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Roosevelt High

U.S. Route 6 (US 6), also called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, a name that honors an American Civil War veterans association, is a main route of the U.S.

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High School Senior Photo Session - "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." . - Eleanor Roosevelt
We're hiring a GEAR UP Iowa Coach for Roosevelt High School! For more information visit our website:
“A perfectly stupid race can never rise to..high plane; the *** .. has been kept lack of intellect" T. Roosevelt
We had a Great time at Eleanor Roosevelt High School today supporting
n World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration elevated the spirit of sacrifice to a high art. Some...
President Roosevelt your expectations are too high for us, we cant do anything about the Japaneses bombing Pearl Harbor beca…
Can anyone do like a live stream for Roosevelt High School football so that I could watch my little brother play.. thanks 🤙🏻
Morning everyone have blessed day! But remember tomorrow is Puttin on the Funk tour, we're Roosevelt High School wa…
School based health centers. Grateful for at Roosevelt & at Hodgen .
Normandy, Jennings, Roosevelt HSs have health clinics on site. and turn research into action.
There are a lot of '10th anniversary of the financial crisis' takes around. This by sets a high bar: http…
I've just posted on my blog: APC Chairman Under Probe Over Alleged High-Handedness, Finances
Terrible damage to brand-new high school, blamed on visiting teens: $300,000 damage to Roosevelt High by
I'm at Roosevelt High School soccer field in Portland, OR
DC teen threatens to shoot up Eleanor Roosevelt High School.
I wonder if we ever had our 10 year reunion for our Roosevelt High School lol if so I may have missed it lol and...
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last Mahler 2 performance tomorrow 4pm at Roosevelt High School in Fresno, it'll be lit
Same way the Joker just waltzed into Woodrow Roosevelt High School in
The Boss and I at the 52 Commencement Ceremony for Roosevelt High School! CONGRATS CLASS OF 2016!
Reddit: I'm looking for anyone who was at a place called High Peaks in Roosevelt, UT. Specifically around Jul...
Today's the big day! Come see our 5th annual recital at FD Roosevelt High School
It was great seeing all these people from the Roosevelt High School
I would like to congratulate Roosevelt High School's Class of 2016 on graduating today.
Roosevelt High School art inspired by exhibition:
How about the high school he goes to? Relevant? Or nah?
Roosevelt High School and the steps I stood on have a history of…
📷 inthedarktrees: Training in marksmanship helps girls at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, Calif.,...
Still completely stunned that a kid threatened to shoot up Roosevelt because a girl broke up with him smh
Nathan Hale and Roosevelt are the 2 closest for U-district high schools.
He threatened to shoot up her home, Eleanor Roosevelt High School & her mom's job.bc she didn't wanna date him. Sigh.
I remember at Roosevelt high after I won my rap battle n the school went crazy. I lost my CD player with the 50...
"where we're known as the school with the sex tape" - Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Make today count. Still plenty of time. @ Theodore Roosevelt High School (Des Moines)
Franklin D. Roosevelt High School graduation candidates: The following students are candidates for graduation...
No bad break, no mistake you’ve made has changed who you are. You are still a child of the Most High God.
Roosevelt has it all, from public parks, to shopping, to one of the best high schools in WA State!
When you see the teacher in high school who said you would never make it because you didn't know Mathematics.
Congratulations winner: Joe Fuertsch, Eleanor Roosevelt High School! Thanks for visiting us at
You never know the stories of these DCPS kids! Here is one from our sister school, Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. High School
Visited the outstanding schools of Keys Grace Academy and Roosevelt High School. Keys Grace academy is a...
leader and recent Roosevelt High School graduate Jamie Adams talks about importance of an
You've got today. Use it. Embrace it. @ Theodore Roosevelt High School (Des Moines)
Rider Root Beer on sale today from 10-1 at TRHS parking lot. @ Theodore Roosevelt High School
Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance to the people. Roosevelt
Breitbart has external links to the examples.
