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Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is a clown character used as the primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain.

Willard Scott Burger King Ronald McDonald House Charities Joe Camel Ronald Reagan John Wayne Gacy Colonel Sanders Dairy Queen Gordon Ramsey

is that John Wayne Gacy jr beside Ronald McDonald
how did you get Ronald McDonald to pose with a bazooka? (bottom left)
Ronald McDonald statue found decapitated, burned, with his feet cut off - by Heather Dockray
Happy birthday to my beautiful mama aka... Angrykidd, sideshow bob and Ronald McDonald 💞💞💞
Why clowns are the most terrifying mofos around:. Pennywise. Ronald McDonald. John Wayne Gacy. Donald Trump. That should get my point across.
Best news! Ip Man 3 is coming out. I have no clue as why people say I look like Donnie Yen. To be fair, my hair looks like Ronald McDonald.
Me: This diet is easy. Mayor McCheese: We miss you!. Ronald McDonald: Come back!. Hamburglar: We have your *** pics. Me: On m…
Symphony Victoria here with DeKalb Chamber meeting Ronald McDonald for the first time! Love the red…
I liked a video The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Scared Silly (1/4)
Today our members volunteered & ran at the Ronald McDonald House 5k.Thanks to all who came & congrats to our winners h…
That video was right on time, close to October. I never trusted Ronald McDonald lol
Video: Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter! (Skit) via LMFAO bro this has me DEAD.
Building an inclusive strategy to better serve families and kids
Another Sunday, another visit to Riley's Ronald McDonald House to make a home cooked meal.
Ronald stepped it up! This new McDonald's concept is a step up from the Big Mac
Today 12-5pm in at the annual grape stomp! Partial proceeds donated to Ronald McDonald House
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I liked a video from HIS TONGUE! - Reacting to Ronald McDonald Playground Massacre!
I just got really scared that Ronald McDonald fanfic probably exists
leave the put downs to Gordon Ramsey and the cooking to Ronald McDonald
Me gustó un video de Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter!
I added a video to a playlist Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter Reaction
Ronald McDonald cheap as *** 😑 I got a 10 piece nugget what Ima go with 1 ranch pack 😒
Having fun with Ronald McDonald after the Zoo Run! @ Kansas City Zoo Run
Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza with Ronald McDonald for the second TVC.
Help the Ronald McDonald House Charities. By ordering from
and we have to watch stone footed Ronald McDonald fkn Fellaini come on. Sickening
Come to room 227 tomorrow after school to take part in FCCLA's 1st service project of the year! We're making snackbags for Ronald McDonald!
Jack in the Box as Moe. The Burger King King as Larry. Ronald McDonald as Curly, no Shemp, he strikes me more of a Shemp
My flight has overhead bins decorated by kids from the Ronald McDonald House Charities!
"Micheal Jackson... the animatronic lovechild of Ronald McDonald and An American Werewolf In London" - Bob Stanley, Yeah Yeah Yeah
Watching Mack Brown and Mark May talk football is like watching Ronald McDonald and Hamburgler talk about prime rib.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
serving all-day breakfast descends into talk about the ugly original Ronald McDonald on The 10 At10.
what worries me is who is coming the other way? Mayor mccheese or Ronald McDonald. Would prefer hamburglar
Nah my home boy Ronald McDonald will take care of you😉
Still haunted by the memory of Ronald McDonald roaming our halls when we were the fox8 cool school
Chicago Jazz takes time off from training to prepare dinner for families at the Ronald McDonald house
Why yo eyebrows look like Ronald McDonald though?
And to think, all this time I've been afraid of Ronald McDonald.
Bill Burr to be Ronald McDonald. Jim Gaffigan to be Jack. Brian Regan to be Burger King. Louis C. K. to be Wendy.
You listen to Ronald McDonald. You yell with a bear. You stay at the Roger Moore Lodge. Good night.
Thought Ronald McDonald was transport cabinet member gcc as the traffic planning in high street is a joke ...
Yet another year and still no Ronald McDonald birthday party.Thanks, timehop
They mix it in with the blood of the Ronald McDonald house children
We may have to head home today because every hotel seems to be full along with Ronald McDonald house
Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego's Table For Tots event is happening this month. Check out the...
HEADY: Ronald McDonald decapitated by Museum of Broadcast Communication. Head rescued by
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Ronald McDonald House has a charity golf tournament on Mon. August 31 and needs a photogra…
I stopped eating at Mcd's when I tried to donate money to the Ronald McDonald House but the employee didn't speak English.
