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Roman Reigns

Leati Joseph Anoa'i (born May 25, 1985) is a professional wrestler and former Canadian football defensive tackle.

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By the way, it's okay to like Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, John Cena, Goldberg, Lesnar, Taker, and Y2J. I'm a fan of all of them.
I never thought Roman Reigns would have me appreciate John Cena. Just wow..
Roman Reigns wouldn't survive an ECW crowd. They would've been throwing chairs, drinks, and toilet paper. John Cena knows the feeling😂
Roman Reigns will never be more impacting or brand building as John Cena was for the WWE and there's nothing McMahon can do about it lol
By the way, is the polarizing John Cena's absence helping or hurting Roman Reigns' own polarization?
Superstars who competed in the final match at for 3 consecutive years:. - Roman Reigns. - John Cena. - The Rock. -…
why are you trying your best to shove Roman Reigns down our throat like you did John Cena for the last 14 years
Why would you accept to lose to Roman Reigns? John Cena is way more deserving of retiring you than Roman Reigns.
Roman Reigns is my favorite wrestler. Don't @ me.
John Cena deserves that honor more than Roman Reigns.
you want Roman Reigns to fly over? Let him destroy John Cena. While Bringing Attitude Era Back.
Dudes of New Day, Roman Reigns, and John Cena are really trying to shame me for being a Goldberg fan. That's RICH!
Roman Reigns should have had his head down during his entrance just like John Cena did during his ECW One Night Stand appearance
looks like John Cena is going to get more cheers then Roman Reigns.
John Cena and Roman Reigns. One is booed because people like new faces. One is booed because he's genuinely hated.
it's time for WWE to do a Roman Reigns vs John Cena Match at Summerslam 2017 or at WM 34
Best way to appeal to the IWC: have a heel Roman Reigns face a heel John Cena in a Loser Leaves Town Match, have...
Man I need a heel Roman Reigns vs. John Cena at a WrestleMania one day.
John Cena is the lord of babyface heat but Roman Reigns has dethroned him with the greatest of ease.
And to you Roman Reigns no hard feelings but...
"Top babyface Roman Reigns puts down evil old man" WWE Spin Doctors at work
They brought out Jim Ross for the final match? Don't tell me they're about to have Roman Reigns retire The Undertaker bruh.
After tonight, Roman Reigns will join Hulk Hogan, The Rock, John Cena & Triple H as only guys to main event 3 straight
The Wwe Network app booted me off fora minute on my Apple TV. That should only happen in a Roman Reigns match.
Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble by last eliminating Jinder Mahal with a steel chair at wrestlemania
AJ Styles himself said he did not carry Roman Reigns or John Cena in a recent interview with Sam Roberts.
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TONIGHT! LIVE! on the Wwe Network, Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman in a "who has the most wrestler-sounding name" match
Oh well if the Wwe Network was gonna 💩 out on me at least it did it during Roman Reigns match!
Remember when Cesaro was a Paul Heyman guy? Of course you don't. Why would you when all the "cool" kids are blaming Roman Reigns?
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My updated Roman Reigns army camo. my gamertags are. Roman_Reigns. Army Camo.…
Roman Reigns denying a partner to go against Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. Theodore Long would've still made it a tag team match.
El Hadji Diouf was the Roman Reigns of the Premiership when he played for us.
if Roman Reigns was shoved down our throats, He'd be holding every championship gold including the cruiserweight an…
I liked a video from Roman Reigns wants payback against Braun Strowman in Las Vegas:
Nikki Bella just proved the world that even she has a better Spear then Roman Reigns 😅😂
WWE . Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns wins tag team titles . Both Seth and Roman Went for the world title . OH WHY IS RO…
Big Dog the Bounty Hunter, where Roman Reigns goes around arresting people.
