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Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is a clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain.

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When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities Of Ne Kansas Inc. Support us every time you shop.
Lol this was my responce to one of my friends a while back about something. I thought it was hilarious!!! ;) You gotta hold it together, man! And stop crying over me! I know I'm awsome and everything, but I'm also a very sick person! I mean, don't tell anybody, but I secretly like to dress up like Ronald McDonald and go test driving cars and stuff.. But the thing is, is I go to Burger King in the car I'm in and drive through the drive thru and order like $500 worth of stuff then I go inside with it all and start throwing hamburgers at all their employees!
Detroit bound! Hollie has her annual test/procedures done starting first thing tomorrow morning! Staying at the Ronald McDonald house! Hollie Carter said she would workout with me tonight!!! Thought we would take a run outside in Detroit!! Probably would increase pace time! LOL
The first time I ever tasted a Big Mac .I tried to get a divorce and marry Ronald McDonald.Cause he cooks better than my wife.But the judge wouldn't let me have it.
Many of you may be familiar with the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington. Their mission to support families is one that we embrace and admire. We want to thank our parish members for their generous stewardship each week, so that our recent gift to the RMH could become a reality. God Bless the Ronald McDonald House and those in our community who reach out and help others.
students collect tabs for Ronald McDonald Children's Charities:
This classic style is a Customer favorite every season! It's a great way to take lunch on the go or keep drinks and snacks cold while you're out and about. With every purchase of our Red Wave thermal tote, 31 cents will be donated to our new national partner, Ronald McDonald House Charities. With ev...
Every year, Taylor works for donations for the Ronald McDonald house - Rolls of love, this includes toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, laundry soaps, trash bags etc - your not asked to donate a full bag/box just one or two rolls! Etc this is a HUGE help to families staying in the home while medical treatment is taking place on thier children! You are welcome to bring by our home or Taylor can come pick up! She collects until the end of May and takes in donations approximately once a wk depending how many bags she has!
RMHC is in the throes of opening a NEW WING next to the original house at 935 South Temple in SLC. We will start moving guests in next week and then begin shutting down and renovating the original House that Love Built in 1988. We are also transforming Little America into the "Land of Hills and Heather", as we get ready to attend one of the biggest GALA's in SLC this Saturday...AND as the President of the Board of Directors, I couldn't be prouder of the major accomplishments of the staff and amazing volunteers FYI...The cost to house a family is $70 per night. Families are asked to share in the cost of their stay by contributing $15 toward this cost; however, their extensive medical expenses often make it difficult to pay even this modest amount. No family is turned away due to an inability to pay… and without the Ronald McDonald House; many families would have nowhere to turn. Our Annual Gala is our most significant community effort raising more than $500,000 or 30% of our annual budget. This event ...
WCCC Student Senate Check Presentation to the Ronald McDonald House will take place tomorrow April 10, 2014 at 11:30am in the Assembly Room. We do hope you all can make it!
Look who came to Fair Park for a visit!!! Ronald McDonald!
Getting ready to ship to the Ronald McDonald House of New York!!
Conversation with My second oldest daughter, "I hate my feet"me "there's nothing I can do about that, you have my feet and I wear an 11 1/2 shoe and your feet are unusually large for a girl." Daughter, " you have Ronald Mcdonald clown shoe feet" We crack up at each other. Lol
I might not be Ronald McDonald, but I definitely approve of Taco Bells new breakfast thingy.
As someone who struggles to remain calm at the sight of clowns (don't talk to me about the one who chased me around Marbella during the company trip in 2012) how have I only just noticed how terrifying Ronald McDonald is.??
April 9, 2014 By Aimee Colvin — 53 minutes ago We arrived in WI at the Ronald McDonald House this past Sunday night. Cruz was having some "new" symptoms this past week and has had a series of labs, tests, etc. over the past couple of days. So far so good, possibly a mild virus, but nothing else majo...
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FB - Let's be clear on something.If I am ever wrongly convicted of a crime, and sent to prison for 30 or 40 years then set free because the case was reinvestigated.Baaabeyyy!!! Imma be madder than a mug!!! These kats getting out saying they are not angry or anything.I can't knock them and I applaud them, but I ain't that kat!! I'm suing errbody.the people that put me there better get the same thing .judge, prosecutor, Ronald McDonald, witnesses and all...but first I want to personally fight everyone responsible!! Schedule one fight per day until I have gotten to everone!! I would still forgiv'em though, but not until I'm finished!! 8-)
One week away from our Wine & Cheese Night at the Ronald McDonald House! Join us Wednesday, April 16 at 5:30pm for complimentary wine and cheese, tour the house, and visit with the families our mission supports.
Thinking of Becky Augustine and Brian Hayes today. I know that you will be putting smiles on the faces of lots of kids as you deliver toys to the Ronald McDonald House in honor of Isabella's memory. Happy birthday to your sweet angel. ♥
My name is Ronald McDonald and I approve of the Taco Bell breakfast.
NextGen volunteers serve dinner to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House inside Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minneapolis. Staying together as a family and sharing a meal provides a little feel of home to families struggling with a child's health crisis.
A big thanks to everyone who participated! We were able to raise $130 dollars for the Ronald McDonald House!
If you are registered to run in the Red Shoe Run next Saturday, April 19th, you will need to come to packet pickup on either April 16th, 17th, or 18th from 4-7pm at the Ronald McDonald House in Tallahassee! See you then!!!
Need dinner plans tonight? Chili's (Fort Smith location only) will donate 15% of proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charties of Arkoma! Come out and support a great cause! Important: You must provide a flyer or email about this event for proceeds to go to us! Email Emma @ emma Hope to see you there!!
Mommy and Nora update: I was discharged from hospital this afternoon. We've also been qualified to receive assistance through the Ronald McDonald foundation which will house me and provide me a meal per day and a shuttle to and from to visit Nora at hospital. Nora is doing great but will continue to be in the NICU for another month maybe or more so we are very blessed to be receiving such treatment! Thanks again for your support! It goes farther than you know !
Well it turns out that the doctors don't want us to leave until Mike and I are trained in infant CPR, and there is no class till Friday. :( Frustrating since we asked a nurse about it a month ago and she said we couldn't take CPR here unless Zoey went home on oxygen! One good thing is that this gives us plenty of time to move out of Ronald McDonald and back into our own house. We will also get two more nights of being able to sleep more than two hours at a time. :)
A BIG Thank You to everyone headed down to the Ronald McDonald House in just a few. Because of your hard work and dedication many hungry families will find food tonight after a long evening in the hospital! Awesome Job Onelove Family!!
