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Role Model

The term role model generally means any person who serves as an example, whose behavior is emulated by others .

Kelly Ayotte Donald Trump Happy Birthday Florence Henderson

Happy Sunday to one of my role model I admire you Sir 🏅🏆
Castro was a solid role model for you then, just at the other extreme of the political spectrum.
You're seriously my role model. 💙 I was blessed to meet her today. I love her. 💙
you are a perfect role model. You should definitely run for president when you are old enough. The epitome of grace
◀▶ Ever since I've became a Yoongi stan, he's been my role model. ◀▶ .
She is so amazing and such a true inspiration and role model and I look up to her so much! ❤️
Stan is a rescue Chihuahua mix. He was the role model for Bob, the do...
You are a great football player, and an even better person. Thank you for being a great role model. The world needs more DB.
Lauren is bold and unafraid, a role model w/ a mind way ahead of her years, .
Mrs. Brady, Florence Henderson, was a role model for women of that era, showing women they really could do it all: Cook AND bake.
Gosh, Donald, that sounds like YOUR KIND OF GUY! Your role model! Strongman!
As a Disney lover, fan, and Pacific Islander I am so proud to see Moana be a role model to young girls. IM CRYING OMG STOP
You are my role model. I'm from GA too . I am currently in the Air Force . One day I hope to meet you 😄
That's a fact. My son was my role model. Perfect amount of cockiness and confidence
I'm probably gonna be your little brothers role model.
you are such a big role model for me hope I can get to talk to you a few more excellent season.   10% Off
RIP to my role model and the realest OG out their Fidel Castro! You will be missed my Friend
Every Ahmadi in general, and every office holder in specific, should be a role model. 11/25
thank you for being my role model. you're seriously a big brother to me and I couldn't tell you how much I truly appreciate you
Real classy, I'm a lifelong Cowboys & Mich fan. Way to be a role model for the younger ones. I expect that from a bucknut
Florence Henderson- A female entertainment role model will be so missed. From 1 of the 1st female Tonight Show host 2 establishing Ok, more
hey Bobby, just wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration and role model to me! Peace, Love, and Positivity!
Look at all these males who lack a positive role model and/or father in their lives with this challenge
My special place in my room for my favourite role model ❤️
Well, Demi actually has a mental disorder. She wasn't "forced" to do anything. She's a grea…
You know it's these kinds of things that she does that really makes me proud to call her my role model.
It kills me to see my biggest role model growing up and someone that talented go down the wrong path😞
Seriously the entire metro benefits from funding the U. We have a huge base of good workers here. Minnesota should be a role model to WI...
you mean the world to me. Your my role model, hero & Inspiration. Much support from Australia with all my…
When I leave I want my boys to know that I love them so much and I do what I do to be the best role model for them
a girl you blocked is bullying me. You're a body positivity role model - help me fight back? Xoxo
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Assuming she doesn't care WHEN her children see this??? What a great role model of a patent.
Hillary Clinton is not a role model she is a sore loser
"Osama Bin Laden changed the New York skyline and was a role model for nerdy rich kids with daddy issues."
When you hear people campaign for "social justice," know that Castro is their role model.
You are my role model. You teached me 'How to step up when world throw you back'
specially now that she declared that her role model for Justice is fidel castro. Communist stupid.
A Class Act in every way. Great role model for me growing up. Inspired me to believe I could be whatever I could dream of.
Jack Kennedy must be rolling over in his grave that his niece Maria Shriver interviewed Castro and looks at him as a r…
Ivanka on Growing Up With Donald Trump, How He’s an ‘Incredible’ Role Model to Grandkids
Trump is not a Role Model, I know that. & Here's Crooked Hilary at a PRIDE parade.
If lying, verbally abusing people, being racist is being a good role model, Lady you are very disturbed.
hey, you just said American Hitler is a role model. Just FYI.
Senator Kelly Ayotte, who called Donald Trump a role model for children, later says she “misspoke”
Hadn't considered this before Either candidate a role model for our children? A truly troubling thought
Kelly Ayotte thinks Donald Trump is a 'role model' for children ... oh, wait, she 'misspoke'
RELEASE: Kelly Ayotte Says She Would “Absolutely” Point to Trump as a Role Model for Children
Gandhi was racist, sexually abused young women and was extremely corrupt and somehow he's still seen as a role model
Mike Pence said his role model for being VP is *** Cheney.
