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Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor (born 14 October 1941) is a British former tennis player.

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Roger Taylor de los 80s always in my heart
Roger Grigsby, owner of Santa Cruz Chinese restaurant O'mei, shuts down after being outed as white supremacist. .
Roger Taylor and his brothers Abby and Jim were the cornerstone of Duran Duran. Not Queen.
is currently accusing Roger Maris of juicing 🤔🤔🤔.
Roger Taylor stans:. - Fangirls. - Have a major crush on Roger. - Are in love with his baby blue eyes. - Think he's ado…
So Queen and Duran Duran both had drummers named Roger Taylor that aren't remotely the same person? - you getting this?
The 19-year-old that took Roger Federer to 5 sets yesterday was 5 years old when Federer won his first slam. 👀
Finally uploading the rest of my JavaScript30 series to youtube. Thanks to for making some sweet new thumbnails!…
If you understand these principles you can basically roll your own "process". .
Watching the It just feels like when my parents divorced and i was forced to go to Chester Zoo with my mum's new 'm…
70 years of evolution. The past 5 have seen the rise of
As a kid, hit against a wall and imagined he was playing Roger in the Today that becomes reality. ht…
.Under the lights. On Arthur Ashe Stadium. Against Roger Federer. I'm here for it. .
Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Brian May for I Want To Break Free video clip directed by D...
30 mins until I post this new ROGER skit 🔥🤘🏻
we are the most pre-ordered album right now! You all are amazing! Let's give Taylor a run for her money! 😝 http…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
How to use to improve customer acquisition
In search of a manager for me and my bro Roger Taylor Sr.
"So far we've got Roger, Taylor, Trent, Rachel, Alex, and me! Anyone else up for a bouncy ball tournament?"
Roger Taylor in the Somebody To Love music video is art
Brian advertised for a "Ginger Baker/Mitch Mitchell type drummer" for his band Smile. It was answered by Roger Taylor.
Sadly, he and drummer Roger Taylor are pretty much Queen now, bassist John Deacon retired in the lat…
Roger Taylor, the drummer for Queen, is amazing. 👊🏼
How I built a cluster so my coworkers could deploy apps faster
Young Roger Taylor and Lars Ulrich looked eerily alike!
Houzz: a UX case study (inspiring you to change your home style)
nothing better than a wave. Magic. Roger Taylor waved at us at Queen 👑 gig. Great to hear you're both having fun.
Node.js Streams: Everything you need to know
John ! Or Roger Taylor was on drums, with the naff ponytail 😂
The Durannies were wankers except for Andy and Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor plays some of them really are trapped in the past.
Do people rank the members of bands? . If so, here's Queen: . 1. Freddie Mercury. 2. Brian May. 3. Roger Taylor. 4. John Deacon
Dear Roger Taylor sir. I see u guys come in november to Budapest. I Such a huge fan of you Brian John and Freddie.
One last thing: before Trump took raw conservative paranoia federal, Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh (who Hannity is chasing)…
Bond, James Bond. Nobody does it better. We remember Sir Roger Moore.
New summer windows at Downtown featuring Michael Taylor chairs and Roger Capron table.…
Roger: "I haven't done an interview for a long time by the way."Interviewer: "I haven't done one in 5 minutes."
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Integrating Next.js into my existing Express stack so I can build some customer tooling. What a treat - I haven't written a lin…
Thanks for the recent follow Happy to connect :) have a great Friday. ➡️🆓
Putting Customer first and on practice via
Get any UX job with a stellar portfolio presentation by reading this
Claude Taylor is the third member of the Russia sphere. He’s a DC-area photographer claims worked for three presidential admin
React Studio: 1.0.2 update, roadmap, thoughts on Native, and a look at Microsoft’s ReactXP
“I think it would be unfair not to play those early songs for live audiences”
What a fantastic time we had celebrating our 130th Anniversary with Roger Taylor & Jonny Marray - thank you again.…
What an honour to partner Jonny Marray and Roger Taylor on the same day…
Great to see Sheffield tennis legends Jonny Marray and Roger Taylor supporting 130th anniversary today
Congratulations to who celebrate their 130th anniversary today with activities and appearances by Jonny Marray & Roger Taylor
Roger Andrew Taylor Framed Print featuring the mixed media Roger Taylor by Otis Porritt
Bob Dylan wrote this during the 60's. Roger Taylor covered it in the 90's. I think tha…
Time of Our Lives next on Sky Sports 5 HD: Gary Newbon sits down with British tennis stars of the past Bobby Wilson, Roger Taylor and Mark …
Smoke on the water by David Gilmour, Brain May, Tommy Ioni, Steve Vai, Roger Taylor,. via
Via. deniselpoon: (Roger Taylor, Brian May) and Adam Lambert will rock North America this Summer. Catch...
