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Roger Moore

Sir Roger George Moore KBE, CBE (born 14 October 1927), is an English actor, best known for portraying British secret agent James Bond in seven films from 1973 to 1985. He also portrayed Simon Templar in the long-running British television series The Saint.

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Moonraker, and not the terrible Roger Moore version. (@ The in Glendale, CA)
Good thing he opted for the Roger Moore Cannonball Run package.
would follow your Roger Moore Tumblr tbh
Yes, but did you find my interpretation of Roger Moore convincing? "Dishes." Oh you mean…
I saw that in theater with my mom! We were a Val Kilmer household. And my mom liked the Roger Moore series.
R.I.P. Roger Moore 007. "The only spy who could save the world..."
"With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Si..."
Very sad to know that Sir Roger Moore died today. Good bye Sir Ivanhoë, The Saint, Lord Brett Sinclair, 007 and my chilhood…
If Roger Moore's James Bond was real, he'd be making love with Melania in a jet plane while behind them a giant Trump Head…
Bond landing in the couch is the most Roger Moore thing Daniel Craig ever did, and I love it.
Roger Moore was my Bond. He was the one I was issued at birth and I wouldn't have had it any…
Well went to the Doc in Lubbock and got a head scratching results... out of the brace and wrap but will have a...
Roger Goodell is finally getting it.
He thought that Roger Moore was a better 007 than Sean Connery.
Yes we have the movie was called National Security Staring Roger Moore as Agent 007 proving Liberals are Paranoid .
Ooh the Persuaders theme again on Blunt Tools after 👍👍. Sir Roger Moore RIP
Not enough clips of this movie were posted after Roger Moore died.
I guested on this and definitely didn't suggest the next Hitman should go Roger Moore Bond style camp
Robert Vaughn, Roger Moore, Adam West, Brian Cant... all those who made our childhood TV memories are disappearing.
Roger Moore a double 00 of thrills a true Saint to the world when came to charity, he the persuader of entertainment a…
. Adam West, Roger Moore, Brian Cant...the door to my childhood joy is closing by inches lately.
Remember when Victoria Wood met Roger Moore? She was so beautiful... Miss them both :) x
Iain Duncan Smith's shows look good - Guests include Roger Moore, Victoria Wood and Marc Bolan, all of whom have be…
Great quote from the legend. 'James Bond' would have been appalled at moves to bring back RIP Roger Moore
Some our beloved icons are passing away. Roger Moore the other day. Now Adam West. May GOD have them in his kingdom.
Interesting to think that Adam West could have been Bond in 1971. Would have dramatically changed the careers of both he and Roger Moore 1/2
Roger Moore like my brother cousin Ros evidently could not stand Brexits so all 3 have left for Heaven instead; Permit not to see corruption
Yeah we lost Sir Roger Moore too. We're losing all the good ones.
T'other one in days of Roger Moore as king nearly put me through Devon hedges and mud mounds let alone down mine wastes derelict Market Gdns
Oh crap. First Roger Moore, now Adam West. :(. Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb. RIP. via
Aw. So much fun. Now I see his 'Quick' commercial I see similarities to Roger Moore.…
Shows how ill I have been without knowing it I missed the passing of…
Pinewood's tribute to Sir Roger Moore, naming a stage after him is more gracious than numbering an…
He is joining James Bond 007 Roger Moore the another world. God bless them
Someone write an easy about how Adam West's Batman was a cultural basis for Roger Moore's James Bond. Hot take think piece. Go!
Somewhere in the great beyond, Roger Moore and Adam West have joined forces - preventing some implausible scheme for wo…
Remember the hate 60s era Batman got in the lead up to '89 Batman? Adam West was the Roger Moore of the Batman franchise. No…
Roger Moore and Adam West were great in the supposedly "serious" roles given. They MADE those characters fun. Fun is compl…
Much like the passing of Roger Moore prompted a fanboy realization I wish I was brave enough to admit in…
So I just now realized that both Roger Moore and Adam West are dead
In the past 2 weeks, we've lost 007 and Batman. For a whole generation of fans, that's a lot of memories with Roger Moore a…
Thank You for telling him how we loved him. I feel you came through 4 me and others! He was so cool like Roger Moore! My Guy
Roger Moore and West one after another 2017 is more careful and nuanced than -16
Take a look back at Sir Roger Moore's role as 007.
It's such a blow to lose both Roger Moore and Adam West -- both quintessential examples of how suave can be hilarious with the right touch.