"This one should have been easy: Donald Trump is absolutely NOT a role model for children. Or for anyone for that matter…
It's not just the impact of Trump's words on young girls but young boys if he is a role model & they copy him.
I'm not voting for a role model. I'm voting to stop selling out my country to its enemies.
Ayotte says Trump 'absolutely' a role model for kids in NH debate.
The GOP nominated someone so vile that an incumbent Senator had to walk back a comment that kids should look up to him…
Mark Anthony Fernandez is an example of a recidivist. Even repeated rehab can't take out his addiction to substance. A role model to addicts
Hope Ovill McKenzie test results all come back good. Ovill is a credit to boxing and a good role model. Never quit once.…
How hard is it for a Senator from NH to simply say, NO Donald Trump is not a role model? leadership is anything but.
Makes me wonder how screwed up her own kids are if she thinks Trump is a good role model.
If I say Kim Kardashian is not a role model am I being misogynistic?
Praise Saddam Hussein, ask Russia to hack, trash women, don't pay taxes, lie, lie, lie,.you are a good role model i…
You don't get to campaign and pretend you're not a supporter of Trump, then call him a good role model. Our kids disag…
Saddest part of your statement is you called Trump a good role model then tried to trash Hillary because…
AYOTTE: TRUMP 'ABSOLUTELY' A ROLE MODEL FOR KIDS. Wow, if there ever a reason to vote Hassen, this is it!!
Can't vote but If I could I would vote for . She is the role model all women need. .
Watch attempt to normalize Trump as a role model for kids:
Kelly Ayotte says "Donald Trump is absolutely a role model for kids." She's right, kids don't pay taxes either.
Says an awful lot that an incumbent US Senator simply says the nominee of their party could be a role model and it's cons…
Welcome to GOP campaign *** a senator's clarification (!) is that her party's presidential nominee is NOT a good rol…
Happy 25th bday to one of my inspirations, my role model, my fashion icon and to the unproblematic queen 💕
Ayotte stumbles when asked if Trump is role model for children
Ayotte calls Trump role model in debate, quickly changes her mind
Bruh I swear Boosie is a role model lol
If Kelly Ayotte thinks Trump is a good role model, that calls into serious question her as a candidate, in addition to…
NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte says Trump is a good role model for children, especially those who haven't yet learned how to mock d…
People aren't upset with you. They're just worried. You're considered a public figure. A role model. People lo
Ayotte walks back Trump role model comments
What does it say re Trump that a sitting senator of his own Party has to clarify she mis-spoke when she called him a role-m…
Ayotte obviously thinks Trump is a good role model now that she's picking up his practice of completely contradicting herself a…
Pence should get asked the role model question at the debate tomorrow night. . It just might be trickier for him than you…
Too late You already said that YOU think is a good role model! You have BAD judgement & should be…
That didn't take long ... Kelly Ayotte says she 'misspoke' when she said Trump is a role model via…
Trump just spent a week fat-shaming a woman and bragging about not paying taxes; Kelly Ayotte calls him a role model http…
Who would have young fans. Without choice you're a role model.
This one may have legs: Sen. Kelly Ayotte says in NH debate that Trump would “absolutely” be a role model for kids https:…
Sylville Smith's Father Blames Himself For Being 'Wrong Role Model': “I had to blame myself for a lot of thin...
We need people in office like Willie Robinson, Father, Role Model, Motivator, Coach, Friend, Words I just wrote all real. Hope you win Bro.
Founder of Spiritique. Messenger of Love. Role Model to Muslim Youth & Sophisticated Art.
They just released a photo of the Dallas sniper..
Nice, how do you feel after meeting him? He's your role model?😉
Happy Birthday my sweet, my best friend, my admiration and reason for everything. You are a true role model to...
Role model of terrorists is nothing but a rat himself
Miley Cyrus thanking Hilary Duff for making her want to be a good girl and a good role model, the irony 😂
Would love to see get another run at the title, I don't like him but respect him. The constant in WWE & a good role model 4 kids
"Each of us, famous or infamous, is a role model for somebody, and if we aren't, we should behave as though we... https:…
This woman actually had sex with her own son. A role model for all the moms and sons out there.
