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Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris, CBE, AM (born 30 March 1930) is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter, composer, painter and television personality.

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we call it 'operation yewtree' in the UK due to what happened with Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris.
Rolf Harris situation broke my heart. Childhood memories of 'Two Little Boys' ruined.
I'm at a karaoke bar and a bit confused. No-one sings Rolf Harris or the like anymore but people still openly sing R. Kelly? Hm
Is that pictureof Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville,Anthony Blunt or Queens body guard the queens, the butler all pedophi…
Ah the memories, bizarrely we had Dave Lee Travis & Rolf Harris as the flight attendants, wha…
I will wait for to appoint Rolf Harris to investigate the revelations, and then give a Peerage to him…
(locked account). Remember when Jamie Oliver told teachers they are doing it all wrong, then employed convicted sex offender Rolf Harris?
I love Two Little Boys & Jake The Peg. Don't tell me Rolf Harris never touched anyone when he dies...
I liked a video Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile joke about their friendship
Garry Glitter and Rolf Harris will fit the bill perfectly
Shame of the BBC bringing this up about Graham Taylor after the man has passed. The BBC covered for Rolf Harris & Saville…
Ha! Funny how time puts a diff spin on things. I might as well have dated Rolf Harris or Max Clifford
Yeah but you did get the edition where Rolf Harris signed in place of Paul
Funny how the ethnicity of Jimmy Savile, Ian Huntley, Rolf Harris and the rest of the white majority of sex of…
Rich, coming from the land that brought us Rolf Harris and Germaine Greer,
Headlined by Bryan FoxHunt Ferry, supported by Cliff Richard and Rolf Harris. Holographic projection…
A likeness of Rolf Harris is removed a mural on the historic Dimmeys building in Melbourne
Using bizarre logic, should we continue to celebrate Rolf Harris as a great Australian entertainer?
So according to Charles Manson, Rolf Harris and Bernie Madoff are Republicans.
Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall all worked for the BBC. Worth every penny? Covering up sex…
will be Rolf Harris. An old man picking up young girls in a police box, promising the universe. He was born for this role.
Jo Konta is as British as Rolf Harris, Jason Donovan, and a Vegemite sandwich.
I share my b'day with Warren Beatty, Eric Clapton & Rolf Harris - which explains why I'm a ladies man with slow hands and…
What a cracking boozer. Any pictures of Rolf Harris on the wall?
I wonder if the press will treat Julie Wadsworth the same way as they have treated people like Rolf Harris, Jonathan King and Gary Glitter
Lineker /walker's crisps ad campaign withdrawn after shots . Of Lineker holding up pictures of Fred west Savile Adam Johnson and Rolf Harris
I'd rather have Fred & Rose West as child minders whilst I went down the shops to buy a Rolf Harris painting than vote Corbyn
Walkers Crisps social ad backfires as Lineker snapped with Fred West and Rolf Harris by…
Friday Quiz: Jimmy Savile, Gary Barlow, Phil Collins, Jim Davidson, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Tarbuck, Kate Bush - what do they have in common?
Looks more like Rolf Harris to me...and the guy with the beret is Frank Spencer, oooh Betty!
Rolf Harris's brother says former star is no paedophile | Daily Mail Online
. Wonder if Julie Bishop will cancel Rolf Harris's passport.
As an fan, I just know I am going to scroll down and read that we've signed Rolf Harris.
When you see Rolf Harris trending and hope for the worst
Rolf Harris won’t face a second retrial in sex abuse case after jury fails to reach verdict
1 of Rolf Harris accusers waited 30 yrs to complain - on day £200k compo headline appeared: system needs close exam
Rolf Harris: shocking indictment of system that 87 year old can be dragged before court on 40 year old minor charges
had a dream the other night that I had to have sex with rolf harris
Rolf says: Next time, Try me in Kangaroo / Crown Court.
No retrial for Rolf Harris "...we offer no evidence to the four counts on the indictment.”
Rolf Harris is still a paedophile and a child abuser. A case against him being dropped doesn't change that. He will die an abuser.
Colonel SANDERS look-a-like ROLF HARRIS found 'not guilty' on split jury in latest trial and is now a free man...
