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Rose Garden

A Rose garden or Rosarium is a garden or park, often open to the public, used to present and grow various types of garden roses.

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"As I did stand my watch upon [Capitol Hill],. I look'd toward [the Rose Garden], and anon, methought,. The wood began t…
Our song Rose Garden on the Ferry Radio Show in Belgium
So much big news today!. No wonder they’re distracting us with Gold star, Rick Scott, Rose Garden, etc. http…
From the Rose Garden:. President Trump says ObamaCare 'is destorying lives'. . Wrong Mr. President, ObamaCare is SAVING LIVES!
We were in the dark. But Obama knew Bergdahl was a deserter & America-hater. I suspect this is why he got a Rose Garden c…
Today's the day 11 yr old "Frank from Falls Church," gets to help mow the lawn in the Rose Garden. He wrote the pres askin…
After mowing the Rose Garden lawn - Frank and his father Greg Giaccio visit in the Oval…
NBCNews: President Trump gives 11-year-old Frank a high five as he mows the lawn in the Rose Garden
Earlier today=> greeted 11-year-old Frank Giaccio...Who volunteered to mow the White House lawn
• Frank is 11. • Frank wanted to mow Rose Garden Lawn. • Frank just wants to Make America Great. • Be like Frank
WATCH: President Trump Greets 11-Year-Old Frank Giaccio, Who Volunteered to Mow the Lawn at the White House. htt…
So Kelly is Chief of Staff and Executive Babysitter? "One more tantrum and no playing in the Rose Garden!"
11-year-old Virginia boy with local lawn service signs on his biggest customer yet: the White House.
WATCH: President Trump greets 11-year-old Frank Giaccio, who volunteered to mow the lawn at the White House
11-year-old Frank has finished mowing the Rose Garden lawn and is taking a turn at the WH podium.
'Grassroots:' President Trump invites an 11-year-old Virginia boy to cut the Rose Garden lawn.
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Do you think Potus is busting little Frank's you know whats while he's mowing the Rose Garden lawn? Are you done yet? Are you done yet?
11-year-old Frank wrote to President Trump offering to mow the Rose Garden lawn. Today, he got his wish. "Way to go"
💙11-year-old Frank Giaccio mows the lawn of the Rose Garden after writing a letter to asking to do so💙.
Frank is hard at work in the Rose Garden and doing a great job!
A presidential high-five for Frank the lawnmower boy, while hard at working trimming the grass in the Rose Garden this mor…
They renamed it the Moda Center but we all still call it the Rose Garden
No. Just no. Same deal with Moda Center. No. It’s Rose Garden and Air Canada Centre.
All those little marble headstones in Mrs. Lee's Rose Garden offend me.when can we have THOSE removed? (sarcasm)
Why don't you commission a statue of King George III for the Rose Garden? We can't forget our history!
Reagan playing soccerball with Pele in the Rose Garden. White House. 1982.
Art cars and art bikes on parade – today at Lake Harriet! Assemble at 5 pm near the Rose Garden. Parade at 6 pm.
Did I miss the Democrat Beer Party in the Rose Garden?
I really hope this farce in the Rose Garden becomes the "Mission Accomplished" banner over the aircraft carrier moment of…
BCRA The GOP will at least always have the memory of the Rose Garden party - a big victory.
Was listening to that *** the day the GOP had their victory party in the Rose Garden after House vote 1/
hey & Feel like holding another victory party in the Rose Garden? Premature Celebration. You go, boys!!!
2 days ago, I was in the Oval Office, the Rose Garden, and the Roosevelt Room, all w/ POTUS. Now I'm block…
" Rose Garden" by Lynn Anderson is now playing on SKAspotRadio. at
Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden is one of my favourite songs and is just so fun to sing❤️
Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden. Along with the flowers there's got to be a little rain sometimes 🌹
. I don't reckon the Republican Senators will be having beer in the Rose Garden tonight.
House vote victory party in Rose Garden reminded me of the John Gotti parties after he beat the rap. Pure mafia vibe.
New sculpture nestled between Rose Garden and Conifer Collection.
