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Rolling Thunder

The Rolling Thunder Revue was a famed U.S. concert tour consisting of a traveling caravan of musicians, headed by Bob Dylan, that took place in late 1975 and early 1976; the prevailing theory was that the tour was named after the Native American shaman Rolling Thunder.

William Devane Operation Rolling Thunder Patriot Guard Riders Allen Ginsberg North Vietnam Vietnam Veterans Memorial Tommy Lee Jones Veterans Plaza Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Day United States North Vietnamese

H.D of D.C is the Official H.D. Dealer of Rolling Thunder. Stop in and check them out during Rolling Thunder...
Pakistan's tool of war: PAF's rolling thunder
Castro is not in YOUR district.YOU want EVIL...try Operation Speedy Express, Rolling Thunder, Ra…
Couple claps of thunder, heavy downpours rolling through New Bedford right now
The whispers in the morning . Of lovers sleeping tight. Are rolling by like thunder now. As I look in y…
Now THIS is a rolling thunder breakfast!!!
All it needs is for the clouds to darken and the rolling thunder accompanied by the lightin…
Not gonna lie,just heard some thunder rolling past me here maybe heading your way if your lucky.
Looks great! You always keep so busy during hiatus. Are you going to be a part of…
Doug and Taj boarded the Rolling Thunder Book Bus for the first time today. Plenty of books and smiles to go around!
I appreciate the thunder rolling through this evening. ❤️
Happened to catch a decent strike in the NW metro. My only intentions were to record some rolling thunder, then boo…
Just jammed out to One and Rolling Thunder EPs in car 🔥🔥🔥 WE LOVE YOU
Route Infinity on Amazon!!. Please download our music and enjoy!!. please scatter us to world!!.
This thunder sounds like the big guy in the sky is rolling out an epic drum solo!
It's raining and I can hear the thunder rolling in the distance.. I love it. Goodnight 😴
Hamilton Collection
I feel like Lou Reed Rock N Roll Animal & Dylan Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder Revue are kind of brother-and-sister live recordings, right?
Is that thunder or is someone rolling their garbage thing down?? The ultimate question
Watched top 50 libero best action video & 90% of the comments was from Haikyuu fans w lots of ROLLING THUNDER! AGAIN! Everyone loves Noya~♡
When you play rolling thunder at 180 and can actually keep up 👌👌👌
That feeling of accomplishment when you hear thunder rolling in and you're glad you mowed and edged the yard this e…
Let's keep it rolling like thunder.
April 27,2012: Los Angeles, CA. Grab your ticket(!) and your suitcase; thunder's rolling down the tracks.
I thought I was pretty good... Then we got Rolling Thunder 😩
the days all I want is constant motion. rocking my rolling mind. then the still days. the only rocking on porches. and rolling t…
Storm rolling thru and the 5 gobblers roosted out back are cranking to every little rumble of thunder
Gaethje is about that rolling thunder life
Here is the FLAG for a focus Operation Ranch Hand.Rolling Thunder and…
Here's a little "Rolling Thunder" with Seth Feider to get you all going on this Friday afternoon!
here in Indiana I've participated in Rolling Thunder in DC, rode in Toys for Tots, Ride for Riley Children's hospital etc
We should play Sousas Stripes and Stars Forever instead of Rolling Thunder
Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg sitting at Jack Kerouac’s grave during the Rolling Thunder tour, Lowell MA
Rolling Thunder: Healing, camaraderie and a mission
Here is a mashup of Rolling Thunder (1977) with William Devane's gold and silver commercials!
Rolling Thunder should not honor Trump or let him speak at your rally. This Viet Nam Vet thinks this draft dodging coward should be Pres.
the Rolling Thunder segment was a slap in the face to John McCain who put great effort into ending POW/MIA demagoguery
Thunder rolling in the distance, barefoot in the grass, feeling the power of earth, becoming one with her energy.
There's nothing more soothing or calming than the sound of rolling thunder!
WI Rolling Thunder headed out this morning and I am honored to be a part of it. The Rolling Thunder rides for the...
Mobile medical clinic joins Rolling Thunder cause to improve care for military
,going to ROLLING THUNDER this year ?
Rolling Thunder Rolls on Sunday - Photo by PoPville flickr user Gerda De Corte For this who wish to che...
Looking forward to the rumble of Rolling Thunder this weekend.
Nishinoya went from rolling thunder to roll under the sheets! Goodnight loves and fam! 💋💋💋
Oops. Meant to say, "Can I?" Rolling Thunder ppl always go to this bar on Mem Day wknd and create huge drunken disturbance!
ehh the Thunder is rolling, no way they quit now
You have to see this tribute, it’s like no other. It brought tears to my eyes.
I heard from a few folks up there that they heard some bad hail too. The thunder here is rolling nonstop. Rain is coming/going
ISP/IMPD Motors prepare to escort Rolling Thunder & Gov Pence on a ride to bring awareness to POW/MIA soldiers.
Honored to lead the first leg of Rolling Thunder's 'Ride for Freedom' from Indy to DC in support of our POWs & MIAs
He gasped and moaned loudly, rolling his hips gently as to not suffocate him or anything.