The amount of fast food trash I clean out of my car would make Ronald McDonald embarrassed, but I like to see it as an achievement instead.
Got to see Ronald McDonald well getting a coffee today
Miss Tina is hosting a Pasta Fundraiser in order to give back to her home away from home, The Ronald McDonald...
UHY donates to Ronald McDonald House by 'socking' co-workers
News flash: the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile will be at Gemini on 8/20! Open to all D63 students. Find out more.
*** matt is that Ronald McDonald behind you?
HMHS graduate receives scholarship from Ronald McDonald House Charities
Happy birthday Ronald McDonald I love you 😘😘 wishing you many, many more!
DuPont Pioneer golf tournament raises more than $3K for Ronald McDonald House.
Thankful for Rady Children's Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House San Diego for making a…
Before and after shots of Ronald McDonald House Charities Hamilton's new website designed by
Ever wonder what Ronald McDonald Houses do? Watch this:
Got called in early for treatment😩 maybe I'll get into Ronald McDonald House today
All purpose parts banner
You never know what can happen at a NoFX show. Ronald McDonald had no idea what was in store for…
thought bringing back the colonel was cute. Just like the adult Ronald McDonald ads years ago.
Those Ronald McDonald commercials are a lie. Like *** I would let my child sit outside and eat with a man in a clown outfit!
And and two of her friends, Ronald McDonald and coffee.
Earlier this Summer, UHY's Michigan office donated to via their "Ronald Sock Challenge":
3 cents from every Happy Meal sold goes to Ronald McDonald House & helps fund grants like the one that built this new playground equipment.
Getting breakfast at a fast food restaurant is quite the gamble. You put the outcome of your entire day in the hands of Ronald McDonald
I just saw that you can go to online school to work at a weed dispensary. Is that the same as going to Ronald McDonald college?
oh cool, sounds similar to the Ronald McDonald thing we had to use when Grace was rushed to St.Thomas' in London 😁
Vandalism could not damper the spirit of the new ADA compliant playground equipment here at Wesselman Park thanks to Ronald McDonald House!
Thank you to all our members & staff for helping raise funds for our local Ronald McDonald House
Giving Back to our Community - The Story of the Ronald McDonald House "Juice with Love" Program - Glow Juicery
Assist w/check-out & other duties as a volunteer for Ronald McDonald House
Brooms and bad language used to chase rat from McDonald's
If Rob Ryan is suing some people because his house is sinking Burger King, Ronald McDonald, Wendy and Colonel Sanders should retain counsel
Website Builder 728x90
Just for the fun of using the Ronald McDonald phone. Mind you, phoning Wimpy would be more ironic.
Today's moment of zen... at Ronald McDonald House.
Come on down to support the Ronald McDonald House NY today- 405 East 73rd St, NY -- sidewalk sale!!
Fun team visit to the Ronald McDonald House in Bakersfield today.
QSI donated necessities to the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House last month and enjoyed personally delivering them. http…
Kyle,it's Ronald McDonald get it right
I came here for Ronald McDonald guro, and I leave disappointed
That clown Trump getting any votes at all is a complete disgrace to our Democracy. Might as well elect Ronald McDonald.
the Ronald McDonald kids call our games "Texas games" since they've never heard of them up here. :-D
Norm McDonald as Colonel Sanders? I wonder what his twin brother Ronald has to say about that.
cant be a paedo your mum is over 18. An atleast you acknowledge I have a "lass" somethin u clearly struggle with Ronald McDonald
Old McDonald had a farm. He also had a redheaded goth son named Ronald who did acid and talked to hamburgers and purple blobby things.
So Grace Jones and Ronald Mcdonald had a 'love child'?
If Matt Jones wins a major before Jason day. It's like Ronald McDonald being the chosen party clown only to have the Hamburgler turn up.
Eat this, Ronald McDonald has helped bring into the world a Thames estuary
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Fantastic night tonight! Looking forward to annual Ronald McDonald 5ks and even more frequent Cooks for Kids!!
no next is Bozo, then Twisty, Ronald Mcdonald, then Joe the plumber.
Why not run as Ronald McDonald since he is basically a banking and corporate shill at our expense.
Participating in the 2015 Glow Run 5K tonight benefitting the Ronald McDonald's homes in Arkansas. First time experience for me.
