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Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman (April 19, 1721 – July 23, 1793) was an early American lawyer and politician, as well as a founding father.

Thomas Jefferson John Adams Benjamin Franklin Robert Livingston James Wilson United States Samuel Adams John Hancock New York Richard Sherman Robert Morris Great Britain John Witherspoon Patrick Henry Articles of Confederation

Roger Lewis didnt look any better. . King has been best one out there. Thats why they put Sherman on him all game
I was going to say it might be a good time for Giants to dial one up for Roger Lewis. Then I looked down and saw Richard Sherman on him.
Yea, but Engram and Shep will be covered by Kam and ETIII (and slot CB), Wagner can stop the run well,…
Day 2 of Film Industry Conference with our 1st panelists: Justin Deimen, Sherman Ng, Roger Garcia and Marcin Sobcza…
The question is, not what rights naturally belong to man, but how they maybe most equally and effectively guarded in society. Roger Sherman
fyi bottom footnotes page 63, should be Roger Sherman not Robert Sherman
Apologize for the long absence, my research paper on intersectional barbering (hair-cutting) hit several split ends - Roger Sherman III '69
I’m glad my state of Connecticut, and fellow constituent Roger Sherman, was able to come up with the Connecticut Compromise
Who told Michael Bennett about Dred Scott? Oh, I forgot, he and Roger Sherman are scholars-in-residence at Seattle.
when Homer Bush was traded from New York to Toronto in 1998 as part of the deal that brought Roger Clemens to the Y…
Or the Connecticut Compromise proposed by Roger Sherman the forgotten Father
A delegate from Connecticut has just proposed a compromise! I think his name is Roger Sherman?
Roger Sherman? Then I guess he's the only real founding father we have here. Oh, here…
Roger Sherman must be important or somethin...
Roger Sherman, great compromise presenter. Who is He?
Roger Ailes biographer Gabriel Sherman on Trump’s mental state and Fox News.
There's this dude that know one knows. I think his name is Roger Sherman but I can't remember.
My bro, Roger Sherman the only founding father that signed all 4 documents
A guy spoke out named Roger Sherman… Apparently he's important? Never heard of him.
Who is Roger Sherman? Oh yeah, he signed all four of the founding documents.
Gabe Sherman, Roger Ailes’ biographer on how Fox News has changed and why Rupert Murdoch “loathes” Trump:
When you are in the minority, talk; when you are in the majority, vote. Roger Sherman - founding father
GET ME ROGER STONE is one of the most disturbing political docus I've seen
Question for you Why do YOU work for a company that employed sexual predators like Roger Ailes,…
Gabriel Sherman’s book on Roger Ailes is filled with falsehoods and inaccuracies. Publisher should be ashamed (and sue…
Sherman from Roger Sherman not general Sherman (his nephew).
William Sherman (like the tank) and Roger Sherman both ancestors...both scoundrels as far as I have lea…
Jake, you ignoramus. Roger Sherman was the one who said that, not Jefferson.
"Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman (Jefferson chosen to draft the document) contained an anti-slavery statement...
Robert R. Livingston of New York and Roger Sherman of Connecticut on declaration draft committee but not known to h…
was written by 5 men, not 1. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston & Roger Sherman. RL did not sign.
S/o to Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston, &Roger Sherman for drafting the document that…
Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston were committee that drafted the Declaration.
What do Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman have in common?
You can listen to the the full conversation and I had with here ...
Roger Sherman: Theatre mode on the apple watch - a good idea. Though it should be called nighttime or sleep mode, as I suspect that's where…
We now know that Roger Stone was speaking to Gucifer a RUS persona. Could RUS do that w (as has called them…
Could Roger Ailes Be Indicted?. We interview Gabe Sherman about the Fox Investigation: what are they looking for? .
Thanks to Sherman-Standard Register Fndtn & all benefactors! Great event today at John Q. Sherman Field at Roger Glass Stadium.
Welcome to John Q. Sherman Field at Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the Chaminade Julienne Eagles!
It’s been a bumpy year for the Roger Sherman Inn, but despite narrowly dodging death on multiple occasions, the...
