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Roger Stone

Roger J. Stone, Jr. is a celebrated American political consultant, lobbyist and strategist, noted for his use of opposition research, usually for candidates of the Republican Party.

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That time when Roger Stone was forced to resign from Republican Bob Dole's Presidential campaign in 1996...…
I'm starting to wonder what number Carter Page, Roger Stone, General Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr., Boris Epshteyn etc will be.
Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have been business partners for decades.
This is unreal. House Intelligence Committee Chairman claims not to know who Carter Page and Roger Stone are…
Roger Stone? Wait. It'll come to me. Um Pat Sajak? Nope. I got it. Steve Harvey! 😉
Roger Stone looks like if Willy Wonka owned a rat poison factory.
Roger Stone is my boy. I would hate Giuliani time for him.
Meltdown in 3..2..1! -> Roger Stone now claims his bromance w/Guccifer 2.0 is a conspiracy manufactured by IC, David Brock & G…
Roger Stone, live on Alex Jones, commenting on dressed as a hot air ballon pilot.
Nunes just told me he's never heard of Carter Page or Roger Stone. And he's in charge of the investigation?
Here's Nunes saying he doesn't know who Roger Stone is. He also plays down the role of Paul Manafort in the campaign. Than…
Really? I have heard of Roger Stone and Carter Page. You sir are either a liar or you are incompetent. Here…
.Watched the "Hush" ep the other day and Roger Stone was scary AF
Roger Stone takes center stage as Congress lines up Russia probe witnesses
Michael Caputo, former campaign manager to Carl Paladino,ties to Chris Collins & Roger Stone. Caputo has TIES TO…
If dodgy Trump sidekick Roger Stone must attend inaugurations as Professor Moriarty, he really should know that sti…
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Comey just hinted, by omission, that IC+FBI have classified information about Roger Stone's collusion with Wikileaks & Mos…
Roger Stone was an associate of Paul Manafort. So was Tad Devine. These dots connect themselves, Bernouts.
Roger Stone gets into a car accident. Sustains injuries. Hops on the air anyway. Amazing.
I don't know who "Roger Stone" is. Roger Rabbit, Roger Moore, Will Rodgers, Roger Wilco, I know, but not Roger Stone.
Yes, of course, Roger Stone is an goid man, said the troll under the bridge. Begone traitor.
41.Caputo´s idol is Roger Stone, Caputo now works for Trump Defender Chris Collins.
Roger Stone posted an odd rant on Instagram last night, channeling Hunter Thompson or maybe Jimmy Buffet.
The irony is that Hunter Thompson would have loathed Roger Stone, and he would have railed against Trump like he did w/ Nixon.
While we were all watching Maddow, we missed Roger Stone doing some Hunter S. Thompson cosplay online.…
Yo, Roger Stone, Hunter Thompson is laughing at you, hilariously convulsed in insane laughter at you.
Pretty sure Thompson would have wanted the cannon they fired his ashes out of aimed at Roger Stone's face.
What is lost in this post (didn't watch him) is that Hunter S. Thompson would HATE Roger Stone, just for the Nixon tattoo.
Roger Stone (Trump man -hopefully buzzed) channeling his inner Hunter S. Thompson. Love it.
If you want to watch a video of Roger Stone dressed up like Hunter Thompson calling out John McCain, here you go.
To prove the Trump administration has no ties to Roger Stone goes on...wait for it...Russian TV! .
Thread with some important context on Roger Stone. 👇
Guccifer 2.0 to Roger Stone on Aug. 17: "Please tell me if i can help u anyhow. It would be a great pleasure to me."