Happy Birthday to Ronald McDonald, 1 of greatest men in and my favorite client
People want to retire Ronald McDonald? Further proof that society is against redheads. Are you paying attention, Weasle…
Alpha Delta Pi foundation has just announced that we've now contributed over {$10 Million} to Ronald McDonald...
We don't mind waiting in traffic so Ronald McDonald can scoot past us, right?
Ray Martin from ACA conducting a review into is like having Ronald McDonald hand out Michelin Stars.
Ronald McDonald kills millions of cows and he's the world's most beloved clown, but I butcher one and I "ruined your son's birthday party"?
Ronald McDonald Visits Main Library @ 64 East 1st St Mesa. 2-245pm on June 16th. Ronald McDonald and his big red...
Come clean growin up in Harlem thou all I seen was Jordan/Nas/Martin Luther King Jr/Jesus Christ/ & Ronald McDonald. Childhood top 5s.
you dressed my cat up as Ronald Mcdonald.
Andy Townsend critiquing these players, it's like Ronald McDonald telling Gordon Ramsey how to cook.
Weatherman Willard Scott was the first original Ronald McDonald. 
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
DYK: McDonald's first Ronald McDonald was played by none other than TV personality Willard Scott?
Marreese Speights (giant purple slob whose clumsy antics provide comic foil to Ronald McDonald) will not play in Game 3 on Saturday
Fact: French fries were discovered on accident after Ronald McDonald shot the Burger King over a fryer using a potato as a…
Ronald McDonald lookin Jason is still swinging from tunas *** ! What a ***
Annual Halifax moose heads teddy bear toss for the Ronald McDonald house!
"You look like a *** cat dressed up like Ronald McDonald". Oh college humor... You always make me laugh...
Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald! "Watch for me on TV. We'll have lots of fun."
I hear Gove as Justice Secretary a "tough call" for Cameron - with strong claims from Joe Pasquale, Ronald McDonald and the Chuckle Brothers
How many of you knew that Ronald McDonald was 1st portrayed by Willard Scott?
that is Willard Scott who was on the Today Show for many years just never saw his pic as Ronald McDonald
That's Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald. He was also Bozo the Clown in DC. There are many more clowns in DC now.
Willard Scott was the original Ronald McDonald who was fired from McDonald's for being overweight.
Not all negative with this draft: RB Melvin Gordon hosted a charity event Tuesday night to benefit Ronald McDonald house.…
your mate Ronald McDonald is back in the news!
she can't go out with you Ronald McDonald. I thought you knew Mickey Ds was open 24/7
John Wayne Gacy and Ronald Mcdonald in a buddy comedy.
Art night again at the Ronald McDonald house. This Brennig asked if I would paint Morning Glories.…
What's fair about using schools to market fast food to kids? . Ronald McDonald is the Joe Camel of fast food.
Ronald McDonald is not Ronald belisario. Therefore, Ronald Reagan is not Ronald McDonald
Joe Camel was ousted from ads because of his appeal to kids. Yet we let Ronald McDonald cater to them.
Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen cooked up a good honest feed to provide dinner at the Ronald McDonald house last week.
Jamie has Ronald McDonald hair when he's spanking Claire.
the Senators may have the Hamburglar, but Capitals have Ronald McDonald in their corner:
Champagne flutes, set and ready for the Ronald McDonald gala tonight! @ The Pavilions at the Angus Barn
He may as well have said "I'd be happy with Heinrich Himmler in drag, or a coked up, cry wanking, Ronald McDonald , or, Boris Johnson !!"
When my mom calls Ronald McDonald the president instead of Ronald Reagan
WARNING: Ronald McDonald has a censored button, so don't curse @ American Legion Post 854
I was voted most likely to be a teacher . Was Brian Williams? No. He was Ronald McDonald
Willard Scott’s Ronald McDonald: Forefather of Nightmare Fuel: When the idea to write something about Willard ...
Happy birthday to the first Ronald McDonald, Willard Scott, the forefather of nightmare fuel. by
Fun fact: Willard Scott was the original Ronald McDonald, between 1963 and 1966.
Born this date in 1934, Today Show weatherman Willard Scott who was also the 1st Ronald McDonald.
Aye && then can we take a picture with Ronald McDonald ???
so that's why Ronald McDonald wasn't in Supersize Me.
La-Z-Boy with Ronald McDonald House partnership exhibits how corporations help advance the cause of non-profits.
in the words of Ronald McDonald... I'm lovin' it!
