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Rosa Parks

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an African-American Civil Rights activist, whom the U.S.

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"The truth is that every little girl in the West Bank who crosses a checkpoint to get to school is a Rosa Parks"
I resent the label "millennial" but I'm wearing dress shoes with no socks to a wedding in TX so. I guess this is my rosa…
Rosa Parks found hangin' out in San Francisco
On the same bus Rosa Parks helped change this country for the better. Sitting in the same seat as
Malcom X... Marting Luther King.. Ali...Rosa Parks... Etc and I didn't say all I said some.
If there's ever a Rosa Parks biopic, Negga is your girl!
Every Palestinian school girl crossing a checkpoint is a Rosa Parks. Every prisoner on hunger strike is a Mandela
If I was Rosa Parks I'd buy a coach ticket, sit in first class and refuse to move. What are they gonna do?
It's just sticking to your morals tho innit like Rosa parks
12th St. and Clairmount is Rosa Parks and Clairmount now. Th…
14)People who have done great things: Rosa Parks, Gandhi- & Hard one, people who use their influence for good like:Chris Wood, Emma Watson-
Since we're now having a female play James Bond, how about we have a white male play Rosa Parks?
Alabama has Channing Tatum. Alabama has Gucci Mane. Alabama has Eddie Levert. Alabama has Rosa Parks. Alab…
They're tryna say that Ann Coulter is this generation's "Rosa Parks". By "They", I mean "Jimmie Walker".
I am pretty sure Rosa Parks, Mohammed Ali and even Jesse Jackson and A lSharpton shared with Donald...
Im like a Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. I expect justice to be served
It's like when Rosa Parks deleted all of those negative internet comments. He's a trailblazer, Dan.
And no I'm not talking about Malcolm X. I'm talking about MLK, Rosa Parks, Tubman, Jane Addams, Fredrick Douglas.
"Isaac Newton, Florence Nightingale, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Christina Rossetti have gone. They make way for LS Lowry, Rosa Parks [etc]"
Who was Jonas Salk? Who was Marie Curie? Who was Rosa Parks? Who did James Earl Ray assassinate? Name three founding fathers.
Rosa Parks didn't like y'all. Don't invoke her name or suggest you know what her after life is like.
December 1955, Rosa Parks started a revolution by just sitting. Remaining in her section, she refused to move for white passengers
In Nov 1963, awed by her courage, Malcolm X reached out to meet Rosa Parks. She later called him her hero. Activists n…
gonna sit on every seat on this bus in memory of Rosa Parks..
In 2014, I will noq compare people to Hvtler, Rosa Parks, or mid-career Bob Saget. Time to let it go.
On this week's live broadcast of TPC we will replay our interview with the man who arrested Rosa Parks. You've got to…
Hear our interview with the police officer who arrested Rosa Parks right now on TPC! Listening options at link:. https:…
BUS DRIVER: Go to the back of the bus. ROSA PARKS:
bus driver: get off thebus. rosa parks: AT&T Free Msg: 90% of your 20480 MB shared data plan has been used. If all 20480 MB…
“You cannot always control the powers-that-be. You just have to have faith and stand by the things you believe in.” Rosa Parks
"People labelled extremists in their own day include Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, William Wilberforce and the To…   10% Off
I have learned over th years that when 1's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away…
What does your life teach? "Each person must live their life as a model for others." Rosa Parks
Driver: Get to the back of the bus. Rosa Parks: geT To ThE BAcK oF tHE BuS
Although I don't think Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Ellen deserved to share the same screen as Rosa Parks or Masala, but whatever
Rosa Parks when she was told to sit in the back of the bus
Detroit's QLine, which some say reinforces transportation segregation, has quotes by Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela…
Or the Trump who recieved an Ellis Island Award alongside Rosa Parks and Muhammed…
What would Rosa Parks have said about: Since she can no longer speak for herself, we can only guess.
What you know about assata shakur and Angela Davis lol those my Queens too lol oh I can't forget Rosa Parks but Har…
On This Day: President Barack Obama sits on the famed Rosa Parks bus at the Henry Ford Museum following an event...
Rosa Parks. Colin Kaepernick. David Dao. Amazing how the most threatening thing minorities can do is just stay in their seat…
LMAO just saw a commercial showing famous women - Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, Sally Ride - & the commercial was for chronic dry eye treatment?
