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Rogers Park

Rogers Park is one of the 77 Chicago community areas on the far north side of Chicago, Illinois, and is also the name of the Chicago neighborhood that constitutes most of the community area.

West Rogers Park West Ridge Devon Avenue Morse Ave Clark Street Mayne Stage Howard Street Logan Square Lake Michigan

Headed into fire burning in Rogers Creek Park in where steep slope is being extinguished
Mark is with koodo, too. He gets service in some places I don't like deep in Victoria park!
The Jungle: Part of the Rogers Park neighborhood, sometimes called the Juneway Jungle. Word of the Day!
I shall be here at the Rogers Park Food Co-OP booth from 2-4. See you all there.
Rogers Park in Brighton, ball and dogs for days
Come through Albremarle field in Newton or Rogers Park in Brighton. I'll be there in 10 minutes.
Oops. [Rogers rushes off, stage right, next seen hurrie…
Awkwardly, when two worlds collide and lets me take it to work. Does…
After 84 yrs on the same Rogers Park block, Morse "L" Drugs closed this week, one of few independent pharmacies left https:/…
Like bruh I went to Highland, grew up at Rogers Park, went to every dance, lived on Queen st for years.
happening now, At big tent, lakeside park, Rogers City — attending a festival at Nautical City Festival
Hail 3 free car rides. Good all around Rogers Park Activate the Lyft app to call a car, then use RYE as the code. chicago lyftislife
uh yeah, a fifty-buck "resort fee" and $25 to park I think it was. I learned at check-out
He's made it to Montrose beach! I bet Rogers Park isn't far behind. Maybe you could be the one to see him! :D
Ah, I see he hasn't made it up to Rogers Park, alas
I know there's a delicious vegan Indian place in (I think?) Rogers Park but I can't remember the name.…
Dominicans at Rogers park sundays be like...
I adored Will Rogers shot scene of my first children's movie at Will Rogers State Park SM shot in…
In her new collection, Rogers Park resident tackles the things that scare her most.
and at these fine stores too-Blue Goose/St. Chas; Little Traveler/Geneva, Liquor Barn/Wheeling, Rogers Park Provisions in Chicago
The beach at Rogers Memorial Park is closed today after water test problems.
Your Rogers Park location is taunting us: my wife insists on walking by *daily* to see if you're open. Any hints?
Have you checked out 's new Rogers Park Brewpub?
99 days until tip off in Rogers Park!
The Chamber distributes brochures & advertising materials in Rogers Park, posting online to market your business.
Thank you, Mireya A Rivera, for supporting Chamber programs for Rogers Park and partner communities!.
Chicago Fire Department divers searching for possible drowning victims in Lake Michigan/Rogers Park.
Divers pull young girl from Lake Michigan off Rogers Park
Join "Vision Clark Street" and stay involved in a new planning process for Clark Street in Rogers Park.
5/5/17 Normal service to Bethel and Rogers Park resumed
Come join us, April 30th from 11am-1pm at Rogers Park, as we fellowship as a church and let the kids burn some energy!…
Man shot dead in Rogers Park, another found dead in Little Village alley
NCDC and Associated Bank offer first-time homebuyer workshop in Rogers Park to help strengthen the community
"Spreading deliciousness from Rogers Park to... West Rogers Park, I guess?
Resources marchers gathering at at Rogers Park starting at 12:30pm. We'll join the boat/float at River Road...
New photo: Rogers Park in Local Community Fact Book for Chicago, 1950 -
Well, I was thinking, like Rogers Park, it's not easy to gentrify. Logan Square was already gentrifying over 15 yrs ago.
Fung's Chinese Mandarin Cuisines Delivers Fast to many addresses around Clark Street in Rogers Park and Edgewater!…
A photo from 1916 – Bornhofen Grocery at 1405 W Devon Avenue in Rogers Park
What are the market conditions in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood?
Man shot during fight in Rogers Park...