Amandla Stenberg on why Rihanna is a role model to her.
if Alden is really a good man & a role model to his fans, he should just address his fans' issues personally during their me…
Listened to Shetamia Taylor, injured in recount the attack & how officers acted selflessly. She's incredibly strong— a role-model.
I get to see my role model/mentor/old Skills advisor tomorrow and I'm so excited I might cry
Honestly want to grow up and be a role model
is a seasoned manager and role model to many SAns - well done for a progressive appointment
I'm sorry you didn't make the team, I was rooting for you to be at Rio. You'll always be a top gymnast and a role model
Support all the felons you like. I prefer this kind of guy as a role model.
I am so proud to say that is my role model. ❤️'s for days!!
The police are the ones who should be looking up to Officer Tommy Norman as a role model not just the black kids he's hug…
because My Gf is My Role Model .. & shes my cheerleader .. She always pushing me too keep going 🤒❣️
RIP Dad 👼🏼 one whole year and I still can't believe it. Couldn't of asked for a better role model.
is so inspiring-not just an awesome actress but a wonderful role model! I love Descendants! Can't wait to see what she'll do!❤️
I got asked who brought me up DJing. Myself... Because I taught myself everything no role model no nothing me and my grind.
is a role model for every young Scot and Brit. Work hard, learn from failure and pursue your dreams - an icon…
If that's your idea of a good role model, have at it. His attacks on minorities are disgusting.
Really regret not being able to say final farewell to Edhi Sahab. He was my role model when I started SKMT & gave first m…
If black communities made this guy their role model instead of Deray and Sharpton,you wouldn't need BlackLivesMatter htt…
Small step to a bigger change! Share love for our environment❤ Great move from an actor who is a role model for fans
I finally met my role model yesterday, she's so *** beautiful
I love this little bean. She's my role model! 💕💖💜
Hardwork, Persistence, Training and Dedication paid off. Congrats to one *** of a learning role model Cristiano Ronaldo n team Portugal
Dr Mathews Phosa says he once told that the ANC is a role model for Africa and it must not be destroyed
I know you are everyone's role model but the kindness you show to other makes you a great person. Thank you 😊
Im hollow, intolerant, skip shots, i storm that whole bottle, i'll show you a role model
Trying to fit in pale IG. Leave that to the kids. Be a role model!
All purpose parts banner
You should not root for me. I am not your role model.
Happy Birthday to my role model love you so much!!
How the European PVC value chain became role model for
Some of y'all females need a role model in ya life's
What a role model is for aspiring British Sportspeople. Doesn't get the credit he deserves IMO
regrann from - Happy Birthday to you boss, role model, mentor , friend and a…
watched 'Girl Meets World' and she is actually an incredible role model and she loves her u selena…
I will NEVER stop striving to be a great law-abiding citizen and a role model for the children in my community!
on Mtv sc about anxiety. this is why she's such a role model to me 😊❤️
This shows that even if you're a respectful, law abiding black citizen, you can still get shot.😔
Yeah that was my Role Model, my Grandma . !!!
500 students, and he memorized all their names. AND their food allergies. He should've been able to work today:
is reckless and shady! How can she be a good role model for children?🤔
I love how politically active you are, and how you truly care. Thanks for being such a great role model 👍🏼❤️
Were proud of the both you for becoming our role model💗
I just can't wait to be a role model for my kids one day. Gonna be awesome some lil verbys
He was a man who mattered. "was a role model to hundreds of kids"
"This was a real guy. He made a real contribution. Yes, black lives matter. But this man mattered.”.
Philando Castile was a role model to hundreds of kids via Tears of sadness.
“He remembered their names. He remembered who couldn’t have milk. He knew what they could have to eat and what... https:…
Acc to Hindustan Times survey, Shah Rukh Khan is the no.1 Role Model for Youth in India beating giants like Sachin, Modi…
Happy Birthday to this Legend, Teammate, Friend and of course Role Model to so many, Portia Modise!! 🎉
Congrats Lisa Marie Wiley of San Antonio! STEM Role Model & Maker….and Champion of Change!
~ I feel so honored to be featured in these series as a "Role Model* (real everyday heroes)". The word hero is one...