Hot take: Roger Sherman is the most underrated American figure
Reps. Lynn Jenkins, Roger Marshall and Ron Estes have cast aye votes for the AHCA, as expected.
UFO's in New Mexico. For more on UFO's check out MYSTERIES OF THE PARANORMAL WITH ROGER SHERMAN Wednesday's at...
7 PM we talk with Roger Sherman from IN SEARCH OF ISRAELI CUISINE,at 7.30 PM we talk with Cedya Torun from KEDI.…
Thank you Sherman Elementary and Fairfield, CT for letting us help make a difference! 🍎
Students Sherman Elementary in Fairfield, CT learned about with Sandmann &Becky O'Brien 4…
I can't find roger Sherman on this forum. How many fights did you witness walking around the draft?
My unsolicited two cents: Everyone should read Sherman's biography of Roger Ailes / generally follow his incredible…
NY times review of Gabriel Sherman's book which came out several years ago
Franklin did early in life, but became an abolitionist. John and Samuel Adams, Roger Sherman, Tom Paine, all anti-slavery.
I liked a video Karl Mann by Roger Sherman
"if the full scope of Ailes' campaign against Sherman ever came out, "multiple people at Fox would go to jail."
30 years ago today I became a filmmaker. On February 11, 1987, I began shooting "Roger & Me." Thanks to all of you who've sup…
Medal of Honor Recipient Roger Donlon visited with students today in Sherman Oaks, CA.
When Roger Sherman made the great compromise
I'm sure Roger Sherman weeps for the America we have…
Roger Sherman was resurrected in the form of Tom Brady and torched Atlanta once again
Roger Goodell getting booed and hating life.
Unfortunately, I doubt Brady will go Richard Sherman on Sheriff Roger.
Thank you, Mr. VP. My 4th great grandfather, Hon Roger Sherman was one of them there in that room. He would be proud of this admin!
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thank you for the feedback. We will look into it.
Roger Sherman 1776 "All civil rights and the right to hold office were to be extended to persons of any CHRISTIAN denomination."
Wait. The much better joke is "Wayne Brady makes Roger Sherman look like Thomas Paine."
Richard Sherman is going to set fire to an assistant coach at halftime
Last breakfast in the festive, historic Roger Sherman Inn. jaglaz, Hopeful that, based on what…
I had a friend in college who was related to roger Sherman he told me when we...
Expanded Report: Rules, options and objections raised at Roger Sherman public hearing -
P&Z wonders what rule to apply to Roger Sherman application -
Roger Goodell must take action against Richard Sherman for threatening a reporter by saying, I'll end your career. Sherman is gutless.
That crafty Roger Sherman guy continues to have influence.
"Becoming Jamie," a film, about a man who, at age 63 realized he is a woman – in production"
New York Times upset with crafty Founding Fathers Gouverneur Morris and Roger Sherman.
Recommending how to go about learning Flask, with a hat tip to
These high school kids don't know who Roger Sherman is. *** shame
We were driven off like rats in five minutes.
You fine Richard Sherman for playing football, and everyone else for being happy, but he hops in a pot and it's "ok…
Sherman lowkey saved Jared Goff's life by laying him out before Kam
Misspellings can reveal what people sounded like. Roger Sherman of CT's name is sometimes spelled (by others) "Shar…
Richard Sherman been coming at Roger Goodell since the Seattle won a super bowl. Even before that
oh ok...when there is an ethnicity called "Roger," I'll remember you.
Thats Connecticut and Roger Sherman weren't too keen on allowing Virgina to rule popular vote for President
If I was Roger Goodell and Pete Carroll I'd tell Richard Sherman to know his place and keep his mouth shut
Let us live no more to ourselves, but to Him who loved us, and gav...
no roger. The number of bowl games is a menace and must be stopped. Participation trophies and crap !!11!1
Richard Sherman: 'If the NFL had its way, we would all be robots'.
Sherman 'upset' Carroll called pass at 1-yard line
Rams' Goff exits after taking hit from Sherman
Insert Richard Sherman spouting off about Roger Goodell's lack of concern for player safety...
