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Rosalind Russell

Rosalind Russell (June 4, 1907 – November 28, 1976) was an American actress of stage and screen, perhaps best known for her role as a fast-talking newspaper reporter in the Howard Hawks screwball comedy His Girl Friday, as well as the role of Mame Dennis in the film Auntie Mame.

Auntie Mame Cary Grant Natalie Wood Norma Shearer Loretta Young Lucille Ball Karl Malden Hayley Mills Howard Hawks Joan Crawford Robert Montgomery Myrna Loy George Cukor Kate Hepburn Greer Garson Paulette Goddard Katherine Hepburn

(His Girl Friday w Rosalind Russell. The escaped prisoner is in the desk in the news…
My favourite Christmas movie is Auntie Mame - This world could use more Rosalind Russell!
Auntie Mame, with Rosalind Russell. Life is a banquet!
Whenever I'm being a journalist with a big scoop, I like to pretend I'm Rosalind Russell in
. 9:50am Sister Kenny. 1946. Drama. Based on a true story. The struggle of a young nurse who discove…
Auntie Mame in 35mm Prize Drawing! - Live! Live! Live! Rosalind Russell is in fine form as the jet-setting, Park Av…
However picturing your sparring romantic leads as Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant doesn’t necessar…
I added a video to a playlist Rosalind Russell Interview about Auntie Mame (1958)
Don't tease an old queen where Rosalind Russell is concerned.
"Rosalind Russell makes this film. It is a pure delight from beginning to end, and the score makes it a perfect 10."
Must see Steel Magnolias and Auntie Mame w/ Rosalind Russell not Lucille Ball
Let's not forget there were lots of great strong female characters in movies of the '30s and '40s. Rosa…
Watching His Girl Friday again. Rosalind Russell is a treasure and a delight
Auntie Mame was the movie. Rosalind Russell . Best ever
I was watching Ingrid Goes West(Aubrey Plaza) yesterday and she was watching one of such classics from the 40s in t…
Flops are a part of life’s menu and I’ve never been a girl to miss out on any of the courses. – Rosalind Russell.
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Happiness makes us beautiful. "Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic." Rosalind Russell
Per Comden and Green, this song was written on the express command of star Rosalind Russell, who direc…
Ralph Bellamy, Rosalind Russell, and Cary Grant, publicity photo for His Girl Friday (1940)
Rosalind Russell and Norma Shearer dining in the MGM canteen during the filming of The Women, 1939
And this is Friday, named after my favorite movie: His Girl Friday because Rosalind Russell is a Goddess.
NEW ON BLU-RAY: Auntie Mame, starring Rosalind Russell. Released today from . Available now at…
An all time favorite with Rosalind Russell, 'Auntie Mame' (1958) . Directed by Morton DaCosta
Rosalind Russell feeds Jimmy Stewart cake on the set of NO TIME FOR COMEDY
Mrs Pollifax - Spy is on Film 4 at the moment. Loving the combination of Rosalind Russell and Darren McGavin.
Rosalind Russell visits Lucy and Desi as they film the 'Be a Pal' episode of I Love Lucy.
Was that you setting off the fire alarms in The Trouble With Angels? Was Rosalind Russell your Mother Superior?
“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.”-Rosalind Russell...thankful for the struggles…
"Hall does little to stop MY SISTER EILEEN from feeling stagebound"
The problem with all remakes of (in my opinion) is that no one will ever top Rosalind Russell as Sylvia Fowler.
flops, my library doesn't have many Rosalind Russell movies 😠
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The Gifted Amy Acker - I think entire cast waiting for Root to appear! lol - u & Rosalind Russell my all-time favourites!
they say she was awful, smh such bullies. I saw a movie called Auntie Mame today and I enjoyed it so much…
ok ok I need more Rosalind Russell movies
Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, and Rosalind Russell in a publicity photo for The Women (1939)
Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell & Ralph Bellamy in His Girl Friday. Excellent movie with whiplash comedic dialogue
Rosalind Russell's nephew had once been a patient of the woman Russell plays in this movie
Rosalind Russell was cast as Mother Superior in this movie when Greta Garbo turned the part down…
How about Rosalind Franklin? Well, we finally get a semi-Marie Curie GIF. Otherwise we get Rosalind Russe…
Hepburn, Davis, Crawford (if we're going by acting only). and Rosalind Russell. But I'm old school.
