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Roger Waters

George Roger Waters (born 6 September 1943) is an English musician, singer-songwriter and composer.

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Wall-a-fall-a-versary. In 1990 when Roger Waters pulled off the all to 350k-450k in Berlin no-mans-land they say th…
Roger Waters is such a no talent hack while David Gilmour is so incredibly talented. No wonder the two split.
David Gilmour and Roger Waters playing a game of backgammon.
Admit that it bewilders u that u had a bf that’s still a fan of Woody Allen & Roger Waters.
Roger Waters regards from Mexico City thanks for your music and words
Roger Waters regards from Mexico City thanks dor your music and words
“As architecture students, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright met at the Regent Street…
Why can't Roger Waters, David Gilmour & Nick Mason do a Pink Floyd reunion tour? They're all alive & well, clearly cause they're all on tour
📷 younglusts: Roger Waters and Nick Mason as architecture students at Regent Street Polytechnic,...
Roger Waters confirmed for Hyde Park festival -
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters is going to perform at London's British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park next year.
Blair blasts Roger Waters for comparing Israel to Nazi Germany - Arutz Sheva
Roger Waters on PROS & CONS OF HITCHHIKING tour, with Eric Clapton playing with his back 2 audience whol…
Roger Waters called out a local TV station at his show in Cleveland last night:
Watch: Michael Moore in conversation with Roger Waters about his unwavering solidarity for Palestine &
Dear Michael. Working on a documentary on Palestine (with Roger Waters, Ken Loach, Angela Davis..) that id love to tell u about.
Israeli smears against Roger Waters b/c he supports 'human rights for Palestinians' are astoundingly desperate
Roger Waters we don't need your lies!
Roger Waters is a 💯% correct. Israel should be subject to BDS, just as South Africa was.
Gonna be backstage with Roger Waters later and my parents. Nbd. @ The Living Gallery BK
‘Voice of boycott’ was heard in Montgomery and South Africa, why not Israel? Roger Waters writes in ‘NYT’…
Chris Calamera / Exit 22 Music and Superfan Kenny at the Roger Waters tour rehearsal - Rutherford NJ! 🤘🏼…
Roger Waters is a legend. Has never allowed bully boy tactics by Israel Lobby to derail support for Palestinians. 👏…
1000s of artists worldwide support the boycott of Israel > Pic: Roger Waters graffitis the apartheid wall https:/…
Just me and Roger Waters nothing to see here
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: Palestinians are occupied people, there's an organized resistance against occupying army
Read this article on i24NEWS:. Roger Waters slams US media for not covering the anti-Israel movement. A real Nazi
Roger Waters being asked whether Donald Trump is a unique American phenomenon: "Only in that he is supremely stupid".
Roger Waters says he's shunned on orders "from above"
Roger Waters.What a man.What an absolute hero
Roger Waters and his BDS support are not welcome in Tennessee via
shills will not succeed in censoring human rights advocate in Nassau
Roger Waters asked this to the crowd at a concert - we (the audience) all replied together - . NO!!!
I've seen PJ 3 times, Roger Waters once and Dead once. Sound is very dependent on seats.
Roger Waters says he won’t be deterred by attempts to silence him because of his support for the BDS movement.
It is vital for Americans to get to the bottom of Russian election meddling and Trump collusion.
Roger Waters is touring right now and serving up the most anti-Trump platform in his show and I was there for it…
"We're living in 1984": says he's shunned by corporate media on orders "from above"
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters says the US media is ignoring anti-Israel sentiment: 'It comes from above'
Last night Roger Waters was saying in the whole US every place he toured 2 already there was so much ❤️&we need to bring it 2 the surface.
We going to see that man Roger Waters do all the best Pink Floyd tomorrow night
Watch: "We're living in 1984," says Roger Waters, where dissent is sidelined and propaganda rules
"Those from above". Who are these shadowy Zionist operatives demanding absolute obedience to Israel. .
As noted in specific words at the Roger Waters concert last night: "Trump is a pig."
