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Rory Gilmore

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Rory Gilmore's birthday is one day after mine. :D
Do you ever contemplate how Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell are married now
It really affects my life that Rory never ended up getting back together with Jess at the end of Gilmore Girls.
If I could be anyone, I'd be Rory Gilmore.
I'm enjoying re-watching Gilmore Girls, except I often identify with Rory and then realize that I'm exactly her mother's age in the show.
Watching Gilmore Girls and I paused it on this by accident RORY GILMORE IS THE CUTEST EVER END OF CONVERSATION
wait Rory Gilmore was 16 when she had her first kiss this doesn't make any sense
I think I speak for all Gilmore Girls fans when I say Rory belonged with Jess
I think I'm like officially in love with Rory Gilmore is this bad
Re-activating my Netflix account because word on the street is my homies Rory and Lorelai Gilmore decided to enter the game.
Welcoming Gilmore Girls to Netflix by watching my favorite episode "You Jump, I Jump Jack". Logan and Rory forever.
Rory is the daughter of Lorelai Gilmore, her mother, and her father, a huge *** cup of coffee.
I've always wanted to be Rory Gilmore. Why can't I be Rory Gilmore?!?!
Finally watching a little Gilmore Girls. I forgot how much I loved quiet, dark Rory at Chilton.
I feel like Rory Gilmore but for no reason bc my family loves each other and me what cc:
I love watching Gilmore Girls while doing homework bc I can better channel my inner Rory Gilmore.
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Goal in life: To have a relationship with my daughter like Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls.
Rory mentions Kafka in Gilmore Girls, hence Gilmore Girls is life
I grew up with Rory Gilmore. We went to college the same time, had the same dorm bedspread (true story) & the same major.
{Rory Gilmore here! Looking for a literate and detailed Lorelai Gilmore for an SL. I mean duh, she's my mother…
While watching the beginning of the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I've realized I am a true combination of Lorelai and Rory.
Rory and Deans first kiss is my favorite of all Gilmore Girls moments.
love that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix but it's just brining back the feels from fifth grade when Jess and Rory didn't end up together:///
Does anyone else think that Rory Should have ended up with Dean on the Gilmore Girls? like in the end
I think it's ironic her character on the new show went to Yale, and she and Rory went to Yale. How do you like Gilmore Girls?
I feel like Rory in Gilmore Girls lol
Systematically downloading all the classics from the Rory Gilmore Reading List that I can get for free on Amazon :)
Yes! I'm not the only person that thinks Rory should have ended up with Marty!
You and I Could be the Rory and Dean of the Gilmore Girls although it didn't go well for them lol
if Rory Gilmore could have a Sex Boat I don't understand why you guys can't have a Sex Canoe
The Rory and Tristan angst in season 1 of Gilmore Girls 😁
Rory Gilmore continues to be my ultimate role model.
You know what makes rewatching Gilmore Girls a lot less enjoyable? Realizing that Rory is actually married to Pete Campbell.
Confession: I always wanted to be a private school kid. Rory Gilmore lives my dream life.
Rory Gilmore had the greatest backpack right from the beginning.
I am Rory: staying in on a Friday doing laundry, reading, and, here's the kicker, watching Gilmore Girls
"He wants to give both the Gilmore Girls a D" -on Rory's English teacher
We all know that Rory's true love was… books.
Reliving my Rory Gilmore years watching on
I just want to walk around the park with Rory Gilmore
Rory and Luke's relationship is one of the most underrated relationships on Gilmore Girls.
Is it bad that I am 29, and yet I suddenly want to be Rory Gilmore, living in an idyllic small town with baby Sam Winchester kissing me?
Going through my books to accommodate my new shelf, & came across this book. How Rory Gilmore of me.…
Omg Rory Gilmore can you be more perfect ugh
Watching Gilmore Girls made me fall in love with Rory and Logan shipper heart is fluttering
I just reported an article trashing Rory Gilmore as inappropriate and offensive... Is this abusing the internet or making it a better place?   10% Off
Lorelai Gilmore IS ALL I WANT TO BE. just married to my Luke Danes and having my Rory when I'm married
Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have perfected the art of banter and I strive to be as good as them one day
I knew I loved Gilmore Girls but in ep.1 Rory is wearing an oversized cable-knit sweater and a choker. YES 😍
Lucas Scott/Rory Gilmore - Already Gone: I wish Chad had come back instead of going to Dawson's Creek!
