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Rosanne Barr

Roseanne Cherrie Barr (born November 3, 1952) is an American actress, comedian, writer, television producer, director and candidate for President of the United States with the Green Party of the United States.

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You laugh but go watch the Rosanne Barr interview with Dave Rubin. She literally says goysplaining and goy privilege iirc
Ever think Trump himself has blocked Rosanne Barr after her View spew? Lol!
ok - show off.the Rosanne Barr is raised.
. A man walked into a Rosanne Barr...
"There is nothing to fear but Rosanne Barr"
*** vitale just said Gonzaga beating him, Rosie o'donnell, Rosanne Barr would be an accomplishment.
And if you can explain to me why every flag waving patriot suddenly loves Rosanne Barr again, I'm all ears. I love Rosanne and I'm from SD.
I can't believe rosanne barr is woke
say about Mr mom, "Well, that's not good." and the entitlement of Rosanne Barr to say, "I'm a housewife,. I never go anywhere...
Just saw this on Amazon: Roseanne: The Complete Series by Roseanne Barr for $29.32 via
Here's a taster of the beautiful pieces by Rosanne Barr at Buchlyvie, we'd love you to come and see, previews...
Rosanne Barr, Meryl Streep should also donate a million
she is yesterdays news, let's move on folks, she is the Rosanne Barr of 2017
How can I be so obsessed with the show Roseanne and at the same time be so discussed with Rosanne Barr
Rosanne Barr is not on the left so I'm not sure how accurate this is .
Rosanne Barr would be great on the apprentice!.
It's been a busy old time at Greengallery getting ready for our Spring show. Featured artist is Rosanne Barr who...
Still, having never heard his pipes, I'd take Corey over Rosanne Barr, no questions asked.
Rosanne Rosannadanna! (I had to scroll thru endless Roseanne Barr gifs!)
the brothers voices and webby sound way older than they should..webby sounded like Rosanne Barr for a brief moment in the FL...
Who cares, it's a fact that he couldn't sing, Rosanne Barr is a legend and her performance of the National Anthem w…
What is it with Rosanne Barr? Raging right-wing redneck posting Fake News or having yuuge joke wit…
Rosanne Barr and her twin Michael Moore need to go away. I wish you would ban their names on Fox News.
No worries. You still have Scott Baio and Rosanne Barr ... I see a lot of re-runs in your future.
He reminds me of when Rosanne Barr used to hang around the Hawkeyes. There is little the program can do about it.
Rosanne Barr but you'd need a lot of it.
Being blocked by the likes of Rosanne Barr tells me I'm doing something right.
Who knew Rosanne Barr was so bloody smart!
I feel your pain...Rosanne Barr blocked me lol
LOL, nah I'm a Ret Sailor, I don't get grossed out except when I see Rosanne Barr
Hello Rosanne Barr,rememeber you from my youth Used watch your show but forgot what it was called for a second,then it came
Celeberties Need To Wake Up! . They, as a rule don't get it like a very small number of them do. . Thanks Rosanne!
just one more female comedian gone bitter line up behind rosanne Barr, Rosie whoopie
I was blocked by Rosanne Barr and CJ Wilson. I was being a jerk to CJ. I think that I got caught up in group block by Rosanne.
In the spirit of the Ghostbusters reboot, I'd like to see a new Odd Couple with Rosie O'Donnell and Rosanne Barr
When I vote.. I'm learning to ask the question.. Why do you want to run for Potus.. I ask Rosanne Barr.. that question.. I respect her
Rosanne Barr could say that. As an intellectual about what these guys do. That's valuing her intelligence not just her umph.
Why the *** R U ppl asking a guy who voluntarily married Rosanne Barr for advice? Wow. U really do live in an upside down world
Wow! Rosanne looks pretty amazing! What a beautiful woman and the fact she understands Trump is a huge plus!!!
Do you ever feel like you've been asleep your entire life? Rosie O'Donnell and Rosanne Barr are NOT THE SAME PERSON?
Things I'd rather listen to than Trump talking include:. A car alarm for hours. Rosanne Barr sing
shout out to rosanne barr for claiming things were worse for the Jewish under obama
Please keep us informed of which programs are being tightened on said belt. Rosanne Barr said, "Trump is the resistance!".
Having as our president is like having rosanne barr sing the National Anthem
looks like Rosanne Barr and John Candy had a baby
She's actually making trash like Rosanne Barr look classy by comparison.
Man, that Rosanne Barr/James Woods mismatched buddy comedy I have in development is going to go through the roof.
If only Rosanne Barr had lip-synched HER rendition of the National Anthem. But then, I suppose it would have been even worse!
