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Roll Over Beethoven

Roll Over Beethoven is a 1956 hit single by Chuck Berry originally released on Chess Records, with Drifting Heart as the B-side.

Chuck Berry Electric Light Orchestra Long Tall Sally Twist And Shout Buy Me Love Buckingham Palace Centennial Hall American Bandstand Elvis Presley Jeff Lynne Happy Birthday Charlie Daniels Junior Walker Washington Coliseum Hollywood Bowl

- Chuck Berry , Roll Over Beethoven & Back in the USA, Mercury Label, Excellent
Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven Live HD via looking so cute.Rock on.☮❤
"Roll Over Beethoven," at the class reunion in Smallville. Pretty sure it's the Beatles version.
"Roll Over Beethoven" performed by ELO - 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I... via Tell Tchaikovsky the news.
"Roll Over Beethoven" is a song written by Chuck Berry. ♫
Check out ELO - roll over beethoven on PZR 91.1 FM GREAT Music Lives Here!
on Deep Tracks: I'm listening to Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra
Roll over Beethoven, alas we need room for one more ;( RIP
So sad to say goodbye to "Roll over Beethoven tell Tchaikovsky the news..."
Chuck Berry died. He was the greatest. . Roll over Beethoven!.
Another living legend and a pioneer in Rock & Roll, Rest In Peace Chuck Berry. You can finally roll over with Beethoven hi…
RIP to a founding father of Rock n' roll. Roll over Beethoven because Chuck has now joined you.
Roll Over Beethoven - CHace 18 segundos. Roll Over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news.
RIP Chuck Berry. We will be singing "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Johnny B. Goode" forever.
My favorites were Roll Over Beethoven, Maybellene, and Back in the USA!
Roll over Beethoven, move it n over...
He is never gone,. He'll be always grooving . And we'll always love him!. RIP Ol' Flat Top now you can roll Beethoven over.
..we were reelin, rolling, rockin till the break of dawn. R.I.P. Chuck Berry
"I've got the rockin' pneumonia...I need a shot of rhythm & blues". "Roll over Beethoven & tell Tchaikovsky the news"
Rock and Roll legend Berrywhose 7 decade career boasted with string of hits Roll over Beethoven & Johnny B Good, has died aged 90
R.I.P. Chuck Berry. Love that guitar playing🎸.Makes me tap my feet. "Roll Over Beethoven" - LIVE
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news. RIP Chick Berry
RIP Chuck Berry. The 1st song that performed at their 1st US concert was "Roll Over Beethoven.". Watch: http…
Roll Over Beethoven, Chuck Berry is taking heaven's stage. 90 years on the earth and he left a mark in music. Loved p…
??? Roll Over Beethoven was the first song. Just check out the full set or lennon's set list - both online.
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news...
Roll Over Beethoven, Chuck Berry is arriving in Rock'n'Roll heaven
Great to meet John Adams today.Excited for his U.K. Premiere of roll over Beethoven…
'Roll Over Beethoven' is pretty funny when you think about it. Dude requests a r n r number on Classic FM because..well why the *** not?
Roll over Beethoven and let Tchaikovsky pay the f'n Troll toll
why I am listening to a live rendition at the Hollywood Bowl, Roll Over Beethoven
"Roll over Beethoven, tell Tchaikovsky the news.". - Chuck Berry
i dont understand how my mums managed to fall asleep to roll over Beethoven tbh
Cliff was in A list in Oct with Roll Over Beethoven, and Aug 2015 Golden. is good to Cliff.
Roll over, Beethoven! researchers sound out a way to help computers think like a classical composer…
Roll over Beethoven, it's Christmas music time.
U R right Malcolm, Roll Over Beethoven, and Aug 15 was Golden. is good to Cliff.
Now playing on Blaze FM. ELO Roll Over Beethoven "The Biggest and the Best!"
I added a video to a playlist The Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven (with Jimmy Nicol)
Roll Over doesn't come close, amazing how well this translates!
If I had an IRA I'd call it Beethoven so I cld call my accountant & say, "Roll over Beethoven!" . Also in this scenario…
A lot of Chuck Berry songs start very similar to one another. Like Johnny B. Goode, and Roll over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven, you might be sitting on my pants .
Why not, indeed! Roll over, Beethoven, it's time for feathers to fly.
Roll over Beethoven! channels Chuck Berry during last night's 6 p.m. newscast with
"Roll over Beethoven and give Tchaikovsky the news"
Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven and listen to this.
Now playing on Electric Light Orchestra - Roll Over Beethoven - Buy this song!
Looking forward to going to the Queens Theatre tonight to watch 'Roll Over Beethoven'!
Roll over Beethoven is basically the worst song ever
I have a soft spot for Roll Over Beethoven.
good luck to the cast of Roll Over Beethoven. Tickets booked. Really looking forward to it x
Dress rehearsal underway for Roll Over Beethoven.first ever show tonight
Sending our best wishes to who opens in previews of this...
The world premiere of rock 'n' roll musical Roll Over Beethoven opens tonight at
Exciting day! The Roll Over Beethoven cast are arriving to rehearse for opening night!
Fun as Take 1 is, I'm very happy to hear the ordinary album version of Roll Over Beethoven instead.
Tomorrow night is opening night of Roll Over Beethoven It's a hoot of a show- get your tickets now!