Raleigh's outdoor movies this summer: RLT Rose Garden, Koka Booth Amphitheater, and're welcome
And thank you, President Trump, for not inviting any of the shooter's family to the Rose Garden to lecture Am…
Giant lily pads flourish in Rose Garden in this 1897 photo from PPA's Archives. More:
Late Spring colour yesterday in the Rose Garden at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, Canada.
Washington hasn't seen this many leaks since Billy Carter unzipped in the Rose Garden.
You. Assume the grand KKK Poobah in Chief will allow that many African-Americans in the Rose Garden.
Rep. Swalwell says Trump was "clownish" in Rose Garden and unpresidential in teasing tapes like in a "reality show"
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Now that he PROMISED to, in the Rose Garden, to ABC News, and said he "100%" would do it... Please RET…
In upcoming Rose Garden presser, expected to confess to election tampering and murder of Zoe Barnes. Oh wait... that's
BREAKING: President Trump will hold news conference on Friday in the Rose Garden
Trump to hold a press conference w/ the Romanian president tomorrow 2:45 WH Rose Garden (then he leaves for his golf club i…
I could actually see them doing this... turn the Rose Garden into a sporthunting arena or something.
Eamon Ryan It was no surprise when Donald Trump walked out into the Rose Garden to announce to the waiting world...
"It made sense that he did it from the Rose Garden, while we still have roses and gardens," -Jimmy Kimmel
Paris Accord is about to go on Thursday at 3:00 pm in the Rose Garden🌹 Bye Bye 👋🏽
ROSES ON ROIDS?!. Jeff sent me the world's largest roses LOL Where did he find these?! A rose garden next to a nucl…
The scene at the back of the Rose Garden ahead of Trump's climate announcement. Military band is playing "Summertime."
Rose garden looking wonderful today
BC that day in the rose garden looked fairly light
This life is but a garden bed, the rain comes and goes, but you can *** yourself on all the thorns or you can learn to lov…
That may have been the first time anybody ever made a speech in the White House Rose Garden calling for more pollution.
Are You Proud to Be an American Today? The Rose Garden's dumbest moment on record. via
followme - Live Stream: President Trump makes statement on Paris climate agreement from the Rose…
So Donald in the Garden told the 2 Go to *** That takes a lot of Nerve to do that in an actual…
Yes, but the speech in the Rose Garden yesterday is the least credible “keep trying” I’ve ever heard,…
A little sun and a lotta rain does the job @ International Rose Test Garden
Celebratory mood in the White House Rose Garden for Paris announcement. A jazz band is playing.
The bees are loving the colours in the rose garden at the moment
Great to Rose Garden speech by re: Paris Accord. Unbelievable that he is so vilified - he will be remembered as great.
A short while ago, unpopular President Trump stood in the White House’s Rose Garden and addressed a group of very...
"Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose." G. Stein.
The President of the United States appears to have badly misled people about this incident in a Rose Garden address. https…
Biggest applause line for here in Rose Garden: "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh,…
Ivanka got her biz deals w/ Japan & China, so she missed Rose Garden announcement so she could make champagne popsicle…
I wasn't interested in Trump's reality-show circus in the Rose Garden yesterday, & I wasn…
Rose Garden statements won't stop us. Minnesota will continue to lead on climate and we should join this alliance.
It's all just too much. "Tragic" is a word that came to mind after yesterday's announcement in Rose Garden.
The big gas bag has pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement,his talking points released before big ceremony at the…
Team Obama complaining about the climate change announcement in the Rose Garden. I knew we should've used Bergdahl's pare…
Here's on the dumbest moment in Rose Garden history
The President will announce a decision on the Paris agreement at 3PM from the Rose Garden. Catastrophic weather events wi…
And, What'sHisFace has to make a big to do over it in the Rose Garden with jazz musicians, champagne popsicles & th…
WATCH: full remarks in Rose Garden about pulling out of - Part 1
Yesterday, explained that he was putting the economic interests of the American people first. h…
Ivanka, are they handing out champagne popsicles in the Rose Garden now?
