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Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is a clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain.

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tonight was such an amazing night! volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house was a great experience 😊
You are invited to the Town of Griffith PUBLIC SAFETY & COMMUNITY DAY Saturday, September 13th 11AM-4PM at Central Park *Bring your whole family to see and interact with the many exhibits on display, including Police, fire, SWAT vehicles, and ambulances. Come out to observe and interact with the people who help keep our town safe. The event will also include a visit from Ronald McDonald, a helicopter landing, performance by the Griffith High School Choir, and self-defense demonstrations. *Are you looking for something to get involved in? Speak to someone from Griffith V.E.S.T., Crime Watch, the Boys and Girl Scouts, Lions Club, American Legion Post 66, Griffith High School Booster Club, and many more! Heartland Blood Centers will also be present to accept blood donations. *Are you an animal lover? Stop by and speak to Griffith Animal Control and Treasured Friends, then possibly give the gift of a family and home to a needy pet. *Multiple non-profit organizations from throughout the area will be repre ...
Tired doesn't even touch it :p off to work I go woot grand opening to Ronald McDonald will be at my store today 12-2!!
DON'T FORGET WE"RE PACKING THE TOTES TODAY!!! Wow time flies...In less than a week, we will be leaving for the RM House to prepare dinner for the attending families in honor of Sunny Logan/Blake Kendall. If anyone else would like to donate (list of items needed in pictures below) in their honor you can message me to pick up items or we will be stuffing bags for the residents/siblings at Ronald McDonald house at Spencer's Dairy Kream- Today, Wednesday, Sept 10, from 3:30-5 pm during Caslyns bday party if anyone wants to drop off there. Thanks so much for everyone that has prayed, donated and thought of our sweet little friends. The Care Bag Wish List is: candy, travel germ x, toothbrushes, travel toothpaste, travel Kleenex, colors/coloring books, small toys(dollar tree), individual snacks: goldfish, nabs, travel wipes, Chap Stick. —
It doesnt represent you anymore that Ronald McDonald or Groundskeeper Willie represent Scotland.
Ronald McDonald killed Burger King in front of Dairy Queen over Wendy! Popeye says the funeral is at Churches so get ther…
*** is wrong with the Ronald McDonald that made a special appearance on the lsu game today...
All ok but Ronald McDonald's hair was singed: Fire breaks out inside Brier Creek McDonald's ::
Like if ever have any kids, they're never going to know who Ronald McDonald is.
While waiting for ronald mcdonald..picture2x muna habang my tym:)
Beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work for such an amazing organization! The Ronald McDonald…
Hello all :) can we give this little guy the best birthday ever ?? Let's all send him birthday cards !!! This handsome little man had been threw more then he should in his little life , but he is a warrior at heart :) Val Courtney with Keon Courtney at Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta Hello everyone! Please help! Our sweet boy is turning 4 on September 11th and after everything he's been through I am hoping to make it an extra special one. Please consider sending him a birthday card as a way of showing him how much he is loved on his special day (he loves getting mail). Our boy deserves the whole world and this is one way we can try to give him a small piece of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Kiah Courtney 111 West Campus Place NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4G3
it's like. Ronald McDonald without make up.
High school students can assist at the Ronald McDonald House on Saturday, September 13th. If you are interested...
Feel good Friday is off to a great start. 9am kickboxing killed it! More fitness this Friday evening... 5:10 Boxing w Kara 5:10 Circuit Training w Nick 6:20 Hot Yoga w Connie ...still till the end of August $5 classes for everyone. All proceeds to go to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Another great reason to come get your workout on!
Free Stuff? Yes thats right FREE STUFF!!! Become a preferred customer by Sunday, and you can get one of these items for FREE!!! As well as by signing up to be a Preferred Customer, our very own Susie will be donating to Ronald McDonald House in honor of her two children she had lost to a serious condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Her family had stayed at RMH to be close to her daughter during the time she was ill. During the time my girls were in NICU up in San Francisco I myself had stayed for a few days at RMH. Being 4 hours away at home was not an option for me. We all have a story or now someone who had been at RMH. Lets pay it forward. If you have any questions please message me.
Staying at a Ronald McDonald House allows families to face the weight of illness together.
Pied for preemie challenge! You must nominate 3 people but no limit on nominees..You have 24 hours. Donate to March of Dimes-Dallas/Fort Worth or Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth or any other organization that works with NICU Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth. I nominate Jon Winters Jolene Valos Jarvis Sanders
Mac from it's always sunny in Philadelphia's real name is Ronald McDonald tru
Mr. Owen looks like a orange Ronald McDonald
Calling any Ronald McDonald Family Room Families - would you be interested in being a part of an RMHC photo shoot?! Photo shoot is next Friday (Sept. 5th) in Chicago. If you are interested, please private message us or email KAllaboughfor more information!
He does a pretty good Ronald McDonald. Don't think it is ACTING though!
After a day like today all i can think about is Ronald McDonald! Lol some people just make me laugh!
0wned by DodePersie ~ In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called "Donald McDonald" due to the lack of a clear "r" sound in Japanese.
We won't be charging this weekend, but will be accepting donations to help fund our fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of A2!!
Yo momma looks like Ronald Mcdonald with no face paint
Paige Praet, Little Miss Heart of the USA for Alachua, received a small house-shaped box from the director at Ronald McDonald House. She immediately went home and completely emptied her piggy bank into the box! We then took it to a Coinstar machine to donate and selected the RMH Charities! It turned out she donated almost $32!!! WOW!!! Hard to believe that little box could hold so much money! So proud of her for wanting to give everything she had!
Honey - There is a HUGE difference between 'Being BOOTYLICIOUS ' like Beyonce and just 'Being FAT' because of you're undying love for Ronald McDonald! Sister Kay Mogomotsi Leah Chuene Can I get an AMEN up in HURRR!