This candid of Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant. I adore them.
Paulette Goddard and Rosalind Russell practising for their big fight on the set of The Women, 1939
The room was warm. And she was the kind of dame who if you confused Rosalind Russell w/ Katherine Hepburn you'd never forget it.
Cary Grant, Howard Hawks and Rosalind Russell on the set of HIS GIRL FRIDAY
Rosalind Russell, William Powell, Loretta Young, and George Cukor at the Trocadero for a GWTW premiere party
Rosalind Russell, Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland in Four’s a Crowd (1938)
I watched His Girl Friday tonight for the umpteenth time. Never fails to entertain. Cary Grant is the best. Love Rosalind Russell too.
Day 15: the incredible Auntie Mame. Rosalind Russell is exquisite in this film.
Rosalind Russell in one of my favorite films of all time, 'Auntie Mame" (1958) directed by Morton DaCosta
Mame! Rosalind Russell! One of the best heroines in movies & literature EVER!
Exhibitor previews for Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell in HIS GIRL FRIDAY ('40), now on Blu-ray [with an e…
-narrative pace held together by Rosalind Russell as a really complicated and complicated character. A little unconvinced by Grant though.
She launched the careers of actresses like Katharine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford & Rosalind Russell. Perhaps you’ve heard of them
neither. He was Rosalind Russell's husband, played by Forrest Tucker, in Auntie Mame.
As classic film gets fancy re-issue, we highlight the best screwball comedies
Rosalind Russell and Lurene Tuttle performing “The Sisters,” featured in this week's podcast!
The "Suspense" spotlight shines on Rosalind Russell in a pair of old time radio thrillers!
With Errol Flynn in 1937 - With Joan Fontaine, Rosalind Russell and Charlie in 1939 - With Tyrone Pow…
R Star Foundation's Rosalind Russell spent Christmas with the American Legion Auxiliary – You can too!
Rosalind Russell certainly is no fun as she gives Bill Holden a hard time in the classic, 'Picnic' (1955) dir. Josh…
That is the best. And Ethel Merman's version of Mama rose. Rosalind Russell is phenomenal yes but Ethel Merman is Queen.
Irene Dunne never got one. Rosalind Russell never got one for acting. Cary Grant and Myrna Loy only got honorary on…
Story of a dog called Rosalind Russell
Recording the radio show "Suspense" 1948 w/ Rosalind Russell and Lurene Tuttle
Taking joy in life is a woman's best cosmetic!!. -Rosalind Russell
It's fine to have talent, but talent is the last of it. In an actin...
Vintage marquee: Loew's Metropolitan has Rosalind Russell and Hayley Mills in THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS ("with Gypsy…
Can Rosalind Russell just eat Paulette Goddard? Can that end the film?.
Rosalind Russell is giving me Judy Davis vibes.
I'll match my flops with anybody's but I wouldn't have missed 'em.
I love it SO MUCH. Both the Rosalind Russell version and the Lucille Ball one.
His Girl Friday is another excellent one. Rosalind Russell is dynamite.
is a public affair. Failure is a private funeral.
DVR alert: Flight for Freedom ('43) with Rosalind Russell, Fred MacMurray and Herbert Marshall, BBC 2 Saturday next…
Best role model EVER. . (If you don't adore Rosalind Russell...get thee to Upson Downs. Immediately.)
"And I stepped on the ping pong ball." Yes, it must have been just ghastly. ROSALIND RUSSELL in Auntie Mame via
Had she lived and had the part not gone to Rosalind Russell, would've made a great Auntie Mame.
The coat Rosalind Russell wears in this movie is similar to one Kim Basinger went on to wear in "L.A. Confidential"…
Movie in hand. Join us Friday at 8pm for a free movie night with the incomparable Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell...
