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Ron Santo

Ronald Edward Santo (February 25, 1940 – December 3, 2010) was an American professional baseball player, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and long-time radio sports commentator.

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Today is my late father's birthday...I'd like to think he's partying it up with Ron Santo. 😉
This day in history Kenny Holtzman no-hits scorecard 1969 Ron Santo home…
Today in 1960s Baseball: Ken Holtzman (14-7) no-hits Braves as Cubs win 3-0 on Ron Santo's 25th HR (1969)…
Baseball writers kept Ron Santo out of HOF until after he was dead because he was a jerk to them
Spent many wonderful summer afternoons there in the days of Ernie Banks & Ron Santo.
On this date in 1989, Jerome Walton extended hitting streak to 29 games, setting modern day record surpassing Ron Santo (28 in 1966)
On this date in 1969, Ken Holtzman threw a no-hitter against the Braves at Wrigley. won 3-0 behind a 1st inning 3-run HR by Ron Santo
Last 3 with inside-the-park HR and over-fence HR in same game:. Nicky Delmonico 8/18/2017. Brett Lawrie 6/25/2016. Ron Santo 6/9/1974
I wish Ron Santo was still around to call out Joe West.
You are a true mensch. I see you as the 21st century edition of Ron Santo. You are my favorite 21st century Cub. GO, CUBS, GO!!!
I'm up for removing the statue and renaming Balbo Street to "Santo Street" (as in Ron). Only have to change three letters.
Change of Subject: Rename Balbo Drive for Ron Santo -- time to revive the effort
I figured out my job for the Cubs! I stand outside the opponent dugout and if they start smack talk I jump in like…
Before there was a rally parakeet. Fond memory! The Great Ron Santo in the on deck circle.
Happy birthday to the legendary Ron Santo! We know you’re heel clicking somewhere.
It's but I don't think star Ron Santo appreciated this one vs. the at Shea St…
After Pat Hughes retires I hope he spends the next year traveling around telling Ron Santo stories to anyone who will listen.
Cubs radioman Pat Hughes filling time in a blowout by retelling old Ron Santo tall tales. Excellence in broadcasting.
Personally I'm partial to the Ron Santo Drive suggestion although...does Chicago have an Alinsky Drive? ;-)
if Chicago did the same.the statues would end up in a dumpster next to a Ron Santo cake.
Won this in 1965 as a member of the Ron Santo Fan Club. Personally autographed.
The mocking another announcer while they spent years with Ron the Clown Santo in there is complete stupidity.
"I'll never step foot into Wrigley Field again"- Ron Santo after getting Diabetes.
And how could i forget my boy ron brooks
Roy Oswalt, Yordano Ventura, Ron Santo and Alan Trammell are also in the game if you create a player named them
Great that you mentioned Ernie Banks, Ron Santo & Harry Caray...but what about Jack Brickhouse, Cubs' voice for 30+ years?
via beyond a thrill.. working for a day with Jack Brickhouse, Harry Caray and Ron Santo
Cub Legends Ernie Banks,Ron Santo and Billy Williams return to dugout after HR by Banks in 1969 game at Wrigley Field.
Listening to Phil Esposito agonizing in background of Lightning broadcast brings back memories of Ron Santo w/ Cubs.
Deserving of Hall of Fame, but not in. Ron Santo, Dennis Rodman, Curt Flood, Marvin Miller, Adrian Dantley, Cris Carter, B. La…
Holy Cow, did you get that one wrong: Cubs third baseman, Ron Santo was born today in 1940. Played a minute for Pale Hose.
16. support, there wouldn't have been sports heroes such as Bobby Clarke and Ron Santo, there wouldn't be a Supreme Court justice like
Starting the day by picking up 4 amazing jerseys. Ron Santo and Red Schoendienst j…
Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Ron Santo for me. But I know what you mean Tom. Hey! We Won this year! OK for Fergie Jenkins
Somewhere, the likes of Charlie Grimm, Gabby Hartnett, Billy Herman, Phil Cavarretta, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and Harry…
Now try to imagine Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Ron Santo doing this.
I kinda Ernie Banks, Ron Santo & Hack Wilson were there during the celebration watching like the three old Jedi in Return of the Jedi.
congratulations. I watched the game holding my old Wilson 1961 Ron Santo model glove here in Philly.
had Ron Santo Wilson A2000 glove when I was a kid. LOVED Ron Santo. RIP. Happy for Billy, Fergie, Hundley, Banks, et al
so is Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, Hack Wilson, and so many relatives that didn't get to see this!!
Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, & all past & present, this one's for you!.
Props to Theo for shouting out Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and Billy Williams!
