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Roll Call

Roll Call is a newspaper published in Washington, D.C., United States, from Monday to Thursday when the United States Congress is in session and on Mondays only during recess.

Roll Call! Who's going to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) ? Comment Below and let's meet up and trade some...
We need to support for Congress// Paul Ryan to Campaign for Handel in Georgia House Race Monday - Roll Call
'Roll Call' one of the beautiful student films to screen at the 2017 Tenderheart Film Festival.
Family Roll Call... You call yourself family..hit the like button and copy this on your status. Blood or not!!!...
You can call me eyes "Tootsie", cause every time I look at you they gonna roll.
Is this not a time 4 Congress 2 call off their recess & call 4 an emergency session in order 2 reign in 45 and slow his roll on dropping 💣s?
Well. Roll me in sugar, shove a stick up my orifice and call me a lolly-pop! 🍭
why can't the media just call. rapist RAPIST. terrorist TERRORIST. we don't care if you're in honor roll you are what you are
New blog: on the breach, how to protect your data & the need to learn from mistakes.
Dude nothing goes right the first time we try it. It is a great idea, and I know eventually it could be…
If I was him I'd just go to the bank withdraw my 16 million toss it on the bed and roll around in…
It's always that one soror who jumps in front of you during roll call knowing dang well she can't stroll .
Roll call... who not going Bequia for Easter?
CPD's district out and about building community relationships one block at a time ! Roll Call - 5100 blo…
We've partnered with to help create this roll-call training on for
Calling all moms! Good Food Made Simple is giving away $1,000. Watch the Videos & enter! . https:/…
Oh well I know you have kids and wife and still get paid they do by me soon I come they get off I…
— didn't make sense to him, he dropped his keys. With a simple roll off is eyes. . " No, But why don't you go call your —
Roll Call: Who's all in Stephenville and tryna do something?
4-H ROLL CALL!! How do you identify yourself in the Community? If more than one applies, let us know!
Call my eyes Tootsie 'cause . They're gonna roll 💅🏻
roll call::. GANJA white NIght tonight . then . Beta Nightclub Coult-45 + Minnesota. then . Hawtin this will b fun
Roll Call House - Should State Dept put North Korea back on list of state sponsors of - 394 yea, 1 nay =PASSED
Another call for the Special Crimes Emergency Unit ... heads are going to roll on this case!
And when you love someone you just don't stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy. Even then, especially then !
how I look paying attention to roll call so I can catch this cute guys name
When you remember they wasted the Bootylicious roll-call on BHB
Start the week off right with one of our beautiful showgirls... 15min VIP for $150. Roll call:. JOLLIE . Melina . Ice...
The accepted george tran call the roll: CmPNcPVsh
Dispense with window-shopping leads strategies that meliorate thine online balance of trade roll call links: tJtNCI
Wow I want food and I wanna roll up and I'm too lazy to do either. Call it a night?
Don't call yourself my best friend if you're just gonna ignore me until you want something from me. I don't roll like that.
Last 4 days to nominate for India's biggest awards for Will you make it to the final roll call…
lol I'm Finna roll up n Ima call you
Rising Waters at Home Cause Republicans to Buck Party in D.C. - Roll Call
Flat tire? Stuck on a dirt road? Hit a deer? Engine dead? Roll into the ditch? Scared of what your parents will say? Call (M…
John Lennon said it best..."If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'."
Gamecocks be walking into roll call like, "we're here! Yep, that's us!"
Zizzi's has the Peng lentil bolognese. Note it down. Stop for a bite to eat some time. Call me. I'll roll and spray bars.
I'm in uni and I still have to psyche myself up to say 'here' when they call the roll
Welp, this 12 year old is married and about to roll over and get laid, dont call the cops.
Good morning fam. It's time to check in for roll call. Where are you kissing from? .
They're doing a roll call on this plane... *** this is not high school
You can call me what you like. I just formulate my opinions after I get everything I can, blog posts, Q&A, etc. How I roll.
I know *** well that's not a tattoo? Let me call yo moma, matter of fact you're grounded.
Only in college does the person sitting next you wake you up for roll call 👍🏽
Would it be too on the nose for "Astral Plane" by Modern Lovers to roll over the end credits of an episode of Legion? give me a call.