For me personally the high point of the for USMNT was the fan who consistently dressed as Teddy Roosevelt.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
If you went to Eleanor Roosevelt High School I don't want you. I promise.
horn lake coach paid a citizen (female ) to have me whacked the Roosevelt High School issue was the problem
remember when I messed my shoulder up in high school?
Another view from the top of high-rise passive house residential building on Roosevelt Island
Congrats also to Roosevelt High School and Johnson High school on advancing with us. Great work all around!
u-city high school is getting worse by the year. They aren't much better than Roosevelt HS which is pretty *** bad
Getting ready for the Pep Rally at Roosevelt high!!
From the archives - SDOT Studying High Capacity Transit for the Roosevelt Corridor
Marc Arenas, a senior at Roosevelt High School, speaks about the impact has made in his…
Fresno High Female Athlete of the Week Golfer Elizabeth Powell! Elizabeth lead the team to a victory over Roosevelt!
I found it weird how a kid that's in high school came up to me an told me yo you was that dude in Roosevelt I remember going to your games
Roosevelt High School students walk out to protest cuts
PSA: eureka by Roosevelt High School there is a speed trap set up.
Did you all heard that Roosevelt High School is becoming ghetto.
"You can't take our education," a Roosevelt High student yells from the crowd.
Do not let the fact that you can't vote yet keep you from participating in this election.
On Monday we visited the Lincoln and Roosevelt High School GSAs and today off to Scavo. What a week!
The Eleanor Roosevelt High School Class Council is at the main gate to greet students that walked to…
Great video Looks like a great place to be!
Roosevelt High School students walk out to cuts:
I just read my old love letter when i was at high school and that was freakin horrifying
Hailey's new school is Roosevelt High and their mascot is the Rough Riders. . I wonder what % of that high school even knows who they were.
Danielle Green, alum of Albany Park's Roosevelt High, former ND hoopster and vet, named Pat Tillman winner at
Community members appeal to new board to expand STEM space at Roosevelt High
Eleanor Roosevelt Raiders vs Duval Tigers for the battle of 193 tonight at Duval High School at 5 : 30 and 7 pm
Dozens of students, along with local volunteers, turned out to spruce up Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights as part of a longstanding Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tradition.
Arrest made after $10,000 in laptops stolen from Roosevelt High School |
High School Seniors: Checkout and Apply for the Achievers Scholarship Program! by...
Production high golfing roosevelt day in transit to elaborate great relationships: SYFWOemL
United we stand, divided we fall! . Tomorrow night at Hoover Boys Basketball takes on Roosevelt High. Game Times: 3:30pm, 5pm, 6:30pm
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Volunteers makeover Roosevelt High School for an tradition hosted by via
More than 100 students and volunteers gathered to celebrate of service by giving Roosevelt High School a...
Both Democratic & Republican administrations from Roosevelt to Nixon supported enormously high taxes on the wealthy.
More than 120 volunteers joined for Roosevelt High's annual clean up for
Our partnership school Theodore Roosevelt High School recognized on National Register of Historic Places
Workers for the David Carlson Roofing Co. prepare the roof on Rockford's Roosevelt Junior High School.
We can't wait to see you Feb 14th at Roosevelt High School for nErDcampSA
Gang thug under arrest in 3 A.M. theft at Roosevelt High School today.
Central, Roosevelt and Port Huron High are on lock down due to the Talmer Bank robbery, via Lock down is a precaution.
Live basketball tonight: Watch the action as Lincoln High girls host Roosevelt. Tip-off is at 7.