I think Richard Sherman was imagining roger Goodell in rams gear on that hit
If I was Richard Sherman I would be more upset with the person who dressed me like a giant highlighter than Roger Goodell
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Population of slaves would be counted as 3/5 in total when sharing Representatives it was proposed by James Wilson and Roger Sherman
James Wilson and Roger Sherman - who proposed it - were both northerners. Tax breaks were how they sold it.
I'm want to go to a jazz club. And Disney World. Or a jazz club in Disney World. Is that a thing? It should be like the one in Roger Rabbit.
Signing books today at adoptadoginc event Puttin on the Dog. @ Roger Sherman Baldwin Park
Today is Day! Puttin-on-the-Dog Festival Roger Sherman Baldwin Park- Jay Michaels is there until 1pm! BYOD or adopt a dog!
what if Sherman said u were in on the gangbangs with Roger?
right now I am giving roger sherman figurative love.
When will someone give Roger Sherman some love? Only Founder to sign Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation & Constitution.
Adoption changes lives...join us for Puttin' on the Dog Festival tomorrow in Greenwich- Roger Sherman Baldwin...
Puttin-on-the Dog Festival this Sunday in Sherman Baldwin Park- Jay Michaels will be there 11am-1pm! Adopt a dog or BYOD
Roger Ailes Hints at Suit Against New York MagazineA waste of time meant to bleed Sherman. What a pig.
The parallels between the young Roger Ailes as depicted in Gabriel Sherman's biography and Robert Caro's LBJ are startling.
the fish rots from the head Gabriel Sherman on Roger Ailes predatory reign at Fox News is incredib…
im watching Richard Sherman talk some more about Team USA and the Basketball World Cup
Must-read: Gabriel Sherman's feature on the undoing of Roger Ailes in this week's 💥…
Over at Daily Intelligencer, Gabriel Sherman has a fresh account of the banishment of Roger Ailes from the Fox News Chann…
I said Richard Sherman instead of Roger Sherman in my history review game 🙄
We are taking this Which Founder Are You? Quiz. I got Roger Sherman!.
I just started following Roger Sherman, Florentine Films on
Tho Gabriel Sherman still has plenty of wrongdoing at Fox to expose, here are 5 highlights of Roger Ailes' demise.
In Roger Goodell's defense he is a bit sensitive
Great reporting as usual by Sherman on Ailes' lecherous abuses of power:
ICYMI: here's my look at Roger Ailes' "opposition research" against Gabriel Sherman
Great of Roger Ailes’s Lawyers to attack credibility of "troubled" Fox women he hired... via
A conversation with the Guardian about my book:.
I have a Sean Connery photo signed by Roger Moore
We may have finally reached a compromise thanks to Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth.
Q&A with New York magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman, on covering Roger Ailes, the...
Horror claims mount how Roger Ailes used FOX money+men to "wage covert war agst his enemies in politix+new media..."
Roger Ailes bragged about hiring someone to physically assault Gabriel Sherman:
Why we like Roger Sherman so much today, The underappreciated .
Fun fact: Roger Sherman is the only person to sign all four of the most significant documents of the Revolution
Roger Sherman, Signer of the Four Documents Forming the U.S. Separation from England via
Roger Sherman, Signer of the Articles of Association, Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation,…
How do you define Founding Father? Would u include John Witherspoon & Roger Sherman or just the most famous Founders?
John Hancock, John Witherspoon, & Roger Sherman were all Christians; John Adams & James Madison may have been Unitarian
I saw this picture and I am overwhelmed with sadness.
Richard Sherman got picked in the 5th, Romo was undrafted, Tom Brady in the 6th, Roger staubach in the 10th
thanks Roger. Sherman wouldn't have this
The Loudest Voice in the Room. How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News and Divided a Country. Sherman
Denver council votes 12-1 in favor of condo defects ordinance: by
Flying somewhere for the holidays? Stop in for a meal at one of these great DIA restaurants.
Following the success of , Writing Roger Sherman the musical. Hold on to your wigs MFers!
I just watched South Park 2x11 "Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods"
REST EASY Hec . From building blocks to high school you stayed clean😞 . Roger Sherman we had the 3 amigos . Life's too short🤐
Electronic Device Insurance
Sketch of the Life and Character of Roger Minott Sherman (1846) by L. Hamlen B.