The Goddess as Role Model: Sita and Radha in Scripture and on Screen
For what your dad received this award? 2005 — Stardust Awards — Role Model for the Year
1-Role Model "You beef with me imma even the score equally : take you on Jerry Springer and beat ur *** legally"
Rihanna poses nude on a 'Role Model' t-shirt for her new tour merchandise!
remember guys, just because i'm not slaying a series right now doesn't mean you shouldn't be. i am a terrible role model. SLAY
Congratulations on your win! You are a wonderful role model for young girls and gave such a…
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has become. I love and admire her. I am so proud to have such an amazing role model.
'Role model' women honoured at Carnatic Culture music festival
A husband, a provider and a role model
We absolutely love the of Malala Yousafzai! Shes a role model that most girls…
thank you Jamie, for being my role model. I wanna be just like you when I grow up! I love you!!!
"I can't run! I dont feel like it!" -The little girl who just became my role model
What a great role model this guy is... lots of people look upto this guy and hopefully these words mean something
He has made light of domestic abuse in the black community & is not a role model
Maybe you should tell your Mom he was a role model husband? ;)
means so much to me Elsa ur like a idol of mine babe! such a role model!
"Poor so hard, who getting faded? Little Maurice in the sixth grade. No mama, no father, role model the dope game" - *** In Poorest
can think of thousands of Celtic fans who I wouldn't want to be a role model to my kids too...
Be empowered by w/e. She doesn't need to have the intent of being a role model but spotlights on her. At least b consistent w/ your beliefs.
you are my role model and u stay strong when people try to tear you down Z keep your body the way it is!
Hope it is not too late to wish a respected role model a Belated Happy bday
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People saying kim should use her fame to be a good role model but since when do we look up to kim as a role model fam
Just nominated Professor Bobby for the The Ian Greene Award for Teaching Excellence. A role-model for all Pro…
Countries trying to become more digital need a role model or a competitor
And if someone was a role model and so strong against surgery and fillers, who's had body issue.let them show its okay to give in to that
“We think she’s a role model,” he added. “She’s quirky and actually really funny, and those are things our brand stands for.”
Happy bday to my lil bro I try to remain a positive role model to ya and I hope u…
Sad part about this election that the young people of the year 2016 won't have a proper role model to look up to.
I swear Julius from is my role model
please ask Barton what kind of tackle is ok in the 1st 15 minutes of the semi and then final, to make a mark? What a role model 😷😷😷
tbh, is the most down to earth and honest person that is in the "spotlight". I wish I had a role model like her when I was younger.
It's also not a celebrity's job to be a good role model for your kids or "set a good example".
PangakoSayoPH: NickAwards2016 Kathryn Bernardo! She is a role model for kids and teens as well :)
"I would like to be called an inspiration to people, not a role model, because I make mistakes like everybody else. - Brit…
It's my birthday today but everyone I know forgot. Anyway, you're a huge role model for me!
Role model is a priority! Compete with great idea, but not violence...
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My other role model is my cousin michael. That kid has his life conpleted
great win and a try for you. Keep leading like you do, an awesome guy and role model for all. X
"I’m a role model for those who dare to be different. For those who dare to take a stand in their life and have an opinion" - Madonna
|| I am so blessed to have Allison as my adult role model.
There's nothing better than being an inspiration to someone! You may not know it but to someone you are a role model so don't stop being you
My WCE,my inspiration, more of a role model!!!. Love u Boityful
HBD to my role model & inspiration for coming to ashland 💜 I love you so much 😻 you deserve an amazing day
Picking and choosing your battles should also play into being a role model.
I remember when he was your role model
"To all the parents thankU4 allowing me 2B a role model for your children. I don't take it for granted"
We talk a lot about how Ana is not an empowering female character, but Grey is a lousy example of a positive role model …
A9: Leading by example and being a positive role model for both teachers and students.
Happy Birthday to one of the most inspiring woman you're an amazing role model. Enjoy ur day lovely 🎉❤️
A7: Be the role model by staying calm, staying focused on instruction and encouraging others regularly.
Imran Khan is a Role Model. and. Bilawal Bhutto is a LOL Model 😂😂
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thank you to Role Model, Professor Tara Moore for sharing with us a fantastic proverb.
. Everybody needs a Role Model in their life,. just remember, you had your own growin' up. Follow ya heart err-day, DON'T give up
Role Model to young girls all over Britain 😂😂😂 . Said the woman who let Drugs shut down a wise thought process
Happy new year to Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the Role Model.
