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Ron Baker

Ronald Baker (born November 19, 1954 in Gary, Indiana) is a former American football offensive lineman in the National Football League for the Baltimore Colts and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Ron Baker pulls up randomly in 3rd quarter from half court. He is no joke.
Ron baker at the 1 , Luke kennard at the 2. Knicks will be 2018 NBA champions
dave. Is Grayson allen duke better than Ron Baker of knicks. I say yes you?. Ty dave
Ron Baker is only 19 days younger than Anthony Davis.
Ron baker , the hardest playing on the roster gets no pt...
Ron Baker died? I wasn't even invited to the funeral.
I'm a little bit really bummed that Ron Baker hasn't played.
Ron Baker fully looks like a school shooter
Ron Baker...whitest nba player of all time.
Randle came in & made 2 threes... ron baker wouldn't have done that
He's got the grit and grind to do so.
Right after Jackson-Baker PC, team officially confirms the 2-year contract agreement with former Dallas safety J.J. Wilcox.
Chris Baker, who was not drafted, says the only team he visited prior to the draft was Tampa Bay. Feels like he's come full…
and Ron Baker. He is a franchise player
My latest for on whether Ron Baker could become everything Iman Shumpert never became
luckily Fred Van Vleet and Ron baker finally graduated
The kid from Xavier with the Ron Baker hair, the JWill jersey number and the Tayshaun Prince body frame is in heat check mode
NBA Social Media rankings: Ron Baker can't see the haters, Whiteside doles out nicknames, Steph roasts Draymond
Our long national nightmare is finally over as Steph Curry's super team somehow snaps their losing streak against Ron Baker's…
Ron Baker gonna be first player with a shoe deal from Vans.
Think imma get me a Ron Baker jersey
Ron Baker playing some good D on Steph
These abc announcers are overrating Ron Baker right now
Who's back of the week: Fred Van Vleet and Ron Baker
The Knicks are building around Ron Baker and Sasha Vujacic so that's cool
.Fred Van Vleet and Ron Baker currently squaring off against eachother at Madison Square Garden, what a time to be alive!
Fred Van Vleet and Ron Baker were just on the floor lol
the euro stars featuring...KP, Slick Willy, KUZ, Slick Rick, Sasha the rat, and Ron Baker
All these years I thought the Knicks were unsalvageable and all we needed to do was package Ron Baker, Kyle O'Quinn, and Vujacic for Boogie.
Just Porzingis, Willy, Mindawg, Ron Baker, and Kyle O'Quinn. The Knicks should only play these five guys
A lot of flavor in OKC tonight as Ron Baker and the Knicks are in town. catches up with Ron t…
Don't listen to anyone who lists Ron Baker as "young talent"
read this quote by Ron Baker and he is now my new favorite white nba player of all time. sorry Dan Majerle
Ron Baker always looks like he has no idea what planet he's on or how he got there
have no idea if ur calling Ron Baker "billy hoyle" or referring to Hernangomez as 'billy' informally (like tu vs us…
Remember when a lot of people said Scott City product would never make NBA. Ron Baker starting tonight for Knicks. Via…
Ron Baker is an undrafted rookie who walked-on at Wichita St. Started tonight for the Knicks. It's Not Where you Start but…
Tim Hardaway Jr. raking the Knicks while Ron Baker shoots his shot is a very Knicksian way to spend an afternoon. I recommend it.
Ron Baker out here having some game for the Knicks!
In an effort to uncover Knicks version of Kurt Rambis, Jeff Hornacek starts Ron Baker over $50 million Courtney Lee
Melo finds Ron Baker for the early triple on
Tim Hardaway Jr. revenge game, no Dwight Howard to share the ball with, in Madison Square Garden, against Ron Baker.
Ron Baker getting the start at SG today for the Knicks. Over Courtney Lee and Justin Holiday. Bold move by Jeff Hornacek
Ron Baker the almost respectable score maker
Knicks have been a better team with Ron Baker going back to preseason can we expect to see Jeff use Baker with Rose and jennings?
The Ron Baker fan club is staying out all night at their local Applebees and their husbands may just get lucky tonight
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Good ol reminder that the Knicks Ron Baker was a walk on...he was also undrafted. Tonight he's a hero.
Ron Baker's career about to take off after tonight's game
Ron Baker played well in tonight's comeback W against the Bucks. We need our bench players to step up.
