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Ron Swanson

Ronald Ulysses Ron Swanson is a fictional character played by Nick Offerman in the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation on NBC.

Leslie Knope Nick Offerman Ben Wyatt Chris Traeger Tom Haverford Duke Silver Andy Dwyer Michael Scott April Ludgate Dwight Schrute Red Foreman Barney Stinson Jim Halpert Red Forman Bruce Wayne Chandler Bing Karen Walker

Here's a caricature of character Ron Swanson.
Ron Swanson's laugh is my favourite thing in the world
i meant bysense of humor and politically😂 i'm not ACTUALLY ron swanson
I wanna be friends with ron swanson
I want something to excite me as much as Lil Sebastian excites Ron Swanson
dude I agree w this rant so much! Like Ron Swanson doesn't trust banks so he turns his money into gold & buries it around town 😂
Clear liquors are for rich women on diets. ~Ron Swanson
Even if you feel like Ron Swanson when he has a cold, you can still join us live at 10am (in a couple minutes!):...
I need to find me a Ron Swanson to eat breakfast with.
I just realized I am the physical manifestation of Ron Swanson
Fishing relaxes me. It's like yoga, except I still get to kill something. . -Ron Swanson
That is from Ron Swanson on parks and recreation
the best is Ron Swanson coaching basketball like Bobby Knight and his Pyramid Of Greatness
Ron Swanson using his saxophone skills to add flair to the campaign song makes me so happy!
I love Ron Swanson but he would have voted for Gary Johnson
We need a Ron Swanson spinoff where it follows how he runs the National Forest/Park.
The unspoken truth is that Chris Traeger and Ron Swanson are TERRIBLE.
Everyday I struggle between trying to be Ron Swanson and trying to be Chris Traeger. Turns out I'm actually Ben Wyatt.
I'm either like Chris Traeger or Ron Swanson there is no in between
listening to No Agenda ep. 892 & can't help but picture Ron Swanson when you played James Clappers openi…
As I mash up avocado and put it in my bacon sandwich I can't help feel like I'm betraying my favourite person in the world, Ron Swanson.
Other than whiskey and beer, I don't have a clue what else to get him. Like what would Ron Swanson want
"any dog under 50 pounds is a cat and cats are pointless"- Ron Swanson
Today has been the Worst. . So I thought I would share my never sent out (b/c lazy) Holiday Cards. feat. Ron Swans…
I just want someone to look at me the way Ron Swanson looks at Lil Sebastian Nick Offerman is literally just himself as Ron Swanson
"There's only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk." - Ron Swanson
"A drink will make you feel better. Put the alcohol in your mouth to block the words from coming out" -- Ron Swanson
Has anyone ever seen and Ron Swanson in the same place at the same time?
Can Ron Swanson just have his own spin off show, I really miss him
People are starting to notice that the only decorations at my desk are drawn pictures of Ron Swanson and Dwight Schrute... yikes
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Guys. This is where you brunch. Be sure to order Ron Swanson tots and a carafe of mimosas. You can thank me later.…
Live your life however you want but don't confuse drama for happiness.-Ron Swanson
I aspire to look like christina perri one day. Or ron swanson I have yet to decide
Hour three of waiting in line at the probate office and I'm reading Ron Swanson quotes to fuel my soul
Ron Swanson is my favorite TV character of all time
It warms my heart to know that Ron Swanson approves of HP Lovecraft.
Whoever RTs this post, if they be worthy, shall posses this autographed relic of Thor.
"I'd wish you the best of luck, but luck is a concept created by the weak to explain their failures.". - Ron Swanson http…
We've come home to Ron Swanson still in our living room.
Grayson Allen needs to view Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness under Crying (Acceptable at funerals…
The only thing able to touch Ron Swanson's mustache...
Day 17 - watching Parks and Recreation. Lesley Knope is my hero. And who doesn't love a bit of Ron Swanson?
"I'll have the number eight. "That's a party platter. It serves twelve people.". I know what I'm about, son." - Ron Swanson
" Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice." -Henry Ford and Ron Swanson
Man I love Ben Wyatt... and Ron Swanson, and Killian Jones/Hook, and Rick Sanchez, Stan Pines,. Ford Pines, Dipper Pines, Morty Smith, Wirt..
