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Roman Reloaded

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is the second studio album by hip hop artist Nicki Minaj.

Pink Friday Nicki Minaj Roman Holiday Lil Wayne Marilyn Monroe

Open heart, open mind. Listen to the new single from featuring now on TIDAL: https…
"I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA" - Kendrick Lamar
Roman reloaded was released during the "digital" era and still underperformed :(
Branching in other genres eh ? So we gonna forget how Onika tried watered down pop on Roman Reloaded and still got…
Are we just pretending Roman Reloaded and Pink Friday don't exist or...
Thinking I wanna premiere from today instead of tomorrow. 300 RT's and I'll play it today on
Now idk what is going to sound like. I definitely don't want another Pink Friday roman reloaded album.
Roman Reloaded is good though ☹️ ; 'Only' plays all the way through on a good day. The rest yes. Bu…
One of my mutuals said that Pink Friday was better than Roman Reloaded.
TBH. I kind of want an Roman Reloaded type album. Just alot more grown up and better handled
Much love to the best rapper period right now, spitting more bars than Hershey's 👊🏽💯
Side To Side is an EXPERIENCE at the Dangerous Woman Tour 🚲
"Swalla" has over 72M views on VEVO. Watch here:
Italian police say Ecuadorian tourist cited for inscribing names of son and wife and "2017" inside Roman Colosseum.
Unapologetic, Pink Friday Roman Reloaded et 4 your Eyez only sont mes albums fav
The only time o listen to techno music is only when I'm listening to album ROMAN RELOADED 🤔💓👸🏾
Hamilton Collection
And he used Roman Reloaded to go on a rant about Clear Channel.
I always forget how invincible Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded can make me feel - especially when walking down Park St with my shades on
This is for since he slept on stupid *** for years Listen to Stupid *** by Nicki Minaj on
she's petty for cutting 7/11 and using the same choreo for Sorry
Doesn't take away my love for her but Roman Reloaded was so.disappointing for me.
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded will forever be my favorite Nicki album.
Listen to I Endorse These Strippers (feat. Tyga) by Nicki Minaj on
Nicki really really dragged Kim on "Roman Reloaded" bad 😫😫😫😫
If SB decides to be messy I hope he releases unreleased tracks from Roman Reloaded... that was an ERA
Roman Reloaded had the pop girls shook
all of Roman reloaded basically was that
I need some Roman Reloaded therapy dami ko galit
Listen to Come On a Cone by Nicki Minaj on
who cares?. Just be a roman father and stop being emotional
Listen to Starships by Nicki Minaj on thursday night party tune for ya babe 💋💋💋
I should put that I know every word to every song on Roman reloaded on my resume
Monica speaking facts, if there is no kids involved there's no conversation, move on.
Adele talking about her son loving “Anaconda.”
yep u should buy her Roman reloaded album
He already admitted he wrote roman reloaded
How I imagine Paul was looking at the magistrates when they were escorting him out of Roman jail.😌.
Roman reloaded was better than Pink Friday tho:/
Pink Friday roman reloaded went platinum something iggy couldn't achieve with her last two albums
Pink Friday and Pink Friday roman reloaded, Pink Friday sold 2m in the us and pfrr is at 1.7M in the us.
Pink Friday Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded . You do know that it's harder for a album to reach right? Lmaooo
B**CH I'M CERTIFIED! just notched 100M views on her star-studded video ft
Tomorrow, Nicki Minaj will open the VMAs performing "Trini Dem Girls". Who's ready?
Nicki slaying my entire existence with the cute dress & hair
Roman reloaded was such a good album for it all too
Me listening to the first half of Roman Reloaded vs. me listening to the second half
yea I understand but I basically like all the album apart from sex in the lounge and roman reloaded
Roman Reloaded was trash. That was a complete 360.. she struggled to come back in Pinkprint
lol @ if you think The Weeknd's album was more of a 180 than Roman Reloaded
I thought this was some like a roman reloaded before I finished the sentence
Roman's revenge, Roman Reloaded, Roman in Moscow, Roman Holiday- no other female MC can offer so much creativity & aggression in a track.
Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded the re up Nicki Minaj
Pink Friday's a classic tho. Roman Reloaded was more experimental, and The Pinkprint is bliss.