Why are there no photoshops of Will Ferrell as Ronald McDonald, I want to see this!
lololol nope I got the Ronald McDonald semen special
Have fun with Ronald McDonald and his gang when you celebrate your baby's birthday in McDonalds! Get a party...
Ronald McDonald wouldn't treat me like this😩.
What from all ten American's present! "Awesome" Most Americans think Ronald McDonald is "Awesome"!
Popped hella tabs for Julie and the Ronald McDonald House tonight
The Shamrock Shake is making its annual return! Did you know that is started as a means to fund the first Ronald McDonald h…
My dad is the original Ronald McDonald Can you imagine how many women he had at the height of his fame ?
Ronald McDonald house brings families together but never a story like this
Ronald McDonald may have a bone to pick with LeBron James after this one. While talking to the media on Tuesday, James opened up about how
Use to have a Ronald McDonald made out of leggos, but my smart *** took it apart thinking I can put that *** together.
My bike got the Ronald McDonald deluxe paint job.
I wish URL would get a pretty darkskin girl to be on stage instead of Ronald McDonald.
"Ronald McDonald ain't chillin in tears 😂
maybe..but that's like my girl tears out my heart and leaves me for Ronald McDonald and then I wanna wear his clown shoes lol
Spent the day painting at Ronald McDonald house with the crew and presented them with a $1,000 donation
wait is mac's real name really... Ronald McDonald?
I can never get tired of Ronald McDonald being turnt up. 😅😂.
another one i got is ronald mcdonald. I NEVER SEEN GREASE
Ronald McDonald was the creepiest clown ever and that's before being forced to sit on his lap.
Go on Instagram and like this picture of my smokin hot sister to help us donate 💵 to the Ronald McDonald house!!
Our working bee at Ronald McDonald House Parkville was a great success. We look forward to volunteering again in...
. Check out Ronald McDonald rare print destroying the earth
Rochester's Ronald McDonald House celebrating 25 years - they tell us how next on
Key club is doing a pop tab drive for the Ronald McDonald House so if you want to donate some bring them to me :)
Uhhh"this is what ronald mcdonald would want
Reverse raffle to benefit Ronald McDonald House: HUNTINGTON - There will be a Reverse Raffle t...
"Let's McFreakin' Lose it! Ronald Mcdonald after hearing the Rocket Ship song to much.
I like the Ronald McDonald before he sold out to the big sirloin business
I wanna keep my futures so bad but they make my feet look big af like Ronald McDonald big 😭😭
Make a lil money leave a little on the dresser-Ronald McDonald
Great day volunteering at Ronald McDonald House with my family! MB is lucky to have a facility like that!
Paint n Sip :) we painted canvas's for the Ronald McDonald house. 💎🌰
Ronald McDonald House in Orange is just weeks away from welcoming their first families. Tonight
Talking about Politics. "...Bill McDonald...". Katie "wait did he say Ronald McDonald. Like the clown ?"
Kate Kirchen don't give a fuq what color the dress is, she just shares lipstick with Ronald McDonald instead ✌️💋
her: the manager of the McDonalds down the street called today... him: [sitting on couch next to Ronald McDonald statue] Di…
and being Panhellenic for our mock sip and paint! Loved painting canvases for the Ronald McDonald House!💁🎨
those the Ronald McDonald ones I was talking about. Terrible nickname at that point, but MJ wore it in a McD's commercial
is Ronald McDonald the CEO of McDonald's? No. He is a spokesman, a face of the company. Same as Potus.
When Ronald McDonald finds out you like Burger King more
SigEp takes over the Ronald McDonald House Kitchen! Great job boys, keep up the good work!
Tennessee Tuxedo! Bought the complete set for $20. So I think Chumley & "Ronald McDonald's Autistic friend Grimace" would get along. :D
he lives in Kentucky in a big house with Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald and papa john & mr nando
delta beta sigma is selling these for $18! all the money goes to the Ronald McDonald house in little…
is what happens when Steve Zahn and Ronald McDonald mate.
Please help my son raise some money for Ronald McDonald House Charities.
Makeup has some of these women thinking they look like Beyonce but they look like Ronald McDonald. Less is more.
my wedding shoes, for when I marry Ronald Mcdonald
Help collect pop tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House for OVP. Pop tabs dropped off @ Illini Union Room 288 before Wed, Feb. 11.
mate I think I changed into Ronald McDonald and danced for about 4 hours 😂
this if you'll pay me with Lovin' if my boyfriend dresses as Ronald McDonald and orders food for me
someone find me a Ronald McDonald costume 🙏
“When they get your order wrong 💀😭😂 when Ronald McDonald go straight to work after the rave 😭
Ronald McDonald was just spotted in front of Lubin House. We chased him to get a picture with Otto, but he escaped
When Ronald Mcdonald found about the new McDonald free food.
