh flowers Like I was going to be in the Rose Parade! You all know I've been practicing my parade wave forever. .. Randy said! No no! You can't do that! I said I know, I saw that it was roped off. But, heck... it would've "stayed in Vegas!"
Scouting the Rose Parade today from LA insiders. Because BELIEVE.
I think it was some purple, told me don't hit it hard because it'll hurt you I didn't listen, I was floating like the Rose Parade
My pictures of Wild Rose parade and a couple others.
Happy Memorial Day to all the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Thank you for your service and for being a part of the Rose Parade each year!
so Thursday we can do the rose festival it's also the starlight parade if you guys wanna do that lol
The Rose Parade is taking place on Sunday, June 22nd from around 11:30 to whenever the parade happens to end. Mme. Pellissero came up with the idea to award varying scholarships depending on the member's level of contribution to our group. Our graduates will be recognized for their contribution at the awards assembly.
Bruised and very dirty palms from tumbling through the parade🙆😂
Alannah Rose at the City if Newburgh Memorial Day parade! 🇺🇸
Got the Memorial Day parade today! Means I have to actually get up to march in an hour.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
It ranks right up there with Macys and the Rose Parade. Funny thing is people line up and wait 3 hours for a 10 min parade. Lol
It's a small step, you'll be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade if you can prove your stamina. I want you in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl
Don't miss the next ROSE PARADE..2015...! Tournament of Roses
mural of first dedicated at Pasadena City College.
Ready for some THUNDER. West coast thunder memorial day ride, tomorrow morning. The"rose parade of Harleys" It all gets under way at 9:11 am. Again, happy memorial day everyone. : )
I want to go to the parade tomorrow but I probably won't...
Post your photo from a Rose Festival event with the hashtag & you could win VIP Chalet Tix to the Grand Floral Parade!
What a lovely day. Started out with Vegan brunch pizza at sizzle pie, followed by a visit to Powell's books where we got Appetite For Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and we now have a plan and no more storage payment after next month. So I would say everything is coming up roses in the city of roses right before the Rose parade.
I haven't had a frappe since the rose parade.
I've never seen so many kids in a parade. It was disgusting.
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Someone take me to the rose parade. I have all of the time in the world and I'd love some kettle corn and a Ferris wheel ride. 😊
Wait is next weekend the rose parade?
Fond of a big marching band field show? Eye the bands of the Rose Parade at PCC.
Amidst the glory of today, see the splendour of us:. 11.00 Borough parade. 11.15 Arena 1. 12.00 Rose & Crown. 14.30 top of High St
This guy just fought a Rose Bowl Parade float and won, that is just amazing
Oh my god, Pasadena rose parade is 5.5 miles
Three years ago, Memorial Day would mean marching in the parade, wearing a purple polyester men's suit and playing the piccolo.
I would really like to go back to the week of the rose parade. That was the best trip I've ever been on.
New art added and welcoming a new artist into the rose parade , follow us down and climb on board
I just looked at the rose festival calender, really haven't missed much but would really like to see the dragon boats, starlight parade.
Here's a unique look back at this year's Rose Parade. What's your favorite memory?
Wont you follow me down to the rose parade ? more artists coming , message us to climb aboard xo
I'm happy for Kanye. I'm a stan of his music. But... still think Amber Rose was his GREAT love. Not to rain on his parade or anything.
Red Face by Lucy Rose is in Parade Bar, Bath. Download it now at
Chair of the Rose Parade/Picnic in the Park and Chris Kudner of on promoting the Rose Parade! ht…
PETA's attack on the SeaWorld float in the Rose Parade
This isn't your typical state report! Celebrating the United States of America Rose Parade style
Legacy High marching band raffling Jeep to raise money for trip to Rose Parade: The Legacy Lightning marching...
Walk with this morning in the N. College Hill Parade. Meet at the Rose Store 1537 West Galbraith Road at 10:30. 🇺🇸
Beautiful day for a walk. join us N. College Hill Parade Rose Store 10:30. best shirt ever
Women pilots of WWII will get grand recognition in Rose Parade - In the midst of World War II, with legions of...