If she's Rosa Parks, are you Bull Connor? Strom Thurmond? You're certainly not George Wallace, he…
Is Dr. Dao the Rosa Parks of air travelers? Could be. Certainly is the Bull Connor of airlines
What happened to Dr. Dao on his flight was horrible, but he's not the Asian version of Rosa Parks. Stop it:
No one is the Rosa Parks, MLK, Michael Jackson, Prince, Michael Jordan of anything. Stop.
Since Jeffrey Lord called Trump the MLK of Healthcare can Dr. Dao be the Rosa Parks of Airline Reform?
Kid at elementary: . "I have Rosa Parks for my presentation, but she's black and I'm white... I'm not changing my skin like Michael Jackson"
Rosa Parks' house was shipped from Detroit to Berlin. Artist Ryan Mendoza wanted to save it from being demolished.
On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks chose to not give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, USA.
I've seen this doctor compared to Michael Brown and Rosa Parks today. Unironically. Because hyperbole is the new fact.
Grand Rapids' first Asian festival is just around the river bend! Join us at Rosa Parks circle…
Meet Fred Gray, a Civil Rights lawyer who has defended Martin Luther King Jr. & Rosa Parks. Read more at
Years before Rosa Parks or Claudette Colvin, there was Lillie Mae Bradford by ht…
Vernon Jordan, 'Rosa Parks of Wall St.' and a Clinton family friend, to speak commencement
do you know the history of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott? She was a very brave women.
We celebrate phenomenal women such as Rosa Parks who studied at Tuskegee, and was the Mother of the Montgomery Bus Boycot…
Woman of the day: Rosa Parks: Civil Rights activist who spurred the Montgomery Bus Boycott
This piece compares Gurmehar Kaur with Rosa Parks. That's a huge leap of faith from the writer. I totally disagree.
Snapchat made Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie and Rosa Parks filters. Women in the arts, science and activism 💗
From Amelia Earnhardt to Abe Lincoln, MLK to Gandhi, Rosa Parks to Marie Curie. Thanks for such…
I now know how Harriet Tubman, Coretta, Betty Shabazz, Rosa Parks, & La Chat felt...hopeless, leading the masses to…
Is it just me or are the Frida Kahlo and Rosa Parks filters on Snapchat racist af??
There's a Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Marie Curie filter on Snapchat
Coretta Scott King & Rosa Parks finishing march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965
A little biographical artwork. What does Ray Charles, Ruby Bridges, Bob Marley and Rosa Parks have i…
Prepping for by seeing how Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks pop up in liter…
Rosa Parks and Dr Martin Luther King Jr 1955 by EclecticForest via
Her name is Zoey and she is 3 years old. She is dressed up as Rosa Parks for her school presentation.
the actual Rosa Parks bus is on display at the Henry Ford Museum in DeVos's home state of Michigan. Wonder if she's ever been there
in DeVos' version of history, Rosa Parks was a mass transit pioneer. This is insane.
Cong Gold Medal went to Rosa Parks, not Coretta Scott King. Please learn something along w learning about F…
i told my mama her coworker looked like Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks and Ralph Abernathy getting ready for the stage production of The United Cause.…
.Guest: Transgender Bathrooms a 'Civil Rights Issue' hey CNN Rosa Parks didn't move to the front to see a ***
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
MLK and Rosa Parks would be ashamed. Smh 😞.
Come out tonight and see Alex Ford as Rosa Parks. 7-8 pm at the Woodbridge Public Library, 1 George Frederick Plaza…
1955 – Rosa Parks told to give up her seat: "No.". 2017 – Marine Le Pen handed a veil and told to put it on: "No.". Whe…
=>"Ellis Island Medal of Honor", and Trump didn't balk at being posed next to Rosa Parks? Is that=>
For years, he quietly helped Rosa Parks with a secret gift. Now the truth is out.
God, Obama used to do the same thing. It was always all about him. Berlin Wall, Rosa Parks, national monuments. Bleh. Stop.
Nah forreal this probably how the bus driver looked when Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her seat
The founder of Little Caesars pizza quietly paid Rosa Parks' rent for years
Late sports owner Mike Ilitch paid Rosa Parks' rent for more than 10 years
The founder of the Little Caesars pizza chain quietly paid Rosa Parks' rent for years
We honor risk-taker and history-maker Rosa Parks. Her brave actions made the world a better place.…
I have never even tried Little Caesar's. I might have to change that.
I believe this took as much if not more courage than Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus. God bless her!