Am I the only person who was obsessed with the Ronald McDonald movies as a kid?!
Chief Inspector of Probation resigns on day it's too late to save us! Wonder who they'll get next..Ronald McDonald? . http:/…
When couples try to flaunt they relationship as if they Bey&Jigga but they look like Ronald McDonald and The Hamburgler
There's still time to join us in supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest...
payback for my Ronald McDonald snapchat? 😂
Take a picture with a Ronald McDonald with for the Ronald Selfie Challenge.
Ronald McDonald Selfie Challenge - Step up to raise awareness and donations for the Ronald McDonald House Charity
Auction now on to raise in aid of ronald mcdonald house Birmingham.
A Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home that offers families support & the peace of mind of being close to their sick child.
Transformations of two rooms at The Ronald McDonald house has begun. Stay tuned for before and after pictures.
Stop by Scooter's today from 4-7pm to enjoy a delicious drink and to support our philanthropy, Ronald McDonald House Charit…
Today from 4-7PM, is raising funds for philanthropy, Ronald McDonald House. Be sure to stop…
Lmfao I found old VHS tapes of the Ronald McDonald cartoons. Turnup
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Check out what we're doing in the community and how we're giving back!
Our volunteers know just what to do during play time at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Jacksonville, Inc.!
The BEAUTY TEAM (MUAS) for the Joy Juice Org for their Makeovers event at Ronald McDonald House For Children in...
Click to view our on "Praise Big Mac is on sale in Australia"
I noticed and was so happy! So was that sweet child! The Ronald McDonald Houses are a Godsend for so many families
Praise Ronald: McDonald's Big Mac secret sauce is on sale in Australia
$18,400 was raised for Ronald McDonald charity in Columbus. $200 from each shot on goal went to the cause. It was fun for the fans.
calling Bret Baier a reporter is like calling Ronald McDonald a cook
Relating to this: Album, the following in the paper: Snakes, Santa, Sausages and Songs… On the 13th of December the annual ‘Vans’ Meeting was held at the Casa dos Poveiros in Boksburg. When I first heard of the ‘Vans’ I was justifiably confused – who or what are the vans? The answer is of course quite simple; the meeting is for the farmers, and nearly all of them drive a ‘van’ of some kind, or a bakkie… Having the farmers get together is a lot more, of course, than just an excuse for a get together. The meeting is basically about connecting, talking, sharing ideas and problems, and generally getting the word out about issues particular to the farmers, who are usually living quite far apart. Admittedly of course it is also an excuse to have a good time, and that we certainly did! The event sported all the right mix of things to ensure that you would be certain of a good time no matter what your age. I was somewhat astonished to find Ronald McDonald there to see the kiddies, but he certain ...
all I can think of is Ron weasley or Ronald Mcdonald
I also think Winston is a Clown youtube Ronald Mcdonald then you will see Winston's face. . ...
Very grateful for my life. Grateful for Jim Bečka and Laura Bečka. They arranged for us to cook a meal for Ronald McDonald house. Grateful for Matt B. He drove in from San Antonio just to participate. Grateful for Mendy Garcia. She brought Eli and Emma in from Victoria just to help. Even little Nate helped. Matt took us all to dinner afterwards. I am proud to be related to such kind-hearted people.
"It's not Ronald Reagan its Ronald McDonald" Emily has forgotten which was a former president.
Immediately following Grimace's cremation, his ashes will be spread by airplane while Ronald McDonald sings Prince's "Purple Rain."
Stacy: Such a fun day so far! Bill is off work today!!! Yay!! So he and I got a work out in this morning. Not yay but it needed to be done. Lol Then we went to visit Tripp at school. Saw his room, how he spends his day, met his classmates. So many cuties in one room. I think Tripp liked having us there. We helped him make a mouse and he got a snowman painted on his face. So I feel like I have been resting on my laurels as they say, (Don't know who "They" are) about helping out other families. So just wanted to remind everyone of some fundraisers that I am still involved with. First is the Ronald McDonald house. They are building a new house near Scottish Rite Children's hospital and if we as Team Boom donate 25,000 dollars there will be a room dedicated to all you awesome followers called "Team Boom" here is the link.We are already past $18,000. As you know we can't say enough about this charity. Sheer awesomeness! We can get this house built!! Cause lord knows we will end up there again and so many fami ...