No coincidence that Ron Baker look like Ed Monix from Semi-Pro. This man teaching us to play the right way
Ron Baker scored 6 points and was a plus-18 in 12 minutes for Knicks. He had played a total of 2:59 in Knicks' last 8 g…
Ron Baker comes in and the ball starts moving I love it
I'd like to take this moment to say I've been a fan of Ron Baker since the beginning.😍
Ron Baker jerseys about to be flying off the racks...
Ron Baker out here changing course of entire season.
The Knicks are 1-0 in games when Ron Baker plays the whole fourth quarter
Ron Baker if Zaza can get Baker can get top 15
Any truth to the rumor that Ron Baker slept on Landy Fields couch last night?.
Thrilled for Knicks, Carmelo, but esp Ron Baker--a KS son!🌻
Carmelo Anthony scored or assisted on 20 of the Knicks' 33 points in the fourth quarter tonight:
Knicks will win the east lead by Ron Baker
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d-rose & jennings split minutes but both were struggling mightily. Ron baker is a solid backup. Hes there to facilitate.
"As a teammate I can't be mad, Ron works his *** off" Derrick Rose on The God, Ron Baker...
Ron Baker is treating the Bucks like they’re Loyola Chicago.
Ron Baker: College walk on, to Rotational player, to All American. Undrafted, to Summer league, to roster spot, to DNP'…
Brandon Jennings got benched in favor of Ron Baker and we can barely keep up where Monta Ellis has been these days.
I want to go to Coachella w Ron Baker.
Say what u want but Ron Baker can play D has the energy Knicks need!
Ron Baker and Marshall Plumlee have been assigned to the Westchester Knicks.
So tell me again why Justin Holiday isn't starting and Ron Baker isn't getting the bench minutes with Lee out?
if you see your favorite player. Melo. CP3. LBJ. D Wade. Boogie. Ron Baker. IT. Kristaps Porzingis. Joel Embiid. Kyrie. KAT. KD.
Hey Ms Jones whaddya think of our boy Ron Baker 👀
Ron Baker scored a career-high 13 points tonight for the against Golden State.
Ron Baker was a horrible ball handler. Too many turn overs. Phil Jackson needs to find another back up point guard ASAP
Jeff shouldn't have called that second timeout. That and leaving Ron Baker in the game really messed us up. This loss hurts.
Alrite coach. You've used up your 'Ron Baker' card. Put Jennings back in. Thanks.
I get building self-confidence in Ron Baker, but Jeff Hornaceck has to bring in Jennings from this time out. W's matter!
Man Michael Jackson spent all that money just to get Ron Baker's nose.
I do not see why Jeff Hornacek would not give Ron Baker an opportunity to play. Have to mix it up sometimes.
No Sixers fan will ever forget Ron Baker's contributions to our Orlando Summer League title
Ron Baker saves loose ball, bumps into Ben Stiller:
Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet in line for debuts with and »
Love Hernangomez and Mindaugus.. Ron Baker is a keeper. missed tonight. Brandon Jennings is doing his thing! 👍🏾
to 1969, when Dr. Ron Baker started his work as the first president of the newly-formed University of Prince E…
GIVEAWAY TIME! Do you want to win this mini-basketball autographed by Ron Baker? Here's how ➡️
Ron, the baker, voiced that Trump is a dobber.
the thing that everyone is forgetting about Louisville is that Ron Baker should've had a jump ball
Raptors announcers are raving about Ron Baker. Hopefully Baker has a great preseason for us
he was so nice for the Shockers, him & Ron Baker did work
He fought in World War II. He died in 2014. And he just registered to vote in Va.
By year’s end, gross debt will have grown from 68% of the economy in 2008 to 105%
Ron Baker, he went to the same school as Cleanthony Early
Novartis psoriasis drug maintains efficacy after four years: study
How funny. Ron Baker, few would recognize, 2 random Knicks, EVERYONE would know. ❤️
Drose, and the legend himself Ron Baker😎😎
Army veteran recovering from injuries after beaten during uptown riots »
It turns out Donald Trump was right about his defective microphone
Commission on Debates statement on Trump microphone: "there were issues regarding audio" -nex…
People must have forgotten the Knicks have Ron Baker now
Ron Baker interviewing Chris Fudge from Intuit at the 2016 IPBC IGNITE Conference Live Here
When Ron Baker and some other two random Knicks are about 10 feet away from you at dinner
Disrespectful behavior comes back to you in one form or another, and so does respectful behavior.". ~Ron Baker
LIVE on Watching Ron Baker and Chris Fudge talking about the tough stuff
Ron Baker edkless live at the IPBC IGNITE Event with Louie Prosperi CEO of IPBC IPBC...
and interview Ron's father, Sam Baker at the IGNITE Conference
What happened to character tests for citizenship? Alicia Machado, accused getaway driver, threatened judge w/ murder, had n…
Dave Mills, Richard Williams, and Ron Baker, Ebey Island FF, 2016! . Please like my art
History Makers Don & Ron Baker stopped by A-High today to tell their story and show off their amazing photos!
