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Ron Wyden

Ronald Lee Ron Wyden (born May 3, 1949) is the senior United States Senator for Oregon, serving since 1996, and a member of the Democratic Party.

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Just listened to tax reform debate.Ron Wyden sounds like Vizzini from Princess Bride. Also, Sylvester the Cat.
Ron Wyden comes to the Senate press gallery to tout the JCT score on the GOP tax bill, which says debt will increase by a tr…
Hey U.S. tech policy people. Jen was Ron Wyden's comms director. She's such a one-off she was made into a TV character. She'…
US Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon to Be Honored for Town Halls - U.S. News & World Report
Day of Action: Sen. Ron Wyden on What’s at Stake in the Battle for Net Neutrality
Mike Enzi just told approximately 50 lies during the . Everything he said the would do is the comp…
Ron Wyden holds most town halls of anyone in Senate
Senate Democrats are now armed with just-released report that says, even after economic growth, the GOP tax-cut plan loses…
This is what Democracy looks like. . Ron Wyden will receive an award Sunday for holding the most town halls of…
“This isn’t tax reform at all,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). “This is now just a grab bag full of goodies for mult…
Senate GOP tax bill would add $1 trillion to the debt, new congressional analysis shows. Where was Ron Wyden when…
stop lying Senator Ron Wyden tax reform does create jobs. John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan prove it and w…
I'm envious--y'all did a great job electing Ron Wyden. I wish he was my…
Thank you Ron Wyden. Proud you are my Senator.
When you don't got to call your senator cuz he already votes like he has a functioning brain >> . Ron Wyden been mak…
I'm with him. Ron Wyden on Trump's agenda: 'a wake-up call for potential abuse of power'
I love Ron Wyden but when he gets upset his voice is like one register away from Matt…
Ron Wyden is far normal as take party big democrat lies that where called out…
My two favorite Senators are Ron Wyden and Rand Paul, who both vowed to filibuster SOPA/PIPA before the Internet Bl…
Vote Sam Carpenter for Senate, remove the Oregon's corrupt Ron Wyden.
Ron Wyden asks Bill Cassidy for a yes or no answer whether the bill protects people with pre-existing conditions. Doesn't g…
Sen. Ron Wyden has placed a hold on a Treasury nominee in a bid to pry loose financial documents tied to Russia
Claire McCaskill, Kamala Harris, Patty Murray, Ron Wyden and others would be better. We need younger and newer blood.
Kamala Harris is the only one, besides Ron Wyden, who voted against the amendment
Had a dream last night I was on the phone with Sen. Ron Wyden's office. His legislative assistant brought the chief-of-staff onto the call.
My Senators rock! Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden. But Congressman Greg Walden is the rat trying to get int…
Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, tell FCC to be ready for net neutrality day of action online comment deluge Wednesday.
Sen. Ron Wyden on AG Jeff Sessions' hearing: "Some of these answers just don't pass the smell test"
Why did Sessions yell at poor Ron Wyden? A dumb, sycophantic white Democrat man can't badger and falsely accuse a white…
is not having any of useful *** Ron Wyden. We don't give a crap about ur "smell test," Ron.
Senator Ron Wyden tells Sessions that his explanations don’t "pass the smell test"
Sessions, Wyden tussle over Comey's testimony Don't recall you demanding Clinton's "interview" with FBI be taped
Sessions, Wyden scrap over AGs problematic role
Sessions, Wyden tussle over Comey's testimony Didn't hear objections from you when Lerner took the 5th
"Those two made a mockery out of the inquiry today & we're not going to sit back and take it." Sen. Ron Wyden We're with you!…
Ron Wyden just had his *** handed to him by AG Sessions on national TV.
Sessions, Wyden tussle over Comey's testimony Funny you folks didn't mind when Comey refused to answer Dbl Stndrds
Go Senator Wyden! He's calling out for on testimony with no legal basis for refusing to answe…
buries Oregon leftwing nut job Ron Wyden in back of the Capitol Building. Cotton he…
Ron Wyden confirms that Jeff Sessions stonewalling has no legal basis. Thank you for putting that on record
Sen. Ron tells his explanations don’t “pass the smell test” via
I always thought you were a homosexual dilettante Senator after today's Sessions hearing, I know it:.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions seemed to keep his cool throughout the hearing. Then Sen. Ron Wyden came along.
Ron Wyden doesn't pass the smell test. Jeff Sessions is more credible & has more class
You should have looked closer: . Sessions had his *** handed to him by Ron Wyden!.
