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Roosevelt Field

Roosevelt Field was originally an airfield in Garden City, Nassau County, New York.

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While a construction team is rebuilding my shoe wall. Does anyone understand how SMALL Pacsun in Roosevelt Field is.
I gotta get out of Roosevelt field get back to the trenches they said they need me
They took Potatotopia out of the Roosevelt Field Mall. RUDE
Glenn hits Roosevelt for 17. Crapigna is on for a 34-yard field-goal try.
. Roosevelt Field Mall NY. Come all the time. Always amazing. Here for lunch - awful -service &veg spring tasting. Disappointed!
Our week was beyond exciting - Feast of St. Francis, a field trip to Roosevelt Island, and the creation of a gorgeous, giant mosaic!
performs at 4:15, but many other fine bands take the field throughout the day, beginning with host Rooseve…
After the Donovan Kong fumble Roosevelt drives down the field 70 yd capped off by a zone diving run by none other t…
Centennial now leads 28-7. They’re methodically moving down the field on Roosevelt.
1Q: Madison defense holds strong vs Roosevelt & gives the offense great field position! 2nd TOUCHDOWN for the Mavs! 13-0 Mavs!
James Page's third field goal of the game, a 28-yarder, gives East a 16-13 lead over DM Roosevelt with 6:12 left in 3rd quarter.
get Rick Nash to do a Roosevelt Field signing please!
Come chill with the GOAT boys at Roosevelt Field Mall this weekend!! Selling shirts…
Congrats Kougs for their first round district win over Roosevelt. District championship game tomorrow at Tony LaRussa field at 4:15.
Our Centennial Celebration Field Day is underway and looks like everyone is having a great time!
u don’t remember me we met at Steiner Sports in Roosevelt field I would like to interview u for my school new…
Even on field day, we take time to serve others. Making holiday cards to celebrate & all the worke…
in 1930 Laura Ingalls departed Roosevelt Field in NY to begin the first ever transcontinental flight by a woma…
The O line finally takes the field. Miscues on a couple of throws and Roosevelt scores 3-2
$5.00 movie night! (@ AMC Loews Roosevelt Field 8 - for Kingsman: The Golden Circle in Garden City, NY)
When you go to Brooklyn, hit up Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. Please. I'd cry.
You can give to Hurricane Victims today. CBC's Oct 4th event is at Havana Central Roosevelt Field Mall 6PM - 8PM-
any chance of a bike lane on Morley Field Drive to connect Roosevelt Middle School and
Good to hear Roosevelt back on the field.must be looking at early pull from the 6 game!
Naaman Roosevelt is on the field with the Roughriders this morning in Ottawa.
h\e 1st time-1/A man will spend a long time in jail for a botched armed robbery at a mall in 2015
I hope they just build a Hillstone's at Roosevelt field where Houston's used to be
Someone tell me why I just saw 2 cops on horseback at Roosevelt field mall? Cars exist.
Perfect day for kite flying in Bellingham @ Roosevelt Field
Smile more, you just might like it. @ Roosevelt Field
They're pumped up at Eleanor Roosevelt High School as the turf field is complete! eroosraiders…
Long Island New York!!Roosevelt Field Mall apple store? My bro works there they are cool there they prob…
We're Read about our latest opening here: Sales Support Associate, J.Crew Retail, Roosevelt Field -
The best malls in America (Orlando, Roosevelt Field) are still booming. The demise of 5th Avenue is fascinating.
Closed due to accident in on Lk Shore Dr NB between Soldier Field and Roosevelt Rd
Waited on Zara line @ Roosevelt field for an hour, disorganized & unfriendly staff Didn't get to return my stuff even after an hr
Thanks to Adam of Roosevelt Field I am connected again!! Hold shift then shut down to completely shutoff your PC to reset❤️
You can't stand in one spot at Roosevelt field mall without seeing someone you know
Roosevelt field American apparel 40% of sis !!
This might be a great fit for you: Retail Commission Sales - Mattress/Bedding, Part Time: Garden City,... -
Someone go to Roosevelt field mall tmrw with me
Hi VIB here! Loyal customer love everything sephora but just had a horrible experience at Roosevelt Field Mall. Who can I tell?
great service from angel at Roosevelt field mall Apple Store! She was friendly knowledge and excellent at what she does!
