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Ron Johnson

Ronald Harold Ron Johnson (born April 8, 1955) is the junior United States Senator for Wisconsin and a member of the Republican Party.

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Ron Johnson's companies are LLCs & not corporations, so they don't do as well under GOP plan as they are dea…
Sen. Ron Johnson says he is opposed to the tax bill, making him the first member of the GOP to formally come out against t…
Today I introduced a recall for Rand Paul for President. Ron Johnson for VP. Rubio for Governor of Mexico, our…
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson opens confirmation hearing for DHS Secretary Kristen Nielsen with list of mass shootings and o…
Sen. Ron Johnson on North Korea: “There is no military option, it would be horrific”
2022 is a long time from now, but can we all agree that this is Ron Johnson's final term?
Ron Johnson not saying whether Mitch McConnell should remain Senate leader
Please. Senate's Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ron Johnson and the strongman John McCain, let the Affordable Care Survive.
Gophers wide receiver Tyler Johnson is entering Ron Johnson and Eric Decker territory.
Yeah. But that senator's name is Ron Johnson.
I'm so tired of Ron Johnson being my senator. I doubt he'll or speak up about anything other than health insurance.
Senator do nothing Johnson! I love Wisconsin, can't stand Ron Johnson.
Well alright !. Any chance Scott Walker or Ron Johnson is next.?
You are sadly mistaken Ron Johnson is an embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin just…
Wisconsin voted for Ron Johnson, not Russ Feingold. Did Russ not spend enough time in WI? 🙄Maybe, Sco…
Such a bitter, hate-filled man, who once tried smearing Ron Johnson's work at connecting Milwaukeeans with jobs.
4. Ron Johnson wants to move on. Trump's white supremacy is fine if he can just move on to tax cuts.
Gee. Ron Johnson is partly comfortable with trumps response. That's good to know. Russ Feingold,what say you?
cannot accept the fact that the Man has humanity for others.
you should censure Ron Johnson for his remarks about Senetar Mc Cain. Shameful. Do something!
Ron Johnson calling out McCain? Another example of what happens when a business person is "elected" to office.
You could have had Russ Feingold, Wisconsin. Russ Feingold. And you went with THIS sad sack.
Ron Johnson's comments about John McCain should be vilified by all Americans. Johnson has to be defeated in 2018
McCain was going to get the bill done;right?, but did someone sign him for ACA plan beforehand. He is better off...
Ron Johnson is an embarrassment to the good ppl of Wisconsin!. Wake up Wisco!. .
I hope McCain returns to the Senate just to punch Ron Johnson in his stupid face.
Sen Ron Johnson is a terrible person.
only 1 with brain damage is Sen Ron Johnson . only someone with brain damage would take away the H…
I would hope that McCain will do us all a favor and punch Sen. Ron Johnson out before the session is over.
Ron Johnson apologizes for his comments on McCain's tumor and his healthcare vote
Ron Johnson is deeply disturbed for making a comment like this. It shows how deplorable right wing nut jobs are.…
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Sounds like Ron Johnson been around too many corrosive plastics for too long. It's affected his brain.
Is it true Trump paid Sen Ron Johnson $50 to talk about McCains tumor??
GOP Sen Johnson on McCain's "no" vote: “not going to speak for (him). he has a brain tumor. might have factored in” https…
Disgusting is an understatement. I wonder what brain condition explains Sen. Ron Johnson's yes vote -- and his nauseating com…
Meanwhile Ron Johnson cried hot tears of sadness that people would get to see their doctors.
All these GOPers are such lovely, polite people
McCain spokeswoman said in a statement to CNN that Johnson's comments were "bizarre and deeply unfortunate."
Johnson assumes that anyone who puts country before party must have a debilitating disease. Shame on him.
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: John McCain's brain tumor might have been factor in his "no" vote on health care
NEW: Ron Johnson says the GOP pledge to repeal/replace Obamacare was an 'over-promise'
Mcconnell and Ron Johnson shook hands as they ended their convo. They both look much happier
not sure what happens with Ron Johnson and Mike Lee under skinny repeal. Individual senators have opaque motives
Ya know who else isn't running again for re-election to the Senate? Ron Johnson
Waiting for John McCain and Ron Johnson to vote. Vice President is on hand to break a tie vote.