Rory Gilmore is married to Pete Campbell, Veronica Mars is with Dax Shepard, and I guess at least Joey Potter is divorced?
Once again, I remind myself that it's ok to be on Team Jess even though he's awful because IRL Rory Gilmore married Pete Campbell.
Well, Pete Campbell marrying Rory Gilmore is certainly enough of a shock for today.
Watching the final Gilmore Girls episode in honor of us leaving home like Rory!
Rory Gilmore : the source of my inferiority complexes since 2002.
"'Gilmore Girls' recap: Rory goes to Chilton, Lorelai goes to the rodeo" via
Rory takes a cell phone selfie in a 2005 episode of Gilmore Girls.
He may have been a jerk throughout most of the series, but Jess will always be favorite Rory Gilmore Girl guy.
Everytime I watch Gilmore Girls I have the same thought. Rory and Logan Forever.
Gab sends me buzzfeed articles about Gilmore Girls and how Jess was perfect for Rory
That's why my bag was so heavy. More books for the "Rory Gilmore Book Challenge", books recommended by…
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I'm just thrilled that Gilmore Girls is still relevant to someone besides myself.
I don't know why I'm goggling Gilmore Girls. I miss Lorelai & Rory. They need to make a movie.
Packing all my DVDs to move to the apartment and Rory Gilmore is just
Buzzfeed has an article about Jess and Rory from Gilmore Girls. Both and told me about it. Should I be concerned?
nostalgia recap: Back to Stars Hollow with and via
'Gilmore Girls' nostalgia recap: Back to Stars Hollow w/ Lorelai & Rory for you &
Still salty that Rory didn't end up with Jess on Gilmore Girls
I love the Gilmore Girls episode where Rory recive the Harvard letter and they celebrate because it's a big envelope! :D
Rory goes to Chilton & Lorelai goes to the rodeo in my latest super-long recap:
I love this! I miss the good ol' Gilmore Girls Days
You can tell so much about a person based on which of Rory Gilmore's boyfriends is their favorite.
.lays out why Rory Gilmore, though our female role model, was also an annoying job applicant
I love Gilmore Girls. But here's why I think Rory wasn't the best role model for future journalists.
EMILY: I invited all your friends to your party. RORY: These aren't my friends, these are enemy cyborgs!. EMILY: Don't be rude. Go mingle.
RORY: Mrs. Kim, this plasma engine is beautiful. MRS. KIM: It was owned by Thomas Jefferson. $400. RORY: Does it work?. MRS. KIM: NOW IT $550
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And I accept no other head!canon than the fact that Rory and Jess live happily ever after in the end and wow Gilmore Girls ruined my life.
Does the answer include anything related to Rory Gilmore and/or how much you probably despise Jess Mariano?
Indeed! I could drink more. I'm like Lorelei and Rory from Gilmore Girls. :p
Any Gilmore Girls fans out there that ship Dean and Rory? This is very scientific research for
Now I just want to rewatch Gilmore Girls ❤️
Gilmore Girls fun fact: Rory actually hates coffee & all the scenes that she drunk coffee, it was really coca cola☕️
Rory Gilmore is not the only way to go, but I will keep this in mind.
JP was Rory Gilmore's snooze inducing puppy of a boyfriend, JA was maybe possibly Jen's baby daddy on Dawson's Creek.
My goal for motorcycle class is to be cast as Rory's cool boyfriend in Gilmore Girls. I was too young when it aired I never had a chance!
if Rory Gilmore does it, it must be an acceptable fashion choice
how much Dean loves Rory on Gilmore Girls😍
The girl in snow piercer has the same coat as Rory Gilmore
1/2 Rory Gilmore? But I think that partnership sailed away with some 50shades fantasy lol.
Pete Campbell married rory gilmore IRL which is so weird bc they look like twins
Currently obsessed with the show Gilmore Girls. Would love to switch lives with Lorelai or Rory😍
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I can't handle the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6 of Gilmore Girls, that riff between Lorelai and Rory is too much to handle
Okay, I don't want to sound all judgy, but Rory Gilmore could have done so much better than Pete Campbell.
Pete Campbell and Rory Gilmore are married! Translation: Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser, 35, and former Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel, 32, tied the knot...
