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Ronald Goldman

Ronald Lyle Ron Goldman (July 2, 1968 – June 12, 1994) was an American murder victim. He was killed along with Nicole Brown Simpson allegedly by her former husband O.J.

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and it concerns the murder of my ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her young friend Ronald Goldman.
Did OJ Simpson kill his ex-wife Nichole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman . This is for a business law project. Please vote
Ronald Regan: the only thing white boys fetishize more than Asian girls
If I had a time machine I'd stop OJ Simpson from killing Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman bc then no one would know what…
OJ Simpson trying on the blood soaked leather gloves found at the murder scene of Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman. https:…
From "Timeline Memories" June 12... 1994 - Slashed to death: Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman are stabbed to...
On this day 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman were murdered in L.A. . OJ went for a drive.
12.6.1994 – Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are murdered outside her home in Los Angeles, ...
Was OJ Simpson guilty in the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman back in June of 1994?
I know, I know, OJ Simpson is found not guilty of murder for the deaths of former wife Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
How did I all these years think Ronald Goldman was in a relationship with Nicole Simpson? Dateline Episode wow my...
listening to the podcast..not that it makes any difference, but Fred Goldman was the father and Ronald was the son..
Nicole Brown & Ronald Lyle Goldman killer has never been found and Erin Andrews crying like a baby about some *** peeping seeing games.
Erin Andrews awarded more than the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman for wrongful deaths. Think about that.
Appalling for the family of Ronald Goldman. Him reduced to a walk-off extra in that circus. Tragic.
Even if NFL star O.J. Simpson used the knife now being tested in the 1994 brutal slayings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman,...
Ronald Reagan was owned by Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs
So Justice wasn't served for Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson and the mountain of evidence is still around tho
OJ Simpson is a no good jerk! He had no business killing his ex wife Nicole or her friend, Ronald Goldman!
I think killed his ex-wife and her friend Ronald Goldman.
Will Kato Kaelin ever admit to killing Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman?
One of the questions I always ask myself is, did OJ Simpson kill Nicole brown and Ronald Goldman ?
Medical Examiner Says Knife Found on OJ Simpson’s Property Capable of Wounds on Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald G
Here are theories about the knife that was used to kill Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.
Knife doesn't appear to be connected to slayings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, sources say
LAPD opens a new chapter in the OJ Simpson saga:.
The murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman lead the LAPD to the home of O.J.…
Thank God we weren't subjected to the black lives matters movement when oj murdered his ex wife & Ronald Goldman
Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman: Knife found buried at prior home
it's not yet known whether the knife discovered is related to the 1994 deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. MR
They had absolutely NOTHING to do with OJ Simpson and/or the murder of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. ***
Breast Cancer Awareness
it can be the murder weapon that Was probably used to kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were killed at her home in Brentwood, not OJ's estate.
Dear media, you guys do know Ronald Goldman was murdered as well, right? Maybe mention his name once or twice.
testing it in the open 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman murder case for which Simpson was found not guilty, police said
OJ Simpson is a disgusting murderer and today's discovery further proves that he did kill Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman.
Matt Darr is on it 💪🏼. Also CB ronald Darby and DT Eddie Goldman on it.. I love Phillips but u see my point ?
wait! So it's possible he did kill his wife and Ronald Goldman 😂
Report: Knife found on property, is inconsistent with murder weapon in Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murders.
Los Angeles: OJ Simpson – Police testing the knife in connection to murders of Nicole Brown…
LAPD discusses recovery of knife found on O.J. Simpson estate via
The Tale of the Knife Used to Kill Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman Just Got Even Weirder: What happened to the...
"The National Enquirer Had Reported that it Was Kris Jenner Who Hid the ‘Murder Weapon" If it turns out this is...
Family of Ronald Goldman say they are not surprised by story of…
LAPD discusses the recovery of a knife found on O.J. Simpson's estate. WATCH:
Actually, the gentleman's name was Ronald Goldman.
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God... What if that knife ends up proving OJ Simpson did murder Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. We'd all be really shocked.
