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Roger Sterling

Roger Sterling, Jr., played by John Slattery, is a fictional character on the AMC TV series Mad Men.

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Be careful what you wish for, because you'll get it, and then people get jealous and try to take it away from you.…
Hot take: While Jon Hamm is my worthiest crush, in the world of Mad Men I choose Roger Sterling over Don Draper.
Some of the supporting characters like Roger Sterling & Pete Campbell are amusing to watch at first but overstay their welcome by the end.
It's football. He made a tackle. Roger Goodell has ruined the sport.
but anytime or Sterling Sheppard get mauled by a talentless eagle Roger Goodell and the just turn their head.
Just started Season 3 of Sex and the City and nearly lost my mind...John Slattery bka ROGER STERLING!
Roger Sterling "Airplanes R 4 dropping bombs on Moscow, not French Cuisine." . Someone should tell Trump.
"I know cooler heads should prevail, but am I the only one who wants to see this? Roger Sterling
"Once you start drinking alone your an alcoholic"- Roger Sterling
2007 audio book. Note the reader: Roger Sterling
You're all getting Christmas bonuses and we aren't. -Roger Sterling.
S2E4 Mona Sterling is charmed by Brooks' (future son-in-law) gesture. Roger DGAF.
Most people think they're Don Drapper or Roger Sterling when they're really just Harry Craine
Sterling Holloway is the voice talent for Pooh. Son of Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway?
I can't stand to watch, who's winning the debate, Your Uncle or Roger Sterling's dimwitted son?
Fabolous, Julianna Margulies, John "Roger Sterling" Slattery on the Open scoreboard now. Three more people who've never been in my kitchen.
Roger Sterling - Sally Draper team up, there's nothing they can't achieve
Still can't believe Roger Sterling is Tony Stark's Father! It must have been that time he got it on with Joan Harris
Saw 's John Slattery on the big screen. Miss seeing him play Roger Sterling on my average sized television :/
Roger Sterling on Veep as the side piece for Elaine Benes is just too much
"you know i need to make men feel at ease,"~ Peggy Olson. "who the *** told you that ?" ~ Roger Sterling.
"Nobody knows what I'm doing. its good for mystique." . - Roger Sterling
You know what they say about Detroit; it's all fun and games until they shoot you in the face. (Roger Sterling)
Who's up for a Roger Sterling party, right now?
At what point exactly did Paul Weller turn into Roger Sterling?
El abogado de Roger Sterling sobre el precio de un divorcio: 'Think about all the good things in life and cut them in half'
To quote Roger Sterling, "Since when is forgiveness a better quality than loyalty?"
LOL spacing is important. Instead of ISIS this has me picturing Don Draper and Roger Sterling...
Don Draper and Roger Sterling are deeply offended. Peggy nods in agreement. .
DON: What does Sterling Cooper want with a bomb . ROGER: You'd have to ask Bert. BERT: Sterling Cooper wants a bomb. DON: why
"Islamic Terrorists"- "Islamic Extremists"... he can't say it. Maybe he means Don Draper & Roger Sterling terrorists
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hear it from the pitch experts and con men/Mad Men/ ad men :D Roger Sterling and Don Draper
Roger Sterling is the coolest man of all time.
Why don't you take a nap? Your face looks like a bag of walnuts. -Roger Sterling.
If it was good enough for 007 & Roger Sterling, it works for me. Plus they're delightful (the men and the martini).
Roger Sterling has really let himself go
Husband said why Sterling with *** face. Because Roger Sterling is my fav Mad Men character la.
Tonight Salomon said that and I are Roger Sterling and Don Draper respectively
you clearly never saw Roger Sterling sack Burt Peterson.
no watch roger sterling as the goalkeeper!! It's waay funnier!
Roger is unhappy with the way things are running at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, tonight at 11 PM on
Anderson Cooper? He's more a Roger Sterling isn't he?
"You know my father said this is the best job in the world... Except for the clients." - Roger Sterling, Mad Men
I keep wanting to hear if Kasich still keeps in touch with Don Draper and Roger Sterling
nah man that's Connie from mighty ducks / Roger sterling's prostitute
Yep. Just made me think of how much I miss Roger Sterling.
