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Roman Reigns

Leati Joseph Anoa'i (born May 25, 1985) is a professional wrestler and former Canadian football defensive tackle.

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I like their predictions so far except the fact that Cesaro will break away from Heyman? IMO I think Lesnar will do the opposite and break from him? I like that they have Cody Rhodes winning and cashing in the Money in The Bank! I also like that Stephanie McMahon will target the divas championship hopefully she'll Feud with AJ? I also like that the possibility of Zeb forming a stable of the Real Americans! If so he needs good quality wrestlers to do so along with Jack Swagger. I love their choice to win next Years RR(Royal Rumble) in Roman Reigns.. But most importantly I love the fact that they wanna split the WWE WC into two titles! I never got why they formed both titles into one
Years after breaking apart and impacting WWE history, Evolution has reformed. The once-dominant stable mirrored the best groups of the past while creating two new stars. It is set to elevate emerging talent once more. Only this time, Evolution will transform its opponents into marquee names. Randy Orton, Batista and Triple H reunited on April 14, more than a decade after they first formed Evolution. Rivals rallied around a common hatred of The Shield. They put personal goals and championship pursuits on hold to cut down Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Living up to its name, Evolution has changed, growing into another beast entirely. There is no Ric Flair this time, and the level of star power has shifted. All three members of Evolution 2.0 have been world champs, won the Royal Rumble and headlined WrestleMania. That wasn't the case before Evolution's genesis. On Jan. 20, 2003, the legendary Flair and then-champion Triple H officially joined forces with two emerging talents in Orton and Batist ...
*Question of the Day* If WWE decided to bring back the King of the Ring (WHICH THEY SHOULD) right now, who do YOU think would win( give me 3 candidates)? (My answer: Cesaro, Wade Barrett, Roman Reigns)
On a nicer note (lol), who are your top wrestlers wrestling today and as of this moment? For me it's Daniel Bryan (obviously), Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode, Bully/Bubba Ray, Paige, Aj Lee, Adrian Neville, Triple HHH.
Roman Reigns v HHH at Main Event of Summerslam? Cesaro v Brock Lesnar? K i like it already.
Roman Reigns the definition of sexy! ~loved you with a fire red~
pictures dont turn me on unless youre Roman Reigns xP
Roman Reigns being wwe world champ is best for bussiness
OMG Roman Reigns is on my TL cuz of Apollo! *finds a random girl and asks her to soak her panties cuz he has none to soak*
WWE2k14 John Cena vs Roman Reigns the button to get weapons is L1
Seth Rollings is not the best in the shield you wish he was. Roman Reigns is the best in the sheild.
Ask The Rock for 90 days of tag teaming with Roman Reigns. Boom, your next face of the company is born.
"My name is Roman Reigns ... I'm the guy who speared you on Monday night. I'm standing RIGHT HERE!"
Can we please have Roman Reigns on the cover of
Who is the strongest wrestler upto now in WWE. 1. John Cena 2.roman reigns 3.batista COMMENT SOON
Triple H vs Roman Reigns would be great for business. -Ash
Do u think roman reigns can break the undertaker streak!
Triple H vs. Roman Reigns is pretty much go for SummerSlam
This dude that he hooping at the rec on Saturdays looks just like Roman Reigns from WWE, I honestly think it's him lol
It has come to my attention after viewing member names, that there are 2 people in this group that are using the names of 2 members of the Shield. I am now making it a rule for no-one to be using any member of the Shield's names. the names being used are Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Under No Circumstances is anyone to use these names or Seth Rollins. if we find out who you are, you will be removed from the groups and banned as well as other groups knowing about you. Thank you.
WWE's plans for Wrestlemania 31 and Summerslam involving Rock, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Roman Reigns. REVEALED...
Another huge match that WWE has penciled into their plans is for this year’s SummerSlam – Triple H vs. Roman Reigns.
Apparently Roman Reigns is set to face Triple H in the Main Event of SummerSlam according to several news...
You just mad cause Roman Reigns is stylin' on you
Even i think Roman Reigns is stunning. He could win me over on charm alone. Whats his name!?
true either way they are all amazing. Roman reigns is hot to lol Team shield :)
Do you want HHH vs Roman Reigns at Summerslam.
Roman Reigns: You go on guys. I'm just going lay down here and take a nap lol
Roman Reigns was on the practice squad in 07
I hope I get to see Triple H vs. Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. That would be EPIC!
Photo: Roman Reigns as Wrath from the Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Series by JR Ward.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Rumours Triple H will face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. That'd be a treat. Their styles would mesh well, I feel.
Fell asleep and woke up to Roman Reigns on TV. I can sleep peacefully now 😍
I just hope they treat Ambrose properly. I can already see them using Seth to a degree and obviously Reigns
Even though it's extremely early for rumors, there were reports that suggested that the Rock is expected to be inducted into the 2015 Hall of Fame class as the leading candidate. There is also talk of The Rock having a match at WrestleMania 31 against Brock Lesnar, if those plans fall short, there has also been talk of Lesnar having a match against Cesaro. Another rumored match is Triple H facing Roman Reigns at this year's SummerSlam but it's only been penciled in and nothing has been confirmed. We've heard rumors of the Rock facing Lesnar for a while but I would rather Lesnar take on Cesaro since if Lesnar had a match with the Rock, the Rock may get injured just like the Undertaker. A match between Triple H and Roman Reigns would be huge for Reigns' career but at the same time the outcome of the match would be predictable.
please follow me and make my day Roman Reigns
I love you Roman sexy reigns! :) crap! -_- you know your nickname now lol oh well it's cute :) Roman sexy reigns :)
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are ALL future WWE champions
You're Roman Reigns. The Shield's weak link. Bad News is you're just not that good. . (( We hardly talk. But, nice RP))
Roman Reigns prepares for WrestleMania 30 with a champion-sized workout. Watch WrestleMania on WWE Network!
Roman Reigns vs Triple H being planned for SummerSlam. That would be pretty good, puts Reigns over as well
and Roman Reigns. You don't stand a chance.
sorry but Roman reigns doesn't like me with other men.
why are people saying Dean Ambrose and Roman sexy reigns is better than Seth Rollins.all 3 are amazing
Got my daughter her very own Roman Reigns figure.
It's part 1 of our WrestleMania XXX rundown and we have actual interviews from The Shield's Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, Divas champion Aj Lee, and 3MB members Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Plus Marc Warzecha is the special guest in studio. The WWE Hall of Fame determines who loves...
80,000 light bulbs,33,000 feet of cables,28,000 feet of pyrotechnics, 15 production trucks,12 hi Def cameras, 2 television trucks. and Brock Lesnar still beat The Undertaker. It's all Hulk Hogan's fault,coming 'home', flapping his gums in the 'silverdome',if someone needs to take the rap! Now is the era of Ryback,Lesnar,Diggler,Roman Reigns,Cena,Cesaro and Bryan! Out with the old.
WWE have issued a survey to some fans on their mailing list, seeking feedback on WrestleMania 30 and the WWE Network. The survey asked the fans if they were happy with the end of The Undertaker's streak. It also asked who should have ended it. The choices were: - Brock Lesnar - Hulk Hogan - Triple H - Roman Reigns - Shawn Michaels - Steve Austin - Daniel Bryan - John Cena - Damien Sandow - No One.
At Summerslam, Roman Reigns could face Triple H, which suggests a separation of the clan before the grand show of the summer.
Today's rumors: An update on Cm Punk and WWE because you've surely been asking for it, Roman Reigns vs. Triple H is in the plans for SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar's opponent at WrestleMania 31, and more!