Fung's Chinese Mandarin Cuisine Delivers to addresses around Devon Avenue in Rogers Park, Edgewater and West Ridge!…
Just had our first dinner in Rogers Park since moving in! Looking forward to having a lunch with you!
Thinking of hosting your event in Rogers Park? Look no further than your Hampton Inn Chicago North Loyola Station
I'm great at driving around Logan Square, but I traded that for walking through Rogers Park in the winter to prove I'm tough.
Chilly start to the week. 7:00 a.m. in Rogers Park.
A man who was shot early Sunday in West Rogers Park died of his wounds hours later
We r trying with theset 2 petitions! And
Apparently I've been crowned best booty eater in Rogers park fight me
Before you cab any place close to West Rogers Park? Use coupon code RYE when you register on the Lyft app. chicago momoney
for tomorrow can you react to brandon rogers. A day in the park.
Randy Rogers, kyle park, cojo, or jab concert would be pretty lit rn
Dallas Black Hawks and Fort Worth Texans of the Central Hockey League. Played at Fair Park Coliseum and Will Rogers Coli…
it's in Rogers Park, 5 bedrooms.but it's a condo. Upstairs neighbor. 479K
. What are you doing about all the gun violence in our area?
When I told people I moved into Hyde park they said it's gonna be bad but it's pretty peaceful to me & Roy rogers is like 5 minutes away😍
I will be venturing out of Rogers Park tonight, media. Motorcade leaves for Lincoln Square around 6.
will do. I might play Tuesday and Wednesday. Always play Sunday 7:30 at Rogers Park.
Rogers Park, very close to the border; we attend church in Evanston.
Rogers park was always the most diverse area. I loved it there.
1hr of flight, Rogers Park Space Program's high altitude balloon @ 65K ft over
If you're in Chicago: Near Rogers Park off of loyala red line. Mundelein Center, 1020 W. Sheridan Rd, Chicago. room…
New: Man critically wounded in West Rogers Park shooting
Were on route to "The Slug And Lettuce" to visit a good buddy.better known as Lukster!. 14 Park Row, Leeds.
not this one, it's Griffith Park. But, I do hike at Will Rogers too.
he can park his fat *** next to Tomlinson fat *** show them the state of the art weight room.
Working to finish this new piece up- Mint House, Rogers Park.
I thought of you again today ………….. — feeling sad at Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois
Dad bought me a Christmas sweater, but I really need my hair-did. @ Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois
Today we're at Klyde Warren Park-2012 Woodall Rogers Freeway, Dallas from 11-3!
Eric Vazquez would love to show you the at 45 Rogers Road
It looks like the suspects got stuck north of North Shore Ave on the beach and ran north towards Loyola Park…
Man critically wounded in West Rogers Park shooting -
Ran a search on him. Turns out he's from Rogers Park -- a neighborhood right next to mine. (3/x)
Man critically wounded in West Rogers Park shooting...
Man critically wounded in West Rogers Park shooting
Man critically wounded in West Rogers Park shooting
Brand new 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in West Rogers Park. Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and more! Av…
RICHMAN (WRITTEN TYCOON), a 5yo hombred for Ms J and Mr L Rogers, won at Kyneton on Friday for trainer Leah Rogers https:/…
Wow love walking from kings park to Rogers in 30 degree weather!
Just found out that Randy Rogers, Kyle Park, Kevin Fowler, and Jon Wolfe are all coming in December yayayayay
Guitar Town! Love Steve Earle! If you haven't listened to it, check out Rogers Park by his son, Justin Towns Earle.
Deleting my "likes" about Hispanic rapists because of violent threats (Hispanic cars, LUC Hispanics, Hispanic workers, etc.) in Rogers Park.
A much needed moment of escapism after the last couple of weeks. @ Will Rogers State Historic Park
another afternoon biking Rogers Park but this time I'm wussing out of biking home. killing time w/coffee/etc. till I can take bike on train
Nice homage on (Jim) Thome Avenue in Rogers Park. Bringing Chicago together.
it's not such a Rogers Park stretch. My block is mostly Indian, Arab and Orthodox Jewish.