The founder of Little Caesars discreetly paid Rosa Parks' rent for years
02-16 Paterson drug dealer arrested with almost $11000 in cash, 337 bags of heroin
The leakers are right under Trumpy boys nose, or might be my new modern day Rosa Parks, Ms. Sally Yates🤗 I hope so.
Acts of love and kindness: Little Caesars founder paid Rosa Parks' rent
When Rosa Parks was robbed, the founder of Little Caesars quietly stepped up to pay her rent: https:/…
.late founder, Mike Ilitch, paid Rosa Parks‘ rent for over a decade
For over a decade, Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch quietly paid for Rosa Parks' apartment in downtown Detroit
This dude gave affordable pizza to the hood AND paid Rosa Parks rent. He deserves to be honored.
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther cud walk. Martin Luther walked so Barack cud run. Barack Obama ran so all the children cud…
For 11 years, the owner of Little Caesars Pizza paid Rosa Parks’ apartment rent
U must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right -Rosa Parks
Via ▶️ Know Your History: Black History Month. Nine months before Rosa Parks refused to move to the... http…
Imagine being so bereft of shame that u'd add your logo & hashtag to Anne Frank, Rosa Parks & Maya Angelou's words as Daddy burns the world
In December 1955, Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery bus and spurred a city-wide boycott.
Elizabeth Warren is more akin to Preston Brooks than Rosa Parks.
in 1913, Rosa Parks was born. She would go on to become the face of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Rosa Parks was born today 1913 (here arriving for trial in Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1956):
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60 years ago, Montgomery Bus Boycott ends. Sparked by Rosa Parks' arrest, it leads to desegregation of nation's transportati…
DAY 4: On February 4, 1913, Rosa Parks the catalyst of the Montgomery Bus Boycott was born.…
The Civil Rights activist who helped ignite the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Rosa Parks.
"And my goodness; is that Rosa Parks out there on the dance floor with A. Phillip Randolph?"
Since I'm posting two today I'll go easy on you, Pres. Here's Rosa Parks book.
Day 5 goes to Rosa Parks, "The mother of the freedom movement" refused to give up her seat on the bus...Happy Belat…
ROSA PARKS trivia: Rosa Parks was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. The person to make it happen: Sessions. -VJ. ht…
Rosa Parks was an organizer who fought against sexual assault of black women. Her arrest was to protest violence BW's assa…
Robert Freeman refused to give up his seat on that bus in Montgomery before Rosa Parks. Know your history ✊🏾✊🏾
"It's Rosa Parks' birthday today. The guy who drove the bus was a very safe and good driver." - Mike Pence
Today is Rosa Parks bday. 2006 Voting Rights Act extension named after her. Jeff Sessions called gutting of law "good news f…
"Faith Hill", Biggie Smalls, Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks are all performing tomorrow at the "Bowling Green Massac…
Happy Birthday to the mother of the freedom movement Rosa Parks!
Today is Brad Meltzer has a wonderful collection of children's books - one featuring Rosa Parks! Che…
Today marks the birthday of icon Rosa Parks:
As begins let's all pause to remember James F Blake who made Rosa Parks the great woman we all remember today.
Does your president & Oma (what's her name?) know that Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Benjamin Banneker R dead?
celebrating Black History Month, u r so enlightened. Do you even know who Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman are? Moron
"I love Rosa Parks. Terrific lady. I love the parks. Many beautiful views of Central Park from Trump Tower."
happy Black History Month!! thinkin today about MLK, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, & the thousands of other courageous people…
Haitian Revolution. But tbh I'd be happy if we started teaching that Rosa Parks wasn't just a stubborn lady who dec…
Good point-however, while Rosa Parks refused 2 give up her seat on the bus, she DIDN'T…
I agree; however, some people are NOT peaceful. See what Rosa Parks would have to say in this MEME…
Biden: What if we just don't leave, they can't make us. Obama: Joe we can't just-. Biden: Call me Rosa Parks cause I ain't…
To honour the women who paved the way for us, from Rosa Parks to Corazon Aquino to Hillary.
So many fake Civil Rights icons to attack (Rigoberta Menchu, anyone?) and D'Souza starts with John Lewis and Rosa Parks.…
Weyman Bennett - we stand w John Lewis / Rosa Parks and all those who oppose racism
Photo taken by an FBI agent of Martin Luther King Jr., Pete Seeger, Rosa Parks and Ralph Abernathy at Highlander in 1957.…
Last year on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I went to visit his house, the Rosa Parks & Freedom Riders Museum. I love my big sister! 🌟💕🌈💖
You were arrested & plead guilty to fraud in 2014. Rosa Parks was arrested for seeking equality. Have a seat sir!
the fact that a lot of people can only name MLK and maybe Rosa Parks when asked about black history...
