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Rogue One

Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise centered on a film series created by George Lucas.

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Rogue One comes out on Blu Ray this week 😀😀😀
Just realized Rogue One is out on bluray on Tuesday and I get to watch this scene over and over again
I just entered contest to win a Stick + "Rogue One" Prize Pack!
Star Wars: Here's what Princess Leia looked like in Rogue One before the CGI
Cover art for of the "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" adaption by Artist, Phil Noto. https:/…
Why are all spaceships in Star Wars fueled by gas? Before every fight X-Wings etc have gas lines removed from them; even in Rogue One...Why?
Rogue One is that good good. END THE FED BUBBLE.
The new album features narration by Rogue One villain Ben Mendelsohn
One of my favorite things about my dad is that he goes out of his way to buy me Kleenex boxes with things I like on…
Just got back from seeing rogue one & omg it was so good & so bittersweet
Ok. Rogue One made me bawl my eyes out way too many times.
just finished watch Rogue One. i have so many feels. Then I saw Carrie Fisher at the end and just burst into tears. Gawd, I'll miss that one
The is only 2 days away! Test your Rogue One knowledge and enter to win one of these great prizes!
Someone cut together the ending of Rogue One with A New Hope. Spoilers ahead.
ICYMI: Xbox One is getting new features, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story once had a completely different ending, and MORE!
The droid from 'Rogue One' almost had a much different fate
Sure hope you all have seen Rogue One already. Banlist video "soon"
A story change spared Rogue One’s battle droid from an ignominious end
the rebels were the good guys in star wars tho! Call sign is "Rogue one" 😝
Rogue One it is. Let's see. Imma trust da force. 😈
fan video blends Rogue One's ending with A New Hope's opening.
mon mothma said "many Bothans died" in the pursuit to get the Death Star's plan, but there were no Bothans dalam Rogue One. How?
ikr, the whole jubilee line is so space, canary wharf was actually used in Rogue One!!
WATCH for the DEM... MO... in spying issue...Remember IRS was 2 Rogue agents. Remember VA scandal a few Rogue managers at o…
A 'Star Wars' fan spliced the end of 'Rogue One' with the beginning of 'A New Hope'
I liked a video from Rogue One Moments Only True Fans Understood
Some Genius Fused the Ending of Rogue One to the Beginning of A New Hope.
FACT OF THE DAY: In early drafts of Rogue One, Darth Vader force chokes Orson Krennic to his death for his fa…
I want to buy the Rogue One Novel but can i really go thru that kind of heartbreak more than once in this lifetime?
I expect a whole bts segment in the Rogue One Blu Ray about this moment and the fact that Jiang is holding the umbrella for D…
Waiting for an email to drop telling me that:. Your pre-order for “Rogue One” is now available
Fan Splices the End of 'Rogue One' with the Beginning of 'A New Hope' and it is Awesome
I'm watching Star Wars Rogue One on Kodi in high definition.
New on Ebay!Star Wars in the USA Star Wars Black Series: Scarif Stormtrooper - Rogue One 6…
'Star Wars' fan splices end of 'Rogue One' w/ start of 'A New Hope'
It's been a few months and I'm still not over how good Rogue One is.
Great day at ILM for Rogue One -- learned some cool stories I can't wait to share with you all. Heading back after I hug
A good night for Nuneaton awards. Rogue One best film, Gareth Edwards best director and I, Daniel Blake best…
Rogue One added Darth Vader's biggest scene at the last possible moment
Rogue One star, Mads Mikkelsen, walked out of his Fantastic Four audition. What happened:
He was shouting Admiral Akbar and was protesting Rogue One, silly.
Article must have been written a while ago, and needs tweaking. "I know Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hasn’t been released yet" ?
Best March Break Day: Pinball Party starting at 11am, big screen Star Wars w/ Rogue One at 1pm! (then go p…
Star Wars: Rogue One's original ending was too long, says director Gareth Edwards.
Fun Fact of the day: . Pokemon Go has generated higher revenues than that of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. . Both grossed over…
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Ah. Hard one. Force Awakens..but Rogue One had some really good funny moments.
This is what happens when you turn Dan and Phil into one drink
Book review: the terrific Rogue One The Ultimate Visual Guide by Pablo Hidalgo!
