Ronnie Lott & Jack Tatum

Ronald Mandel Ronnie Lott (born May 8, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a cornerback, free safety, and strong safety in the National Football League (NFL) for fifteen seasons during the 1980s and 1990s. -- (talk) 05:24, 4 September 2012 (UTC) 5.0/5

Ronnie Lott Jack Tatum Lawrence Taylor Steve Atwater Mel Blount Ray Lewis Jack Lambert Bill Romanowski Brian Dawkins Lester Hayes Deacon Jones Mike Singletary Joe Montana Samuel L. Jackson Jim Plunkett Michael Jordan Sean Taylor Michael Hayes Ben Edwards

Yes! Don't tell them about Steve Atwater, Jack Tatum & my all time fav safety Ronnie Lott. One at a time, coach.
safeties better than him off top of my head Troy P. John Lynch. Dawkins . Ronnie Lott . Jack Tatum . Ed reed . Atwater
So far the most popular responses are Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott, and John Lynch.
Inside info from a former player on the 2014 OSU defense. One of our best sources recently spoke personally with Ohio State co-defensive coordinator Chris Ash. You’ll want to sit back and enjoy this item. “After listening to Ash talk about how nasty, mean and hard-hitting his guys will be, he had me literally wanting to suit up myself,” the source said. “Ash has had his secondary watching tape on Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott and Richard Sherman. He wants and demands his players to play with that ferocity. He says he doesn't care if they make mistakes but your *** better be going 100 percent full-speed trying to destroy the ball carrier. Ash is so intense when he speaks to you that his passion literally spreads on to you like he's casting a spell. He says our D will be nasty and ferocious, and I for one believe him. “I always hear Luke rave about Kwon, but it was nice to hear what Ash had to say about him. Ash thinks he's our next linebacker All-American and surefire future first-round draft pick. He ...
Jack Tatum, Deacon Jones, Reggie White, Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor... Those cats are legends when it comes to playing violent.
The newest buckeye of 2015 Ben Edwards aka Ronnie Lott part 2 for the youngsters Jack Tatum for the old heads I like Jack Tatum myself!
There is no way I would go to Sochi for the Olympics. I would rather catch a pass over the middle with Ronnie Lott and Jack Tatum running at me full speed.
*** Butkus, Ronnie Lott, Jack Tatum,Bill Romanowski could not have played football today with these sissy *** rules!
I was talking about the defensive players tho lol.. like Ronnie Lott or Jack Tatum.
$16,000 fine for Brooks for that hit on Brees...smh...if *** Butkus, Ronnie Lott, Jack Lambert and Jack Tatum played in today's NFL they'd be broke!
To me, it's harder for Safeties to be as dominant as they used to be. Guys like Ronnie Lott and Jack Tatum cldnt b that way 2day
Adding one eyed Wesley walker to my fantasy football team Ronnie Lott, jack tatum, mark bavaro, and Brian bozworth.
Ronnie Lott - 49ers Jack Tatum - Raiders. NFL football was way better back then too. The 70's were it. My Dolphins 17 - 0.
I've watched football for 40 years and this is a joke!!! Give me Jack Tatum and Ronnie Lott when people got to play football!!!
Hard Hitters that changed the game: Steve Atwater, Ronnie Lott, Brian Dawkins, Jack Tatum, Sean Taylor... many more
Love me some Jack Tatum and Ronnie Lott high lights
He was a great defensive player. Ranks up there with Ronnie Lott, Mike Singletary & Jack Tatum in my book.
Watching and it got me thinkin. Best Secondary ever?: Ronnie Lott, Jack Tatum, + Mel Blount. Thoughts?
not bad considering i have over 200,000 football cards.Hoping to put it with my signed Ronnie Lott and Jack Tatum cards
For ALL SF Bay Area football fans.i mean the REAL football fans.forget new stadiums, or lost championships, or bad blood between *** if you cant guess who, you shoudn't call yourself a fan. All that other stuff is so irrelevant. For me, the most critical issue is this.with EIGHT Super Bowl victories, Joe Montana, Jim Plunkett, Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott...just to name a few... Hall of Famers on bitb sides of tbe bridge.why, why, WHY is not even ONE number retired?! For all the joy and pride our teams have brought us I am ASHAMED that both teams are seriously lagging on this. RC Owens, Dave Dalby, Jack Tatum, the Tooz have already passed away without seeing any retired numbers...shameful!
Ray Lewis, Brian Cushing, Jack Tatum, and Ronnie Lott are my idols of football but can't none of them compare to my dad