Prosecutors will not seek a second retrial of Rolf Harris over alleged. historical sex attacks on teenage girls
Pity the CPS in their desperation to keep Rolf Harris behind bars have failed to secure prosecutions and allow him to boast "innocence" :(
BREAKING NEWS - Jury in Rolf Harris trial discharged after failing to reach verdicts on four indecent assault charges
The Police, CPS and judicial system has let Rolf Harris go free. What's to do when the state acts unlawfully?.
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Walkers will delete that Rolf harris video I bet so I've downloaded it & uploaded it. No, thank YOU.
Rolf Harris drove one woman to alcohol addiction, and destroyed her life (Guardian).
Outcome of Rolf Harris' latest sexual abuse trial makes me wish English juries could return a verdict of 'Not Proven' as we can in Scotland
Rolf Harris jury discharged after failing to reach verdicts
Rolf Harris saw himself untouchable he showed a pattern of sexual behaviour toward he's victims and…
Due to length of prison sentence Rolf Harris will be on Sex Offenders…
Rolf Harris gets off. Nothing to do with his good pals
With Rolf Harris and the late Lord Janner now cleared, we conclude a) they were victims of malicious liars b) it was too hard to prove?
JUST IN: A judge has formally found Entertainer Rolf Harris not guilty on four counts of indecent assault:
Rolf Harris walked free today after the jury failed to reach a verdict on charges of indecent assault…
Rolf Harris needs his kangaroo tying down. Dirty swine.
Rolf Harris case dropped after jury fails to reach verdicts.
Rolf Harris jury discharged as they fail to reach a verdict on indecent assault charges
wow . this Rolf Harris fandom ting is rogue
As convicted paedo Rolf Harris walks free from court it must be remembered he is still a convicted abuser of girls as…
BBC referring to convicted paedo Rolf Harris as former entertainer. Apparently the paedo is relieved that he's not goi…
Whilst I know something about Rolf Harris I would also make the point you he is entitled to protest his innocence- convicted or not.
"Rolf Harris". Let us not forget that Theresa May has hidden pedophilia in her own party.
So, are we allowed to like Rolf Harris again now?
- Rolf Harris jury fails to reach indecent assault verdicts:
Rolf Harris walks free after jury fails to reach verdict
Rolf Harris free already... can't quite believe it, makes me feel sick. And we wonder why these types of crimes so often go…
So convicted unrepentant child abuser Rolf Harris wasn't convicted of some charges. It doesn't nullify the fact that h…
Rolf Harris is 'either innocent or an *** defence lawyer says
Rolf Harris gets let off latest charges. Lucky dirty old paedo. Let's hope for peoples justice and someone strings him up!
Rolf Harris walks free as indecent assault case is abandoned
No it effin doesn't. Not for survivors, not for ANYONE. Rolf Harris is a child abuser and will die a child abuser http…
says the guy denying Rolf Harris has been convicted for child abuse
Rolf Harris You are a star and in my childhood and later in my adult years an inspiration taking up art as a hobby
Rolf Harris is the governments guy so theres no surprise hes been freed and supported by the BBC.
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: TV star Harris walks free after new sex charges fail LONDON: Veteran children's entertainer Rolf Harri…
*** ? Rolf Harris has been cleared of four sex assault charges after a jury could not reach verdicts! So much for the NO justice System!
Top story: Jury discharged in Rolf Harris case - BBC News see more
Amazingly, Rolf Harris supporters now claiming he's going to be proven innocent over past convictions too
Disgraced Entertainer Rolf Harris has walked free from court
Rolf Harris walks free as prosecutors abandon historic indecent assault case
Cameras wait for Rolf Harris after he was formally acquitted of four historical indecent assault charges at Southwa…
That's Rolf Harris. The guy wearing the beret holding the rifle is Frank Spencer. Ooh Betty!
Rolf Harris arrested by Operation Yewtree police via Got to be a malicious windup This…
Rolf Harris waves to photographers as he arrives at court in person for first time since prison release SICKENING
Rolf Harris arrives at sex attacks trial after his release from prison via
Seriously idont have any sympathy for Rolf Harris if he's rotten in jail
BREAKING NEWS: Rolf Harris is released from prison and returns home
Why is describing Rolf Harris as 'veteran entertainer' and not 'convicted paedophile'
Rolf Harris ‘facing fresh historical sex allegations from...