There are three products on this year's NFL All-Rookie team: Jameis Winston, Eddie Goldman and Ronald Darby.
Watching ID CHANNEL My brother the Serial Killer.. This is the monster that killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman by confession.
o.j. simpson murders Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman
Glen Rogers killed Nichol Brown and Ronald Goldman according to a documentary that was released in 2010. My brother the serial
the story of Glen Rogers the real killer of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman
Glen Rodgers killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman lets keep it real. OJ only paid Glen to do it.
Looks to be cool: Ronald Wimberly Takes on Gentrification, Slavery in Two New Image Comics Titles
I wasn't standing next to Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman either but c…
Bieber is the real murderer of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman
Rumored: Families of Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman heading to UN this weekend for justice in OJ murders
I don't get it. Some people say that comedian Chris Rock went too far when he joked about the Boston Marathon bombings and 911 in his Saturday Night Live monologue. Some people are saying he shouldn't have joked about it because people died. Really? Here is a brief list of not-so-funny subject matter that comedians, especially light night TV show hosts, joked about. Oh, and by the way, people died. O.J. Simpson ("The Juice") - Retired American football player, broadcaster, actor acquitted of the 1994 murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman Ted KaczynskiI ("Unibomber") - American serial murderer who mailed bombs to his victims Jeffrey Dahmer ("Milwaukee Cannibal") American Serial Killer and sex offender, who committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab ("Underwear Bomber") - Nigerian man who attempted to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 And then don't forget: Hogan's Heroes - American tele ...
New podcast! Dr. Ronald Goldman discusses the controversial topic of circumcision with
Fact: Adult foreskin is about 12 square inches of highly erogenous tissue.
Circumcision becomes an exception to ethical & professional principles and society’s values.
I havent listened to this podcast but l did here Daniel Vitalis speak on this topic in another podcast and it was...
New podcast! Dr. Ronald Goldman joins us to discuss the highly controversial topic of circumcision
***FINAL MINUTE'S 'ON THIS DAY' IN SPORTS HISTORY*** Per 1930 - J.K. Scott won the first miniature golf tournament. The event was held in Chattanooga, TN. 1945 - The Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson. 1978 - Bryan Trottier (New York Islanders) broke an NHL record when he scored six points in one period. 1988 - Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins) passed for 521 yards, three touchdowns and completed 35 of 60 against the New York Jets. It was considered the single-best passing day in NFL history. 1993 - Joe Carter (Toronto Blue Jays) became only the second player to end the World Series with a homerun. 1993 - The Toronto Maple Leafs set an NHL record when they won their ninth straight game at the start of the season. 1996 - The civil trial of O.J. Simpson opened in Santa Monica, CA. Simpson was later found liable in the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole and her friend, Ronald Goldman. 1998 - Mark Messier (Vancouver Canucks) became only the 10th player in NHL history to reach 600 career goals. 2002 - ...
STOLE THIS: TMZ released video today of Winston murdering Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman. Jimbo Fisher says "that changes nothing"...
FSU gets Eddie Goldman, PJ Williams, Ronald Darby back at practice today: Lawrence-Stample, Shanks will be limited.
quite very likely that OJ Simpson was not guilty:
...Next up for the crack amateur sleuth, Edwards: Who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman?
Here's our latest show with Dr. Ronald Goldman talking about circumcision and it's affects on men. What do you...
Talked with Dr. Ronald Goldman about the Dangers Of birth trauma and more. Listen here:
Tomorrow we're talking with Dr. Ronald Goldman about Join us and let us know if you have any...
Jun 17 1994- Following a highway chase, O.J. Simpson is arrested for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman
BREAKING: Jury has found O.J. Simpson NOT GUILTY for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.
You MUST have this book by Ronald Goldman, PhD in your lending library. . I have used this book as a tool in...
"I lost my balance and killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman."