A man is insensible to the relish of prosperity until he has tasted adversity.
My 9y/o nephew just texted me that he's watching Auntie Mame. Love that kid! Love Rosalind Russell too.
Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant take a break on the set of His Girl Friday (1940)
As much as I love Lucille Ball, I've always preferred Rosalind Russell's version of this movie. — watching Auntie Mame
When I grow up I want to be either Rosalind Russell or Jame Russell. Either way I'd be gorgeous, talented, and have a great wardrobe.
Lol @ Rosalind Russell - now I'll always see you in a nun's habit :D
.Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my mind, I'm a cross between Katharine Hepburn and Rosalind Russell.
Rosalind Russell and William Powell w/ Loretta Young and George Cukor at the Trocadero. Magazine '40…
📷 crazyaboutcary: Pick your Monday face 😉 Ralph Bellamy, Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant in a publicity...
24 minutes into THE FEMININE TOUCH (1941), the film is kind of dull except when Rosalind Russell is doing her thing, it's perfect.
SO FABULOUS! I could see that on, say, Rosalind Russell.
Funny webisode I am apart of with producer and creater Rosalind Russell Trailer coming soon. Stay...
"Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!"___Mame Dennis **Rosalind Russell** **Auntie Mame** 1958 ?
Wonderful choices. Rosalind Russell was fantastic in mame! 💜 GWTW is tremendous too. I love Doris Day fil…
I saw it first during Summer of Darkness...Rosalind Russell in a serious role...Her husband produced the film
Has any woman worn a suit better than Rosalind Russell?
Travis Banton’s coat for Rosalind Russell copied for Kim Basinger in L.A. Confidential. THE VELVET TOUCH…
His Girl Friday (1940) - Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant. Fantastic pacing, dialogue, and funnier than all get out.
Rosalind Russell & Hayley Mills in THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS, directed by Ida Lupino.
Loved this movie, memorable performances by Rosalind Russell and Hayley Mills!
Rosalind Russell's dress (left) in Take a Letter Darling, 1942. Claudette Colbert's dress (right) in Skylark, 1941
I think I love everything Rosalind Russell was in. Strong independent woman in every role. Something about her voice too.
Rosalind Russell was considered for Christine but the studio went w/the original Bwy cast - wish that happened more!
'What a woman!'|Rosalind Russell gets her encore: She was not a femme fatale — though she played one. She wa...
I guess what I'm saying is I just want to be a 50/50 mix of Rosalind Russell and a righteous Vuvalini matriarch. Is 31 too late to start?
Cor! I'm picturing you in a 1930's smoke-filled arena. You as Rosalind Russell in
yes. Now that's a movie where Rosalind Russell shines!
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Taking joy in living is woman's best cosmetic. -Rosalind Russell @ Alun-alun Kota Banjar
.Auntie Mame footage though; Rosalind Russell. Breaks the "dont show a clip from a movie we'd rather be watching" rule.
ROSALIND RUSSELL and James Stewart blooper from 'No Time for Comedy' 1940
Watched The Women (1939) last night. Rosalind Russell is a masterful comedian.
besides rosalind russell who has the best WML? appe... — I love Greer's first one I absolutely die
One chinoiserie outfit on Rosalind Russell right in the beginning, and now Tilda Swinton wants to be Auntie Mame! WHERE IS MURIEL PUCE!
Look for the version with Rosalind Russell.
Hedy!! beautiful and wicked smart. I also think Rosalind Russell had a lot of moments.
sounds like an afternoon film on Channel4. Will RAF pilot David Niven finds love with Rosalind Russell in Paris?!
Rosalind Russell, born June 4, 1907, visits Camp Bowie in 1942. Photographed by Charles Steinheimer for
Rosalind Russell, William Powell . and Loretta Young in a fun moment. .
Rosalind Russell had a few scenes in Auntie Mame with some prospective in-laws whose progeny are board members now, did she not?
My fave classic movie is Auntie Mame, 1958 Rosalind Russell version. "Life is a banquet. Most poor suckers are starving to death."
makes sense that I like it. You just named my favorite movie of all time. Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant are perfection.
