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Roose Bolton

George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series features a massive cast of characters. The series follows three interwoven plotlines: a dynastic war for control of Westeros by several families; the rising threat of the dormant cold supernatural Others dwelling beyond an immense wall of ice on Westeros' northern border; and the ambition of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled daughter and only remaining heir of a king murdered fifteen years earlier in a rebellion, to return to Westeros with her fire-breathing dragons and claim her rightful throne.

Walder Frey Ramsay Bolton Ramsey Bolton Tywin Lannister Michael McElhatton Robb Stark Sansa Stark Stannis Baratheon Ned Stark Rob Stark Red Wedding Cersei Lannister High Sparrow Glenn Murray Ramsay Snow Chris Christie

"An empty title, so long as Roose Bolton holds the castle for Robb Stark, yet Lord Baelish was desirous of the honor."
Robb's side and slaughtered many men..." The young girl stopped abruptly, recalling what had been said by Roose Bolton when +
I then fabricate a claim on the dreadfort, kill Roose Bolton in 1v1 duel, then give the Dread to Rickon (and 8K men).
GOT Year in Review: Roose Bolton died for no reason!
s2 patch notes where Laura is Walder Frey, Combofiend is Roose Bolton, and Ken is Robb Stark
Pox spreads throughout the Northmen's military camps. Cley Cerwyn, Roose Bolton and Wylis Manderly succumb to the outbreak.
I liked a video Sansa meets Ramsay and Roose Bolton
Tywin I could keep I love him so much and Roose Bolton
lol tell him I send my regards. But you gotta say it like Roose Bolton told Robb Stark. Same voice 😂
She laughed as she stared down at her hands, brandishing her knife. "Roose Bolton's sister, yes. You're just some sorry excuse--
And for half a heartbeat she feared that Roose Bolton’s riders were on them.
[Everything] Question about Roose Bolton: Why didn't Roose or Ramsay desecrate the Stark tombs in the crypts? And why didn't they remove th…
{— gave his mother and Roose Bolton the idea that the Martells of Sunspear might be willing to compromise on an alliance —
"Roose has no feelings, you see. He does not love, he does not hate, he does not grieve.". (Roose Bolton by Valeria…
Roose Bolton remains my favorite ASoI&F character. As someone with a quiet voice, I envy that no one dares asking Roose to repeat himself.
And with Roose Bolton, all the way it had been
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'And then Roose Bolton will peel the skin off us.'
Roose Bolton would stay abed, his pasty flesh dotted with leeches, giving commands in his whispery soft voice.
She had stolen three horses from the stables and a map and a dagger from Roose Bolton’s own solar.
I'll never be able to read anything about Bolton and not immediately wonder if he's related to Roose and Ramsay.
《 hard, trying to calm herself. . "My lord, where are we going? This isn't Riverrun.". She questions Roose Bolton. Growing 》
At least Roose and Ramsay Bolton died in 2016 as well.
Roose Bolton just loves bragging about his ***
Where's Roose Bolton when you need him
" Someone allied with us, of course. Lord Roose Bolton would seem fit. "
"If you thought the Tyrells looked similar, how about Tywin and Roose
Literally no one except Bolton people will care that Jon killed Roose. No northerners will. He was the one that stabbed Robb in the heart.
- they have baby Arya. Oh they kept it secret too and Jon killed Roose Bolton and many of his men
Mandon Moore loads his catapults with casks of wildfire. Cley Cerwyn and Roose Bolton burn alive in their armor, screaming.
Roose Bolton was poisoned by his enemies
When Roose Bolton calls you a traitor, things have definitely gone sideways.
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Might as well be Cersei Lannister, Geoffrey Lannister, Roose Bolton and Ramsey Bolton.
On TV, by Locke, a sell-sword of Roose Bolton. In BOOKS, Vargo Hoa orders Jaime's hand to be cut off.
I wish George RR Martin were writing this story and could put Trump on wrong side of Roose Bolton.
You could tell Roose Bolton was plotting from the beginning in a clash of kings, and his captains...
I liked a video Game of Thrones (S03E06) - Jaime and Brienne fail at dinner with Roose Bolton
wow say what you will about Roose Bolton but at least he has an ethos
Much like his uncle Roose Bolton from… GAME. OF. THRONES.