Yup, always known as Rory Gilmore in our hearts, secretly married a character!
They played lovers on Mad Men. Now, TV's Pete Campbell and Rory Gilmore have tied the knot...and reportedly in...
I do ship Rory Gilmore and excellent sideboob on Mad Men
Pete Campbell married Rory Gilmore in a private ceremony. We hope there was a conga line.
The 4 people Rory Gilmore wanted in her "online version of the Algonquin group" were Ira Glass, Sofia Coppola, Flaubert and Danger Mouse.
I like the show Gilmore Girls a lot. Rory is the best.
Dean from Gilmore Girls is so gr8 ugh why can't I be rory
Gilmore Girls, except Rory is played by Rory Kinnear.
Rory Gilmore and her grandfather's relationship reminds me so much of mine and my pop-pop's. And I love it.
I put on this movie without knowing that Alexis Bledel is in it and I would PAY to see my face when I realised because Rory Gilmore is BEHJK
Re-watching Gilmore Girls S6, how can Rory stand being around those superficial *** rich people?
I never finished watching Gilmore Girls because I am still annoyed that RORY HAD SEX WITH DEAN! NO RORY NO WHY!
I wish my life was more like Gilmore Girls 🐩
Rory Gilmore is basically the female version of me. In other words, my soul mate.
Once you've seen Rory Gilmore handle an inverted uterus, you can't go back.
I will forever be in love with Rory from Gilmore Girls and nothing can ever come between us. Not even Jesse or Dean.
Rory Gilmore set the standard for girls too high, Lorelei Gilmore set the standard for milfs too high
woah woah woah. woah. RORY from Gilmore Girls is in less than jake's she's gonna break soon music video?! how weird 😳
As a kid my television and movie idols were Lisa Simpson, Hermione Granger and Rory Gilmore. And her.
or thank you like Rory Gilmore when she got her first kiss 😂
Is he the guy that was Rory's boyfriend in Gilmore Girls?
//Decided to change this account into a Rory Gilmore RP.
Matt Czuchry ❤️ I've loved you since Rory gilmore did
jess mariano doing dumb magic tricks to impress rory gilmore stick a fork in me i am DONE
Spent all afternoon watching Gilmore Girls. It's almost the same as doing my online class since Rory is a journalist.. Right?
rory gilmore did well in physics how is that even POSSIBLE
Watching Gilmore Girls and wanting rory and Marty to date!! Ugh
Omg! I could be like Rory Gilmore!! Yale v. Harvard games! Beautiful campus!! Can this please oh please oh please happen?!
I just want someone like Rory's boyfriend, Logan Huntzberger, in Gilmore Girls.
watching Gilmore Girls makes me want to be Rory with all her knowledge and good looks.
Me and my moms relationship is like Rory's and Lorelai's on The Gilmore Girls
Yup, Sookie was my favorite things about Gilmore Girls.especially when Rory was acting dumb.
"(English accent) Oh! Dinner with Rory, how delightful. Well, spit spot, alert the corgis.". - Lorelei Gilmore
how that convo essentially went... caleb: I love you. amber: thank you. she straight rory gilmore-d him YAS SUCK IT CALEB
"I live in two worlds, one is a world of books." -Rory Gilmore
Half way through Gilmore Girls season one. Waiting for Jess now. Still hoping for a paradox shift in which Rory stays with him.
What are you going to name your kids? — If it's a girl: Lorelai (Rory for short/from Gilmore Girls) if it's a bo...
Rewatching Rushmore. Playing 'How many times can I spot Rory Gilmore as an extra.' It's an extraordinary life.
kelly got me season 4 of Gilmore Girls for my birthday bc that's the season that Rory goes to college
Rory Gilmore has the best taste in basically everything.
Are you watching Gilmore Girls too? love that season, last year of high school for rory :))
Whenever I watch Gilmore Girls, I remember that I get half of my sayings from Rory. All I really want in life is to be Rory Gilmore.
what's the rory Gilmore reading list?
I didn't know Lucky Spencer and Rory Gilmore did a movie. They're very charming together.
Hooray! It's Rory Gilmore on and she's with Pete. Eww.
I want my Gilmore Girls back on for many reasons but mainly to see how Lorelai and Rory would handle a Keurig coffee maker.