Nassau celebrates African heritage during festival in Garden City
*** cops are posted up at Roosevelt field mall now
Abdul Salaam going to be at Roosevelt Field on Long Island with rest of on January 7th so you can get Abdul!
If you at Roosevelt Field right now, go on Snapchat and post them flicks with the official…
$7.99, and available for pickup at Roosevelt Field. Might as well add to the collection bud. .
You deadass have to pull out your flyest fit/do a beat face/ have your hair laid to go to Roosevelt Field Mall 🙄
We're Read about our latest opening here: Sales Leader - Roosevelt Field - NY
your Roosevelt field men's dept is filled with inept workers that don't have that A-list quality of service any longer.
Where's the magic in this, Roosevelt Field is trashed beyond "Believe".
Can you recommend anyone for this Associate Manager, Madewell, Roosevelt Field Mall - NY
Field So sad it's only December 29th and you have Undecorated!
This multi-city tour features an interactive live show, local library showcase, character meet & greets, and more!
does Nike NYC or Roosevelt field have sz 10.5 in stock ?
does Nike Roosevelt field have a sz 10.5 in stock ?
Who's down to come with me to Roosevelt Field Mall tomorrow to cop this New Years fit?
Does anyone wanna go shopping with me tmrw if I go to Roosevelt field mall??
Roosevelt Field Mall Shooting Scare Sparks Stampede, Again: Shoppers stampeded after the sound of furniture falling…
During Rogue 1 in Roosevelt Field last night, theater patrons broke into loud applause when Carrie entered screen.…
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Waiting for the doors to open! (@ Roosevelt Field in Garden City, NY)
Fistfight prompts false 911 calls of gunfire at Roosevelt Field Mall
My neck of the woods... Now called the Cradle of Aviation.. Roosevelt Field(not the mall), Mitchel Field, Republic Airport!
made from the Roosevelt Field in Garden City on New York's Long Island to Le Bourget Field in Paris, France.
Puppy adoptions today with North Shore Animal League America. Stop by Roosevelt Field today from 12-4pm!
My first job I was a illegally working goth preteen at 12 years old at Eisenhower park by Roosevelt field mall selling ice cream cones ...
I got them from lush in the Roosevelt field mall 👌🏼😍
velour sweatsuits (in hot pink, mind you) still exist at Roosevelt field mall
All of the boys are at the Roosevelt field mall and I'm at school🙄😭
Roosevelt has more field trips than my middle school ever did
Game Day vs Roosevelt at 7:00 @ NEISD Softball Complex West Field come out and watch some softball
you have the most amazing employee at your Roosevelt Field location. Her name is Ann (ironically) and she is my shero.
confession: as a kid I thought the Roosevelt field mall was built by Teddy Roosevelt
Confession: . When I was a kid I used to think the Roosevelt Field Mall was called the Rosie O' Donnell Field Mall
Roosevelt field? It's bigger now they recently renovated it
Are you ready for the new location to open at Roosevelt Field this May, just like
With mrs Alice in Roosevelt field. Not buying just paying the bills. Ugh ugh ugh. At best buy…
Roosevelt field is amongst the top 5 most undesirable places to be on Long Island
Not sure I've ever been in Roosevelt Field before
I survived Roosevelt Field mall. Now let's never speak of this again.
Roosevelt field movie theater seats so perfect for cuddling 😩😩
defense held Butler's Roosevelt Jones to 1 point in first half, 0-for-3 from the field. Chrabascz (5-6) has 12 pts for Bulldogs.
My father, as a boy scout, helped push Charles Lindbergh's plane onto the runway at Roosevelt Field on L.I. no wonder I love old aircraft!
I hate Roosevelt field with a burning passion.
Yuk I got a from at the Roosevelt Field Mall and it was spoiled! I didn't even know until I left the mall.
I liked a video FIXED: DANGEROUS Schindler Elevator at the JCPenney Parking Deck at Roosevelt Field
NM Roosevelt Field is hosting the CUSP Fashion Event! Grab your friends & talk spring trends today
Roosevelt Field mall has really upgraded. Nice! Been awhile since las there
at your Roosevelt field location in NY and your systems aren't taking our cards this is INSANE WHAT TERRIBLE SYSTEMS
it's on now :) D, Carlee Place down the road.from Roosevelt Field, you must go to the PGASS Wow!