A Rose Garden celebration of a step that denies science and hurts children. History will note those who participated in this m…
I've never seen a band at a Rose Garden POTUS statement. exit is a major shift, yet Trump is treating…
Our Bowes-Lyon Rose Garden is a delight for the senses, with a beautiful array of colours and delicate scents filling the ai…
Another diverse crowd today in the Rose Garden.
Will Bashar Al Assad and Daniel Ortega be joining Trump at the Rose Garden ceremony today to provide moral support?
Rose Garden announcement pure theatrics. Maybe Trump sticks with just like Tel Aviv Embassy. Bad promises m…
Did the Hollywood Walk of Fame, & got to see the Chinese Theatre today. Was more enamoured w/ the Rose Garden at th…
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By the way, all these years, didn't realise Joe South wrote "Rose Garden"!
I pegged him for a Rose Garden crapper earlier. There's still the Lincoln Bedroom of course, always a possibility.
Next morning: Paul Ryan and POTUS share a plate of roasted babies garnished w/ ground puppy in the Rose Garden.
"Somewhere there's an Elks Lodge going: where's everybody?"~Bill Maher on the republicans Rose Garden party.…
I took this video for pastor Greg Laurie in the Rose Garden at the White House at the religious liberty EO signing
Really hope drinking beer in the Rose Garden post vote was their Marie Antoinette moment
If you've ever seen a team celebrate victory at end of 1st inning then you understand what happened in Rose Garden today. It'…
WATCH: full remarks in a Rose Garden press conference in the wake of the GOP health care bill passing the House. http…
Trump couldn't host the teachers of the year at the Rose Garden last month, but vote to take health care away from 24M and…
All you white guys were patting each other on the back in the Rose Garden, pretty much sums it up. Plz…
With Agriculture Perdue in the Rose Garden today for to sign Executive Order on Rel…
Americans will look at Rose Garden celebration PIX and think the Affordable Care Act was repealed and replaced. (And that…
Ahead of realDonaldTrump Rose Garden press conference, I'm about to talk to RepJoeKennedy- Live here!
If victorious, Republicans will be having a big press conference at the beautiful Rose Garden of the White House immed…
VP: WATCH LIVE! POTUS & I join faith leaders from across the U.S in the Rose Garden for a eve… http…
Cabinet secretaries at National Day of Prayer event and EO signing in Rose Garden: Mnuchin, Ross, Price, Carson, Shulkin, A…
Hey! Journalists sweating in suits abaft the Rose Garden. My classified sources say that concentrated sunlight shines upo…
Roses 🌹 are blooming at the Rose Garden above Ritter Park in Huntington! Have you visited this season yet? 📸…
How sad to see Trump use Air Force Academy as a back prop as he utters propaganda in the Rose Garden.
is in Rose Garden, awarding the AFA football team. Rambling, incoherent, snide-filled speech. Congrats, Air Force Academy!
honors the US Air Force Academy football team in the Rose Garden at the WH & awards the Com…
The box turtle that lives in the Rose Garden accomplished more; not Mitch McConnell, the other one
Terra cotta warriors come to the Rose Garden! (It's a movie set). And yes, there is a security guard!
Maybe my best photo ever. 16 yrs ago today. Front rail at the Rose Garden. End of “One” dedicated to Joey Ramone, who died t…
In a moment, Trumps & King/Queen of Jordan enter Rose Garden for human chess game. Spicer & Conway will be rooks. Bannon wi…
“In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love…”
Bring home the without the thorns with our from the extra rich collection!.
Camellia 'April Rose' in my yesterday. This cv. didn't get hit by the cold last month.
Neil Gorsuch sworn in as Supreme Court justice in Rose Garden ceremony
Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial oath to Gorsuch in the White House Rose Garden shortly after 11 a.m. this morning
One possible perk of having a group that spends 7 or 8-figures to bolster a SCOTUS nomination: Rose Garden seats for th…
New Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch takes second oath in the Rose Garden; will be first Justice to serve w former boss…
Judge Gorsuch will be sworn in at the Rose Garden of the White House on Monday at 11:00 A.M. He will be a great Justic…
Judge Gorsuch's swearing in ceremony will take place in the Rose Garden, which is much better than honoring Begdahl's par…
⚡️Judicial swearing in at Rose Garden with giving the oath!🏛…
A truly historic moment to witness Justice Kennedy swearing in Neil Gorsuch alongside at the Rose Gard…
In the Rose Garden praises Judge Gorsuch and takes a victory lap: " I got it done in the first 100 days... you think…
Every sitting Justice is in the Rose Garden for the Gorsuch swearing in as the newest Supreme…
Spotted: chairman of the American Conservative Union in the Rose Garden.