Susan don't confuse that POS Rosie with Rosanne Barr please!! Roseanne is AWESOME!!
Luke Bryan playing at the Super Bowl? What, was Rosanne Barr not available? Well, at least it's not a rapper.
But according to Dr. Rosanne Barr, Baron is autistic. Clearly I am not smart enough to see the signs. Looks like a boy to me
Last year I voted for Rosanne Barr as sexiest man alive this year I might change my attidude comple…
Is rosanne barr signing the National Anthem... again?
get over it or ur going to make these next 4 years a living *** U dont like it run 2020 like rosanne barr!
She's a one trick pony who's been washed up for decades- she and Rosanne Barr are twinsies.
Rosanne Barr performed the best rendition of the National Anthem, period.
Correction: feminazis. People like Rosanne Barr are Feminists. These are feminazis.
"The thing women have got to learn is that nobody gives you power. You just take it." - Rosanne Barr. Today. . Go ladies, take
BREAKING NEWS: Rosanne Barr stops after 4 blocks.DC Police call a Tow Truck to move her.
This is what ROSANNE BARR actually posted. And she is part of Hollywood!
Wow I guess you think Rosanne Barr's performance was the best ever huh? Stop judging people with your hatred.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I think Rosanne Barr would have sang better.
for White Man Can't Jump has to be Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, and Rosanne Barr. Cast It!
get that sorted before she starts to look like Rosanne Barr.
Had some ghetto swim racing dream with mass murder and Rosanne Barr was in it so was the VHS copy of Mommy Dearest and Japanese school kids
Will Rosanne Barr be singing the National Anthem at the inauguration tomorrow?
Can someone please enlist the expertise of Rosanne Barr to straighten out this
"Nah, you'll be fine, Rosanne Barr ordered two of these last week"
in charge of every Public school is like Rosanne Barr in charge of singing the National Anthem at every sporting event - AWFUL
I too am proudly blocked by Rosanne Barr.
Hillary Clinton and the art of the dirty mouth - - More June Cleaver less Rosanne Barr. She hates ev'bdy.
There is also Green Party candidate Jill Whatever. I think Rosanne Barr in 2012(?)
My god, has HRC always sounded like Rosanne Barr?! Make it stop.
roses O'donald is a fat pig. Rosanne Barr has join Trump she now speaks kindly.
"I'll vacuum the house when Sears invents a riding vacuum cleaner". ~Rosanne Barr, early in her career.
For a really long time I thought Rosie O'Donnell and Rosanne Barr were the same person
Taylor's mom reminds me of Rosanne Barr. 😝
Same thing happened with me and Rosanne Barr. I dunno
really look it up. Rosanne Barr said he should run. 2007. He's a progressive dem always has been
I'd rather listen to Rosanne Barr sing the National Anthem than listen to condescending Ted s--t thru his lips!
It occurs to me that I don't normally call ugly celebrities (like Rosanne Barr) ugly. But Leslie a) is ugly b) deserves it for her behavior
Let's write in Rosanne Barr for president.
Hopefully we will never have another Rosanne Barr singing the USA National Anthem.
She's sounding more like Rosanne Barr every day.
I wonder how Lenny Bruce or 80's era Rosanne Barr would handle the bantz?
At least we're not in Peace and Freedom with Rosanne Barr.
You know ur party is in trouble when your 1st convention speaker is a dude from Duck Dynasty? Wait, Rosanne Barr was taken?
Rosanne Barr is the Penguin of modern celebrity
Maybe Rosanne Barr since she's the one that suggested he run for president
Roseanne Barr has 'heard women make these allegations' about Louis C.K.'s gross behavior
for sure. No we don't need rosanne Barr but find a kid in the local school and lay it out...
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They should have gotten Rosanne Barr or Gilbert Gottfried to play Krang.
More great art from plus Rosanne Barr, James Somerville Lindsay and Margaret Evans
At one point, Rosanne Barr was considered to portray this -
Come on. You have to do better than Mrs. Rosanne Barr. You know respectable media doesn't respect the opinions of actors.
I like to go on and on about which candidate stands for this and that, as if I'm not gonna write in Rosanne Barr for t…
it seems Rosanne Barr has become uncucked.
Preparing for my favourite time of year by securing my pass! Coming for you Rosanne Barr,
"Maybe I'll vote for Rosanne Barr. She's running again."
rude & ignorant liberal. By doing this, she shows us how Un-American she is! Like Rosanne Barr? 😝
are you sure, have you seen rosanne barr? I'm not sure a good portion of humanity is natural.