I'm at AMC Loews Roosevelt Field 8 - for Zootopia in Garden City, NY
*** s at Roosevelt Field. Salesman said when it's released he'd get one at the PGA SuperStore in Carle Place
One day I'm walking into Roosevelt Field mall and I see 'Pablo'
I saw a dude who has a claw for a hand at the mall today! (@ Roosevelt Field in Garden City, NY)
Driving up one of the Roosevelt Field parking garage ramps just felt like being in Ice Road Truckers.
the orange jkt is in stock also you can call the stores and order direct. I called the Roosevelt Field mall one in NY
All the food at Roosevelt Field mall is so *** expensive and why must i work here
And why is Roosevelt Field mall so packed?
I wanna go shopping for new clothes I also want 10,000 dollars and the Roosevelt Field mall to be closer
Being married to an Italian, living in NYC, then coming to Roosevelt Field mall-just makes me realize how basic the world is.
you'll catch me at the Source Mall before Roosevelt Field 😂
Seeing Bud Harrelson at Roosevelt Field with Ed Hearn shaking peoples hand on line thanking them for coming
Mark your calendars & join the fun on 1/30 at Roosevelt Field for our Cookie Box Fashion Show!
Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter says the suspect attempted a robbery at the Roosevelt Field...
Police: 1 shot at Roosevelt Field, suspect in custody | News 12 Long Island via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Gunfire Reported at a Long Island Mall. Witnesses described a chaotic scene at Roosevelt Field in Garden City, and it was unclear if anyone …
No Christmas Tree at Roosevelt Field -Simon Mall?! It OFFENDS people! This is insane!!!
Roosevelt Field put the tree back in the mall and took the glacier display out.. That counts as a win in my book🤗
I wish I could be at the Roosevelt Field mall today
The new Pink in Roosevelt Field mall is beautiful 😍😍
going tomorrow to Roosevelt field mall :)
Flight23 Roosevelt Field has Croc Pinnacles, Royal 1 lows, and Bulls of Broadway 10s
We're Read about our latest opening here: Seasonal Retail Commission Sales Fine Jewelry Part... -
Its Friday the 13th! Hopefully Jason will show up at Roosevelt Field Mall with his machete & chop down that giant offensive Christmas Tree.
Can you recommend anyone for this Seasonal Retail Visual Merchandiser Full Time Macy's Roosevelt Field -
Who wants to go to the Roosevelt field mall pink with me
I can literally careless about the Starbucks red cup, but the fact roosevelt field lacks christmas spirit urks me
Gotta hit up Roosevelt Field after I shmoke tho
do you work at the Pandora in Roosevelt Field?
PSA: Justin Bieber isn't gonna be at the Roosevelt field mall tomorrow, it's a fan organized buy out
Harvard ecologist Michael Canfield's intriguing book on T. Roosevelt in the field is out
Why deal with all the people in Roosevelt Field Mall when you can get most of your shopping here. This saves a lot of aggravation
Did you mark the date??? My first trunk shows at Bloomingdale's Roosevelt Field 12/4 1:00-4:00...can't wait!
I went to Roosevelt field mall and skipped school to see him at his signing. Then he couldn't come in because of how packed
remember how Justin shut down Roosevelt Field Mall in NSN well the least u can do is visit the buyout Nov 14 please scrappy! & Dan
yea that's the key.. They played Roosevelt field mall out wit new flight n heat drop
NeuvooNewYork: New opening at ANN INC in - LOFT Roosevelt Field Mall
do a meet and greet at Roosevelt field mall please
Mall prez: Holiday display was a 'mistake'
I've had Bieber fever since his Roosevelt field mall fiasco in 2009 ily
Fri 3pm: Michael Canfield shows "Theodore Roosevelt at his most electric & alive—the great naturalist in the field"
Do not shop this Holiday Season!. Horrendous customer service at Roosevelt Field, Garden City, NY. Will never purchase again!
Some wise words from the dressing room at Urban Outfitters @ Roosevelt Field
See our latest NY and click to apply: Seasonal Cosmetics - Beauty Advisor, Part Time:... -
flight 23 Roosevelt field got no love
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Lambert Field & Kinloch Field are 2 different fields, different locations. Roosevelt did fly at Kinloch
It was called Kinloch Field when President Roosevelt was the first American President to fly in an Airplane
Join me on 11/14 at 1pm at Bloomingdale's in Roosevelt Field for a cool event with Gr8 Swag!