- Triple H vs. Roman Reigns is currently being discussed as a top match for SummerSlam on August 17th. The seeds have already been planted for this feud, which will likely feature a Shield vs. Evolution showdown en route to this blockbuster match. - WrestleMania XXX was just a week away, but there is already talk about who Brock Lesnar will wrestle next year in Santa Clara, California. The first rumored opponent is The Rock, who at one point was slated to face Lesnar at this year's show. The other big name who could face the Beast at WrestleMania 31 is Cesaro. Both men are currently represented by Paul Heyman and it remains to be seen how the two will interact when Lesnar eventually returns to television. Brock Lesnar's current WWE deal expires shortly after WrestleMania 31.
Roman Reigns is a WWE superstar who is currently a part of the most demonstrating force of the WWE : The Shield !
Which match you want for The WWE WorldHeavyWeight Championship at Extreme Rules:: Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar or, Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena or, Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns Or any other-
Ok so they have HHH s Roman Reigns penciled in for Summerslam and either Rock vs Brock or Cesaro vs Brock for Mania 30... This is what should happen... Roman Reigns beats HHH at Summerslam... Rock vs Brock 2 at Summerslam also, Rock wins, Cesaro vs Brock St Wrestlemania 31 and Reigns vs Rock at Wrestlemania 31, everyone wins and that would be passing the torch, I would also say Austin vs Punk and Bryan vs Cena for the WWE World Championship. Now that's a Wrestlemania card start and passing the torch into a new generation in my opinion...
Who is your favorite member of The Shield ? 1. Roman Reigns 2. Seth Rollins 3. Dean Ambrose
Subscribe for more Sam Roberts- Sam Roberts talks to Roman Reigns at WWE's Wrestlemania XXX Radio ...
Mary Lou's sweetheart is spoiling her already by supporting her wrestling habit!! He got her the Roman Reigns action figure!
Word is that WWE had been planning to reunite Evolution before WrestleMania 30. They have been planning to have Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for a while now. The match will most likely take place at the Extreme Rules PPV and is most likely happening to put over The Shield. Ric Flair is currently not scheduled to be involved in this.
Roman Reigns does NOT wanna go one on one with THE GAME HHH at summerslam he will get washed up.. Cesaro vs Lesnar would be interesting if cesaro get pushed properly. Brock vs rock nah don't wanna see Lesnar violate rock again I'm good
Watched kitchen nightmares last night and came to the realization that Amy from Amy Baking Company needs a good spear from Roman Reigns.
RUMOUR: Roman Reigns might battle the 13 time World Champion at SummerSlam! -
Which is the bst spear of roman reigns
Give it a year and a half and Roman Reigns is gonna be a huge solo star in the WWE
Can I just say Roman reigns and Randy Orton is just so sexi get it
Just met Roman Reigns at the hard rock. I literally can't move
Roman Reigns ORAH never fails to get me gassed. The hounds of justice and Daniel Bryan standing tall.
Do we have any WWE cosplayers in da house? me and my friend Omega are coming as the shield members Dean Ambrose an Roman Reigns respectively
Roman Reigns on Main Event Priceless Renee do I have a face baby and then the wink again, I think he's tryna give Renee his Superman.
out of the rising talents that wwe appear to be high on which are you guys thinks has the most potential?,Roman Reigns,Dean Ambrose,Seth Rollins,Bray Wyatt,Cody Rhodes,Cesaro,Fandango or Big E?,imma still go with Reigns how bout you guys?
Who would win the match between The Rock and Roman Reigns?
"Whats my name? ...Roman Reigns." ←←Can sumbody say new catch phrase lol
Get ready we are about to witness new stars rise up. The new era of wrestling has begun. Daniel Bryan is the next Shawn Michaels - Roman Reigns is the next Triple H - Dean Ambrose is the next Scott Hall AKA "Razor Ramon" - Seth Rollins is the next Chris Jericho - Cesaro is the next Kurt Angle - Bray Wyatt is the next Mankind - The Usos are the next Hardy Boyz. We also have Big E, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, and all the other good talent from NXT. So many good young wrestlers ready to step up, I can't wait! It's an awesome time to be a wrestling fan right now. Alix Weidman Mitchell Weidman
It's not often at all that I post something about wrestling, but here's in 1 night.Wade Barrett is amazing (and so is Roman Reigns) That is all!!
For those where unable to see the +WWE Hall of Fame, class 2014 induction ceremony. Report from the star till the end. The 2014 Red Carpet Special opens up with Michael Cole and Maria Menounos. They talk about tonight's ceremony and we go to Renee Young on the red carpet. We're going to be going back to her for interviews. Renee talks about how excited she is for her first ceremony. Cole talks about how we have members of the media from all over the world. We go back to Renee and Roman Reigns. Reigns talks about how important of a night this is. This is Reigns' first ceremony as a WWE Superstar. * We go to Byron Saxton on the red carpet. He stops Maryse and The Miz. Miz talks about looking forward to seeing The Ultimate Warrior inducted. He also jokes that Maryse still wants a match with Lita. Saxton cuts Miz off and we go back to Renee. She has Hulk Hogan and his wife Jennifer. Hogan says this is as big as it gets for him. We also see Brooke Hogan and Nick Hogan. We go back to Menounos and Cole before ju ...
Because of what happened at WrestleMania XXX, this is now my WWE Extreme Rules match predictions: Pre Show: Divas Championship: Aj Lee (c) vs. Nikki Bella Steel Cage match: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt 2 Out of 3 Falls match: Roman Reigns vs. Kane Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship: Big E (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio Tornado Tag Match for WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins Last Man Standing match: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar No Holds Barred match: Batista vs. Triple H Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Randy Orton
WrestleMania 30 was terrific. The WWE Network held up, and had no issues. It was a great night to be a wrestling fan. A new generation is born, as Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Aj Lee, and Daniel Bryan stand tall. Brock Lesnar ended The Streak, defeating The Undertaker clean for a pinfall. It was the only controversy, but regardless, Brock is made in a big way for the rest of his life. And if anything, a lot of us are intrigued enough to tune in tomorrow and see what happens next. Bray Wyatt lost to John Cena but still has a bright future. As for the legends, they were fun to watch and never took the spotlight off of the new stars. Honestly, we have Cm Punk to thank for tonight. He fought for this. He fought for every one of those guys. Not one veteran buried the current roster tonight, which is opposite of Vince McMahon's style, and something Cm Punk valiantly wanted to be reformed. And his stepping aside allowed a deserving Bryan Danielson to embrace his moment in time. Thank ...
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Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns for World Title one day. What a match up that'd be
Roman Reigns is the Jason Mamoa of the shield. Cool until he talks
DAWN OF THE BEARD, 5:29 a.m. The street lights are still bright at this hour when Daniel Bryan gets into a chilled limousine for the earliest scheduled appearance of his week. With little time to eat a formal breakfast, Bryan reminds the car of the fruitfulness of his initial Whole Foods mission. “This is where a grocery store trip comes in handy,” Bryan states. “I had a protein shake, banana and vegetable juice.” The Beard shares the ride with Sheamus and The Shield’s Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, all attendees at the morning’s international media event at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center – the same site as WrestleMania Axxess. They arrive along with the rest of a larger group that includes Big E, Natalya and Emma, then the Superstar squad is divided for interview conquering. SOUNDING OFF, 7:18 a.m. “Opie and Anthony” executive producer Sam Roberts – who you may have seen as a talking head on WWE Network’s “Countdown” – is one of Daniel Bryan’s first inter ...
Wow I dont often agree with anything the internet says when it come to wrestling especially the WWE. But I will agree that Roman Reigns WWE is going to be the face of WWE and is where the money lies. Im telling you Roman Reigns is a freak. The guy just has so much Charisma and is athletic as *** Watch out for him to make a big impact than he already has!!