ESPN also prone to Roman Reigns effect, trying to push somebody nobody wants, like Rome is Burning or Rick Reilly
At the Maverik Center for WWE live and Charlee with their new Roman Reigns shirt that Uncle Jay bear…
Homer Simpson watches Roman Reigns number 30 in the Royal Rumble
Passing of the urn and then Undertaker possesses Roman Reigns and he becomes the new Undertaker. Sign me up for that.
oh the Chris Morrow track. I thought you meant the actual ElementGames Knox Hill song "They call me Roman Reigns..." etc
I would have rather had Curt Hawkins at No.30 then Roman Reigns
In France we don't say Roman Reigns, we say Manuel Valls and I think it's beautiful
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With the Royal Rumble filled with popular superstars, we pitched Roman Reigns on some ideas that might help get the fans…
Only matches I care about on Sunday are Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns, John Cena vs AJ Styles and obviously the match itself
AJ Styles and John Cena set to steal the WWE Royal Rumble show from Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens
I think most of us here are AJ Styles and Kevin Owens fans who hate both John Cena and Roman Reigns, these next...
I liked a video from Roman Reigns interrupts Paul Heyman: Raw, March 16, 2015
reasons why u don't see it..Raw is centered around authority figures, part timers and Roman Reigns..great formula says no one
1/20 results from featuring Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens in a street fight match
Remember when Dana Brooke was supposed to be the Roman Reigns on the women's division? Well she was jobbed out to Alicia Fox again.
WWE Roadblock: End of the Line 2016 results as Roman Reigns challenged Kevin Owens
Roman Reigns is gonna win the rumble and face himself for his own title after he beats Kevin Owens
What are the odds of Roman Reigns ending the night the last man standing in the ring?
I can't wait to see them go into Wrestlemania with Roman Reigns and John Cena as the champs. Fans will LOVE that!
An actual shot of Roman Reigns carrying Dean Ambrose like the dead weight he is.
Rusev is Roman Reigns when he plays FIFA. Why? "Because he never loses." . OH GOD. 😂😂.
So someone said Sasha Banks is better than Roman Reigns and John Cena has no talent yeah it's time to get off the interne…
Do Coach think Roman Reigns should turn Heel since fans boo him?
Hello , i wanna know your first opinion about roman Reigns, the words you said when you saw roman Reigns first time
Congratulations to my sister daughter went to see roman reigns and the superstar in Brooklyn last night thank yalll https:…
Some unexpected kudos for Roman Reigns from !.
If you think you'll watch a Roman Reigns match and see a LeBron James level performer, you're in a for a huge let down. Trust me.
Every Roman Reigns fan who fills my cup with tears over my critique of him, their profile had nothing but Roman. NBA was nowhere to be found
95% of Roman Reigns fans don't know who the *** LeBron James is because they live in a dark basement & inside the…
Roman Reigns is not just a great wrestler he is a great Human being. I can't understand how can people hate him!!! 😢
This must have haters seething NXT throwback: When Reigns was dubbed the 'LeBron James of wrestling…
Raw shows in North America in November, headlined by Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens, averaged 5,000.
Think this is another Roman Reigns fan who cannot handle the heel charisma of Owens. Then you want the attitude era…
Roman Reigns vs. and 5 alternatives for the rumored 33 main events…
Hello guys are you praying for your someone special, I mean the greatest emperor of empire Roman Reigns.
Check out this video I found in the WWE app on iPhone!. TBT: . Roman Reigns on NXT !
Charlotte and Roman Reigns are the only superstars who entered 2016 as champions and ended 2016 as champions :)
Roman Reigns is destroying A top face who can't draw a face reaction hurts your top heel & storyline not 2 mentio…
Rusev:"when we play FIFA i am roman reigns ". Kofi:"and why's that?". rusev:" ...cos roman reigns never loses"
Proof that Roman Reigns can do anything
Couldn't decide if I wanted to wear my Roman Reigns or KO shirt today. So after some deliberation, I'm now wearing Cactus Jack. BANG! BANG!
Roman Reigns and The Usos vs Aj Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: via
"Tonight the main event will be Roman Reigns vs...". "Nikki Bella will be in action against...". "Brian Kendrick wi…
Is Seth Rollins being besties with Roman Reigns good for Reigns or bad for Rollins?