One flaw of is unfortunate. Rosanne Barr wasn't a good choice. Meryl Streep completely dominates and it's so lopsided
I think Rosanne Barr is a bit wacko, but I'd have to see more context to this convo. anyhow.
What are celebs saying about Susan Sarandon? We turn now to Tim Robbins, Rosanne Barr, John Cusack &, of course, George Clooney.
Most women will never accept a man with less status then Michael Jordan. Most men would HAPPILY settle with Rosanne Barr. 😂
The great Rosanne Barr blocked me too. Perhaps she finds it offense when someone tells her the truth.
Naw I don't want to see that much fake and nasty its like rosanne barr singing again
Are we wrong or is Hillary Clinton sounding more like Rosanne Barr every day ? think about it ?!?!?!. CNN...
then what are you going to do. Throw your vote away? Last Presidential elec I voted for Rosanne Barr. I've been where you are
Congrats on being blocked by Rosanne Barr. Lol
Hi honey, you look like a young Rosanne Barr. Can I be your John Goodman? We'll eat pancakes then make love like hippos.
I'm pro-woman, but it's hard to fall in love with US Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL8) when she looks and sounds like Rosanne Barr. Give me Zopp.
Rosanne Barr, there's never a reason to ridicule murder and your Holocaust rant is totally bizarre.
I have the SOLUTION TO not BORN ask why weird Al and Rosanne Barr should cause hi
I think Rosanne Barr should get an Oscar, for her role as "bear" in The Revenant
thank you for the fav! Pls take me to Rosanne Barr's clinic in Santa Ana tgtr when you have an open time :) ooo
WATCH: Rosanne Barr says she might be moving to Israel
some people should not sing the National Anthem,that was TERRIBLE, right up there with Rosanne Barr
Things that are better than riding a bike in the wind: Fascism. Head Wounds. Rosanne Barr's laugh. Rotting Garbage Aroma. Kidney Stones.
StandWithUs brings Rosanne Barr to Israel to fight BDS
Rosanne Barr to attend anti-BDS conference in Jerusalem: Rosanne Barr to ...
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That clip in the trailer 10 Cloverfield Lane where John Goodman is screaming DONT OPEN THE DOOR.. I think Rosanne Barr is on the other side.
Rosanne Barr would fight dirtier I think. Also I think Judge Judy would be tougher than Barbara. 😎
/ Rosanne Barr from 1990 Disastrous pathetic rendition of Star Spangled Banner :
The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power, you just take it ~ Rosanne Barr
The conversion of 'Rabbi' Roseanne Barr: From angry Israel antagonist to fierce advocate ~ it's Rosanne Barf ...
Middle age is cruel: I now have Conan-era Swarzenegger's arms with Rosanne Barr's torso.
Our Spring Exhibition opens on 6th March featuring Rosanne Barr and Ian Rawnsley with Margaretann Bennett, Gio...
CLASSIC Saturday Night Live with Madonna, Mike Meyers, Rosanne Barr and a VERY special guest at the end! I...
The ought to consider Carl Lewis or Rosanne Barr for their pregame anthems...that was *** the ears!
rosanne Barr is top 7 most infuriating ppl on the planet
please tell me Rosanne Barr is playing Hillary
A connoisseur of fine vines: Ahhh yes, the Rosanne Barr telling birds that bush did 911, 2013 vintage, excellent
look like Rosanne barr with bigger tiddies
Hi Karen, when you get the time, can you tell Rosie O'Donnell and Rosanne Barr to unblock me?
Sarah Palin is starting to look and sound weirdly like '80s-era Rosanne Barr. via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Rosanne Barr is better in the corners
What did MDV ever do to get stuck with Schultz. MDV had Ghost as a partner for a bit. That's like going from Angelina Jolie to Rosanne Barr
Asking Rosanne Barr to sing the National Anthem. that was a bad idea
plz don't compare Moby *** to the bible. thats like comparing Lucy lui to rosanne barr.
Am I the only one who thinks that this picture of Hillary makes her look like Rosanne Barr?
Rosanne Barr has bigger breasts than every sports illustrated swimsuit model. Remarkable she doesn't get work.
Politics according to Rosanne Barr. This one she did get right!
Women are cursed, and men are the proof. - Rosanne Barr
James Woods allegedly fathered a love child with and Rosanne Barr.
Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Rosanne Barr...your argument is invalid.
Quote of the Day: “I’m not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you. can ride on.” – Rosanne Barr
So who plays you in the Benghazi movie? Rosanne Barr? Melissa McCarthy ?
PINOT NOIRE, rosanne barr, mid sized car lol
Norm McDonald, Rosanne Barr and Keenan Ivory Wayans are the judges of Does the winner get his own Nick at Nite special??