Congratulations to Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams and even to Phil Wrigley and the College of Coaches. An amazing seventh game. Wow.
Harry Caray, enjoy that Budweiser with Ron Santo, Hack Wilson, and Tinker to Evers to Chance.
Ferguson Jenkins, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Ryne Sandberg, Hack Wilson... they're all one out away
Ron Santo clicking his heels, Rick Sutcliffe, Jody Davis, and what the fans did to Bartman speaks volumes
Kerry Wood wearing a Ron Santo jersey, celebrating the Cubs going to the World Series.I mu…
Emotional Billy Williams thinks of Ernie Banks and Ron Santo; finally get to World Series on historic night. https:…
People I wish could experience this today: Ron Santo, Harry Caray, Ernie Banks, Jack Brickhouse, my Uncle Jim and my Grandp…
did you also think for a sec Pippen was dedicating TMOTTB to Ron Santo, Harry Caray, and Ernie Harwell?
Travis Wood has more career postseason home runs than:. Ernie Banks. Luke Appling. Ron Santo. Joe Torre. George Sisler. Harry…
my favorite radio baseball broadcasters were for my Ron Santo and Jack Brickhouse
Would you rather bring Ron Santo or Harry Caray back for one day to experience a Cubs game 7 World Series victory with?
Pat Hughes just told a story of how Ron Santo thought there were pumpkins in the back of the train at Minute Maid. . Sounds right.
Today in 2012, Ron Santo is inducted posthumously into the Hall of Fame.
Fuld, Mark Lowe, Brandon Morrow, Dustin McGowan. Catfish Hunter, Ron Santo, Jason Johnson in the past, off the top of my head
Sight seen, 5:25 pm: Bill Melton walking down South Wacker, looking a bit forlorn as if he wished he had grown up to be Ron Santo.
Can you tell Ron to PLEASE quit adding "y" sound to names? "Ronnie" Santo just now was too much.
There are very few things I miss more than the sound of Ron Santo's voice during the games. He would love this season
No. 155: Ron Santo singled with one out in the fourth for the Cubs. The Streak lived!
Second fave as a kid in Racine, WI. Ernie of course was No. 1. Once had a Ron Santo brand mini-pizza at Wrigley.
I'm a Cub fan, and I sit up here and I know when we have a good team, I know when we're strugg...
July 14, 1969: At Wrigley Field, the shutout 1–0. Ron Santo clicks his heels for the first time.
On this day in 1969, Ron Santo clicked his heels for the first time following a 1-0 victory over Tom Seaver & Mets at Wrigley
Ron santo, Abe Lincoln and my grandmother. DB cooper if one of them can't join
Before the Cubs take the field, let's go to Erin Andrews, who has a black cat and a mirror to break at Ron Santo's grave
Selig told me he talked to Ron Santo and how important the game was to him. Different game then without free agency. Don't get it.
We can maybe still be friends...just don't tell Ron Santo's ghost or I'll be in big trouble for befriending a Mets fan!
Why didn't they named da batting award after da great Ron Santo?!
Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Ron Santo played for the Cubs, for chicken feed. Nobody's feelin sorry 4 Trout.
On this day in 1965, Ron Santo singled in Willie Mays in the 7th inning with the winning run for the NL in the All-Star Game.
Arrive early tonight to get your Ron Santo Replica Statue presented by
1963 Post Cereal hc Ron Santo psa 6 Chicago Cubs (869) only 5 better
I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 18. I didn't know what it was, so I went to the library and looked it up. -Ron Santo.
I'm the perfect candidate to be affected by SARS. I'm highly susceptible to infections.
Listening to classic Pat Hughes and Ron Santo moments with the Cubs game. This is the way I know how to honor my dad 700 miles away.
Hendricks has Ron Santo magic working for him. Tough battle.
hey, great pic of Ron Santo on your bio. Correct me if I'm wrong, doing it from memory of bb cards I had a million years ago.
Support I'm sure Ron Santo would say thanks
His stats remind me of Ron Santo's but a little better offensively
. You can't beat fun at the old ballpark. . Harry Caray, Ron Santo and Thom Brennaman
Ron Santo and Pat were seriously the best😂
Just finished a Louisville Slugger tour, and got to hold a game used bat of legend, Ron Santo.
Every player had a roommate for out-of-town games, so I had to slip in...
Thom is a great guy and we had so many laughs w/ Ron Santo. Call him Big Boy if u ever meet, great Santo story
I've seen on social media that today there's a series of March Against Ron Santo protests. I disagree. He belongs in the Hall Of Fame.