Roger Waters says producer told him he wouldn't be invited on show because of orders "from above"
Roger Waters tells musicians & artists: if you cross the picket line,
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters hits out at musicians for crossing Israel ‘picket line’
intifada "Effort to censor him for supporting Palestinian rights won't succeed, says rock legend Roger Waters https…
I liked a video Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: US escalation around the world 'desperately dangerous'
Pink Floyd co-founder, Roger Waters calls on fellow musicians to boycott Israel
📷 lucy-pepper: Roger Waters - Pink Floyd (with Nick Mason and Rick Wright in the background) By...
jonathan wilson performs with Roger Waters
Can't wait to see Roger Waters in October with most all of my favourite peeps (sorry you can't be there Tessa...
People like that don't deserve Roger Waters.
Roger Waters amps up his anger, sadness at United Center
Roger waters is a Natzi he is an *** and dose not know the truth about history and israel they will never loose there land again
Way too excited to see Roger Waters at the United Center tonight
Roger Waters was awesome last night
Interesting retrospective from on movie "The Wall," which first premiered 35 years ago:
Holly and Jess of touring with Roger Waters. Here’s hoping I’ll get to do portraits with them again at…
Here's my review of tonight's show at Chicago's United Center by Pink Floyd veteran Roger Waters. It was...
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points fingers at the first of 3 shows embracing Pink Floyd, solo work, at the United Center. A review…
Summer of concerts continues... Roger Waters in Chicago last night
Roger Waters's Hatred Eclipses His Talent - my new column
The ultimate - Roger Waters himself of Pink Floyd -
It's clearly anti semic and it will not sucseed . It's a flop . Very little singers care what hateful Roger waters has 2 say
salad that is Roger Waters's lyrics in that album blew my mind when I first heard it in 7th grade.
Yesterday I went to see Roger Waters with my dad in Chicago, he used to play with Pink Floyd
Roger Waters was fantastic last night.
Apartide! apartide!!! Where are the lefties, the BDS, Roger Waters??? Oh my bad it isn't Israel
Fiirst time back at the United Center since December hope I don't ruin the Roger Waters show for myself but I know I'm not strong enough 😂😂
Seeing Roger Waters tonight! Pink Floyd has been a big part of my music journey. Very excited to see one of the members live
Here's some of the anti-Trump stuff at the Roger Waters show. A dude left with his middle finger in the air
🇵🇸. George Roger Waters . had joined the Boycott movement . against Israel.
We need these words now. Thank you for sharing Roger Waters with us
I hadn't realized that this kind of censorship had already been legislated in some parts of the USA.
Looks like Roger Waters concert. This was an amazing show. Saw it in San Antonio.
Anybody know where to get Roger Waters tickets for less than $70???
OTD 1990. Roger Waters performed 'The Wall' at the Berlin Wall to commemorate it's fall eight months earlier that year.
He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guid……
that the lunatic is in the White House!. Roger Waters, from Pink Floyd, his current tour is promoting…
The thing I appreciate most about Roger Waters is his subtle touch
Roger Waters just put up pictures of Trump during the song Pigs. Legend.
Revisiting Roger Waters' historic production of 'The Wall' in Berlin ...
Even Roger Waters' tour has metal detectors
Run to see Roger waters and company - !
Roger Waters is, for a change, happy to be on tour
Roger Waters says an effort to ban his upcoming show on Long Island would violate First Amendment
So this is how a Roger Waters concert starts. With a film of a woman on a beach.
Roger waters knows the insane clown baby president
I used to be into Pink Floyd, but Roger Waters will play a free concert in Kiryat Arba before I'd pay to see his US tour
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Despite long-term bully-campaigns by the Israel lobby, Roger Waters re-affirms his support for Palestine &
I like Pink Floyd. A big letdown that Roger Waters is an antisemitism. And split his band. . David…
Judea declares war on British musician Roger Waters (by Gilad Atzmon)
The retort that either David Gilmore or Roger Waters gives in that same documentary is that the Art…
Grassyknoll - Gilad Atzmon on politics in music, Roger Waters, Palestine and humanitarianism
Roger Waters is having a concert tonight in Miami. If you live in the area, please go protest.
Respecting more Thurston Moore or Roger Waters than ye is normal.. but respecting + Chris martin or madonna saddens me
Roger Waters - Time | Live at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans via
attending Roger Waters live in New Orleans at Smoothie King Center
See the legendary Roger Waters tonight at the Smoothie King Center!