I added a video to a playlist Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins 2016
I hope Roman Reigns wins the Universal Championship on December 18, 2016 at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Brown people love Roman Reigns, because he makes Bryant Gumble look like Malcom X.
Another Survivor Series, another PPV ending with us all booing Roman Reigns?
But seriously if Roman Reigns survives all the way and won, this years Survivor Series ***
Roman Reigns & Aja Kong hold the record for most eliminations in a single traditional elimination survivor series matc…
GIF: Shane McMahon appears to get injured on huge spear from Roman Reigns at Survivor Series
Bill Goldberg or Adam Edge Copeland? Or do you prefer Roman Reigns?
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It’s not just an American thing. They hate Roman Reigns overseas too
United States champion Roman Reigns should except Dolph Ziegler open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship
Oh I get it - so Seth Rollins can't use a move called the "Curb Stomp," but Roman Reigns can use a move called "The Drive-By"? Yeah ok.
Here's something you can't unsee: Roman Reigns' logo looks a lot like the Kottonmouth Kings logo
Best thing about is No Roman Reigns kr Rusev 😂😂😂
Roman Reigns was is and always will be
Never gets old... YOU IS THE MAN!!. All day.. every day Mr. Roman Reigns . My Face of for sure
I really feel like some fans just boo Roman Reigns just for the *** of it at this point.  His promos have...
King Roman Reigns 👑😏. tomorrow where we'll see. the best of our . Bring the house down!
One of my faves! Roman Reigns . was ready.. this was awesome with . 2 killer spears!! Real proud of this. performance by my
What a combo... what an incredible. man Roman Reigns cannot be touched.
here is what we will see at *** In a Cell. Roman Reigns vs Rusev = American Style HIAC. Owens Vs Rollins = Red Style HIAC
Good luck this is what. happened last time Roman Reigns entered the cell.. he's taking you to. *** 🍻
I added a video to a playlist John Cena VS Roman Reigns
One thing's for sure Roman Reigns . Knows how to make his fans feel. special... always has time for us!! . He is without doubt a…
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BTW Roman Reigns in winning his match . Good job spoiling it in that Glasgow video
Roman reigns is my favorite United States champion ever I love his signature move the super man punch and his finisher the spear
This will end in a Roman Reigns run in. QUOTE ME.
same time women and children get bullied and mocked for supporting Roman Reigns.
so they heavily emphasised HITC is a TRIPLE Main Event. Roman Reigns.. back in the Main Event baby. Be-leeve dat!
If u are a Roman Reigns hater and u follow me please unfollow i don't want u replying to my post with a lame post
I think wrestlemania 32 because it would get the crowd pumped for this match plus roman reigns closing the show made no sense.
I looked on the comments of Christians theme and the first thing I saw was "Christian >>>>> Roman Reigns"
Roman Reigns will continue to make. History.. very few can do what he has. done! Very proud fan 💝 sky's the limit
Roman Reigns will be still United States and Charlotte will be 3x Women's Champion
every single thing that happens in WWE is obviously a conspiracy to make Roman Reigns look good/put him over. EVERY. SINGLE.…
LOL That is true, THEY LOVE this guy but HATE Roman Reigns? Reigns actually has a lot of talent, I think he is underrated.
Roman Reigns did says the same thing lol look at him
"has done despicable things...inside I am going to do despicable things to Roman Reigns!" -…
don't worry I won't! I do have good news though! You have more than Roman Reigns,Shane McMahon and Rusev combined! Well done! 😂
Chris Jericho's list and James Ellsworth have something in common ... They're both more over than Roman Reigns. =)
well that's why. It didn't say Roman reigns champion forever.
Roman Reigns is the real heel in this feud. Only reason Rusev is being booked as a heel is because he is foreign.
Daily reminder: Roman Reigns will tear the house down this Sunday inside HIAC
James Ellsworth's t-shirt is out-selling Roman Reigns, Goldberg, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose merch currently.