Bryan, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are the future on the company. Here's hoping D-Bry wins on Sunday!
Ryback and Real Americans run in on Daniel Bryan, Shield came out and cleared house, Roman Reigns hit the spear on Kane. Bryan with the win to send the crowd home happy.
“My wife has the hots for Roman Reigns, as well as Robert Trujillo...Weird Oh ya!!!
if you see your fav wwe superstars. Big Show. Cesaro . Cm Punk . Daniel Bryan . Dean Ambrose . Roman Reigns . Seth Rollins . BI…
Complete WWE Smackdown Taping Results for 3/28 *Spoilers* Don't go down if you don't want to read No Are you sure?? Last chance Ok -Batista came out, making his return to Smackdown, and complained about how he's a former world champion, and won the Royal Rumble match, and yet he has to compete at WrestleMania in a triple threat match. Triple H comes out and gives him the good news – it will be Batista vs. Sheamus tonight. (1) Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre -Kane and the corporate New Age Outlaws came out and announced that The Shield had another match on Smackdown tonight. (2) Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. Ryback & Curtis Axel -After the match, Roman Reigns joined The Shield and triple powerbombed Ryback. They laughed at The Authority, who was still standing on the stage. (3) Sin Cara def. Damien Sandow is an extremely quick match that nobody seemed to care about. -Big Show cut a promo about facing the Wyatt Family tonight. (4) Fandango def. Goldust (5) Sheamus def. Bat ...
Speaking of Wrestlemania matches, was this hastily booked six man tag team match what you had in mind for Roman Reigns?
We're just a few weeks away from Wrestlemania XXX & much of the card's still up in the air. It's looking like 'Mania will be an 8-match show, over 4 hours. Coming out of the SmackDown tapings, it appears The Usos will be defending the WWE Tag Team Titles against the Real Americans {Jack Swagger & Cesaro} & Rybaxel {Curtis Axel & Ryback}. This would mean that the NXTers are removed from the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, making it 12 spots that are open now. @ 1 point, based on a German TV promo that aired, Cesaro was scheduled for the battle royal, but that doesn't appear to be the case now. Also on the schedule, is a 6-man match with the Shield {Hair Apparent (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) & United States champion Dean Ambrose} taking on Another Thing Coming {Kane & The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Bill Gunn)}. Tag team plans for WrestleMania have gone back & forth this year, but it's said that The Outlaws wanted to work with The Hounds of Justice before the team breaks up, so the card was slightl ...
Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match Announced for Smackdown The following Fatal 4 Way has been announced for Friday's SmackDown to determine a new contender to The Usos' WWE Tag Team Titles: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro and Jack Swagger vs. 3MB vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel *LoP
Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns, and Dolf Ziggler need to be in the dunk contest next year
If The Shield breaks up, the only one that I see getting the huge monster pushes are Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. I don't see Seth Rollins being used much, if WWE were to bring back the Cruiserweight division, maybe Seth Rollins could branch off into this high flying great superstar like EARLY Rey Mysterio, Paul London, and Billy Kidman
Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated Luke Harper and Erick Rowan following the WWE SmackDown tapings on...
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- Booker T also had praise for Roman Reigns after last night's WWE Royal Rumble Read more at
Roman Reigns talking to Seth Rollins like Raj from Big Bang Theory.
Check out Roman Reigns' dominating display at the 2014 Royal Rumble.
Here is the official five point preview for tonight's WWE Monday Night Raw… Dead man's tale: Brock Lesnar is champing at the bit to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania, but as Paul Heyman outlined last week, the mad scientist has his own reasons for tempting The Streak a second time. According to Heyman, it was The Phenom's defeat of Cm Punk at last year's Show of Shows that drove The Straight Edge Superstar to abandon Heyman altogether in late 2013. The Deadman has been confirmed to appear on Raw, likely with a response for both The Anomaly and his handler. What will he have to say? A crack in The Shield: Things are … well, they're not looking great for The Shield these days. WWE's formerly inseparable trio are on shakier ground than ever before, thanks to Seth Rollins' abandonment of the group in the middle of their second match with The Wyatt Family last week. The stunt that cost Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns the match was done, according to Rollins, in order to make a point. However, can "the archit ...
when are u going to announce the general admission fan axxess appearence? Hopefully I can meet Roman Reigns, Beth Phoenix, and The Usos
Top 5 power guys right now. Roman Reigns . Brian Cage. Bray Wyatt . Ryback (Feed him more again pls). Michael Elgin
in my universe mode Stone Cold Steve Austin returned and beat Zack Ryder and Triple h returned and beat the United States champion R-Truth, earning him a shot at the us title in a inferno match next weeks card: Triple h vs R-Truth U.S. Title match (inferno match) Big E Langston vs Kane Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns (rivalry match) WWE Champion John Cena vs Jeff Hardy (rivalry match) Brodus Clay & Tensai (Tons of Funk) vs Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper (The Wyatt Family) Contenders match to the unified tag team title Stone Cold Steve Austin vs David Otunga who do you got?
this Monday shield vs wayyat I hope the best fight . the power of roman reigns
Roman Reigns how long you been in wwe you is fine sex guy i wish could have
John Cena still got something's top Prove but Hey Roman Reigns is Proving alot already D. Bryan is doing good &
Fan Page for The King of Kings Roman Reigns and Team member of The Shield. Goal: 1k
I think my sister has a crazy crush on Roman Reigns. Why did I make her notice him? What did I do? Lol
ROMAN REIGNS fans club, hit like if you like him.
I lyk ROMAN REIGNS very very much, how many of you like ROMAN , hit like
chris are you POSITIVE he wasn't just doing a Roman Reigns impersonation
Batista was starting to gain momentum was very similar to what's happening with Roman Reigns.
Glen Sexton is going Roman Reigns on these mf's on GTA V LOL
Apparently I'm not entitled to have my own opinion and HATE Roman Reigns
becuase roman reigns and baron Corbin are giving me heart attacks on how fine they are.
roman reigns and baron Corbin giving me a heart attack.
Gives you an I like to me, page and pursue it Roman Reigns - WWE Universe c:
I'd love to see Samoa Joe in WWE as well. A feud w/ him & Roman Reigns would be pretty epic
Roman Reigns talks about working with The Rock, Triple H, how he’s related to Rock and Usos
Roman Reigns reveal how he is related to The Rock and The Usos! --
shizz . i accidentally cut myself when shaving . uurgh . i was just trying to shave like Roman Reigns .
I have a very weird crush on Roman Reigns.
Prefect photos of the babes Roman Reigns 😍👌👫💘
I noticed something about Roman Reigns: his swag remains off the charts.
also, you're now stuck with Cena, Roman Reigns and Big Slow
other way around "Roman Reigns' hair is almost the same length as Julia's, but significantly less fabulous"
random thought that popped into my head: "My hair is the same length as Roman Reigns' but significantly less fabulous."
"Roman reigns getting ready to fight
Roman Reigns SUPERMAN PUNCH IS EPIC! And Seth was the first Nxt champ so i expect a lot from him. Seth was like the most
I really wanted Roman Reigns vs undertaker this year at Wrestlemania 30 I guess Brock Lesnar will have to do thoe
if you'd want to see this match. Reigns Vs TripleH
Roman reigns love when his hair is up
So after an easy beat down of Cena, Bray Wyatt is stuck in slugfest with Roman Reigns
It kinda bums me out when Roman Reigns or the Usos sell headbutts and turnbuckle shots. I thought all Samoans had hard heads
She stopped harass Randy cause he always ingnored her. Now she wants marry Roman Reigns
I prefer Roman Reigns over Jared Leto hands down
Peter Rosenberg recently interviewed Roman Reigns. Here are some highlights: - Reigns was asked about The Shield hitting The Rock with a triple power bomb through a table
Right now I'd say my favorites are John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Orton & Cesaro. Those would be my top 6.