The ‘King’ has finally managed to wipe clown Ronald McDonald’s smile off his face.
Jeff Shultz brings the to Ronald McDonald house Calgary htt…
Is Ronald McDonald is into cross? Errr cyclocross, we found some tires 4 him
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why mcdonalds doesnt sell hotdogs? — I don't really think people would like Ronald McDonald's wiener in their mo...
I wonder if Ronald McDonald screams "I'm lovin it!" while making sweet clown love.
The Ronald McDonald house is really a nice place, it's great that we have charities like that helping families in need
Did anybody in Brazil mistake you for Ronald McDonald?
Great day supporting the Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco! Thank you for your generosity and kindness.
I'm the Ronald McDonald of hating myself.
Get a team together and support the Ronald McDonald House!
OUR SAY: Impending opening of Ronald McDonald House music to the ears - Central Western Daily
Thanks for bringing the eggs by Anna! We'll miss you Sunday :). Anyone else with Ronald McDonald House food can...
would u rather wake up next to Burger King saying "you had it ur way" or wake up next to Ronald McDonald saying "you were loving it"?
You haven't felt awkward until you have to carry a life size Ronald McDonald to the bathroom with you..😒
JR says that Ronald McDonald is to blame for his missing homework 😂😂
Ronald McDonald visited Westcliffe ES today to help kick off their Million Minute Reading Challenge.
Wonderful day volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House last week! We always feel so elated after.…
1. Do you think Ronald McDonald would prefer to go buy Ron when talking to the Hamburglar ?
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Foto: tonjinl: so in japan they have this thing where you dress up as ronald mcdonald and you get free food
P-L Driver Gabe Galeano and Devin Chesney both came away with podium finishes at the Ronald McDonald Charity race!
Great day on the field and off! Cleaning up around Ronald McDonald House
TSC and Subaru Raise $36,000 for Ronald McDonald House Toronto at 11th Annual Hyper Meeting
.CEO says you never see Ronald McDonald in schools. Really?
If CEO doesn't want Ronald McDonald in schools, why is the clown still roaming the halls?
Is this really the new Ronald McDonald? I don't like it.
Ronald McDonald pop up in they don't serve beef here the cow is…
Raising money at work for the Ronald McDonald house
Ronald McDonald's fallen on hard times...
Ronald McDonald just chillin' on the corner of Wright and Green. Alright
Taco Bell is too real for having dudes named Ronald McDonald enjoying their food in a commercial
Come out to ΑΔΠ first annual Pi-Athalon!! Help to benefit Ronald McDonald's house charities!
So Beyonce can perform live at the VMA's but not at the BET awards? Thats like Ronald McDonald wanting to speak at a Burger King conference...and nowhere else
I got kicked out bc I jumped in a puddle getting back onto the bus during our Ronald McDonald house field trip omg
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Looks like the Bulgarian war memorial vandals are at it again. I don't know about you, but if Superman, Santa Claus, The Joker, Robin, Ronald McDonald, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and some dude who looks like Hulk Hogan dressed up as a sea captain had all teamed up together, I'd want to be on their side.
Old Soviet monument painted to resemble a bunch of Marvel/DC Superheroes, also Santa Claus and Ronald McDonald
In my head the Burger King and the Dairy Queen are married. And they have children named Wendy and Ronald McDonald.
Ronald McDonald House Charities is cynical advertising what they're doing..
Have you seen the Scott Elder "dollar menu" TV ad where he's dressed as Ronald McDonald? Surely there's a lawsuit there.
Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta was founded in 1985 and we continue to grow in our community each and every day.
The Iowa Governor's Charity Steer Show will air on IPTV on Wednesday, August 13! Be sure to set your recorder to witness yet another great event for the Ronald McDonald Houses of Iowa.
Good morning Bristow Bears. Today is August 11th, 2014. My name is _ And my name is _ Please stand for the Pledge. All students running for an office for the 2014-2015 school year, please remember what time you are meeting productions down in room 10 and you get two takes to say your speech. Be sure you are ready when you come in!! Productions will show the best of two takes to the school. Good luck to all candidates! We can’t wait for elections! Students, stay successful and come out to homework club on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday! 6th graders, ask about homework club in your advisory classes. 7th & 8th graders, your homework club is in room 4. Get help from your teachers and get your homework done! Some people say that no matter how you “slice” it, the doctor says I should “take my iron everyday!” With that said, Mr. Ceja is starting our very first Bristow golf club! The FIRST initial meeting on TUESDAY, Aug. 12th in Room during Lunch B. If you have A lunch, please stop by Mr. C ...
Let's put a smile on the faces of families going through a rough time! The Ronald McDonald House in Winston serves families from all over. I'll be putting together care packages and delivering them myself of items these families might need during their stay. The items will be put in a thermal tote of which Thirty-one also will donate a portion of the tote cost directly to the RMH. If you could sponsor a tote, please let me know, I've got 5 totes sponsored so far, but would love to reach my goal of 10!
My man candy Monday goes to my long lost Ronald McDonald, ilysm ❤️💛
Ronald McDonald freaks out on vine LOL! Check this out! follow BlackPeople Vines
Christina: Wouldn't this be cool! Share thanks to Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta - Leonardo DiCaprio we are looking forward to your visit!!
THE 2014 ONE MILLION WISHES COMMUNITY POPTAB COLLECTION is off to a record start. THE 2014 COUNT AS OF AUGUST 13, 2014 IS 1,204,480! Last year, the Franklin Township Community rallied to collect to set a new state record for a one time donation of pop tabs to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. The “One Million Wishes” campaign began three years ago in memory of John and Erin Longpre, two Franklin Township children who, along with their grandparents, were lost in an automobile accident in 2012. Originally, the community pop tab campaign was going to be a one time event. The goal of the first campaign was to collect one million tabs in two months, but with the overwhelming support of the community, the first campaign yielded more than TWO MILLION tabs and a LOT of requests to make the collection an annual event. There was some concern by organizers that the second collection might not bring in as many tabs, but by the end of the 2013 One Million Wishes campaign, the community had collected a phenome ...