Volunteers celebrate MLK Day with a Roosevelt High clean up
Volunteers makeover Roosevelt High School as part of MLK Day tradition
Watch Mark Gbalenchey in Lincoln High School and Roosevelt High's match-up on
One last thanks to Roosevelt High School for inviting
2hrs away from that hitting the Roosevelt High School campus
Students return to Roosevelt High in after fire alarms chase them from school. (via
JUST IN - Portland Fire reports: Smoke from a vent inside the gym at Roosevelt High. School has been evacuated
Registration still open. Come out and support. @ Roosevelt High School
Awesome group this morning for the first running clinic of season. Next Saturday Roosevelt High 7am New Workout
Good morning everyone! This past week has been very productive. Contacts were made at the Ray Wilson event at Roosevelt High School and discussions have started. Your support of this endeavor has been a great asset. Thank you and have a great weekend!
Doubleheader today against High Point and Bladensburg!!! We got to pick up our game and start playing Roosevelt Baseball! We work too hard!!
What school, city, and year did everyone graduate? I'll start..Roosevelt High School, Wyandotte, class of 1984
Oh great two people seen bad in the media and they gotta be from east los/ Boyle Heights area. Lucky I went to Garfield like Oscar de la Hoya and that one UFC fighter just passed and not Roosevelt High like them. Ha!
You Walking...Running...or What? Lol...Don't meet me...Beat me...There;-) @ Roosevelt High School
Kent Theodore Roosevelt High School.. oh man.. how everything about you makes me want to puke. It sickens me.
KWMU Radio: Roosevelt High School students are taking donated pews from Congregation Temple...
This is the Eleanor Roosevelt High School gospel choir. Very talented kids!
San Joaquin River parway: Gary Soto with music by Roosevelt High School Latin Jazz and Mariachi Bands Thursday 29 May 2014, 06:00pm - 08:00pm.. The River Parkway is pleased to welcome Fresno native Gary Soto to River Center for a wonderful evening of literature and music. Gary Soto, born April 12, 1952, was raised in Fresno, California. He is the author of eleven poetry collections for adults, most notably New and Selected Poems, a 1995 finalist for both the Los Angeles Times Book Award and the National Book Award. His poems have appeared in many literary magazines, including Ploughshares, Michigan Quarterly, Poetry International,and Poetry, which has honored him with the Bess Hokin Prize and the Levin son Award and by featuring him in the interview series Poets in Person.He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation. For ITVS, he produced the film “The Pool Party,” which received the 1993 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Film Excellence. In 1997, because ...
Fresno, CA - Newly registered voter at Roosevelt High School today! Congratulations Erika!
It was such a privilege to work with Roosevelt High this week. Those students all have a bright future in journalism if they want it!
Shout out to the advanced journalism students at Roosevelt High School—their multimedia projects kicked *** today!
Temple Israel gift to Roosevelt H.S. enhances learning for all
Roosevelt High students aim to spark learning with donated pews: by
I'm not in high school and I STILL HATE Kent Roosevelt with all my heart
The Roosevelt High School Foundation provides funds or support for students and alumni.
Sponsored by Arthritis Pain & Associates. SPONSOR the Arthritis Walk on 5/3 @ Eleanor Roosevelt High for info email: arthpain3
Yesterday was a good day, I got to stop by and visit my friend Jimmy Bell and Lindsay Fry at BB Tees. Lindsay was the VERY FIRST person I met in San Antonio the day I moved here 1981. And he has stood the test of time as still being the coolest and most talented person I have had the pleasure of knowing. Today my daughter Sonterra will be dancing at Roosevelt High School with The Cavaliers. (She was accepted into next years Cavaliers for her first year of High School and is starting to practice now) Sonia and I can't wait to see her perform with her friends. Have a great weekend everyone and be safe. Please, consider turning off your phones before entering your car and driving. ~ Terryball
This is a page to celebrate and support Latin at Roosevelt High School!
For subscribers: Joe Watts hits three home runs to lead Kent Roosevelt baseball to win over Crestwood and more High School Sports
I must confess, I'm not 109. But I'm in my sixties. Like so many of my classmates. Gary Roosevelt High School, Class of 1972. We are blessed!
V.Stiviano, Donald Sterling and his wife are all graduates of Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles.
