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Roman Reigns

Leati Joseph Anoa'i (born May 25, 1985) is a professional wrestler and former Canadian football defensive tackle.

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Ha Randy Orton needed his girls to help him with Roman Reigns. Just face it you can't beet Roman Reigns nor Daniel Bryan lol
Roman Reigns is currently attending the Daniel Bryan school of getting over in WWE...will he graduate with honors?
Justin Roberts introducing Randy Orton and Roman Reigns definitely gives this match that Big Fight Feel.
Here comes Roman Reigns. If Teddy Long was here, I think a tag team match is on the cards. Playa.
WWE Monday Night Raw Location: Des Moines, IA Date: September 1, 2014 Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL The Labor Day Edition of the WWE RAW Kickoff Pre-show kicks off with fans piling into the arena as Byron Saxton, Alex Riley and Booker T welcome us. They hype The Highlight Reel and WWE Shop. We get a video for Brock Lesnar and John Cena. The panel discusses their rematch at Night of Champions. Saxton says we will hear from Paul Heyman on tonight’s RAW. We get Network commercials and a video for The Bella Twins. - The panel talks more about The Bella Twins and then Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns. We get more hype for The Highlight Reel and Network commercials. Saxton announces The Miz and Cesaro vs. Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler for tonight. We go backstage to Renee Young, Sheamus and Ziggler at the arena. Ziggler says their plan is to just win. They both cut promos on C ...
Romain reigns next wwe world heavyweight champion, Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar best for business
Cena has to pick it up and be aggressive or he will be eaten alive once again but we know he will lose to Lesnar because its Roman Reigns time as champ! Whoo hoo
Cena will end at Night Of Champions. then Roman Reigns will begin!
Roman Reigns and Abyss vs. Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy - pick the winners at
How many times does one person have to meet Roman Reigns? I am trying to meet him once and that is it. Once is all I need in my life.
- Bad News Barrett recently spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald during SummerSlam weekend in Los...
Roman Reigns spearing the Undertaker through the barricade on t Smackdown
WWE News, 2014 Brock Lesnar to Beat John Cena, Cesaro, Sheamus and then Lose to Roman Reigns?.
I missed Roman Reigns his the only person I watch wrestling for mxm
yeah I do too. I don't dislike Roman but his matches are just not as good without Dean & Seth & im sick of Orton vs Reigns
I hear that "exit light, enter night" Metallica song in my head each time i see a pic of Roman Reigns. Rockstar-ish talaga vibe niya.
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if you haven't watched Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins in a triple threat match on FCW, you should it's good.
The best matches on 2014 PPV-s so far:. Ladder match:. John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns vs...
I wanna be powerful like Roman Reigns
- Do you believe keeping Roman Reigns away from Brock Lesnar is “best for business” now? SRTU debates:
hey roman reigns i think ur lovely standing up 2 da authority keep it up!!! Can u plse follow me plse love ya x
*** Roman Reigns you're gwapo nga but I'm a Dean Ambrose girl parin.
"Roman Reigns \o/" "" Lol if is one name nar miss you eh
Oh, you think Roman Reigns does the best spear?. I'll assume you never heard of Goldberg & Edge.
Guy who walked in my gym is literally Roman Reigns with short hair
Yeah I luv King Roman Reigns he's so strong, cute, sexy and powerful kill dem all Baby Raw
BhabaniWWE's Wrestler of the week is : Roman Reigns ...
omg GO Big Show, Mark Henry and Roman Reigns!!! "Yeah you'll win. I believe it. Yuh-huh!"
Photo: "People who say Roman Reigns can’t wrestle need to go back and look at his old FCW/NXT matches." Or...
jus saw My man ROMAN REIGNS jus made My day...never had a crush kwi ethlet before mara I jus did so excited :P
I like Roman Reigns, but he's way to OP
Roman Reigns is the hottest wrestler of LIFE . I'm watching wrestling to watch him
How Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have done since The Shield split:
Roman Reigns defeats Bray Wyatt by DQ after Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attack Regins. Mark Henry and Big Show...
I was driving home just a bit ago and I saw people who look like Booker T, Kevin Nash, and Roman Reigns.
should be grooming Roman Reigns to be the next Diesel (Kevin Nash), not the next John Cena. Big Daddy Cool 2.0 is
Tonight's main event on SmackDown will be a tag team match (Roman Reigns, Big Show and Mark Henry vs. The Wyatt Family). Well let me tell you what is going to happen tonight. Reigns will spear Harper at the end and then they will win! - Abinav Parajuli
Rumors are that Vince McMahon isn't on board with a Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar main-event for Wrestlemania 31.
Rumor killer on Vince McMahon not wanting Roman Reigns to main event WrestleMania
lolz that's true. Dolph, Randy, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Sheamus are seriously good contestants :)
Playing the role of Paige is Randy Orton and Roman Reigns is Aj Lee.
I heard Roman Reigns had his tuition fees waived at the Linda McMahon School of Dramatic Arts.
Team *** No vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield from last year’s Extreme Rules just came on after Total Divas on the Network.
Paul Heyman thinks Roman Reigns is a future WWE WHC and a future HOFer!Y'all haters opinions about him are irrelevant
Daniel Bryan has to get tommy john... By the time he comes back, Roman Reigns will be champion
I think Michael Hayes sees more potential in Roman Reigns than Ambrose and Rollins
Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho ft. Seth and Cesaro in the background.
Lesnar appears at 20 shows a year. Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns will work 300+ for a decade. Do the math.
Headcanon: Roman Reigns always hums the first few bars of the John Williams theme before doing a Superman punch.
SmackDown - August 15, 2014 (Recorded August 12, 2014) - Key Arena in Seattle, WA Dark match before tapingami: Fandango def. Big E. Dark match before Smackdown tapingami: Adam Rose def. Xavier Woods Main show: The results given in the order they were recorded during the taping, the video version may vary the order. Smackdown started with MizTV, whose guest was Roman Reigns. Reigns has collected a very large reactions. Miz mentioned that once was a mentor to young stars, then began to ask questions Roman did not give him to answer, what led to the attack on Miz reigns. Roman then said a few words about the fight against Orton at SummerSlam, among other things, stated that respect for Randy but beat him at SummerSlam. Dean Ambrose def. Cesaro - Win the Dirty Deeds Very good duel, after the battle appeared Seth Rollins, who spoke about the fight with Dean at SummerSlam. Rollins said that he is the future and is better than everyone. Seth after a while he came to Ambrose and said he had never been his friend. ...