A pod of Orcas seen off the San Juan Islands just west of Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF, Photo by Ron Kikel.
While Hillary profits off the rigged system, I am fighting for you! Remember the simple phrase: https:…
the only player to be in the NCAA longer than Ron Baker is good ole Perrt
Cam'ron arguing with his girl, and has the dude playing dramatic music in the background. 😂
Inspirational quote from Wichita State's Ron Baker.What 3 things are you doing today to become great human beings?…
I feel like I was in on this Ron Baker action... -250
Part 2 of my conversation with Ed Kless and Ron Baker about blockchain technology.
Ron Baker putting in work with the From Scott City, KS to working out side-by-side with Melo, D-Rose, Joakim &…
Ron Baker just dapped me up and said, "go Royals."
gonna miss hearing him call me Ron Baker.. RIP John
They sleeping on Ron Baker. Jeff Hornacek is gonna mold him into mini Hornacek.
Ron Baker might make the team and might be lowkey useful
August 1, 2016 – New York Knickerbockers President Phil Jackson announced today that the team has signed guard Ron Baker.
regram Ron Baker has a partially guaranteed…
Summer league starts Saturday I'm hype about that I wanna see Ron Baker & Mason plumlee mostly I like them
What's your opinion on Perry Ellis from Kansas and Ron Baker from Wichita State not getting drafted?
The dubs have some great fans but I was up at 3 am watching Justin Holiday & Ron Baker highlights
Just now realizing that Wayne Selden, Perry Ellis, Fred Vanfleet, and Ron Baker didn't get drafted..
o come team led by Perry Ellis and Ron Baker
Undrafted Wichita State guard Ron Baker will sign with the Knicks on a partially guaranteed deal. (Y)
Knicks current shooting guards are Marvelle Harris, Ron Baker, and Justin Holiday
current Knicks bench: Langston Galloway, Kyle O'Quinn and either Ron Baker or Justin Holliday bc one is technically starting SG right now
Sources: Wichita State's Ron Baker has agreed to a partially guaranteed 1-year deal with the New York Knicks. Baker was…
60 players were better than each of the following in 2016 NBA Draft? Ron Baker, Wayne Selden, Perry Ellis, & Fred VanVl…
Cleveland Cavaliers brought in Ron Baker, Yogi Ferrell, Derrick Jones and Kyle Wiltjer among others today for a workout, per league sources.
Enter for a chance to win a singed basketball from Ron Baker
Hear from Melo Trimble, Ron Baker & Anthony Barber on their workouts with the tonight on the
Ron Baker graduated from Scott City five yrs ago & walked-on (greyshirt) first year of WSU. Today he's one of 63 player…
you've turned into a nasty old turd. No love for Wichita St and Ron Baker and the SDSU "rules violation" rumor.
Special Thank you to Ron Baker for being a Round-Table Coach and lending his wisdom on during...
Ron Baker is invited to the NBA combine, according to his father. The combine is May 11-15 in Chicago.
Ron Baker (Wichita State), Marquese Chriss (Washington), Isaiah Whitehead (Seton Hall) have been invited to the NBA combine. (Via ESPN)
Scott City can't wait to hear you talk about Ron Baker! After talking about him last year, you're 1 of ou…
I think Ron Baker might actually be Captain America.
Obama's last year, Kobe's retiring, Fred Vanvleet and Ron Baker leaving WSU. This year *** lol
Following the opening prayer (?) tonight's guests of the Force are introduced - Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker.
I got paid to sit in between Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet tonight sooo how was your evening? 💁🏼 my job rox
Perry Ellis, Ron Baker and Coach Gregg Marshall make it, on tonight. great game, great season of hoops.
Ron Baker makes four episodes of One Shining Moment, but not a single shot of Fred VanVleet? That isn't right.
Glad they showed Ron Baker and Greg Marshall in
Gregg Marshall wins CoY for District 16 of NABC. Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker both first team. Marshall CoY 4 out of last…
Because I bet Greg Marshall is also leaving now that Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker are gone.
