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Rory Best

Rory Best (born 15 August 1982) from Poyntzpass is an Irish rugby union footballer. He plays at the position of Hooker for Ulster and is registered for Banbridge RFC.

Iain Henderson Jared Payne Paddy Jackson Jack McGrath Joe Schmidt Luke Marshall Tommy Bowe Chris Henry

in terms of atmosphere like, best ground is Arsenal
in the original gilmore girls series logan was probably best for rory but in the revival TEAM JESS
Footage of Rory Best's accused eye-gouging vs Clermont. Did he make contact? The video has the answer. The Irish captai…
Lowkey this portable charger i got for christmas is one of the best gifts i have ever recieved
Blank Banshee 2 in his little white cap, come on rory, one more lap! Gaben is the best youtuber Please don't bully me, my
The Commissioners' Office congrats on his BBC title. Broke or tied just about every record in '16. Best team in BBC history!
Congratulations on winning the in convincing fashion tonight. The best team all year and showed it this week!
A company dedicated to communication has shown that in their interior design.
I LOVE JESS!!! Lol he can be a jerk but more matured Jess later is the best. Rory's perfect match lol.
Potentially the best or worst moment of 2016 was my Gran doing numerous dabs
A lone trumpeter is always the best way to do the National Anthem. Don't @ me
Rory is kinda meh IMO. Shino is best girl.
I mean I don't think it's bad I think it's okay I mean if we are talking one of the best girls I mean shhit RORY
The Chilton Rory is definitely the best
he saw it. Glimmer pulled him along, "The *** happened?" She does her best to try and pull Rory from the car.
Hi RORY'S 💍 💍 💍 💍 💍 these smoke rigz are the best out now 😵😵 a…
(and even good best friend is debatable bc Lorelai definitely enables Rory)
anyway watching the revival just cemented that Rory Gilmore is a Trash human being but also, Lorelai is a bad mother/good best friend
Coutinho voted best Brazilian in Europe! 🌟. Above his pal Neymar... Bold! 🇧🇷
Insane to say that about Rory. He's had one fight since Lawler. It was competitive and against one of the best strikers in…
I always loved Logan, but now that they're grown, Jess is such a good guy, however not for Rory, he deserves the best girl ever.
and his Wonder Goal along with all the other goals in the best angles! 🔥. RT's Appreciated! 🔴
The best bit for me from Steven Moffat's era is Amy and Rory's demise. From there gone a bit rubbish...
Ultimately the best Christmas ever spent with my love, his family and Rory ❤️
Aye yeah boys that's all well and good giving out about Rory Best being captain cos he's Norn Irish.
rory gilmore. I LOVE HER MOST OF THE TIME BUT. -keeps sleeping with married/engaged men. -has the best mom & runs away from he…
My love, my sweet . I wish you the best of New Years. Ily
I'm rory. The great the enormous the cool the brilliant the amazing the best
I added a video to a playlist Best of 2015! Rory McIlroy's Top 15 Greatest Golf Shots of the Year
Had the best Christmas celebrating with Mine and Rory's families 😊❣
Top legal tip; If you're going to swear at a police officer in Spanish, best not do it to one who speaks enough Spanish…
2 years ago we beat Brentford 4-2 in the best Town performance I have memory of.
Despite the best efforts of newspapers like The Sun, it was nowhere near overshadowing his music. Nowhere near.
want to wish you all the best today but I shall forward date it to from 2ND Jan for the season. Go well Rory. 😋
don't worry my dude Rory gave me a run down on why Sakura is di best and I trust her word ..
This was mine and Rory's first Christmas alone and it was the best.
Rory and dean make me really miss the days that kissing on a bench was the best part of a relationship
I love Rory, he is the best cat anyone could ask for even tho he is an *** sometimes lol
I feel bad because this has been one of the best years for my career.