How many for the tag team of Roman Reigns, Aj Lee and Dean Ambrose?
Out of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Brat Wyatt & Dean Ambrose, who do you think is the NEXT WWE breakout Superstar? Former WWE Head-Trainer, Dr. Tom Prichard ...
Last night's Raw began with Paul Heyman and his client Brock Lesnar. Heyman spoke about Brock, John Cena and SummerSlam as Lesnar sported a variation of his shirt that said "Eat, Sleep, Conquer, John Cena". Heyman claims that he sells us on big events and to be honest, he does. If he was plugging the WWE Network for $9.99 all night, I wouldn't be as annoyed and that's purely because it's Heyman. Side note, I watched the "Lades and Gentlemen My Name is Paul Heyman" DVD and it's outstanding. Go see it if you haven't. Paul Heyman then rapped. Yes, he rapped like John Cena in 2003 and it was glorious. He says they're leaving to dinner and will be back by the end of the night. Money segment, purely because Heyman is gold. Corporate Kane made his triumphant return next. So, in his Kane career he has gone from masked to unmasked back to masked then corporate then demon and now corporate again. Whatever. Hopefully this keeps him away from WWE World Title matches now. He announces that Roman Reigns will be facing ...
Roman Reigns and Hulk Hogan is my ultima omega tag team in help me think of a tag team name for em.
I liked a video Roman Reigns should not be allowed on TV
Watch Roman Reigns - WWE Universe obliterate the best of the best in this
Maybe this boring *** Roman Reigns match will help me fall asleep. Thanks Reigns!!
How old is WWE star Roman Reigns of The Shield?
Kane vs Roman Reigns. no disqualification match
The two main events: Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz vs Edge vs Randy Orton for the money in the bank contract si Seth Rollins vs John Cena vs Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns for the wwe wh championship ! Who will win money in the bank contract, but with wwe title ? Vote Now !!!
if I were in charge of who Roman Reigns faces next, it'd be Big Show over two PPVs in some absolutely brutal gimmick matches
HIGHLIGHTS: put in a vs. on behalf of
i am so excited to Randy Orton kick Roman Reigns *** at WWE Can you to
I liked a video DEVELOPMENTAL THEMES: Motivation (Intro Cut) (Used by: Roman Reigns)
Whaattt whatt.. the words Roman Reigns said on RAW? " Believe That! " Awe, he's just make me missin' on The Shield.
will I've got a bf on here that is Roman Reigns so all I really can say is may the best man win
Smackdown Results for 8/15/14 * SmackDown kicks off with The Miz calling Roman Reigns out for MizTV. Reigns gets a pretty big reaction. Miz keeps interrupting Reigns so Reigns decks him with a shot to the mouth. Reigns cuts a promo on beating Randy Orton at SummerSlam and gets a big pop. * Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro in a good back & forth match. Seth Rollins came out after the match and cut a promo on Ambrose. * Reigns vs. The Miz is announced for later. * Dolph Ziggler defeated Titus O’Neil. * Mark Henry defeated Luke Harper by DQ when Erick Rowan interfered. Kane comes out and makes a tag match. * Henry and Big Show defeated Rowan and Harper in a good tag match. They got a big pop after the win. * Eva Marie defeated Aj Lee by count out when AJ chased after Paige who was taunting her. Paige ends up beating AJ down in the ring and skipping away. * Jack Swagger squashed Bo Dallas. Lana and Rusev came out after the match to huge heat and USA chants. Bo complained that he didn’t really tap out. * Roman ...
(Roman Reigns) are you as scary at home as you are when your working?
Some Wrestling thoughts for you- firstly, TNA wrestling takes alot of criticism among wrestling fans and at times it's warranted. But lately they been on an absolute tear last week's show is prolly the best free tv wrestling show I've seen in quite a while. Since hiring Tommy Dreamer as part of the creative tm its really been well executed multiple storylines & the in ring work has pretty much always bn gd. The table spot last wk that culminated the Bully Ray/Carter Family rivalry was awesome payoff to a long running story. In WWE, this Sunday is SummerSlam prolly the 2nd biggest ppv of the wwe calendar each yr. Cena vs Lesnar is the main event & it really has been built up well and carries the must see "big fight" stigmata to it. Paul Heyman who is the best talker in the biz currently has done a grt job helping add to the aura of the match. Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns doesnt do a ton for me but it allows for Roman's meteoric push to continue having him go over on a high level guy like Randy. Also Rollins ...
now I can see roman reigns vs randy orten in summer slam
Love Roman Reigns but he's not beating my bae at summerslam soz
I liked a video from WWE Summerslam 2014: Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton
bjpodcast08-12-14-8am WWE Superstar Roman Reigns joins us live in studio! via
Rany Orton is the winner of against Roman Reigns .
Roman Reigns,John Cena,Sheamus competes in a 4 on 3 handicap match against ,Alberto Del Rio,Cesaro,Randy Orton,Bray Wyatt Full Match.Please like this ...
I'm still not sold on Roman Reigns. His Mic Skills are reminiscent of John Morrison.
The only thing that was missing about John Morrison was he couldn't talk, same could be for Roman Reigns
WWE Monday Night Raw # 1107 - 08/11/2014 Fashion Center in Portland, OR RAW is officially announces John Price, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Triple H, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Hulk Hogan, Kane. During RAW should know that the fight will be in Kick-Offie SummerSlam. Now is the time for the full announcement from, in many subtopics can find shortcuts recent news related to RAW, which can be spoilers on this gale. If Hulk Hogan wanted a great RAW to your birthday you will definitely get them. Not only party WWE Hall of Famer legions Hulkamaniaków from around the world take possession Monday evening, we also witnessed the emergence of WHC WWE Champion John Cena and Brock Lesnar monstrous. What else awaits us on RAW? has some ideas. 1st Beast will be released on Raw? WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena can strengthen your mind the fact that Brock Lesnar defeated in 2012 at Extreme Rules, but at SummerSlam champion will face the beast that ...