As Rolling Thunder embarks on their journey to our Nation’s Capital, we remember the Hoosiers missing since WWII
Big night for let's keep this thunder rolling!
Watch on Rolling Thunder Indiana motorcycle ride to remember POW/MIA.
Join Michael J @ Harley Davidson of WashingtonDC on Saturday, May 28 as he helps kick off Rolling Thunder weekend!
Pleased to join Indiana Rolling Thunder's 'Ride for Freedom' to honor the brave men & women who serve & have served https:/…
Rolling Thunder Indiana concludes dedication of POW-MIA ceremony at the Indiana War Memorial.
I'd planned on going on Sunday!! Rolling Thunder is Sunday and I wanted to go to Viet Nam memorial for my Poppy.
20+ arrested in 'Rolling Thunder' heroin and cocaine raids -
Operation Rolling Thunder was horrific for the landscape/innocent ppl of Vietnam.
Rolling Thunder and an all-star cast rolls into the Port Elgin United Church sat. evening. What music!
This year Rolling Thunder will be honoring my son Spc. Daniel Fuentes. ❤️
Dylan had a rare Excalibur automobile in Colorado during the second leg of Rolling Thunder (May 1976) (Johnson 21).
Fantastic collection of photos from Dylan’s legendary Rolling Thunder tour.
Sexiest engine bay on a ranger I've laid my eyes on besides Rolling Thunder and lightning Bolt
Much respect to Arizona Chapter, Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard Chapter, KR, HOG & to all unrecognised group members that do good worldwide
If anyone wants to know if air strikes win wars. Check out America's operation Linebacker/Rolling Thunder against North Vietnam. Didn't work
Guillermo del Toro about to drop some gems about Rolling Thunder. If you're a William Devane fan you owe it to yourself to watch it.
James Bond might have learned a few moves from the spies in Rolling Thunder. Who played this classic?
Is on the right now playing Rolling Thunder by Action Bronson + Party Supplies
love that film. Can throw in Rolling Thunder, White Line Fever & maybe Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Monday folks! Coming up Monday Morning Movie Review. Plus with details on a way to help Rolling Thunder.
Ask the German victims of 'Bomber' Harris or the vietnamese during Operation 'Rolling Thunder'?
For those seeking some new calm, peaceful try Dan Gibson's Solitudes: Rolling Thunder.
Patriot day at the ball park! Watching my dad with Rolling Thunder color guard! (at in Bridgewater, NJ)
Lone Star Chapter Sons of the Republic of Texas & the cannon Rolling Thunder
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Rolling Thunder was my go to move on the wrestling game I had. And me and my bros used to try to Swanton bomb off the bunk beds.
Honoring our Rolling Thunder tribute to the Vietnam War Memorial from to ?
AC/DC summed up last night on the station. "Rolling Thunder and Pouring Rain", fortunately there was no Hurricane.
I drove all the way from Buffalo for and snagged the first of the Rolling Thunder festival!!
1977’s Rolling Thunder. Tommy Lee Jones & William Devane: on the warpath against a gang of murderous thugs
nails The Undertaker with Rolling Thunder in their Hardcore Championship War at Vengeance.
. Time for Rolling Thunder & Patriot Guard Riders to re establish respect for our Flag & Country.
New print available on - 'Rolling Thunder' by HH Photography -
Praying to send the Rolling Thunder team for 21-Day mission trip to Northern California! At The…
I rise from. my place at your side. reluctantly. and set out. into the night. amidst the rolling. thunder. to take up my. barren wa…
The stillness of the night broken only by the rolling thunder and the flash of lightning.
She was curves in lace. caught in the sunlight. heart like rolling thunder. trembling inside. waiting for the caress. of his word…
Grant me. The sweet purgatory. Of your lips,. Mouth of sinful bliss. Rolling thunder. In a breathless kiss.
Rolling thunder. Summerstorms. Spending a perfect. Lazy afternoon, inside. Together, aware of no one else. Blissfully passiona…
When Zeus sent bolts. The rolling thunder. Rolled up to my feet. I picked it up, heard it clap. "Applause for me?. How sweet!". …
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Ur Lips. honey. & milk. skin. black silk. a whisper. to rolling. thunder. of waves. frolicking. near the ocean
JF-17 Thunder rolling on a test run in Paris. . Enjoy >
Rising sun. Obscured. Hearing the. Rolling thunder of. Dead languages. We need a. Magic man. & Renewal.
Listen to the sound of rolling thunder
Rolling thunder with Tenerife Sea in the background.
The sky darkens ~ filled with the melody of rolling thunder ~ waves building ~ rolling in from a faraway land of wonder.
Rolling thunder. Lightning skies. Darkened room. Black eyes . Lace covered. Bridge the gap. Bend me, break me. Feel me snap. …
Hips rolling. Thunder roaring. Eyes covered. Bridge playing. Make it last. Glass breaking. Enduring love or. Mercenary intent…
We're rolling with the thunder; now take a breath we're going under.
Geez...I need to travel to your state! You get owls hooting and Thunder rolling!! Boring here!