It's a busy one in Chicago today, but Rogers Park police will be at Peterson Target for 6-7p…
See what Loyola and Rogers Park looked like more than 60 years ago:
Thanks DNAinfo Rogers Park & Edgewater and Linze Rice for this great article on our building! Lots of awesome...
Rogers Park- Chicago Park District on Nothing like home made guac
Rogers Park. It's the northern most part of the city limits. I live in edgewater now
Rogers Park is a dangerous North Side neighborhood. Also has a lot of college students due to Loyola being here. https…
Festive scene on the stairs at the Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church in Rogers Park this afternoon
We're saving a thousand bucks on rent and getting a way nicer place in Rogers Park than we could have anywhere else
The Corner Bar at Clark and Greenleaf - Rogers Park in the 1960's
Very true. Lots of great food on Devon Ave in Rogers Park.
Sunday djing all day @ the turf field for the inauguration of the soccer tournament for the Ecuadorian Civic Center @ Rogers Park! 😎
Decorating the garden with the in Rogers Park 50th Ward.
Congratulations to Patti & Leslie. I love telling people about CBA, the hidden gem West Ridge (West Rogers Park)...
The JV will now play AT Goshen at 5:00 school time. The field is located at Rogers Park - 102 Chicago Ave., Goshen.
Any idea yet when you will have your first show in Rogers Park? Really looking forward to seeing a show in your new space!
The godfather meeting will be Sunday April 17th 3:00 at Rogers Park. All Godfathers must attend. Send a substitute if you cannot come
Singing at The Lighthouse Tavern in Rogers Park tonight from 8-11! 7301 N Sheridan Rd.
A festively colored in front of Lifeline Theatre in Rogers Park!
Rogers Park is the 'hood in Chicago! Proud to call RoPa home. via
High seas off Rogers Park. 7:02 a.m.
Mayne Stage in Rogers Park will no longer host live music and will focus on private parties like weddings instead
Mayne Stage in Rogers Park ditching live entertainment to focus on private events, weddings
crash into Chase Bank in Rogers Park, Clark/Howard (near Evanston) today
Chicago's street art is incredible. Check out some of the best of it in Rogers Park
Evanston police intensify patrols after fatal Rogers Park shooting
David Orr good guy: great history as Rogers Park alderman, not a Machine Guy
a Trump WH DOJ would not have suppressed news of criminal sentencing of former Rogers Park CPD Sgt Welbel for $1M tax evasion
This Wednesday March 9th, we will be hosting the Rogers Park Progressives for Bernie Fundraiser at the Red Line...
I might go to at SAM HOUSTON RACE PARK in Houston, TX - Apr 23
Taylor Rogers probably now knows how Byung *** Park felt after yesterday's game... Rough one so far.
A Walk in the Park, dir. by Brady Rogers has been selected to go on to be screened
(2/2)changes, really has been cool to see 1st hand. Need to visit Rogers park historical society 4 neighborhood info.
Greetings from Veterans Park. Rogers High softball opens the season vs. Gentry.
2BD/2BA in Rogers Park has it all! Spacious floorpan, proximity to lake and public transportation, deck,...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I just moved and im already considering moving out to Rogers park 😭
Throwback Thursday - team sponsor Tony Alibrandi w/Rich Harrington after game at Rogers Park in 1994
Just re-read this. So good. The Violent Life and Death of Notorious Rogers Park Rapper Young Pappy via #
On the northside where we hoop at,. Rogers park where they clap…
It's a beautiful day at Gamble Rogers State Park, Flagler Beach, FL.
This is the year for the Cubbies. Let's celebrate just south of Rogers Park.
that feeling when you tell Rogers Park folks to change trains then LOL 10 minutes later "oops meant Ravenswood"
Glad you asked Chong Li. It's at Mazerick Park at 0700. Sound the conch
Donald Trump pinata for sale at Dulceria Mexicana, on Clark Street in Rogers Park :-)
Hey! Check out our neighborhood Tour Rogers Park with Joel Reese via
Taqueria El Dorado has moved from Belmont-Cragin to West Rogers Park. They brought their al pastor spit with them. https…
There are a lot of untold stories about Chicago's theatres. This 1933 print ad for the 400 THEATRE in Rogers Park...