Me: What do you wear to a Roger Waters concert?. Sam: A David Gilmore shirt.
Here's some selected shots from the Roger Waters show, Us and Them, a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic production...
So stoked! Just printed our tickets for Roger Waters, tomorrow night @ the Smoothie King Center. Woohoo!
Watch students from Portland School of Rock perform wWith Roger Waters at Moda Center.
Getting ready for Roger Waters concert (@ Rodeway Inn) on
I bet Thom Yorke and Jason Lyttle and Beck are Roger Waters fans. I'd just rather listen to their interpretation of what they love.
dad is the real MVP for inviting me to see Roger Waters perform👌🏼
It's been my dream to see Roger Waters perform and next month it's going to happen😊
Ed Sheeran's ÷ returns to Number 1, ahead of new entries from Roger Waters, Dua Lipa and Alt-J - Official Charts Company …
Concert experiences in the last few weeks: high fived Roger Waters and Chance, played Claudio Sanchez' guitar, chatted up Davey Havok.
Just announced: Pink Floyd's Roger Waters bringing his Us + Them tour to September 9. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am.
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters begins tour in Kansas City with an all-out attack on Donald Trump
Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, kicked off his 2017 U.S. tour in Kansas City on Friday night in the most...
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame began his American Tour in Kansas City with this!
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters won't hide his disdain for Donald Trump via
I'm at Topsail Beach entering people to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd in Montreal! Come enter! ~ Jolene
lucy-pepper:. Roger Waters at Nick Mason’s home, 1968
We were at the wall Roger Waters o2 night when both Dave Gilmour and Nick Mason joined him on stage , a great reunion
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is a nine-part Pink Floyd composition written by Roger Waters, Richard Wright and...
Brian Hurt here. Join me for Instant Winner Thursday this afternoon between 1 and 5! I'll have Roger Waters...
Nick Mason, opening Pink Floyd exhibition says "Roger Waters & Dave Gilmore can't be here coz they're having a figh…
That's the second connect. 1st connect is he replaced Roger Waters in the new Pink Floyd.…
The punishment book and cane used on Roger Waters when he was at school, at the PF Exhibition
Pink Floyd in 1968 (from left) Nick Mason, David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Roger Waters. Photograph: Michael Ochs ……
Hear it now: "Smell The Roses," the first song from Roger Waters' upcoming LP, is an elegy to the American dream.
I have a new Roger Waters solo tune that I am gonna play in the 3rd Course of the Larry Mac Music Grill on 96.1...
Roger Waters, Richard Gere and Pete Townshend have all become the same person
Lyrics from Roger Waters' song 'Who Needs Information' on the Album KAOS Radio- they sound so relevant in the current info-political climate
Map of drugs reveals uncharted waters. And drugs may also help reveal the work of Roger Waters. ht…
rIGHT ON . BTW Ive been to all Roger Waters Wall concerts in LA in the last several years.. I Love t…
PF sounds much different when Roger Waters left after Final Cut. Momentary Lapse, Division Bell, Endless…
My argument is that it was Roger Waters' genius and his concept albums that made PF what they are, Gilmo…
Hermoso: Camera C64 by Roger Waters as a poignant appraisal of the contemporary social situation, eh, you make what you will of that
Great interview with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd on "The Big Interview."
🕵🏽I like how this devotion and ends with if we're navigating through dark circumstances and troubled waters we...
I am not. Roger Waters/Ryan Adams back to back in late July took the fun budget up.
Always in the mood for some Roger Waters.
I agree . Roger Waters had some awesome licks during the early days of Pink Floyd.
Very few artists can make me think as much as Roger Waters can.
🎵...You hit the target and win the game from bars 3000 miles away, we play the game with the bravery of being out of range..🎵 (Roger Waters)
>> “The Occupation of the American Mind” with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters - WATCH FULL INTERVIEW - YouTube
In derelict sidings the poppies entwine, with cattle trucks waiting inline for the next time - Roger Waters
Paraphrasing Roger Waters: "...Everyman has his price, but yours was pretty low..."
Roger Waters The Wall last show pass sheet
On Inauguration posted his incendiary, Trump-slamming performance of "Pigs" from Mexico City.