En route to Leeds for Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded & The Pink Print on 🙋🏼🎀🎶
Playing a medley of songs from Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded, The Re-Up and The Pinkprint, hope the people in this household r ok
im so glad the mess that is the Roman Reloaded era happened it gave me a lifetime full of fun turn up songs
roman reloaded slay all your faves Nicki Minaj
Pink Friday . The re-up . Roman reloaded. The pink print
And it gets so good thingd however Roman Reloaded is my fav album
I just unintentionally listened to Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up
I'll never get sick of the songs on Roman Reloaded
Pink Friday: roman reloaded the re-up with a touch of Pink Friday again
Also… This is why I don’t like Motha hanging with plebeians. This screams the ever flopulous Roman Reloaded.
yup, and yes to Ghost Stories, The Grey chapter, Roman Reloaded, Hillary Duff, anything basically but that doesn't sound funny 💁
Like Nicki really won by hosting an international award show. I'm done 👑🎩🏆
I forgot how good Roman Reloaded The Reup was 🙊✋
Listening to 's Pink Friday.Roman Reloaded. Forgot how much I loved this album.
The sad truth is Nicki will never top Roman Reloaded.
Nicki Minaj is the only rapper that the three biggest hits of her career are solo songs.
Nicki Minaj is by far my favorite person in the music industry 👌
I will stop coming for the cover of TPP it's still better than Roman Reloaded (not that that's so hard to achieve tbh).
The Roman Reloaded cover is infamous/iconic
the re-up gave me hip hip realness, face and slayage. Roman Reloaded deluxe gave me all types of struggle with that dry wig
And to correct you, Nicki is on her second album because Roman Reloaded is a mixtape.
Nicki’s Roman Reloaded album still slays tbh 🙏
Roman Reloaded gave us the iconic Roman Holiday performance @ The Grammys.
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Already outsold Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up deluxe edition this week only
Dedicate to all them stupid *** out there. I am listening to Stupid *** on Kreayshawn Radio
Prism, ARTPOP, BEYONCÉ, and Roman Reloaded “You can only pick 4 albums, which do you pick?
This is my jam: Beez In The Trap by Nicki Minaj
nothing better than long album names. Pink Friday Roman Reloaded sounds like heaven
.x "Anaconda" achieves a gold certification in Australia this week, selling over 35,000 units.
Nic has been on Vevo for over 2 weeks now 😊
Said lol b/c I said that like everyday of the Roman Reloaded era.
please do US sales for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded by Nicki Minaj.
I just remembered that me and my friend thought that 's next album would be ''Pink Friday roman reloaded the re-up the bestest'
The poppers o'clock stuff on Roman Reloaded is fun to run to. You can pretend you are unsuccessfully running away from Starships.
- Roman Reloaded reminds me of summer 2011 or 2012. Good times tbh lol
Listening to Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up. Literally have not heard most of these songs and it's been out forever. I'm awful.
Marilyn Monroe is the worst track off Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up
Jessie is premiering Bang Bang in an American radio station in about 40 minutes!
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Bang bang by Arian grande, Nicki Minaj & Jessie j. Is the ish.
Nicki Minaj on Bang Bang kinda reminds me of Roman Reloaded
Jessie J's and Ariana's vocals are so powerful and beautiful in Bang Bang and Nicki's rapping is so good
Can we just talk about how good bang bang is 😍😍
Obsessed with Bang Bang by and already 😍😍
How good is rap part on new hit 'Bang Bang' - and woo hoo! 😍
Nicki's verse on Bang Bang makes . Iggy's verse on Problem look amateur .
I wonder if Nicki gone put 'Bang Bang' on the deluxe edition of the Pink Print b/c she is technically a lead artist as well.
100,000 + downloads first week + about 8 million (or more) STREAMS + radio airplay will put Bang Bang atop Billboard.
Y'all care about the artwork too much. The song is flawless. STFU please & enjoy the music. 🎶🎶
help us please. Use the tag for thank u !
Nicki Minaj had the last good female verse in a Cypher
If you downloaded the single via iTunes, go listen to it on VEVO now. 🙌
You woman held yall own Killed it, Killed and Killed it. They all have a BIG hit on…
These white artists know how to correctly promote & collect their coins. Meanwhile 'No Love (Remix)' isn't on iTunes. 😒😒
Stream the OFFICIAL audio for Bang Bang here!