Did you know Rogers Park was home to an Olympic athlete? Read the newsletter to learn more!
Spurs aren't at their best at Upton Park. Are nerves getting to them?. lead 1-0
St. Anne is closed tom. for until Mon. March 7 @ 7am. Park & Ride to the event available. More info:
"Her eyebrows are so far apart you can park an escalade between them" . -Noah Rogers
02/29 Mond- Guy from purple&red line got off at Loyola station - w4m (EvEvanston to Rogers Park)
Cold cold cold. This Sunday, warm up at the best chili cook-off in Rogers Park!
My photo of Kenny Rogers performing at Chastain Park Amphitheater is featured here.
Looks beautiful, but cold. 6:57 a.m. in Rogers Park.
Meeting of Rahm's police task force ends 2 hrs early after protesters call it a "PR stunt" & take over:
Most Distressed Area North of Diversey Is in Rogers Park, Report Finds: Residents in the 60626 ZIP code saw a 12.3…
Love this--buried in this story: only *24* Chicagoans have donated money to Donald Trump. Chicago FTW
yea we first went to Rogers park but were like NOPE and we moved to Calvary which wasn't as bad
Bernie or Hillary? How your 'hood has contributed to the Dem presidential campaigns (MAP)
Attempted bank robbery reported in Rogers Park
Burglar who bragged "there's no place I can't get into" busted after Rogers Park crime spree
It started with a simple interview in Rogers Park & Recreation Center in Inglewood... I know…
Three Charged for a murder that occurred in Rogers Park in Dec 2015. Great job Area North Detectives!
Students are invited to attend next week's State of the Neighborhood to discuss safety initiatives in Rogers Park:
Where is this? I lived in Rogers Park from 2003-07 and loved it. Great diverse, waterfront, neighborhood.
.dangerous intersections for runners: Touhy/Rogers/Ridge in Rogers Park, Devon/Western
Rogers Park, I love you but you're bringing me down. etc
Drifting off to sleep with the sound of waves on the lakeshore reminds me of how lucky I am to live in Rogers Park--East of Sheridan Road.
Crazy to see how fast Uptown and Rogers Park are fancy-fying. There's a WHOLE FOODS THERE NOW.
No need to take in a movie tonight just head over to Walmart park in the lot and watch people go inside and laugh...
Game tomorrow against at Alyn Park is OFF due to a water logged pitch
Nigel Phillips is my music teacher from Wheatley Park School. Carole's dad's name was Frank Phillips, my dad's Nigel Rogers (ex)...
Hoopin at Rogers Park in the rain. It's a beautiful thang. ☔️🏀
Sa with Val or randy Rogers and Kyle park concert? 🤔
Hello, we are a STEM focused college prep school in Rogers Park. Would love to have you visit. Irene, CMSA
Hey this weekend check out & Here's just the guide to get you started tht I curated.
Damp start to the weekend in Rogers Park.8:28 a.m.
We are proud to have George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in our service delivery area! Happy Anniversary!
1st day on Metra to work from Rogers Park and we get delayed due to a customer dispute on the train before us in wilmette
Lincoln Report (Man suffering from depression missing from Rogers Park)...
to George Rogers Clark National Park , your chain is mentioned in the post
Man suffering from depression missing from Rogers Park -
Man suffering from depression missing from Rogers Park
Will Rogers Park become another Wicker Park, hopefully not
Tree lights reflected in sidewalk puddles on Sheridan Road in Rogers Park.
Kazandra better not back out of Randy Rogers & Kyle Park on the 16th 😅
Check out this special at Quesadilla Rogers Park!
Every park but Tampa is. 115 games between Camden, Fenway, Yankee, and Rogers Centre?