The world premiere of Roll Over Beethoven previews this weekend!
Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra is in Mad Hatter Hookah, Hiram. Download it now at
Jeff Lynne's ELO Roll Over Beethoven at Hyde Park via Don't be taken in by the classical intro - it rocks!
Dracula is a vampire, this knight plays a game of chess with Death, The Beatles released a song called Roll Over Beethoven.
Happy Birthday to my OLD mate the much loved and respected Tommy Smales 'roll over Beethoven' 80 is the 40..!
Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra from the album: This Is... 1973
I added a video to a playlist Status quo-Roll Over Beethoven
seriously, i love Roll over beethoven by him
Now playing: Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra on & via TuneIn app
Roll over Beethoven! Nashville musician Jeff Taylor on stage at Carnegie Hall with one of my concertinas!
Re: Roll Over Beethoven. DM me if you want to know the story behind the song
Charles Edward Anderson “Chuck” Berry was born on this date, October 18, 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri. At a young age, Berry showed an interest in music and sang in the church choir. He studied guitar with local jazz guitarist Ira Harris. In 1952, Berry met Jonnie Johnson and joined his band, the Sir John’s Trio. The band garnered a lot of attention playing with Berry’s upbeat numbers. He produced many hits throughout his career, including “Johnny B. Goode,” “Maybellene,” and “Roll Over Beethoven.” In 1985, Berry received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Then in 1986, Berry, a pioneer of rock and roll music, became the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s first inductee. Celebrate his birthday today by watching him play Johnny B. Goode:
Roll over Beethoven and' tell Tchaikovsky the news
All Dogs Go To Heaven sequel: . Roll Over (in his grave) Beethoven
Buenas tardes a todos de rock and roll. Chuck Berry. Roll over Beethoven
Enjoy - hope he finishes with Roll Over Beethoven (or was that last week!)
we finally got one to work , Roll Over Beethoven. Amazing performance , its like being back in time ,
"Great Kat's Beethoven on Speed album would cause old Ludwig to roll over in his grave" "Dangerous Women" CD.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Roll over Beethoven is singing aling
Pop Rock Prodigy Griffin Tucker Rockin out to "Roll over Beethoven" ->
I might see roll over Beethoven or Gone with the wind tonight.
I saw the Electric Light Orchestra last in 1981, and watching Jeff Lynne playing Mr Blue Sky now on the BBC red button service. Forgot how mega awesome ELO are.Roll Over Beethoven! :-)
The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 27, 1964 (Thursday) Cincinnati Gardens, Seymour Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA The Beatles gave one performance in Cincinnati, before 14,000 fans, immediately after they flew to New York City, landing at 2:55 am to a reception from 2,000 fans. Meanwhile, earlier on this day, prior to setting the tapes upon the shelf, Capitol producer Voyle Gilmore and balance engineer Hugh Davies made stereo mixes of the previous Sunday's Hollywood Bowl concert recording, mixed down to two-track, with added equlisation, reverb and limiting. The material, in order was "Introduction" (by announcer), "Twist And Shout", "You Can't Do That", "All My Loving", "She Loves You", "Things We Said Today", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Can't Buy Me Love", "If I Fell", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Boys", "A Hard Day's Night", and "Long Tall Sally". All that could be heard of this material until 1977 was a 48 second extract of "Twist And Shout" on the US only album "The Beatles Story" released on November 23 ...
Here are The Sonics is a great album. It's a lot of noisy lo-fi stuff with covers of some blues songs like Roll Over Beethoven
Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry: Just gotta love that old rock!! via
Video: Roll Over Beethoven by Beatles E I’m gonna write a little letter, E Gonna mail it to my local DJ. A...
I'm listening to Roll Over Beethoven by Flamin' Groovies on's Scrobbler for iOS.
“Roll over Beethoven” by Chuck Berry is my new jam. Listen:
We are Electric Light Orchestra on - This is: Roll Over Beethoven.
MOUNTAIN "Roll Over Beethoven" 1972 Live: "Roll Over Beethoven" performed by MOUNTAIN Live on the Beat Club 19...
roll over beethoven, i'm *** Roll up to drink more but I'd have to fine you, don't forget again
Roll Over Beethoven: Otters rock out at zoo | Watch ...
- Check out roll over beethoven especially the intro, you will see what i mean about your song aha
Rumor has it that Chuck Berry wrote Roll Over Beethoven after Beethoven finished the 2nd fifth! Lol!
I added a video to a playlist Roll Over Beethoven (FULL SONG)
Guess of which great British band this little guy: is a fan. The Beatles of course. "Roll Over Beethoven"
Roll over, Beethoven. and John Leventhal at at Lincoln Center last night.
Sir Paul could u please look at this cover of "Roll Over Beethoven done by Hes in London but not sure for how long.
Enjoy Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven and other 1950s-2000 Oldies on .
Stream Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry on Roll Over Beethoven for free on Grooveshark.