Heard the most beautiful rumble of thunder so I ran to my window and it was my neighbor rolling his trash out.
The romance is hot but there's so much more!. 🌿
He had a voice like rolling thunder. And his words were sharp like lightning.. But in his eyes she found refuge. From his…
He ignited. all dimensions. of my existence. like rolling thunder. spilling lightning. in hollow spaces. that knew nothing. o…
You'd think. rolling thunder. is frightening. no. the silence. is my nightmare. I welcome. the raging rain.
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The next round of downpours along with some embedded thunder rolling back into the region for the overnight.
Laughing like children, living like lovers, rolling like thunder... Under the covers.
Rolling thunder. our souls colliding. as our hearts bleed. into the sun . sowing the rains. that stains our skin. in passion's…
Loving the storm!! Rolling thunder & amazing lightning beauty of nature! Have a good night..
Sony PVM? Nice! I've just got Yonku Battle, great little game. Rolling Thunder is hard as ***
Rafting near Bryson City, NC has never been so fun! Rolling Thunder is extremely proud to welcome this young lady...
Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers out again for Rolling Thunder...with ... via
- Bob Dylan & Rolling Thunder on the Allen Ginsberg blog
Rolling Thunder is such an awesome experience for our little town of Rainelle, WV! Thank you Veterans for your...
...Chads mugshot = William Devane in the movie Rolling Thunder. Angry. Very angry.
Just watched Rolling Thunder yesterday. Written by Paul Schrader of Taxi Driver fame.
After dominating out of the bullpen, Garrison working to adjust to life as a starting pitcher | Rolling Thunder.
Trenton offense comes Thundering out of the gate | Rolling Thunder.
Decided to wrap up the week with a great schlocky movie - Rolling Thunder. . *** I love William Devane. Great screen actor.
i've just seen Rolling Thunder,William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones are terrifying in that film
Watching "Rolling Thunder". Kinda weird to see William Devane in something where he's not telling me to turn my money into gold & silver
Check out Rolling Thunder with William Devane (he's in it, not that you have to watch it with him).
Coming up today: on Rolling Thunder's top 15 prospects profile. Check back at 10 AM to see who's next on the list!
-Modern Science And The Occult- In the summer of 1974, 21 of the top scientists in the Western world gathered in Toronto to participate in a series of seminars and tests of three leading psychics. The results were staggering, including the possibility of storing the peculiar brain waves of psychics in computer memory banks to be fed later into the brains of non-psychics and to thereby develop their ESP. One of the participating researchers, Cambridge Professor Brian Josephson, winner of the 1973 Nobel prize in physics, made this statement at the conclusion of the test: "We are on the verge of discoveries which [involve] ... a new kind of energy . In times past 'respectable' scientists would have nothing to do with psychic phenomena ... the 'respectable' scientists may find they have missed the boat." Shoshone Indian medicine man Rolling Thunder has predicted, "Scientists will eventually discover what savages have always known." This is happening today... -Dave Hunt- The Cult Explosion (pgs. 8-9)
I’m surprised to see Tommy Lee Jones in the extras on the Rolling Thunder disc, but he’s being super cantankerous so it’s a push.
Thunder are rolling man. Russ is playing on another level.
Imagine me running in the rain with lightning striking and thunder rolling, retrieving escaped chickens because that just happened
One min sun next rolling thunder Waiting for sky to open up revealing Sarge and Caboose. Melbourne summer.
"GAME RECAP: Thunder earns home win over PHX: THE THUNDER ARE ROLLING
On Saturday, Dec 13th, Rolling Thunder Washington, DC, Inc, was proud to join 25,000 volunteers to remember our heroes and lay an estimated 227,000 wreaths on graves at Arlington National Cemetery. Please no political comments. Let's keep the focus on those who have honorably served our great nation.
I felt the rush like a rolling ball of thunder, spinning my head around and taking my body under
Oklahoma City crushed Phoenix on Sunday, 112-88, ending the "Thunder could miss the playoffs" discussion.
Strange to hear thunder rolling in December!
~ I long to hear the late night train ~ Rolling Thunder from so far ~ I long to hear the midnight owl ~Gentle breeze.
Don't look now but the Thunder is rolling
Ever since Kd returned the thunder been rolling like he never left
Good game so far, thunder just keep rolling
Chargers lost smfh but I got my thunder game now and were rolling right now
Thunder's 41 point 1st quarter against the Suns comes after a 39 point 1st quarter against the Bucks. Thunder offense is rolling.
What a quarter, 41 points! KD, Russ & Serge combine for 32. Team seems to be rolling now.
About to screen ROLLING THUNDER at Audience is expected to grow 40 percent more chest hair over the next 110 minutes.
I liked a video from Rolling Thunder NES Review
About to head to with to see ROLLING THUNDER. Such a great movie.
He does. I love Rolling Thunder. That version of W is Wide is one of my funeral choices, just to be maudlin
Yep I love their Rolling Thunder duets. He even manages to re-invent Blowing In The Wind!