Rory's first Christmas was a success and I have to say (even though it's cheesy) she was the best gift of all 🎁❤️🎄
Who's the best guy for Rory Gilmore? (I'm trying to prove something to a friend)
Merry Christmas Rory! Wishing your family always the best!
Glimmer moved to help Rory pull her up as best they can, "Don't let go of her they;ll grab another mat." Her hands grip >
❝Not that the Holiday season really matters, I still wish I had mum and dad around. Rory always made the best turkey.❞
PLAYOFF BOUND! Your Giants are headed to the postseason! Watch the top plays of 2016 HERE:
Paris was for sure the best part!! Emily rules!! I agree that Jess is too good for Rory.
One of the best gifts I've gotten in Christmas😍 . In love with this shirt thank you Rory🙏
Andy Farrell backs Rory Best for leadership role, arguing he must be in the frame for the captaincy: htt…
Rory Best - Andy Farrell backs Ireland captain Rory Best to lead British and Irish Lions in New Zealand
Shane Byrne, Joe Schmidt & Rory Best are looking back on yesterday's win over the Aussies now
WATCH: Rory Best, Joe Schmidt, Josh van der Flier and Michael Cheika react to victory over Australia.…
Shane Byrne: We will only appreciate Rory Best when he’s gone
Rory Best wind ya neck in! Commentary in this game is as bad as Stuart Barnes!
Ireland ace Rory Best: Andy Farrell expects us to beat New Zealand again .
Rory Best, Andrew Trimble, Jared Payne, Craig Gilroy, Iain Henderson, Paddy Jackson and Luke Marshall have been named in Ireland's squad.
I sure hope this signifies a change in direction in modern "country" music! Time for to come home!
how does it feel to be the best Rory in the team? And also the shortest
Realizing my best friend and Rory Gilmore are basically the same person, minus eye color
Rory's best is the best. Tiger set the "consistency" bar so ridiculously high... But at their best, 1. Rory 2. Day 3. Spieth
best main card in UFC history too. So glad I was there
this was literally one of the best fights in UFC history.
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Rory's the best player but I think Jordan wants it more. I'm not convinced Jason Day will be there long term.
When they all play their best RORY and it isn't even close!
Right now it's Day, but in 30 years I think Rory ends with the best overall career.
Chris Stapleton & Joey + Rory Have The Best Selling Country Albums So Far in 2016. Surprise at best selling song too.
He looked at Rory, realising he hadn't explained anything. "She's been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember."
Rory's comments on 02x07 are the best
Felt like I couldn't breathe, you asked what's wrong with me. My best friend Lesley said, "Oh she's just being Rory"
Having to delete someone off Snapchat cos you don't want them to be your best friend on it😂
I can spot rory in any photo TRY ME as rory stan I gotta do my best
Ok Logan from Gilmore girls is the best boyfriend Rory ever had I stamp
division 3 twonks, owner of the best goal ever scored on Pro clubs...
Listening to will and Rory discuss wwe is the best thing ever
congrats on your first meeting back Rory, still reckon your bikes the best looking in the league
Lorelai and Rory's relationship is the best thing in the world 😢❤️
Way to go Michelle and Rory! Thank you Judge Ireland for a best of breed and Sporting Group 3 placement.
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Rory Ships(in order of best to worst). 1. Rory and Jess. 2. Rory and Tristan. 3. Rory and Logan. 4. Rory and literally anyo…
Kelsea and Rory. Best friends til the end. 🐴
Spieth? Out Rory? Out DJ? Out JD? Out.. Golf finally gets back in the olympics and the 4 best golfers in the world aren't even playing,
In this interview New York Times best-selling author, shares secrets to successful life management:
Sometimes all you NEED to say is THANK YOU.To the BEST EXAMPLE of a Leader, Brother, Friend. Looking forward to the Pha…
One year ago today & fought in the best fight I have ever seen.
the best of Sligo food will be on offer during the Sligo festival !!