How do you see the WWE United States Championship rematch between Roman Reigns and Rusev inside *** in a Cell play out
Roman Reigns and the United States Championship look good together... I dig it.
Roman Reigns vs. Rusev for the United States Championship inside the on October 30
Roman Reigns defends the United States Championship in a *** in a Cell match in 3 weeks at *** in a Cell
Roman Reigns united states champion and universal champion in Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble or next Survivor series
Look at Henry Cejudo [UFC Fighter] he's badass bro! IN WWE he'd be fed to big apes like Roman Reigns, John Cena, Big E,Corbin
Find someone that looks at you the same way Roman Reigns looks at the United States title
Should Roman reigns have a universal title match
This is why I love Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins
Unboxing WWE 2K17 Instructions. 1) Open the box. 2) Put the game in your console. 3) Set Roman Reigns' entrance reaction to bo…
Roman Reigns will have more than enough spears to go around!
question for this week is 'Who should be the next challenger for Roman Reigns' US title'?.
tonight Raw the Roman Reigns is the new wwe world heavy weight champion, the dream comes truth WWE…
NO my 2 favorite wwe superstars roman reigns and Brock Lesnar are going at it at wrestlemania idk who to vote for.
Please if You want to see Roman Reigns as the
Everyone giving Hillary the Roman Reigns treatment because she beat Bernie (Daniel Bryan?)
if you support Roman Reigns, or 'Like' if you think he will win the United States title at Clash of Champions. htt…
In no way, by any objective or reasonable measure, is Roman Reigns the hardest pushed member of any WWE roster. At…
Roman reigns is the united states champion BELIEVE THAT
Plzzz make a match between roman reigns and John Cena coz they are the best we all want to knw who is best. .
DVD Review: WWE Money in the Bank 2016 - Seth Rollins v Roman Reigns 6.
Jeff Hardy vs Roman Reigns with Grado as special referee on
Roman Reigns has had good matches or 1 1/2 years now...its time for peeps to get OFF the "Roman can't wrestle" train IMO
Coming up next on Clash of Champions, US title match - Roman Reigns vs Rusev
Roman Reigns ; a prime, thick example of living ART
Roman Reigns and Randy Orton are set t9 cross paths next week
So if most Samoans look like Jason Mamoa & that wrestler Roman Reigns,where tf they hiding Where I gotta go to get 1? Hawaii?New Zealand?
please stop ddosing the dead forum so I can post hot takes about Roman Reigns again
Isn't it funny that the only person who didn't have an "excuse" for their wellness policy violation in the WWE was Roman Reigns?
I ship Roman Reigns and the wellness policy
Lastly,today in history,in 2014 lost to Roman Reigns in Streetfight Match in Monroe,Louisiana.
ends with United States Champion Rusev locking Roman Reigns into the Accolade.
Welcome back Rusev! Have a good time looking up at the lights Roman Reigns courtesy of the United States Champion! Beautiful!
can you guys believe this?! Roman Reigns ranked number one wrestler by Pro Wrestling illustrated?
Roman Reigns ranked as number one wrestler in the world in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Top...
Roman Reigns vs Big Cass should be good. Rusev will interfere and Cass gets a boost for singles matches.
Enzo and Big Cass, leading into Roman Reigns. *please don't mind my…
What are Enzo, Big Cass and Roman Reigns doing out there for the race?
The gripe with Roman Reigns was "he got to much to fast" well Finn Balor just got to much way faster than Roman did.
& follow for the chance to win a Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Pop! prize pack!
