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Roll Tide

The University of Alabama features 19 varsity sports teams.

War Eagle Nick Saban Crimson Tide Iron Bowl Bear Bryant Heisman Trophy Derrick Henry

Roll Tide! pulls out a BIG home win over Rhode Island!
- yes I am Roll Tide - if I didn’t know you were great former OSU QB I couldn’t tell from on air co…
Roll Tide! But if Clemson beats us--and odds are they probably will... Unless we play our best game w…
I might be a Roll Tide at heart but I know talent and Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson are two athletes I h…
Look. I even capitalized Roll Tide as if it is a proper noun, a Southern deity (if you will).
I’m all about Roll Tide.since Nick Saban arrived. But let’s be very clear: they’re getting spanked today. Would love…
Alabama vs Auburn at 2:30 today in the Iron Bowl.what a dilemma for my Alabama family! Roll Tide or War Eagle?
Join us today for our Iron Bowl PARTY! Roll Tide or War Eagle??
It's Gameday at the greatest stadium in college football... Beat Mercer... Roll Tide!!!
Roll Tide to MSG Dan Curtis and everyone at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait! 🇺🇸
Tomorrow’s Jermaine Funnymaine Johnson should be good!! Roll Tide!!
I hate everything about LSU. From Pete Maravich to Gerry Dinardo. From dry *** Cane’s all the way to Alex Box Stadium. . Roll Tide.
Why does Mike Rogers say Roll Tide all the time when Auburn is in his district? Shouldn't he be saying War Eagle?
Roll Tide. Great game today. Kenny Stabler would be proud.
Damien Harris was an awesome interview. Marti from Tennessee was quite full of herself. Roll Tide.
I love Jesus, I love Reagan and I love the Crimson Tide. It just may be that I'm not the one who has changed. Roll Tide, Brian!…
All purpose parts banner
I have been a Bama fan since the Legion Field days. I live in Indiana now; still love my team. Already set DVR. Roll Tide!
A 'Roll Tide' mayor says 'War Eagle,' as Auburn lands design studio in Mobile
Roll Tide, Aunt Angie! You know the opener is going to be fun for me and Rick. He's a Nole.
Y'all. UA is Roll Tide to our very own Justin Thomas!!
Brilliant Idea Paul!! To Artis! Put Auburn in the USA Conference where they belong!!! LoL! Roll Tide!
Roll Tide?. Ugh. This one couldn't dig her way out of her inherited b…
Roll Tide! GRAND SLAMS from Hunter Alexander and John Trousdale push past Grambling State!
Roll Tide! Reuben Foster has been drafted 31st overall by the San Francisco 49ers.
Roll Tide! Jonathan Allen has been drafted 17th overall by the Washington Redskins.
"Ma, look at this black couch I gots for $10. Roll Tide!"
He would look good in black and gold! Roll Tide
Roll Tide! gets the win and takes the series! Next up: South Carolina at home next weekend.
Good deal.. hate to get Roll Tide and Hook 'Em Horns involved here 😂
Roll Tide! Alabama dominates Mississippi State, 75-55, to advance to the quarterfinals of the SEC Tournament!
Roll Tide we're giving you another QB but this one is for real out of eligibility and you can't have his national t…
[Hester Prynne is paraded before a crowd, wearing a Scarlet Letter "A"]. [crowd boos, but one guy shouts "Roll Tide"]
I served in Alabama like roll tide !
Doing a little jig with coach Saban. National Signing Day from all day long.
has 12 signees who enrolled early. They will also welcome Xavier McKinney, Mac Jones, Daniel Wright and Brian Ro…
What I'm hearing on four-star LB and commitment Markail Benton this morning
Nick Saban, via ESPNU, on his plan for "It's pretty much sort of wait and see and be hopeful that things work o…
It is going to be hard ROLL TIDE ROLL!
thanks for signing with Alabama, roll tide!
Shoutout to my boy for signing with bama today😎😎 Roll Tide
Nick Saban Day is here again. Roll on Roll Tide.
