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Ronnie Mitchell

Veronica Elizabeth Ronnie Mitchell (previously Branning) is a fictional character from the British BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Samantha Womack.

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Samantha Womack staying as Ronnie Mitchell for longer?! SEE HERE:
I can't believe Andy Townsend is commentating on the Arsenal - Spurs cup game - I'm sure Ronnie Mitchell killed him and had him crushed on a scrapheap the other night! And since when was Bradley Walsh the manager of Spurs?!
EastEnders' executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has spoken about his plans for a number of the show's characters, promising that there are "massive stories" ahead over the next year. Since taking office at the BBC soap in August, the show's new boss and his team have been busy mapping out storyline plans until February 2015. EastEnders' longest-serving cast member Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale) will be among those taking centre stage with a big story next year, while Ronnie Mitchell will be heading in a new villainous direction. Speaking at an EastEnders press event, Treadwell-Collins commented: "We've got massive stories for the Masoods, for Denise, for Kat and Alfie - and maybe our biggest stories for the Beale family. There's a big, big Beale story that will hit around Easter and keep going until the anniversary. "It'll shock and entertain and hopefully make the nation weep. It will give Adam Woodyatt, who's a brilliant actor and a lovely man, a big chance to shine. "The other thing is Ronnie will ...
Oh my god can't explain how much I love Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell together 😂
Aup does your mam look slightly like Ronnie Mitchell had a rate dream last night I was banging away at her lol!
I know I'm gonna do a Ronnie Mitchell & kidnap her
Like what if no baby ever likes me and everyone just try's to keep their kids away from me and I decide to rename myself 'Ronnie Mitchell'
Everyone should go follow AKA Ronnie Mitchell from :)
Make sure you keep watching to see return to Walford as Ronnie Mitchell!
...'she looks like Ronnie Mitchell..!' "that's because it is Ronnie Mitchell!"
Ronnie Mitchell fans, please like our fan page for actress Sam Womack :)...
If I could be anyone I would be Ronnie Mitchell as she is misunderstood
Just walked past an old man wearing a plain white t shirt with a picture on Ronnie Mitchell from eastenders on it?
Ronnie Mitchell needs a pair of straighteners and a good clothes shop
Why do i find Ronnie Mitchell attractive
[PHOTO] EastEnders: Samantha Womack will be returning to Albert Square as Ronnie Mitchell very soon! Are you excited? h…
tall blonde ;) Ronnie Mitchell that will do me if not small dark Kym kardashian x
Ronnie Mitchell makes Sharon look like Miss Piggy from the muppet show.
Victim Support. In a recent episode of Eastenders, Kat Moon went to meet Ronnie Mitchell – the woman who stole her...
Can't believe Ronnie Mitchell came into work today
So my mum walks into the house with a 2 year old in her arms, and for a minute I thought she'd done a Ronnie Mitchell
Had a chat with Ronnie Mitchell from Eastenders about One direction perfume at work today, standard
Why cant just give ronnie mitchell some sort of happiness! Jez
Whoever says that "Ronnie Mitchell is fit" needs their eyes testing. The woman looks like a disgruntled Michael Jackson.
I know its only a program but I feel so sorry for Ronnie Mitchell in eastenders
maaan, I've missed watching ronnie mitchell in eastenders. suddenly interested in eastenders all of a sudden.
4.10.13: EastEnders fans can expect more trouble for Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell next month as their...
PHOTO!!! Friday 4th October 2013: Expect more trouble for Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell as their secret...
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let's be like Ronnie Mitchell and steal Lauren's baby 👶
Might do a Ronnie Mitchell and steal jakes baby Amelia
EastEnders' Sharon Rickman continues to clash with the other Albert Square residents in next week's episodes. Sharon (Letitia Dean) finds herself in confrontations with Ronnie Mitchell, Ava Hartman and even Dot Branning in a week of tension. Ronnie (Samantha Womack) is first to anger Sharon by putting her on mopping duties at R&R. Sharon is quick to point out that mopping the floor isn't in her job description and she won't be taking orders. However, when Ronnie bites back by pointing out that she now outranks Sharon at the business, it's clear that a big power struggle is developing between the two women. Later that day, Sharon faces further embarrassment when she arrives at the school for a meeting with Ava (Clare Perkins) about Dennis's bad behaviour. When Ava reads out a list of Dennis's misdemeanours, Sharon loses her cool and storms out, unable to accept that her precious son could do such things. She's unaware that Ava is feeling emotional herself due to Sam's ongoing health problems. Sharon's blin ...