Rhonda Kitter, Health Trust CFO, takes questions at Rogers Park about health plan changes.
you are precisely right I love Rogers Park and Boys Town I want some!
FBI on scene at one of the Park Tudor entrances
False! I live in Rogers Park. I took the red line from Howard to Jackson. It's ABSOLUTELY NOT "completely all white".
United Church of Rogers Park - 1545 W. Morse Ave. in vicinity of ICE checkpoint (Clark & Morse).
Rabbi sentenced to 8 years for sexually assaulting he tutored in West Rogers Park
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Unconfirmed report: ICE checkpoint at Clark & Morse. United Church of Rogers Park is nearby.
Any reports of ICE checkpoints in Rogers Park?
West Rogers Park rabbi gets 8 years for sexually assaulting teen: by via
First 50 people to like this status will be entered to win the BRAND NEW Rogers Park album! Here we go! Start now.
Group identity: Chicago’s Cabbage War was a dispute between Rogers Park and West Ridge over park districts and taxes
In Rogers Park on Howard Street: Factory Theater's new home to open in March |
Family Matters is grateful to the The Common Cup (on Morse St. in Rogers Park) for honoring the Teen Girls...
And this is me in Rogers Park, Chicago. “Yeah. This is me in Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta.
A Field Guide to Rogers Park: Check out original fetish art and wander through eight galleries (hello, ... 20 ...
Yep, will share some pics! This is how we're doing opening night here in Rogers Park :-)
Rogers Park is the North Pole of Chicago, so the elves will be busy for the holidays.
I don't see any accumulated snow in Rogers Park. Just rain. You say the snow is building, will end by 10. Will it stick?
Yet again, Edgewater invades Rogers Park! This will not stand! North side of Devon is RP!
Sometimes it's really hard to figure out who is in a Halloween costume and who isn't when you're in Rogers Park.
The amazing new Rogers Park Mural in Inglewood. Big ups to Chris Mercier and CAMPROGERSPARK!
Nina Dobrev looks so beautiful today guys. . Nina's HQ photostream here:
I miss inglewood for rogers park for the skating but thats it😩😂
Will Rogers Awards Recognize Hilton & Hyland and Raise Funds for the Restoration of Beverly Gardens Park |
love this kid. So glad to hang with him again @ Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic At Will Rogers Park
Brittany Snow's floral is really cute. 🌼. (Photos)
Rogers Park Chamber of Commerc on Instagram: “The Board of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce...
The 3 Stooges go to a polo match 💚🎀 jacquizsa @ Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic At Will Rogers Park
Rogers Park Chamber of Commerc on Instagram: “Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and Rogers Park...
Rogers park is basically a vape fest right now.
Williams party will be at. Rogers park tomorrow at 1:00 pm in leesburg the address is 201 east dixie ave leesburg fl 34452
"I love you too." He smiled and rested their hands in his lap as they arrived at the park.
Rogers Park hosts dinner to celebrate cultural community. . To celebrate the diversity of its student body and to...
A thief may have left behind a crucial piece of evidence when he burglarized an apartment in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood last week
this should be on the south side; Rogers Park has red line access to the current HB. Seems a waste of loot.
Sometimes all you need in your cup is a cold *** and a lime. @ Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The effortless gusto in which Rogers Park, Chicago representative Dan Weiss, commonly called by the sage name...
Business burglaries reported in Rogers Park: Police are warning businesses about a pair of burglaries reported between...
Living down town--I was fine. Living in Hyde Park--I was fine. Now, I live in Rogers Park & work in Lakeview. I feel so visible & weighed.
at 1:30 today, followed by a set at Glenwood Ave. Arts fest in old Rogers Park. Back where it all began. James Weigel FTW!
Earlier today I was in Rogers Park showing my Icons at the Glenwood Ave Arts Fest & painting an icon as part of the Rogers Park Art Gallery
Come to Rogers Park garage sale to support the Argentina trip and buy clothes worn by the one and only Señora Gallegos
Come to Rogers Park this wkd for Glenwood Ave Arts Fest! I’ll be there with my latest jewelry designs.