Shawn Michaels is wrong because Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are not power money hungry jackasses
Shawn Michaels names Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose as guys who remind him of himself and Triple H.
Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan ... gotta watch tonight's episode of RAW for the Hulkster's birthday celebration ... featuring stars from the past, and the final hype before SummerSlam. WWE is advertising Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Kane and Hulk Hogan for tonight's show. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair, Jimmy Hart and Paul Orndorff are also expected. MaryEllen Martelli -- we're gonna need snacks and adult beverages :) Bill, Bob, Tim -- you boys gonna be watching ??
WWE 2K14 - Universe Mode RAW Week 25 - Dolph Ziggler vs Triple H Triple H comes out of retirement to show to Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns that he is ...
Matches: Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns, Goldust and Stardust vs RybAxel, Jack Swagger vs Rusev, and more!
WWE could of chosen anyone to represent them for the Teen Choice Awards and they choose Big Show lmao that's a fail. They should have picked Roman Reigns since they're pushing him up the moon.
- WWE posted the following video looking at each SummerSlam pay-per-view in 60 seconds: – removed Alberto Del Rio’s PSA with his son from their website following his controversial WWE departure, according to Raj Giri of WrestlingINC. The videos for Roman Reigns and Titus O’Neil are st
WWE news: Roman Reigns busted open during ‘Raw’ match with Kane
"No excuses, back to the drawing board. New game plan starts tomorrow on Raw" - Roman Reigns
Check out roman reigns 30 second fury
The Rhodes and Usos may be bonded by blood, but i'm an oath. i'm Roman Reigns - Joe Anoa'i Believe in that and Believe in me! . ~Mr.Reigns
thank you all new members for supporting the Roman reigns real Superman punch group
I love Roman Reigns he's something else ha ha ha 😂
Collage of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose ☺ and ht…
Yeah I do believe in Roman Reigns from the shield
Photoset: girlsdigcrazy: 10 random gifs of roman reigns
The Powerhouse Roman Reigns goe's one on one with The Demon Kane on Smackdown Full Match. Please like this video,leave the comment's,and sub my channel. ENJO...
my favorite moment would be seeing roman reigns in Melbourne winning the street fight and emma winning in Melbourne :)
Brock lesner will destroy John Cena Brock lesner will kill John Cena Brock lesner will end John Cena Brock lesner is the new heavyweight champion and nobod cAn bEat him unless ur name is roman reigns wrestle mania 31
Roman reigns and his daughter. I believe on that guy tomorrow its going to be a new champion that guy he's so strong and he's so clever u will see tomorrow.believe on reigns
Condo On The Moon takes a look at the future for Dean Ambrose - WWE Seth Rollins - WWE Universe and Roman Reigns...
Ka moso go tlabo go swa motho mo BATTLE GROUND-kane,roman reigns,John Cena,Randy Orton which man do u thnk will be the champion
A street fight between Roman Reigns and Kane, refereed by the nature boy himself, Ric Flair!
New Video: WWE - Roman Reigns is the Last Man Standing – WWE Raw Slam of the Week 8/4
Great night at the wwe wrestling with Luke and Micheal great seeing legend rick flare and the awesome roman reigns
“UPDATE: Roman Reigns returns this week from early injury THAT!!!👊
Roman reigns's word,"i would beat Randy Orton in the upcoming summerslam".because its Roman reigns .( Believe that).
Roman Reigns gets attended to by the medical staff after his Last Man Standing Match against Kane. For more WWE Network info click here:
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Most likely, because of the main event push Roman Reigns is recieving and Seth Rollins is Mr.MITB
So Kane, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns are going to be in Westfields this afternoon, I'd go but Bray creeps me out lol..PLUS VIKI GUERRERO has her own action figure! How the *** did that happen?
we are just watching them wrestle and people like Ric Flair, Fandango, Kane, Emma, Roman Reigns, Nicki Bella, Layla, Alicia Fox
WWE News: - After he has another surgery soon, it's possible Daniel Bryan can make his return at the 2015 Royal Rumble. It's worth noting that creative didn't find out about Bryan needing another surgery until the press conference he did about the burglar incident at his home. - WWE is still planning on something big for Cesaro & Paul Heyman, possibly the rumored Cesaro vs. Lesnar match. It was said this week that the "amicable split" between Cesaro & Heyman is part of a slow build to something bigger. - Regarding this past Monday’s RAW, Vince McMahon reportedly did a lot of “tinkering” w/ the script before they went live. A source said many of the programs on RAW had their direction altered this past weekend. Vince wanted to shift the focus of Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon to solely on them & not a rift between The Authority, Stephanie, & HHH. - Roman Reigns was banged up after taking the first RKO from Randy Orton when the table didn’t break on Monday’s RAW. Reigns was not seriously injure ...
in WWE it is John Cena, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Natalya, Bella Twins, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, what about u?
Roman Reigns' superman punch and Daniel Bryan's Running knee are the very best arsenal in
Randy Orton sent an open challenge to Roman Reigns for will he accepted his challenge?
Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns is the right way to go..
Roman Reigns must have stolen Randy Orton's BRAIN on Monday night. He already hears voices. Now somebody's stealing from him?
another great match set at Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton!
Randy Orton issues to challenge to face Roman Reigns in & weeks at You can believe that Reigns will accept.
So Randy Orton challenges Roman Reigns to a match at
Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton at Summerslam yo Randy has issued the challenge
Randy Orton on WWE Friday Night SmackDown and what he did to Roman Reigns
Now comin up next Randy Orton on his way 2 the ring what does he have 2 say for himself for the vicious attack on Roman Reigns last monday night we'll find out nxt on Friday Night Smackdown
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Randy Orton coming out next to talk about the brutal beating he gave Roman Reigns.