A-yep. His ring name is Roman Reigns, which even gives ME a little tingle in my special place.
WWE Draft on this game... NXT got Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, The Rock, and Roman Reigns. Ratings everywhere
I posted a pic just now and got 10 likes in 1 second :o :o Roman Reigns - WWE
Does anybody think we will see a feud between Batista and Roman Reigns after WrestleMania??? -SAM
ROMAN REIGNS on his Georgia Tech football career and transition from the NFL (MINNESOTA VIKINGS) to Pro Wrestling
Was able to get an elite Roman Reigns, the Rollins and Ambrose double pack and the Bella Twins
. Roman Reigns as LeaKee vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in fcw ...Wwe's Florida championship wrestling
I want to meet Roman Reigns in person . I would pass out :)
If you love me at all, come find me on these pages! The Wyatt Famliy as SisterAbigail The Real Americans as PatriotLock Believe that & Believe In The Shield as Leakee (duh :P) Roman Reigns - King of Kings also as Leakee And don't forget to show some love for our Brother Page Cm Punk: What Time Is It? It's Clobberin Time !!
Owt boots off the Roman reigns
Good Royal Rumble. I wanna see more of Roman Reigns.
Here of late I've become a pretty big fans of Roman Reigns. I dig where his character is headed. I dare to say he's my new favorite wrestler.
So I am on the way to get some lunch and met the Usos, Damien Sandow, Kane, Roman Reigns of the Shield & (drumroll, please!) Luke Harper & Eric Rowan of the Wyatt Family. Did not have time to take pictures with them so I got their autographs for my family.
Presuming Lesner doesn't do it, could Roman Reigns be the one to end the streak next year, or the year after? Makes sense to me, he does appear to be the fabled "last big star" for Vince to choose before fully handing over the keys to the kingdom to HHH
Am I the only one who believes Roman Reigns is the star or should I say the break out star of The Shield?
Here are my bold predictions for the full WrestleMania match card and the results - *Batista vs Randy Orton (c) (Batista wins,extends the feud) *Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker (Undertaker wins,22-0) *Triple H vs Daniel Bryan (Bryan wins) *John Cena vs Bray Wyatt (Cena wins LOL) *Dean Ambrose (c) vs Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins (Reigns wins the US title) *Big E (c) vs Cesaro vs Swagger (Big E retains and has his Mania moment after the Real Americans finally split) *New Age Outlaws (c) vs Dolph Ziggler & The Miz (tag titles) (Ziggler and Miz win the tag belts,NAO are transitional champs) *Cody Rhodes vs Goldust (Cody wins) *Sheamus vs Christian (feud started at Smackdown and will culminate at WM with Christian winning to continue the feud) There might be 1-2 more added matches to the main card and 2 matches on the pre-show but I cant predict that. So what you think of the Mania match card? Im looking forward to most of the matches besides one or two. -GN
I think I'm about to grow back into action figures that I used to be very interested in when I was a kid. I'm thinking about getting some and making a match between John Cena, The Rock, and the nWo (Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) going against Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns).
WWE fans: This coming Monday night, "RAW" will be coming from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL, LIVE! (the hometown of recent departee, Cm Punk - WWE Universe; will the straight-edged self-proclaimed "Best In The World" return to "RAW" in his hometown? That remains to be seen!) Also, "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar responds to The Undertaker - WWE Universe emphatically accepting his Wrestlemania challenge by chokeslamming him through a table last week! Plus a titanic 6-man tag team rematch from the "Elimination Chamber" between The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs. The Shield - WWE (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)! It should be a raucous night in the "Windy City" on WWE Monday Night Raw on the USA Network this Monday!
"Who will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion after Batista?" Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan.
I may have thought Roman Reigns would spear Dean Ambrose at Elimination Chamber, but they needed an awesome match. Sorry I have 2 say this, but THE SHIELD WILL BE HISTORY IN 3 DAYS! Roman Reigns was confirmed to betray The Shield back in November. Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose US Championship Wrestlemania XXX. P.S. I told you Brock Lesnar would face Undertaker.
If Dean Ambrose was a good wrestler he would be Roman Reigns
If Dean Ambrose was the leader of the Shield, he'd be Roman Reigns.
When three rogue developmental wrestlers clad in SWAT team attire made a surprise WWE debut at last month’s Survivor Series — and committed many subsequent sneak attacks on Raw — it signaled a compelling new twist in the Main Event picture. Well, new-ish anyway, given the similarities to the original NEXUS angle. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, under the collective moniker The Shield, have injected some spark and intrigue into WWE programming, as their motives and affiliations remain unclear. Little is known about what they want, or how they intend to get it. In order to shed some light on these shadowy characters, we’ve compiled a list of factoids about the members of The Shield. For the sake of clarity, we’ll refer to them primarily by their current ring names. 12. Dean Ambrose wrestled his first WWE matches in 2006 — a tag match against MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro), and then in a handicap match against the Big Show. It was a discouraging experience: “WWE is where most ...
I have to.say out of the shield that I hated both Seth Rollins and.Dean Ambrose. But really like Roman Reigns. But have to say that I'm really impressed with Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins reminds me of Jeff Hardy.
On The Shield Splitting Up From what I read on the internet alot of people praised the Shield vs Wyatts Match at Elimination Chamber and that all six men were praised. You may not notice it but The Shield has much more potential once they split than the Wyatts. I asked some fans about which of The Shield members would be more successful once they split? UNANIMOUSLY they say Roman Reigns which really angered me because again the fact that WWE wishes to push big muscular guys instead of the smaller guys that have potential,talent and that can go in the ring. With all due respect of Mister Reigns and the fact that he's cousins with The Rock and the late great YOKOZUNA and the son of one of the Wild Samoans,I think Dean Ambrose based upon his track record prior to WWE and the fact that that he has tremendous mic skills and unlimited potential,The guy is a true ring general. Seth Rollins on the other hand is a tremendous worker as well if you go on you tube and check out his matches from ROH I promise you ya . ...
Soon Will be Designs for Nikki Bella , Lilian Garcia , Aj Lee , Eva Marie , Cm Punk , Kane , Roman Reigns , Goldust , & Batista wait for it.
2nd episode of Raw Brad Maddox appears on Raw. Brad Maddox: Today there will be WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament. Participants are: Luke Harpar and Eric Rowan, Ryback and Sheamus, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes and Goldust, The Usos, Drew McIntyre and Fandango, The Real Americans, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio and our Main Event is Bray Wyatt vs Dolph Ziggler. 1st Round 1. Eric Rowan and Luke Harpar defeated Drew McIntyre and Fandangoto qualify for the next round. The Shield appears backstage. Dean Ambrose: Have you seen what Wyatts did to me last friday on Smackdown huh? They attacked me. They terror my part. They dominated me. Why? Because you three were not there for help. I have to fight those ugly faced Wyatts myself. And now Luke and Eric defeated Drew and Fandango. They may even win the titles. You have to stop them. Now I want a revenge. Roman Reigns: We will definitely stop them Seth Rollins: But how will you get your revenge bro? What you are gonna do? Dean Ambrose: I am not g ...