We are at 48 yes votes. It's down to Ron Johnson and John McCain. Vice President Pence is ready to cast the deciding vote. Get it done.
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HHS Secretary Tom Price is on the Senate floor huddling w/ Sen. Roy Blunt. We're all watching Ron Johnson.
Q: You voting yes to take up O-care repeal bill?. "I don't know what I'm voting on yet." --Sen. Ron Johnson, just ahead of vo…
We are extremely sorry that our homestate of Wisconsin has exported clowns like Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson to you. Not a…
Good point about Moran. He's another unknown on the MTP. So is Ron Johnson. So many McTur…
With former manager Ron Johnson in town w/ Norfolk, here's a 2014 story about him & Kevin Boles:
This is Ron Johnson yesterday not saying to me if he'd back McConnell as leader next Congress.
.after GOP health bill's collapse: "I will not throw in the towel" on Obamacare replacement
Tonight we have 2 sets of 3 , preseason tickets to auction .. RAVENS vs REDSKINS starts at 6pm Ron Johnson is our speaker for tonight
Thank You Sen. Ron Johnson for selecting the affordable health care act over Trump's health care.
my Star Wars film predictions are a Han Solo sequel by Ron Howard, a Rian Johnson directed spin-off and a Gareth Edwards directed Episode X
Keep in mind won in Wisconsin was BECAUSE of Every GOP consultant had written off R…
My favorite thing in 2017 is how every journo on a podcast really relishes saying ‘Ron Johnson from Wisconsin'
CBO needs more time to review the amendment due to its complexity. Ron Johnson questioned if they would have a scor…
ICYMI: declined Wed. to say if he'll support Mitch McConnell for leader in next Congress:…
- - Ron Johnson should have 32 million reasons to stand with Medicaid purger-in-chief Mitch McConnell.
Not suprised good ol Sen Ron Johnson is looking to axe net neutrality considering he's probably still on AOL dial-up. GORE/LIEBERMAN 2020!
This sounds like something Sen. Ron Johnson would say.
Johnson mostly on target with claim on out-of-pocket health costs - via
Fact-checking the change in percentage of health care costs paid directly by the patient
ICYMI: Ron Johnson says in ‘40s, 68 cents of every health dollar was paid by patient, now 11 cents. Mostly True.…
Wisconsinites and Ron Johnson discovered this: USPS broke law in allowing workers to boost Clinton campaign.
Connect to Congress: Ron Johnson on health care. via
Sen. Ron Johnson threatens to obstruct passage of the bill funding the FDA if “right-to-try” language…
Read on why Ron Johnson, formerly a good soldier, has now become a thorn in McConnell's side: Revenge https:/…
Johnson & Johnson. There has to be at least a dozen of those all-time.
"I think it's a real breach of trust," Sen. Ron Johnson says of comments McConnell made privately to other senators on Medica…
Senator Ron Johnson is a traitor to the American voter. He should be voted out of office!
Sen. Ron Johnson speaks on GOP Senators speak after talk with Trump on Health Care. via
Testing Ron Johnson claim on how much out-of-pocket health costs have grown. via
Senator Ron Johnson: Trump argued for repealing, replacing Obamacare
Ron Johnson: "making steady progress." Do you know what you're voting on next week? "Uh, no."
Further update: this is extremely harsh, especially from someone not known as a thorn in the side of leadership. 34/ https:…
No, Damon was second. Ron Johnson was in the dugout, remember?
Ron Johnson would NOT say if he'd support MCCONNELL for leader next Congress when I asked him just now. Also critical of health…
"Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) expressed frustration with McConnell after the leader reportedly indicated to some...
Shame on you Sen Ron Johnson, for sidestepping the American Worker, in support of Foreign w…
Accusing your leader of a "significant breach of trust" is about as harsh as it gets in Senate-speak. 9/
- - Mitch McConnell has Ron Johnson's back. Why not his vote?