It is. He and Baez ploughed that furrow together. Even as late as Rolling Thunder , lovely version of Water is
Keep thinking about BLUE RUIN and all the great double features you could have with it. COLD IN JULY. ROLLING THUNDER. Add KILLER JOE.
All alone, let it go. Something's better not said. How you came to me like a rolling thunder. Take you there...:...
Jacks 18 keep rolling picking up 2 more wins vs Thunder Hockey. and lead the way in Sunday comeback win.
true :). Didn't expect it to end with rolling like thunder, under the covers though...
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Storms rolling into SW Nebraska now. Could hear some thunder, too!
check out my new club for those who go hard or go home in there racing and training. Rolling Thunder Racing
Official site for Romance author Rolling Thunder Series and Second Chances
In case you missed the game Friday, check out this recap
Ain't been to rolling thunder in like 10 years
Rolling Thunder used to be everybody move when it was called Jams😭💯
Laughing like children. Living like lovers. Rolling like thunder under the covers
A game drive with Isaac at Kanana. Leaving camp with thunder rolling in the distance the clouds hang heavy to the...
I hate when Trivia Crack answers are false. Like, Nixon did not begin Operation Rolling Thunder; it was obviously Johnson. 😒 But nice try.
NBA scores 2014: The Thunder are rolling and 3 other things we ...
Visited yesterday after Vietnam Veterans and Rolling Thunder, along with numerous others laid wreaths at the...
After hearing thunder "did you hear that Susan? That was the sound of 10,000 Baptists rolling back in bed!" -SL
Rolling Thunder. Did you know there was a time that William Devane wasn't old?
Yes I agree 1000% I Spent the Last 2 Memorial Days at the WALL in DC Honoring the Viet Nam Vets along with "Rolling Thunder"!
Just listened to 'Blood Embrace' by Will Oldham & Matt Sweeney several times over. Is 'Rolling Thunder' any good?
mind you, I bought Sam Shepard's Rolling Thunder book twice. Lost the first one.
OBAMA’S VIETNAM: IT’S DÉJÀ VU ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Consider this February 13, 1965 entry from the “This Day in History” files at President Lyndon B. Johnson decides to undertake the sustained bombing of North Vietnam that he and his advisers have been contemplating for a year. Earlier in the month, the president had ordered Operation Flaming Dart in response to communist attacks on U.S. installations in South Vietnam. These retaliatory raids did not have the desired effect of causing the North Vietnamese to cease support of Viet Cong forces in South Vietnam, and out of frustration, Johnson turned to a more extensive use of airpower. Called Operation Rolling Thunder, the bombing campaign was designed to interdict North Vietnamese transportation routes in the southern part of North Vietnam and slow infiltration of personnel and supplies into South Vietnam. The first Rolling Thunder mission took place on March 2, 1965, when 100 U.S. Air Force and Republic of Vietnam Air Force (VNAF) plane ...
If u guys wanna see a badass revenge film & have el Rey network watch Rolling Thunder at 10 tonight. Masterpiece of great acting & violence
A PERSPECTIVE OF CHEROKEE RESISTANCE, OCCUPATION, SELF-DEFENSE AND SOVEREIGNTY By Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney As a Cherokee Native Advocate and a writer about Indian Country for many years, I have many grave concerns about Human and Civil Rights abuses of both the Canadian and United States governments, that are direct violation nations and international accords that both countries have signed in regards to First Nations Indigenous Peoples.I have written and lectured extensively about the 'New Indian Wars', this essay is a close examination of Cherokee Resistance and Self-Defense. Rolling Thunder, a Cherokee Doctor and activist, once stated: " I am NOT good material to be dictated to by any white man as to what I can do and where I can go on MY LAND!" In the the 1830's then United States Supreme Court Chief Justice Jon Marshall, ruled the Cherokee were a sovereign nation. The had offered a brilliant legal defense in the issue of sovereignty. As Clyde Warrior once noted; The Cherokees...are a very legal-minde ...
I'm going Skating at Rolling Thunder from 6-9:30pm tonight. Admission is $3. Skate Rental is $3.50. Y'all should come join me..
I have the fix for the mid east. Operation Rolling Thunder except use NUCS.
A crazy came rolling in right as we were waiting. We're battling the this…
This one goes to eleven! The second series of Rolling Thunder opens with an issue full of adventure and analysis. Whether you’re a committed revolutionary looking for the latest strategic reflections from the front lines, or you simply enjoy the gripping tales of suspense and subversion, you can’t g…
Rolling thunder in central Illinois. Calling all Storm Buddies to be ready! ;)
Thanks to Rolling Thunder MA1 members who came out today. Carmen Virginia Patricia Sheets Brian Sheil Mark Sperlinga Keith Mahony & Vic
Nasty storms now rolling into Ocala. Plenty of thunder and lightning here too, so be careful outdoors!
Watching rolling thunder clouds swallowing up the sunshine.
Image of rice fields in the north after several raids Operation Rolling Thunder.
Start 9.00, rain is smashing down, thunder stopping me sleeping, wish us luck & keep those donations rolling in folks
Big rolling thunder and rain near UCCS
Rolling thunder and the beeping of an alarm lets me know the power is out.
