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Roller Disco

A roller disco is a discothèque or skating rink where all the dancers wear roller skates of some kind (traditional quad or inline).

Roller Boogie Candi Staton Looney Tunes

Do you want to come to the roller disco and build furniture with me?
Got a new belt, it doesn't fit. If anyone with way smaller than 36" waist needs a UV reactive roller disco belt, le…
Never say to a taxi driver "can you take me to Funky Town?" £300 that cost me. It's a roller disco in Halifax.
Can there be light from a disco ball? Because I ordered a disco ball today. Let's find a dancefloor. (Ca…
Fellaini looks like he should be at a 1983 roller disco with that bandage round his noggin
Roller disco was really fun with lucia (bestieee) 💋💋💋
ROLLER DISCO QUEEN 👑🌃🤘. . . . . . . 90's night at the roller rink brought me back to the decade I…
Stiletto skates are perfect for your next black tie roller disco Want t .
Summer fun at . Roller 2.30-3.30pm. Every Wednesday and Friday during the £1.50 per session.
Seemed like a fitting act for our Ziggyversary (fun fact: first date was a Ziggy Stardust roller disco). Endless ❤…
We just spotted our music at the roller disco in Ep8 of ! S/O for getting us in with the…
I like Roller Disco the most. I love how the customers dancing 💃🏻 and skating unde…
We can organise hen and stag learn to skate with roller disco in a Theatre in Cardiff.
That camper conversion looks interesting, and is that a Disco hiding behind the Roller?
Tomorrow night Summer Roller Disco... are you ready?!
Get your skates on and join us for kids Roller Disco at 11am, SKATETONE fitness at 1pm and Artistic Skate at 2pm 👉…
Week 3 and there's roller skating, multi-sports, code club, children's disco and more for children & young people! htt…
Maybe my memory of Anita Bryant's bigotry & its consequences are some fever dream, like roller disco and leaded gasoline
Roll up! We are handing out Inside Hackney guides at the roller disco on Gillett Square at around 7.30
Later, the pair would be cast as extras in "Xanadu." Kerry & Jane ironically quoted as saying "We'r…
Arcade Fire's Everything Now album makes me feel like I should be at a roller disco
Dreading next bassline already with a roller disco and 😂 defo gonna have injury lawyers for u on speed dial 🤙🏻
Best That 70s Show episode has to be Roller Disco one
Playing my fave song -Room In Your Heart . I used to play this at the roller disco for the couples skate. Brill!
I was supposed to be at Six Flags but I injured my tailbone falling at a Britney Spears-themed roller disco & now can't sit i…
Roller Disco was the centre of life if you were too young for the club's. Not that I'm reminiscing or anything. Just sayin' .
Roller Disco at Maidstone Leisure Centre is in association with Kent roller disco. £5.50 per person including skates…
I'm putting a Roller Disco set together... like fo realz! I grew up in a skate rink⚡
Need something awesome to do? Roller Disco is always a winner. Click the link for details. .
Roller disco, BMX, skating and more at new Festival of Wheels this Sept:
Listening to new again and deffo want to organise a roller disco listening party for the album release
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
My review for 's announcer pack in Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball. -Is gud. - Go get it.
Get down to the funky beat :) Prophet Muhammad roller skating in London disco
Roller Disco is back on Sat 27 Aug, 2-4pm. All ages welcome. Details at
80's Retro Roller Disco birthday treat from Hey check this out
We should make it happen. Combined team sprint and roller disco.
ATFC - Dreaming About The Roller Disco on Listen now at
10 days 'til Skatey Saturday at the Swan Centre - family roller disco from 1.30pm, 27th Aug
A3 is it biased of me to say London? Done so much amazing partying here! Wish roller disco was still open
Come along to our Roller Disco on Tuesday at 4pm. Just £4.10 per person
Went to a roller disco with my kids on hols in Devon. It was truly awesome!
I do like roller skating. Good memories of the old Roller Disco in Wigan!
Don't miss out on today's Family Roller Disco. It's wheely good! All ages welcome and only £3 per person.
Roll call! I'm hitting the Denim Moves Roller Disco on 8/21. RSVP to skate with me.
See ya' in a month, friend. At least we finished on a long hit streak in Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball
I liked one where Mike was in it, waiting for him to open a roller disco
I was already having a brilliant day & then I remembered… I’m going to a roller disco on Friday!!!
