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Roger Stone

Roger J. Stone, Jr. is a celebrated American political consultant, lobbyist and strategist, noted for his use of opposition research, usually for candidates of the Republican Party.

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Roger Stone made arrangements to "take care of Broadderick's mortgage", what's that all about?
Ted Nugent, Curt Schilling, Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Chachi know better than the rest of humanity.
Trump’s "rigged election" nonsense comes straight from his conspiracy theorist alies like Roger Stone and Alex Jones
This man Roger Stone is either stoned or drunk because he is so far off in his assessment that suburban moderates care at the DOJ
Oh my. Roger Stone raised money to pay off Kathleen Willey’s mortgage.
Roger Stone is hangry: Jon Huntsman's "breath smells like Obama’s *** "
Alex Jones and Roger Stone said he would make a release during his press conference.
Maybe you're an Uncle Tom, Roger Stone. Looks like you've got a good start on a 'Fro.
Roger Stone: bro got info for me? . Julian Assange: Na we just gonna 🎉10 yrs. RS: I HEAR U LOUD&CLEAR😘. JA: No srsly its just-…
Julian Assange is in direct communication with horrible person Roger Stone, but nothing to look at here folks.
HUGE: Trump advisor Roger Stone admits he's in "direct communication" with Russian spy affiliate
Wikileaks never said it was big release. Infowars, Jones, and Roger Stone said it was, though.
I remember when *** Morris and Wayne Allyn Root scammed us all in 2012 preaching assured Romney victory—Roger Stone next scam artist to go?
Alex Jones tells Roger Stone that the next presidential debate is rigged because is "admittedly CIA" https:/…
Roger Stone: Wednesday will be end of Clinton's campaign
Roger Stone predicts WikiLeaks upcoming dump will bring down the Clinton Campaign, LIVE from 4-6pm CDT at
JUST IN: Top Trump supporter Roger Stone threatens: Wednesday will be end of Clinton
Roger Stone: I don't mind Alicia's weight gain at all. Baby got back.
If you want to feel like you need a shower, listen to Roger Stone and Alex Jones discuss "juicy" Alicia Machado
Roger Stone helped Donald Trump test the presidential waters starting in the late 1980s. His FRONTLINE interview: https:/…
When I interviewed him 3 years ago Roger Stone said almost everything here to me
names bound to be in the next debate Satan, Jon Bon Jovi, Hunter S Thomson, Ron Brown, Chris Stevens, Roger Stone &Jeffery Epstein
he called her out. Juanita Brodderick called her out. Roger Stone called her out. Larry Nichols called her out.
why is Roger Stone in this hit piece?.
4) Follow-up Q: Roger Stone claims he's had dir. contact w/ Assange re: DNC hack. What was discussed? htt…
It really is sad seeing Roger Stone being such a flack for a fascist, psychopathic child molester. I wrote the Epst…
Pat Buchanan, the real Ben Garrison, the Other Ben Garrison, Roger Stone, Nixon's head from Futurama, me, my wife's son, me
Roger Stone is a paid hack of Donald Trump. This video was before the new June 20th lawsuit was filed. Stone not cr…
. Have you seen this Alex Jones and Roger Stone piece claiming the rape allegations are false.
Trump adviser Roger Stone aligns himself with the Kremlin:.
Malzberg Roger Stone discusses the violence in Charlotte WATCH at:
New Releases in Political History & Theory. The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone, Robert Morrow .
Roger Stone wrote about Huma Abedin's jihadist ties. Has Trump mentioned it yet or is he just fixated on Weiner?
Donald Trump Jr & Roger Stone both put out this pic, w/the winking symbol of white nationalism right at Trump's side https…
*** Morris is on this week's Stone Cold Truth Radio. This is the 4th episode of Roger Stone's new podcast series.
And to deny that Trump supporters are deplorable we look forward to hearing from Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carl Paladino & S…
Harry Reid calls on the FBI to investigate Roger Stone
A vote 4 Hillary or against Trump is a vote to put the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House:
We are not aware of having communicated with Roger Stone. We do however take, and verify, anonymous tips
and one of his closest confidantes is Roger Stone.