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My next blog post for work contains a Ron Swanson video, a Larry Wall quote, and, it ends with a punchline, unless it gets edited.
Ron Swanson might be the patron saint of introverts https…
Whether it's Ron Swanson or Ned Flanders, sometimes mocking representation is the best you can hope for.
parks and recreation is freaking hilarious. Ron Swanson will have our dead.
"O captain, my captain. Ron Swanson, a swan song."
can make a Ron Swanson marshmallow snowman?! Please?!?!
"Is Star Wars the one with the little wizard boy?" -Ron Swanson
Steve Bannon look like Eric Andre version of Ron Swanson
in the words of Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson. paddle your own canoe.
TIL Nick Offerman who played Ron Swanson is married to the actor who played Tammy from Parks and Rec.
I really feel like the loml Ron Swanson would like Trump but i still love him either way
Bono will obviously never have anything on Ron Swanson, but I guess here's a parallel... .
whenever i read anything by Henry David Thoreau all i can think of is Ron Swanson
I am frequently asked how Ron Swanson would weigh in on this election. I was able to contact a source close to Ron and h…
Edwin Forrest (or a time traveling Ron Swanson) Statue. Walnut Street Theater. Philadelphia.…
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1) lowkey a mix of Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, and Tom Haverford
If you've ever wondered what my dad was like, imagine if Ron Swanson and Red Forman raised a son together 😅😅😅
Ron Swanson is the Dwight Schrute of Parks and Rec.
I... Think this is accurate . Feel free to concur or refute. Ron Swanson. Steven Universe…
After some deep thinking and soul searching I have to say Ron Swanson actually comes in 3rd behind Barney Stinson and Steven Hyde
Dan Conner, Ron Swanson, and Prof. James Moriarty. It was a toss up…
When did Ron Swanson start working for the Ohio Dept of Education?
John Rambo, Ron Swanson, Harvey Pekar...great for parties and the apocalyps…
Has anyone made the connection that Wyatt Couey is actually the real life Ron Swanson?
Ron Swanson was my lock screen for several months until I changed it to Shinsuke Nakamura recently
my dad is literally a mix of Ben Wyatt and Ron Swanson
Showcase: Student brings Benjamin Franklin and Ron Swanson together in blog post about American identity -
Ron Swanson is my spirit animal. Bert Macklin, FBI, is my muse
I avoid the library like Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson too.
Watching Parks and Rec and just thinking about how incredible Lucy Lawless and Ron Swanson's children would be.
I think I need a Ben Wyatt in my life. Failing that, a Ron Swanson ...
There is something deeply, deeply disturbing about watching Ron Swanson hit on Lorelei Gilmore.
Carter is our Jerry Gergich of Parks & Rec. Sabin is Ron Swanson. And I am Leslie Knope
Was looking for a Ron Swanson. Ended up with an Andy. But I am an April. So maybe it just makes sense😂
Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) is from 5 minutes from where I work. Das coo
With every passing day, I'm more and more convinced that my Japanese Teacher is Ron Swanson's doppelgänger.
Ron Swanson was such an incredible character
I particularly interested in trying classic Ron Swanson at
According to six people in the last two weeks, I look and act like a young Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson reminds students to put their safety glasses on.
my 2nd period teacher looks like Ron Swanson
My accounting professor is wearing the outfit Ron Swanson wears the day after he gets laid.
Mr. Milanoski is the real life Ron Swanson
'Ron Swanson' sails to victory scoring £50 cash last night
"Why are you up at almost 1 Susanne" well that's because I'm putting my friends face on Ron Swanson's body. The things that amuse me
My new coworker looks like younger version of Ron Swanson. 😂😂😂
Yeah I started putting pictures of Ron Swanson up in my dorm, and yes a girl in my dorm replied with Leslie Knope pictures covering them.
tryna model my life after Ron Swanson
Only thing left to see in life is Ron Swanson being Maverick's wingman in a Top Gun sequel where they rescue Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Ron Swanson has probably gone out on Halloween as guys like this.
The beautiful Ron Swanson of Kittehs! See uruu8's photo on insta.
