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Roland Martin

Roland Martin is a professional sport fisherman.

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Sheriff Clarke wears it with pride. Roland Martin is a lawless fool mocking those who…
Me anytime Roland Martin is getting dragged in any way
You kinda look like Michelle when she was getting hugged by Roland Martin lol
Celebrating with big lead before game is over is so juvenile, so Roland Martin.
They are for profit not prophet as Roland Martin said. We have to stay in constant prayer for this country.
Roland Martin told Paula White to be a prophetic voice not just a profitable voice in addressing her support of Pres. Trump.
Roland Martin? Seriously, whatever you were smoking that night should be banned because it's making you delusional.
RLTV announced today that Still in the Game with Roland Martin is premiering in syndication this month. The...
I liked a video Roland Martin on News One Now 8-16-2017
If you download tunein app, you can listen to hundreds of news programs including…
I daresay Roland Martin became a preacher today, stand up Paster Paula White and take your lashing!.
When Roland Martin is the commencement speaker, you know it's going up! Pass the peas.
Roland Martin took me out fishing for my birthday--we went out on Hale Lake near Grand Rapids (Mn.)--2 hours we...
please check out the interview with Roland Martin and Physicist Dr Green's research on curing cancer
T.C. Is a little boy playing a grownup game and he doesn't want any of the Roland Martin brain.
WS luv want their Black members to be seen but not heard
I'm going to "CBC - 4TH ANNUAL CBC RECEPTION ROLAND MARTIN"! Check it out on Eventbrite.
I added a video to a playlist Roland Martin confronts Confederate statue supporters in Leesburg
"Roland Martin is an American journalist, author, and syndicated columnist who has a net worth of $3 mil"
Have you purchased your VIP ticket yet? Join the party and meet Roland Martin!
In my opinion I think Clarks elevators doesn't go 2 the top floor In recent interview with Ro…
Roland Martin was talking about him on his podcast.
Listen, download and subscribe to the Podcast on Google Play htt…
Roland Martin you told the truth Pastor Paula White is a phony fake
Roland Martin will hold a panel discussion in Montgomery, AL at : . Pilgrim Rest MBC West Campus : Saturday August...
Roland Martin will be in Montgomery, AL to hold a panel discussion at : Pilgrim Rest MBC West Campus : Saturday...
People are talking about our breakdown of Roland Martin ambushing Umar Johnson on TvOne.
Folks like Roland Martin and others swear by him but I'm not fooled. He's like Obama. A black corporate sellout
Roland Martin's buddy Laura Burke is trying to nab a white man...since most of them STILL think we rock jheri curls.
Black people are chiming in on Umar Johnson vs Roland Martin
KneeGrows from The MoTeaSuh Tribe [TV One] Unleash Niggativity & Shadowbox Dr. Umar on the Roland Martin ...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Roland Martin violated the one rule he said he would not do. That was publicly tear down another bro. By setting Umar up he…
After Roland Martin cut a rug for that good white lady miss Hillary I k…
Roland Martin is a "soft target". Taking him down does nothing but, make a PSUEDO warrior scholar look like a true champion.…
The black delegation has packaged Roland Martin and Mike Vick for Tommy from Power and another fictional character to be named later.
Roland Martin? What was his role? Also why where the debate questions made available to others? CNN lacked control
Dr. Umar Johnson talks w Roland Martin and Panel Proving that he's "der"... via
Mike Vick looking like Roland Martin and his *** panel the other day smh
watch Breakfast Club interviews from the last month. Dr. Boyce Watkins. Dr. Umar Johnson. Dr. Wesley Muhammad. Roland Martin. An…
Just watched the Umar Johnson ambush with Roland Martin. I haven't seen such an absurd panel in all my years watching Tv.
Check out the vid on my page on the interiew Roland Martin & Umar Johnson. It's on youtube too.
Did Roland Martin go after Dr Umar Johnson *** interracial marriage because of the Kamala Harris situation? (Ka…
Dr Umar Johnson on the Roland Martin show: via
My HU sister on the Roland Martin show holding Ebony's feet to the fire about their thousands in unp…
I think the reason Roland Martin didn't like people saying "Black men should marry Black women" is because Black women…
Just watched the Umar Johnson vs Roland Martin's panel and boy was there some serious cooning going on amongst that panel.