So your upset and angry at Rolf Harris being released today ?. Try sparing a thought for those he abused. Imagine how t…
As Rolf Harris is released from prison only to stand trial again, the Ecuadorian embassy says they may have a room​.
Rolf Harris charged with seven more counts of indecent assault...
Rolf Harris released from prison after almost three years
Fully expecting Rolf Harris to sign for Sheffield United tomorrow
Entertainer Rolf Harris to face further sex crime charges...
Rolf Harris charged with seven more sex abuse attacks as young as 12
Former Sydenham resident Rolf Harris charged with seven counts of indecent assault
05-20 Pervert Rolf Harris in bid to move prisons to be closer to his sick wife
BREAKING: Rolf Harris has just signed for Sheffield United.
Could give Rolf Harris a run for his money.
Rolf Harris to be charged with seven counts of indecent assault...
Rolf Harris has just turned up at the Ecuadorean Embassy with a chicken and a fishing rod.
Rolf Harris wants to leave Stafford Prison to be nearer wife
05-19 Rolf Harris in court on seven new indecent assault charges
Chris Cornell is dead but Rolf Harris is still walking the earth. We truly live in a godless universe.
Boris Johnson offends Sikhs by discussing whiskey Tariffs in a Sikh temple . Boris is to diplomacy what Rolf Harris is to…
Rolf Harris allegedly groped girls whilst filming for BBC - Daily Mail
Rolf Harris 'slipped hand up girl's skirt while her father stood near'.
Rolf Harris 'groped three young females in a sexual way', court told via
Rolf Harris "put hand up girl’s skirt after she asked him for autograph at awards do"
Rolf Harris faces groping trial in London; We don't need people like Harris taking up valuable news time. Lock him away to rot.
Rolf Harris "groped girl, 13, and asked if she was often molested"
Rolf harris.Bill cosby.Priests and now the pope.must of been protocol within the brotherhood when t…
Rolf Harris faces groping trial in London -
Rolf Harris groped three girls at TV studios and music event, court hears
Rolf Harris faces court in London on new groping charges, pleads not guilty to all of them:
Rolf Harris has faced court in London for the first day of his new trial, facing four charges of incident assault.…
Rolf Harris ‘groped three young females in a sexual way’, court told
Rolf Harris 'groped girl after TV show'
Good on you Shelly!! Laws reminds me of Rolf Harris!!! can you imagine the uproar if Kyle Sandilands said that!
Rolf Harris faces court on groping charges via
"Rolf Harris faces court on groping charges"
No cos Jimmy Savile & Rolf Harris raped so can we talk about that & how…
MP Melonie onn? why is she in grimsby and what for, pcc keith Hunter who works for Rolf Harris & Max Clifford nonces,…
John Laws, Donald Trump, Rolf Harris the list goes on. DIRTY OLD MEN. It's not about being PC, it's about RESPECT
I couldnt agree more, he reminds me of that scumbag rolf harris
Rolf Harris faces groping trial in London if this scumbag is released he'll keep being a sleaze bag.
Rolf Harris accused of groping girl, 13, after TV show
Exclusive: Trinity Union termcard to feature Rolf Harris and Tony Benn 'waxing lyrical' on Varsity
In other news Jimmy Saville had a successful resurrection, he will be co hosting TOTP with Rolf Harris and DLT
So jokes how Stafford is most famous for having the worst hospital in the country and Rolf Harris the famous peedo in our prison
My new streamlined look... The "Rolf Harris" temporarily removed!. Due to popular demand, the beard may yet make...
Rolf Harris is innocent, he was stitched
Amanda Knox, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile and Max Clifford all pulled the wool over Simon Hatterston…
Ignore the creepy Rolf Harris intro, here's Lee Hazlewood doing the always relevant Cold Hard Times on the BBC 1971:
It's how things were. Tommy Steele had Nikita Khrushchev, Rolf Harris had Idi Amin, and Bernard Cribbins got Papa Doc Duvalier.
thought you would have preferred Rolf Harris' stuff
Rolf Harris Must Fall: Ambassador weighs in on SOAS's statue dispute
How does a paedophile who raped 2 girls get off??Rolf harris didnt and neither shld any paedo *** is that!
Granted, my Mom introduced Broadway shows, Pete Seeger, Rolf Harris and Peter & the Wolf, so fairly balanced.
Can we have a Zlatan related joke with Rolf Harris & Jimmy Saville?