I literally just convinced the entire bar why Roose Bolton was a better Northern king than Ramsay, Rob or Jon COMBINED. ✋
in our family, it's not Christmas til Roose Bolton betrays the Starks
[MAIN SPOILERS] What was the most shocking/suprising death in the whole show for you?: For me it's Roose's Bolton death. I expected him to …
Wisconsin is Lord Frey. Michigan is Roose Bolton. Chicago is the Tullys. The Northeast is the Starks and the West Coast the Baratheons.
Pillow fight with Roose Bolton in a ship on the narrow sea.
Day 20: A character that you hate but used to like. Roose Bolton. Bc he betrayed the very house he had sworn to serve…
Who's that chap who plays Roose Bolton on Game of Thrones? He'd be good.
➸ ‹ › — Watch was a task that was generally loathed, and none of Roose Bolton's men made much of an effort to hide their —
"the old Scottish legal system is like Game of Thrones; you have the King, Ned Stark, Roose Bolton, and guys with pitchforks" ah yes
all due respect. But I still have a raging *** for Roose Bolton and ya'll recommend Gilmore girls?!? Are you sure??
"The map that Roose used in Season 5 was made out of human skin"
He was a northman, but not a Winterfell man. He belonged to Roose Bolton.
But the Dreadfort men had served Roose Bolton their whole life, and they knew him better than she did.
Roose Bolton was a cautious man, and the entrance to Kingspyre was guarded day and night, so she had to slip out of a narrow cellar window.
doodle request 21: "...wondering if you watch/read Game of Thrones and could do a cute little doodle of Roose Bolt…
Your pic. Roose Bolton? I tend to mistake him for Stannis. Just like I mistake Matt Damon & Mark Wahlberg...
Jamie Lannister and Roose Bolton are both in Blackhawk Down
Roose Bolton was seated by the hearth reading from a thick leather-bound book when she entered.
➸ ‹ › — disgruntled over having to accompany them. He was very much aware of why Roose Bolton had chosen to send him —
Roose Bolton. "Fear is what keeps a man alive in this world of treachery and deceit."
«. She heard her grandfather ask Roose if he'd made his choice. When he said yes Walda's eyes widened in shock. . "M... Me?"»
«only from how they dressed from how they held themselves. And Roose Bolton was no exception. He was handsome, even though»
«. When Walder addressed Roose, Walda looked up to get a quick look at him. It was easy to tell a Lord from other men. Not»
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Can't believe I'm the only person out my mates watching the game earlier who thinks Glenn Murray looks identical to Roose Bolton
"Now hold on a minute, we don't need to add a whole new House just to get someone to try that." - Roose Bolton
Trump = A rancid stew made of Joffrey, Cersei, Pycelle, and Roose Bolton.
Roose Bolton was a underrated and under developed character. His actor would have made a amazing Tywin Lannister too
trish you remind me of roose Bolton
Psycho like my name Bolton. That's for certain, Roose Bolton, Ramsey Bolton, *** John Bolton. .
TIL Young Ser Davos used to look like Older Roose Bolton
Sum this day up using 5 words. "The Marcoses send their regards.". Special Appearance by Du30 as Roose Bolton.
Or that Howland Reed is the High Sparrow, or that Benjen or Ned is in Winterfell, or that Roose Bolton is a vampiric man
Lady Elaner Arryn and Ser Roose Bolton get married in Castle Orange. And the two of them get incestuous in the garden.
"I will hunt today," Roose Bolton announced as Qyburn helped him into a quilted jerkin.
"At once, my lord." It was best never to make Roose Bolton ask twice.
On a related note, are there any audio books with the soothing tones of Roose Bolton's velvety voice? . Christmas is cooming.
Roose Bolton studied him with pale eyes. "His Grace has defeated the Lannisters every time he has faced them in battle."
Roose Bolton’s voice was so soft that men had to strain to hear it, so his chambers were always strangely hushed.
Roose Bolton lay abed, naked. Leeches clung to the inside of his arms and legs and dotted his pallid chest.
"Do you think it’s clean enough?" As Roose Bolton’s squire, it was his task to keep his mail shiny bright.
Roose Bolton is warden of the north and is son Ramsay earns the family name
Roose Bolton or Walder Frey would jump at that really quick. Perhaps Cersi...