On the 24th August we're heading over to for some Roller Disco fun. Book Now
Roller disco, salsa dancing, crazy golf, something where there's laughs and communication
Attended roller disco on Saturday - had a ball - check them out at Meadowbank every month
Starlight Express was everything an 80s baby would want in a play: trains, roller skates, neon lights, & a funky disco soundtrack.
Roller Disco Night! Got my wheels and threads on for a groovy time×!
Festival of Wheels: Star-studded roller disco, BMX and more ahead at Riverside
I held the record for number of people jumped over at the Keswick roller disco 1982.
Roller disco with Candi Staton. My whole life has led to this point.
I've been waiting my whole life for this. Candi Staton to provide music for giant roller disco at Riverside Museum
TLBV Latest News: Roller disco, pro BMX and skateboarding and a celebration of emergency services - take a lo...
Festival of Wheels: Star-studded roller disco, BMX, skateboarding and more ahead
Woooah a roller disco! Better get our collective skates on Glasgow. Learn to bust some some moves and not bones..
Festival of Wheels and Blue Lights Festival line-ups announced - including roller disco with Candi Staton:
Get your skates on & join us at Clarendon Leisure Centre from 4.45pm for our Roller Disco!
Don't forget there is no dancing tonight. We have your roller skating disco. 4-5pm for all friends family adults...
Roller Bounce today at Plas Madoc Leisure Centre! Roller disco and bouncy castle, £5 includes a lunch box!
Do they come with roller skates and a disco soundtrack?
I was at the roller disco cutting shapes like I do every Monday night
It would be really fun going roller skating at a venue with a giant disco ball in the middle of the roller rank with disco/techno playing 💿
Acid flashbacks to my high school days: CHiPs "Roller Disco" – The most Seventies scene in 1970s TV
honorable mention to any and all roller disco movies from like 1975-1982. and Singin' in The Rain. BLOOP.
Yes. I can attest to that as I went to a roller disco out my face and handled it gracefully.
When your at your vid shoot but then you remember you gotta go roller disco
Got no plans for tonight?. Come along to our gymnasium and boogie away at our Roller Disco! Coaching session...
Please tell me this is real, if these 2 fellas have some type of show featuring roller disco, it's a must see
Morning Sunners, the weather's been a bit unpredictable this week, hasn't it? Fancy doing something this weekend...
Actually i want disco roller blades too
I can say for my 34th birthday I'm in the Hannah directory and going to a roller disco!
The roller disco at Love Saves is a dangerous place... See you all there
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Get your disco groove on - Roller Disco with is on tomorrow 5.30pm - 7.00pm. £4 entry £2 skate hire.
Someone draw a beautiful day for ROLLER DISCO!
Roller disco, 5 cent hot dogs, & a cat-themed vendor market, all in Brooklyn this weekend
roller disco at tonight looks AMAZING. (+11 other things to do this weekend).
Wow maybe it's funky music or just the time but wish I coulda lived in the 70s so I could go to disco clubs with roller skates
We're counting down to the long weekend at Our plans include a roller disco!! How about you?
Dont forget Roller Disco tonight 7pm - 8pm . £2.50 or 2 for £4 no need to book just turn up...
Tonight 5.45 - 6.45pm we have our weekly It's just £1
You had me at roller-disco .Get your tickets to performance of Xanadu this Friday http…
We've got a few active options on the what's on calendar, like Roller Disco
Hopefully I got on the right greyhound bus, if not I guess I'll just start a new life in the city I go to by opening a roller disco
Our Ladybridge Litter pickers were once again rewarded for their hard work with a roller disco.
Haven't come across him yet. Often see roller-skating-disco-man though
Got that this Bradford, roller disco party and Yorkshire wildlife park!
The Roller Disco, for 4 to 14 year olds, Saturday 4th June. - See more at: ht…
When the brain says study but the body says 'no, go disco roller skating' oops
Only in can you find a random disco party with Afros, roller skates and bell bottoms. Time traveling at its finest!
If I hung a disco ball in place of my garage door opener, I could own the worlds smallest roller skating rink.
The work day is looking gloomy. But there is roller disco with smallish one and friends tonight to look forward to!
Skegness 1974. Swimming am, roller skating pm, disco and snogging in the evening. Wot more could a girl want lol?
This roller blading dancing dude really pumps me up in the a m.Reminds me of my Roller Disco days..I know TMI
In my hometown we roller-skated at the "Roller Dome." It had disco balls and a snack bar, but in retrospect the name is kinda dystopian.