Chuck Berry, famed for hits such as Roll Over Beethoven and Maybellene, will receive the 2014 Polar Music Prize, the musical equivalent of a Nobel prize
The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today: April 19, 1964 (Sunday) IBC Studios, Portland Place, London Although the acts in Around The Beatles would give the appearance of a live performance, in that they would not be miming to records, they would, in fact, be miming to a pre-taped soundtrack. Consequently, all of the musical participants in the production assembled today at an independent recording studio - IBC in Central London - for a 10:00 am-8:30 pm session. Second engineer/tape op was Glyn Johns, destined to be engineer/producer for the Beatle's Get Back/Let It Be album. (Terry Johnson was balance engineer for this IBC session; there was no producer, as such.) Excercising their right, as stars of the show, to record their session last, the Beatles arrived at IBC in the early evening, by which time the other acts had taped their contributions. The Beatles session was especially interesting, for apart from recording versions of "Twist And Shout", "Roll Over Beethoven", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Long Tall Sally" an ...
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I will be 76 years old in April.Some people may think I have may-be 4 years left on this the most...I will live until God calls me home.I plan on living to be 125."So roll over Beethoven and tell "whatever his name is" I can't spell it" The News.Whooo ***
Roll Over Beethoven - Single Version by Chuck Berry on NME 177. I'm feeling 16 again!
♫Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra. Brought to you by The Heartbeat of Hout Bay - Republic Radio -
Watching all the Beethoven movies while i wish everybody at the party roll over and die ☺😘
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news.
Roll over Beethoven, I gotta hear it again today.
Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry, would be a perfect tune for you!
Roll over Beethoven?. I used to be able to play Fur Elise and chopsticks. (Is Richard Clayderman still alive?)
Ah...good workout dancing to Beatles' "Roll Over Beethoven"!
Ppl all say love z wonderful,tht the bellz will ring and birds will sing n skies will open.iwonder whrz tht grt big symphony roll over beethoven won't u play with me?.jamez ingram THE DAY I FALL IN LOVE
Roll over Beethoven covered by hambone deluxe !u here !!!
Combat champions.Eaton foreshore festival tracks...i'm thinking bass laser(we'll keep going til the break of dawn), cold as ice OR roll over Beethoven, drummer boy, action, and my forever love. What do you all say, any requests from what we have been doing recently? Julie Mccreghan Jodie Garwood Andrew Trudi Haywood, anyone else who is gonna be in the demo team let me know :)
The Smithereens Play The Beatles is now available on ITUNES. The new CD release by the band is the original 12 song line-up in the "order" The Beatles played their show in Washington, D.C. on February 11th, 1964. The CD starts off with "Roll Over Beethoven", goes though "This Boy", "All My Loving", and "Long Tall Sally". The band also adds screaming to each track, which makes it sound like a "live" album.
Stream Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry on Reelin' and Rockin' for free on Grooveshark.
Dedicated to my friends Diana (Netherlands) and Bill (America) *** Muster Roll over Beethoven Rock'n Roll - Decor...
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news
I liked a video from Electric Light Orchestra - Roll over Beethoven (video/audio edited
At a composer sleepover Pyotr Ilyich asks who Huey Lewis sang with. Wolfgang says, "roll over Beethoven, and tell Tchaikovsky: 'the News'".
Onomah is 16 and a sub in a European competition and I'm here chuffed to bit on learning the start of 'Roll Over Beethoven' on guitar
Roll over Beethoven, got to hear it again today.
check it out - "Roll Over Beethoven" The Beatles, cover by Griffin Tucker (+playlist): …
"Roll over Beethoven" temperature is risin' and the Jukebox is blowin the fuse...DAS war noch Musik!
50 years ago. "She Loves You" is on top for a third week on the JPNYC and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" is for a third week after three weeks at Meanwhile, The Beatles get their third record in the Top 5 as "Please Please Me" jumps 10-5. Elsewhere in the Top 5, "Dawn" by The 4 Seasons jumps 6-3 and Al Hirt's "Java" drops 3-4. The Beatles' "My Bonnie" drops off the list this week but the group still has five in the Top 50 as "All My Loving" debuts at "Roll Over Beethoven" drops 34-43. Both these are not U.S. singles but are selling as imports on Capitol of Canada. A third British group -- and a fourth British act -- makes the chart as "Needles And Pins" by The Searchers enters the Top 50 at They join The Dave Clark Five as "Glad All Over" jumps 28-17 and Dusty Springfield who drops 7-8 with "I Only Want To Be With You." Like The Beatles, The Searchers are from Liverpool. "Needles And Pins" was written by Sonny Bono and Jack Nitzsche. Nitzsche had a WMCA Good Guy Sure Shot last year with "Rumble." Bono is a so ...
The Sonics cover "Roll Over Beethoven" for the second track on their debut, Here Are The Sonics
Electric Light Orchestra - ELO2 First listen. So far, Momma and Roll Over Beethoven are the only redeeming features.
Roll over Beethoven Chuck Berry covered by hambone deluxe!!!
Hopeful's Pride has given birth to the babies of DKCH Cavy Cats Roll Over Beethoven. 2 merino sows and 1 DOA coronet sow :D
For the Record - 65 years ago this month, February 1, 1949 RCA Victor released the first 7 inch 45 rpm record after nine years of development followed by development of the spindle adaptor to play it. (!) The adapter didn't take long though. It's patent was filed September 1949 and granted February 12th 1952. The first commercially available 45 was Eddy Arnold's 'Texarkana Baby' b/w 'Bouquet Of Roses', a reissue of the 78 rpm from 1948. The 45 single itself was released March 31, 1949. A-side: first 45 to hit the Billboard charts was 'A-You're Adorable' by Perry Como, listed on the charts on May 7, 1949. The next week, the year's biggest hit appeared on the Billboard charts, 'Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend)' by Vaughn Monroe. The singles issued by RCA initially were pressed on colored vinyl with each color designating a different genre of music. They were: cerise, or cherry red, for Rhythm & Blues ('That's All Right,' Big Boy Crudup); green for Country & Western ('Spanish Fandango,' Spade Cooley); sky ...