Here's a picture of a young Ron Santo. . Amongst fans, would you say he's the most popular player of all time? ht…
wasn't that series of the famous Ron Santo "oohh noo" after Brant Brown forgot how to left field?
He's wearing a Carolina jersey so I can't get in too much trouble with Grandpa (or Ron Santo) for taking one right?
will Ron Santo statue be given away at makeup game?
is the Ron Santo statue giveaway going to move to the makeup date as well?
Hamilton Collection
what happens to the Ron Santo Give away? Will that be postponed along with the game?
If we have tickets, can we still go get the Ron Santo statue?
will the Ron Santo statues be given away at the makeup game? Had tickets for today to get one!
Will the Ron Santo statue promotion be given out on a future date, or will it be given out at the make up game?
Was planning a trip to Wrigley today to see the best team in baseball and pick up a Ron Santo statue. But, alas, rain.
Will the new game have the Ron Santo statues?
So close yet so far.Boxes of Ron Santo replica statues waiting for me. Trying to use the force, not working
So am I still gonna get my Ron Santo statue?
already on the train heading there is new it was gonna happen I still want a Ron Santo statue # upset game today
When will the Ron Santo statues now be given out?
will the makeup game have the Ron Santo statues??
Got my on for the game. Let's go Cubs! Ron Santo Bobblehead day! Go
since they are giving out replica Ron Santo statues, park near Racine for free, be early!
Chance of rain 100% tomorro. Any fan wanna scan my tix and get the Ron santo statue?
In other news, Ron Santo is still alive and at the Sharks game
Predators signed the ghost of Ron Santo?
The fact that Ron Santo didn't get inducted into the before he died is a disservice and disgusting. They should be ashamed.
i think Ron Santo clicked his heels after today's win.
Cubs tickets this Saturday message me for details. It's the Ron Santo replica statue giveaway for first 10,000 fans
Had to get the Real i.e. the Ron Santo (at in Chicago, IL)
I have been a Blackhawks and Cubs fan since 1970, thanks 2 men like Tony O, Stan Mikita, Billy Williams, and Ron Santo.
Call yourself a fan but you don't even know Ron Santo, Harry Caray or Bartman are 🐸☕️
Hey I'll be game Saturday for Ron Santo replica statue day My 1st game of the year You?
Anyone going to the game on Saturday wanna grab me one of those Ron Santo giveaways?
Ron Santo was always hilarious when they showed him on the TV
The fact that Ron Santo is in the HOF and Graig Nettles is not makes me so angry
can't go wrong with a Ernie Banks or a Ron Santo
Bartman apologized to Ron Santo & Ernie Banks in a press release. Amazing.
Rick Monday, Ron Santo, Rick Reuschel (seriously). My Cubdom is stuck in the '70s.
Edgar deserves HoF membership! They finally got it right by. Inducting Ron Santo(post mortum). Put Edgar in now!
I will top your unpopularity. Pat Hughes is fantastic, but while Ron Santo was a very nice man, he was a TERRIBLE broadcaster.
I think in particular of Ron Santo. But I also think about Pete Rose, who is so deserving.
my dad is a big Cubs fan. "Rhino" and ron santo were his favorites. Cubs will be fun to watch for the next decade
I want Jerry in first. Would hate for him to get in posthumously like Ron Santo. He deserves the recognition he'd receive.
- I am saddened to think that Jerry Kramer's selection will be similar to Ron Santo's...too late.
There are expectations this year. Big time expectations. Pressure. Ghost of Ron Santo. Everything.
I'm a Cubbie. I'll always be a Cubbie.
Check out Pat Hughes and Rich Wolfe- Ron Santo a Perfect 10 Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame via
The Lost Abbey Santo Ron Diego now available on tap.
Ron Santo as part of the with teammate *** Allen.
Ray Hudson is like *** Vitale, Ron Santo, Gus Johnson, Quinn Buckner and Bill Walton rolled into one. Dude's exhausting.
Sal Bando, Gene Tenace, Ron Santo. All Italian, 6 feet tall, 190-195 lbs and great right-handed sluggers!
Sal and Ron Santo were my favorite players. Both underrated. I rooted for Italians!
I need to read the article, but speaking personally i can say I've never recovered from Ron Santo going to the White Sox.
How about Pete Rose, Ron Santo, Gorman Thomas, Mark Grace, Mickey Cochrane and Thurman Munson to name a few.
Billy Williams: Rogers Hornsby was Ron Santo and my hitting coach. Whoa.
Ron Santo, Bobby Grich, Ted Simmons - and I'll put *** Allen in there too
Ron Santo was a Cub. Period. Well, there was his last year with the White Sox, but that's still in Chicago.