Judge tosses George lawsuit against Rosanne Barr. So glad he's getting what he deserves
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sounds like the time I got into it with Rosanne Barr
"Fat Tom Cat Got skinny?" must have Quit all the Booze and Blow ~Rosanne Barr
Wait, no…. Backfield in Motion was a Rosanne Barr/Tom Arnold joint….
ALERT: More: In court hearing, attorney for George Zimmerman's parents says they are still afraid to go to their home after Rosanne Barr re…
only 2 episodes to go... May as well hang in there. Can't until next year with Gallagher and Rosanne Barr...
I tried that with Rosanne Barr. Didn't work out.
Rosanne Bar has been infamous for making transphobic statements for a while now.
Dutch ppl are not too smart, they digged up something from 2014 ?
Did you know Rosanne Barr ran for president in 2012?? Of course it got absolutely no press, because she is...
A Rosanne Barr unborn puppet baby with the cord wrapped around it's throat is wisecracking in Rosanne Barr's voice about its imminent death.
Joyce is to hitting what Rosanne Barr is to bikinis
July 25, 1990 - Rosanne Barr's infamous "singing" of the National Anthem before a San Diego game led to boos from the crowd.
Rosanne Barr did a stint on 3rd Rock From The Sun, and she was absolutely terrible.
What Obama has done to USA is equivalent to what Rosanne Barr did to the National Anthem. What a disaster. It is not incompetence
Get Rosanne Barr on the phone. She can sing something awful.
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Famed coloratura Rosanne Barr performed a stunning version of our National Anthem in 1990.
On this day, 1990 - Rosanne Barr "performs" a disgraceful version of the National Anthem in San Diego before a game...
I used to watch, but don't now because I can't stand Rosanne Barr.
On this day 25 years ago, Rosanne Barr murdered the U.S. National Anthem at a San Diego Padres Game Morning Drive
It was obvious that Rosanne Barr hated herself. It's always been obvious.
Chuck Norris once bench pressed Texas. He then found himself with an enormous appetite, so he decided to eat Rosanne Barr. Alive.
GH trivia for you, the role of Jennifer Smith at one time was played by Rosanne Barr and Sally Struthers.
Jennifer Smith Has been plaguing L&L from the beginning. Last 2 times played by Rosanne Barr ('94) and Sally Struthers in '02
Did NOT know tht Yaphet Kotto was every in a Freddy Krueger movie; tht also goes for Tom Arnold & Rosanne Barr. Who knew?
Uncle Ted putting Rosanne Barr in her place! *** that's good to see.
*** Rosanne Barr is hip to Santos Bonacci..That's dope
Ha Jae Suk is a special case as she is like Melissa McCarthy or Rosanne Barr or Tyne Daly - great comedic and dramatic timing
she follows Kathy Griffin, Rosanne Barr, and Bill Mahr... She gets on once a year...
Was that Rosanne Barr in an Air Force uniform.
Okay, why did Rosanne Barr favorite us?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
was it similar to Rosanne Barr's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner?
similar thing to Peter Criss yrs ago with homeless man. Fooled Rosanne Barr. Get messed up say your a musso,
I've been blocked by random ppl, but no one impressive. except rosanne barr I think.
Rosanne Barr's Star Spangled Banner > Anything sung by Anne Murray (My parents overdosed me on AM as a kid.)
Average!? If that's average then Rosanne Barr is an 8 out of 10.
Stephanie sounds like Rosanne Barr in this promo.
Someone called DA Lehmberg . I just can't... She looks more like Rosanne Barr.,..
"Anything a man can do, a woman can get another man to do even better.". -Rosanne Barr
W my old friend & warm-up comedian in 86' Rosanne Barr, check out her new show 'Momsters' on I.D channel lv 2 all http:/…
But as Rosanne Barr explained, once you come out of that sugar coma, you'll feel much better.
Love Rosanne Barr's look on the season finale of Last Comic Standing. Who knew she could pull off the pink lip and glitter!!
Rosanne Barr & Spike Lee had released wrong Florida addresses back in 2011. This cell of Anon shares same clown-car company.
Rosanne Barr is cracking me tf up and honestly she should have won the presidential election
Sometime back in the late 1980s, while living in Denver, my girlfriend insisted that we attend a comedy benefit for a seriously injured local comedian. I was reluctant, being more into the music scene. But she was adamant, so I went. I will always love her for that. The most I have ever laughed in my entire life. The lineup that night - Rosanne Barr, Louie Anderson, Dennis Miller and the star of the night - Robin Williams. I do believe that what he did that night was all improv. It was as if he just opened his mouth and let his thoughts pour out. And most of it was hilarious. The one thing about his performance that I admired the most was his faith in himself that he could let out his thoughts without first screening them. A truly gifted talent. He will be missed. And thank you Leslie for making me go.