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) blasted Mitch McConnell on Monday for a “breach of trust” over the way the Obamacare debate was handled.
Ron Johnson gives a shoutout to the newest deep state-fueled national security compromisers on the block
These Republicans oppose the Senate health care bill (+ Ron Johnson of Wisconsin: my senator!). via
Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin is an economic Senator that does a great job explaining the…
Just got done speaking to a staffer at my Repug Senator Ron Johnson and told him to tell senator Johnson to vote no! Tomorrow another call!
I mean there have been literally thousands of activists on Capitol Hill for a week now, and Ron Johnson just caved.
Ron Johnson says leaders "better not" assume he'll vote yes for the bill or the motion to proceed.
Ron Johnson = 4th GOP Senator to oppose deadly healthcare bill. That's more than enough to kill it.
Ron Johnson: "I have a hard time believing I will have the information I will need to want to support a motion to proceed on…
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson need to jump onboard with President Trump and PASS this Law ! Change things LATER,…
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Ron Johnson can't support the Senate bill because it just doesn't hurt people enough.
Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee & Rand Paul announced they will not be supporting the Obummercare lite bill! You are American Heroes!!!
If you are counting on Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, and Ted Cruz to stop this than gosh I just don’t know what to tell y…
Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, and Mike Lee say they don't support the Senate GOP health care bill in its cur…
Sens. Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul issue statement on senate health bill, say they are "not ready to vot…
If Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ron Johnson are the current 'no' votes in the Senate, we are well and truly screwed.
Take no solace in the headlines saying four senators oppose . Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, & Ted Cruz will no…
Two RB's in history had 1,000. rushing yards in a season at 23 or younger: Ron Johnson & Rodney Hampton.
Nottingham miners voting conservative is hardly new, as Ron Johnson and Charles Pattie have illustrated:…
Hillman student Ron Johnson showing his support of black colleges Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Nelson Mandel…
Do you have any more info on Paul Ryan, Scott Walker or Sen. Ron Johnson!
Sen. Ron Johnson to new FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb:. “The rule threatens an emerging industry as well as former...
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Ron Johnson (R-WI) beat Russ Feingold by less than a quarter of 1%. Thinks he's invincible as he's not up for 6 yrs.
Col.Rep Ken Buck & WI Sen. Ron Johnson again r trying to hire FOREIGN WKRS using the excus…
Let's start with replacing Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Ken Buck.
Wisconsin is responsible for some of the worst people in politics. Scott Walker, Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, &…
I'm with you Keith. Guess you could say that Ron Johnson has short term memory loss!! Obama elected twice!!
Agree. Scott Walker, Ron Johnson & Paul Ryan want to take money out of state & funnel to friends at top…
John McCain, Lindsay Graham, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan They are the RINOS do not trust them
Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan next. On down the line of those suppressing voters and/or obstructing
6 more yrs for Ron Johnson as senior senator from Wisconsin. Yeee Hah!!!
Apparently "Ron Johnson the Senator from Wisconsin," is a real person and not an SNL character.
With Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson, I just want to dig a hole sometimes.
. Only if your senator or representative has even a smidgen of a conscience. Ron Johnson no. Not a smidgen.
I'm stuck with Ron Johnson for a Senator, it'd be a close race.
this guy should be senator again instead of their skunk Ron Johnson. Wisconsinites make the same mistake again as in 2010.
Wisconsin has delivered some real pieces of Republican trash. Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Reince Priebus.
Our senator, Ron Johnson, signed a bill that would allow telecomm companies to sell your internet browsing history. Hmmm that's not privacy.
Sen. Ron Johnson, R-WI, threatens constituents with court order for trying to meet with him.
uhhh Ron Johnson is having a "telephone town hall" and they called me and now I'm on the line and he's saying how "stupid" Obamacare is
Ryan ducked all town hall meetings in Wisconsin So did Ron Johnson who had a cease and desist order placed on people
An interview with retail legend Ron Johnson via
Ron Johnson! He was the head of retail when I worked at the store :).