Think time doesn't fly? The Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade is tomorrow. Now what?
the guy I live with has a float in the Pasadena rose parade and asked me to attend! YAAS
Freya Lodge's own at the parade.Parade
Is the rose festival parade tonight?
Rose Parade by Elliott Smith is such a beautiful song
Elton John (1975): "Would be the campiest spectacle in the Rose Parade."
Look for us this Saturday in the Santa Rosa Rose parade! 15 dancing and tumbling gymnasts ready to wow and amaze you as they travel down the route of the parade! And be sure to cheer for the brave gymnasts working the balance beam on the moving float!
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Ninety-seven-year-old World War II hero and former Olympian Louis Zamperini was named Grand Marshal of the 2015 Rose Parade on Friday. The Tournament of Roses announced the selection in a ceremony leading up to the 126th edition of the annual floral spectacle, ...
At 3:45 tune your AM dial to KSRO and hear me talk about the 120th annual Luther Burbank Rose Parade!
This year the Luther Burbank Rose Parade & Festival is celebrating 120 years with the theme of Heroes and Helpers...
Braving 100+ temps at annual Cypress Chamber Golf Tourney today. Helping Cypress HS Band go to the 2015 Rose Parade!
Congratulations to Louis Zamperini, named Grand Marshal of the 2015
I can't stop Another in a series: If people were floats in the Rose Parade. By Adomex
Join us at the Rose Parade this Saturday!!!
We hope to see you at the Luther Burbank Rose Parade and Festival this Saturday! The theme is HEROES & HELPERS...
Little Joe was my favorite. The one time I saw the Rose Parade, the four of them were in it on their horses. Probably about 1960. I was so thrilled.
Have you ever wanted to attend the Rose Parade? We spent our New Year's Day in Pasadena this year and now that...
Since the 1920s, a Salvation Army brass band from Southern California has marched in the Rose Bowl Parade.
I freaking love you Rosie ❤️ are you and Daniel going to the lilac parade?!?!
teach me how 2..I'll teach you how to parade
Donors may enter drawing to ride in the Rose Parade [..]
Meet Matteo, he is the inspiration of the 2014 Lions Clubs International Rose Parade float. Please give time...
The Portland Rose Festival will honor the Portland Police Bureau K-9 Unit as Grand Marshal of the. nation’s...
We are in the final process of preparing our application to ride in the 2015 Rose Parade. LBMP members, please contact me if you want to ride; guest riders, if you have an interest, in riding with LBMP please contact me ASAP. Thanks Lorbeer-r
YES! I saw them in person at the Rose Bowl Parade and got some Voice gloves!
Police dog unit honored as Grand Marshal of PDX Rose Festival Junior Parade.
Sometimes my sisters and I just break out singing the theme song for the Disneyland Christmas Parade
Either/Or is a great album considering it has classics like "Between The Bars", "Rose Parade" and "Angeles".
Yep, this was 2009. I had a group of 500 kids in town for Rose Parade, we hit the Farmer's market every day.
Louis Zamperini,  a 1936 Olympic 5000-meter runner who became the subject of the bestselling book “Unbroken,” now being made into a movie directed by Angelina Jolie, will be the Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California on New Year’s Day 2015, according to NBCSports.Com.
Portland Rose Festival: Police dog unit honored as Grand Marshal of Junior Parade: The parade will begin at 1...
The Luther Burbank Rose Parade & Festival is one of Sonoma county's most honored traditions.
I've visited but I've never been to the rose bowl during a game. But I watch it on tv every year and the parade! Best thing ever
Olympian and World War II prisoner of war, Louis Zamperini, a true American hero who survived excessive hardships was announced today as the Grand Marshal for the 2015 Tournament of Roses, themed ?Inspiring Stories.? Zamperini, age 97, will ride in the 126th Rose Parade � presented by Honda on Janua…
Don't miss the 119th Luther Burbank Rose & this Saturday in Santa Rosa!
The Rose Parade is on Saturday. Parades are one of the things M.O.M.S. Do best! . Get your posters ready! Wear...