Roland Martin's been done to death this week but I had to sound off again. Videos uploading now. Will go live here. htt…
Who would win in a stroll competition? . Steve Harvey, Roland Martin, Cedric The Entertainer or Terrence Howard ?
I liked a video Umar Johnson versus Roland Martin the Battle for the Blackest Petite Bourgeoisie.
Check out my new post! Roland Martin Debates Dr. Umar Johnson. :).
Comedian Cory Holcomb on Roland Martin vs. Umar Johnson "... it was obvious U were aga…
Roland Martin v Umar Johnson: Dawn of (insert adjective or noun here)
you made some very good points on the Roland Martin show.
Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green interviews with Roland Martin on TVOne (with ne... via
Roland Martin tv is one of very few places dropping knowledge facts truth w/empathy hi…
There was a huge debate a few years ago on whether the National Guard should be deployed to Chicago. Roland Martin led the charge.
I watch Roland Martin for real news
This IS his job. This is why Roland Martin had to go. He wasn't going to sit there and *** like that.
Roland Martin's neck gotta be hot wearing those Ascots all the time..
Roland Martin to Dem. Party: Stop treating black voters like ‘political sharecroppers’
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Thank you for viewing and joining me The BOSS Network: Success Forum FB Live from the Roland Martin...
Roland Martin confronts white nationalist Richard Spencer on NewsOne Now | theGrio
Roland Martin III knocked down 8 three pointers in the win over Fairfax. Rodney Rice got back on…
Roland Martin reports on repeal + features interview w Clare Duggan of (Clare's at 3:45 point!…
When he's not texting me to get on my programs, Roland Martin makes sure to turn a race card from my condemnation o…
2 years ago today, interviewing Dr. Frances Cress Welsing while guest hosting the Roland Martin show was one of...
When it LITERALLY is the place you should avoid. Man, I would rather you go on Roland Martin...nah j/k don't go the…
Roland Martin should read Howard Gardner's theory of 7 Multiple Intelligences. It explains what he was trying to say.
I liked a video Jane Elliott and Roland Martin - 2017 WCTF Conference Keynote Address
ABC believes enough time has passed for Roland Martin to appear on the show as a credible commentator. Brazile will be back soon.
See this is why we need Roland Martin .. So he can let us know!!l Well at least Brother Ben Carson finally...
📹 We booked SHELBY J. to interview exclusively with Roland Martin to discuss her new music and 10 years...
Mediocre *** Clarke is too afraid to go on TVOne with Roland Martin and speak to black viewers
*** like Omarosa, Kanye, Steve Harvey, all need to stop buck dancing for butter milk biscuits. Roland Martin border line *** Verdict out
Attend the Febuary 2nd event with Roland Martin of 6 p.m. at Zion Baptist Church. More:
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
According to various reports inclouding Roland Martin of News One Now and Robert Johnson, the only time they met with Obama
Roland Martin of Radio One to speak February 2 at Zion baptist church 6 pm. celebrate black history & Induction of BAC Historical Society.
Roland Martin: Haitian-American; B.S. in Journalism from Texas A&M; Masters Degree in Christian Communications from…
Kellyanne pease go on Roland Martin or joy Reid,Lawrence Donald will not be able to continue the LIE
Sheriff David Clarke had 4 PPL including an INFANT DIE in Jail in Milwaukee County, Roland Martin said on
Eric Bolling called Roland Martin a ‘Lame *** FAKE Hypocrite’ and now he&on an epic rampage -
Sharing a laugh with life long friends, Johnny Morris & Roland Martin.
Roger stone is a racist cuck clown. the dudes wife left him for Roland Martin, and then he pretends not…
Want to see what an evisceration looks like? Here's Roland Martin taking White Supremacist Richard Spencer to school https…
Umar Johnson is a fraud but i've discovered from the interview with Roland Martin that Martin is a HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA PUSHING…
Interesting on yesterday, they mentioned Bernard Shaw retiree in 2001 & Roland Martin as colluding w/ UGH!