On Thursday I'm going to San Francisco to see the bands Say Anything and The Story So Far and my sister wants to give me a make over and if I don't end up looking like Ronald McDonald by the end of it I'm not going
To the blonde "lady" that nearly side swiped me and ran me off the road on my way to Fairfax, I have two requests. First, please slow down. Second, set your alarm clock back an hour so you will have time to paint your face. I, myself am a rare and unique gift placed here by God. I have survived a brain tumor, countless surgeries, and deal with a multitude of health issues on a daily basis. It would be the ultimate slap in the face to be taken out by a bleach blonde Ronald McDonald wannabe. You may not place much value on your on life but I hold myself as a very valuable asset. I have much work left to do and people that need me.
Seems legit. Isn't Ronald McDonald some kind of fast food mob boss or something?
We have so much to be thankful for. Most especially, all of you dear friends and family, our prayer warriors and dear family and friends that are tirelessly helping us with all that we need. THANK YOU !! Today, Ronald McDonald provided NYPD bus service for families at Ronald to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. NY Athletic Club provided breakfast. It was so much fun for the 2 girls. Thanking God for the gift of life, the strength to endure, the blessings everyday and the gift of our family AND a successful Round 4!!!
I'm sitting here watching the Macy's day parade and instead of seeing Arthur C Clarke or Degrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan or Albert Einstein or any other visionary in our existence we see the most famous clown in the world, who sells poison to and brainwashes our children, role model Ronald McDonald. Next we see a bag of booty popcorn pirate ship and finally of course the big balloon of Hello Kitty!!! "Hello" kitty is so stupid she said "Goodbye" to intelligence and rational thinking!!! Whats next??? Perhaps we should ask Shrek, I hear he's tight with Santa Claus!!!
Marlene Cervantes is a 15 year old level 10 gymnast who trains at Black Hills Gymnastics in Lacey Washington. Marlene was recently diagnosed with cancer and will start chemotherapy this Thursday (Thanksgiving 2014). For the next 8 months to a year, Marlene will be staying at the Ronald McDonald...
Good eats, healthy mind for Ronald McDonald house: Local chef Paul Harding, from The Only on King, and his hel...
Stop by our Grand Opening Celebration in Lake Wales tomorrow @ 1pm. We'll be there w/ giveaways & Ronald McDonald! See u there!?
Sainsbury's and John Lewis unveil 2014 Christmas adverts, but before Monty the penguin there was Ronald McDonald.
dammit I thought this was about Ronald McDonald. Now I want a sweet tea
Ronald McDonald. The Burger King. Wendy. = Original celebrity Chefs in my life!
Top three favorite people with Ron in their name:. 1. Ronald McDonald. 2. Ron Paul. 3. L. Ron Hubbard
Tuesday afternoon we had a doc appt for Michael (umbilical hernia-all is ok)... I met the most amazing young lady in the waiting area. Her son will be a month old tomorrow & had already had open heart surgery. He was only 5 days old when he had that surgery, he spent 16 days in the hospital, and she couldn't even hold him for a while after his birth because of all of this. While her little boy was at CHKD hospital in Norfolk, she was allowed to stay at the Ronald McDonald house... I have never met anyone who actually had to stay there, only heard about it... She said to me that the Ronald McDonald house was a blessing to her as every day when she left the hospital she was in tears & definitely would not have made it back to Newport News safely. She seemed like a very strong young lady (by young I would say she was in her early to mid 20s). I do not know if I would be able to have such strength like that... but when it comes to our kids, we always seem to dig REAL deep & find that strength to pull us ...
Never forget: Willard Scott as the original Ronald McDonald (h/t
Well Happy Sweetest Day to me...NOT! First I come home from "Little Mermaid" and discover that my bedroom window has been shot out! YES, as in some Yak-town MORON WITH A GUN SHOT OUR HOUSE.AGAIN! (Goes with the 4 other bullet holes in the siding!) NOW, on the COLDEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR, I have no window in my bedroom! add insult to injury, I decided to fight looking my age and battle the plethora of SILVER hairs that were invading my cranium. I decided on a Burgundy Brown so my change would not be so drastic (I had contemplated Blue Black.) Only NOW I look like Ronald McDonald's illegitimate child!!! YUCK!!! All that being said, I do want to wish all of you, my loves, a Very Sweet Sweetest Day! If you could, PLEASE pray a HUGE HEDGE OF PROTECTION around our home!
