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Super Bowl Super Bowl Boulevard Final Fantasy

Omg I think Kaley has a tattoo with their wedding date in Roman numerals on her bacckk!
I want a tattoo of my Roman numerals down my spine so bad.
I just gave the bartender my number in roman numerals. If he can figure it out, he's worth a shot.
the one on my shoulder is Roman numerals and the one on my back is just a flower…
tyler has Roman numerals on his right bicep and I tried googling the actual numbers and I think it's passages in the bible?? confirm or deny
If you're ever feeling stupid, remember that I asked someone how to type roman numerals on a computer.
I really want a quote on my leg but I also really want a quote or Roman numerals on my collar bone😬
Bulova Anniversary Clock Brass & Glass Quartz Movement, Model B-8805 Make Offer! For sale I have a very nice Bulova Quartz movement anniversary clock. The clock is golden in color, I believe it is brass, with clear glass windows, a brass door in back, and brass pillars separating the glass panes. The clock measures 8.25" tall x 4.75" deep x 6.75" wide. The clock weighs 3 pounds 12.6 oz. The face of the clock is clean and white in color with black roman numerals and black hands. A small smooth head brass screw fixes the hands against the face. The spinning balls are slightly silver in color (I believe these were once solid gold in color). They are actually quite attractive and the difference in color is not noticeable or distracting. The clock has a moveable brass handle on top measuring 1.5" when extended. The exterior of the clock is in near mint vintage condition with only very slight tiny scratches here and there which are normal in a pre-owned clock. This clock would make a wonderful addition to any o ...
Lil wayne helped black people learn basic Roman numerals just like Dora helped white people learn basic Spanish. They both legends.
well I can't understand Roman numerals
gigi's bracelet says "VIXIV" which is the date they started dating in roman numerals, that's actually hella cute
Roman numerals for sure. I love those ones.
Shoulder tattoo or Roman numerals on my back next? Tough decision.
angs birthdate in Roman numerals like she has mine
can you draw a lion? I want a lion the face of it and the front paws with leo in cursive under the paws with Roman numerals..
About to watch one if the best sports films of time: Rocky IV (that's number 4 for those of you that don't understand Roman Numerals)   10% Off
my dads birthday in Roman numerals. (:
vERY CURIOUS FACT. Taking letters which are also roman numerals of a person's name ELLEN = L+L= 50+50 = 100, GOULD = V+L+D = 5+50+500 = 555, (u is always a v) WHITE = The W is two V V and I = 5+5+1 = 11. Total these three numbers, and we have, 100 + 555 + 11 = 666. So Ellen Gould White, the prophetess of Seventh Day Adventism, has a name that adds up to 666, and it is the number of a name and not of a title.
It takes glass one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite number of times! Gold is the only metal that doesn't rust, even if it's buried in the ground for thousands of years . Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end . If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. When a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off. Zero is the only number that cannot be represented by Roman numerals. Kites were used in the American Civil War to deliver letters and newspapers. The song, Auld Lang Syne, is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking country in the world to bring in the new year. Drinking water after eating reduces the acid in your mouth by 61 percent. Peanut oil is used for cooking in submarines because it doesn't smoke unless it's heated above 450F. The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through ...
my grandmas birthday and death date in Roman numerals
I do not consider myself old although I'm sure there are others out there that would but… I found a lot of humor in this passage and a lot of common sense. Enjoy. Ramblings of a Retired Mind I was thinking about how a status symbol of today is those cell phones that everyone has clipped onto their belt or purse. I can't afford one. So, I'm wearing my garage door opener. I also made a cover for my hearing aid and now I have what they Call blue teeth, I think. You know, I spent a fortune on deodorant before I realized that people didn't like me anyway. I was thinking that women should put pictures of missing husbands on beer cans! I thought about making a fitness movie for folks my age, and call it 'Pumping Rust'. I've gotten that dreaded furniture disease. That's when your chest is falling into your drawers! When people see a cat's litter box, they always say, 'Oh, have you got a cat?' Just once I want to say, 'No, it's for company!' Employment application blanks always ask who is to be notified i ...
Do schools not teach basic Roman Numerals anymore? The amount of people that ask for "Grand Theft Auto I-V (eye vee)" just blows my mind.
Did you ever notice: The Roman Numerals for forty (40) are. XL.
As a fan of the series do you get tight when people don't use the Roman Numerals? Had a friend that drove crazy.
Who understands Roman numerals. Tell me wht my name says
The current Word Ways also has a survey of mine on accidental strings of Roman numerals in literary texts:
*** stay writing dates in Roman numerals knowing *** well they don't know Roman numerals
yep she got her first when I got my Roman numerals on side of foot :)
I'm so glad that they don't use Roman numerals to give dates of movies anymore. By the time that I figure out what year your movie was made, I don't want to watch it any more. Oh yeah. and about the Super Bowl. same applies.
what was Romans favorite numbers Roman Numerals?
When I get married and have been with them awhile I want the date we got married in roman numerals.