Randy Orton on his way to the ring to address Roman Reigns abd his attack on Monday. ~DiamondCutter
I hate it when wrestling fans go beyond butthurt over a superstar and/or promo. Ex. John Cena, CM Punk, Lana, Roman Reigns, etc.
Roman Reigns hits a sick spear to Justin Gabriel!
Roman Reigns would have acted Thor better
Roman Reigns is the Answer You're looking for
You sure don't, I have so much Respect for Roman reigns
I think that Roman Reigns and Gunner would be a good tag team.
Also, I may be in the large minority here, but I find Roman Reigns boring. -_-
Official Roman Reigns Merchandise from, the official source for WWE merchandise
Fine. Ignore me all u want. I can still stare at Roman Reigns pics for hours and not get bored, huh
First every girl loved roman reigns now they all switched to Dean lol
Which one is ur fav.?? Like for roman reigns..And comment for John Cena..
Roman Reigns is Miz's mom's fave superstar
So what's the difference between the USO's and Roman Reigns? Well the USO's can wrestle
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You know every time Roman Reigns connects with his finisher, a voice inside his head screams 'Falcon PUNCH!'
Who thinks there should be a match between Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns at
Females were doing the same thing with Roman Reigns's fiancee. It went from how she looked to her race...pathetic.
Remember when Roman Reigns winked at Triple H during Shield vs Evolution I think it was Extreme Rules or Payback
This is a fan page for WWE Superstar, Roman Reigns, running by a fan! Please notice: I am not Reigns!!! I made this page to support him because I love him. If you love Roman Reigns too, join this page and meet other amazing fans. :)
I want Triple H vs Roman Reigns at summer slam!
This Friday on Randy Orton has a message for Roman Reigns.
Roman Reigns cuts promos like a spanish chick from the inner city.
Its roman reigns not Seth Rollins HA .
Roman Reigns my wrestling super star ngigcwele ngaye
- The full list of WWE Superstars appearing at tomorrow night’s NXT TV tapings is Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Big Show, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd and Natalya. We will have live spoilers from the tapings as they happen. - The dark segment after last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Corpus Christi saw Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attack Chris Jericho. This led to Dean Ambrose making the save for Jericho. Seth Rollins then ran down but Roman Reigns came down after him. Reigns, Ambrose and Jericho cleared the ring to end the show. -JayC
Roman Reigns beats Bad News Barrett for a shot at the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Summerslam
What a great match between Roman Reigns vs Rusev...but 1 thing dat annoys me is The Viper Randy Orton...
Nothing like seeing your work on a doll. Compliments of Roman Reigns great USO took the time out if his busy schedule to bring this by the studio today. Malo faafetai
Four days after falling prey to another three-on-one beatdown at the hands of the Wyatt Family, Chris Jericho looks for revenge as he rolls into SmackDown for a huge singles match against Erick Rowan. Will Y2J be able to avenge the assault by knocking off the Wyatt Family's strongman, or is the toll from Monday's attack too much for the future Hall of Famer to overcome? Monday night, Randy Orton left Roman Reigns lying in a heap, a position the juggernaut-like Superstar has never experienced. Friday night, The Viper returns to SmackDown to address his actions from Monday night and his plans for the future. Could a match with Reigns be on the horizon? Will Kane have anything to say about it considering the not-so-friendly nature of his relationship with Orton? Could Reigns make his presence felt far sooner than anyone could have expected? With SummerSlam mere weeks away, the tension within the WWE locker room is sure to be at a fever pitch. Which Superstars will leave their mark as they gear up for the ann ...
The best night had in a long time on Raw. Roman Reigns no more. Randy is the master, no longer the puppet.
My goes to the twins Jimmy and Jey Fatu (The Usos) and their cousin Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns has to face two opponents on Raw when he clashes with Kane & Randy Orton.
Make it official and join The Roman Empire!
How come dirty Dean Ambrose wants to destroy u so bad but doesn't come to the aid of his "brother" roman reigns?
I liked a video The Rock - Sting will be in WWE, Rock vs. Roman Reigns, Lesnar, Hercules,
Roman reigns has uda kind power yoh... Bt Randy Orton is still da best!
Photoset: tina619: roman-reigns-womyn: tina619: Well guys, as many of you know I’ve had my church wedding...
Roman Reigns OMG his an unstopable animal wwe smackdown
That was awesome too that Randy did to Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns is the Jeff of The Shield. He keeps the over music, entrance, & look. They were both worthy of being chose…
Photoset: little-imperfectionist: roman spam for the reigns girls 👋💯👊💋
if you're true fan of Roman Reigns.
What is roman reigns favorite color?
Roman reigns facts 1)While Roman Reigns might not sound like a name full of wrestling history and heritage, his real name, Leati Joseph Anoa'i, certainly does. Reigns is a member of one of the largest professional wrestling families ever. The Anoa'i family is made up of a whole bunch of professional wrestlers, including huge names such as: The Wild Samoans, The Rock, Peter Maivia, Yokozuna, Umaga, Rikishi, The Usos and former member of 3-Minute Warning, Rosey. Reigns, along with his brother Matt "Rosey" Anoa'i, are sons of Sika, one of the Wild Samoans. 2) A lot of guys have had good debut matches, but how many guys can say that they did something in their debuts that The Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock and Shawn Michaels couldn't do in their first match? Not many. As of TLC, there are at least three; Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins did something all those legends couldn't. They earned a 4.5 star rating from Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Reign's first official match was a dooz ...
Jason Mamoa and Roman Reigns were separated at birth man. Fact.
Roman Reigns faces a difficult challenge when he takes on Alberto Del Rio in the main event of SmackDown.
last Friday smart down was another edition take place in Orlando Florida . Roman Reigns battle with Alberto Del Rio it was a wrestling fight
did you see that wicked spear that Roman Reigns did to Alberto Del Rio
had a good night with the family but the high light was getting a high five from Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler
>Roman Reigns' gimmick is a one man Operation Yewtree. Book it.