OMG! Did you hear? Ronald McDonald killed Burger King right in front of Dairy Queen. It's being talked about all over Boston Market. Burger King just couldn't keep his Jack in the Box and was Dunkin Donuts under the Sheetz... but then compared to McDonald's Wimpy Little...
Famed weather man Willard Scott actually played Bozo the clown on TV.. as well as Ronald McDonald in the 61-63 tv commercial's.
Ronald McDonald visited students at Lincoln Elementary this afternoon. Read more about his visit in tomorrow's IV...
Ronald McDonald once slapped Chuck Norris. . This is what we know as 'The Big Bang'
she reminds me of Ronald McDonald tbh
KFC – McDonald’s Fried Chicken. It seems that Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders have just ended their final fight
Seriously creepy messaging in this one "You're no stranger, you really are Ronald McDonald"
I received beautiful flowers this weekend from two weddings at the Savoy Ballroom. These flowers were delivered to Cox south same day surgery/PACU and to the Ronald McDonald house! Thank you to the newlyweds for donating! Alejandra Sands
Figured out that not everyone will be happy until Jamie is wearing a Ronald McDonald wig, so here you go.
Come see Ronald McDonald and Stephanie Taylor at the Grand Re-Opening of McDonald's at 7900 Shore Drive in Norfolk today from 1-3pm!
tonight was such an amazing night! volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house was a great experience 😊
You are invited to the Town of Griffith PUBLIC SAFETY & COMMUNITY DAY Saturday, September 13th 11AM-4PM at Central Park *Bring your whole family to see and interact with the many exhibits on display, including Police, fire, SWAT vehicles, and ambulances. Come out to observe and interact with the people who help keep our town safe. The event will also include a visit from Ronald McDonald, a helicopter landing, performance by the Griffith High School Choir, and self-defense demonstrations. *Are you looking for something to get involved in? Speak to someone from Griffith V.E.S.T., Crime Watch, the Boys and Girl Scouts, Lions Club, American Legion Post 66, Griffith High School Booster Club, and many more! Heartland Blood Centers will also be present to accept blood donations. *Are you an animal lover? Stop by and speak to Griffith Animal Control and Treasured Friends, then possibly give the gift of a family and home to a needy pet. *Multiple non-profit organizations from throughout the area will be repre ...
Tired doesn't even touch it :p off to work I go woot grand opening to Ronald McDonald will be at my store today 12-2!!
DON'T FORGET WE"RE PACKING THE TOTES TODAY!!! Wow time flies...In less than a week, we will be leaving for the RM House to prepare dinner for the attending families in honor of Sunny Logan/Blake Kendall. If anyone else would like to donate (list of items needed in pictures below) in their honor you can message me to pick up items or we will be stuffing bags for the residents/siblings at Ronald McDonald house at Spencer's Dairy Kream- Today, Wednesday, Sept 10, from 3:30-5 pm during Caslyns bday party if anyone wants to drop off there. Thanks so much for everyone that has prayed, donated and thought of our sweet little friends. The Care Bag Wish List is: candy, travel germ x, toothbrushes, travel toothpaste, travel Kleenex, colors/coloring books, small toys(dollar tree), individual snacks: goldfish, nabs, travel wipes, Chap Stick. —
It doesnt represent you anymore that Ronald McDonald or Groundskeeper Willie represent Scotland.
Ronald McDonald killed Burger King in front of Dairy Queen over Wendy! Popeye says the funeral is at Churches so get ther…
*** is wrong with the Ronald McDonald that made a special appearance on the lsu game today...
All ok but Ronald McDonald's hair was singed: Fire breaks out inside Brier Creek McDonald's ::
Like if ever have any kids, they're never going to know who Ronald McDonald is.
While waiting for ronald mcdonald..picture2x muna habang my tym:)
Beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work for such an amazing organization! The Ronald McDonald…
Hello all :) can we give this little guy the best birthday ever ?? Let's all send him birthday cards !!! This handsome little man had been threw more then he should in his little life , but he is a warrior at heart :) Val Courtney with Keon Courtney at Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta Hello everyone! Please help! Our sweet boy is turning 4 on September 11th and after everything he's been through I am hoping to make it an extra special one. Please consider sending him a birthday card as a way of showing him how much he is loved on his special day (he loves getting mail). Our boy deserves the whole world and this is one way we can try to give him a small piece of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Kiah Courtney 111 West Campus Place NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4G3
it's like. Ronald McDonald without make up.