Behind the scenes of His Girl Friday (1940, Howard Hawks) with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.
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Rosalind Russell's performance in this was incredible, but I later saw Patti LuPone and the role of Rose changed forever.
Watch Cary Grant *not listen to Rosalind Russell for a full 10 minutes in their very first scene!
From L to R: Betty Comden, Rosalind Russell, Adolph Green, George Abbott, Lehman Engel. Leonard Bernstein at the piano.
the true golden age for white female leads in Hollywood was 30s & 40s: ie Kate Hepburn, Irene Dunne, Rosalind Russell etc
Rosalind Russell died on this date in 1976.
Basinger's hoodie copied from one Rosalind Russell wears in VELVET TOUCH (1948)-Broadway NOIR!
Remembering Rosalind Russell, who passed away November 28th 1976.
"Success is a public affair, failure is a private funeral." Rosalind Russell (1907 - 1976)
Other thing I learned from Rosalind Russell's autobio -- she was like 8th choice--! Nobody wanted to do the film!
I love the way Cary Grant delivers his lines and every one of Rosalind Russell's snarky retorts.
Eugene O'Neills play Mourning Becomes Electra became starring Rosalind Russell in her 3rd of 4 noms
Need to educate the youngens that it's a compact mirror,& not a phone in Rosalind Russell's hand😉💄👄
is the modern Rosalind Russell and is the 90's amongst yourselves...
I like the Rosalind Russell version better, but the Lucy one is the musical, which is fun too.
Velvet Touch with Rosalind Russell-Film Noir that takes in the theater world of Broadway. I Highly recommend it!
Mr Pacino just wanted to tell you that you are a great actor and you can check out my cousin Rosalind Russell she upcoming actor
Rosalind Russell was good at physical comedy.
Love how Rosalind Russell comes tumbling out of the closet
When Rosalind Russell did that thing with her pelvis, found it strangely sexy, I'm a bad person
Not sure what's weirder in this movie...Norma Shearer's hair or Rosalind Russell's hats.
OMG Rosalind Russell steals every scene she's in in The Women.
Rosalind Russell is on the prowl for gossip! LOL
Rosalind Russell really makes this movie perfect!
I really like Rosalind Russell, but I don't think I've seen any of her movies.
I love the eyes on Rosalind Russell's dress, but it's not doing her boob's any favors
Rosalind Russell is simply divine in
"Nuts?" gag is repeated by Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame.
Rosalind Russell steals every scene she's in. She's the best.
Auntie Mame wasn't a musical. That's from the original Rosalind Russell movie/play
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.Rosalind Russell was the original and best known Auntie Mame.
Rosalind Russell was the BEST Auntie Mame in the film version
Man-Proof ('38) with Myrna Loy, Rosalind Russell, Franchot Tone & Walter Pidgeon is on DVD from Yes!
I stand with & let's bring back the TL, if only to sound more Rosalind Russell always
I’m sorry, I can’t let this pass: Lucille Ball in Mame was an abomination. Rosalind Russell is Auntie Mame.
Oooh, Rosalind Russell's headgear in The Velvet Touch on - almost as fab as in The Women.
Since I have decided I should become Mame Dennis, I think I need a Rosalind Russell hat.
“Taking joy in living is a best Rosalind Russell
Looks like a mystery morning on watching THE VELVET TOUCH w/ Rosalind Russell, Sidney Greenstreet & Claire Trevor.
I wish somehow Rosalind Russell and/or Jack Lemmon as Daphne from Some Like It Hot could be guests on it would be hysterical
Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant in Howard Hawks' classic comedy His Girl Friday (1940)
Love this! Hey guys, anyone have a pic of Rosalind Russell? I just love her♡
What can you say about Rosalind Russell? One of the best.
We had a wonderful time at the double bill yesterday! Could Rosalind Russell be more wonderful? Also, lovely ice cream.
Roz Russell was named after Rosalind Russell. She had a brother named Slappy. Nipsey was taken. Cat's got heritage.
