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Rory Gilmore

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GDHDHDGD Rory Gilmore's father remember?! Wicked strict father & his teenage daughter ran away to be with…
Rory doing his Happy Gilmore impression "maybe I just just try to drive the green every time" Yes, cuz you certainly can't hit a wedge on =/
Just realized that Sawyer on LOST, is written as a more believable bookworm than Queen of the Bookworms, Rory Gilmore.
It's so cute though! 1/2 the rachel and 1/2 the Rory Gilmore Yale chop. Responsible but fashionable
if I've learned anything from Rory Gilmore it's that pro/con lists really help when deciding colleges
Rory Mcllroy is the real life Happy Gilmore. If only he could putt.
Já dizia Rory Gilmore:. I can't. I have to study.
let's watch Rory Gilmore ruin her life
How is Rory Gilmore STILL not opening her *** mouth in this show
I'm loving GG. She was so cute and sweet in this series that I can fully understand why some fans will always see her as Rory Gilmore.
You'll never find a more ambitious character than Rory Gilmore.
How I've turned from Rory Gilmore to Marla Singer in solid 10 years?
tbh the most realistic show in this regard is Gilmore Girls cuz Rory actually had a curfew
Lorelai/Max. -Was sad when she called off the wedding. -Would have been a great stepdad to Rory. -Actually understood the Gilmore women.
Dean & Rory's break up in Gilmore Girls is WAY worse than any break up in Gossip Girl hands down. don't @ me.
I watched supernatural before I watched Gilmore Girls and WOW watching Sam (as Dean) make out with Rory is really disorienting
The more I rewatch Gilmore Girls the more I really dislike Rory
Mine too!!! I'm definitely a Rory Gilmore level bookworm lol
Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls, and Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
Happy Gilmore a better putter than Rory Mcilroy
Adulthood: Watching Gilmore Girls re-runs and crushing on Lorelai instead of Rory.
I eat lunch at my job just like Rory Gilmore in the episode when the guidance counselor comes over & says "she's not very…
Parts of this delightful read could have been in that lines article GQ wanted Rory to write in the new Gilmore Girls
Someone actually wrote Rory's article about Lines from Gilmore Girls.
Lorelai and Rory (Gilmore Girls reference!) are a mother and daughter duo up for adoption at our branch
Only if that teenage girl is. Rory Gilmore . YEAH
Random Realization: I would never guess that Rory Gilmore/ Alexis Bledel is taller than me. She looks 5'2" not 5'7".
Lucas Scott and Rory Gilmore would have been a good pairing
I wanted to go to college and write for their paper like Rory Gilmore did. I learned after coming Rowan that my own path is good enough too.
Who do i hate more: Richard, Emily, or Rory Gilmore?!
Gilmore Girls is really just the story of how Rory Gilmore ruined Paris Geller's life and I will accept no other interpretation, do not @ me
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It 4 sure needs to top Rory Gilmore's party. You can go as Gogo Yubari and i can be Jackie Brown because im prieto.
This semester I'm trying to have more of a Rory Gilmore approach to studying and less Serena van der Woodsen
I wish I was dedicated to studying even half as much as Rory Gilmore
Rory Gilmore is the female worst character on tv next to Skyler on breaking bad
I kind of feel like John Watson and Rory Gilmore should hold hands for safety and jump into a volcano. Jerks.
anyway watching the revival just cemented that Rory Gilmore is a Trash human being but also, Lorelai is a bad mother/good best friend
Who's the best guy for Rory Gilmore? (I'm trying to prove something to a friend)
Real question: just HOW did Rory Gilmore afford all those flights from the U.S. to the U.K.?
That awkward moment when you realize you're more Paris Gellar than Rory Gilmore...