Credits to the owner of this. . Seth Rollins = Jacksepticeye. Roman Reigns =Markiplier. Dean Ambrose = Pewdiepie
HulkHogan,please do pray that The Rock's cousin Roman Reigns beats Rusev 4 the US Title this Sunday at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn,okay?
hey Stephanie McMahon I heard Rusev and Lana want revenge on Roman Reigns tonight on RAW it funny last week
Doesn't Jay Weinberg give you Seth Rollins vibes? Now we just need a Roman Reigns
The only thing great with raw this past Monday night is when Roman Reigns & Randy Ortan stood up to the biggest spoiled jerks
I liked a video from Bray Wyatt on Luke Harper's Injury, Are he/Roman Reigns face or
Sami Zayn, Sheamus, Cesaro, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Rusev, Kevin Owens, and Finn Balor are in the two four-way matches…
Dean Ambrose plants Roman Reigns on his head for the title and Roman's cousins are hoisting him over his head lmao https:/…
It's not October but I want to be Harley Quinn or Roman Reigns this year.
What will benefit is the current and rapid decline of Brock Lesnar. And the fact nobody enjoys Roman Reigns.
The answer is indeed 6!. Roman Reigns has 3, Seth Rollins 2 and Dean Ambrose, the current WWE World heavyweight champion h…
Tomorrow, Roman's suspension is ending. When time hits 12:00 am, We supporters of Roman Reigns aka Roman Empire, are gonna celebrate!
Roman Reigns has been drafted to . But John Cena has been drafted to
The couldn't get Roman Reigns over in the span of 2 years. Matt Hardy got a xylophone over in 10 seconds.
we have . We have our Champ Roman Reigns Back!. A good week for .
Me reaction ,when the haters boos roman reigns 😂
10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Roman Reigns via well that was just mean saying that about dean!
No more doom n gloom.. we've got . Roman Reigns The Best GUY returning . to Doesn't get any better! .
I can't believe I am saying this, but If I can't bring The WWE Championship to RAW; Roman Reigns will. The WWE -- https…
Roman Reigns is the best Champ ever
Roman Reigns' suspension ends in a day.Maybe everyone should stop worrying about Brock cause it dont matter.
hi gl Anderson aka roman reigns my favourite wrestle what's up aka the big dog and champion my friend,
Even though they got Roman Reigns, absolutely won the draft.
Roman Reigns update, will the Draft affect this weekend’s live events?
Boo Jon Cena and boo Roman Reigns... Can't they just both reitre...
Huge fan Sean, I am. But Brock violated the rules for ONE match, Roman Reigns has a contact sport match sometimes 5X/week.
So Brock Lesnar failed a drug test, so did UFC's Jon Jones and of course Roman Reigns. . John Cena claims he puts...
Yes, & eagerly waiting to hear "Here's your winner & the new WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Roman Reigns".
I find it funny that Tamina Snuka and Roman Reigns are off tv at the same time. Are they the same person?
Diamond Dallas Page vs Roman Reigns vs Kofi Kingston in a Triple Threat TLC match at
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Roman Reigns joins elite company with Arnold Skaaland Helen Hart with Owen as honorable mention
ICYMI: Roman Reigns talks about marriage (video), Sasha Banks on cover of Muscle & Fitness…… htt…
WWE Draft: John Cena headed to SmackDown, Roman Reigns to lead Raw
Breaking: Jon Bones Jones vs Roman Reigns at SummerSlam for bragging rights.
Roman Reigns suspension plays part on Monday Night Raw...
I have more male faves than female, Sigrid Thornton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Roman Reigns, The Rock, John Cena lol
My best friend got me a Roman Reigns T-shirt THANK YOU
Little known fact: The work with special Olympics is how they found Roman reigns.
Roman Reigns & the Uso's should turn heel and team as The Samoan Shield!
What will WWE do with Roman Reigns at Battleground?
Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose discuss Roman Reigns' suspension on RAW
Rollins & Ambrose address the Reigns controversy: Raw, June 27, 2016. via on Android.
When a Old schooler hears that Roman Reigns is gonna be champion again.
I'm not a Roman Reigns basher. But this without him has been refreshing. . Focus has been on the Title, not 1 Guy…
"I'm not suppose to talk about Roman Reigns but *** with it, it's live TV! Let's talk about Roman Reigns"
I feel like Roman Reigns being suspended is nothing but good for WWE. It was time for him to get off TV for a bit.
can anyone tell me what Roman Reigns did that Seth Rollins was talking about?