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters on why US musicians are terrified to condemn Independent
How do adults not know who roger waters is? I'm half your age and I know!
I just entered to win tickets to Roger Waters – Us + Them!
Roger Waters asked the question when discussing the making of Dark Side of the Moon: Is the human race capable of being humane?. I wonder…
David Bowie, Syd Barret, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason are in this pic too.
Just watched Brian Pern tribute. Exceptional. 'I've got a game of rounders with Roger Waters and Joan Armatrading...'
Hey are you televising Brian's manager's rounders game with Roger Waters and Joan Armatrading? I'd watch that...
Dave Thompson's "Roger Waters: The Man Behind The Wall" is now available in paperback wherever books are sold & at…
Special membership offer tonight, 10p-12a only! Pledge at $70+ level & receive 2 tix to see Roger Waters perform July…
From 87, Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly. Taken from the groups first album without Roger Waters, A Momentary Lapse of Reason…
The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, RHCP, Roger Waters, Colplay, Tom Petty, Muse, and Pink... 2017 is shaping up to be the year of concerts!
Lookie here…. …footage of Roger Waters recording first new album in 25 years with David Campbell, aka Beck's dad:. https:…
Roger Waters wants to play The Wall on the US-Mex border
Barbara is off to see Roger Waters! She answered our trivia question correctly this morning. Last chance is Monday!. - Mike
Roger Waters because he's the level of pettiness I plan to aspire to
has the best job ever. He gets paid to hang out with Roger Waters. Could you imagine?
If it is about building or breaking walls, you bet will have a say. Roger Waters performs "Pigs" in Mexico.
Roger Waters has been doing a cracking job of mocking Trump
'Big man, pig man. Ha, ha, charade you are. You well heeled big wheel. Ha, ha, charade you are... Live Video
"Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?" Ooooh Roger Waters
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I wish Roger Waters would sue Drumpf for using the term, "The Wall".
Also, roger waters is coming to LA June 20th
“money so they say is the root of all evil today ”. ― Roger Waters
Honestly, I was never a big Pink Floyd fan...until now. Respect to
Trump in the news... Mexico is mad... The stock market is up... Roger Waters is releasing a new album.
Roger Waters' "Amused to Death" is almost hard to listen to now. For reasons I couldn't have imagined when I first heard it.
🐌found that the loudest fans in the world are in Istanbul. 👉Roger Waters
went there in 2010 i believe to see Roger waters perform the wall. Kick *** show.
Roger Waters 1982 vs Jared Leto 2016. I'll just leave this here 🔨
Check out Free shipping Roger Waters In the flesh tour book Pink Floyd via
Surely THIS one will work. Surely THIS celeb will succeed where others failed.
I'm so tempted to stay up till 4 or wake up at that time to watch this Roger Waters - The Wall live in Berlin conce…
Roger waters is coming to Columbus on tour!
Roger Waters in Mexico City w/ The ideology resonates like a Bell 40 years later We see You
I'm going to see Roger Waters AND Rod Stewart this summer HOT ***
Roger Waters bashes Donald Trump, but Trump’s kids are (were?) Pink Floyd superfans
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd got something to say now!
Roger Waters - "Pigs (Three Different Ones)". More relevant than ever. Things never really change, do they?
Roger Waters on Artists expressing their political views
I just bought my tickets to see Roger Waters omfg I couldn't be more happy! 😭😍😍😍
Roger Waters doesn't do subtlety. Apparently Donald Trump Jr. Was at this show too. Lol
Don't miss your chance to see live at the on 7/18 >>>
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters channeling a little ? I think so
Think I'm gonna watch a Roger Waters concert tonight. I'm not boring at all.
I wasn't terribly impressed with:. - Geddy Lee. - Phil Lesh (this surprised me). - Roger Waters (which is weird, since PF kick got me here)
do you listen to Marc Maron's *** podcast? Roger Waters was on recently. Pretty fascinating.
Listen to Roger Waters recite his (crappy) anti war poetry to Marc Maron with your headphones on. Soup for the soul.
Feeling the same palpable fear at Roger Waters announcing he's going to read a poem on *** as when Amanda Palmer did her Boston Bomber piece
works two ways is now the official credit card of the Roger Waters.tour. I will be cancelling my Citica…
Roger Waters' views on Israel, BDS movement reportedly costing him millions |
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
American Express said to pull Roger Waters sponsorship over anti-Israel ...