While John Cena and Roman Reigns have a war of words, Dean Ambrose suffers an attack from The Authority.
WWE News: - PWInsider reports that Prince Devitt has signed his WWE deal & an official announcement will be coming soon but there's no timetable on when that may be. - We noted before that WWE was still planning a face push for Cesaro but that it was on hold until they "needed it." It appears after this week's WWE events that they may be going in a different direction w/ Cesaro's push. Regarding Cesaro as a face, he was planned for a significant push at the end of this summer but the decision was made, even before Daniel Bryan went down w/ an injury, that the big face focus would be put on getting Roman Reigns to the top. - There has been a lot of talk w/in WWE lately about John Cena's movie career. Some of the wrestlers have joked that Cena will start "bringing it via satellite" soon. We noted that Cena will be missing several upcoming WWE events due to filming of The Nest & Trainwreck. There have been people backstage speculating that if Cena's movie work takes off, given how banged up he is, he could b ...
Jason Mamoa is in a studios film so when is he gonna guest host to promote it and end up having a segment with Roman Reigns.
I like many superstar.Now this time John Cena n Daniel Bryan,Roman Reigns,Dean Ambrose.I just Luv Wwe So much
: "The Rock has The People; Daniel Bryan has The Yes Movement; Hulk Hogan has the Hulkamaniacs and Roman Reigns has THE ROMAN EMPIRE!" =)
Roman Reigns' fans should be called The Roman Empire
I'm at the point where I despise Roman Reigns. Every lazy Stinger splash he attempts makes me hate him more.
Randy Orton never catches a break when it comes to Roman Reigns & the barricade. Neither can Lilian Garcia.
Those *** pants on Roman Reigns are so distracting. Like Tron via Halloween Express.
Will be ultimately shocked if Roman Reigns becomes Champion tonight. Truth is he's talented, but still very much gr…
I could easily see Randy Orton become World Heavyweight Champion tonight, defending belt at SummerSlam against Roman Reigns.
if you see your favorite wrestler. Triple H. Daniel Bryan. John Cena . Roman Reigns . Dean Ambrose . Seth Rollins . CM Punk. R…
So begins with John Cena and Roman Reigns in the ring. What's worse, 00s Triple H promos opening Raw or Cena promos op…
When I get good news about Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns, the first thing I usually say is "Oh my goodness my babies!!" :'D
Ahhh, obviously from a young age I loved John Cena but I think cm punk is probably my fav with Roman Reigns just behind👊
WWE RAW July 7, 2014 Montreal, Canada John Cena vs Seth Rollins full match, Seth Rollins cash in fails again as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose come to save Jo...
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter According to sources, the decision to keep Cesaro a heel and cool off on him a bit has been somewhat of an intentional decision. While Cesaro was planned to get a major babyface push late in the summer, it was decided that it would be best to focus on Roman Reigns primarily in order to establish him as a main eventer. There is still a plan to turn Cesaro face and push him, though it is said to be a “when we need it” situation, after Reigns is fully established and they’re looking for another rising star.
What happened after the cameras went off... Credit: WZ After tonight's WWE Smackdown taping was over, Kane continued to beat down Dean Ambrose until Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns hit the ring to make the save. The Wyatt Family then came out to assist the heels, and everyone brawled until The Usos came out and helped Jericho, Reigns and Ambrose. The babyfaces ended up getting the better of the heels, and cleared them out of the ring leaving Jericho to hit the Codebreaker on Bray Wyatt and Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Kane. The dark match main event did not take place as Seth Rollins said he was not "cleared" to wrestle. Read more at
WWE power rankings: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on the rise
but I'm a CM Punk fan and a Roman Reigns fan and a Dean Ambrose fan and a Rey Mysterio fan and a Chris Jericho fan
WWE Raw Results (7/14/14) Richmond, Virginia Posted By: Elio C. on Jul 14, 2014 Source: Welcome to Monday Night Raw. We begin tonight's show with John Cena making his way out to the ring and he plugs the WWE Network being free for the final night and then goes on to say that after Sunday the champ may not be here because The Authority has placed him in a triple threat. Roman Reigns then makes his way out. Cena thanks Reigns for bailing him out last week and heard his messages loud and clear about not being ignored and this Sunday it's every man for himself but they have to make it to Sunday. Reigns tells Cena to get to the point and Cena says they should handle The Authority tonight and get rid of Orton and Kane. Dean Ambrose appears on the screen as Cena and Reigns argue and says tonight they have a six man tag match and he has a plan called "Operation: Screw The Authority" and it begins as soon as cena and Reigns stop arguing. Kane walks in and attacks Ambrose and Orton and Rollins join in soon after ma ...
Steph comes out and reminds us that this is the last time Trauma superstars will be on Showdown. She announces that Stardust will go one on one against Dolph Ziggler for the Unites States Championship at No Way Out(Yay).She tells us the Rundown of the No Way Out PPV. It will inlcude the return of The Money in The Bank Elimination Chamber match. The six men in the match are Bray Wyatt, Adam Cole, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Stardust, and Roman Reigns.
Mercy mercy mercy all kinds of fine right here Roman Reigns - WWE Universe
Im gonna have to get back into watching WWE Ive been slipping these past years Roman Reigns - WWE Universe is a...
WWE Raw: Roman Reigns on his way to being the man - Orlando Sentinel (blog)
It's Kane, Randy Orton, and Dave Batista on one side. The other is Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins
No Dean Ambrose is not the next Pillman and no Roman Reigns isn't the next John Cena. They're the first Dean Ambrose and Ro…
So my brother and I were sitting and eating breakfast at a Waffle House in PA and we see two WWE trucks go by. One said Raw and the other one said Wrestlemania on it. One had The Miz's face on it and the other one had John Cena's face on it. It passed right by us. Too bad I didn't get a picture of it. At first I was all excited because I was all like hey WWE trucks, but then I realized they were headed North while we're heading back South. Seriously WWE you need to come to Charlotte or Raleigh. That's the closest I'm ever going to get to seeing a live WWE event. I would love to see The Shield (or Dean, Seth, and Roman) since they're not really a team anymore. Roman Reigns is the only one left that does a crowd entrance. If I ever get to go to a WWE event I'm going to want to be on the side where Roman enters. ❤
- With WWE currently booking Roman Reigns as one of the top guys in a big way, it’s said that his ascension to the top likely would have been a slower one if Daniel Bryan was healthy and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion with John Cena as the other top guy. Coming out of The Shield vs. Evolution feud and the split with The Shield, the idea is that Reigns will work a feud with Orton and maybe a big pay-per-view match with Triple H before moving on. Thoughts?