There are still a few tix left to this week's roller disco party
I LOVE this story! Hoola-hoops, roller skates & disco dancing for me as a little boy, too (yawn to cars & machine guns etc) 😊
Quick! Get your skates on and contact to book your place on the Roller Bop workshop and roller disco!
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, try saying that 10 times in a row!
Friday roller disco is 5-6.30pm and unfortunately only children can skate.
running and skating. Roller disco fundraiser to get a derby girl in the Assembly!
I need to learn to skate before the next roller disco!
Yes we will be running a Roller Disco during half term on wednesday 2-3.45pm aswell as our normal friday night roller disco. featured in NBC s Science of Love
On June 16 th there will be a Campus Skate Fest. Join the Inline Skate Relay and Silent Roller Disco.
Rollerbeats Family Roller Disco, Sunday 29th May at Carnegie Leisure Centre. Join in the
Boogie on Wheels! Roller Disco this Sat !!. A half hour coaching session will start at 6pm (free) with...
RoLA DSCo and Roller Boogie are BACK IN HULL !. FRIDAY 15th APRIL 2016. Roller Disco for all the family !. THE...
Boogie down this half term at our Roller Disco - Friday 19th Feb, 3pm - 5pm. Tickets are only available on the door.
2 more Hampden Park - Roller Disco's left and Team Sk8school moves it's happy little roller disco to its BIG NEW...
Special guest at a Roller Birthday Party this weekend at the Hampden Park - Roller Disco :) Doors open at 4pm -...
Zorb Balls one week and Iron man the next! Hampden Park - Roller Disco is hosting another Roller Birthday Party...
West Coast pioneer brought the funk & soul at LA Roller Disco. Watch now >
Burt Watson as the Roller Disco guy was the best moment of this day for me. Thank you Burt
I am not mentally prepared for a roller disco
We have an actual roller disco going down at on Wednesday night!
My roller skate partner and getting our roller disco on at a disco party in San Francisco. W…
Only 5 days to go!! MOTHER CTY MAYHEM 2015 and Roller Disco!. Cape Town Rollergirls are proud to present their...
One of our young people getting his skates on for a roller disco
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
And then he suddenly got the urge To go to a roller disco
Daughter having a roller disco for her 11th birthday in 2wks. Special birthday request put in already - INSTINCTION!!
The next Roller Disco is taking place tomorrow at the Info here:
FAMILY ROLLER DISCO TODAY AT 14.30. This Fantastic Roller Disco session combines free- skating with the latest...
Yes! The wristbands purchsed through will grant you entry to ALL events hosted by us (except roller disco)
My vinyl donation of Rock 'n' Roller Disco playing
We run private roller disco birthday parties which are the best parties in town.
Srsly who would go to a roller disco without skates?!?? 😂
needs to stick with black. The roller disco bodysuit isn't working.
Listen to Mister Roller Disco Mix - Ray Ban x Boiler Room 010 by BOILER ROOM on
I love this shot. took this shot last night at Encore Roller Disco. I was getting down 😝
Best part of boomtown has to be high jacking a car and stealing the number plate and Jamie breaking a poor girls leg at the roller disco😂😂
a ticket for 2 people to go to the Rollers Roller Rink, Pool, Redruth. .
Roller disco may have been a step too far
When your lint roller is actually a corn dog
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Last day of the Roller Disco at the Embassy Theatre Skegness 24 August, better get your skates on
I grew up on the streets - raised by a gang of roller skating disco dancers.
SKEGNESS 24th August 2015. Roller Disco for all the family !. THE EMBASSY THEATRE. GRAND PARADE. SKEGNESS. LINCONSHIRE...
im abt to bring the funk 2 Room​ tonite !! watch me at the roller disco LIVE !
1 week to go till roller disco DJ set at Margate ! Bank holiday road trip 🚗🎠🎡🎢
If you roll to a roller disco on a Segway you are in essence a G
Loads of fun at with roller disco, riverside acoustic sets and huge crowds at the main stage
Just heard is opening a roller disco on the Isle of Wight. Just what the island needs. Hope it works out. 👍
Country dancing, salsa, roller disco, clowns and botifarradas - all at the Sants Festa Major today.
I'm in a roller disco with s migraine kind of *** No really.
Random Friday morning thought before rehearsals! I really want to go to a roller disco 😁😁
*** ending to YouTube roller disco mega edit
LA! Im home n funkn up 2morro nite. U can watch me at the roller disco LIVE here:http:/…
Thundercat // Live from Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 010 Roller Disco LA // livestream on
and WIN tickets to the Roller Disco at center​: What is the name of the family entertainment center at Taj?