👏👏👏🙌 “Nicki Minaj sounds so amazing on Bang Bang.”
Nicki’s ending reminded me of Lil Wayne on Roman reloaded.
We've got (feat. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj) by Jessie J coming up at 12:30 AM.
WORLDWIDE link for 'Bang Bang' as soon as hits iTunes at midnight:
Read my response to open letter to here =>
this era so far is coming for roman reloaded wig. Im so excited for everything you have planned for us❤️ Nicki Minaj
Jessie J's Bang Bang f/ Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj is already in the Billboard Trending 140!
Bang, bang into the roof. I know you want it. Bang, bang all over you. I'll let you have it.
every time I saw 'bang bang' Nicki's song roman reloaded started playing in my head idk
I love Nicki's mixtapes, don't get me wrong, but none of them come close to Pink Friday or even Roman Reloaded.
Masquerade by Nicki Minaj from the album Pink Friday ... Roman Reloaded (Deluxe Edition) - iTunes:
Pink Friday is a CLASSIC!! Roman Reloaded... Eh... Not so much Nicki Minaj
That moment when the Nicki Minaj in me is feeling all Roman Reloaded \(^^,)/
Marilyn Monroe and Roman Reloaded RT65) What song from Roman Reloaded needed a video¿?
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Nicki Minaj - Beez in the Trap on Pink Friday ... Roman Reloaded
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded will always have a special place in my heart bc whenever I listen to it it reminds me of when I met Nic 4.7.12♥
Young Forever is the best ballad on Roman Reloaded. 👋
Tiffany Foxx is sexy. *downloads mixtape, is sorely disappointed, consoles self with Roman Reloaded*
I really wanted a video for is one of my favs from Roman Reloaded
I might be having company today,well later
Teresa you can take the bus lol and Jeff can come down here!
Wish I was at home to witness the IzzoCannon. 🏀🏀💚
This is why the Roman Reloaded era was the best
Dang.I should've came down to Wayne State this weekend!
'Beez in the trap'- Nicki Minaj ft 2 Chainz, Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded (2012)
I know the entire Roman Reloaded album because I was on a Nicki hype after the concert.
BEEZ IN THE TRAP is my favourite track from Roman Reloaded.
She's well aware Roman Reloaded was a mess, and that's good
Roman Reloaded is Nicki's latest album, and it sold 253K in one week lol
I just wanna see my mom's reaction when I surprise her. ☺️😊
Roman Reloaded videos are all so much better compared to the Pink Friday videos though.
How did yall NOT know Blac Chyna Was Nicki's stunt Double in The Monster Video ?
Can't believe I'm going to see King BEY tonight! 👑👑🙌
Beyonce concert tonight! In all of her glory! Preparing for my life to be snatched!!
I'm listening to Right By My Side by Nicki Minaj on Pandora
Just one of those Return of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up 2 Furious vs. Predator kinda days
Nicki Minaj | Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is the most selling Hip-Hop album of 2012.
Urban airplay is the highest it's ever been with the Re Up. Higher than it was during Roman Reloaded.
1st Performance in the Age of "Roman Reloaded" was at the Grammy Awards 2012, Featuring on Stage
U do realize The RE UP was in attempt to BOOST the sales of Roman Reloaded and it still hasnt sold a Mill rite?
Dear barbz, let them talk, we did it. Roman Reloaded.
What was the point of Nicki putting Va Va Voom on Re-Up ? If its on Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded
I still wana know y va va voom is a "new track" on Re-Up when it was on the deluxe version of Roman Reloaded?
One more song, then off to bed ima stop blowin up TL's till tmrw cuz ima listen to Pink Friday roman reloaded. :p
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NEW I'm listening to Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj on Pandora
Roman Reloaded sucked but The Re Up is cold...
Roman Reloaded... Erh haay I'm not so fond of that album, but I Love HB!
Pink Friday Roman reloaded went number one in over 6 counties
Was looking for Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded..didn't find it!# screaming!
Chillin in my roman reloaded shirt n pajama shorts ;)
"Dear Barbz, let them talk. we did it. Roman Reloaded."
can you make a men's cologne caked something like “Roman Reloaded", “The Kidd", or “The Full Roman"?