Thread re: Roger Stone's admission that he was in contact w/Guccifer 2.0 (i.e., GRU/Russian intel) in the months before the el…
Trump adviser Roger Stone admits to contact with DNC hacker via
TIL Trump advisor, Wikileaks go between & friend of Farage, Roger Stone has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back l…
The Julian Assange / Nigel Farage / Roger Stone love triangle of treason. I hope they all end up sharing a cell. Or a coff…
Roger Stone: The only man in the world with a *** on his back, was a dirty trickster for Richard Nixon. ⏬
Meanwhile, Roger Stone gives an interview to notorious Kremlin bullhorn RT, complains of Trump Tower "break-ins," says…
Roger Stone admits he had a "back channel" to Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange, then tries to walk it back
17/ painful and very ugly place where people like Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Reince Preibus, Scott Spicer and Chump himself
Update: Mom saw Huff Post article this AM. She would very much like to know more about "who this Roger Stone character thinks…
Fomer Trump adviser Roger Stone admits collusion with WikiLeaks, then deletes it
This is not insignificant: Roger Stone just admitted, then quickly deleted, what was long suspected: back channel collus…
Is Roger STone the guy who directed that movie where woody from Cheers kills everybody called "JFK?"
This is Trump advisor Roger Stone admitting a backchannel to Wikileaks, then deleting it (with lovely language too). https:…
Taking drunk texting to a whole new level.
Here's the screengrab of Roger Stone admitting the Trump campaign colluded with Asange and Wikileaks (I know, real stunne…
Roger Stone an interesting planet in Pres' orbit - during campaign purportedly told female staffers he'd "make them gr…
.are you aware that you are giving Roger Stone, who behaves like this, a show? Please cancel it.
Dear I'm a long time user, if Roger Stone work's featured, I'll be forced to cancel your services. Stop hate plz.
3/ Roger Stone was Trump's campaign manager in 2000 when he dumped Melanija Knavs-Knaus to run for POTUS. https:…
Roger Stone admitted to colluding with Wikileaks... which is a direct arm of the Russian operation to elect Trump. Does…
Do you think Roger Stone is a patriot?
Dear I'm long time subscriber, but won't hesistate to cancel if you don't drop the new Roger Stone series.
Hmm... Roger Stone is claiming he had no direct contact w/Assange. But that's not what he said last August, per the Guardian.…
How is this 'collaborating with an enemy nation'? Last time I checked, Wikileaks was not a country. 'Roge…
I'm waiting to see what manner of US politics throws up. At present, this Roger Stone fellow is crushing…
Nazi collaborator and his dog Comey Roger Stone
Well, well, well. No sooner is he let back onto cable than he returns to being Roger Stone.
Interesting detail from the Guardian story on Roger Stone...
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I wonder how Roger Stone is handling all th-OH DEAR GOD.
Roger Stone apparently also worked on Gary Johnson's campaign in 2012.
"They’d be pretty bored if they wanted to look at my e-mails" -- Roger Stone memorably channeling Gary Hart
Hey people, that Netflix DOCUMENTARY that is ABOUT vile Roger Stone, is by a leftwing guy. It's NOT STONE'S show. Sprea…
Roger Stone tonight, ladies and gentleman. . cc:
I think it goes without saying needs to ban Trump's advisor Roger Stone for the way that he harassed to…
Trump has a meltdown in the AM.. Roger Stone has a meltdown in the PM.. Wonder if they are more worried about Putin or FBI…
watching Roger Stone being gutted by and is a cage match for the ages...Stone badly bloodied,crawls of…
Paul Manafort & Roger Stone have/had offices in Russia & Ukraine-according to 2007 Ukrainian news report
He's too honest for Trump admin; besides, Roger Stone said he was interviewed only to torture him.
is anyone exploring why Humpty Dumpty (Alex) is so involved? He's deeply entangled with Trump, Roger Stone and the like.
Michelle Fields here at Roger Stone's book event. Wonder if she liked what he wrote about him.
"Trump political adviser Roger Stone tells FRONTLINE in The Choice 2016 that the dinner was a turning point for Trump."
If they make a movie of 2017.Brent Spiner of DATA fame could play Roger Stone.
Roger Stone: "There will be more revelations about things has done in this job that don't serve the president. Ma…
“I think this is Pearl Harbor for the true Trump supporters." -Roger Stone on the ouster of Mike Flynn:
The WH leaking is "a manifestation of the fact there are people who have been hired who are not loyal to this president.” -R…
Follow the white ferret looking fool Roger Stone. If you wanna get to the bottom of This guy is a Traitor of the w…
Reality: Manifort, Roger Stone, Bayrock, Carter Page, Mike Flynn.connect the dots to the Donald like a smart person
Roger Stone, about to go down for conspiring with Russia, throws Donald Trump under the bus - Palmer Report
Roger Stone just stated on the today show that dt, president bannon and kellyann dumbway all have the same vision for usa.
