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Roman Reigns

Leati Joseph Anoa'i (born May 25, 1985) is a professional wrestler and former Canadian football defensive tackle.

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: "The Rock has The People; Daniel Bryan has The Yes Movement; Hulk Hogan has the Hulkamaniacs and Roman Reigns has THE ROMAN EMPIRE!" =)
Roman Reigns' fans should be called The Roman Empire
I'm at the point where I despise Roman Reigns. Every lazy Stinger splash he attempts makes me hate him more.
Those *** pants on Roman Reigns are so distracting. Like Tron via Halloween Express.
Will be ultimately shocked if Roman Reigns becomes Champion tonight. Truth is he's talented, but still very much gr…
if you see your favorite wrestler. Triple H. Daniel Bryan. John Cena . Roman Reigns . Dean Ambrose . Seth Rollins . CM Punk. R…
So begins with John Cena and Roman Reigns in the ring. What's worse, 00s Triple H promos opening Raw or Cena promos op…
When I get good news about Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns, the first thing I usually say is "Oh my goodness my babies!!" :'D
Roman Reigns teams up with The NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena *** to take on team up Kane and Randy Orton.Please like this video,leave the c...
Ahhh, obviously from a young age I loved John Cena but I think cm punk is probably my fav with Roman Reigns just behind👊
WWE RAW July 7, 2014 Montreal, Canada John Cena vs Seth Rollins full match, Seth Rollins cash in fails again as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose come to save Jo...
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter According to sources, the decision to keep Cesaro a heel and cool off on him a bit has been somewhat of an intentional decision. While Cesaro was planned to get a major babyface push late in the summer, it was decided that it would be best to focus on Roman Reigns primarily in order to establish him as a main eventer. There is still a plan to turn Cesaro face and push him, though it is said to be a “when we need it” situation, after Reigns is fully established and they’re looking for another rising star.
What happened after the cameras went off... Credit: WZ After tonight's WWE Smackdown taping was over, Kane continued to beat down Dean Ambrose until Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns hit the ring to make the save. The Wyatt Family then came out to assist the heels, and everyone brawled until The Usos came out and helped Jericho, Reigns and Ambrose. The babyfaces ended up getting the better of the heels, and cleared them out of the ring leaving Jericho to hit the Codebreaker on Bray Wyatt and Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Kane. The dark match main event did not take place as Seth Rollins said he was not "cleared" to wrestle. Read more at
WWE power rankings: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on the rise
but I'm a CM Punk fan and a Roman Reigns fan and a Dean Ambrose fan and a Rey Mysterio fan and a Chris Jericho fan
WWE Raw Results (7/14/14) Richmond, Virginia Posted By: Elio C. on Jul 14, 2014 Source: Welcome to Monday Night Raw. We begin tonight's show with John Cena making his way out to the ring and he plugs the WWE Network being free for the final night and then goes on to say that after Sunday the champ may not be here because The Authority has placed him in a triple threat. Roman Reigns then makes his way out. Cena thanks Reigns for bailing him out last week and heard his messages loud and clear about not being ignored and this Sunday it's every man for himself but they have to make it to Sunday. Reigns tells Cena to get to the point and Cena says they should handle The Authority tonight and get rid of Orton and Kane. Dean Ambrose appears on the screen as Cena and Reigns argue and says tonight they have a six man tag match and he has a plan called "Operation: Screw The Authority" and it begins as soon as cena and Reigns stop arguing. Kane walks in and attacks Ambrose and Orton and Rollins join in soon after ma ...
Steph comes out and reminds us that this is the last time Trauma superstars will be on Showdown. She announces that Stardust will go one on one against Dolph Ziggler for the Unites States Championship at No Way Out(Yay).She tells us the Rundown of the No Way Out PPV. It will inlcude the return of The Money in The Bank Elimination Chamber match. The six men in the match are Bray Wyatt, Adam Cole, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Stardust, and Roman Reigns.
Mercy mercy mercy all kinds of fine right here Roman Reigns - WWE Universe
Im gonna have to get back into watching WWE Ive been slipping these past years Roman Reigns - WWE Universe is a...
WWE Raw: Roman Reigns on his way to being the man - Orlando Sentinel (blog)
It's Kane, Randy Orton, and Dave Batista on one side. The other is Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins
No Dean Ambrose is not the next Pillman and no Roman Reigns isn't the next John Cena. They're the first Dean Ambrose and Ro…
John Cena , Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs The Wyatt Family Raw June 9 ,2014 Full Match . Please Like this video ,leave the comment's , and sub my channel ...
So my brother and I were sitting and eating breakfast at a Waffle House in PA and we see two WWE trucks go by. One said Raw and the other one said Wrestlemania on it. One had The Miz's face on it and the other one had John Cena's face on it. It passed right by us. Too bad I didn't get a picture of it. At first I was all excited because I was all like hey WWE trucks, but then I realized they were headed North while we're heading back South. Seriously WWE you need to come to Charlotte or Raleigh. That's the closest I'm ever going to get to seeing a live WWE event. I would love to see The Shield (or Dean, Seth, and Roman) since they're not really a team anymore. Roman Reigns is the only one left that does a crowd entrance. If I ever get to go to a WWE event I'm going to want to be on the side where Roman enters. ❤
- With WWE currently booking Roman Reigns as one of the top guys in a big way, it’s said that his ascension to the top likely would have been a slower one if Daniel Bryan was healthy and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion with John Cena as the other top guy. Coming out of The Shield vs. Evolution feud and the split with The Shield, the idea is that Reigns will work a feud with Orton and maybe a big pay-per-view match with Triple H before moving on. Thoughts?
John Cena should join the original shield and at the fatal four way John Cena a Roman Reigns should team up and make it to the end.
Even though Randy Orton is my favorite, I really want to see Roman Reigns walk out the Champ in the Fatal Four Way match.
– WWE will tour Japan starting this weekend. Due to the time difference, most of the crew have already arrived in Tokyo. Hulk Hogan will appear tomorrow in Tokyo and on July 12 in Osaka. Bray Wyatt and John Cena will work the first two nights then come back to the United States to main event the July 12 event at Madison Square Garden. Others on the tour include Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Seth Rollins, NXT champ Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Kane, Paige, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Cesaro, Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam, Big E., Dolph Ziggler and Alicia Fox. – WWE has released a special Hulkamania in Japan tour t-shirt. – WWE will officially announce the signing of KENTA tomorrow. As noted, Hulk Hogan will be part of a live “contract signing” that will take place.
It's definitely debatable what has been the best part of the WWE's product for the past twenty months, but whenever you bring up that discussion, one of the first things to come to mind would have to be The Shield, the three man faction made up of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose.