To All Years 8, 9 and 10. It is essential you return your Term 2 Sport letter in roll call by Friday this week.
Me when they ask for a faithful women roll call
Four reasons till conceive still thine compagnie begins an telecommuting roll call: usxOcBGV
I am talking about is a Roll Call article. It uses a lot of words to miss the point entirely. ;)
Roll Call: Any of y'all going to be in New Orleans this Friday for the Rockets road game? I'm making the trip!
ROLL CALL: Who has any snow on the ground? If so, how much and your location please!
New Vol Roll Call is TOMORROW! Come escape the snow with at Newport Aquarium!
Songwriter: "I've GOT IT. We'll call it TRUCK YEAH." [puts feet on desk, clasps hands behind head, watches $$$ roll in]
How to call the roll in any case yours carpal sewer clearing the decks is not pruning: TuoXzVeUy
Roll call was set and you were late. Folks got tired of waiting.
The principles only initiation that annunciate till studied as long as double-dealing thine strand call the roll: IDq
Everyone must be in the dorms by 10:30 for roll call. Smartphones must be turned in before that!
Lib-Con Score is based on a Bayesian analysis of roll call vote data. Any questions, please let me know.
Its your call, you can stay and play nickel slots for the next 20 years or you can roll your dice with the high rollers
I like Vile Vanessa. Reverse it roll call style and say it phonetically
my daughter once asked why we call it "roll up the window"? Had to find an old car with a roller thingy.
Fina make me some to eat roll me a fatty and call it a night 🤗
Democrats Call on Republicans to Condemn King’s Anti-Immigrant Comments - Roll Call
Just call him butter cuz he's on a roll
I added a video to a playlist Engine Roll Call (HD) [The Great Discovery]
☡Tonight on tune into at 10pm call in and request "Levi - Roll Wit Me" 📲📲
Agents roll call: . Field work. Check. Warriors. Check. Scouting. Check. Seems our little headquarters has grown over the last few months. 😎
That's what you call good company and it dont take long to call roll..
Roll call San Fran squad ! Who's getting savage with us this Thursday?
Percentage of roll-call votes that Paul Ryan and Steve King agreed on:. 114th Congress: 93.6. 113th: 94.2. 112th: 90.3. 111th…
first you "k" me then you call me and as soon as you see how siced i am to talk to u YOU ROLL YOUR EYES... bye af
The boys made themselves some amazing clocks in DT! No more excuses for being late to roll call.
Roll call: Who’s attending the Summit with our friends Find out more:
1. Suey says be dressed in roll call by the bell 2. Suey says play the quiet game until I say stop 3. Suey says the…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Last minute roll call, if anyone who I actually know is willing to be a reference PLEASE let me know before 2pm. I only have one reference
Roll call for partners all lining up. Here we go
See how you local state senators have voted in Lansing in this report from
do RBK still hv housing N/Hood Rangers, used to attend roll call each week. and meet rookies
Karl's Korner: I love this game. Rock N' Roll, baby. Thanks to Sue Bustamante for this kool pic. I call it the SMB…
House Roll Call 101 came and went. WHY you didn't vote on it? Are you unable to ?
Multitasking means cleaning house while supporting real for the job in 201…
Hey ninjas, role call: who's going to East this weekend? 😎✈️🍺 and ugh I want a lobster roll so bad already!!
Love this comment on post with the DNC Chair race tally. Sums up the Dems transparency perfectly. http…
🚨TEXAS WEEK ROLL CALL🚨. RT/Like if you're coming to South Padre Island for Spring Break next week!🔥👀
i don't know if i should roll on the floor screeching, call the police or write love letters to Tsun for these exact words
Customers meet over Roll Call and dine together! thanks for letting me say hi!
A new Roll to Dodge with and This time, Call of Cthulhu!
That's why I call her my cinnamon roll.
Here's the call of the roll in the state Senate. See today's calendar, overview:
On the first day back at school a teacher took roll call. She began calliing out the names of the pupils. Mustafa El Ekh Zeri? Here.
Also I know BITB and Roll Deep are the same song but I never really liked the RD title and try not to call the song by it.
Those who come together to learn also know how to dine together via Roll Call intros. Thanks and
It's gonna be a busy day. A pork roll, egg & cheese should probably be call No. 1
ROLL CALL! We have ONE SPOT OPEN for a dancer! PM if you wanna be one!