"Fire Burns" is my favorite song off 'Pink Friday Roman Reloaded' (:
Le pediré a mi mami de regalo Pink Friday Roman reloaded the re-up♥
I used to hate Nikki Minaj lol now I love like every song on the roman reloaded cd
Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox > Just wish it was more than 10 songs.
After three nods and a huge performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj doesn't make 2013 nominations list.
The Iconic Nicki Minaj Performs live at ATELIER on Friday December 28th at Meydan Racecourse. -Produced and Organized by Alchemy Project -In association with...
If you’re a fan of hip-hop diva Nicki Minaj and have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of her new material, look no further than her revamped album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up. It’s basically her sophomore album if it had taken a dose of steroids.
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The RE-UP is now on iTunes -
Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1982[3][4]), known by her stage name Nicki Minaj ( /mɪˈnɑːʒ/), is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer-songwriter, voice actress and television personality. She was born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago. When she was five years old, she moved to the New York City borough of Queens. Minaj trained as an actress before she released three mixtapes between 2007 and 2009 and signed to Young Money Entertainment. Minaj's debut studio album, Pink Friday (2010), peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) a month after its release.[5][6] She became the first female solo artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time.[7] Her seventh single, "Super Bass" has been certified quadruple-platinum by the RIAA, and has sold more than four million copies, becoming one of the best-selling singles in the United States. Minaj's second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded ( ...
Maraj Magazine is the magazine about the Young Money rapper, Nicki Minaj. Thanks to you, we've come this far! Maraj Magazine is 100% dedicated to the Onika Maraj; aka Nicki Minaj! This magazine is currently under development and we will strive be the best magazine Team Minaj has ever seen! Young...
Counting down 2 days to 2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia !!! Melodies, BTOB will arriving Malaysia TODAY ~~ Thier flight details is MH67 4.50pm KLIA. Don't miss the chance to meet the boys at airport later !
Dear Nicki Minaj, From the very beginning you always stood out. Started as a underground rapper to a worldwide superstar! Showing people you have barz! Showing them you have talent! Let the hood know Nicki got that thunder cat! To be here. To see you come so far. It's the greatest thing to experience as a member. Rapping on a staircase then performing in clubs! God has blessed you with so much talent and love! Thanks Wayne for picking the WINNER! You changed lives, you created love and happiness. From: ''Playtime is over'', ''Sucka Free'', ''Beam Me Up Scotty'' to ''Pink Friday'', ''Pink Friday; Roman Reloaded'', ''the Re-Up'', and later ''The Pinkprint''. Many more to come! We fight for you! We shed tears for you! We love you! We support you! You continue to break boundaries. You prove to people you are'nt one to mess with! To be able to have a relationship with you is a blessing! Nicki, Thank you to giving us strength! For listening! For caring! For loving us! For inspiring us! For guiding us! YOU ARE O ...
Calling all Barbz! Your queen, rap and hip hop star Nicki Minaj, turns the big 3-0 today. In honor of her three decades and milestone birthday, we want to honor Nicki's top three accomplishments of the past year. 1) The always colorful star topped the charts with her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and then hit the road this summer on her first North American tour, The Pink Friday Tour! She also won three American Music Awards this year, and while she didn't take home a Grammy in 2012, she was still nominated for three! 2) Nicki told Cambio all about her voice acting debut as "Steffie" the wooly mammoth in the animated movie Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, alongside Drake, Rebel Wilson and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few! 3) She crossed over to television. Not only was her "My Truth" E! miniseries wildy successful, but she also landed a coveted judging spot for the upcoming season of American Idol! With everything Nicki's got going on (including her third studio album tentatively titled Pin ...
What was your favorite album of the year??
Cuales son los albumes que no puede faltar en el top 2012? - What are the albums that can not miss in the top 2012?
(via Maraj Magazine) Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded has sold over 727,000 copies. this included sales from the re-release: The Re-Up!
Nicki's newly released album is not even in the top 50 this week! :)
Adivinen cual disco Original deluxe me compre.
Nicki Minaj stopped by Fuse to talk about her ideas for a "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The-Re-up" follow up. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel:
Just days before hitting our shores, Nicki Minaj released yet another version of her Pink Friday album - this time called Pink Friday Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up.
Gonna edit and upload a video of my FIRST TUTORIAL to Roman Reloaded - Nicki Minaj ft Lil Wayne :) Any Dancers who wanna learn it go ahead and if ur confident with it upload it? :) If it *** sorry D: Never made a tutorial vid before so yeah idk how its gonna turn out..