Roll Tide! NSD17 is here. Young men making big life decisions.
Happy national signing day y'all and ROLL TIDE ❤🐘🏈🏆
A lot of college football fans don't understand how big today is but it's Signing Day!!! Roll Tide!!
its national signing day give us a Roll Tide Roll again class again
Roll Tide. May the next 4 years be healthy happy and FUN.
You have to live with the choices you make. Welcome to the Bama family. Don't let hate get you down. ROLL TIDE
Nothing is finer than hearing a ROLL TIDE each day at every hour
Good morning Bama fans. It's time to wake up. It's signing day. Roll Tide🏈🐘🏈
I wore an Ole Miss shirt people in the parking lot "HOTTY TODDY" ... Bama shirt ppl in walmart "ROLL TIDE ROLL" i j…
I'm so excited to see what Bama does. Roll Tide🏈🐘🏈
Roll Tide!. It's National Signing Day. Follow & today for Alabama recruiting coverage.
See where sons of former stars McCaffrey, Alstott + Porcher will be playing next fall. primer:
Vols fan has had enough of Roll Tide
From the U of A to the U of A. Can't wait to see what has in store for The Tide. Consider me a new Bama fan. Roll Tide!
Roll Tide! turns on the jets in the final 4 minutes and gets the win in Baton Rouge! They'll face Missouri in…
"Roll Tide"- a popular mating call used by 1st and 2nd cousins to identity each other. . See also: "Boomer Sooner" and "Woo…
Bama -- Clemson is a first rate college football game. Roll Tide!
5 years ago to now. CRAZY how time flies!! Roll Tide forever 🐘❤️ and go Big Blue 💙
Well, Roll Tide, because as far as I know Nick Saban has never conducted a baptism on state government property.
is that what you have? Take your *** beating like a man. They will rip your *** in the second half. Roll Tide.
wish you were going to be with me this weekend my Roll Tide girl!!! 😘 Love you
Congrats Pottsville Elementary off to a 2 and 0 start. Roll Tide!! @ Pottsville Area High School
It would be the greatest gift to take my 9 year old son to Atlanta to see Alabama in the dome. Roll Tide Roll!!!
Would love to win tickets to take my son, it would be the greatest gift ever for him. Please and thank you. Roll Tide!!!
I'm sittin' on the dock of . Watching the tide roll away. ;)
Lol bruh just know. Ima die hard Auburn fan, and for you to get me to say "roll tide" you gotta be beautiful on so many levels lol. Frfr
I ain't gon lie. I was up there a few years ago. Said "roll tide" a few times cause I ain't wanna get denied for being an Auburn fan 😂😂
Hey Sportle Roll Tide thanks for the follow!
I have to ask...Roll Tide or War Eagle?
Roll tide my brother come on and roll
Love this show, its awesome and Roll Tide!!
I never toured USC but I really liked Clemson tbh. Roll tide tho
For the record, I plan to reclaim "biggest Bama fan in the state of Texas" the moment I return next year. Roll Tide…
Just in time for Christmas. Kinda gives a different perspective on the cheer, "Roll Tide".
RAWL TIDE PAWL! . Now we can roll tide while we roll to where we roll tide at.
Gives a whole new meaning to roll tide roll doesn't it...
Reply to I live in Central, Alabama and wish I could make the trip down there. But Roll Tide! We love you Mr. President.
7. And there is tremendous competition to get it, dealing with local governments and permits. Everybody wants as much a…
yes screaming Roll Tide at 2 am wasn't the same without you 😂
so apparently this type of Bama hat was popular during the 70s. I want it!...
I wonder if gave a Roll Tide during ‘Bama sketch on
Too far. Also, you'd think they'd want "Roll Tide" written on the tire... but hey, some things just make too much s…
Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "Roll Tide"
Roll Tide... Just wanted you to know I was back :)
Wishing you a GREAT Birthday and a major Roll Tide.thank you for the example you're setting for so many t…
Way late for the tailgate, but always in time for the game. Roll Tide! It’s your TV. Take it with you.