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Sometimes I give out my cell number in Roman Numerals. If you like it, you need to work for it, boy.
the date my dad was born and the date he died in Roman numerals
I think I'm going to get birth date tattooed on my chest in Roman numerals :) just bc she's momma
Living History, January 20, 2013 By Bonnie Cehovet (Shelton, WA United States) This review is from: HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot (Perfect Paperback) "At the beginning of time, we were all highly evolved spiritual beings. We lived our life in accordance to the sacred template of Cosmic Law, which we fully honored in thought word and deed. Gradually we became intoxicated with the dream of separation and ego identification, listening to the mind, a collection of thoughts, and forgetting the song of love and unity ..." from the book I was drawn to this deck for many reasons. Csikos did not create a deck from a history book background, she created one from living history ... from living on the land of Hawaii, and with the people of Hawaii. Out of her interest in and respect for Hawaiian culture and mythology "HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot" was born. This deck has the same draw for me that the Gaian Tarot (by Joanna Powell Colbert) does - it is based n the land and the people where the respective decks were created. ...
I wanna get Roman numerals on the tops of my shoulder but like I feel like people would call me *** lmao
something with my mom's bday. Thinkin Roman numerals
If you have the date your relationship started in your bio I hate you, if it's in Roman numerals I wish death upon you
I want my sisters birthdate in Roman numerals on my other wrist and something on my arm
Q1: M (1000 in Roman numerals). Q2:4 (three girls and one boy). Q3:Spain. Points:. Mansoor(pesh).1. Mujtaba Hadi.2. M alam.2. Shahzad(pak army).3
I have a thing about numbers. Want to get the date I was born. 24. Want it in Roman numerals or some kind of script
Having to get a Roman numerals table out to work out what saw film your watching.
Why would you put page numbers in roman numerals in a book? How much more of a ballache do they want to make referencing?
the twelve Roman numerals on the clock in her left eye have different powers that only the original Kurumi can use -c-
YMCA. A really camp year in Roman numerals.
yes, we have 27 in Roman numerals on our ankles. We've had them for over a year
how much i love my wife christine?she's in my heart..shes in my mind..shes ink on my roman numerals..and ill take it to my grave..BARNONE..
long story (next time we have a beer) but in short, use uppercase for Roman numerals
Homeopathy is a safe, natural form of medicine, based on the practice of treating like with like. Homeopathy is derived from the Greek words homios, meaning like or similar, and italios, meaning suffering. Homeopathy is concerned with treating the whole person rather than the illness alone. The homeopath will consider the patient as a whole, both physically and psychologically, taking into account the patient’s physical appearance, their likes, dislikes and their temperament. It is there fore a highly personalized form of treatment, so patients who apparently suffer from the same ill ness may be given advice for different medicines. Homeopathy is a well established form of healing. Today many of the leading pharmaceutical companies are researching and mass-producing homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic Medicines Homeopathic medicines look very much like conventional medicines, are taken in the same way, but the way they work is entirely different. The medicines are not synthetic and are derived from natur ...
Readers Georgia and Gecko are both curious about clocks. Georgia wrote in to ask, "Why is it that some analog clocks with Roman numerals have '4' as 'IV,' while others use 'I'? Has there always been a choice, or is it an overlooked error that's been replicated? This has been driving me crazy for…
My next tat gone be 10.18 in cracking Roman numerals those are my fav numbers since birth
Even though its a bit about roman numerals the songs lyrics are perfect fro valentines day
For sale: old style Victorian pocket watch with Roman numerals. Just needs new battery $40 Ono
Ladies: Next time a guy asks for your number, write it down in Roman numerals. If he manages to call you. he's a keeper.
BIG QUESTIONS THAT REALLY MATTER Can we stop using Roman numerals soon? Is it love or quantum physics that makes the world go 'round? Does anyone really know how to use the metric system? (to be continued)
For my first tattoo I want to have my Nan and Bamps' wedding date on the top of my chest in Roman numerals... Sounds like a plan👌
Black leather adjustable necklace with a wide ring and Roman numerals
Roman Numerals, inverted fractions.There is alot of 4th grade material.that I have forgotten! But I like to learn it all again! lol
I want our date tatted behind my ear in Roman numerals so bad, but he says I'm already crazy . Don't need anymore crazy
Can we please stop oogling over FFVII? Not the only Final Fantasy out there people, hence the Roman Numerals.
Computation Using Roman Numerals .Reference of the value letters.Webster New School, Office Dictionary.
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I studied four years of classical mathematics in college. The first textbook I studied was Euclid's Elements, which was published around 300 BC. Euclid proposed (and then proved) relationships between lines of geometrical figures in the following manner: "I say that E is to G as F is to H." We used the following shorthand to denote this: "E:G :: F:H." This, of course, is a "ratio," which today we would probably express using algebraic notation: "E/G = F/H." The algebraic notation is more efficient in some respects, and allows for greater manipulation (in the same way that numbers are easier to manipulate in calculations than roman numerals). The funny thing is, I still use the Euclidean shorthand to understand the relationships between numbers (say, in Corporate Finance or Taxation) because it expresses the relationship between numbers more intuitively, and is thus a more efficient pedagogical tool.