It's actual still sinking in I seen Craig David n the Red Hot Chilli peppers b2b last night like that was up there with one of the best
if you're tired of the "Assad & IS are best friends" conspiracy theory, you're going to love this one.
Nice to be appreciated by one of the best 🙌🏾
bloody *** Rory I had no idea. Sending you all best wishes. And huge congrats on the new little one when s/he arrives..
I'm really enjoying the new , and I'm sad that Chris Evans is leaving. But Rory Reid is the best thing about the reboot by far.
Cheer up Rory its for the best. Loathesome was never up to it😢
"Interests of country best served by immediate appointment" of PM - withdraws. https…
Rory Stewart says Britain must make the best of Brexit via
Oh you have so much joy to come. That moment when Paris turns to Rory and says it's the best night she's ever had? The best.
By which she presumably means the best of the older series, with an emotional depth lacking in other candidates. https…
Best episode for me was The Girl Who Waited would've been a perfect end for Amy and Rory unfortunately we got that
I ran out of energy on best fiends. My life is pointless now
Rory McIlroy often overlooked in these types of things. Don't think he's the best but certainly up there.
Though I don't know if I would want Rory with Jess forever, they have both always encouraged each other to what the other was best at
Btw I'm not deluded, Messi is better. But Ronaldo deserves more respect than he is given. 2nd best ever.
also some of our best players have been bargain basement under Hughes like Arnie, Bojan
He was also the best player in the UCL last season.
"I saved my best friend from dying five times in one week." Max told Rory. "I got out of being drugged. I saved this --
Can't express how much I'm looking forward to Rory vs. Wonderboy on Saturday. One of the best fights possible in MMA today.
Hope it'll be a big contract for Rory. For Wonderboy, he'd eventually fight for a title. These 2 are the best, no shame in loss
Posting my Irish Selections tonight to ensure you's get the best value. A few strong fancies, as points will show. RTs appreciated . Rory*
do you think lorelai would really get married without rory? Her best friend and daughter that she's not currently mad at?
Rory is one of the best, dug me out of a hole today because I was pure 💩 at Ascot! Pleased with +8.4 for the day . Mike🏇
With the exception of Rory Best the rest of you have fierce strange looking noses!
I'm afraid even the best of the best are going to eat some humble pie on this course 🔪💀⛳
Pisscheck smh. From being touted as one of the best RBs in the world to doing Rory Delap smh
Shhh! It's the best ever secret! Rory's coming back with some new friends and old favourites in a magical new picture book. Launching soon.
didn’t know that the world's best golfer almost enrolled at East Tennessee State! .
Rory is who I consider to be the best fighter in the sport right now. Too bad he's Canadian.
yet again proving why he's not the best goalkeeper in England. Good strike from but Hart at fault.
One of the best things I've ever seen
Rory vs Lawler 2, if he can't change the dynamic. Thompson's striking is easily the best at WW
Just listen to the Rory Best and Bob bits - much better
Congratulations Rory Rankin, the student winner of the UAHS-prize for best heritage dissertation!
my mum said . 'Rory Best wouldn't stop playing '
Rory has the best club spin in golf.
That said, his era has given us my favourite Doctor in Matt Smith, and best Doc/Companion mix ever. 11/Amy/Rory.
Rory your sweet gentle face and adorable cheeks make me want to cry you are literally the best I love dogs and I love Rory
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Rory and Dean breakups ranked:. 1. Second, unquestionably the best. 2. First. 3. Third.
Can't believe he isn't going to bring the best midfielder in our country on. State of him.
Rory will benefit from the rain, he is the best wet course player maybe ever
Like Malak & Rapu, my best friend at school was very important to me. Give yours a shout-out!
Wilshere should be starting every game for England. He's our best midfielder. No idea what Hodgson is trying to achieve…
He's very good at getting up bit if Rory can secure a position it'll be tough. That's Rory's best path to victory.
How we have so many players coming into this tournament in such great form & Hodgson has failed to get the best out of them is disgraceful.