She is my rock and my rolling thunder. I've been the spell she was under. I, I love that girl 🎶🎶
I think some interesting weather is about to hit Fredericton. Thunder rolling and pretty dark clouds over downtown.
Here comes the thunder, timpani rolling in
weather... I swear, sunny and thunder rolling... WTH?
If anyone wants to help out at rolling thunder today please let me know!!
Minto area. Thunder is really rolling... and it's pouring. Glad I got the lawn mowed earlier.
Loren is predicting a chance of rain she can hear thunder from a distance from her tiny box of a room 😂😂 it's rolling suitcases outside!!
That thunder that rolling over my house
The thunder is rolling outside and I think I'll just sit here, watch my beautiful baby sleep, and listen to the storm.
I thought that the thunder was someone rolling their garbage can
The thunder rolling around outside is the perfect soundtrack for the day i'm expecting.
“I ❤ this never judge a book by its cover or man by his tattoos
Ugh the thunder is rolling here. So far no rain.
Storms rolling through Goose Creek. Beautiful and sunny in West Ashley but you can hear the thunder!
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Watching my cat... watching squirrels, to the soothing sounds of rolling thunder and fallin'…
I'm not a huge Nascar fan, but seeing it in person is pretty impressive. Talk about rolling thunder. More fun live than TV.
Rolling Thunder fell to Sioux Falls Roosevelt 56-49. Everyone on the Thunder played for GFW except from Springfield
The Rolling Thunder Dames are the largest team at the moment, are you all going to let them beat you? If you get 50 people on your team by 30 June 2014 your logo can go on the tshirts
Rolling Thunder's Seth Schuette (GFW) got to the line a lot & converted 7. He ended the game w/ 14, but the team fell to SF Roosevelt 56-51
Did You Know: The new reality show on Discovery entitled "Fat 'n Furious Rolling Thunder" is based in Youngstown, OH!
I've seen the Son of Man, you know he's going there With a voice much louder than the rolling thunder And his presence causing the earth to tremble, yeah Standing in His glory commanding all mankind be still He said, Hear my voice and do my will Take up your cross and walk with me So said This Man from Galilee He said, I'll be there, so have no fear
Jamming to awesome metal music, and looking, here comes thunder and lightning rolling in xD
Continuous rolling thunder, super bright lightning, a bottle of whiskey and 3 guys in a
During DC's Rolling Thunder, Dogwood got a visit from a celebrity! Meet Chewy , the famous Biker Dog!
Make sure y'all slide June 26 from 6-10 to the uncanny models fashion show at Rolling thunder music by…
Rolling Wheels Raceway in Elbridge to open its season with DIRTcar Thursday Night Thunder June 26:
And then this happened. Right before going live Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson teams fired up their engines. Omg, so loud. Rolling thunder. Sonoma speedway!!! KRON 4 News
Full size professional slot machine "rolling thunder" for sale cheap, message if interested.
This thunder rolling in is heavenly.
our pleasure! See ya next year, or maybe at Rolling Thunder…
I wanna find what I'm searching for, I'm tired of rolling on soul and thunder, I just want something of my own🎶
We are broadcasting Sunday Service live from Latimer Hall in Woodstock! ( live at
Vape Naked's B Radd back to back with Shawn! Now that's Rolling Thunder!
I'm all for cool storms rolling in with thunder and lightening, but definitely not when I'm home alone.
"At my wedding you can bet your sweet *** there will be chocolate thunder rolling around the premises"
Loud, rolling thunder this morning with the sun shining brightly!🌞
Rolling thunder, coming down the mountain and the rain just keeps pouring down. The song of the pines sweet on my ears their scent soft on my nose ~
Rolling thunder was poppin yesterday like 👏👏 I had a lot of fun with the fam. I never knew I can skate like that tho 😏
I added a video to a playlist Rolling Thunder 2 (GEN) - Continue?
Big thanks to Rolling Thunder Vietnam organisers for ADF member discounts, details here:
"The collective global voice of women resonates around the world like rolling thunder." ~
Action Bronson - Rolling Thunder Feat Action Bronson on: - Dedicated to
Always there, ever loyal, honoring veterans, and paying tribute to servicemembers lost in the line of duty. Rolling Thunder. ♥
Great Job on the pictures Linda. Another Marine to add to the rolling Thunder MA1 Family.
Update your maps at Navteq
There are finally more Rolling Thunder Dames than there are Jewel City Rollergirls. Great job! Keep it up. Remember if you hit 50 on your team by 30 June I'll put your logo on the tshirts.
W need to not be sucked back in to Syria/Iraq/et al. But if we are talking about an air war - as an Air Force veteran. 1] No fly zone where needed; 2] We have B-52 and other ordinance at Diego Garcia - lets reintroduce Rolling Thunder [Vietnam reference]. 3] Allow the neighbors to step up and if we need to let it become three counties - support the Kurds, support the two communities and have all of them sign onto the Declaration of Human Rights and protect the marsh Christians. There is nothing sacred about the Iraq map designed and forced into being by Aramco [you remember - the combine of Standard Oil, British Petreluem; Shell, et al with ruling families] let the new states or strong regions develop organically! IMO But at the end of the day stay out!
