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Ron Paul

Ronald Ernest Paul (born August 20, 1935) is an American physician, author, and former politician who served as the U.S.

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Ron Paul said it best. Both parties are basically the same and now they are working together against the outs…
Maybe we are forgetting the best president US never had , Ron Paul . The MSM completely sidelined him last time.
that the rules were changed to prevent that the cycle after the Ron Paul folks started controlling state committees.
you're a piece of Trash, Mitt. I wrote in Ron Paul. Lol you hate 50% of america, we didn't forget.
Being a Ron Paul fanboy, has learned to tune out all kinds of dog whistles.
Ron Paul hasn't doscredited him and they believe in the same ideals.
I just wish Ron Paul was in the race.
if I were voting third party, I'd write Rand, or Ron Paul in. I'll do anything not to elect Hillary.
And just think if America had voted for Ron Paul in 08 many of these problems they are discussing wouldn't be a thing…
I guess Ron Paul, UN peace council, Vanessa Beeley, etc..are all wrong. Even Alex Jones knows the truth now. Research and get back
Only Ron Paul could stand the test of time & he didn't even try this time out! So sad a nation that has to pick 4 LEAST HARMFUL!
Ron Paul to independents: You can vote for Jill Stein instead of Gary Johnson
Here's an idea:. Let's start this whole thing over and run Ron Paul against Bernie Sanders.
Maybe we could have been spared all of this if Bruno had visited Trump rather that Ron Paul.
The enemies have all been identified. GOP screwed Ron Paul, we got Trump this time around, they won't change want 1 party
how can you be Libertarian yet for the TPP? Also Ron Paul said vote Green Party
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"Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interferenc…
you know who you guys like? Ron Paul and Bernie Sander types. Completely unelectable officials.
Ron Paul tells Dana Loesch: If we were more libertarian, we wouldn’t need Black Lives Matter
Still the Only Christian Choice For President: Ron Paul is the only major president...
RON PAUL found a SOUTH PARK EPISODE! They put it in the COLUMN IDEAS pocket.
I don't even like the guy, and I like Ron Paul.
With Gary, he was never a Ron Paul type. Sad he reps party when it's FINALLY gaining traction, but he's not libertarian. :/
when i wore a Ron Paul shirt,cool. Trump...Kill.. Thanks 0bama! for all the hat and killing! pos
You haven't ''just reported'' anything since you rolled your eyes at Ron Paul during an interview in 2008.
good for you. Been voting Ron Paul for the past 4 elections.
Ron Paul: Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?: by Ron Paul. The death of former Isra...
Stein and Johnson can't win so don't waste a vote like I did--Ross Perot, Ron Paul
Just about my favorite moment in this year's campaign is having drinks with Ron Paul at Eagle Forum 2015 talking...
When is the collapse? Ron Paul - Collapse Is Happening Now, Peter Schiff - Dollar Collapse Sept 27, Marc Faber - We're all on the Titanic
amen. Paul Craig Roberts, Mike Lofgren,Ron Paul and Paul Findley are proper patriots who've highlighted the duplicity
Former congressman Ron Paul on US aid to Israel
via: The Antimedia (ANTIMEDIA) Former congressman Ron Paul is outspoken. When he retired from Congress, he called...
Oohh wo wo the printing of money is just so bad ??? No it is not !!! The point is the only print 10% for people to feel better and will have them selves lones !!! Now they call that a problem bud that problem does not lay in the printing bud instad the problem is in the not printing of the other 90% Ron Paul !!! People have lived under this amount of pressure and finaly they can do something BUD NO they will not get the other 90% so people will sure belief Ron Paul is right while he is telling a lie I know about !!! I know banking myself !!! School will not teach people and they will not tell people !!! They can only stay in power if the people stay poor enough to be willing to work pritty slave like for them !!! And no the public does not use gold and silver coins anymore !!! Maibe tha Anonaky need it ??? I dont know BUD not us !!! YES its me writing here YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
I go where the revolution is, and the revolution is Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a champion
As I recall Ron Paul telling Rudy Giuliani during a debate (not on autism of course) - It's a reason, not an excuse. REASON. NOT EXCUSE!
before he was a Sanders fan, he was a Ron Paul fan, and a Jim Webb(?) fan.
"It's shocking that nobody in my Ron Paul *** Jim Webb *** Bernie Sanders anarchist bro group is a big HRC backer"
have you not read the Libertarians platform, or heard Rand Paul, Johnson or Ron Paul? THAT IS THEIR POSITION buddy
Did You Know:: No civilian has been inside of Ft Knox since 1974? Ron Paul's earlier rally for an audit of the Fed Reser…
Jimmy Carter: The US is an Oligarchy... List goes on: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul: the system is rigged
I love them both, but... Harry Browne > Ron Paul
My ideal Presidents:. 1. Harry Browne would've been the best. 2. Ron Paul. 3. Gary Johnson wouldn't be bad.