Cohn was also Trump's lawyer when he was accused of housing discrimination in the 1970s. Roger Stone introduced Cohn…
ROGER STONE and DAVID BOSSIE are also informally involved in Trump's debate discussions...
No - he didn't really say that . Over run with hundreds of young Muslims raping.blah blah . Scary
Alex Jones and Roger Stone Speculate About the State of Huma Abedin's Genitals via
Lunch with Roger Stone, one of Trump's advisers, who has a tattoo of Nixon "the size of a pineapple" on his back
Roger Stone is proof that you can be rich and still have the IQ of a single peanu…
What's it like to be Donald Trump's streetfighter? Find out in Roger Stone's
Top Trump ally: Trump should release his tax returns "immediately"
Lunch with the FT: “[Roger] Stone reminds me that Nixon had once written to Trump encouraging his ambitions.”
Roger Stone: Trump “Should Release His Tax Returns Immediately." Okay, we can agree to agree.
Roger Stone says Trump should release taxes immediately and Sean Hannity claims he isn't a journalist. Both are correc…
Brian Stelter: With Roger Ailes, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon on his team, is Trump setting stage for new media outlet? https:/…
GOP nominee = Ailes, Roger Stone, Breitbart News.congratulations right-wing media, you built this.
Consultant histories matter. Roger Stone and Paul Manafort both have ties to Nixon in addition to their Reagan...
Here's the on the coincidental calls b/w Trump's Roger Stone and hackers/Russians.
Here's longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone calling for Clinton to be "executed" (h/t
Roger Stone has called for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Soros & more to be killed ht…
CONSPIRACY: Was JFK Jr murdered? Roger Stone says yes and he knows why >> |
Victor Thorn investigated Clintons for years. Was a major source for Roger Stone, said he found something big. Just died. Suici…
Did you see the video when Alex Jones and Roger Stone crashed a radio show?!
Alex Jones and Roger Stone said Trump should talk about the election being rigged. So now he's doing it:   10% Off
Trump-whisperer Roger Stone on the “election will be rigged” strategy to Milo Yiannopoulos: https:…
Same journalists who, without evidence, claimed Trump is tied to Putin, are outraged that Roger Stone claims Khizr Khan is tie…
I was waiting for this, but I weep for the USA. Trump puts McCarthy to shame, but Roger Stone triples Trump.
Trump's Nazi Roger Stone was threatening violence and death for a long time!
Roger Stone 1h1 hour ago Yes, needs to be concerned about voter…
- remember that time roger stone turned u into screaming *** That was the best.
Yes, needs to be concerned about voter fraud
"Ohio AG has opened a formal investigation in Clinton Foundation"- Roger Stone on
Manafort and Roger Stone worked for "recently ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, a close ally of...
.All this talk about Roger Stone & you associate with Reza Aslan and Glen Greenwald. Total hypocrisy.
Roger Stone and Alex Jones are planning a primary challenge to Ted Cruz:
Ironic how all these people whoring out with Donald Trump while in Roger Stone whored out with Kristin Davis in 2010!
Roger Stone has a dirty mind. This is true in a lot of senses, and one sense involves Kristin Davis
2010:Kristin Davis, alleged Eliot Spitzer madam, to run for New York governor with GOP Roger Stone's help.
Y'all remember the Cruz Sex Scandal and all that? Roger Stone, Kristin Davis, Donald Trump...-> Kristin Davis 2010!
Yes Trump knew what he was doing. He knew he was using Roger Stone's Kristin Davis 2010 playbook in 2016.
So Cruz gets it from Trump and Trump'rs. Even had Roger Stone using his 2010 Kristin Davis playbook against Cruz, et al.
Long-time Trump adviser Roger Stone dishes on Trump's VP selection
Actually, one of the genius moves of the Trump campaign was libertarian and Alex Jones outreach via Roger Stone. Cucks…
It would be impossible to go thru life like Roy Cohn and Roger Stone without a deranged worldview
One good thing, Jeb Bush will never be President. Read "Jeb and the Bush Crime Family by Roger Stone
What kind of t.v. station hires Jeffrey Lord, Lewandowski, Roger Stone, Harry Houck, then the hiring of George W's people,…
Milo, Ann Coulter, Geert Wilders, and Roger Stone! I'm so excited I'm gunna have to poppa titty out.
Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, & Jabba the Hutt all spreading lies and fear
Bill Clinton and the Selling of American Security by Roger Stone
A look at Huma Abedin, Hillary's closest aid...
Only a matter of time before is confronted about and the Saudi connection
I get blamed for things I have nothing to do with.
Donald Trump campaign shocked that their big America First Cleveland rally was to be sponsored by White...
Why do all these ... Oh you know the rest
Roger Stone The Day of Reckoning is Coming & Donald Trump is Going to Br... via
Roger and Bri see Geillis/Gillian go thru the stone and they both hear the buzzing
Claire PLEASE touch the stone. Bri has Roger so go for it Claire.
Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family.real eye opener.Roger Stone
"Trump is the only one who has the guts to call a crook!" - Roger Stone (https:…
Former Trump adviser: Roger Stone is still advising Trump and they speak pretty regularly
Trump surrounds himself with rightwing crackpot *** like Roger Stone, Peter Schweizer and Alex Jones.
Get the latest news with the campaign with Alex Jones and Roger Stone.
Alex Jones & Roger Stone discuss the firing of Corey Lewandowski
"See you in Cleveland and get your gag ready": Roger Stone and Alex Jones will wear ball gags to defend Donald Trump ht…
This is not far fetched at all. She did not divorce her husband, disgraced former Democratic Congressman Anthony...
Roger Stone, a GOP political consultant and informal advisor to Donald Trump, is urging Trump to start questioning the rol…
you've got all the lame Roger Stone attack lies. Bravo! Google Roger Stone
live N fear of death threats from Trump supporters & from Roger Stone 2Leak hotel room list
Fear Trumpets death threats & Roger Stone 2LEAK hotel room list & GOPs done nothing about it
"It's time America got some answers about Saudi-educated aide of Pakistani background https:…
Start then with The Bush Crime Family (Roger Stone) it will answer your question
is now owned by Syria and Trump managed by Roger stone and Alex Jones
Why the American people need to know more about the relationship between and
. Should be done privately and quietly to minimize Roger Stone shenanigans.
child after roger stone on tv threatened to send trumpanzee to delegates rooms at convention, I offered to guard
FACT Hillary Handler and her family are tied to radical groups the US Govt says financed Bin Laden
Get the facts can't dispute- & family tied to terrorist Trust which financed 9-11 attack. htt…
How the Bushs and Clintons are in it together
Huma. How in the world did this woman get a US Security Clearance to see our Top Secret documents?
Roger Stone suggested top aide could be a "Saudi spy" or "terrorist agent"
Jones has close ties to the GOP presumptive nominee, including Roger Stone, long time Trump adviser who runs a Trump Super Pac.
Hey Sean can you get Roger Stone on? so he can talk freely about lyin Hitlary & Bubba's criminal history in detail.
Roger Stone: worked in Nixon White House, somebody who despises non-white people. Made legit by who? Dumb corporate media.
So I just assumed Clinton Cash was a right-wing tabloid smear on HRC like Roger Stone and Edward Klein's books but it turns out its legit?
It's no different than following Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Drudge or Larry Klayman
Roger Stone asked Alex Jones listeners to pay off Kathleen Willey's mortgage so she could afford to attack Clinton;
a spoiler being run by Roger Stone to get Trump elected. Jon Anderson for the new millennium.
Roger Stone: jmartNYT Double breasted off-white gabardine suit custom made by Anderson and Sheppard,a classic ,shot last summer.Think Ha…
Roger Stone: "I am a giant fan of both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld."
.Suspected that. Now it's clear. Roger stone ?
Levin said he got a very nice note from Trump (after Roger Stone threatened his family-Levin went ). Liked it.
Could Renegade Roger go Rogue? Stone doesn't rule out supporting Johnson/Weld over Trump
VIDEO: Roger Stone: 'Donald Trump will NOT be stopped. He is worst nightmare.'
may be Roger stone is paying off a few abuse boys also like his other friends let's dig into his pass
we need to find out how many boys roger stone is paying off for sexual abuse I would not be surprised to find a few
roger stone remember that everyone has a pass when I look at ur face you fit the profile as a pedophile. need to look into
Trump friend/sometimes advisor Roger Stone says he could back the Johnson-Weld ticket instead >
Roger Stone’s role is to go on Alex Jones every week. That’s a lock on 3 million votes. JMO.