There wasn't a dry eye in sight during the final Roll Call ceremony for honorary Soldier...
Continuation of the Death Penalty Bill debate-- but Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman moved to call the roll. Session suspended.
Tonight's roll call theme. Luckily we have someone who likes to bake!
Q.5 A.3 Allies must be ready to roll up their sleeves and call out their own-not just say they down
Injectable wrinkle treatments can roll back the years = refreshed, renewed you. Call Sonia Griffin to book a free c…
When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not Guilty'. Theodore Roo…
Newsworthy: Trump upends tradition of 'one president... - The Hill's Alex Bolton and Roll Call's Jonathan Allen...
hes a grown man and can speak for himself. If he doesnt apologize then too bad but dont call him an innocent cinnamon roll
na would roll with what u got. But at the end of the day, you gotta make the call, so u don't regret listening to me :)
Roll call, who's joining us today at Snap a pic or send a shoutout with the hashtag
Electronic Device Insurance
Lakas maka@ roll call nung beat of By your Side
Roll call: who all is heading to here in a bit?
What do you call a blunt talking piece from the bakery?. A forward roll.
Also, question is: effective *for what*. Rhetoric does not roll back policy or undeport an immigrant. It can call to action.
I'd play Rudolph, not knowing how healthy Reed is. It's a tricky call. Some will roll dice on Reed, and that's fine.
wer u emmo??call out to kinvara. Bring a chicken roll, can of coke, dairy milk & a supermacs
ROLL CALL. Who is coming to our game tomorrow?!
so I've just gotta call it a loss and cut the negativity out. I don't roll with racism, never. Moving on!
ROLL CALL!!! Tag yourself over your city and post a black & gold selfie in the comments if yinz are riding with...
.Hmmm...tough call...I'd still probably roll with Fat Rob today.probably has the best upside of the group.
Roll Call finds 4 insiders, 5 outsiders. Of outsiders, all are multi-millionaires, 2 are multi-billionaires.
Alright, Reds. It's that time again... ROLL CALL!. Where in the 🌎 are you watching
Im helping an old lady cross a street when i get a call offering a free home security system. i roll her into the gutter an…
Time for Roll Call! . Sunday sobriety shout much sober time do you have today? Not sober yet? Comment...
ROLL CALL! What church are you getting your praise on at today?
Guitar music or rock n' roll or whatever you want to call it sort of ...
I hate when people call me lame bc my parents are strict, I'm sorry that ur mom lets u do meth on ur porch but that's n…
We like to call it a shoulder roll...😂😂
All I want is someone who pays the bills, makes my eyes roll back, cleans, and knows when to stfu. *I don't know why you ca…
Trump plagiarized his two best jokes: the Melania joke from Roll Call and the "pardon me" joke from a 30 Rock bit
Roll Call!!. Five fluffballs looking for forever families!! . Top left going clockwise: Skippy💙…
If that wasn't enough, Roll Call labeled the "most disappointing Senate candidate." Read:
Roll Call: Coffman less vulnerable than other Republicans in left-leaning congressional districts
As the GOP holds the roll call at the RNC, here is why Hawaii voted for Donald Trump
Could roll my eyes and call you a sloot but instead here's a bless your heart :-)
When the roll call came to New York delegates at the "We pass"
Soccer finally gets shout-out at roll call: Oregon, home of MLS champion
Rules that were introduced with a shady "yea" and no roll call vote. RNC can over ride states
WATCH LIVE: Roll call to officially nominate Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president: https…
Colorado delegation walks off convention floor after being denied roll call vote
So that's why they were saying Donald J Trump in the roll call so that they couldn't ditch him for the kid.
When you're doing roll call and your name starts with the letter "U"...
Sen. Sessions has officially submitted name & the roll call vote is underway!
goood morning checking in for roll call from Kimathi Uni, Nyeri.
Pez, potatoes and pinot noir: What Republicans want you to know about every state
Republicans have officially nominated as their presidential nominee, with his home state of New
GOP delegates make it official: Trump's their choice via
thoughts- I don't call in sick...I roll in dead.
IT'S OFFICIAL!: Trump claims his brass ring at Republican convention.
I love the roll call! So many fun characters and everyone seems to be having fun.
The roll call is much better when you boil it down to just the wos.