This is the guy, Roland Martin (left) who handed off the debate questions to DNC Chair Donna Brazile so she could send…
I would bet that Roland Martin gave the questions to Donna brazile and Donna gave them to Tim Kaine Tim then gave them to Hillary
lets LIE. The question NEVER came to her from It came from Roland Martin. Donna CHEATED by giving it to
reporters suggest Donna Brasile was supplied with questions by Roland Martin from TV ONE network (former CNN employees)
Can't believe black women turned on Roland Martin smh smh. He's always had your backs. Always. Whether you wanted it or not…
It is impressive that Roland Martin can be this loud without a neck
1000%. I have many *** moments when reading Roland Martin's op ed pieces.
Gig em Roland Martin. Millenials turned out and got F'ed. Obamacare charges them for baby boomer health care. Not the rich.
Roland Martin is right. Young African Americans (my 3 kids) not feeling you. Go hard. Take no prisoners. Show Trump no mercy. 1/2
"Going forward, take notice of certain things and G check. Wendy Williams got G checked by Roland Martin. We have to educate young people."
I just saw Roland Martin of NewsOneNow on tv. He has great advice4 u 2 mobilize young black voters. Birtherism isn't enuff Contact him!
Roland Martin says H campaign to play hardball&H has an intensity problem and needs to fire up the young white and BLK vote. Kinda true.
hope you take a listen to Roland Martin on to fire up AA and young voters
Roland Martin went IN!!! Here's a great history lesson on Black folks and American patriotism!!! *Applause*
Roland Martin's great rant and a great must read book list.
"Trump, you might want to leave the sistas alone." Roland Martin today with re: Trump's remarks about Flint pastor ;)
Roland Martin in response to Trump's "nervous" comment about the pastor: "Donald Trump better leave those black sisters alone." 😂👏
Roland Martin tells that Trump's criticism of Flint Pastor is "shameful and despicable"
Here's a link to my special "Systemic Injustice." I interviewed Roland Martin on the challenges…
.peeps after ever utterance: Roland Martin's followers after you ask a Q:
I was here for that EPIC takedown of that gasbag Bill O'Reilly. Think I'll email him Roland Martin's reading list.
Aha! Roland Martin and . One more guy who's good..
Roland Martin explains why the uproar about Colin Kaepernick's protest is not at all about Colin Kaepernick, his...
Eddie Alexanxer shared Roland Martin's video. . Dumb Trump can't stop the shooting!!!
Charles Woodson got on an ascot. Bro think he Roland Martin 😑
Woodson in the ascot, young Roland Martin
they were on Roland Martin a while before CNN and it was just as hilarious!
will you please have Tomi Lahren on show with Roland Martin or Colin Kaepernick or both
Roland Martin slams reaction to Colin Kaepernick National Anthem affair like no other (VIDEO) via
"Roland Martin, Game recognizes Game" you want to reach me , then go on the Roland Martin or Tom Joyner show. I'm educated
Driving up to Canada with some YouTubers, Scott Martin and his father Roland Martin! Should be a fun week!
Now I wasn't really gonna go in on Roland Martin on my live radio show tonight..But since he said I'm "a punk"..well http…
Roland Martin is gonna be on the Wendy Williams Show on Thursday. Roland gonna be like "Listen Wendy, man to man, I used to…
The Wendy Williams Show took the dialogue like a & Roland Martin, good job!!
Do not invite Roland Martin on your show. Instead, invite Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell.
when you read the name Roland Martin on FB (TV Anchor) and you think "wait he should be out on his boat"
Wendy Williams died just now y'all. Roland Martin killed her
Roland Martin just gathered Wendy Williams' wig and tossed it out the window.
Roland Martin is on Periscope right now. Any pundit who isn't is a fool. Martin gets it. Maybe mainstream media will notice.
So true Roland Martin. So true. Technology at its finest.
I will be watching results closely Thursday. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Roland Martin got fired from cnn lol what a clown
I am waiting to see u on Mr. Roland Martin show, "NEWSONE" r u SCARE, Mr. Martin going to face u; face to face!!