My name is Ron Johnson. I come from Wisconsin. I work up on Capitol Hill. All the people I meet. CEASE AND DESIST!!!
Ha! Remember when Walker, Schimel called on Ron Johnson to support Supreme Court nominee?
seems a lot of *** out of WI now. Ryan, Walker, Ron Johnson. Home of John Birch society, Joe McCarthy.
Deep thoughts from Sen. Ron Johnson on Gorsuch: "the great thing about him, Judge Gorsuch, Hugh, is he’s a judge."…
Ron Johnson plans to support Betsy DeVos, despite massive wave of calls from constituents saying NO
Ron Johnson plans to support Betsy DeVos, is not 'on the fence.' via
Dear Paul Ryan, Tammy Baldwin & Ron Johnson:. I called your offices today to talk. Expectedly, to were...
Trump barely won by a 20,000 votes and Bernie would have beaten him here. Ron Johnson, who knows. That guy is a slimy shadeball.
always bummed out when I think that Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Reince Preibus, Sean Duffy, Glen Grothman and Mike Gallagher are from WI.
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Ron Johnson started campaigning with Eric Trump in October, it may have gotten him enough Trump voters to put him over the top
You need a very, exceptionally clear vision. And to me, a vision is some...
Her name is Katherine Johnson. Former NASA mathmetician & Medal Of Freedom recipient. She's not just some "local woman.…
DAVID PERDUE AND RON JOHNSON: Time for a reality check for Congress
1 warren Johnson,2 John force,3 ron Capps,4 Larry Morgan , 5 Jeff Diehl because he would bring Leeza diehl lol I am a fan of him also
Attn Ron Johnson, from Jan 5 > Obamacare enrollment continues surging in Wisconsin
Julius Jones, Ron Dayne, Michael Bennett, Rudi Johnson...just a whole crop of throwback names from that era.
Johnson and Yakubu. Yak, Vaughan and Anichebe. Best CF times. Ron and Eto'o could've worked under RK maybe?
I'm looking forward to Johnson and his party's contorted co-optation of the life-and-death issue of pre-existing...
- - Touting the free market as Obamacare replacement means profits over care.
Katherine Johnson. That's her name. Not "local woman."
that's funny u didn't acknowledge any 2016 retirements of Navy Wisconsinite but Ron Johnson did
Jaylen Johnson on last season's incident with Grayson Allen: "We had our little altercation," but it's in the past. "It's…
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: Republicans "don't have total agreement" on an exact ACA replacement https:/…
.best-in-the-nation ground game helped power Ron's stunning upset
Again, Ron Johnson was the heart and soul of A Different World.
Teaching Ferguson: Can in the Neoliberal University?. by Sarah Dowling, Marcus Johnson & Ron...
Call Ron Johnson and tell him to recuse himself! He should not get to vote for…
Apple has great marketing, among the best PR and marketing in the w...
Ron Johnson ran through Kim & Freddie back to back. He was really outchea
Hello from Ron’s Mission Control in New Philadelphia, PA 257.9 mi away
One of the best lines that Darryl Bell has ever said while playing Ron Johnson
*** Johnson, Ron Dixon and Sinbad transformed into crunchy clusters.
6 years, still no plan > Sen. Johnson: Republicans 'don't have total agreement' on Obamacare
in your article Rubio's vote is key for secretary of state nomination, that is Jeff Flake next to Rubio, not Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson to fellow Republicans: Health care law 'not going to be fixed overnight'
The first sentence is a lie, they are not near replacing the ACA unless nothing is a replacement. Then they quote R…
Toomey, Tillis, Ron Johnson even going back to Gardner and Ernst … Democrats tried to warn you.
Believe it or not, the Senator is not Ron Johnson.
I love Ron Swanson but he would have voted for Gary Johnson
.- piecemeal ACA change better than repeal/replace; law "not going to be fixed overnight"
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson on NPR says Rs should "repair" rather than repeal Obamacare: "Nobody here wants to pull the rug out from…
Sen. Ron Johnson on going it alone in 2016
Sen. Ron Johnson threatened to cut off his children for out-of-wedlock births, docs show he's anti women's choice
Listening to Sen. Ron Johnson (R) from the Foreign Relations Committee. In discussing recent terrorist attacks he...