When Sen Ron Wyden is in DC does Oregon use a stand in for village *** until Congress adjourns?
Tempers flare: Sen. Ron Wyden and Jeff Sessions have heated exchange at hearing
Must-watch Wyden-Sessions exchange: "Americans don't want to hear that answers to relevant questions are privileged" http…
How did Ron Wyden ever manage to get himself elected to the U.S. Senate?
Jefferson Sessions lost his composure there for a moment, under Ron Wyden's tough questioning. My my my...
Sen. Ron Wyden to Jeff Sessions: 'Your answers do not pass the smell test'
Ron Wyden finishes his questioning: "I don't think your answer passes the smell test."
The odor of Presidential abuse of power is so strong - Sen. Ron Wyden
BREAKING: Ron Wyden (D-OR) just implied on CNN that DNI Dan Coats may have *perjured* himself on Trump obstruction in eit…
Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley is a pig with lipstick.
Interesting. I would thought of Jeff Merkley over Ron Wyden. More charisma, seemingly more liberal.
Richard Blumenthal and Ron Wyden may indeed be twins separated at birth, but they are not the same perso…
I feel like I'm covered in spit whenever I listen to Wyden. What the heck is that, and why doesn't he fix it?
Ron Wyden: "I have real questions about whether the CIA Director was straight with us with respect to Mike Flynn." https:…
Testimony to Congress on NSA surveillance programs, 2013[edit]. File:Ron Wyden and James Clapper - 12 March...
Follow the money, 'trail of dead Russians,' security expert tells Ron Wyden
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Are any Republicans at least privately expressing concern about the Trump/Comey situation?. Sen. Ron Wyden: Yes
Tell Congress to pass Sen. Ron Wyden's Protecting Data at the Border Act. Sign the petition:
Senator Ron Wyden Peter DeFazio Senator Jeff Merkley. We need to insist that the Republicans care for our...
First on CNN: Senator seeks answers on border cell phone searches -
Acting FBI Director McCabe assures Ron Wyden that he *won't* update the White House on the Russia probe (via http…
Senator Ron Wyden statement: Comey should immediately be called to testify in an open hearing on the investigation into Tru…
Oregon has a Senator Ron Wyden, who lives in NYC and sen…
Ron Wyden is an *** Only represented by Portland and Eugene ***
Sen. Ron Wyden of Senate Intel Cmte is "particularly interested in info abt shell companies, money laundering & use of propert…
WELL SAID Senator Ron Wyden 👏👏...the question is not whether or not but how deep is https:/…
Ron Wyden told WSJ he's interested in info abt shell companies, money laundering, use of property transfers that may be g…
Ron Wyden: "Donald Trump urged the Russians to hack his opponents...That is an established fact." (via
Ron Wyden is hitting hard with questions, and asking the right questions I might add. However, he is not getting answers to most. ***
Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) you are clearly asking & accusing the wrong parties of Russian brides & Money laundering…
Ron Wyden has discovered that the Know-Nothing party still exists!
Sen Ron Wyden reminds me of Richard Padilla, 'a man' who has a stronghold on one moment when I drank too much alcohol, titles me 'A Drunk'.
Ron Wyden sounds like Sylvester the cat. Did he have an injury that resulted in his lisp or is it the res…
Watching Ron Wyden jump all over the CIA Director and well known bully Mike Pompeo was absolutely glorious.😍
Sen Ron Wyden is triggering a lot of Trump voters with his questions in the
Ron Wyden, the senior United States Senator for Oregon, is calling on Jeff Sessions to resign. 👇👇👇
Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon is a 100% NUT CASE. My god he borders insanity
i voted for ron wyden but sorry now i did 30 years ago. He has gone full retard
Sen Ron Wyden should be heading this Committee… Even Andrew McCabe is sucking up to Trump?!
CSPAN is really underrated at these times. Unfortunately, I learn Ron Wyden is a bit of a moron.
Ron Wyden, how concerned where you about Hillary selling US uranium to Putin?
Mike Pompeo your talking to a wing nut Senator Ron Wyden whos a stone cold communist and is someone who don't even live in the state he reps
Listening to the hearing with FBI acting director et al. Ron Wyden is asking great questions and IC is stonewalling. Playing politics.
Sen Ron Wyden D-OR completely unglued &screaming about Trump/Russian collusion. It's all they have & their not going 2 let go
Ron wyden should take marbles out of his mouth and stick to topic not politics
Quick comments: This hearing is yielding nothing since no one is answering the questions. Also you go Ron Wyden.