I liked a video from REACTION TO Seth Rollins ROASTING ROMAN REIGNS
Seth Rollins is just jealous that Roman Reigns is better than him an he is genetically superior deal with it.
Why does the usual "blurgh i'm roman reigns i punch people"
😃 AJ Styles John Cena vs. AJ Styles, Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins and the top ... 😧😃
Seth saying Roman Reigns scandal embarrassed him??? Is he for real???
Roman Reigns — Suspension Addressed on RAW by Rollins and Ambrose (VIDEO) - Reigns — Suspension Addressed on...
My Respect has increased for. Roman Reigns in the last week. It. takes a REAL MAN to own up to. a mistake. Proud of him
When you realize Seth Rollins has beaten Roman Reigns and John Cena in 8 days.
What a unique attempt to make people cheer Roman Reigns.
Seth Rollins, just say it like it is, Roman Reigns got suspended because he got hooked on Hulk Hogan vitamins.
Seth Rollins just brought up Roman Reigns suspension.
Seth Rollins is going to talk about Roman Reigns... this should be good
"To *** with it ... Let's talk about ROMAN REIGNS!" -
Chris Jericho & Roman Reigns are the only heels in the company. One is meant to be a heel and is great at his job,and the other...well,yeah.
Seth mentioned that he's not supposed to talk about what Ronan Reigns did then proceeded to not mentioning what Roman Reigns did. SMH.
I liked a video Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose address the Roman Reigns controversy: Raw, June 27,
You killed it with this! Great idea for a continuous ending segment,Also the Jonathan Banks/Roman Reigns things had me rolling!
My all time favourite Wwe superstars Roman Reigns, Th Rock, Stone cold, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Seth Rollins,
This man got more heat Monday than John Cena and Roman Reigns combined.
Just let John Cena and Roman Reigns on Smackdown, so time for a quick poll!
Rank your top 5 $exiest men of all time. ___ Oh gosh. Dolph Ziggler, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, John Cena and Ra...
Congratulations are due to Roman Reigns for doing something i thought impossible: Making me miss John Cena.
WrestleMania 22, Triple H lost to John Cena in the main event. WrestleMania 32 comes around, Triple H loses to Roman Reigns for the title.
Roman Reigns isn't the next John Cena - He's the next Randy Orton
John Cena is proving that Roman Reigns' incredible match with AJ Styles wasn't AJ's fault.
Vince's face telling Roman Reigns he was suspended.
Hi roman reigns you loss world heavy championship. You get back title back nexttime
do you want to see Roman Reigns as a special guest at magcon?
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Iceland and the Irish better move on or I'm going to be saltier than a Roman Reigns supporter.
Dean Ambrose being champ and Roman Reigns getting suspended? Looks like Smark Christmas came early this year.
I didn't know Roman Reigns did hard drugs but I know he had a serious problem with boos
Roman Reigns Is a trippy boss that dances butts
I have facial hair and long hair, but do I look like someone from Pakistan or Roman Reigns?! I'm born and bred in England, tanned at birth!
I should make it absolutely clear that the Roman Reigns suspension is genuine and he HAS NOT jumped ship to WCPW.
That's a *** Shame who knows how cool it Would have Been to See Roman Reigns F*g booked the Right F*g way
Roman Reigns is no longer my hero. I want a real role model to look up to like New Jack or Jimmy Snuka.
I know Roman Reigns did hard drugs but not calling by name as They vanity search hard.
I liked a video Breaking news: Roman Reigns suspended by WWE
Our boy will always stand tall... Roman Reigns is . 👊
Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins. It all goes down in 32 days for the WWE Championship at https…
I liked a video from ROMAN REIGNS SUSPENDED for 30 Days | WWE News
A collection of Roman Reigns suspension memes
I liked a video from WWE Suspends Roman Reigns - WHAT JUST HAPPENED!