Thanks to the LifeSource Community Benefit Team, who provided lunch and dinner to over 18 families at the Ronald McDonald House of Loyola Hospital
APR 11 | 7PM Join us as Jade Walker, director of Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas, talks about maintaining an art practice while also cultivating a career. "Under" is a work commissioned by the Ronald McDonald House in Austin. The piece is hung from the ceiling in the main stairwell of the house. The work reflects my interest in the some-what recognizable forms that hibernate under the blankets. The forms are reminiscent of contour maps, body forms and playgrounds covered in a sea of fabric. - Jade Walker
Doc just came out, surgery went awesome. This new loop recorder is first for Sick Kids AND for Canada! Loop recorder device is inserted and reading heart rhythm very well. Sick kids docs and US team of docs from Medtronic are very pleased! 3 rounds of IV antibiotics over next 24 hours and in between we are able to spend night at Ronald McDonald House instead of hospital.
It's that time again! Who wants to join me to serve dinner at the Ronald McDonald House? Friday May 23rd at 6pm. We need to arrive by 4pm to cook dinner and we will serve dinner from 6-8 and then clean up and go home about 8:30. Let me know if you're interested. There are 7 available spots. :)
O.K . who remembers when the one and only Ronald McDonald came to McDonald's on Washington Blvd. in Whittier. He had a cage full of prizes and was asking kids questions for a prize. The crowd of kids went crazy! This was around the mid sixties.
Jacob had a good night last night and we are having a great day. David and Angie are now in The Ronald MCDonald House until Jacob is released. This is an awesome organization that aids family's with lodging and meals while they are caring for their children with severe medical issues. It is within walking distance to Parkland Memorial Hospital and they have shuttles as well. The services are at a cost of $15.00 per day and if you would like to help with that cost you can contact me at jim_jfc Jacob is expected to be in the hospital for a month or more. If you have ever been in a situation like this you know that the costs are high and ever little bit helps.
A BIG thanks to Rick's Deli & Market for providing the cheese platter and Bouharoun's Package Store Inc for providing wine. We truly appreciate your contribution to the Red Shoe Society Supply Drive for Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas. Don't forget to bring any item from the RMHC Wish List and be entered for a chance to win tickets to the 5th Annual Greenville Royale.
One of our many PopsEd programs takes place at Ronald McDonald House New York. We're honored to provide Teaching Artists to share the gift of music to the children and families in residence there.
Spreading happiness and joy at the Ronald McDonald House through music and manicures with The lipstick project. Reunited once again! Photos by the HUM Multimedia Team JSung Photography HUM | Lipstick Project |
The Taco Bell breakfast commercial that has a bunch of guys named Ronald McDonald endorsing them for some reason cracks me up.
You may think that most of the Ronald McDonald House Charity® funding comes from grants, corporate funding or other big ticket methods. In fact, it’s the RMHC Donation Boxes filled with nickels, dimes, and quarters from people like you that are the largest source of ongoing fundraising for RMHC. Visit your local Hampton Roads area McDonald’s restaurant during breakfast hours before April 13, 2014 to enjoy a FREE freshly brewed small McCafé coffee. Donate your change, to make a change, by dropping a donation into the RMHC Donation Box. Your charitable donation in our local RMHC donation boxes help children and families at the Norfolk Ronald McDonald House. Our mission at RMHC-Norfolk is to provide a “home away from home” for families with children facing medical challenges and to also support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children.
The Ronald McDonald House of Gainesville teamed up with Junior League of Gainesville to redesign their playroom for teens and children. The goal was to create a place where kids could meet together and connect with each other during these difficult times. We were able to create a beautiful room for everyone to enjoy. Here are the before and after photos. Thank you to all the lovely Junior League ladies and CordaRoy's for making this possible.
I am Ronald Mcdonald and I love Taco Bells breakfast
Starting to REALLY hit me. we are pretty much packed up here at the Ronald McDonald house and about to head over to discharge Jake from RIO (his brain rehab). Got Drew and Bill coming to help us get over the mountains due to my van being old, its makes me a wee bit nervous. Dont want to break down with Jake in the mountains. On a side note, looking for a blood pressure cuff and in the next month or so will need a 3 bedroom house in Clatsop County. Not picky as to where, just in that county. If anyone has idea, let me know!
From my daughter: Update for 4/9 By Allison Schroeder — 30 minutes ago Well we have had a couple of ultrasounds and doctors visits recently so here is an update of what else we have learned. On March 31st we had an ultrasound/doctor visit which went well. No new bad news was given so we felt some relief. We were able to ask the doctor a couple of questions and learned that Baby will need breast milk and a natural delivery is still an option as long as Baby tolerates labor; Allison had been concerned about both of these details. An induction date of May 14th has been set so as of today we are just five short weeks from meeting Baby! This past Monday the 7th, we had another ultrasound and doctor visit. Apparently the doctor was not satisfied with the findings from the ultrasound so Allison and Baby had to do a non-stress test for 20 minutes. They were hooked up to a heart monitor and Allison had to click a button each time Baby moved. Eleven minutes in the nurse told us that we had passed the test but had ...
Finally on our way home!!! So very thankful to the Ronald McDonald house for their hospitality this past week and a half. Without them put stay would not have been possible. If you are in need of a charity to give to, this is a worthy one.
Ronald McDonald stopped by our Southwest location today! The kids enjoyed playing "sink or float" with Ronald & his helpers.
JEF CAMPION in XCIA, by Hank O'Neal **Limited numbered edition of 500 'signed' copies with Jef Campion/Army of One handprint!** Proceeds to Ronald McDonald House charity for Cancer Children. $150 Each In a life far too short, Jef Campion (aka Army of One) laid his red handprint from the streets of New York to the city of Los Angeles; CIA agent-turned-photographer Hank O'Neal was often in hot pursuit. In concert with our memorial exhibition for the late artist whose appropriation of the Diane Arbus image stood in testament to his campaign to highlight the victimization of innocent chidlren's lives due to war, poverty, abuse, and disease, Castle Fitzjohns is proud to present limited edition, hard bound copies of O'Neal's homage to international street art, complete with Jef Campion/Army of One's own iconic red handprint on the cover, stamped by the artist.
Just donated a couple bags of clothes and old cell phones to Ronald McDonald House and got my community service hrs for school! Made me feel good helping out! Now to pick my cap and gown and mail out invites to family.
The only thing I take from the commercial where people named Ronald Mcdonald eat breakfast at Taco Bell is that bad decisions are hereditary.
YAY.. we got into the Ronald McDonald house! I will be staying in Cville for a while and will get to see my little nugget more and more :)
The Saints will be taking over Cineworld Northampton on Tuesday, April 29th to raise money for Variety Gold Hearts and Ronald McDonald House Charities.
UPDATE: Miles is doing well, expected to leave ICU possibly next week and head to the Ronald McDonald house for further treatment to get ready to go home. Right now it's a lot of teaching on how to take care of him so we have lots of learning to do. Miles will still be critical for about 6 months so not a lot of exposure to people and have to keep clean and healthy around him so he does not get sick. Any little type of cough or cold will get him back to the hospital so Angel and I are prepared to give him the best care and have him get healthy and stronger. Thank you all again for your prayers and support. Please continue to keep praying for him and the family!
