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Ron McLean

Ronald Joseph Corbett Ron MacLean (born April 12, 1960) is a Canadian sportscaster for the CBC who is best known as the host of Hockey Night in Canada and is also a hockey referee.

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It was on HNIC this afternoon as Ron McLean proclaimed Connor the unanimous winner of the Hart trophy!
Did Ron McLean just say there's lots of tension for the Leafs with the Nation watching. What Nation? Outside TOR. Nobody cares.
Ron McLean just declared "Connor McDavid is winning the Hart, we all know that"
heard Ron McLean was awesome to open up in Oakville! Go Vets!
Ron Steele returns after heart surgery
forgot that last year I interviewed Ron McLean:
If that dunk results in my death, ill meet u at ron mclean in 5 minutes
SIMMONS isn't so bad I've been blocked by only one guy & it's a big one Ron McLean don't know what I…
Ron Mclean is actually a huge oversight for the Canadian dirtbag left.
I refuse to believe that the Ron McLean and Marye Daniels section of the One Notion story is not a Micallef sketch.
I can't even watch it anymore. And I legit feel bad for Ron McLean who has been and is a great broadcaster
Marye Daniels and Ron McLean were told by Pauline Hanson they were no longer wanted in One Nation.
Sitting here with the old Grapes clone...fighting about Zaitzev LoL. I feel like Ron McLean!
Trying to give Ron Mclean a run for the puney
Ron and Don's sad, staged argument about Zaitsev as bad as the old days on Sportsnet where McLean and Kypreos had scripted shouting matches.
When Ron McLean mentions China. You can pin point the exact moment Don's heart breaks
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gets a shout out from Ron McLean, Grapes goes "who?"
Ron Mclean "had him (Iggy) in the top 100.". Cherry: "WHO?" . To be fair he did agree with him.
seems Ron McLean just gave you a shout out on Coaches Corner
Look at you with the Ron McLean shout out
How about that shoutout by Ron McLean eh? You've made the big time now kid
Is Ron McLean retarded? Dude is comparing Zaitsev to Nick Lidstrom 👀👀👀
No, Strombo wasn't a victim of no Cdn teams in playoffs last year. Good at other things but Ron McLean is Mr. Hockey Night In Canada.
You can always count on Ron McLean to give you facts about things no one cares about
Why the *** is Ron McLean talking about jockeys on HNIC?
They're trading on phony mythology with Ron McLean playing the dopey wandering sage. Awful.
That's fair and it's actually by design. If you read Ron McLean's book you'll see that Don actuall…
Cam'ron really made a song with the Vanessa Carlton '1000 Miles' beat
Oh yeah, and Ron McLean also stopped by to watch. You know, as one does
Larry Robinson, Joe Sakic, Connor McDavid, goals by Ron McLean and Justin Bieber. Gotta love it.
Listening to Ron McLean when he's with Don Cherry: Wow he's so taxed and rational. Listening to Ron McLean on his own: TAKE MY EARS OFF
Why not head to Barrie for Hometown Hockey Dec. 3&4. Meet NHL hockey heroes, Ron McLean & take part in all…
Ron McLean is the ever,none better. With him now involved I look fwd to
The One and only Ron McLean, love this guy
If Ron McLean qualifies as the best hockey interviewer around it means good interviewers aren't hockey guys. Cream of the crap.
Thanks to Ron McLean for cutting in. We were panicking. Channel-surfing.
I don't think I've seen the country as united as it was last night since they threatened to take Ron McLean off HNIC
Ron McLean introducing the Hip. Was that the most awkward thing ever on TV
Tragically Hip + Ron McLean in Rio with our athletes = Gold. Well done CBC!
Ron McLean mentions Saint John and The Hip in the same sentence. Sure & are proud.
No broadcaster could seamlessly, effortlessly, and eloquently pull off the transitions that Ron McLean did tonight
You know it is a great event when even an unbearable, rambling Ron McLean soliloquy can't ruin it.
Ron McLean. What a great reporter, showing true passion for the Hip.
Love Ron McLean's story about listening to In my home town!!! We love The Hip!
Love Ron McLean and his observations and memories and insights.
Ron McLean's throws to and from this Hip show are everything that Rogers' NHL coverage will never be.
Hamilton Collection
Ron McLean in finishing on with Canada, Eh?
Ron McLean should do the opening and closing commentary on virtually everything.
Trust is giving up what you know for how you feel. - Ron McLean
Ron McLean is a master of the English language
I like Ron McLean, but don't try to get the last word after the Hip show. Move right to the Games. Let the Hip speak for themselves.
Ron McLean > Strombo...even at band broadcast hosting.