Its Rory friend from Gilmore Girls on stir of echoes
Guys remember when Rory Gilmore slept with dean when he was married like why would she do that
Watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls where Rory graduated from high school and today I graduated from high school?! 😢🎓
It is much different to watch Gilmore Girls at 31 than it was at 21. Lorelai is more relatable than Rory.
Gilmore Girls:. Dean gives Rory a car!. Richard G: how tall are you?. Dean: why, you wanna dance?. Richard G: No, I appreciate the offer though
I want Rory from the Gilmore Girls to be my best friend.
I wish Jess was around longer in Gilmore Girls and the relationship between him and Rory lasted longer.
Photoset: get to know me meme: [1/5] families » Lorelai Gilmore & rory gilmore As she guided me through...
Made a fb group for the Gown team 2014/2015. It's getting real. I'm actually going to be an editor. Closest moment to being Rory Gilmore...
Luna Lovegood, Rory Gilmore & teenage Leslie Knope. And it is not lunch, it's our book club meeting. Obviously.
Started watching Gilmore Girls last night and passed out 😒 but did rory get into chilton? 😑
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I believe there is a Gilmore episode for every moment in life. Currently boxing my stuff at uni at the same time than Rory.
I aim in life to be the perfect balance of Rory Gilmore, Emma Stone, and Beyoncé . Potentially throw in some Evgeni Malkin.
Reboot idea for Gilmore Girls: Lorelai and Rory find a book of spells and become witches. "Grimoire Girls"
I just saw we were both participating in Rory Gilmore book club back in 08'!! Whoa!
it’s tough times for the internet. can’t hate too *** this tho because Rory Gilmore in that LTJ video is awesome.
What happens to guys who get rejected by Rory Gilmore? They end up as partners at Florrick,Agos&Associates
Logan calls Rory Ace in Gilmore Girls and its just the cutest nickname in the world.
Ever see the episodes of Gilmore Girls when Rory joins the DAR? Her face during meetings is priceless.
OMG the meltdown Rory is having on Gilmore Girls right now explains my whole freshman year
"Go to Yale. Be a janitor. In 100 years we'll all be dead." - Sage advice from Rory Gilmore
I can't watch Gilmore Girls without having Rory and Jess feels, even when the episode has nothing to do with them. They're so perfect.
I've got about the next two hours planned. Then it's just darkness. Possibly dragons. - Rory Gilmore is my spirit animal
I just want to live in Stars Hollow and be Rory Gilmore tbh
Just realized I know the real life Lorelei and Rory Gilmore...except the Midwestern-artsy-Jewish version. I would SO watch that show.
My OTPs are all 10 years old. Veronica Mars and Logan. Rory Gilmore and Logan...waitwhat
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Lorelei & Rory Gilmore, Lexi Grey & Mark Sloan, all of the Golden Girls, Tami & Eric Taylor, and Tim Riggins.
// I'm making this a Rory Gilmore account tomorrow! :')
Can you trust that guy? I saw him kissing on YOUR Rory Gilmore in a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Yes, I'm THAT gal
6 weeks of gparents in town gives me opportunity to sound like Rory Gilmore when I reply, "I can't, I have dinner with my grandparents."
Rewatching season 2 and 3 of Gilmore Girls for the billionth time cause I'm still mad Rory let go of Jess
Currently in Gilmore Girls fashion, Lorelai is wearing a sparkly red tank top with DANGER on it, and Rory is in a henley with a fox.
Gilmore Girls needs to be on Netflix so I can relive the glory days. Basically just for Rory/Jess though.
Remember when Rory and Jess didn't end up together on the Gilmore Girls? Yeah, that wasn't ok.
I just watched a film with Rory Gilmore as the child of Batman & Sue Sylvester, plus Miss Hannigan, MATT SARACEN & Karl from Love Actually.
The entire cast of Gilmore Girls is in Greys. Just waiting for Rory.
Most relatable teen character for me: Rory Gilmore
woah woah woah ✋ Rory Gilmore and Izzy from Greys are *** lovers in this new movie? where do I sign up?
The time was a spy, was Rory Gilmore, and I was an ice skater 😂😂😂
oh of course. The amazing mind of Lorelai Gilmore!