Btw, this is the version of Ron Swanson and Tammy 2 we'd be doing
I'm going to type every word I know!. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole. Te amo Ron Swanson.
I changed Dalton's name in my phone to Ron Swanson and it makes me so happy every time he texts me.
Unlike Ron Swanson, I finally got a sincere apology from my Tammy. via u/ProbeUranus
I also cant decide whether Ron Swanson or April is my spirit animal because all Ron does is eat meat & mind his business...I want to be him🙄
I think Paris Geller and Ron Swanson would get along.
Just explained cookies to my dad. Half expecting him to pull a Ron Swanson and dump his computer because he's so done with it.
"There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food."- Ron Swanson, truer words haven't been spoken
Change is weird. I don't like it. I wanna just live like Ron Swanson where everything is the same thing everyday
Ron Swanson meme food that my food eats
Knowing Ron Swanson is on my side lets me know I'm right
In the immortal words of Ron Swanson, give me all the bacon and eggs you have.
Tuesday night Meals that would make Ron Swanson proud. Thai Ribs and Sautéed Carrots o…
*Ron Swanson voice* Give me all the bricks and mortar you have
"Crying: Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon" -Ron Swanson
I can go from Leslie Knope to Ron Swanson to Tom Haverford in a total of like 2 hours
I'm Tom Haverford, Chris Traeger, and Ron Swanson all at once
I'm going to see a variety show tonight starring Ron Swanson and Karen Walker. Be jealous.
Ron Swanson and Red Forman have to be part of the same bloodline
long shot for sure. I have a dear friend joining the FBI next week and would love to have some Ron Swanson love sent her way!
Ordinarily I imagine politics as being kinda like Leslie Knope vs Ron Swanson. This year seems more like Leslie Knope vs Dennis Feinstein.
Ron Swanson. Riding Lil Sebastian. Wrapped in the American flag. Posed like Napoleon Crossing…
If I could pick anyone to be my dad it would be Tom Hardy, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, or Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson and Tammy II are married in real life why
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.where the dream of Ron Swanson is alive in Ukrainian Village, courtesy of chefs/brothers Rick and David Rodriguez.
The Bridge on the River Kwai is on AMC. Ron Swanson approved. *** of an old movie. My 2nd favorite after The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.
"I don't like loud noises and people making a fuss." –Ron Swanson
To quote Ron Swanson on America's 240th birthday: "History began on July 4, 1776. Everything that happened before that was a mistake."
It's not Fourth of July until I post a gif of Ron Swanson behind an American flag because America.
Michael Scott, Ron Burgundy, and Ron Swanson are the definitions of Gods
We also found the (now famous) Ron Swanson toilet picture on a side street next to the big temple.
Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson on went to UIUC and built a beautiful bench thing in the arboretum
"My favorite food wrapped around my third favorite food..." --Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation
Do I have to be a Leslie Knope in order to find my Ben Wyatt? Cuz I am the love child of Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford & that's unfortunate
"Don't trust big banks or small banks, banks are ponzee schemes ran by morons" - Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson on history as we know it
one of my few true aspirations is to be a combination of Ron Swanson and Davis
If Leslie Knope, Ben Wyatt, Ron Swanson, and Andy Dwyer are forever gone from existence, I am also gone from existence.
Met Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally at the Pantheon in Rome yesterday. Pretty decent that he Ron Swanson asked me my name 😳😊
favourite characterS whom i relate in daily basis: . Ron Swanson and Ben Wyatt
Sometimes I'm like Chris Traeger and other times I'm like Ron Swanson. And sometimes Leslie Knope ya never know
Sometimes I am Jean-Ralphio & sometimes I am Ron Swanson there is no inbetween 😂
"A shirt without a pocket is a waste of a shirt" Ron Swanson or Kevin Pennell???
Why am I BBQing in my underwear and a tank top? Because it's what Ron Swanson would my dear nosey neighbors
I'm not sure who I would rather have as a boss, Michael Scott or Ron Swanson
Ann Perkins: Does your family have a history of mental illness?. Ron Swanson: I have an uncle that likes to do yoga. 😂😂
Thank you Ron Swanson for getting me through freshman year.