And now effing Ron McLean to talk over all of my feelings. Where is
Loving Ron McLean just chilling in a tshirt, in the Canada House in Rio & standing with Canadian athletes and coaching staff after the show
Did Ron McLean hold all these kids hostage during the Hip show? They've only got one night left in Rio.
Whoa whoa whoa, Ron McLean started this, now let's let Buck 65 close us out. Peak will never be reached again, yaknow.
All of the Canadian Olympic athletes are at the Hip party in Rio, Ron McLean hosting, all being beautiful!
They haven't turned on the house lights yet or cut back to Ron McLean, so...
All kind of unbelievable already, from watching Ron McLean's intro to knowing Gord wants us to remember him in that hat.
"Ron McLean" Maybe Gord Downie likes him that much. But, how depressing to have him anywhere near a rock concert.
I hope Ron McLean doesn't ruin the opening ceremony like he did in 2014 talking about Paul Henderson during the torch being l…
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My Kingdom for a smart TV that would filter Ron McLean from my live Olympic coverage. Literally unwatchable.
Why is Ron McLean drinking a coffee the size of his head,
So happy to watch the Olympics but how sad that we have to listen to Ron McLean
That was an embarrassing end to the Ron McLean interview with our incredible swimmer ... Oh my god
Ron Mclean does does the worst and tasteless interview with Penny ! Ron shut up about hockey and concentrate on the at…
twice this morning, ron mcLean has turned a women's sporting achievement into a chance to talk about men
Horrible interview by Ron McLean with Please tell Ron this is and we want to hear about these a…
Ron Mclean needs to apoligize for his Hockey injections to Concentrate on the athlete in front in of yo…
Probably the most awkward interview I've seen by Ron McLean. What does Jamie Benn have to do with anything?
Hate being negative but I am so sick of Ron McLean talking about hockey at non hockey events. Get over it.
Ron McLean doing an intro to a Hip concert is the most Canadian thing ever.
...only thing better is Ron Mclean on air in Rio wearing a Hip tee.
If you don't like Ron McLean you're dead to me.
Of course Ron McLean is hosting the concert
And now, Ron McLean talks to himself while others at the party stand around politely smiling
Ron mclean has protest and the replay had been reviewed and its a Gold Silver and bronze
Ron McLean is a national treasure, what a fantastic intro to the Hip!
and Ron mclean confirms its a Gold metal for the tragicaly hip well done cbc
Ron McLean's intro to the hip concert was beautiful.
We're live and Ron McLean has already talked about hockey. This is going to be the most Canadian night ever.
Ron McLean should carry the Canadian Flag at the closing ceremonies, especially after the superb job he has done. Bravo Ron!
Don't love Grapes but Ron McLean is a stand-up guy.
absolutely agree what were you thinking remember Hockey Night in Canada hired back Ron McLean
How long will it take for somebody to go nuts on Ron McLean for the bi polar commentt on coaches corner?
did Ron McLean just crack a bipolar joke on coaches corner? is no joke! No kidding ratings suck
Saw Scott Oake on TV. Thought "Ron McLean is looking rough." Realized it was Scott Oake. Sorry Scott Oake.
who in the world would replace Bob Cole & Ron McLean with Jim Hughson & George Strombo??
Ron McLean was talking about take with Esposito and Ken Hodge. He mentioned Ron zanussi. I believe it was Joe Zanussi
Proud that beautiful Thunder Bay is featured on home town hockey, but chagrined that Ron McLean (Prince Smarming) is hosting
Bring back Ron McLean, dump George and his purple suit
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They need to bring Ron McLean back and get rid of Strombo
How did Ron McLean get in that picture?
you do a good job with that. But don't ever do Hockey you would put Ron McLean out of a job.
Made by not the Bonanza theme was added (Ron McLean's idea) :)
It's a real shame that an *** like George Strombo..whatever is taking the place of a true pro and gentleman Ron McLean. Awful!
Ron McLean is coming to town! And Shelter House is gonna be there! Reserve your spot for this Jan 2nd and 3nd...
. Ron Mclean's wife Cari had a close call due to blood clots. Due to air flight.
the one they did at 5:30 with Ron McLean.
Cam Newton--MVP. Ron Rivera--Coach of the Year. Josh Norman or Luke Kuechley-- DPOY?. 12-0
Ron McLean was great again tonight on Hometown Hockey. Loved the game and the Gretzky feature. Can we not bring him back on Sat?
The fam had a great time watching Ron McLean broadcast live from our fair city.
I think Ron McLean was getting a little choked up there.