Gareth Edwards on Why There Are No Deleted Scenes on the Rogue One Blu-Ray and the Alternate Ending of the Movie!
when rogue one came out I thought it was but now that I'm excited for tlj I think the Force Awakens is LMAO
one of the coolest cosplayers I've ever met, her cosplays always are awesome. She rocks as Rogue and Daenerys, and​ more
The most feared soldier on Nu Earth is back in business! Rogue Trooper Redux comes to Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xb…
I was in da training camp diz Morning ..practicing to kill any rogue Zombz Mummee pretend to be one R…
One of Star Wars: Rogue One's planets was named after a coffee cup mix-up - Radio Times
ICYMI: director Gareth Edwards walked me through the crazy story behind Darth Vader's big badass moment
Rogue One is good. Have yet to see Kong. Almost certain I will hate it on account of the director's beard.
His best one yet for sure! He had me cracking up the whole time. Please check this dude out.
Still my two favorite pictures of Donnie Yen as Chirrut Îmwe while filming “Rogue One”. I need more.
saw the trailer when I was watching rogue one and my jaw hit the floor when they revealed ...
One thing we can all learn from action movies is that the best source of emergency healthcare for the uninsured is a rogue…
Update your maps at Navteq
Nah, it's not Leo, he was in talks but it's confirmed, it's the dude from Star Wars: Rogue One
I think it's subpar. Rogue One and Revenge of the Sith are my favorites. shoots don't mean a movie is bad. Rogue One did re shoots 😉
Did you love Darth Vader's scene at the end of It almost went in this direction:.
I'm sorry, we don't have any info about upcoming Blu-ray stock. We do have a digital version available:
Original 'Rogue One' ending did not include Darth Vader kicking *** -
This Thursday, Friday & Saturday are the final three showings of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" in the DOME Theater…
Rogue One director explains why the original ending didn't work and says Darth Vader's big scene was a late addition
What? Without Bodhi there wouldn't have been a Rogue One!
The Rogue One director's reasons for no deleted scenes on Blu-ray don't make a lot of sense
Ghostbusters beating Rogue One and Civil War for favorite movie at the Kids Choice Awards is why I wanna die sometimes.
Gareth Edwards, Rogue One director: "My life goal as a child was to join the Rebel Alliance and blow up the Death Star."
the venn diagram of Star Wars fans angry about inclusivity and people who spell Rogue One as "Rouge One" is a…
This weekend, we're playing Rogue One and Spaceballs in the Student Center Theater for FREE! Come stop by and enjoy…
Meet the 'Rogue One' actor who scored the role of a lifetime
Ya know, Rogue One may be the best Star Wars movie yet
Rogue One has 11 Saturn Award Nominations, including Felicity Jones and Diego Luna in the acting categories! Rogue One stays…
The only best picture nominated movie I’ve seen is Arrival, but I saw Rogue One in the theater 3 times so I’m set for the Oscars tonight.
Felicity Jones at the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Premiere at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood
I didn't realize Gareth Edwards had a cameo in Rogue One until now. He disengaged the Tantive IV's landing claw at the end.
Maybe? I'm trying to remember who from Rogue One came to SWCA; I want to say it was just Gareth Edwards?
the gap from TFA to Rogue one was huge. But I think with the success of rogue one changed things
Lol, loads of people thought that Rogue One was unnecessary when it first got announced and look now? You peeps need to chillax.
For the 3rd year in a row, RFC is nominated 4 “Outstanding Film Commission” Award. For our work on Rogue One: A
I wish I were more excited, but I'm still kinda bitter we only got one Rogue One film. Here for young Lando/Han she…
I know. And it should go by way of the Wilhelm scream in Rogue One.
The number of female protagonists in hit films was at an all-time high in 2016.
it's Disney, it's a prequel, chewie is in the movie, Lando is in the movie, look at rogue one. It was full of fan service
I liked a video from Painting Jyn and Chirrut (Rogue One HISHE)
honestly after Rogue One, the Han Solo movie can get in the bin
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Sadly I haven't seen rogue one. I was caught up in work when it was showing in cinemas. Now to find download.
star wars DO BETTER i legit thought they were doing rogue one two for a second lmaooo
Interesting to see that are more accepted in some areas than others... 👇🏼 htt…
A quick look at how we made Tarkin for ROGUE ONE. VIsual effects by ILM. .