Dramatic for or come check out our on one @ Nordstrom Roosevelt Field
will adidas roosevelt field have the yeezys? What is the procedure?
Scores of customers complained after Roosevelt Field Mall, in New York, ditched its annual holiday village in favor of a w…
Went to bed last night thinking "I'm gunna just relax tomorrow" and here I am driving to the Roosevelt field mall for a shopping spree😄😅
Join the The Cheesecake Factory team! See our latest opening here: NY
WAIT LIMITED TOO was the place Justin was at in Roosevelt field mall in 2009 or 2010 when I tried meeting him there😩
I got it at Nordstrom rack when I was in Syracuse, but we have a Nordstrom rack by either Walt Whitman or Roosevelt Field mall
FYI: Yoenis Cespedes ($89) and Jeurys Familia ($59) will be at the Steiner Sports store at Roosevelt Field on 9/17 signing autographs.
Roosevelt Field mall is just amazing, they had mad new balance shoes 😊😁
When nordstorm in Roosevelt Field mall wants to interview you but you don't have the time to be traveling to Long Island to work lmao
The food court at roosevelt field mall is really lit
Next stop on the is Garden City, NY!!! I'm going to the Roosevelt Field mall on February 7th from 4pm-6pm be r…
On my way to the Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City, NY! See you guys soon!
u guys r in NY rite? Maybe u can come to Roosevelt field mall tonight? ☺️🙏🏻
Tuesday's Varsity Baseball DH with Roosevelt has been reduced to a single game at 7:30pm at Barton Field.
Beautiful day in Long Island 🌸... Think I'll partake in some shopping at Roosevelt Field Mall.
Scott Walker also enters field; GOP up to 15 candidates. Who's left? Will Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt jump in soon?
Stopped to get my favored tea while shopping! I just love their iced tea!!! @ Roosevelt Field
we have another Roosevelt athlete to add to your jump squad
Omg the new food court in Roosevelt field mall is literally so cool and nice
Time for another fun filled day working at zara Roosevelt field
Imagine ppl walking or jogging in Roosevelt field ? 😭😭😭😭
Roosevelt Field Mall looks like a war zone with all the construction inside. No food court either!
yea Roosevelt field is right next to my work
Everyone thinks I'm older and it pisses him off 💁🏻 @ Havana Central Roosevelt Field
Roosevelt field mall's Macy's has the worst most disgusting unorganized polo section
Can you recommend anyone for this Retail Cosmetics Sales - Beauty Advisor - Flex Team: Garden City, NY,... -
Currently lapping the food court at the roosevelt field mall eating all the free samples. We are a family of free loaders.
We in here deep at nike Roosevelt field, got a DJ on set, vibes caaant done
Like those I'm on my way to Roosevelt field mall to check I saw something similar like that
Needed permission to film at Roosevelt Field Mall video needs to be postponed.
My mom and I are literally walking store to store at Roosevelt Field getting free samples
can you please do another meet up in Roosevelt field mall I missed the last one😢
Up in Roosevelt field looking like a *** tourist with this new food court. I need to come home more I see.
"I wrote this song to impress the girls that worked at HotTopic in the Roosevelt field Mall...are any of them here?" - Gin Blossoms singer
Bout to see what Roosevelt field hitten 4
in NY: Seasonal Retail Stock Part Time Late - Receiving and Merchandiser... at Macy's Retail
Roosevelt Field... No other mall will get anything maybe sunrise but Roosevelt fields closer to me
'member at in 'The Cellar' of Roosevelt Field? (Not in Le Petite Mall).
Shout out to Lenox mall for being closer to decent service than Green Acres AND Roosevelt Field combined
Blue Nile Opening First Store: The brand will today open its first unit, a 500-square-foot door at the Roosevelt Field mall in Garden...
Cameron should go to Roosevelt Field mall tm 😫😋💪
I've been at Roosevelt Field mall for 3 and a half hours and somehow managed to not buy's a miracle
The buyers that work for the clothing stores in Roosevelt Field mall suck, never anything good in the mall like the city locations.