Today in Sports History 1943 - Joe Cronin (Boston Red Sox) pinch hit a home run in both games of a doubleheader against the Philadelphia A's. 1960 - Ted Williams hit his 500th career home run. 1971 - Don Kessinger (Chicago Cubs) went 6-6 against St. Louis. 1976 - It was announced that the NBA and ABA would merge. 1990 - Harry Gant became the oldest driver to win a NASCAR race. 1994 - O.J. Simpson drove his Ford Bronco across Los Angeles with police in pursuit and millions of people watching live on television. After the slow speed chase ended Simpson was arrested and charged with the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. 1995 - The New Jersey Devils set an NHL playoff record with nine road wins. 2012 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. won at the Michigan International Speedway. It was his first win in four years and 143 races.
I took part in a survey through Fox News 6 about what I thought about the O. J. Simpson trial back from 20 years ago this week. I wish back then that I had paid more attention to everything surrounding his arrest and then his trial. At the time, I was too busy teaching school, going to college for teacher certification, for undergraduate courses in mechanical engineering, participating in summer teacher seminars, and graduate school in political science, serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserve , and working as a pizza delivery driver to have time to pay much attention to the trial. I do think that O. J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman based on how he has lived his life since 1994-1995.
So it's been 20 years! RIP Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Down here on earth your buddy is right where he belongs! Karma baby!
watching Dateline's 2 hour special about the OJ Simpson murder trial. can't believe the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman was 20 yrs. ago tomorrow!
Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman murders .
20 years to the day OJ allegedly killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman tomorrow and BBC Three show that Family Guy Episode...
Watching this OJ Simpson special... It is very clear that the justice system failed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman just like it has failed so many others. However, Kharma never fails!!! :)
Hm Glenn Rogers. Watching this on Investigation Discovery I swear this man killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Yep, I sure do.
their dad got O.J Simpson out of a Murder of Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman, kris divorced him, Robert died&kris married Bruce
REASON ONE: O.J. SIMPSON MOST LIKELY DID NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OR SKILLS TO CARRY OUT SUCH PRECISE KILLINGS WITH A KNIFE The way that Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were killed shows that O.J. Simpson could not have been the killer. The murders seem to have been committed by more than one person using more than one murder weapon. It is obvious that the murders were committed by a very experienced professional assassin with very precise knowledge of the human anatomy, exsanguination and the vascular system. Nicole Brown's neck was cut from ear-to-ear with her head almost severed from her body and she'd been stabbed numerous times in other areas. Ronald Goldman was stabbed almost sixty times. Even the coroner describes many of the wounds as "taunting" wounds, indicating that he may have been strategically stabbed to torture him before he died. The murderer knew exactly how to sever major arteries and how to damage the voice boxes of the victims, so that that they could not scream or speak. The person who ...
20 years ago.It seems like so many things happened in 1994. It's amazing how time flies. The Northridge Earthquake shook things up in Jan. Kurt Cobain died in April. My NY Rangers won the Stanley Cup in June. Also in June...O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and friend Ronald Goldman are found dead in Los Angeles. Simpson is arrested after a widely televised freeway chase in his white Ford Bronco. My buddy Sam and I had just seen the movie "Speed" at Grauman's Chinese Theater. We went to school (Columbia College-Hollywood) where everyone was glued to the TV. So, I ask you 'WHAT ELSE HAPPENED IN 1994, 20 YEARS AGO?
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman have had their day in court. O.J. has brain cancer!!!
continues looking for of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman while golfing today...
Gonna have to change my name to Ronald Goldman cause people are getting away with murder over here.
thoughts and prayers to the families of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson .
.what about a justice for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman movement? oh yeah daddy made money getting OJ off! :P
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MONEY not RACE talks: RICH BLACK: OJ Simpson murders his WHITE wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and WHITE Ronald Goldman
Where was the NAACP when O.J. murdered Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. Why were they not protesting then?
Reply to I'd like to ask Ms Jackson who was seeking justice for Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman after that trial?
for nicole simpson and Ronald Goldman after OJ simpson killed them and was acquitted. WE WANT JUSTICE for Ronald and Nicole!
for Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman after OJ killed them. and take over this hashtag!