Walter Gretzky is awesome. Ron McLean is awesome. That whole segment was just awesome.
bring Ron McLean back to sick of those others who never shut up... re-vamp many saying the same things.
well...they should give a music show to Don Cherry and Ron McLean...why not ? they gave a hockey show...
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Ron Mclean should write a book with all his puns
"Boone Jenner, thats my type of guy." - Don Cherry. "Bit of bing, bit of boone" - Ron Mclean
Ron McLean tries to hold back the laughter with what is wearing tonight.
Dreaded words; Up Next Ron McLean and Don Cherry on Coach's Corner. Time to watch the fireplace log channel.
The only person Don Cherry follows is Ron McLean
McLean: what do you think of the image? It's L Ron Hubbard in cravat juxtaposed against cult cat meme
ready for the keg tapping with Ron McLean! Thanks for joining us Uncle Hans!
Replace;. George Strikininoffolis with Ron McLean,. Nick Kypreos with a Lamp,. Don Cherry with any other coach,.
It's late playoff nights like this that Don Cherry and Ron McLean say..."Ha ha suckers!" Zz.(Not together)
not fit to carry Ron McLean's non hipster glasses.
It's still really tough watching without Ron McLean, Strombo still looks out of place and has tarnished his reputation IMO
What genius at got the brainchild to switch out Ron McLean for George Stromboliofigus? Or whatever his name is. He is Terrible!!!
at least the media are letting up on their anti-canuck bias. Is Ron McLean back?
Hey - Petr Mrazek and Jason Mraz: not the same guy. One sings, the other shuts out the Lightning! Bring back Ron McLean!
@ Rogers and CBC. *** were you thinking in hiring George Strambolaphogus over Ron McLean.   10% Off
Did Sportsnet actually figure out that ppl enjoy watching Don Cherry and Ron McLean during hockey or are they giving them a farewell tour?
Don Cherry and Ron McLean spend more time talking about how little time is left in their segment than actual hockey.
Only using Ron Mclean on Coach's Corner is a shame. Come on
Coaches Corner should be Ron McLean and a different guest coach every week or other week.
I've been out of the country since the started, but surely that can't be all we see of Ron McLean is it??? 3 minutes a night!?
"Coming up Ron McLean and Don Cherry ..." instead NBCSN cuts to Kathryn Tappen because Americans don't have to watch that nonsense.
Will Ron Mclean and Don Cherry be dressed in white tonight for coaches corner?
NHL broadcasts better with Ron McLean in them. What are you doing SportsNet?
Sweet Ron McLean, the voice of Canadian hockey.,
My moms good friends with Ron McLean soo Hockey Night in Canada promposal?
Man oh man do CBC and the Stanley Cup Playoffs ever need Ron McLean
Without ron mclean doin the intro on HNIC just not the same dont get pumped as much as i used to!
Except that Burrows is NHLs fav whipping boy. Ron McLean did his HNIC best to stick it to Burr.
Can anyone tell me why George Stroumbolopolous is on a hockey panel instead of Ron McLean?? I didn't think so.
CBC and Rogers cans Ron McLean for the playoffs for that pigeon George and now Glen Healey is out there talking about Cameron Diaz.
I agree, Ron McLean rocks.. he's perfect. Wish Cherry would retire.
I want Ron McLean back. Sens have to keep hitting them
Someone needs to put Ron McLean out of his *** misery.
Current asthetic: Ron McLean putting up with Don Cherry
still prefer Ron Mclean over Strombo. Even if he doesn't like the Canucks.
"I really miss Satellite Hotstove..." said only one person ever: Ron McLean
to recap, cherry kept calling Hammond "Hamburger Kid" and Ron McLean joke completely bombed out.
Sometimes Ron McLean is just plain stupid with his attempt at pun endings.
Ron McLean just said something in such a heavy Canadian accent even I couldn't understand him. Gotta step up my lingo
Anyone else think Ron McLean is lookin a little paunchy?
Ron McLean's facial reactions to Don Cherry kill me 😂
Ron McLean: what u think of the hit on pk"? Don Cherry: "well it was a good hit" lol
Isn't it SO obvious already that Ron McLean would much rather dump himself in an icy lake than listen to and share a segment w/ Don Cherry?
“...two more of these and I get a cottage...” - Ron McLean’s internal dialogue right now
Going to enjoy the 2 minutes of Ron McLean!
Ron McLean, we miss you. Let's just call this Strombo experiment what it is, a failure.
Ron McLean wasn't exactly popular his first year his thing HNIC either. People just don't like change.
Don Cherry & Ron McLean should definitely be calling this game. No debate.
Ron McLean is an icon, he knows his stuff and anyone who can put up with Don Cherry the way he does deserves to be rewarded.