Model school and Role Model teacher. Keep it up
Current life - "Mike Dexter is a God,Mike Dexter is a Role Model,Mike Dexter is an *** by
I liked a video from Priyanka Chopra on Being a Role Model
.Role Model of the Year awards nominations close on Wed! Know someone deserving of recognition? https…
Just a reminder that nominations for Out for Australia's inaugural Role Model of the Year awards close on...
"Hijabs and Hat-tricks" won Beyond Sports Award 4 best world project.Fadhila Hajji of Diverse City,role model for
Settsu is the role model for all players. It is the reason why I recommend all undrafted HS players to go Non-pro instead of College.
Obviously Mike Tyson is Mayweather's role model in money management. Aggressively dumb.
Check out our blog starring as she tells her us her incredible story! Read it at:
Junmyeon always act serious and firm , just like a role model as he's the leader of the group . but in fact he's so cute
along with one of my role model, a.k.a Leo Babauta . so proud.
Tips for team culture from role model leadership; agile; customer-focus; innovation; collaboration & data
dude congrats!! You're a freaking role model no lie 😭 I'm getting my degree in vet medicine so it'll be a journey
Congratulations on being named Victoria's Australian of the Year - a role model for lawyers everywhere |
Thank you for being my friend, my sister, my guide, my role model. Above all, thank you for being there for me.
୨୧˙˳⋆ buh-bye 🕊. i am truly, madly in love. with my princess, lisa. . i adore my wonderful, . and angelic role model,. and inspiration, louis.
My mom is my role model too! Great advice Woman of Distinction Sarah Cogan.
Instagram : by servian - Good person, awesome dad, great pilot... my role model ✈️. Thanks for the shot
You are a TRUE role model & my only wish is that I had the video to show my students at school -continued last time!!!
Happy Birthday to my role model who is always so pretty, so smart, and so perfect!! 💞 thanks for being my goals
my role model my mentor OBO BADDEST I need beta job use ur status as Africa biggest artist help me.i get peeps to feed...abeg
Some people be saying "I hate *** but be following Neil Patrick Harris as their role model. Smh
yes Guru ji With the help of Gov we definately make our country role model in the wolrd thanks to
My life saver, role model, sister. Im sooo proud to be on this beautiful journey with you .
Hey its my fav piccy. But my fav person aka my role model aka my best friend. ❤️❤️ I will always treasure this pic.
I'm legit obsessed with your videos your so real and genuine ❤️ your teaching me so much you are actually a …
What a good role model! Footballer Phil Neville has quickly picked up since his recent move to Valencia.
Role model day for Red Ribbon Wk. I'm wearing my jersey & telling my class that not all athletes are role models but Desi is one
you're multitalented, inspirational and a star - a much needed role model. See you soon, please x
My mom my role model strongest woman i know.
Jimin role model is Rain, Taeyang from Bigbang and Chris Brown.
ty for being such a role model, great friend, and an amazing person to talk to 👑 ilysm Ken 💘
Mr. Kalmar wrote me a letter of recommendation and says how Im a great role model to the school and a excellent student lmao
Role Model Mahendra Singh Dhoni at stadium giving tips to youngsters
My hero, my role model growing up, and best of all my bubba. I love and miss you always Tristan💘
Now, next time someone offers you a student role, don't hesitate to play the role. He can be your role model.
Exactly! He's a teacher and a role model. & he did not give a good example to those young men by just standing there
Punjab role model for Fiscal Management with 0.55 % Revenue Deficit as % of GSDP against Centre’
wow. well. Liking him (Ben Carson) as a person just halfway through this interview. if he has the capacity to select staff great.role model.
[My Name] Sujeong: My role model is IU sunbaenim who's good at singing, composing, writing lyrics, acting, and MCing!
Donjazzy ur my role model, I jst wana b like u, am an upcoming artist
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Fields 'role model'? doubt it. Ask students. Didn't come out of nowhere.
To my idol, role model and bae I love you ❤️
he makes his fans believe he is something his not and they follow him in everything. It's good to have a role model, but not to ride
Congratulations Ms. Bidya. Bhandari for achieving the. presidential position . You are a Role Model for all... =D>
Established in 28 Oct 95, SMB has become the top notch as a basketball team & role model for any professional team in the na…
Can you do follow me CB. You're my one and only role model for me. You're cool I hope I have your skills.