Then go sit in the corner with the Ron Paul or death crowd from 2012. You all act the same
Ever heard that Austin Petersen thinks Ron Paul hates America? Time for some mythbusting:
and this one: . Johnson is the anti-Ron Paul "libertarian"
I would have preferred Kasich, Trump or even Ron Paul. Heck, even Rubio or Christie would have been more palatable
Ron Paul would abolish the illegal income tax, the illegal Federal Reserve and the IRS.
Ron Paul discusses Austrian vs Keynesian economics and his 2003 prediction -
Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman: Austrian vs. Keynesian economics in the financial...
Bernie: Government is the answer. Ron Paul: Government is the problem!
I hate the Bernie and Ron Paul comparisons.
in the past 20 minutes I've seen a car with not 1 but 3 pro-pebble mine stickers, and a car with a Ron Paul for president 2008 sticker
Ron Paul: Our greatest threat is coming from
Drew Carey's Hollywood party for Gary Johnson—a long way from Timothy Leary's Hollywood party for Ron Paul in '88.
Speaking of . Jimmy nails it. Jimmy Jingo: Dr Ron Paul is, without question, the most influential...
why not Austin Petersen or Ron Paul or *** Ted Nugent? Now that'd be a party lol
Did you know Auburn was home to the Institute, a libertarian economic think tank that has hosted Ron Paul?
Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,. Opponents of a central bank should take...
odd I voted Ron Paul, chuck Baldwin, bob Barr, never for a lieberal Ron Paul was my compromise to the left
So govt has NO role in black market?. See Gary Webb, Cointelpro, Ron Paul speeches...
As someone living in Indiana, Mike Pence for VP is A horrible idea. Wish he'd pick Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura
Endorsing Hillary makes officially a liar and hypocrite. . Ron Paul never betrayed his principles.
Bernie Sanders isn't the Democrat Ron Paul cause Ron Paul never endorsed the corrupt nominee.
1 guy.want me to play now? Strom Thurmond, Steve King, Joe Walsh, Trump, Santorum, Ron Paul, Rick Perry
Ron Paul would vote AGAINST every spending bill, but would make sure his district got muney back AKA did his job.
'The end is coming,' says Ron Paul via
If I was running for office, Ron Paul's endorsement would be my gold standard .
Keep the narratives flowing. Don't touch Ron Paul or Peter Schiff with a 50 foot pole on this however *crickets* xD
This CNN Townhall is probably the biggest night for libertarians since Ron Paul's appearance on Morton Downey, Jr.
Ron Paul . Orlando: The New 9/11?. Last week America was rocked by the cold-blooded murder of 49 people at the...
Since recently I have been accused of being a Trump Hater, Ron Paul embittered throw back, judgemental Muslim...
StudentsForTrump say they're inspired by Pinochet, Thatcher, Franco, InfoWars, Ron Paul, McCarthy, McVeigh &c. Nice.
Then do something against it, go out on the street, choose your leaders wisely, I would have gone for Ron Paul.
Louise here's how YAF treated Ron Paul 5 years ago. YAL began as Students for Ron Paul
Food for thought with Jimmy Hendrix, George Carlin, Ron Paul, Bill Hicks, Bob Dylan and more
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I'm interested in hearing any educated ideas on the supposed threat of our banks and money system crashing? (Bill Bonner, Ron Paul, etc.)
Once again, not a Sanders fan, but you guys are getting super screwed. Kinda like we did with Ron Paul in 2012.
Dr. Ron Paul former congressman endorses Kelli Ward for Senate in Arizona. Time for John McCain to retire.
it's Sunday, God's resting. Fortunately I think Ron Paul, Henry Hazlit, and Murray Rothbard can handle this problem.
Ron Paul: I’m not ready to endorse Gary Johnson
Ron Paul was kind to Gary Johnson. I'm not.
There was a big difference between Ron Paul and me when it came to the...
I love McAfee but I just read her reasoning for it, it's because of people like Ron Paul that she changed.
In 2012, I supported Ron Paul. When Romney won the nomination, we certainly did not behave like and we…
I liked a video Ron Paul as Secretary of State? Jennifer Rubin Worries, I Don't
Alex Jones talks with Ron Paul about how the Audit the Fed bill is making progress despite the continual backlash...
Libertarians are no more monolithic than other parties. I recommend Ron Paul's book, "Liberty Defined".