Best thing to finish my dads collection to his Aramis signed ball, Ernie Banks signed ball and Ron Santo signed bat
Today you're as old as: Dave Dravecky the day of his MLB debut, Ron Santo the day he broke his cheek on a HBP, and .. /1
Either is a robotic or hologram Ron Santo going to do the introductions?
Panger cheers on the Tarasenko goal. I get it now, he’s the Ron Santo of hockey commentators. Carry on….
This website is awful so here's a picture of Ron Santo making pizza.
For Love of Ivy by Ron Santo autographed 1st edition hardback like new
what no insensitive comments about Lou Brock & his diabetes like you did about Ron Santo who died from the same disease? Hmmm
Ron Santo's walking stick after hours
its stories like this that should make u sick 2 ur stomach when u run ur mouth about the late Ron Santo
Remember Cardinals fans making jokes about Ron Santo?
fringe is Ron Santo, Barry Larkin...too many duds in while Clemens/Bonds/Rose wait. Smh
he could steal Ron Santo's prosthesis I guess..
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Again, simply amazing how there is a "death tax" in America. "And we thank you, Democrats." - Ron Santo (probably)
Now you understand Ron Santo's disdain for the Big Apple.
Ken Griffey, Jr., Trevor Hoffman, and Billy Wagner should all be shoe-in Hall of Famers. Then again, said same about Ron Santo for 30+ yrs.
I will never watch HOF. BB HOF is a joke! Ron Santo finally gets in after he dies! Wat did he improve on from the day he retired?
As the rain began to fall on the game tonight Dad said, "Ron Santo, Ernie Banks & Harry Carey are crying."
It's not really raining at the game. It's the tears of Ernie Banks, Ron Santo & Harry Carey coming down.
That's not rain falling at Wrigley. Those are the tears of Ron Santo & Ernie Banks.
Ernie Banks and Ron Santo helping us out on that ball in the ivy?
Fergie Jenkins throws out the 1st pitch; Jenkins 1 of 4 HOF on the 1969 Cubs along w/Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, & Ron Santo.
For my uncle Ralph who cursed me by giving me a Ron Santo glove at the age of 6!
Ron Santo had something to say about everything. Victor used to call him "No Sensor".
spot me at 4:50. My moment of fame.
Time difference is a total killer. Although Ron Santo would have had something to say about that choice!
Ron Santo averaged 100 RBI plus over a stretch of nine consecutive seasons
Our own joined us live from the Walk honoring Ron Santo:
Event Alert: 2 events today, including Ron Santo Walk at 9:30am at Montrose Harbor
He switched "sides" one other time, being traded in 1973 from the Sux to the good guys- for RON SANTO! Why 🐻 brass would ever trade Santo...
that was the famous Ron Santo going nuts in the booth.. I remember.. When was that??
.How sad is it you guys were debating best 3rd basemen & Ron Santo didn't make as a player?
Can you confirm that Beltre is worth three times as much as Ron Santo defensively? And explain how that was determined?
100 percent agree. But can we count on voters? For 15 years they didn't think Ron Santo was a HOFer.
All about Ron Santo Dating ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Win this World Series for Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Harry Caray, and all us fans
as a Cubs fan I can't forgive him for that. Win it for Ernie yes. And Ron santo. And my grandpa who never saw them win.
"Great Scott!" - Ron Santo. would be proud of this 2015 team.
The Cubbies are in the playoffs! For Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Harry Caray, Jack Brickhouse, and all the Cubs of...
Billy Williams, Ron Santo,Ryno and Ernie singing together on the jumbotron
Bullpen Gospels is solid, Ron Santo: A Perfect 10 has great anecdotes in it
Hey thanks to the giveaway yesterday our Ron Santo wall is coming along!
Happy birthday to dad Steve. Turns 64 today. Spent 9 years in the majors. Was traded for Ron Santo & Rollie Fingers at times.
The Ron Santo statue. cubs going for the sweep over the Giants!
The Ron Santo threads invade Wrigley this afternoon as the Cubbies look for the sweep! Time to break the streak. 0-6 in my last 6.
Just Ripped open a Ron Santo Mini Helmet and couldnt resist going through his videos this one has some great...
They gave out Ron Santo flags today. I trust he's in heaven, having a nice slice of white cake w/chocolate frosting.
To the people who took my ron santo flags at Wrigley Field today I hope you enjoy them
Sutcliffe is okay / But today's stretch should have been / Ron Santo on tape
So jealous of everyone getting the Ron Santo flags at the game today
Ron Santo day everyday at our house
My dad in his Ron Santo throwback jersey with his new Ron Santo flag
If anyone is at the game today, will you get me a Ron Santo flag? 😔😢 please!