Family has hand in Trump's formal nomination: Donald Trump Jr. announces the support of New York during a roll-call…
Nevada GOP chief botches state capital in roll call
North Carolina brags "we're the state of during roll call vote at
LISTEN to the 'no' screams from anti-Trump group on the floor. Demands for roll call vote on rules.
Members of should be aware IOWA threatened w/losing 1st PRIMARY status if DIDN'T change roll call.https:/…
.watching the ROLL CALL from back stage.
I fully expect every state to nominate now that the roll call has been dispensed with. Anything else will be a surprise.
Anti-Trump group claims to have enough signatures to force roll call vote on rules.
"New York, New York" plays at after clinches GOP nomination https…
MOMENTS AGO: Alaska delegation contests recording of vote at
We're on the floor as roll call vote to nominate begins; watch on CBS News'
Taking a little time to wish everyone a good night. You can call me butter cuz I'm still on a roll tonight. :-D
There is some crazy things going on at according & 1/x
We were asked by the Trump campaign to pass so New York could cast the votes to put him over the edge.
VIDEO : Relive the AWESOME CALIFORNIA moment! Shirley & her sons are amazing!.
Roll call begins at nominating for 2016 . 🚂💨💨💨 over the http…
BREAKING: Chaos on RNC floor as anti-Trump delegates fail to force roll call vote, storm out
Free the delegates movement says this doc obtained by shows there are enough signatures to force roll call vote https…
I'm checking in for roll call from kisauni Pwani...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
GOP delegates make it official: Trump's their choice
Watching all 50 states roll call a Reality TV star as their choice for President. As much as I've known this was coming, it's…
The ROLL CALL is beginning at the Republican National Convention. Very exciting!
was the roll call amendment king from 1995 to 2007. Roll Call!
Roll Call - East Coast No. 1 by Gun Hill Brewing Company found at Spuyten Duyvil. Settle in and have a few.
Roll Call! Who will be joining us at the Executive Board Meeting? We need ALL HANDS ON DECK!
I liked a video Super Sentai Team Up Henshin and Roll Call
Roll Call: Who is attending the Tony Attwood session tomorrow in Moonee Ponds? Find us in our Yellow Ladybugs...
Roll Call for June! Who will be grooving with us during Flower Power month?
La ought to so-meet roll call in preparation for parents as regards anew diagnosed glare straw visually chippe...
9am roll call. Next one at 12noon. Numbers at 662
More than halfway done with the roll call at SHS grad! Like if you're here too 😎🎉
"Yukon FROST Beats" is my latest flesh wound really wouldn't be an issue and they'd never think to look there roll call.
9am roll call down. 600 or so people here. Next one is at 12 and it's advised everyone stays after that one for wristbands
after the 12 roll call you can leave and come back? So sorry I'm new to this!
yes. 1 roll call at 9. Then next at 12
If you're heading up to Roll Out Roll Call, The UK Transformers, G.I. Joe & Action Force Show, make sure you are...
Boys at least 5'10 or taller roll call>
Getting ready for 9am roll call. Number 530ish so far.
So far this week I have seen a call girl walk out of a rub n' tug eating a sausage and dinner roll at 7:00am then...
Then on ma i remember the names of the *** that snitched! ROLL CALL!. Nick Burkes big *** Vanderek Sims ugly *** Dorian Hill lanky ***
. course available all day. Members midweek roll up stableford on. Call 01278 752111 to book a round in the Somerset sunshine.
ROLL CALL! Who are you, where are you and what are you up to? /JRock
Not too sure at the moment. Could be any time between 12-doors. If there's more infor at next roll call I'll let you know!
Hey the hour is here,are you excited??If so let's check in for roll call and represent our hoods!!.
5 minute warning. Get your names in for School Run Roll Call to NOW
ROLL CALL. Tune-in to performance at the TONIGHT at 8e/5p on ABC!
There will be no contested convention. Super delegates vote on first roll call and Hillary will clinch easily.
Open Call for Rock 'n' Roll Monologues (Actors) and Book Readers - June 16th in Hollywood, CA
it's HORRIBLE as a kid. Start of year roll call:. Rene-ee. Re-knee. Ren-e. Ree ***
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Numbers being given out at entrance to East Stand between ramps E& G. Next roll call 9am.