Raw Results July 7, 2014! The show opens tonight on Roman Reigns. He said the authority and Randy Orton became totally useless. He added that he is a man on a mission and he will be the next World Heavyweight Champion. But is interrupted by Kane. Reigns said that Kane is no longer the Big Red Monster, but the trail of Randy Orton. A battle broke out, the staff intervened to separate the two wrestlers. It is finally Reigns that knocks Kane to the delight of the audience! First game: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan CHAMP Jey Uso and Jimmy Backstage, Kane, Orton and Rollins are meeting. They agree to support and make efforts to recover the title of World Heavyweight Champion in the lap of authority. Second match: One Armed Match Alicia Fox VS Nikki Bella Alicia Fox knocks Nikki Bella before the match begins. Third match: Rusev accompanied by Lana WINNER Rob Van Dam Fourth match: Randy Orton WINNER Dean Ambrose Backstage, John Cena is the interview says he has a huge target on his back. But he says that as always ...
WWE 2K14 - Universe Mode RAW Week 23 - Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton Roman Reigns is out for blood and he seeks some retribution against an injured ...
WWE Films presents Road Warrior Animal House! Starring Roman Reigns as Bluto, HHH as Dean Wormer and RVD as Prof. Jennings!
if you see your favorite superstar or Diva. . Randy Orton . Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns. Bray Wyatt. AJLee. Pai…
RAW drinking game: Take a shot everytime... You see either Brock Lesnar guy, Frank the WWE clown and/or Rick the sign guy in the audience. Y2J says one of his catchphrases. You hear JBL make a BO pun. The authority cut a long in-ring promo. Roman Reigns stands tall after a brawl. Some 43 year old guy takes a picture of Paige's butt with his phone. The Miz tries to be relevant. Cena smirks. Seth Rollins teases cashing in. Swagger gets an ACTUAL positive crowd reaction. The Rhodes Brothers fight Rybaxel. Damien Sandow gets embarrassed. Someone that will be in the IC Battle Royal throws another contestant that will be in it over the top rope. -Diaper
if you see your favorite wrestler. Aj Lee. John Cena . Roman Reigns. CM Punk. Seth Rollins . Brock Lesnar. Dean Ambrose . Chri…
Wrestling fans are well aware that the smart money is always on Cena, but that didn't stop people from picking the likes of Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Cesaro to potentially win it all at Money in the Bank. The WWE Universe was clamoring for something new, fresh and exciting. What they got instead was Old Reliable rising to the pinnacle of the company once again. It was disappointing in one respect but certainly understandable in another. When Daniel Bryan was forced to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship due to a neck injury, WWE was backed into a corner against its own will. Bryan was red hot and poised to hold the title until at least SummerSlam in all likelihood, but the entire situation was turned on its head. When WWE is put in difficult positions, it tends to fall back on what it knows. What WWE knows is that Cena is still a top draw, so that is clearly what the line of thinking was. Ring Rust Radio's Take With Brock Lesnar almost certainly set to return during the build toward Summe ...
when i had WWE 2k14 the only people i used were Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. they had all the titles. 😂
Since Will Ferrell has faced Chad Smith on drums I want to see Roman Reigns face Robert Trujillo in a bass off
Triple H watches on as WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & Roman Reigns face Randy Orton & Kane in the main event of Raw.
if you see your fav wrestler !. Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins ,John Cena, Roman Reigns , Aj Lee, Paige , Cesaro , Swagger ,Y2J
Plus, Aj Lee is back, Triple H gives Roman Reigns another world title match, MVP stripped of power, and Sandow impersonates Vince.
* Seth Rollins kicks off SmackDown but gets attacked by Dean Ambrose. Randy Orton comes out and makes the save until Roman Reigns evens the odds. It looks like we've got a tag match later. * Big E defeated Cesaro by count out. * Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio to retain the United States Title. * Chris Jericho comes out and cuts a promo, taunting Bray Wyatt. Jericho gets a big pop. The Miz interrupts him and ends up taking a Codebreaker. Jericho leaves to another pop. * Aj Lee comes out to a massive pop from the Jersey crowd. She cuts a promo and defeats Eva Marie by submission. Fans chanted "you can't wrestle" at Eva. There were also CM Punk chants. Paige was on commentary and came into the ring to congratulate AJ before awkwardly leaving. Apparently AJ played the babyface here. * Damien Sandow comes out as Bruce Springsteen and sings "Born In the USA." Rusev and Lana interrupt. Lana cuts an anti-American 4th of July promo. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter interrupt to a big pop. Zeb jokes on Russia and the ...
Monday Night Raw results: Kicking off with The Authority showing cover for WWE 2K15 game. And also creating main event for WWE Battleground. Huge Fatal 4Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton Then: Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. MITB Seth Rollins Winner: Seth Rollins Note: Dean Ambrose made a threat, that he will there everytime, when Seth will try to cash in the contract Lana made a promo with Rusev, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came. 6-man tag team match: The Usos (Tag team Champs) and Sheamus (US champ) vs. Wyatt Family. Winner: Wyatt Family Bo Dallas remembered to us, that he has to Bo leave. Nikki Bella vs. Funkadactyls Winner: Funkadactyls Update of BnB injury. He is out of IC title, so at Battleground, Battle Royal for the IC title. Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston Winner: Kofi Kingston Note: After match, Cesaro punished Kofi. Damien Sandow thought, that he is Vince McMahon, and Stephanie gave him a gift. Damien Sandow vs. The Great Khali Winner: After o ...
Raw Results June 30, 2014! HHH and Stephanie McMahon are in place. They demean Daniel Bryan micro and highlight Seth Rollins and John Cena. Cena made his arrival just crowned WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He defends Bryan and says he will grant a title shot in his return. Stephanie highlights the cover of the game WWE 2K15 on which there is John Cena. Stephanie incense Cena but the latter said to be independent and not to be under the control of the authority. HHH says that Cena chooses the most difficult path. HHH announced that Battleground, Cena will defend his title against Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns in a Fatal Four Way. Cena will face Kane and also Orton tonight along with Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins made his arrival with his briefcase Money In The Bank may redeem it at any time against John Cena! First game: Seth Rollins WINNER Rob Van Dam At the end of the game, Rollins promises to use his suitcase to take the title. But Dean Ambrose appears and promises to keep Rollins to collect his ...
Who are your favorite WWE Superstars/Divas and your favorite manager too! Superstars : 1)Dolph Ziggler 2)Dean Ambrose 3)Cesaro 4)Roman Reigns 5)Bad News Barrett Divas : 1)Natalya 2)Naomi 3)Aj Lee 4)Paige 5)Emma Manager : Paul Heyman 21-1 The one behind the one in 21-1 Do you agree with me or have different favorites?