Ronnie Lott, Chuck Bednarski, Lawrence Taylor, Sam Huff, Jack Lambert, Jack Tatum and Darryl Stingley, Jim Burt and Joe Montana, Brad Van Pelt, and then there's *** Butkis. Add any other hard hitting defensive player that's your favorite. What do you think the reaction of the NFL would be if these players were hitting people now like they did in years past. Roger Goodell would be running around in a panicked frenzy! EVERY single player who plays in the NFL knows it's the best of the best in all realms of running passing blocking tackling and special teams. Getting hurt is the x factor that every player hopes doesn't happen to them. There is no way that any piece of paper legislation or rules or laws that don't run block or tackle on the grid iron is going to have any effect other than inhibiting the play in a negative fashion. Player Safety. That's what big business corporate interest backed owners call it. They don't want to see their big money investments go down the tubes mid season and lose revenue a ...
Ronnie Lott was one of the best safety's ever, and jack tatum
Junior Seau's family is now sueing the nfl. They allege that his suicide was a result of brain disease caused by the violent hits he took during his career and that the nfl hid the dangers of repetitive blows to the head. Maybe the nfl should warn us that you will burn yourself if you touch a hot stove. The nfl will be the national flag football league if this stupidity keeps up. They've already started to ruin the game with the whole "hitting a defenseless receiver" bs. Ya know, its a wonder that Jack Tatum, Donnie Shell, Steve Atwater, Ronnie Lott, *** "Night Train" Lane, Herbert Adderly, and too many more pure greats of the game didn't kill themselves. They hit a *** of a lot harder than Seau EVER did. George Halas n Art Rooney are rollin over in their graves.
Watching the inauguration today along with all of the tribute to MLK I realized how awesome it is that, given our nation's history, it is truly amazing that we have a black president. At first it didn't hit me because I don't really care for Obama, NOT because he's black, it's just him. So I wasn't appreciating the significance of it all until I thought. What if Samuel L. Jackson was president... How cool if it was HIM being inaugurated on MLK Day! Or Morgan Freeman, or Richard Roundtree, or Denzel, or Ronnie Lott, Jack Tatum, or Lester Hayes, or Jaime Foxx, Gerald Chasten, Michael Jordan, RG3 or Ray Lewis...or.??? I feel more proud as an American today recognizing that our nation has matured so much in it's beliefs on racial equality these last 50 years!
Wonders if Marino, Montana, Elway, and the other great players, played in todays game with all the rule changes, how much greater they would be, one thing I would guess Marino would prob thrown for 90k yards, Montana would have about 4 more champs without needing a kicker to win one for him, Elway would have many more comebacks, Jim Brown would still be the all time leading rusher, Jerry Rice would still hold the receiving record for yards in a season, even though C Johnson is one heck of talent, on Ronnie Lott an Jack Tatum would be expelled from the league for their solid hits. Lmao.
Ray Lewis may very well be playing his last game as an NFL player today. Love him or hate him, you can't deny his greatness. This man played the game with passion and fire on every snap. He is one the most intimidating players I have ever watched in my life and I've seen my fair share of intimidating players...Jack Tatum, Howie Long, Jack Lambert, Mike Singletary, Ronnie Lott etc. Now I know the "Haters" will be out in full force, but I for one, will miss seeing Ray Lewis playing on Sundays.
Ronnie Lott, Jack Tatum, Steve Atwater and LT were some bad dudes!
If you had to get cracked by one, who would it be: Ronnie Lott, *** Butkis, Lawrence Taylor, or Jack Tatum?
Jack Tatum ,Lawrence Taylor ,Ronnie Lott they be considered terrorist in today version of football!
I wish I'd been alive in the 70's to watch REAL men play REAL football and make REAL contact. I'd rather watch Jack Tatum, Deacon Jones, Joe Green, *** Butkus and Ronnie Lott than all of these babies playing today. Might as well make it flag football.
Ok. Is it just me, or should the NFL be made into a TOUCH football league?! So many great hits and some not so great only to be penalized. *** ridiculous!!! . Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott, L.T., and so on and so on were some of the greatest ever!!
i wanna watch jack Tatum and Ronnie Lott go heads.
Every showboating NFL receiver should look up YouTube clips of Mel Blount, Ronnie Lott, and Jack Tatum and thank God they play in this era.
My Dad said plays the game the old school way, as in Jack Tatum/Willie Brown/Ronnie Lott way.
You have to put Brian Dawkins up there with Ronnie Lott, Rod Woodson and Jack Tatum as one of the greatest safties of all time
Lester Hayes , Mel Blount , Jack Tatum , and Ronnie Lott would love playing in the NFL right now... Ol' tymee football... Kinda like a car crash. Makes you wanna watch it all with anticipation...even Jacksonville. Maybe not Jacksonville...
One of the greatest defensive backs in NFL history was Ronnie Lott. He carried on the type of physical play that made Jack Tatum feared by receivers in the 1970′s. Lott was drafted out of USC...
This may sound bad but I love guys like James Harrison, Ronnie Lott, Bill Romanowski, and Jack Tatum.
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