Ck out their Gov at her Christmas party last Dec - obviously inebriated A fine roll model huh?
Taylor Ham vs. pork roll: Poll shows NJ almost evenly split on what to call it
Roll call. We're looking for a Front End Developer to console our JS needs.
You have 40 mins to get names in for todays School Run Roll Call. Get the kids out the door by getting them a shout out on the radio x
he has had success with roll call 20 out of 419 amendments 90 passed. Both Hillary 8Y and Bernie 25Y got 3 bills passed.
Thrilled to be mentioned in 'Roll call of earth-friendly gardening honour' in this & book!
You are misinformed. Bernie has more experience than Hillary. Bernie Sanders the roll call amendment king https:…
Again, I will not post the pics of H on set. Call it what you will, but it's how I roll. But I am VERY proud of our bean.
1. igab always plays in my head when I roll. 2. idk if you can call my feelings wrt sougo "passion", or if they should be admired/aspired for
Roll call: whose coming to the banquet on Sunday? . We need a hand in three areas if you can jump in and assist.
Okc fans so quick to call the series over slow ya roll fam Gs ain't goin out like that 😂
So funimation did a roll call for the bnha characters and here's denki's
The 1st Roll Call will close in 5 minutes!!! Check out my Mystery Hostess party to say hi :)
Roll Call underway at IMPD East District where the US Attorney General will address officers.
We were pleased to host an Roll Call for the East District officers at Brookside!
Roll Call! Who all is coming to [Morse]fest 2016 and where are you from? We still have a limited amount of https:/…
Motion to re-refer HB 2729 back to Ed Budget PASSES with 69 votes on Roll Call vote. I voted YES.
.promotes to managing editor. Congrats, Adriel!
Motion to send 2729 back to House Ed Budget, approved on roll call vote 69-52
Had to eat pizza to get motivated to roll this L 😩 idk what to call this struggle !
Roll Call vote on sending bill back to committee
"Aye let me call you right back my mama calling me"
My mom, she named me mario bt the ppl, they call me slumps, nd i been on this kush nd og for a minute bt my lady she wont roll my trees jack
"Call me butter because I'm on a roll" -my ASL teacher😂
Red Wolf Roll Call REPLAY 3-18-16 on your ROCK & JOCK Home of NEA, LIVE from the Medic One Studios!
SCOOP from Senate Dems want the Labor Dept to audit Restaurant Associates over wage practices
where we are a we call a bread roll a batch, that's what it's called + I will always use batch, never the other name as its wrong
Can't wait for to be added into my podcast roll call
Call me. If you don't already have my phone number, then America is in a sad situation. featured in NBC s Science of Love
please put us on roll call . Lincoln nebraska . Northeast high school.
See, I'd just call any "hot dog like thing in a crescent roll like thing" a pig in a blanket. XD
Drum roll collection stars on Wed 30th on Call the Council Here's a taster
Call me butter come I'm on a roll today.
I like people who call me out on my crap. I might roll my eyes, but I'll adjust.
Preview for my first song on the Album, Last Call: Pizza Roll Shortage
Ima put burritos on a pizza then roll the pizza around the burritos and call it a Pizzurrito.
You're on a roll! Call it an egg roll! Keep name-calling. Must must be in Middle School!
CALLING ALL DANCERS THIS SATURDAY!!! . Mark your calendars, call off work, carpool and roll…
I've never gambled I would probably bring a roll of quarters and call it good when it's all gone but stay in a fancy hotel & cheap buffet
Rep calls for roll call vote on amendment to get rid of existing bill and ban private prisons instead.
Roll me in neon please and call me Poppy, sunshine means summer
I'm so excited for the Vol Roll Call tonight! 😍😍😍😍
Today has been a tough day for many of us. But we are still here and we have survived. . Now it's Roll Call Time... h…
Legislator who called for roll call vote on amendment to ban private prisons is Thanks!
Hilstrom amendment to ban private prisons fails. She asks for roll call vote on full bill, encourages colleagues to vote no.
Missed this legislator's name, but she's calling to adopt amendment to ban private prisons--calling for roll call vote.
can u give Walker High School in Jasper, AL a shoutout on Roll Call
Roll Call! Tell us how your troop celebrated National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend by commenting below!
Roll Call: What part of the country will you be representing at the 11th Annual Jazz In The Gardens? Use the hashtag & let us know!