Y'all will do a great job. Look forward to it. Roll Tide.
Let's not run off a Gene Stallings in a continual effort to find another Nick Saban. The end. Roll Tide.
Roll Tide it's Game Day! Alabama Football faces Florida for the SEC Championship!
Thanks to my Uncle, one more shirt for the collection, and this one couldn't be more factual. Roll Tide ~Charlie...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hey I was present of the Delta Gamma Sig Tau Chapter at Western Illinois University. GREat to see you guys. Roll Tide
Crazy day in college football. Roll Tide. My top 4 after today:. 1) Alabama. 2) Ohio St. 3) Louisville. 4) Oklahoma
And I'm sure he can't wait to meet you and your championship team. Roll Tide. See you Saturday.
“I was yelling, ‘Roll Tide!’ all the way down the sideline,” Anthony Steen said of Kenyan Drake 96-yard KOR TD.
Roll Tide from Coleman Coliseum! Bama gymnasts are getting ready to start the 2016 Ghosts vs. Goblins intrasquad.
Enjoy your new Silverado truck Terry Duncan. I appreciate your loyalty sir and Roll Tide!!!.
AOT and Roll Tide to the Kappa Deltas the tv just showed!
"Whenever I first talk to girls, I always use a southern accent. Because I have a southern accent. They think it's sexy." - Roll Tide
dude Roll Tide we won today baby we don't need Trent Ingram we got Julio Jones
Excited to announce that I will be a part of the Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre's fall production! Roll Tide!
A professor and I talked about Alabama football for 20 mins. Found out the guy is from Lenoir City. Small world man and Roll Tide
Attending an AP workshop at University of Alabama Bryant Conference Center-Roll Tide!
Be fashionably clear for gameday! Clearware Bags at Wrapsody. Roll Tide. . Available online at...
Amazing voice, amazing broadcaster, an Alabama legend. Roll Tide!
My daughter goes to college in Alabama! Roll Tide! Love it there!
Hamilton Collection
BTW Roll Tide ! Yes I'm from Arkansas and yes I'm a Razorback fan butt I'm a big Alabama fan to y'all have a great team !!
Happy Birthday to Rich, a great Alabama apologist who has WAY more than "Roll Tide!"
I wanna enroll in one online class at Alabama that way I can just yell Roll Tide whenever tf I want.
Welcome to The University of Alabama. Glad to have you on board. Roll Tide!
looks like BAMA has a replacement for Cam Robinson after this season. . Roll Tide!
Make sure you say "Roll Tide" to people with a Crimson and White hat. Also, check out 16th Street Baptist Church & the.
Blake Barnett taking "Roll Tide" to another level working out in the ocean with QB guru George Whitfield.
Did you know that Bryant-Denny Stadium is the 8th largest stadium in the world? Roll Tide!
I think might actually yell Roll Tide more times this weekend, than an actual BAMA fan does all football season
Good luck tonight. Enjoy it all. Roll Tide!
Jarran Reed takes the cake with rep. his fraternity on the red carpet. Roll Tide
The family that Roll Tide's together, stays together! .
Best of luck to all our Bama boys this weekend. Roll Tide!
Thinks Redskins go to for help in 1st 2 rounds. Love it🏈 Roll Tide 🐘
wake Mike up from that dream. Roll Tide!
When House of Cards has a representative from Alabama says Roll Tide. Who rules the state.
Bama offers 2019 Rb Trey Sanders pic with Bo who Knows football Roll Tide
If I hear one more person from Hinds say "Roll Tide" to me every time I wear an ATL Braves hat, I'm gonna just withdraw an…
I got offered to play Jesus in a church's Easter Celebration tomorrow. As long as I can close my prayer with "Amen and Roll Tide" I'm in.
Ya gotta love Phyllis. She is one tough cookie that holds her ground. Roll Tide Roll Phyllis.
Guess what everyone? IT'S FRIDAY AND THE START OF ANOTHER WEEKEND. Y'all have a big "ROLL TIDE ROLL" weekend. Stay American proud.