Happy birthday you ronald mcdonald lookin mo fugga
From the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey (RMHSNJ): "A huge thank you to the Gloucester Township Police and their for stopping by our house with a huge donation of wish list items for the second year in a row!"
Just a few photos from Zeus the Great Dane's visit at our Ronald McDonald House! Zeus rallied friends to collect tab tops and delivered them recently along wish list items and fun gifts for children staying at the House! Paws up, Zeus!
I don't get what Taco Bell is trying to accomplish whit the Ronald McDonald guys
Ronald McDonald is the modern day penny wise but still
I am a 14 yr old, girl named Ashlea Rose, who is entered in the NC USA Ambassador Program. We are big supporters of the Ronald McDonald House. This year it is my DREAM to collect a total of $500 to help family members to be able to stay close to their loved ones in time of illness. I reaching out...
So proud of our Foxglove stand - we raised $228 for Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta with Simply Supper Helps Thanks to all who came out to support
Let's call Ronald McDonald what he really is, my real dad.
Who went to the Abbotsford International Airshow this weekend? McDonald’s hosted the children and families of Matthew’s House and Ronald McDonald House to a VIP viewing of the Airshow on Thursday evening. The kids got a visit from the one and only Ronald McDonald, the Sky Hawks and the Snow Birds!
Into the Rockies was a rounding success!! Thank you to each and everyone of you who helped, donated and or came out to support this year's charity (Ronald McDonald House - Central Alberta) and our club. A special thanks to Kellan Williams, Colin Kristensen, Tyler Burnham and Martin Massel for helping organize the cruise and get the logo, stickers and shirts ready on such short notice. 5 Weeks to plan and execute everything!!! Awesome job guys!
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix has completed a two-year, $2.1 million fund-raising campaign to cover expenses for the East Valley’s first Ronald McDonald House.
What's better than buying Schafer Farms beef? Winning it! Positive Seed is raffling off 2 quarters of our beef in their efforts to raise money for Riley Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. Only $5 for a ticket gets you a chance at a quarter of our beef processed by Sims Meat Processing. Contact us, Darren Hayes, Dana Hayes Gaul, Jason Kutkiewicz, or anybody else connected with Positive Seed.
Bishops in Service is right around the bend! Save the date for late morning, Saturday, October 4th! That morning we will prepare brunch for families staying at the Lurie Children's Hospital Ronald McDonald House.
I havent been very good of updating this but Xavier has been doing pretty well!!! We have been staying at the Ronald Mcdonald House since November 2013 and we are currently still here! We are waiting for surgery September 16th to fix the hole in his uretha in hopes to get his superpubic cathetor removed and get approved for a kidney transplant! Will post more when more news comes up! Thanks for all the prayers!
So Gov. Cuomo is going to Isreal. Does he have some super plan for peace over there or is this just another waste of tax payer money? I think Ronald McDonald and a case of Happy Meals would bring the 2 sides arguing together better than Andrew could
Did just get hit on by Ronald McDonald? 👀
I am currently working with Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's Medical to schedule some photo shoots for...
calling James O'Keefe journalist is like calling Ronald McDonald a chef.
By giving to the Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan, you help provide a “home-away-from-home” for families with a critically ill child. There are many ways to give – a tax-deductible gift, products or professional services, or by remembering our House in your will. For more information on way…
Michael Jackson is a true humanitarian, an example to us all. He has devoted much time and money to a wide range of charities. He loves children and takes time out when touring secretly visting sick children. He also has special rooms at his home Neverland for sick and terminally ill children to stay over. He was listed in the 2000 edition of the Guiness Book Of World Records for breaking the world record for the "Most Charities Supported By a Pop Star". It states that Michael Jackson has supported 39 charity organizations either with monetary donations through sponsorships of their projects or by participating in their silent auction. We have made an alphabetical list of known charities that Michael Jackson has individualy supported publically throughout his career. Michael Jackson also helped set up Heal The World Foundation, the charities this has supported have not been listed. Read our Heal The World/kids page for details of this foundation. AIDS Project L.A. American Cancer Society Angel Food Big Br ...
I just wanted to share this adorable story with everyone...such a simple thing makes someone so pleased.please PM me for more info...I'm trying to do this for Ronald McDonald House of THE GREATER HUDSON VALLEY and could use all the support out there. Thank you! "I wanted to say THANK YOU! We checked in tonight, and my daughter (who is having surgery tomorrow, which is why we are here) was presented with a thermal tote. The look on her face was priceless. She squeeled with delight.Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made my little girl smile in a time that is usually not very fun for us. God Bless You and your family — at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati."
Ronald McDonald puts an end to the Chicken Store opening down the road from Maccas. Massacre!
Tahir Ul Qadri is a clown, some Ronald McDonald don lol
The generous folks as Stone Pony Deli in Saugerties will host a Courageous Cupcake sale benefiting Jessie Rees Foundation: Never Ever Give Up. All proceeds will be used to purchase Joy Jars to distribute to children living through their cancer treatments. Amy's Sweet Tooth Cupcakes is donating cupcakes to this event! Event will be held Saturday August 23rd from 11 until 2. We will be collecting soda & beer tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald house. You can bring them the day of & purchase some cupcakes to help fight childhood cancer.