NOT SMILING: On the order of haven't I seen this somewhere before. LEST WE FORGET. 1950 -- First American Advisors in Vietnam. 1956 -- US takes over the training of South Vietnamese Forces from the French. 1959 -- First US Servicemen die in Vietnam in a guerilla attack on Bien Hoa. 1964 -- The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passes the House unanimously and the Senate 82-2 giving President Lyndon Johnson carte blanche authority to attack North Vietnam without having to ask Congress for a legal declaration of war. 1965 -- The first American COMBAT troops, the Marine 9th Expeditionary Brigade, arrives in Vietnam. 1965 -- Ia Drang Valley where the first "conventional" battle of the Vietnam War occurs with the US Forces battling the North Vietnamese Army. Operation "Rolling Thunder", continuous bombing of North Vietnam by American forces begins and goes on for three years. US Troop levels go over 200,000. 1966 -- US B-52 Bombers drop their bombs on North Vietnam for the first time. President Johnson promises conti ...
If you've been enjoying William Devane in 24, make sure to track down Rolling Thunder, a gritty '70s thriller with him and Tommy Lee Jones.
The Friday the 13th Motorcycle Rally is a motorcycle rally held every Friday the 13th in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada since 1981. Its typical summer attendance exceeds 100,000 bikers. The event has been described as "the biggest single-day motorcycle event in the world," a title also claimed by the Rolling Thunder rally in the United States. Although hundreds of attendees arrive during winter months, attendance is at its highest when the date falls on a summer day. In August 2010, the rally drew more than 150,000 attendees.Estimates for the July 2012 event ranged from 90,000 to more than 170,000.
I need to clarify some information about Rolling Thunder. You DO NOT have to be a Vet to be a member. You DO NOT have to own or ride a motorcycle. We ARE NOT an Motorcycle Club, a Riding Club, or a gang. We are an organization. We are always looking for new members. If you are interested and can commit some of your time we meet every 3rd Sunday of the month at Moose Lodge 715 on Lakeside Dr in Lynchburg at 2pm. Come to a meeting and see what we are all about. Everyone is welcome. Bob
So for any of you who know about The Saluting Marine - Tim Chambers. He has posted on the Illinois Freedom Run wall that he is attending the run this year! This is a great opportunity for a possible meet and greet or at least to listen to his message and pride for our service men and women. Especially for those of you who haven't made the trip to DC for Rolling Thunder or any other event Mr. Chambers supports. He'll be in our back yard!!! So upset my family will be in Florida.
Someone just asked me who Tim Chambers was and why would he stand for Rolling Thunder.😐 Hold on strangling someone.
I went on a bike ride with the Rolling Thunder over the weekend and in their group they are banning anyone that posts anything negative about Bowe. This is what I posted in their group. Since this is the attitude of the administrator of this group, I will no longer partake in any of your events. When can you stop one of the rights that thousands of soldiers died protecting...freedom of speech. I spent 8 years in Iraq and 6 months in Afghanistan. I;ve been wounded five times. I saw two very close friends get captured while in Iraq, one civilian contractor and the other a soldier. The soldier was executed after being held captive for one month. His remains weren't found until four years later. His killer was brought to justice in the Iraqi courts just this year. The civilian was lucky. He escaped after being held captive for the same length of time. During his time of being held captive, he was asked many times to convert to Islam. They told him if he converted, they would give him a home and wife and he wo ...
I wish to extend my gratitude to everyone who has endured the endless posts, some repeated over and over again, regarding this mission to bring Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl home. The BOWE Group was created to bring awareness of this young American soldier and our mission is now complete. That said, there are still other soldiers who seek the arms of their loved ones to come home to, and our families who seek closure to their loved ones who have not been found from prior wars and conflicts. I encourage you not to stop with the return of Bowe Bergdahl. I am an active member Rolling Thunder Georgia-Three (local group), the spark for my idea regarding the Bowe Group. I thought that I had to ride a motorcycle to be a part of this organization so the Bowe Group was my idea for "boots on the ground" for this young man. Okay, I'm going to say this but once. I WAS WRONG! (read as many times as you want - lol). Rolling Thunder is a Non-Profit organization that advocates for ALL of our Missing in Action and Prisoner o ...
ATTENTION!!! Calling all 3-16 FA Veterans ... YOU'RE INVITED to a "Rolling Thunder" reunion of veterans (any era) of the 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment from 24-27 September 2014 in Colorado Springs, CO. Please join the "Honorary Colonel of the Regiment" (aka Major General, Retired - Tom Lightner!) in a weekend of fun, memories and revelry ... especially as we welcome the current Soldiers of 3-16 FA from a deployment to the Middle East during at a BBQ on 25 September and a Reunion Ball (and St. Barbara's presentations) on 26 September. Clink on link for more details or to register!