I think all you people that are complaining about Cena winning last night, need to grow a brain and consider the facts!!! WWE made the right move by giving Cena the strap and sending him into Summerslam where he will defend against Brock Lesnar, this match has been advertised since before last night!! If anyone else would have won by the time Summerslam came around whoever that would of been would have lost the championship to Lesnar and that would probably hurt there career!! Trust me I didnt wat to see Cena win last night and I would have rather seen Roman Reigns walk-out champion last night but when its all said and done I'm glad WWE did what they did, because i don't want to see Brock Lesnar destroy the future of the WWE I'd rather see him destroy Super Cena!!! Plus Cena is going to break Ric Flairs record!! John Cena is the Hulk Hogan of the newer generation and if you can't understand that then you should just stop watching wrestling!!
I want Bray Wyatt or Cesaro or Roman Reigns to win this match, anyone but John Cena though
who do you want to win the money in the bank ladder match for the wwe world champion... — John Cena or Roman Reigns
Bryon Saxton interviews Roman Reigns. Roman's plan is "Attack, attack, attack." Jim Duggan would be proud.
Roman Reigns and Robert Trujillo. Why am I just now seeing this?
ever notice that Metallica's Robert Trujillo looks like Roman Reigns with pigtails?
Robert Trujillo looks like the love child of Roman Reigns and Lesley Vainikolo
Robert Trujillo looks like an older version of Roman Reigns
I still don't understand who Roman Reigns is supposed to be. I don't even think they know either
Discusses Pushing Back Triple H vs. Roman Reigns to "Night of Champions" - -
I added a video to a playlist WWE 2K14 - Universe Mode Money in the Bank Week 23 - Roman Reigns vs
I would go for Roman Reigns or Cesaro
I shall be getting my Roman Reigns fix soon WWE on the PVR.. for later
if you want to see Roman Reigns leave as Champion!
Roman reigns for president.. Lol.. He will be the next Invincible Champ
Money in the bank tomorrow! Hopefully Roman Reigns becomes the new wwe world heavyweight champion.
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I NEED a phone cover with Roman Reigns, Ethan Carter III and Alexa Bliss on it.
Roman Reigns is the guy that will be doing the big stuff.
if Roman Reigns is the future of the WWE
Possible big swerve planned for WWE MITB, Roman Reigns booking plans heading into fall
Roman Reigns is gonna get that WM push next year like Batista in 05
SmackDown:Roman Reigns Spears Randy Orton & Kane en route to Money in the Bank | via
Know is rooting for his cousin Roman Reigns on Sunday... lol
You must believe in Roman Reigns this sunday at But he will be cashed in on straight after the match.
Roman Reigns in the bio, Miz standee in the bedroom.
My sister & I made a bet on rather if Roman Reigns can put my fat *** on his shoulders. I say no, she says yes. Yes, I'm aware we are weird
Hulk is your precious Roman Reigns with a haircut btw
But there has been at least some talk though about saving Triple H vs. Roman Reigns for the Night of Champions pay-per-view in September!
We previously reported that Roman Reigns vs. Triple H is expected to be one of the main event matches for Summerslam PPV event in August.
Usos, Roman Reigns, Umaga, Rikishi, Rock etc are all related to each other as well
“Gonna Customize my own icon of roman Reigns”i bet that will look cool
There was at least some talk within WWE of saving Roman Reigns vs. Triple H until the September Night of...
And sheamus, John Cena, roman reigns which was good!
Roman Reigns vs Kane at Battleground would be a horrible idea. Reigns/Orton isn't great but THAT would be atrocious
Gonna Customize my own icon of roman Reigns
will win then he will go against Roman Reigns at summer slam I'm calling it .
Roman Reigns vs. is already. booked for Battleground PPV next month.
So as it stand now in wwe it will be roman reigns vs kane next month roman reigns vs Randy Orton at summerslam...
WWE Monday night smackdown 27 june 2014 Rusev Rusev drops out of the Top 10 this week, but not for anything he did. It had more to do with two rankings (The Shield and Evolution) breaking apart to become four (well, three, since Orton is also on the Watch List). Rusev continued running roughshod over the roster, getting wins over Heath Slater on Raw and Santino Marella on Main Event. If he keeps winning, he'll find his way back into the Top 10 soon. Dolph Ziggler Ziggler has been out of the loop for about a year, after never regaining his prominence since dropping the World Heavyweight Championship. Now, after defeating Bad News Barrett on SmackDown, he could be in line for an Intercontinental Championship opportunity this Sunday at Money in the Bank. If he gets it, will he make the most of it? Bo Dallas Bo Dallas keeps on winning, and is now "8-Bo" (8-0) in singles matches in WWE. He did get eliminated in the Battle Royal on Raw, but he was the penultimate elimination, being outlasted only by Rusev and . ...
Advertisements for Battleground show Randy Orton Vs. Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose Vs. Seth Rollins. As main events. Looks to me the changing of the guard is happening soon. I'm really happy though. This will be the fifth generation over haul in my life time. 80s hero, attitude era, ruthless aggression, pg era. One thing I know is those first couple of years seem to always be an exciting time. Hopefully the trend continues, and we see new champions, new styles, and new storylines.
Backstage news on plans for Roman Reigns vs. Triple H
Roman Reigns hopeful of winning MITB, Brodus Clay angry on his release
You're not the only man that i love!. I love 11 more! . You, +. Zayn . Louis. Niall. Liam. Harry. Luke. Ashton. Calum. Michael . Roman Reigns. Neymar JR
This year my money is on Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro. Yeah that's a lot. Who cares?
Roman Reigns ha preso in giro Renee Young
Best part of the Roman Reigns interview last night . Renee Young
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As seen on this week's WWE Main Event, Roman Reigns was being interviewed in the ring by Renee Young when Reigns...
Bid on the chair Seth Rollins used to stab Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and a million WWE fans in the heart
Photo: “I think Roman Reigns will be a great singles competitor along with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.”
Okay, first of all where the heck is Roman Reigns? Seth Rollins? Dean Ambrose? & Why is CM Punk still on the list???
I want Seth Rollins to win the title and Roman Reigns to win the briefcase.
I could see Roman Reigns taking the title at SummerSlam, especially if he faces John Cena.
Roman Reigns wearing The Shield gear is like even Scott Steiner was hanging on to the Main Event Mafia
And here comes Owen Hart to drop kick Roman Reigns from the rafters...
NoDQ&A Possible storyline for Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, the Dixie/Tommy Dreamer segment, more...
Roman Reigns,John Cena,Sheamus competes in a 4 on 3 handicap match against ,Alberto Del Rio,Cesaro,Randy Orton,Bray Wyatt Full Match.Please like this video,l...