We are delighted to be joined by a special guest at the Roger Sherman Inn tonight by Jonathan Flom, of The Avengers, on keys. 8pm start!
Roger Sherman and the Creation of the American Republic by Mark David Hall...
Just had an unforgettable conversation for SOP Podcast with Roger Sherman. He's a magician in organ recordings...
Thomas Jefferson was not the only one to wright the document. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman.
The Declaration of Independence was written by John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Robert R. Livingston and Roger Sherman
nah I'm playing, I know that it's Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, John Adams, and I think Robert somethin
Not so sure about ol' Ben, although he did stick up for Christianity. Washington, Samuel Adams, William Penn, Roger Sherman, etc yes
Robert Morris (PA) & Roger Sherman (CT) only 2 to sign all 3 founding docs, Declaration, Articles and Constitution! ht…
A special treat on this Friday to have here in CT. (@ Roger Sherman Inn in New Canaan, CT)
General Sherman was an admirer of the Founder Roger Sherman - national union yes, but with a STRICTLY LIMITED Federal government.
Lets fire up the Delorean, go to 1787 and bring Roger Sherman back to take a look at things.
in 1793, Connecticut Patriot Roger Sherman dies at age 72.
We're looking forward to our gig at Roger Sherman Inn this evening. 7pm start!
in 1793, Roger Sherman, who helped draft the Declaration of Independence, died of typhoid at age 72.
Roger Sherman, the Declaration signer who signed everything, died on this date in 1793. RIP, Mr. Sherman.
Seahawks D is dealing with injuries, uncertainty
7/23/1793 Roger Sherman died of typhoid in New Haven, CT. He was one of the Committee of Five to draft the Declaration of Independence.
only person to sign all 4 of Amer's founding docs:Patrick Henry desc Roger Sherman as 1of 3 grtest men at Cons Conv.
On this day in Roger Sherman a signer of the Declaration died. Learn about him here:
Connecticut Patriot Roger Sherman Dies. On this day in 1793, Roger Sherman, a Connecticut Patriot and member of...
"Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston were all on the committee...
Reading about this: Roger Sherman dies - On This Day in History - July 23, 1793 -
Do you know the patriot Roger Sherman?
Gabriel Sherman is author of 2014 biography of Roger Ailes & says that he is “largely in sync with Trump” on immigration. Explains Cruz also
nights when you're young are the best. Live on the water @ Roger Sherman…
Quiz: Who signed all 4 founding documents? - Roger Sherman He was the only person to sign all four of America’s fo...
Gabriel Sherman reports Rupert Murdoch asked Roger Ailes to cut down Fox News’ Trump coverage but Ailes has refused.
although Roger Sherman was born in MA, he spent the majority of his life and political career in Connecticut.
since regular host Roger Sherman seems unavailable can I host the fullcast next week?
This company was founded by Mason Sherman and Roger Klove. ;)
Interview with director Roger Sherman on his upcoming doc "Search for Israeli Cuisine"
ROGER STEIN - . Thank you for your eye opening interview with Art Sherman this past weekend. We salute you!
Roger and Cathy Sherman with their girls holding a yellow ribbon. Waiting for the plane to circle over and take...
Congress has no power to make any religious establishments.”. ~Founding Father Roger Sherman
.Three founders to read on: Witherspoon, George Mason & Roger Sherman:
Another great evening at Roger Sherman Inn. Perhaps the best yet!
Sherman! Behead a household item and end up with part of a door.
Roger Sherman, during House consideration of a militia bill (1790):. [C]onceived it to be the (cont)
Mitch Morrissey tears up talking about Charlie Brown's leadership. charliebrow_fan
100s gather to recognize Councilman Charlie Brown's 14 years of service on Denver City Council.
I added a video to a playlist Stone to phone: from urban legend to urban audience | Roger Sherman |
My GOP rep, Roger Sherman, was one of the 52 cowards who voted against the will of the Maine voters. Always voted for …
Roger Sherman Quote: I believe that there is one only living and tru God, existing in three persons, the Fathe...