Ryan Arcidiacono just made the on his birthday. The last player to reach the on their birthday? Ron Baker. …
Brady Heslip, Phil Forte, Stauskas, Ron Baker, and now, Archie? Nah, Perry Ellis didn't take 180 hours of undergrad to lose.
i didn't wanna have to do this Archidiancho but you're getting the Fappiano curse, Ron Baker and Grayson Allen meet your new brother
Ron Baker had 2 offers out of high school -- UALR and South Dakota State -- walked on at Wichita 1st year instead
Ron Baker will be better than Doug McDermott in the NBA
Ron Baker was understandably emotional after final college game.
Ron Baker is college basketball royalty
Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet are gone, but Wichita State can still remain a mid-major power:
Even without Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet, Wichita State can remain a powerhouse
Happy Birthday to my BFF !!! I'm so glad I met you this year Ron Baker!
The mid-major careers of Kellen Dunham, Roosevelt Jones, Fred Van Vleet, and Ron Baker ended today. . Sad day for coll…
Lot of big-time seniors ending their seasons today. Kris Dunn, Fred VanVleet, Ron Baker, Roosevelt Jones, etc. Some speci…
Just a friendly reminder, Ron Baker had unlimited swag back in high school.
Ron Baker had one of the best college careers.
Dear Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker: Thanks for everything. It's truly been a pleasure. Signed: America.
With the loss, Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet’s great careers at come to an end
sad to see the goat Ron Baker play his last game
Ron Baker isn't ready for this to be his last college game!
Don't want the excellent college careers of Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet to end here. That Angel garbage off the glass may have been dagger
I want to go back in time and have a young Michael J. Fox play Ron Baker in the Wichita State movie
Ron Baker currently couldn't find a wheat field in the middle of western Kansas. cc
Ron Baker and Thomas Walkup are the new Doug McDermott. Carrying the torch of white boy basketball.
I got a pretty big crush on Ron Baker. Dude can ball and he's not bad to look at 😍
Ron Baker and Providence's game winner stepping up big!
Ron Baker's gonna be like Peyton Siva and never leave college in my mind
Sean Miller needs to develop these dudes. Ron Baker shouldn't be dominating this talent pool
Ron Baker a Evan Turner type player can do a little bit of everything and maybe a better shooter
Ron Baker and Sean Miller are in their own personal sweat-off.
Ron Baker and Frank Vanvleet like my heroes breh.
Sean Miller need some of the ice from Ron Baker's veins to combat his profuse sweating 💦
Ron Baker has never been scared of the big stage
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
what's your current opinion on Ron Baker?
Nobody is going to rip Wichita State for taking a no-star kid from western Kansas (Ron Baker)
Ron Baker could pull off those big bulky Patrick Ewing knee pads
Ron Baker should be allowed to play at Wichita State forever.
Alonzo Trier is gonna have a big game, so is Ron Baker. Mad buckets! Exciting hard fought basketball
I feel like same way about Ron Baker as I did Doug McDermott. So Wichita State, time to shock the world. Begins now.
Arizona: Coach Sean Miller says Wichita State is \"remarkable\" and he admires guards Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker …
It's gotta be the hair Cotton, feathered and lethal. Sorry but Ron Baker got better hair
Ryan Anderson is pretty good for Zona but these Senior guards for WSU: VanVleet and Ron Baker are destined for a run
Ron Baker reminds me of Woody Harrelson's character in "Semi-Pro"
Greg Marshall bouta leave Wichita State after Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet's last game
Ron Baker's been playing at Wichita State for 73 years 😂😂
I have apparently also confused Ron Baker with Rob Baker. Rob Baker is a Canadian guitarist (via Google), so I'm literally all over the map
Ron Baker, EJ Singler or Greg Paulus - anyone play longer than these 3 guys in college?
Good to see 10th year senior Ron Baker playing in another tournament
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I like Wichita St tonight. This is what Ron Baker, Fred Van Vleet, and Greg Marshall all came back for.
Ron Baker: "I think it kind of gives us a head start," on the Shocks play-in game vs. Vandy
Ron Baker just went all one-legged Dirk Nowitzki on Northern Iowa...
Ron Baker looks like a better skateboarder then a basketball player. Pretty sure I've seen him at Desert Breeze skate park before.
Appears as if Ron Baker is locked in for Wichita State today. Playing well today.