Around Town - Back to the 80s Roller Disco: Sat 07 Mar Snap up tickets to this retro roller disco while you st...
we can go anywhere, we are the number 1 mobile Roller Disco!
Anyone up for some roller disco Saturday night !? Should be a groovy time ✌️👯
Hopeful this Roller Disco will be as cool as it sounds!
Tonight no derby but roller disco training to work on our boogie roller skating skills for this Friday. We're almost ready! are you?
We have to meet up soon to go to that roller disco!!
All ages Roller Disco from 6pm -9.30pm Limited number of adult skates for hire £6.00 per person All events are held at Fleet Harlington Centre. 236 Fleet Road, Fleet Hampshire, UK, GU51 4BY Discos on Nov 21st .but they also have it once a month on different days untill July 😃
BOUNCE ROCK SKATE ROLL: Rock, Skate and Roll is a classic disco funk track that dominated roller discos when it came out and later went on to become a break-dancing and hip-hop staple. From that inimitable cresting funk bass line that recalls Zapp and Roger to that neck snapping break; Bounce, Rock, Skate and Roll has set many dancefloors on fire. We pay homage to that era with a 70s vintage design of a flying roller skate with the text “ Bounce, Rock, Skate and Roll”. An essential item for those with a love for 70’s disco- funk, break dancers, roller skatin junkies and those with an eye for vintage design. Available here:
What do you mean crap? Guess youve never needed help of a muse to fulfill your dream of opening a roller disco night club?;)
ROLLER DISCO! Hits tonight! There will be LIMITED tickets on the door // prizes for retro best dressed! Doors 9PM.
so we've just confirmed a Roller Disco at with tickets are limited, full details:
Dear friends and family I urgently need your help! I need yall to pray that on Saturday they'll play Blow at the roller disco 🙏
Our first Christmas Roller Skating Disco will be announced this week. If you can guess where it is in South Wales...
If you like roller skating, disco, Greek gods, and sass, go see Xanadu. It is spectacular
Your disco needs you! The SLAM Fam are off to Vauxhall Roller Disco!   10% Off
tomorrow it's a Roller Disco show in Glendale
(blog) Preview: * Arts Centre family day includes music, roller disco and ... (blog) There…
True story: in college I once wrote a short story about a guy who worked at a roller disco in a taco suit.
its not EXACTLY roller disco but have vivid memories of roller skating to madonna "holiday" as a child. see also "lucky star"
Hey, /r/PCGaming, can we get back into Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball?
We have the Roller Disco this Friday night and Stand Up for Saturday Comedy Club on Saturday night.
I wish a was rich so i can build a disco roller skate rink like in Roll Bounce. That would be so dope.
Old skool roller disco this Friday. Book your skates now!!
I'm trying to make a playlist for like an art house roller disco so pls send me any suggestions
it's a roller disco Tawan not a school disco
Dr Psycho 80s set was full of pure roller disco classics! Had some great flashbacks!
Thanks for the '80s Roller Disco flashbacks. Pure classics!
Next Friday, we shall be having our Roller skating disco @ The Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall, Miles St, London SW8 1RZ, 8pm-2am
For my final shoot for its Roller Disco time! Oh yea! Get ready for me spending some intimate time with the …
I want to go to the roller disco now
Roller Disco is back at KLCP this Saturday!
I'll go with you Paul.can be are chrimbo night out.or how about that roller disco
ACS BlackOut Roller Disco is happening on the 27/11! Taxi's will be available from the LCR & members don't have to rent skates
it's shameless aping!! I take it your afternoon will be followed by a trip to casualty for you or them. Roller disco - eek!
wasn't sure cos it only started in 1925. Sunday afternoon roller disco with the yoof group followed by prayer and pizza. Scary!
I would've been so good at roller disco
I’m going to a roller disco after work :( Thursday?
God yes. At my workplace you never know when you'll show up twerking or dancing at a roller-disco.
In just under 2 weeks, The Ritz see's the return of our spectacular Roller Disco! Check out the event page for more info!
GRIMM SPOILERZ: Wu leaves the police force to open a roller disco/all-you-can-eat buffet. It is wildly successful.
Dressing up for a 70's themed roller disco. My pants have never been so high waisted.
Going to a 70's themed roller disco tonight. Did not need to buy any clothes from the consignment store. Not sure how that makes me feel.