Special commemorative events at the park this Memorial Day Weekend included poppies and ceremonial wreaths at all our war memorials, the World War II 10th Anniversary event, the flood of Rolling Thunder around the Memorial Parks, the special ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the 25th annual National Symphony Orchestra Memorial Day concert. (JEB) Photos, National Park Service: A decorated District of Columbia World War I Memorial, the World War II event and wreaths, Rolling Thunder extending from Survey Lodge to Lincoln Memorial, and a crowd at the NSO concert enjoying themselves from day to night fall.
Since I couldn't join Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C. toady, I made my own Rolling Thunder to the Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Van Meter, Iowa.
Made it home from Rolling Thunder this morning at 0130. That run is a blast. I highly recommend it to everyone with a bike or not. The monuments are awesome and the wall memorial is enough to make feel. The parade itself with 50 bikes rolling past Capital Hill is amazing , along with all the people on the parade route. Also meet high quality people who are now friends. The trip was just awesome !
5.25.2014: 'Just wondering...does the name "The Gaithers" mean anything to you? How about the Ryman Auditorium? The Statlers? George Beverly Shea? Andre Crouch? Oak Ridge Boys? Sandy Patti? The Cathedrals? Vestal Goodman? Mahalia Jackson? "How Great Thou Art"-Shea "It is Well with My Soul" "Amazing Grace" Do you know any of those songs? How about the " 2014 Harley's for Heroes"? I'm part of "Rolling Thunder"; NEVER the 'driver' of course!! Proud American Passenger? YES!!
On our way out of Washington heading for Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. It was Memorial Day weekend in Washington- families and veterans flock there to honour servicemen. There is an annual motorbike /veterans gathering called Rolling Thunder with 10 bikes parading from the pentagon to the various memorials (if you are into motorbikes you would love it. We viewed the White House (saw some weeds in the garden!); the Capitol; the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials; the Vietnam and Korean War memorials. Because of the special weekend there were lots of veterans, wreath laying etc, even a few lovely moments where Vietnamese people and vets were talking about the war. Last night we toured the city looking at the monuments by night - very beautiful lit up. We visited Arlington Cemetery- which was very moving. The JFK Performing Arts Centre was beautiful- all marble, gold - very plush. From the balcony we could see across the Potomac toward Washington with all it's lights. There was a moment of excitement at dinne ...
Unofficial Sierra reunion candlelight vigil at the Vietnam Memorial in DC. We cried like babies and will be riding together tomorrow in Rolling Thunder. It as so good seeing everyone again after 22 years!
Ted Schubel with Info to Go - You'll see and hear many motorcycles in Northern Virginia as Rolling Thunder gets underway on Sunday. The rally itself begins at noon, but bikers will gather at the Pentagon on Sunday morning. Arlington and state officials say most of the roads in and around the Pentagon will be shut off for the ride from early morning until about 4:00 in the afternoon. In addition, Arlington National Cemetery will only be accessible from the southbound George Washington Parkway or northbound Route 110 throughout the day on Sunday.
Rolling Thunder event. Come see me and get your official Colonial Beach Bikefest promotional items!!!
Loading up-enroute to DC for Rolling Thunder! One of the best ways to fully honor those fallen, suffering, and missing this Decoration Day!
I respect Rolling Thunder. Just don't try to run me over on my street, *** motorcycle guys.
Anyone interested in Rolling Thunder. . . We will be riding up at 0600 from the WAWA on Hull St. to the freedom ride into the Pentagon, then Rolling Thunder from there..All riders welcome. If you want to meet up, let me know.
THIS IS AN AWESOME STORY! AND TRUE!!! AND I HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE!!! My oldest Brother Joe and his son Tony both served in the US Army, Cav 1. My nephew Tony Cuseo graduated as TOP GUN Tank commander in his training and was deployed 3 times to the Middle-east war zones where he experienced and saw death in its worst form. I have ALWAYS WORN the CAV 1 PIN on my leathers in honor of how proud I am of both of them. DISASTER!!! Upon my return from my 3200 mile jaunt down the east coast in March I noticed I lost my CAV 1 pin and was very distraught. Especially with Rolling Thunder in DC coming up this weekend. I will be standing before THOUSANDS of military vets and will not have that pin on my chest for them to recognize and ask me "WHO" was it for. I reached out to my Nephew with my story and what did he do? Not just the lost CAV 1 pin, but HIS OWN along with two others from his unit. I cried. Such an honor bestowed up me to represent him, his units and those lost under his tours over seas. These ar ...
TOMORROW AT 8 A.M.: Hundreds of motorcycle escorts led by the Simi Valley Police Department, Ventura County Sheriff's Department, Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder and various other groups will depart the Grand Vista Hotel, escorting a truck and trailer holding the Mobile Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in a non-stop procession. The Simi Valley Police Department would like to encourage people to view the procession, but also be aware that this will cause some traffic delays between 8 a.m. and 9 am. on Simi Town Center Way, and Alamo Street between Erringer and Tapo Canyon. Please plan accordingly. The planned route is as follows: Simi Town Center Way, to Erringer, north to Alamo to Tapo Canyon Road, north to Avenida Simi to the Rancho Tapo Community Park and Veterans Plaza at 3700 Avenida Simi.