We had managers Ron Baker, Jeff Tepper out to honour billet family Vinay, Sara Mehta (Dube/Kirkland)
When Harper tells her grandpa how much she wants to go to a WSU game to see Ron Baker he makes it happen for her. b…
Wichita State's Ron Baker, Fred VanVleet ready for final tourney run (by
Ron Baker is 9 assists away from tying P.J. Cousinard for 10th all-time in Wichita State history. Ron needs 13 to tie Tony Martin for 9th.
Sleeper pick I want on the later in the draft, Ron Baker from Wichita State. Great perimeter shooter. Underra…
Bond between WSU seniors Ron Baker, Evan Wessel, Fred VanVleet and city runs deep. Great read from
Ron Baker has 12 points. Morris and McDuffie have 7 points each. Shockers shooting 56 percent on 27 attempts, lead 39-21.
Ron Baker, Shaq Morris, Anton Grady and Markis McDuffie all have six or more points. WSU has picked its poisons well.
Shaq Morris didn't have a foul in 18 minutes tonight. Ron Baker: "Really? Wow. That will probably never happen again" (Joking... sorta)
Ron Baker with the behind the back assist to Shaq Morris.
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Dude. Mark Adams just said Ron Baker was a first round NBA Draft pick. does anyone other than Shocker fans think this? Cuz, no way.
A win against UNI will give Ron Baker his 100th victory as a Shocker.
I'm in the same place as Ron Baker.
true. College basketball is embracing Ellis are the king of HIHST, but isn't acknowledging Ron Baker at all
Egidijus Mockevicious- Thor, I know hes not scandanavian but work with me. Ron Baker- Captain America, Scott City, Kansas…
Looking for a premiere 1-on-1 matchup in college hoops tonight, you won't find any better than Ron Baker v DJ Balentine.
J. Brown starts out on VanVleet, Simmons on Ron Baker
Who's been in college longer: Ron Baker or Perry Ellis?
I feel like Perry Ellis (Kansas) and Ron Baker (Wichita State) have been playing college ball for at least 8 years now.
The Floor Is Yours: . As long as the Shockers have Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker, they're the king...
Syracuse's Trevor Cooney is like Wichita St's Fred Van Vleet & Ron Baker, seems like they've been playing for years.
From Furkan Korkmaz to Ron Baker, looks at the best wing shooters in the 2016 NBA Draft.
then why the *** do they have Ron Baker higher than Kyle Wiltjer
If you crown Fred VanVleet, you cannot forget his backcourt partner, Ron Baker.
Shox crush Nevada at home, 98-69: . Ron Baker scored 17 points and Wichita State set a school record with 44 m...
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After scoring just 2 points in the first half, Ron Baker dropped 15 on 4-for-6 shooting in the 2nd. Leads the with 17.
with how the league currently plays, Baker not VV. I love Fred but size hurts him. Ron is at least a 3 and D guy, maybe more.
Baker likely gets drafted early 2nd round. Fred goes late 2nd or undrafted. Expect Ron to contribute but VV is a wild card
Technical foul on the Wolf Pack bench. Ron Baker hits both free throws and Nevada is down, 59-35, with 14+ minutes left.
Ron Baker with the make and the foul. Maybe that’ll get him going. Was 0-5.
Lol Ron will never live that down with me 🙈🙈
Ron Baker about got this place hype, but he came up a few inches short. The rim was victorious.
Ron Baker has been given his biggest deal rest all season. Baker played just 8 minutes in the first half. Shockers up 44-29 at halftime.
Under 8 timeout and the leads 28-16. Ron Baker’s been quiet. Just two points so far.
Some old guy: "Ron Baker is going to be an NBA superstar!!" Me: 💀💀💀💀
Fred Vanvleet and Ron Baker were big parts in that undefeated regular season two years ago
I added a video to a playlist Anita Baker- Same Ole Love (Official Video)
One person who RTs this will win a month of 😘💃🏼
I'm pretty sure Perry Ellis and Ron Baker have been playing college basketball for 8 years now
Very helpful 1-hour video presentation by Ron Baker.
If Hermione is black that means that her and Ron's son is and if that isn't the best thing ever idk what is
Singer Ron Baker has left us after a gunshot wound. Recquisat in pace.
'Ron and Edith Baker's wedding - leaving the church, 5 February 1949'
We were able to chat with the real Donnie Baker after the show at Bdubs. Ron Sexton!! I have to…
"When Ron Baker went up for a touchdown" actual quote from Paige today
Time to watch my boy Ron baker and Wichita St vs Seton hall
smh Noah. Don't even know who Ron Baker is..