Loved disco roller skating in Southampton
Just a couple from the last night... (Yes I spent most of the night on the floor)
Ayy deep this all in the space of 24 hours ... roller disco ! and then . mateee lemme n…
Little Giant Ladders
Cheers for the RT! have you finished editing that roller disco video yet?
at the fetish fair in the roller disco in Vauxhall :)
Roller Disco followed by a defeat on bowling. :) Now fajitas time.
Things to do before I'm 30 : Go party like its the end of the world at a Roller Disco. *starts googling*
Went to the roller disco with and jls came on and I sang the whole song at the top of my voice...miss then so much😔
The roller disco could be lethal though to be fair
Borris bikes, roller disco and shopping in the capital LDN shattered back to work for a rest ;) x
The roller disco isn't the time to learn how to rollerblade... Just sayin' 🙈👍
roller disco? Taking bets on me breaking me ankle at freshers week now xoxo
Example, shift key and a roller disco at freshers? Buzzing now 🐝🐝🐝🐝
(sayin that like I haven't been longing for the day someone invited me to a roller disco my whole existence)
oi we deffo need to get a crew down for that roller disco ting! my b day weekend as well, would be PHAT
liv gill why have you just invited me to a roller disco in Hackney
Woii roller disco in the second week of freshers
Did you miss out on our fabulous Roller Disco this weekend? Too bad, so sad! Here are some cute-as-can-be photos to cheer you up!
Going to international managers meeting in Bournemouth tomorrow. STARTS WITH A ROLLER DISCO. YUS.
Brilliant hen weekend in London... Only minor injuries from the roller disco- bonus!
If anyone has any unwanted Roller Boots or Disco Equipment that they no longer use or need then would you...
Roller skating disco at Pill Mill this Sunday 2 - 4 !! £2 per skate hire, with a professional coach to help you...
Stumbled across a roller disco in Sheffield. Half excited, half concerned about nonce accusations.
Spirit of disco lives on as son roller skates round house naked.
.there's already Disco Yoga, Broga (don't get me started), and Boxing Yoga (BoYo?). Wait. Got it: ROLLER YOGA!
No doubts—you were born under the star of roller skating. But roller-disco. Roller-derby is low class.
I'm watching a movie called Roll, Bounce. Great memories coming back from 1979 when I roller disco'd my way to a broken ankle .
Robot roller disco derby dodgeball now with jet packs is happening XD
Oh my god because of the win we're not having training tonight... it's a roller disco instead
Massive LOVE to you and for being amaze roller disco ladies!!! 💖 💖💖💖
1st I obviously would have been an amazing roller disco bladder
Loved your show. Not sure about Chic, bit roller disco ala 1981 but nice to see blondie
Mate when I was 13 all I wanted to do was go to the roller disco not kill people
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Check out this CBS News piece featuring & our Dreamland Roller Disco parties! .
Grab your tickets for the Roller Disco
that is not funny I'm still traumatised from the whole roller disco experience, I don't understand why I can't do it
En route vaukhall roller disco with my pink ladies for my birthday listening to a bit of
My husband wants to go to a roller disco. I blame
Had an awesome time , roller skating and soft play. Can't wait for the 80's disco nights for grown ups!
Had fun at Sophie's birthday party at the roller disco helping Penny Tiller and Andrew Tiller supervise 9 children.
The roller disco what laughs we had there St Marys disco and the ferry house plays
The roller disco is my favorite memory, evry sunday afterdinner, loved it!!
Size 3 quad roller skates for your aspiring Derby Girl or Roller Disco Queen. Good quality. $30
On Holiday in ? Over 18s Roller Disco on Friday 8th 8.30pm - Bar & DJs Hire skates on the door!
Have a great time Eden birthday party at roller disco party
Think Zoe from the Roller Disco was the best girl Rodney ever pulled.
Putting to the test a new move I learned from member at today's Roller disco
No whippets at the Roller a Disco...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Little sisters going the roller disco tonight😂
80s throwback. Off to a roller disco 😜
it's just our roller derby training :D we're the wrecking brawls! It's ace & 80's roller disco was AMAZING! :D
The Roller Disco awaits.yes, you read that right.
Second round of BGWO 2night wit bruv B4 we hit Disco Fri & Mother'sRuin Tent on Sat!.
Just watched Anal roller disco 7, plenty of twist and turns, kept me at the edge of my seat, really did make a thrilling watch
Fell over at the roller disco. Heard my neck crunch
Every town needs a roller disco. Thanks for delivering the goods.
WE WANT THE TRUTH! Is the water emergency just a Conspiracy to wipe out Toledo's thriving Roller Disco scene?