Smackdown: Ron Paul warns Alex Jones that Donald Trump will be ‘champion of the…
Alex Jones the actor - and the fraud. And yes, he supports Donald Trump. Jones also liked Cruz, Ron Paul & Ventura.
The glory of victory in a senseless war should never replace the dignity of peace in a sane world - Ron Paul (Liberty Defi…
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johnson believes in liberty if it means nazi cakes, hiroshima & gun control - i will be writing in Ron Paul (again)
made an account to ask if accepting Scott Adams, Alex Jones, Ron Paul supporters and other leaches is worth it. I hate them.
Alex Jones tries to get Ron Paul to stop hating Trump via
have u tried out Jeff Session or Rick Perry or Greg Abbott or Rand Paul or Ron Paul?
Ron Paul: 'We can do without' the IRS, TSA and VA - The Hill (blog)
most of Bernie Sanders are Ron Paul supporters acting as democrats well coordinated
[T]here are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mi radius of... Capitol Hill than there are on the rest of the globe. -Ron Paul
"Ron Paul and The Promise of Nuremberg" by on
Yup. I've been attempted to be convinced to vote Bernie by a young co-worker thru use of Ron Paul memes.
21) Petersen should stop trying to be Ron Paul. Be your own person, you sound like Republicans who try to be Ronald Reagan.
lol oh really? I'm curious as to your thoughts on congressman Ron Paul
Anarchists just want to watch it all burn. Same when they supported Ron Paul.
Ron Paul: "I Feel A Kinship With Bernie Sanders" - When it comes to Ron Paul's feelings about Donald Trump, he ...
Brother man look up Bernie/Alan Grayson/Ron Paul asking the chairman of the fed where 50 dollars went
Ron Paul is really close friends with progressive Dennis Kucinich & they worked together a lot in congress.
There are Rs in Berniebro ranks.+Ron Paul supporters,but I think most are BS ppl.Don't know BS voting record,but believers
Bernielostme when it became obvious enough that a lot of his supporters are leftovers from the Ron Paul campaigns.
when my "matches" in order are. Sanders. Green Party. Clinton. Jeb. Ron Paul. Chris Christy. ...this is not linear.
You Bernie folks are worse than Ron Paul supporters.
Sanders is basically Ron Paul. economic policies that promise to bubble wrap the world and make things fair went a long way...
I wonder if Bernie supporters feel the same way I did in 2012 with Ron Paul.
Ron Paul was my congressman. I know they will.
as someone who voted for Sanders, god *** do I hate some Sanders supporters. They've basically hit Ron Paul supporter levels now
One thing that's had me curious but I've never heard anything about: How do Sanders supporters generally view Ron Paul?
I still liked Ron Paul. And yes, Trump is getting a lot more supporters than Ron Paul did.
via Ron Paul: . "What happened to Thomas Jefferson's most pro-American declaration that we must pursue...
In 2008 Ron Paul supporters were a vocal minority in Travis County. They tried to ram through rule changes to give them more delegates.
Bernie supporters trying to talk him down. Interesting comparison to Ron Paul.
This really reminds me of the end of Ron Paul's campaign. What were RP supporters gonna do?
when some of his supporters were duped by Ron Paul types.
Not everything is a conspiracy. His supporters are just as obnoxious as the Ron Paul supporters, possibly worse.
2) most Sanders supporters are progressives and will vote for Hillary. Some are Green Party or Ron Paul types.
Every time Bernie loses, his supporters cry conspiracy. Wonder how many of them are former Ron Paul supporters. ( I was a RP supporter )
Wait until Barney Frank begins his shenanagans at the convention. He'll pull a John Boehner a la Ron Paul supporters in 2012.
Ron Paul is not going to be president, so we don't have to worry about...
Feel bad 4 Bernie supporters: going thru WORSE than what we Ron Paul ppl went thru in '12. But learned, came back bulletproof, and won.
Food for thought for the Bernie Sanders supporters.. Quite a contrast between him and Ron Paul, who was a REAL...
Hillary welcoming Bernie folks was like Mitt courting Ron Paul supporters. You're battling a philosophy as much as a person.
My "Bernie supporters who once supported Ron Paul" theory is further confirmed.
have you looked into whether these incensed Sanders NV supporters were Ron Paul supporters last go? (that my guess)
The small band of weirdos are just Ron Paul supporters with no place to go.
Someone needs to do a demographic study of how many were Ron Paul supporters in 08. Betcha it's a lot.
per Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, and back the currency by reserves of silver (not gold, Ron Paul) on a 1:1 ratio,
to me, Clinton and Sanders seem like the Ted Cruz and Ron Paul of the left. Supporters seemingly blind to clear, big flaws.