All of the Money in the Bank World Heavyweight Championship Match competitors -- John Cena, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Alberto Del Rio &...
wwe raw 16 june 2014 The June 16 episode of Monday Night Raw was a tale of two shows. There was plenty to be excited and impressed about. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stood out as singles stars, while Paul Heyman got back to cutting great promos. Dolph Ziggler wowed his hometown crowd, and John Cena and Kane managed not to have an awful main event. But elsewhere on the show, there were segments so bad that it was like taking one huge tidal wave of puke to the face. Stephanie McMahon's coffee was drugged by Roman Reigns, causing her to vomit. A lot. To the dismay of Vickie Guerrero. The mixed tag match pitting Adam Rose and Summer Rae against Fandango and Layla lasted roughly two minutes and was simply an excuse to get Kevin Hart, comedian and movie star, involved in the show. Then there was Stardust. In the weeks that follow, the character may prove wildly entertaining and a great use of a talented young star, but for right now, Cody Rhodes came across as significantly more disturbing than ...
WWE issued a survey this week to fans on their mailing list and asked if Brock Lesnar challenges for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at this year's SummerSlam pay-per-view, who should he face. The options were all 7 Superstars in the Money In the Bank Ladder Match for the vacant title. Roman Reigns is currently leading the vote with almost 50%. Cesaro is in second place followed by Bray Wyatt and John Cena tied, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio last with just 2%.
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on As always, you can purchase JR's BBQ products on Ross talked about Brock Lesnar and the WWE World Heavyweight Title: "Anyone that thinks that Brock Lesnar won't be the WWE World Champion sooner or later this year in WWE isn't paying attention. Lesnar is WWE's mot imposing, name worthy, PPV selling superstar who can PASS THE TORCH the best to the next "Big Thing" who seems to be Roman Reigns. As I have stated on my fantasy booking segments on the Ross Report, I fully expect this to go down at WM31. I'd book Lesnar to headline Summer Slam in Los Angeles and build the card around him. Yes, I'm prepared for the onset of knee jerkers who will say that Brock is part time and that part time talents are efficient. I don't concur and think that overexposure is running rampant in the wrestling biz and Lesnar certainly isn't over exposed. The WWE World Champion doesn't need to be on every TV or at every live event. That concept is antiq ...
Supanova was in Sydney Australia last week so I bought a vest there and went as Roman Reigns lol 👊
WWE: RAW RESULTS! I'm really sorry I'm late with these, it's cause I'm really busy, plus I had a power outage... It would be nice if someone would apply for admin, and help out cover RAW, SmackDown, and the PPV Events.. -Seth beats Dolf Ziggler via DQ -Wade Barrett beats Dean Ambrose via countout [non title match] -Sheamus beats Bray Wyatt via DQ [non title match] -Rusev kills Heath Sleater -Adam Rose & Summer Rae beats Fandango and Layla -Roman Reigns wins the Battle Royal [Match of the Night] -Paige beats Cameron [non title match] -Goldust and Stardust [Cody Rhodes] defeats Rybaxle [Cody's loosing streak is OVER] -John Cena strolled Kane in a stretcher to be the final person in the WWE/WHChampionship match at Money in the Bank [Main Event Match] The power kicked back on during the Battle Royal and decided to not cover the rest of RAW on Monday, SmackDown spoilers later tonight or tomorrow.. -Death
Possible *SPOILER* Involving Vickie Guerrero Multiple sources are reporting that a segment may be in the works for next week's edition of WWE RAW which would see current SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero get "fired" from WWE. As seen on this week's edition of the show, Vickie placed Roman Reigns in the big Battle Royal despite WWE COO Triple H expressly forbidding Reigns and Dean Ambrose from competing in the match. Furthermore, the show featured a segment with Vickie delivering coffee to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, which made Stephanie "violently ill." The reason for the possible "firing" segment is due to Vickie's current WWE deal expiring soon; however, we must stress that at this point in time, this is only being considered a rumor and nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet. featured an interview with Batista to promote his new WWE DVD and the forthcoming "Guardians of The Galaxy" film, discussing a number of topics. Most interesting was Batista commenting on the fans rejecting him upon his return, including being booed at the Royal Rumble when he won over Roman Reigns (who was last man out) and Daniel Bryan (who was never booked in the match as his original Wrestlemania trajectory was for a match against Sheamus). Batista commented, " It was weird. It wasn’t like a normal response. It was almost like a personal attack. It had to do with factors that were not in my control, factors and things that were going on in the company with other people, stuff that really had nothing to do with me. To me, it was a little frustrating, a little confusing, and, you know, I don’t want to say I completely took it personal, but I did somewhat." That negative reaction continued to be fueled when CM Punk walked out of WWE the next day with placing the blame on the fact that ...
Raw Results June 16, 2014! Entire roster of WWE is the top of the entrance ramp as the authority to make an announcement. HHH and Stephanie are in the ring, the champion WWE World Heavyweight hanging above the ring. They take the microphone and say that the title is vacant because it was in the hands of a second-class champion who could no longer defend it in the person of Daniel Bryan. But it does not matter, because at the next PPV we have a new champion. Tonight a Battle Royal appoint a new qualified for the title match at Money In The Bank. Only Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and John Cena can not participate in this game. Instead, HHH announced that John Cena may qualify in a match with stretcher against Kane main event! First game: Seth Rollins WINNER Dolph Ziggler following the attack against Dean Ambrose Rollins After the match, Ambrose defies Rollins a game. But HHH appears and tells Ambrose that he has another challenge for him in the game to follow ... Second match: Bad News Barrett WINNER Dean Amb ...
Ladies And Gentle you are looking at the new WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns will become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Roman Reigns for WWE world heavyweight champion!
if you want Roman Reigns as WWE World Heavyweight Champion!!!
WWE Raw: Roman Reigns and John Cena qualify for Money in the Bank Ladder Match: The Authority was left feeling...
The lineup is now complete, and at WWE Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, United States Champion Sheamus, Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio will compete in a Ladder Match to decide the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Be there to witness who will take the belt tickets only £2 from the bar click going on the event to win yourself free entry its a PPV not to be missed
Could the WWE get any more predictable? What a surprise that Roman Reigns won the Battle Royal to qualify for the ladder match at their next PPV. It's getting as bad as the Impact Wrestling show (TNA); oh, they are written by the same guys. Duh!
Renee Young spoke to Roman Reigns on the RAW Backstage Pass post-show this week. Reigns said he's overcome so many obstacles to get where he's at and feels like he's the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. - Renee also spoke to John Cena on this week's post-show. Cena said The Authority gave him an opportunity bit his odds are pretty slim at Money In the Bank. Cena said he's most grateful for the opportunity.
- Roman Reigns advanced to the Money In The Bank ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the June 29th pay-per-view by winning a Battle Royal on Monday night’s edition of WWE RAW.
Roman Reigns = next wwe world heavyweight champion
Roman Reigns will be Mr. Money In The Bank.well correction...the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Do ya think different ?