The Rose Parade is Saturday May 17th...Don't miss it!.
97 yr, old LOUIE ZAMPERINI Olympic track star, WWII hero who survived 47 days on a raft after his plane was shot down, then spent 2 hellish years in a Japanese POW camp, has been named Grand Marshall of 2015 Rose Parade. A book of his experience,"Unbroken" has been made into a movie by Angelina Jolie and will soon be released.
This is great! If you are looking for an incredible book to pick up, read Unbroken. Olympian Louis Zamperini's...
just realized Parker And Beau were at the same Rose Bowl that my nieces were in the parade filer with high school band
help Legacy Marching Band from Broomfield get to the 2015 Rose Parade. Car raffle tickets at p…
Car preceding the Santa Rosa Boys Club Senior Drill Team Tom Campions, in the Rose Parade, 1956 Full view:
2nd ANNUAL FLOW SHOW FOR HOMELESS RIGHTS. On Friday, June 6th we will be doing a glow toy flow show as part of the Right2DreamToo homeless camp's "pitch-a-tent" festival meant to publicize the issue of homelessness in Portland. Come support activists doing great work protecting and working to transition our most desperate neighbors. Haven, Zach, and I did it last year but we'd like to have more performers this year. It will be right on the streets of downtown with potentially large Rose Festival crowds as it coincides with people campling out for the Rose Parade the following morning. All individuals and acts welcome - bellydance? acro? k-8 passing (I'll have mine). PM me if you're interested.
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HEEEY fans of // Olympian-turned-war-hero Louis Zamperini is Rose Parade Grand Marshal
I think because the Bowl is owned by the same people who put on the Rose Parade and it's all tied in to the city, its safe...
For those of you who are thinking that you can let out a giant sigh of relief that baseball season is here... Don't do it! It is all a hoax! Bud Selig stands for all that is bad in America. His complicity with steroids, the unwillingness to listen to Pete Rose on reinstatement are a few of his lesser crimes against society. His most ridiculous crime against society however, has been allowing other, less significant games to be played before the "historical and traditional" "opening day" in Cincinnati. The Reds earned this right by being the birthplace of professional baseball. In 1869 they fielded the first professional baseball team. They also put on a show for opening day that rivals the Rose Parade. It is an atmosphere like no other. It is the dawn of a new season with prospects of winning the World Series. And it starts at 4:05 on Monday. That is when you will hear my sigh!
Amazing way to start the New Year Singing on a float at the rose parade: ) ...How did you start ?!
I'm excited to be again at the big, world-famous Cologne Carnival 'Rose Monday Parade' today. :)
When I say "parade" people think it's like Rose Parade. NOT.
I feel the same way about the Rose Parade.
Lol..:-) Well if u know where the Rose Parade takes place I live really close to there
I learned from dad to feign access. He once directed rose parade floats by looking like he knew what to do
Their drumline got to march the Rose Parade
Was that backdrop leftover from the Rose Parade?
I wonder if Chad is protesting the Oscars because a *** is hosting it. Kinda like how he protested the Rose Parade. Smh.
We just finished spending a weekend with the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs. Saturday was the March Meeting which is a special session of the Rebekah Assembly of California. One of the highlights was the unveiling of the odd Fellows and Rebekahs Rose Parade Float for 2015. It is a depiction of the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery? It will be a very moving float.
Rose:An endless parade of parties,cotillions,yachts& pool matches, always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatt…
Ok, who left the Rose Parade float on the Oscar stage?
So that's where all the leftover roses from the Rose Parade go. And they must have been stored in a nuclear plant because they're ginormous
The Oscars just figured out a use for all those leftover roses from the Rose Bowl Parade.
All those roses on the Oscar Stage makes it eligible to be a float in the Rose Parade
That's the reason I don't like network coverage of Rose Bowl Parade. They talk more about guests than the floats.
SMBs appearance in the 125th Rose Parade.
Reunited with the old st rose gang plus kyle 😂💖
The Red Carpet experience is like the Pasadena Rose Parade only with less real things to look at.