I'll save y'all the trouble of reading the article:. .April 5th!!!...
me: I know that all the characters die in Rogue One because they're not in A New Hope. *all characters die in Rogue One*. me:…
I guess Rogue One didn't do the numbers they wanted to keep Star Wars in December. Bummed that Han is still set for a May release.
upon 2nd glance, for all those complaining Rogue One was "too diverse" this picture should make you happy. reduce L…
and don't get me wrong I loved the Force Awakens and liked Rogue one, but I have a very bad feeling about this movie.
Okay, i feel ya man. I hope they keep quality up, like Rogue One :)
just saw this. It gave me a tear bro 😭 I'm so excited. I'm more excited for this than I was for Rogue one
Watch the Rogue One special effects team bring Grand Moff Tarkin back to life:
VIDEO: Go behind the scenes of Grand Moff Tarkin's return in "Rogue One: A Story". h…
Really excited to see what they do with this. Rogue One was good fun, hoping this will be too.
I don't know what I will for my next cartoon, so I'm going to the movies. Will FINALLY see Rogue One.
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It's a given that it won't be as awesome as Rogue One. They will play it safe.
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this is the order you should watch it right now: Episode I & II, The Clone Wars, Episode III, Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One [continue]
An important message for from one of our former chiefs.
Well, Rogue One just made a billion dollars so I don't think they'll be stopping soon.
YAY but also remember how they killed 90% of the POC in the whole universe in Rogue One MAYBE YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE…
The number of female film protagonists hit a high point in 2016 (Study)
Interest in playing blind D&D characters has soared since Rogue One came out.
Target had the April 4th Rogue One date up briefly before taking it down. But it looks like it’ll be a two-disc Blu-Ray.
A concept: instead of a Han Solo movie with dreadful casting (except Donald), rogue one sequel with more WOC!!
Rogue One had success with their prequel story. It's all about the story & seeing it unfold. Maybe 1 escapes 🤔
Female film protagonists reached all-time high in 2016's top 100, study shows . (but it's still less than a third)
I wasn't excited at all for Rogue One, but I loved it, hopefully this turns out to be the same!
It happened with Rogue One, it was false. It is happening with Horizon: Zero Dawn, hopefully it is false. (not exactly holding my breath t…
I remember a similar Cast photo when Rogue One started production way back!
ya enjoyed Rogue One as well. hope this is good ;)
New breakdown by about how they recreated Tarkin for - A story: http…
lolol welcome to where I was with Rogue One
Tbh I'm mostly just excited for Rogue One being on home video soon. TLJ is next in line. A 2018 movie is too abstract for me right now.
I'll give the Han Solo film a chance but i'm not nearly as excited as I was for Rogue One and TFA.
Another interesting one on one with on and upcoming films &
but you wouldn't know that because you hated Rogue One
Will I lose mutuals over the Han Solo movie like I did with Rogue One? Let's find out
NEW EVENT: 1st March with - An Audience with Gareth Edwards...Monsters, Godzilla, Rogue One and more…
Completely agree. I liked Star Wars more after realizing it as sci fantasy. My favorite is episode 7, Rogue One is…
Watch ILM completely digitally create the planets of Rogue One
The Author of Lost Stars comments on some possiblities given the timeline of Rogue One.
do i spend my last tenner on a preorder of Doctor Strange or Rogue One? 🤔
Who enjoyed Rogue One's explosive space battles on the big screen? Who's going to see them again?
Brilliant visual effects breakdown from ILM's work on Rogue One!
"Antonio “Tony” Montana will be played by Diego Luna of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
$190 million box office weekend is the biggest since 'Rogue One'
I saw three movies today, all sequels: Star Wars Episode 3.5 Rogue One, Batman 9: Lego Batman, and John Wick...
I chose "Rogue One (2016)" in the Oscars 2017 - Best Achievement in Visual Effects -
I added a video to a playlist The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels Confirmed in Rogue One? What does this
So is Syd actually supposed to be Rogue or is this one of Legion's other personalities? 🤔
if you saw Rogue One, you know what hope leads to. May the Force be with you always
I have watched the last scene in rogue one at least 100 times now.
A little Rogue One just for fun by and me.