Thanks everyone for all the likes. Please share my page so I can continue to donate money to the Ronald McDonald House. Thanks
Thankful Thursday. Today I'm thankful for (BC Children's Hospital) and (Ronald McDonald House BC). Rowan is in …
Hoppy got a little mail from the Ronald McDonald house dog...
$GS helped w/ maintenance & gardening today at Ronald McDonald house
This is what our family did😄 made food care pkgs for Ronald McDonald House
Actually gutted I'm missing Ronald McDonald at work today!! 😂🍔🍟
back to wrk like wasshpoppin Ronald McDonald.
Seen the TV advert and want to volunteer at a Ronald McDonald House? Check out
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Someone needs to lighten up. Maybe tonight you can waltz out sporting the attire of.. I don't know.. say, Ronald McDonald?-
I laugh at you clowns, Ronald Mcdonald, choppin' a ton of Osama ayy
ASCE OC YMF - Volunteer Event at the Ronald McDona... @ ASCE OC YMF - Volunteer Event ...
if im not at the house im at the Ronald McDonald house usually nxt weekends my last weekend here before work then I have to stay
.Credit to advert 'Here's to what matters: Dads Voice' Super job guys!!
MT What's the best part of staying at a Ronald McDonald House? "Everything."
we are involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Baltimore and Habitat for Humanity?
I liked a video YTP Michael Rosen sings "Who Let The Dogs Out" and Ronald McDonald loses it in road
Okay Scott Elder. Why tf are you dressed like Ronald McDonald in your new commercial and WHY TF DID YOU JUST SAY A DOLLAR M…
I'm doing a sponsored bungee jump in September for Ronald McDonald's House Charities if anyone wants to sponsor me let me know. Thanks ❤️❤️
14th floor. Hilary Swank hits Florence Henderson with a bird seed. a jar of Metamucil plays with Ronald McDonald all the while.
Ronald McDonald being arrested by the LAPD In downtown Beverly Hills!
Didn't know you modeled for Ronald McDonald house of charities back in the day?
Ronald McDonald has announced his retirement Cameron Ling will be his replacement
Some girls out here looking like Ronald McDonald taught them how to do their make up
Off to Ronald McDonald house after work tonight about a possible volunteer opportunity. Hoping something good will come of it
According to my Mom:. Gerard Way is Ronald McDonald. Mikey Way is Grimace. Frank Iero is the Hamburgler. Ray and Bob are unknown.
Oprah Winfrey is Lola. Richard Simmons is Lola. Ronald McDonald is Lola. Lola is an idea. Lola is star dust. Lola is.
it's a franchise u mug and Antonio sold it. Go complain to Ronald McDonald
Jimmy saville, Stuart hall, Max clifford,Rolf Harris. Watch out Ronald McDonald your next!
Got carried off by Ronald McDonald, Margaret Sanger and degenerate entertainment.
Alright loves, I usually don't blatantly share my Thirty-One goodness on my personal page, but I want all of you that would be interested in this opportunity, to be able to participate. My team is giving back. And we've chosen our local Ronald McDonald House in Little Rock. You purchase one of these thermals for $21 (covers, thermal, tax, and shipping). And I'm going to use my commission to fill them with goodies and we'll deliver them to RMH! Contact me with questions or to order!
Morning view from my living room window as I eat breakfast--the Ronald McDonald statue on roof. I'm not even gonna ask.
Just $1 per ticket at the chance to win this grill and to help out our local Ronald McDonald house! Come by Economy Honda to purchase!
Okay we are here at the hospital doing the pre-op stuff. Steve and Maria are playing goose-ball hockey. Maria seems calm, but my insides are jumping! We are staying at the Ronald McDonald house, what a blessing! This place has everything to help a family! Best part is that I can go to the hospital during the night to check on Maria because it is right up the road?
I just want to take a moment and say thank you for all of the love & support you have all shown baby Myles & his family. I am adding a hash tag showing the kindness and generosity of everyone. Each time we do Thirty-one gifts will donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities :-)
Over the past couple of weeks, Curts days have been brightened by 9 year old Noah Berrisford! Noah was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma in February this year. Last night they enjoyed Christmas in July together at Ronald Mcdonald House. Please like his page, Transforming Noah to show your support for him and his beautiful family!
Just ONE week from tonight is our Ladies' Night Out Event! We have over 150 tickets sold! Help us reach 200! Please share with your friends and get your tickets today! Join us at PJ Whelihan's in Cherry Hill on Friday July 18th for a night of fun! Your ticket includes an appetizer buffet, one free drink, photo booth fun, dancing and more! We have over 50 prizes to give away and all proceeds from the night will benefit The Ronald McDonald House of SJ! See you there!
I'm off to love and help care for the guests at The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio. There is no other place I would rather be. Happy Wednesday!
You don't hear this very often but great call guys.
A big THANK YOU to Bob Drost who donated his time and talents to our session last night at the Ronald McDonald House. Bob drew 19 caricature portraits of the kids and their parents. As always, Bob was a big hit, supplying smiles to all our families! To hire Bob for special events and or parties he can be reached by email at bobdrost3d
If McDonald's had Ronald Reagan in its advertisements, I'd never eat anywhere else again.
Lake Norman Friends: Don't forget that FiFi's Fine Resale is participating in the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte drive. Receive 10% off your purchase when you bring an item for the drive.
those shoes look like something Ronald McDonald would wear.
I was just laying here looking up because the ceiling is angled and there is a window in it. All of a sudden a pigeon flew over and I was amused by that. Lol. Ronald McDonald's is a literal God-send!! : )
I am Ronald McDonald and I love the Taco Bell AM Crunchwrap.
A group of 17 ZF volunteers cooked & served dinner to 85 residents at Ronald McDonald House Delaware in the spirit of
My time today goes volunteered to Ronald McDonald House Charities; 28th Annual Golfing Event.. can't wait to see ! (:
there's something weird about the Burger King and Ronald McDonald they look like rapists on crack trying to get something to eat
This September take part in a 10,00ft Tandem SkyDive in aid of Ronald McDonald House at Yorkhill!