Fred Van Vleet is good. Ron Baker has been SG at Wichita State since 1985. Greg Marshall is an elite BBall coach. How are the Shockers 4-4?
S/O to mom for the photos of Ron Baker tonight since I couldn't go. 😍
These are good people to hang with ... Chelse.. is you boy friend Ron Baker???
gets to see Ron Baker ball tonight and she had no idea who that was until I told her. How is this fair?
Bob Lutz: Battered Ron Baker looks for help as Wichita State ...
ICYMI from in Orlando: There are 4 surrounding Ron Baker, but they're not scoring or creating.
My All-Senior feel like they've played at their schools ten years team: . Spike Albrecht. Yogi Ferrell. Ron Baker. Perry Ellis . Amile Jefferson
AJ Hammons, Denzyl Valentine, Kyle Wiltjer, Yogi Ferrell and Ron Baker are my starting five on the 7th Year Senior team.
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Dang that hair was terrible. The Ron Baker is not coming back
"Lower still is the only way forward" - Ron Baker
Congratulations on your new 2015 Ron Baker Chevrolet Silverado Mr. Luis! Thank you for shopping on The Mile.
yooo that's like Andrew Reynolds and Cam'ron watching Baker 3
Ron Baker is my favorite player in Basketball.
The 2nd annual "Ron Baker Memorial" Tour event will be held on Friday, June 3, 2016 at NY's Freedom Motorsports Park
Boogs I'm not with you on this one, you were a "die hard Seahawks fan" last year
Seahawks to beat the pats in the Super Bowl.. Everyone knew that
WHO ARE YOU! You loved the heat, oh wait "Lebron" don't even start and last year, I wanted the
Thanks for sharing the podcast "LinkedIn Influencer Ron Baker on giving IP away (^AG
My boy Ron Baker was in Aledo today. 🏀🏀 @ Mercer County Family YMCA
Ronda Rousey was undefeated. She endorsed Bernie Sanders. One week later she got KOed.
Imagine if KU actually had Ron Baker... Cause he wanted to come here😐
Congratulations to the Ron Baker Chevrolet employee of the month Yasi! She started as a receptionist and is now...
Seems like Ron Baker and Fred Van Vleet have been at Wichita State forever.
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I'm definitely a big Ron Baker fan too
““This 1974 Net is pretty much the Original Ron Baker
Artists Ron Baker. This is a collection of artwork for Janus magazines. …
Ron Baker has been on Wichita State for 8 years now tf
Ron baker been at Wichita State for 15 years
VanVleet and Ron Baker are still at Wichita St? They should be in the over 40 league by now.
Ron Baker, Fred VanVleet still at Wichita. All college hoops teams used to be like this. It was glorious...for us.
certain u will bring up on MTP tomorrow...NOT!
Obama's JV terror team named ISIS is at it again. Hope that France doesn't follow his lead.
I feel like Ron Baker has been gettin buckets at Wichita St. For like 8 years now
Do you ever just sit back and think to yourself "How does Ron Baker have any NCAA eligibility left?"
Really happy the ncaa is giving Ron baker an eighth year of college at witchita state
I'll be so happy when Wichita State *** again once Ron Baker leaves.
Ron Baker has been on Wichita State for at least 10 years now
Ron Baker (Wichita St.) is gonna do some damage in the NBA someday. Calling it right now..
Ron Baker gearing up for his 10th season at Wichita St
*** Feels like Ron Baker from Wichita State has been there for 8 years
I swear it feels like Ron Baker has been at Wichita State for the past 15 years
For real, how is Ron Baker still on Wichita St.?
Ron Baker and Fred Van Vleet are still at Wichita???
Any All-American list without Ron Baker and/or Fred Van Vleet is stupid.
Fred Van Vleet and Ron Baker give Wichita State the best backcourt in college basketball. Talented, experienced and toughest.
First team All "They're Still There???" team along with Perry Ellis, Georges, Ron Baker and Buddy Hield
Jakob Poeltl at No. 14 in the country. Ahead of guys like Ron Baker, Perry Ellis, Ty Wallace, Kyle Collinsworth.
NBA scouts got a good look at Ron Baker in Pan Am Games
Ron Baker was the best college player for Team USA at Pan-Am Games
Ron Baker and Marcus Paige have been playing college ball for 25 years now.
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