John Cena should join the original shield and at the fatal four way John Cena a Roman Reigns should team up and make it to the end.
Even though Randy Orton is my favorite, I really want to see Roman Reigns walk out the Champ in the Fatal Four Way match.
– WWE will tour Japan starting this weekend. Due to the time difference, most of the crew have already arrived in Tokyo. Hulk Hogan will appear tomorrow in Tokyo and on July 12 in Osaka. Bray Wyatt and John Cena will work the first two nights then come back to the United States to main event the July 12 event at Madison Square Garden. Others on the tour include Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Seth Rollins, NXT champ Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Kane, Paige, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Cesaro, Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam, Big E., Dolph Ziggler and Alicia Fox. – WWE has released a special Hulkamania in Japan tour t-shirt. – WWE will officially announce the signing of KENTA tomorrow. As noted, Hulk Hogan will be part of a live “contract signing” that will take place.
It's definitely debatable what has been the best part of the WWE's product for the past twenty months, but whenever you bring up that discussion, one of the first things to come to mind would have to be The Shield, the three man faction made up of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose.
Raw Results July 7, 2014! The show opens tonight on Roman Reigns. He said the authority and Randy Orton became totally useless. He added that he is a man on a mission and he will be the next World Heavyweight Champion. But is interrupted by Kane. Reigns said that Kane is no longer the Big Red Monster, but the trail of Randy Orton. A battle broke out, the staff intervened to separate the two wrestlers. It is finally Reigns that knocks Kane to the delight of the audience! First game: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan CHAMP Jey Uso and Jimmy Backstage, Kane, Orton and Rollins are meeting. They agree to support and make efforts to recover the title of World Heavyweight Champion in the lap of authority. Second match: One Armed Match Alicia Fox VS Nikki Bella Alicia Fox knocks Nikki Bella before the match begins. Third match: Rusev accompanied by Lana WINNER Rob Van Dam Fourth match: Randy Orton WINNER Dean Ambrose Backstage, John Cena is the interview says he has a huge target on his back. But he says that as always ...
WWE 2K14 - Universe Mode RAW Week 23 - Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton Roman Reigns is out for blood and he seeks some retribution against an injured ...
WWE Films presents Road Warrior Animal House! Starring Roman Reigns as Bluto, HHH as Dean Wormer and RVD as Prof. Jennings!
if you see your favorite superstar or Diva. . Randy Orton . Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns. Bray Wyatt. AJLee. Pai…
RAW drinking game: Take a shot everytime... You see either Brock Lesnar guy, Frank the WWE clown and/or Rick the sign guy in the audience. Y2J says one of his catchphrases. You hear JBL make a BO pun. The authority cut a long in-ring promo. Roman Reigns stands tall after a brawl. Some 43 year old guy takes a picture of Paige's butt with his phone. The Miz tries to be relevant. Cena smirks. Seth Rollins teases cashing in. Swagger gets an ACTUAL positive crowd reaction. The Rhodes Brothers fight Rybaxel. Damien Sandow gets embarrassed. Someone that will be in the IC Battle Royal throws another contestant that will be in it over the top rope. -Diaper
if you see your favorite wrestler. Aj Lee. John Cena . Roman Reigns. CM Punk. Seth Rollins . Brock Lesnar. Dean Ambrose . Chri…
Wrestling fans are well aware that the smart money is always on Cena, but that didn't stop people from picking the likes of Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Cesaro to potentially win it all at Money in the Bank. The WWE Universe was clamoring for something new, fresh and exciting. What they got instead was Old Reliable rising to the pinnacle of the company once again. It was disappointing in one respect but certainly understandable in another. When Daniel Bryan was forced to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship due to a neck injury, WWE was backed into a corner against its own will. Bryan was red hot and poised to hold the title until at least SummerSlam in all likelihood, but the entire situation was turned on its head. When WWE is put in difficult positions, it tends to fall back on what it knows. What WWE knows is that Cena is still a top draw, so that is clearly what the line of thinking was. Ring Rust Radio's Take With Brock Lesnar almost certainly set to return during the build toward Summe ...
when i had WWE 2k14 the only people i used were Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. they had all the titles. 😂
Since Will Ferrell has faced Chad Smith on drums I want to see Roman Reigns face Robert Trujillo in a bass off
if you see your fav wrestler !. Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins ,John Cena, Roman Reigns , Aj Lee, Paige , Cesaro , Swagger ,Y2J
Plus, Aj Lee is back, Triple H gives Roman Reigns another world title match, MVP stripped of power, and Sandow impersonates Vince.
Monday Night Raw results: Kicking off with The Authority showing cover for WWE 2K15 game. And also creating main event for WWE Battleground. Huge Fatal 4Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton Then: Rob van Dam vs. Mr. MITB Seth Rollins Winner: Seth Rollins Note: Dean Ambrose made a threat, that he will there everytime, when Seth will try to cash in the contract Lana made a promo with Rusev, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came. 6-man tag team match: The Usos (Tag team Champs) and Sheamus (US champ) vs. Wyatt family. Winner: Wyatt family Bo Dallas remembered to us, that he has to Bo leave. Nikki Bella vs. Funkadactyls Winner: Funkadactyls Update of BnB injury. He is out of IC title, so at Battleground, Battle Royal for the IC title. Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston Winner: Kofi Kingston Note: After match, Cesaro punished Kofi. Damien Sandow thought, that he is Vince McMahon, and Stephanie gave him a gift. Damien Sandow vs. The Great Khali Winner: After o ...