Today In History (Music) July 25th 1962 - The Elvis Presley film "Kid Galahad" premiered. 1965 - Bob Dylan appeared on stage at the Newport Jazz Festival with an electric guitar. It was his first non-acoustic set. 1966 - In San Francisco, CA, the Rolling Stones performed their last U.S. concert with Brian Jones. 1967 - The Beatles and other U.K. rock groups urged the British government to legalize marijuana. Their comments were made in a London Times advertisement signed by all four of the Beatles. 1969 - Neil Young made his first appearance with Crosby, Stills and Nash. 1970 - Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" was released. 1971 - The Beach Boys released their album "Surf's Up." 1975 - "A Chorus Line" debuted on Broadway. The show closed in 1990 after 6,137 performances. 1980 - KISS introduced their new drummer, Eric Carr, at a concert at the Paladium in New York City. 1990 - Rosanne Barr sang the National Anthem in San Diego before a Padres baseball game. She was booed for her performance. 1995 - Nina Simone fir ...
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Since third party candidates, like Rosanne Barr and Gary Johnson, don't raise money and are little more than vanity candidates, don't they belong on a reality show rather than a ballot? Hey: how about a show called 'vanity candidate' featuring fools stupid enough to run third party? Cuz real candidates and real change come by staying and fighting.
So poll question what's worse A.50 cent first pitch B. Rosanne Barr remix of the National Anthem C. Mark Sanchez butt fumble D.or that silly cubs fan that wanted a souvenir fall ball
Back in the day, Gary trained dogs to perform special tasks. His promising new career came to a screeching halt, when at Malibu Beach, one of his dogs approached 3 Ladies at the beach. Rosanne Barr and Betty White thought it was funny, but Oprah took legal action. Many onlookers, still suffer with hysterical blindness and mild depression.
BTW, 'Last Comic Standing' is back on this season. It has Keenan Ivory Wayans, Rosanne Barr are judges.So check it out.
May 1, 1974 -- Studio One nightclub opens in Hollywood. The club has a long history playing a big part in *** rights movement. Sammy Davis Jr and Paul Newman were on the Board of Directors. Some of the many performers that appeared in the club include Rosanne Barr, Jim Bailey, Waylon and Madam, Charo, Liza Mennelli, Rosie O'Donnell, and Rita Moreno.
So a person I don't know posted on my picture thinking I was Rosanne Barr... I am not sure whether I should sew my mouth shut or jump off a bridge...
Excited to talk to Anthony Jeselnik on this week's Slumber Party on! Anthony is known for his Comedy Central show The Jeselnik Offensive, as well as his Comedy central Roasts of Charlie Sheen, Donald J. Trump and Rosanne Barr. There is only a 22% chance he will make me cry. Tune in this Wed. 4-6 to hear us chat. Go see him at The Orange Peel this Saturday 4/5 at 7pm! I will also be talking with Molly Kummerle and David Mathes of Paper Tiger about their upcoming Album release and birthday party fundraiser. This wed, 5:30p on
Lorne Michaels & lets talk: & should host SNL like Rosanne Barr & Tom Arnold in the 90s, except better!
'Its a Hospital Day- these visits are whats occurring and I am not even a fan of Casualty or Holby City on the BBC- go incendiary at even the titles of that Midwife series with Miranda Hart. [She's an acquired taste I have not totally cracked yet.] I am far more interested in programmes that don't survive on saving people. Goodies or baddies they can all meet the grim reaper. Rosanne Barr once said with admirable bitterness ' The way to a man's heart is through his chest. ' Thankfully for me, access to guns a la the USA and the Swiss, is way too troublesome to bother one. But were a machine pistol to just drop into my lap as a gift from the non-existent God- I would maybe become a believer BUT definitely a spree killer outside alehouses at closing time.' CM
Due to not having a celebrity Rosanne Barr lost $50m to her ex-husband Tom Arnold when they divorced after four years.
"Anybody who could pull off being in love with Rosanne Barr is a good actor." Tom Arnold's best work...
Next week we are having a Romo, Manning, retirement party sponsored by Jerry Jones and return entertainment from Rosanne Barr.. serving left over Super bowl food! And almost Beer! Everyone welcome!
I don't do video podcasts at all, accept once in a while I'll catch JRE live when I'm on the pc (last week - Rosanne Barr).