Roger: I'm Roger Taylor and drums aren't the only things I like to bang. Brian: On a totally unrelated note: how do I…
Roger Taylor looking surprised as Debbie Harry introduces Japan on
2006, Led Zeppelin were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame by Roger Taylor of Queen. Jimmy Page...
a future cozy powell or Roger Taylor sam xx
NO! The only one Queen is the one with Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon. Never in any…
Roger Taylor politely shading Vanilla Ice in this interview is brilliancy
I could dedicate a month to today's band. A month of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor. A month of QUEEN. (1/5)
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
With this win, is first Brit to win men's doubles since Roger Taylor in 1972. https:…
Congratulations to Roger Taylor, Mark Tansell, and Zac_ruin from our Instagram for winning our T-Shirt...
you should see Brian May and Roger Taylor then! 2 hours of concert and they killed it!
Diego Maradona in a Union Jack t-shirt with Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and John Deacon from Queen, 19… h…
Queen's Roger Taylor & Brian May talk about The Invisible Man, video 👑 .
So...interviewed Duran Duran tonight. John Taylor and Roger Taylor were great in every way. My…
Freddie Mercury,Roger Taylor,John Deacon & Phil Lynott during the 'Queen Lizzy tour' of the USA, 1977.
Same people seem to be invited every year. Of course maybe they ask for tickets. Beckham? Never see Roger Taylor or Mark Cox
To mark the 75th anniversary: the brilliant Al Stewart (with Roger Taylor!), Roads To Moscow.
It was great fun. We had gone on tour in between the sessions and reco...
My mum says have the same way of playing that Roger Taylor omg I agree with that, what a beast of drums
Freddie wasn't the only awesome voice in Queen. Roger Taylor singing lead.
I still need a Roger Taylor to rp with. RT/ Like if interested
Under Pressure by Foo Fighters with John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Roger Taylor ... -
Here's + explaining why their upcoming tour will be amazing
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Roger awaits or qualifier to open grass court season -
Listen to We Will Rock You, performed by some windscreen wipers:
I drew Roger Taylor, what do you think ? 😄. 👑
Today in 2011, Roger performed with the Band du Lac at the Wintershall Estate in Surrey, England.
Marketing in a Digital World: is Upping Innovation and Agility
Roger Federer vs Taylor Fritz or Qualifier in 2nd round of
Q+AL European Tour 2016 - So beautiful pic of Roger Taylor and David Bowie!!!
: Yes - that's the official tribute band put together by Roger Taylor
Loneliness... is the greatest curse. And loneliness... is *** on earth | Roger Taylor - Loneliness. | | ♫
I lived a normal life for a number of years. I had kids. I lived up on...
I used to dress like Roger Taylor when I was ten because I thought he ...
TRUMP: How can we get the press off Trump U. ROGER STONE: Double down on being racist. TRUMP: That just made it worse. STO…
Recap: Brian May and Roger Taylor are freaking legends, Adam's vocals are not human, incredible show, and I am totally…
myRockworld memorabilia : Queen Album A Day at the Races - 1976 - signed by Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon
last time 3 Male Brits in 2nd Rd of Roland Garros was in 1975.They were Roger Taylor , John Lloyd and Martin Robinson (remember him )
wish he hadn't done that Robin Hood song tho. Saw Foo Fighters at Roundhouse, Camden. Stood next to Brian May & Roger Taylor
A massive 'Happy Birthday' to Roger Taylor of on his 56th 🎂 Hope it's a brilliant one!
'I would marry Lindsay Buckingham if he wasn't over 60' Hasn't stopped you fancying Roger Taylor 😂
Roger Taylor was the drummer in Queen, not John Deacon
Can someone go and check on Brian May and Roger Taylor pease? Oh and have a look in on John Deacon while you're at it. Thanks 🙏🏻🎤
.and Roger Taylor on and possibility of new original material. https:…
📷 magicqueen11907: John Deacon, Roger Taylor and fellow guests on the steps of Gleneagles Hotel.
📷 10kyometro: Who did say old man is not attractive? Roger Taylor is still hot.