Rest In Peace Kevin Turner you fought the good fight man... God Speed.. and Roll Tide !
Should've hit him with the roll tide at the end lol 🐘
Okay so um yea I'll defiantly give a roll tide to that cause I
I'm very ready to see Bama wreck havoc on hapless opponents. WE GETTIN ROLL TIDE ROLL !
I brought a couple of friends down to Roll Tide country.
.isn't a top-5 WR right now, but it won't be long before he is.
Roll Tide! Glad to see playing ball in the South again.
Today really IS Good Friday, because I just got to give a high five and a ROLL TIDE. Major fan girl moment.
So long Kevin KT Turner. You fought the good fight. Roll Tide
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Happy birthday to my best bud from Bama❤️ roll tide roll. Love you 251
Are you in the movie as well, ma'am?
Lunchtime. 🏈ROCK and ROLL TIDE!!! 🏈. (No pic available, cause I ate it to fast) LoL
I don't Care who u R or what Team u Root for.I say Roll Tide!!!
“Only in Columbus ⬇️ W/ that much talent, they won what, 2-3 national championships? Nope. Roll Tide
happy birthday to my good buddy chud Mcdonut roll *** tide
"We have agreed to terms with safety Rashad Johnson: ROLL TIDE ROLL
ICYMI: "I couldn't see myself saying Roll Tide or Go Dawgs. I wanted to say Go Gators." .
reppin in Gulf Shores. This is how we roll (tide).
We could steal roll tide's coach, lol.
Roll tide! My favorite safety from back in the day
. Happy Birthday Coach! . God Bless U this and all the years ahead. . Have a wonderful day n Roll Tide!
your going to need more then Kirby ROLL TIDE ROLL
It's birthday, so enjoy some sick jams and Roll Tide Roll.
Titans making some moves I can really get on board with now. Roll Tide my man
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The SEC may be out of the mens basketbell but we're still king of the manly game of football. ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!
Call him St. Nick because he keeps giving the gift of victories to Alabama. Roll Tide!
Happy Birthday Coach!! We are all so excited for what you are building!!Roll Tide!!!
She bumped this song sang girl meanwhile in traffic ugh oh and Roll Tide!!! Lol
Happy Birthday Coach! Excited about the future of Bama Basketball with you in charge! Roll Tide!
Roll Tide for Ebonee from Central Florida who is BAMA BOUND!
Bellowing out “Roll Tide,” President Obama welcomed Alabama’s football team to the White House for the fourth time since h…
Roll Tide!!! I hear you all eat red clay in Bama, is that true? 😄😄😄
Tried to find Clemson's Runner-up National Championship Trophy & all I've found is this rock. Roll Tide!!
Crimson Cabaret Dance Team. Bet this brightens up your day! Roll Tide!
My head might explode. Rick Bragg, and in a room at the same time. Roll Tide.
Meet Mr. Miller Forristall. Looking to fill in after O.J. Howard graduates. Kid is on point. Roll Tide. ~Charlie...
So excited to announce that I have been accepted into the Masters program in Higher Ed Admin. Hail Southern and Roll Tide!
don't think Urban Myer wants another meltdown, Roll Tide
Roll Tide! Your 1st game would be in Dallas Cowboy Stadium against USC...that's big time! Best coaches and win RINGS!
From this Hog fan thanks for the follow. Love your commentary & personality. You're a great lady. Woo pig sooie & Roll Tide
The parade is led by a "Roll Tide" 18-wheeler, followed by the Million Dollar Band.
I'm sure the residents of these towns would reply simply with "Roll Tide" - The 10 Dumbest Cities In
Give this man a big Roll Tide y'all ! The social media vultures are pecking away at him. Bless his heart!
Jefferson Sessions and Richard Shelby (Senators from of Alabama) going to start yelling "Roll Tide"
Roll Tide!!. Celebrate the Championship with 18K Elephant Cuff Links designed by Peter Lindeman.