Before her, youtube was hitting Ron Paul supporters in 2008 and 2012. Anything that harms globalist interests.   10% Off
Beware of Ron Paul libertarians posing as Bernie supporters. There are a lot of them.
I don't know anything about Grayson, but Harry Reid is a scumbag. He opposed Ron Paul's audit the fed bill for years.
I don't think any Ron Paul supporters are fooled by Trumpeters or wish to be co-opted by them.
the idea that Sanders supporters are left-wing is so frustrating. They're for Ron Paul + free stuff. That's it
Sanders supporters are this elections Ron Paul fanboys.
all those years you attacked Ron Paul & his supporters, it's time you take your own advise and leave the GOP.
There's many Bernie Sanders supporters who never got enthused about Ron Paul and the message of liberty. Paul...
Bernie is no Ron Paul. Ive seen Bernie's disgraceful supporters up close & on u tube
I'm not a fan of Clinton, but Bernie supporters are insane and delusional and scary. worse than Ron Paul people
s/o to this Ron Paul article from 2012 that could easily be a Sanders article from this week:
Anyone want to guess at how many of those “Bernie supporters” might once have been Ron Paul devotees?
Well of course. The NV GOP & msm did the same thing with Ron Paul & his supporters. Ron went to court/prove he won
Bernie Sanders should have run as a Republican, ala Ron Paul. It's where he & his supporters belong-their behavior would…
. still better than dealing with Ron Paul supporters. . seriously.
What do you expect from newbie anarchists and Ron Paul supporters with time on their hands? AND they are a small/loud minority.
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(to be fair, I think some of the berners WERE making this argument in 2008 and 2012, but they were making it for Ron Paul)
To be fair, a lot of that had to do with the war. Ron Paul supported a few of the right things for the wrong reasons.
Love to see Newt Gingrich or even you know Ron Paul. I dont know if Paul would & he's a bit old now but he be a good 1st term.
I wasn't even surprised, to be honest. Remind me of the Ron Paul evolution.
claims of Bernie Sanders being 'the future' of the Democratic Party reminiscent of Ron Paul fans saying same re Paul & Repu…
Arguably not a fair question b/c of Trump's incoherence and lack of specifics. If it was Hill vs Ron Paul, sure.
Please stop supporting people who do everything they can to make Ron Paul's economic collapse come true
Pick would lock it up.stick him in the corner.Ron Paul or Gary Johnson would also work.
Hey check this out Anyone recall Ron Paul's Free Competition in Currency Act? Consequently America is bankrupt.
William Johnson? The racist trump delegate was once endorsed by Ron Paul in an election.
I was just listening to the last Really enjoyed going off on Rand/Ron Paul.
Ron Paul: "The World Trade Organization is the furthest thing from free ... via
We need an allstar team in office. Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Justin Amish and Judge Andrew Napolitano, lets get it rolling!
Someone recommended Ron Paul for Treasury. That sounds reasonable. Anthony Watts for EPA. Andrew Napolitano for AG. I like this
Another story I was ahead on : Ron Paul staffers Jesse Benton, John Tate, Dimitri Kesari guilty in campaign case
Suggested appointments for Sec of State-Ron Paul. Sec of Treasury-Rand Paul. SCOTUS-Andrew Napolitano
Jurors have found former Ron Paul aides Jesse Benton, Dimitri Kesari and John Tate guilty on all counts in 2012 endorsem…
Three former Ron Paul staffers guilty in campaign-bribery case via
Trump super PAC chief and former Ron Paul aide is found guilty in a campaign finance trial https:/…
Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and others have been nominated by & are
Liberals and Libertarians foreign policy is the same as Ron Paul's, Bill Clinton's, Obama's, David Duke's, Ahmadinejad's,etc. It's just ***
Take what I just shared and compare it with this: More on Ron Paul:.
Ron Paul, Secretary of State: Kurt Nimmo | Neocons in dire fear Paul will shut down... Vote Wyden Out!
We’re talking about parties that put up people like Ross Perot, Gary Johnson, and Ron Paul. Not worty of serious discussion
Govt has little say.Ron Paul is correct re. role of Nixon-Kissinger money. Audit Fed!
The / isolationists have their Ross Perot and Ron Paul amalgamation. The armed bureaucracy is smiling.