Trump to Gorsuch in the Rose Garden: "Our country is counting on you to be wise, impartial and fair to serve under our laws…
Watch LIVE as attends the swearing-in of the Honorable Neil Gorsuch in the Rose Garden ➡️ ht…
Trump, w/newly sworn-in Justice Gorsuch in Rose Garden : "I want to thank Mitch McConnell for all he did to make this ach…
Watched history from Rose Garden as Justice Gorsuch sworn in as SCOTUS Justice. Glad to be at WH today.
Judge Neil Gorsuch was just sworn in as the 101st associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in a Rose Garden ceremony at the Whi…
Big Monday for President: he'll attend the swearing in of new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. 11:00/Rose Garden
Vice President Joe in the Rose Garden, announcing he won't run for president. October 21, 2015:…
Big tree toppled by last night's storm, blocking the Fulton Street entrance to the Rose Garden.…
Celebrate the season with a gourmet Easter brunch by in our beautiful Rose Garden.…
Celebrating our namesake, Mrs. Bertha Sadler Means YWLA at the Rose Garden dedication at St. James Episcopal…
A 16-year-old Bill Clinton visits the White House and meets President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden, 1963.
"Around 9 p.m. (election night), a group of us went into the Rose Garden and did breathing exercises".
White House delivered EU-skeptic message-Too bad Stephen Bannon isn't pilloried in the Rose Garden to be spit upon
You chose the Rose Garden over Madison Square, and it took some time but I understand it now.
Today in 1971 - Lynn Anderson received a gold record for the single, Rose Garden.
Rose Garden / Lynn Anderson play now straight from your TL:
Great blast from nearly half a century ago. 1970 The late great county star Lynn Anderson and Rose Garden .
Can't wait for Trump to announce Summer Slam 30 to be held in the Rose Garden.
. POT·US -O- ROTUS . "-O- Crap, did anyone remember to de-Weed the Rose Garden before POTUS 'L…
Remember when Obama changed immigration law by giving a speech in the Rose Garden?
Will Obama pardon Bowe Bergdahl?I predict he will because of Rose Garden announcement & he exchange criminals for him. Shameful if pardoned.
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Without you, I am like winter, tormenting everyone. With you, I am a rose garden in spring.
“When the advisors need him, they’re going to find him in the Rose Garden on a pogo stick… watching CNN”
See pic @ Rose Garden with Supreme Court. RNC are gangster. I am*😡
Hey, maybe they'll turn the Rose Garden into a jungle theme park so they can shoot more elephants & stuff.
Tangina namjoon . “if i had a rose for every time i thought of you,. i’d be walking through my garden forever.”
NOW: & Biden take the podium to deliver a statement from the Rose Garden.
In a garden filled with flowers you were my favorite red rose .
Two passions in one photo - roses and silver. Old English garden roses in silver bowl
A solitary rose on the tree in the garden, beautiful!😍
Have you seen I Never Promised You a Rose Garden? Bibi&esp Kathleen Quinlan were brilliant in this.
Other rose: Gertrude Jekyll. Will try to squeeze more into the sunniest bit of garden
Trump drunk in the rose garden making off color comments to some DC *** s wife
"What if I told you a dying rose could bloom again in the right garden?" 🌹🔥
I beg your pardon, I never promise you a rose garden~ 🎶
Biden: You know what we can do?. Obama: What Joe?. Biden: We can bury them both in the Rose Garden & no one would ever know. Obama: Joe...
I'll be at the Garden on Tuesday. We ain't friends then, Ollie.
Lots of "fall color" in our Rose Garden right now--and not just from the roses. Check out those gladioli!