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*** WWE Smackdown 6/13/14 Results *** * The Shield, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns comes out to the ring to open Smackdown. Ambrose called Triple H "kiddo" and said they're not waiting for him to play his cards, they're flipping the table and coming for his throat. Also, he's going to shut down the Seth Rollins business for good. Reigns called Randy Orton the *** of WWE" and saying he's a spoiled kid thanks to his "daddy, Triple H". Triple H came on the Titantron and said there's only one qualifying spot available for them for the WWE Championship Ladder Match. He flipped a coin and said Ambrose got the opportunity to qualify tonight. He'll wrestle Bray Wyatt in the main event. Reigns was banned from ringside but so was The Wyatt Family. Ambrose was then banned from ringside for Reigns' match, which was next. * Roman Reigns defeated Bad News Barrett via disqualification. The DQ came after Reigns hit Barrett with the Superman Punch and gets ready to hit a spear. 3MB came out and attacked Reigns forcing the ...
John Cena,Roman Reigns,Cesaro,Hulk Hogan and maybe the Ultimate Warrior there still more to show
John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro and Roman Reigns are confirmed for Keep up to date
Me and wanted to play pool in mojo but skinny big E langston and Roman Reigns are hogging it
Raw: John Cena comes to help Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose 👊👍👊
I like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, John Cena, CM Punk,Daniel Bryan, Natalya, Nikki Bella and Paige,what about you?
I actually see a *** of a lot of Kevin Nash in Roman Reigns, oddly.
RAW 09/06/2014 – Adrian Neville, Defending Champion – Mobile, Alabama RAW General Manager Frederick Johnson announces that tonight’s main event will determine who Randy Orton will defend the BWF World Championship against at Battleground. It will be Roman Reigns v Chris Jericho v The Big Show. Also tonight, The New Millennia must decide who will team with Fandango to defend the BWF Tag Team Championships against William Regal and Sheamus at Battleground. Fandango will be in action as he goes one on one with Wade Barrett. Aj Lee will face Natalya and Nikki Bella in a triple threat match and the winner will challenge Paige for the Divas Championship at Battleground World Tag Team Champions The Usos (with Rikishi) defeated Team CoBro (Non-Title) Renee Young interviews The Wyatt Family The New Millennia (World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) (with Craig Simons) defeated Mexico’s Most Wanted (Alberto Del Rio and Diego) (with Fernando and El Torito) Adrian Neville © defeated Jinder ...
Just realised how much Roman Reigns looks like Rob Trujillo out of Metallica.
WWE LOOKS AT POTENTIAL NEW SHIELD MEMBERS - WWE's website has a new article up with the editors looking at potential third members for The Shield now that Seth Rollins turned on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. They listed Adrian Neville, Big E, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, John Morrison and Daniel Bryan as potential replacements. They wrote the following about Morrison, the only one named that is not currently signed to WWE: "Now, listen. If you lose a high-flyer, you’d better grab one to replace him and no WWE Superstar adheres as closely to the Seth Rollins blueprint as John Morrison. The WWE Universe went gaga for Rollins’ aerial tactics throughout The Shield’s dominant run, but The Prince of Parkour was scaling structures and confounding opponents long before The Architect threw on his Kevlar. Granted, it’s hard to tell if the former Intercontinental Champion’s mindset — to say nothing of his sartorial tendencies — would exactly adhere to the aesthetic of The Shield (though we’d pay good ...
Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns return on RAW this monday, can't wait!
No one can replace their spots. Seth Rollins,Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose. And hopeful no one does! Their brothers!
I like all wrestlers but my fav is Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and John Cena :)
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns got their hands on Seth Rollins for the first time at lasy nights live event. Dean...
Roman Reigns in Evolution. Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins in The Shield would of been amazing now that I think about it.
A cool video of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns "attacking" Seth Rollins at a WWE live event last night -
Which Superstar would you like to see join Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns in The Shield? via
Collage of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose 😊 and htt…
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns is currently planned for the June 29th WWE Money...
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose attack Seth Rollins at a WWE Live Event
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, The Shield, returns to Excited to see whats next for The Shield.
Since Seth Rollins turned on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose..Daniel Bryan a third member of
Anyone else realize that the members of Evolution and The Shield are the voices in the beginning of The Shields Entrance music? Triple H, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns - R Triple
I hate to give 2 status at a stress but ! There is a BUT for the WWE !!! I think I have a predict power . May be CM Punk - WWE Universe will be joining Roman Reigns - WWE Universe & Dean Ambrose - WWE ! I will be the most happiest guy If returns back to the World Wrestling Entertainment !
New member of The Shield is Dainal Brayn. Yes! Yes! Yes! link:-After Seth Rollins’ betrayal of The Shield on Raw, The Hounds of Justice are a dog short. Although The Shield likely won't be rebuilt as it was, who could join Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns as a new third man?’s editors picked six Superstars we'd love to see join the group. THE REPLACEMENTS: THE POLL:
that's awesome..gotta admit I'm jealous..but not sure we wanna touch Roman Reigns for the same reasons tho
According to a June 3 post from Bleacher Report, WWE officials decided to break up The Shield just one night after the Los Angeles Kings eliminated CM Punk's beloved Chicago Blackhawks from playoff contention. The timing of the Shield's split was especially bizarre, as the tag-team supergroup had been riding a hot streak that included an impressive victory over Evolution at WWE Payback. The Shield was hotter than ever as babyfaces, having gotten over with WWE Universe due to impressive skills both on the mic and inside the ring. That's why after 18 months of build, it was odd that the WWE broke up the tag-team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns during the most recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. However, there is method in the madness. WWE head honcho Vince McMahon is a pro wrestling genius, and everything he scripts to happen during WWE house shows are carefully thought out weeks in advance. He wouldn't have broken up The Shield if he didn't have something magical in the works. What will ...
Seth Rollins In Action This Weekend, Lawler & Foley At Fundraiser, Booker T Lita & Trish, LOTR - Lawler, Booker T and Foley are also scheduled to join a host of wrestling legends at the Legends of the Ring Fan Fest Saturday at Crowne Plaza in Monroe, NJ. Doors open at 8:30 am. Howard Finkel will host the event, while Lita & Trish Stratus are the "Platinum Attraction." - Also this Saturday, Trans-South Wrestling presents at show at the Union Co. Fairgrounds in Union, SC at 7:30pm. Tickets are $9 for adults and $6 for children. The event will feature Trans-South Wrestling heavyweight champion Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling" defending his title. - Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are scheduled to appear at this weekend's WWE live events in New Mexico. WWE presents a live event this Tonight at the Pan American Center in Las Cruces, followed by a show on Sunday evening at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, NM. We haven't received the updated card following Rollins' heel turn on RA ...