'The Great Compromise' was suggested by Roger Sherman-each state-2senators-vote independently
- Roger Sherman, signer of the DoI, AoC, & Federal Constitution :
roger Sherman is a fluffy gift of love
Never got over his temper tantrums “Bill O'Reilly Told Roger Ailes Biographer To 'Drop Dead'
Sherman Alexie, writer, poet, comedian, speaker, added to select group of writers and artists, only 250 members...
Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Roger Grannis talk...
I keep calling the school I'm going to today Richard Sherman instead of Roger Sherman...
It's alright buddy. Headlines aren't that important in journalism.
Great evening at with interesting insight from to economist Roger Bootle
.Teaching Sherman Alexie's inspirational poetry. Fantastic that he is now an Arts Academy Member
Novelist Sherman Alexie was inducted into the American Academy of Arts Tues. He's speaking at our Symposium in May.
Roger Angell, Sherman Alexie and Dave Eggers among new arts academy members -
Roger Goodell Richard Sherman Not cool what Lynch did & I have so much respect for him. I know he is a good man &...
Richard Sherman told reporters he doesn't think Roger Goodell will punish the Pats...Then he popped some adderall & walke…
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman told reporters at Super Bowl Media Day that he feels all of the...
Super Bowl 2015: Richard Sherman just landed, takes shots at Roger Goodell ... -
Richard Sherman is angry with Roger Goodell, and, no, you can't be in the Legion of Boom via
Sherman said if players are required to speak to the media, the NFL personnel should be obligated to speak weekly:
Sherman and Lynch are both making Roger Goodell look like an incompetent *** They do it in different ways, but both…
Richard Sherman thinks Roger Goodell should have to talk weekly also
Richard Sherman: Roger Goodell should be 'obligated' to talk weekly
Richard Sherman has a good point: Marshawn Lynch is forced to speak, but Roger Goodell ducks the media at all cost. http:/…
Bill of Rights of the United States of America (1791) Download a PDF of the Bill of Rights The first 10 amendments to the Constitutionmake up the Bill of Rights. Written by James Madison in response to calls from several states for greater constitutional protection for individual liberties, the Bill of Rights lists specific prohibitions on governmental power. The Virginia Declaration of Rights, written byGeorge Mason, strongly influenced Madison. One of the many points of contention between Federalists and Anti-Federalists was the Constitution’s lack of a bill of rights that would place specific limits on government power. Federalists argued that the Constitution did not need a bill of rights, because the people and the states kept any powers not given to the federal government. Anti-Federalists held that a bill of rights was necessary to safeguard individual liberty. Madison, then a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, went through the Constitution itself, making changes where he thought most a ...
OmNomNom will be at Roger Sherman School in Meriden Wednesday Nov. 19th for their 2nd annual vendor fair!
but I'm sure you'll blame it on refs, roger Goodell, chemtrails, the color blue, Obama and Richard Sherman's dreads.
Roger Sherman: "When you are in a minority, talk; when you are in a majority, vote." Support an Article V Convention of States.
Check out this clip from Roger Sherman's documentary, "The Search for Israeli Cuisine," with an appearance from...
In 1749 - Founding Father of the Roger Sherman weds first wife Elizabeth Hartwell in
please tell me to print out my Roger Sherman biography
Anyone ever do a biography on roger sherman?
The idea that fiat money is Constitutional would have astonished Roger Sherman - the only person to sign all four constitutional documents.
By no means is what I wrote on a perfected model, but really just a first dig at conceiving an idea needing Roger Sherman. lol
Why Roger Sherman isn't a more well-known guy is beyond me. 🇺🇸
Roger Sherman is one of my best friends and is one of the strongest pillars of the revolution.
Field Hockey home to East Catholic @ Roger Sherman School 4:15. Varsity girls soccer home to Berlin @ Falcon Field 3:45. Swimming @ Fermi 3:45
The 2014 Food and Wine Festival starts this Thursday at Roger Sherman Baldwin...
We are at the Puttin' on the Dogs Show at Roger Sherman Park on Greenwich this afternoon until 4:30!
How the Ray Rice scandal unfolded. Remarkable reporting by ESPN investigative team.
Disturbance at the Roger Goodell press conference: Screaming off stage.
The crazy thing is Roger Goodell is still not as bad at talking as Mark Emmert, and it’s not really close
NATURALLY they interrupt this Sherman piece to show Roger lie to our faces and *** down our legs and call it rain SMH...