Only we would drive all the way to Roosevelt Field mall for some cupcakes
I haven't been to Roosevelt Field mall since January . I don't even recognize it now
Sweet baby Jesus I just witnessed my first sundress of 2015 in Roosevelt Field mall. Thank you God for this joyous opportunity
Come hang out at the Roosevelt Field mall. Also I wish I was wearing longer shorts.
Ha ha. Roosevelt Field is best, but closest to Ferry is South Shire Mall in Bay Shore. Have Fun. 💜💋
The basement of Roosevelt Field mall looks like where the Sandman and Spider-Man do battle
The key for Roosevelt has been shutting down Daisa Harris. She's 0-7 from the field with three points after putting up 35 in semifinals.
had a great experience at the Roosevelt Field location today. Very helpful employees exchanged my damaged jeans w/ no hassle! Thanks!
I gotta ride the tram to Roosevelt field especially before this fare hike
I'm at Roosevelt Field and I thought of you :)
Going to Roosevelt field mall then gonna chill later
that place is sooo good in Roosevelt field
The new food court at Roosevelt Field Mall is dope. Do people say dope anymore? Have I reached uncool adult age? If I have to ask it's a yes
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
will there be RSVP at Roosevelt Field Mall for the gold foams
To come to Roosevelt field today in the rain cuz anto go to the mall and watch things
Chico'sFAS is hiring! WHBM 3361 Roosevelt Field Mall NY3361 in apply now!
That is not a thumbs up but did it!! @ Roosevelt Island Firefighters Field
It's too early to be at Roosevelt Field 😩
Chico'sFAS is looking for a Sales Associate WHBM 3361 Roosevelt Field Mall NY3361 in Garden City
“Treating myself with a shopping spree :)” sunday 3pm roosevelt field. you're driving
how often are you gonna be in Roosevelt field mall I work there I wanna meet you dude
Have Yall seen the Roosevelt Field food area recently ??!???
A potato flew around my room before you came. @ Roosevelt Field Mall
The first restaurant at Roosevelt Field’s new Dining District opened today; 6 more are coming next week, 16 thru Feb
I can't wait until the Little Beet brings brussels sprouts and soba noodles to their Roosevelt field location
Day 2 of our Bloomingdale's partnership! Head down to Roosevelt Field and visit our Chief Intern…
man I missed roosevelt field so much ..
Dining District Debuts at Roosevelt Field Mall - Manhattan based eateries, al fresco dining and gluten-free...
They extended the sidewalk on Roosevelt so there's going to be hella traffic during soldier field games
they had opened a new "premium experience" store at roosevelt field in NY i was workin there when it first opened, awhile ago
is there a Starbucks at Roosevelt field? I feel like I'm sleep walking
Roosevelt Field AMC closed until November for renovations: Long Island moviegoers will have one less venue to see… http:…
Shout out Montel_Williams for supporting MSRuntheUS New York FINISH 5K at Firefighters Field on Roosevelt Island!
Roosevelt Field AMC closed until November for renovations via
Roosevelt Field AMC closed until November for renovations - Newsday
Movie theater closes for multimillion dollar 'recliner renovations'
At the Roosevelt field mall wondering why isn't here...
Actual convo with a guest:"idk the exact address, but roosevelt field is in Garden City." "Oh no we can't go to New Jersey it's too far" 😐
Join us for a very special Makeup Date on Saturday hosted by author at the Roosevelt Field Mall:
A pigeon just crawled under my legs in the roosevelt field food court and I don't think I will ever recover
Long Islan moviegoerz will be one lezz venue n' wich 2 see thiz summr’z blockbuzterz az teh…
My latest on Nassau's plan to replace speed camera revenue: 8 electronic billboards on LIE and near Roosevelt Field
Nassau mulls plan for electronic billboards on LIE and near Roosevelt Field mall
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Getting to the mall when it opens is optimal, especially when it's Roosevelt Field. I will not go here at any other time
UPDATE: Our stores at Huntington, Roosevelt Field, Chestnut Hill, Merrimack Outlet, Wrentham Outlet, & Westbury Outlet will be closed today.
Our stores at Huntington, Roosevelt Field, Chestnut Hill, and Westbury Outlet will open at 1PM today.