Roger Stone, longtime Trump associate, denies regular contacts with Russia. We don't believe you
Asked about campaign-era communications with Russian nationals, here's what Carter Page and Roger Stone said:
Longtime Trump associate Roger Stone sounds off on CNN
Good point. Roger Stone & Rudy Giuliani are just two loud examples who promoted Russian-hacked leaks before they went…
How about with foreign agents of Russian intelligence with the initials J A?.
Roger Stone. Really did not need to see him on my tv.
Roger Stone, recently resurfacing on respectable non-fringe TV shows. Podesta and Hillary dumps followed this. He had advance kno…
Roger Stone: Priebus has filled the WH with people loyal to the RNC not to Trump
And everyone assumed going into this that the Trump advisor who thought the most about men's fashion was Roger Stone.
I demolished the myth of Russian influence in the Trump campaign on the TODAY SHOW this morning…
Former Trump adviser Roger Stone calls for investigation of alleged Russia links
Donald Trump's Russia co-conspirator Roger Stone has declared that we're "fake news." Finally, proof that we're real news…
NYT: Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Carter Page & others close to Trump are under investigation by FBI for Russ…
After Trump announced his campaign, Roger Stone set up a meeting between Trump and Flynn almost immediately, in August 201…
Flynn is just the tip of the iceberg. Follow him,Carter Page,Manafort,Roger Stone. They all lead to Putin who leads to DT.
So this just happened: Jake Tapper called out Trump advisor Roger Stone for lying:
Roger Stone is totally toxic and Jeffrey Lord is a rodeo clown. I don't know why either get air time.
Where is Paul Manafort? Where's Roger Ailes? Anyone heard from Roger Stone or Carter Page or Corey Lewendowski?
Michael Flynn, and ex-advisers Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Roger Stone are ALL under investigation on and have ties t…
February 14 2017 Valentine's Day Reckoning as Roger Stone with 88 masked operatives in leather break into Wall Street fi…
Roger Stone: Reince Priebus has filled the White House with infidels
Roger Stone was recently targeted for assassination, he revealed on the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show!
Roger Stone: White House delegation will visit Haiti on Monday to see Clinton puppet Jovenel Moise's inaugurati…
VickyThe White House Mole is Omarosa Manigault, the source of WH leaks? Goto Info war guest Roger Stone
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Trump's friend and advisor Roger Stone offers some words of encouragement to the protesters heading out to Palm Beach tomorro…
ask Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Rudy Giuliani, Rex Tillerson, Roger Stone - who knows how many more.
Nixon loyalist Roger Stone likens Sessions to Nixon's AG John Mitchell who, you know, went to jail for Watergate.
I have Craig Brittain and Roger Stone following me. Thank you both for that, I greatly appreciate it! :D
With help from and pals Roger Stone, Giuliani, Comey, Manafort, Flynn helped elect
Trump will take the oath of office today with his associates – Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone, and...
Paul Manafort, Carter Page & Roger Stone are under federal investigation for possible links to Russian operatives. htt…
Those are different Stones. Oliver Stone made the movie. Roger Stone is the advisor. Though both have an affinity for Wikileaks.
Roger Stone: “The Making of the President 2016- How realDonaldTrump Orchestrated a Revolution -order it today
I'd bring up Roger Stone and Epstein, but they may be too obscure when there's low-hanging fruit like Clinton.
How Trump intends to control the globalists in his cabinet..
Eye on the ball: Roger Stone had an abrupt, public divorce from the Trump campaign once it started gaining traction. https:/…
6. At one point, Manafort went missing for 3 weeks. Roger Stone joked that he had been kidnapped by the Russians. This is…
3. He and Roger Stone ran what was known in DC as The Torturer's Lobby. They worked with warlords and despots.
Trump advisor connected to Assange. Assange claims no Russian involvement in DNC hacks. Trump agrees. CIA does not.
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'Russia Hacking' - An Attempt to Distract You From the Content of Those Emails
Roger Stone is scum. Have watched him 4 yrs. in NY. Represents the nadir of politics. The smell of his breath alone reeks.
opinion is debateable. Fact is not. If you prefer Breitbart, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, that is your choice.