I do share a last name with a person who signed the declaration of independence, Roger Sherman, but no idea if i am at all related.
Just realized I was mixing up Roger Sherman with William Tecumseh Sherman, which is very confusing metaphorically
is organizing a vigil for Emily Fedorko Sat Sept 20, 7:30-8:30pm.
JULY 23 - 'No State shall make anything but gold and silver Coin a Tender...'-Roger Sherman htt…
Roger Goodell is even better at hiding from the media in a bad time than Richard Sherman is.
Update your maps at Navteq
per this article Golic is part of the exclusive "O for 3 Club"
At age 26 who was the youngest person to sign the Declaration of Ind.? . A. Roger Sherman. B. John Adams. C. Edward Rutledge. D. James Wilson
Come on Roger! Best player of our generation by a country mile
Roger Sherman proposed that states would be represented by population in Congress and would have equal votes in the Senate in 1787
Is this 4th of July thing over yet? Cuz I don't think the guy next door with the illegal fireworks has any idea who Roger Sherman is.
unless Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin and or Roger Sherman are on that boat this picture is historically inaccurate
FYI, Roger Sherman was rather more than “a simple cobbler from Connecticut.”
Apparently Sherman Edwards once had Roger Sherman's line as "I don't know a preposition from a predicate"
Don't forget our boy down in New Milford-Roger Sherman.Did a research paper on him once at Williams. Happy 4th my fellow eph
Another picture from today's ceremony at Roger grave site in the Grove Street Cemetery. DW
Don't just live in your city, no about your city and street names . Do you no what Roger Sherman . Did. for the...
I'd be pulling a Richard Sherman right now but Roger is being more mature lol
Photo: Roger Sherman He was an early American lawyer and politician. He served as the first mayor of New...
Declaration Fact: Roger Sherman was the only founding father to sign all four of our founding documents.
Proud that my relative Roger Sherman signed our Declaration of Independence.
he's one of two men who signed all three founding documents for the USA, the other being Roger Sherman of CT.
And though some people tried to fight it, a committee was formed to write it: Benjamin Franklin, Philip Livingston John Adams, Roger Sherman, Thomas Jefferson They got it done (Oh yes they did!) The Declaration, uh-huh-huh The Declaration of Independence (oh yeah!) In seventeen hundred seventy six (RIGHT ON!) The Continental Congress said that we were free (we're free!) Said we had the right of life and liberty . . . And the pursuit of happiness!
The 5 great men who drafted the Adams,Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin & Thomas Jefferson
S/O to Roger Sherman for helping to write the Declaration of Independence but never getting any credit. I see you Roger.
The "Declaration Committee," which included Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Benjamin...
A little history love - Roger Sherman, only guy to sign all 4 basic American documents - and first town mayor!
The current home of Union League Cafe in New Haven, CT once belonged to Roger Sherman, who was on the committee ...
do you know CT's own Roger Sherman's claim to fame?
Former resident of Union League, Roger Sherman, did sign it. Now he hangs out at the Grove Street Cemetery.
Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and Roger Sherman were both who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
Howdy! Hope you're doing exceptionally well and having a fabulous week!  It's been a slow couple of weeks of going to shows for me.  I hit up only Down North at Sidelines and Earphunk at the Crystal Bay Club.  Both were exceptional and are now two of my favorite new bands!! I have been very busy adding more complete concert videos, as you can see!  There hadn't been any Alison Krauss, Bonnie Raitt, David Bromberg, Dopapod, Gregg Allman Band, My Morning Jacket, Ratdog, SRV & Double Trouble or Whitewater Ramble video links previously.  There are now many more DMB, Hot Buttered Rum, JGB and Stones links than there had been. NEW COMPLETE CONCERT VIDEO STREAM LINKS - ALISON KRAUSS & UNION STATION: LOUISVILLE PALACE, LOUISVILLE, KY 4/29-30/02 * ALISON KRAUSS & UNION STATION: THE TRACKING ROOM, NASHVILLE, TN 2008 (W/ SAM BUSH, TONY RICE, JAMES TAYLOR, STUART DUNCAN, JOHN WAITE) * BONNIE RAITT: MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL, MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND 7/77 * BONNIE RAITT: OHNE FILTER, BADEN BADEN, GERMANY 6/24/92 * BONN ...
