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Rosalie Hale

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Omg i just realised that Ian Somerhalder got married to Nikki Reed aka Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale ASDFGHJKL *** CUTE HALLO
Worlds to best vampires ever much love out to for Damon Salvatore And for Rosalie H…
So tempted to either make Alice Cullen or Rosalie Hale... Will base them in TWD as well as Twilight movies. Help me pick?
My personality is a mixture of Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale. My wardrobe is more like Bella Swan.
I'd like to do an SL with Dean Winchester and Katherine Pierce. Even Edward Cullen and Rosalie Hale. Not as Alice. Dm if interested.
Jim Gordon goes on a date with Rosalie Hale and gets a call from Bonnie Bennett to come pick up some drunk chick. LRT
|| Changed account. . - New Rosalie Hale. . -Not new to RP but new to Twilight. . -Looking for family members. . -RT?
I tried to draw Rosalie Hale today... I hope you like it ❤❤❤
I was in love with the idea of love - Rosalie Hale
family, please give a warm welcome to our Rosalie Hale, ~
I added a video to a playlist Rosalie Hale Emmett's Barbie Girl
Rosalie Hale - They call me the Wild Rose . Moving ...
bad girls do it well. {ok Rosalie Hale is hands down my fAV character in the whole tw... (Vine by https:/…
❝I don't care how miserable your life is!❞. •Rosalie Lillian Hale. •Ships w/ Jacob. •MC18+ . •Descriptive!. RT+Follow htt…
~~ you came from Rosalie Hale!" *I am baffled with Annabelle's words, raising my brow as I look back at her.* And why do I have to do ~~
ATTENTION family we have an SL coming up involving most of you let me plz know your here
Photoset: stewheart: Characters of The Twilight Saga — Rosalie Hale “Would you like to hear my story,...
Hey Rosalie Lillian Hale : UnforgivingRose :) Want to get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? Kindly check my bi0. Thx
ATTENTION family if you got any ideas for an SL let us know please
Rosalie Hale, I was already alone already.. all this while. I finally found you but you are going away from me *sad tone*
Rosalie Hale, the icy vampire soulmate of mine *smirks slyly at you* Do you still remember me,your beastly soulmate?
~~ that this is a small town, so theres no need to lie.* My name is Rosalie Hale... *I say softly, my back resting ~~
ooc: Hello there, I was wondering if you'd be interested in roleplaying an elderly Rosalie Hale with me.
Who is your most attractive friend? — It has to be a tie between Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale
have u heard,Damon Salvatorre & Rosalie Hale are already married,they did it last sunday!
Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale Cullen ♡. Awwee, didn't saw this coming.
Finally Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale started living happily ever after... :)
Just realized that wife is the one who acted as Rosalie Hale in Twilight. Pretty indeed :D .
'I was in love with the idea of being in love' - Rosalie Hale, Breaking Dawn (Part One) 💕💕
So Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale got married? :')
Rosalie Hale finally got the human fairytale wedding she always wanted. Congratulations to the couple 😍❤️
Damon Salvatore just married Rosalie Hale and the world is collapsing in on itself.
Congratulations to the newlywed couple, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed - a.k.a. Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale,The Vampire Couple
Damon salvator n rosalie hale my fav vampire n they're married now. Woahh cool
So Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale got married ok
I should be really happy for Ian but I still am like ".oh he got married to Rosalie Hale "
Did they ever explain why their names are Rosalie and Jasper Hale though, like ???
Rosalie Hale: I sure miss having one of my "sisters" around to spend time with. Join me at
You don’t want to be rash about permanent things, Bella.-. Rosalie Hale, Eclipse.
I apologize for being such a monster. I'll try to behave myself from now on.-Rosalie Hale, Eclipse.
Okayy so Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale a.k.a. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed gone public with their relationship. :D
Rosalie Hale for the Olympic Coven, and Stephenie Meyer Day. "It doesn't have a happy ending — but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we'd all be under gravestones now."