I can't provide you with a multitude of sources, I'll just give you the gist of what I know off the top of my head. The Illuminati is a covert organization that started in Europe in 1776 by 13 families or bloodlines. Using stealth, finance and patience their agenda is to take over the world. I know it seems like a movie, but it's true. They don't operate in politics but behind politics. For instance; the Federal Reserve is not a product of the United States government, but is a privately owned business with control over the government. I remember learning in school that when the US first became an independent nation their monetary system was that of the 'gold standard'. All the money that ran through this country was backed by gold. Never once in school did I learn how the US fell off the Gold Standard. It's not taught in school because the Illuminati control the school system and they decide what is taught, they want to keep everyone's eyes off them. Big bankers back in the 1920's such as Mark Warburg, J ...
I have received the most lovely gift: For Valentines Day, Angela James and the girls bought me a lovely silver pocket watch with roman numerals and a black dial. Its absolutely beautiful, and I will treasure this. I don't feel complete without a pocket watch and this makes me very happy. Love you all xxx
What school really teaches: I. Truth comes from authority; II. Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat; III. Conformity is rewarded; IV. How to use Roman Numerals.
Hulk Hogan is so old when he started wrestling they used Roman Numerals. When he pinned down his opponent the ref would count i,i,i... and the bell would ring. but funny!
OAK ISLAND ... for those who don't know Oak Island is on the south shore of Nova Scotia Canada .. it has laid claim to a mystery ... there seems to be a mysterious pit there that is booby trapped in history ... people just cant get to the bottom of it ... some have died trying ... no matter what is done another trap seems to appear and lays waste all that has been done .. from water pouring in by hand made traps to false ledges leading no where it seems ... many believe that at the bottom somewhere is the famous Hebrew Ark of the Covenant and this has gained the most popular belief .. however ... what many miss is something just as strange that actually was found nearby the booby trapped pit ... it is some coins ... old coins ... specific coins ... they r Spanish coins ... coins that only relate to a certain period of history .. 1625 ... what many do NOT know is that coins from Spain changed every other year due to the monarchy change .. the coins found at Oak Island r ALL cob 8 coins .. what r 8 coins .. ...
Come and practice any of our free worksheets to learn Roman Numerals! Free lessons, games, and quizzes await as well!
What is Calculus? While many people believe that calculus is supposed to be a hard math course, most don't have any idea of what it is about. The good news is that if you remember your algebra and are reasonably good at it then calculus is not nearly as difficult as its reputation supposes. This article attempts to explain just what calculus is about--where it came from and why it is important. First, a little history leading up to the discovery of calculus, or its creation, depending on your philosophy. The word "calculus" comes from "rock", and also means a stone formed in a body. People in ancient times did arithmetic with piles of stones, so a particular method of computation in mathematics came to be known as calculus. Arithmetic and geometry are the two branches of mathematics originating in ancient times. Mathematicians attempted to do algebra in those days but lacked the language of algebra, namely the symbols we take for granted such as +, -, X, ÷ and =. Much of the world, including Europe, also ...
Everybody is getting my roman numerals the same spot! Ugh.! Ion want it no more.!
"I'm rehearsin for my funeral, triple six Roman numerals, Mellowhype musical.."
From Crossing The Threshold of Hope, by Pope John Paul II: First Chapter: "The Pope": A Scandal and a Mystery: [pg. 3] The leader of the Catholic Church is defined by the faith as the Vicar of Jesus Christ (and is accepted as such by believers). The Pope is considered the man on earth who represents the Son of God, who "takes the place" of the Second Person of the omnipotent God of the Trinity. [pg. 6] Have no fear when people call me the "Vicar of Christ," when they say to me "Holy Father," or "Your Holiness," or use titles similar to these, which seem even inimical [hostile] to the Gospel. Christ himself declared: "Call no one on earth your father; you have but one Father in heaven. Do not be called 'Master'; you have but one master, the Messiah" (Mt 23:9-10). These expressions, nevertheless, have evolved out of a long tradition, becoming part of common usage. One must not be afraid of these words either. [pg. 13] The Pope is not the only one who holds this title. With regard to the Church entrusted to ...
I always look for the Roman Numerals during movie credits.
Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians Often called the language of the universe, mathematics is fundamental to our understanding of the world and, as such, is vitally important in a modern society such as ours. Everywhere you look it is likely mathematics has made an impact, from the faucet in your kitchen to the satellite that beams your television programs to your home. As such, great mathematicians are undoubtedly going to rise above the rest and have their name embedded within history. This list documents some such people. I have rated them based on contributions and how they effected mathematics at the time, as well as their lasting effect. I also suggest one looks deeper into the lives of these men, as they are truly fascinating people and their discoveries are astonishing – too much to include here. As always, such lists are highly subjective, and as such please include your own additions in the comments! 10 Pythagoras of Samos Pythagoras Greek Mathematician Pythagoras is considered by some to be one of ...