Hmm, perhaps you ought send some "thoughts and prayers" to families of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman at the same time...
difference is No Protests or Outrage in St. wen Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman were slaughtered & OJ aquitted
Help me with my memory please. Was there a vigil for Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman after O.J. was acquitted for murder??
add Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman to that list to.
Hey Rowdians, remember the night of Oct. 3, 1995 when white people in legions, went full on RAGE mode, rioted and attacked, maimed and murdered droves of random black people when O.J. Simpson was acquitted for the stalking and brutal killings of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Yeah, I don't remember that BS either. [BANE
What are you reading right now? I'm about halfway through World War Z. Enjoying it more than I expected to.
.I bet your dad would like to see you, he hasn't been this lonely since he killed Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson
Strikers. The guys who got the goals and the girls. My favourites were Andre 'Appels' Isaacs and Kevin 'Boontjie' Jeptha. Who do you think were the deadliest
Did they ever find out who killed Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman? The real killer(s) are still on the loose.
New England tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder and weapons counts on Wednesday in the slaying of a Massachusetts man. Soon after his arrest, Hernandez was cut by the team. The NFL put out a statement after the Patriots released Hernandez but took no action. Here are other notable criminal cases involving NFL or former NFL players, along with the league's action if they were active. MICHAEL VICK: Suspended indefinitely without pay by Commissioner Roger Goodell in 2007 when Vick plead guilty to dogfighting conspiracy. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback was sentenced to 23 months in a federal prison. A week after being released from federal custody on 20th July 2009, and having been released by the Falcons, he was conditionally reinstated by Goodell. Less than 3 months later, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, and played his 1st regular season game of the season in nearly 3 years on 27th September of that year. ADAM "PACMAN" JONES: The cornerback was suspended by Goodell for the 2007 season ...
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The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if a 4 year old Aaron Hernandez murdered Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson
Why do NFL players think they can literally get away with murder?
Today illustrated why the Maine Republican Party is in serious trouble going into 2014. And before my usual critics slam my observation, take note of Governor LePage sharing his own view that the party is not very strong. There may be many good people within, but without leadership, the operation will continue to fail.
I am so confused.a president can have oral sex in the Whitehouse, a politician can expose himself publicly, bodyguards can have prostitute parties, but Paula Deen can't be forgiven for saying the "N" word. We are totally against saying that word at all. I am offened when I hear any race saying that. Paula is resonsible for saying it and should know she is held to a higher standard because she .is s celebrity. Should she lose her career over this? Get real.
Should Ronald Goldman been so concerned about those sunglasses?
OK, here's a thought. If the Republicans can now just *stop* fighting on the same-sex marriage issue, today's SCOTUS rulings will likely be a long-term positive for them. Why? Because without and Republican politicians having to vote "against their base", the country has taken a significant step forward today. And there are a certain percentage of people who agree Republicans on economic issues who only vote Democratic based on LGBT rights issues, who would vote for more Republicans if this issue becomes settled. My hope, of course, is that the crazy, ignorant Republican primary voters will keep demanding that their politicians try to block LGBT rights, and and thus they are further and further out of touch...
i been working on a new webseries with Brett Shaw called “dark days of durban” its something totally new for myself , we have basically met a bunch of crazy cool characters on the way and brought them to life , its some of the most fun ive had in a long time , showing not always the glamorous side o...
We are in Birmingham. We are staying in a hotel, because Ronald McDonald House did not have any rooms. We have been on a waiting list since last happens! We signed concent papers today, and talked a little more to Dr. Goldman. Tomorrow he will have a CT scan done to see where they will place the Hickman line. On Wednesday they will put his Hickman in, and admit him to the hospital. Chemo will start Thursday, and will last until Tuesday, July 2. Transplant date/Michael's 2nd birthdate will be July 3. MY GOD is BIGGER than anything and everything! Michael will come out of this CANCER FREE! Watch and see!! God is fixing to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT here at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL!!! STEAL OUR SHOW! PRAYING HARD! PRAYING THROUGH!