Somewhere Adam West and Roger Moore are having a drink and some good laughs.
in case you haven’t seen this.Up there with that story about gut who met sir roger moore & sir roger r…
I love the early James Bond films w Connery and Roger Moore..
Adam West & Roger Moore had similar approaches to their iconic roles: dry, witty, tongue in cheek. And they were both true ge…
Hilliary would have hurt labor. Trump works with labor. Michael Moore of Roger & Me has lost his way.
What the *** happened to him anyway? Where did Roger and Me Michael Moore run off to?
on Adam West and on Roger Moore are good companion pieces
Rip roger moore. Survived by parents, george hamilton and Adam West
He was 'the Roger Moore 007'of Bat men.😊
First Roger Moore, now Adam West. I miss the days when we all took things a bit less seriously.
I hope the Bonds do this/did this for Sir Roger Moore as well
- May you and Roger Moore tear it up in the afterlife like it's 1966.
Cool Adam West fact: he turned down the role of James Bond. The actor who would eventually get the role: Roger Moore.
Hey what a year?. Roger Moore,Cortez"the killa' Kennedy++now the real batman"Adam West"rip,not even counting all the great musicans+weve lost
Roger Moore was the Bond of my childhood, the epitome of style & suaveness with a hint of danger. He will be greatly m…
Roger Moore was the best Bond. The *** in your meme thinks abusing women is ok
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Roger Moore & Adam West in the same month; two icons of camp colourful nonsense. The world's a darker place without th…
That's fair. Perhaps more apt comparison was Roger Moore still doing Bond in his late…
Roger Moore and Adam West keeping it smooth and groovy in Heaven
Dammit. I take some comfort in the idea of Adam West & Roger Moore teaming up in the afterlife with aerosol cans as dead…
While he may not be my favorite James Bond( I meant it varies) Roger Moore was so *** stylish.
My latest eighties post, Roger Moore and two Rat Packers race to the finishing line.. .
Axon's Automotive Anorak: The late great Roger Moore's top six movie motors
The man was a Saint 😇 in more ways than one. He was my hero as a kid & always will be a great man in my eyes. Sir…
Sir Roger Moore passed leave your message here
World is dedicated to Sir Roger Moore! Follow the link to join in his memory:
Well this year's been absolutely garbage first Don rickles dies then my dog dies , Roger Moore dies then I just learnt that Peter Sallis
RIP to the best incarnation of me that ever was or ever will be. Sir Roger Moore, 1927-2017. Your place in heaven is assu…
And.recalling a classic (imho) movie: Roger Moore with the awesome
Roger Moore 'virtually invented the Magnum ice cream' according to a pal
“I enjoy being a highly overpaid actor”- Roger Moore. It was worth every penny, to watch my generation’s RI…
I'm so pleased that I took the opportunity to spend an afternoon in the convivial company of Sir Roger Moore
This week we're talking Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman's triumph and our fallen Bond, Roger Moore.
Hmmm not the look I was going for. I'm as intelligent as Prof Stephen Hawkin and as suave as Roger Moore.
Lois Chiles and Sir Roger Moore in my all-time favorite movie, Moonraker, 1979.
Greatest opening sequence ever from 1977, with Sir Roger Moore, KBE.
A personal message from the family of Sir Roger Moore KBE.
Roger Moore with Maud Adams and Britt Ekland in The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974.
Love more than anything in this whole entire world its self
Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts in A View to a Kill, 1985.
Roger Moore and Grace Jones in A View to a Kill, 1985.
Thank you - see's all those people calling out your name and just sits there trying to ignore it-
okay... 'suddenly come my fans and start screaming my name' Roger!! we love you!!
I will have a glass of wine too honey
'few minutes later: we're in restaurant and I get a glass of white wine'
For the so much missed Sir Roger Moore this is John Barry's theme from The Persuaders!
Photos: Roger Moore, photographed by Peter Ruck in 1968 -
Check out the best Bond cars that the late Roger Moore had the privilege of driving. Which one is your favorite?
I hope so... 'laugh' so what about drink?
What? that's terrible it really is but it's only a dream you know it's not real
10 Memorable James Bond Moments to remember the legend Roger Moore
If Carlsberg wrote obituaries this would be it Obituary: Roger Moore died on May 23rd via
After crashing through the jungle canopy from several hundred feet, he sauntered off, his linen suit barely rumpled https…
- Roger Moore, star of 7 James Bond films, dies at 89
I shared a birthday, Oct. 14, with Roger Moore, who was always my favorite James Bond. This story makes me love him even mo…
My favorite James Bond. Most realistic and humorous 007. You'll be missed Roger Moore.