OMG how hard is it to find a watch in the right colour, right size with actual numbers on !!. Not dots, not lines, not diamonds (or diamantés) not Roman numerals, just plain English numbers 1 to 12?! Gr ⌚️ might be a Peppa Pig one at this rate!!
Roman numerals: What are they good IV?
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Again, I can't make this up... My son just sat at his computer, looked at the screen and said "... roman numerals? I'm not Roman. Why do I care?"
Teacher: "I'll never teach Black History and Roman numerals in the same week." Teacher's friend: "Why not?" Teacher: "I have six reports on 'Malcolm the Tenth"
We love the classic silhouette and polished stainless steel of our boyfriend-inspired Stella watch. Roman numerals and mother-of-pearl subdials add a feminine touch. This Stella watch also features a multifunction movement on a stainless steel bracelet.
Writing this from 30,000 feet. Ponder this SuperBowl fans. What does the National Football League and the Roman Catholic Church (Pope Benedict XVI example) have in common? They both love Roman Numerals while the rest of the world has moved on.
The Superbowl is just a fake holiday made up by the Roman Numeral company to sell more Roman Numerals.
Courtesy of Bob Y The Big Game Rich Galen Friday January 31, 2014 A few days before the BIG GAME, you can't swing a dead Palm Pilot without running into someone or something tied to Super Bowl XLVIII which, for those who might have cut the high school class that taught us Roman Numerals, translates to 48. The first Super Bowl was officially known as the First World Championship Game and was played in the Los Angeles Coliseum on January 15, 1967 between the NFL champion Green Bay Packers and the AFL champs, the Kansas City Chiefs. Green Bay won that game 35-10. The next year, the game was officially named the Super Bowl and carried the designation II as that first championship game was retroactively designated Super Bowl I. - That first game was broadcast on both CBS (that owned the rights to NFL games) and NBC (which was the home of the AFL). According to that game attracted 65 million viewers. In case you're wondering, a 30-second ad cost $42,500 (about $292,000 in 2014 dollars). That, of course ...
Has anyone wondered why CAMH changed its address from 999 Queen Street West to 1001? Does the fact that the Roman Numerals for 1001 are MI, mean anything? (For those of you out of the loop, MI is Police jargon for mentally ill.) Makes you want to say HMMM, don't it?
I broke my name down even further; Aeon Noesis Rearranged can be spelled A-One One-Sis to make sense of this go to Symbols or Roman Numerals you get; A-I I-Sis or A.I. Isis! A.I. commonly known as Computer/Artificial Intelligence or Intelligence that Sustains/Develops Itself or less commonly known as Artificial Insemination or Artificial Inception or Pregnancy! Further More Isis Symbolizes the Greek Goddess Who Represents the Throne of the Pharaoh. To continue this can be seen to represent the Artificial Impregnation of Isis or The Throne. Isis Was in Greek Mythology actually Artificially Impregnated by The God Osiris giving birth to the Son of Osiris or the Original/First Pharaoh. So to go deeper with understanding Aeon Noesis can be seen to Represent The Artificial Inception Of Isis which would make me The Son Horus or The Pharaoh. Horus was considered to be the Manifestation of Osiris in Death or a King in Life and Death which is Ironic because My birthday is Halloween or In other words I was given lif ...
Shout out to for teaching me Roman numerals and when Columbus sailed the ocean blue
"just voted. wrote 1-110 in roman numerals. good luck pollers.". FARK! My mates are hilarious :')
I wanted to get my parents birth year in roman numerals on my left collar bone and he has the same *** thing lol.
I did Roman numerals below the line and can't recall a time where my brain has had to work harder
"You only use Roman numerals for Super Bowls and Star Wars episodes". -
Aye girl I just favorited, send them ROMAN NUMERALS my way lol
my next tattoo will be my dad's birthday on my left shoulder blade in Roman numerals & my mom's on my right shoulder blade. ☺👌
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I really suck at Roman Numerals. Care to explain…
Am i the only one who finds it hard to read roman numerals or..
Right: off to vote absentee, below the line, in Roman numerals, after two glasses of wine. I win democracy.
Will votes be counted if they are numbered in roman numerals?
Funny how the same niggaz "didn't get" roman numerals in grade school think they're Caesar now since it's "cool" to use them for tattoos.
roman numerals count. Wish i could remember all she told me
Oh darn, if I knew that I would have done the same. Did like the idea if doing it in Roman numerals.
ah well, nice way to pass a bit of time. You can fill the boxes in in roman numerals too if you like, from I to XCVII.
Voted. But as soon as I saw the Senate paper all thoughts of voting in sequential Roman numerals vanished...
Sometimes I still get confused by Roman Numerals.
I'm rehearsing for my funeral, triple six Roman numerals
Yep about to do same. Pirate 1, libertarian party 2. Aiming to do preferences in Roman numerals - ~100 - wish me luck!
People who write a date in Roman numerals -___-
My favorite tats are the Indian, the crown and the Roman numerals,
If everything could be written in Arabic & Roman numerals, my life would be complete.