If you can't handle me at my Paris Gellar then you don't deserve me at my Rory Gilmore
I just got done with Gilmore Girls on Netflix. SPOILER voldamort kills Rory Gilmore
Rory Gilmore deserved better Logan Huntzberger deserved better Jess Mariano deserved better the whole Gilmore Girls reviva…
No one can agree on who should be Rory Gilmore's bf, but we can all agree it shouldn't be Paul
"I can't believe the only name that popped into my head when he asked for my role model was Gloria Estefan." -Rory Gilmore, my spirit animal
Alexis Bledel is an Argentinian-American actress who is well known for her role as Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. 🎬 ht…
Rory Gilmore doesn't know how to hold everyday objects, a series
I just want Rory Gilmore's grades and Lorelei Gilmore's wit
I like to think Callie and I have a relationship similar to Lorelei and Rory Gilmore.
tv characters you relate to most and why? — April Kepner, Olivia Dunham, Rory Gilmore and Joey ...
When I read this I picture Lorelei and Rory Gilmore. Love it.
Rory Gilmore was born @ 4:03am. I was born @ 4:02am on February 9th, Carole King's birthday. My birth was so predictive of my GG trashiness
Me watching Rory Gilmore and Jess not being together
rory gilmore is everything I want in life. having time to read books ✔️. amazing at literature ✔️. journalism major ✔️. eating junk food ✔️
Ok, I think it's safe to say that Rory Gilmore's Dad is the original DILF.
My life recently actually parallels that of Rory Gilmore so much it's scary yet comforting.
We think Rory might have been the one to recommend Fates & Furies to
I want to be Rory Gilmore , you don't understand
as if I just cried at Rory's valedictorians speech in Gilmore Girls
I feel like a proper Rory Gilmore, running around with coffee and binder at work.
Gilmore Girls: Ranking Rory's romances before they all return for A Year in the Life
For someone who's meant to be so thoughtful, Rory Gilmore has terrible cell phone etiquette.
I just found out Jess will be in the new Gilmore Girls Revival. I will be so sad if he is not with Rory!
Why does Alexis Bledel make Rory Gilmore sound like she's trying to speak without moving her lips through a bad case of lockjaw
Also you can’t tell me that Gilmore Girls isn’t a love story between Rory and Paris.
That moment when you realize you're not Rory Gilmore, you're Michel
Genuinely speaking, Rory Gilmore makes me want to be a better student
I turned on Gilmore Girls for while I sort through my books because I feel like Lorelai and Rory would be understanding.
I feel like Rory is going to end up with Jess instead of Logan in the Gilmore Girls revival and I'm already upset abou…
Well... I think Jess loves cones more than me!
I know everyone watches Gilmore Girls for the endless parade of hot boyfriends but I AM LIVING for this Rory|Paris friendship extravaganza
Rory Gilmore: "No strings attached.". Me: "Shut up. You're a liar and you know it."
we finished S3 in our Gilmore Girls rewatch and I don't remember what S4 is like but Rory seriously needs to be single for a while
Watching Gilmore Girls, and every time Rory is in a scene with Dean I keep waiting for her to get sucked up to the ceiling and set on fire..
I always have to do a double take, to make sure isn't Rory's dad, on Gilmore Girls. I mean it.
when i visit harvard next month im gonna pull a Rory Gilmore and sneak into a classroom featured in NBC s Science of Love
Who is your favorite of Rory's Gilmore Guys?
Everyone remember season 6 Rory Gilmore? I feel like that's where my life is headed. Who wants to steal a yacht?
All I've done today is play Rory McIlroy and quote Happy Gilmore
Trying to be the perfect blend of Rory Gilmore and Serena Van der Woodsen.
I'm watching a Gilmore Girls where Rory suggests reading The Fountainhead and I'm just going "Rory, no."
i was gonna put on Gilmore Girls so Rory could inspire me to study hard for my test but i think Lorelai would just distract/annoy me ☹️
assuming that's from Testosterone . If so, then David Sutcliffe (aka Rory Gilmore's dad)
Plot twist: in the new Gilmore Girls Rory doesn't end up with any of the 3 main love interests, but with Chad Michael Murray's character
I wish had half of Rory Gilmore's motivation to do schoolwork
I saw a gif of Rory Gilmore eating a cheeseburger and now I want a cheeseburger
I'm about as awkward as Rory talking to Dean in the first episode of Gilmore Girls
Ok Gilmore Girls reunion, Jess and Rory better end up together.