I think this is Roll Over Beethoven. If I did it right!!!
We were talking music and I looked back over the years to all the music I was exposed to. I became a teenager at the dawn of Rock & Roll and was exposed to Classical Music at that time also. I like all music except Gregorian Chants and Rap/Hip Hop, which I don't consider legitimate music. My most favorite is "Sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny. But when it comes down to it, it has to be the music I was first exposed too. I'm not talking about New Orleans Jazz, Blues, or Dixieland. I'm talking about all those old hymns I was exposed to growing up at Oak Hill Baptist Church. There were the standards, Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace, and The Old Rugged Cross. But I have always loved "Pass me not, O Gentle Savior". As I was writing this I was listening to my favorite Strauss piece, "The Blue Danube" and I'm closing this out with that classic of classics "Roll Over Beethoven". Go Chuck Berry.
Feb 4,1977 : American Bandstand gets a primetime special in honor of the show's 25th anniversary. The show features one of the first "all-star jams," as Chuck Berry is joined by Greg Allman, Junior Walker, The Pointer Sisters, Charlie Daniels and several others on a performance of "Roll Over Beethoven."
ABC's 'American Bandstand' rock show celebrated its 25th anniversary on the air with a primetime special on February 4, 1977. On it, *** Clark introduced for the first time his concept of an "All-Star Band," in which Chuck Berry, Seals and Crofts, Gregg Allman, Junior Walker, Johnny Rivers, the Pointer Sisters, Charlie Daniels, Doc Severinsen, Les McCann, Donald Byrd, Chuck Mangione and most of Booker T and the MGs jammed on "Roll Over Beethoven."
Really miss your playing Alvin Lee – Roll Over Beethoven by Ten Years After, from
now playing: The Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven on Radio Del Sur Online
Song of the day. Electric Light Orchestra - Roll Over Beethoven: via
Roll on tomorro, second attempt at sorting my ear out! Being half deaf and with continuous ringin in ear for over a week is no fun, really fed up with it now!. I must be the only person using a hot water bottle at the moment!! all of last week i felt like Beethoven , workin and feeling the music by vibrations !! x
Anyone walk down the aisle to something other than 'here comes the bride, fair fat and wide' ;) at your wedding ? Song suggestions? Do you regret not going traditional?
Roll Over Beethoven and Cry Baby Cry at the moment, you?
At times I listen to inspirational music when I write. Do you?...and who do you listen to when you read?
I just used to discover Roll Over Beethoven by The Beatles
Hey diddle diddle, I am playin' my fiddle,ain't got nothin' to lose.Roll Over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news.
When taxi driver is singing roll over Beethoven is that a good night out or bad ?
Sip, feast and mingle -- Don't miss Roll Over Beethoven on July 13! -
Having an event and it be will be business formal attire. Any suggestions on the music? Thanks
thanks to my dancing crew in Roll Over Beethoven yesterday nite.
I liked a video Animaniacs Episode 17 - Roll over Beethoven, The Cat and the Fiddle
Roll over Beethoven, dig these rhythm and blues...(8)
Roll over beethoven and tell tschaikowsky the news. "Roll Over Beethoven", [With The Beatles] -
Roll Over Beethoven - ELO a classic fusion of classical and rock n roll!
Roll over Beethoven gotta hear it again today.
Hopla at last a weekend off. Home tomorrow to my own house!! Been a long time!! Probably gonna hit that nudist beach breeze depending then a night in my own bed, roll over Beethoven!
Barbershop Facts: The singer of Johnny B. Goode still performs live. He's 86! (more info in comments)
I just want to roll around in a pile of puppies and kittens...
djset tonite Roll Over Beethoven old mix for my friend Passion Junkies
Do you think that the song "Roll Over, Beethoven" was Chuck Berry's premonition of the hit 1992 film, "Beethoven"? I think probably yes.
roll over beethoven... the beatles XD...
"Photo: rollover-beethoven: 1964. I saw this and roll over Beethoven came on shuffle!
Two songs from my childhood I'll carry forever.Roll over Beethoven and Jimmy Olsen's Blues - Pocketful of Kyrptonite.
40 is the New 30 till you hear the SONGS you PARTIED TO in HIGH SCHOOL on an OLDIES STATION..LOL
So, just out of curiosity, does ANYONE here listen to MOSTLY or EXCLUSIVELY "pop" music? ~czhliw
11 year old guitar player Griffin Tucker Rocking out to "Roll over Beethoven" Follow..R…
Reflecting on how Beethoven's Fourth Symphony is less famous than some of his other symphonies, I recall attending a mid-1990s philosophy class in which...
Roll over beethoven a rockin in two by two ♫ Roll Over Beethoven by —
Listening to The Beatles - Roll Over Beethoven on Torch Music via
Updated Beatles playlist. 25 great songs this time. List of songs and times in the description. Enjoy! 0:00 The Night Before 2:36 Drive My Car 5:07 Eight Day...