Bodhi Rook won't die if you don't watch Rogue One
I imagine that it'll be as successful as their Rogue One boycott.
Say what you will about the CGI characters in action in Rogue One. But the still shots look bloody amazing.
Even at its most racist, the NY Times had that condescending burn style down. “The two men fairly belabored one another with…
That's probably because KD is Lord Vader and the Bulls are going to be destroyed by him like that one scene in Rogu…
President, having shut down WH comment line, says no one has called him to say A few numbers here. Your phone is… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Men: She has the droids you're looking for.
Rogue one simple the best out of all of em just how it ended I was like no everyone had to go
and that is artwork from Rogue One.
You know how well we rate this awesome PC mod? It's high. It's very high. Check out our Rogue One
we finally saw ROGUE ONE. how come nobody told me Donnie Yen was in it? I would've gone opening weekend to see him.
Well that explains that one rogue Dem vote for Sessions now doesn't it?
The Margin: Darth Vader returns in new 'Rogue One' trailer
She has the droids you're looking for.
Feels like Rogue One set a high bar for Logan, John Wick 2, War of the Planet of the Apes, etc this year.
'Ghostbusters,' 'Rogue One' and superhero blockbusters compete for Kids'.. Related Articles:
*Seeing the Darth Vader hallway scene in Rogue One
Saw Rogue One again. I have some thoughts
Why explain anything. Remind her of General Mills, SW Rogue One and Budweiser Boycott. Pathetic flops
The role of Jyn Erso in Rogue One is our topic for show 20
Saw Star Wars: Rogue One. I'm confused about the movie. So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?
I liked a video Which Rogue One Alien Wears an iPhone and a Major Marvel Star Wars Comics Crossover
because kids always know whats best for them. Trans people have one of the highest suicide rates, how much of that was doing-
Why a rogue employee is 1 of your biggest risks by
Anyone else thing they could've used the Tywin Lannister guy with the Peter Cushing part in Rogue One?
we literally departed the theatre after Rogue One to sunlight & the news of Carrie Fisher's death. 😢
Over at they finally reveal the cover to my Rogue One junior novel!
IRA fighter in the 60's according to the internet...or is it Jyn Erso from Rogue One?
Emily, South Florida; Rogue One hit me squarely where the other Star Wars movies have failed to do so.
Valerie here, 5th grade from Palo Alto. Rogue One. Took it deep for me.
Duh! There was that One that went Rogue! . Haven't seen Hidden Figures yet
'Lion', 'Rogue One', 'Mary Magdalene' DP Greig Fraser is ready for a break
Rogue One’s Felicity Jones to Appear at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando
hey last flick I saw in theaters was Rogue One
Check out the 3 Designs for today before they go into & the new ones arrive!
Who wants to see rogue one with me. Yes, again. No need to shame me.
me, watching anderson in rogue one : anderson, don't talk out loud. you lower the IQ of the whole rebellion
Rogue One "is the perfect Star Wars movie for our times, because we're all going to die."
Have I told you my fan theory that the battleground at the end of Rogue One is the same spacebeach Jodie Foster visits in Contact.
If you haven't listened to our Rogue One review, here it is. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story -REVIEW
Do you think the Rogue One actor is a good fit to play Tony Montana? .
On the topic of CGI - what did you think of the Uncanny Valley territory with Tarkin in Rogue One?
Recurring argument in about the Death Star, whether it's flaw was a contractor error; wish I could see their reaction to Rogue One!
except you could definitely tell the CGI characters in Rogue One. They were they (barely) in the uncanny valley.
Watching rogue one with Sam. — watching Rogue One at Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20 & IMAX
I saw Rogue One the same day that Carrie Fisher passed. RIP Princess Leia 💔
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the filming locations for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Which location is your fav…
Reminder. Going to see Rogue One in an hour. Casting tonight. Thinking Stardew Valley!
My biggest problem with Rogue One is that my brain kept trying to superimpose Chris Parnell onto Director Krennic.
it's like a weird cover band is doing the theme. Kinda like the Rogue One music vs Star Wars.
Revised viewing order:. Rogue One. A New Hope. The Empire Strike Back. Revenge of the Sith. Return of the...