Raw Results June 30, 2014! HHH and Stephanie McMahon are in place. They demean Daniel Bryan micro and highlight Seth Rollins and John Cena. Cena made his arrival just crowned WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He defends Bryan and says he will grant a title shot in his return. Stephanie highlights the cover of the game WWE 2K15 on which there is John Cena. Stephanie incense Cena but the latter said to be independent and not to be under the control of the authority. HHH says that Cena chooses the most difficult path. HHH announced that Battleground, Cena will defend his title against Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns in a Fatal Four Way. Cena will face Kane and also Orton tonight along with Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins made his arrival with his briefcase Money In The Bank may redeem it at any time against John Cena! First game: Seth Rollins WINNER Rob Van Dam At the end of the game, Rollins promises to use his suitcase to take the title. But Dean Ambrose appears and promises to keep Rollins to collect his ...
Who are your favorite WWE Superstars/Divas and your favorite manager too! Superstars : 1)Dolph Ziggler 2)Dean Ambrose 3)Cesaro 4)Roman Reigns 5)Bad News Barrett Divas : 1)Natalya 2)Naomi 3)Aj Lee 4)Paige 5)Emma Manager : Paul Heyman 21-1 The one behind the one in 21-1 Do you agree with me or have different favorites?
I think all you people that are complaining about Cena winning last night, need to grow a brain and consider the facts!!! WWE made the right move by giving Cena the strap and sending him into Summerslam where he will defend against Brock Lesnar, this match has been advertised since before last night!! If anyone else would have won by the time Summerslam came around whoever that would of been would have lost the championship to Lesnar and that would probably hurt there career!! Trust me I didnt wat to see Cena win last night and I would have rather seen Roman Reigns walk-out champion last night but when its all said and done I'm glad WWE did what they did, because i don't want to see Brock Lesnar destroy the future of the WWE I'd rather see him destroy Super Cena!!! Plus Cena is going to break Ric Flairs record!! John Cena is the Hulk Hogan of the newer generation and if you can't understand that then you should just stop watching wrestling!!
I want Bray Wyatt or Cesaro or Roman Reigns to win this match, anyone but John Cena though
who do you want to win the money in the bank ladder match for the wwe world champion... — John Cena or Roman Reigns
Bryon Saxton interviews Roman Reigns. Roman's plan is "Attack, attack, attack." Jim Duggan would be proud.
Roman Reigns and Robert Trujillo. Why am I just now seeing this?
ever notice that Metallica's Robert Trujillo looks like Roman Reigns with pigtails?
Robert Trujillo looks like the love child of Roman Reigns and Lesley Vainikolo
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Robert Trujillo looks like an older version of Roman Reigns
I still don't understand who Roman Reigns is supposed to be. I don't even think they know either
Discusses Pushing Back Triple H vs. Roman Reigns to "Night of Champions" - -
I added a video to a playlist WWE 2K14 - Universe Mode Money in the Bank Week 23 - Roman Reigns vs
I would go for Roman Reigns or Cesaro
I shall be getting my Roman Reigns fix soon WWE on the PVR.. for later
if you want to see Roman Reigns leave as Champion!
Roman reigns for president.. Lol.. He will be the next Invincible Champ
Money in the bank tomorrow! Hopefully Roman Reigns becomes the new wwe world heavyweight champion.
I NEED a phone cover with Roman Reigns, Ethan Carter III and Alexa Bliss on it.
Roman Reigns is the guy that will be doing the big stuff.
if Roman Reigns is the future of the WWE
Possible big swerve planned for WWE MITB, Roman Reigns booking plans heading into fall
Roman Reigns is gonna get that WM push next year like Batista in 05
SmackDown:Roman Reigns Spears Randy Orton & Kane en route to Money in the Bank | via
Know is rooting for his cousin Roman Reigns on Sunday... lol
You must believe in Roman Reigns this sunday at But he will be cashed in on straight after the match.
Roman Reigns in the bio, Miz standee in the bedroom.
My sister & I made a bet on rather if Roman Reigns can put my fat *** on his shoulders. I say no, she says yes. Yes, I'm aware we are weird
Hulk is your precious Roman Reigns with a haircut btw
But there has been at least some talk though about saving Triple H vs. Roman Reigns for the Night of Champions pay-per-view in September!
We previously reported that Roman Reigns vs. Triple H is expected to be one of the main event matches for Summerslam PPV event in August.
Usos, Roman Reigns, Umaga, Rikishi, Rock etc are all related to each other as well
“Gonna Customize my own icon of roman Reigns”i bet that will look cool
There was at least some talk within WWE of saving Roman Reigns vs. Triple H until the September Night of...
And sheamus, John Cena, roman reigns which was good!
Roman Reigns vs Kane at Battleground would be a horrible idea. Reigns/Orton isn't great but THAT would be atrocious
Gonna Customize my own icon of roman Reigns
will win then he will go against Roman Reigns at summer slam I'm calling it .
Roman Reigns vs. is already. booked for Battleground PPV next month.
So as it stand now in wwe it will be roman reigns vs kane next month roman reigns vs Randy Orton at summerslam...
WWE Monday night smackdown 27 june 2014 Rusev Rusev drops out of the Top 10 this week, but not for anything he did. It had more to do with two rankings (The Shield and Evolution) breaking apart to become four (well, three, since Orton is also on the Watch List). Rusev continued running roughshod over the roster, getting wins over Heath Slater on Raw and Santino Marella on Main Event. If he keeps winning, he'll find his way back into the Top 10 soon. Dolph Ziggler Ziggler has been out of the loop for about a year, after never regaining his prominence since dropping the World Heavyweight Championship. Now, after defeating Bad News Barrett on SmackDown, he could be in line for an Intercontinental Championship opportunity this Sunday at Money in the Bank. If he gets it, will he make the most of it? Bo Dallas Bo Dallas keeps on winning, and is now "8-Bo" (8-0) in singles matches in WWE. He did get eliminated in the Battle Royal on Raw, but he was the penultimate elimination, being outlasted only by Rusev and . ...