I am still SO MAD that the creator of Gilmore Girls wasn't allowed to finish it properly the way she intended. Rory and Jess 5eva IDST
Rory Gilmore was the first hipster (first season year 2000)
I always feel like Rory Gilmore when I pack books for the beach. I have three. Do I need a fourth? I should probably pack a fourth.
Reliving my youth; watching Gilmore Girls from the very beginning. Growing up the same age as Rory was awesome.
Rory and Izzie are *** I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls and Greys this is just too weird lol
Rory Gilmore is seriously so beautiful I mean HER EYES 💘
Lorelai and Rory watched a clip of it on Gilmore Girls.
Watching Eugene Fitzherbert and Rory Gilmore in a film together. Only on Netflix.
Photoset: Best of Rory Gilmore Of which my favourite is the sad books. 
I should’ve pulled a Rory Gilmore and brought a book to this party.
From 1984 to Walden, The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge is the best reading list eva. via
Rory Gilmore's grandpa is on this episode of Law & Order I recorded that's about Abortion.
if you leeead I will follow aka friday night with Lorelai and Rory aka Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls Rory and Grey's Anatomy Izzie are playing *** in their new movies.
There's also this list of movies mentioned/watched by Rory and Lorelai Gilmore in the show. Oh boy, how am I ever supposed to do it?!
Since my valentine is still snowed in, I choose Lorelai and Rory Gilmore as my back ups.
even if she did, she's choose home. Mommy's good the good stuff, and we know how important food is for a Gilmore. And later -
AVNEET writes Gilmore Girls fanfic about Rory and Pete wentz
Why did I not bring my 6 seasons of Gilmore Girls to my apartment?!
Gonna write a character this is all these characters rolled into one: Daria Morgandorfer, Rory Gilmore, Lisa Simpson, Esther Greenwood.
"unless I'm promised Rory Gilmore as a child, I don't want one."-- and a 10 yr plan i can get behind
you should also add Rory Gilmore to the list
I'll never understand why Rory Gilmore said no to Logan.
BY OLIVIA TICE Rory Gilmore helped me get to Cornell. When I read that sentence, it sounds ridiculous, but it is nonetheless very true. As much as...
where do we stand on another series of Gilmore Girls with Rory and Logan ending up together? I'll help
"Dean: Hey, uh, do you have a second? Rory: No, I have gum." - Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 5 “Cinnamon’s...
Can I please be Rory Gilmore when I grow up?
I wonder what Rory Gilmore is up to these days...
It makes me sad that Dean and Rory from Gilmore Girls never ended up together :(
Rory Gilmore and I are the same person right now.
"I don't want to be the kind of girl who falls apart just because she doesn't have a boyfriend" Rory Gilmore
My relationship with my mom is like Rory and Lorelei's from Gilmore Girls.
I only read it because of the Rory Gilmore reading challenge and because I've owned it for almost ten years.
Wish I could just have a lorelai and rory Gilmore relationship
Watching 'Remember Sunday' - it's actually pretty good. But all I see is Rory from Gilmore Girls, not Molly!
A perfect match to make a complete set of the Rory Gilmore hat and matching mittens. The cables are exactly the same as the cables on the hat.
Watching Rory Gilmore give someone a hug is always an uncomfortable experience.
Photoset: coffee-and-thecity: My personality slides back and forth within the Blair Waldorf/Rory Gilmore...
All I've ever wanted is to be Rory Gilmore 🙏
I don't think I'll ever get over being mad at Gilmore Girls for breaking up Logan and Rory.
had a dream i was rory gilmore and I was going to chilton and it was marvelous
common thoughts that run through my head: why am i not Rory Gilmore and why don't i date Dean?. .. or Jess.
The line "Goodbye Rory." from the last episode of Gilmore Girls is permanently engraved in my head and makes me sad when I think about it.
How's Stars Hollow today? According to Rory it's a sunny but freezing day such a gr8 series! Have fun, fans from everywhere :)
Photoset: dreammetheworld: Lorelai & Rory Gilmore My ultimate inspiration comes from my best friend, the...
Find your score on this list by clicking each item that you have completed. Over the course of seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore was seen reading 339 books on screen. How many have you read?
Why does Rory Gilmore not end up with Marty???!! It drives me CRAZY!
OMG Cracked (the tv series) is so god. Rory Gilmore's dad in the lead. What an amazing job. Look how late I'm. He just blew my freaking mind and I've only watched one episode. WOW!