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Reality: In a "Rogue One" approach to filling in the gaps, if CBS & Paramount could…
SoundTracking podcast featuring Garett Edwards talking about Rogue One and Alexandre Desplat…
"We don't have the luxury of deciding when and where we want to care about something.". Rogue One (2016) . Cassian Andor(Diego Luna)
Fourth, and probably final, viewing of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the cinema. Still loved it
Took your advice Kevin M. Reitzel — watching Rogue One at AMC Theater Colonial 18 Lawrenceville
So KH 2.8 is like Rogue One for SW also Ground Zeroes for MGS is it? Well played! 👏🏽
I know I really want to see La La Land and Rogue One and maybe Hidden Figures and Fences.
Check out these hi-res shots of the gorgeous interfaces in 'Rogue One'
If you loved Donnie Yen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, please do yourself a favor, watch Ip Man 1, 2, and 3. You'll…
Star Wars: Rogue One did not disappoint. Amazing film, full of feels 😢.
Chap infront of me at midnight screening of Rogue One was texting all the way through.
I tried to look for Porkins in Rogue One and had no luck.
"Passengers is a flop". Passengers: *Takes Rogue One's top spot in the overseas box office*
*** everyone dies at the end of rogue one. This is not ok 😭
Will try this when it gets aired here🇯🇵.STAR WARS”Rogue One”'s on air&was good.Dr.Strange,the ACCOUNTANT in 2wks.Did u see em?
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The further that I get from Rogue One, the less that I care that it exists. That can't be a good sign!
Mr. Poe's telephone tone terrifies me so much more than that Rogue One alarm ever did
This podcast is fully operational!. Listen, subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes please!.
I'm excited 4 diverse Rogue One, but only 1 fem & no WOC in the main cast is not OK.
Rogue One's reshoots show how Disney saved the first standalone Star Wars movie
Marry someone that has a someone you can report him/her to.. Someone he/she reveres.. Don't marry a rogue who respects no on…
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. See it again this weekend:
Been about a month, can I ruin rogue one for anyone right now?
Woman Leads Four Minorities to Their Deaths. New title for Star Wars - Rogue One.
. Check out one of our beautiful Rogue's Naia Nixie, please go to our website for more info!
I finally saw this - what a brilliant film. And an important one.
Darth Vader's final scene in Rogue One is my favorite thing ever
Its a Hollywood movie this ones sour grapes cause they didn't like rogue one
📷 Inks on the Rogue One crew are done.  Just gotta scan them and add digital screentones.
Saw rogue one for the second time. Great movie
I renewed my subscription just in time! I thought I was excited for the Rogue One box, this one looks amazing!…
I had the exact same problem! Ep VII and then Rogue One proved a great entry-point to the rest of the series.
Check Out These Hi-Res Shots of Rogue One’s Gorgeous Interfaces Interview with Andrew Booth of BLI…
I'm a month late but rogue one just RIPPED my heart into a million pieces
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront - Pt.01 Showing off Rogue One!
well I think she looked like a cartoon in Rogue One so if they can't do it properly, which they never can, don't do it
"my favorite part of rogue one is when he says 'you can always find me in the drift'" and I doing it right
'Rogue One' easter eggs and connections to
bro the wrath of the Death Star on Rogue One looks so dope 🤤
I'm excited for diverse Rogue One, but only 1 female & no woc in the main cast should not be acceptable in 2017.
This evening on the biggest screen in Europe at the Imax is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The BFI Imax is two minutes fr…
Rogue one was what now!!! Here's some soap. Wash that mouth out 👍
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story review – a sleek addition to the fleet
Rogue One concept art of Darth Vader & Director Krennic on Mustufar.
Hollywood feels the Force with the electrifying 'Rogue One' premiere
The front and back of the special limited tickets for Rogue One at the Tampa Museum of Science…
Those complaining that a woman is writing the Rogue One comic do realize a woman edits all of the Star W…
Yes. What makes Rogue One worst for me is that Kathleen Kennedy runs Lucasfilm & its exec team is about 50% female.
Could a Rogue One character turn up in the Han Solo movie? Watch ... Han Solo ♥♥
The worst of all the Star Wars movies, if you ask me. Rogue One was fun to watch. AotC wasn't.