My FANTASTIC 4: James Mason, George Sanders, Wm. Powell, and Rosalind Russell as shiftless gaddabouts who stop evil with understatement.
"Hildy, don't be hasty. Remember my dimple. Walter". Rosalind Russell, Cary Grant, and a screwdriver.
Watching Mame with Lucile Ball ... Fast forwarding through her musical numbers. Rosalind Russell has nothing to worry about.
Rosalind Russell aka Hildy Johnson in His Girl Friday is my Hollywood journalist heroine.
I'm a sucker for a classic Hollywood musical...Tonight It's Gypsy, Natalie Wood and Rosalind Russell serving it up in glorious Technicolour!
Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell in "They Met in Bombay" directed by Clarence Brown, 1941 💗
The Trouble with Angels, Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell. An old favorite.
idk from women like Rosalind Russell, Katherine Hepburn etc to Dakota Johnson on her knees for abuse have not come a long way
His Girl Tuesday: A movie about Rosalind Russell's granddaughter being completely random while listening to Sheryl Crow
Re-watching 'Auntie Mame' for the first time in (too) many years. Rosalind Russell was such a comedic genius, and so glamorous to boot!
Auntie Mame...version w/Rosalind Russell is better than Lucy. . Now you're just showing off.
"Taking joy in life is a women's best cosmetic" - Rosalind Russell 😊😊
Taking joy in life is woman's best cosmetic ~ Rosalind Russell.
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell in Flight for Freedom (1943)
It's only just occurred to me that I'm a proper Auntie now. I'm going for Auntie Mame. A la Rosalind Russell. Totally can work that.
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Give the Audience Moments They Can Remember: I believe it was the late Rosalind Russell wh...
Put your fedora down and stop flirting with Rosalind Russell! *chews stogie*
HIS GIRL FRIDAY is a TERRIFIC film, one of the best screwball comedies. Quite dark, and Rosalind Russell is (as always) fantastic.
Cait's a modern day Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly w/a bit of Rosalind Russell for good measure.😎
1st I heard of Golden Globes was in Rosalind Russell's autobio. She won for Sister Kenny. Then I saw Sister Kenny ... …
His Girl Friday, a screwball comedy starring Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell, was released today in 1940.
Amy Adams is the first to win this back to back in 29 yrs & 4th overall (Rosalind Russell, Julie Andrews, Kathleen Turner).…
Hott Minute HQ is now just talking about how much we love Rosalind Russell
Before Franchot Tone and Ann Sothern, there was Rosalind Russell and Robert Montgomery, Now Streaming:...
Rosalind Russell is great in Auntie Mame, a must watch! Of course I missed it the last time it was on.
Debbie Reynolds as Molly Brown is one of my favorite performances. Although it can't top Rosalind Russell's Auntie Mame.
Photo of the Day - Brian Aherne and Rosalind Russell in What a Woman! (1943). Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Friday means... Movie Classics Hour! "Never Wave at a WAC" starring Rosalind Russell and Paul Douglas is up at 1pm ET.
According to the chart in this interesting article, Rosalind Russell was only 5'6.5", shorter than is widely...
Whether you're a Kate Hepburn, a Lauren Bacall, or a Rosalind Russell - we've got 1930s-1940s suits and dresses...
Rosalind Russell is a treasure. I also love the way she and Carey Grant talk over each other, film realism before film realism.
No one delivers a cinematic read like the classic film divas. Rosalind Russell. Bette Davis. Katherine Hepburn!
Photo of the Day - Spencer Tracy, his wife Louise, Rosalind's sister Mary Jane, Tim Durant, and Rosalind Russell
I think it’s an underrated Coen - and Jennifer Jason Leigh is also great in, channeling Rosalind Russell.
When newspaper editor Walter Burns (Cary Grant) finds out that his ex-wife "Hildy" Johnson (Rosalind Russell) is...
Photo of the Day - Magazine Monday - Modern Screen, 1949... Friends Irene Dunne, Rosalind Russell and Loretta...
Rosalind Russell and Fred Brisson….the happy bride and groom are snapped as they leave the Mission S
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell and Norma Shearer in The Women (1939)
How press behaviours haven't changed: From 'His Girl Friday' in 1940 starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.