Video: November 8: Cody performing Sinkin In at Roosevelt Field mall in New York
why don't you stop ignoring me and come to my swim meet at Hofstra University it's 5 min from Roosevelt Field
I have a swim meet at Hofstra University Saturday starting at 2 (5 minutes from Roosevelt Field) so could you …
It truly was an "Amazin" day at the Steiner Sports store in Roosevelt Field. Former New York Mets pitchers Sid Fernandez and Ron Darling came to...
Roosevelt Field giving nighas no reason to shop in the city. Uniqlo, Neiman Marcus & GStar? 🙌🙏
Hello Friends, lululemon athletica Roosevelt Field wil be taking there in-store class to our studio this...
Pretty cool I got raided by fans while they are waiting for her concert to start at Roosevelt Field mall! G…
Well, that sucked. Sorry, guys. Gonna go drown in my sorrows and hit up the Roosevelt Field food court with
There's a higher chance of winning the Hunger Games than finding a table at the Roosevelt Field Mall food court
Demi Lovatos performing at the Roosevelt field mall next sat. About to sell my day glow ticket
if you're in Roosevelt field you better come visit me at work pronto
“Yooo I seen some things at Roosevelt field”u went
Yooo I seen some things at Roosevelt field
Um, there's a TESLA store in the mall... No words. @ Roosevelt Field…
You think mall parking at home, even Indy is bad???!!! AMATEURS! 😉 (@ Roosevelt Field Mall)
bra the one guy from Roosevelt that was sitting next to me I remember he wanted for bang on the field 😂😂😂😂
I can still buy a few things!! Then go to the outlets and Roosevelt field lol
Oh no! I've been kidnapped again & my wife & daughter are loose with all the cash. — at Roosevelt Field Mall
Demi at Roosevelt field is going to be insane. I'm going to need to wear a hard hat and some boxing gloves
Terrible day to go to Roosevelt Field 😒
He was at Roosevelt field and he was randomly there 😂
Only took me and like 20 minutes to park at Roosevelt Field.
Me with the M5 at a car meet back in April. (@ Roosevelt Field Mall)
Out of the cigars, champagnes, 1s, and kd's and Roosevelt field had the most kicks in the kd's
yes I'm in LI! I may be going to Demi's concert at Roosevelt field mall but nothing else, hbu?
If you are in the Roosevelt Field Mall area shopping for Father's Day I will be performing Magic in Bloomingdales at the Ted Baker (Men's Section) from 2pm-4:30pm. Stop by and say hello
The Edge in Roosevelt Field Mall is THE best hair salon in LI 💇💆
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Anybody wants to go to the Roosevelt Field mall? Hmu
Roosevelt field mall will soon be called the mall of Long Island with all the renovations they're making lol
Illy with the word play and rhyme schemes @ Roosevelt Field Mall
$320 for kds sz 9.5 or a 10 meet up in Roosevelt field mall
Roosevelt Field...I have a bit of a shopping problem and by a bit I mean severe 🙊
Phone died yesterday but day 22 rest day enjoyed by going to Roosevelt field mall with friends
she's on like world tour. 😂 and I'm pretty sure SHES at the Roosevelt field mall in like a week or two idk
there's two locations on Long Island. There's one in the Walt Whitman Mall and there's one in the Roosevelt Field Mall
I got this from my friend Jason Wang. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT Long Island, NY Mastic was the home of William Floyd, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Long Island's first two settlements were Southold and Southampton, in 1640. Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk is the site of the oldest cattle ranch in America, built in 1658, and birthplace of the American cowboy The Lighthouse at Montauk became NY's first coastal beacon in 1796. The first radio transmission, by wireless inventor Guglielmo Marconi, was in 1901 on Fire Island Avenue in Babylon In 1927, Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field, as he embarked on the first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. America's first supermarket, King Kullen, started on Long Island in 1930. Levittown, the first suburbia in the U.S., was built on Long Island in 1947. The Lunar Module which landed men on the moon in 1969, was built on Long Island by the Grumman Corp. Long Island is the largest island among the 48 contiguous states. The o ...
Got new vans and just found out that Demi Lovato is gonna be at Roosevelt field mall i wanna go!!
hi tracie 😊 What do u think of Mads doing a meetup while she's in ny considering the one in roosevelt field mall didn't work out
SERIOUS QUESTION when is demis free concert thing at roosevelt field
The J-Hawks beat DM Roosevelt in the final game of the night 8-1 and moved to 7-5 on the season. Dowling visits Gary Page Field Monday.