Guitar Wolf-Toru you Vienna !! I respect him , but you guys Roll Over Beethoven !
Song of the night: Wait, oh yes, wait a minute, Mr. Postman!
So after getting some things done around the house I decided to pick up the guitar I haven't practiced for a while and got in a few minutes until wham, boing, snap goes one of the saying ok I will turn on the tigers blue jays game only to have the tigers losing 4-0 in the fantasy pitchers have been pitching pretty poorly has gone down hill...started off taking Kaitlyn to swimming lessons, she is learning to dive, then a quick stop by church, then clean the fish tank, to golf course, nah to hot, practice guitar, nope string broke, ball game, men's club at church should finish my day strong.then wait for the morning when we break ground for a swimming finished typing and the tigers are now up 6-4...
Great, hilairous interview in Ireland. The LONG version! George is so weird in this!!! (The title used to say 1965, but I've been informed it's ACTUALLY 1963...
Here is "Mr. Blue Sky", the documentary the BBC produced last year about Jeff Lynne, the creative genius behind Electric Light Orchestra. The documentary is ...
This morning, listened to music by the Beatles; and Ludwig van Beethoven.
I have a new interest in music oh yes. Rockabilly
Driving to the post office, with a rare uncluttered mind free of projects to worry about, responsibilities to fret over, stream of consciousness chatter, I heard Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone all the way though and giving it my full attention for the first time in decades. Given his protean songbook, this one may be no one's absolute favorite, but if you had to explain Dylan to, say, an alien being this is the song. If all his other songs were inexplicably erased we would still know the essential Dylan. It's a life-changer or a confirmation of a change you have passed thru. James Agee thought that if you played a recording of a Beethoven symphony at the highest possible volume and jammed your ear against the speaker afterwards you would be incapable of arrogance and filled with compassion for every living thing. Well, I don't know.But I do know that if you listen to this cut that way you could never be as arrogant and lacking in fellow-feeling as the present day Republicans. In the 60's most of us did hear ...
BART's two main unions went on strike this morning.
In 2 hours I will be 48. Wow. You would not believe the stories I could tell.
"Roll Over Beethoven and tell Tchaikowsky the news." MOSCOW -- (AP) Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a measure that stigmatizes *** people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality. The lower house of Russia's parliament unanimously passed the Kremlin-backed bill on June 11 and the upper house approved it last week. The ban on "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values over Western liberalism, which the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church see as corrupting Russian youth and contributing to the protests against Putin's rule. Hefty fines can now be imposed on those who provide information about the *** *** bisexual and transgender community to minors or hold *** pride rallies. The Kremlin announced Sunday that Putin has signed the legislation into law.
However you slice and dice it, Rock and Roll is unclean and belongs to the world. It's beat, melody, or it's instrumentality does not belong in the kingdom of God. If God gives me grace, I will draw my last breathe being dogmatic about this truth if I must. It is of the world, and will perish with the world. God calls His people to come out and be separate. It is unclean idolatry to many in our land today. Seriously. If you think you can serve Christ and bring godless unclean idols along with you for daily living, you are sadly mistaken. And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in [them]; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean [thing]; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.2 Cor 6:16-18 It's your move.
Sorry about the picture quality on this one. I hope you visit me at to hear my original songs! Written by Ludwig van Beethoven Deran...
The Return perform "Roll Over Beethoven" at Abbey Road Studio two (where the Beatles recorded) during the 2003 International Beatles Week in Liverpool, England
Week 6 - June 22 - June 29 - We hit the farmer’s market down at the library again Saturday morning. We bought fresh eggs, a Cornish game hen for Sunday grilling, some bread, and goat cheese, all of which were raised, planted, nurtured or lovingly processed while listening to Beethoven, savoring glacial water or some other such nonsense. Linda again ran into a new friend of hers whose husband is a Texan who grew up the son of a petroleum geologist out in West Texas. They met at UT and still go back to a radically different Austin every couple of years. It was fun to talk about home as she rattled off the places all over West Texas where he had lived. There was also a young couple with guitars covering classics, complete with tie-dyed shirts. Oh, come on! Linda and Addie ran me out to the school for the day so I could bring my first project closer to completion and they could run around a bit. Beth’s Farm was again on the agenda for fresh out-of-the-garden-that-morning goodies. They later ran into Rockl ...
Listen to Joe Linstrum / Roll Over Beethoven - Beatles Cover | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music &a...
If you had to listen to one song on repeat on the road, what would it be?
Camping out- relay for life. Never slept in a tent before. Not so bad. No room service or HD TV but worth every second. :)
My sister Mary Pileggi has this Tracker for sale for $800.00 if anyone's interested
Still working on the "ELO 2" tour page. I am for sure going to do the page for just the January to July 1973 shows. Anything earlier (April to December 1972) will be a separate page for another day. There's just a lot of good information that I now think really warrants doing them separately. Meanwhile, I'm finding some interesting things about the available material (bootleg or otherwise) from these tours. Remarkably little is available. For the "ELO 2" tour, only four songs from an April 9th, 1973 show recorded for the BBC and an audience recording of "Do Ya" from an undetermined USA show (probably in July) are available. Even determining a solid setlist is proving difficult. It was also during this tour that Marc Bolan joined ELO on stage for "Roll Over Beethoven". I've considered adding this to the database as I've got some good quotes about it, but I'm unsure how it will fit. The performance was not recorded. We'll see. Things are coming together. :)
Bonn and Beethoven! Alijah's idea of the real music king, and her version of a trip to Graceland!