Photoset: Rosalind Russell & Jimmy Stewart on the set of No Time for Comedy, 1940.
Photo of the Day - Stella Stevens and Rosalind Russell in Where Angels Go... Trouble Follows! (1968)
Breaking from writing to watch an Clark Gable with Rosalind Russell as thieves...? The sto...
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell and Melvyn Douglas in The Guilt of Janet Ames (1947)
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell in The Trouble with Angels (1966)
Inspiration, big laughs and satire in one big classic movie
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Dorothy Lamour's My Side of the Road,Lake, Being and Becoming by Myrna Loy, Life is a Banquet by Rosalind Russell :)
Have you liked Rosalind Russell's FB page yet? Stay up to date on her progress here!
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell and Don Ameche in The Feminine Touch (1941)
Where is there beauty when you see deprivation and starvation?-Rosalind Russell
Wasn't Dorothy thought to have launched the career of Lucille Ball and Rosalind Russell?
nah I think she's more Amanda Palmer by way of vintage Rosalind Russell
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood in Gypsy (1962)
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell, Jack Hawkins, and Maximilian Schell in Five Finger Exercise (1962)
For you children, "Gypsy" is a 1960s movie musical with Rosalind Russell, Karl Malden and Natalie Wood.
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell, Jan Handzlik, and Fred Clark in Auntie Mame (1958)
Tell me your inner Auntie Mame is more like the Rosalind Russell version than the Lucy version!
Re-watched Auntie Mame (w/Rosalind Russell) again after about 10 years and yup, still a delightful movie.
Rosalind Russell and James Stewart co-star for the first and only time in No Time for Comedy (1940), airing on...
ROUND 3 - The theme is Irene & Friends, as taken from the album here in the group Choose your LEAST favorite photo... or you could even choose your least favorite friend lol 1. Greer Garson & Irene. 2. Loretta Young & Irene. 3. Irene & Charles Boyer 5. Irene & Cary Grant 6. Irene, Robert Montgomery & Rosalind Russell (people who know me well knew I had to include it!) 8. Jack Benny & Irene. 9. Irene & Barbara Stanwyck
Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell - Now there's a movie! So entertaining. Cary Grant was a genius at comedy.
Watched Gypsy Rose Lee yesterday on Mother's Day. I love Rosalind Russell and of course Natalie Wood. It made me cry. I guess because I had such a great mother not like Rose but as great as Rose in her own way. And my mom took me to see this movie when I was very young.
Turned on the TV just in time for Rosalind Russell to get warmed up for Rose's Turn. What a great weekend to be ***
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Happy birthday, Gregory Peck! He was a good friend of Rosalind Russell's. Here they are at the Oscars after he...
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Tune to TCM at 8 p.m. for the 1940 comedy “His Girl Friday." Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell star. Robert and Drew think it’s an “Essential.”
Rosalind Russell and Jane Darwell rehearse their lines on the set of "Craig´s Wife" (1936). Craig in this film is...
Teresa Wright was nominated for Best Actress in 1943 for "The Pride of the Yankees" with Gary Cooper. She lost to Greer Garson in "Mrs. Miniver." Also nominated were Bette Davis "Now, Voyager," Rosalind Russell "My Sister Eileen," and Kate Hepburn "Woman of the Year."
However, Hedy Lamarr, Maureen O'Hara, Rosalind Russell, Vivian Leigh are up there too.
The movie "Gypsy" with Natalie Wood, Rosalind Russell & Karl Malden is on tonight at 8 pm channel 2 TPT... so good!
Here's a SJS memory.Class of 67.On All Saints Day a group of us went to the RKO Lincoln in downtown Trenton to see "The "Trouble with Angels" starring Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell. once inside we were surprised to see the majority of our nuns attending and sitting in the balcony.when the movie was over and we were leaving the theater, a lot of the nuns were visibly upset and crying...that was the very first time I actually thought...well what do you know.