This Wednesday April 9 at 7:00 p.m., Alpha Delta Pi sorority will be hosting their 9th annual Cheers for Charity event -- a cheer competition with all donations benefiting the Ronald McDonald Houses of Central Florida. The event will take place at the UCF Venue with the doors opening at 6:00 p.m. a
Kylie seems much better again today :) Eating good, no ct scan yet so maybe in another day or so she can atleast come stay at the Ronald McDonald house with us.then if she's still good,GO HOME NXT WEEK!! Things are looking up for both of us.may have a new job&a place when we get bk!* YAY! CROSSED FINGERS*
After 149 days in the hospital, Ava was discharged yesterday evening to the Ronald McDonald House! As long as she continues to do well, we will stay here with her until her next surgery in late May. It's been an adjustment for her and us and she's had some increased feeding (vomiting) issues since we've been here. Pray that those issues resolve soon! She has her first outpatient cardiology appointment tomorrow and then she starts her outpatient physical and occupational therapies on Friday.
Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful first daughter I was so happy to see other people wishing her a happy birthday as well this morning while scrolling down my news feed. 👑 I can't believe its been two years, I miss you every single day but I am so happy for the 21 days I got to spend with you. You went through so much in those days, and taught me and everyone at Albany Med so much, more than most people do in 50+ years. For those 21 days you made me a morning person, or just someone who could function completely without sleep, I miss standing next to your bed until 1am or so, walking back to the Ronald McDonald House just to wake up at 6am and rush over to the hospital to see you and hopefully not miss the doctors on round. I love you so so much, thank you for opening my eyes and teaching me so much. I hope everyone who hears about you gets inspired too, you are by far the best miracle in my life. I promised I'd never let your memory fade and I'm trying to keep that promise in the best way I know how, ...
Ronald McDonald House Manitoba is excited to present the 28th Annual Hope Couture Fashion Gala on May 9th! If you are looking for a night of great entertainment, amazing prizes, and even some dancing - all in support of RMHMB, make sure to get your tickets now!
Lmao! Taco Bell so shady with these Ronald Mcdonald breakfast commercials...lmao!
re: the Taco Bell commercial- why are so many people named Ronald McDonald? it's 2014 stop naming your children after a…
I'm no Ronald McDonald, but I approve of Taco Bell breakfast.
4/9/14 MS/HS ANNOUNCEMENTS: ATTENTION WASHINGTON D.C. STUDENTS: Mrs. Geiger and Mrs. Cox will be in the MHS lobby to collect Washington D.C. T-shirt orders and money on Friday, April 11th. Friday will be the last day to turn in your money and order. Attention All Students: If you have yet to return your spring pictures to Mrs. Weller, please do so as soon as possible. Student Government is sponsoring Margaretta’s first ever DRESS SALE. Mrs. Szymanski is now accepting dresses and accessories for the prom dress sale. Please bring them directly to her classroom. The dress sale is today April 9th & Thursday April 10th. If you’re looking for a dress, stop on by with your cash to browse. All dresses will be sold for under $50.00. NHS will recognize students who participate in volunteer activities with a community service award. All Margaretta High School students are eligible. If you participated in volunteer/community service during the last year, please fill out the forms that are available in the main of ...
The Rowan Television Network looks to raise $6,500 on April 9 to donate toward the Camden-based Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey.
No, my name is not Ronald McDonald. It is Alex Dohrn and I have tried Taco Bell's new waffle taco, a.m. crunchwrap, and a.m. taco. Excuse me while I try to reorganize my digestive system...uggh featured in NBC s Science of Love
Thanksgiving in April! A delicious turkey dinner was cooked and served by this group of Young Men and their leaders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. This wasn't the first time they have helped at the Ronald McDonald House. Last year they emptied our attic and put things away in the garage. "We like to do one service project a month," explains Dr. Dan Gee, one of the adult leaders. The boys were friendly and helpful, and got some cooking lessons along with dinner as they worked. They will need cooking and service experiences because a lot of them will be serving 2 year missions for their church after they graduate from High School.
Kindergartner Miracle Moore wanted rainbow-colored glasses Monday as she gazed at a selection of frames on one wall of the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile at Westhaven Elementary School in Belleville.
hi folks as you may know we have 2 gardening projects coming up. ronald mcdonald and the hospital school roof garde, I was thinking 7th may for maccy Ds and 21st for roof garden. How does everyone feel with these dates?
Well, we are on a bus headed back to NYC. Today is Amber's post op appointment for her last surgery. We are lucky enough to stay at the Ronald McDonald house tonight. Tomorrow is the meeting with the new oncologist. That's the meeting we are truly dreading. My hubby is driving into NYC tomorrow so he can be at the appointment with us. He's in charge of retaining all the info.
Help support Ronald McDonald House Charities OF KENTUCKIANA INC on Razoo! Donate or click "Share" below to spread the word.
tzikie, wanna be a Mckidwith Ronald mcdonald
Guys :D apparently this sunday from 12-2 Ronald McDonald is going to be here! We have specials going on that day too :)
A big thank you to the Ronald McDonald house for letting us come in and provide lunch for their families. And another BIG thank you to Dr Diane for putting together yet another awesome mystery day! Here are some pictures of the day.
Camanche Road Mystery September 2004, Eric Dau and his wife Sherrise were driving into a mobile home court in Camanche, Iowa. Everything was going smoothly until they saw a startling sight ahead of them: Lined up in the middle of the road were dozens of spooky Ronald McDonald dolls.The incident happened at approximately 12:30 AM yet a volunteer firefighter in the area claimed that he drove in the same road two hours earlier and saw nothing unusual. Eric’s wife suspected that it was a scheme used by assailants to lure women out of their cars. Strangely, all the clown dolls disappeared without a trace the following morning.
please fire your entire marketing dept I don't care that some *** who shares the name Ronald McDonald eats your breakfast.
Willy wonka and Ronald McDonald are making out as curious George watches from the side of the spaceship!
Thankfully, we finally heard back from the housing department from Stanford today! We are booked at an extended stay hotel close to Stanford Lucille Packer children's hospital from the 7th to the 23rd. Luckily we are still on the wait list for the Stanford apartments and the Ronald McDonald house but it could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks or even longer to get a spot open. Bryan will be traveling back and forth the first 2 weeks (working Monday-Friday in Turlock and leave Friday evening after work and be with Abigail and I until Sunday afternoon, and then drive back to Turlock for work). He will then take off from April 21-30 to be with me during the induction and delivery and to bond with his new born son. Then the first of May, he will begin working in Palo Alto Thursday-Monday and then in Turlock on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thank you everyone got your amazing donations, help, and prayers!! Everything has helped so incredibly much!!