The Piedmont ECA Club visited the Ronald McDonald House in Durham on Tuesday for their annual donation of can tabs, which all of our Extension Community Association (ECA) clubs help donate. They were able to get a tour of the house, ask questions and see how the house was renovated in 2012. There are many ways to help by donating items, can tabs, money or even your time to cook meals for their residents, etc. The walls have been decorated by local artists, the roof tiles decorated by the residents, and they have plenty of fun in their learning centers, kids rooms, playroom area, their kitchen, and their family room.
My special daughter is doing her cert 2 at McDonald's. Her book work today asked what RM stands for?? Ashleys answer Ronald McDonald. .. ummm no its restaurant manager ... PMSL she is so my daughter. ..
Tonight, Gulf Coast Civitan did the cooking for the families at the Ronald McDonald House in Pensacola tonight. Hamburgers, hotdogs and all the fixings.
...and it comes around so quickly Charity Cafe tomorrow 10:30 - 1:00. Be sure to be there, or you'll need to wait until September 18th for your next dose of bacon butties, home made cakes, tasty veggie/vegan treats, and that's before we even mention the lovely company! We will be supporting Ronald Mcdonald House, at the request of a Mum who used their facilities when her baby was born prematurely xx
Just a few pictures from Family Fun Night! Big thanks to McDonald's & Ronald McDonald for sponsoring this evenings events! Please share all your photos too!
ICE CHALLENGE DONE Sorry it was late, my hundy going to the Ronald McDonald Foundation. Shot Tu Mclean for the nomination. I nominate Jo Bolger, Sharlene Mercer, Aroha Huriwai, Mel Kingi, and my old lady Ellen Kingi. You know the deal. complete the challenge in 48 hours and donate 20bucks or failing that donate 100bucks to a cancer foundation of your choice. You don't have to jump in a bath tub, just get it done!
"It is not called Prime Prep for nothing you cant have McDonald without Ronald"
"Macbeth" is as frightening as Ronald McDonald compared to the staggering terrors of "Usher."
I've just done the ice challenge and donated $50 to Ronald McDonald house
cold callers in the middle of the day, i couldn't think of a worse job than that... i'd rather work for Ronald McDonald.
No Bible study tonight. We'll be serving dinner at CoxHealth's Ronald McDonald House instead.
Just donated my soda can money. Saved the pop tops to donate to Ronald McDonald House to help families stay with their kids.
McDelivery in Australia - Big Mac Home Delivery . NOTE to Mickey D's - drivers should wear Ronald McDonald costume...
My mate said Ronald McDonald was a normal clown but fell into a barrel of fat and emerged as an evil jester. Do you agree?
s please for support The Ronald McDonald House nearest you! They helped us for years and we can…
The only man that'd find her irresistable is Ronald McDonald. So many quarter pounders...
Who is Ray McDonald? I know Ronald Mcsonald .. But not a Ray😩😂😭
the donation 4 the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) on behalf of the Michael Jackson Memorial & Sunflower event http…
Ready, teddy, go at centre fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House
Just as long as Ronald McDonald gets in, I'll be okay.
I liked a video Ronald McDonald goes to Burger King
I think those building were decorated by Ronald McDonald...which explains the clowns.
Ronald McDonald: how to rebrand a modern icon
If i dont get a birthday card from Ronald McDonald today there will be *** to play
you see them lips. them big oll ronald mcdonald lips. them some A1 *** suckin lips mmhmm. DeeDee a THOT
sorry to say this but she is a Thot cause I saw her flirting with Ronald McDonald .
Ronald McDonald House Charities. It's already an amazing place to work and I've only been here a total of 10 hours.
Dear Rihanna, I want my wigs back sincerely, Ronald McDonald
Who remembers when McDonald's was in eastgate and they had the Ronald McDonald bench
thanks ronald McDonald's right back at ya
[ronald mcdonald in fake mustache sidles up to group of teens] mcdonalds *** right guys? Let's discuss ways they could …
Taco Bell's commercial with a bunch of real life Ronald McDonald's is genius
Oh I was talking about Ronald McDonald down there 👇
if Michael clifford doesn't follow you!. look it's Ronald McDonald's son
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Proudly presenting Ronald McDonald House Hobart with their grant from the Harcourts Foundation. The grant will be...
Had an amazing opportunity to visit the Ronald McDonald House Toronto. Truly a heart felt experience…
.No problem! Great event that community needed to see Pictures & video .
So today was amazing. I met and will be meeting again with the CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities
Look's like that 26.2 mile jog is in the books. Running for Ronald McDonald's house charities in…
Room of respite for families: NORTH SHORE TIMES: Royal North Shore Hospital will get the first Ronald McDonald...
Troys mom just saw the Taco Bell breakfast commercial with all the Ronald McDonalds and asked me which one is the real Ronald McDonald
Happy Friday everyone - and its the 4th of July ... so you know there's only one place you should be to help our colonial cousins celebrate breaking free from their British shackles (gotta love a bit of history lol!!) ... ZUMBA TIME!! Uncle Sam demands it! Feel free to wear red, white, blue (see how I've colour co-ordinated today's pictures??), stars, stripes, Ronald McDonald wig - anything appropriate! - at any of today's classes people :) LA fitness (Huntingdon) - 10.30am ZUMBA Huntingdon Methodist Church Hall - 6.20pm ZUMBA GOLD, 7.05pm ZUMBA PLUS - only ONE MORE SLEEP til we get to enjoy FOUR hours (if you want to do it all!!) of fab fun fitness and fundraising at the Mayor of Huntingdon's Zumbathon 2014 at Huntingdon Medway Centre. You can pay for your ticket or part deposit, at any of today's classes (please buy raffle tickets too) - or JUST TURN UP and pay on the door. As well as the two sessions (1pm Zumba Gold, 2.15pm Zumba), there are plenty of things to see and do in the foyer so please e ...