Our very own Jacqui Dortch was on the Roland Martin Show talking about parent engagement!
u have diss women, why r u scare to go on Mr. Roland Martin show "NewsOne"" trump u SCARE!!! NO backbone!!!
TRADE: 2015 overall, 2016 overall, Roland McKeown, Colin Miller, Martin Jones RFA rights. GET: 16 games of Sekera, 81 games of Lucic
Roland Martin looks like he eats a lot of bread
Good People! Check out my latest newsletter ft my work w/ Camp, Pls subscribe!!
Today there was an interesting talk on News One Now with Roland Martin and black clergy that are part of Trump's evangelical advisory team.
I'm three-for-three with I'll be on his radio show today during the 10 AM Eastern Time hour. Listen:. http…
There's a lot of people who should have died instead of Ali. Roland Martin, Bill Cosby, George Zimmerman, Bill O'Riley,
Roland Martin joins Cliff Kelley at 4:20pm CT to discuss his response to Snoop Dogg's comments about History's...
Roland Martin, Stephen A. Smith and Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe planted seeds of greatness in the soil of many hearts at the UA -Black Male Summit.
Guess who's coming back to the Elite Series?? JIMMY HOUSTON, Roland Martin and even Bill Dance said...
Caged 40 yrs still on death row in FL. Tommy Zeigler is innocent. You speak for us Ricky Jackson and Roland Martin
Roland Martin, Soledad O'Brien, Michael Baisden.the list goes on.
I would like to see Bernie Sanders to go on TVONE Roland Martin show as well as the Tom Joyner morning radio show
Roland Martin as a moderator at a and Megyn Kelly as moderator at DEMDebate would be WILD!
I love you Roland Martin and fellow Virgo Woman Beyonce! michelle malkin needs to shut her lipless mouth.
Roland Martin, Jake Tapper, Chris Hayes, Goldie Taylor, Joan Walsh, off the top of my head.
My mentor, Kevin Jackson, wants me to go on the Roland Martin show. I'm still up in the air about it...because I...
Roland Martin wanted to know why National Guard wasn't called in to . Has it reached this point? ht…
Will Smith, Jessie Jackson, Roland Martin, Vincent Brown at Harvard--just to name a few success stories.
oh no! Different people like Roland Martin, Shaun King, and others were expressing their "disappointment" in his response
I kinda knew that the public safety committee was pointless when Carl Stokes exposed them at a Roland Martin panel.. 🤗
I added a video to a playlist Who's the THUG? (Sunny Hostin and Roland Martin) Richard Sherman
and your fave black artists and scholars. (Booker/Du Bois; Wright/Hansberry) and also Vann vs. Roland Martin
Roland Martin says," man that six pounder is a nice fish, but it's not big enough to keep. " lol
(video) on Roland Martin's shoe commenting on Obama's speech last night.
it was totally thought out, it's clickbait at its finest. Roland Martin couldn't bait that good
I'm scheduled to be on NewsOne with Roland Martin at 7am tomorrow to discuss the President's speech.
I will be a guest on TV One's News One Now w/ Roland Martin, tomorrow @ 7 AM ET. Check your local listings.
Listen to Roland Martin as he let's White America know...there was a Wiz before the television version that...
This is unbelievable! I don’t always “rock with” Roland Martin, but he does know his stuff!. On Nov. 30, 100...
Who is Roland Martin attacks Pastor Steve Parson about meeting with Trump (FULL) via
Two Black pastors discuss their meeting with presidential candidate on TVOne's with Roland Martin.
Have you watched Roland Martin's interview w/ Dr Steve Parson on the African American pastors’ meeting with Trump:
For CNN’s Roland Martin, the national conversation on guns just won’t be complete until illustrated by photos of...
SHEEZ! Roland Martin interviews Pastor Steve Parson about 1oo black pastor's meeting with Trump (FULL) via
s/c Roland Martin for keeping the black community informed with real black issues and educating some of these...
Man I get fired up watching Roland Martin's interviews. . . He scratches the surface and digs deep to uncover. . .