Meanwhile at Oakmont, the best player in the world, Rory McIlroy, is off to a great start. +2 after three holes. Oh.
best case scenario you get fired. Rory just chipped on the green instead of putting. I'd shoot 250 here on a good day
Rory has to sack up and bring out the driver.. Your the best driver of the golf ball on the tour.. Trust your swing and hit the ball
has a solid cast with Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid. Evans should be a sometimes host, he is best is small doses
If Rory is going to hit errant irons, he might as well hit driver. He's squandering his advantage in the best scoring conditions this week.
Rory McIlroy is a four-time major champion. But he nearly played college golf at a tiny school, in rural Tennessee
Meet the golf coach at a tiny college, in rural Tennessee, who once signed Rory McIlroy to a letter of intent
first, Anthony Joshua's face was the best part of the show 😂😍. Also Sabine 💁. Focus RS And Ferrari F12tdf 🔥🔥🔥. Rory's wordplay 🙌
Column: As Day 1 arrives, trepidation accompanies some of the world's best golfers, including Rory McIlroy.
Nice haircut rory. It makes u look bad *** :-) Wish u the best on Saturday !
A lot of Promotion 4 wonderboy, Ufc hve chosen their man it seems. Rory 3 best pound 4 pound my opinion
Ireland V South Africa . The team that we would select... 01) Jack McGrath . 02) Rory Best...
All-U.S. Open mailbag: Ranking the best possible storybook outcomes you'll leave happy even if you need an abacus …
seriously. I don't understand why people think that. Logan was the best to and for Rory. forever.
that's the best part, it's unbelievable out here man. You could literally do ANYTHING you want to do.
Dimitri Payet:. 2006: Working in a clothes shop 👔. 2016: one of the best players at
The captain Rory Best and Adriaan Strauss captain at coin toss
At is ready to show he's one of the best at 170. FULL VIDEO ➡️
Ireland captain Rory Best urges voters to back
Ireland rugby captain (and farmer) Rory Best comes out in support of a Remain vote in next week's EU Referendum
Ireland and Ulster rugby captain Rory Best has appealed for a remain vote next week. UUP MP Tom Elliott is taking a differ…
Ireland captain Rory Best urges voters to back Remain - Irish Times
Stephen Thompson: 'I'm prepared for the best Rory MacDonald'
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Rory Best says mental strength can be difference against Leinster (via Irish Times)
still going... Cool hand Luke Fitzgerald,Glen Garry Glen Mike Ross,Rory Best of the Best,
I was 15 minutes late for work.. Very unideal, traumatic isn't the word! Thanks for the concern, I appreciate it. Best, Anne
Should golfers lift? What kind of exercises is best for golf? All this and more on
Ireland V England. The team that we want to see... 01) Jack McGrath. 02) Rory Best. 03) Mike...
Best scene in Gilmore girls is definitely the episode where Logan and his friends fight over Rory in the middle of her clas…
Maybe the best argument to roll back the ball is from Rory himself...
On Gilmore Girls, which of Rory's boyfriends did you like the best (this is for science)
I’m a huge Rory fan, but Adam Scott’s swing is the best in the game, IMO
= They all put out those dead cheap best of Polydor albums in the 70s. Last song by Rory Gallagher
( Rory thought it was best for her to use her Onslaughted Arts & not the base Onslaught Abilities to bounce up in the —
.have earned their very first album...and more! DETAILS:
Rory missed this putt and lost the tournament, but I love this shot. 235 yard 5 wood to 10ft. Best swing in the game
Recapping Bubba’s win at Riviera, with thoughts on Jordan’s MC, Rory vs. Brandel and the best moments of the week.
What A Frustrating Sunday Means For Rory McIlroy: But the nature of competitive golf is that even the best pla...
One of the best bodybuilders to never turn pro: Rory Leidelmeyer (more in the comment section)
moreover, the combatants *are* widely known. It is one of the best documented wars ever due to its digitization
Gary Harkins has had more clubs than Rory McIlroy. . He's best ignored.