Dean builds Rory a car in Gilmore Girls.. That is all
Rory Gilmore put bright coloured streaks in her hair and now I want to put bright coloured streaks in my hair.
dean from Gilmore Girls is sooo annoying I want him to shut up an leave rory alone rn
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update on my Gilmore girl watching: Luke and Lorelai just got engaged and I'm afraid it's too good to be true and Logan's bad for Rory
Wish I was Rory Gilmore her boyfriend is so beauts
the farther i get into Gilmore Girls, the more i dislike Rory 😐
Going to see my mom in three days and she's just excited that we can watch Gilmore Girls together and pretend to be Lorelai and Rory
S2Ep6 - Presenting Lorelai Gilmore - Rory's explanation of why she can't dance.
Rory Gilmore just made a Buffy reference and my heart skipped [anime_eyes.gif]
Presenting Lorelai Gilmore! Every other girl @ the event was looking for a husband, not Rory.
Rory Gilmore looks like a young Emily Blunt im watching S2 now of the Gilmore Girls I love it & Lorelai Gilmore is hot!
Realizing my best friend and Rory Gilmore are basically the same person, minus eye color
Tomorrow I ask Rory Gilmore to be my girl. Tomorrow.
Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger are endgame and no one tell me otherwise (Vine by
Rory Gilmore showed up on Snapchat to talk about (what else) books!
Rory Gilmore helps Michelle Obama with her reading choices in new Gilmore Girls trailer
Alexis Bledel visits White House as Rory Gilmore to give Michelle Obama book recommendations
The reboot of are teasing us with a little Rory Gilmore tidbit... watch!.
Rory Gilmore visits Michelle Obama to share books, books, books, and Pop-Tarts
Amber Holt is coming for you, Rory Gilmore! Mae Whitman joins the
Rory Gilmore, watch out: Amber Holt is coming for you! Mae Whitman, who played Lauren Graham's other TV daughter for five years on NBC's
Rory Gilmore cooked a frozen pizza that one time. Lorelai put pop tarts on a plate once. . I don't think Emily knows where her kitchen is.
On season 6 of Gilmore Girls. I love Jess Mariano so much; if Rory doesn't end up married to him in the revival Idk what I'l…
Best scene on Gilmore Girls. Jess reminding Rory who she is.
Rory meets Christiane Amanpour on the very last episode of Gilmore Girls. . Full circle.
Tonight I ate a whole pizza while watching Gilmore Girls and then cried because Rory is perfect
If Rory ends up with Dean or Logan in the Gilmore Girls revival, I am going to write a strongly worded letter to Amy Sherman-Palladino
I'm in tears because I didn't know Rory Gilmore was in it
Hey! This is the episode where Willow wears the same shirt that Rory wore on Gilmore Girls that one time!
Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls are actually mother/daughter goals
weird Gilmore Girl observation: Rory does more in the morning before school than I do pretty much every day, all day long.
Do we know Rory's dad on Gilmore Girls? Becuase, I would imagine it to be Lloyd Dobler
I just finished Gilmore Girls and I will mourn the loss of my two best friends, Rory and Lorelei, during the entirety of SB 2k16.
Great mom just what the world needs another you running around *laughs*
Rory Gilmore might be one of the best influences I've ever had.
*laughs* so you basically turned me into another you. Good one mom.
If Rory and Jess don't end up together in the Gilmore Girls revival, I will literally cry.
Emily Gilmore is honestly the best character. Where do you think Lorelai and Rory get all that wit from?
It perplexes me on how much Rory Gilmore's life in season 5 pertains to me.