Part of that team was Roger Stone and his organizing of Exit Polls all over. it really helped to get a good understanding!
Sounds like Trump ally Roger Stone has plans for Trump critic Ana Navarro
FBI chose not to investigate Trump adviser Roger Stone who bragged about being in touch with Wikileaks/Assange
"I actually have communicated with Assange..." -Roger Stone, one of Donald Trump's top advisors.
Roger Stone, 1 of Trump's longtime advisors, is in communication w Assange.
- PART FOUR. Roger Stone, the man who invented PizzaGate?
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone take 'musical quiz' and one of them fails miserably
Carter Page in Moscow Roger Stone was in contact w/ Wikileaks Paul Manafort ties to Russi…
Can't make it up: here's Trump pal Roger Stone's rejoinder to John Brennan about PEOTUS comparing CIA to Nazis
In fact, 3 weeks before the election, Roger Stone (member of Trump's inner circle) had dinner w/ a Wikileaks conduit.htt…
In case you need more proof Trump camp had knowledge of hacks:. Roger Stone boasted that he was in touch w/ Assange. htt…
Funny. That's not what Roger Stone and the Russians said.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Roger Stone was in contact with Russian Intelligence.
Trump's Dirty Tricks Division Chief, Roger Stone, bragged he was backchanelling Assange
Roger Stone Insurance Agency on I have to say, it is really convenient to put home insurance, auto insurance…
The Roger Stone story about money transfers and the Clinton Foundation.
14. Paul Manafort, who owned a lobbying firm with Trump confidant Roger Stone.
"If Commissioner Gordon does not turn over all the money in Gotham National Bank to me, Roger Stone, I'll blow the…
Roger Stone on InfoWars again reminding us how lucky we were to have such a successful president as Richard Nixon.
Roger Stone petition asks Trump to prosecute Hillary
I never owned a pair of blue jeans until I met my second wife.
Who in their right mind would believe you, Roger Stone?
According to Roger Stone, Romney was played by a vindictive
Roger Stone: I'm talking truth, culture, politics & what's really going on in America. Great lineup of guests today. Tune in now… …
Listen to my interview Now WH say helped Trump with Russia hacks…
Listen to my Roger Stone interview Now WH say he helped Trump with Russia email hacks…
I can conclusively affirm mr. Stone had nothing to do with this .
A good first place is pegging down the constant communication between Wikileaks and Roger Stone. A clear connection.
Roger Stone: I expose the myth of Russians hacking election 2016 on StoneColdTruth radio NOW! Tune in:
Great line up this Saturday with Roger Stone . If you are in the Lubbock area listen in at KRF…
Which I hope he will because Trump would probably appoint Roger Stone or the guys who planned Bridgegate to replace him.
Published on Dec 16, 2016. Roger Stone tells Alex Jones and his audience what George Soros' plan is to stop...
Absolutely. The minute we get Assange in custody he will give up names, details & the whole thing unravels. Same thing g…
In 1987, Trump purchased full-page ads to attack Reagan because of he stood up to Russia. Common thread is…
Where does it allow for campaign operatives (Roger Stone, Manafort, Page) to collude with enemies (Wikileaks/Russia)?
Ah, I remember the last time Roger Stone whipped up crazy white guys against the CIA with presidential conspiracy theori…
Roger Stone, who helped lead the coup that put Trump in power, worked for Nixon who ordered the coup in Chile:
Roger Stone: Trump arranged SoS meeting to "torture" Mitt. Our president-elect is a cruel man
Roger Stone: Trump pretended to consider Romney for secretary of state "to torture him"
Roger Stone: Trump arranged Secretary of State vetting meeting to "torture" Mitt Romney. President-elect is cruel 😱
Roger Stone says Mitt Romney wanted this position so badly he was calling Trump Tower every day 😏
Roger Stone says Donald Trump was just trying to “torture” Mitt Romney by dangling the Secretary of State job .