Dear Rory, what's the best way to contact you with regard to a story I may have for you?
Helen Yeadon from has been shortlisted for the Rory McDonald Community Award. We wish you the very best.
For all the things my eyes have seen, the best by far is you
Jess was Rory's best boyfriend they were so much alike and he helped her get out of her comfort zone to try new things so what if he was a
Many congratulations to Benedict Cumberbatch on his Best Actor win!
Rory and Jess the best gilmore girls ship
Jess gets along well with Paris who will ultimately be Rory's best friend. Just continuing to build my Why Jess repertoire for the reboot.
Incredible golf courses - 8 of the world's best My name is Rory Ryan and I work as Tour Planner for a
Ppl say “go big or go home” as if going home doesnt sound like the best idea ever??? i wanna go home & Im gonna take a…
Reminder: If Rory-Lawler hadn't happened, Dennis Bermudez vs Jeremy Stephens would've been the best fight of UFC 189 and maybe all of 2015.
Best moment was calling me Rory Pond in my Rory Williams
luke loved lorelai and rory so much.. lukes the best character I swear. he wins...
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Oh, they're ALL terrible. But I hated him the least. The best combo imo is Paris/Rory sooo
4. Rory Gilmore . she is the best smarty pants around and her diet was 👌🏼 but so mad she didn't marry Logan
Rory Best leading the Ireland team. Big win needed early in the Nations Championship.
My fav pic of Rory Best, rocks up at the club & just plays rugby with Portadown Panthers. No fuss & no difference https:/…
Keith Wood. Brian O'Driscoll. Paul O'Connell . Rory Best. . But if a drop in class, but he is the man for the job you'd hope
News | IE : Apart from one or two obvious exceptions - Rory Best and Jonathan Sexton coming to mind (although for…
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he's honestly the best 😍😍 I want him and Rory together already
Final: Attleboro 48 - Franklin 43. We are 4-0 and off to our best start since 1999.
Best thing ever that happened on the eurovision !
"Well you masked it so well with your general gloomy disposition" Rory & Paris are the best
is my best friend and NOBODY will come between us 💜
"I hope so too. Rory is one of the best. How did we not notice how bad he'd gotten?"
A classic film though preferred Doctor in the House myself. Cheesy 1950s comedy at its best.
You've got to hand it the GOP: they've been brilliant at getting poor people to vote against their own best interests.
Sia is an incredible vocalist, one of the best of this generation! .
Shumpert's fiancé gave birth this week and he helped to deliver the baby. He described it as 'the best assist I've ever recorded'
Not at all, ! You had a good teacher, so in composition, balance, exposure and depth of field of the very best shots it shows.
So far and I have come up with the best names: Rory, Idjit, Moose, Morgan Freeman, Gollum, Kanye West, Padfoot, and Dil Howlter
Und Rory/John was literally the best reverent ever xD
"Take the Stairs" is coming! Rory Vaden, New York Times best seller, will re-energize you!
Fun night bowling with last night. Prize winners Alfie, Connor and George best Xmas sweater Rory. Well done all
Best part of Christmas so far: 3 straight games of Pik-a-Stik with my grandson, Rory. (Pik-a-Stiks bought in 1958. Who needs anything else?)
Forever the best commentary of all time 😂😂😭💀
Jose Mourinho leaves Chelsea with the best points-per-match return in history. More: https…
- An utterly ludicrous decision. But if it wasn't for his sheer idiocy, Rory Best would have never made the 13 Lions tour...
Engaged Rory 'deserves to be happy' says Nadia: Nadia Forde has wished Rory McIlroy all the best on his recent…
Nice ichat with on yesterday. Wedding bells question best skipped!.
*wakes up from dream about Rory Gilmore being my best friend and starts crying*
I hope my daughter wants to be my best friend how Lorelei and Rory are in Gilmore girls 😍👭
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I decided dean is the best Rory boyfriend but also I'm only on season 3
lol Matthew Dellavedova is shooting 45.2% from three, 6th best in the NBA.