Dean Ambrose: "Stupid Wyatt Family walkin around with your stupid camel mask" Roman Reigns: "Woah what are you talkin about bro its a llama, i just came from a zoo its a llama" Seth Rollins: "Are you guys stupid its a lamb" lmfao
I decided to make the shield with my friends Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins The shield Players Are Dean Ambrose &Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins Hussein Ashraf Omar Metwalli Karim Mahmoud
NXT 25/02/2014 (3 MATCHES IN THIS POST) The IC champ Brock Lesnar comes down to the ring. He looks around at the crowd and raises his championship up in the air. He tells the whole world that he has decided what his and Chris Masters match at Night of Champions will be.A *** IN A CELL MATCH! He tells Masters that he is going to enter his domain and might as well not turn up because he will be destroyed my his F5 fury!!! Kane vs Umaga Ending: Umaga kicks out of a pin from a chokelsam to the disbelief if Kane, Kane goes for another one but Umaga counters and grabs his arm. Umaga shrieks and goes for the somoan spike. Kane dodges and uppercuts Umaga. Umaga stumbles back and then forwards straight into another chokeslam. WINNER: KANE! Roman Reigns vs Wade Barrett Ending: Barrett has him up for wasteland but as he goes to connect but all of a sudden Reigns rolls out of the wasteland bounces of the ropes and straight into a thunderous spear causing Barrett to roll out of the ring holding his stomach. Reigns th ...
Dean Ambrose will be a top heel. Roman Reigns will be a top babyface. Seth Rollins will be a midcarder. saw this comment on a youtube video, i also believe that.
I can watch Roman Reigns all day!!! His is so bad azz and delightful to look at lol 😍
So, with a team of John Cena, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, The Newly Shield
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I feel sorry for Seth Rollins because everyone is focusing on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, so nobody is really focusing on Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins is a great wrestler and he deserves to be a big star in the WWE.
I would love to see Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose for the title.
Who do you like more Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns? — Dolph Ziggler.
Even if The Shield didn't win against The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber & Bray Wyatt pinned"THE SAMOAN SUPERMAN","2013 Survivor Series SOLE SURVIVOR","WWE Slammy Awardee"&"2014 Royal Rumble runner-up"Roman Reigns,the whole WWE Universe knew as much as I do that he gave his 110%on the match.Kudos to Seth Rollins too..
The Shield and Wyatts have been class and Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are brilliant and deserve their praise. But I'm all over Luke Harper and Seth Rollins currently. WWE must book this match one on one in the future hopefully!
"WWE KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK!" As reported on E wrestling news a short time ago, tonight broadcast of Monday night Raw marked the returns of Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Ric Flair, and The Undertaker. It also was the launch of the new WWE network which you can purchase on and get your free one week trail. Hulk Hogan returning home to announce he will be hosting Wrestlemania 30. We witnessed Batista's possibly going heel. John Cena getting attacked and injured by the Wyatt Family. Ceasaro and Big E give a battle of strength, and Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt one on one. We also saw Daniel Bryan demand for a match at Wrestlemania 30 against Triple H, and beat corporate Kane in singles action. Then as the man beast Brock Lesnar returned with Paul Hayman to demand for a title match at Wrestlemania 30, we got to see the legendary Undertaker make his return and challenge Brock at Wrestlemania to become number 22-0 for The Undertaker streak.
I just love when I'm off on Monday night cause I get to watch WWE Monday Night Raw!! Tonight was a good one. Loved seeing Hulk Hogan WWE Universe The Undertaker - WWE Universe and The Shield - WWE.Roman Reigns - WWE Universe is awesome! In the words of Rick Ric Flair, The Nature Boy...WO! :D
ToNight has been Amazing Night on Monday Night Ending with Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyett Great Generation Match Right Now but Next UnderTaker Returns 2 World Wrestling Entertainment!
Looks like Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose ran into their twins at Wizard world a while back! Credit to Jon from Nightmare Pro Wrestling for finding this gem!
Raw comes back with the Shield talking in the back. Dean Ambrose walks away from Rollins and Reigns. The Wyatts then approach the two remaining Shield members. Bray Wyatts and Reigns exchange words and Reigns issues a challenge to Bray Wyatts later on tonight. Bray Wyatt excepts. The scene ends then moves to Booker. T, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Josh Matthews. Booker. T talks about the upcoming match with Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns as Naitch talks about how he wants to see Daniel Bryan. He starts doing the "Yes Movement" as Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring as he gets ready for his match with Kane. - C-Dubb
Watching WWE's Elimination Chamber. It's one of the most brutal pay per views offered by World Wrestling Entertainment and I usually skip it, but Mom insisted. Excited to see if my Usos win the Tag Team belts, to see if The Shield finally breaks up (go solo, Roman Reigns!!), and to see if Randy Orton keeps his belt. Don't really know who else is fighting tonight, but that's all I'm watching for. First sign of blood, I'm changing the channel!!
The separation of the Shield would be for Wrestlemania which would lead Roman Reigns facing Dean Ambrose or Sheamus.
Sheamus vs. Reigns at WrestleMania? Mike Johnson. It’s been expected that we will see the demise of The Shield at WrestleMania XXX but that’s not confirmed yet. While one idea pitched internally had Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose in a singles match, another idea pitched that was discussed a bit more is Reigns vs. Sheamus.
The is blessed to have a collection of seven young, ultra-talented Superstars on its roster. Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns are fully capable of carrying the WWE for the next 10-15 years.
Hey WWE, here's a Wrestlemania match idea for you: Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose for the US Title...with Seth Rollins as the special referee.
Is wwe setting up for a collision course for Bray Wyatt to face Roman Reigns for wrestlemania? Honestly I think it wouldn't be such a bad idea
Your first match on is Los Matadores and Sin Cara vs Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns
I'm watching WWE Main Event. Sin Cara & Los Matadores against The Shield is the opening match. Roman Reigns looks...
The first match of the night is Sin Cara & Los Matadores w/El Torito vs. Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns).
I hope we see see Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns go at it for a while at Elimination Chamber
WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 19, 2014) at 8 p.m. ET on ION Television from Colorado Springs, Colorado. As per usual, this episode was taped on Tuesday prior to the Friday Night SmackDown tapings. In lieu of a live blog, we're going to hit you with results and spoilers for tonight's show while also providing an open thread for discussion once the broadcast goes live. - The Shield def. Los Matadores & Sin Cara in a cool booking call seeing as The Wyatt Family went over the same opposition on this show last week. Roman Reigns was pushed hard here, spearing two guys at once and getting the pin, and he was over with the crowd. - Cameron def. Aksana in your typical Divas match. - Bad News Barrett segment saw him crack jokes about the crowd being as high as he is on his podium -- because they're in Colorado, get it -- and the U.S. failing in the Olympics. This apparently ended the taping. - For those interesting in such things, Alexander Rusev def. Zack Ryder in a dark match be ...
Like if you want to see Roman Reigns superman punch Bray Wyatt!
Mark Henry has his hands full with Roman Reigns and the rest of The Shield.
The Muscle of the Shield, this guy got everything to be a top star in WWE, and that tribute is about him... Roman Reigns! If you enjoy - subscribe, and like ...
If Roman Reigns wasn't a wrestler he'd be a bass player in a speed metal band that you heard rumors of him beating up other bands himself
Anyway, suspect if there's ever a guy who's going to "get Cena's spot". It'll be Roman Reigns. I'll give it 3 years before people boo him
roman reigns is going to be huge in the WWE, I've really enjoyed his run so far
I know what will happen, Roman will spear Ambrose by accident and the Wyatts get the win, causing Ambrose to slap Reigns.
Goldust says he won't be wrestling Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania Not that he would announce it if they were or anything. Before Goldust returned to WWE in September of last year as part of the brief feud between the Rhodes family and The Authority (Stephanie McMahon & Triple H), he had spent considerable time campaigning for a match against his brother, Cody, at WrestleMania. Perhaps it was a ploy to stay relevant, or a desperate bid to work his way back to a prominent role on television. Maybe it was just a dream and the hope that he could fulfill that before it was too late. Now, after a wildly successful run over the past five months teaming with Cody -- even winning the tag team titles -- Goldust is slamming the door on the two working a match against each other at the "Showcase of the Immortals": GOLDUST ✔ repeat... I WILL NOT BE FIGHTING MY BROTHER AT MANIA! Time has passed. Think what u want. Wouldnt get the spotlight it deserves. 9:16 AM - 13 Feb 2014 Who does he blame for this? GOLDUST ✔ thanks ...