I'm the rose in ya garden like the Knicks ***
Good to know Donald Trump won't invite riotous agitators and race baiting maniacs to the rose garden to tell Americans t…
"We all go forward, with a presumption of good faith in our fellow citizens." —speaking in the Rose Garden:
a single rose can be my garden.. a single friend, can be MY WORLD
Red is the rose that in young the garden grow . it's cherry actually 🍒/ Thank you…
New video up right now. I hope anyone who checks it out enjoys it :). The Rose in the Garden
If I had a rose for every thought I had of you, I would have a garden that had no end
He wouldnt have the bowling alley, rose garden, and bomb shelter in the basement...
if you lay even one finger on my matchbox car collection Mike so help me Christ I will beat you to a pulp in the Rose Garden
Cut pandanus in garden!! It's good smell so I fold the leaves to be rose shape ! ~ it becomes air refreshioner for…
View of motorcade at the White House near the Rose Garden.
President Obama will hand over the keys to the White House in 71 days to He's speaking right now from the Rose Garden.
PIA-CAR/BAGUIO CITY: The city's giant Tree will have a new home at Rose Garden, Burnham Park
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
- I got married in Golden Gate Park, Rose Garden! I adore the city!
Scott Foval meet with Obama in the Rose Garden
Beautiful Irish and American public artwork in next to Rose Garden in Fens.
Hillary learns that George Soros never promised her a Rose Garden.
If she was black or Muslim they have parade to Rose Garden and give her $millions
Ella found Spring Roses Seed Package to share with you while visiting their Rose Garden!
That Blazers 20 point victory over the Dubs in February at the Rose Garden is going to be so much fun though!
the Moda Center is still the Rose Garden; Providence Park is still PGE Park; and Cesar E Chavez is still 39th.
Here are some images from Erin and Greg’s Rose Garden wedding at the Garden in Norfolk, VA.
Song 12 – Rose Garden (Lynn Anderson) first released by Billy Joe Royal in 1967 and in 1970 by Lynn Anderson
Lynn Anderson was at on the country LP chart on this day in 1971 with Rose Garden (on the country singles chart/on the pop chart).
President Obama will have Rose Garden press conferences talking about Trump's mama by back to school time. Can't wait.
BANK HOLIDAY COMPETITION TIME!!. Follow/RT to win a booth in our Rose Garden and £50 bar tab.
We love Regent's Park! Not only does it have a Rose Garden but it is home to London Zoo and it is super close to
10 years ago a man in a women's restroom would've gotten arrested. Now he might get a Rose Garden ceremony.
…and 34 Dem Senators wouldn’t vote to convict even if 0bama ate a live baby at a Rose Garden presser.
Moda Center isn't that bad for a corporate name, most people don't know what moda is. Rose Garden was better though
I felt the same way when the Trail Blazers changed the Rose Garden to the "Moda Center". Still Rose Garden to me.
Blood is in the water, Friday night at the at the Rose Garden(Moda Center) I finally get to live out my dream of being a SHARK
Time to end it at the Rose Garden sorry Moda Center
It is not the "Moda Center". It is the Rose Garden, or if you must, the Financially Mismanaged Insurance Provider Arena.
Now is a good time to go to the Rose Garden at the Woodland Park Zoo. The roses are just beginning to show.
Excellent make the track from Qutub Minar to Hauz Khaz,Rose Garden. It's a beautiful forest area
- check out the History of Science and Technology museum and the Rose Garden
Baltimore version of Rose Garden strategy - council prez, comptroller won't debate challengers by
See over 20 First Ladies sets of china, see the famed Mary Todd Lincoln Purple china or the Clinton gold Rose Garden
At the Rose Garden in the White House with
Others inspired to walk in steps of our heroes i hold series of Rose Garden ceremonies at the White House to honor heroes & heal our nation
(White House, 2017). Guide: "...and in the Rose Garden we find Ted's Terrific Triptych: Beef Stew, Chicken Noodle, & Clam Chowder"
Top story: 'The House Seen from the Rose Garden — Claude Mone… see more
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.singing "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden" by Lynn Anderson is the most beautiful 🌹.