Roose Bolton should have dealt with Ramsay like he was Daniel Plainview
📷 showbag: A peeling Did you know that Bolton Street is named for Roose Bolton, father of Ramsay? Once...
every great show has one or two actors/ performances that get me hooked. Michael McElhatton as Roose Bolton is my pick!
Dear . Ramsay Lord of the Winterfell&DreadFort killed his father Roose Bolton but. is innocent so
if this was game of thrones Hinkie is Rob Stark, Jerry Colangelo is Walder Fray and Josh Harris is Roose Bolton
Roose Bolton found out the hard way.
You'll be truly missed, Roose Bolton. Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North 😢😢
yes, and especially Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Littlefinger and JOFFERY BARATHEON!
True that. On the other hand, props to the casting of Roose Bolton. (Vladamir Putin comes to Westeros).
I am Ramsey Snow. No. You are Ramsey Bolton now. Son of Roose Bolton, warden of the North.
Um, Ben, you better marry Jojo. At this point, her brothers are gonna go Roose Bolton on you.
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Chris Christie a mix a Judas and Roose Bolton. He continues to betray us.
Lord Bolton should give up the murders and open a Moroccan restaurant called "Roose's Couses"
i was suprised when roose Bolton was there in season 2
the High Sparrow, Ramsey or roose Bolton maybe theon greyjoy
Have started doing real ads? Roose Bolton is doing ads for hearing aids here in Ireland.
Ramsay Bolton, Roose Bolton and the Khal who said Dany was a queen of nothing
This Walking Dead guy needs to take a lesson from Roose Bolton on how to stab a guy
Very very understated but great conversation between Jaime and Roose Bolton. Coster-Waldau and McElhatton play it perfectly
so THAT'S what drew them to the books: familiarity with the ugliness of Roose Bolton. Pieces fall in place
Welp I'm officially not a fan of the Bolton's now. At first I found Roose's eccentricity admiring but now he's just a scumbag
.PLEASE GOD make it Ramsay Bolton! Also, Roose would make a nice double. .
The north remembers. Roose Bolton you're gunna get yours. You hear me? You're going to get yours
I thought Christie was Roose Bolton today. Trumpkins collectively are Reek (credit to
Really shouldn't be surprised that Christie is the the Roose Bolton of all this.
Chris Christie is a mix of Roose Bolton from Game of Thrones and Judas. He has betrayed his party and country at every turn.
If Jon Snow comes back and takes Winterfell, and Roose and Ramsay have to go on the run, will they be known as Bolton Wanderers?
I liked a video Game of Thrones S04E08 - Roose Bolton officially makes Ramsay his heir
Michael McElhatton as Roose Bolton and as Ramsay Bolton in
Our LB- The *** son of Roose Bolton and lord of the Dreadfort- Ramsay Bolton
Olly . Jaimie lanister. High Sparrow. Ramsy Bolton. Roose bolton. Kill them or i will
Glenn Murray does look like Roose Bolton! And Matt Ritchie looks like Gordon Ramsay 😂
Roose Bolton saved MILLIONS of lives by killing Rob Stark, ending war. Don't ever think you are worthy of judging someone else's decisions.
"Never hire Walder Frey and Roose Bolton as the wedding planners."
Interviewed new Brave Dansby Swanson shortly before he was betrayed by Walder Frey and Roose Bolton
Ah, they were with Roose Bolton, I now understand, thanks ! 😊
With that being said I'm waiting for Ramsey Bolton to die. I can stomach Roose but Ramsey just irks me.
RedKivaWedding? Oh, no, did you have to invite Roose Bolton?
- Lady Dustin had hoped to be Lady Bolton but Roose would never ask such questions. She seemed consolated with these small -
Leave the North now or more boxes will follow with more Theon. Signed Ramsay Snow, natural-born son of Roose Bolton.
- knew nothing of Roose Bolton's plans until weeks after Robb was killed." He grit his teeth, though it hurt. "And my father -
- the sound of Roose Bolton whispering about her duties & the icy emptiness of his pale eyes comes back to +
..Lord Roose does naught to rein in his thrice-damned *** Domeric was a worthy heir unto House Bolton...but Ramsay...*she-
Someone needs to write the theory on Roose Bolton being a "secret Otter."