Silly or scary? Read real consumer feedback on Ronald McDonald's new image! Download our free summary:
Overheard Office Quote of the Day: "Ronald McDonald was never a boy." Brilliant. Sounds like the start of a John Cooper Clarke poem.
Fun fact: Ronald McDonald poops the pink slime they make the chicken nuggets from.
Shop this weekend at the Oak Brook Container Store to help Ronald McDonald charity!
BREAKING> America successfully hijacked by Ronald McDonald, Kermit Gosnell and Miley Cyrus!
Strategic use of "emotions" in the Ronald McDonald commercial is very well executed. The market research is on point.
Thanks to Drew Carney (KGW-TV) for talking Golf and Social with our friends Mike Rich and Ronald McDonald...
Ronald McDonald reminds me of John Wayne Gacy tbh
Do u have any idea who this woman is? She is the woman behind the Ronald McDonald House Charities
I love how this company partners with the Ronald McDonald House Charities.. they just donated $79,000
which is a strong influence in your life Ghandi, Ronald McDonald, James Fenimore Cooper or George Jefferson?
Am I the only World Cup fan who is distracted by the ridiculous red shoes that Alexi Lalas has been wearing in the ESPN studio shows? Ronald McDonald wants his clown shoes back!
1. With the horrible red shoes he is wearing Alexi Lalas LITERALLY looks like the human Ronald McDonald. 2. I wonder if the other ants in the neighborhood will have a fundraiser for the mudslide that i just threw down on their faces in the driveway killing all their antfarms Happy Birthday Steve Malone!! Hope you have a great weekend, you deserve it. Now wake up from your nap so we can go to dinner old man!
Big Data needs a mascot like Joe Camel or Ronald McDonald.
Someone Tagg Aimee Emily Elizabeth Edwards Ice challenge u have 24 hrs or have to donate 100.00 to the Ronald McDonald childrens hospital
Lol to me the Ronald Mcdonald vine where he punches the kid sounds like Joe Hart screaming at the ball boy 😂
HELP! One of our Huntersville Heroes, a brother in blue, needs your help. Last Saturday evening, one of our Huntersville Police brothers - Sgt Brian Luthart experienced a father’s worst nightmare. His 3 yr old son (Griffin) was severely burned following a freak accident involving a lantern explosion during a family outing. Griffin was burned on his right arm and leg and was immediately airlifted to the N.C. Children's Hospital at UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill where he is undergoing extensive surgery. Both Griffin and Brian are friends of our Department and Griffin visited our Station 2 as recent as the week prior to the accident (see the picture below of Griffin holding the booster line off the back of Engine 2). As soon as we found out about Griffin’s accident our members sprang into action; immediately notifying the Firefighter’s Burned Children Fund for financial assistance and making arrangements for family housing at the Ronald McDonald house in Chapel Hill. Huntersville Police immediately tra ...
Andy Townsend critiquing Brazil is like Ronald McDonald handing out Michelin stars.
AFTERNOON NEWSBYTE: Witnesses in the Baden-Clay trial tell of hearing screams, a red rose rally dedicated to the family of murdered mother Bianca the world’s largest Ronald McDonald house to call home and a psychic turtle tips to win the World Cup.
Burger King and Dairy Queen lived in White Castle and had a daughter named Wendy. Ronald McDonald is the jester and Papa John is the uncle.
South Carolina needs a new flag. I suggest a fat lady sitting on Ronald McDonald's face pouring blood all over her ***
Whoah: just found out Ronald McDonald is a 33-degree Free Mason.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
My ice challenge I called out Robert Caldwell, Tamela White, Starla Darling, John Henry, yumma malone, and I forgot to say Contreive Love with 190 trailriders. My charity of choice is Ronald McDonald house in Houston Texas
"WorldTruth.TV?" Somebody writes that story every few years. It's an easy target. Chicago Tribune did it first, tracing a kid in a magazine ad and finding that that kid was a synbol, then crippled the humanitarian community. Everyone wants 99 cents of every dollar to go to that kid in the picture. I worked two humanitarian gigs in the past nine years, Human Rights Watch and the International Rescue Committee in Darfur. I went bankrupt, and the management consisted of morons. You get what you pay for. Ronald McDonald kills more people than Big Hamburger saves. St. Jude's is the beneficiary of first Danny and then Marlo Thomas' massive fund-raising. Those veteran groups? Right-wing whackos. Salvation Army? Following a religious agenda. The Lions Club? They are cadres of the rich who don't the salary. Make a wish? They deal in heart-warming anecdotes and do nothing on a grand scale. Those groups you condemn? They pay for top people and they save millions every year around the world. This ...
Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald in Japan because Japanese people can’t say their R’s very well.
Come on out to the Ronald McDonald house fundraiser event in paducah ky At the Bargain Hunt parking lot! Bouncy house trampolines. .. silent auction.. bake sale. . Lots of vendors to shop from including paparazzi ..scensty.. Tupperware. . Origami owl. . Pink zebra and much much more! You can even get a 10 min massage for 5$!!!
Come out to the bargain hunt superstore in paducah and help raise money for the Ronald McDonald house!!! Also stop by and get your ACE!!! Got stock and can take any orders!!!
Ronald McDonald is not welcome in Luthuli House. That *** clown.