So not looking forward to tonight. Oh Sns plz be kind to this old lady. Didn't sleep well last night. The scaries were playing tricks in my head and not even Rosanne Barr with her funny *** or a Walk to Remember could fix it. But as you know life goes on. Hey Ma miss ya.
are you sure that's your nurse? Looks a lot like Rosanne Barr to me. Keeping fighting the good fight. I'm routing for you.
Rosanne Barr is running for president next election
i catch random ones here and there. The last one I listened to was Rosanne Barr. I'll check out 436
Uglier then watching Rosanne Barr vs Oprah Winfrey in a twerking's Kentucky basketball halftime Miss St 40 KY 37.there's going to be a fight before this game is over with, the refs are whistle happy.
realized I wasn't sure of the difference between rosanne cash and rosanne barr
Great game last nite. Fans were awesome Almost as loud as Rosanne Barr trying 2 make a valid political statement.
My Name is Earl got dark for a sec but that Rosanne Barr episode was hilarious.
Gotta say -- that may have been the worst rendition of both anthems I've hear since Rosanne Barr at the baseball game.
Rosanne Barr has thrown a few things out there like MKUltra but I think she's fullah crap. If she was really exposing, pop she'd go
Sad news, indeed. Heard it from Rosanne Barr when she was interviewed by on his podcast.
either Rosanne Barr has a virus, or she just tried to phish my ip.
Rosanne Barr thinks John Legend took way too long to sing the Anthem
A TV Mom I'd like to with is Rosanne Barr.
I literally can’t even listen to Rosanne Barr talk. Skippin this episode of the JRE.
Remember when Rosanne Barr sang the Nat. Anthem? No doubt you'll be great singing the song.
Go Daddy Bowl or Nuggs vs Lakers?? Like choosing between Rosanne Barr or Oprah... I'm good!!
. That is funnier . than thoughts of. Tom Arnold on top . of Rosanne Barr. . LMAO.
Rosanne Barr owns an organic macadamia but farm? GMOs - the left's climate change denial? (NY Times must read)
This morning I was having an awesome dream about a bunch of Natives in their regalia graduating from college. And then out of nowhere Rosanne Barr is spoiling it with all of her complaining about her work. Fell asleep with the tv on n woke up to Rosanne 󾌽. The beginning of the dream was awesome tho!
Middle of the night odd factoid on TV: The TV Show "Married .. with Children" was originally pitched to FOX staring two still unknown stand-up comedians (as their standup was the inspiration): Sam Kinison and Rosanne Barr
Andrew luck looks like the lovechild of Andre the giant and Rosanne Barr
The war on drugs is waged on poor people on street drugs by rich people on prescription drugs. Rosanne barr
Who sang that song? Probably NOT from New Orleans. Guess.he was trying to out-do Rosanne Barr! LOL! We must win after having to listen, HORRIBLE! :)
in this times piece Rosanne Barr sounded like a nasty person. Wow
"More children are going to be beat to death and sold into trafficking just so your fourth mistress can have another endangered species cape." -Rosanne Barr
looks like Andre the Giant and Rosanne Barr's love child.
"Intelligence looks like insanity to drooling imbeciles"-- Rosanne Barr
Great episode talking real issues in the world. Rosanne Barr is hilarious I've learned!
So far Orange Bowl has been entertaining. The Bucks are playing bad yet winning. Then comes the halftime show! This is terrible! I think it is Rosanne Barr's brother! Is this the best they could get.
And since when Rosanne Barr's ex husband decided to play a bad guy on a tv show?
I just listened 2 the Rose Bowl National Anthem, Yea it was BAD! But I have HEARD worse, Carl Lewis, Rosanne Barr!
I just had the craziest dream. I was looking at mobile homes with Rosanne Barr and I was drinking vics vapo rub out of the container and Brent Peeples shows up with meatball subs.
Still thinking about Doug. i had a dream I was at Rosanne Barrs house and she made nachos. What a day.
Man I got hungry and remembered I have a Snickers. Make me think of that Snickers commercial when the actress Rosanne Barr was a cranky woman.
So '20 Feet' eh? How bout no. Sing gospel wherever you want, but never spice-up the National Anthem. Mariah Carey better keep it real. Rosanne Barr sucked. Have respect for our nation, and those who did, are, or will serve. No artistic expression during 3 minutes of your life please. Put your goofy silly version on a record, but you won't, because no one would ever hear your bad idea.
We are not bodies with souls. We are souls.with bodies! - Rosanne Barr
He's no Rosanne Barr but he's close!
The National Anthem was a joke at the fiesta bowl that almost as bad rosanne barr sung it
Did that guy that just sang the National Anthem get lessons from Rosanne Barr.