Last night: nearly got mugged, crashed a rave, got asked if I was an escort, went to a roller disco... Standard. 😂
I hope you survived the roller disco x
Fabulous Roller disco event at Langthorne Park! Brilliant atmosphere & great music. Me & my children thoroughly enjoyed it.
Roller disco tonight for the early birthday celebrations 😍
Roller disco too? Am ok after having dew claws taken, thank dog!
My clubnight will be hosting the Roller Disco stage on Thursday night at
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Going roller skating with Maggie and showing all these young bucks how to properly roller disco
On top of that, I think it's a roller-disco and I can't skate for the life of me so I'll just stay at home
The best they can do for Under 18 events is roller disco? As much as I love skating, that's appalling ):
Tomorrow is the Paigey Cakey Roller Skating Disco for under 18's.. COME SKATE WITH ME! You can pay on the door 🙌
You still have time to join in the fun of the Roller Disco. Open till 4:30.
Would Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball by be considered mayhem?
My body is in pieces after the roller disco last night 🚑
We were taken victim to the roller disco
Another fun filled roller disco last night! Such a giggle :-) . Thanks to all that came and everyone who is...
Roller disco at Langthorne Park E11 today! Great for family bonding time!
Alton Leisure all age's roller disco this evening from 6.30pm
FestiWall Update: Posted by The Roller Disco was in full effect last night... And is back today!
Back in Falkirk today for our family roller disco at Grangemouth complex starts at 3:05pm. Cash only on door -...
Sir William Stanier are running a Laser Roller Disco every Saturday during the join in 1.30pm–3.00pm
Only 3 days to go till The Grand Slam Roller Disco down at Garston Urban Village Hall, what song are you wanting to sh…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Come along to ARC: Health and Fitness for a fantastic Roller Disco courtesy of
Get out of my way, Friday! Looking forward to a weekend of roller disco and
It's due to piddle it down Saturday. kids climbing the walls?. Bring them along to roller disco to burn off energy 5…
I guess being a 1970s disco roller skater is what he did before he found his way back to Mystic Falls.
oohh... I love roller blading. I took my niece last time to the rink for a party.. they played Disco Duck!!
bring back They're way better than the roller disco guy/strong man
Roller disco was fun, my feet are killing me though
Tbf had so much fun at roller disco, chatting with and 😂😂😂
oh no she's a lot more than just disco and roller skates. At one time she even wielded the power cosmic
Week before my brothers wedding, go to a roller disco 💙💙 dropped once and messed my broken wrist up again 😠
Today's Roller Disco is looking great! For this evenings session remember you can book online at
ATTENTION EVERYONE!! Roller Disco is now on saturday afternoons 4:00-6:00pm. Bring your own skates or Hire ours for £2. £3 entry.. Spread the word and share share share!
I am going Roller Disco in Vauxhall😉 all r welcome!
Bring the family to Hampden Park - Roller Disco this weekend and take part in our new game "Theme Tune" Tag! All the skate guards will have their own theme tune - who do you think is the "A-Team" or "AirWolf", the "Pink Panther" and "Looney Tunes" - come along at 5:30pm on Saturday to find out!
Hampden Park - Roller Disco is back to normal this week and all the skate guards have theme tunes can you guess who got "Airwolf", "Looney Tunes" and "The A-Team"? Come along on Saturday to find out!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Confession i get that tingly feeling that wiu needs to have a roller disco
Well the balloons are inflated, the banners are up, the cakes are almost ready, presents wrapped and cards sealed!! The girls have arrived ready for the sleepover and tomorrow is my baby girl's 13TH BIRTHDAY!!! Inset day tomoz and a day of lunch and town, followed by a meal out with her Daddy in the evening and a roller disco on Saturday!
Time to roller disco, haven't done this in many a year
I'm going to a genuine ROLLER DISCO tonight. So excited, and not even in an ironic way.
Last day of being 13. Time flies omg. Anyway cute night with me girlies and then roller disco satadaaay Biach:3
Mo Club roller disco is the best place for a birthday party tbh
So excited for Superfunk Roller Disco on Saturday!!! Likely to repeatedly fall on my butt. Defo worth a watch!
I really wanna go to a roller disco
;) Whoaaa, roller disco? Like dancing on skates? hmmm...I'll start with standing up & not fallin ;)
Tomorrow at 7.30pm, is our Funky Friday Roller disco. So why not come on down and see what it's all about!
Really want to go to a roller disco. Add drink il be as useful as bambi on ice
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