Rory is the best, Donna is the worst.
Happy birthday Rory, hope it's the best one yet man.
What happens at training, stays at training! Fun great morning! All the best Rory and Hannah, see…
You're on the other side of the world right now and hope you're having the best time. 7 years in friendship? More...
: Jase get Rory on, real fans view Chelsea have blown the future by sacking Mourinho via
When Eminem won Best Rap Album at the Grammys for The Eminem Show, he thanked all the MCs that inspired him.
I dunno, I was kind of surprised by the results for the best of Rory's boyfriends
Not the best way to get into the parent’s good books Rory. .
Jess won Rory's best boyfriend, which I expected. Thought there would be more difference between Logan & Dean
but one of the best moments came at the 7:30 mark, when Rory didn't ... McIlroy also to...
There's 20 minutes left in this poll for Rory's best boyfriend if you want to try & pull of an upset
Yeah... I agree. It wouldn't be the BEST option for the show in general, but if they're committed to giving Rory a new love -
Literally speechless, best and favourite manager we've had. This is it, he's gone. No third region. Chelsea/Mourinho fi…
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"I think—I think, for me, nuclear is just the power, the devastation is very important to me." is best sentence ever uttered in english.
would be a better idea to get Rory Best on tackling duties
Welcome! What is the best social media advice you have received?
Sometimes your best is just not good enough 😕
Birthday card from Rory. I have the best boyfriend... 😒😂
day 4: best transformation . BAMBAM GLO'D TF UP . dt: rory & andie . (Vine by
I did see that you had a special early visit from Santa mate, good work 😉 You too Rory, all the best from IP8!
My best friend is going to college aye
thanks Rory, much appreciated. Best to you
Rory Story with the Voices 😂😂😂 Crazy Hilarious !! & J cole lyric had me Dying .Yall the Best
Rory Best want to captain of Ireland - Belfast Telegraph
Ulster rest Rory Best for visit of Edinburgh, Iain Henderson in back row; Luke Marshall returns at centre; Rory Scholes on wing.
RuckMe: The tougher the better says Best: Rory Best has been around the block in European club rugby since mak...
Catch Players Iain Henderson, Paddy Jackson & Rory Best at the Store this Thursday, 7-8pm!
Ulster's Jared Payne misses out on due to injury. Rory Best and Tommy Bowe start, Iain Henderson and Chris Henry on bench
Manchester United are no different, with the worlds best sprinter Usain Bolt and the wo...
New post: Great coupons and deals like Video Games, Including Mortal Kombat X, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour and More at
Rory just gave me the biggest hug this is the best bday ever!
What has been the best game of 2015 so far? . Batman? Lego Jurassic? Rory McIlroy? Gears of War? The Witcher? Project Cars? Battlefield?
Hi Rory, thx 4 the follow, will follow u 2. Ever tryout Last Comic Standing? Best wishes 4 u. in all u do.
I want to clean out my closet but Gilmore girls is on. and it’s early Rory and Logan episodes which are the best. decisions decisions.
She and Rory might become best friends. Playdate soon?
AMAZING: The best fan footage goals recorded.
ALUMNI WATCH: Rory and the look to get ahead in Game 5 tonight as best-of-7 series w/ is tied at 2
Hi Rory! Sorry if you feel this way. Would request you please share the best time to call you to discuss the same. ^RR
What a legend Rory Best now this man has Creed. Thanks for visiting
Happy birthday to my best friend since 8th grade enjoy your day bud 💓💓
Great to be back in Oakfield this morning for my first assembly of the new year - also had a coffee beside Rory Best afterwards! Nice :)
Former world number 1 Rory McIlroy thinks Manchester United aren't under the best with LVG.
Who is the best? Well, it's complicated. Rory McIlroy will return to the top of golf's ...