The better, face facts john boy you just can't compare to Roman Reigns. So do us all a favour, take you fruity pebble tshirts, your lame
Roman Reigns is the best current example of ECW hide weakness/show strengths style booking. Keep it simple, stupid.
Bruno Mars just has it, he's like the Roman Reigns of the pop industry, next big star, so good!
I want to see a Batista vs Roman Reigns match ! Does anyone agree with me?
Get ready for the start of the Roman Reigns push...
I think Roman Reigns got pick cuz dude is sexy as *** And Vinny Mac likes sexy dudes :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS BEAUTY 💚💚 you're the roman to my reigns and the 3 to my shades
Reigns making it to the top makes it easier for the other two, as they could jump into feuds with Roman.
. Agreed with Boy I'm afraid - Roman Reigns is fit. And he's pretty good at being massive too
I hate to say this but I feel like the only one who would even get a huge push out of this is roman reigns.
Gotta luv that spear frm Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns is a force to be reckoned with..!
Roman Reigns should just leave and ride solo.
Drawing Roman Reigns brings back fond Rob Liefeld memories
I love dis guy,,,Roman Reigns,dis guy is awesome
Whoever loved Dean or Setb or both at the debut of The Shield but not Roman Reigns, Suck It Up now!
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I have to admit this Roman Reigns guy is the next big thing in wrestling!!! That Superman punch is just surreal.. folowed by the spear... Dabi pliz grow up... we got moves to practise!!
On a night when Raw went Old School, Daniel Bryan debuted as a Wyatt and Roman Reigns knocked off Cm Punk, but it was Jake "The Snake" Roberts who stole the show. Find out what went down with's full Raw results!
Tamina Roman Reigns and Vickie Guerrero leaving together after .
Ignore any comments about Roman Reigns personal life...anything about who he is married to or dating. Or any other personal information about him or any of the other wrestlers. This is our Number 1 rule!! We just deleted and banned our first member for not following the rules. PLEASE make sure you are following the rules. MEMBER RULES: 1) NO personal information about ANY of the wrestlers. 2) NO bullying of any kind on any kind of communication platform. Auto boot from group will be the penalty if we discover this is going on. 3) RESPECT other members and the wrestlers. 4) NO bad language or obscene talk. 5) NO ADVERTISEMENTS OF ANY KIND. Automatic deletion and ban from the group will be the penalty. 6) Please only post one question per day, except for the owner and admins. This group is for having fun rooting for your favorite wrestler(s) or booing your rival(s) (in a friendly manner). If conversations get out of hand between members a warning will be given before being booted. PLEASE...keep conversat .. ...
Had a dream I met Roman Reigns...why did I have to wake up?
Thought this was one of until the end because he would definitely be a Roman Reigns man.
I kinda like Roman Reigns by his yelling! XD
I can see Roman Reigns bettrayed by Dean Ambrose at Elimination Chamber , Reigns will turn face
btb. The Shield shoudl stay together forever, but Roman Reigns feels like he gotta fly like an eagle
Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Cesaro are the future?
Briana Downing came up with the best sign idea for a wrestler I've ever heard. Roman Reigns spears someone, roars, looks up and reads: "I'M ALWAYS WET WHEN IT REIGNS!" He then proceeds to blush like a lil' schoolgirl lol
At Fan Axxess at the Izod Center, WWE superstar Roman Reigns talked WrestleMania 29 and 2K Sports video games in this exclusive interview.
Photo: "When Roman Reigns and Batista went head to head at the Royal Rumble, I could tell Roman really...
Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro are the future of wrestling!
he was jealous of Roman on RAW so he MIGHT do something stupid xD. Maybe Rollins and Ambrose might turn on Reigns ._.
Wyatt Family going to beat The Shield because of beef within the team and that's when Roman Reigns begin his singles career.
That's a pretty good line up. Roman reigns would be banging them in
That moment when you realize that the usos and Roman Reigns are relatives and they fight each other 😂😂
would you agree that Cesaro is more ready for a Main Event run than Roman Reigns? I like both, but I think Cesaro is more ready
uhhh Roman Reigns is getting pushed to the sky eating everyone in singles alive
Lmao . “roman reigns would never ever fall for a sleaze as . Low as you.”
Cesaro and Roman reigns are awesome
Photo: “Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns have perfect bodies!”
they are so corny only Seth Rollins and roman reigns are real
Without a doubt Roman Reigns has the best tattoo I've ever seen🙌
I get the Roman Reigns hype, I really do, but to me, Dean Ambrose has got a huge future as a heel. Reminds me of Tully Blanchard and with traces of Harley Race.
Photo: "I’m not a fan of The Shield, but I find myself becoming a fan of Roman Reigns. He’s a real...
Photo: I sketched a quick Roman Reigns because I’ve been staring at a gif of him Superman Punching Cody...
Please could I have a Roman Reigns header using with pic? — Here boo.
Still not greater than my hate for Roman Reigns
WWE Best Roman Reigns Spears this is what coming for ya
Photo: "The way Roman Reigns hangs on the collar of his vest like Bane in Dark Knight Rises is super bad...
"The Powerhouse" of The Shield, Roman Reigns, set out to conquer the "World's St...
WWE Raw was great. The Cena/Cesaro Match stole the show. Also having Daniel Bryan face an aggressive Christian and a vengeful Kane was a good idea. The promos for The Wyatt Family and The Shield were great. Good to see Roman Reigns with a win but it looks like Mark Henry may be done with WWE soon or will just be putting over "younger" talent until his contract expires. I also would have liked to see Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, R-Truth and Xavier Woods. Plus with the NAO defending against The Usos one of the two teams should've been in action. (Please note that I watched WWE Raw on Hulu Plus). Also, Los Matadores and Sin Cara have just been turned into the Next Jobber Team right after 3MB. The backstage segment with HHH and Orton was great with Batista standing behind Orton and then calling him the *** of the WWE. Also the Del Rio part was ok. Lastly Sheamus vs. Orton was meh. Can't wait to see what happens on WWE Friday Night Smackdown!
If Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins become buried pawns just to put Roman Reigns over, HHH really is a doofus.
Jim Ross comments on Roman Reigns, John Cena vs. Cesaro, and the ... -
if I should stay as Roman Reigns. FAV if I should change to Batista
RIP to Nelson Frazier aka Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V. (For you newbies, he got the Roman Reigns push back in 1995)
Quite a few people think that the sky is the limit for Roman Reigns in WWE. Jim Ross may be Reigns’ biggest booster. [ 141 more words. ]
[Credit To RCYProductions For the CUSTOM Roman Reigns Titantron!!..] I actually wanted to make this video because I truly enjoy watching Roman Reigns do the ...
After Roman Reigns eliminated so many people in Royal Rumble PPV, So many people are creating + already created Reigns Page :3 Pathetic.. Now after Cesaro gets hit, you all will sure create a Antonio Cesaro page xD
I have biggest crush on this wrestler name Roman Reigns... But Bryan thinks he is hideous!! Moral of the story what you find ugly your spouse might think is amazing...why don't you ask him?
On The Beak's wrestling whiz Russell Smith caught up with independent promotion EWA and you'll never guess what they said about Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan of the WWE! Check it out.