Trump advisor Roger Stone admits he has a "back-channel’ w/ WikiLeaks, had dinner w/ back-channel contact this week. htt…
Olberman is a radical's radical. He is no more credible or balanced than Roger Stone or Bill Mitchell
The best book on the JFK assassination is Roger Stone's book indicting Lyndon Johnson for the murder of JFK:
& Roger Stone's possible connection to Wikileaks
😠McConnell, Chaffetz, Comey, Rudy, Roger Stone, Chuck Johnson, & the lot of em should ALL be tried for TREASON!! 💪
Roger Stone : my meeting at Trump Tower. via
Roger Stone and Rob Morrow wrote a book called, The Clintons War on Women. You should read it.
Roger Stone: Trump to Reduce Federal Land Holdings. Big plans to reduce the power of the Bureau of Land Management. http…
The person who rang alarms about possible vote-machine hacking pre-vote was...Roger Stone
Alex Jones is a cancer to any American that thinks; his conspiracies along with Roger Stone
Funny that Trump marched Roger Stone out to tell the world he was not ***
Trump was never called out for nutcase associates - Alex Jones, Roger Stone, etc- the way press hounded Obama on Wright
Roger Stone is a tireless asskicker. Please keep it up!
Who got it right? Who reported honestly? Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Doug Hagmann, Col Schaffer, Bill Mitchell, Gen Flyn
Bill Mitchell was right. Halperin was right. Alex Jones was right. Roger Stone, Rudy, Carson, Christie. . Trump was right. We were all wrong
New polls: MASSIVELY in the lead in swing states - Roger Stone . (52hr LIVE Show: https:…
I'm concerned about this Roger Stone call to "arms"
Blocked from viewing Roger Stone and Bill Mitchell. My life is ruined.
Federal judge issues injunction against America's Himmler, Roger Stone and his racist ilk. A rare glimmer of good news
An Ohio federal judge has banned the Trump campaign and Roger Stone from intimidating voters and "exit polling"
Dead serious about this: I think it’s as or more likely Roger Stone is behind this than Russians. Maybe coordinating https:/…
If you aren't paying attention to D.C. insiders Larry Nichols, and Roger Stone you are missing the inside story
ROGER STONE . The Most Dangerous Man in American Politics in NY. Speaking on. The 2016 Election, Donald Trump and…
Wait. Roger Stone is now threatening the Trump campaign?. I thought after Gilberthrope this weekend couldn't get weirder.
Those animals as you call Americans are also voters. And how do u know Dems r responsible. Did you, Roger Stone, or…
Alex Jones said it's a false flag op hatched by Roger Stone. Is that true?
This is another dangerous stunt by Trump's lynch men, Roger Stone Jr, Steve Bosse, Steve Bannon. Don't fall for it!…
pretty sure Roger Stone and his people had this done.
you think he's going to rat out Roger Stone?
. If u want to win then Denounce Alex Jones and Roger Stone and Russia which is behind wikileaks.
It was probably Roger Stone that started the fire. He's the only one as sleazy as Trump.
Then try this quote from Trump advisor Roger Stone for a little more "action"
You mean the 72 version of H.S. Thompson hanging out with Roger Stone? Hadn't thought of that one, but you may be spot on
…the obvious explanation is not what actually happened. 3. Roger Stone . 4. Withhold judgement . 5. Roger Stone
Is Roger Stone the latest rat to abandon the sinking ship, err runaway Trump Train? I will buy every tell-all thos…
is this a warning shot so Trump doesn't rat you out?
We know it was orchestrated by your pal Roger Stone Jr.
GOP and especially Roger Stone/Russians specialize in false flag events. Dems have no motive to attack GOP
Russian Mafia Money Laundering, the Clinton Foundation and John Podesta. by . on .
We’re asking questions about Trump’s campaign adviser Roger Stone...a lot of them.
Roger Stone made arrangements to "take care of Broadderick's mortgage", what's that all about?
Ted Nugent, Curt Schilling, Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Chachi know better than the rest of humanity.
Trump’s "rigged election" nonsense comes straight from his conspiracy theorist alies like Roger Stone and Alex Jones
This man Roger Stone is either stoned or drunk because he is so far off in his assessment that suburban moderates care at the DOJ
Oh my. Roger Stone raised money to pay off Kathleen Willey’s mortgage.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Roger Stone is hangry: Jon Huntsman's "breath smells like Obama’s *** "
Alex Jones and Roger Stone said he would make a release during his press conference.