NY!come see me at Roosevelt field mall now.
go to Roosevelt field it's close to you
domain names
Demi is going to be at Roosevelt field. I remember that mall as the nice one with the train.
Stay away from Roosevelt field June 21 Demi Lovatos gonna be there & the mall wants people to start lining up 10pm the night before
but if I go to Demi's show at Roosevelt field next week I might even meet her oh my geez i can't that'd be the best
Roosevelt Field is such a random place for Demi Lovato to perform. No place for a
Anyone won these in roosevelt field mall?? Or the champagne paying $$$ inbox me asap!!!
Got ticket for sell for the champagne 6s sz 10.5 at Roosevelt field tomorrow.what's good I want 80 for the ticket holla at me
One of the last flights from Roosevelt Field is made as the Air Ambulance takes off on its final flight. (June 11, 1951) Credit: Newsday/Howie Edwards
So excited and confused! I haven't been to Roosevelt field mall in so long!
won't be paying the $7 required by The Garden City Hotel for a short shuttle ride to Roosevelt Field Mall
We’re excited to announce that United Way of Long Island has been selected to receive a donation at the grand opening celebration of the new Microsoft Store at Roosevelt Field on June 21!
Fell in love at Roosevelt Field mall Zumiez
Bathroom door didn't lock and half the women in the Roosevelt Field mall saw me pee.
Hi I'm looking for a room within 15-20 min drive to Roosevelt Field mall(that's where my job will be). I'm 31 super responsible and easy going. My budget is $700-$900 per month and must have parking available. Planning to move in two/three weeks max. Any tips or suggestions would also be awesome!! Message me if interested, thank you!!!
Roosevelt Field mall is located in Garden City, NY. For more details, check out the event page at
Had a great time at Roosevelt Field mall earlier with my friend Pegah
I need to go to the mall, but I hate Queens Center and Roosevelt Field is far. Ugh
From "American Minute" for May 20th: MAY 20, 1927, at 7:52am, one of the greatest feats in aviation began as 25-year-old Charles A. Lindbergh left Roosevelt Field in Long Island, New York, in his silver monoplane named The Spirit of St. Louis. Thirty-three and a half hours later he landed in Paris, completing the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Lindbergh was decorated by the president of France, the King of England and President Calvin Coolidge. The son of a Congressman, Charles Lindbergh was a test pilot for a St. Louis firm, performed feats of barnstorming and became an Air Service Reserve cadet, flying mail routes to Chicago. At the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, February 1, 1954, Charles Lindbergh stated: "It was not the outer granduer of the Roman but the inner simplicity of the Christian that lived through the ages." On the Bicentennial of Air and Space Flight, February 7, 1983, President Ronald Reagan said: "We Americans have always been at our best when we've faced challenge... . ...
Ten days before he became so famous that crowds would form around any building that contained him and waiters would fight over a corncob left on his dinner plate, no one had heard of Charles Lindbergh. The New York Times had mentioned him once, in the context of the corning Atlantic flights. It had misspelled his name, The news that transfixed the nation as spring gave way to summer in 1927 was a gruesome murder in a modest family home on Long Island, coincidentally quite close to Roosevelt Field, where the Atlantic fliers were now gathering. The newspapers, much excited, called it the Sash Weight Murder Case. The story was this: Late on the night of March 20, 1927, as Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snyder slept side by side in twin beds in their house on 222nd Street in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood of Queens Village, Mrs. Snyder heard noises in the upstairs hallway. Going to investigate, she found a large man - a "giant," she told police - just outside her bedroom door. He was speaking in a foreign accent to ...
1927: U.S. - Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field, NY, in the Spirit of St. Louis on his historic solo fli…
QUOTE OF THE WEEK & AVIATION HISTORY: “This is earth again, the earth where I've lived and now will live once more . . . I've been to eternity and back. I know how the dead would feel to live again.” — Charles Lindbergh, on sighting Ireland after first solo Atlantic crossing, 1927. Taking off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, New York, on 20 May 1927, Charles Lindbergh will span the Atlantic in a 33.5 hour flight, landing in Paris the next day.
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