Take a look at the Clintons war on women book by Roger stone. Many facts. You can destroy her with it.
Gotta love any Roger Stone interview, just hit record, add water and stir.
This nonsense is an old outrage make up some new ones Roger Stone Breitbart Ed Klein will help you I'm sure
Roger Stone says Gary Johnson deserves spot in debates - and maybe even his support
(Top Trump Ally Offers Glowing Review of Libertarian Candidates: Roger Stone may be a ... (
Ask him about his old friend Roger Stone Jr. The swinger with Nixon tattooed on his back. Trumps VP pick.
Hey, Roger Stone I know your fake profiles when you send them Maybe train them to be less obvious so they do not give your game away so fast
The left underestimates the influence people like Matt Drudge, Alex Jones & Roger Stone have. We don't need the mainstrea…
Top Trump ally Roger Stone still for Trump, but won't rule out supporting libertarian candidate Gary Johnson:
Roger Stone says he could see supporting the Libertarian ticket, depending on Trump's running mate
Yep.Sickos.Stone&Morrow are behind most of the extreme Clinton smears from Trump:
Is it difficult acting as a cut out for Roger Stone Ginger , You do it well and I am not stupid
Nobody ever built a statue to a committee.
Hey, you're back! Did you send that list to Roger Stone yet? Didya put me on it…
Not from the Onion--HRC will put Bill in charge of the economy and Roger Stone compares John Miller escapade to founders us…
His butler wants to decapitate the president, Roger Stone & Alex Jones are best buds, his buddies at Breitbart are Stormfront Lite now...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
He doesn't KNOW him, he talked with him once over dinner and called it "vetting him."He's working with Alex Jones and Roger Stone
Take your problems with Roger Stone somewhere else. You have been very friendly towards Trump and now you are blaming Fox?
Roger Stone tells Alex Jones that Trump personally told him there are so many Alex Jones supporters at his rallies
Trump and Clinton two sides of the same coin this whole Roger Stone hack Oswald story is bogus Roger Stone is a hack and a phony
Clinton assassinated JFK Jr is coming soon according to Roger Stone. No joke he has actually said that.
and another conspiracy theory coming soon as promised by Roger Stone: Clinton assassinated JFK Jr.
She's losing to Trump already ... Karl Rove and Roger Stone haven't yet begun to swiftboat Clinton:
Roger Stone is behind this somehow.
Newsmax Prime | Roger Stone and Betsy McCaughey talk to viewers about Tr... via
It's going to be OK, we will get to 1237. I have Roger Stone working on intimidating & threatening the delegates as we speak.
Roger Stone called Ben Carson "Uncle Tom," said he'd kill himself if married to Fiorina
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The Don and his capo, Roger Stone, using their mob-lite tactics to terrorize delegates into...
The best NY Primary post game analysis by
Meanwhile Roger Stone threatens delegates and no one cares.
Roger Stone, Corey Lewandowski & deserve to have their adresses and phone numbers posted! Not that we would condone that.
Trump supporters calling themselves conservative but rely on Roger stone & Geraldo Rivera 4 their true news source hmm…
Hey Roger Stone here is a conversation I had today and I said I would contact you~~These are people wanting to...
Donor backing Roger Stone’s controversial group is son of Phillies co-owner and tv/movie producer John P. Middleton:
likes Roger Stone for the hit, the Lindberg Kidnapping, The Lewinsky sting, Nicole Simpson, Sha
Roger Stone explains Steal in CO and NE and AR!!. Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (4-12-16) via
GOP 'King of Dirty Tricks' on RNC's Plan to Stop Trump: Depending on whom you talk to, Roger Stone, the veteran GOP…
This is a funny interview with Roger Stone in Rolling Stone. There is no confirmation that they shared some tasty...
My dad went to hs with Roger Stone who calls the "King of Dirty Tricks". Evil
Republican strategist Roger Stone on the RNC’s efforts to take Donald Trump down
Gu day to ya JP MITCHELL impresses me as a more civil version of Roger Stone or hides it better
Roger Stone got his start under Roy Cohn who worked with Richard Scaife Goggle
Roger Stone calls for loyalty pledge and other important stories on today's Alex Jones Show.