Maybe you're an Uncle Tom, Roger Stone. Looks like you've got a good start on a 'Fro.
Roger Stone: bro got info for me? . Julian Assange: Na we just gonna 🎉10 yrs. RS: I HEAR U LOUD&CLEAR😘. JA: No srsly its just-…
Julian Assange is in direct communication with horrible person Roger Stone, but nothing to look at here folks.
HUGE: Trump advisor Roger Stone admits he's in "direct communication" with Russian spy affiliate
Wikileaks never said it was big release. Infowars, Jones, and Roger Stone said it was, though.
I remember when *** Morris and Wayne Allyn Root scammed us all in 2012 preaching assured Romney victory—Roger Stone next scam artist to go?
Alex Jones tells Roger Stone that the next presidential debate is rigged because is "admittedly CIA" https:/…
Roger Stone: Wednesday will be end of Clinton's campaign
Roger Stone predicts WikiLeaks upcoming dump will bring down the Clinton Campaign, LIVE from 4-6pm CDT at
JUST IN: Top Trump supporter Roger Stone threatens: Wednesday will be end of Clinton
Roger Stone: I don't mind Alicia's weight gain at all. Baby got back.
If you want to feel like you need a shower, listen to Roger Stone and Alex Jones discuss "juicy" Alicia Machado
Roger Stone helped Donald Trump test the presidential waters starting in the late 1980s. His FRONTLINE interview: https:/…
When I interviewed him 3 years ago Roger Stone said almost everything here to me
names bound to be in the next debate Satan, Jon Bon Jovi, Hunter S Thomson, Ron Brown, Chris Stevens, Roger Stone &Jeffery Epstein
he called her out. Juanita Brodderick called her out. Roger Stone called her out. Larry Nichols called her out.
why is Roger Stone in this hit piece?.
4) Follow-up Q: Roger Stone claims he's had dir. contact w/ Assange re: DNC hack. What was discussed? htt…
It really is sad seeing Roger Stone being such a flack for a fascist, psychopathic child molester. I wrote the Epst…
Pat Buchanan, the real Ben Garrison, the Other Ben Garrison, Roger Stone, Nixon's head from Futurama, me, my wife's son, me
Roger Stone is a paid hack of Donald Trump. This video was before the new June 20th lawsuit was filed. Stone not cr…
. Have you seen this Alex Jones and Roger Stone piece claiming the rape allegations are false.
Trump adviser Roger Stone aligns himself with the Kremlin:.
Malzberg Roger Stone discusses the violence in Charlotte WATCH at:
New Releases in Political History & Theory. The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone, Robert Morrow .
Roger Stone wrote about Huma Abedin's jihadist ties. Has Trump mentioned it yet or is he just fixated on Weiner?
Donald Trump Jr & Roger Stone both put out this pic, w/the winking symbol of white nationalism right at Trump's side https…
*** Morris is on this week's Stone Cold Truth Radio. This is the 4th episode of Roger Stone's new podcast series.
And to deny that Trump supporters are deplorable we look forward to hearing from Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carl Paladino & S…
Harry Reid calls on the FBI to investigate Roger Stone
A vote 4 Hillary or against Trump is a vote to put the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House:
We are not aware of having communicated with Roger Stone. We do however take, and verify, anonymous tips
and one of his closest confidantes is Roger Stone.
Cohn was also Trump's lawyer when he was accused of housing discrimination in the 1970s. Roger Stone introduced Cohn…
ROGER STONE and DAVID BOSSIE are also informally involved in Trump's debate discussions...
No - he didn't really say that . Over run with hundreds of young Muslims raping.blah blah . Scary
Alex Jones and Roger Stone Speculate About the State of Huma Abedin's Genitals via
Lunch with Roger Stone, one of Trump's advisers, who has a tattoo of Nixon "the size of a pineapple" on his back
Roger Stone is proof that you can be rich and still have the IQ of a single peanu…
What's it like to be Donald Trump's streetfighter? Find out in Roger Stone's
Top Trump ally: Trump should release his tax returns "immediately"
Lunch with the FT: “[Roger] Stone reminds me that Nixon had once written to Trump encouraging his ambitions.”