Join us early today to get your Ron Santo Retired Number Flag presented by StubHub!
As much as I love listening to Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer, every time I listen to radio, I am always thinking of Ron Santo.
1969 cubs play. ESPN tennis crew. Mac as Ron Santo. Killer as Glenn Beckert. You as Billy Williams. Patty Mac as Randy Hundley.
I think back with a lot of love for Ron Santo. I've been a Cub fan, and a Bud Man since,well, long ago.
Starlin Castro: 1st Cubs player with a walk-off RBI in back-to-back games since Cubs legend (and Hall of Famer) Ron Sant…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Also, just in case any of you were dying to know, I totally nailed my Ron Santo speech the other day!
Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Ron Santo never had a 30-game hitting streak. But Jerome Walton did.
Lot of (8) 1967 Topps MICKEY MANTLE, RON SANTO and other players HOF
Today in 1960s Baseball: Cubs beat Reds 5-4 on Ron Santo RBI single in 9th inning (1967)
DBacks fans do the wave. I'm cringing for you Ron Santo!
Favorite Cubs jersey from Ron Santo 60's home jersey
I think it's Ron Santo. Cub family over everything
Today in cities across the globe, people protested the evils of Ron Santo. . .
love Len and Pat equally. JD and Ron are pretty meh to me. I like to vary from game to game. Nothing beat Pat and Ron Santo
Pretty shocked seeing Ron Santo at the end of
I have no idea. But I just went and straightened my portrait of Ron Santo.
The Mets are about tick Ron Santo off.
what a pair they are. reminds me a little of Ron Santo and Pat Hughes from the cubs radio broadcast
Hi Craig and TY for following! I was a Cubbies fan when I was much younger (Fergie Jenkins, Ron Santo, Billy Williams era)!
With the Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, and Ron Santo statues! cubs
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
1969 Great cubs team ever has passed the torch from Ron Santo to Ernie Banks And as of Today it is passed to Billy Williams
My heart is honestly broken tonight. I grew up in Chicago. Many of my absolute favorite moments were spent at Wrigley Field. Cutting class on the opening day of the season, riding the "L" to the park, and watching the Cubs in the 60's was the best part. My absolute boyhood hero was Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub, Why? He was always positive and never critical of anyone. He never refused an autograph request especially from kids. He played on some of the worst teams in baseball history and yet won 2 MVP awards. He won games with his glove and his bat. Ernie Banks passed away tonight at 83. With passing of Ron Santo a few years ago, the greatest left side of the infield in baseball history is gone. Both players were lifelong Cubs even after their long careers were over. They were there at Wrigley every game day, dependable and loyal. I had a few personal moments with Mr. Cub but will always remember two special ones. I was flying from Chicago to Phoenix and heard, Hey, Hey, Holy Mackerel being played over the PA syst ...
MLB Hall a famer and Mr. Cub Ernie Banks died Friday night in Chicago at the age of 83. Banks played 19 seasons for the Cubs, hit 512 home runs, and was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1982. Just recently in 2013 he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom honor. My dad who is a beloved White Sox fan, had one of the best childhood memories I wish I could have had. Seeing both Comiskey Park and Wrigley Field, he saw a lot of Ernie Banks. Lets play two won't be the same anymore. If you followed the Cubs, I'm sure Ron Santo, his 3B sidekick for many years is happy to be reunited with him in Heaven, and I can picture Jack Brickhouse and for that matter Harry Caray behind the mic yelling his name and calling for another home run. "Cause its one, two, three strikes your out at the old ballgame." Another baseball/sports icon that has left this earth with fond memories for all of us to remember the joy. Rip Mr. Banks, it would have been a sincere pleasure to have met you.
My three favorite Cubs, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Billy Williams. My three favorite White-Sox, Minoso, Louie A, and Billy Pierce.
And Matt Garza and Derek Lee and Carlos Zambrano and Mark Grace and Ryne Sandberg and Ron Santo and Billy Williams, Ernie Banks
Ron Santo passed away 4 years ago today. We miss you,
Yeah and what a *** shame Top three CHI-Town Broadcasters Harry Carry, Ron Santo, Pat Foley
Santo learns his number will be retired - 9/15/03: A stadium announcement informs broadcaster Ron Santo that his ...
Ron Santo was superior to Madlock, but wasn't elected until after he passed.
Anthony Rizzo became the fourth Cubs player to hit 30+ HR in age 24 (or younger) season. The others? Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Sammy Sosa
agreed, unfortunately he will get the Ron santo treatment and need a special ballot to get in like santos golden era vote
“Wrigley renovation model. . Someone grab this for me when they throw it away like Ron Santo cards.