You who buy into the Republican idea that Reagan was so great of a man should look at the recession and the number of them before him and after should see that after Roosevelt and the New Deal regulations they was stability. Then you had the election of Richard Nixon this started the ball rolling to what you have recession later after his Republican/Corporate policy took hold Jimmy Carter was elected later and his problems in the economy were caused by policy of Nixon but he got the blame and we got Reagan and Reagan through massive debt made people think what he done was great but the recessions were more and more Reagan was a awful and hurtful president for regular people with a illusion he done something great when all he done was give the rest of the keys to the ultra wealthy and what is good for them *** on the people model. Through Reagan fools were made and only until Bill Clintons election we were headed for disaster. During Clintons first term he done what was right but he had to get re-elected . ...
"There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind" ― Napoleon Bonaparte
IRS, Benghazi,Verizon,Drones. Everything Sarah Palin and the GOP was saying BEFORE the election was true...I was duped
We’re families. We love each other. We’ve got an ocean full of love for each other…built up…drop by drop… Accepting. Teaching. Guiding. Soothing. Restoring. Inspiring. Forgiving. Being. Hugging fast joys. Kissing away hurts. And yet, despite this very deep well of lovingly created, and earnestly felt devotions, there lives, within some families, a ticking bomb. That ticking bomb is the possible, maybe eventual, discovery that men may make about what their loving families allowed to happen to them, or worse, ensured to happen to them. The destruction of the majority of their masculine sexual perception. The disfigurement of their natural masculine form. The irrecoverable theft of their bodily integrity. Will this bomb detonate? Maybe not. Maybe everyone will ignore it, even long after the deed is done. Maybe everyone will be too uncomfortable to confront it. Acknowledge it. Face it. Try to overcome it. If that is what happens, the bomb doesn’t disappear. It isn’t defused. It isn ...
On this day in our history: 1864 - Battle of Kinston NC & Battle of Abingdon VA; 1864 - Battle of Petersburgs VA; 1864 - Skirmish at Lattermore's Mills/Powder Springs Georgia; 1871 - Ku Klux Klan trials began in federal court in Oxford Miss; 1901 - Charlotte Manye is 1st native African to graduate from a US college; 1911 - NAACP incorporates (NY); 1926 - Mordecai W Johnson becomes 1st black president of Howard University; 1936 - Jesse Owens of US sets 100 meter record at 10.2; 1943 - Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) founded; 1943 - Detroit race riot kills 35; 1960 - Floyd Patterson KOs Ingemar Johansson in 5 for heavyweight boxing title; 1967 - Muhammad Ali convicted of refusing induction into armed services; 1968 - Jim Hines becomes 1st person to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds; 1969 - White Rhodesia agrees to race separation; 1988 - Supreme Court upholds a law that made it illegal for private clubs to discriminate against women & minorities;1994 - OJ Simpson arraigned on murder of Nicole Simpson & ...
OJ Simpson well you know the name and everything that associate with it as you may know Casey Anthony is an OJ Simpson equivalent, so their are many signs of OJ Simpson not just here but in other parts of the world. OJ Simpson is the one who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman and got away with murder so in 1995 he walked away free so here it is on what OJ Simpson is labeled. China: Japan is OJ Simpson Korea: Japan is OJ Simpson Worldwide: Gorge W. Bush is OJ Simpson Israel: Iran is OJ Simpson Caylee's Dad: Casey Anthony is OJ Simpson Where else could we classified OJ Simpson tell me what and we all know. Baseball: Jose Canseco is OJ Simpson That is all we could find of what OJ Simpson means!