Brilliant! American royalty, Ron Swanson and Karen Walker meet William and Harry.
I'm reading all of these in the voices of Ron Swanson and Hank Hill
"People really don't know how to finish wood properly"-Ron Swanson.
Ron Swanson when he goes to the hardware store and immediately says "I know more than you" that's me at Jo Ann Fabrics.
The 3 most important people in a mans like are his barber, his butcher, and his lover. -Ron Swanson
My husband must be as funny as Phil Dunphy, Michael Scott and Ron Swanson
I would bet that Ron Swanson would really enjoy a HarvestBox meat bundle, right ?
Ron Swanson is my spirit animal tbh
I wanna man like Andy Dwyer with a laugh like Ron Swanson swagger like Tom Haverford and brains like Ben Wyatt🙃
Village Tavern in SA Monday night winner was 'Ron Swanson' Tonight he chose to surrender his $100 voucher and...
I think my Uncle is secretly Ron Swanson
I always figured Ron Swanson would use pine tar soap, but no, I think the soap he’d use.
Parks & Rec! Peach as Leslie Knope, Cermet as Tom Haverford, and Mr. Marbles as Ron Swanson!
More likely to be owned by Tom Haverford than Ron Swanson.
America would be awesome if Ron Swanson or Red Foreman were President
Ron Swanson and Red Foreman would be best friends.
Today a customer brought a English bull dog in & I giggled like Ron Swanson. It made my day, I got to pet him & everything u should have saw
im naming my car Duke Silver after Ron Swanson's double life as a Jazz artist bc my car is silver
True romance is Ron Swanson letting Diane know about Duke Silver
If Robby and I get a female dog, we're going to name her Anne Perkins. If it's a male, we're naming him Ron Swanson.
If Netflix counts, it's Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec. If not, its Rip Hunter. Could be worse
Guy: It's like Ron Swanson's house. They serve scotch & meat they killed themselves. Me: You had me at Ron Swanson's
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Ron Swanson when he was shot in the head by tom
I connect with Ron Swanson on such a spiritual level
Found another opportunity for the return of Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson as Bobby Knight
Any kind of dog that's less than 40lbs is a cat and cats are useless. Ron Swanson
Beauty is in the eye of Ron Swanson. Imgur: kickarr
I kind of wish I had the same laugh as Ron Swanson.
I'm stuck between wanting to be like Ron Swanson or Andy Dwyer
Pretty sure my dream man is a unique mix of Andy Dwyer, Ben Wyatt, and Ron Swanson.
I'm either Leslie Knope or Ron Swanson. there is no in between.
Can we just have a tv show where Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson teach us how to survive in the wild
Ron Swanson kinda reminds me of The Inforcer Arn Anderson.
imagine Arthur Spooner vs Ron Swanson?? I hope I never have to make that decision
hockey's version of Ron Swanson is Tim Thomas.
gonna show this to my dad, Ron Swanson
I find myself relating to Ron Swanson more and more everyday
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this man at my house looks like ron swanson I'm so :)
The more I watch parks and rec, the more I'm convinced I dated a 16-year-old Ron Swanson in high school
The absolute king of this category will always be Ron Swanson. Never so much as nominated for an Emmy.
Thank you :) My wife & I swear he's Ron Swanson in a dog suit.
moderates who think we should respect conservatives & try to find common ground all think every conservative is like Ron Swanson, i swear
For Christmas I wish for my dad and Ron Swanson to hangout in my dads woodshop and make a shelving unit
"I think it's pointless for a human to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it." -Ron Swanson
I only miss Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer lol
Skim milk is like water that is pretending to be milk - Ron Swanson
The actor who plays Ron Swanson is married in real life to the actress that plays Tammy two.
Imagine a concert where everything was American themed. Where lil Sebastian was still alive and Ron Swanson played the sax.
And Ron Swanson was on the Season 1 big wheel of cheese day!
Sometimes I wish i was Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec
"I don't want to paint with a broad brush here, but every single contractor in the world is a miserable incompetent thief" -Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson first came into my life 7 years ago today. Nothing has been the same since❤️…
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but it's okay I'm in Ron Swanson's (Nick Offerman) hometown
"If you don't believe in love, what's the point of living" -Ron Swanson
I'm pretty late to the Parks and Recreation party, but I now understand the awesomeness that is Ron Swanson.