Our soaps editor sat down with star on her return to the show as Ronnie Mitchell:
Peggy pops back for special episode Tuesday 9 July 2013, 00:06 Rob F Rob F EastEnders Blog Team . EastEnders’ one true landlady, Barbara Windsor, is set to reprise her role as Peggy Mitchell for a special episode later this year. Barbara Windsor Peggy returns to Walford when she learns that Phil, her eldest, needs his mother’s help. Always putting her family first, Peggy returns to the place she called home for 16 years. Barbara’s return to EastEnders is part of a huge autumn lined up for the show which is set to be extremely dramatic for the Mitchell’s. With Samantha Womack back as Ronnie Mitchell, Roxy planning to get hitched to Alfie and Phil back in trouble once more, the Mitchell’s - one of the biggest clans Walford's ever had - are going to be on a rollercoaster over the next few months. “It is no secret how much I have always loved EastEnders and Peggy Mitchell," revealed Barbara. "And by the number of times I'm constantly stopped by the great British public and asked either "when are . ...
Samantha Womack has sparked rumours that her character Ronnie Mitchell may reunite with ex-husband Jack Branning. The actress suggested that she could soon be filming more kissing scenes with co-star Scott Maslen, who plays the role of Jack. Speaking to The Sun today, Samantha commented: "It's harder kissing Scott than a complete stranger, because I know him so well but luckily his wife Stellie, who's one of my best friends, is very, very sweet and takes the mickey out of me all the time. It's okay. It'll be awkward the first one and then when we get it over and done with - when we get back to it - it'll be fine." Samantha is returning to EastEnders for a six-month stint. Ronnie's comeback is bound to shake up Albert Square following her two-year spell in prison for abducting Kat Moon's baby son Tommy. Asked whether her stories will be more cheerful this time round, Sam replied: "Oh, I hope so. I don't know whether Ronnie is a cheerful kind of girl. It's going to be hard, because she's been through an awf ...
Barbara Windsor has hinted that she still doesn't feel ready to make a return as Peggy Mitchell. Back in April, Barbara revealed that the show's bosses had asked her back, but added that she was reluctant to agree because of the long filming hours involved. In a new interview with PA, the 75-year-old admitted that she doesn't miss the "grind" of working at EastEnders. Barbara explained: "I do a bit of everything. I don't have EastEnders, that was three years ago. So I have my advert which I still do, Queen of Bingo, I do lots of my charity work - lots of different things. I don't want the grind." She added: "EastEnders is great, I love it - but it is full on." EastEnders chiefs are currently looking to bring back familiar faces, with Samantha Womack returning as Ronnie Mitchell, while Michael French has been widely rumoured to be reprising his role as David Wicks.
Samantha Womack is coming back to EastEnders as Ronnie Mitchell and I can't wait!
Samantha Womack on her return to Eastenders: I can't wait to be back as Ronnie Mitchell
Great news, Ronnie Mitchell is making a return to Albert Square and she's going to cause a lot of trouble ;) Who's excited to see her back on EastEnders?!
It has been Confirmed that Samantha Womack WILL be returning to Our screens as Ronnie Mitchell for 6 months!
How the *** can Jack Branning go from Ronnie Mitchell to Sharon?! She's vile.