Trump is kind of like Roger Sterling if he believed his own BS and didn't have the decency to be half in the bag most of the time.
I'm trying to watch the show but I can't handle Roger Sterling's mustache. 👨🏼
"Being challenged in life is inevitable; being defeated is optional." - Roger Crawford
Viral video star Scott Sterling returns - and he's using his head in volleyball this time
"I don't know if anyone's ever told you, but half the time this business comes down to 'I don't like that guy'." - Roger Sterling
this line-up is so star studded i can barely believe my eyes. ROGER FREAKING STERLING BACK ON BROADWAY, KIDS.
So it's Undertaker vs. Roger Sterling at Wrestlemania this weekend.
A special thanks to Roger Wise for hosting Sterling Eaves (Judicial candidate for Judge Lane's…
This chair would look great in Roger Sterling's office, don't you think?
The Dowager Countess is one of my favorite characters of all-time. I hope that she hooks up with Roger Sterling in TV …
I wonder what Roger Sterling and Bert Cooper would think of Donald Trump.
Neil Armstrong, what are you gonna do with the rest of your life? Screw every girl in Florida, I guess. Roger Sterling
On a scale of Roger Sterling to Don Draper, how drunk were you last night???
Roger Lewis, Sterling Shepard and Leonte Carroo can ball too but that's about it
Bonus HAMILTON highlight: I can now die having consumed whiskey in the same room as Roger Sterling.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Watching Spotlight, i had to keep reminding myself: this guy is called Ben Bradley Jr., not Roger Sterling.
Hold off on the menus. We're going to take another lap first. -Roger Sterling
The most interesting characters on Mad Men, to me, are Pete Campbell, Roger Sterling, and Burt Cooper.
Nah he’s got that Roger Sterling look on point. Vince got that Bert Cooper
Roger spending the night at Sterling 😓😭😰 pray for him and my mans
I'd hang with Roger Sterling over Don... Don isn't very funny..
Jane wanted a baby, but I thought, "Why do that to somebody?". -Roger Sterling.
Well, I gotta go learn a bunch of people's names before I fire them. -Roger Sterling.
😍😍😍 I totally had a dream about Roger Sterling last night too...what is happening
Omg roger sterling taking lsd is the best thing ever.
that vine meme that's like "he needs some MILK" but instead it's roger sterling saying "get her some milk"
Re-watching Mad Men, and holy *** Roger Sterling's one liners are hilarious
When I text site stuff with Rich I always feel like the Roger Sterling of VOW. In more ways than one.
I don't devote the energy to hating people anymore. -Roger Sterling.
Roger had well over 17,000 strikeouts and a sterling 1.69 career ERA over his 32 year career.
Former MLB pitcher Roy Halladay with strong words on Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds.
Roger Sterling? any joke I could make would be low hanging fruit.
5/365. Roger Sterling as played by John Slattery in character that's reminiscent...
I like redheads. Their mouths are like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk. -Roger Sterling.
A Very Sailor Moon / It is a moon that you go back far enough he has some very good and nice opinions on the donald sterling thing
Hmmm, Roger Sterling, my day just got better.
had this very rant this morning! At least roger sterling is alright
(In the face of actual power discrepancies, etc.). Were I truly incorrigible, I'd link to Roger Sterling or Bugs in blackface here
Ahh my fave John Slattery. He's my silver fox crush. He will always be Roger Sterling & I will always love him.
Roger Sterling just walked by the office
I feel like I should make a speech. Get
Can we also see a crossover where the Dowager Countess winds up raising Roger Sterling from
Who knows why ppl in history did good things. For all we know jesus was trying to get the loaves and fishes account - Roger Sterling
Watched Iron Man 2 with my son tonight and made a stunning discovery: Roger Sterling was Howard Stark!
What would Roger Sterling do if he got ghosted?
I'm going to become Roger Sterling. Do you want to be my Bert Cooper?
As much as I wish I was a Don, I'm more of a Roger Sterling, but that's still pretty lit.