Hello my name is Roger Moore and people call me -Pauses for a few minutes- what do people call me oh yes Bond James Bond
usatoday: Roger Moore, who played James Bond in more 007 films...
Rest In Peace to Roger Moore. The beloved actor best known for playing James Bond in the 70s and…
'Keeping the British end up': Roger Moore's career in clips
James Bond: Sir Roger Moore said I was a better 007 than him claims George Lazenby
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
'Forgotten' James Bond actor says he had a fan in Roger Moore
Roger Moore remembered by Grace Jones: "A great gentleman and a great father"
Great extract from the late great memoirs on What a life!
someone explain to me why twitcon is Roger Moore
All the James Bond movies were free... until Roger Moore dies? Classy move.
Most adventurous 007 played by late Roger Moore
Roger Moore fan shares amazing story of running into the Bond star via
Congrats, Sam! Channeling Roger Moore. He'd be happy for you.
He was my Bond. So smooth. So funny. Never shaken. RIP Roger Moore.
next people will be saying that i'm not really roger moore instead i'm Sean Connery
The North Park remembers 007, Roger Moore - And like he didn’t pull his punches. “‘Sport’ is a...
BBC News - Sir Roger Moore: a life in pictures
RIP Sir Roger Moore. May your heaven be as long of Esprits as it is short of Renault 11s.
Here is our much-delayed tribute to the legendary Sir Roger Moore, "The Spy I Loved":
I just won this rare picture of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore
While the film was forgettable, the locations weren't and Udaipur was recognised as a photogenic entity in itself.
So sad to hear about Roger Moore passing away. This is very late, but I'd like to give my apologies to his family. 007 lives forever!
R.I.P. Roger Moore, the man who was James Bond, The Saint and Beau Maverick
Roger Moore consults with chief stuntman Remy Julienne in A View To A Kill. The 1984 Renault 11 TXE, was first str……
Actor Sir Roger Moore has died aged 89. A sad day as the voiceless have lost another great voice. . https…
Oh! This is kind of random, but I know you'd appreciate it...I bought this after hearing Roger Moor…
Happy Thursday folks. Don't forget that at this moment, Aaron Hernandez, Robin Williams, and Roger Moore are all burning in *** Sleep Well
.writes a tribute to Roger Moore: 'We fell in love with a magnificent actor'
I know I'm late.. but I'm finally honoring Roger Moore by watching his first bond film, "live and Let Die" what an amazing career
Is this the best Roger Moore story yet?
Roger Moore had charm and joi de vivre. Too little of that around these days. I still think…
This was my introduction to 007... Roger Moore. RIP.
Roger Moore tribute now available as a print with my cut split between UNICEF and the Manchester Emergency Fund - https:/…
Default Assault tackles the uproar of women-only screenings & pays tribute to the late htt…
They said they wanted Moore, so I said Roger that.
“I have my three expressions: Eyebrows raised; Eyebrows lowered; Crossed eyes when Jaws grabs me by the kidney stone” Roger Moore…
Roger Moore's Bond having a grand reunion party with all his villains - as requested by Josman Tickle
I hate to mention this but someone called the late Roger Moore a gigolo many years ago, I think referring t…
The documentary features the first appearance of Roger Moore as James Bond - in 1964 on the Millicent Martin show
Why director Edgar Wright loved the 'wink and twinkle' of Roger Moore's James Bond best
Watching The Persuaders for Roger Moore - rooftop scene showing chimney smoke of power station that is now Tate Modern
Actors who never lost their sense of humour: Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Peter Falk, Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, etc... we love them all.
Was not a fan of Roger Moore's Bond, but this has the best stunt in all Bond films-maybe all films. And it was real. htt…
The Spy Who Loved Me .. One of the best Bond films ever. RIP Roger Moore.
Roger Moore, ledge and the best James Bond theme ever, Carly Simon "Nobody Does It Better" ." Baby You're The Best "
Roger Moore was the most dashing, charming & heroic James Bond ever. Richard Kiel as Jaws was also the scariest villain.…
Roger Moore's favourite Bond film on ITV the Sunday after his death. Poignant. Then keep hearing 'Scott Tracy' as well.