'I'm Ronald McDonald and I LOVE Taco Bell's breakfast'. It seems odd that all 4 people who like TBell breakfast are named Ronald McDonald.
They got a bunch of Ronald McDonald's from around the country to help advertise the new Taco Bell breakfast taco😂 excellent job
The real Ronald McDonald saw those Taco Bell commercials and was like.
Update your maps at Navteq
Just a small post regarding our stay in Palo Alto: The housing at Stanford called today and said so far there has not been any openings at the Stanford apartments. So they added us to the Ronald McDonald housing, which probably won't kick in for a coupe of weeks at the least, so we are about 98% sure we will be in a hotel room for the next 2-4 weeks. They were checking on some rates for nearby hotels and said they would call me tomorrow and allow us to pick which hotel will work best for us. We are still praying for the best, and are still incredibly blessed to have some place to be close to the hospital during this time. Also, Bryan's work gave us some really wonderful news today. In addition to them helping out with a few extra vacation days and being wonderful when Bryan has come with me to appointments or when we have gone into the ER, they wanted to help out by allowing Bryan to have a short term transfer to one of the company's locations in Palo Alto! They will either have him in Palo Alto Thursday ...
Whew! I have only been off work for three hours and my legs and feet feel like absolute crap lol in other news, we are encouraged to push donations to the Ronald McDonald house walk for kids charity. Today I sold one (Name slip) to every customer except for 5 ppl and one happened to be Francesca capaldi's dad. "For those who dnt know her" she is on Disneys Dog With a blog. She the tiny red head.. so that's a plus lol
Willard Scott was the very first Ronald McDonald at the very first McDonald's in Alexandria Virginia.
Yep, that's Today Show weatherman Willard Scott under that cup nose as the original Ronald McDonald.
Congratulations to Willard Scott - the original Ronald McDonald and weatherman supreme who just got married at age 80.
"Today Show" collaborator -- and the creator of Ronald McDonald -- Willard Scott married longtime girlfriend Paris Keena in Fort Myers, Florida on Tuesday.
Since you all were at work today, I think I will give you insight into the random thoughts of a job seeking senior citizen. 1. Did you know folks are paying 500.00 per night to stay at the Marriott Courtyard for the Final Four? Helleerr, DirecTV people!! 2. Taco Bell's current commercial--All these men named Ronald McDonald saying they love the new Taco Bell breakfast sandwich. Wrong just wrong. 3. My POTUS, with his BADswag, held his press conference regarding H.R. 3962- I will paraphrase: "I AM COMMAND and COMMANDER in CHIEF. Obamacare was rolled out successfully. Sure the initial implementation had problems, but doesn't Sprint, Verizon and ATT drop calls?? You curse, but you wait until you can use your phone. Anyway, it is LAW so get over it and let's move on!!" 4. There was an 8.2 earthquake near Northern Chile. Pacific Rim now on sunami watch 5. I sat at my computer 10hrs looking for jobs. Oddly enough, I can't get a job at your company but I can analyze and do usability testing on YOUR websites. Mo ...
Way to go Taco Bell. You misspelled Fort Myers, FL in your Ronald McDonald commercial. It only has one E
for those of you that havent read the Ronald Mcdonald house creepypasta story here it is I'm sure you've heard of the Ronald McDonald House charity. They provide housing for families of sick kids when they're in the hospital. Seems pretty innocent, right? Well, there's another side to the charity. There's another type of Ronald McDonald House, one that not many people know about. There's one in most big cities. You won't find it by looking for it. It doesn't have an address. It doesn't have a sign above the door. It doesn't even have windows. No, the only way you'll find it, is if you're taken there. That's how I found it. I've never met my real parents. I've been in and out of foster families and group homes here in Detroit since I was a kid. I'm 15 now, and I'm what they refer to as a BAD KID. Always causing trouble, always getting thrown out and placed with another unsuspecting do- gooder who thinks they can help me. I always prove them wrong. My caseworker sat across the black metal table, looking wea ...
We got a Ronald Mcdonald in Bossier City??
S/O to the Ronald McDonald from Bossier City though 😂
Ronald McDonald wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! Be safe out there kids!
Say everyone; would you like to know what the 1st Ronald McDonald looked like? No, no you wouldn't...cuz he looked like this (trigger warning for nightmares): The original Ronald was invented in 1963 & played by Willard Scott, who went on to become the weatherman for The Today Show.
using Ronald McDonald to sell waffle tacos is like using the Pillsbury Doughboy to sell salads
Taco Bell gathered like twenty guys all named Ronald McDonald to promote their food. Now McDonalds needs to force feed chihuahuas burgers.
Can I wear red lipstick without looking like a *** . there are girls who pull it off & then there's me. Looking like a Ronald McDonald ***
I just saw the Taco Bell "Ronald McDonald" did Burger King and Wendy's not come up with this? Seriously, Taco Bell? Seems like a waste of a clever ad campaign! I don't care if a Ronald McDonald likes a breakfast crunchwrap more than a Egg McMuffin (or Egg McMuphin in some circles). However, if I hear a bunch of Ronald McDonalds talking about how the Whopper with cheese is the best burger around, well, NOW you have my attention!
Finally putting an end to the Burger King McDonald's feud by hosting a pay per view fight between the King and Ronald McDonald.
Taco Bell's real Ronald McDonald campaign was great. So was Jack in the Box's … 12 years ago.
Hi everyone! We have been quite the busy bees lately! We moved Into a bigger house, I (momma) have went back to work part time, and Gunner has been working hard in therapy! Needless to say, I haven't had a whole lot of time to update. Next week we go to the Colorado EB clinic for a check up with the doctors who know about EB. We haven't been since last April, and we have quite a few questions for them. We are praying we will get the insight and help that we need for Gunner. Please pray for safe travels and a good, positive trip! It will be a 3 day long trip and we are praying we are able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house again this time. It is such a big help to our family! Our main goal with PT lately has been working with Gunner on walking/standing. He does really well with taking steps when he has something close by to hold on to. So, we incorporated a reverse walker this week in therapy. He did great in it! The trial one that was brought out was a bit too tall for him, but he got the concept down i ...
Anyone see the new "Ronald McDonald" commercial who loves breakfast at Taco Bell? Genius!!
Marketing GENIuS. Taco Bell has hired a dozen men who were named at birth. Ready for this? Ronald McDonald! They're advertising blitz will feature guys saying things like "I'm Ronald McDonald and I love Taco Bell breakfast." PURE GENIUS
Taco Bell hires "Ronald McDonald" (nearly two dozen of them) to promote its new breakfast menu .