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I have these sorry *** Roman numerals.. I'm getting them covered up & I have a Chinese tat on my neck I'm getting removed.
"My book goes from chapter one to chapter 11! Where are chapters 2-10?" "It's Roman numerals. Chapter I, II..." "Oh..."
E.L.A. is XCI. Sure don't see those roman numerals very often. Happy birthday Mom.
Pity the poor election officers who has to count a certain someone's senate vote - he's numbered them from 1 - 82 in Roman numerals!
Of what, and where? (Tattoos) — I want the roman goddess athena on my back I want roman numerals on my fingers I...
How old are you in dog years using roman numerals — I'm 29, you do the math. Lol.
Another tattoo! Well actually I got two yesterday! (: my grandpas birthday in roman numerals! miss you gramps 😔😘
The next time someone asks me for my phone number, I'm giving it to them in Roman numerals.
Deff almost got Roman numerals 102412 tattooed on me.
I really want a tattoo with Roman numerals but idk if I should do it...
Thank you Final Fantasy for teaching me how to read roman numerals
I can see Denis Denuto now - quoting Roman Numerals and The Constitution with the opposition and Mr Speaker!
@ I thought m in roman numerals is 5000
I dare someone to do the senate below the line in Roman numerals
he's those are Roman numerals
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Some people using Roman numerals for they're date with somebody and they can't read Roman numerals and they be using the wrong numerals
look how pale, It's Michael :) but Calum got the "MMXII" in my name, it's Roman numerals for the year 5sos made it big 2012
idk I thought you knew Roman numerals already
I'm going to take a guess here, could be totally wrong, but does that say '2012' or '2013', in Roman numerals?
I want 1993 In Roman Numerals, Tattooed on the upper right side of my chest.
MMXII is 2012 in Roman numerals and it means a lot to Calum, don't turn it into something it's not.
but MMXII is Roman numerals for 2012
Ima get a tattoo next weekend of the roman numerals
her name n birthday in roman numerals I'm hella indescive tho
Calums tattoo is 2012 in Roman numerals I still don't understand
Calum's new tattoo is 2012 in Roman numerals… that's so cute.
Am I the only one who doesn't know Roman numerals? Like omg. I feel so stupid..
what does MMXII stand for isn't it 2012 in roman numerals
I want one tattoo. And it will be roman numerals for the year "1975". Significance: Thats the year my parents were born.
MMXII is 2012 in roman numerals. thats probably for the year they were discovered
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4th* sorry I don't know my Roman numerals Lindsay
your retard *** must not be able to ream Roman Numerals! 😂😂
I'm obsessed with it. I like that he picked Roman numerals instead of just normal numbers lol.
'MMXII' is Calum's new tattoo. It's Roman numerals for 2011 which is the year 5SOS were formed I cry
I feel like getting 1995 in Roman numerals on my chest
you got 2012 in Roman numerals tattooed on you.. Why
Heres my Calum tat theory: MMXII is 2012 in roman numerals.. 2012 is when they started the TMH tour.. thats when they got their big break
I really need to learn my Roman numerals xD
Our born year, 96, in Roman numerals "IX VI", were our first matching tattoos and also my very first tattoo :D We...
Usher names his kids with roman numerals, wow
so cal got 2012 tattooed on his chest in Roman numerals the cutie
looks like someone knows their Roman numerals 😒
"Calum's new tattoo is "MMXI" which is 2011 in roman numerals aka when 5sos formed."
No lie, don't ever ask me to read you something in Roman numerals.
So I got my Cape results Roman numerals all starting with 'V' so wanna know wa gine on
Hamilton Collection
that's 2012 in Roman numerals idk what happened in 2012 or maybe it's just for surviving 2012 idk oops
MMXII is roman numerals for 2012 and it's most likely regarding the year in which their first album was released and their
I looked up what MMXII means and IT SAID ROMAN NUMERALS !!! It means 2012 and that's the year of their first tour OMG
get a 3 in Roman numerals tattooed on you 👌
I LOVE CALUM'S TATTOO. MMXI is 2011 in roman numerals. 2011, when 5SOS was formed! ❤ love you
Ok so I was gone all day . Calum's tattoo is 2012 in Roman numerals . And michaels is to the moon?
I'm not good with roman numerals what does it say
Guys I was like what is MMXll? And thenI was like I bet it's the day 5sos formed in Roman numerals and I was right *** yea I feel special
I wanna get my date tatted in Roman numerals ... 💜
leather band and roman numerals...classy dive watch...tried to sell like 3 other watches...I said let me try one?!
MMXII means 2012 in Roman numerals if you didn't know :)
it's the date 5SOS was formed in Roman numerals
How many other World War movies have there been? i don't know Roman Numerals. Is Brad Pitt in all of them?
Why does anyone continue to use Roman Numerals? Wait, why did anyone EVER use them?