📷 officialfreddie: Roger Taylor during the making of A Kind of Magic, 1986
Roger Taylor rarely critiques development, so it's doubly odd that his one reservation is about lack of green space.
Sometimes I wonder if Roger Taylor is Joe Ramia's secret love child
I'd want guitar lessons from Mark Knopfler, drum-lessons from Roger Taylor, and songwriting lessons from Jason I…
Roger Taylor starring on Brian Pern shows his great sense of humour!Queen take their music seriously not themselves. https:…
Really hot time between Roger Taylor and John Deacon. .
Jason Orange, 10th of July. . Brian May, 19th of July. . Roger Taylor, 26th of July. . This should be illegal. It's gonna be the end of me 😹
I added a video to a playlist Gary Numan (with Roger Taylor) - Moral
Brian May & Roger Taylor said, there's NO ONE else that can Sing Queens songs but Adam Lambert! 1 in a Billion
that I would marry, Roger Taylor if and have a big family and tour with the band..
Can we just talk about how attractive Roger Taylor was in 1986 I mean he still is today but
The ongoing misnamed captions in are a joy ... especially the Roger Taylor one. Though the Annie Nightingale one's a *** too.
I just found out that I was taught by Roger Taylor's sister in primary school, um what?😁😝
My legend Roger Taylor at the .. Such a lovely chap !
Can anyone say after Pern that they havent thought differently about Rick Wakeman, Noel Edmonds, Roger Taylor, Martin Kemp & Nigel Havers?
The music for the Clive Sinclair clip on was this gloriously daft Roger Taylor B-side, Two Sharp Pencils:
On drums trousers.Mr Roger Taylor.!
A cool picture of my teenage hero Roger Taylor (drumming AND singing-I want to do that!)
Jolly Roger in Parkhurst is good every night of the week.
High grade comedy this Saturday with ROGER MONKHOUSE & ELLIE TAYLOR at More:
❤️ 2c tribute on your awards show by Roger Taylor &
Is disruption as scary as its cracked up to be?
"The track that emerged is the most beautiful surprise” - Roger Taylor of on Download:
Roger That bae "Download the application from play store n listen to d show tomorrow 11pm-12am
Kyle Thompson (our Roger Taylor) smashing his drum solo at one of last week's performances in Johannesburg.
Sheer Heart Attack is the album where the cover is mostly Roger Taylor's lubed up chest.
Things you didn't know: Queen drummer Roger Taylor made the most inspired decision during the recording sessions f…
Thanks for following Roger Taylor, Wishing you a Great rest of 2015, and a Super Successful 2016
queen as in 4 people as in lead vocals/pianist Freddie Mercury, guitar Brian May, bass John Deacon, vocals/drums roger taylor . Kys
Thank you prophet roger you changed my perception on love
How to Choose the Best Model for a Free
better than Anthony Taylor And the like as a ref with the exception of maybe Kevin Friend or Roger East
I want to hear an isolated track of Roger Taylor's drums on Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack" from News of the World 🔥
Congratulations Roger on your from Jason Taylor at Central Toyota!
Roger Taylor - Be With You - YouTube - I had another random moment with my music. This song popped up and...
"Why the *** go on stage with backing tapes behind you and pretend you can do it like the record?" - Roger Taylor about 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
I liked a video from The World According To Kenny Everett (with Roger Taylor)
In ten years time Roger Taylor and Bryan Adams' speaking voices will only be audible to certain types of dogs.
so, if STV is bad for Labour and bad for Plaid... Cui bono? Y Toriaid a UKIP?
I agree, David. Will be publishing some ideas on this with in the new year.
I doubt my proposals are in the interest of either of the big parties...but I will! ;)
I'll third that! Sat next to Roger Taylor in a traffic jam once.He was wearing a cardboard pirate hat
yes, keeping the constituency link and acheiving more proportionality.German system-ish
not sure I understand?Only reason we have dual system is to preserve FPTP constituency link
it's more proportional than fptp in one-member districts.I mean 50% d'Hondt as you know
Only if difference between 1st and 3rd is relatively small. Otherwise 1st place party aims for 2.
so would that mean fewer constituencies, or a 120 member Assembly?
which coincidentally is the formula that would likely be of most benefit to Plaid ;)
I like the element of FPTP. I'm not a massive STV fan. But agree with 80 seats.
it's tough to see anything better. I'd go for more proportionality as a start though.
A minimum of 80 AMs would be better, with 50% elected by PR and 50% by STV
Welsh politics needs a realignment imo. Parties need to reflect the real splits in Welsh opinion.