Little Giant Ladders
I heard Xavier woods was staying there and his boy Roman Reigns too I heard this was also found...
why you suspend our hero bring back our hero please Vince!!! Please we love roman so much!!!
Seeing a top superstar like Roman Reigns get suspended just shows how serious takes its wellness policy. Nobody is immu…
The saw a REDESIGNED fly all over the place last night at
I added a video to a playlist Roman reigns tribute - toy soldiers
Rudo Radio Episode 51: Money in the Bank and Roman Reigns’ suspension
Dean Ambrose filling in for Roman Reigns, WWE CWC participants warming up at WWE PC today
/ TBH I love Roman Reigns so much that's why Ash is so fond of him 😂😂
Roman Reigns will have the last laugh!. He's coming back Stronger!.
Dean Ambrose may have won Money In The Bank but Roman Reigns put his money in the Dank
The Impact of Roman Reigns' Suspension on & his Future. is UP on & iTunes!. ht…
Roman Reigns has made more wishes come true than John Cena ever has this week
Hi Friends! This is going to be very interesting match between Roman Reigns and John Cena vs Seth Rollins...
In one day Roman Reigns has granted more wishes then John Cena has in his entire career...
By that logic smark 'hated' guys like John Cena & Roman Reigns wouldn't sell so much merchandise.
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Can you believe in one day, Roman Reigns granted more wishes than John Cena ever has?
Let's play, the best of LOP comments on this Reigns fiasco! Number 1!. 1) In one day Roman Reigns has granted more wis…
Roman Reigns has been suspended. naughty boy!
Roman Reigns, you have been a naughty boy. Tut tut tut.
Roman Reigns is a wet fart in every aspect. Fans dont like him, gets pushed to the moon despite hate AND GETS WELLNESSED AS THE TOP GUY
Roman Reigns can join Heath Slater in craft services.
I liked a video from WWE 2K16: What they want to Happen | Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins
Wow! Sign on "Here comes Roman Reigns: Start Crying Smarks" xD. Has to be a plant by Kevin Dunn?
SONG~"HALL of FAME" I'm Dedicating it to Roman Reigns our WWE Champ! He went through *** & broke record's to get where he is!
Man idc what y'all say. Roman Reigns is a great champion and that's coming from a hardcore Seth stan. 😊
Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins both compete to money in the bank for the . World heavyweight champion. On the line.
can you cut a quick stone cold promo on Roman Reigns?
Roman Reigns can't wrestle? just like Hulk Hogan Roddy Piper King Kong Bundy Big John Stud and umm Andre the Giant. 👍
Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins set for WWE Money in the Bank
"If you don't think Roman Reigns can wrestle, watch that match again." - Dave on
Wrestlers that have won me over. Bobby Lashley . Roman Reigns. Crimson. Jeff Hardy. The Usos. The Rock
If AJ Styles can get through the Claire Lynch storyline and still main event a WWE PPV, then Roman Reigns can get over as a babyface in 2016
commentary crying because apparent face Roman Reigns has to fight AJ in what might turn into a Handicap Match
Roman Reigns will get extreme over AJ Styles and retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
I turned Miguel into Roman Reigns on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 last night because he has a Superman Punch and is brown lmao
The pushes as WWE Champion Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, and Roman Reigns got I wish was given to Wade Barrett when he was Nexus leader.
Tyler Breeze & Bret Hart vs Alberto Del Rio & Roman Reigns in a tag team match on
Smackdown!:AJ Styles joins Anderson and Gallows to take on The Usos and Roman Reigns: With Shane and Stephani...
Kaz has gotten dissed by Roman Reigns & Michael Kay in the course of 10 days LMAO
AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns is actually one fantastic main event feud.
Lmao! trying, to make Roman Reigns look strong by tossing AJ Styles through the announce table. ***
Someone has a sign that says "Worst Champions: 1. Great Khali, 2. Roman Reigns, 3. Psycho Sid." Hey, we don't need any more broke legs
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