Ron Wyden more upset published proof that our IC & Obama spied on political opponents & US citizens than…
on cspan you can watch what asinine questions the Dem senators are asking Pompeo and McCabe RON WYDEN should b kickedOUT
Senator Ron Wyden (D) Oregon. Another epic moron floats to the surface, like a chunk of dried out feces.
I think if you put Ron Wyden and the Trump camp in a room together, he'd come out with a recorded confession from all of them. Lol
Ron Wyden is climbing up Mike Pompeo's *** and setting off fireworks. It's awesome to watch.
Ron Wyden has clearly been affected by TDS.
Sen. Ron Wyden is really overplaying his hand hear. He's trying to act Like Cummings or Issa, but his questions are all over the place.
It's obvious Ron Wyden is on whatever Louise Mensch is on.
Looks like Ron Wyden is pumped up to make accusations that he knows cannot be answered. Typical politician tooting his own horn
Sen Ron Wyden (D) is so far left he shd be impeached. Hate filled
GFY Ron Wyden, ILLEGAL server was already OFFLINE when commented abt Russia rls of emails!
Wyden: Director Comey should be here right now
Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden gettin a lil frustrated with America's spymasters as they give him the Heisman over then-acting AG Yates & Flynn
Senator Ron Wyden is smoking crack. It explains Oregon.
Wyden: Donald Trump encouraged Russians to hack his opponents
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Ron Wyden asking McCabe if it would be wrong if Comey told POTUS he wasn't under investigation. GLOMAR
Sen. Ron Wyden opens saying Trump's public encouragement of Russian activity is a fact. Collusion is the question.
Ron Wyden is doing a good service to civilization.
Ron Wyden is the clown king of Democrats
Ron Wyden says he's placed a hold on a Treasury Dept. nominee till the admin produces docs on Russian dealings w/ Trump a…
Ron Wyden is calling for Sessions to resign 👇
Ron Wyden is a demon crat and only interested in destroying America as we know it.
This lisping dilettante is unbearable to watch. Good Lord, people are gullible.
Flag: Sen. Ron Wyden wants Comey testify in an open hearing about the status of Trump-Russia investigation at the time he…
Sen. Ron Wyden is urging the Office of Gov't Ethics to review Ivanka Trump's trade relations and financial conflicts of i…
NSA Halts Collection of Americans' Emails About Foreign Targets: Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat who has long…
Pretty sure Ron Wyden is a senator from Oregon, not Equestria. I've been wrong before, though.
Ever look at Sen. Ron Wyden from Oregon? And he calls conservatives nazis-he looks like he is right out of hitlers third reich! Scary!
On the Senate floor, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon calling the bill “Robin hood in reverse.”
What would like to say to Sen. Ron Wyden? . Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden will be in Klamath Falls Friday evening...
Ly'in Clapper! Ron Wyden's exchange with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper via
great energy at Ron Wyden's town hall in Oregon City, Oregon!
Ron Wyden wants to remind you—the FBI knows things about Trump and Russia that they're not sharing.
Thank you for continuing to beat this drum. Loved your interview w my senator, Ron Wyden. Have shared it a lot!
Creepy weasels abound on the Left: Ron Wyden, Richard Blumenthal, Al Franken, Tim Kaine--a Mount Rushmore of cringe.
Must-read by abt what politicians are hiding from American ppl & what is doing to shine light
Senator asks FBI to explain its new FOIA rules
Senator Ron Wyden asks to explain its new FOIA rules. Read more:
Senator Ron Wyden: Record numbers of Oregonians speak out against Trump policies and nominees -
Senator asks the to explain its new rules:
This senator is *** bent on getting out the truth about Trump and Russia via
Kate Brown just as corrupt or more than Kitzhauber. She's called "Soros Limousine" in Oregon. How's Ron Wyden worth 40 mill
Senator asks the FBI to explain its new rules via
U.S. senator asks FBI to explain plan to abandon FOIA requests by email via
Sen. Ron Wyden has made it clear that there is info of a deeper DT/Russian connection. FBI is sitting on it. We need to know… featured in NBC s Science of Love
📷 A group of influential lawmakers, including Sen. Ed Markey and Sen. Ron Wyden, are pressing the Trump...
Keep every day! Wyden says big gap between what the public had a right to know & what came out! http…
Sen. Wyden presses for more answers as FBI responds to questions about its new FOIA system
Sen. Ron Wyden talks about Price's stock scandal at his hearing.