High school students can assist at the Ronald McDonald House on Saturday, September 13th. If you are interested...
Feel good Friday is off to a great start. 9am kickboxing killed it! More fitness this Friday evening... 5:10 Boxing w Kara 5:10 Circuit Training w Nick 6:20 Hot Yoga w Connie ...still till the end of August $5 classes for everyone. All proceeds to go to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Another great reason to come get your workout on!
Free Stuff? Yes thats right FREE STUFF!!! Become a preferred customer by Sunday, and you can get one of these items for FREE!!! As well as by signing up to be a Preferred Customer, our very own Susie will be donating to Ronald McDonald House in honor of her two children she had lost to a serious condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Her family had stayed at RMH to be close to her daughter during the time she was ill. During the time my girls were in NICU up in San Francisco I myself had stayed for a few days at RMH. Being 4 hours away at home was not an option for me. We all have a story or now someone who had been at RMH. Lets pay it forward. If you have any questions please message me.
Staying at a Ronald McDonald House allows families to face the weight of illness together.
Pied for preemie challenge! You must nominate 3 people but no limit on nominees..You have 24 hours. Donate to March of Dimes-Dallas/Fort Worth or Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth or any other organization that works with NICU Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth. I nominate Jon Winters Jolene Valos Jarvis Sanders
Mac from it's always sunny in Philadelphia's real name is Ronald McDonald tru
Mr. Owen looks like a orange Ronald McDonald
Calling any Ronald McDonald Family Room Families - would you be interested in being a part of an RMHC photo shoot?! Photo shoot is next Friday (Sept. 5th) in Chicago. If you are interested, please private message us or email KAllaboughfor more information!
He does a pretty good Ronald McDonald. Don't think it is ACTING though!
After a day like today all i can think about is Ronald McDonald! Lol some people just make me laugh!
0wned by DodePersie ~ In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called "Donald McDonald" due to the lack of a clear "r" sound in Japanese.
We won't be charging this weekend, but will be accepting donations to help fund our fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of A2!!
Yo momma looks like Ronald Mcdonald with no face paint
Paige Praet, Little Miss Heart of the USA for Alachua, received a small house-shaped box from the director at Ronald McDonald House. She immediately went home and completely emptied her piggy bank into the box! We then took it to a Coinstar machine to donate and selected the RMH Charities! It turned out she donated almost $32!!! WOW!!! Hard to believe that little box could hold so much money! So proud of her for wanting to give everything she had!
Honey - There is a HUGE difference between 'Being BOOTYLICIOUS ' like Beyonce and just 'Being FAT' because of you're undying love for Ronald McDonald! Sister Kay Mogomotsi Leah Chuene Can I get an AMEN up in HURRR!
The ‘King’ has finally managed to wipe clown Ronald McDonald’s smile off his face.
Jeff Shultz brings the to Ronald McDonald house Calgary htt…
Is Ronald McDonald is into cross? Errr cyclocross, we found some tires 4 him
why mcdonalds doesnt sell hotdogs? — I don't really think people would like Ronald McDonald's wiener in their mo...
I wonder if Ronald McDonald screams "I'm lovin it!" while making sweet clown love.
The Ronald McDonald house is really a nice place, it's great that we have charities like that helping families in need
Did anybody in Brazil mistake you for Ronald McDonald?
Great day supporting the Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco! Thank you for your generosity and kindness.
I'm the Ronald McDonald of hating myself.
Get a team together and support the Ronald McDonald House!
OUR SAY: Impending opening of Ronald McDonald House music to the ears - Central Western Daily
Thanks for bringing the eggs by Anna! We'll miss you Sunday :). Anyone else with Ronald McDonald House food can...
would u rather wake up next to Burger King saying "you had it ur way" or wake up next to Ronald McDonald saying "you were loving it"?
You haven't felt awkward until you have to carry a life size Ronald McDonald to the bathroom with you..😒
JR says that Ronald McDonald is to blame for his missing homework 😂😂
Ronald McDonald visited Westcliffe ES today to help kick off their Million Minute Reading Challenge.
Wonderful day volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House last week! We always feel so elated after.…
1. Do you think Ronald McDonald would prefer to go buy Ron when talking to the Hamburglar ?
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