This somewhat treyf translation of the Sweetest Sound was recently done by Errol Morris: It's a TacoBell commercial where every person interviewed on their new breakfast menu is a guy with the name Ronald McDonald:
Taco Bell Breakfast gets approved by Ronald McDonald - I4U News: Daily News and Trends for the Geek Min…
Errol Morris has directed a new series of Taco Bell commercials where a bunch of ordinary men named Ronald McDonald review Taco Be
The new Taco Bell breakfast commercial with all the guys named Ronald McDonald wins hard!
That Taco Bell breakfast commercial is pretty dang funny when they interview all the men that are named Ronald McDonald. That are just saying how much they love the Taco Bell breakfast!!! Pretty clever. Lol.
Anyone else see the new Taco Bell breakfast commercial? They have a lot of men named Ronald McDonald. Thought it was pretty funny.
Ok only interesting thing about the gross Taco Bell breakfast commercials so far is the "Ronald McDonald" from Bossier City!!
Love the new Taco Bell breakfast commercial using Ronald McDonald's!
One of my students was super excited about Taco Bell breakfast officially opening today. After watching the commercial with Ronald McDonald, I gotta admit, pretty excited myself.
Lovin the new 'Ronald McDonald' Taco Bell breakfast commercial. Genius!!
My name is Ronald McDonald and I love the new Taco Bell breakfast!
'Ronald McDonald' hypes new Taco Bell breakfast Even Ronald McDonald is thumbing his nose at McDonald's. Make that lots of Ronald McDonald's -- with an assis...
Errol Morris is brilliant - real people named Ronald McDonald eating Taco Bell: shot shot of him last year for The Guardian:
Most of you know that I sell 31. Buy a keychain for $6, my commission will go to Ronald McDonald House. Goal-90 by 4/1/14 Will you help me?
But which Ronald is the *most* Ronald McDonald? (I love commercials that are a Platonist's nightmare.)
That Ronald McDonald commercial was a low blow dont you think
Why would you name your kid Ronald McDonald?
"Ronald McDonald plays the long game. He doesn't care if he has to comp you one Big Mac because it tasted funny. He's got you for life."
The Ronald mcdonald Taco Bell commercial might be the best thing I've seen today
Taco Bell's new Ronald McDonald commercial is gold.
Tbell playin dirty with those Ronald McDonald commericals
Taco Bell with the Fast Food Diss of the Year with that Ronald McDonald commercial.
*** Taco Bell's takin shots at McDonalds with that Ronald McDonald commercial.
These Ronald McDonald Taco Bell commercials are an absolute low blow, Im seeing a breakfast war in the future.
Ronald McDonald loves him some Tacos. Great idea from
Taco Bell got a lot of people named Ronald McDonald to say how much they love Taco Bell
The Taco Bell commercial really had people named Ronald McDonald on them saying they loved Taco Bell 😂😂😂
Take Time for Tots Day is Saturday! We're excited for Ronald McDonald, crafts, a bounce house, pony rides and...
That ronald mcdonald Taco Bell commercial was pretty clever, ill give em that
it's not a movie but a video on YouTube, it's called "Ronald McDonald freaks out"
Taco Bell's latest ad campaign uses real "Ronald McDonald's" to promote their new breakfast. Have you seen the...
Taco Bell got 25 guys whose real name is Ronald McDonald, featured them in ad for new breakfast menu
Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell, cheeky new ad states Have a watch...
Yes, that's right folks. Ronald McDonald likes Taco Bell.
Smart advertising by using real life Ronald McDonalds via .
Ronald McDonald House is photographing my friends&me when we cook for their residents for their volunteer publication. I won't be in costume
I seriously just lol'd so hard at the new "Ronald McDonald" commercial. McD's got trolled hard.
Q92Rocks: When time is NOT on your side - Taco Bell is going to use men, who are named Ronald McDonald, to...
Ronald McDonald introduces new breakfast menu in this new by Pretty cleaver!
new breakfast menu is Ronald McDonald endorsed
Taco Bell hires Ronald McDonald for new ads: Taco Belll's launch of a new breakfast menu on Thursday quickly g...
New Taco Bell breakfast comes with an endorsement from Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald & Taco Bell. Anyone else suffering from a 'waffle taco'? My docs say mine is good to go. 'Good eats'.
You have to admit, it's kind of clever!.
'Ronald McDonald' hypes new Taco Bell breakfast via
I feel like this ad was made just because McDonalds publicly said Taco Bell was encroaching on their breakfast turf.
We will be in this year's Gourmet Gala benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. Please come out for this great cause ! ht…
Ronald McDonald gets mad 😂 what I want to do to oomf when he looks at me
Taco Bell breakfast debuts with Ronald McDonald's endorsement (+video) via Christian Science Monitor
'Ronald McDonald' hypes new Taco Bell breakfast via so funny. There parents must love
Taco Bell has cleverly gathered up people it says are the real Ronald McDonalds of America in an ad campaign
We're liking 's sassy breakfast campaign:
🍟🍔🍟🍔 On a vintage hunt with domainehome and Ronald McDonald.
Breaking! Mayor McCheese confirms: Ronald, in fact, still prefers McDonald’s.
Taco Bell’s advertising campaign for new lineup features men it says are really named Ronald McDonald
The managerial vacancy at has risen to new heights as it has appeared that Ronald McDonald has been approached. http:…
I wonder how long it took this ad to get through Taco Bell's legal department...
These Taco Bell ads with all the people named Ronald McDonald are hilarious 😂
12 at 12: Zac Efron found beaten on Skid Row News AOL President Obama and Pope Francis meet for the first time The president says he considers the Pope a 'kindred spirit.' 2 Zac Efron News TMZ Zac Efron found stranded, beaten on Skid Row Cops happened upon the actor and his bodyguard embroiled in a full-blown melee with 3 transients. 3 Obama News Huffington Post New threat to Obamacare emerges A split federal appeals court on Tuesday grappled with an issue that is crucial to the success of President Obama's health care law. 4 Taco Bell News Daily Finance Taco Bell taps Ronald McDonald as 'pitchman' The fast food chain is name-dropping to promote its new breakfast menu which rolls out Thursday. 5 Fire News AOL Boston mourns 2 firefighters killed in blaze Thirteen other firefighters were injured in the 9 alarm Back Bay blaze. 6 Nissan News AOL Autos Nissan issues massive recall The automaker is recalling over one million vehicles -- its second recall to fix the same problem. 7 Sweet 16 Sports AOL What to kn ...
I'm looking forward to who's next to reject them? Ronald McDonald? Dean "regelation" Saunders?