Am Ex, just another brick in the Wall. Am Ex Disowns Pink Floyd's Roger Waters because of pro-Palestinian views
AMEX says no to Roger's Antisemitism: American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour
.cuts ties with Roger Waters over his support for
. American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour after statements
American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour after anti-Israel statements http…
Roger Waters will return to North America in 2017 with a pioneering new tour, US + Them.
It was fun seeing Neil Young, Metallica, Willie Nelson and Roger Waters
Ant: WATCH Roger Waters, Neil Young, Jim James and our pal G.E. Smith at the Bridge School Benefit covering Bob...
we saw Roger Waters solo in the Coachella Valley. Sadly lame. Creative tension makes great music.
Roger Waters voiced his support for the Palestinian to the 75,000 strong crowd at the 3-day Massive Rock concert in I…
Roger Waters, fresh from stealing show at Desert Trip, to bring next-level rock-and-roll theater to Phoenix: ...
Syd Barret and Roger Waters with other members playing as "The Tea Set" at a private house party, 1965
I guess that if Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature, then Roger Waters is huge favourite to take the Nobel for Pe…
Roger Waters puts his politics center stage at Desert Trip - Washington Post
Desert Trip: Weekend 1: Highlights include brilliant sets from Roger Waters, The Who, Paul McCartney and the...
Roger Waters' light show in the desert last night was spectacular. Here's 'Another Brick in the Wall'.
Roger Waters said it best last night calling Trump a lying racist sexist racist (flying)pig watch this
Roger Waters turns his Desert Trip performance into an anti-Trump rally
Glad to have been listening to Roger Waters play Pink Floyd songs instead of this joker. 🐷…
Roger Waters on has a poke at Trump's Mexican wall
10 hours or so later, thinking about how seized the moment as vocalists with Roger Waters. They absolutely killed it.
Roger Waters made his feelings about Trump very clear last night at Desert Trip festival in California.
Pink Floyd amongst the all time greats.after Waters left..
Desert Trip review - McCartney, Stones and co give Oldchella a hint of rebellion
Roger Waters, the Who get political and rowdy at Desert Trip Night 3. Our review:
“Dylan elicited … grumbles by not saying a word to the audience or allowing his face to be shown on the big screens”
Roger Waters puts his politics centre stage at Desert Trip.
Roger Waters makes a political statement as he closes out night 3 of ht…
best concert I have ever seen hands down was Roger Waters the Wall at Yum! Center. Incredible.
We were contracted to make a soundtrack album but there really wasn't ...
How do I go to an arena concert after Roger Waters last night at
. Amazing how Pink Floyd's Roger Waters had three lines in 'Mother' that sound like the inner brain speak of a certain.
Roger & Roger . Daltrey & Waters . The Dark Side of the Mod .
Roger Waters also did 'Pigs' in Donald Trump's honor last night. Agree or not, his light & stage show is incredible.
People who've said "Roger Waters needs to stop voicing his political opinion" clearly have never heard a single Pink Floyd song
This Roger Waters visual also got a lot of cheers from the crowd
My dads going to see the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters,&The Who this weekend, y did I move away😭
Stones, McCartney, Dylan, Neil Young, Roger Waters, the Who: geezer gala for boomers via
I have a pet fish named Roger Waters
Roger Waters was certainly not Comfortably Numb about Donald Trump in Mexico City: .
have spent ages looking at this trying to do who's who. Hendrix, Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Bev Bevan a…
Cat Stevens. Paul McCartney. Neil Young. Metallica. Roger Waters (bassist for Pink Floyd). Willie Nelson. Just some names I get to see in October
See David Gilmour and Roger Waters in Pink Floyd’s New Video for “Grantchester Meadows”
Happy 73rd birthday to the genius that is Roger Waters. Founder member who penned many of classic works. https:/…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
schnittlich is now listening to The Final Cut by Nick Mason, Roger Waters, David Gilmour
Pink Floyd trivia! Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright all initially met as architecture students in...
Roger Waters and Elvis Costello and the rest are anti-Semitic *** !