Sterling looks like roger from sister sister with that hair
New year resolution: Be as cool as Roger Sterling
Oh hi Roger Sterling. Nice to see you in the truly terrible Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights.
John Slattery's portrayal of Ben Bradlee Jr in is exactly like how he played Roger Sterling on
How could it not? It has Hulk, Batman, Roger Sterling, Sabretooth, Stanley Tucci, and The Time Travelers Wife!
Not sure if that’s Steve Kerr or Roger Sterling from Mad Men.
Kentucky won, Tennessee lost, and I met John Slattery (aka Roger Sterling from Mad Men). It's been a good one.
Dreamt last night that Roger Sterling & Joan Holloway brought Kevin over to see my new place. Apparently my withdrawals are starting
Liv quoted the book of Joan Holloway x Roger Sterling!!!
Mad Men has Joan Holloway 'nuff said (and Don Draper and Roger Sterling are bonuses)
I'll be on my way...but first: Victory Lap! . Come on Don, Pete, Crane, Jimmy Olson!. -Roger Sterling.
YOOO I saw John Slattery (AKA Roger Sterling) in person yesterday and he is just as silver foxy IRL. THE THIRST IS SO REAL.
Donald Draper, Roger Sterling, and Harry from the media dept. are all on Wet Hot American Summer together ***
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Homefront-Coach Taylor and Roger Sterling as their younger selves
also, forget about Don Draper, it's all about the silver fox Roger Sterling. *** John Slattery is fine.
I met her through Megan Draper. She's old enough to be her mother. Actually, she is her mother. -Roger Sterling
Seth Myers' brother as John Slattery in the Roger Sterling origin TV show. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
Er, Roger Sterling. Cooper was, disappointingly, not present.
Everytime God closes the door, he opens a dress- Roger Sterling
Let me put it in account terms: Are you aware of the number of hand jobs I'm gonna have to give?. -Roger Sterling
Or those with a Roger Sterling fetish?
It's gonna be a sad day when I finish Mad Men and I won't get to see Don Draper/roger sterling on my tv :(
- Roger Sterling - anything to do with your fondness for geriatrics?
The cut from Pete Campbell picking a spank mag to Roger Sterling playing with a paddle ball made me crack up this time around.
I like to marathon a television show until I dream about them. Watched lots of and dreamt about going on a date with Roger Sterling.
Did u notice that the octopus painting Roger gave Peggy can be seen in season 1 in Sterling's office?
I dont care how old he is, Id say Yes to Roger Sterling
His character is like nouveau Roger Sterling & I love it
Did you happen to catch the Derek Sanderson documentary narrated by Roger Sterling?
Welcome to your new home, Roger Sterling!!
And a big thanks to our volunteers yesterday at Sandra Pickford & Roger Coasby - a sterling job handing out leaflets & stickers
My favourite part of tonight's Game of Thrones episode is the part where Don Draper stabbed Roger Sterling. Let's face it, he had it coming.
Everyone at Sterling Cooper is so ungrateful of Don and everything he did for that company and his talent except for Roger.
Also, I wish Roger Sterling and Sally Draper got to hang out more. They're so much fun to watch together, and he genuinely cares about her.
"You have such beautiful skin I want to eat it. I want to suck your blood like Dracula."- Roger Sterling
The Curry family so excited. Even got a thumbs up from Roger Sterling
I could definitely see Roger Sterling try to prosecute a stuffed bear
Extremely sad to see roger sterling in Ted 2
Also, I hate Pete Campbell so much. . Oh and I need more Roger Sterling in my life.
Pete is the man who wants to be Don Draper or Roger Sterling but only comes off as pathetic and slimey, yet compelling...
I would like Roger Sterling to be my dad ... Love him
Can Roger Sterling just have his own spinoff already?!
you know who to hire Don Draper and Roger Sterling!! They know how to get the joobs done
Sterling is some way from being the finished article, but he's supremely talented and exciting to watch. An hour a day fin…
sterling is definitely NOT overrated
Or at least watch Roger Sterling does a pretty good instructional job.
Roger that. That's true, I think Sterling is overrated and Kane is still raw, he's got the potential though.
fav characters Joan, Roger Sterling, Sally Draper. Good character dev in this show not black and white.