I've not seen a whole lot of hate or rude comments/ criticisms when it comes to our group cosplay, but there is some out there, some of which is even from my own friends. Which is really disheartening considering I expected... I don't know, better than that. All of us worked our hardest to look the part of the 1960's Batman villains. Especially Poison Ivy, Two face, and Harley Quinn since they weren't even on the show and so our group members had to use their better judgements and imaginations to pull it off. We were simply trying to have a good time. Your "He looks like Ronald McDonald" or "Harley wouldn't dress like that" or "Lol! Catwoman Christmas socks!" or... blah!!! ... Aren't needed. We made it in the Orlando Weekly for Pete's sake. Clearly, we did something right. So let us all remember this mantra... if you can't say anything nice, Shut up.
Ronald McDonald set a Burger King in Florida on fire 😂😂
I have just been offered the Nottingham forest job but have declined it. Ronald McDonald is in line for the job.
*looking at Ray William Johnson vine with Ronald McDonald*. Me: hey he's retiring. Avery: who Ronald McDonald?
People wonder where I get it from?. Serious conversation eating a mcdees with the father.. "You don't really see Ronald McDonald anymore do you?"."No dad I suppose you don't!".. His reply... "Well he was probs friends jimmy savile" then casually tucks back into his quarter pounder!! 😳😂❤️
My Dear old Dad and I just came back from a hockey game tonight. Our team, The NorfolkAdmirals, played against the Binghamton Senators. It was really exciting watching them play. And at one of the intermissions, famous mascots came out to play a funny version of hockey. There were the Admirals' two mascots Salty the sailor dog and Hat Trick the admiral dog. Along with the Norfolk Riptide, The ODU Monarch, Ronald McDonald, The Geico Gecko, and a seagull, turtle, buffalo, gorilla, and lots of other neat mascots. During the game, a drunk guy was shouting inventive stuff like, "Hey, Green Eggs and Ham!" "Step into a Slim Jim!" "Open your eyes, Ref!" And stuff that was pretty R rated. Unfortunately, the Admirals lost 2 to 5, but at the last seconds, a fight between two of the players happened. They paused the clock to see where it would lead to. Then the 2 players were escorted out of the rink. Then when the game was over, another fight happened. Even though our team didn't win, we still had a great time ...
Who came before Ronald McDonald and his host of cartoon characters? You know you are old if you remember this! BTW, when Karen and I were at the Rosemont Horizon to see George Strait, I saw a McDonalds with the old fashioned count sign that said, "999 BILLION SERVED".
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"Ronald McDonald vs. the Burger King" is almost as scary as "Freddy vs. Jason", but far more fattening.
Shay is collecting soda tabs for a service project for her People 2 People trip. We will deliver them to the Ronald McDonald house in May. In 2003 Shanda almost died of West Nile virus at Hershey Medical Center. Mike and I didn't want to leave her side so we were provided with Ronald McDonald housing. We want to provide them with as many tabs as possible :) I am willing to pick them up. We will collect until May 3rd or so. Thanks you to those who have already donated! So far we have one coffee can full!
"Come on you clowns, you want to clown forever?" - Lt. Ronald McDonald, Battle of Belleau Wood
From JFMS Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. McDanel: Love teaching at the magnet school...our k team taught the kids about the Ronald Mcdonald house, how it got started, its purpose, etc. we had a few guest speakers that were fabulous..thank you Jennifer Martz-Estrada...and then we ordered happy meals but the kids paid extra for their happy meals and we used the proceeds to buy things the Madison house needed...we bought things for the lunches they pack and the kids decorated their lunch sacks...jones farrar k students were able to buy 100 bags of chips, 140 bottles of water, 72 little packages of cookies, 72 packages of trail mix, 72 packs of peanuts, 12 giant containers of disinfectant wipes and 44 roles of paper towels! Way to go jones farrar kindergarten!
Join us today 1-3pm @ our restaurant (835 N. H St) for Grand ReOpening of our PlayPlace & meet Ronald McDonald!
And I didn't use any marijuana or drugs on this hike - I just worry because the vast majority of our society (along with my improv classmates) seems to have been rather brainwashed by movies and television to complacently accept a system of life that's not even remotely in the best interest of anyone - like the cows at the Ronald McDonald ranch, and I'm just as worried about those who are running the ranch as the cows themselves - tho of course I wouldn't even be saying any of this if I thought it was hopeless. And I wouldn't be in AA either. And Mark, to those timid souls too afraid to walk outside or utter a pibsqueak - well I recently learned it wasn't the CIA that secretly had killed Bob Marley, but cancer, that he probably got from smoking too much maryjane. And Archie, you don't need to go to sulfur mud baths in the Caribbean to experience the greater entirety, though those are nice too, and I definitely intend to spend many months mountaineering in the Andes. And Elissa, on Oscar Wilde's quotes abo ...
Some of the things who will be at our event! Keep in mind they are ALL donating for the pantry and for the Chinese auction don't miss this! Chainsaw carvings, it works, baked goods, homemade jewlrey, massages, lemon grass spa, candles, jewlrey, pet supplies, michi , primitive decor, dove chocolates, party lite, silk flowers, embrorored items, scentsy,31,scarfs, crouched items, corn bags,many many homemade items many more not listed! Please come check us out on the 30th at the Corning union hall (across from the hospital) we are doing it for a great cause the Ronald McDonald house. 11-3 will be craft and venders at 3 is the Chinese auction a donation of a non perishable item for the angel food pantry is admission . We will have 3 $ meals all day! We are still needing donations for the auction and for the huge Easter basket that will be raffled anything you can do will help! So please let everyone know and bring all your family and friends! Let's make this huge!
The McDonalds at Chancery Lane is absolutely terrible. Ronald McDonald would be ashamed
Why can't I stop my wet dreams? Every night is just another dream about getting jackhammered in the dirt pipe by Ronald McDonald while sucking off the Allstate insurance guy and smoking fruit loops with the Marlboro man. Does this make me weird?
Greg finds a local McDonalds and spends the night with Ronald McDonald for "fun"
just got off the phone to Ronald McDonald and he said you are barred from every single McDonalds in the world
Every time I see trending I worry Operation YewTree has finally got to Ronald McDonald...
A very good question from a man in Long Beach, CA. He doesn't like to post his name. Frank; can you please hawser this "Is domestic violence a woman only issue" ? knowing how sensitive I am over this issue this is my reply: Dear friend with "no name" Literally every unbiased research project I have seen indicates that men are half the victims of abuse. The only ones that do not show this have something to gain...they are by the domestic violence industry and they get paid for what they find. It would be like Ronald McDonald paying you to find out what the best hamburger is by giving you money every time someone got a Big Mac. You would be tempted to say that everyone that went into McDonald got a Big Mac even if they only went to use the rest room or to get a cup of coffee. I have no doubt that were this to happen, more people would have eaten a Big Mac during the time this research was going on then they made Big Mac's Even the DoJ stated that 38% of the victims of domestic abuse were men when the Violen ...
Absolutely but works better if you're wearing a Ronald McDonald wig... Could be a good look for you ;)
Thank you mother, father, my children, my dog, the pizza man, Ronald McDonald, Superman, Batman and Robin, Sponge Bob, and Heidi Montag.