Roman numerals, the numeric system in ancient Rome, uses combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet to signify values. The numbers 1 to 10 can be expressed in Roman numerals as follows: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X. The Roman numeral system is a cousin of Etruscan numerals. Use of Roman numerals continued after the decline of the Roman Empire. From the 14th century on, Roman numerals began to be replaced in most contexts by more convenient Hindu-Arabic numerals; however this process was gradual, and the use of Roman numerals in some minor applications continues to this day. Contents [hide] 1 Reading Roman numerals 2 History 2.1 Pre-Roman/Ancient Rome 2.2 Middle Ages/Renaissance 2.3 Modern usage 2.3.1 Modern non-English-speaking usage 3 Special values 3.1 Zero 3.2 Fractions 3.3 Large numbers 4 "I" on clocks 5 See also 6 References 7 External links Reading Roman numerals [edit] MMXIII "2013" as a Roman numeral Roman Numerals, as used today, are based on seven symbols:[1] Symbol Value I . ...
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Flavius Josephus PISO and the Number 666 THE THREE MAIN PISO NUMBER SYSTEMS (The True Meaning of '666' and the proof that this is the truth) = (An Online Article for Edification. Please share this info with others.) There were three main alpha/numeric systems in use at the time when the New Testament was being written - Hebrew, Latin (Roman Numerals), and Greek. Until about the year 80 CE, the Greek system consisted of only an old initial system. Arrius Piso (Josephus) developed a 'new' Greek system and incorporated it into the New Testament. For the sake of definition, we will call these three main Piso Number systems simply the 'Alpha/Numeric' system (meaning that this is one system incorporating three different main languages and their number equivalents). Flavius Josephus (aka Arrius Piso) hints at the use of what he calls "triangular numbers". He is also the 'mathematician' circa 100 CE called 'Nicomachus'. This 'Nicomachus of Garasa' was Josephus/Arrius Piso, because 'Nico' is 'Victor' or 'Winner', ...
Every Pope who takes office is given this Triple Crown with this inscription in Latin: "Vicarius Filli Dei" which means "Substitute for the Son of God" in Latin. It adds up to 666 in Roman Numerals. Revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. Upon his heads (plural) meaning all of the Popes, have the name of Blasphemy upon his heads (crowns)!
- hey, I've got triads and roman numerals on Tues. and an accumulative final on Thurs. that you're welcome to!!
Ordering a version of mockingbird with numbers instead of numerals as I cannot understand roman numerals
I got my Roman numerals done at Electric Lady by Reading College.
Roman numerals of my sisters birthday ye
I'm unsure after my dodgy piercing there!! Roman numerals of my sisters bday :)
“What are roman numerals even good IV” I actually stared at this for a good 5 minutes before understanding it.
What are roman numerals even good IV
Pancakes made, veg planted, colonial Africa discussed, Roman numerals, Hindu gods, hieroglyphics and 9 times table all by midday
V8, Anal, 5th, the Roman Numerals “ll” and “lll”, 4Real, Mafia No Fear, Mr and “.” are baby names requested by parents in NZ. All banned.
Next May I'm getting a tattoo that says 6/21/11 in roman numerals on top of my ring finger with Andrew 😍
Justin have a tattoo on his bum& it says Aleisha in Roman numerals.
Fun Fact: Roman Numerals weren't invented by the ancient romans, but assimilated from an earlier civilization (the Etruscans).
VIXX Roman numerals! Cool group! Does Rome have any entrants in PopAsia SC ( live at
Why does BBC Alba use Roman numerals in the credits? Come to think, why. busy day.
in roman numerals, XL means 30...1-0 not a bad result seeing as we only played our 1st XI
Gonna get 1989 in Roman Numerals tattooed on my arm. MCMLXXXIX
If you don't understand roman numerals, you're not good IV nothing.
Would i b crazy if i said i wanna get " 10.04.09" tatted but in roman numerals?!
Zero : The number that cannot be represented in Roman numerals.
I got used to doing my notes that I'm putting Roman Numerals everywhere... sigh
Ryne wants me to draw his tattoo with Roman numerals incorporated.. I guess I should probs learn Roman numerals now
Roman numerals of what? Cause I was thinking the same thing.
“what you getting?” I'm getting Roman numerals going down my back
Senato Dianne Feinstein wants all guns banned and turned in. Listen in her own words!
“Roman Numerals...what are they good IV?” Lol
It was that puzzle with the roman numerals and all that stuff lol
a friend replied: "roman numerals do not have zero instead they use the word 'Nulla' which I suppose would mean 'nothing!":)
"Think of the US budget using Roman numerals and you will understand the contribution of Arabs" –Jamal Nassar
“Roman Numerals...what are they good IV?”
"Most college students just live off Roman numerals" no mom that's Ramen Noodles 😂
dude the Roman numerals for 4 is IV not I. I doesn't exist.
getting Grampys birthday and death date in Roman numerals underneath my collar bone
I'm terrible with Roman numerals. and the Williams chronology. and hashtags.