Like your jokes about Ron Santo's amputated legs weren't "ill-timed." Stick to your lousy sports "commentary"!
Shame on your voters for not putting in Ron Santo until after his death.
just found this. Weird. Check out similarity. Ron santo all the way. And he got in after he died by pity
My friend Clive Santo works for Bernie. It's well known at F1M that Ron loathes Alonso! Let's see!!??
It's not a stadium, but Ron Santo's hall of fame induction the year after he died was cringe-worthy.
Ron Santo & Aramis Ramirez are two of the best third basemen in history. And now they will live…
I would be guy in stands w/headphones on but I'm envisioning Ron Santo x Harry Carey x Phyllis from Mulga followed by heart attack
It's National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Induction Weekend in Cooperstown. Every baseball fan, if able, should make the pilgrimage to at least once. Two years ago Matthew & I made the pilgrimage for the induction of Ron Santo and Barry Larkin. It was a fabulous father-son weekend! Among the many highlights of the weekend was my selection to represent Cubs fans in a game show with HOF members Phil Niekro & Bert Blyleven just prior to Saturday's ceremonies on Doubleday Field. Phil Niekro & I gave it our best, but we lost a close match to Blyleven & Joe from Cincinnati. Today's cover picture was taken by a HOF photographer just after the event.
I am so Chicago: 1) I remember when the Metric Electric was called the "IC" 2) I remember along with the CTA there was a busline that ran from the South Surburbs through the city called the South Surburban buslines. The buses were creme and red. 3) Metro Music on 103rd where I got all my albums. 4) The biggest Afrcian American Funeral home in chicago were Miller, Major & Ockleberry 5) CTA buses and L cars before air conditioning was put in them. 6) Chicken Unlimited 7) Mendell H.S. (I scored high on their entrance exam. Parents made me go to De La Salle) 8) Jubilee Showcase 9) Jack nthe Box 10) Chatham was a good neighbrohood to live in 11) The Cubs Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, & the White Sox *** Allen. The only White Sox player I liked..12) The Bulls before Michael Jordan 13) Watching the Bears games on black & white Tv with my father and my brother..Gayle Sayres & *** Butkus fan to this day..14) The large number of Catholic grammar schools still opened back in the day..15) Before Fa ...
Hall of Fame 2012: Time, schedule for induction of Barry Larkin, Ron Santo - The 2012 Baseball Hall of Fame...
Hall of Fame 2012: Cooperstown ready to enshrine Barry Larkin, Ron Santo - Barry Larkin and Ron Santo will be...
Costanzo- "All the old ball players are broke now. Ernie Banks, Ron Santo...". "Mike, Ron Santo is dead."
For all you Cub fans.going trhough a box of documents looking for my DD214, I found a Cubs program from July 9th, 1966. My Dad must have gone to the game, the program is filled in with his handwriting. The Cubs played the Phillies. looks like the cubs lost 11-6. Among the list of players is Leo Durocher, Mgr, Ron Hundley (C) Ron Santo (3B), Don kessinger, (SS), Earnie Banks (1B) Glen beckert (2B), and Fergie Jenkins (P)
Here is my latest and greatest. A 656 Card Lot, and it is all vintage!!! (except one). Cards range from 1953-1985 and is an amazing lot for the vintage collector. I am asking $250 obo, and that will include your shipping and tracking number. It features players like Alvin Dark, Jerry Koosman, Ron Santo, Brooks Robinson, Ron Guidry, Bob Gibson, Tug McGraw, Billy Martin, Johnny Antonelli, Rich Gossage, George Foster, Lou Brock, Sparky Lyle, Tito Francona, Fergie Jenkins, Jim Kaat, Al Kaline, Mike Schmidt, Ed Kranepool, Jim Rice RC, Al Oliver, Roger Clemens RC. not to mention some amazing 1953-1956 Topps cards!!! Please feel free to comment or PM me with offers and questions!!! Please see photos below, there are plenty. I would say the average condition is VG-EX, and these are a great way to start off or bulk up a vintage collection.
I remember my first CUB game as an 11 year old boy - like it was yesterday ... my father's cousin (Joe Keller - God rest his soul) took me out to the ballgame at The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. And, my life long love affair with baseball & The Chicago Cubs took root. I remember we sat in the lower deck along the first base side, and best of all, The Cubs won (final score Chicago 3 - Houston 1) Ron Santo made a SPECTACULAR play at third base to preserve the win on a PERFECT SUMMER DAY ... I also remember the roar of the crowd when a foul ball landed in a man's beer. I also have FOND memories of rushing home from school to catch the late innings of the Cub games on Channel nine (W.G.N.) My heart was broken in 1969, like so many die hard Cub fans, when the northsiders suffered a late season collapse. The Cubs had an eight game lead going into September, but were overtaken by The Miracle Mets, who won the newly formed divisional race system by eight games. They went on to win The World Series th ...