Plus 2 of my senators, Heinrich & Warner: Ron Wyden thinks we deserve the truth about Russian election interference
Pretty proud of my Oregon senators these days. Ron Wyden & Jeff Merkeley. Thanks for the notification,
Ron Wyden says Senators today will offer three unanimous consent requests to block or delay changes from taking effect tomorrow.
Let's all make sure our Senators know this issue is important. Especially: Ron Wyden of Oregon who wants IRS status revoked.
intv w/me says he's concerned abt "unchecked nature of surveillance state" & what Trump inherting http…
Called Ron Wyden's office (he's opposing) and Merkley (they didn't say, but they noted my request for him to oppose…
."If there’s an effort to expand secret law I w/be blowing the whistle on that”
If Trump wants a backdoors bill, says, he'll filibuster it.
Ron Wyden needs help with the Stop Mass Hacking Act latism
Gen. Flynn is an all American. What's troubling is when thumb sucking, titty babies like Ron Wyden get elected to the Senate for 20 years.
.said he's willing to work with Donald Trump but is also ready to fight to defend core American values: https:/…
domain names
If Trump backs efforts to weaken encryption/mandate backdoors, Sen. pledges to filibuster by…
Hero "We are going to mobilize, both in Congress and in the country, around core constitutional values"
More bad news: is our bulwark against abuse of powers. But she’s in NSA’s pocket.
Thank you, for standing up to Trump and fighting for our civli liberties.
"is 1 of the have fought national security abuses & championed civil liberties" under R & D-
The decision Thursday by Sens. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) to place a hold on FCC Commissioner...
.is ready to go to battle against Trump admin over civil liberties, encryption, secret law. My intv
US Sen. Ron Wyden, who sits on intel committee, assails choices as National Security Adviser, CIA Director
"...intends to hold Trump accountable should president try to weaken protections surrounding
TY! Oregon Sen. threatens to if Trump goes after encryption
Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden threatens to filibuster if Trump goes after encryption - VICE News
Latest: threatens to filibuster if Trump goes after encryption; "blow the whistle" on secret law
Apparently Oregon Senator Ron Wyden randomly showed up at my friend's work and bought lunch
Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon is concerned that AT&T buying Time Warner may not be good for
Every time I get depressed about politics, I remember my Senator is Ron Wyden and feel a bit better.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
is the only progressive Oregon Senator. Everyone knows Ron Wyden is a so vote 4 Shanti L…
Theatrical character upgrades for Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Mark Udall and Ron Wyden. Devil never rests.
If Democrats win the Senate, Sen. Ron Wyden would become chair of arguably the most powerful committee in Congress.
UPDATE: Sen. Ron Wyden is calling for review of mail surveillance program after Investigation.…
This interview makes it clear why you should support Eric Navickas to replace Sen. Ron Wyden
Sens. Ron Wyden and Martin Heinrich: The should need a warrant to access your browser history.
Ron Wyden is a truly amazing US Senator, intent on protecting as is his colleague Martin Heinrich.
Excellent: Ron Wyden again upholding privacy, along with Martin Heinrich.
More senators join us in the House Chambers including Ron Wyden, Debbie Stabenow, Elizabeth Warren, and Tim Kaine
Oregon’s Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden announced today that the Senate Department of Defense and Homeland...
The Hill- Senate panel advances spy policy bill, after House approves its own version: Sen. Ron Wyden was the...
OREGON! Vote berniecrat for senator. Ron Wyden supports and
Thank You, Senator Sheehan! I am in Oregon: Ron Wyden... come out of your dem-cave and ENDORSE BERNIE!
Sam Carpenter, the conservative challenger to liberal Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, my guest at 1:15 CT.
also he and Ron Wyden (D-OR) are in a close battle for "Senator who looks most like Ichabod Crane"
Ron Wyden. Weird. He's in the US Senate, but he doesn't have his head up his *** when it comes to digital security.
Sen. Ron Wyden means to filibuster any attempt to weaken in the Senate.
Ron Wyden is pretty dope. I feel weird every time I write, because I know he usually already agrees w/me.
Pro-encryption lawmakers see 'Apple vs. FBI' fight as a chance to educate Congress
Ron Wyden 2016 Clatsop County Town Hall 3 funny>Wyden's humility explaining how Marquis was the better law student
Ron Wyden and Zoe Lofgren are ready to use iPhone fight to tea... via
If China is helping its domestic industries charge an artificially low pric...
can we just elect Ron Wyden or Ted Liu or somebody else who's coherent and clueful? *sigh*
I agree with just about everyone in the reform debate when they say 'If you...