Roman Numerals weren't invented by the Romans, but stolen from the Italians.
why they cut so much of rich's choking? That Roman numerals/guy ritchie scheme was too much
after I run my first marathon in October I want the roman numerals XXVI.II
The only Roman numerals most people know are I-V and the numerals for their relationship date.
just some Roman numerals. Wraps around the upper arm.
Who knows about Roman Numerals? Need some help people. Can anyone help?
Roman numerals are not my forte apparently!
The Roman numerals for One hundred is 'C' .
you are totes welcome for the Roman numerals 😉
I liked a video from Can We Trust Your Architect? by Roman Numerals
Electronic Device Insurance
Yes... "Can you write time in roman numerals?"
Can you write time in roman numerals?
roman numerals one is fun! Google for numerals code kata and you'll find more for sure
On my wrist probably in Roman numerals
I haven't been on in over a month I think lol.
Everyone has roman numerals. So nvm
From now on when a guy asks for my number, I'm giving it to him in roman numerals. If he figures it out, he’s worth a shot.😏
Roman numerals @ record bar. Middle of the map fest.
all of a sudden people use Roman numerals, omg dude na. stop tryna fit in.
Roman Numerals...what are they good IV?
I will always remember the Roman Numerals because Mrs. Dunbar always played that song about the Big Rig and roman numerals.
Ladies Seiko Watch, classic styling with the Roman Numerals, Seiko Premier quality and classic good looks
WE HAVEN’T HAD A Super Bowl GAME SINCE 1970 Who was it that originally made the statement that you can fool all the people, some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people, all of the time? There are different reports about who originated the statement, but my guess is that it was Houdini, or David Copperfield, or maybe it was Abraham Lincoln who was trying to fool Steven Spielberg, and the viewers of Spielberg’s blockbuster movie, on the 16th President. Regardless of who said it first, when it comes to the Super Bowl Game, put me in there with the “None of the Time” group. Today’s game is being touted as Super Bowl XLVII. Well, I am putting my foot down, both of ‘em, because we haven’t had a Super Bowl game since 1970. I knew something was up when the purveyors of this hoodwinking kept using Roman Numerals to count the number of Super Bowl games, knowing that after four lines, we wouldn’t know what they were talking about. When they stuck that V up there, to describe what was to ...
Another beautiful sunset over Roman Numerals at Super Bowl Boulevard.
Another beautiful sunset over the Roman Numerals at Super Bowl Boulevard.
So glad we were taught Roman Numerals; otherwise I would not know what Super Bowl I will be watching!
Sitting in Grade 4 math watching new teacher, Mr. Kosomba give lesson on Roman Numerals.
King George Memorial Old Parliament House ACT, reign 1910-1936 in Roman Numerals: MDCX to MCMXXXVI, should be MCMX to MCMXXXVI. Spell-check not working?
Why is everyone putting their name as roman numerals?
• what number is v in Roman numerals??
It is weird to see a Roman numeral in lower case... Are the Roman Numerals not just in Capital letters?
Roman numerals look epic on watches man.
I don't think whoever created RPG Maker understands Roman numerals...
I'm getting another matching tat with my sister . My butterflies & then my birthday in Roman numerals ! 😊👌
If your name consist of Lick My or Eat My , pretty this , roman numerals , etc.
Rehearsing for my funeral triple 6 roman numerals
my grandpa just called ramen noodles "roman numerals" DED!
867-5309 Phones don't use roman numerals anymore.
yea I know Roman numerals lol u get my dm? Xx
Your name consists of LICK my this, EAT my that, Roman numerals, pretty this , bad that , monroe this or Barbie this
My next tattoo is going to be "My Sisters Keeper" with her birthday in Roman numerals and her initials
the Zelda Triforce on My ForeArm With my Birthdate in Roman Numerals.
we have a few.. Roman numerals for when we got engaged :) we have a few personal Jolly things just need to put them together
wassup with Roman numerals and instagram bios?? lmao
The only reason I know roman numerals is cuz sneakers, and Mr. Ps class...
how to convert regular numbers into Roman numerals.
On my birthday i wanna get my birthday in roman numerals like rihanna
What's sad is that J's set the standard for y'all really learning y'all Roman numerals, namely I through XIV.
I remember at sacred heart when it got close to Christmas sister Mary would play Christmas records. I miss her. She taught me roman numerals
Birthday in Roman numerals down my side & I want to get my Gma name on my back .
I love putting relationships in roman numerals . ☺
Dear PoF, Does anyone have a EMS related car tag? Just saw one a medic has that is "CVA ME" any of you guys have any funny or serious ones only EMS personnel might get?
I want the day my g-ma died in Roman numerals on the inside of my right arm . . . .
lol, aww! How cute! & I just realized its Roman numerals. Lmao, but what did you get?
your name in french would still be La'Shaun lmao .. try Beautiful in french or niya & jamos birthday in roman numerals I am
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copy cat .. & i think roman numerals or some other language like French would be sexy on you !