Join us for a '007 Double Feature' in celebration of the life of Sir Roger Moore to benefit UNICEF. Get tix now:
We had the pleasure of welcoming the late Sir Roger Moore to the show in October. The true definition of a gentleman.…
This incredible Roger Moore anecdote just keeps getting better as you read
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Nobody does it better, & nobody did it better!Just finished a Sir Roger Moore Bond movie marathon. RIP
Why nobody did James Bond better than Roger Moore, according to
This anecdote about Roger Moore just keeps getting better as you read
A pasquin that does not inform but misinform. Respect the memory of Roger Moore.
Growing up I loved everything James Bond. But I grew to love everything Roger Moore! He is what we should all aspire to be.…
I loved Roger Moore as James Bond, Lord Brett Sinclair in the Persuaders & Seymour in The Cannonball Run. I will really…
Former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore has died in Switzerland after a short battle with cancer, his family has announced.…
40 summers ago, the great Roger Moore starred in his best Bond film: The Spy Who Loved Me
We are heartbroken at the news of Sir Roger Moore’s passing. We shall miss him enormously. Our love and thoughts are with his fami…
James Bond video pays touching tribute to Sir Roger Moore.
Remembering the great Sir Roger Moore with some archive from Broadcasting House and Desert Island Discs.
Roger Moore Had the Greatest Gadgets in the History of Bond
The style lessons we learnt from Sir Roger Moore
Keeping the British End up: unforgettable meeting with the late, great Roger Moore https:/…
Teach love, generosity and good memory of the late Roger Moore.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
It would have been cool to hear and discuss 007 and Roger Moore this week.
Here's that Roger Moore autograph on my granddad's boarding pass. Thanks for donating £1000 to UNICEF to see it!
Brave and unpopular opinion about film from . Roger Moore was a better James Bond than Sean Connery
James Bond’ pays video tribute to the late Roger Moore - NME | Roger Moore R.I.P.
Roger Moore and Britt Ekland photographed by Anwar Hussein for THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN 1974.
Bond girls share intimate and mischievous memories of Roger Moore via
The English language sounds so much poorer without Roger Moore to pronounce it.
Did You Hear ...? Ariana Grande concert turns tragic, Roger Moore dies and more from the week in entertainment
Jane Seymour: Why Roger Moore fed me onions before our sex scene and was the best Bond of all
this story about Roger Moore made me happy. If you want to be happy too (okay for a few moments) you know what to do htt…
Sir Roger Moore was a “very good kisser”: Jane Seymour pays tribute to her 007
Lovely stories about Sir Roger Moore by his Bond girls. Shame there's no Grace Jones contribution though!
I love this story about beautiful Roger Moore so much. RIP.
It was a sad day when I heard the death of my idol Roger Moore ! God keep his soul in the paradise of movie !!! We…
In honor of Roger Moore, RIP, we discuss one of his little known films: ffolkes
This heartwarming story about Roger Moore will bring much-needed happiness to your day
From his first job on the milkround to life as a Monaco millionaire the late Sir Roger Moore on the subject of mone…
Producer Cubby Broccoli on Sir Roger Moore: "Roger had a claim on 007 that was far stronger than all the other possible candidates…
Why nobody did it better than Sir Roger Moore:
Jane Seymour 'Fell asleep DURING SEX' with Roger Moore on set 'We giggled so much'
COP 1: why'd you let that speeder go?. COP 2: because it was Roger Moore. COP 1: so. COP 2: he has a license to kill
The only photo that I could find from my archive of 4 James Bonds: Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton…
Who's next for the curse of Aaron Ramsey?? Scores last week the Roger Moore dies!! Who's getting it this week?? 🙈🙈😬😬.
Aaron Ramsey's scored again!!. Wonder who's next in the deathnote after Roger Moore !!. . .
Aaron Ramsey scored in the FA Cup final? Last time he scored, Roger Moore died, taken by the curse. Quick, someone get eyes on Sean Connery.
The curse of Aaron Ramsey he scored last week and Roger Moore passed, who's next? 🙁
Baby, these are the best Bond gadgets from the Roger Moore canon
Leeds how doo Larry and Paul . My vote goes for Roger Moore . Desmond in Netherthong
Hi Larry and Paul. Best Roger. My friend Lucy says Roger Moore. I would like to nominate Roger Bannister - he could run
In memory of the late Roger Moore who passed away this week, we're dedicating our theme our to James Bond tunes. Tu…
First today we lost Roger Moore. Now, we've lost another Hollywood legend. Rest in peace, ma'am.