FPTP isn't better than the current system, which guarantees a degree of proportionality
nor am I saying FPTP is the answer, but anything better than current system which satisfies no one!
I don't think Labour's weakness in government has been it's lack of a majority sorry.
it's pretty obvious how to change government, don't vote for Labour. It's very slowly sinking in.
I disagree. AMS has its faults. But with Wales split between 5 parties dont think FPTP the answer
End result: more effective Government and stronger opposition.
Personally I would like to see a Labour Government with a proper majority…
AMS satisfies no one in Wales: it produces perpetual one-party govt it was designed to prevent…
I'd be in favour of more proportionality, more list seats (and 80 seats in total).
one of the specific problems with our AMS is the balance between constituencies and regional ...
that's fair minded of you seeing as it suits Labour. But given enough time it should work better.
indeed. I am now of the view that the AMS system we have is the worst of all worlds.
one of the downsides of PR. Reduces the chances of big changes in seat numbers, & governments.
following the logic through gives a ones to watch list of Llanelli, C'ff N, VoG, VoC, Delyn, Gower. Any others?
opposition seat-swapping on lists is of great interest, could shake up Assembly but won't decide Government
British psych band Smile, 1969. Its line-up included future Queen members Brian May (left) and Roger Taylor (centre)
When Arcadia was Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes & Roger Taylor, but they always forgot Roger in video clips & performances.
Can't believe it's been 24 years since we lost the magnificent Freddie Mercury. Thoughts with Roger Taylor, John Deacon today.
Like pic of a "young" Roger Taylor and Debbie Harry.Thought Queen I and II were their best albums.Freddie was the best!
"Taylor, Cobra, we're splitting. Busses are headed to the main building. Find us a rally point!. Roger!".
In The Studio with Red Beard: Queen - A Night at the Opera 40th Anniversary - & - Listen @
Taylor Swift switches her preppy design for vampy all-black on supper day... -
Winners at show off very best of our great city- Richard Taylor, Philippa Howden-Chapman, Roger Moses, Conrad Smith+more. Congrats!
Roger Taylor & Yoshiki - 'Foreign Sand' promotional video, 1994
Interviewing Roger Taylor of Duran Duran today. Mrs M is all aquiver.
Funny story: Queen's drummer Roger Taylor was offered to drum in Genesis before Phil Collins.
This, on the other hand, is worth a listen ! Thanks Redbeard !
Dan and I are meeting up for a tea/ coffee one afternoon next week will u be able 2 join us? April and Roger Taylor say hi.
I love Queen! Roger Taylor, Brian May, John Deacon and* looks at smudged writing on hand* Friday Morecurry
Marc and Adam sharing the stage and doing sets with George Michael, Elton John, Annie Lennox, Roger Taylor, Brian May. ;-)
Roger Taylor - Official: Interview with Clarin magazine for the South American Tour. Via Ícones Musicais & Artes
Via. Roger Taylor - Official. Roger interview with Clarin magazine for the South American Tour.
the GOLD JACKET CLUB: Cage, Top, and Vince Neil. (Not pictured: Roger Taylor from QUEEN.)
Tell me someone like Joni Mitchell or Roger Taylor wouldn't write this. I honestly thought this was a cover. She actually self-wrote it.
Again...The guy just lacks the charisma. Everyone wants to see and hear Brian May, Roger Taylor with a great singer.
Queen, I believe was the most highly educated band. The drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon both had...
John Paul Jones and Roger Taylor Join Foo Fighters for an Awesome Cover of ‘Under Pressure’ -
Foo Fighters play Under Pressure with Queen and Led Zeppelin: John Paul Jones and Roger Taylor joined D... via
- G1 - Roger Taylor, do Queen, toca 'Under Pressure' em show do Foo Fighters -
Guest of Honor Declaration members of Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor, and singer Adam Lambert. Via. María...
When the were joined by Roger Taylor & John Paul Jones:
Foo Fighters form 'superduper group' with Roger Taylor and John Paul Jones for ...
John Paul Jones and Roger Taylor join Foo Fighters for cover of 'Under Pressure'
Roger Federer advances to US Open quarterfinals w/ straight-sets win over John Isner. Next up: Richard Gasquet.
Roger Taylor from Queen and Jon Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin to do Under Pressure with Taylor singing, quality.