I encourage all to watch this conversation between Pastor Steve Parson and Roland Martin! I feel horrible that...
divak68: Pastor Steve Parson, after watching you on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, you got played by Trump & s…
Jemele Hill welcomes Cari Champion and Roland Martin to the show. -
Roland Martin just said that Hakeem Olajuwon was "twerking" on the court. I'm so disturbed...
Ran into Roland Martin (fisherman) tonight in Guntersville Wintzell's Oyster House with the Gary Yamamoto Custom...
Who is going to speak for the children?
We have to do better. We have to speak out and action up. There is no way that this young woman was treated this...
Roland Martin really needs to constantly shut up.
Tell me, Roland Martin, what does Bill O'Reilly NOT lie about?
I added a video to a playlist Roland S Martin writers worshop Q&A session he get
Roland Martin and I at the 2015 National Black Book Festival in Houston, great guy.
Great question raised!! It is funny how silent Fraternity and Sorority organizations that are Panhellenic!!!
Little ole me have been blessed to be on the W. Williams radio show, the M. Baisden Radio Show & Roland Martin tv sho…
At a panel discussion with Roland Martin.I will be into the show later...I will have a lot to say.
A reasonable response: "She could be out of line and he could be wrong at the very same time"
For the same reason he hasn't called out his own fraternity & others for their lack of advocacy in our community! |
Roland Martin: 'Despicable coward' Bill O'Reilly is lying about Black Lives Matter
Roland Martin can have a stadium full of seats asking where there women are.
I appreciated your comments on Roland Martin this morning! You hit the nail squarely on the head! Keep it up!
Enjoyed on Demand what is right and criticize what is wrong... Thanks Roland Martin for the transparency.
THIS JUST IN: Where are the Black Groups, Black Greeks and the Black Sister Hood? I forgot the under class hasn't...
Today told us who he thinks needs to stand up in the wake of teen who was assaulted
S/o to Roland Martin asking where women are when fellow women get brutalized. In case you are wondering we are...
Roland Martin made a great comment this morning on the Tom Joyner Show concerning the incident with the young...
Roland Martin, I'd love for you to interview Mr. Long, brotha that stood by doing nothing while the young lady was mishandled. His attitude
Courtney Smith saw Roland Martin and he took a selfiie with us and him and Jade Wiles did their frat brother...
Dr. Jamal Bryant, and Congressman Andre ' Carson and Roland Martin facilitator*
I'd love to see TVOne's Roland Martin put the Irish Brigade (Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Megyn Kelly) in their place.
Roland Martin is on a roll this week...
I love Roland Martin, platonically, politically, journalistically. . He has our back – point blank!...
Kandi Burruss, her baby bump, and Roland Martin present at the
Goldie Taylor n Roland Martin have me rolling on the floor lmao
Goldie Taylor appears to have had an issue but I didn't see the beef spot. then Roland Martin piled in got ad hom
NewsOne Now Essence Fest Special Audio Podcast, Pt. 2: Roland Martin and NewsOne Now caught up with some of our…
you're beautiful and you killed it on Roland Martin
Roland Martin and I got into an argument on Thanksgiving. I told him his ascots must smell like asphalt and raccoons. Blocked.
*** they have him talking to Roland Martin already?! I knew something was messed up
Why is Roland Martin telling this story now about Bernie Mac funeral?
Roland Martin just said "All of Serena is REAL, Kim Kardashian is FAKE!" 💀💀💀💀
Roland Martin, Pastor Jamal Bryant on the Six Burned Black Churches: Roland Martin and Pastor Jamal Bryant discuss…
Great job Roland Martin can we get this same conversation going on Meet The Press and 60 Minutes or any of the mainstream white news shows
Pres. Busby being interviewed about our micro-grant program by Roland Martin on this morning!
Roland Martin sorta just became my hero, at least for today:
Did you miss the interview this morning with Mr. Crossley on The Tom Joyner Morning Show with Roland Martin.
Be sure to tune in to The Tom Joyner Morning Show tomorrow morning to hear Roland Martin's interview with...
Stuart Scott, Roland Martin, Stephen A. Smith have paved way. We're there already.
Tom Joyner and Roland Martin continues there conversation with Elijah Cummings this morning on The TJMS.