Crash with injuries on the corner of Fairfield Ave. and High St. near Rogers Park in - .
UPDATE: Suspects are being questioned in Morse Ave. shooting in Rogers Park. Ald. says part of social media gang war.
Saw this at 6pm, a block east of where the Morse Ave shooting happened. Anyone in Rogers Park know what was going on?
My Trib review of "Altar Boyz" at the Mayne Stage in Rogers Park.
We are located at 1120 W Loyola Ave in the neighborhood of Rogers Park, on the north side of Chicago. We're affiliated with
Glenwood Ave Arts Fest is next wknd in Rogers Park. Check out 100+ artists, including me!
I'll never forgive 'em for charging me ten bucks to park in their parking lot for the privilege of visiting their park
Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott and Kyle Park just put me in a great mood
The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is now accepting new interns!. Please send your resume to infoand call (773) 850-0049.
The fountain at Will Rogers Memorial Park in was named after Margaret J. Anderson, community...
Leona's with for Two, or $15 for $20 Worth of Italian for Delivery... $25.00
thanks! It's scattered throughout the Rogers Park neighborhood. Had a big storm here recently. Maybe something was damaged?
According to ESPN Park Factors, Rogers Centre rates 22 of 30 (runs) in MLB and 10th (HR) - Way better than discussed.
Country, rock 'n' roll, and standup. She's Folks​ at Theo Ubique this weekend!:
Red loves having a park across the street from our house. 🐶🌞
Hey What's going on at Rogers Park? Roped off and Construction Equipment
These two drinks are like allusions to my life in Rogers park and NU
Correction: We will be at Rogers St Park from 5-7pm TODAY not Lafayette Square.
Computer networking and consulting at Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce member Quest (773) 761-3555
Jolly Rogers water park with Kayleigh for the day.
Thanks to Jeff Rogers for bringing Pack the Park to Lake Wissota Golf & Events last night! Perfect way to end the...
I hope there is working, unlocked portable bathrooms at Rogers Park for baseball playoffs.
The Dog Days of Summer are so much more enjoyable in Northwest Arkansas with Beaver Lake, Rogers Aquatic park,...
Rogers Park film making couple shows off the 'hood in new movie about interracial relationships & mid-life
Join us tonight 5-7PM at Rogers St Park (Rogers/3rd St) for a conversation on the Volpe Ctr. Site. More info:
At Home, The Twins are now 41 and 69 at the Rogers Centre. That .372 winning percentage is the worst in franchise history f…
Life jacket loaner station going in at Rogers Landing County Park in thanks to volunteers!
The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is supporting Gale Community Academy Elementary School. Stop by our office...
.made this awesome map of the trees destroyed in Sunday's storm. See yours?
do you go to the chase by Rogers Park? :o
This guitarist at in Hyder Park is a cross between and Mister Rogers.
Good pix of downed trees and hail in Rogers Park Sunday Night
The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is technology driven thanks to Cellstar Wireless & Khel Creativity Club!.
Randy Rogers, casey donahew, and Kyle park September 4th😳
Rogers shared positive feedback from constituents regarding the extended bus service to Ford Park this summer.
Just added Fenway Park, PNC Park, Comerica Park, and Rogers Centre to my website
white vans always remind me of that one time in Rogers Park when I walked in on a drug deal in progress.
Missing West Rogers Park man jumped out of car, may be at O'Hare Airport - WLS-TV: WLS-TV Missing West Rogers Park
The Rogers Centre roof is open, so expect to see Dombrowski parachute into the park with a giant fan on his back.
Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce member Quest Network Services offers computer repair, cellphones too!.
OMG! Rogers Park is a disaster area. Storm knocked down branches & trees. @ my beach (Albion) this tree is down! http:/…
Back in Chicago and getting ready for a performance with Yuyo verde tonight at the Red Line Tap in Rogers Park!...
Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park,120 people will be there. So excited!