Lewis was a minuscule player. MLK, Medger Evers, Rosa Parks, JFK, Bobby Kennedy are the names.
Excellent trip to the Henry Ford Museum. Kennedy car and Rosa Parks bus surely two of the most historically signifi…
Tecumseh, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt. Can we get some non-white male history going?
Mother Teresa, Vincent Van Gogh, Rosa Parks & Anne Frank, all very poor & they all changed the world. Your line of thinking is…
tfw you see Wonder-bread Dean comparing himself to Rosa Parks. In fairness he is the Jackie Robinson of Italian com…
BBC radio 4 said Margaret Thatcher was the most influential woman in the last 70 years. Rosa Parks didn't even make the list.…
Did you know … co-sponsored legislation to award civil-rights hero Rosa Parks the congressional go…
In school, we only learned about a few Black people: MLK, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Mae Jemison, George Washington Carver, WEB DuBois,
all they talk about is MLK and Rosa Parks
.:I appreciate the fact that you mentioned Viola Desmond took her stand years ahead of Rosa Parks, but I must point out that...
Rosa Parks was making this dress shortly before she was arrested for not giving up her seat on a segregated bus.
Rosa Parks refused to give up a bus seat, this day in 1955. Pictured: Her arrest during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. https:…
Fact Check: she came BEFORE Rosa Parks sat on that bus! Therefore she isn't ... Canada's Rosa Parks.
Often described as Canada's Rosa Parks, Civil Rights activist Viola Desmond will be the first Canadian woman celebrated on a ba…
Did you know that our first Prime Minister is being replaced by Canada's Rosa Parks on the $10 bill?
Brad said "Rosa parks, isn't she the one who got arrested for being black?"
"We'll set off sparks like Rosa Parks". Inez is absolutely the best part of Hairspray
On Sun, Dec 11, from start of service until about 12:30pm, for trips to St Johns, no service to stops between N Rosa Parks ...
you: fake news ruined the election. also you: my 3 year old just looked up with tears in her eyes and said 'mommy, Hillary is…
Today marks 61 years since Rosa Parks' act of defiance sparked the protests of the modern Civil Rights movement
I added a video to a playlist Horrible Histories-rosa parks song lyrics
First Canadian woman to be featured on country's banknote is black woman who... by via
So racist Trump received an Ellis Island award w/ Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali? An award for tolerance and diversity. h…
MT Award for contributions to inner city black kids with Rosa Parks. 'Fake News' Trump racist.
Who I'd love to see on our paper currency: . Oprah Winfrey . Eleanor Roosevelt . Amelia Earhart . John Glenn . Rosa Parks . Robert Rauschenberg
A decade before Rosa Parks challenged white laws, Canada's Viola Desmond did. Learn her story at the https:…
9 years before Rosa Parks made history in Alabama, Viola Desmond made history in Nova Scotia. Now she's the first 🇨🇦 woman on…
No fan of the ridiculous description of Viola Desmond as "Canada's Rosa Parks." She's Viola Desmond. Story stands on its o…
Viola Desmond,Canada's Rosa Parks: she was jailed after sitting in an all-white section, now she's the 1st woman to appear…
All purpose parts banner
Reminder that is "Canada's Viola Desmond," not Canada's Rosa Parks. You can memorize the name of more th…
1955 Martin Luther King became president of the Montgomery Improvement Association organised after Rosa Parks incident
Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks was arrested today in 1955 as part of the Birmingham (AL) bus protest
Remembering pregnant teen Claudette Colvin today, who refused to get up off the bus 9 months before Rosa Parks did the…
“The only tired I was, was tired of giving in.” This day in 1955, Rosa Parks made her lasting mark on the Civil Rights movement…
Congress unveiled statue of Rosa Parks at US Capitol on same day SCOTUS heard challenge to Voting Rights Act (p9 Give Us the…
Nine months before Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin was the first person arrested for resisting bus racial segregation in Montgo…
Rosa Parks, your sacrifice-which can never be repaid-changed the course of history. I hope doesn't…
Never forget "On this day, Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her bus seat" via
Today in History: Rosa Parks is arrested in Montgomery for keeping her seat on a bus, 1955
On this day, 61 years ago, Rosa Parks took a stand by keeping her seat.