By educate I mean about opportunities like sport - great that you are a role model but these things need encouraging at home too!
I don't think of myself as a role model for others, but I like to live my life by my own integrity.
It's not what your students are learning, it's HOW they are learning that matters. Help them externalize their thinking. Role…
I really hope your little sister never finds someone like you and doesn't use you as a role model.
says "baroness" Michelle Mone, whose company and activity was exposed as dodgy. Some role model..
I never had a role model, I was loading gold hallows in my lil glock .40 😈💯
"Your illness does NOT define you" read our Q&A with Role Model about ending the stigma
Jesus is the true Baptizer with Divine Inspiration and Energy! Jesus is the true Leader and Role Model. Jesus Christ is King!
Jayant Sinha is a Role Model for other MPs.
Happy Birthday SEGUN ODEGBAMI, Nigerian Soccer Legend, "MATHEMATICAL", Defenders Nightmare.Humble giant, Role Model to us all
thank you for being. a wonderfully amazing person and. role model Harry! Could you follow. me pretty please? I love you!🌹12,751
"A hero is someone you like, a role model is someone you want to be like" wise words in our hero work…
Happy Birthday you are an amazing role model and athlete!🎉
Hi ◡̈. You are such a talented,. kind, and beautiful soul. —my role model. Would. you mind following me?. Love you tons!❥. 52.751
His behaviour was not of FCB standards. Not a good example for our young, future footballers. He's a big role model. Accept ban
Become the role model your daughter will never forget. Volunteer at the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada today!
This lassie is ma actual role model, actual amazing
Fantagio's new boy group ASTRO say their role model is Big Bang
I wish all the young performers will have the manners of Alden R. He has earned even more of my admiration as a role model …
Dear You inspire a lot of people including me. Thank you for being such a great role model.
Olivia found lost lunch money and turned it in. She is a great role model & why rocks!
Maybe Charles Barkley was right all those years ago. How to talk to your kids when their role model is a sports star.
Micah helped staff member by turning in money they dropped! He is an student & role model http:…
The "I got it" afternoon chat. Feel good to inspire people! You must back to be a role model, Amelia!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Exclusive Interview with Chris Pratt on Getting Fit, Star-Lord, and becoming a Role Model...
Shout-out and Congratulations to Carli Lloyd - Burlington County Resident - World Ambassador and Role Model.
True Native Beauty: Miss First Nations University of Canada is a Role Model!. Read more:...
May peace be upon him my Role Model
Another guest at BDU, Mr. Joel Stacy what an Awesome Community Partner and Role Model
World and Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison Talks about Judo and Being a Role Model via
Nxt Tuesday & delegation present as Role Model for flood risk management practices:
Dwayne Blake, HII vice president of investor relations, named "Role Model of the Year" by
Hello Sir,. A student from ABU Zaria wish you all the Best in the forth-coming elections, being you as our Role Model. IDRIS IBRAHIM FUNTUA.
Eugene Zwane is one of the guys are always looked up to, on & off the field. A great role model for footballers
Yea you're right you really need to work harder. Here, use me as your role model. I volunteer as tribute
Do like Kim K. have a duty to the public to be good role models? What is a "good role model"?
voted best female role model in TV & Film. Research by for
40% of the world's workforce is female but only 4.8% of CEOs are women. Explore the role model gap:
because she´s an amazing actress. beautiful human being and great role model.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Your story about survival is remarkable and then hitting big in WSOP? You are role model for everyone
My mother: A woman who has shattered glass ceilings, endured hardship, & has been a role model.
A mother, wife, working gal, role model, and dreamer. Never stop reaching for your dreams.
I'm about to have to go soon but thanks for being a great role model. I'm so proud of you bby ☺️
just watched interview on inspirational & such a great role model Downloading your book on Monday,can't wait
you deserve 4.5 million right now, you're the greatest role model anyone can have, I'm so proud of you ❤️
“This was the role of Mir Shakil in Model Town massacre
Gladys is a role model for men and women living with HIV.
I. Ur my role model!!! And I was wondering what's the hardest thing about doing school and being on
my daughter who s my stress-buster. Who makes me live my life stress-free. My role-model
Always impressed by politicians who have lots of real life before becoming MPs. = well informed role model
Role model of youth is St. ji, Guruji has too much talent wid spirituality,We can estimate all this by
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