Roger Stone and Bill Mitchell are the crest of truth and goodwill.
Roger Stone is the bottom of the barrel SLIME. A completely-political, dirtball HACK. He LACKS a soul.
Roger Stone, the man the GOP wants arrested, will break the biggest election news ever on my show today.
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Roger Stone is the new Abbie Hoffman. Hey, Roger, don't get too close to Pete Townsend. Pete still has his guitar.
So I tuned into this morning, in Larry's continuing effort to live in the political gutter, his guest - Roger Stone, bye Larry
So establishment Super Pacs endorsing Cruz are rouge agents BUT the National Enquirer and Roger Stone are controlled by Trump
Roger Stone infuriates Don Lemon on CNN re:STOP THE STEAL planned protesting:
Breaking: Mark Levin will not be voting for Trump because of Donald's sleaze ball buddy Roger Stone!
Threats have no place in the Republican Party. Ban Roger Stone from Cleveland Convention. He is out of line.
Fat Dracula Ted Cruz and pancake makeup Mitt Romney. LOL Roger Stone was on a tear today on the Alex Jones Show.
uses audio soundbyte from April 6 Alex Jones Show between and Roger Stone to imply advocating for violence. Total sleaze
*** are you playing Alex Jones on your show. And Trump is not affiliated with Roger Stone.
Roger Stone stands for good while you huckster Glenn Beck stands for evil you stinking turd . Alex Jones stands for good.
Roger Stone threatens to send Trump supporters to delegate hotel rooms | AP Photo
Roger Stone has been a sleaze merchant since he worked for Richard Nixon, now working for Trump as Leader of the Goon Squad!
Roger Stone is basically threatening delegates now? Is it July yet?
Roger Stone tells radio station that Trump supporters will know hotel rooms of delegates at convention.
Steve Schmidt has expressed contempt for Trump. Hard to see him taking that Job. Roger Stone maybe. A thug.
. Roger Stone: Will They Cancel the Election? Trump Clinton neck and neck polls
Is it true Roger Stone wears a toupee? .
More Past Nutty Accusations by Roger Stone - Winning at Any Cost. cc:
.I don't trust this woman at all--she's a consummate nasty liar who helped Trump become more POS. Remember Roger Stone's "firing"
Roger Stone on Infowars today, March 28: how Texas GOP is trying steal delegates.
We don't know who leaked the Cruz stuff to the National Enquirer, but Trump isn't gaining any Prez cred using Roger Stone as a surrogate.
"Roger Stone has a tendency to play Russian roulette with five bullets in the gun," says Ed Rollins, a longtime Republ…
I liked a video Roger Stone: Will They Cancel the Election?
Roger Stone is right. Big push to steal nomination away from Trump.
Mr. Morano,. Great job with Roger Stone interview. Funny how the tv networks totally ignoring Cruz's lies.
I agree that Roger Stone is more like The Cigarette Smoking Man w/ a Nixon tattoo, which Stone has.
Just read today's NR editorial about DJT. They did NOT call Roger Stone a former advisor to Trump as you did. 1/2
Lyin' lies about role in his zipper problems
Donald Trump proxy Roger Stone claims to have seen women Ted Cruz allegedly had affairs with. via
Roger Stone: Will They Cancel The Election?: The election steal is out in the open for the…
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Roger Stone predicted that Jeb Bush would endorse Cruz and it turns out he was right again.
😂 Trump's "A team" more like an F minus: Roger Stone, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, assorted gasbags on Fox... 😂 https:/…
Roger Stone, the man behind the claims he will PROVE THAT LYIN' TED IS LYIN' tomorrow at 7:05 EST
Roger Stone is a Trump advisor/associate. Sean Stone is Oliver Stones son.
look at Roger Stone who does dirty work for Trump He started lots of rumors last 1 was Cruz dropping out to be on SCOTUS a LIE!
Any proof it's Cruz? No. FEC violation if the campaign or PAC not stated in msg. too. Check Trump's Roger Stone.