And he means no loopholes. Interestingly, Ron Wyden of Oregon has a similar plan as a Democrat.
Ron Wyden 40/1 odds to be democratic nominee's running mate on
The reality is that the special interest groups that have lobbied against F...
Sen. Ron Wyden: EPA weighing tighter controls on glass makers after pollution case
I voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, not because I t...
Oregon Congressional Reps: Support the Rights of Rape Survivors - Sign the Petition! via
Today's complex code is only benefiting the well-connected, says Senator Ron Wyden:
Senator Ron Wyden on designing a workable code in the age:
NOW Senator Ron Wyden takes your questions. Share them using the tag:
Is there room for bipartisan reform? Senator Ron Wyden thinks so:
Senator Ron Wyden makes the case for international tax reform. Watch LIVE:
LIVE Senator Ron Wyden shares his thoughts on and
when your editor discovers Senator Ron Wyden puns
Great article from Sentaor Ron Wyden about the Apple vs FBI battle and comments by Franco Esteve below it.
You don't want to miss tomorrow's talks w/ & Senator Ron Wyden:
"We saw the congress really defy tax policy odds in December" - Senator Ron Wyden
CIA boss flips out when Ron Wyden reminds him that CIA spied on the Senate Video
Today we stumbled upon a party & had a singalong with Ron Wyden, Barbara Roberts, Ted Kulongoski & Thomas Lauderdale. Oregon, you're cool 🎂
Sen. Ron Wyden on "I commend the FBI for moving to arrest the leaders of this illegal occupation"
Oregon lawmakers split on $1.15 trillion omnibus spending bill: Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley and Rep. Kurt…
Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley want to expose schools that hope to discriminate against transgender people
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Oregon Sens. Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden vote no - for differing reasons - as Congress OKs big year-end spending bill
Sen. Ron Wyden, a Dem who also sits on Senate Intel, criticized Rubio's grasp of the facts on American surveillance
A little too much talking about himself in this clip of Sen Ron Wyden.
'We are with you' Sen. Ron Wyden tells people of France (video)
We are with you says Senator Ron Wyden to people of France And what is OBAMA's greatest threat, GLOBAL WARMING
Amid talks of a beer mega-merger, Oregon brewers worry: Sen. Ron Wyden has emerged as a craft beer ...
Local brewers send concerns about major merger to Washington DC: Senator Ron Wyden has big concerns about a big…
Senator Ron Wyden joined NewsWatch 12 in studio today to discuss recreation and gun safety. INTERVIEW HERE:
Thank you Senator Ron Wyden for visiting OTI students at Living Cully to see the work they are doing to transform...
Members! Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) will be our luncheon speaker at the Annual Meeting next Wed. Register @ to attend!
Senator Ron Wyden listens to concerns over recreation. KTVL CBS 10 News, Medford
Lane Co Comm. Faye Stewart announces he will run for U.S. Senate as Republican, challenging Sen. Ron Wyden
Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden on future VA outpatient center in Eugene...and beer. Details at 5:03.
We're sitting down with Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. Re: vets health care, $$ for fighting forest fires. rpts
Ron Wyden introduces bill to bring retired military dogs home after combat via In 2016 Defense Budget!
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perhaps a bit nontraditional, but maybe Ron Wyden.
Ron Wyden via . 2:04 PM (9 hours ago). to me . libi: last week, President Obama...
ALEC, you may recall, is a big donor to Ron Wyden, who pimpled TPP for the White House.
Are you concerned about the mega-beer merger's impact on C.O. craft brewers - and beer prices? So is Sen. Ron Wyden
Mr. Bipartisan continues to act in a purely partisan manner on Unfettered partisanship is Ron Wyden. Change is overdue.
The is truly priceless. Share your love of this place with Ron Wyden … a phone call...
Senator: Ron Wyden alerting the People to stand for the Privacy internet act.
Calling BS when he sees it: Vote NO on Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon was succinct in his distaste...
Maybe call your Senator and oppose CISA, so far Rand and Bernie have spoken out against it this unconsitutional bill, along with Ron Wyden
"This bill will do little to make Americans safer, but it will affect privacy in a very substantial way." - Ron Wyden, Oregon Senator
Support of the 4 senators - Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Maria Cantwell of Washington, Gary Peters of Michigan & Ron Wyden of Oregon
I'm working on a bodyswitch screenplay. Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Richard Blumenthal switch bodies and no one notices.