Roger Moore at a radio station in London, early 70s. . Photo by George Wilkes
Sean Connery here in 2 separate interviews..First one he talks about his Bond vs Roger Moore's Bond..2nd one he praise…
Dorothy Squires and Roger Moore two names that will go down in history. Two of the best, a great super couple!
Christopher Walken, Roger Moore and a motorcycle in 1985.
I'm a huge James Bond fan. It's been lovely to hear so many positive anecdotes about Roger Moore. This one is my fa…
That time when Roger Moore was hanging out with Jim Garrison in New Orleans.
Some more great clips of Roger Moore in
He will be also remembered as Simon Templar on The Saint. Ian Ogilvy replaced Roger Moore as Simon…
Roger Moore, star of seven James Bond films, dies at 89:
Johnny Depp or the touching tribute to Roger Moore and to Zach Snyder's family
This Sat Back to the Future!!! 10pm UK time, 5pm EDT. Then: Operation Petticoat > BTTF2 > Roger Moore movie > BTTF3 -yes?
Sad to hear of the passing of Roger Moore, whom I met on many occasions and who was always a gentleman... . Heart... https…
In 1990 a full set of Fleming Bond novels were released with Roger Moore on the covers. Because nobody did it better https…
"You can either grow old gracefully or begrudgingly. I chose both." Roger Moore
Agreed Craig kicks *** ! Grew up the Roger Moore though and loved him as Bond.
"We should protect the most vulnerable not destroy them – much less derive pleasure from doing so". RIP Roger Moore http…
Imagine how much better Sean Connery and Roger Moore's Bond films would be if they had the technology Daniel Craig has
RIP Roger Moore, hope you're having a great time arm wrestling with Sean Connery in heaven! 😉
One more thing about Roger Moore: While Sean Connery started phoning it in by his fifth film, Moore's heart was 100% in *every* Bond he did.
Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan pay tribute to fellow James Bond actor Roger Moore
So sad to hear Roger Moore has passed away. He was my childhood hero and to anyone that say Sean Connery was a better Bon…
.Can you walk back your "... and a lame tryna holla, he a bum wannabe, he a Roger Moore, *** I'm a Sean Connery" line now?
But you use a picture of Sean Connery when it's Roger Moore who died. Please don't jinx my old bae.
"That is a rare photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore. It is worth 150 dollars."
Roger Moore, Daniel Craig and Sean Connery are my favs. They all bro…
Sean Connery pays tribute to Roger Moore - "I will miss him":
Roger Moore is no more The list: . Sean Connery. George Lazenby. Roger Moore. Timothy Dalton. Pierce Brosn…
Despite being the third actor to play in the official films, Roger Moore (b 1927) is 3 years older than Sean…
James Bond is a fictional character, he can't "die" and that's Sean Connery in the picture. It is Roger Moore that passed. I…
From Jane Seymour to Pierce Brosnan, the stars pay tribute to Roger Moore:
Never took to Roger Moore after how he dumped his first wife Dorothy Squires
Roger Moore with Jane Seymour in the "Live and Let Die".
I had totally forgotten that Jane Seymour (Dr Quinn Medicine Woman) was a Bond Girl with Roger Moore in Live and Le…
"He taught me about work ethic and humility," said Jane Seymour of Roger Moore.
Jane Seymour and Roger Moore on the set of Live and Let Die.
Roger Moore aged 30, poolside with his second wife, Dorothy Squires
Jane Seymour and Roger Moore for Live and Let Die directed by Guy Hamilton, 1973. RIP 007
Roger Moore loved a pork pie. I've just remembered there's a pork pie in the fridge. It's what he would have wanted.
Roger Moore: He was dapper, smooth, posh and certainly closer to Ian Fleming’s conception of Bond than Sean Connery https:…
Roger Moore shopping for a cashmere sweater in Los Angeles, 1961, photo by Larry Barbier
Chris Cornell and sir Roger Moore gone so close together spot of solid talent got called home
Roger Moore was the Bond of my teenage years, which means to me he was Bond. RIP
The entertainment world, including Michael Caine and Richard E. Grant, has paid tribute to Roger Moore following
the 1st mention of 'RIP Roger Moore' appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in South Africa!
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James Bond on my mind today. RIP Roger Moore- The Elrod House by Architect John Lautner 1968.…
Rest in peace Roger Moore, you will forever live on as one of the greats🙏
Such a great story about Roger Moore.
All the Bonds had something to offer but I grew up in the 70's/80's so Roger Moore will always be Bond for me. May he R.I.P.