So I finally caught up with the Rosalind Russell movie version of "Gypsy". How sad that such a great musical got such an indifferently made cinematic rendering. It's like the director had no ideas whatsoever. Just pointed the camera at the action and said "do whatever". The only things that come through looking good are Karl Malden (yet all his character's singing is cut) and the scenery (although it's probably inappropriately "big", but at least it has some sort of artistic point of view).
Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood and Karl Malden star in GYPSY, next on WYES-TV/Channel 12.
Gypsy Rose Lee in the flesh and played by Natalie Wood, with Ethel Merman and Rosalind Russell as her mother
The black and white of tonight's is gorgeous in general, but it especially suits She reminds me of Rosalind Russell.
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Also, Rachel McAdams is a sassy reporter like Rosalind Russell.
supports the Buckhead Baptist Church Film Ministry as they show another Cary Grant film; this time they are running with His Girl Friday co-starring Rosalind Russell in a great Howard Hawks comedy that will have you in stitches... The HappyViewing will be on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 11:30 am come for the movie and the fun…
The list of famous women turned humanitarian that I admire is dwindling. Audrey Hepburn. Rosalind Russell. Shirley Temple.
John McFetridge (with a post that touches on Rosalind Russell and Pink Floyd
Rosalind Russell is 11 years older than William Holden. Both are cast in the 1955 film "Picnic." She as a spinster, he as a college dropout.
"The joy of living is a woman's best cosmetic." ~ Rosalind Russell
HIS GIRL FRIDAY sure does rocket along. Very funny. I have never seen Rosalind Russell in anything before, but she's terrific.
I just watched "Auntie Mame" the other night. I love Rosalind Russell.
Try this delicious food and pairing:
I amend my casting: Robyn Doolittle should be played by Rosalind Russell.
Photo of the Day - Rosalind Russell and her husband, Frederick Brisson
Rosalind Russell & Bette Midler will always be equal for mama rose to me. None tops the other.
the original featuring the illustrious Rosalind Russell! One of my all time classic movies!
THE WOMEN: Rosalind Russell & Paulette Goddard were great in their roles, Crawford relished being ruthless. Joan Fontaine was good too.
Crippled Minds by Donna LeClair. The Story of Rosalind Russell. Life can be a crippling crutch hindered by...
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If you enjoy old movies and have access to TCM's movies on demand, available until February 14th is the wonderfully, creepy "Night Must Fall." Filmed in 1937, it stars Robert Montgomery, Rosalind Russell and Dame May Whitty. Montgomery received an Oscar nomination for this film, but Russell and Whitty couldn't be more perfect in their performances, either. Exceptional film!
Good Morning Potty Mouths! In the immortal words of one of my favorite actresses Rosalind Russell:. Kisses*xxx
Ok, we got Quiet Man restored and on Blu-ray. Mission Accomplished! Now we need these: Rosalind Russell in: Auntie Mame & A Majority of One Plus we need some blu-ray HD love for: Cold Comfort Farm The Whales of August
At home watching "Gypsy", powerhouse Rosalind Russell shines, Karl Malden is one of the greatest actors ever.
Watching Gypsy with Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood! Thank God for PBS on a cold Saturday night! Things look swell, things look great.
I love Lix too. She for whatever reason reminds of Rosalind Russell. In terms of being a sharp shooter, witty, smart.
Gypsy is on PBS. Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood burlesquey awesomeness.
Who dubbed Rosalind Russell's singing? Lady sounds like a dude who sounds like a dude trying to sound like a lady.
Two Rosalind Russell movies in one night...everything's coming up roses for Amy!
Just caught the last half of "Auntie Mame" starring Rosalind Russell .one of my all time favs.I own a copy also and for yrs have gone by our families "Auntie"
Oh my! Rosalind Russell is on my pbs In Gypsy Rose Lee!
Watching, one of the best, Auntie Mame, the original with Rosalind Russell, ranks up there with Breakfast at Tiffany's . Love the classics! Love watching with Leslie DiNatale Steppe, David not so much a
Damnation, I love Auntie Mame. Rosalind Russell is the kind of fabulous women I want to be when I grow up. I better hurry.
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