WWE WM30 possibility. It could happen that Daniel Bryan COULD goto WM vs. Batista thus many think Taker would face Lesner. I wouldnt do this tho. I would have Taker lose the streak to Roman Reigns giving Reigns an automatic push to superstardom. The storyline is self made as The Shield are the ones to sideline Taker after WM29 thus he comes back for vengance. JMO
i think Big E Langston vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania XXX would be amazing
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at 10 o'clock before wrestelmania we will crown the first ever wwe online hall of famer who will he be? Tonight at wrestelmania2 the biggest PPV of the year we will start at 9 o'clock 1- WWE Online vs WWE News in a 4 vs 4 tag team match 2- Trish stratus vs Kelly Kelly vs Aj Lee vs EVE vs Katlyin in a wrestelmania divas festival elimination match for the Divas title 3-RVD vs Daniel Bryan for the NXT title 4- Cuirts axel vs John Morrison for the IC title 5-Antonio cezaro vs Dolph Ziggler for the US title 6-The Game Show vs Jericho and sheamus vs Team Captain YES (christian and Daniel Bryan) 7- cuirts axel vs Big E Langston vs Sheamus vs Wade Barrett in a fatal 4 way match for the world heavy weight championship 8- a triple threat for the WWe championship jericho vs roman reigns vs John Cena 9- Randy Orton and CMPunk vs Roman and cena Ladies and gentelmen Welcome to
Jim Ross Blog: Praises Shield Members, Cena-Cesaro Match, More Source: Jim Ross posted a new blog at - Roman Reigns winning with his spear over Mark Henry was pun intended. If I had to pick an early favorite to either be the WWE World Champion at WM31 or to win the title there, it would be Reigns. How Roman Reigns is 'built' going forward is imperative to the long term success of WWE as it relates to constructing the next, major, WWE superstar. Ambrose played the smarmy, opportunistic villain role extremely well. There is big money in Dean Ambrose. Ambrose still reminds me of a cross between Roddy Piper and Brian Pillman. That's high praise by the way. For those wondering, I've always been high on Seth Rollins. - I'm predicting that Swagger and Big E will have a better match than some skeptics think this Sunday on PPV. Much depends on how they are prepared and "coached up." - Loved the Cena vs. Cesaro match. One of the best matches that Cena has had in a while. Cesaro . ...
WWE are giving Roman Reigns a major push. I hear that Cena is feeling the fatigue of carrying the company on his back all this time and he wants to pass down the torch to a young blood like how the Rock passed it onto him. Roman Reigns is the guy Vince has chosen and thats they having big guys like Henry job for him. Do you think he has what it takes bro?
WWE Main Event Taping Results (SPOILERS) Credit: Chris Kasper, Charles & Dark Match 1. Alexander Rusev defeated Zack Ryder by pinfall. Rusev won with a side slam finisher. A decent match, not just a total squash. WWE Main Event TV Taping 1. The Shield defeated Sin Cara and Los Matadores. Good match. The Shield worked over Sin Cara for most of the match. The highlights were Roman Reigns performing a double spear on Sin Cara, and one of the Matadores, as well as a Hart Attack style Superman Punch. There were light chants for Reigns. 2. Cameron beat Aksana. Chris described it as "a boring waste of my time." Charles said it was not terrible. Cameron won with a roll up. There was a Bad News Barrett segment. He said for once the crowd is as "high" as he is. He ripped on the Olympic training center, and how the U.S. is going to have the lowest medal count since 1988. This concluded the Main Event taping.
Raw 2 17 2013 in Denver, Colorado Roman Reigns beats Mark Henry also go watch this prank i made: Under Section 107 of the Copyrig...
Can't wait to get Roman reigns tattoo in 2 weeks :D buzzing. Just wish my arms was as big as his :(
When is Roman Reigns breaking apart from The Shield? He's obviously a superstar.
Roman Reigns, Antonio Cesaro, Big E Langston, Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggler... is in good hands if they utilise their talent properly.
My Predictions on the Elimination Chamber this Sunday: Shield vs Wyatts: I think Roman Reigns will take the win, but not before he beats the *** out of Dean Ambrose. Afterward Dean will team with the Wyatts so he can release his inner crazy! Main Event: Orton Wins.(so he can face Dave Bautista at Wrestlemania.) Christian will be eliminated first followed by Cesaro, then Shamus, leaving DB, Cena and Orton. DB will pin Cena after standing hit with the RKO. What do you see the outcome as? {Warvet}
Push one, fire one, keep one. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose Go! -JT
review: *Pretty enjoyable opening segment. *Daniel Bryan vs. Christian -Christian acted like a heel during this match which I enjoyed, I've always liked him better as a heel. -Daniel Bryan wins, pretty good match. *Daniel Bryan vs. Kane -Daniel Bryan won by DQ. This was basically to set-up an injury angle, where he'll come off as the underdog in the match. *Enjoyable promo by The Shield. *The video package for Emma should of been what they showed before she debuted. *Fandango vs. Santino Marella -Fandango wins. Nothing match, basically hinting it a romance between Santino & Emma. *Short promo by Mark Henry. It was alright. *Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry -Roman Reigns won. Short match, but really enjoyed it. *Loved the Bray Wyatt promo, he's a great talker. *The staredown between The Wyatt Family & The Shield was awesome. *Really lame backstage segment with Goldust, Cody Rhodes & Bad News Barrett. *Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston -Swagger wins, ok match. *Big E vs. Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal -Zeb Colter ...
The team of wrestlers that has been posted up is completely inaccurate. Here's my team, GK- Dolph Ziggler - Very agile, and according to many he's good with his hands. RB- Adrian Neville - He'll be great because he'll just use his inner Gary Neville. LB- Seth Rollins - Very fast and he can whip in a cracking cross. CB- Cesaro - Look at the man and everything about him screams centre half. CB- Randy Orton - Tall and powerful, can't go wrong. Any body skips by him, he'll just hit them with an RKO out of nowhere. CDM- Ricardo Rodriguez - Small and fiesty, he'd always be at your heels (ha see what I did there) CAM- Roman Reigns - I imagine him to be in the same mould as yaya toure. RM- Kofi Kingston - Another pacey guy, will stay on his feet all day long, very honest. LM- Fandango - Everything the complete opposite to Kofi. ST- Rey Mysterio - He'd be a poacher, like Hernandez. ST- John Cens - The superstar of the team, just when you think you're gonna lose, he'd score a hat trick in the last 10 minutes.
Why does WWE push ugly people like Randy Orton, AJ, Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns?. I hope Cody Rhodes brings back his paper bags & bags them!
Today's Raw is just awesum Roman reigns defeated the worlds strongest man Mark Henry... John Cena defeated cesaro.. Daniel Bryan defeatd Christain and kane.. Sheamus and orton's match ended with no contest.. Watch our Tensports Raw telecast on Thursday (y)
Luke Harper should get a Roman Reigns push. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Push one, keep one, fire one, Bray Wyatt, Titus O'Neal, Roman Reigns
Bray Wyatt cuts an epic promo Roman Reigns : Why don't you come out here, and speak that noise? Bray Wyatt : Funny you would say that, I was just thinking the same thing Eric Rowan: RUN! Wyatts theme song starts playing I get chills, and start getting hyped, and marking the heck out! Forget the WWE WHC Elimination Chamber match, the Sheild vs the Wyatts is where it's at!
Roman Reigns headlining Hour Two of is interesting and telling. Just as he hits the Superman Punch and Spear to finish off Mark Henry. The Future.
Cena, Sheamus, Christian, Cesaro, Orton, Bryan all make points about how they are going to win. Kane then comes out and makes Cesaro vs Cena. Bryan vs Christian to open the show. Mark Henry v Roman Reigns & Los Matadores vs The Wyatts later. One *** of a match heavy Raw! - Lee
Who so you see Roman Reigns going head-to-head with at Wrestle Mania 30?