RIP Roger Moore, pictured here with Francesca Annis. The Saint - "Locate and Destroy" (1966)
My dad was a Roger Moore man. As a mild-mannered pastor, Moore's Bond was his favorite escapist fantasy. Loved watching those films w/ him.
We salute Roger Moore - one of the best-loved James Bonds. A fine choice in cars... RIP
Tributes flow in for James Bond star Roger Moore
RIP Roger Moore. I still have a trading card of him from Moonraker. James Bond legend and class act.
Roger Moore passed away at the age of 89. We'll be taking our Martini shaken, not stirred tonight.…
Roger Moore, the British actor who played James Bond in 7 films, has died at 89
So sorry to hear that Roger Moore passed away earlier today. R.I.P.
Actually it's a bit sad. Always liked Roger Moore. Maybe when Trump passes they'll use Alec Baldwins picture again
I refuse to accept that Roger Moore can die
You're saying Roger Moore was your gateway drug to Ray Milland, James Mason, Claude Raines, and George Sanders?
Bond, you'll be missed: A look back at Roger Moore's life on film.
This Dorothy Squires/Roger Moore tribute from is quite lovely.
Dorothy Squires never got over Roger Moore - It's Impossible via
No words for it. Awful awful day of news. My heart goes out to people of Manchester, Roger Moore and Zach Snyder's family
I've seen every single 007 film thanks to my dad. Never had a favorite Bond, but Roger Moore was always awesome. Part of my childhood. RIP.
Goodnight to Roger Moore a big fan of Lanah when she played his 2nd Dorothy Squires R.I.P the Saint. x…
Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton where the James Bond I grew up with. Sir Moore will be missed.
To me, Roger Moore was The Saint. Sean Connery was James Bond. Pierce Brosnan was Remington Steele.
Doorn van Steyn was Roger Moore first wife not Dorothy.
"Roger Moore"with the love of Dorothy Squires life 1958.
Roger Moore, the 3rd James Bond, has passed away.
Roger Moore's life and career in photos
Shameful that & would report Roger Moore's death, calling him "James Bond" & using a picture of Sean Connery.
He was a legend. He was an inspiration. He was Bond, James Bond. . Rest in peace, Roger Moore. Our hearts are with you…
Roger Moore, who played Agent 007 in seven movies of the James Bond franchise, has died, his family says
Sad news... James Bond star Roger Moore has passed away:
Roger Moore's best James Bond moments, film by film
My mom is going to be shattered to hear about Roger Moore's death. He will forever be her favorite James Bond.
Roger Moore, who played James Bond, dies at 89
.remembers Roger Moore: "At 10 I used to try to dress like Simon Templar—added intrigue to my persona"
Roger Moore and Sean Connery didnt 'play' James Bond
Roger Moore wrote an incredible book about the making of Live and Let Die .
Roger Moore may not have been the first actor to portray James Bond, but he was the most memorable htt…
British actor Roger Moore, who will forever be remembered for playing James Bond,is dead. He was 89.
Coolest James Bond car ever drove by a Bond. This one was Roger Moore's Lotus Esprit, "Wet Nellie" from "The Spy Who Loved…
Roger Moore has passed away at 89. Here's to the man who showed us the dignified humor & charm of James Bond 🍸
James Bond actor Roger Moore died after “a short but brave battle with cancer”
This is the way I like my James Bond - Roger Moore was suave, stylish and witty - a class act.
Here's a picture of our Roger Moore wax figure as James Bond. Our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time. h…
Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond, has died at the age of 89
Wife and I enjoyed Roger Moore's work as James Bond. . Rest in peace, Roger Moore.
Roger Moore was my first James Bond when I was a kid. He was incredible. RIP
Now that Roger Moore is gone, who is left to arch one eyebrow and make a witty pun about the way he died.
Actor Roger Moore has died; 89 Loved his 007 Films Prayers to his family as he will be missed .
Summers in Ocean City, NJ, will never be the same. Thank you for the memories, Roger Moore.
RIP Roger Moore.what a charming, witty, beautiful man.
Roger Moore's life and career in pictures.
Sir Roger Moore, will be remembered one of the greatest James Bond 007 agents.
that is so sad that Roger Moore died today I really like him did the explosion Shake him up last night
Sadness continues with the news of Roger Moore dying at the age of 89. Best Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. Eyebrow gesture…
We are extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Sir Roger Moore. The thoughts of Aston Martin are with his family.
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