{This Sunday 1 June 2014} *WHALETIME PLAYTIME FESTIVAL* Victor Harbor Celebrating the start of the whale watching season, the 2014 Whaletime Playtime Festival will be continuing it’s new format after a wonderfully successful event in 2013. The festival site will be focused around the SA Whale Centre with a great range of kids activities all day. An entry fee of $5 will include all the activities and entertainment. Plus free face painting, free balloon animals, free bouncy castle, free carousel rides and entry into the SA Whale Centre. On the main stage will be the very popular Amazing Drumming Monkeys, Ronald McDonald, Daniel Larcombe, the Grossology show and new to this year's festival will be the Tal Kin Jeri Dancers. Also new to the festival this year is the Fun on the Run trailer and the Kondoli Inflatable Whale. It's a fantastic family day out for only $5 per person. Get all the details here:
Joe Camel & The Marlboro Man tried to kidnap Ronald McDonald to take to retirement home
After some people asking how they can help Jessica and Guy, Shannon Sosebee McChristian and I got a list together of things that would be much appreciated while they are at the Ronald McDonald house. Some suggestions would be: Wal Mart gift cards, Fast food gift cards (Taco Bell and Chick Fila especially) Pizza Hut (since they deliver), Gas Cards, There is a kitchen set up in their room so they are able to put things in the microwave and refrigerator if anyone would rather bring a home cooked meal and goodies for them. Anything to offset food and grocery bills would be helpful. To get the stuff to them you can either mail it to Shannon McChristian at 921 Charmont Charelston AR 72933. Or she said Guy and Jessica are usually hanging out at the Labor and Delivery waiting room. It is just outside the 3rd floor elevator. Guy and Jessica let us know if you want to add anything you can think of.
watching cruel intentions, dirty dancing, and the wacky adventures of Ronald McDonald. Do somethin.
McBusted,cant help thinking that would be the headlines in the papers if Ronald Mcdonald was arrested for things of a similar theme to Rolf Harris
And I thought Ronald McDonald was creepy new Happy Meal mascot goes viral:
McDonald's new mascot is actually scarier than Ronald McDonald.
Way to pop the top and help other children! Holy Cross Episcopal School won the Pop Tab Pandemonium for the 2nd year in a row by collecting 3.06 pounds of pop tabs per student. The 2nd graders were the top class in the school--Fantaboulous!!! Ronald McDonald went to the school to celebrate their accomplishment and to thank them for helping the Ronald McDonald House.
What do you think frightened more kids? Godzilla or Micheal Jackson's hologram...just added Ronald McDonald's new Happy Meal mascot.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Taking a page from Jan Bautista's series of the CLUB E.A.T.S. Unsolved Mysteries, I need to add to the discussion (Here is What the *** happened to Ronald McDonald and Friends? Back in the 1980's The likes of Grimace, the Hamburgerlar, Mayor McCheese, The Fry Guys and Birdie were all paralleled with Ronald in terms of popularity. In fact, I felt that Mayor Mccheese had more juice that Ronald. Personally, I think Ronnie Mac pulled a Francis Underwood and manipulated the political landscape of McDonaldland and secretively had the group turn on each other to the point where he was the last man left standing. And that's when he went coo-coo bananas and started to create menu items like the McLobster. o.O
LOOK👀 who I ran into in Kaneohe Burger King!! Mr. Inamine!! And Mrs Ueno(she worked in the office at Waimanalo Sku) So funny I see this guy standing and waiting for his food but I FORGOT HIS NAME:( I tell my husband eh das my teacher shucks I forget his name( only name in my mind??? Mr. Kapepa:\ just then the boy at the cashier calls his name "Mr. Ronald McDonald" My husband: oh Mr. Ronald McDonald?das Ur teachers name? And he starts laughing (Mr. Inamine was always clowning around right:)) So I start laughing but I ask mr. Inamine. Me: eh you used to teach? Him: yeah Me: u was my teacher in Waimanalo inter! Him: who? Me: KONOHIA Him: oh Junya Konohia?! Yeah yeah I remember he had one younger sister das you yeah? Lol TELL JUNYA I SAID HI! Den he tell me u remember Mrs Ueno? I said yeah sort of.. Him: she stay right there..
Instead of "Ronald McDonald" Taco Bell should have gotten Walter Jr. aka Flynn to be there breakfast spokesperson.
WV State Police team up with Ronald McDonald - W.Va. – The West...
Happy Meal toys have come a long way!! Dez got a light up spider man car in his Happy Meal, I remember the days when you got a Ronald McDonald action figure lol
Kudos to Tom Hammond who doesn't look like he borrowed Ronald McDonald's make-up artist.
MAX BLESS to Ryan zhoufams, David gorilla Lee and Ronald McDonald for this moment.
Great Scott! Willard Scott that is...playing the very first Ronald McDonald in 1963.
Playing a 9 hole skins game this Sunday at 3 with ABC 13's Scott Cash. Benefits Ronald Mcdonald house.Welcome to watch...Riverfront..FORE
How times have changed. I think the silhouettes are a few sizes too small for a contemporary ad. And instead of Uncle Sam it would probably be Ronald McDonald.
Ronald McDonald is the Jimmy Savile of corporate logos
Did you guess the iconic Willard Scott was the first to appear as Ronald McDonald? You were correct!
‘Wasn’t it Ronald McDonald who told Gorbachev to tear down the wall?’. ‘You’re thinking of Ronald Reagan.’
Ceasar's little sister throws up the middle finger so he tells her to stop or else Ronald McDonald will get her😂
Was quite moved by the 10-year-old boys scouring the names on the Vietnam Memorial until I realized they were looking for Ronald McDonald.