So Bob Cole gets no Canadian team, Scott Oake doesn't get Wpg, and Ron McLean doesn't get anything except CC...who's on coke…
Don Cherry needs to stop being so rude to Ron McLean!!! Like I feel bad that he has to deal with that ***
If I was Ron McLean I would've knocked Don Cherry out years ago
Ron McLean: "would you consider trading the pick?". Don Cherry: "are you out of your mind?"
Theory: Don Cherry died years ago, and Ron McLean keeps his cool because he is bickering with a puppet.
Ron McLean on Edmonton getting the 1st pick: "I feel bad for Connor McDavid." Ron knows what's up.
"I feel bad for Connor McDavid." Ron McLean saying what everyone else is thinking.
PLS. bring back Ron McLean.There are more announcers and analysts on Hockey Night in Canada than there are players in the N.H.L. UNNECESSARY
Ron McLean is 3X the man you'll ever be you chimp!
Great night with Ron McLean, Jason Willock chaired the event & introduced Ron, proceeds for our Wilson Fields project
Yay bo yay Ron McLean bo Glen Healy. None of it matters
Every Coach's Corner pic features:. Don Cherry in an insane suit. Ron McLean with a horrified look on his face.
I am not into Don Cherry...feel sorry for Ron McLean...Ottawa guys look like thugs.? Ron deserves a medal...NHLJets
Man, Don Cherry has to go! He repeatedly called Jonny Canuck even after Ron McLean corrected him
I think Don Cherry just blew his top on that Ron McLean groaner.
"Must be a language thing" - Ron McLean morphing into Don Cherry
DP knows he has a good thing working with Walton. Kind of like Ron McLean and Don Cherry. Cherry needs to go away though.
Ron McLean is great but his broadcast buddy Don Cherry is an arrogant, pompous, senile buffoon.
So good to see Ron McLean and Don Cherry together for more than 5 minutes
: does not want to see Mark Messier,Nick Kypreos or Damien Cox! Bring back Scott Oake,Don Taylor & Ron McLean
So weird seeing Ron McLean and Kelly Hrudey on SportsNet??! Lol
First time seeing Ron McLean on Sportsnet just now. Feels like seeing Hulk Hogan on WCW.
Red Deer is Ready! Look for Ron McLean throughout the town.
What purpose does Ron McLean serve on coaches corner?
That moment when your former coach, Blake Wesley, is referenced on by Ron McLean .
New game, take a drink every time Ron McLean looks annoyed...there goes my glass of wine
Little Giant Ladders
Ron McLean: "overall the sharks defense has been showing strong puck blocking skills an.". *Don Cherry obnoxiously interrupts*. "IM ***
Ron McLean is married to Don Cherry's daughter.
I feel like Ron McLean never gets a word in against Don Cherry.
Its like watching Ron Maclean and Don Cherry but without Ron Mclean. SOOO LOL!
After listening to Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick on the NBC Sports, I'll take Don Cherry and Ron McLean on CBC anytime. Big win for the Canadian folks.
Ron McLean definitely has a comb over going on!
Drink every time Ron McLean says 'vomit'
Did someone tell Ron Mclean to stop using his hands so much? He pulls them under the desk like he's scolded.
Judging by CBC's coverage, the most popular sport at the Olympics is Ron McLean talking.
Very difficult to know what Ron McLean is talking about at times. Very strange links.
Dear Starting prime-time coverage with Ron McLean doing some bizarre yoga inspired Olympics-meditation was beyond weird.
YES! Just heard on coverage, "Namaste: The divine light in me recognizes the divine light in you"- Ron McLean
If anyone is watching CBC right now, they're doing a thing on "the miracle" but also recapping today's Ron McLean is still super hot.
Trying to watch Olympics but 5 mins of Ron McLean waxing poetic about skeleton helmets makes me wanna shoot myself.
Is Ron McLean OK? Unfortunately they have him reading some messed up poetry.
Uh, I think Ron McLean might have drunk too much of the Sochi water, guys.
Just watched the Patrick Chan interview with Ron McLean. What an awesome representative of our country. He fell short winning the gold but what an amazing accomplishment winning the silver and to be so humble and so grateful for all that he has - very touching and inspiring. I was a little jaded prior to watching the interview but his gentle and grateful personality changed my perception 10 fold. What a true Canadian - talented, humble, grateful, inspirational and positive. Way to go Patrick...I am a fan!!
just wait until Ron McLean gets ahold of him
Thanks Ron McLean for a great interview with Patrick Chan!
Watching the interview with Ron McLean & Patrick Chan. So proud of Patrick! What a a wonderful young man! We are not disappointed!