Advertisements for Battleground show Randy Orton Vs. Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose Vs. Seth Rollins. As main events. Looks to me the changing of the guard is happening soon. I'm really happy though. This will be the fifth generation over haul in my life time. 80s hero, attitude era, ruthless aggression, pg era. One thing I know is those first couple of years seem to always be an exciting time. Hopefully the trend continues, and we see new champions, new styles, and new storylines.
Backstage news on plans for Roman Reigns vs. Triple H
Roman Reigns hopeful of winning MITB, Brodus Clay angry on his release
You're not the only man that i love!. I love 11 more! . You, +. Zayn . Louis. Niall. Liam. Harry. Luke. Ashton. Calum. Michael . Roman Reigns. Neymar JR
This year my money is on Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro. Yeah that's a lot. Who cares?
Roman Reigns ha preso in giro Renee Young
Best part of the Roman Reigns interview last night . Renee Young
As seen on this week's WWE Main Event, Roman Reigns was being interviewed in the ring by Renee Young when Reigns...
Bid on the chair Seth Rollins used to stab Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and a million WWE fans in the heart
Photo: “I think Roman Reigns will be a great singles competitor along with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.”
Okay, first of all where the heck is Roman Reigns? Seth Rollins? Dean Ambrose? & Why is CM Punk still on the list???
I want Seth Rollins to win the title and Roman Reigns to win the briefcase.
I could see Roman Reigns taking the title at SummerSlam, especially if he faces John Cena.
Roman Reigns wearing The Shield gear is like even Scott Steiner was hanging on to the Main Event Mafia
And here comes Owen Hart to drop kick Roman Reigns from the rafters...
NoDQ&A Possible storyline for Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, the Dixie/Tommy Dreamer segment, more...
All of the Money in the Bank World Heavyweight Championship Match competitors -- John Cena, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Alberto Del Rio &...
wwe raw 16 june 2014 The June 16 episode of Monday Night Raw was a tale of two shows. There was plenty to be excited and impressed about. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stood out as singles stars, while Paul Heyman got back to cutting great promos. Dolph Ziggler wowed his hometown crowd, and John Cena and Kane managed not to have an awful main event. But elsewhere on the show, there were segments so bad that it was like taking one huge tidal wave of puke to the face. Stephanie McMahon's coffee was drugged by Roman Reigns, causing her to vomit. A lot. To the dismay of Vickie Guerrero. The mixed tag match pitting Adam Rose and Summer Rae against Fandango and Layla lasted roughly two minutes and was simply an excuse to get Kevin Hart, comedian and movie star, involved in the show. Then there was Stardust. In the weeks that follow, the character may prove wildly entertaining and a great use of a talented young star, but for right now, Cody Rhodes came across as significantly more disturbing than ...
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on As always, you can purchase JR's BBQ products on Ross talked about Brock Lesnar and the WWE World Heavyweight Title: "Anyone that thinks that Brock Lesnar won't be the WWE World Champion sooner or later this year in WWE isn't paying attention. Lesnar is WWE's mot imposing, name worthy, PPV selling superstar who can PASS THE TORCH the best to the next "Big Thing" who seems to be Roman Reigns. As I have stated on my fantasy booking segments on the Ross Report, I fully expect this to go down at WM31. I'd book Lesnar to headline Summer Slam in Los Angeles and build the card around him. Yes, I'm prepared for the onset of knee jerkers who will say that Brock is part time and that part time talents are efficient. I don't concur and think that overexposure is running rampant in the wrestling biz and Lesnar certainly isn't over exposed. The WWE World Champion doesn't need to be on every TV or at every live event. That concept is antiq ...
Supanova was in Sydney Australia last week so I bought a vest there and went as Roman Reigns lol 👊
WWE: RAW RESULTS! I'm really sorry I'm late with these, it's cause I'm really busy, plus I had a power outage... It would be nice if someone would apply for admin, and help out cover RAW, SmackDown, and the PPV Events.. -Seth beats Dolf Ziggler via DQ -Wade Barrett beats Dean Ambrose via countout [non title match] -Sheamus beats Bray Wyatt via DQ [non title match] -Rusev kills Heath Sleater -Adam Rose & Summer Rae beats Fandango and Layla -Roman Reigns wins the Battle Royal [Match of the Night] -Paige beats Cameron [non title match] -Goldust and Stardust [Cody Rhodes] defeats Rybaxle [Cody's loosing streak is OVER] -John Cena strolled Kane in a stretcher to be the final person in the WWE/WHChampionship match at Money in the Bank [Main Event Match] The power kicked back on during the Battle Royal and decided to not cover the rest of RAW on Monday, SmackDown spoilers later tonight or tomorrow.. -Death
Possible *SPOILER* Involving Vickie Guerrero Multiple sources are reporting that a segment may be in the works for next week's edition of WWE RAW which would see current SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero get "fired" from WWE. As seen on this week's edition of the show, Vickie placed Roman Reigns in the big Battle Royal despite WWE COO Triple H expressly forbidding Reigns and Dean Ambrose from competing in the match. Furthermore, the show featured a segment with Vickie delivering coffee to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, which made Stephanie "violently ill." The reason for the possible "firing" segment is due to Vickie's current WWE deal expiring soon; however, we must stress that at this point in time, this is only being considered a rumor and nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet. featured an interview with Batista to promote his new WWE DVD and the forthcoming "Guardians of The Galaxy" film, discussing a number of topics. Most interesting was Batista commenting on the fans rejecting him upon his return, including being booed at the Royal Rumble when he won over Roman Reigns (who was last man out) and Daniel Bryan (who was never booked in the match as his original Wrestlemania trajectory was for a match against Sheamus). Batista commented, " It was weird. It wasn’t like a normal response. It was almost like a personal attack. It had to do with factors that were not in my control, factors and things that were going on in the company with other people, stuff that really had nothing to do with me. To me, it was a little frustrating, a little confusing, and, you know, I don’t want to say I completely took it personal, but I did somewhat." That negative reaction continued to be fueled when CM Punk walked out of WWE the next day with placing the blame on the fact that ...
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