"Nobody knows what I am doing. It's good for mystic." - Roger Sterling .
I finally finished Mad Men & all I can say is I WANT MORE!. Also, is it weird that I'm strangely attracted to Roger Sterling rather than Don?
tbh, Roger Sterling's acid trip when they put on "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" is what led me to listen to it
"Carrie, just pee on Roger Sterling, ok?" Lol
The Adjustment Bureau works at a slow boil but is quite good, especially when they're like "Roger Sterling failed, bring in General Zod."
I'm sorry I forgot about you, Roger Sterling.
It’s been two weeks since ended and we can’t stop thinking about Roger Sterling’s
Struggle to think of two more gentlemanly characters than Silvio and Paulie in The Sopranos. Only Don Draper and Roger Sterling come close.
Terrible photo, but, welcome to the family, Roger Sterling!!
Roger Sterling is one of my spirit guides
I told him to be himself. That was pretty mean I guess. . -Roger Sterling.
21m as well. Bargain compared to Sterling who's valued at £50m
Not sure who's a bigger savage: Don Draper or Roger Sterling
What do Roger Sterling, Jamie Lannister, Tony Soprano and your stomach have in common? They're all acting jerky
John Slattery aka Roger Sterling. No shame I have such a crush on him. What a silver fox!
To the end, the best actor/character in Mad Men -- acted by and written for -- was John Slattery as Roger Sterling. Stupendo…
Now, in the absence of Roger Sterling, someone needs to give John Slattery his own TV show.
I swear my boss in real life lS John Slattery. Or maybe Roger Sterling. Same look, same sense of humour. He’s awesome!
So long Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Joan Harris, Peggy Olson, Pete Cambell. A great series that will be sorely missed 😢
John Slattery says goodbye to Roger Sterling and "Mad Men" AUDITIONED FOR DRAPER.
"If Lee Garner Jr. wants three Wise Men flown in from Jerusalem, he gets it." -Roger Sterling
The John Slattery Profile, Annotated by John Slattery via Roger Sterling, you're my favorite.
Roger Sterling = Barry Switzer didn't really run or control things but was always sitting at the board table
John Slattery's 'Roger Sterling' in Mad Men is probably the best character in any TV show ever!
We'll always have Roger Sterling via John Slattery’s Unsentimental Goodbye to ‘Mad Men
Those horrible sexist jackasses at McCann-Erickson make Roger Sterling look like Susan B. Anthony by comparison
Roger Sterling said Ken Cosgrove looks like a spy because of his eyepatch and I died
Forgot how much Mad Men is like The Apartment with Fred MacMurray as Roger Sterling.
Tonight, Roger Sterling's mustache will be played by Sam Elliott.
John Slattery originally read for the role of Don Draper. After he read for the part, they creators asked him to be Roger Sterling.
Roger Sterling has to be Sterling Archer's real dad.
Roger Sterling and Pete Campbell look like actors in a 70s p*rn movie
Don Draper would have been a Baratheon, Joan a Targaryen, Pete Campbell a Greyjoy, Roger Sterling a Lannister, and Bobby Drap…
ends with Roger Sterling turning into Rollie Fingers.
I will love you always Don Draper, Peggy, Joan, Pete, Roger Sterling, Lane, Betty, Megan!
You're making me sad! First you're hatin' on Hamm and now this? At least tell me you dig John Slattery (aka Roger Sterling)
What's the deal with Roger Sterling and his Yosemite Sam mustache?
I want to grow up as Don Draper and grow into Roger Sterling.
Seeing John Slattery on Today makes me feel like there is no difference between him and Roger Sterling ...
star John Slattery predicts where Roger Sterling will be in 10 years -
Update your maps at Navteq
Bryce, Roger Sterling is a rich businessman who drinks what he wants when he wants it. You want to be him.
Mad Men: Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Joan Harris, and Peggy Olson will be BACK for the final seven episodes of...
Everyone pause, I just served John Slattery aka Roger Sterling from at the concession stand 😩 so happy
My favorite Pete Carroll is when he turns into Roger Sterling from Mad Men.
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