Born on September 11, 2006[1] Renesmee (pronounced Ruh-nez-may) "Nessie" Carlie Cullen is the resident vampire/human hybrid of the Olympic coven. She is the daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and the imprintee of Jacob Black. Renesmee's biological paternal grandparents are Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen, while on the maternal side, they are Charlie Swan and Renée Dwyer. She is also the adoptive granddaughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen and the adoptive niece of Jasper and Rosalie Hale, and Alice and Emmett Cullen. Renesmee is considered to be Edward and Bella's "miracle", because of what it took to keep her and her mother alive through the pregnancy. She has the abilities to show people her thoughts by touching them and presumably break through their mental defenses. Bella initially gets angry and attacks Jacob for giving her daughter the nickname "Nessie" as well as imprinting on her. Irina of the Denali Coven sees Renesmee and believes she is an immortal child, a human child who had been turned b ...
Nikki Reed is my favorite actress, she plays the role of the beautiful Rosalie Hale ..
There could not have been a better Rosalie Hale than Nikki Reed
Photoset: Top 10 Twilight Characters as voted by my followers: Hale
ROSE! *I yell for as soon as I flung open the front door* ROSALIE HALE!!! *crosses my arms on my chest*
Bella Cullen: Where does she sleep? | Rosalie Hale: In my arms, or Edward's or Esme's.
B'day Wishes to Nikki Reed 17/05 Nicole Houston "Nikki" Reed (born May 17, 1988) is an American film actress and screenwriter. She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, for which she co-wrote the screenplay. Reed has since appeared in several films, including Lords of Dogtown and Mini's First Time. She also portrayed Rosalie Hale in the film adaptation of the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Early life Reed was born in West Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Cheryl Houston, a beautician, and Seth Reed, a set designer. She has an older brother, Nathan. Reed's father is Jewish and her mother is of Cherokee and Italian descent; Reed was raised without religion, though she grew up around Judaism (her brother had a Bar Mitzvah). Reed has described her home life as "complicated." Her parents divorced when she was two, and she grew up with her mother. She describes herself as having been "shy and a bookworm," but at the age of 12, while attending Palms Middle School, she became reb ...
Memorable Quotes IsaBella Swan and Rosalie Cullen ^_^ Rosalie Hale: [softly] Hate... [smiles sadly, shakes her head; looks at Bella] Rosalie Hale: I don't hate you. [pause; looking back outside] Rosalie Hale: I don't particularly *like* you but... [looking down] Rosalie Hale: Bella, I envy you. Bella Swan: [surprised; barely a whisper] What? [beat] Bella Swan: That's ridiculous. Rosalie Hale: No it's not. You have a choice. I didn't. None of us did. But you do and you're choosing wrong! I don't care how miserable your human life is. Bella Swan: My life is not miserable. [comes up to her side, leaning on the railing, looking out] Bella Swan: I mean, it's not perfect; but nobody's life is perfect. Rosalie Hale: Mine was [beat] Rosalie Hale: absolutely perfect !!!
We need Edward Cullen,Rosalie Hale-Cullen,Emmett Cullen, and Jasper Hale-Cullen to come home to us at DM me for info.
Hello seriously am team of rosalie hale hopefully look me picture what l
The actress who i wanted to play rosalie hale:
na my fave vampire is Rosalie Hale and wolf is Embry jakes frend. what is ur fave movie. breakin dawn eclipse or what???
Hi Nikki, I think that you're an excellent actress, and you were perfect as Rosalie Hale!! Really, you're amazing!! :)
The role of Rosalie Hale is reopened! [Twilight]
Anonymous asked: why are rosalie and jaspers last names hale and not cullen?
Rosalie! Rose! Rosalie Hale! [I yell into the phone after repeating name] handled it. He handled everything[c]
I am checking out the internet while Emmett is playing Wii against Edward. Yes, it's really me. Rosalie Lillian Hale
Rosalie Hale aka Nikki Reed is so beautiful.