Two great opportunities...hmmm...looks like we're going to have to Rory Gilmore the heck out of it with a pros and cons list.
"My sock drawer would be a better mother than Courtney Love." -Rory Gilmore
TONITE £5 Muncle + Rory Gilmore Muncle- Grungy and country tinged with a Brit rock sensibility too and a vocal redolent of Tim Burgess, a nice blend of gritty Stones nuanced workouts and Britpop. Rory Gilmore- singer songwriter with a dark wounded sound but hitting some genuinely emotional content via a little lop sided gnarled Americana, like Beck‘s lower key stuff, especially with the sampleology in here.. bits of Bill Callahan , Tim Buckley and Ry Cooder for the rootsy guitar. Good shizzle.
I think Veronica Mars and Rory Gilmore exist in an alternate universe and I want to go there. sorry Susan, but I don't think it's "suburgatory".
I have discovered a movie that stars Chuck Bartowski and Rory Gilmore. This is the best day :D
It seems that there is a list of books read by Rory Gilmore (the Gilmore Girls). It is actually a great and and interesting set of books. Look it up if you've got a moment.
of the most successful actresses of recent USA Alexis Bledel's full name is Kimberly Alexis Bledel. She is not only actress but also model and producer. Her birthday is September 16, 1981. Alexis Bledel is known for Rory Gilmore in comedy-drama Gilmore Girls. As a model Alexis Started her career. She won Young Artist Awards, Family Television Awards and Teen Choice Awards.
Trying to think of the full names of Rory Gilmore's love interests other than Jess Mariano- all I got are Dean Winchester and Logan Echolls.
Autobiography of a Face is not something I would have read on my own. Rory Gilmore is way more hardass than me in her choice of harrowing reading...
I'm still working on the Rory Gilmore reading challenge, I just finished Carrie, started reading Don Quixote and I'm listening to War and Peace while at work. Pretty ambitious huh?!
This week’s Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge book is being reviewed by Jodi McAlister. Jodi’s a PhD candidate at Macquarie University. Her doctoral research is on romance, virginity and popular fiction, which basically means that she spends a lot of time reading romance novels. She writes regularly ab...
You know what I was just thinking The actress that played Rory Gilmore should have played Anastasia Steele in the fifty shades of grey movie. What was her name?
Rory Gilmore hat. Replica of the hat that Rory Gilmore wears on the show "Gilmore Girls" Lusjes Art design. Pattern available at
Currently packing for roughly 16 weeks of travel. 6 countries, countless buses, trains and planes, and severely different climates. If there is one thing Rory Gilmore taught me, it's "Packing for all contingencies? Got it. Light layers." Also, bless the person who invented those space-age squeeze-all-the-air-out backpacker storage bags. Just. Bless you.
It is on my bucket list to read all the books Rory Gilmore reads in The Gilmore Girls ... There are 327 and I have read 52 ... I better get moving!
Forever home magic stops for no man! Bryce Dessner, Rory Gilmore, Irving Berlin, and Derek Edward Miller all found their Badass families between adoption events and couldn't more pleased! Congratulations!
What happened to tv role models like Rory Gilmore? It makes me scared for teenage girls nowadays
Alexis Bledel is so precious like Rory Gilmore let me be you
Rory Gilmore is also on the list, I think it is time to finally start Gilmore Girls.
Since when are Pete Campbell and Rory Gilmore a couple? How did I miss this?
HA! I'm loving the comparisons of Alexis to Rory Gilmore. It's so true! I just hope this doesn't last as long...
When I'm taking a walk and bored, I imagine the conversation I'd have with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in that moment.
Sometimes I feel like Rory Gilmore other times I feel like River Tam
My mom and I have the exact same relationship as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.
If you didn't want Rory Gilmore to be with Jess then you're not alive.
Dear Rory Gilmore, if I came to a new school and Chad Michael Murray was trying to get at me... I'd jump on that so quick. Get with it girl.
Have you ever watched Gilmore Girls?-Not really, why?-Me Because you are actually Rory Gilmore-
Watching college-era Gilmore Girls while in college is trippy. What do you mean I've caught up in age with Rory Gilmore? I'm not 12 anymore?
I feel like season 3 Rory Gilmore when she stays home on a Friday night and waits for Jess to call and he never does.
When I grow up I'm gonna be Rory Gilmore.