God does not hate *** Consider this, the two days of the year it will never rain in LA are Sunday and the day of The Rose Parade.
Rose Parade & Oscars --- LA knows when to save it for the camera! Yay for sun!
Cold and rainy at the parade but St. Rose students march on.
My baby got her first rose from a little boy at the parade todaylike her momma 😘😘😂👏
Nearly seven decades ago, the U.S. government quietly disbanded the group of women aviators who dutifully served during World War II. A new float in the high-profile Rose Parade will honor this forgotten group, reminding the nation of their courage and contributions.
A surprise reunion between a U.S. army sergeant deployed to Afghanistan and family was one of the most memorable moments during Tuesday’s Rose Parade. Here's the story behind it.
It's like the rose parade, 4 days of volunteers working around the clock.
St Rose will not be participating in the Parade due to weather :(
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Probably the same ratio as the rose parade floats... Lol
Protect the blue states from what? DeBlasio will have his folks strewing rose petals in front of Putin's Parade.
I'm so lazy to get up and get ready so no parade 💁
I was so excited for the parade and I'm not even going anymore😐
PHYLLIS ELLIOT HESSE PHYLLIS ELLIOT HESSE Phyllis Elliot Hesse, born Oct. 4, 1917, in Pomona, Calif., passed away February 24, 2014, in Green Valley, Ariz., at age 96. The youngest of seven children, Phyllis grew up in Southern California where her father operated a citrus ranch. Her mother died when she was just two and a half years of age. She was raised by her father and older siblings and remembered taking naps in an orange crate while her father worked the grove. After graduating from Pomona High School and Pomona Junior College, Phyllis went on to Santa Barbara State Teacher's College, aspiring to be a kindergarten teacher. Chosen to be "Miss Pomona," she rode in the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena and helped promote the Los Angeles County Fair, which was always held in Pomona. Phyllis married Howard Hesse in 1939, and they raised four children while always active in the schools, community and sports. They first lived in Long Beach, Calif., until the outbreak of WWII. Phyllis was pregnant with their ...
My dad is going all out in green for this St. Patricks Day parade at St. Rose...
The magic of the Rose Parade in Pasadena California only happens but once a year. Millions of people are glued to their TVs on New Years day to witness the s ...
after your successful rose bowl boycott: I'm sure Mr. DeMaio is thrilled you are against him!
Just watched an awesome documentary called "Of Two Minds," which was about Bipolar Disorder. A lot of it was shot in L.A. and I kept recognizing stuff, like the science building at Pasadena City College, apartments on Orange Grove (the street where the Rose Parade starts) in Pasadena, The Art District in Downtown LA, the hills of Silverlake, an apartment right next to Glendale Adventist Medical Center. It really made me miss my home! But I do have to say, the IE has significantly grown on me, specifically thanks to my awesome co-workers, specifically Joel Labha and Tryphena Lazar; and Angela Cunningham and Colleen Rose!! And all the wonderful people at my church!
Parade party for Alumni at St. Rose tomorrow, March 2 - be sure to stop by!
I remember one New Year's Day where it rained during the Rose Parade & all the floats got soggy & fell apart, lol.
I am so glad the Scully family got to enjoy the Rose parade experience with Vin. What a great once in a lifetime experience!
Portland Rose Festival is during that window and I believe Fig Jr will be marching in the Starlight Parade this year.
Tournament of Roses announces marching bands for 2015 Rose Parade
Shoutout to in the parade and a special s/o to for da rose 🌹
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
From audition to selection to marching down the Rose Parade route, bands have “Inspiring Stories” to tell. The selections for the 2015 Rose Parade will be no e
Mardi Gras Venice parade about to take off from Rose ave down the boardwalk.
Emma Rose was supposed to be in a parade today. For the first time ever in my life "Don't rain on my parade" finally worked...literally.
Won't you follow me down to the rose parade ♥
Mom n Rose waiting on International Parade to start.
*** couple to marry atop Rose Parade float
Current seniors and alumni participating in the Rose Parade. Make sure you submit your $100 commitment fee to the booster club. Due March 1 (tomorrow).