9 "Game Of Thrones" Fan Theories That Make The Show Better: Wait, y’all think Roose Bolton is a WHAT?. Roose Bolton is...
ฯ Flipped. New to Roose Bolton but not ASOIAF. . Looking for -. Vassels. Victims. Allies . Kin. The knife I buried in Robb's gut. . & my ***
If you felt bad when Sansa Stark was raped by Roose Bolton. You are
I think it is Roose Bolton's new book on raising children?
okay no spoilers for season 2 but in season 3 Robb Stark and his mon get killed by roose Bolton & wander Frey have a good day ☺️
To anyone who thinks Roose Bolton isn't "that bad", do normal men say "don't make me rue the day I raped your mother" to their sons?!
I've been so corrupted by GoT that Roose Bolton and Littlefinger are now my current fave characters smh
Con Adam Driver me pasa algo como con el actor que hace de Roose Bolton: it's all about the voice.
Ammon Bundy is to Cliven Bundy as Ramsay Bolton is to Roose Bolton. Reek is the Constitution in this god awful analogy.
Everyone knows the Freys are only biding their time to stab Roose Bolton in the back. And he's scrambling to save the North!
But they plotted with Roose Bolton and murdered Robb and other north lords.Wont house Frey side with bolton against stannis
the bolt-on fan theory, is Roose Bolton a skin-changing immortal (book spoilers but the series is caught up)
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The Red Wedding. Well, that's when I got so emotionally invested in seeing Roose Bolton and the Freys die.
So's Hilary along with all the best people like me and Roose Bolton.
If it comes down to Clinton or Trump I might just do a write-in on the ballot for Roose Bolton and VP Walder Frey
I hope I see Roose Bolton and Walder Frey get what's coming to them in April the bloody rascals
Day 22 (mej late): A character that you'd kill. Roose Bolton 😒
Aiden Gillen is his name. He's smokin'! But that show has no shortage of mancandy. Ned Stark, Roose Bolton, Daario Naharis.
So if Teddy Bridgewater is Rob Stark (King of the North), does that make Russell Wilson Roose Bolton?
shouldve photoshopped teddy two glove's face on roose Bolton when he stabs Rob. "Minnesota sends their regards"
no offence intended although banner men can change Roose Bolton was sworn to the Starks and Walder Frey to House Tully
Also Michael McElhatton... So yeah, Roose Bolton and Ser Beric are Game of Thrones-ing the *** outta this episode.
Michael McElhatton is extremely underrated, he brought the fearsome/ruthless Roose Bolton to life! ⚔🛡
Roose Bolton, Ramsey snow, Cersei Lannister and Walder Frey are the top contenders.
High Sparrow: I like to pray. Roose Bolton: I like to flay. Oberyn: I like to lay. Loras: I'm *** Walder Frey:I betray. Lannisters:We always pay
"Tywin Lannister has named Roose Bolton his warden of the North, to reward him for betraying your brother [Robb Stark]."
I don't know why people think Joffrey was the most evil character when Roose Bolton, RAMSEY, and all the Freys exist!!
.even Roose Bolton eventually let Ramsay take his last name. I’m sure you’ll be a Freeze one day, pal. Hang in there!
"Lord Hornwood is dead, and I fear Roose Bolton has escaped us."
Roose Bolton: The new Lord of the North aided by his sociopathic *** son, Ramsey. He has a rende
//any images of the luscious Leech Lord, Roose Bolton (played by Michael McElhatton on HBO)
Robb had commanded Roose Bolton to continue the march south to confront the huge Lannister army coming north under Lord Tywin.
Last night in my dream, my family did a cajun shrimp boil with crab and lobster. Roose Bolton and Locke ate with us.
So nice to see my old pals Roose Bolton and Ser Barristan Selmy again in The Fall. Eases the pain of GoT being over.
What did Catelyn Tully see on Roose Bolton's hand before she slapped him
Nope. He even looks like Roose Bolton. And there is Ramsay Snow running around beating up security guards
• Petyr: You're not marrying Roose Bolton. No, you'll be marrying his son and heir, Ramsay. One day he'll be Warden…
yes but see... I hate Roose Bolton as much as I hate It's like picking between my least favourite Tory politician..