I have asserted that Rolling Thunder has endorsed OAS. This was questioned by a number of patriots. In checking, I am unable to confirm the truth of what I said. Apparently some individual chapters may have endorsed, some may not have, and National has yet too. I would not expect Rolling Thunder National to endorse anyone and muddy the waters by confusing their message. If I am wrong, my current illness is no excuse. I will only offer my sincere apology and regret for having made misstatement, and allow others to think of me as they will.
Rolling Thunder visited KDLA's neighbor today, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, on the way in
"North Vietnamese government bans "Rolling Thunder, Hear My Cry" from school libraries off principle."
This is a pic of the 1999 Wall to Wall Run we lead from 1998 until 04. Most of us had participated in the RFTW and Rolling Thunder in DC. We would leave after the Rolling Thunder parade on Sunday. The Point Place VFW Toledo, the Monroe Michigan VVA and the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial Association supported our Run.
in the Northeast at Mayfair Rec Center. It's around the corner from Rolling Thunder
Thank you to the Veterans of Council Bluffs IA, and to the Veterans who are riding to the annual Rolling Thunder event in Washington.
Good Morning Riders! Tomorrow is going to be a great, busy day for Chapter 23 Riders in Dallas, TX. We will be meeting at Post 23 tomorrow morning with a KSU time of 0930 to ride to Post 36 in West Tawakoni for a Poker Run. We will be collect $10 from each Rider that attends and the Chapter will match that amount. The Poker Run starts at 1100 at Post 36. It should be a fun one! If anyone wants to join me, I will be riding to Grand Prairie later in the afternoon with a 1600 arrival time. The Run for the Wall (Rolling Thunder) will be passing through our area on their way to the annual Memorial Day event in Washington DC. It is a sight to see when all of these Riders roll in from all over the country! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly! Ride Safe & We'll see you tomorrow! LRB, Bruiser PNP3
Patriot Guard Riders waving American Flags in support of the folks on the Rolling Thunder run for the…
Experienced a beautiful and moving military funeral for a family friend today. I knew he was a special kid, but it was amazing to see the number of people, including the Rolling Thunder motorcyclists and service men and women, come to honor his life. My love, prayers, and thoughts are with Bauermeisters.
The American Legion again big part of Rolling Thunder via
Rolling Thunder Pouring Rain we're on the move again
Game 2 QLD v Victoria lets go Queensland Rolling Thunder. Good luck to all.
Thunder rolling, some birds chirping, and the steady fall of rain.
Thank you to all our veterans for their service.
Thunderstorm rolling's warm so windows are open for now and the thunder is getting louder. I LOVE a good thunderstorm.
honored the Chairman of the Board, Rolling Thunder National, Mike Cobb, 2 tours Vietnam. Great man, father, grandfather, and a Marine. Watch over us, God Bless you and your family.
that's pretty good shooting darlin, I'm pretty sure you can beat me! ;-) you gonna make it to DC for Rolling Thunder?
watching a Marine hold back tears made me tear up..
745 - Rolling Thunder 2014 standings updated for week 8 at 4:57 pm on 4/13 by BLS-2014
[Rolling Thunder into Armbar finish by Carl McNally (with Interview)
Rolling thunder, pouring rain..looking like a hurricane
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Smell and sound of the rain against my window is so soothing and peaceful, even the sound of rolling thunder is wonderful.
Watching this storm come in is sweet. It's constant thunder rolling
does Rolling Thunder have another page ? because I never see anything about track or races ?
Oh how I missed Oklahoma and her rolling thunder across the skies. Now I'd like some of that ground shaking, earth trembling thunder please
Clouds rolling over the Plaza. Thunder & lightening starting. It's pretty dark at 4:15!
Rolling thunder, it's raining took a picture but can't download.. lightning, even Báire is nervous, little grey Tabi tried to lick his face and ear to keep him calm. Sky kinda yellow, and at the moment it is dead calm, very spooky,,, We're safe in this house Brick, but it's still raining and we need it. Will up date as it goes on and will try to get pic loaded
Just heard real rolling thunder.first time this year. :)
VCW's Rolling Thunder set to go live on Hulu Plus and at 7:00 pm Chicago Time.
Enjoying a cold drink, listening to the sound of rolling Harley thunder through the lake side community of Port Dover! Can't get any better!
Storm rolling in! It's so beautiful! My first thunder storm and we have a tornado watch!
Did you know the secret agent in Rolling Thunder has the codename Albatross?
Today I feel so drained even after sleeping long time-- *** -- be on the bright side listening to the thunder rolling is so soothing
This rolling thunder is seriously making me think of End of Days. still insists on making a beer run.
I didnt know they got rid of rolling thunder 😳
G.I.Joe - 1988 ROLLING THUNDER w/ original box. Its about 70% complete, send message if interested... yes, it has the missiles...
I've heard the term "rolling thunder" many times. However, I've never heard thunder like today and I'm pretty...
Okay so this thunder has been rolling for > 20 minutes now.
Wow! It has been a while since I have experience rolling thunder lasting this long!
I love the sound of rolling thunder! It excites me!!
Storms rolling in.. Can hear the thunder in the wind.. Tornado season has just yet to begin!
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