The Clinton's war on women by Roger Stone. 5 star book on amazon. It says Hillary would beat her husband too.
U need to google Roger Stone and Wife Swapping scandal 1996
Roger Stone's book, "The Clinton's WAR on Woman" speaks to concept of Elite Deviancy & Hillary thinkin…
Myra Adams' Interview with Roger Stone - Why Stone is the Man to Watch in a Trump vs. Clinton Race | RedState
Fair point. Do you suspect Roger Stone or Jeff Roe?
Roger Stone: "Who is Cruz?...Cruz’s claim of not being tool of political elite is like Clinton
If he runs ( and he will ) ; Jesse Venture is in the wings for a 3rd Party run. Headed by Roger Stone. Hillaty wins, either way !
After being banned from CNN, Roger Stone doesn't show up for scheduled Fox News appearance:
Recently banned from CNN, Trump surrogate Roger Stone claims MSNBC has also banned him:
Roger Stone’s book indicting Lyndon Johnson is best on JFK assassination:
I read The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone. The . information on the Clinton's is "Terribly Disturbing"!!!
Roger Stone has said their is still time for Mitt to jump in. He knows because he been a insider
Mitt Romney announced a press conference tomorrow regarding 2016 election. maybe you and Roger Stone were right!
Yehp,as Roger Stone said,it sorta like send in the minstrel clown ,Romney,gee Mitt didn't MR. TRUMP win MASS.?
People, read this. . Behind the scenes of the Donald Trump - Roger Stone show via Berni Sanders
LADIES AND GENTS ROGER STONE Read his new book Clintons War on Women. via youtube
The video by Roger Stone told this was going to happen So far Rubio/Cruz n Mitts entry
The Roger Stone interviews on InfoWars are mind blowing. Best I've heard on InfoWars in 13 years of following Alex Jones.
Roger Stone has said Mitt is going throw his hat in which I think tomorrow at the conference he will tell us so
You Better than anyone know s the Criminal Establishment Traitors Lie Patriotic American Roger Stone!!!
Top Trump supporters warn of GOP plan to "steal" nomination from Trump:
Just posted this one today Love to interview U for my show. Had Roger Stone l…
Roger Stone called it. They will do anything to steal this from Trump.
Thanks 4 UR interview with Roger Stone on u tube excellent!
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Rachel Maddow explains how a fringe conspiracy theorist with ties to Donald Trump because a GOP county chair:
That's dumb we have that now. Trump is self funding and a business man who's a capitalist. Roger …
Roger Stone calling in Friday at 8:00 am. I believe him over everyone else. Join us on WBZT 1230 AM or listen on IHeart Palm Beach
Trumpsters Pat Buchanan, Monica Crowly, Roger Stone what do they have in common?. Richard Nixon. That ended well.
I think its like Roger Stone has said he's having a conference tomorrow to enter the race.
Check this interview with Roger Stone If Rubio loses FL, Romney is in!
I would like to thank co-author Roger Stone for masterminding my election as the chair of Travis County…
I liked a video from Interview With Roger Stone: Koch Brothers $75M TRUMP Smear
reports via Roger Stone that jumps in race if doesn't win
And Roger stone co author and BFF. Let me be bold and say these two fellas will be an issue for Donald j trump
The Clintons' War on Women - Blockbuster expose of the Clintons' decades long abuse of women. Now up on Amazon: http:/…
Roger Stone: How the GOP Insiders Plan to Steal the Nod From Trump - Breitbart
Roger Stone is a fan of Jesse Ventura?
❗️Roger Stone: If Rubio Loses FL GOP Marches in Loser Romney Clinton will shred the gutless wimp
I watched Alex Jones & Roger Stone last night who said offered to quit if gave him supreme ct nom
So you ban Roger Stone but Anal Sex solicitor Rick Wilson is still some demi-god. Hypocrites
Time to boycott cnn since they banned Roger Stone but not vulgar Rick Wilson. Their ratings will plummet without you!!
Roger Stone will soon be a Faux News contributor along with Mark Furman and Stacy Dash...
Roger Stone is nervous about Rubio he attacks the Republicans supporting him.
"In October 2015, Roger Stone and Robert Morrow published The Clintons’ War on Women. In the book, the authors...