Thanks again to 1983 (Nebraska) Heisman Trophy winner Mike Rozier for stopping by Burnz to watch the Roll Tide...
great show! Roll Tide! Thank you Dre Kirkpatrick for representing Bama in the League and props to AJ for gutting it out!
Roll Tide! Alabama wins the national title as Derrick Henry rushes for 3 TD in the Crimson Tide's 45-40 win.
Daniel Moore, get your canvas ready. You've got some work to do. . Roll Tide to all, and to all a good night.
Now I gotta hear Stephen A Smith scream Roll Tide for 2 hours like he know truly know college football
Daniel Moore get your canvas ready, sir! That's your painting! Roll Tide
I think I know what the next Daniel Moore print will be! What a run!! Roll Tide
Nobody cares. Roll Tide. Signed - the guy who won your 1st slam dunk contest at camp at Nport Bapt.
At home in SC watching national championship news for Clemson. Jessie Jackson just gave his support for Clemson. sigh.. Roll Tide!
can't be worse than those inbred Bama fans always yelling Roll Tide
So proud of the state of Alabama. Two teams going to a national championship! Go JSU and Roll Tide!!
You mean Roll Tide, of course! SEC>> all other conferences. But my southern is showing...
Roll Tide - Go Alabama. I wan an all Southern Championship game.
Jenny McCarthy saying Roll Tide is the saddest I've been about Alabama since the Mike Shula years.
If you say "Roll Tide" five times fast in a southern accent it sounds like "I'm an ***
My home's in Alabama //. Southern born, and Southern bred. Roll Tide.
I saw Detroit Free Press call the Tide with a good defense but overrated on offense. Roll Tide, make this an all Southern final
After this game I'm thinking Roll Tide. Hope Clemson finishes strong and we'll have a southern national championship
Roll Tide! I’m taking in the Cotton Bowl. . Only because you're SEC Saban...
Looking good as always Devon...can I get a Roll Tide to go along with that red jacket..? Merry Christmas 😄
Brand new on Roll Tide: University of Alabama 1871-1926 by david battles
I've been in this theater for 10 minutes. I've heard "Roll Tide" five times. I love being in Alabama.
The fact MANY UM Fans say Roll Tide to me makes me happy. First had to cheer for Urban Meyer & now forced to for Nick Saban...Wow
I got a Roll Tide, a Freebird and a Natty Boh compliment at this concert. This is great. Just need a Go Dale
Roll Tide.hope Henry wins the Heisman, never watched a more humble player on and off the field
Roll Dam Tide, seems like a year or something!!!
🅰🐘🏈 Coach Saban arriving at the CFP press conference via helicopter after a long day of recruiting.
If Derrick Henry doesn't win the Heisman, this hype video should
Praying for a speedy recovery young bro stay prayed up Roll Tide!
I'm convinced that to get a drivers license in Alabama all you have to do is say Roll Tide.
This is the helicopter that landed on the rooftop of a Hilton Garden Inn so he could both recruit and make a oresser
Strength in numbers. Alabama had 10 players selected to the All-SEC Team. Most in the SEC for 8 straight years. https…
I'm Roll Tide all the way... but I'm proud of Dabo!
There is a little girl in the supe store walking around yelling "ROLL TIDE". She is maybe 3 and the most adorable girl ever!
I'll give you a Roll Tide as long as Bama brings the title back to the conference
If Derrick Henry doesn't win the Heisman, his hype video should!!! .
Love me some College Football, so hears SI's Bowl Season TV Guide. And on a personal note, Roll Tide!!!.
Impressionism by Impressionist FineArtist TuckerDemps. Original oil on canvas, 16 X 20. " Roll tide
Henry leads in the voting so far on . Vote here: .
Somedays I'm ready to leave my job before I even get there but today I ain't even trying to leave Id stay for another 4 hours if they let me
Get ready for Derrick Henry's run at the Heisman Trophy with this hype video Roll Tide!!
Roll Tide Roll!! And you better be more worried about that *** whuppin Georgia has waiting for you!!