Ronnie Mitchell singles to right to move Wall to third and Wall scores on an Austin Listi sac fly. DBU 2, Sac St. 0 B2
SPOILER ALERT!!! Their romance has hit the rocks in recent weeks. And it seems it’s going to go from bad to worse for EastEnders characters Sharon Rickman and Jack Branning. The engaged pair, played by Letitia Dean and Scott Maslen, will no longer marry after Sharon calls off the wedding. Sharon is to call off her wedding to Jack after finding out he’s been in contact with ex-girlfriend Ronnie Mitchell And Sharon decides enough is enough and may even get back together with ex-lover Phil Mitchell, played by Steve McFadden, who has been vying for her love with Jack. A show insider told the Daily Mirror: ‘Sharon hoped her wedding day would be one of the happiest of her life. ‘But the love triangle with her, Jack and Phil Michell causes rows in the lead up to the wedding and after Jack and Phil clash she discovers Jack has been in contact with his ex Ronnie Mitchell who is in prison. ‘That is the final straw and the wedding is called off, which may give Phil hope of a reconciliation.’ Jack and Phi ...
HERE ARE THE ANSWERS FROM TONIGHT'S QUIZ. How many did you get correct? Anyone get 12/12? 1. What is the age difference between Raymond siblings Simon and Tiffany? A. 2 years (Simon born 1974 and Tiff was born in 1976) 2. Which of the following men has NOT dated Shirley Carter? C. Derek Branning 3. How old was Jean Slater when her daughter Stacey was born? B. 30 (Jean was born in 1958 and Stace was born in 1988) 4. Who got married at Gretna Green in 1991? B. Ricky and Sam 5. what is the name of Stella Crawford's sister? C. Catherine 6. Which of the following characters has NEVER worked at Car Lot? B. Ian Beale 7. How old was Ronnie Mitchell when she fell pregnant with her daughter 'Amy'? A. 14 8. What was the name of Tanya and Rainie Cross's father? B. William 9. Who got married on Christmas Day 2002? C. Little Mo and Billy (Kat and Alfie married the following year on the same day) 10. Which of the following women has NOT dated Darren Miller? A. Lucy Beale 11. In what year did Den Watts marry Angie Shaw? ...
Further Cast Cull! Executive producer of Eastenders Alex Heardman has axed 5 more characters! These include Tamwar Masood, played by Himesh Patel, and Ray Dixon, played by Chucky Venn. Tamwar joined the show in 2007, while Ray joined in 2012. Ray was planned to take a break, but Venn quit the show for good. Also, Ayesha Rana played by Shivani Ghai, will leave Walford again, she joined late-2012, and rejoined early-2013. Joey Branning, played by David Witts, is also leaving, as well as Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty. However, this will be made up for, with 4 new returning characters! Ronnie Mitchell, played by Samantha Womack, Dawn Swann, played by Kara Tointon and 2 others are returning to the soap. There is one mystery character who will return to the soap - but Heardman has hinted that it's a controversial return. The last returning character is Mandy Salter, played by Nicola Stapleton.
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Just been told I look like Ronnie Mitchell once again! REALLY?!?!?
Samantha Womack: My fight to save teenage Burmese girl from sex trade 12 Nov 2012 00:00 The actress sponsor became her sponsor through child-poverty charity ActionAid, and now supports her financially with monthly payments Sitting in a bamboo hut in a tiny Burmese village, Samantha Womack listened intently as a shy teenage girl told her how she had once dreamed of becoming a teacher. Pretty Nandar sat with her head bowed as the former EastEnders star gently asked why she’d given up on that dream and didn’t go to school any more. Sam spent seven years playing troubled Ronnie Mitchell with her back-story of teenage rape, pregnancy and motherly abandonment, but this real-life tragedy, told in whispers 5,500 miles from Albert Square, broke the mum-of-two’s heart. The bright 13-year-old girl had been dragged out of school to beg for money to support her abusive, alcoholic father Her mother fled to the Chinese border and seemed likely to be working as a prostitute... and Nandar seemed destined to be force ...
A rousing "BO...M" from the Patriot faithful as Boomer Collins launches a two-run homer to left center. Ronnie Mitchell had doubled.
Steve Wright is on very soon - guests today include impressionist and Samathana Womack aka Ronnie Mitchell
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