Bill O'Reilly told Roger Ailes biographer to "drop dead" last night:
Don't forget to catch The Bards tonight at Roger Sherman Inn, new Canaan - 8.00pm start
Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of Independence, buys a Arnold Palmer
*** I miss having roger in bohonos class. we messed around the whole time 😂
Update your maps at Navteq
“What is "oonf" ?” ohhh you were just calling roger out okay sorry
The Roger Sherman Institute is happy to announce the new alliance forged with the cutting-edge news organization...
I just read the biography by Gabriel Sherman of Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News.interesting
@ 9p ET "After Words" w/ on career Roger Ailes interviewed by
Join me tomorrow to support the Lions Club at their annual Easter Egg Hunt. 11am @ Roger Sherman Baldwin Park
Speaking of FISM... Roger Sherman and I used to discuss whether a close-up act could ever win the FISM Grand Prix. Johnny "Ace" Palmer won the Grand Prix in 1988 with his close-up cups and balls featuring the finale of producing baby chicks at the end. Apparently beginning in 2003 FISM decided to create two Grand Prix Awards--one for Stage Magic and one for Close-up. In that year Jason Latimer won the Grand Prix for Close-up and Norbert Ferré won the Grand Prix for Stage.
Too hyped up on coffee to fall asleep. Mind keeps racing back to the Australian ballot, Roger Sherman, and path dependency.
L.A.Ross. Gabriel Sherman's book on Roger Ailes,The Loudest Voice in the Room, is telling on Murdoch's
The loudest voice in the room: how ... Roger Ailes built Fox News... by Gabriel Sherman
Good morning Christ Churchians! Just a reminder...this Sunday we will be blessing a new Episcopal flag given in memory of Roger Sherman. Rev Liz will be explaining the symbolism of the flag to us. ALSO, the loose offering this week will be going to our new youth group! See you Sunday!! ALLELUIAH (also known as HOT DOG)!!!
Who does Rupert Murdoch fear? Roger Ailes, head of . Tonight on Andrew West talks to Gabriel Sherman re his bio of Ailes
there were two Robert Morris and Roger Sherman
Biography of Republican kingmaker and FoxNews founder Roger Ailes with Gabriel Sherman West at 10pm tonight
Roger Ailes the CEO of Fox News is said to be the only man Rupert Murdoch fears with Gabriel Sherman
Funny quotes and revelations about Sarah Palin in Gabriel Sherman's new book about Roger Ailes: Staff at Fox News…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
3 pages / 865 words done.. at least that many more to go... Roger Sherman, you were a great man, but I find it boring to write 2,000 words bro..
The Constitution of the United States Article. VII. - Ratification The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same. Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth. In Witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names. Go Washington - President and deputy from Virginia New Hampshire - John Langdon, Nicholas Gilman Massachusetts - Nathaniel Gorham, Rufus King Connecticut - Wm Saml Johnson, Roger Sherman New York - Alexander Hamilton New Jersey - Wil Livingston, David Brearley, Wm Paterson, Jona. Dayton Pensylvania - B Franklin, Thomas Mifflin, Robt Morris, Geo. Clymer, Thos FitzSimons, Jared Ingersoll, James Wilson, Gouv Morris Delaware - Geo. Read, Gunning Bedford jun, John Dickinson, Richard Bassett, Jaco. Broo ...
so excited for the first day with my kiddems at Roger Sherman today!!!
does anyone want to tell me what compromise roger sherman made and why its relevant bc iM NOT SEEING IT
I spent the morning with Roger Sherman and Norma Pintar of the Idaho Children's Trust Fund talking about the upcoming Strengthening Families Training Institute conference that will be held in Boise on March 11 & 12. Among many different things that are happening during the conference, all of the attendees will take Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training!
when your humbleness is taken for granted, like what happened with Roger Sherman
I have a stupid oral report due on Thursday on Roger Sherman I do not know who he is please help me on anything you know about him :) please
Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Thomas Jefferson they got it done OH YES THEY DID
look up Roger Sherman pictures and crawl into a fetal position
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