The role of Rosalie Hale is reserved! [Twilight]
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Full name is Rosalie Lillian Hale. Has golden-blonde hair, very pretty, she is 92 (but looks 18)
Role Open:Rosalie Clark (Hale-Cullen) {FC:Nikki Reed, Must be experienced and Mature RP} for the role now!
Rose: The entire family will be implicated if this ends badly. | Bella: Badly as in, I would become the meal. — Rosalie Hale&Bella Swan
save2night: Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale on twilight
Oh Nikki Thanks for having played the role of Rosalie Hale and The Twilight Saga administrative Thank you're my idol!
Nikki Reed, who of course portrayed Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Saga, has pretty much launched an entirely new career alongside her musician hubby (and former
I'm gonna miss Rosalie Hale so much
Rosalie Hale shines bright like a Diamond in the sky. c:
Check out this awesome Rosalie Hale fan art!
It's annoying how jasper and rosalie are hale and not cullen aw bbys
Since I died my hair blonde. The kids at school say I look like Rosalie Hale from Twilight. Except not pretty like her obviously
Favourite Fictional Couples | Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale portrayed by Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed
I liked a video from Rosalie Hale Inspired Hair from Eclipse
Check out these different kinds of Rosalie Hale barbie dolls!
"I was young, I was inlove with the idea of love." - Rosalie Hale, Eclipse
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Boredom, boredom and more boredom.. - the-rosalie-hale: There’s nothing to do around here! What’s everyone...
umm excuse me miss but um who's Rosalie Hale ?
my favourite fictional characters of all time (in no particurlar order): Rosalie Hale (The Twilight Saga)“I s…
Stephenie Meyer's personal choice to play Rosalie Hale was Olivia Wilde.
i love you! My little Rosalie Lillian Hale forever!
Hello there ! I'm really gonna miss Rosalie Hale ;( Hope you'll come back here in the Philippines with Paul :)
Im Glad I have you Rosalie Hale *smiles and kisses you again and nods*
Emily Laughlin- Bella Cullen, Shawn Collins-Emmett Cullen, Alex Morris- Kate Denali, Mike Predi- Garrett Predi(no last name), Joe Conwell- Benjamin Conwell(no last name), Carly Williams- Rosalie Hale and me being that fat black guy smh i wanna be Jacob Black!! Reunion with the original Track party! These bonds are unbreakable!!
Rosalie Halê. Why did the blonde stare at a can of frozen orange juice for two hours?
So as I pay attention So It's Jasper Hale. Rosalie hale . Never once were they presented as brother and sister. Idk. If so someone inform me when
Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale are one of the secondary couples in the Twilight Saga. They are...
Breaking Dawn Pt2 Premiere - Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale, recently debuted a duet with her...
Twilight stars Nikki Reed and Rosalie Hale swoop into Dublin
In "The Twilight Saga," Nikki Reed plays Rosalie Hale, a vampire Twi-hards love to hate. But in real life, the 24-year-old actress, who spoke to Yahoo! Movies about gearing up for the popular big-screen series' end, couldn't be further from … Continue reading →
Famed for playing Rosalie Hale in the Twilight movies, Nikki Reed is often seen out looking her best.
Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale (carlisle's and esmee's step daughter, and emmet's gf)
years. Over that time the Cullen's had multiplied too. I watched as Carlisle changed Rosalie Hale, and in turn Emmett. Their lives
Leven Rambin - 22 (Glimmer in "The Hunger Games" and she'll play Clarisse in next year's "Percy Jackson" sequel Nikki Reed - 23 (Jealous vampire Rosalie Hale in "Twilight".) Derek Hough - 27 ("Dancing with the Stars" mormon stud who...
happy birthday to Nikki Reed.she plays Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Saga.. she is 24 today..
myStyle Q&A: Nikki Reed: You probably know Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale in the Twilight series, but you probably d...
Nikki Reed ("Rosalie Hale" in the Twilight Saga) has said before that she thinks co-star Kristen Stewart makes one "beautiful" and "awesome" vampire, and now sh
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