The Ron Paul movement might have remade the right, had it grown beyond Ron Paul & Austrian econ, not abandoning them, bu…
Rand's 2016 campaign, instead of deepening Ron Paul movement, gave voters a bit of Ron & lot of what everyone dislikes a…
I like Ron Paul more than just about any Republican around today, but a dozen or a hundred Ron Pauls isn't the answer, e…
Question now is wether Republican party will rally behind Trump or collapse. Ron Paul indicated preference for independent & no Trump.
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What Donald Trump and Ron Paul have in common:
Feel like Indiana will go for Sanders: very white, open primary, lots of leftover Ron Paul deadenders
Fact check! ☝ Today's rally was actually the 2nd time a presidential candidate chose The first time was Ron Paul in 2008.
Ron Paul Loves the Free State Project is the meme showing Ron Paul .
Ron Paul: Spirit of Liberty Lives in Canada - 2013 Manning Networking Conference - YouTube
Ever been to a Trump rally? Ron Paul rally? You never meet them if you don't go where they are
Yep. 911 was 1 wake up call. Before that, H. Ross Perot set off a few bells. Ron Paul 'dismissed' as a candidate and IRS? So…
Not to be outdone, John Kasich announces that a Ron Paul is his vice-presidential candidate.
Ron Paul: Shhh! The Federal Reserve system is melting down, but no one will say so - via
Well, I still don't even believe that Trump even agrees with Trump from last week, much less with Ron Paul or anyone else.
Michael Moore, Trump, Ron Paul all endorsed Occupy Wall Street. Know your enemies.
Great conversation between & on foreign policy and Ron Paul's service to humanity.
. In 2010 Bernie worked with Ron Paul to  audit the first audit if the Federal Reserve
If you already agree with Ron Paul he seems like an awesome old guy, but if you disagree with him at all he comes off as kind of a crank.
Dr. Ron Paul painting by Adrienne Martino, hung in S.C. state capitol at Senator Tom Davis' office.
Ron Paul: This is something that's been going on for a long time. This isn't something brand new. The CIA creates...
And the same party that laughed Ron Paul off the stage when he dared question previous GOP admins
Painting of Dr. Ron Paul hung in Senator Tom Davis's office in Columbia South Carolina.
He may mean that Bernie appears to 'independents', but then again, Ron Paul was no 'soft' libertarian, so what the heck.
real right wingers like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan
People who think Trump's & Sanders' statements re Israel R something new in US prez elections, do U not remember Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich?
Ron Paul& Pat Buchanan, had the same treatment in previous years. Old party members know how to avoid fresh faces.
Ron Paul has joined Mark Levin, Marco Rubio, many journalists, and others in the movement.
Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan- these guys were long time Republicans. They were not leftists. We tolerated this crowd under our Big Tent.
Hey, Just listened to Ron Paul's Baby while catching the train to Brisbane airport, when you both screamed at the end, I cried
People who only show up every four years: Pete Peterson, Ron Paul and Jill Stein.
Larry Klayman or Judge Napolitano for attorney general . Ron Paul for VP or treasury secretary go for it DT
My ideal Politician would be a mix of Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump
“People are liking Cruz. They think he’s for the free market, and he’s owned by Goldman Sachs,” Ron Paul
Ron Paul says he is a Goldman Sachs shill
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Ron Paul says you must be crazy not to see he is a Goldman Sachs shill
Inside the Beltway: Ron Paul disciples take on campus intolerance - Washington Times
✏ RPI To Storm Washington? We're Almost There!: Anyone following our work at the Ron Paul ...
Ron Paul warns Republicans not to vote for Ted Cruz - The Washington Post via
Ron Paul, Walter Jones, Justin Amash, Mike Lee, and maybe a few more.
I should have said saint Ron Paul not Saint Reagan. That's the only difference.
Concur w/ Ron Paul is a closer comparison w/Trump. Both like Bond villains. Latter just has $$.
To be honest, when Kay Bailey Hutchison stepped down in 2012, I was hoping that Ron Paul would throw his hat into the ring. Epic floor rants
Paul Craig Roberts thinks Trump is a good guy but his Advisers are mischief. PCR said same thing about Ron Paul.
campaign was made possible by Ralph Nader and Ron Paul.
Donald Trump, Ron Paul, Graham Hancock, Joe Rogan, Stefan Molyneux, David Icke, Alex Jones, Stephen Colbert all in one big podcast.
What do Osama bin Laden, George Soros, Ron Paul, and the Tea Party Patriots have in common?
LEARN YOUR PLAYERS! Morton Blackwell. Worked 2012 for Ron Paul insurgency. Working for Cruz this year. (Big asset.)
"It was designed to prevent Ron Paul delegates from being counted." David Wheeler, RNC rules committee.
That’s why education is so profound. Ron Paul talked about the remnant. Free State Project.
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