Lady Melisandre and Roose Bolton deserve the most gruesome deaths on Game of Thrones.
Sudden image of Roose following Ramsay around singing 'So you wanna be a Bolton...' to the tune of the boxing song from Bugsy Malone.
..father's and Roose Bolton's goals might be. All colour drains from her already pale face, and she can scarcely maintain..
I wanna have a threesome with Stannis Baratheon and Roose Bolton
I can listen to Roose Bolton's buttery smooth voice ALL DAY
-taken after Roose Bolton, and also wanting her to know he does see Alysanne as their child. He smiles when she opens her-
We'll see how the Stannis haters feel once/if he takes down Roose Bolton.
Me too. He was one of my favorites. I'm really hoping Roose Bolton dies in the finale.
Roose Bolton warning people against dealing with Walder Frey. laffo
How can anyone be on Roose Bolton's side after the Red Wedding. I hope Stannis Baratheon kills his *** on Monday
Christopher Lee's affinity for portraying villains, I feel like he would have been perfect for playing Roose Bolton when he was young.
Roose Bolton gave his last name to his *** son! Ned Stark didn't even do that.
Who's the best GoT dad? (lol at Roose Bolton's finest parenting moment)
this can either be interpreted in a hyper-sexual Littlefinger's brothel kind of way or a horrifyingly gross Roose Bolton kind of way
President Putin and Roose Bolton as they are both scary and rule with murderous zeal
more like wishes. Roose bolton watches as Ramsey's heart is torn out. Stannis drops dead. Sansa is free. And well Dany remains Dany.
Stannis Baratheon is more of a terrible father than Roose Bolton smh.
Oooh boy, strangest dream last night - that I was being forced into an arranged marriage with the fella who plays Roose Bolton from GoT.
Can't believe it, but Roose Bolton is a better parent than Stannis Baratheon.
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Poached Pears in Roose Bolton wine with cream and vanilla ice cream
Orange Roose it's not just for breakfast anymore Bolton
Roose Bolton is an evil mothereffer but I sure do like hearing him talk. That voice is like buttah.
love the dedication from your brother. Give him my regards. (Not in a weird Roose Bolton 'regard-sending' way)
//yet fascinating and compelling...poor writer is obsessed with Roose Bolton & all of House Greyjoy except Balon bc he's an ***
If I was the guy who played Roose Bolton, whenever someone hugged me I would whisper "the lannisters send their regards"
Do they really trust Roose Bolton? I don't, even though he hasn't been too bad.
I'm reading the game of thrones books & just finished the Red Wedding. It wasn't Roose Bolton who betrayed rob & his wife wasnt there either
Let's not even talk about Roose Bolton describing how he get Ramsey's mom pregnant.
Brian and Ben Mulroney have to be Roose Bolton and Ramsey Bolton. I've heard that Ben likes to cut *** off.
It takes some doing to be Westeros' worst father considering such fine examples as Roose Bolton and Randall Tarly. Turd blossom.
Ramsay Bolton: I flayed them for you father, just like you wanted. Roose Bolton: You are a true Bolton and I-. Michael Bolton: YEAH YEAH YEAAH
Roose Bolton on Game of Thrones looks like Vladimir Putin
Roose Bolton narrating the ExpressWay Buses ad is strangely unsettling.
also soz but going back to the episode before ROOSE BOLTON WOULD NEVER SAY "YOU ARE MY SON" TO RAMSAY SO NICELY
Bolton *** for her; its also way too risky to put her in Ramsey's care, and both Roose and
brothel, then passed off as Arya Stark. Roose Bolton and Littlefinger not caring if Ramsey hurts
here , I think in the book sansa never married Ramsey but roose Bolton fake a local girl as sansa
Another note on where were you people when Roose Bolton described Ramsay's conception? Prima nocta, murder by hanging.
It's not much better than the last one. More PG. Roose Bolton was my dad (lolwut) and Locke helped me escape from Ramsay's dogs.
somewhere in this story is a joke about Roose Bolton and Walda Frey, but I’ll leave it unmade.
watch The Fall on Netflix. Barriston Selmy and Roose Bolton are in it.