There is a odd amount of people here that have alabama attire on and roll tide stickers on their cars
My three passions represented in chalk: art, football and beer. We wish you a Whoo Pig Sooie and a Roll M. F. Tide!
Roll Tide to you. Hope all is good in your hood. Bama on the way to Nat Champs
my stats teacher sent out and email and said "p.s. Roll tide!" ew I literally don't care??
We're obviously the beating heart of the South and we're NOT stupid. Saban is here to stay. Deal with it! Roll Tide
do the Gamecocks watching the playoffs yell, "Go Tide" or "Roll *** ?
I drink hot toddies and yell roll tide now bro
Ok.. time to see who voted what.Oh, and ROLL TIDE!!!
I think he needs to be told that we are not interested what the eight century throwbacks think of US. Roll Tide!!
This semester in a nutshell. Finals are over. Roll Tide. @ The University of Alabama
The perfect spot to kick back and watch the tide roll in.
Crimson pencil shoes..interview outfit on point...booyah..Roll Tide To That!   10% Off
t.j nice He up there with good rb from roll tide facts only👌
Roll Tide from right down the road in Canton!
Terrance Ferguson told me a fan asked for his autograph on a UK basketball. Terrance obliged with a "Roll Tide" signat…
I can't wait to be back in California somewhere way out on the ocean reeling something in on the back of our new boat
. Good luck Reggie,you deserve the best.Roll Tide!
If Derek Henry doesn't win the Heisman after breaking the SEC rushing record over Herschel Walker, then all faith is lost. Roll *** Tide!
THANK YOU for all YOU have done for YOUR team! Awards are well earned. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
THANK YOU Derrick for all that YOU do for YOUR team! All awards are well earned. ROLL TIDE!!!
May God continue to bless you!!! That is such an AWESOME thing for you to do! ROLL TIDE!
I actually had someone respond with "thank you." Roll Tide.
The first store I walk in at home is playing Sweet Home Alabama. Roll Tide
Some days it's just not worth it to chew through the restraints to get out of bed in the morning.
I remember watching Bob Jones play North Gwinnett and seeing play, now he's a permanent captain at Alabama! Roll Tide!
the prettiest girls wear red and white, sing to rammer jammer and sweet home alabama while chanting Roll Tide!!!
Roll Tide!!! My parents are Alabama fans, oh and my great Uncle William Earl Norward Jr. too!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Grayson & Riley are ready to see Tim Williams sack the tigers! So proud of Tim!! Go Bama, Roll Tide!!
Twenty years have passed ,. And it never grows old,,,. "Alabama is Crimson today!". Roll Tide!!!. Roll Tide!!!
You're welcome! Hope you've had a great day too Roll Tide!!
My uncle said if bama loses, he's gonna take an empty Tide washing powder box and kick it up & down the road, saying "Roll Tide."
Let's go to THEIR house and take the win!. Roll Tide! Beat Auburn!
30 degrees and rain/sleet for the game last night, now 75 and sunny for the Iron Bowl tomorrow.Roll Tide!
Roll Tide! Coach Avery Johnson and Tide men's basketball take down Wichita State! Way to go, Little General!
Cry me a river Joey!. Roll Tide to you and THE BLOWhio State!
Reggie Ragland from Bob Jones HS in Madison, AL . Senior day!. Roll Tide!. Should be All American this year. . Thank you Reggie!
Roll Tide! wins 77-64 over Kennesaw State on opening night of the 2015-16 season!
bring Jeff Dunham back, that was awesome! Roll Tide!
What a beat down Bama put on LSU Best team in the nation by far Roll Tide !!
Rammer jammer. My boys were all in. Just win baby!! Roll Tide y'all!!
Well this is definitely a Nick Saben - Les Miles ball game. Tough. Roll Tide!
I just repeatedly said Roll Tide in my best Bear Bryant voice for 5 minutes after you hung up
If you haven't seen Woodlawn, go watch it. Right now. Go to the movie theatre right now. Roll Tide
It is a truly great day when this far into the season it is in doubt. Somewhere Bear Bryant is smiling. Roll Tide!