Sen. Sanders & OR Sen. Ron Wyden, have made it easier for to be passed on a state-by-state basis
Ron Wyden and Rubio introduce a bill that would block arms to - .
We sell weapons to psychopathic rulers and dictators daily!. "Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, and Senator...
.Yet he hasn't cosponsored s1471 to release 28 pages exposing foreign govt support for those hijackers?
"IRS mismanagement without any evidence of political interference said Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, D" More of the Dems lies to protect the IRS
Senator Ron Wyden fights to strengthen our families
New foster care reform bill to be introduced CC
New bill on reform soon to be introduced
Sen. to introduce bill focused on prevention & more family supports:
Good news for our children. Currently there is very little money to support children and families in their home.
Reminder: when Wyden says there is secret interpretation of law, we should listen:. via
There's A Secret Interpretation Of Law, this time it's CISA! via
Congress' fix for high-profile hacks is yet another way to grab your private data | Ron Wyden
"There is not a single shred of political interference.". ---Co-chair Ron Wyden.
has another warning for us about another secret government opinion on 
Sen. Ron Wyden to introduce bill on foster care reform via
Oregon Senator Ron Wyden talks the Senate Finance Committee's bipartisan report right now
Oregon Senator Ron Wyden joins us to discuss the IRS report up next at 5:30pm EST! Tune in:
Ron Wyden says Senate offices received over a million faxes on the cybersecurity bill. That seems simultaneously fitting and anachronistic.
Sen Ron Wyden claims over 6 Million faxes sent to legislative offices.
Ron Wyden is the single biggest fan of 6 million faxes, I'm fairly certain.
Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on Thursday called for ending the federal ban on hemp production in recognition of Hemp History We…
Key Senate Dem mum on options for trade bill: Sen. Ron Wyden said he wouldn't get into the "la la land o...
Wyden seeks reforms to financial aid application norms: Ron Wyden called on Education Secretary Arne Duncan to...
Except James Clapper perjuring himself. He and the intelligence communities lie to senators like Ron Wyden and yourself.
Ron Wyden and Rand Paul kill the Patriot Act (ish)
Rand Paul and Ron Wyden stand together against the Patriot Act on the Senate floor
Senators Rand Paul and Ron Wyden are both threatening Patriot Act filibusters
Ron Wyden goes Republican with Orrin Hatch to introduce same old Fast Track model
Rep. Alan Grayson on TPP: The Element of Deception Looms so Large Here: Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Ron Wyden...
SGR fix amendment by Sen. Rep. John Cornyn, Texas opposed by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-OR as "death spiral for affordable healthcare."
Ron Wyden? My Senator is involved in Wow..really surprised about this..
Great read - Ron Wyden, the Internet's senator via
Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley paper over differences on trade pacts as they unite for campaign via
Here in the US, multiple surveillance reforms were promised. So far, very little has been put into practice. The...
Top story: get your tank refill now Senator Ron Wyden: don't betray the Interne… see more
Senator Ron Wyden was the only man in the 15 person meeting that opposed the bill, which passed 14-1
Top story: Senator Ron Wyden: don't betray the Internet! see more
Ron Wyden, is now trending in Canada
Don’t let Senator Ron Wyden sell out the American people!! Add your name. Email…
BREAKING: Internet activists are flying a 30-foot blimp outside all of Ron Wyden’s “Town Hall” meetings .
Senator Ron Wyden: please don't betray the Internet!
Don't let lobbyists & bureaucrats decide the future of the web in secret! Senator Ron Wyden: no
From Ron Wyden bill providing tax credits for
Wow: Liberals in Oregon are plotting to primary Senator Ron Wyden
Rarely do we get to see a bill promoted like this. The description of the TPP in this article is the exact...
Oh, blimp? Oregonians prepared to go all Hindenburg to get Senator to say for the
"There really aren't any limits unless you passed them into law" Ron Wyden, US senator ...yeah, at least that.
Internet activists are following Sen Ron Wyden all over Oregon w/30-foot blimp to say for the
"A surveillance bill by another name," Ron Wyden calls the "cybersecurity" bill that everyone but him on the Senate intel …
Ron Wyden's internet freedom allies fret he'll abandon them on trade pact
Sherrod Brown, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bennet & Ron Wyden are not from the East Coast.
Deval Patrick, Ron Wyden, Amy Klobuchar, and other Democrats who should challenge the front-runner.
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