Watching John Paul Jones and Roger Taylor perform with the Foo Fighters last night was truly amazing
not to mention that rock legends Roger Taylor and John Paul Jones rocked up last night to do a Queen song with Taylor singing omg fml
May have chosen wrong night for Foo Fighters... Roger Taylor (queen) and John Paul Jones (led zepp) guested last night... :( :( :(
Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Bob Geldof, David Bowie, Brian May and Roger Taylor at Live Aid, 1985.
Thinking about it, I've seen some rather famous people this year! Brian May, Roger Taylor, Adam Lambert... Helena Bonham Carter! 😭😭
Roger Taylor and Simon Le Bon talk to Fresh morning host Cane about their upcoming album.
"I have to admit, I have heard him [John] sing, and that's why you can't find him on the records..." - Roger Taylor
"Oh she's great. She's still tall. She's still blonde." - Roger Taylor about his girlfriend Debbie Leng, 1999
With Simon Le Bon and Roger Taylor after the interview …
I liked DD a little back in the day. But I really thought they were *** Except Roger Taylor! Man I dug him. That overbite.
didn't need to @ me, I was going to say it anyways. 😊 Wasn't being rude, but if you want to be that way then Roger that. 👌🏽
Taylor Swift is on here but not Roger Waters.gtg
Roger Taylor: best. First pressing, yellow vinyl.
Strange Frontier by Roger Taylor from the album: Strange Frontier
Thanks for giving me the Roger Taylor's drum solo in Montreal: wonderful! Reminds me
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Roger keeps talking about his vacation. I'm about to burst into tears 😭😭😭😭
7 hours into the trip and the count of how many times roger brings up Taylor Swift is now 8
My goes 2 the extremely sexy/crazy talented Roger Taylor of Love this man h…
5 Features in 9 that WILL Change How You Develop (and 2 That Won’t)
A Kind Of Magic by Roger Taylor now playing on
Roger that, taylor sleeping in till 3pm
Homefront-Coach Taylor and Roger Sterling as their younger selves
Video of Queen's Roger Taylor telling story of meeting Groucho after they released their ANATO album.
Queen (Roger Taylor) I'm In Love With My Live In Montreal 1981 Especially the sunroof on my
"Duran Duran's Roger Taylor to contribute music to unique Peace Tracks project"
Dr.Brian May is a legend. He and Roger Taylor gave blood to Freddie constantly to keep his memory alive without John Deacon.
- It's cool. Are you standing next to Brian May, John Deacon or Roger Taylor? If you're next to Freddie, the night ended bad.
it suggests that I fancied everything that moved, esp Roger Taylor, Holly Johnson, Rik Mayall and, er, John le Mesurier!?!
Sun, Sea and Scousers The guy who made a joke about Freddie Mercury after Brian May and Roger Taylor went through Liverpool airport
Uncle Roger came over and asked if I wanted to ask Taylor out to the lake this weekend.. bad timing I guess :'/
Amazon Web Services buys AppThwack, a startup with iOS, Android devices for app testing; service will shut down
"I might not know who Taylor Swift is, but I sure as heck know the name of Roy Roger's horse." - Uncle Bob
Raheem How does his progress compare to Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney? via
ROGER TAYLOR BLONDE SEX PIXIE one day I will bang you
Its moments like this when you remember that a) Roger Taylor sings awesome and b) Brian May has a PhD in astrophysics.
In The Studio celebrate The Game on its 35th Anniversary with a special programme feat. & @ htt…
Roger Taylor (Duran Duran posed to my camera the other day outside Claridges Hotel
The moment the team first saw that photo
Hillary, Taylor Swift and Roger Goddell all at Capitol today? Um...
How can you get the business you need? See more at:
Taylor Swift was trapped on a stage in DC and kept performing. Read more:
Roger_M_Taylor: Win with APIs by keeping it simple
July 13, 1985: David Bowie watching Live Aid at Wembley Stadium with Roger Taylor and Brian May.
July 14th aka 1 year since I had floor tickets to see and got to witness and Roger Taylor be legends.
Simon Le Bon was driving...Nick Rhodes was in the passenger seat and Roger Taylor was in the back...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
For John Bonham, you've put Roger Waters instead of Roger Taylor
"Lambert, who toured last year with Queen’s surviving members Brian May and Roger Taylor". John Deacon ain't dead bro'.😠
Roger Taylor is referring 2 Paul Daniels here but I'm sure his reaction is the same after seeing Kayne sing Bo Rhap!
Roger Taylor interview: The Queen drummer has written the soundtrack for British film Solitary
Adam Lambert, Brian May, and Roger Taylor are giving us some serious squad goals.
||How to get my attention or be my friend: . Mention John, Andy, or Roger Taylor along with Nick Rhodes or Simon LeBon and like Duran Duran.