Well this is at yardhouse. It's the framboise mixed with the house white ale. - Drinking a Rose Garden -
Claude Monet The House Seen from the Rose Garden, 1922-1924. htt…
Our version of the Grand Ole Opry at Walden's Ridge Community Center, Dayton, TN. I did Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden.
Obama to bestow The Presidential Medal of Freedom on the FBI Director James Comely in a Rose Garden ceremony on April 1, sources say.
Balboa Park's Rose Garden, and then Great Maple and Extraordinary Desserts with this cool guy!…
If you haven't voted yet today, go to Deer Valley Worship Center at 19th and Rose Garden. All the other locations have a 2+ hour wait.
2 of 5 stars to I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Hannah Green
Check out and freestyling in the Rose Garden
Obama to announce Supreme Court nominee in the Rose Garden at 11 a.m. EST: President Barack Obama will announc...
If i'm not mistaken, I did see Bruce Vilanch peering out on the Rose Garden from behind the Oval Office curtains
"Hamilton" creator freestyles in the Rose Garden with a little help from President Obama: 🎤.
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen... Hamilton dude freestyles in the Rose Garden with the coolest president.
Lots of background noise at WH presser in balmy Rose Garden: ambulance sirens on 17th St., birds out for spring, two reporter phones ringing
LIVE on LIVE: Media conference in the Rose Garden • Point de presse au Rose Garden
Obsessing over this bride's vibrant anemone, amaranthus, thistle and garden rose boutquet:
Hi guys :o). I'm very happy to show you some photos of my garden. I would like... via
Rose Water Benefits, Learn how to make rose water and ... -
Dolce&Gabbana fw/16 looks that would go perfectly with my future cottage in France as I waltz through my rose garden htt…
He thinks he's going to walk in the rose garden and win easily. He actually seems to believe it. Crazy talk
Excited.. just ordered some roses for my rose garden! My second fav place to be :) Time to get my hands dirty, can't wait!
"Conquer constantinople and turn it into a rose garden". (sinna bey 1480)
The house seen from the rose garden by Claude Monet
My dog Mocha hard at work setting up Rosé Garden for Charleston Wine and Food Festival. No dogs…
I added a video to a playlist Garden Ops Win with Rose - Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Rose garden filled with thorns, keep you second guessing like "Oh my god, who is she?" I get drunk on jealousy.
March is a busy time in the rose garden. My best rose pruning tips:
and then he can re-propose at the Quartermaine Mansion in the Lila's rose gard…
"No red rose in all my garden!" he cried, and his beautiful eyes filled with tears. "Ah, on what little things does happiness depend!
My life is not like a rose garden. . It's more like a briar patch
Hamilton Collection
Plots of lands available at Rose Garden platinum Community Asaba!!
Once again, I'm looking to all rose out there who can help me! I want a "wild" garden that's easily maintained.
"She said that she would dance with me if I brought her red roses,". cried the young Student; "but in all my garden there is no red rose."
She was like a white rose in a garden of red; pure, innocent and unique, while everyone else around her was the same 🌹
Actual photo from the lobby of the Trump White House in 2018 directing reporters to the Rose Garden
Wild Rose and Arrows 8x10 Giclee Fine Art Print by ... -
In the rose garden. Pen and ink. Words by
male redstart in garden earlier this afternoon at rose bowl gardens Retford
Stop to smell the roses – 5000 varieties – at Werribee Park's Victoria State Rose Garden.
It was, thanks! A little rain & cold, but lots of leaves emerging in garden. Iris, yarrow, tulip, foxglove, rose campion. :)
Footfalls echo in the memory/Down the passage which we did not take/Towards the door we never opened/Into the rose-garden.
Hong Kong lights up with 25 000 roses. Under the auspices of Seoul’s light Rose Garden world tour, Hong Kong was...
Rose Garden on the best f* chinese food in this place
So when's the Rose Garden press conference where Joe Biden officially passes Bernie Sanders the mantle of America's wacky uncle?