PS: The 1st album was "Pink Friday", the 2nd "Roman Reloaded". I wz comparin the most recent batch of songs 2 "Roman Reloaded".
I'm really enjoying Nicki Minaj's follow-up album Pink Friday: The Re-Up... much better than "Roman Reloaded".
Beautiful Sinner is the 14th track on Nicki Minaj's album Pink Friday ... Roman Reloaded (Explicit Version). The album was released in 2012, and consists of 19 tracks.
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - THE REUP will be released NOVEMBER 19TH, 2012
Champion never gets old>> This is the only song I listen to off Roman Reloaded.
ikr he's my favourite alter ego :') love Roman in Moscow, Romans revenge, Roman Holiday, Roman reloaded MONSTER OMG YES
I just bought: 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded- The Re-Up' by Nicki Minaj via
Someone buy this for me I'm broke :( :') ill love you forever
You can now pre-order Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The REUP on Amazon - - Everywhere NICvember 19th
mi favourite songs Trey songs-heart attack chris brown-dnt wake me up nd dnt judge me justin biber-overboard nd believe witney huston-i wil alwyz love u dj vetuk nd mahoota-via orlando Nicki Minaj-roman reloaded,your love nd romance s revenge lms if u love ani of da above
I shoulda gave away copies of Nicki's "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" so kids would stop coming to my house.
"Kush on my breath, cocaine on my tongue.." - Lil Wayne on Roman Reloaded with Nicki Minaj
According to the Recording Industry Association of America, bothPink Fridayand its reworked successorPink Friday: Roman Reloadedhave been certified as platinum-selling albums. And on November 19, Nicki Minaj will essentially repackage her debut for the third time with the release ofPink Friday: Roma...
Nicki Minaj has repackaged her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album and will re-release it on November 19th.
Young Money's Nicki Minaj will introduce the third installment of her "Pink Friday" debut with some new bonus material.
Along with the original tracks fromPink Friday: Roman Reloadeddisc 1 ofPink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Upwill contain all new music with a 90 minute DVD that features behind the scenes action and tour footage. Album in stores November 19th, check the new track list after the jump:
Nicki Minaj's re-release "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-up" should just be called "Roman Reloaded: Giving It Another Try."
Ok barbz! I just shared every video by Roman Reloaded!! Muuaahh XoXo
What's yar fav video by Roman Reloaded album?
So Nicki Minaj will be hittin E! up for a 3 Ep Reality SHow.NEXT MONTH so get ready to view that.nd 4 of the 7 tracks have been announced for ROMAN RELOADED the RE UP has been announced .(UP IN FLAMES.HIGH SCHOOL.I ENDORSE THESE STRIPPERS.nd of course THEY BOYS.) Lets Get it
Nicki Minaj roman reloaded tour tomo with
Now Nicki Minaj, Roman Reloaded was decent. Roman Holiday & Beautiful sinner - fav tracks. Shes interesting. So ill check out the re up.
Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded etc. Well done Miss Barbz South Africa is where I come from - Beautiful Sinner
Nicki Minaj isn't letting go of her sophomore albumPink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Last night on the red carpet at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, the Harajuku Barbie told E! (viaRap-Up) that she plans to repackage and re-release the LP asPink Friday Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up.
Nah, Pink Friday was better RT"Nick minaj's Roman Reloaded is actually better than Pink Friday imo..."
off of the Re-Release of 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' its called 'Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up' due in november
Roman Reloaded. Sex In The Lounge. Roman Holiday. etc. and she uses Pop elements like many rappers do
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj from Pink Friday ... Roman Reloaded (Parental Advisory deluxe version)
Okayokay. Which song do you like the most; Roman Reloaded or Roman Holiday? 😍
Raping Nicki Minaj's album "Roman Reloaded"...i cnt stop listening to all her songs...i love them all :) esp my fave "Fire Burns"
I liked a video from Roman Reloaded [ft. Lil Wayne] - Nicki Minaj (Lyrics)
A.M.C ; A song that reminds me of you:Nicki Minaj-Roman Reloaded . . . Rate:10 . . . LBR:You cool AF and we should hang out more .
"Dear Barbz, let them talk. We did it. Roman Reloaded."
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