Roger Stone a libertarian Trump's friend for more then 35 years can say you're wrong on this look him up.
JEB and the Bush Crime Family by Roger Stone - Amazon. and they can put his family in with him
wait until Roger Stone's Bush Crime Family book comes out this year. Going to be bad for Jeb
He sat there and called them.on it..That is why they booed.Roger Stone reported how many tickets
you don't have any special interests. BTW- who is Roger Stone?
probably -Roger stone said Trump only got 20 tickets - the establishment got the rest.
Trump has the support of Roger Stone, Larry Kudlow, Peter Schiff, Wayne Root and me (fmr. Ron Paul aide.)
you need to read Roger Stone's book. Juanita Broderick.. BIll left Oxford University over rapeof Eillen Wellstone. facts dude!
You realize Roger Stone is a Pro Abortion activist linked to Arlen Specter, now Trump.
You are a replacement Richard Mellon Scaife. In the end he bowed to Hillary. Perhaps, you Roger Stone will do the same.
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Must listen to Roger Stone as he exposes the LBJ-JFK 'Hit' Motivation & the Clintons' corruption
Come now sir, you can't sell that used car ! That sounds like spin from Roger Stone or Colson. Pat Robertson in Arabic ? LOL !!!
During an interview with Larry King, political strategist Roger Stone asserted that presidential candidate...
Roger Stone on Larry King talking about real dirt on Clintons. Please share!
Ohio governor John Kasich was kicked off Ronald Reagan's campaign for selling pot, says Roger Stone
Larry King in denial over Clinton-Bush crime syndicates, podcast with Roger Stone
JJ - Due Process with Judge Jeanine - EP06 - Hillary's Hearing with guest Roger Stone
is that the "Democrat" Donald Trump who has 2 top Libertarians support - Wayne Root, Roger Stone?
and hey, what do Roger Stone and Wayne Root know about libertarianism right? Root only the 2008 LP VP candidate
This, coming from a racist birther nutcase who pals around with Jan Crouch and Roger Stone.
Roger Stone on radio now to discuss explosive book "Clinton's War on Women" revealing disturbing tr…
Didn’t just promote an anti -Clinton screed by Roger Stone, of all people?
fyi Mitt Romney is thinking about 2016 run to take out TrumpFormer Trump adviser Roger Stone recently sent out a...
I think you need to ask Roger Stone and Roy Cohn that kind of a question Regarding Trump - lol
Out of Miami Beach, a Trump parody with a cameo from ex-aide Roger Stone: Steve Berke ran for Miam...
From Miami's -- an admiring rock parody of And a cameo with ex-aide Roger Stone. .
Roger Stone attacks "elite media", a new phrase to replace "liberal media" since Trump attacked fox. He means "people who know things".
Backbone Radio w/ Matt Dunn is on the air LIVE now! Tonight: longtime frmr Trump adviser Roger Stone joins us. Tune in
'Roger Stone: Geraldo Rivera Wants to Kick My *** Mr. Rivera it's hard to respect lawyer who argues with his fists!
Former Trump adviser gives details on internal memo: Fmr. Trump campaign adviser, Roger Stone talks about the ...
Donald Trump's campaign said Saturday it has fired top political adviser Roger Stone. Stone has since said he resigned. CNN's Poppy Harlow
This is a former boss of mine - Roger Stone. He was always a bit on the edge - and he thinks Donald Trump has...
Roger Stone needed to go if that's all it takes to offend him. Hey, ROGER nad Megyn, 1-800-Dr.Phil!!
.doc on the Eliot Spitzer scandal gives plenty of insight into Roger Stone's cunning ruthlessness
Roger Stone, continued: "How could you believe anything this guy says or does?"
Roger Stone & Karl Rove are going to *** when they die, where they will meet up w/Lee Atwater &Terry Dolan. & I don't even believe in ***
Roger Stone the dude behind the anti-Hillary pac Citizens United Not Timid . lol
I'm sure Roger Stone, who launched an anti-Hilary PAC called Citizens United Not Timid, resigned out of principle.
If you've never seen the terrific Lee Atwater documentary Boogie Man, the Roger Stone interviews alone are worth it.
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