Gift that keeps on giving those 2...all paedos should be killed apart from Rolf Harris I like his paintings
Why does Ed Sheeran sound like Rolf Harris at the start eh Barcelona
People so busy these days and I've got more time on my hands than Rolf Harris!
You didn't include Jimmy Saville. I always found him to be weird. I didn't see Rolf Harris though.
*** is gonna' get a good ol' bumming from Rolf Harris in prison. Yeah, Man!
And now over to Jimmy Savile at The BBCs under14 xmas party with Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris, Beeb you have a lot to answer for
who Rolf Harris and Saville.? Youre avoiding the main issue. Hundreds of men using one girl.
wouldn't set foot in the Rolf Harris Arena
A noted Homophobe, who wrote similar articles about Rolf Harris and paedophiles.
Like sending Rolf Harris to open a new childrens home
😂😂😂 probably as twisted as Rolf Harris too
I don't even want to know what Rolf Harris had on his props!!
A bloody workers union ffs and the one in the middle looks like Rolf Harris.
Its easy to find him.. He's visiting rapists.. Next he will be visiting Rolf Harris and Rose West.
Jimmy Saville,Rolf Harris just 2 people the BBC promoted as flagship talk about anime .Joke
Rolf Harris already did that. I loved his books as a kid.
I mean, my God, George Galloway. Will Michael Gove do one? Marine le Pen? Rolf Harris?
think it reprehensible interview Bill Henson. Equivalent to pedophile acceptance. Cf Rolf Harris
Having in charge of your country must be like having Rolf Harris as your child's doctor.
Bolt is to journalism what Jimmy Saville is to Child Care and Rolf Harris is to Art. He's a fake and a blowhard!
First it was Jimmy Saville, then it was Rolf Harris. Who's next, Basil Brush?
Love child of Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville. Where are those Two Little Boys?
'I remember once I found this really nice Rolf Harris jumper in tk maxx' .. do you mean Ralph Lauren Hun?
domain names
haaa Gary say what you want about Rolf Harris but he was a good artist
waiting for Rolf Harris comment from Johnny
broadcast by Rolf Harris cleared in new sex crime trial
Rolf Harris cleared of three sexual assault offences
harris Why are his assets not being stripped? He continued to earn good money while commiting these crimes👍🙋
: Rolf Harris cleared in new sex crime trial 86-year old cleared of new charges, still imprisoned on ear…
Rolf Harris cleared of three sex charges but could face retrial on four more: Hearing to take place next Wednesday…
Rolf Harris cleared in new sex crime trial
Rolf Harris cleared in new sex crime trial euronews
A faint hint of justice on the horizon as Rolf Harris cleared of latest accusations you read it here first…
Updated: Rolf Harris grateful to jury after he was found not guilty of assaulting two women and a girl http…
Started reading a book about 80s TV today...and instantly cringed when Rolf Harris was mentioned (it's a few years old) 😖
Jury clears of racism, another Jury clears Rolf Harris of sex crimes. Jury still out on MoJ victimisation…
So it's not farewell then again Rolf Harris. "Not guilty" yes that is the jury's catchphrase. Back in panto this Xmas Rolf? Oh no he won't.
Quick legal explainer, lads: If Rolf Harris cleared of 3 sexual/indecent assault charges but still convicted of 12, it doe…
All purpose parts banner
Rolf Harris faces seven additional charges of sexual assault...
To think you were so gutted when they cancelled the Rolf Harris one. And what did I say? I said grow it. You're welcome.
I hope these people lynch Rolf Harris, that will definitely send a message to the the elitist scum!
Rolf Harris cleared of three sex offences
Rolf Harris to be charged with multiple counts of indecent assault
Frank Skinner's nightmare is great fun for us
Serial paedophile Rolf Harris to face fresh sex allegations
I am calling Rolf Harris to repent to Allah and read Quran. Allah will help you!
Former TV star Rolf Harris, 86, cleared of three sex assault charges and jury discharged at UK court
Rolf Harris cleared of sex assault charges
Rolf Harris cleared of three sex charges in second trial - via
Rolf Harris 'grateful for care and attention' of jury; may face retrial on four… via
A reminder for the hard of thinking that Rolf Harris is still guilty of the crimes he's already been convicted for.