I'm sure Roland Martin's blocked list is longer than his neck.
"Next on NBCSN, it's 'Fishing for IndyCars' with your host, Roland Martin."
Listening 2 Roland Martin on Tom Joyner Morning Show on i heart radio
Girl! The people representing us in the media need to CHANGE! You should've heard this one host on Roland Martin's show. smh
Join the celebration on 4/23/15 @ 3801 MKT. in honor of Beech's 25-yrs of service to NP. Hosted by Roland Martin.
How did I return to Roland Martin in my mentions? *flame torches my
so i watched Mo'Nique's interview with Roland Martin. Very interesting... did u see it?
He doesn't seem to get as much exposure nowadays. Turned up on Roland Martin's TV One news show.
Thanks to Roland Martin who featured us this week on his segment on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and via a Skype... http:…
Funny how Roland Martin can call out civil rights leaders yet he doesn't call out Morning Joe or the Koch brothers (3)
Jamie plz get a copy of todays NewsOne w/Roland Martin stopped G. Rivera on the Hate of Hip Hop
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
A Soulful Evening with The BarKays. Roland Martin on the mic while Johnny Gill, Jimmy Jam & Terry…
Roland were on point this morning on Tom Joyner.
"Good morning! I’m on with Roland Martin & Tom Joyner next nice freestyle this am & congrats!
I’m talking to Roland Martin &Tom Joyner in the morning at 7:16am ET about SELMA! Listen
Times: Roland Martin wished he could take a piece of St. Kitts back to DC =...
theGRIO REPORT - The Bill Cosby train wreck interview series just made another stop - err crash. The embattled comedian sat down with NewsOne Now anchor Roland Martin for an interview back in Novem...
David Frost could ask President Nixon tough questions in 1977 but Roland Martin capitulates to Bill Cosby in 2014? Not good. No integrity.
Roland Martin is like Stanley from "Friday" mixed with Alan from "The Hangover." He's Black Galifianakis
Just in case you missed it Thank you once again to Roland Martin for having him on News One Now on TVone
My mom really texted me this morning to listen to Roland Martin on Tom Joyner talking about reality shows tryna guilt trip me. lol
Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir Rice and Attorney Benjamin Crump joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss...
Poe was on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning, interviewing with Roland Martin, what do you think about his interview?
Van Jones. He's bald too, but wears glasses. There's always Roland Martin.
When you're at Roland Martin's you need to connect with "The Legend" Dougie Smith cc:
Thank you Roland Martin, so very much for your educating on Morning Joe, this morning.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Roland Martin and Marc Morial discuss on how to make things better after the Eric Garner tragedy.
Attorneys Midwin Charles and Lisa Bloom joined Roland Martin on "NewsOne Now" to review the Ferguson grand jury decision and *** St. Louis County Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch's actions in the proce...
Staci Johnson (representing on Roland Martin's show NOW, Showing that not all Black Republicans have lost t
Roland Martin & Tracy Mourning talking the national launch of HONEY SHINE on TV One @ the NBC Studios!
Pastor Jamal Bryant joined Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now,” to address the intense criticism that he has received for a portion of a sermon…
Backstage with Roland Martin and David Mann watching his wife Tamela Mann sing... I need to start…
Roland Martin discusses the Adrian Peterson situation right now on the Do you think Peterson went too far in disciplining his child?
Today (this morning) on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Roland Martin interviews yours truly about the state of...
Robert Ferguson interviewed by Roland Martin on The Tom Joyner Morning Show Fri, Sept 5th at 7:15am EST and 6:15am CT
We need Roland Martin, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer who is from Missouri Tom Joyner, and Tavis to talk to Ferguson Mo
I live in Clewiston.. America's sweetest town on the south shore of Lake Okeechobee.. home or Roland Martin.
Dr. Steve Perry, Karen Carter Peterson, John Hope Bryant talked with Roland Martin on the Empowerment Stage...
Tune in to the Tom Joyner Morning Show at 7:15 a.m. est today to hear Attorney Willie Gary and Roland Martin.