Avery Johnson starts his Monday press conference with "Roll Tide and Buckle Up."
Roll Tide! wins 19-14! Henry scores the go ahead touchdown and the defense comes through for the win! https:…
Remember Terrence Cody will be signing autographs so get your gear ready! Roll Tide and let's go beat the Vols!
Don't forget to come by to meet Terrence Cody here at 12:30pm and watch Alabama take on Tennessee! Roll Tide!
Just had a little Roll Tide from Amanda Shires followed by a bunch of boos
Because it's Tennessee hate week and Roll Tide.
great game and those ref's were the 12th man! Roll Tide!!
Dean: What have you learned here at Bama? Joe Benny Bob Willie: "Roll Tide.. Bear Bryant is God !! " Dean: Great job, you graduate !!
My wonderful mom took me to my first Alabama game it was amazing Alabama vs Arkansas. Roll Tide
Well been a great weekend Alabama and Arizona won...Roll Tide
Roll Tide! Enter for a chance to win the Ultimate Alabama Football Experience from
Got me a sweatshirt bc he thinks I'll be saying Roll Tide next fall... @ University of Alabama School…
"The Green Bay Packers, brought to you by Alabama Football. 'Roll Tide.'"
AP Poll has Alabama ranked 10th... I have no words, just a smile. Dumbasses. Roll Tide ~Charlie
Dude that tie you have on for fox NFL is BOSS! Alabama colors.. Roll Tide!
Alabama won yesterday... A guy brought my debit card and 7 bucks to my place that I lost Thursday gonna be a good week Roll Tide friends
Coaches Poll has Alabama ranked 9th this week. Roll Tide ~Charlie
Great day celebrating Alabama's homecoming! Roll Tide! by shannonhunnicutt
Let the game begin. lol kim for a pig roast! Roll Tide!
Looking forward to a pig roast this evening! Roll Tide!
Big Thanks to Coach Lally and Coach Drake from Muhlenberg College for a great clinic today. Roll Tide!
: Hec yea! Roll Tide! It's great to be in the Bama Nation!
Roll Tide, kid at the Yankee playoff game.
Thanks for taking on Athens with me❤️ Roll Tide! @ University of Georgia
I was born at St Vincent's & was always in Watson Brown's circle to watch from sideline. But if I have to choose, Roll Tide!
I play Dixieland Delight after the first touchdown of each Bama game. Roll Tide
it is going to be soggy at the game Sat. Level playing field.Roll Tide!
I will be at the Dennis Wicker Civic Center in Lee County from 6-7:30pm next Wednesday, October 7th. Roll Tide!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
SEC Network did a great tribute on Derek Thomas"s life tonight. RIP and Roll Tide.
Great advice from Broadway Joe Thanks for sharing Roll Tide & Go Jets!
Not how we wanted but a wins a win! 58-28 Tide over Red Raiders. Terry and Stewart put up huge numbers in a 700+ yards game! Roll Tide!
Happy Gameday everyone! There will be a dance jam tomorrow @ 12 taught by Victoria Beale! Join is for some contemporary and fun! Roll Tide!
unforgettable weekend in ttown, luckily we made it out of town before any Gumps got us. Hotty Toddy and Roll Tide buddy
so dissapointing. Still love my team. Roll Tide!
Dear Nick Saban, please cut Jake Coker from the roster. Thank you. Roll Tide.
Roll Tide!. Quack, quack, Point Mallard Ducks. Go, Winnipeg Blues Jr. A. Go, Wesleyan Titans. As your love grows, so do your teams.
"Roll Tide !Anyone watching the game this weekend ?. . Pics & vids
Well time to hit the road I hope everyone has a good day & Roll Tide
These people hate me lol I've been sitting here on the corner for 20 min and ppl have said WDE to me and all I can say is Roll Tide lol
I know I'm late but Roll Tide for all yall haters doubting America's Team.
Currently trying to teach all the Mexicans at work who can't speak any English that "Roll Tide" is how we say hello in America.
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