Seriously. Where were all these Sheild fans that feel so bad for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns last year, when they were kicking the crap out of John Cena and CM Punk?
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose address the Rollins situation this Monday on Stay tuned! (y)
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WWE issued another Fan Council survey this week asking fans which stars they are most interested in seeing at SummerSlam this year. This is the second time they've issued a survey about SummerSlam talents this year. The names mentioned in this survey were Cesaro, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Batista and Brie Bella.
Name 5 Pro Wrestlers in WWE & NXT that you think is the future top stars? Mine: -Bray Wyatt -Luke Harper -Roman Reigns -Dean Ambrose -Cesaro *King RoseBud*
"Who should be on the cover this year? Roman Reigns, Yoshi Tatsu or John Cena
WWE Seth Rollins turned on the Shield Monday Night. I feel bad for what Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are going to do when they get their hands on Rollins next Monday night. Would the Shield replace Rollins. I found a story online titled The Shield will be getting a new member. Rumors and gossip are what do people think or feel about John Cena joins and helps Ambrose and Reigns? So who thinks John Cena, Batista or CM Punk will ne the new member of the Shield. Rumors are Batista will be back for WWE Summerslam Tune into Monday Night Raw, hear why Seth turned. The Authority and Evolution is looking like the New Corporation. There was a stable called the Nexus. Some wrestlers from the Nexus have went on to be a signal wrestler. The Nexus started in February - March of 2010 - after Wade Barrett won the first Season of WWE NXT. Along with WWE Pro Chris Jericho, he put the Nexus members to the Raw Brand of the WWE Leader Stu Bennett/Wade Barrett is now intercontinental champ his ring name is Bad New Barrett Me ...
I really hate WWE's mentality with names. Single names sound "tougher"? Yet, Randy Orton, John Cena and Daniel Bryan are three of their biggest names at the top of the company. They're pushing Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns.
Guys i am sorry I didnt get any pictures but my phone died. I will say this Roman Reigns isnt as big as what he looks on tv, but Dean Ambrose is bigger. Dean Ambrose is about the same size as Randy Orton. Rusev is big but on tv where they put the camera right in his face he is alot bigger. Sheamus is huge. We got to shake hands with about all of them and I hope on smackdown you can see where I pat Bray Wyatt on the back!!!
Biggest faces today: John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. VS Biggest heels today: Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. Whose side are you on? Like the comment to vote.
If you do think that Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns will attack Seth Rollins no where like my status please :)
TBH I always thought if The Shield broke up it be Roman Reigns turning on them, not Seth Rollins. Interested to see how this turns out.
After television's RAW, Triple H, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton continued to attack Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns then departed, while Reigns and Ambrose were supported by officials who brought them behind the scenes. Then Bray Wyatt, who was absent from the television show, asked Indianapolis public if it wanted to see him kick *** of John Cena, he said that he is a God, and that only a God can choose when he fought. John Cena beat Bray Wyatt (accompanied by Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) by Pinfall with the Attitude Adjustment.
I bet Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will do payback on Seth Rollins on wwe Friday night SmackDown :) watch out Seth Rollins .
When Seth Rollins attacked The Shield at the end of last night's Raw, I wrote three words down "Fart in church". As Rollins worked over Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, there was dead silence and it wasn't until it was clear that Rollins was now in the pocket of dastardly Triple H, that the "you sold…
Raw ends on a shocking note as Roman Reigns never gets the chance to battle Randy Orton.
Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns!! Hopefully it's better than the last time
Me watching Raw: Randy Orton v Roman Reigns next, this should be a good match...What. The. ***
Roman Reigns destroyed body After Seth Rollins attacks on roman and dean!! Seth Rollins join evolution... . Now Do you think their is a plan by shield? i dont think so & u?
Seth Rollins turned on The Shield during the main event segment on the post-WWE Payback edition of RAW. Instead of the originally scheduled Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns main event, Triple H revealed that he had a “plan B.” After saying that, Seth Rollins attacked both Reigns and Dean Ambrose with a…
Im shocked. I always thought that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins was going to turn on Roman Reigns and Sheamus was supposed to join Evolution, but no no no they have Seth Rollins turn on The Shield and joins Evolution. If this is the case I wonder who's going to replace Seth
Main event time on Raw. Roman Reigns takes on Randy Orton. With Batista walking out are Orton and HHH in over their head?
Main event time. Randy Orton takes on Roman Reigns. Get all the results here:
True, It would be Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and David Otunge vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollin and Dean Ambrose.
So.Roman Reigns you better beat the face off Randy Orton tonight!
-Seth Rollins pinned Batista after a spear from Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose pinned Randy Orton following a headlock driver onto a steel chair. Roman Reigns hit a spear on Triple H to win the match. "If you can't support them when they lose, you have no right to support them when they win" I am still supporting you The Evolution, it was a great match hope that in Money In The Bank you will defeat The Shield. -Cena put Wyatt through an equipment box (I don’t know what to call it) with an Attitude Adjustment, then turned another box over on top of him and stood on it to keep Wyatt down for 10. Cena rocks (y) It was a WOW match. -Paige tapped out Alicia to the modified Scorpion Crosslock. Paige you are too good :* These three matches were awesome.
Gutted didn't get to see a chest shot of Roman Reigns :(
That poor little boy in the front row just doesn't understand why Roman Reigns is assaulting Cookie Monster.
I was just awoken from my nap on the couch by a neighbor pounding on my patio sliding glass door yelling, "Fire!" It seems as though the upstairs neighbor left their BBQ unattended, so the wooden balcony floor had caught fire and the guy whose bbq/balcony it is did not respond when the alerting neighbor banged on his door. Long story short, we got the fire extinguished, without injury or too much damage to the property. Needless to say I will be telling the property management, especially considering it's in our leases that bbqs are not allowed. The upside to all of this (I can always find the blessing even when disguised as a curse), I came back in to see that WWE Monday Night Raw was re-airing... I haven't watched wrestling since The Rock and Stone Cold left, years ago... I might have to start again just to watch Roman Reigns! Good Lord, he is beautiful! Now if I could just get over how much blah blah blah happens through the whole show these days! A little less talk and a lot more wrestling, please! I ...
Photo: douglas-leon-michael: “I loved it when Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were on commentary during...
Hey guys, unfortunately NXT is dead. Don't worry, I am working on a completely new sought of e-fed and I will post the link on this page when it is done. Before I officially declare this e-fed as 'defunct', I will post the final shows results. - AJ Styles defeated Drew McIntye - Brock Lesnar and Wade Barrett defeated NXT Tag Team Champions Alexander Rusev and Seth Rollins w/ Lana - Kaitlyn defeated Batista and Willow in a Triple Threat Match to crown the Contender for the US Title (which will no longer matter) - NXT Champion Bray Wyatt defeated US Champion Ethan Carter III - CM Punk defeated Roman Reigns (Bray Wyatt was going to come out and attack Punk after the match then cut a promo but that was taken out of the show due to the promotion's ending) Now, thanks for those who stuck with the company and congratulations to the winners Styles, Lesnar, Barrett, Kaitlyn, Wyatt and Punk.