Illinois High School Player of the Year, UIC transfer Evan Trychta signs with Roosevelt Men's Soccer. Glad to... - htt…
Donald Sterling has some East L.A. roots. Moved from Chicago to Boyle Heights and attended Roosevelt High School.
Set for the next few weeks. jcframed @ Roosevelt High…
Speaking of shows: check out Roosevelt High School's 7th Annual Senior Shorts! Their senior-directed one-act play festival is next Thursday, May 8 at 7:00 P.M. at the RHS Main Stage Studio (auditorium backstage). Seating is limited to 50, so arrive early to secure a seat. Tickets are only $5.
America is still far from post-racial! Donald Sterling graduated from Roosevelt High in L.A. This bigot is a miserable failure of the public education system! And I'm sure he's raised his children to think like him. We still need Affirmative Action as long as there are bigots like him around.
Don't forgot to join us tomorrow morning at Eleanor Roosevelt High School at 9am for the Alzheimer's Walk! We're in the community!
Former Roosevelt star Holly Borchers hired to coach Riders.
Roosevelt got elite to help fund war through high marginal taxation (& they were willing). Not any longer!
"Roosevelt High School Must bring back some good memories. Love old pics.
Ok so she did go to Roosevelt
Dang. Wedding Singer: The Musical was pretty great. I highly recommend you head down to Roosevelt High tomorrow and see it.
School for the Talented and Gifted named nation's best high school for 3rd consecutive year The School for the Talented and Gifted has been named the best high school in the nation for the third consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report. Two other Dallas Independent School District campuses joined it in the top 10 of the annual rankings. Overall, nine Dallas ISD schools, including five based at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center, are ranked among the top 1,660 high school schools in America and the top 200 in the state. Each of the three schools earned the “gold medal” designation for demonstrating the highest college readiness, placing them among the top 500 in the nation. The following Dallas ISD schools also earned a gold medal: • Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts - No. 139 in the nation (No. 21 in Texas) • Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet** – No. 166 in the nation (No. 24 in Texas) Four Dallas ISD campuses earned a “silver medal” for high performanc ...
I think Grampy Bud would have been mighty proud to see his grandaughter letter at his alma mater. Some 70 years after he graduated from Roosevelt High School.
2 minutes to Final Bidding for the '72 Roosevelt Dime in pretty Mint State - niner26 is High Bidder at $0.01
Congratulations to all who support The Boys of Belvedere charity organization. We are happy to announce that we will be giving 12 scholarships to James A. Garfield High School On May 8,5pm. We are giving 5 scholarships to Roosevelt High School On May 15, 5pm. Also receiving scholarships are Montebello High School which will be getting 4, on June 4 at 5pm. Shurr High School will also receive 2 scholarships this year. Thank you for your support in getting 23 scholarships to these deserving seniors at these four High Schools. Hector Flores Vice President Boys of belvedere
Everything happens in 3s Donald Sterling his wife and his mistress all went to Roosevelt High.
Photo shoot update...4pm this Saturday. We'll meet in front on Roosevelt High School on Polk Boulevard. Very excited that Bill Nellans is our photographer!
Moses' Impressions: "Donald Sterling alias Donald Tokowitz (who legally added Sterling as his last name as an adult) was born in 1934 in Chicago, Illinois. He and his family moved to the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles when he was two years old. His parents, Susan and Mickey, were Ashkenazic Jewish immigrants. He attended Theodore Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, where he was on the school's gymnastics team and served as class president; he graduated in 1952. He next attended California State University, Los Angeles (Class of 1956) and Southwestern University School of Law (Class of 1960) in Los Angeles." Moses' Note: Mr. Sterling Tokowitz although branded a racist by the social media, is no different than other avowed neo-Nazi’s and I offer the following Wikipedia definitions from which to choose the most accurate description of Mr. Tokowitz/Sterling, i.e., "1. A member of a modern-day movement that promotes the idea that a supposed race of Aryans is superior to all others and that genocide is j ...