What event happened this day in history
It's Thurs. 6/20 (the last day of Spring) H 81 L 55 sun. FBI director admits to Congressional hearing to use of drones for domestic spying; Taliban offers to trade captive US solider for prisoners held at Guantanamo; Asian stock markets drop on fears of FED's tapering of stimulus program; HPV vaccine of teenage girls claimed to be responsible for drop of HPV infections in girls 14 to 19; actor James Gandofini (Tony Soprano) age 51 dies (Rome,Italy) & country western signer Slim Whitman (90) dies (Fla); Bucs L in 13th inning. OTD 451 Battle of Catalarinische Fields (Germans & Roman Legions defeat Attila the Hun;1214 University of Oxford chartered (Eng.); 1782 Congress approved 'the Great Seal of the United States' (a bald eagle holding a quiver of arrows in 1 talon & an olive branch in the other); 1840 Samuel Morris patents his telegraph; 1863 W. Va admitted as 35th state;1943 race riot in Detroit kills 38; 1948 Ed Sullivan's "Toast of Town' premieres (CBS-TV);1963 US & USSR move to set up 'hot line';1967 ...
- Ronald Goldman, Nicole Brown Simpson, Rodney King, victims at Neverland Ranch."you're welcome."
Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend while she was in the bathroom in their apartment thinking that she was an intruder after he shouted for intruders & for his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp how can a closed bathroom door show signs of murder? but he told her to call the cops but nothing happens so he sends four bullets into the bathroom killing her & he pleaded guilty so he deserves to be in jail look at O.J Simpson he killed Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman & denied any involvement in killing both of them so why admit guilt if your not guilty?
It's been more than 18 years since Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman's murdered bodies were found in Los Angeles. And now in a shocking confession, OJ Simpson's former righthand man Kato Kaelin claims that the football legend did kill his wife. Kaelin was considered a minor witness to the murd...
For those who don't know Ronald Goldman is the dude that was allegedly killed by OJ, along with Nicole Brown Simpson
It's worse than you think. She's famous because Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman were murdered.
Not to mention the psychological implications. See "circumcision: the hidden trauma" by Ronald Goldman.
An interesting and well-cited debate between Ronald Goldman, author of Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma and...
Since the didn't fit hands, someone could set him up for the of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman.
Let's try this again: OJ Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman: (Challenge Period) In this d...
Allegedly, it was a Serial Killer named Glen Rogers who may have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, hm $Serious$
If Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman had grenades, OJ wouldn't have tried to lop off their heads.
Nicole Brown Simpson Final 24 sigh if only Ronald Goldman had waited to return those glasses. Fate is a scary concept..the little things
What are some links you would recommend to someone whose activism may be putting a relationship with a Jewish friend at risk? Rather than general websites, which specific articles can you point to which have made the point that this is a human rights concern and an important issue for everyone?
Rose asks: I need some help...a mom in my community group posted to our group board asking for recommendations for a mohel to do a briss for her son due next year. It breaks my heart and I feel like I need to say something. Does anyone have ideas of how I can gently approach the subject with her and maybe point her in the direction of some good websites geared towards Jewish families against circumcision? Thanks so much! ~Kim
Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman would have something to add, had an ex-athlete not murdered them with a knife
Had Nicole Brown Simpson or Ronald Goldman possessed a handgun, they would be alive, and O.J. would be dead.
In your imaginary world, Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman must still be alive, because lack of a firearm prevents murder.
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are in total disagreement w Bob Costas.
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are still alive.
So if OJ didn't own a knife Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman would still be alive? People snap with cars, knives, bow/arrow 2.
So is saying if there were no guns Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman would be watching the game tonite
I think costas was saying that if we didn't have cutting utensils nicole brown and Ronald Goldman would still be alive.
Good Luck to Chesapeake Bowl Alumni Ronald Darby, Eddie  Goldman (Fl state) & Roderick Chungong (GA Tech) as the compete for the ACC Title.
Today on the radio, justice is served on Afghanistan; the fiscal slope; Senior Legal Analyst time; "externalities"; marriage equality; Ronald Reagan and Social Security, plus BP, Rupert Murdoch and Bradley Manning! Another Friday, another $2 billion gone in Afghanistan. But wait, there is far more and it is pathetic. The fiscal slope has an impasse declared. Guess who declared it? Senior Legal Analyst time and the case of another 17 year old black kid killed by gunfire in Florida. A Trayvon Martin-style case today. "Externalities" gets a tragic real-life example in the news today. New Jersey is the site this time but anyone anywhere can be hit. The Supreme Court was supposed to deal with marriage equality today. What happened? BP was banned from government contracts; Bradley Manning testified in his trial over the WikiLeaks case and Uncle Rupert got spanked in Britain. I have been playing a Ronald Reagan clip about Social Security that has gotten a LOT of attention! The clip can now be yours and I will ex ...