Roger Stone: Trump “Should Release His Tax Returns Immediately." Okay, we can agree to agree.
Roger Stone says Trump should release taxes immediately and Sean Hannity claims he isn't a journalist. Both are correc…
Brian Stelter: With Roger Ailes, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon on his team, is Trump setting stage for new media outlet? https:/…
GOP nominee = Ailes, Roger Stone, Breitbart News.congratulations right-wing media, you built this.
Consultant histories matter. Roger Stone and Paul Manafort both have ties to Nixon in addition to their Reagan...
Here's the on the coincidental calls b/w Trump's Roger Stone and hackers/Russians.
Here's longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone calling for Clinton to be "executed" (h/t
Roger Stone has called for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Soros & more to be killed ht…
CONSPIRACY: Was JFK Jr murdered? Roger Stone says yes and he knows why >> |
Victor Thorn investigated Clintons for years. Was a major source for Roger Stone, said he found something big. Just died. Suici…
Did you see the video when Alex Jones and Roger Stone crashed a radio show?!
Alex Jones and Roger Stone said Trump should talk about the election being rigged. So now he's doing it:
Trump-whisperer Roger Stone on the “election will be rigged” strategy to Milo Yiannopoulos: https:…
Same journalists who, without evidence, claimed Trump is tied to Putin, are outraged that Roger Stone claims Khizr Khan is tie…
I was waiting for this, but I weep for the USA. Trump puts McCarthy to shame, but Roger Stone triples Trump.
Trump's Nazi Roger Stone was threatening violence and death for a long time!
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Roger Stone 1h1 hour ago Yes, needs to be concerned about voter…
- remember that time roger stone turned u into screaming *** That was the best.
Yes, needs to be concerned about voter fraud
"Ohio AG has opened a formal investigation in Clinton Foundation"- Roger Stone on
Manafort and Roger Stone worked for "recently ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, a close ally of...
.All this talk about Roger Stone & you associate with Reza Aslan and Glen Greenwald. Total hypocrisy.
Roger Stone and Alex Jones are planning a primary challenge to Ted Cruz:
Ironic how all these people whoring out with Donald Trump while in Roger Stone whored out with Kristin Davis in 2010!
Roger Stone has a dirty mind. This is true in a lot of senses, and one sense involves Kristin Davis
2010:Kristin Davis, alleged Eliot Spitzer madam, to run for New York governor with GOP Roger Stone's help.
Y'all remember the Cruz Sex Scandal and all that? Roger Stone, Kristin Davis, Donald Trump...-> Kristin Davis 2010!
Yes Trump knew what he was doing. He knew he was using Roger Stone's Kristin Davis 2010 playbook in 2016.
So Cruz gets it from Trump and Trump'rs. Even had Roger Stone using his 2010 Kristin Davis playbook against Cruz, et al.
Long-time Trump adviser Roger Stone dishes on Trump's VP selection
Actually, one of the genius moves of the Trump campaign was libertarian and Alex Jones outreach via Roger Stone. Cucks…
Little Giant Ladders
It would be impossible to go thru life like Roy Cohn and Roger Stone without a deranged worldview
One good thing, Jeb Bush will never be President. Read "Jeb and the Bush Crime Family by Roger Stone
What kind of t.v. station hires Jeffrey Lord, Lewandowski, Roger Stone, Harry Houck, then the hiring of George W's people,…
Milo, Ann Coulter, Geert Wilders, and Roger Stone! I'm so excited I'm gunna have to poppa titty out.
Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, & Jabba the Hutt all spreading lies and fear
Bill Clinton and the Selling of American Security by Roger Stone
A look at Huma Abedin, Hillary's closest aid...
Only a matter of time before is confronted about and the Saudi connection
I get blamed for things I have nothing to do with.
Donald Trump campaign shocked that their big America First Cleveland rally was to be sponsored by White...
Why do all these ... Oh you know the rest
Roger Stone The Day of Reckoning is Coming & Donald Trump is Going to Br... via
Roger and Bri see Geillis/Gillian go thru the stone and they both hear the buzzing
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