Things that will get me through the next 7 months: Dragon Age Origins & Inquisition scores, faith, Rory Gilmore,
Rory's young love returns! Jared Padalecki shares photo on set of Gilmore Girls revival...
yea I got nothing better to do I was going to go to Dinner with Dean but I don't know where he is.
*walks in from being out with Lane all day* Hi mom.
I'd love to dress like Lorelai, but only from after Rory started Yale.
Sometimes I just want to smack Rory Gilmore upside the head
and frankly who wouldn't want to be Rory Gilmore? She was an intellectual delight!
Fully morphed into an all grown up Rory Gilmore, at this point.
When I'm being completely honest with myself, I realize that I'm probably in journalism because my life goal is to be Rory Gilmore
Why doesn't anyone question that Lorelai named Rory Gilmore and not Christopher's name of Hayden
Lorelai and Rory Gilmore will be my favourites forever 💗
I want a Rory/Lorelai Gilmore relationship with my mom
// yea but who knows maybe people aren't joining because we aren't active here. It can't hurt to try.
If you were writing the new Gilmore Girls episodes, how would you end the story? Who will Rory & Lorelai end up with?
// we can try but I still have feeling
// yes but I have feeling not many Gilmore Girls fans in Roleplay world considering this was quite easy
// give it time I've been trying to promote it let's give it time
my 6th grade religion teacher once spent an entire class *** shaming Rory Gilmore
If only Rory Gilmore were still at the Yale Daily News. She'd break this story wide open.
4. Rory Gilmore . she is the best smarty pants around and her diet was 👌🏼 but so mad she didn't marry Logan
Rory Gilmore drunkenly crying to her mother about a boy not liking her has been all of us 😂
Rory Gilmore was dyed in round 1 of the Gilmore Girl Yarn Club. New subscribers will have a…
I'm worried that Jess isn't in the last episode of Gilmore Girls! If he doesn't end up with Rory I'll cry! As well why is Finn there?
i am just very happy about Gilmore Girls season 3 okay, Rory & Jess. makes me happy
It's official: All three of Rory's exes will be back for the revival!
The Rory boyfriend trifecta is complete: Jared Padalecki is returning to Gilmore Girls'
Watching Gilmore Girls season four. Rory says "It's Avril Lavigne's world and we're just living in it." Instantly thought of
The return of Rory's boyfriends changes EVERYTHING about the revival:
"All I know is Rory and Jess are supposed to be together and they aren't" - My roommate who only knows Gilmore Girls thru my screams & cries
I’m watching Gilmore Girls from the first season and now realize I am closer to Lorelei’s age in this season than to Rory’s D:
I hope the plot of the new Gilmore Girls is a female retelling of High Fidelity, with Rory tracking down her top 5 most memor…
hoping and Rory are together in the Gilmore revival 🙏🏼❤️
I don't care how many times I watch Gilmore Girls, I will always be bummed Rory and Jess never ended up together.
Rory is graduating on the Gilmore Girls and it just hit me that I'm graduating and this is all very emotional and now I'm sad and happy
It's and we're recalling the best-ever moments from our favorite bffs: Lorelai and Rory https…
I like watching Gilmore Girls bc it's not stressful or anything. It's like OH NO ~Rory got a bad grade~ or ~Lorelai was late for something~
...not that YOU look like a weird version of Rory Gilmore... I'm gonna shut up now.
I'm watching the season 3 finale of Gilmore Girls and I cried during Rory's valedictorian speech
Actually Michael Keaton is great in Post Grad as the father of Rory from The Gilmore Girls.
I love the fact that I understand all of Rory's literary references in Gilmore Girls 😍😂
I accidentally modeled my life plan after Rory Gilmore and now I'm at the age where the show ends and seriously what happens next?
Rory Gilmore was the first millennial
Look at this greatness I got from Rory Gilmore today! Perfect way to end this craptastic week. 🙂
If Rory doesn't end up with Jess in the Gilmore Girls revival, there will be *** to pay.