Any one watching the comedy channel today lots of fun roasts if you get a chance Rosanne Barr is outrages . Lol have a great night everyone love to all .
Watching the Rose Bowl? Those back-up singers took anthem singing to new lows. They were so inept at harmonizing, they made my skin crawl!!! Rosanne Barr did a better job, and she was trying to suck!
Who ever told the '20 Feet' singers that they could sing?(Rose Bowl) They were almost as bad as Rosanne Barr! Sure hope the game is better than that!
The singing(sic) of our National Anthem at the Rose Bowl will go into history as the only aborted rendition of that sacred song that can compete with both Macy Grey and Rosanne Barr. "Artistic License" should never be taken, not that there was anything "artistic" about that.
National Anthem at Rose Bowl was barely better than Rosanne Barr's version! Why cant people who are invited to sing such an important and sacred song take it seriously and not use it as a stage to attempt to show off what they think is range of the scales in there own voice? I would rather hear the sound of a dying cat than what was on the pre-game field of the Pasadena Rose Bowl
Couldn't see the TV while the National Anthem was being sung before the Rose Bowl..? Thought I heard Rosanne Barr again. N. A. S. T. Y.
Who were those people who butchered the National Anthem at the Rose Bowl game. Not heard anything that bad since Rosanne Barr at a baseball game. Just sing the song as it is written. Come On Man!
All purpose parts banner
They really need to get someone that knows how to sing for these ball games. The singers for the Rose Bowl today were as bad as Rosanne Barr was.
That had to be the worst national athem I have ever heard. Rosanne Barr did better wow.
Sorry, but that was the second worst National Anthem in history.Rosanne Barr was the first.
Watching the Rose Bowl. Worst National Anthem in a long, long, long time. Reminds me of Rosanne Barr. Why can't people just sing the song!
These women singing the National Anthem for the Rose Bowl game are really some of the worst singers I've seen since Rosanne Barr in the 80's
Person A says vile, hateful, despicable things about Person B and hopes Person B dies a horrible death. This should not be tolerated under ANY circumstances. But our media has a double standard. If person A is a Liberal an B is a conservative, it is reported as "news" and "protected under free speech". Recent examples include Cher, Rosanne Barr and Martin Bashir. If person A is a conservative an B is a Liberal, media reports it as "hate speech" and demand the person be fired.
Oh yeah baby...I remember Rosanne Barr's joke from years ago about how she would vacuum when they made a riding vacuum cleaner well you don't ride it but its close.
Rosanne Barr on Joe Rogan had a great quote... The two party system is a system to take (steal) public money and give it to private parties (people). When are we going to stop falling for this two party BS?
Many many dogs' ears are sensitive to loud explosions, gunshots, fireworks, and will run amuck in fear. For the safety of your dogs, keep them inside tonight. Play music, movies, TV shows... except no voice or singing of Rosanne Barr (cruelty issue there).
Watching an old favorite starring Rosanne Barr's one contribution to American cinema ... Tom Arnold ... The Stupids (1996)
MAE: "I think she has the same virus that they named after Rosanne Barr." JMDjr: "Roseanne Barr has a virus? Which virus?" MAE: "I don't know what the technical term is— I've always heard it's called 'Roseanne Barr Virus'. It's some type of herpes, I think." JMDjr: "It's called 'Epstein-Barr Virus' and yes, it is a strain of herpes." MAE: "Oh." JMDjr: "You better get yourself checked out for that OTHER virus of which you're showing signs and symptoms, M*." MAE: "Which one is that!?!" JMDjr: "It's called the *** Virus'. I think you are seriously infected..."
I saw someone today that I always see posting pics of themselves, they look like a million dollars after all the filtering and make up, truth is they looked like a hung over Rosanne Barr, just saying be yourself.
ABC News Just Announced that A&E will resume filming Duck Dynasty with the whole To Robertson Family .Now all those debates for not ,Probably the plan all along to divert you from what Washington was doing . Read how Much the CIA is involved in Hollywood ,Some main Actors are Coming out Telling Us All how The Are Just high Paid Pawns ,Rosanne Barr is just one.
Dear Carmen ... yes, T do collect things. I use to collect unicorns, but one day, while My Angel was trying so hard to get me to realize I was not alone in this world, I found a small white angel sitting on my doorstep. No idea where it came from, and that was back in the early 1990s. Since then, people have been gifting me with Angels ... so, I began my little collection. The odd thing is that none of these people ever came into my home ... I can't deal with that since I was raped by a maintenance man ... I can't handle any man coming into my home ... so, subliminally, I ceased keeping my home spotlessly clean so that it would be imbarrassing to allow anyone to see it. I never realized what I was doing until My Angel pointed out to me that I was doing this as a safety measure. No, my house is not what you would call "dirty" ... it's just a total mess ... boxes everywhere ... real cluttered! That is getting close to being dealt with, because I'm tired of not living in my little museum. That is what people ...