Hey folks - hope your weekend's going well. Good stuff tonight - birthdays & anniversaries to mark for Marvin Rainwater, Smiley Lewis, sax player Lee Allen, Bobby Day, Eddie Bond and it's 59 years since Elvis, Scotty and Bill first recorded together. Fabulous stuff from Johnny Burnette Trio, Bobby Freeman, Fats, Ral Donner, Brenda, & the likes of Dion, Jerry Lee & Linda Gail and Buddy doing Chuck. Music from our patch comes with memories from Mickey Jupp, The Jets, Dave Sampson along with Shake Rattle & Roll, Shindig and The Del Monties from our current scene. Plus new sensations Bo Walton, Scotty Baker, & dozens of shout-outs and gigs. It's the BBC's only purely rock'n'roll show that's live from the UK on a Saturday night - we'll see you from 6. Bxx
Uhh.. Why is there a mouse playing "Roll Over Beethoven" on drums in Manchester city centre? O_O
Too bad the Phillies can't "bank" some of these runs for the next game or two.
QOTD's For Saturday... 1) Camera Day; before digital cameras, how often did you take pictures? 2) Hug Day; when it comes to hugs, are you more of an instigator, or wait for the other person to hug first kind of person? 3) Colin Hay's Birthday [Men At Work] (1953); what are some songs about or with occupations (legal or illegal) in the title that you like? 4) House Party Day; as a teen, did you ever throw a house party while your parents were away? And if so, did you get away with it, or get caught?
Whats happening in Poughkeepsie this weekend? Let's hang out.
Watching Duncan's school team at Grassington and listening to ELO sound checking for the gig tonight. Roll over Beethoven!
Friday of a long weekend + mostly empty office = earbuds out and speakers turned up! What are you listening to today?
Ah. You're right. Roll Over Beethoven. Nigel Planer as a rock star, Liza Goddard as his other half.
Our Epic Track this week is Chas N Dave with a live version of Roll Over Beethoven. Rock and feckin roll ladies and gentlemen!
Dancin' in the living room cuttin' up a rug Dancin' with a baby looks more like a hug Livin' in a house made of saw mill wood "Roll over Beethoven" never sounded so good
Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method (Win/Mac) by This CD-ROM is a comprehensive musical experience. It teaches you to improve your playing, gain control of the keyboard, and develop your musicianship. You'll learn to play pieces by famous composers in a broad range of musical styles, from Baroque to the present. You will also develop your musical creativity by learning how to improvise. Vadim Ghin, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music, guides you with video demonstrations of techniques and practical advice that will elevate your playing to a new standard. Alongside conventional scales, chord progressions, and finger techniques, you will learn the blues form, scales, and patterns needed to create your own improvisations and songs. Features: Over 150 lessons offer a comprehensive curriculum that will give the intermediate piano player the skills needed to take their playing to the next level. Beginning with intervals and expanded hand positions, the lessons progress . ...
Classical music voted sexiest bedroom soundtrack (people need to be introduced to Maxwell) via
Roll over Beethoven: Classical voted the sexiest music in the bedroom (via
Roll over with Beethoven: classical music voted sexiest bedroom soundtrack. / The Digital Newsroom via
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovski the news
Watching BBC4's programme about the age of the LP made me wish wish wish I'd never got rid of my turntable! Still have some great albums.
I just heard the first record (and yes it was still records then lol) that i ever bought played on the radio. What was the first song you ever bought (or for our younger friends, downloaded). Answers below
Roll over Beethoven, gotta hear that again today
estos one direction no respetan los hp Carlos Miranda E
Track of the Day Chuck Berry Song: School Days (1957) American songwriter and rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry is renowned for his distinctive guitar driven rhythm and blues sound. If you've seen the films Pulp Fiction, Back to the Future or Home Alone then you'll probably know one of his songs. or at least think you know one until you realise it's that other song that sounds similar. Today's choice demonstrates this. On first hearing it could be mistaken for Riding Along In My Automobile (another Chuck Berry classic) but it's not... I think. TT Recommends: Tracks 'Maybellene', 'Roll Over Beethoven', 'Rock and Roll Music' and 'Johnny B. Goode'.
I just made a playlist for my iPod of all the Beatle songs that feature George on lead vocals. Can you name the 25 songs?
How did I know I was back at Holy Cross? Simple, my shift started out taking care of 5 etoh's in 4 rooms and ended up working a code in the labor and delivery OR. Good time, good times, great people to work with.
Here's a learn how to play bass tutorial for how Paul McCartney played through the Beatle's version of Chuck Berry's Roll Ove...
Wild Angels - Roll Over Beethoven from the album Out at last
Please forgive me as I stand on a soap box and speak my two cents today, but the new Grammy music education teacher of the year award has stirred up my fire for the need for music advocacy in our s...
Whoever wins the Grammy award...use it as a platform! Roll Over Beethoven, via
The Grammy Teacher of the Year Award has stirred my fire again for the need for music advocacy. We can not stand...
Off of their "On the Third Day" album; Electric Light Orchestra: Daybreaker
Roll over or gym.., this is the question???