Dodgers announcer Vin Scully has fulfilling (but long) day at Rose Parade and Rose Bowl. And he has just the right words to describe it.Vin Scully rang in the New Year with a full day.
It's Springtime at the Peña what better symbol than a Peruvian Llama? I took this picture during last year's Rose Parade.
Bill Armstrong Bill Armstrong, left, celebrated his 99th birthday recently with his son Alan, right, and daughters Lea and Lani. Armstrong, who once bought and sold a lot on Malibu Road for $4,000, has lived in Malibu for 64 years since moving to Latigo Shore Drive in 1950. Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 11:00 am | Updated: 11:05 am, Wed Feb 5, 2014. By Melonie Magruder / Special to The Malibu Times | 0 comments A couple of weeks ago, Bill Armstrong had a birthday. His son Alan drove Bill to Spruzzo’s in Bill’s 1924 Pierce Arrow Runabout Roadster, where he enjoyed a lunch with his children Alan, Lea Anderson and Lani Netter. His wish this year? To celebrate his 100th birthday next January. Amstrong, now 99, has lived in the same house on Latigo Shore Drive in Malibu since 1950, or 64 years. The Joan Crawford drama “Mildred Pierce” was filmed at the house next door a few years earlier, in 1945, and one of his neighbors was Micky Moore, the veteran filmmaker who passed away last year at age 98. ...
There's an evil part of me that rejoices when it rains on the Rose Parade and/or Oscar night.
Just a thought.There should be a float in the Rose Parade in honor of Mr. Flowers! I will be sure to announce it real big on tv as it strolls down Broad St
ANNOUNCEMENT! Saturday 29th March, I'll be releasing my Debut EP with a launch night Bakers NiteClub. Support from Ross Crawford and Rose Parade as well as one more to be announced. Absolutely buzzing for it, and I hope you are to :)
Panagbenga Festival (English: Flower Festival) is a month-long annual Flower Festival occurring in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines.[1] The term is of Malayo-Polynesian origin, meaning "season of blooming".[1] The festival, held during the month of February, was created as a tribute to the city's flowers and as a way to rise up from the devastation of the 1990 Luzon earthquake.[2] The festival includes floats that are decorated with flowers not unlike those used in Pasadena's Rose Parade. The festival also includes street dancing, presented by dancers clad in flower-inspired costumes, that is inspired by the Bendian, an Ibaloi dance of celebration that came from the Cordillera region. Aside from economic boosts from tourism, the festival also helped the younger generation of indigenous people to rediscover their culture's old traditions. The indigenous people was first wary with government-led tourism because of the threat that they will interfere or change their communities' rituals.[3]
A longtime observer of the Rose Parade, Precious Malumfashi describes what it means to her to be riding on the Kaiser Permanente Rose Parade Float on New ...
I found my first Ipod (circa 2005/6?). This is what I have to report: Top 4 plays include: Minus the Bear, Pedro the Lion, Wu-Tang and Barry White. A surprising find was Robbie Delong's single "War of Words", all of my playlist titles suggest I was constantly" pre-funking", or "getting ready", or seducing someone, going on road trips or doing shots of Tequila. My highest rated song (4stars) was "Pour me Another" by Atmosphere and the last song that I had played on it was "Rose Parade" by Elliot Smith on November 11th 2008. I was a great drunk, slightly slutty, sad undergrad. Memories.
Take a look at some of the stunning shots from this year's Rose Parade, which included one of our new Scenic Shapes on the front of a fire engine!
GoPro clip of Michigan State Drumline at the 2014 Rose Parade!
2015 Rose Parade Theme Statement - Inspiring Stories- The 2015 theme allows us to reflect on and appreciate the many people around us who elevate the human spirit by who they are, what they have done and what they continue to do. It pays tribute to those who have loved unconditionally, persevered courageously, endured patiently and accomplished much on behalf of others. They maybe "heros" or "stars" to some, but they don't seek such titles. They may be kind, resilient, free-spirited or intensely focused, and though different from one another, they are all inspiring because they have overcome obstacles, achieved the unthinkable, given immeasurably or sacrificed unselfishly. Whether for justice, for charity, or for any other good, they do so humbly and with resolve. It is the story of their journey that enriches our lives regardless of the fulfillment of the purpose. Amazing. Don't forget our float drawing vote on Tuesday the 25th at 7:00pm.