H-- writes, "I'm seeking some tact and clarity. I have a sticky situation in my family where I am guessing I the Black Sheep of our family and I am married in, so they don't often invite me to all events... Here's the scoop: A cousin is pregnant and so is her sister-in-law. They are both having sons. My son is the only one that I know of who is intact. No one discusses circumcision - they just do it. I am about to write to my cousin and share my delight with her news but also how can I be an effective advocate with this crowd? I want to share info but not scare them off. Her sister in law is Jewish and a nurse. And I fear for her son also. I am hoping to come off not so strong but also not too timid as though this isn't a big deal. Please make what you can of this and offer any help or advice as I could really use it. Thanks!"
Well, I saw the documentary on Serial Killer Glen Rogers this evening, and it did point out some interesting things. There seems to be quite a bit of evidence that Rogers did indeed know the involved parties. The first thing that should be checked is if the "angel" pin that Rogers sent his mom shortly after the murder really did belong to Ms Simpson, lets have it tested. If it is one that cost a pretty penny, that would lend some credence to his story. Chances are its really a 99 cent pin that the journeyman painter purchased. Other things brought up in the show: A witness said that a white pickup truck, similar to what Rogers had been driving at the time, was seen parked near Nicole's condo on the night of the murder. There was a second set of shoe prints in the blood at the scene - one was id'd as Simpson's, one was a pair of tennis shoes, and they were not Ronald Goldman's. Rogers states that Simpson hired him to take a pair of Nicole's earrings that he had paid 20K for, no matter what he had ...
New documentary claims convicted Serial Killer and not O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman:
OK here is the story...A Serial Killer from L.A. killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald
Watching some documentary on oj Simpson on Netflix. He killed Nicole brown and Ronald Goldman. Still can't believe he was acquitted
Simpson should have been CONVICTED of FIRST DEGREE MURDER for the Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman
I know who killed Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman. It wasnt OJ. It was the dude from the R. Kelly tape. Seeing as how they havent been able to find either one of them, it must be the same dude.
Does have a lead on who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman? Is there a racist conspiracy against Elmo?
I'm absolutely outraged at Obama using the OJ Simpsons "white bronco" incident in yet another thoughtlesss attempt to ridicule Mitt Romney. Does he not remember that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman had just been savagely murdered when this "white bronco" incident took place?! Does this man ever think before he speaks?!
it's gone be a bunch if Nicole's at the party I'm going too lol it's the Ronald Goldman I don't want to run into
Shot, I feel old. 17 years ago today OJ was acquitted for murder
Tuesday, October 3rd, 1995 -- A dark day for justice in America (or anywhere). That was the day when a double-murderer named ...
This was a sad day but at least he is behind bars today due to a different crime he committed.
Ah -- it was after this event that I knew I was done with criminal justice and criminalogy for the rest of my life and went towards history
3 October 1995 CBS coverage of O.J. Simpson acquittal and aftermath.
"Those who would circumcise implicitly suggest that they know better than nature, God, or whatever power created us and our world."
Marcia Clark gained fame when she prosecuted OJ Simpson for the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman. Since then, she's worn many hats including television correspondent & best selling author. Today she sits in with Nuzzy & Guy on Decently Funny to pick up where all her other inter...
You're dirtier than Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman's bodies
An interview with psychologist and author, Dr. Ronald Goldman about the persistence of circumcision despite the lack of medical benefit. Ron draws our attention to the ways that in our culture, because the infant is voiceless and powerless, and will not have conscious memory for the event, we perpet...
Meet the Texas P.I. who says he can prove who murdered Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman & it wasn't OJ! 2nite on News at 10
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Who really killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman? Get ready to have your mind blown this Saturday night!
Could this really be the knife used in the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murders? A famous sleuth says...
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