Matt Finley & Rio Jazz kick off at 7pm in Rogers Park in Bolton Landing tonight for the Concert in the park series. Free, fun, and gorgeous.
Celebrate Clark Street World Music Festival tomorrow and Sunday in Rogers Park! Via axs...
Celebrate Clark Street World Music Festival (10th Anniversary!) in Rogers Park this Saturday and Sunday! Via...
Birthday cake for Ruth, courtesy of big brother Fred. @ Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois
Russell Elenz and Donnie Terfling of Rogers Park have attended the Chicago Pride parade since 1984.
Come see Karen at Pride Fest in Rogers Park! At the market today until 2pm one block…
UCSN Rogers Park 7th graders honor fallen veterans at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington
Excited to see the Schalke 04 Rogers Park youth soccer team sporting their new jerseys donated by FFCU!
It is w/ heartfelt sadness that I report the Rogers Park pull-up bar grant was denied. Brighton's lats will suffer. 🙈
a makeup Bootcamp session will be held on Tuesday 6/16 at 6:30pm at Rogers Park. All are welcome to attend!...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Mary Taylor Sticha, RE/MAX House of Real Estate will be our in upcoming ad in Rogers Park newspaper!
Only U12 games in Rogers Park are cancelled. Games in Lerner or in other divisions will continue as scheduled.
I live in Rogers Park, where did it happen. and they are shooting our pets now. When will this end
Happy memorial day from Matt and Rocket™! @ Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois
Chris Martin will be dueling Jesse Johnson at Rogers Park at 3:30 today. Rogers park will be a safe zone after school until the duel is over
I finally presented my salsa at this weekend's Glenwood Sunday Market in Rogers Park where I was a guest vendor.
Clarke's is coming to Rogers Park! Hooray for waffles and fresh-squeezed OJ in the middle of the night!!
3:16PM: Cell on Chicago's north side is intensifying. Noting increasing winds from Montrose Harbor to Rogers Park. http:/…
Rogers Park, I love you. Only here would you find a hipster bakery next to a "Bump and Grind Academy."
.Yup yup, grew up in Logan Sq and Elmwood Park. Lived all over in Lakeview, Rogers Park, Ravenswood, Lincon Sq.
But I would either do Evanston, Andersonville, or look in Lakeview and bypass Rogers Park & Uptown
Ramble on!!! Loyola to the CBI championship series with a 63-48 win over Seattle. UL-Monroe comes to Rogers Park on Monday.
Devon Avenue: Major East-West street in West Ridge / Rogers Park, associated with the area's vibrant Indian community and more.
Revive Indiana brings worship music, prayer to Rogers Park in Goshen on final day
Umm sounds like this might be somewhere in the West Ridge / Rogers Park area?
This is also an open invite to anyone in the greater Rogers Park / Edgewater area.
Word 49 covers Edgewater, Rogers Park and West Ridge neighborhoods, Word 49 is all about the 49th Ward of the...
LOST DOG: Jeremiah is lost in Rogers Park. Please share:
UPDATE: 200 Rogers Park homes are without heat after a Friday night gas leak
300 homes without heat after Rogers Park gas leak
Funk Trunk Records, a cool new music store in Rogers Park :-)
Mutahir Rauf / Submitted photo BY RUMMANA HUSSAIN Chicago Sun-Times Loyola University students and friends Saturday were reeling over the death of a 23-year-old pre-med student from Pakistan who was shot and killed during an attempted robbery near the Rogers Park campus. Authorities said Mutahir Rau…
Just leased 5,300sf of newly rehabbed commercial space on Howard Street in E. Rogers Park to neighborhood daycare center operator!
I've always been a fan of D'Agostino or Michael's... If they deliver to Rogers Park... I dunno
Phoenix Heller, The Marketing Auditor is at the Chamber office! Marketing 101 starts at 10 am. . . Rogers Park...
Photo: Theaters in Rogers Park and West Ridge, A major burst in movie theater creativity occurred in the...
Wonderful post on movie theaters in Rogers Park and West Ridge by
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