Been a wet, gloomy day, so I took myself off to Hackney Picturehouse to see Rogue One this afternoon. Bloody fantastic! :)
Learning about the heroes in Rogue One, Rebels, & Tarkin turns Luke from "The Chosen One" to "The Lucky One", which I lo…
I was checking some Rogue One news on my showbox app, when i saw the release date of episode…
Found Zatoichi, which is Japanese Samurai movie, in Rogue One.
So I took perla out to see rogue one & went we walking out some dude from there says may the force be w/ you & I dead *** said thank you lol
Awful or Awesome? How did you feel about the in join me in here:
I'm not bitter. I just really fear for the future of Star Wars when Suicide Sq..Uh I mean Rogue One is praised.
Why did I take so long to see Rogue One?!? it was so good .
People complain about Darth's choking joke in Rogue One. The man organized a wholly unnecessary dinner party gag for hi…
These Russian hackers were basically the rebels from Rogue One.
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Why the technology in 'Rogue One' is so old-fashioned via
Only good model I've seen using Bionicle type construction is the new K-2SO from Rogue One.
I must say this Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie I think. Tahuu, it's a little bit late. Slowpoke.
As 2016 draws to a close, there have been many highs and lows but we can only look forward to the final word spoken in Ro…
Gonna watch Rogue One. Ashamed to say, it will be my first star wars movie
Star Wars Rogue One Darth Vader scene in hallway(HD Version) must watch !
Wearing dat rogue one shirt to ma english exam . May the force be with me 😂😇
Diego Luna nearly missed call telling him he'd got role in Rogue One via
The actor behind the reanimated Grand Moff Tarkin of ‘Rogue One’ speaks out about the new technology:
Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed and Diego Luna brought some to the
Ok. Explain one thing SG can do to reduce the deficit..let's test your theory.
I am one with the force, the force is with me "Rogue One" gets 7.7/10!
Really need one to rein in rogue nations in the eyes of international community
Taking my sister to see Rogue One this morning :)
Just saw Rogue One. It was great! plays my favorite character once again.
PSA: The novelization of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed is e x c e l l e n t. ✨ Hmu if you'd like a copy.
Finally saw Rogue One!. It was...good. Entertaining. Not the best I've seen but I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.
you can't compare this with Rogue One and Force Awakens shameless false advertisement designed to fool movie goers
a roadblock or blue light means death. If you think its a rogue cop, you dead, if it is one, you dead.
Finally took the family to see Rogue One tonight. Enjoyed it a lot.
Saw this and immediately thought of and the crowd (warning, contains spoilers):
Please pluck that one rogue toe hair.
Box Office: wins Friday in a close race with and
CGI Princess Leia had more lines than Mark Hamill lmao . K-2SO, Donnie Yen, and Darth Vader were the best of Rogue One.
Me to my dad: how was your trip to Paris?. Dad: I'm a bit surprised they didn't call Rogue One "Rogue Un".
When Darth Vader appeared at the end of Rogue One
After Trump supporters boycotted Rogue One and Hamilton, why would Meryl Streep risk all the added wealth & success that…
Rogue One is officially my favorite Star Wars soundtrack ever.
Dinner and a show with (@ Rialto Cinemas Cerrito for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in El Cerrito, CA)
when I went to see Rogue One, I heard people in the crowd go "There's a new power rangers movie?!"
Raking the folks to see Star Wars. They're confused which one this is lol :P — watching Rogue One at Showcase Woburn
Rogue One actor Ben Mendelsohn's wife has filed for divorce after four years of marriage:
Star Wars Rebels is a lot. better than Rogue One and. Force Awakens and I really. liked Rogue One and. Force Awakens
Happy Friday! Join us tonight for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (12A) at 7.45pm. Under 26s only £5 entry!
.Rogue One is an absolute must-see by the way. Thank God someone had the sense to take Star Wars away from George Lucas.
I wamted to go to the movoes and was planning on watching Rogue One when I realized Fantastic Beasts was still playing lmao
Lilly Pulitzer APS and Rogue One all in ONE day.
" 'Rogue One' is certainly not the best 'Star Wars' movie, but it’s a welcomed addition to the franchise."
This interview with Rogue One editors is way more interesting than the click-baity headline indicates.
Carpe Diem Rise of the apes: how Rogue One lays bare Hollywood's imagination drought
It was so comfortable that, despite watching Rogue One in 3D, I sometimes had to struggle to stay awake.
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