(Washington Post) Two key chairmen call for new leadership : Sen. Ron Johnson..
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Sen.
Losing to Sen. Ron Johnson here in Wisconsin was so much salt in the wound! Dem leadership failed us AGAIN. Russ worked hard!
NDAA --why did Sen. Ron Johnson vote to have our media controlled by the... via
Will you work with Sen. Ron Johnson to rework the FDA deeming regs on the vaping industry? As is, will kill vape biz.
I didn't realize Ron Johnson and Tyrone Carter were in studio!
Sen. Ron Johnson: Trump & Tillerson should be wary of Putin via
.office reveals her schedule of US Senate meetings from last Thursday. I managed to pin down every one except for Ron Johnson!
Russians also conspired to re-Elect Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson.
Ron Johnson is running further ahead of Donald Trump than Kelly Ayotte or Pat Toomey. We know nothing. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ron Johnson defeated Russ Feingold for a second straight time, dealing a likely death blow to Dems’ bid to take back the…
Horrible news. Ron Johnson has no redeeming qualities. Russ Feingold was the sole vote against the Patriot Act. Anyway... h…
Ron Johnson wins in Wisconsin. That is a huge hold in the Senate. They were saying Wisconsin ground game was key and th…
.“Ron Johnson did not need to do this. Ron Johnson was a very successful manufacturer.”
Wisconsin 10 Osseo to Stevens Point has many,many Trump and Ron Johnson signs but only one Clinton and two Feingold signs.
Senator Ron Johnson has done more in 1 term than Russ Feingold did in 3. No need to send Feingold back. Ron Johnson has it…
Ron Johnson is already on to impeaching Clinton
Big time line up at the rally tonight: Sean Duffy, Ron Johnson, Rudy Guiliani, Bobby Knight, Reince Priebus, Scott Walker,
Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy, Jim Sensenbrenner and Ron Johnson support the guy endorsed by KKK
Good signs for Ron Johnson: WOW Counties (Waukesha, Ozaukee & Washington) turning out at high % (3 of top 8 countie…
What is it with Republican Senators this fall? Mark Kirk, Ron Johnson, now Richard Burr, have all gone off the deep en…
.UWEC has had events for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. They've also had Scott Walker + Ron Johnson there. All views are welcome.
Now in studio w/ Wisconsin senior Sen. Ron Johnson. (/
WI Sen. Ron Johnson, Chair of Homeland Security Cmte, formally requests more info on Clinton emails from FBI:
Sens Corker, Ron Johnson and Sessions voted against the Senate version of the veterans health care reform bill  
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Ron Johnson (R/WS); Bob Corker (R/TN); Jeff Sessions (R/AL) were the only three Senators who voted against the Veterans' Heal…
It's not just Tomah. Ron Johnson voted against major 2014 bipartisan veterans bill
Ron Johnson scoffs at climate change, saying ppl like places like Florida, forgetting climate change would sink it.
Reps up in early OH voting in 4 counties where BHO did well 32% 8% 10% 18%. Wi up 28% 25% 49% also good 4 Ron Johnson.
Diane Hendricks makes Ron Johnson feel like a bachelor again
Ron Johnson channels Dale Gribble in climate change comments -- people like it “a little bit warmer”: --- His…
I blog tonight about how Ron Johnson is morphing into King of the Hill's Dale Gribble. Follow for more!
Even now, Ron Johnson sticks to his...
Great Rally for Ron Johnson for senate. He's the guy who actually works for the people, not just traveling around t…
We need to re-elect Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Rob Portman, Kelly Ayotte, and Richard Burr to save the Senate.
I need serious help: I just had someone tell me that Ron Johnson has never even submitted a bill during his 6...
Keith Ware presenting student Damian Davis with the Capt. Ron Johnson scholarship award.