Website Builder 728x90
I added a video to a playlist Mexcian floats, Ronald McDonald, and horsemen in cinco de Mayo parade
Taco Bell...those guys are not ME! and even though few remember, McDonald's was started by *** and Mac McDonald NOT RAY KROC... if he had started it we would have Big Kroc's instead of Big Mac's and there would be a Kookie Kroc instead of a Ronald McDonald as a mascot
I just donated to the Ronald McDonald house at McDonald's right now and had to write down a name. Ron Jeremy would be proud...
Here's the agenda for the board meeting this Saturday, it's going to be shorter than usual because key clubbers have to leave early to go the Walk to Cure Diabetes and Ronald McDonald. Board members are expected to attend, however, it's open to the club. if you're interested in becoming a board member and are a sophomore or junior, come check it out :)
Sometimes things don't always work out quite right. Napoleon Dynamite looks a bit like Ronald McDonald because I couldn't hold back on his ginger afro. But, just TRY to tell me that you don't want to touch it...
McHAPPY DAY today... Go and buy a meal and proceeds going to Ronald McDonald house in Toronto. the house many call home when they go for medical assistance for a child. A great place.
Tom May 7 is McHappy Day, money goes to Ronald McDonald house. Good cause so indulge.
Taco Bell hires Ronald McDonald for new breakfast ads - Chicago Tribune
Delta Colony doing community service at the Ronald McDonald house.
Pecan Street Festival For Dell Chidren's Hospital/Ronald McDonald hospital. Come by and see us-where you'll see the big yellow duck.
This is like that Ronald McDonald commercial for Taco Bell ... if Ronald McDonald hated black people.TMZ has tracked down Donald Sterling ... not the…
Soon, my body will have Chesty Puller, Jaxson DeVille, John Basilone, and Ronald McDonald tattoo’d on it. Im doing pretty well at life.
Ronald McDonald is coming to the Dayton Sharks game this Saturday, May 3rd. 7pm to take pictures!
Every since Taco Bell released it's breakfast menu, Ronald McDonald has been depressed and a few meth hits away from being a juggalo... :P
Don't mention Burger King in front of Ronald McDonald.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
It was a great day for the Big Tab Drop! Thanks to everyone who came out to donate tabs, as well as all those who made the day possible: Kenwood Towne Centre, Cohen recyclers, Dewey's Pizza, Robert from the Cincinnati Circus Company, the YP group from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Laura from Q102 (WKRQ), and of course our own Ronald McDonald!
*** ..Bay County and Ronald McDonald need to quit building McDonalds every 3 miles and give us a better fast food place like Steak n Shake or absolutely anything else...
So whatcha think of the new Ronald McDonald? Creepy? Cool?
Wow, over 300 likes! The randomly-chosen winner of two VIP passes is... TINA HANEY! Thank you everyone for liking, sharing, and telling your friends about Kidz Expo. We're going to set up for the event now, and want to remind you of all the AWESOME activities to expect at Kidz Expo -- Debby Ryan, SpongeBob SquarePants, Curious George, WordGirl, Maya & Miguel, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Ronald McDonald, Storm Troopers... bouncehouses, magicians, balloon animals, face painting, video game truck, fire truck, diaper derby, storytelling, live music and dance performances, health screenings over 100 local businesses, and MORE! Plus register to win a FREE Disney Vacation and a FREE set of braces! See you Sunday!!!
To update their image, McDonald's has given Ronald McDonald a total and complete makeover. So, for now on he'll be known as Joan Rivers
I was like wow McDonald's doing the extra getting every Ronald McDonald in the US in the commercial but no it was Taco B…
Based on that Taco Bell commercial, a lot of dudes named Ronald McDonald are going to have diarrhea tomorrow.
Taco Bell has been running this brilliant ad campaign where they get real guys name Ronald McDonald to talk about how they like Taco Bell's food. Meanwhile, all I keep thinking is, "Boy those Ronald McDonald french fries sound really good right about now."
Taco Bell has a commercial where they have a bunch of real people named Ronald McDonald tasting their breakfast waffle saying they love it
I meant to go try that waffle taco that everybody named Ronald McDonald across the country was so gone off of.Maybe I can catch em tomorrow!
We're excited about Ronald McDonald's new threads! Check it out!...
Ronald McDonald gets makeover, says he is ready for selfies via
Avril Lavigne, Ronald McDonald, and Meg Ryan are trending today. There must not be anything exciting going on...
Actually surprised that McDonalds is using only now in its social media strategy. Smart action!
RONALD MCDONALD "Sheriff of Cactus Canyon" Lunch Bucket and Thermos by XVIPaws via
McDonald's unveils Ronald McDonald's new clothes designed by Ann Hould-Ward
Ronald McDonald getting a makeover. See his new look with this am
Ronald McDonald gets a refresh and quite a lot of
As kids we never even noticed that Ronald McDonald's friend Grimace was named after the face you make on the toilet after…
Find out more about Ronald McDonald’s new mission and his new wardrobe here
McDonald's 'Ronald McDonald Selfies' idea has the potential to be quite creepy...
Ronald McDonald is going chic. Or, at least he's trying to. The famous McDonald's icon, widely known for his wild red hair, yellow jumpsuit and floppy shoes, has hired a theatrical stylist -- really -- who
Ronald McDonald is visiting the town centre on Saturday 3rd May!
A wasted Ronald McDonald takes his NekNomination WAY TOO FAR! DISCLAIMER: NO REAL Drugs or Alcohol were actually consumed!! This video is for entertainment p...
New Ronald McDonald look isn't fooling anyone. He belongs in a horror movie.
Ronald McDonald got a new outfit and now wears a rugby shirt. Makes sense. Rugby is exactly what I think of when shame-eating big macs.
It took some clown 2 years to make this clown look less like a clown. R McD gets a makeover
Cladding this clown in a yellow gilet or a Bertie Wooster-style blazer doesn't make him any less terrifying.
“Check out Ronald McDonald's two new looks we should all abandon jumpsuits!
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