Sometimes I show up to class 30 minutes early; sometimes I'm Rory Gilmore.
Sasha looks a lot like Rory Gilmore. Funny, I ended up hating Rory there at the end almost as much as I hate Sasha rn
(Otherwise I'll just stand outside in awe like Rory Gilmore at Harvard)
Rory Gilmore got a lot less likeable as she grew up.
When I walk through main campus I like to imagine I'm Rory Gilmore strutting aroung Yale with my pile of books and coffee cup ♡
That does sound depressing. I watched the movie because I had a crush on Rory Gilmore, didn't even know it was a book.
When I think of Anastasia Steele I think of Rory Gilmore... Aka Alexis Bledel
Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are my bffs
Like Rory Gilmore did in that one episode?
I want rory gilmore's life she's pretty, smart and gets all the attractive guys
When Rory Gilmore graduated highschool and yale I felt like I graduated with her
All I want in life is to be Rory Gilmore
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At times like this I wonder why I am not more like Rory Gilmore.
ummm. you guys. I just found out that Rory Gilmore is engaged to Pete Campbell and it is rocking my world.
Rory Gilmore has the realest problems we can all relate to.
Cab to $5. My new (amazing) handbag: $250. Watching flirt with Rory Gilmore's dad? Priceless.
Ok it's decided I'm going to be Rory Gilmore for Halloween so I can just put on a headband and walk around with books and coffee EASY done
absolutely. Also, tarner and I had the same idea about you. Rory Gilmore twin?
I like spotting buildings in films. (Hint: Rory Gilmore may have gone to Yale, but her graduation was in front of Bovard.)
this is the list I'm kinda working through a good mix.
Yay! Rory Gilmore is going back to Yale and talking to Lorelai Gilmore again! All is right in the world now!
I bet Lorelai and Rory Gilmore would have loved Taylor Swift.
You're looking at a grown up Rory Gilmore(Still stuck in S01)But if you think she is Ana Steele potential,screw you!
remember when Rory Gilmore found that tree (her reading tree) & made it her own until that guy stole it?
I like a man who wants to take on the Rory Gilmore reading challenge!
Celebrity Birthday today; NICK JONAS turns 20 today Started the commerically successful band, the Jonas Brothers, as his solo project, and later founded Nick Jonas & The Administration. ANTHONY PADILLA turns 25 today Internet sensation who gained fame on Youtube as one half of the comedy duo, Smosh, which attracted over 10 million subscribers. IAN HARDING turns 26 today Actor best known for his role on the television show, Pretty Little Liars. B.B. KING turns 87 today Legendary blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter who won a Grammy Hall of Fame Award for his 1998 song, "The Thrill is Gone." MARC ANTHONY turns 44 today Grammy Award-winning pop singer who became the top selling salsa artist in history and received the CHCI Chair's Award in 2009. AMY POEHLER turns 41 today Saturday Night Live anchor who parodied Hillary Clinton and starred on her own show, Parks and Recreation. Alexis Bledel turns 30 today Played sensitive daughter Rory Gilmore on The Gilmore Girls. SABRINA BRYAN turns 28 today Fun-loving ...
So sleepy but Rory Gilmore is calling my name
Breast Cancer Awareness
Lol. She will always be Rory Gilmore to me. So I find that casting bizarre.
I wish i was as driven as rory gilmore
My only goal in life is to be the perfect combination of Jackie Kennedy and Rory Gilmore
Fans wanted Rory Gilmore as a BDSM character? Jesus, people, let Hollywood do what it does best, k?
I'm making it my life goal to be Rory Gilmore.
Oh god. Rory gilmore is going to be the girl in the 50 shades of grey film. My 15 yr old self is weeping and I kind of am too.
Alexis Bledel was just mentioned on TV and my dad was like "that's not her name! She's Rory Gilmore!"
Rory Gilmore?!! Oh my. What would Richard and Emily think?
Every time I manage to get my body out of bed and look at my unread textbook, I ask myself: WWRGD? What Would Rory Gilmore Do?
I wish that I was more of a Rory Gilmore but in actuality I'm more of a Lorelei Gilmore.
Nuh uh no way rory gilmore is NOT doing fifty shades
All of you that are petitioning for Alexis Bledel for 50 Shades; Rory Gilmore would never do that, she has much higher standards, duh.
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