It's crazy to think that at one time Tyler Breeze & Roman Reigns were Tag Team Champs in FCW.
Still got the time so happy bday ROMAN REIGNS
Happy Birthday Roman Reigns!!! You are the best wrestler. In one of the best groups The Shield. The…
Congratulations you've got the muscle of Big Roman Reigns
I wanted to do a another reality crossover. Who would win: Vegeta (as a human) or Roman Reigns?
I've seen Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose on Total Divas! How come I haven't seen make an appearance on Total Divas!?♥
Happy Birthday Roman Reigns Hope u had a great day Follow & Memorial Day
smh. He is going home to his beetle family and going to be just fine. (Roman Reigns though 😍)
It's midnight, so that means today is officially the 29th birthday of our amazing Roman Reigns! LIKE/SHARE to wish him a very Happy Birthday!!!
Seen The Shield today too. Ironically Dean Ambrose looks bigger than I thought and Roman Reigns looks smaller than I thought
I still want that bearhug from Roman Reigns...I'll just wait until I get the chance to meet him, then I'll ask him for one. ♥
Same here. I'm crossing my fingers than gets the same attention as roman reigns did.
Happy Birthday 2 Roman Reigns of the shield. He is turning the big 29 today. :)
I will like to say Happy 29th Birthday to Roman Reigns!
Roman Reigns is already 29 !? - rollinism: Oh Roman ! We have 29 years worth of birthday sex we need to...
Roman Reigns with a brutal kick to the head
Randy Orton calls out the leader of The Shield Roman Reigns at WWE Nottingham
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Bright future from what I hear.RT your thoughts on Roman Reigns?
My Roman Reigns desk ornament compliments of my little sister
Happy Birthday to one of the hounds of justice, Roman Reigns!
Happy Birthday to the Samoan Superman, Roman Reigns! Have a great one, you sassy mofo
Id take on Roman Reigns in a legit street fight. Said no one ever.
. I'm beliver of the shield'. But love more Roman reigns'•
The image of Roman Reigns as Vegeta has me crying.
Who are your favorites in WWE? — Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Cesaro, an...
a birthday tribute to the Big Man of The Shield!! Roman Reigns!! 1 like= a birthday wish 1 comment=post your favorite pic
Today is a popular day for WWE birthdays! Happy Birthday to Alberto Del Rio (37), Roman Reigns (29) and Bo Dallas (24).
Roman reigns is soo sexy happy b-day roman reigns wish u a good b-day hope u get everything u wanted for ur b-day happy b-day roman reigns
I'm informed that Dean Ambrose's finisher is called ''DIRTY DEEDS''. What about the finishers of other shiled members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns?
Happy Birthday to Roman Reigns, the powerhouse of The Shield. Happy Birthday to the Essence of Excellence, Alberto Del Rio. Happy BOrthday to Bo Dallas.
Today is Roman Reigns' Birthday So here is one of my favorite Spear by him -K$
WWE Superstar Roman Reigns turns 29 years old today while Bo Dallas turns 24 and Alberto Del Rio Turns 37
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Du you like Roman reigns cmnt plz...???
Do u like WWE..!! then meet ROMAN REIGNS much time was consumed in making tattoo..
I'm a HUGE CRAZY ROMANIAN! And Roman Reigns is not the next Rock or the Next John Cena he is the First and Only Roman Reigns (Leakee)
20facts about me!! :) 1. I love my Taheke/HUM family! 2. I'm slowly turning into a kapa haka freak -.- 3. I'm in love with Roman Reigns! 4. I love rafting! 5. I only trust like 5 of my friends. 6. Im going on a 4 day camp tomorrow & Its gonna be cold :( 7. I love exercising but hate running -.- 8. I'm addicted to WWE Total Divas 9. I love NRL. 10. When i got my photo with Kevin Locke, I was buzzing out! 11. I got selfies with half the warriors team. 13. I hate ecotourism 14. I wish I could meet The Shield! 15. Bray Wyatt & the Wyatt Family scare me :( 16. I love watching the USO's. 17. I miss Tuuwhakairiora Houkamau & seeing his cheeky face every weekend! 18. My ask.FM is funny. 19. I'm gonna miss origin Wednesday night :( 20. I hate snap chat cos my snaps never load -.-
HAPPYBIRTHDAY to the samoan beast the best the one and only ROMAN REIGNS! 29 and strong the man with the plan and idc he is my wrestling idol inspires me to be fit and believe in the shield now believe that and believe in ROMAN REIGNS! BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD OAH Happy Birthday Joseph anoa'i aka roman reigns
Tonight 2greatest b'day!! 1-today diamond of wwe power house roman reigns b'day.. 2-greatest fans of John Cena nd ms dhoni sarthak shukla b'day..
Which move of roman reigns made him great?
I'm so ready for roman reigns birthday tomorrow :) Believe In Roman Reigns 👊
For all the Shield fans. Which member is your favorite? Mine is Roman Reigns
If 4 Memebers of the Shield, I really want this Jeff Hardy join the Shield if Jeff Hardy back to WWE ... I know many of you want CM PUNK, Dolph Ziggler or John Cena.. But I want Jeff Hardy that's all I want .. My 2 fav wrestler Jeff Hardy and Roman Reigns
Word backstage in the WWE is Vince McMahon's three favourite superstars at the moment are Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Bad News Barrett. If this is true,I can see Bray getting a WWE World Heavyweight Championship shot at Daniel Bryan, or they are going to stripe him of the title, then can have Bray win it in a tournament, and have him, and Bryan face at SummerSlam, if not they can have Bad News win it from Bryan at Summerslam, or win The Money In The Bank, and win it that way. As far as Reigns goes I don't think they should put the title on him yet. Keep in mind though that those three being his favourite does not mean by any means that they will win the title.
"Roman Reigns' mother hit him harder than that growing up"- Dean . "That's true."- Roman. lol
WWE Live Event Results – Cardiff, Wales 5/18/2014 At the start, Randy Orton trolled the crowd and challenged Roman Reigns. Reigns was attacked by Rybaxel, and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose made the save. Main event for later on made by Raw GM Brad Maddox – Reigns vs. Orton in a Street Fight. (1) Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins beat Ryback & Curtis Axel. (2) Rusev squashed Sin Cara. (3) Divas champion Paige & Funkadactyls beat Tamina & Rosa Mendes & Layla in a six-Divas tag match. (4) NXT champion Adrian Neville beat Bo Dallas to retain the NXT Title. Dallas looks as if he’s going to be an entertaining heel when he finally joins main roster. Awesome finisher from Neville. He spun in about 12 different directions off the top rope before landing on Dallas. (5) Big Show beat Kane in a Tables match. Maddox took a chokeslam from Kane after the match after coming out and persuading him not to attack the refs. (6) Mark Henry beat Fandango in a Dance-off. Fandango took a slam and Henry brought a couple of fans i ...