But they DID have a lighter load when DWP was sending out notifications ;-)). A small victory for Rolf Harris today…
Rolf Harris did not give evidence but his lawyer claimed victims were 'fakes' who just wanted compensation pay-out
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Rolf Harris cleared of three sex offences. Jury discharged on reaching verdicts on other charges after they could not agree
Statement from Rolf Harris' solicitor drowned out by a defrocked bishop doing a joyous Irish jig outside Southwark Crown…
Rolf Harris cleared of latest trumped-up charges.
Rolf Harris has already been convicted of 12 assaults on 4 children (as young as 8), but because 1 went his way people thi…
At last, a victory for Rolf - albeit Pyrrhic.cleared of latest charges
Entertainer Rolf Harris could walk free from prison within months after being clea…
Rolf Harris being cleared of his charges
Rolf harris cleared of 3 out of 12 charges. Bit of consolation goal that,yeah you had a win but youre still in prison and yo…
Bressie goes back to the books as he enrols in Masters in Psychotherapy
Rolf Harris trial: Ex-TV star cleared of sex assault charges. Can you tell what it is yet? A lucky so & so, paedo!
Sketch of Rolf Harris in court today.
Rolf Harris, artists impression during his recent court appearance.
Rolf Harris found not guilty of indecent assault and sex assault charges -
Rolf Harris cleared of sex assault charges by jury
Rolf Harris trial: Singer cleared of three charges
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Were u harrased when the truth about Saville, Rolf Harris, Ian Watkins came out? Were u Hated4the actions of a few white men?
Go and read and learn the truth. Rolf Harris has been fitted up
Jury in Rolf Harris sex and indecent assault trial retires to consider verdicts
random fact Rolf Harris is in gaol for the same offences that Trump talks about doing.
Yes, it does sound like the beginning of a song, sadly it's by Rolf Harris.
Wrong guy? Rolf Harris is a vile abuser and convicted sex offender.
Tough pick for that one. Brandis, Abbott, Milat, Rolf Harris….Turnbull.
"If all it takes to send a man to prison . . is an uncorroborated accusation from 45 years ago then no man is safe" htt…
Rolf Harris fed his "appetite" by groping women and girls in public places, a jury has been told.
Rolf Harris jury retires to consider verdicts -
Could have been worse - could have called her Rolf Harris.
But then again I liked rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville once. How can I watch father Ted or IT crowd now without taint?
Rolf Harris jury retires to consider its verdicts
Jury retire to consider verdicts in Rolf Harris trial
Rolf Harris accusers seeking money or fame, court hears
Alleged victim told Rolf Harris to 'f**k off' after taxi incident, court hears
Closing arguments made at Rolf Harris indecent assault trial
wait till it comes about when he flat shared with Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter would pop round.
They are discussing on Ironically I got mine for drawing a picture of Rolf Harris in Animal Hospital
Something Bad Here! Rolf Harris was in the next court on sex charges!
A jury in London has retired to consider its verdict in Rolf Harris' indecent and sexual assault trial.
Some would say I look like a younger version of rolf harris
over this stupid Rolf Harris courts. They shall open up before not when everyone else is doing it now. What next the pope
Rolf Harris' legal team slam Op Yewtree for giving 'fake victims' tactical advice about seeking compensation from his £11m…
twice! Or sing him Rolf Harris songs until he gives in. 😂
The Rolf Harris trial information makes me feel nauseous.
Rolf Harris jury retires to consider verdicts...
If they get stuck we could call on Rolf Harris he apparently has good people skills
😽 Jury in Rolf Harris recalled from deliberating to watch 1978 video ➡️ ➡️
Rolf Harris 'vulnerable' after fall from grace, court hears.
Prosecutor points to Rolf Harris' convictions but defence says complainants lying
(ahum_clears throat) planty - crocodile dundee, rolf harris, air supply. do I need to go on??
and wouldn't send in paratroopers to rescue fellow-old-rapey-man Rolf Harris 😨
Hard to imagine a "harder or faster" fall from grace than that of Rolf Harris, says defence counsel:…
Rolf Harris jury retires to consider verdicts
The jury in trial for indecent and sexual assaults has retired to consider verdicts
Jury in trial of Rolf Harris retires to consider verdicts via
Rolf Harris charged re 7 counts of indecent assaults 45yrs after crimes but CPS claimed 13yrs 2 long re killer GPs! https:…
Rolf Harris:Jury in indecent, sexual assaults trial retires to consider verdicts -02-Feb-2017- NZ International news
Jimmy Saville wasn't Muslim, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, evil is in every religion. Not all Christians Peodophiles cos of them
You mean Jimmy Saville & ROLF HARRIS & Gary Glitter. Please, please, there is evil in all walks of life 😢
.The jury were told about Rolf Harris' convictions for indecent assault within minutes of the trial opening.