Kate Mossman's teenage 'What if I meet Roger Taylor?' flowchart...a work of genius. Lovely programme on fandom
I like Page as a guitarist better than May. I like JPJ and Bonham better than John Deacon and Roger Taylor. I like Zep albums more
Dan Hawkins from The Darkness has confirmed Rufus Taylor, son of legendary Queen drummer, Roger Taylor as the...
Happy early birthday to the best drummer boy !! Roger Taylor from ❤
Congratulations to Roger Taylor, winner of our March Drum Madness:
Congratulations to Roger Taylor, who won our March Drum Madness --
EXCLUSIVE: Roger Taylor wins the right to keep a giant statue of Freddie Mercury in his garden …
50.7% for Roger Taylor!! Come on Glamberts...let's show them who's boss! Only 30 minutes left to vote in the poll.
In a night of nutso dreams, Roger Taylor playing some Rodney Crowell, with a varnished Telecaster, details people, tops the lot.
Interested to see the outcome since "qualified" and "experienced" are very different things invents “The Invention Platform For The with the Onion Omega
Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes of at the event 04/01/15
Its issue caused a stir because Roger Taylor became the first living person (other than a Royal) to appear on a stamp!
The Roger Taylor Show: What now continued! on Roger Taylor will air 04/04.
What if Saban was right and Taylor was making good on a 2nd chance before this. Where does he go now?
The Roger Taylor Show: April 2nd on Roger Taylor will air 04/02.
Congratulations to Taylor Co. Schools Superintendent Roger Cook for receiving the KDE Dr. Johnnie Grissom Award.
The Lightyears were described by Roger Taylor of as "Bloody brilliant!” Book for your now!
There will be no sadder days than when David Bowie, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Brian May, Roger Taylor or John Deacon di…
Day wasted today ! No sign whatsoever of Brian May & Roger Taylor in Sheffield . I were reyt looking forward to seeing em !
has grown up: now it's personal. How do you make data relevant to your customers?
I've come to the conclusion that Roger Taylor's solo output is a bit pants...
Honoured to have Roger Taylor play a Queen hit with The Function Band with in the crowd!!!
This is the reason why, Roger Taylor, Rick Allen and YOU are my favorite drummers. 😍😍
Update your maps at Navteq
But ... I mean these are all fine drummers ... Roger Taylor beat Bill Bruford.
Next up: Brian May and Roger Taylor presenting an award to their Manager Jim Beach at the
Roger Taylor & Brian May on stage to present their manager Jim Beach with the Peter Grant award
Top 4 will hopefully be Stewart Copeland, Roger Taylor, Neil Peart and John Bonham. Can't say which one I prefer honestly...
When you sin Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor will tell you God Knows!
Appearin on 'Pop Quiz' (where Roger Taylor from Queen refused tobe on the same team as me,so I went on John Taylor's http…
Hey Dennis,The note on Undr P is hit by Roger Taylor the drummer for queen. He also hit sthe highest note on Bohemian. Love the show
Nick Rhodes as Simon, John Taylor as Nick, Simon Le Bon as Roger, and Roger Taylor as John "If a movie about Duran Duran were b
of Justice at Taylor Farms represent at with after showing to
Rock star home: The Millhanger country home belonged to Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor:
i just look too serious... Thanks for using our product!
Yes it is scheduled for Tuesday evening. Roger Taylor & Brian May posted a news release today...cont.
Freddie Mercury, John Deacon and Roger Taylor in the pool.
My biggest dream is to play on stage with my favorite band But since Brian May and Roger Taylor are the only surviving members I can't😔
I know a photographer...only kidding, looks OK to me. Great concept democratizing Public Transport, London needs it.
thanks for sharing... I think I need better pics ha!
I still can't believe LEGENDS Brian May & Roger Taylor adore & respect Adam, you can just see it in their faces :')
For those interested in staging stuff: "Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert had a tremendous …
Queen legend Roger Taylor cancels gigs in Auburn, for looking too much like Harvey Updyke: …
Dave Stewart & Roger Taylor at Nelson Mandela's Pre Concert "46664" event at his home
If I did a marathon of all Queen related albums, including Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May, The Cross and Q+PR, it'd take 29 days.
"Who would imagine that one day Brian May and Roger Taylor finally find someone to put on crampons Freddie Mercury?" LOL crampons? Ah google
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