I'm looking for my best friends at dodge Park Landover Maryland King Square Apartments hello 33 03 dodge Park Landover Maryland Eleanor Roosevelt High School Greenbelt Maryland. Looking for and Johnson and Lisa Nelson and must be up at Upper Marlboro. And have 5 kids how boyfriend name was James. Lisa Nilsson have one sister featured in NBC s Science of Love
Nice to hear that Roosevelt High School Drama is doing Kiss Me, Kate this year. Would like to see how well they pull it off. Too bad I missed Beauty and the Beast last year.
Cheyenne Mountain High School makes me hate Roosevelt. They have a tennis team. I want a tennis team.
HFWH is sponsoring a movie night to show appreciation for the families of all our fire, EMS and police officers. All are welcome to attend. May 22nd at Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte. Please click on the link for more details and to register. Feel free to post this link on your personal FB page as well.
Has anyone ever seen this house on Mott Street across the street from Roosevelt High; this was once the Neighborhood Music School back in the day.
Gene Dean is keeping it real. An English teacher at Roosevelt High in Boyle Heights for the last nine years, he doesn’t toe anybody’s party line. “What are the stories mainstream media tells about ...
I think all Roosevelt High School aumi fuctions should run thru this group if this group is a non-profit as far as the monies go. It looks like this group is a kick to get back on track.. I see there has not much going on here is this group dead hope this group will work out better as time goes by
Team "MusInk" from Roosevelt High School get to work on their prototype 9 days before BPC--and had lots of fun...
Stopped by Whole Foods on Roosevelt Road in Chicago, Prices are HIGH for poor people!
we had them end of the year parties at Roosevelt.
Heck of a coincidence that Donald Sterling, his wife and his girl friend all attended the same LA high school. .. Roosevelt High in East LA.
Had an awesome morning talking to the SGA of Eleanor Roosevelt High School about college life with my fellow execs of
😳Roosevelt not even a high school so how tf is that even in the category?
Donald Sterling went to Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights
Sterling and Stiviano are both from Boyle Heights and Roosevelt High alumni..OMG..
Archie Bunker is still in high school?? Send him to Roosevelt High they will kill him off.
Update your maps at Navteq
double header Softball action...Roosevelt High, where you Rough Riders at!
Roosevelt High allowed to use iPads after two-month hiatus: Two months after losing iPads because of a securit...
Ok Maryann Strumberger Kuehl, didn’t realize what I was getting into, but nothing ventured, nothing gain and I’ll accept your I guess I should warn everyone who replies to this post that they in turn will have to list a specific (how many? That’s up to me) number of things about them that are not well-known! 1. When I was 7, I once cornered a kitten inside a log and stoned it nearly to death. (No, I am not trying to brag – don’t call PETA on me! Remember, I was only 7!) 2. I spent 4 years in catholic school which made a tremendous impact on my development and where also was fortunate to know Jennifer Thomas (Costin), Maria Troy, Rose Mary Rosado, and David Strama, among others 3. I was scheduled to attend Gordon Tech but fate brought me to Roosevelt High where my three best friends end up being Greg Reifsteck, Adnan Shamoon and Ewa Risley ((Dudkiewicz). It’s true what they say I guess that you never appreciate the people or moments when you experience them. Time never stands still… 4. Superm ...
Join us tomorrow evening at 19:00 at Roosevelt High for Joburg's Amplified, Youth and Student ministry launch.
Roosevelt High students celebrate publication of school's first book at Heathman Hotel: Roosevelt High's writing...