Rolf Harris jury 'got it wrong' in Trial 1, his lawyer has told a second trial on further allegations.
Rolf Harris trial: first jury 'got it wrong' because accuser lied, court hears
Rolf Harris has been FITTED UP!! He is innocent!. Rolf Harris indecent assault jury 'got it wrong' -
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Come on you lot, support Rolf Harris!. via
Are you projecting again, Piers? You're the one who was friendly with Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter
Rolf Harris said 'let's give you a little cuddle' as he groped 12-year-old fan next to her mother, court hears. .
Woman who claims she was groped by Rolf Harris told her mother who said: 'Don't be so stupid.'
Rolf Harris told a 12-year-old fan 'let’s give you a little cuddle' as he leaned in to grope her in front of her mother, c…
One of Rolf Harris's alleged victims told her friends 'I'll tell you who'll be next' when she saw reports exposing Jimmy S…
Self-described 'music fan' wowed by Rolf Harris' hit single Two Little Boys says he didn't see the star do anything 'untow…
Rolf Harris 'asked schoolgirl "do you often get molested on a Saturday morning?" .
Rolf Harris 'slobbered all over blind, disabled woman and put hand down her skirt'
Rolf Harris sex assault trial begins as jury sworn in
Rolf Harris on trial accused of sexual assaults on blind woman and young girls
Australian Entertainer Rolf Harris has returned to court in London, to face charges of indecently assaulting women…
Rolf Harris 'slobbered over blind and disabled woman he groped at eye hospital' -
Rolf Harris 'has propensity for indecently assaulting young females' - Irish Independent
Rolf Harris is now accused of indecently assaulting seven more women and girls, in "brazen" attacks at celeb appearances an…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Will he be teaming up with Rolf Harris to make a new song?
Rolf Harris allegedly asked victim: ‘Do you often get molested on a Saturday morning?’
Any1 who says it was 'the norm' and acceptable behaviour for those times is equally as guilty of not protecting chn .
Odd that people now know that Rolf Harris was a nasty man, but find it hard to believe Thatcher and her Govt covered up na…
Court told Rolf Harris allegedly groped 7 women in public, triggering shock from jury, and job offer as Trump's US ambass…
Rolf Harris accused of assaulting seven women and girls: Former Entertainer Rolf Harris goes on ..
Rolf Harris committed ‘brazen’ sexual assaults on seven women and girls, court hears
this from someone who use the lines of a song Rolf Harris made famous as his profile.
Rolf Harris asked girl, 13, 'Do you often get molested on a Saturday morning?', court hears as he stands trial ...
It would be poetic if the rest of Rolf Harris' public life is illustrated by rushed sketchy court drawings.
Rolf Harris made brazen sexual assaults on seven people, court hears
Rolf Harris appears in court for second indecent assault trial - ABC Online
Two years since I hurriedly made this sign for Just noticed how much looks like Rolf H…
Saw Rolf Harris trending and thought the worst... Surely not Chelsea's next Director of Football.
I cannot and will not believe Rolf Harris is a paedo
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I bet Rolf Harris must've been well jealous watching somebody do an artist's impression of him in court. .
Rolf Harris jury told of previous convictions as new indecent assault trial begins
Bloody oath it's like Rolf Harris defending Jimmy Savile eh.
Rolf Harris faces trial on seven new indecent assault charges
how about Rolf Harris ,Gary Glitter and special guest of honour Jimmy Saville
do you judge all white men by the actions of Saville, Rolf Harris, Cyril Smith & Stuart Hall?
It's official 2016 is on crack . Andy You bore the pants of everyone Murray gets knighted . yes knighted . Hope for rolf Harris yet
Lee Mason being employed as a referee makes as much sense as Rolf Harris being a childminder... just saying
Jimmy Savile & Rolf Harris both in the same Saturday kids slot. Different times. Both honored by the Queen yet I st…
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