How about they just hire an autistic kid to make loud, obnoxious animal noises over top of Ron McLean trying to talk? Nobody would even know the difference.
ron mclean: SHUT UP!! quit the terrible joke attempts please! your BIPOLAR joke was brutal. you should be fired (cherry too)
Will u be showing highlights from the day at all?!Patrick Chan, other actual amateur sports? Ron Mclean- booo
wonder if ron mclean is looking for work in the US now..
Did Ron McLean just call Sidney Crosby a heartthrob?
Well, according to Ron McLean, they're all the same anyway.
D. ... This one goes out to all Don Cherry and RON McLEAN fans!
Congratulations to Ron McLean and Matt Dillion on signing with Central Methodist University.
Thanks for your positive thoughts during the Olympic broadcasts with Ron McLean. Excellent. You're a wonderful ambassador.
Your comments during Olympics with Ron McLean and Sarah were excellent. You are a classy individual. Thanks.
Ron McLean and Kelly hrudey don't look a day older than when I first started watching puck
Late watching the Opening Ceremonies.loved 'em.but weird audio feed on Ch 100. Ron McLean yakked away as if he was off air. He wasn't.
Patricias Take Centre Ice In Regina On Saturday, February 8th, 2014, the Regina Pats hosted Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry for a home game against the Saskatoon Blades as part of the Regiment’s ongoing centenary celebrations. The Pats took the opportunity to commemorate their affiliation with PPCLI, in honour of whom they are named, and invited a sizeable contingent of troops from the 2nd Battalion to share in the occasion. The night included several displays and performances put on by the Regiment, in particular the 2nd Battalion, allowing for Pats fans and the public at large to connect with the team’s military namesake. Numerous events throughout the night showcased the history and traditions of the Regiment, in addition to its longstanding affiliation with the Pats. Prior to the game, there was a video greeting from the Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan, Vaughn Solomon Schofield, eloquently speaking to her province’s appreciation for PPCLI’s continued service. It was followed ...
The only thing that takes away from Olympic hockey is Ron McLean's spewing irrelevant historical facts
What would Canadian Olympic coverage be without Ron McLean?! :)
I thought Adam VanHoovernton was going to propose to Sarah on TV in front of Ron McLean
Wow Ron McLean subscribes to a lot of figure skating magazines
I freaking love Ron McLean. He really knows how to word things perfectly to make everything sound amazing!
Don Cherry:The Finns have come out and said let's hit the Canadians.Ron McLean:The Norwegians.Don Cherry: oh, same thing.
"Little wake up call. Canada does it with Benn-ys" - Ron McLean
Did Ron McLean just say...Canada won with illegal artificial drugs. "Bennies"?
Ron Mclean says Team Canada starts day with "bennies"
somebody please tell Ron McLean to stop rubbing himself under the table. place the laptop atop the stepladder,strategically placed in front of wallmounted TV, place a skype call to Dubai and thus enable grandsons to enjoy the Canadian version of Olympic Hockey,with Ron McLean and homegrown commercials.
what do you expect from that Clown Don Cherry and his circus monkey Ron Mclean
Ron McLean is a national disgrace. He's worse than Cherry.
how about Ron McLean, "it's the Norwegians, just a small detail."
It's time for Don Cherry to go...calls the Norwiegans "Finns", Ron McLean corrects him and says "Norwiegans, Finns, same thing". A little insulting. His time has past CBC.
Don Cherry just called Norway the Fins. When corrected by Ron Mclean, Cherry: "same thing anyhow" Classic
Canadian tax dollars are being spent to send glenn healy, Don Cherry, and ron mclean to sochi. Good God
Don Cherry and Ron McLean doing pre-game for a Canada game in Russia is reason enough for a beer at 1145
I love for last little bit Ron McLean has been referring to Don as Donald S. Cherry . Lol
though we did get a few minutes of commentary from Don Cherry yesterday as he passed by!. No Ron McLean though.
All right! It's crunch time in Sochi! Don Cherry & Ron Mclean are cheering on Canada for the Gold Medal quest and we're cheering on here too with tea & Bannock on hand. Go Canada Go!!!
Ron McLean is really putting in the hours during the
Just a shout out from Ron McLean and Don Cherry! No big deal!!? Jocelyne Larocque
Ron Mclean just told all of Canada that the Nordic Combined is a good way to get your hard up. Whatever gets ya goin Ron.
I love watching you and Clara with Ron McLean in Sochi! I look forward to your rendition if the day everyday!
Is it just me, or is Ron McLean's suit channeling Don Cherry a bit tonight? Lol
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