Sat, 1934-06-30 Ted Ross, an African-American entertainer, was born on this date in 1934. Theodore “Ted” Ross was from Zanesville, Ohio, but his mother, Elizabeth Russell, a nightclub singer in the 1920s and 1930s, moved the family to Dayton when young Ross was seven. He loved the clubs on West Fifth Street--Dayton’s answer to Harlem in the first half of the 20th century. While in junior high, Ross, who was big for his age, would dress up and strut into the Owl Club and The Palace Theater's Midnight Rambles to see great acts such as Duke Ellington. His nightclub exploits as a teenager weren't very popular at home. He quit Roosevelt High in 1950 and enlisted in the Air Force. Two years later at 18, Theodore Ross Roberts entered an amateur night contest at the Top Hat bar on Germantown Street. Home on furlough, he sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," won $5 that night and found his calling. After leaving the military, Ross worked his way from Great Falls, Montana, to a strip bar in Los Angeles as a sing ...
Class of 1984. EC Roosevelt High we r going to be having r 30 yr Class Reunion. Wow ! Already. Can't wait
Today my life beginss/.\ -Out to the real world Roosevelt High skool C/2013!❤✌ Once A Rough Rider, Always a Rough Rider !
Health Care Town Hall June12 @ 6:30 @ Roosevelt High to discuss the implementation of the Affordable Care Act & MD Hlth Exch.
Seattle's Roosevelt High jazz band places third in Essentially Ellington competition in NYC.
The Portland Observer on Roosevelt High's attempts to clean up that North Portland air:
yesterday my mother called me as she usually does 3 or 4 times a day and always when I am busy. She said someone left a message on there voice mail for me that sounded urgent My parents have had the same phone number for 50 years. She said Kevin Sullivan called I haven't talked to Kevin in over 40 years he was a good friend from Roosevelt High School My first thought was dang someone must have died I called Kevin as soon as I hung up with Mom. His first words to me were Alvin Lee is dead. He laughed and said do you remember when we took my mom's station wagon to go see him at the Paramount it was 1971. I laughed and replied I sure do Alvin was wearing a blue jersey with a big yellow 10 he ripped it off and threw it in the crowd and Mike Winterburg caught it. I also remember being at a after school keg party around that time I believe it was at the Reins in Lauralhurst There were speakers hanging out of the upstairs windows all of a sudden I'm going home came on Alvin's most famous song them *** jumped ...
I'm finally going to attend my 1st class reunion - Roosevelt High's 50th - Class of 1963!!!
How come Roosevelt High School has a tennis court, swimming pool and Marshall does not? 😒
Talented students at Roosevelt High in Boyle Heights. They will lose 15 days of school if Prop 30 fails. Vote!
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Roosevelt High teacher dies from heart attack Sunday | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs
Our strong band can ne'er be broken, form'd in Roosevelt High. Far surpassing wealth unspoken, seal'd by friendship's tie. Alma Mater, Alma Mater. Deep graven on each heart, shall be found unwav'ring true, when we from life shall part. So proud to be a Roosevelt Rough Rider and so proud of my team for fighting 'till the end last night.
My mother went to see Mahalia Jackson sing when she came to East Chicago, Indiana. She performed at Roosevelt High. This was in the 50s. I was very young and didn't know I was in the presence of royality. I know now and cherish that moment.
Video entry from Roosevelt High for Hot Shots Video Contest Vote for your favorite at
I am looking for several pasta makers to donate to Roosevelt High's nutrition department. According to my daughter they all broke and the teacher was in tears. If you would like to dust yours off and donate it I will pick it up on the Des Moines area. :-) thanks!
Spent 3 days on an extended Girl's weekend away. Stayed at Embassy Suites with good friends from Roosevelt High (and Folwell Jr High, Girl Scouts...). Saturday night- Roosevelt Class of '72 Reunion- 40 years! Where did the years go?? And who are all these "old" people with gray hair? It was more fun than I expected it to be.
Ruben Van Kempen has been at the helm of Roosevelt High's drama program for 30 years, sent plenty of young actors into the world and garnered many awards. He'll get yet another honor as he is inducted into the Educational Theatre Association's Hall of Fame.