Roger Waters & Eric Clapton playing 'Wish You Were Here.' I dedicate this song to my Angelyna to me the most...
In 1984, Roger Waters and Eric Clapton played the first of two nights at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.
Listen to Eric Clapton & Roger Waters - Wish you were Here by Islam Abu ELezz on
Roger Waters' "The Wall" is on Netflix. Hands down the best show/performance/anything I have ever seen live. Enjoy it from your living room.
I love Pink Floyd Syd Barrett is god, Nick Mason is god Roger Waters is god Richard Wright & David Gilmour are gods of psychedelic music
Roger Waters' helped Germany commemorate the falling of the Berlin wall this day in 1990 with an all-star cast...
Had a great talk with Dave Kilminster (Steven Wilson, Roger Waters) at North Sea Jazz. This is the shoot afterwards.
How Pink Floyd's Roger Waters found out where his father died during World War II
Roger Waters, Sydney a few years back. Incredible show with full Dark Side.
"In the lazy water meadow, I lay me down." - Roger Waters -
Howard Stern rebukes Roger Waters over Israel boycott - Diplomacy and Defense
I added a video to a playlist Roger Waters - Goodbye Blue Sky [Live in Berlin]
New film narrated by Roger Waters exposes Israeli propaganda in US media.
i still just want a hug from David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason
Roger Waters will be playing in Mexico City on September 28.
The Occupation of the American Mind - RAI with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (3/3)
(Late to the game on this one). David Gilmour as Larry. Roger Waters as Moe. Syd Barrett as Curly.
It's not a GOOD album, but it's fun in just how weirdly 80s it is. Roger Waters is a dude who should not try to do 80s pop.
Cooper doesn't seem to enjoy Roger Waters. He needs to learn to appreciate angry songs about World War II and not having a dad, like I did.
Since my wife won't be home tonight, gonna be blaring some Roger Waters concerts at top volume for several hours.
Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel.
Follow the top Roger Waters stories for May 12 on our topical page:
Like legend, but as an American musician, I will ALWAYS STAND WITH
I would not rule out going to Israel because I disapprove of the foreign po...
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" G. Orwell.
The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime. – Roger Waters
Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, the who, Neil Young and roger waters are playing a show and i will sell my KIDNEY to be there
See Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters and more get Desert Trip Tickets today
me irl,, when i see A Picture Of Roger Waters
Roger Waters narrates MEF's new film on Israel's propaganda war in the U.S.
Literally me @ my phone screen everytime I see a new photo of Roger Waters
Expect nothing else from Waters. Thanks Roger Waters for everything
The Great Gig In The Sky by Richard Wright/Roger Waters now playing on
was supposed to see Roger Waters from Pink Floyd at the Landmark until they canceled. Stage was too big for the theater.
X. Looks like there's gonna be a juicy Festival in October at Coachella. McCartney. Rolling Stones. The WHO. Roger Waters. Fun Boy Three. BROS
Roger Waters - "Syd Barrett Went Crazy" & Dark Side of the Moon Australi... via
David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright - appear, albeit in separate interviews at various...
A new music festival this fall will feature Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Rolling Stones, and Neil Young. Cur…
Coachella Fest in October has McCartney, The Stones, Roger Waters, The Who, Dylan, and Neil Young on the same bill!
Nothing will ever compare to Roger Waters' & David Gilmore's sadness
Did you know that Roger Waters kid is the PT keyboardist for the Dean WEEN Band. +is a ***
Yeah the canons, that's Corbusier the wall ah well now that's a flippin' wall Roger Waters? Gerald Scarfe? Eat your heart out
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Hopefully David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason will regroup Pink Floyd for new music, an album or three and a tour, please!
David Gilmour and Roger Waters captured how I am feeling today...
I'd be David Gilmour and I'd go punch Roger Waters for firing Rick Wright
Do you know what I wouldn't give to see Roger Waters or David Gilmore on concert. Bc I don't
Sid Barret, Roger Waters, or David Gilmour, or the combination of them all that made it great?
are you a Roger Waters kind of guy or David Gilmour kind of guy?
Roger Waters either is lying or is a really bad detective. .
Everybody talks about Roger Waters or David Gilmour but no one ever mentioned how Nick Mason and Richard Wright were goddam brilliant.
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