Happy world AIDS day/Antarctica day/ basketball day/ bifocals at the at the monitor liberation day/ Rosa Parks day/ civil air patrol day
Rosa Parks and Rob Williams sparked a revolution against racism – but has the US squandered their legacy?
I'm tired of kids only knowing about George Washington Carver and Rosa Parks. We skip over far too many critical historical figures.
I got this video of us in the black history program, you were Rosa Parks and I was James Brown 💀
"Rosa Parks was a very brave Civil Rights leader."
In the U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall, Rosa Parks looks across the hall and right into the eyes of Confederate presid…
word is Paula Dean will be making a career transition as she accepts the lead role in "The Life and Impact of Rosa Parks"
Glad to see you are defecating all over the graves of MLK, Rosa Parks, Vernon Dahmer!
"There is so much hurt, disappointment, and oppression one can take... The line between reason and madness grows thinner." . - Rosa Parks
MLK and Rosa Parks and Alice Paul didn't give up.
Your officer is running auditions for the musical theatre showcase today at 7-9 in Rosa Parks. GO! :).
Rosa Parks. John Lewis. Shirely Chrisholm. Martin Luther King. Malcolm X. We fought & struggled so much. And it'll all have…
Merrill cited work of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rep John Lewis as reason NOT to expand access to voting https:/…
Black women went from Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks, to the opposite? Lol 💺
Claudette Colvin was the real hero who had her story politicized by Rosa Parks -like Kap is doing using politics to look good
You've heard of Rosa Parks, what about Asquith Xavier? Find out more from Radio 4's Asquith's Fight for Equality
I'm feeling very Rosa..ish Parks today.
heard your response to milo stewart.right on.why are these white transgender people think they are like Rosa Parks?
“TRUMP, MUHMD ALI, ROSA PARKS take a look at this ya bums
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
for President! Our miss Kirsten has chosen Rosa Parks three years…
Someday, Im going to see Rosa Parks Bus - Google Arts & Culture
This old lady got her black history all wrong that is not why rosa parks moved to the front 😂😂😂😂
If a Rosa Parks or a Martin Luther King Jr. Follow their lead, they were and still are strong powerful peaceful leaders.
Trump was awarded in 1989 for contributing to the conditions of inner city black youths, standing alongside Muhammad A…
Rosa Parks died 2005. She hoped to show one rude bus-driver that black people were being treated unfairly http…
"Knowing what must be done does away with fear." . - Rosa Parks
I string my old *** along in case my new one start switching up lmao -rosa parks
Idk what grow back quicker my eyebrow or *** hairs but my leave out more stubborn than Rosa Parks okay then sis
in 2005, Rosa Louise McCauley Parks passed away. We honor her life and legacy by continuing the fight for j…
will continue in others. inspiration from Rosa Parks. . via
If you sending shots we bussin back like we Rosa Parks
When someone calls “shotgun“, I үell “Rosa Parks“, sit in the seat and refuse to move.
Flashback : Trump and Rosa Parks Received The Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the National Ethnic Coalition
Flashback: Trump and Rosa Parks receive the Ellis Island Medal of HONOR!.
Today we’re remembering the life and work of Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks, who died in 2005.…
Remembering Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks, who died 11 years ago today
A photo of Anita Bryant, Rosa Parks, and the Donald makes me sing, "one of these things is not like the others..."
please Educate me on Rosa Parks and Mary Slessor thank you. Magaret Ekpo too
Why didn't I know Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King were AKA's
Trump with Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks all given Ellis Island awards in 1989. The liberal media is ignoring Trump's good wor…
David had us reset our chairs to resemble the bus that Rosa Parks was on in 1955, as we…
Rosa Parks was the queen mother of a movement whose single act of herois...
Seth Meyers - "To Donald Trump - You're not Rosa Parks. You know how I know that? People liked what Rosa Parks said on the back of the bus".
My movement is like the Civil Rights so call me Ralph David. Abernathy, so call my lady Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks, MLK, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), Gil Scott-Heron all might agree: No DT, not now, not ever.
Rosa Parks will be remembered for her lasting contributions to society. Her legacy lives on in th
"Is it just me or did Rosa Parks visit our elementary school?". "That was Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks is dead." 😂
is Rosa Parks? Really now? Neville Brothers ain't never gonna sing about your phony azz.