Nice mail day! The rest of my things I ordered and something from Rory Gilmore! Big day of cheer!
⚡️ “All Rory's boyfriends are back for new Gilmore Girls 🙌”.
Gilmore Girls PSA: Rory's bad boy ex (Jess) is returning to Stars Hollow!
I think you both should just show up in the Gilmore Girls revival. I mean all of Rory's exes are in it...✌🏼️
Rory, Lorelai, Paris and Logan are all coming back. Who does the social media world love most?
The Rory and Dean break up episode of Gilmore Girls is still really hard for me to watch.
Jess is back! Milo Ventimiglia set to appear in Gilmore Girls revival as Rory's bad boy ex:
Watching Rory's graduation speech from Chilton in Gilmore Gils is making me cry.😢😢
When you relate your life to Rory Gilmore's relationships, Dean or Logan.
I'm channeling my inner Rory Gilmore with what I'm wearing today
All I need out of the Gilmore Girls reunion is for Dean and Rory to end up together. That's not too much to ask is it?
Gonna get my hw out of the way.. On a Saturday morning. Just call me Rory Gilmore.
Observation with S2E16 of Gilmore Girls: Rory orders Indian food while Lorelai is gone but the food never arrives. What happened?
Jess and Rory forever! Milo Ventimiglia is on board for the Gilmore Girls reunion
if the Gilmore Girls revival doesn't put Jess and Rory together I swear...
I just wanna rewatch Gilmore Girls get drunk and cry about how perfect jess and rory were and how they were never given a …
Rory Gilmore is totally based off off Anne Shirley - big eyed, fast talking girl, who loves to read and has a rivalry to be top of the class
Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. I probably wouldn’t mind them talking all through the movie (pet peeve)
Remember when Rory Gilmore was friends with Jessica Jones and Bonnie Winterbottom?
just like Alexis Bledel's best character will always be Rory Gilmore
In 2015, did you feel more like Betty Draper when she gains weight, or Rory Gilmore when she moves into her grandparents' pool house ?
Lorelai Gilmore is married to Nate Fisher, and Rory Gilmore is married to Pete Campbell, the real world is a crazy place.
*wakes up from dream about Rory Gilmore being my best friend and starts crying*
Netflix: "We'd like to suggest an indie movie where Izzie Stevens marries Rory Gilmore". Me: "...actually yes that sounds wonderful"
25 Best TV Characters in the Past 25 Years | Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham)
if Rory and Jess aren't together in this Gilmore Girls reunion I'm throwing every electronic I own off the roof and becoming …
I always thought my college experience would be like Rory's on Gilmore Girls.
I realized with dismay yesterday that not even Rory Gilmore was immune.
Can I re-do growing up and choose to become Rory Gilmore instead, please?
EXCLUSIVE: Rory Gilmore reveals what's happened to her since 2007.
I wish I was Rory Gilmore smart with Paris Gellar drive. 😞
My Rory Story: how Rory Gilmore influenced one reader's book life
Currently holding first place for Halloween costumes this year: Lizzy as Rory Gilmore. All entries welcome
Want to dress up like Gogo Yubari this (or just be like Rory Gilmore who dressed like her?) here's how:
Gilmore Girls is so good, I just started watching it because there was a marathon on and I'm so in love with Lorelai and Rory's bond!
'Gilmore Girls' is being revived. Please, please let Rory not end up with Logan.
This has probably been said before but could you IMAGINE rory gilmore moderating a republican debate? Lol that would be to…
Gilmore Girls thoughts: it would be nice if they focused less on Rory needing to go to Harvard & more on what she wants to DO there
I really wish Gilmore Girls got to spend more time on the Rory/Tristan thing . stupid OTH
To celebrate the return of the Gilmore Girls, reflects on her Rory story:
The lesson here... ALWAYS HAVE A BOOK! I thought I (and Rory Gilmore) would have taught you that by now.