Well, if you feelin' like it go get your lover, then reel and rock it... Roll over Beethoven.
Roll over Beethoven By the Beatles is the best song ever
"Their version of "Roll Over Beethoven" was recorded on July 30, 1963 for their second British LP, With The Beatles..."
Can you please play Roll Over Beethoven from the Please Please Me album? It's my favourite!
Music Discussion Time! In This is Your Brain on Music, Daniel Levitin recounts a friend who, having never heard rock music before (except Elvis), asked him to play six songs that capture everything that was important to know about rock and roll. Here's Levitin's list: 1. "Long Tall Sally," Little Richard 2. "Roll Over Beethoven," The Beatles 3. "All Along the Watchtower," Jimi Hendrix 4. "Wonderful Tonight," Eric Clapton 5. "Little Red Corvette," Prince 6. "Anarchy in the U.K.," the Sex Pistols What's your list, and what do you think of Levitin's?
Thursday night at the Troubadour in Los Angeles Jeff Lynne was part of Jonathan Wilson's Merry Minstrel Musical Circus that did a benefit jam-a-thon to raise money for Little Kids Rock and the Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund. Taking turns onnstage were Bob Weir, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, and Jackson Browne, who called Jeff's appearance a 'visitation.' Here's "Roll Over Beethoven"!
Roll Over Beethoven is the 9th track on Chuck Berry's album The Chess Box. The album was released in 1988, and consists of 71 tracks.
This day in rock, 1965: November 22 24-year-old Bob Dylan married 26-year-old former Playboy Bunny, Sara Lowndes, under an oak tree on a judge's lawn on Mineola, Long Island. She was to be the inspiration for the songs "Sara" and "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands". Sara would file for divorce in March, 1977. 1963: November 22 The Beatles released their second album, "With The Beatles" in the UK. The collection featured "All My Loving", "Please Mr. Postman" and "Roll Over Beethoven" and would succeed their first L.P. in the spot, giving the Fab Four a string of 51 consecutive weeks at the top of the UK album chart. November 22 Phil Spector releases a Christmas album called "A Christmas Gift for You", which was recorded over the Spring and Summer and contained songs by The Ronettes, The Crystals, Darlene Love and Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans. 1968: November 22 The Beatles release a double album simply called "The Beatles", but known to fans as "The White Album". Among the 29 songs on the L.P. is Ringo Starr' ...
Glynis and I just got home from the Yuba City Kiwanis Monte Carlo Night. Glynis and I are a great Black Jack team (won a $200 gift certificate to the Refuge). Uno Mundo (Kenny Trujillo, Sam Jellsey and Brian Nakagawa) played a great gig of mostly contemporary easy listening stuff while the gaming was going on and finished big with "Roll Over Beethoven." The crowd's still dancing 'til midnight with Brett Barrette DJing dance tunes. But Glynis and I are done. Great event Michael Barrette, Katrina Storm Barrette, Louise Graham and all. Very fun.
"Roll Over Beethoven" American Music Master's honors the life and music of Chuck Berry. Put on by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland OH. Tribute concert held at the Playhouse State Theatre.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Case Western Reserve University will honor Chuck Berry during the 17th annual American Music Masters® series this October.Roll Over Beethoven: The...
This Day in Rock. 1955 – Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash kicked off an eleven date tour of the Southern US states in Abilene, Texas. 1963 – The Beatles are awarded their first gold disc for a million sales of “She Loves You.” 1965 – The Beatles release their single “Roll Over Beethoven,” a cover of the Chuck Berry classic. 1966 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Reach Out, I’ll Be There,” The Four Tops. 1967 - The Doors appeared at Danbury High School, Danbury, Connecticut. 1968 - during a Beatles recording session at Abbey Road six saxophonists recorded parts for ‘Savoy Truffle’ for the forthcoming White Album. 1969 – The No. 1 album in America today is Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Green River. 1990 - drummer Dave Grohl played his first gig with Nirvana when they appeared at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia. 2005 - Rod Stewart received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to honour a career spanning more than 40 years.
Chuck Berry originally wrote Roll Over Beethoven after watching the heartwarming story of Charles Grodin and his St Bernard
Roll Over Beethoven by ELO. Please comment on what ELO songs I should post I do one every week see my channel for more ELO songs, and I hope you enjoy the song.
Correction: it wasn't Johnny B Goode, it was Roll Over Beethoven. Same same.
thanks for the tip. Love ELO! Horace Wimp, Telephone Line, Roll over Beethoven, Blue Sky, Evil Woman...list goes on and on!
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news
There is no way the movie Beethoven wasn't conceived because there was an existing song called "Roll Over Beethoven."
Roll over Beethoven, tell Tchaikovsky the news.
coming up next after Roll Over Beethoven!
Roll over Beethoven , and tell chiakovsky the news ,Chuck Berry
I added a video to a playlist THE BEATLES CARTOON Ep26a Roll Over Beethoven
Roll over Beethoven, and tell Tchaikovsky the news
Roll over beethoven vs Johhny be good
Johnny B. Goode and Roll Over Beethoven sound so similar.
Little Giant Ladders
Oh we're playing Roll Over Beethoven. Up next, Who*ll Stop The Rain. Join us at
Hi we're streaming Roll Over Beethoven. Next up, Who*ll Stop The Rain. Join us at
im rocking out to roll over beethoven xD.