Here's one for Cameron Holbrook: April 23, 1914: The first baseball game is played at newly constructed Weeghman Park, home to the Federal League's Chi-Feds. The visiting team that day was the Kansas City Packers. By the end of 1915, the Federal League folded, and the Wrigley Family bought the park and moved the Cubs there, naming it Cubs Park. In 1926, it was renamed Wrigley Field. It has been home to many memorable players, such as Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Fergie Jenkins. Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson and Greg Maddux called Wrigley home as well. Babe Ruth's called shot to Sammy Sosa's 3rd consecutive 60 home-run season to Maddux's 3,000th strikeout, and who could forget Harry Caray singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"? Wrigley has seen it all - with the exception of a World Series banner. No matter - the Friendly Confines, the oldest park in the National League is a true gem for Cubs fans, and many baseball fans in general. Happy 100th Birthday Wrigley Field! Go Cubs!
Watching Catching *** the Steve Bartman 30 for 30.I miss Ron Santo. And the Cubs in the playoffs.
Happy 100th birthday to Wrigley Field. When I first went there as a small child Wrigley was barely over 50. I have many memories of that place including seeing the last Bears game played there on December 13th 1970 with my dad. (They beat the Packers 35-17). I saw Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Rynne Sandberg, Lee Smith, Greg Maddux and Sammy Sosa play there as well as most of the great National League players of the 1970's & 80s. It's too bad the Cubs have been the laughingstock of baseball for 70 years because I find it impossible to be a Cubs fan. (Because I like baseball). Still, sitting in Wrigley on a warm Summer day, drinking Old Style is pretty heavenly and I will never forget the voices of Lou Boudreau, Vince Lloyd, Jack Brickhouse and Harry Caray calling the play by play on WGN radio and TV. So here's to a hundred more Wrigley and may you see a Cubs World Series champion sometime before my grandchildren are dead.
No petition needed for Allen to enter Hall. His numbers do not lie. Ron Santo is in. Allen is not ? Ron Santo won NO POST SEASON AWARDS !
was Mr. Santo. Did I miss the part where Ron had his arms cut off at age 33yrs 1 day?
Got this amazing GU jersey of Andrew Ca$hner with MLB COA sticker. It has the Ron Santo patch & is his rookie jersey
My favorite radio ever was Pat Hughes-Ron Santo on WGN, which came in where I grew up in WI. Baseball is the best radio sport.
Ron Santo Park has a nice ring to it...
Thank for the invitation and for the add to this group of proud Cub fans and especially fans of the late and great Mr. Ron Santo. I have all his books and collectors cards. I even have the error card that has his picture and another name. I cherish all of these and to all memories of attending all opening day games. I am a big fan. I came from Chicago and now in WI. near the border. God Bless the soul of Mr. Ron Santo and God Bless the family, friends, fans.
Baseball great Ron Santo was a true inspiration as a successful MLB player battling type 2 -->
Couldn't resist this Ron Santo 1969 jersey. I hope it is as authentic as advertised.
June 1969, who can ever forget this iconic photo of Cubs 3rd baseman Ron Santo, clicking his heels. Bittersweet today! It came after the Cubs had turned a 6-3 Montreal lead into a 7-6 win on Jim Hickman's walk-off homer that floated high and long into the first row of seats beyond the Wrigley Field basket in left field. Overcome with the emotion of victory, Santo pounded Hickman as he crossed the plate, and then ran right past us down the left field line to the clubhouse, jumping in the air and clicking his heels three times in the process.
we totally have to hear the Ron Santo as a cat impression!! Thanks
Ron Santo - one of the greatest Chicago Cubs and their greatest third basemen. It is a crime that he never made it to the Hall of fame while he was still living.
I love your work with the Simpson's and Criminal Minds. I hope one day I can meet you at Wrigley the same way I met Ron Santo!
The site of Ron Santo Pizzeria in Rockford doesn't look like it's doing so hot these days.
I just want to know what's in the Ron Santo Salad.
Hey, this is cool. There used to be a Ron Santo Pizzeria in Rockford, 2 blocks from the Rockford Peaches stadium.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Major League Baseball Player Talks About Succeeding with Diabetes (Video): . Baseball great Ron Santo is a true...
former MLB SLUGGER *** Allen HOF 2014 campaign led by son *** Allen Jr. If Ron Santo is in, why not Allen.