It's time to send a message Ron Johnson agent for the Koch Brothers and Mercer Hedge Fu…
You know who’s not on the list of GOP leaders who’ve un-endorsed Donald Trump? Sen. Ron Johnson. . Enough is enough: http…
All here who are anti Speaker Paul Ryan in a RABID way, unfollow me now. I adore him as I love Gov Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson. BYE.
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Guarantee he bashes Ryan and probably Walker. Wouldn't be shocked if he tries to hurt Ron Johnson as well.
No surprise and very sad that Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, and Mike Gallagher all stand by Donald Trump
Is it Ron Johnson or Scott Walker he favours for 2020?
When I thought Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan couldn't get any lower, this happens...
How's this for putrid? Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson, Gov. Scott Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel all join Trump at the Walworth Co Fair
Trump to share Wisconsin stage Saturday with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson via
Donald Trump will join Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson at Elkhorn festival
The GOP Fall Fest program is scheduled to start at 1:30p Saturday and will include Trump, Ryan, Ron Johnson and Scott Walker.
Ask Scott Walker, Ryan, Duffy and Ron Johnson to defend Trump. Those morons endorsed him. .
Donald Trump will campaign with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson in Elkhorn, WI on Saturday, per release.
THIS is the guy that Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson think should be our president. Really?!
manager Ron Johnson joins our final pregame show in just a few minutes on as the Tides meet the Durham Bulls.
Paul Ryan/Ron Johnson op-ed: "The feds are losing the war on poverty".
Paul Ryan & Ron Johnson: The feds are losing the war on poverty--because One Size does NOT fit all. https:…
*** Ron Johnson, who says he trusts Trump w/nuclear codes, wants to replace college professors w/videos http…
Didn't Ron Johnson want to create Town Squares inside JC Penney stores?
Terror watch list criteria questioned - Sen. Ron Johnson wants to know why Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen was re... https:…
Ron Johnson, Russ Feingold to debate on October 14th in Green Bay area -
This is who Scott Walker & Ron Johnson support. This is the man Scott Walker & Ron Johnson want to be President.
Pretty much Ron Johnson's only chan. "Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania". welcome back Russ Feingold
Ron Johnson's speech is MUCH improved by adding Edward G Robinson-style 'nyahh, see?'-s in all his pauses.
Ron Johnson becomes first SEN candidate to use in a TV ad
If this were the truth, then hypocrite Ron Johnson would bring Bush Junior up on charges .
Poll: Russ Feingold and Ron Johnson in tight race
Daily News Bin endorses Russ Feingold over Ron Johnson in Wisconsin Senate race in 2016 via
That's why Ron Johnson is about to lose to Russ Feingold.
Great news. His opponent, Ron Johnson, is conservative creeper.
Looks like Ron Johnson will lose in Wi LOL. Russ Feingold to be senator from WI again.
Ron Johnson is just one of many repub we have to get OUT of office. There is absolutely no better choice than Russ.
Ron Johnson has 33/44 approval, trails Russ Feingold 50/37. 41/18 less likely to vote for him bc of Court stance:
Corker sees promise in Ron Johnson gun legislation
Report: George W. Bush plans to help Ron Johnson in fundraising event
Decided to write to my Wisconsin Senators, Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson. Gonna send them on Monday.
Ron Johnson, like Reince Priebus, Sean Duffy, and Paul Ryan, is an embarrassment to Wisconsin.
Sen. Ron Johnson voted for Paul Ryan plans to make Medicare a voucher program, Democratic Party says. Mostly True
Ron Johnson's 1st campaign ad pretends he is not actually a senator nor a member of the Republican party.
If you did not know that Ron Johnson was an elected senator, this ad would not tell you.
Ron Johnson is no friend to veterans.
i think dwayne johnson is a better choice than ron ely and will due honor to the role of DOC SAVAGE.
Ron Paul: I’m not ready to endorse Gary Johnson
Ron Johnson thinks this man should lead our country.
Ron Paul was kind to Gary Johnson. I'm not.
It's only 11 minutes, but the talk sure packs a punch!.
we are talking about FP and Ron Johnson, nice deflection, typical right wing tatic
Ron Johnson has that last phrase exactly correct.