Helping the great Roland Martin find his car at and
Anthony Anderson talks with Roland Martin about his upcoming ABC sitcom “Black-ish” and his Food Network show,...
you were awesome this morning with Roland Martin on News One
Roland Martin discusses the controversy behind the NWA female casting call.
Roland Martin confirmed 80 children were on board the plane. Vengence is mine saith the Lord!!!
Do poor, black women have a look? Hollywood thinks they do. Here what guest has to say with
Roland Martin is on TVone wearing an ascot and a peacock "pocket square". Sigh.
Roland Martin is a Bass Fisherman Guru he is from our town, lives 3 houses down .. We live on Lake Okeechobee in Clewiston Fl
I agree with Roland Martin. All racial stereotypes are only a pretext that seek to Justify inequality
I have always seen myself as two different people. Ty Roland-Martin & Versace Toasty...
Cord Martin and Roland Barber--two great horn players. They played
cool let's talk about Roland martin. Or let's talk about the guy you gave an extra ***
AND we found these three bass fishing legends! Bill Dance, Roland Martin and Jimmy Houston!! -Pinch me I must be...
*** said Roland Martin's hairline looks like a graph of the crime rate in Chicago.
Thank you, can always depend on Roland Martin for the real news.
Hanging with fishing legends Roland Martin, and BSA's own
The 3 Legends. Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin yes are going fishing together soon with Tommy Laronge
The fact that even 10yr old knows that sending the National Guard to is a dumb idea ...Get it toge…
SO much fun today with Roland Martin on TVOne talking travel with Evita Robinson. Thank you Roland!!
You blame Bush or Obama. I blame the banks. (and Roland Martin's ascots)
"Only ugly people search their name, like Roland Martin. Somebody fine don't have time to search their name"
went SO in on Roland Martin...Thank you. He's so dreadful.
Did you hear what the columnist who described Obama as the N-word said this morning on the TJMS? MUST LISTEN
At some point one of y'all will get close enough to untie the ascot & Roland Martin's head will float away.
I promise you Black Greek orgs are doing more to help the community than Roland Martin. And they'll always be more relevant.
Had an awesome time at the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, Boule golf tournament. Look who joined us, Roland Martin.
Did you miss our "One Night Only" with Roland Martin? Here are the photos from the event - (Thanks
Roland Martin is one of the smartest but dumb at the same time people ever. Like...common sense escapes him often.
10 Year Old Asean Johnson Responds to Roland Martin, “We don’t need the National Guard in Chicago”
Roland Martin rolling around this earth looking like the love child of Steve Harvey & a Faberge egg, talkin bout someb…
Really excited about the possibility of seeing a twitpic of some angry big girl sitting on Roland Martin in the middle of Bourbo…
The new VIEW Whoppi with an all male cast: DL Hughley, Mario Cantone, Roland Martin and other random white guy it wld be on n popping lol
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Roland Martin mortified by SOMEONE ELSE'S SUIT. The end is nigh. MTWhat the *** does Andrew Wiggins have on?
Eric Dyson and Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Caesar Chavez and Oliver North and Roland Martin are in church of Philadelphia
Kareem, Mike Irvin, Roland Martin, Mayor Kevin Johnson are in a real conversation about race and sports at USCM in Dallas
On Friday, Gregg Deal, a Native American activist and Brian Howard from the National Congress of American Indians joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now discuss the…
Deborah Owens, America's Wealth Coach explains how every family can save for college without going broke on "NewsOne Now" with Roland Martin.
Roland Martin introduces the Path transformer as a simple file spider to help find and catalog what data you have.
With Roland Martin at the 100 Black Men Event this past Saturday!
Caribbean American Passport Publishers & Caribbean American Chamber President with Roland Martin of CNN at the 100 Black Men Scholarship
Info is power. Steps of coups. First control military, second control media and radio. There no black ownership of media outlets. Currently, the FCC commissioner has a bill before congress regarding minority tax certificate that allows tax credit to minorities and women interested in media ownership. (from Roland Martin's News One show).
About to be on News One Now with Roland Martin, talking net neutrality!
Can't wait to watch Dr. Nicol Lee on Roland Martins News One NOW! TV-One. Show starts now. She'll be talking net neutrality.
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