I'm giving away: VINTAGE RON SANTO (CUBS). Check it out -
Could be worse. My best known baseball birthday buddy is Ron Santo. Or I guess was.
Rosey defines the class that defined a of Brickhouse, Loyd Pettit, Vince and Lou, Ron Santo, Harry Caray, etc
Still expecting to hear Santo when Pat Hughes says Ron.
Just won this amazing Andrew Cashner GU Cubs jersey with Ron Santo patch!!!
good lookin Bulldogs, here's my girl Santo, named after Cubs great Ron Santo. Great dogs
I like homers with baseball. Ron Santo was one of my favorite until he passed. Kruk and Kuip are the standard now.
Remember Ron Santo and help a great cause at I think Ron would be excited about this team
What a great Ron Santo story! I can only guess who he was yelling about. LOL!
Countdown to Opening Day: 10 Days…No. 10 Ron Santo: Ten days to Opening Day and there are two different player...
Ron Santo knew it was going to happen.
It turns out the summer wasn't just a good dream - Dal Santo does actually play for North Melbourne http:…
I'm sure Ron Santo would be proud of you. I teach my daughter Type 1 won't stop her dreams. You are proof.
“You have the No. 1 pick in your draft - who you taking? Ron Santo
"Cubs 3B Ron Cey" -- please, please stop it. Or I'll go all "White Sox 2B Ron Santo" on your ***
2014. ..The year of helping others. ..Great start. .Relay for life cancer walk we have raised $590 ..Giving blood on March 22 Lifesorce Chicago Blackhawks drive in Oak Brook. ..Signing up for my sixth Jdrf Ron Santo walk to cure diabetes later this month. .Every year should be the year of helping others
RIP LeRoy Neiman. A serigraph of Mickey Mantle by Neiman is the only 'art' I own. (Unless you count my Ron Santo ball)…
Looking like ron santo in this jersey
I tear up just thinking of Ron Santo, I was 11 at a Brewers game when they let me in the press box for being a die hard and I met him.
Oh my god. Oh my god. Ron Santo Jr just went through my line at
Somewhere he's drinking a Budweiser and watching Spring Training with Ron Santo.
Check out Lot of 3 Autographed Baseballs - Ron Santo - Bob Feller - Kessinger - Beckert
So happy I got to grow up listening to Ron Santo and Pat Hughes callings Cubs games. No play by play crew will ever be like that duo
Happy Birthday to Ron Santo (Feb. 25 – Dec. 2, 2010). The Cubs’ iconic third base great – whose jersey No. 10 was retired in 2003 -- appeared at Marando’s twice during the 1960s. He was one of several athletes to take the stage during the 1965 Milan Sports banquet, an annual gathering of sports stars feted at a fundraiser for the local Milan Little League. The 9-time all-star smashed 342 home runs during a 15-year big league career, and was the longtime, passionate voice of the Cubs until his death in 2010.
Every time Pat Hughes says "Ron," part of me thinks Santo will start a story about something irrelevant. Alas, never again friends.
Strange to hear Pat Hughes throw it over to "Ron" and not have it be Santo.
Ron Santo at Wrigley Field c.1960. His first game on the field he so loved was played on June 28th of that year.
Ron Santo's first game at the place he loved, - June 28, 1960 by
So strange hearing "Ron" & it not being Santo. Something is up with mic, doesn't sound right at all.
Ron Coomer has his work cut out for him. Santo was Santo, and Moreland was a more than apt and capable replacement in the booth.
Was curious because a friend brought it up, but Ron Santo and Robin Ventura career stats are very similar.
.legend Ron Santo was born on this date in 1940.
It is weird how much he looks like Ron Santo.
Still not the same listening to a cubs game with no Ron Santo :(
Just did a quick comparison of Ron Santo, who is in the Hall of Fame to *** Allen. Really there is no comparison other than Santo played in 9 All Star Games and Allen in 7. It's another embarrassment to Mr. Allen. Here we go. Ron Santo Batting Avg. 277, *** Allen 292,...
Ron Jaworski says Johnny Manziel is lousy and Phil Simms thinks Geno Smith is great and who is supposed to know these thin…
Happy belated birthday to one of my all-time favorite Cubs, Ron Santo. We'll win one for ya soon, Ronnie.
"I wouldn't take him in the first three rounds" - Ron Jaworski on Johnny Manziel
Johnny Bench and Ron Santo playing football on the beach, because why not?
After more than three decades of waiting, Ron Santo was finally inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in July 2012. Unfortunately, Santo passed away in Dec...
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