I'm not interested in caring about people. - Ron Swanson
hey john. Where did you get that Ron Swanson / Han Solo t shirt you wore on Jedi council? It's proper cool.
100% convinced that Ron Swanson's character was based of off Ernest Hemingway
thanks for sorting this awesome Ron Swanson tattoo for me
"There is nothing that breakfast food can't cure" Ron Swanson
I wonder what sex with Ron Swanson would be like...
there a larger range of characters on P&R but I agree, Ron Swanson over all but the office has been funnier
"Clear alcohol is for rich women on diets." -
Ron Swanson - Why government matters I remember you showed us this in class 😂😂
PSA: Ron Swanson is in an episode of Gilmore girls
lol a lot of people had inspiring quotes for their yearbook and mine was from ron swanson and esme's was from squidward i think hA
"The government is a greedy piglet that suckles on a taxpayer’s teat until they have sore, chapped nipples" -Ron Swanson
All purpose parts banner
Clear alcohol are for rich women on diets - Ron Swanson. A great American.
If Red Foreman and Ron Swanson had a baby it would be me
Its scary how much I have in common with Red Foreman and Ron Swanson.
Just thought I'd like to throw out there that my spirit animal is a mix of Ron Swanson and Michael Scott.
I'm saying no Ron Swanson is sexier than THE Ron Swanson, buttass. Unless that Ron Swanson's name is Duke Silver.
Eric's tv idol is Ron Swanson and mine is Michael Scott. How we're still attracted to eachother? I do not know.
Survey: If it could be anyone dead or alive, who would you want as a dinner guest?. Me: Well can it be two? Bc Michael Scott and Ron Swanson
will have Ron Swanson, President of the North Texas Electric Auto Assn, speaking at the monthly meeting on April 9.
Who has more swag, Duke Silver or Ron Swanson?
I love the way Ron Swanson and Chris Traeger appear either side of the app draw on my Nexus 9!
it's garbage that no one ships Ron Swanson and Chris Traeger total garbage
Birthdays are a scam by Hallmark to sell cards. -Ron Swanson
I'm Ron Swanson and I need to be more like Chris Traeger.
I tried a glass of Ron Swanson's favorite Scotch on Saturday and it legit changed my life
William O. Douglas was the Ron Swanson of Supreme Court justices.
Wondering how it will be when Dwight Schrute, Ron Swanson, Barney Stinson, Sheldon Cooper & Chandler Bing meet up together!
aka Ron Swanson in MTV: Club Dead video game (1994). He played crazy head of security Lewis Scudder.
I liked a video Ron Swanson: It's been kind of a crazy night
"You chose a thankless job, so don't get upset when no one thanks you" Ron Swanson. This sums up any kind of production and entertainment …
I liked a video Parks and Recreation - Ron Swanson and the Swivel Chair
The annoying guy in the new Popeyes commercial looks like a cross between Aaron Rodgers and Ron Swanson.
Stefan Moody never won SEC PotW. To quote Ron Swanson: "...awards are stupid. But they’d be less stupid if they went to the right person."
most suitable Ron Swanson quote for a tattoo
Leslie should definitely be the Nick Miller/Ron Swanson like grump in a sitcom
I go from Chris Treager to April Ludgate to Leslie Knope to Ron Swanson real quick and if you don't know these ppl I don't want to know you
Ben is so nerdy adorkable. And Rob Lowe is litch-rally hilarious. Ron Swanson's pyramid of greatness. I LOVE THIS SHOW!
I wish Ryan Howard,April Ludgate, Ron Swanson, and Michael Scott would all hang out
"The only acceptable lying is camouflage." -Ron Swanson
Omg I forgot Ron Swanson was Jackson's brother in
When I grow up I kinda wanna be like a combination of Dwayne Johnson, Thad Castle, Ron Swanson, & Bo Jackson.