Matt Lauer, don't be such a pompous *** Smug jerk! The last thing I want to hear is Meredith and him commentating during the opening ceremony like it's the Rose Parade. Shut you pie holes!
Vin Scully telling stories at Fan Fest February 1, 2014. Vin recalls having to use the bathroom during the Rose Parade and listening to the radio as a kid an...
Vin Scully, who served as Grand Marshal of the 2014 Rose Parade, shares his thoughts on how successful the 2014 Dodgers can be
She’s SeaWorld’s worst nightmare — and she’s only 12. Rose McCoy of Tribeca has stood up for animal rights since the first grade — rescuing chicks from a school study and last year protesting the Ringling Bros. Circus at the Barclays Center. Now she’s on a mission to tank SeaWorld as it battles bad publicity from “Blackfish,” a CNN documentary on the lives of orcas at its theme parks. “SeaWorld is on its last leg and won’t be able to survive much longer,” Rose told The Post. “Beating down on them now won’t give them time to recover.” The seventh-grade honors student was arrested at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., on Jan. 1 after darting in front of a SeaWorld float with her mom and 17 other protesters. Rose’s mom, Emily McCoy, 48, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a Pasadena city spokesman said. The Los Angeles County DA declined to prosecute, and the case was referred to the city attorney for “misdemeanor filing.” Rose says she begged her ...
Wells Fargo also participated in the Rose Parade with their trade-mark Western Concord Coaches.
One of these days Daisy.. you'll see. Hey, Btw did u get to see Vin Scully at the Rose Parade ???
Legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully had an awesome time at the Rose Parade.
The Property Brothers bring us the HGTV All Premiere New Year...sort of. Be sure to tune in on New Years Day for The 2014 Rose Parade, live and commercial fr...
With Vin Scully as Grand Marshal, this may have been the best Rose Parade ever! I'll never forget him calling Sandy Koufax's perfect game on my 21st birthday. Vin and Chick Hearn: Best announcers ever!
The Salvation Army is the longest continual marching band in the Rose Parade:
The TODAY show by openly promoting Hoda and Kathy Lee drinking alcohol in their shows every morning has demonstrated highly irresponsible journalistic/media judgement. Hoda had 2 drinks during the entire Rose Parade to show off she was drinking! In the U.S. excessive alcohol use is the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of death for people in the United States each year. Alcohol use poses additional problems for underage drinkers and pregnant women. Please join me in boycotting the program. Laurissa, Linda T., DMarie, Moon and Star Gazers, Sparrow, Bridgette, Wendy, Diane, Kathy, Kathleen, Renee, Pam, Raquel, Lore, Betsy, Julia, Debbie, Nancy, Monisha, Jamie, Shirley, and anyone who cares about reducing the number of alcohol related deaths and related problems in this country including interpersonal and sexual violence, car crashes, etc. Every year we lose 5,000 young people under the age of 21 to alcohol related causes. (source CDC)
Breast Cancer Awareness
Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully reflected on his time as Grand Marshal of the 125th Rose Parade.
I ❤️ best float! “Rose Parade photos like this by htt…
Vin Scully, the Hall of Fame voice of the Dodgers, talks about how exciting it is to be Grand Marshal of the 2014 Rose Parade
I'm beyond peeved that y'all didn't show or talk about the Lady Bird Johnson band AT ALL in the airing of the Rose Parade!
Incredible day for touring the Rose Parade Floats! @ Pasadena, CA
Highlight to beat so far for 2014: helping to drive the City of Hope Rose Parade float the 5 miles from the...
At the Rose Bowl Parade viewing all the floats. Beautiful day lots of people pics to come.
James Ortega having some fun yesterday at the Rose Parade.
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