Roll Call: Todd went over 1000 in his rookie campaign & has been awarded ROTY https:/…
Republicans Looking for a Way to Say 'Yes' – Roll Call (blog)
.gets down and dirty with her resume in our new video feature, Roll Call!
Roll Call of all my family me honor them. . Chuck Hopkins Corey Jones Derrick Johnson Trice Howard...
Pretty sad that UW moved the Veteran's Roll Call outside today but left the Holocaust Remembrance week people inside on Veteran's Day.
I do it for hip hop, Roll Call, Black hippy freestyle. It's like NWA with a different name
ROLL CALL: Who else has Aussie Cheese Fries on their mind?
Roll call.Who all is here and wants a FREE shirt right NOW? In my next post I am going to ask...
Women, and the men who love them, should notice that the Republican Party wants to make a political issue of your...
Funny to hear the lack of ruckus for the Leafs roll call
yeah . old fandom didnt want to call them BOTH Malik, and "Marik/Malik" was confusing, so some ppl still just roll with Melvin
Just in case you guys were wondering where taxpayer money is going.
PIONEER GIRLS: be at LJ Williams Theatre by 8:20 tomorrow for roll call!! Full concert attire!
We are listing all blogs owned by Ghanaians or focused on Ghana. Is your blog in the list? http:/…
LAST CALL! Accepting questions for both our Jets Audibles Podcast with Chad Pennington & my Q&A. Let's roll.
Shoutout to lex and Sabrina for ending our roll call game with their one about me
"I'll call you back", yh, roll safe cause I ain't returning no calls still
Or just regret not sending someone to get me the TFCC Chromedome from Roll Out Roll Call last weekend...
: House Roll Call: a special panel on Planned Parenthood
Wrap Up for Wednesday, October 7, 2015: Roll Call Votes. Motion to waive the Budget Point Of Order with respect...
Almost the LAST CALL to see me become a man!Roll up with my homie Seth Rogen & get crazzzyy at my Bar Mitzvah!ENTER: htt…
opening for this Sunday at Roll Call - who's coming?
Roll Call: Anyone else going to the Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) solo show at the Masonic Lodge next Tuesday?
Gavel used, Roll Call sheet for the vote & Draft page of 1st article of impeachment, 1998
Roll Call: Recently introduced legislation in the Senate HS
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Roll Call!! Who's coming out to Blue Spring South tonight?
Roll Call: Key votes from the congressional delegation this week (copy)
Roll Call: Key votes from the Wisconsin congressional delegation this week (copy)
"Real *** Roll Call" by Lil Jon & Ice Cube (got the guiness world record for most curse words in a track)
CQ Budget Tracker from CQ Roll Call has a new staff writer, John Bennett,
Reports: Hagan won’t challenge Burr in 2016 - WASHINGTON, D.C. — Roll Call is reporting that former Senator...
Roll Call - Are you coming to the 2015 National High School Finals Rodeo? Comment with the state you'll be...
Hey wassup C/O this new track from the 707 compilation called Roll Call
SDWC: Congresswoman Kristi Noem named by CQ Roll Call as one of 25 most influential women in Congress: In a bo...
Brown hopes D. C. residents will be sipping on some civil disobedience next Thursday. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call...
Roll Call! Who all is competing this weekend at either the Rice Festival or Care-A-Lot?
Roll Call's Niels Lesniewski recounts the weekend battle between President Obama and Sen. John McCain over the...
Drudge Report number one source for referral traffic to the Daily Mail, CNN, Fox News, Roll Call, Breitbart, The Ne…
Of all the names on the Roll Call casualty list—issued statements only on Reid, Mikulski, Boxer and Nunnelee.
Could Patty Murray become maj leader? "If I drop dead? I don't know," Harry Reid told Roll Call earlier this year
According to Roll Call, nearly every elected Democrat in Maryland is considering running for the now-open Senate seat
Roll call! Follow , and for the most accurate winter weather updates!
Hey our school system has already call & CXLD school for tomorrow.Yep,cause that's how we roll down here.
just call me butter because I'm on a roll
On a roll with the Aussie theme this morning! Let's steal Kimbra from NZ and call her ours - here is 'Settle Down' :) ht…
Slow your roll, Pseudo-Dom. I call everyone in this precinct 'Sir'.
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