Ronald McDonald will be at Macdonald's by Princess and Midland in kingston to meet kids today
This is cool. Military smurfs and Ronald McDonald with a chainsaw. Loving badass Buzz Lightyear. From
. Q: Which is not a Father of Confederation?. a. John A. MacDonald. b. Lanny McDonald. c. Ronald McDonald. d. the MacDonald Tobacco girl
Hitting on the field with Curt Powell at Farragut is like eating a Big Mac with Ronald McDonald at McDonald's ht…
-- Ronald McDonald is now and has always been a clown, dating back to the Willard Scott days.
According to "Mike and Mike in the Morning" there is a shortage of clowns in this country. Kids arent aspiring to go into clowning anymore. *** THE INTERNET!! The clownage shortage is reaching epidemic proportions. What would the circus be without the clowns running around like the Keystone Cops meets the Three Stooges. I loved it. Some kids probably dont even know what the circus is. TRAGIC. I also like the fact that some so called tough guys are actually SCARED of clowns. Hillarious. So "Mike and Mike" are having a poll to see who was the best clown of all time and also are asking the intriguing question of Is the Joker from Batman actually a clown. The poll has come down to BOZO, Ronald McDonald, some clown named Kariatche and MY MAN HOMEY THE CLOWN form Living Color. Damon Wayans was classic as Homey. "HOMEY DONT PLAY THAT"
Clown trivia - Weatherman Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald
“The original Ronald McDonald, 1963 Portrayed by none other than Willard Scott!
Urgent Care reading materials. Did you know Willard Scott was the FIRST Ronald McDonald?
Thanks for the ADD! I was a freshman and sophomore at WHS, and found out about this page through Eileen Erickson, thanks Eileen! I finished HS out at BG, being a member of the first graduating class in '75. I was in Marching and Symphonic Band, Fall 1971 to Spring 1973, when Irwin Brick and Jack Williamson led. I've already reconnected with Ken Krause through the WHS Alumni page, thanks Ken! I have many wonderful memories of Band, and some even some photos that my Dad, George Nall, shot, back in Wheeling, back in the Day. Here's the first batch, actually primitive "screen grabs" that Dad made, using the basement TV and his 35mm SLR, I think this must have been 1971 Christmas Parade in the Loop. Ronald McDonald can be seen in one shot, maybe dogging Mr. Brick a little bit.
Well at least I didn't do any thing silly like home dye my hair??? Oh 💩I look like Ronald McDonald and Annie's love child! Just call me Ronannie! Now off to shave my knuckes n toes... What a beaut!
Red headed clowns. Some scary like Pennywise (It) others mildly amusing Bozo, Ronald McDonald, Mr Noodles, The Hamburglar and classics like Harpo Marx and Red Skelton. There is a new one. I picked up the wrong hair colour and have turned a violent shade of Magenta/Red. Cue the music, stick on my red nose, cause it is going to be a long six weeks until this sucker tones down.
Get ready for the new season of “Portlandia” with … Ronald McDonald? Before Fred Armisen makes his debut as the leader of the “Late Night With Seth Myers” in-house band, he returns to poke fun at the hippies and hipsters of Portland on the IFC original series. In this clip, Fred Armisen plays a koo...
I just seen a red head kid walk out of McDonalds in colourful clothes. Ronald McDonald and Pauline Hanson have began breeding people!!
Ronald McDonald charity event and Susan G. Komen coming up. If you're interested in joining me and a few friends please let me know.
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Willard Scott as the original Ronald McDonald...I'm glad they changed it, Willard looked a bit scary for kids...
Finally sketched my idea for a Ronald Mcdonald house Poster & MY TABLET DIED! NO
This post is for a few things that are important for us to share with everyone following Kaitlynn and RiLynn. First and most important, as Kaitlynns parents and RiLynns grandparents we can not even begin to thank everyone for all their encouraging words, prayers, blessings, love and support, as much as we thought we had prepared ourselves for this we were not even close to thinking things that could happen would and how seriously ill RiLynn was going to be. We have a very large and even international prayer chain going. RiLynn has family all over the country that were exchange students in our home and they love her and are sharing the prayers with us. Everyone is sharing and praying and we know we are beyond truly blessed! Kassie has a friend (Melissa Taylor) from Virginia that I saw posted her battle cry as GO GOD GO and I have taken that from her and shared and as you see at the end of my posts I try to end it with that and post it often on my page Another thing is there are 2 Give Forward Pages th ...
"The best 'home away from home' staff, people, and volunteers I have had the pleasure of meeting!" - Sary Longoria at our Ronald McDonald House Near University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital
. "My man, this burger was The Bom Dot Com". Guy Fieri talking to Ronald McDonald
“Ronald McDonald's side *** Bigmacanitra McTHOT can't tell if long weave or long pubes
Ronald McDonald got a side chick. Introducing the mcthot
I am accepting loom kits for the Ronald McDonald house donations so we can let them make some too! if you will help us please let me know! you can get them for $5 at Roses in Richlands. thanks!
Ronald McDonald had enough of reading the fuqkin script
Enjoying a great evening for a great cause at The Ronald McDonald House McGala.
Fun day for the family Queens Park, Invercargill with the Ronald McDonald fun & magic show. More events at
Dirty kabab over a Big Mac... Think Ronald McDonald is shaking his head at me now
At the Chocolate Ball benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. My favorite!!!
Anybody doing anything tonight? Clint Bachmeier wants to go to the Ronald McDonald benefit! Then I figured a few drinks with some friends would be nice! Lol, anybody?
and for those that missed it the first time here is the classic Ronald McDonald Do not try this at home without adult supervision.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
The ronald Mcdonald one is what I meant to record.
Christmas Day at The Ronald McDonald House is one of the most Loving..Giving and Amazing Mitzvahs that I participate in...I pray for strength to continue to be a part of the RMH for many years to come.God Bless all the Staff and families.
please say prayers for these sweet boys and their Mom. one of them is still in the hospital and Mom is staying at the Ronald McDonald house.
In four short weeks we will be crowning four new princesses! March 8th, Warren County High School Auditorium, pageants for ages 5-17, contestants ages 5-10 receive a rhinestone tiara for participation, ALL proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Nashville! Help us spread the word, we need contestants!
Our wonderful Ronald McDonald House volunteers served over 14,115 hours in 2013.
so we made it safe and sound to Toronto after our flight 6 am flight got delayed for 2 hrs and 45 mins.crazy busy day but we our all settled in our room at the Ronald Mcdonald house.
We all love Bad Ronald McDonald For the best videos like our page Spending your taxi money on more shots and gettin a ambulance home.