Senator Ron Johnson Sends Letter to FDA: Fresh on the heels of his podcast with SFATA, Wisconsin...
Having listened to a lot of Ron Johnson on the radio, I can say, this is in fact something he might say
...the fact that Ron Johnson was speaking to the lies that was told about the incident.
Crooked Hillary didn't want to go down the path Ron Johnson was pursuing... the lies told.
Ron Johnson was addressing the misleading of the American public not the reason for attack
There was a big difference between Ron Paul and me when it came to the...
I liked a video from Sen Ron Johnson ~ MAGE RTA ~ SubOhmBox V2 ~ Avacado Update
He trusted Hill..he kept asking 4 more security.She actually cut it.Some friend.
But he requested more security denied and staffing actually cut
What a beautiful day to deliver over 200 handwritten petitions to Senator Ron Johnson's office that say
Sen Ron Johnson on the VA hospital scandal
Sen Ron Johnson may not be at July convention for Trump. Let's remember him as he's up for re-election.
Iain Duncan Smith. Michael Gove. Chris Grayling. Boris Johnson. ...oh, what Croft and Perry could do with these.
BML at 9:06 AM ET-Ron Meyer-Why Gary Johnson will steal more votes from Clinton than Trump.
Yes, except for the fact that there was no 'Russian invasion' . Ron Johnson is a tool always in need of sharpening
GOP senator: Clinton's email could have led to Russian invasions: Sen. Ron Johnson, chairman of the homeland ...
Ron Johnson is our senator and he is working for all of Wisconsin.
d Ron Johnson is the most worthless do nothing senator in Washington & Wisconsin.
Former Penney CEO Ron Johnson said joining the Plano-based re - Foot
Ron Johnson tells Charles Sykes it's "disgusting" that Dems are politicizing his comparison of 2016 elections w/…
ICYMI: Sen. Ron Johnson joins Charlie Sykes to discuss "Right to Try" bill and media bias around comments.
Ron Johnson, the Republican Senator for Wisconsin compares the 2016 US elections with the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Wisconsin Senator Johnson likens 2016 election to 9/11 attacks: Ron Johnson, the Republican Senator for Wisco...
Paul Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, & guys like Ron Johnson created Trump!! I will never forgive the GOPe!
19. Ron Johnson 😩❤️ As annoying as he was we all loved him, special place in my heart for this sweetie
As is/was Johnson. He was a Republican governor. He's the only sensible choice.
I'm gonna write in Rubio, but I agree with you, Johnson > Trump/Clinton
Pick would lock it up.stick him in the corner.Ron Paul or Gary Johnson would also work.
Dustin Johnson hit a tee shot 372 yards today while I'm just trying to not duck hook mine out-of-bounds
US Senate Panel To Consider 7th Circuit Nominee: Ron Johnson blocked Obama's first nominee to the 7th Circuit...
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Hillary is pretty terrible. Trump's crazy. Gary Johnson has my vote, for sure.
Ron Johnson appears to be on my flight.that's two flights now this year. He's stalking me. I should tell him to do his job.
"base" has been electing cowards for years-I give you Scott Walker&Ron Johnson to start..
GOP senator's opponent trolls him with endorsement from The Lego Movie, which he called anti-capitalist "propaganda"
1/ Thanks for sending full list of incredible attending ! Jerry Storch, Ron Johnson..
Giclee Print - Watercolor Clown Ron "Toto" Johnson. TO BUY: Comment with your email address, and you'll...
"works if it's authentic, inspired, and has a clear point of view. It can't be a collection of input." Ron Johnson, CEO J.C. Penney
Dustin Johnson hit this tee shot 372 yards. That's not a typo.
Congratulations to Ron Johnson, senior instructor of management and organization, winner of 2016 RISE Above Faculty Award.
And hillary was operating with authority, the authority she used to decrease security in Benghazi.
Hillary's state department repeatedly refused to increase security:
Ron Wood and Melanie Johnson dressed up as scientists for a CTM conference in 2012.
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