I was watching "Inside the Actors Studio" and Eddie Murphy was the guest. He quoted his yearbook and though I'm sure there are variations of this quote its POWERFUL none the less... “In reality, all men are sculptors constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives, trying to create their idea of the masterpiece.” —Roosevelt High yearbook quote by Eddie Murphy Some of us feel our Masterpieces are a "RUSH JOB" when in fact they may take up to a lifetime to complete. Sculptors, take PRIDE in your work and strive to make perfect YOUR vision of the Masterpiece you will call YOUR LIFE! Don't allow ANYONE to set parameters and boundaries on your Sculpture. Create, Innovate on a Higher level...
On of the speakers, Anthony Villaraigosa, at the DNC who attempted to put the word "God" back into the convection was booed by the mob of conventioneers. This man fits the Democrat's profiles He faIled four times but claimed he had approval. For many years Villaraigosa has been a close friend of Gilbert Cedillo, who he met at Los Angeles’ Roosevelt High. Through an Upward Bound program, Cedillo was accepted at UCLA, Villaraigosa went to East Los Angeles College and then transferred to UCLA. The friends both became active in Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan or MEChA, a radical Chicano seperatist group with a strong Marxist-Leninist underpinning. Both attended the Peoples College of Law, a night school dedicated to producing public-interest lawyers. (Villaraigosa took the bar exam four times, but never passed).
Didn't go to Roosevelt High, but I went to Franklin High in Highland Park. But! Oscar's dad (Joel) was my mom's first wife in 1963 until they got divorced in 1970.
Everyone in Sioux Falls today needs to come Roosevelt High and get there carwash it will help out marching band
It is sad how those on the top take advantage of those on the bottom; I am speaking about Roosevelt High. How can you motivate students who don't want to be motivated? It was only a minority of students who wanted to really study and see education as a way to advance upward in society. The Roosevelt Community has long changed from what it use to be; this is the case throughout most of the inner cities in America. The Black middle class began to leave cities in the 1980s, and this of course changed the composition of the cities. Theretofore, this explains what is taking place in the cities and how the powers that be are exploiting it for their own gain. This has always been the compelling case and practice in American society; African Americans and American Indians have always suffered the negative consequences of these actions. Today, those who are in power in public education are now exploiting education and making it a business effort as opposed to a public right. The No Child Left Behind Law wa ...
I went to Roosevelt High. Home of the Rough Riders. LoL
Maybe I missed it on the news a couple days ago about what's going on at Roosevelt High School in the Los Angeles area, not that they deserve and publicity but I hope this don't happen in my area. Well I was listening to a program on EWTN on friday night called World over live and come to hear that this high school in LA set up a planned parenthood clinic on the high school campus!!! What is happening in the world now a for reals you got to be kidding me, what is next an abortion clinic on campus! What are the school board in that district thinking.This is really wrong I think that's my opinion... We as parents have to talk to our children about abstinence boy and girls learn to respect one another and our girls show them that they guy only gets as far as the girl lets him, lust is not love and don't last forever.
Before I forget with the big parade coming up in Portland. The Gman marched in four of those marvelous Rose Festtivals rain or shine events as a pround member of the Roosevelt High marching band as a drummer. A 6 mile hike. Don't know what it is today. Can't think of many people who've done that except my Billie Girl. What a sight in her white high high heel boots twirlling her baton.
Roosevelt High marching band practices in my neighborhood every day. Man, I love this place. Go Rough Riders!
Just found out that my son Bryan and the Bridges 2 Harmony choir from T. Roosevelt High are going to sing the National Anthem for the Presidents visit to Des Moines on Thursday!! I didn't vote for the guy but you still gotta admit that's pretty COOL!!!
thanks all for my great BDAY! LaKesha Davis, yo *** is banned from Roosevelt High shool lofts.we cant have all you rowdy Blacks actin a fool out here! LOL I BBQ'd for everyone and we had an awesome lil block party. LOVE MY LIFE
Spotlight shines on Ben Silbermann, CEO and Roosevelt High grad:
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