WWE is in another invasion. This time, its with TNA, (like that will ever happen). TNA challenged WWE to a 7-7 elimination tag. Who would be your 7? Mine would be Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, Triple H, Cena, Roman Reigns, and Punk!
Followers of Seth Rollins have, for years, been predicting big things for the lanky Iowa native once he arrived in WWE, and he's proving them right as a member of The Shield alongside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns .
I love WWE Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and the USOS
I love this photo of my friends The Shield Dean Ambrose , Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns look hot
Why is the pushing Roman Reigns instead of Seth Rollins? He's a better in ring wrestler, got an interesting look and is top on the mic.
I liked a video from Batista vs Roman Reigns WWE RAW 5/12/14
We beat Evolution at put us up against them again the result won't change Believe that - Roman Reigns
I. Am. Roman Reigns. only on Catch it now!
saw your orange sign near ringside when Roman Reigns came out
Roman Reigns vs Batista Full Match no winner of that match later The Shield attack's Evolution and Stephanie McMahon call 9 other superstars to help Evolutio...
Roman Reigns best superman punches to Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, & Cody Rhodes!!!
The Viper stares down The Powerhouse of The Shield Roman Reigns for the Street Fight last night at
Can't believe they were that close to Roman Reigns!
I'm two months older than Roman Reigns.. I can call him a youngbuck.
Plus, Roman Reigns could be concussed and they're still making him wrestle.
I liked a video from WWE Leeds 2014 - Roman Reigns Entrance
Graphic photo of cut above Roman Reigns eye in Glasgow cage match (Video) - Pro MMA Now
Wow, they're really pushing Roman Reigns at the end of Raw here.
Who should challenge Roman Reigns for the 24/7 Title?
CM Punk WorksOut At A WWE Legend's Gym (Photo), More Upcoming WWE Live Event Matches: Here are some more upcoming WWE live event matches: * June 13th in Saginaw, Michigan: Kane vs.Sheamus for the WWE United States Title, Big E vs.Alberto Del Rio vs.Bad News Barrett for the WWE Intercontinental Title, Rob Van Dam vs.Cesaro * June 14th in Hamilton,Ontario: Roman Reigns vs.Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs.Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. -CM Punk was at a gym owned by Bushwacker Luke in Clearwater Beach yesterday. Luke posted the following on his Instagram: "Straight Edge CM Punk slam in and bangin some steel in my gym.
If Batista never challenged Roman Reigns, your RAW main event would have been Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow.
Saw this in the Roman Reigns tag. :(
LMAO! Lord, August can't come fast enough so I can tell Roman Reigns to call his finisher The Violent Hug!
Still remember when met Roman Reigns in the gym of season 1 of Like Eva said, he is so hot. 😂
I jus wanna watch this fight on wwe roman reigns vs Bautista
I liked a video from WWE 2K14 Defeat The Streak Roman Reigns v. Undertaker!
~looks at you ~ you Roman Reigns and your very sexy ~stops and thinks ~
My dishwasher just informed me that Roman Reigns is really Adam Bomb making a comeback. That's good to know.
Eventually Roman Reigns is gonna drop these other two fools in The Shield and become the next WWE Champ - after he gets a hair cut.
Catching up on mondays raw and this batista vs roman reigns better be good!
they will get big show vs Kane in cage match and roman reigns vs Randy Orton in main event
Roman Reigns has to be the coolest guy ever
I wish Roman Reigns would throw me about the place 😕
Finally Got round to watching last monday nights episode of RAW. I cannot wait for the Bautista vs Roman Reigns match
Been two feet away from Randy Orton and roman reigns
Take a look at the treatment received for his injury at in Glasgow
Get your fix of "The Powerhouse" of The Shield - WWE Roman Reigns - WWE Universe in the latest edition of "Top 10" as we highlight his greatest Spears!
Lets get 30 likes if you love roman reigns
Randy Orton calls out roman reigns at start of show
What do you guys think of The Rock & Roman Reigns vs Bootista & Randy?
Roman Reigns walk on.Fin's cheeky tap n me gettin giddy at stroking his arm!!!
WWE live was awesome! Pretty sure me and Jamie lost all of our man points tonight screaming like girls when Roman Reigns walked past us but it was worth it!
The shields powerhouse roman reigns getting stitches from one of his match this week.
Please listen up. This goes out to all the Roman Reigns fans. He wants you to know. He has changed his account again. Someone keeps hacking into his page. And whoever is doing it. S. T. O. P. It can only be one Roman Reigns. Be yourself and not someone else. Stop trying to destroy him. Cause no matter how much you try. He's still going to come out on top. He going to still stand strong. And still stand tall. Believe that. And in order to get in contact with him. You have to contact me. This message is directly to you. Jo. Don't let nobody. And I mean nobody. Take what you have worked hard for. We are not. I repeat. We are not going to let them win. What I said earlier. I meant it. What you said I listened. So let's take them on together. Fight. Baby. Fight. I'm here. Don't let go. Hold on. He's with you. Love you always. And that's the greatest love of all. Believe that. Believe in Jo.
Im not writing this to make any one mad but roman reigns wont be anything till he is away from the shield everytime he is in single matches and gets in a little tight spot the other members come in to get him disqualfied i think he would be champion by now if not for seth and dean
I'm obsessed with the notion of giving someone a Roman Reigns Superman Punch.
is it just me or does lanchio and Roman Reigns seem familiar? LOL.
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What about Roman Reigns walking past us on his way to the squared circle
Video: WWE officials worried that Roman Reigns may have suffered a concussion following injury at Glasgow event
Who should be the WWe World heavyweight Champion.? =John Cena =roman reigns =batista =sheamus =cm punk =Or Daniel Bryan
I herd they setting up Roman Reigns vs triple h this summer @ SummerSlam?
In the 32 years I've been watching the WWE the Shield are three of the best wrestler that the WWE had in years. Joe Anoa'i, Colby Lopez, and Jonathan Good work very well as a team. But on the own the can be the greats stars the WWE has made. Roman Reigns can be WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose can hold both tag team titles and the IC and US titles at the same time. That would be good for the WWE and it very very large fan base.
Why do you hate Roman Reigns so much when it's obvious he's an athletic great talent, green yes but goo…
On my life. Tonight I high fived Roman Reigns
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns who would win?
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