Roose made Ramsay a Bolton in Season 4, if I can recall.
my guy, u getting confused. Last 2 or 3 EP, Lord Roose asked Ramsey to kneel, placed a sword on him n made him a Bolton
Watched some youtubers review latest episode of GoT and 2 of them actually had no idea why Sansa hates Roose Bolton or what he did...
I was making a joke. You called him Resse not Roose, hence i asked what has Reese Bolton ever done to you.
After watching e06 I think that is ready to kill margaery,ser loras,tyrion,ser joras,roose bolton,jaime and bronn
Gerry Adams meeting Prince Charles. What if he goes all Roose Bolton at the Red Wedding.
..her mother's life and murder at Obed Waite's hand from Roose Bolton's cruel letter...and as a new mother herself...she-
Roose Bolton must be the new Joffrey. Not liking the character at all.
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GoT fantasy: Sansa, with the help of Theon, plots the murder Roose Bolton, frames Ramsay for it, and gains control of the North. YAY :)
As a straight man, I want to have sex with Roose Bolton’s voice.
Roose Bolton is evil and everything but he also has the best voice in Westeros, tho.
I got issues with anyone named Bolton... Roose Bolton Ramsey Bolton Michael Bolton direct wash off on site!!!
Roose Bolton does have a really great voice though. perfect for radio
There's a whole new generation that will not think of me as being related to Michael Bolton- Instead I will remind them of Roose Bolton.
. Like minded individuals; why else would Roose Bolton follow us both?
How to kill Roose Bolton with his own leeches
I am Roose Bolton, lord of the Dreadfort and Warden of the North. You... only a *** a wordly creature but... you…
Why did the Sansa Stark and roose Bolton scene *** me off so much?
The guy who plays Roose Bolton has SUCH a great speaking voice. I'd listen to him read out of the phone book.
I don't think roose Bolton is going to die until stannis kills him. I think Stanza is gonna kill Ramsey...
As much as I hate Roose Bolton I'd probably still be a tad sad if he dies
was too peak. A GOAT show gets you worked up. Roose Bolton needs to die. Littlefinger needs to put 100 bags on his head.
Poor Sansa her life keeps getting worse, that Roose Bolton guy tho
I know that Roose Bolton may come across as mean & nasty, but he has a softer side. He loves kittens, pina coladas & walks in the rain.
I'm just gonna say it: Roose Bolton it weirdly hot. IDEK
I used to hate Roose Bolton the most out of any character next to Joffrey and Walder Frey, but his son's got him beat. Wow.
A crossover TV special where Roose Bolton's trueborn son Troy defeats his younger brother Ramsey in a game of one-on-one: Musical Thrones 🏀👑
Well kind of. I mean, Joffrey wasn't there, the service was quite nice, Roose Bolton didn't tell any rape stories..
Roose Bolton is my problematic fave
A girl could listen to Roose Bolton read the phone book .
Probably rude doodles of Margaery, Olenna and Roose Bolton.
|| New Ramsay Bolton here. Not new to RP or the character. RT's would be appreciated and a Reek or Roose Bolton to RP wi…
I want the Game of Thrones audiobooks read by Roose Bolton.
My breath f-ing reeks right now like I'm Theon Greyjoy after Roose Bolton got to me.
Tywin Lannister has given me the North, but he won't lift a finger to help me take it. -Roose Bolton
am i the only who sees some resemblance btwn Tywin and Roose Bolton
Do you find it hard not to hate Roose Bolton after what he did?
Everybody fears Ramsay's cruelty, does Ramsay fear anybody? Does he like Sansa? Is Roose Bolton worse than Ramsay?
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Do you see Roose Bolton as a poor man's Tywin Lannister?
The actor who plays Roose Bolton has a fantastic speaking voice
*Sees picture of Putin* Oh, I wonder what Roose Bolton is up to toda-- oh yeah, this is REAL life.
Do you think Roose Bolton is really a half-other who is going to steal your skin and identity?
Roose Bolton's actor is scarily funny, especially with his normal accent :D
"Roose Bolton murdered my brother, he betrayed my family"
I see Lord Roose and his *** son.I wonder where Ser Michael is.
What if Sansa & Jon see each other when the Night's Watch gets some of Roose Bolton's men!
Roose Bolton: Warden of the North. Stabbed Robb Stark through his heart at the Red Wedding. Hate him.
what about Roose Bolton? It's right there every time you see him, poking out of his shirt collar.