LOS ANGELES – A happy return it was not for Daniel Bryan, who returned to the site of his first WWE Championship victory – and loss – looking for a fight, only to be denied by the same forces that took the title away from him in the first place. It wasn’t Randy Orton Bryan wanted, though, having dealt with him handily last week. Instead, Bryan wanted a piece of Kane, who’s made a point of tormenting his former tag team partner over the past week despite his capacity as WWE Director of Operations. As is the norm, though, The Authority didn’t have much love for the former WWE Champion, giving him an unrequited “night off” while seemingly placing some renewed faith in Orton, whose apologetic, pro-“business” rhetoric showed a shocking departure from his recent rebelliousness. Bryan, on the other hand, was left to stew on his own, looking like he’d like to channel beloved guest star Betty White and “kick some a--.” View Comments Tags: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Batista, ...
WWE Wrestlemania 29 – DVD Review It’s time for a spot deja vu again as we take a look at the DVD release of a pay per view I’ve already reviewed, and this time it’s a big one as we go back to last year’s grand-daddy of them all with a look at the three disc set that is WWE Wrestlemania 29. Disc one began with six man action as Sheamus, Randy Orton and the Big Show took on The Shield’s Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. This was a great way to kick off the main show, and it also gave us a very interesting storyline. Early on both Orton and Sheamus were somewhat reluctant to tag in the Big Show, mainly because of his recent past as a heel, and it got to the point where the big man tagged himself in. Show had some success at first, and he delighted his partners when he used Ambrose as a chopping block, but it wasn’t long before the Shield boys were taking him down, their pack mentality serving them well time and time again. Eventually Show made it back to his corner and tagged in Shea ...
WWF Revolt: Episode # 20 Air Date: 2/15/14 (Commentators: Taz, Tensai & William Regal) 1) Ceasro (With Zeb Colter) (W) Big E. (Singles). 2) Mark Henry (W) Santino Marella. (Singles). (Squash match). 3) Shantelle (W) Nikki Bella (With Brie Bella). (Singles). A) Backstage: Mvp says he has been waiting way to long to finish something he should have finished a while ago. To prove he is a better wrestler then Hurlburt. Hurlburt is just another coward in charge. Then Bad News Barrett walks up and gets in his face. Mvp asks if he is supposed to be afraid of him but then Hurlburt attacks him from behind and says he’s supposed to be afraid of HIM! Barrett holds Mvp while Hurlburt kicks the *** out of him repeatedly. 4) Bro Mans: Jessie Goddrez & Robbie E (With Zema Ion) (W) Bad Influence: Christopher Daniels & Kazarzin. (# 1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championships). 5) Christian (L) Mr. Anderson. (Singles). 6) Sheamus (L) Roman Reigns. (Singles). B) Backstage: Brent Bryant says that he is ready to take his re ...
So picked up my sissy from the airport and totally met Damien Sandow, Jimmy Uso, Brey Wyatt, Bad News Barrett, and Roman Reigns from WWE.SO F-N SWEET!
3-on-1 Handicap Match Cm Punk vs. The Shield We start with Cm Punk taking on WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose. Punk counters Ambrose a series of times and Seth Rollins gets the tag. Punk gets Rollins in the corner, gets in a few shoulder charges, turns his back and throws elbows at Rollins smiling at The Shield in the opposite corner. Punk keeps going to work on Rollins with a reverse neckbreaker and keeping him near the corner. Roman Reigns gets the tag next. Punk with big elbows to Reigns early on. Reigns counters lifting up Punk and sending him to the corner where The Shield is. Ambrose gets the tag and he goes to work on Punk dropping some big boots. Reigns is next to throw some kicks to the gut. Reigns cuts off a Punk comeback with a big clothesline and then tosses him out of the ring. Reigns jumps and misses a tackle on Punk crashing over the announce table. Reigns smacked his left eye hard when he hit the table. Back in the ring, Reigns avoids shots from Punk and tosses him out of the ring. ...
Roman Reigns Talks About His Wrestling Family NYC DJ Paul Rosenberg spoke with Roman Reigns before WWE's Royal Rumble pay-per-view last month. Here are highlights: * He talked about triple powerbombing The Rock through a table at last year's Royal Rumble and said it was pretty cool interacting with Rock. * His dad is Sika, brother is Rosey, Rikishi is a first cousin, The Usos are second cousins, The Rock is a second cousin, Umaga was a first cousin and Yokozuna was a first cousin. He talks to his dad, brothers and cousins often about his career. * Reigns thinks the rush from wrestling is cooler than football. He talked about how you control the crowd with wrestling and how you can connect with a wrestling crowd easier than a football crowd. * Regarding the big buzz that Reigns has right now, he says his goal in WWE is to be the singles competitor. He says The Shield was just meant to be. * Triple H has been a big influence on him in the locker room. Reigns called him a great resource. He talked about Road ...
Putting it out there right now, there is only three guys that will challenge Dean Ambrose tonight: -Roman Reigns -Leakee -Joe Anoa'i ... okay and maybe RVD or Evan Bourne ~El Mistíco
WWE is again showcasing the incredible performance by Roman Reigns in the 2014 Royal Rumble Match. We've asked this before, but do you see Reigns becoming a major player on the roster as a singles competitor? -Kenny
Roman Reigns being called the "heir apparent" to John Cena by some backstage in WWE:
And just like that, Michonne smashes Roman Reigns' Royal Rumble record. Oops, wrong show.
Roman Reigns may not have been victorious, but he walked away from the 2014 Royal Rumble as a clear-cut winner...
Roman Reigns eliminates 12 men in Royal Rumble 2014 and sets a new world record after Kane eliminating 11 people in 2011. Now, he is one of the power house o...
Chris Harrington did a study on TV ratings by performers for the year. A few notes on this. The first is that the data used was from the Observer, which essentially means from January through August we had just about every show and the numbers were actuals. Over the next few months, we had sporadic and they were from a different source and were estimates, but it’s a different methodology and wasn’t exact. But as far as, on average, how many people are gained or lost based on this character’s segments, this is the top 20: 1. The Rock: 335,698 2. Brock Lesnar: 330,068 3. John Cena: 328,401 4. Paul Heyman: 317,531 5. HHH: 259,420 6. C.M. Punk: 246,534 7. Stephanie McMahon: 242,841 8. Vickie Guerrero: 234,359 9. Vince McMahon: 203,475 10. Brad Maddox: 168,819 11. Seth Rollins: 167,388 12. Roman Reigns: 166,202 13. Big Show: 161,143 14. Daniel Bryan: 155,341 15. Dean Ambrose: 135,652 16. Ryback: 91,294 17. Curtis Axel: 59,699 18. Kane: 48,198 19. Sheamus: 40,064: 20. Randy Orton: 36,305
In case you missed it, here's tonights Smackdown results: * Cm Punk’s merchandise is still being sold and security was checking signs at the door. Dark Match * Alexander Rusev defeated Tyson Kidd with the Camel Clutch. Lana was at ringside. WWE SmackDown * JBL and Michael Cole are out for commentary. * Daniel Bryan kicks off SmackDown to a huge pop and “yes!” chants. He talks about what Triple H said on RAW about Bryan being the face of the company. Bryan says he doesn’t want to be the face. He calls out Kane for attacking him on RAW. Kane apologizes and says it was unprofessional. Bryan tells Kane to take off the cheap suit, put the mask on and get rid of Corporate Kane. Kane says he’s glad the Team *** No days are over and the fans chant “you sold out” at him. Bryan tells Kane to come to the ring and settle it. Kane refuses and books Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro for tonight. * Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose beat Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. Seth Rollins was on commentary. Ambrose and Reign ...
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