Hi Rory! Sorry for your recent experience. Please share the best time to contact you so that we can help. Thanks ^RR
It is a highly complex affair. I think in UK there is a recognition of it despite best efforts. It will never been an Iraq II.
There are a lot of good reasons to support But the best might be that *** Cheney's against it.
best player in the world by far is Rory. If you dont agree lets hear it
Making my way through Scandal on Netflix, and Rory Gilmore's friends really don't have the best luck on that show.
'We originally included a different quote for number 22 that was actually said by Paris, one of Rory’s best friends.’ h…
I don't care what you say. The Dean and Rory episodes are the best
agree Cilic prob flattered here but Novak nowhere near best as Rory says.
Best player on the pitch plays for Stoke
Delph doing his best Sam Saunders impression
Very best of luck to tomorrow, a pleasure to see him and these gracing Trent Bridge! ht…
"stop by and say to John Smith on ur way back. Lol"Lol..we're on a bus. ..he's one of the all time best in SC
so when Lorelai yells "RORY IS THE SWEETEST BEST ANGEL CHERUB IN THE WORLD!!1!!!1!!!" it's clear she just has severely junked-up perceptions
The best reaction after a shirt pull .. 😂😂
Jordan Spieth is once again the best player in golf, but not for long...
MT Procrastinate on Purpose by is 1 of the best personal productivity books I’ve read in the last 2 yrs. Buy it!
Highly successful golfing summer for Rory - below par in the best possible way!!!
is gonna be the best concert of tour- it's the last American show, day before nialls 22, we bought him a guita…
Ministerial statement: Stewart "The Thames Tideway Tunnel is an example of world leading British engineering at its best" Imbecile!
Rory was the best companion fite me
'Justice Day has been running in some of the best sprint races. This is much more realistic for him' says Rory. Dave Driver naps.
Rory is one of Rooney's best mates. Maybe he's just saying what Rooney shared with him. Maybe. Just maybe.
Hi Rory!I tried calling you with no success, please let me know the best time to call you. Thanks ^RR
Hall award for Best Presentation 2015 was given to Rory O’Connor of Irdeto
Can't wait for another season of NFL w/ y'all Still mind blown how made the team. 4th string presenter @ best
Dr Rory Ridley-Duff and Dr Mike Bull each win a best paper in track award at
all parts including Rory are best parts, but I gotta argue this was the best
Rory is seriously one of the best guy friends over ever had (minus tron of course)
PGA is lucky that when Tiger died they got Spieth, Day, Rory, & the best, Rickie 🍊🔫
I personally thing best girl is who's in your pic. Rory is...just fantastic.
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Golf media kills me. One day Rory is the best, then Tiger is coming back, then Speith is the chosen one and now Ricky thrives under pressure
best fight of the year you are a warrior period. Heal up and go get them
Look, I listen to a lot of songs, and if you haven't listened to Rory by Foxing you're missing out on one of the best songs
cheers Rory. Just followed your page. Best of luck with it. Looks like you're flying it already! 👍
Class Act - golf is in the best spot since Tiger in the early 2000's
River Song was the best. *sigh* but know what? So was Rory. Forget 10/Rose drama, the boy who waited is the most romantic thing.
Rory McIlroy on the world No. 1 ranking: "People aren't blind. They can see who's playing the best golf -- and right no…
The 25 best lines from Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls
It was great meeting you! Best Dragoncon 2015 moment! :D Had to finally get a photo as Rory with you!
yes. That's basically the best without getting too expensive for no reason. Why are you buying sheets? Why does it matter?
Nice read from Peter O'Mahony on this lineout. Rory Best covering Youngs too. Mike Ross racing to get onside.
Congratulations to Rory Best, Iain Henderson, Chris Henry, Tommy Bowe, Paddy Jackson, Darren Cave, and Jared Payne for mak…
Exclusive interview with Rory Best on Grand Slam hurt, getting over Cardiff & getting back on the horse
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