I am to giftwrap, what Rosanne Barr is to the National Anthem. Complete with the crotch grab and middle finger at the end. MY GOD, I'm horrible at this.
Spielman drafting Ponder over Andy Dalton is like picking Rosanne Barr over a Playboy playmate.
Rosanne Barr makes sense to me. Well friends, I have lost it.Unfriend me, before it's too late !! Save yourself !!
Had dinner at Chili's tonight, and they, of course, have Christmas music playing. Yay. But... There was a song played that changed my whole look at what is truly not 'good' Christmas music. It was a Judy Garland song that was 're-mixed' by someone, maybe Moby? Regardless, it sounded so wonderful that it makes me want to search for a CD featuring Courtney Love, Rosanne Barr, and any other person that sings like crap. Yes, songs are remade by artists that are obscure, but the whole 'destroying a classic' is terrible. But it was bad enough that I would rather hear Courtney Love sing "The First Noel" for 24-hours straight. With tepid water, stale bread, and a room that is too humid and just a little too warm for comfort. That's how bad it was. Sorry. Carry on.
"Intelligence looks like Insanity to drooling IMBECILS!" So sayeth Rosanne Barr.
No pun intended but if a Muslim extremist, sits in on his rights to prayer, it is considered ok in schools..but Christians, may not, also they show them spewing at us that we are infidels, and attack our homeland...geez, leave a Christian have his opinion heard... I have watched many shows where *** and *** are treated like normal nice loving folks, and the probably are, but that is never questioned. God forbid you say something about them. For example the Rosanne Barr show was full of them and that was just "DUCKY'.
To the scumbag who tried to hack our bank account. .may u be gang raped by a pack of jackalopes with herpes. .then may your skin be peeled off with a marble. ...As you scream in pain ...may you be tea bagged by Rosanne Barr.Please and thank you.
Rosanne Barr got to love her. She is going to be running to be president. She's too funny
"When *** are calling brilliant people stupid, you got a real problem." -- Rosanne Barr
I'm aware that Phil Robertson may have spoke brashly, but he never went as far as Bill Maher, Rosanne Barr, and many others. Yet Americans have tolerated and condoned it. Paula Dean, Phil Robertson and many Amerians are subjected to their manner of conversation taken out of context and thrown unto the masses by evil rhetoric. God created everyone in His image. We were created with inalienable rights. We all have the right to Free Speech. Who decides who has the Right or who doesn't? Thousands of lives were given on foreign soil, and many lives were mamed to secure our Freedoms. Those who obstruct our rights have no respect for our Freedoms other than their own. Hmmm...Just how long will it be until your right to free speech is challenged?
Well, I am going to give my two cents worth on Phil Robertson and A&E. From what I understand, the reporter asked Phil his opinion. Also, is it really a surprse that Phil feels this way? He makes no secret of his opinions on the show and being that he is God-fearing, would you expect him to think differently? Just like Chik-Fil-A, they are not open on Sunday because Truett Cathy, the founder of the company, is Christian, so was it really a surpise to anybody, again? Another example is that of Kirk Cameron, a born-again Christian. He was asked his opinon on the Today Show and there was a backlash against him. None of these people were nasty in their comments and did not advocate violence again the *** But yet a lot of the *** community reacted with mean, hateful remarks. Rosanne Barr said that she wished everyone who ate at Chik-Fil-A got cancer and died. Is that Tolerant? If a Christian said anything like that against the *** they would be villified. Are we not entitled to our opinions an ...
Just saw Rosanna Arquette, Richard Simmons and Rosanne Barr in a span of 2 minutes. Guess which one was yelling "OH MY GOD THIS CHOCOLATE IS AMAZING!!"?
Sharing this for Angela Hussain since she loves Rosanne Barr and we all know Rosanne had a loose meat diner.
yeah... what about freedom of speech?. sincerely yours. Jane Fonda , the Dixie chicks , hank Williams , jr. Jackie mason , Rosanne Barr , Charles rocket , jimmy the Greek Snyder , any radio broadcaster and many , many more. :)
B. Roethlisberger has a better record against the Browns than Rosanne Barr and John Goodman have against pancakes.
Who's your favorite Super Bowl National Anthem Singer? Mine is Steven Tyler and Rosanne Barr.- and they didn't forget the words...
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