Best thing about being married to Unsolicited emails explaining very clearly why Rory Gilmore is a Slytherin.
I wrote about how Gilmore Girls has shaped my life and how excited I am about it coming back:
Love this post by on her Rory Gilmore story.
Happy birthday to the Lorelai to my Rory Gilmore. Thank you for the…
I got "Logan Huntzberger" on "Which of Rory Gilmore's boyfriends is your bae?" What about you? via
Another telling thing: the characters I empathized with most as a kid were Helga Pataki, Rory Gilmore, Margot Tenenbaum, and Fran Fine
Vincent Kartheiser is so under appreciated but who needs nominations and recognition when ur married to Rory Gilmore
Making my way through Scandal on Netflix, and Rory Gilmore's friends really don't have the best luck on that show.
17 year old Emily can relate very well to 17 year old Rory Gilmore
The 25 best lines from Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls
Lorelei and Rory Gilmore are the only two people that think "wigged out" is a cool expression and Lorelei is so PASSIONATE about it
I wish I had a mother-daughter relationship like Lorelei and Rory Gilmore :/
I strive to have the wit of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.
I've read 17 out of the 334 books mentioned on Gilmore Girls omg I'll never be Rory Gilmore at this rate
Rory Gilmore was my fav tv show character!! That show was everything.
Watching Gilmore Girls with my mom and she's crying because I can't come back to visit home like Rory does :')
I had a dream that I was Rory Gilmore and I was recording my first podcast.
Depressing to be watching the Gilmore Girls and realise that I'm closer in age to Lorelai than Rory
10: Jess from Gilmore Girls. Rory's equal in bookishness. Too bad he did disappearing acts.
You do need to follow her one day bc one of her favourite rants is how much she hates Rory (on Gilmore Girls).
Book Fair at Newberry Library in Chicago: Are you the Rory Gilmore type? You know – the one nestled into a cor...
I think I spend more time w/ Lorelei and Rory Gilmore than I do w/ my real friends
OMG it's the meeting of Peter Campbell and Rory Gilmore... I still can't believe they're a real couple
Yesterday at Jons brothers graduation they mentioned the editor of the Yale Daily News and his sister and I immediately said"Rory Gilmore?!"
I will forever love Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger.
If I had one wish...Logan Huntzberger would be a real person & date me instead of Rory Gilmore
Watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning on Netflix. I am having a hard time reconciling that Rory Gilmore is now married to Pete Campbell.
Edward Hermann narrates "Unbroken" audio book. Aka I'm being read to by Rory Gilmore's grandfather on my drive
ur perfect just the way you are imo, if Pete Campbell had to choose between u and Rory Gilmore, he'd pick you
I can't believer Rory Gilmore is 33. o_O. Alexis Bledel is remembering Edward Hermann .
Oh man...RIP Edward Hermann. You were a grandpa to all us Rory Gilmore types and the finest president to sing with a red headed orphan girl
Gilmore Girls/Mother and Daughter and best Friends! and as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore
to think Rory Gilmore is now married to Pete Campbell :-/
Never has there been a more annoying duo than Pete Campbell & Rory Gilmore.
Unpacking after graduating college is best said by Rory Gilmore in the series finale: "oh man I have a lot of books." The end.
I need to copy Rory Gilmore's Yale hairstyle
Can I move to Stars Hollow? And have Rory Gilmore's eyes? And drink as much coffee as Lorelei?
The Gloria Steinem/Alicia Florrick scene reminds me of the Madeleine Albright/Rory Gilmore scene.
pretty great how Beacher's dad is also Rory Gilmore's grandfather.
My myers briggs type is the same as Rory Gilmore, Jean Valjean, Bruce Wayne and Remus Lupin, could life be better
you're telling me you don't like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore's quirky mother-daughter relationship? You're heartless.
So weird watching Gilmore Girls again except this time I'm way closer in age to Lorelai than Rory. . I AM AGING.