So our little Augie enjoyed his helicopter ride to the Univ of Chicago, as best we can tell. Since arriving there, he has been undergoing a lot of tests most of which he has aced!! They are still not totally sure what the dx is but they have ruled out numerous things. They tend to think it is something intestinal whether it's an infection or an obstruction or what -- not sure. Looks like he will be staying there for now as will Jess at the Ronald McDonald House. She said that yesterday evening they had an awesome play session with Augie where he followed their movements with his eyes and just had a great bonding time. So Jess and Trevor were on a total mommy/daddy high last night when they left the NICU. From the text I just got, sounds like he's having another great day today. I know some of our friends and family have asked if they can help the kids..and of course the prayers and positive thoughts from everyone have overwhelmed us..but if you would like to do anything else gas cards would be much apprec ...
What a great feeling being at the Ronald McDonald house charity, I'm loving it!!
Well after an hour and a half of being lost in columbus we finally made it back to the ronald mcdonald house. classes are done now and mason may be home weds.
Reminder: we will be taking a special love offering for Ronald McDonald House tomorrow morning. Miriam Culbertson is raising money for this charity through her high school. Be blessed and I hope to see you in the morning!!
made a group! make a change! donate to the Ronald McDonald house!
The Spring Lamb BBQ is an annual event staged at Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos by a committee of dedicated volunteers; proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. To get involved with this fun event, visit our Sponsorship Information page.
this page is for people to make fish tailed,starburst,dragon scale and flower bracelets for the Ronald McDonald house!
Going to start collecting soda can tabs to take to Ronald McDonald Houses.. While in Birmingham, AL Ronald McDonald House was awesome to us.. They really help us in our time of need.. What all they offer to families that were in our situation or other reasons, were way over the top.. They really impressed me alot w/their generosity.. So whenever you see their donation jar or plate, plz donate.. You never know when you may need their help in a time of need.. If you would like to donate soda can tabs, plz msg me & I will give you my address or setup a place/time to meet w/everyone to pick them up.. Thank you all for the thoughts & prayers throughout our journey.. Alot of you have told me how much our story has impacted you all.. I thank you all that have given me nice advice & words.. You all have helped me more than you will ever know..
A month ago, myself and Charlie, the owner of Charlie's Barber Shop, each got a pair of big red Ronald McDonald shoes and decided to partner up and have a fund raiser for Ronald McDonald House of Charleston. Our goal was to raise $1350 to cover the all the rooms for one night. Today, Brent who works at Charlie's Barber Shop, walked almost 3 miles wearing those red shoes and passing out McDonald's gift cards. A huge thanks goes out to Brent as I have tried to walk in those shoes and 10 steps is my record. You ROCK!!! In a month we have been able to raise $1877! Thank you so much to everyone that has donated. Thank you Brent for the heal/toe method of fund raising. I will be holding a DOTD (Deal of the Day) sale next week donating all the sales from it. Determined to get it to at least $2000 if not $2700 to cover all the rooms for 2 nights!
Hey y'all. I'm posting this late. Sorry, I've been real sick. Usually I have this up much earlier. But anyway, keep up the prayers. They do appreciate them so much. So, Kyle offered to stay with Rachael last night in the ICU to give David and me a break and so we could sleep in a regular bed. Which we did. Then later last night, we got a call from the nurse telling us that Rachael had an episode where her blood pressure shot up and they had to give her a couple of extra things to bring it down. Then it got too low, but then it stabilized. We also spoke with the doc on the unit. As she was stable in the end, we stayed at RMcD house last night. Today, Rachael is stable. The chest xrays showed no change. They are doing an ultrasound of her bladder and kidneys today as she has blood in her urine. It is better today than yesterday, but it is still red. They are looking for possible blood clots. Hopefully, none will be found and it will get clearer. It could be caused by just the trauma of putting a F ...
Ronald McDonald House Charities provides comfort, care and a home away from home for families whose children are in medical treatment.  Strengthening families and communities one child at a time.
What a wonderful experience getting to make dinner for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. I wish none of the families had to be there, but I am thankful that we could prepare a nice meal for them. And I guess I got my karma for the night because I left my card at home accidentally and only had $6 cash on me. Parking was $7. A guy was nice enough to give me a dollar. THEN I didn't know you had to go into the pay station first so I had to press the help button at the gate because my ticket said "expired" and he just lifted the gate & let me go. Time to pay it forward.
We are getting a lot closer to our goal!! Keep the likes coming. Starting the day with almost 1,600 likes. Continue to: 1) "Like VGM" 2) post who your charity, organization, or foundation is. 3) If you see that your organization only has 5 post or less tell your friends to post on them. This way they can get in the top 5. Current totals are as follows: 1) ISAAC with 79 posts 2) Power of the Paw with 75 posts 3) AACOIN with 51 posts 4) W2ater International with 48 posts 5) Fantasy Flight with 4 posts 3 posts a piece: Girl Scouts, Spokane Guild School, Hospice Spokane 2 posts a piece: Meals on Wheels, Ronald McDonald, Equine TLC, Spokane Humane Society, Vanessa Behan Crisis, Union Gospel, 2nd Harvest, Every Woman Can!!
Ronald McDonald the best videos like our page Gross
Who's excited about shopping at the Choose Your Charity Event on February 27th from 10-6? Your $5 entry fee goes to the charity of your choice: Hospice of the Piedmont's "Journeys" and "Piedmont Kids" programs for children and adolescents, Ronald McDonald House or the Children's missions of Aldersgate United Methodist Church. You get to shop before the public opening day!
Take a look at the Thirty-One catalog! Check out the Ronald McDonald House Thermal Tote!!!
Another wonderful chilled day spent with lovely Merridy James and Steve James and lovely Ava, playing hairdressers, baking cookies, playing nail technicians, topped off with a Ronald McDonald tea!! ❤💜❤
off to the Mac Daddy...the McGala...always part...raising $$$ for Ronald McDonald House...honored to serve as Auctioneer!! giddy up!.sta n touch...
Third grader, Emma Hall, served as a class representative this afternoon and dropped off her service project letter to Kenny Kent Chevrolet. They have agreed to donate $500 to the third grade service project efforts which will allow them to cook several dinners for the families at the Ronald McDonald House this semester! Thank you so much Kenny Kent Chevrolet for your generous contribution!
I needed Ronald McDonald to come color my day like in them commercials
All going well when Lili's methatrexate levels come down we can go to Ronald McDonald House for a few days and come back to clinics for treatment. Keep prayers, positive thoughts and love flowing everyone! Your support along with treatment and Lili's fighting spirit will get her through xox
Anybody want to go to the Chocolate Fantasy Ball for Ronald McDonald House tonight? In need of date ;)
Jozlyn has chemo on Monday morning and although there is only a 30% chance of snow we had a referral put in to stay at the new Toby Keith Cancer house or the Ronald McDonald house so that we DO NOT miss her chemo appointment. We are praying there is a room available at one of them.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
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