NAACP president: 'Not a stretch' to compare Colin Kaepernick to Rosa Parks
domain names
Donald Trump with Rosa Parks. (Hillary would likely have charged Ms. Parks thousands to take a picture with her.) https:/…
If you have an issue with Colin Kaepernick, you have an issue with MLK, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali and most Civil Rights E…
Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama, just to name a few.
Half a century ago, the amazing courage of Rosa Parks, the visionary leadership of Martin Lut
Rosa Parks opened up every seat on the bus. Now we’ve got to expand economic opportunity so everyone can afford the far…
Women's Soccer watch party tonight at Rosa Parks circle. The women's Olympic soccer team does not disappoint!
What's the correlation between Korryn Gaines and Rosa Parks? Or Claudette Colvin since she did it first?
One of those Rosa Parks moments what a amazing women, shame on the Baton Rouge Police Dept. Trump would be proud.
Meryl Streep just put Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks in the same group as Madeleine Albright.
These BLM hooligans really think they're the new Rosa Parks, lol no cause Parks actually achieved something, u R just violent mongoloids.
By me: America, welcome your new Rosa Parks
Bo Scarbrough: That's my seat . Rosa Parks: yeah, you right fam
A beautiful and touching eulogy for Rosa Parks. How do you want to be remembered? .
Great photo of with and Rosa Parks, receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor http…
Ordinary citizens can impact the world. Rosa Parks and Norman Borlaug statues, US Capitol Building.
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at I DREAM with you! You are the next Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta&Rosa Parks! Keep for our community
"You are the next Cesar Chaves. You are the next Dolores Huerta. You are the next Rosa Parks,"
I made it to the pollls with 5 minutes left to vote.whew! I did not want Rosa Parks, John…
"Gov. Cuomo has decided that his moral compass points in the direction of Joseph McCarthy rather than Rosa Parks.”
Bruh. Rosa Parks transit center is cleaner and better organized.
So we're just gonna forget about Susan B Anthony, Rosa Parks, Faith Ringgold, Florence Allen, Patricia Billings etc?
If you're in Grand Rapids come to Rosa Parks circle for some great shaved ice to quench the heat.
Austin to :. "I'd say you'd be Rosa Parks but you'd definitely say ok if someone asked you to move"
Faith Family to Rosa Parks to Houston Elementary to Plummer to Joe Wilson to West Int to West MS to BCMS to CHHS
have a listen to Paul Sinha's radio 4 comedy (yesterday 6.30pm). Rosa Parks was the 'face' of the protest - but NOT the 1st!
Why Celebrity Name Game have two black girls vs. this white guy and white girl. The white girl had Rosa Parks. she couldn't get the name
The Sporting News columnist who wrote that Tony Gwynn piece also likened Johnny Manziel to Rosa Parks last year. Just an FYI.
I think, along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks will go dow...
Rosa Parks loves helping Joy in the Cause!
Rosa Parks simply refused to stand in a bus & sat; it changed things,
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Group for a cause I do support is saying we're like Rosa Parks. Am learning why I don't usually try to engage/explain.
omg 😂 well I mean we can start with the whole rosa parks incident I don't think we meant that
Kodak Black an icon homie did more for black people than Malcom X MLK Obama and Rosa Parks ever did
"Sugafoot chill, I was just out with Atticus and nem. I don't even know who Rosa Parks is tbh"
I'm the Rosa Parks of people who have no business being compared to Rosa Parks.
Civil Rights gotta do w Rosa Parks & Martin Luther King right ?
Women recognised in blog by Rosa Parks
I'm representin' for the seat where Rosa Parks sat, where Malcolm X was shot, where Martin Luther was popped. I gotta go to work.
Talkshow host: "We need a conservative Rosa Parks". ie a cis man who follows his daughter into the women's room 2 draw the foul 4 a lawsuit
"With a dream like Dr King and a mind like Rosa Parks"
2 car crash on Rosa Parks Blvd. More info on
its people like Rosa Parks that changed USA
-a selfie channeling someone you admire. Are you standing up for yourself today like Rosa Parks?
Not to play the race card 🤔 but Rosa Parks didn't die for me 2 give up my seat on the metro for some OAPs & for them 2 thank some other lass
You'll never catch me in Rosa Parks 😂😂😂 that's my chat.
Hillary’s tribute to Rosa Parks in Montgomery, Alabama today:
Join the Brookhaven Rosa Parks Democratic Association for their fundraiser.Tix here h…
.lists Brian Blessed, Alan Turing, Rosa Parks as deviants of their time & in their way with an outlet they could flourish
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