Roose Bolton with kind words for champions-elect.
Its for our Roose Bolton Cosplay u know our baldes are sharp
Literally would rather spend time with Roose Bolton than you
[S5] Does Roose Bolton know...: Does Roose Bolton or anyone else know that Stannis is about to march on Winter...
Roose Bolton is OBVIOUSLY vile but he has a very sexy voice.
Never forget that Roose Bolton killed the only woman Peter Baelish ever loved.
cristianbaelish Roose Bolton seal of approval (?) ...Pub?
No more art thank u Roose Bolton I am the danger
--. is not mine for the taking Petyr: Roose Bolton holds the North - a man who seemed to have no qualms murdering /my/ --
That greeting though. I take it that Sansa Stark doesn't truly know what Roose Bolton did to Robb and their mother? .
Fun fact: 50% of all internet searches for my name are from Game of Thrones fans who don't know how to spell "Roose Bolton."
If Roose and Ramsay die, does the Dreadfort pass to Ser Michael of house Bolton?
Woke up today and realized it was Ramsey and Roose Bolton. I hate those characters so much it's unhealthy.
Deciding whether I dislike Littlefinger or Roose Bolton more is actually proving difficult
Roose Bolton on the TV series is much more verbose and less aloof than in the books. His eyes are just wrong and...
..than those forged by gold or by threat. *which idea she had first heard espoused by Roose Bolton when /he/ first..
-with a bright smile, not even thinking about Roose Bolton. He is Alysanne's father, not /him/, and right now her pale-
..image of Roose Bolton's ice-pale eyes impassively viewing her daughter striking her with a sudden chill. Her smile..
With Tywin dead, Littlefinger and Roose Bolton are the most bawse of the 7 kingdoms. Everyone else can die by ice zombie idgaf.
Roose Bolton's Warden of the North, now, since Tywin Lannister said so.
Like Roose Bolton could say to Ramsay: Son, that flaying was totally ON REEK.
"Power tastes Bestwhen sweetened by courtesy." –Roose Bolton Get GOT today
"Power tastes Bestwhen sweetened by courtesy." –Roose Bolton
So Ned Stark had a chance to kill Roose Bolton at the Trident and he didn't? YOU'RE TELLING ME Robb Stark COULD HAVE LIVED?!
Roose Bolton won't be smirking when the Witch-King of Brangmar files down on Winterfell atop a fell beast!
"You can't rule the North on terror alone." -Roose Bolton
Every word that passes between roose bolton and baelish turns into innuendo
"You're not marrying Roose Bolton, that would be creepy. No, you're going to marry his *** son with the torture fetish!"
Roose Bolton want his son to marry Sansa
did u see the look she gave roose Bolton xx
Good lord roose bolton has the sexiest voice
Can you just imagine, eating at a table with Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton, Kevan Lannister and Olenna Tyrell?!
Ironically again, I take that back! Walda wasn't engaged to Ramsay, she married Lord "Roose Change" Bolton himself. Carry on.
"Roose Bolton is right. A flayed man has no secrets."
I want to give my owns from the last ep to Sansa, for making us wonder if she was about to gnaw Roose Bolton's face off, or >
Game of Thrones S05E03 - Sansa Stark meets Ramsay and Roose Bolton She finally knows how to play the game of thrones
"Hey Paul, great series. Two-part question: What do the Hawks do well that makes them so tough, and do you know who Roose Bolton is?
I think Ramsey Bolton is gonna kill Roose Bolton
When it comes down to Roose Bolton and Littlefinger I honestly can't pick which is the more duplicitous ***
"The best way to forge a lasting alliance isn't by peeling..." - Roose Bolton. http:/…
I spent all of Game of Thrones feeling very jealous about Roose Bolton's cloak and its awesome straps -
Yes, I thought Sophie Turner brought her A+ game this episode. That look before she smiled at Roose Bolton...
Photoset: twelfthdoctvr: “Roose Bolton murdered my brother. He betrayed my family. He servers the...
Roose Bolton reading private letters and communication before it was cool.
Roose Bolton definitely looks like Nicholas Cage. Just saying.
kill list: Roose Bolton, Ramsay Snow, Walder Frey, and good ole Cersei Lannister
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