In honor of the Netflix debut of Gilmore Girls, the one we all know Rory ended up with. (Milo Ventimiglia)
I've watched oth multiple times now but my heart hurts every time I complete the series 😜 next Gilmore Girls lol
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I just learned that Rory Gilmore grew up to marry Pete Campbell and somehow it just makes total sense.
Lorelei and Rory Gilmore are my actual best friends
There's this really funny Gilmore Girls scene where Lorelai tries to cheer Rory up with a dance...
4 eps of Gilmore Girls, 2 glasses of wine later: a realization. I've transitioned from a Rory to a Lorelei. Explains so much.
Rory Gilmore's birthday is one day after mine. :D
Do you ever contemplate how Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell are married now
It really affects my life that Rory never ended up getting back together with Jess at the end of Gilmore Girls.
If I could be anyone, I'd be Rory Gilmore.
I'm enjoying re-watching Gilmore Girls, except I often identify with Rory and then realize that I'm exactly her mother's age in the show.
Watching Gilmore Girls and I paused it on this by accident RORY GILMORE IS THE CUTEST EVER END OF CONVERSATION
wait Rory Gilmore was 16 when she had her first kiss this doesn't make any sense
I think I speak for all Gilmore Girls fans when I say Rory belonged with Jess
I think I'm like officially in love with Rory Gilmore is this bad
Re-activating my Netflix account because word on the street is my homies Rory and Lorelai Gilmore decided to enter the game.
Welcoming Gilmore Girls to Netflix by watching my favorite episode "You Jump, I Jump Jack". Logan and Rory forever.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Rory is the daughter of Lorelai Gilmore, her mother, and her father, a huge *** cup of coffee.
I've always wanted to be Rory Gilmore. Why can't I be Rory Gilmore?!?!
Finally watching a little Gilmore Girls. I forgot how much I loved quiet, dark Rory at Chilton.
I feel like Rory Gilmore but for no reason bc my family loves each other and me what cc:
I love watching Gilmore Girls while doing homework bc I can better channel my inner Rory Gilmore.
Goal in life: To have a relationship with my daughter like Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls.
Rory mentions Kafka in Gilmore Girls, hence Gilmore Girls is life
I grew up with Rory Gilmore. We went to college the same time, had the same dorm bedspread (true story) & the same major.
{Rory Gilmore here! Looking for a literate and detailed Lorelai Gilmore for an SL. I mean duh, she's my mother…
While watching the beginning of the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I've realized I am a true combination of Lorelai and Rory.
Rory and Deans first kiss is my favorite of all Gilmore Girls moments.
love that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix but it's just brining back the feels from fifth grade when Jess and Rory didn't end up together:///
Does anyone else think that Rory Should have ended up with Dean on the Gilmore Girls? like in the end
I think it's ironic her character on the new show went to Yale, and she and Rory went to Yale. How do you like Gilmore Girls?
I feel like Rory in Gilmore Girls lol
Systematically downloading all the classics from the Rory Gilmore Reading List that I can get for free on Amazon :)
Yes! I'm not the only person that thinks Rory should have ended up with Marty!
You and I Could be the Rory and Dean of the Gilmore Girls although it didn't go well for them lol
if Rory Gilmore could have a Sex Boat I don't understand why you guys can't have a Sex Canoe
The Rory and Tristan angst in season 1 of Gilmore Girls 😁
Rory Gilmore continues to be my ultimate role model.
You know what makes rewatching Gilmore Girls a lot less enjoyable? Realizing that Rory is actually married to Pete Campbell.
Confession: I always wanted to be a private school kid. Rory Gilmore lives my dream life.
Rory Gilmore had the greatest backpack right from the beginning.
I am Rory: staying in on a Friday doing laundry, reading, and, here's the kicker, watching Gilmore Girls
"He wants to give both the Gilmore Girls a D" -on Rory's English teacher
We all know that Rory's true love was… books.
Reliving my Rory Gilmore years watching on
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