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I love Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing and Ron Swanson and Barney Stinson and Jim Halpert wow thank god for netflix
My goal for the upcoming summer at camp: live as a combination of Ron Swanson and Chris Traeger
The 3 most important people in a mans life: the woman he loves, his barber, and his butcher. -Ron Swanson
I love you as much as Leslie Knope loves waffles & as much as Ron Swanson hates the government.
I started watching Parks and Recreation and the person that created the character Ron Swanson must know
After careful consideration and a good amount of time on the Internet, I have found the perfect picture of Ron Swanson for my background!
There are 3 important people in your life, your barber, butcher, and lover.. I have lost one of them. -Ron Swanson
was in "Sin City"?. Forget Duke Silver, Ron Swanson was a bad *** Shlubb. That would've made quite the difference on P&R.
"The three most important people in a man's life are his Barber, his Butcher, and his Lover." - Ron Swanson
I literally feel like Ron Swanson putting a banana in a cheeseburger right now
Ever notice how Duke Silver and Ron Swanson look so similar?
Call me Ron Swanson but this needs some Duke Silver.
People who can call me "buddy":. My grandpa. Shaq. Ron Swanson. Neil Degrasse Tyson. Arnold Schwarzenegger . Old people scooping ice cream
We may have found a picture of Ron Swanson's long lost brother. Or maybe the first incarnation of Duke Silver.
Nick Offermans stand up is a mixture of Ron Swanson and Duke Silver and I love it
"... as far as your qualifications, you're Ron Swanson."
Do you like doughnut holes and Ron Swanson? Then stop by our table at the Involvement Fair!
what's a Ron Swanson without his lil Sebastian?
I need to marry a man who is a combination of Andy Dywer, Nick Miller, Ron Swanson, and Jim Halpert.
had Moe's for the first time a year ago and wanted to discard of it like Ron Swanson did the veggie bacon
Leslie Knope is my idol, but so is April Ludgate, Ron Swanson, Andy Dywer, Ben Wyatt, Tom Haverford, Ann Perkins, and Ben …
The creators of Parks and Rec said that the Character of Ron Swanson was based off of Ray Ratto.
"Any dogs under 50 pounds are cats, and cats are pointless" -Ron Swanson
Batman but with Ron Swanson instead of Bruce Wayne.
Ron Swanson is my hero. When I grow up I wanna be just like him...
You get a Ron Swanson from me whenever you venture here.
he looks nothing like Ron Swanson. That's C.D. Parker from Walker Texas Ranger after some "Just for Men."
Ron Swanson crying at a Ronald Reagan speech played by Bruce Campbell following a Jeffrey Donovan scene is the best tv in awh…
IdeaFactory from my 12yr. old: "Jurassic Parks & Rec, dad! Ron Swanson takes on a T-Rex!". Crazy runs in our bloodlines, it would seem.
"When a good person does something bad, they own up to it, they try to learn something from it, and they move on." - Ron Swanson
According to Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec, who needs friends! .
I will be kicking off a list of 17 Ron Swanson Quotes, along with motivational images, for a better life.
One of my favorite characters to edit by far. All that Metal Gear and Parks and Rec paid off! (I see her as tiny Ron Swanson)
"I wish Ron Swanson were here to see this"
It has Nick Offerman in that episode :D Way before he was Ron Swanson.
Every time I'm in my Economics class, I just feel like going on a Ron Swanson type rant
My professor looks like a mix of Richard from 'Friends' and Ron Swanson. Im so happy.
Petition to get Nick Offerman to legally change his name to Ron Swanson
I would have paid to watch Mr. Offerman's whiskey commercial. I like Ron Swanson that much.
dude she got me the best one, Ron Swanson. Heck yes!
Oh! I watched that...Ron Swanson is a favorite of mine.
Ron Swanson in London is the best thing since sliced bread
I have an appetite like Ron Swanson
I wonder why I always associated myself with Ron Swanson 😇
I want someone to love me the way ron swanson loves lil sebastian
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Im a proud creator of a Ron Swanson in . :)
I just realized, I think I'm the Ron Swanson of the art department
My current mood is somewhere between April Ludgate and Ron Swanson
I like 30R but P&R is just so much better and every character is amazing. I live for Ron Swanson.
Why does Ron Swanson remind me so much of my dad...
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