They reversed roles and reread their lines to each other. That epic scenes from the Rose Garden. The Sally Hemmings comment.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Grandma's Rose Garden. Used this pic to a wall right beside entrance at last…
Not the White House, Rose Garden like Bergdahl's parents were?
Can you image the drunken brawl her & her kids would have in Rose Garden under a tacky gold sign Trumps House on White House
I don't know about you, but is this the kind of people we want in the Rose Garden at the White House? We all make...
Can u imagine his "brilliant people" disagreeing w/him in the (G forbid) White House? Bodies scattered all over the Rose Garden.
That time again, the garden staff knuckle down to prune floribunda & climbing roses in Queen Mother’s Rose Garden https:/…
welcome to the Lincoln Bedroom and the Rose Garden. Let's have a beer. Mr Clinton was going to join us, but there are no girls.
Just two -- Rose Garden (and Providence Park (Atmosphere at the latter always better.
.“Are we gonna allow a deserter who was traded for 5...Taliban killers & then celebrated in the Rose Garden...[t…
MBB: The Far West Classic returns this weekend! Throwback to last game at the Rose Garden in '010
If Jack Johnson were a Syrian "refugee" or a GITMO "detainee" would pardon him in the Rose Garden!
An early bird Rose Flower in the Rose Garden of Nehru Park (I prefer to call NeetiUdyaan) in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
The leaves are dropping at Eisenhower Park and Rose Garden. Where do you catch around
On way out of Rose Garden, Biden jeered one more time as he groped last female standing at gate. Oh that Joey. Such a card.
Historic Events: Hillary on 60 Minutes w/ POTUS. Uncle Joe in Rose Garden w/ POTUS to reject a POTUS run in 16'.
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Joe Biden is finally going to let us know if he thinks Brooks has cancer or not, live from the Rose Garden.
If was getting in primary race, he'd announce from Delaware, not the Rose Garden w/ a Hatch Act violation to start!
Our "Lil One & Me" group gathers at the park at the Rose Garden tomorrow (8th Ave. and Union Blvd.) at 10:30am.
Happy 20th birthday to the Rose Garden 1 of my career highlights being involved w/ opening.
Steph has something against the city of Portland. He always act up in the Rose Garden arena. More than usual
Today in 1970: Lynn Anderson released the great single "Rose Garden".
Great job, Review: Martina McBride pays tribute to Lynn Anderson with 'Rose Garden'
Lynn Anderson performs Rose Garden on TOTP in 1971 - BBC News 😔
Morrissey get a nice mention in Best of Nashville 2015 for his cover of Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden .
Lynn Anderson released the great single "Rose Garden". (8 Oct.1970) Anderson's version of "Rose...
As a photography judge the photo that won the category of 'Rose Garden' was Mark & Kathy Nolen…
Coffee Hour with the Garden Club in the Rose Garden on Thursday, September 24th at 9:30 am. See you there!
Angel in a Rose Garden by Brian Exton. My art is available as photographic mounted and unmounted photo quality...
Country Music Fact Today in 1970: Lynn Anderson records "Rose Garden" in the evening hours at the Columbia Recording Studios in Nashville.
how about using executive order to make January 14th Benedict Arnold Day. Declare new holiday from the Rose Garden.
Don your maddest hat and join us at our Seasonal Teas: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the Rose Garden on Sunday September 13, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Win a free Rose Garden candle, simply follow and RT! Winner announced this week. Good luck!
Hello butterfly 😄. Rose Garden in Canada at the edge of Lake!.
A Foggy but cool 54 degrees at the Rose Garden this morning at Ritter Park in Huntington, WV!
Will hug his mom in the Rose Garden again now that is charged with treason?
SpencerWeather A foggy start to the morning at Ritter Park's Rose Garden in Huntington!
Back of Aldenham House from Rose Garden: slightly overcast in today - sun's making an occasional appearance.
"Bushes Belong in the Rose Garden, Not the White House"-- sign on my friend's landscaping truck
Balmy August day in DC - another view of the White House's Rose Garden
Sorry Dave Lynn , Wezley Sebastian , David Pollikett , Rose Garden , Lola we had to leave at 9.20 due to trains n...
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