Far superior to the original British version. Despite the criticisms of how Capitol Records engineers "ruined" Beatles recordings by adding excess reverb, th...
Chuck Berry having some fun with one of his best songs
23.00 - 00.00: The music continues next with "Roll Over Beethoven". Classic rock and roll with Geoff Barker.
The Leon concert was superb. He opened with Jumping Jack Flash ala Bangladesh concert and closed with Great Balls of Fire & Roll Over Beethoven. In between, he played his best songs and other classics. His band was tight and the venue perfect.
36. Twist And Shout 37. Love me do 38. Lady Madonna 39. Day Tripper 40. Revolution 41. Roll over Beethoven 42.A hard day's night
Roll Over Beethoven rockin' in two by two.
Just learned Roll over beethoven Chords by Chuck Berry and covered by the beatles
me vale...voy a subirle a Roll Over Beethoven.
Just jump around and reel and rock it. Roll it over. Roll over Beethoven, a rockin' in two by two , oh
Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I heard Neal Patrick Harris say that those that were 15 when they danced to Roll Over Beethoven were 74 now. Then at a gospel quartet concert there were very antique microphones used. The MC told the audience that they were made in 1938 and many people that had sung into them including ELVIS. 1938 is the year I was born and I guess some old things are still useful.
You know, my temperature's risin The jukebox's blowin a fuse. My heart's beatin rhythm And my soul keeps a-singin the blues. Roll Over Beethoven and tell Tschaikowsky the news.
Chuck Berry performing "Roll Over Beethoven" on Friday, March 4, at Nutty Jerry's in Winnie, Texas.
It's close to midnight. I wanted her to see this when she first logs in Sunday. Happy Birthday to my baby sister who was born in the year the first IBM computer was created. Walk/Don't Walk signals were put on streets for the first time. LORD OF THE RINGS was published. INHERIT THE WIND, BUS STOP, CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, first appeared as plays on Broadway. Movies just out: LADY AND THE TRAMP, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. CAPTAIN KANGAROO and THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB first appeared on television. Popular songs: Rock Around The Clock, Roll Over Beethoven, Mabellene, Memphis, Cry Me A River, and Love Is A Many Splendored Thing. Disneyland opens in Anaheim. Ann Landers and Dear Abby columns created. Ford Thunderbird sports car introduced. Minimum wage rises from 75 cents an hour to One Dollar. Happy Birthday on Sunday, September 30th, Teresa Williams Rose!
This is the best quality version of this video out there. Not taped off TV, no logos or timecodes...
Chuck Berry Performs "Roll Over Beethoven" during the 1994 Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony. Visit us! Subscribe to RockHall :
Electric Light Orchestra - Roll Over Beethoven 1972 Gonna write a little letter gonna mail it to me local D.J. it's a jumpin little record I want my jockey t...
[The Washington Post] The velocity and compression of the news cycle — along with the manic, serial certainty of those who inhabit it — have become discrediting.
Now on AOTP: Jerry Lee Lewis with Ringo Starr, John Mayer and Jon Brion - Roll Over Beethoven
From The 1st Annual Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction on 23rd January 1986, here's a great jam on 'Roll Over Beethoven'. ...and for all you that still thi...
Rew's News Today's Highlights in History, July 21 on this date: in 1865, in what may be the first true western showdown, Wild Bill Hickok shoots Dave Tutt dead in the market square of Springfield, Missouri, in 1925, the "Monkey Trial" ended in Dayton, TN. John T. Scopes was convicted of violating the state law for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution, in 1973, Electric Light Orchestra performed "Roll Over Beethoven" on "American Bandstand." and in 2011, Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at Kennedy Space Center . It was the last flight of NASA's space shuttle program. Today's birthdays include: Robin Williams, Garry Trudeau, Ernest Hemingway and Jon Lovitz, but it is also the birthday to two famous bachground actresses that have appeared with Jim Rew, Cristy Parker and Laura Evans! Happy Birthday!
early on they did a lot of rock standards. Take Good Care Of My Baby, Johnny B. Goode, Roll Over Beethoven etc
Caution horses Your first practise of Johnny B Goode/Roll Over Beethoven
Chuck Berry: " Whoa! wait! the piano is doing Roll Over Beethoven and we're doing Johnny B. Goode!" available on Etsy
Before Elvis Presley sang "Hound Dog," Big Mama Thornton had house-trained that canine. Before Bill Haley & the Comets popularized "Shake, Rattle & Roll," Big Joe Turner had done all three. The Crewcut's "Sh-Boom" was originally sung by The Chords, and The Beatles' "Roll Over Beethoven" was rocked by Chuck Berry well before the boys from Liverpool "invaded" America. It continues to be the biggest lie in the music industry - that Whites created rock `n' roll. From history books to rock-oriented cafes, from the pretentious Graceland mansion to the corner record store, White rock `n' roll artists have been immortalized and credited with creating the multibillion-dollar rock music industry. Lost is the reality that rock `n' roll was actually born out of the belly of Black blues music and raised by Black artists in the 1950s in smoke-filled clubs along Beale Street in Memphis, 47th Street in Chicago and 125th Street in Harlem and count baise hometown of red bank new jersey. Only years later, when White teenage ...
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