I learned my Roman numerals from superbowls and Jordans
Military alphabets and roman numerals are so interesting
ah well yes u will need to dress suitabley when your a teacher. I've just got '4' in Roman numerals on my wrist. X
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which one? I really like the Xlll on the finger because it's roman numerals for 13 and we met on Friday the 13th. X
Melita Cuenca got it first the ans. is REBECA OR REBEKAH QUESTION NO. 8 What is 40 in Roman numerals
What digit does not exist in Roman Numerals?
7 Roman Numerals You know that 2 + 2 = 4. But do you know that ii + ii = iv? The numbers that we normally use (1, 2, 3 etc) are called "Arabic numerals". But we sometimes use another system for writing numers - "Roman numerals". The Romans used letters of the alphabet to represent numbers, and you will occasionally see this system used for page numbers, clock faces, dates of movies etc. There are 7 letters used for Roman numerals: I = 1 V = 5 X = 10 L = 50 C = 100 D = 500 M = 1000 In general, letters are placed in decreasing order of value, eg XVI = 16. Letters can be repeated one or two times to increase value, eg XX = 20, XXX = 30. Letters cannot be repeated three times, so X is not used for 40. In this case, XL = 40 (50 minus 10).
I've yet to get a good explanation of why Vi's name is written on her cheek. Is there really that large a population of women with pink hair and robot fists in Piltover?
IS IT RIGHT TO SUBSTITUTE CHRIST WITH X ? It's CHRISTMAS not Xmas. My friends, colleagues and families, may I call your attention to a trend that l find to be a grave error in this our generation. This is an error that we make at the end of every year. Its another season of Christmas, the regular greetings in the air should be ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS”. But many in writing or speaking now say, “HAPPY XMAS. "X" as the 24th letter of the alphabet table is a consonant that is used to represent a VOTE, a KISS or a SIGNATURE of someone who cannot write. Until 1990, it was used in America to indicate movies that cannot be shown publicly to people under 18yrs. X represents the figure 10 in roman numerals as well as indicate something that is INCORRECT. It is also used to indicate somebody who is UNKNOWN or UNSPECIFIED. In the U.S., X can mean, ”CROSSED-OUT” indicating that a matter is REMOVED or ENDED. In mathematics, X is used to indication MULTIPLICATION or name for INDEPENDENT or UNKNOWN VARIABLE. X is comm ...
Roman numerals stink, we stopped using sundials long ago but we're still using these dumb things
Let's do a brainteaser question today, borrowed from the game Mindtrap: Captain Frank went to the hardware store to make a purchase for his house. He asked the clerk, "How much will one cost?" The clerk thought for a moment and said, "Three dollars." Captain Frank, who looked a little puzzled said, "Well then, how much will twelve cost?" "Six dollars," replied the clerk. Captain Frank scratched his head and said, "If I were to purchase two hundred, how much would that cost?" "That," said the clerk, "will cost you nine dollars." What was Captain Frank buying?
With the game less than two months out, The New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee promises the City's 10th Bowl event to leave a lasting impact. Click for more on NORD improvements, road closures, Geaux Green initiatives, and 36-ft. XLVII Roman Numerals.
My next tattoo will be my birthday in Roman numerals
.I think i wana get Our date tatted in Roman Numerals
like roman numerals, number one is I.
My birthday in roman numerals 2 22 1996
ima g so I take Pain ,but a quote on my ribe,my dad name & day he was born/died in roman numerals on left side of my chest
I just put Roman numerals next to the girls with the same name. you're Jenifer MCMXI
Should I go the extra mile??? Should I add 2 more Roman numerals???
this is what the Roman numerals mean iff it helps
honestly though, when was the last time you heard someone say "im really glad i spent all that time learning Roman Numerals"
If it wasn't for the Super Bowl I wouldn't know the roman numerals are.. lol
I wanna get my moms bday tatted but in roman numerals
How tf did he get Roman numerals though :/
Also if we're using Roman numerals don't mix in numbers XXVIII would've made more sense than XX8 does. *sighs* Come on Jordan……
two letters and 3 Roman Numerals that's all I have to say
Jefferson Montessori did not teach roman numerals ! thats why i cant read that bs
i never did learn how to read Roman Numerals in school -__-
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Lol . You need to learn how to read roman numerals!
My name on here is my birthday in roman numerals in case you didnt know .
I wanna change my name, not my @ name but my other bc wveryone has Roman Numerals
2 quizzes . 1 on the Roman numerals & Idk about the other one
When I wear my glasses, I can't see numbers clearly; they are too curvy. I need roman numerals.
If I give a girl my number imma give it to her in Roman numerals to see if I got a smart one
bahhh. I was hoping the roman numerals would clarify because that's how they're numbered :/
Son is writing his Christmas wish list. With roman numerals.
Today's Featured Puzzle: Weekly Roman Numeral Seek & Find Roman Numeral Word Search Puzzles are a new type of puzzle that are fun, entertaining and educational. Just like a regular word search puzzle but you will be looking for Roman Numerals. Play Here+ Your home for over 50+ Daily/Weekly Puzzles as well as 100's of free to play puzzle games. A Puzzle Zone ... (credit:
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